Data Load

We have loading a limited amount of the data collected so far. This consists of women with surnames starting with "G" and "L". This is based on the name that they were known by when they died or when they appear in the records we have been able to locate. Each individual is linked to all of the surnames that we have found by which they were known over time. This includes different spellings, maiden versus married names, and aliases. All of these surnames are included in the name index with links to the data page for the individual.

The process is currently being refined meaning that there are some erroneous entries in the name index. These will hopefully be reduced over time and as we load more data.

Surnames can be accessed either via a simple list of unique names or via a search of the name index. The search provides for either a simple text search or a "sounds like" search.

About The Project

The Women of The Illawarra: from Settlement to Suffrage Project is being run by the Illawarra Family History Group. Its aim is to acknowledge women as pioneers in the Illawarra and show how they have been important in the development of the Illawarra. The project is to study the role that women played in the period from settlement to 1902 when women were granted the right to vote.

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You can contact us via our contact form, by email, by mail or in person.

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About Us

The Illawarra Family History Group was formed in 1984 to encourage the study of family history, particularly in the Illawarra area, and to assist members in the quest for their ancestors no matter where they came from.

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Some Stories

Here are some examples of the stories that the project aims to collect.

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Get Involved

The best way that you can get involved in the Illawarra Women project is to send us your stories about your ancestors and relatives.

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