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Collings to Cutts

Collings Ann (Henry)

m. Robert L Collings (abt 1857- 1879 Wollongong Son of Henry Collings & Ann) 1879 Wollongong

Collings Ann (Lonsdale)

b. abt 1849 d. 29/8/1925 Wollongong br. Wollongong General

m. Henry Collings (abt 1850 -1933 Wollongong Son of Jonathan Collings & Ellen ) 1870 Auckland Co. Durham

f. Joseph Lonsdale m. Eleanor

Ship: Lochee 1878

  1. (m) Robert Lonsdale Collings b. 1872 Auckland Co. Durham d. 6/1/1879 Wollongong 9687/1879
  2. (m) Joseph Collings b. 1875 Auckland Co. Durham d. 1953 Auburn (Lily S Fathers 1899)
  3. (f) Ellen Collings b. 1877 Auckland Co. Durham d. 5/1/1879 Wollongong 9688/1879
  4. (m) Herbert Collings b. 1879 Wollongong 26191/1879 d. 1949 Hurstville
  5. (f) Eva A Collings b. 1882 Wollongong 19571/1882 (George R Jarman 1902)
  6. (f) Olive E Collings b. 1887 Wollongong 24838/1887 (Frank C Frost 1916)
  7. (m) Lonsdale Collings b. 1889 Wollongong 24365/1889 d. 1891
  8. (m) Sydney Collings b. 1891 Wollongong 38428/1891 (Clara E Wilson 1921)
  9. (m) Reuben Collings b. 1893 Wollongong 39326/1893 d. KIA France 14/11/1916
  10. (f) Ethel E Collings ( Charles R Winley 1912)

A boy five years old son of H. Collings, painter, fell down a well yesterday, and was drowned. The Sydney Morning Herald Monday 6 January 1879

COLLINGS.-August 29, 1925, at Illoura, Church street, Wollongong, Ann, beloved wife of Henry Collings, and mother of Joe. Herb, Sid and Mrs. G.R Jarman. Mrs. C R. Winley and Mrs. F. C. Frost, aged 76 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Monday 31 August 1925

Collings Louisa (Stevens)

b. abt 1872 Sydney d. 17/10/1901 Botany

m. John Collings 1889 Woonona

f. m. Ann J Stevens

  1. (f) Clara Minnie Collings b. 1890 Woonona 38456/1890 d. 1966 Burwood (Charles H Baker 1919)


The adjourned inquest on Mrs. Louisa Collings, who died under what were considered suspicious circumstances, at Botany, was concluded to-day.

The Government Analyst gave evidence that he found no trace of poisoning in the stomach, and that death was due to excessive use of alcoholic liquors.

The jury returned a verdict to that effect. Wagga Wagga Express (NSW : 1879 - 1917) Saturday 26 October 1901 p 2

Collings Mary Jane (Hicks)

b. 12/2/1855 Para Meadow Wollongong d. 1886 Lismore

m. John Collings ( 1839 Saltash Cornwall- ) 1879 Campbelltown 2738/1879

f. James Hicks m. Margaret Brayn *

  1. (m) Frederick James Collings b. 1880 Wollongong 27514/1880 d. 1940 Kingsford  
  2. (m) John Francis Collings b. 7/2/1882 Woonona 19695/1882
  3. (f) Charlotte L Collings b. 1883 Woonona 21245/1883
  4. (m) William T Collings b. 1886 Lismore 33265/1886

Husband a butcher

Collings Sarah (Stevens/Steorun)

b. abt 1850 d. 1927 Petersham 13629/1927 br. Rookwood?

m. James Collings (abt 1842 -17/7/1905 Erskineville Son of John Collings & ?) 1870 Sydney 1019/1870

f. Isaac Stevens m. Johanna

  1. (m) John F Collings b. 1871 Sydney 2121/1871
  2. (f) Florence Maud Collings * b. 1873 Sydney 704/1873 d. 22/4/1945 Goulburn (John Francis Floyd 1889)
  3. (m) James Henry (Harry) Collings b. 1875 Sydney 552/1875
  4. (f) Charlotte T Collings b. 1877 Wollongong 22995/1877 d. before 1934  (William C Pritchard 1906)
  5. (f) Louisa Mary Collings b. 1879 Wollongong 25998/1879 (Sidney Scott 1902)
  6. (m) George Alfred Collings b. 1881 Wollongong 18844/1881
  7. (f) Sarah M Collings b. 1882 Woonona 19696/1882 (James Hands 1903)
  8. (f) Eliza E M Collings b. 1884 Woonona 23075/1884 (Arthur Chuck 1914 )
  9. (m) Isaac Stephen Collings b. 1887 Woonona 25160/1887 d. 6/6/1934  
  10. (f) Hannah A Collings b. 1889 Woonona 24613/1889 d. 1934 (George F Reynolds 1912)
  11. (f) Frances E Collings b. 1891 Liverpool 19978/1891 (Sidney Sproats 1913)
  12. (m) George E Collings b. 1895 Liverpool 14045/1895

On husband's death he was late of Bulli and Liverpool.

COLLINGS.—At her residence, 4 Stanley-street, Petersham, Sarah, relict of the late James Collings, in her 78th year. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)Wednesday 21 September 1927 - Page 14

Collings Sarah Ann (Vasey)

d. 1928 Clunes br. Clunes

m. Robert Collings (abt 1857 Marske Yorkshire- 5/2/1931 Clunes Son of Jonathan Collings & Ellen ) 1888 Auchland Yorkshire

f. John Vasey m. Margaret

  1. (f) Margaret E Collings b. 1889 Wollongong 24422/1889
  2. (m) Henry Collings b. 1892 Lismore
  3. (m) John Vasey Collings b. 1894 Clunes
  4. (m) Robert Collings b. 12/3/1898 Clunes d. 1957 Lismore
  5. (f) Eva Collings b. 1896 Lismore
  6. (f) Annie Collings b. 1900 Lismore
  7. (f) Elsie Collings b. 1902 Murwillumbah

Collins Ada

Living at Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll -Domestic Duties

Collins Anne

m. George Collins

  1. (m) Joel Collins b. 1838 CofE Dapto/Wollongong

Collins Anne (Gorman)

b. 1816 Co. Tyrone Ireland d. 25/2/1866 br. Sec. Old Grave Yard, #61 West Dapto Catholic Cemetery

m. Owen Collins (1814 Ireland -1855 Son of Patrick Collins & Rachel Woods * ) 1836 County Tyrone Ireland

Ship: 1856

  1. (m) Patrick Collins b. 1834 County Tyrone, Ireland d. 1918 Bimbaya (Ellen Barrett *1864)
  2. (m) John Collins b. 1838 County Tyrone, Ireland d. 11/7/1924 Candelo (Margaret McNab * 1867)
  3. (f) Margaret Collins * b. 142 County Tyrone, Ireland d. 25/8/1864 West Dapto
  4. (m) James Collins b. 1847 Lough Neagh, County Tyrone, Ireland d. 18/2/1935 Liverpool (Elizabeth Maria Larkin 1867)

Collins Annie

m. William Collins

  1. (f) Mary Collins b. 1888 Woonona 25779/1888

Collins Annie (Colgan)

b. 1822 Fintona Co.Tyrone Ireland d. 1914 Bemboka

m. John Collins (1819 Ireland -1910 Son of Patrick Collins & Rachel Woods * ) 1842 Sydney

f. Henry Colgan m. Ann Carroll

  1. (m) Henry Collins b. 1/5/1843 Wollongong
  2. (f) Margaret Collins b. 4/11/1844 Charcoal Creek d. 1919 (Roger Heffernan)
  3. (m) Patrick Collins b. 23/9/1846 Charcoal d. 14/3/1857 Charcoal
  4. (f) Anne Collins b. 14/5/1848 Dapto d. 1931 (James Tarlinton)
  5. (f) Rosanna Collins b. 14/5/1850 Shellharbour d. 1940 (Michael Bateman)
  6. (f) Elizabeth Ann Collins b. 17/2/1852 Shellharbour d. 1927 (John F Coman)
  7. (m) John Thomas Collins b. 20/10/1853 Shellharbour reg Kiama RC d. 1944 (Mary Ann Keys) (mother listed as Callighan)
  8. (m) Henry Phillip Collins b. 20/9/1855 Charcoal Creek d. 1946 (Frances Mary Farraher)
  9. (m) James Joseph Collins b. 20/7/1857 Charcoal Creek 12259/1857 d. 1903 (Honora Bateman)
  10. (m) William Joseph Collins b. 11/9/1859 Wollongong 14220/1859 d. 1935 (Margaret M Tarlinton)
  11. (f) Rachel Mary Collins b. 1854 Candelo d. 1910 (Charles Hubert Foley)

Husband a settler.

Collins Bridget (Clune)

m. Joseph Collins 24/9/1856 Wollongong 2184/1856

Both resident of Wollongong

  1. (f) Mary Ann Jane Collins b. 10/8/1857 Wollongong 12304/1857
  2. (m) Joseph Francis Collins b. 21/10/1858 Dapto V18582101 121A/1858 d. 6/3/1935 Bankstown (Jane Barnett 1882)
  3. (m) Robert Thomas Collins b. 10/8/1860 Wollongong 13965/1860 d. 1861 Wollongong
  4. (f) Eliza Collins b. 1862 Wollongong 14987/1862

Collins Bridget (Jorden)

m. William Collins

  1. (f) Margaret Collins b. 22/1/1856 Bulli V18562000 121A/1856

Collins Caroline

m. James Collins

  1. (f) Emma Collins b. 21/2/1864 Appin 7363/1864

On Sunday, the 21st instant, at her residence, Appin, the wife of Mr. James Collins, of a daughter Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 26 February 1864 p 2

Collins Caroline (McBrien)

b. abt 1852 Woonona d. 26/8/1943 Burwood

m. John Joseph Collins (abt 1846-)22/19/1874 St Francis Xavier’s 4230/1874

f. John McBrien m. Mary Anne McCaren *

Both resident of Woonona

  1. (m) James Joseph Collins b. 29/8/1875 Bulli 21904/1875
  2. (m) John Collins b. 22/6/1877 Bulli 23108/1877
  3. (f) Mary Angela Collins b. 27/11/1879 Woonona 27280/1880
  4. (m) Alfred Patrick Collins b. 1882 Woonona 19713/1882 d. 1942 Berrima
  5. (f) Florence Maud Collins b. 11/10/1884 Woonona 23660/1885
  6. (f) Caroline Lillian Collins b. 9/3/1887 Wollongong 24927/1887

The death occurred at her daughter's residence, Burwood, on 26th August, of Mrs. Caroline Collins, relict of the late Mr. John Collins, in her 90th year. She was the mother of the late Mr. A. P. Collins, of Moss Vale, who predeceased her about twelve months ago. The Southern Mail (Bowral, NSW : 1889 - 1954) Friday 10 September 1943 p 2

Collins Caroline Barbara (Vogt)

b. abt 1861 d. 11/11/1947 Bowral

m. Michael Collins 1880 Berrima 2731/1880

f. Joseph Michael Vogt m. Caroline Angelina Auer

  1. (m) Edward Thomas Collins b. 9/8/1881 Fairy Meadow 19017/1881 d. 1941 Bowral
  2. (m) unnamed Collins b. 1882 Redfern d. 1882 Redfern
  3. (m) John Andrew Collins b. 1883 Berrima d. 25/8/1947 Fairfield
  4. (m) William Bernard Collins b. 1885 Canterbury d. before 1947
  5. (m) Francis M Collins b. 1887 Canterbury d. 1912 Bowral
  6. (f) Emily E Collins b. 1888 Burwood d. 1889 Burwood
  7. (m) Arthur J Collins b. 1890 Burwood d. before 1947
  8. (m) Cornelius Collins b. 1892 Ryde d. 1970
  9. (f) Annie C Collins b. 1895 Berrima d. before 1947
  10. (f) Millie W Collins b. 1896 Berrima d. 1922 Petersham
  11. (m) James Augustine Collins b. 1898 Bowral d. 1959

Collins Catherine (Brennan)

b. 1863 Kiama 8460/1863 d. 9/8/1928 North Sydney br. Jamberoo

m. Phillip Collins (7/8/1858 Jamberoo - 20/7/1932 Kiama Son of John Collins & Johanna O’Keefe *) 1893 Kiama

f. John Brennan m. Mary McNamara *

  1. (m) Denis Collins b. 1894 Kiama 17568/1894
  2. (f) Mary Collins b. 1895 Kiama 4326/1895 (Bertram W Fahey 1924)
  3. (m) Philip M Collins b. 1905 Kiama 24121/1905
  4. (m) John J Collins d. 1931 Kiama

Living at Wallaby Hill in 1903 Electoral Roll -Domestic Duties


KIAMA, Monday.

While preparing breakfast this morning Mrs. Phil Collins, of Jamberoo, was severely burned through her dress catching alight at the kitchen fire. She ran screaming into another room for assistance, enveloped in flames from head to foot. The ambulance was sent for and took Mrs. Collins to the Kiama Hospital, where she now lies in a critical condition. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 22 May 1928 p 12

Mrs. Collins arrived in Sydney having stood the journey exceedingly well. She is within a few minutes' walk of her daughter, Mrs Bert Fahey, on the North Shore. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Saturday 4 August 1928 p 2


The sad news came through on Thursday to Jamberoo that Mrs. Phil. Collins (who was so badly burned by her clothing accidentally catching fire on May 23) had died in Sydney that morning.

The deepest sympathy is felt for Mr. Collins and the Messrs. Jno. and Phil. Collins, her sons, who were wrapped up in their mother and spared no expense or left a thing undone that affection could prompt during the long and painful illness that followed the accident.

Owing to the terrible nature of her injuries and the consequent shock, little hope was entertained from the first of recovery, as Mrs. Collins was 66 years of age. The deceased lady was one of an old district family, born at Bob's Flat, under the shadow of the Jamberoo mountain, her parents the late Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Brennan, old pioneer folk of Jamberoo. She was one of the kindest of women in sickness and trouble, a friend to many, and in her home a most devoted mother, greatly beloved by her children. Mrs. A. Fahey, her daughter residing in Sydney, mourns with her brothers in their great loss. The gentle Christian character of the late Mrs. Collins and her good life, was a pattern to all who knew her and she was an earnest church worker.

The funeral takes place this afternoon. The body was conveyed by evening train to Kiama and thence to Jamberoo, a service to be held in St. Matthews Church previous to the interment. Widespread sympathy is expressed for the Collins family in their trouble, and to Messrs. J. and N. Brennan, of Sydney, her brothers.

For some ten weeks the late Mrs. Collins was a private patient in the Sarah Fuller Memorial ward at the Kiama Hospital and a week or so ago was removed to Sydney for special treatment. She stood the journey better than expected but a sudden collapse brought the end. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Saturday 11 August 1928 p 2

Collins Catherine (Brogan/Rogan)

b. abt 1819

m. Edmond Collins 15/8/1843 Wollongong V184346 123/1843

Both resident of Wollongong

Convict Permission to Marry Index 1843 Wollongong

Ship: Nabob 1842

  1. (m) Edmond Collins b. 28/10/1843 Wollongong

Collins Dellena (Wade)

m. James W Collins 1902 Sydney

  1. (f) Charlotte E A Collins b. 1903 Wollongong 35834/1903 d. 1903 Berry

Collins Eliza

m. Jonathan T Collins

  1. (m) Maurice A Collins b. 1884 Kiama 23382/1884

Collins Elizabeth (Haworth/Howarth then Howarth)

b. abt 1816 d. 1898 Wollongong 7713/1898 br. Wollongong

m. Jonathan Marks Howarth (Son of Jonathon Howarth &) 17/3/1859 Scots Church Sydney 1st cousin

m. Thomas Collins (1817 Dudley Worcestershire -1898 Wollongong) 5237/1878

f. Robert Howarth m. Alice Whittaker *

  1. (m) Kembla Howarth b. 1860 Wollongong 13941/1860 d. 1916 Granville

On the 17th Instant, by special license, at the Scots' Church, by the Rev. John Reid, Jonathan Monks Howarth, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Robert Howarth Esq., Wollongong. The Sydney Morning Herald 19 March 1859

Husband a butcher of Kembla when he became insolvent in 1860

Her second husband was a jeweller

Illawarra Mercury Index Issue 14 May 1898 Daughter of late Mr Haworth, sister of Mrs Rathmell Snr. 82 years.


It is not often that husband and wife follow one another to the grave so closely as did Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Collins, of

Wollongong, within the last few days as it were. On the Friday of the week before last the mortal remains of Mrs. Collins were laid in the Church of England cemetery, and on Friday last those of her husband were deposited there.

The age of the former was 74 years, and that of the latter 82 years. Both of them were old residents of the district and much respected, and, although they passed away from this life unknown to the present community in a general sense, each of them formerly occupied a prominent position in local society.

Mrs. Collins was the daughter of the late Mr. Robert Haworth, who was the owner, and occupier of the Kembla Grange Estate, for many years, and who, within that period, represented the electorate of Illawarra in Parliament, the constituency then embracing the portion of the district northward of the Macquarie and Coal Cliff ; and it may be mentioned that it was during Mr. Haworth's representation of Illawarra that the amount of money for the con struction of Belmere Basin was granted by Parliament. Much of Mrs. Collins' early life was spent at Kembla Grange.

In course of time, however, she married a relative — the late Mr. Jonathan Haworth, who predeceased her many years ago. About fourbeen or fifteen years since she became the second wife of Mr. Thomas Collins, who long before then had been carrying on a jewellery business in Wollongong; and, after passing the remainder of their lives happily together, they passed away, as already stated, within a week of one another.

Mr. Collins was an old residente of the district and had served as an alderman of Wollongong over a lengthened period and was Mayor, of the borough two or three years. He was an unassuming and worthy man, and until the effects of age caused him to live very much in retirement he was a well-known figure in Wollongong every-day life.

Mrs. Collins was a sister of our respected townswonan, Mrs Rathmell, sen., of Corrimal-street, and Mr. Collins was the father of Mrs. James Rathmell, of the same place, also of the late Mrs.Robert Oswald, and of the wife of the Rev. Aden Parsons, of Sydney, the latter gentleman being among those who attended the funeral on Friday. Mrs. Collins left one son by her first marriage — Mr. Kembla Haworth. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 24 May 1898 p 2

Collins Elizabeth Lizzie (Summers)

b. abt 1859 Dapto d. 11/6/1934 Lismore br. Mullumbimbi

m. Cornelius Collins ( 27/12/1854 Jamberoo – 20/2/1932 Lismore Son of John Collins & Johanna O’Keefe *) 26/4/1886 St Paul’s Albion Park 5750/1886

f. Richard Summers m. Rebecca/Rachael ? Could be Mary Kelly

  1. (f) Margaret E Collins b. 19/1/1887 Dapto 24871/1887 (Richard McCarthy 1917)
  2. (m) Richard Collins b. 22/10/1888 Mt Pleasant 24258/1889
  3. (f) Johanna G Collins b. 11/10/1889 Fairy Meadow 24567/1889 (Edward J Smith 1924)
  4. (f) Elizabeth Collins b. 4/5/1894 Avondale 37879/1894 (Thomas O’Connell 1922)
  5. (f) Catherine Collins b. 1896 Murwillumbah 32650/1896
  6. (m) John Collins b. 1897 Casino 30334/1897
  7. (m) John Collins b. 1898 Murwillumbah 32704/1898
  8. (m) Philip Collins b. 1901 Murwillumbah 5493/1901
  9. (m) Michael Collins b. 1902 Murwillumbah 5049/1902
  10. (f) Mary A Collins b. 1904 Murwillumbah 14509/1904 (Stanley E Knight 1922)


The sad death occurred in Lismore last Monday of Mrs. Elizabeth Collins.

The remains were brought to Mullumbimby for interment in the Roman Catholic portion of the local cemetery. The Rev. Father Williams conducted the funeral ceremony.

Mrs. S. Knight of Mullumbimby and Mrs. McCarthy, of Main Arm, are daughters of deceased.

A widow, five sons and five daughters are left to mourn. The sons are Richard, Con, and Philip (Mullumbimby); and John and Michael (Kyogle).

The daughters are Mrs. R. McCarthy (Main Arm), Mrs. Stan Knight (Wilson's Creek); Mrs E. Smith (Murwillumbah); Mrs. O'Connell (Lismore), and Mrs. Mitchell (Narrabri).Mullumbimby Star (NSW : 1906 - 1936) Thursday 14 June 1934 p 2

Collins Elizabeth Ann (Summerson)

d. 23/1/1958 Helensburgh cr. Woronora

m. David Collins (-28/11/1950) 1894 Sydney

f. James Summerson m. Elizabeth Thompson *

  1. (f) Annie Collins b. 1894 Helensburgh 16216/1894 (Henry Albert Lenthall 1914)
  2. (f) Elizabeth Collins b. 1897 Helensburgh 12799/1897 
  3. (m) James Collins b. 1899 Helensburgh 12548/1899 
  4. (m) Thomas Collins

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- domestic duties

Here's a clipping from the Durham “Chronicle” (England) of September. 15, 1905:— On Thursday night a successful 'at home' was held at the house of Mrs. Smith, Travellers Rest Inn, Murton Colliery, as a send off to Mr. and Mrs. David Collins, who have been at Murton on a visit from Helensburgh (N.S.W.) since March last, and who are nephew and niece of Mr. Jos Short, an old resident of the colliery. There were over 60 present (all relatives), and a very pleasant evening was spent. Mr. Jos. Short, senr., presided, and in a neat speech, explained the object of the gathering. Several toasts were duly honored, and songs, etc., given by Messrs. T. Short, J. Curtiss, R. Smith, W. Smith, Jos. Short, junr., J. Smith, J. Summerson, John Short, Master Smith, and Miss Smith. Mr. Collins feelingly replied, and thanked all present for their kindness during their stay. Each of the 60 persons assembled gave a present to Mr. and Mrs. Collins as a memento of their visit to the old country. Mr. and Mrs. Collins, who are residents of Helensburgh, and who have been away on a trip to England, are expected back next Saturday. Mr. Collins is a son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Summerson, who came to Helensburgh in 1884 and are therefore practically, the oldest residents. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW: 1900 - 1954) Saturday 28 October 1905 p 11

Collins Ellen (Barrett)

b. 13/6/1847 Dapto d. 24/6/1905 Candelo

m. Patrick Collins ( abt 1834 Tyrone Ireland- 16/8/1918 Candelo Son of Owen Collins & Annie Gorman *) 2/5/1864 St Francis Xavier’s

f. George J Barrett m. Dinah Danewood *

She was resident at Charcoal, husband was resident at East Dapto

  1. (m) James Collins b. 20/4/1865 Kiama 9705/1865 d. 1935 Lismore (Mary Nonan 1893)
  2. (f) Anne Collins * b. 9/7/1866 Dapto 16635/1866 d. 3/3/1942 Lismore (Henry Rix 1887)
  3. (f) Margaret Collins b. 1868 Eden
  4. (m) Owen Collins b. 1870 Eden d. 1950
  5. (f) Rosanna Collins b. 1871 Bega
  6. (m) John Thomas Collins b. 1873 Bega d. 1942
  7. (m) Patrick Hill Collins b. 1875 Bega d. 1954
  8. (f) Sarah Ellen Collins b. 1877 Bega d. 1960
  9. (m) Joseph Collins b. 1878 Bega d. 1878
  10. (f) Mary Elizabeth Collins b. 1879 Bega
  11. (m) George Collins b. 1881 Bega d. 1976
  12. (f) Catherine Ada Collins b. 1884 Bega d. 1966
  13. (m) Phillip M Collins b. 1885 Bega d. 1934
  14. (m) Lawrence Collins b. 1888 d. 1963

Collins Hannah (Phillips)

b. 1877 Wollongong d. after 1952

m. John Collins 1908

f. Michael Phillips m. Mary Robson *

Living at Mount Keira in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Collins Henrietta

m. James R Collins

  1. (m) James W Collins b. 1871 Wollongong 19549/1871

Collins Janet McCredie (Glen)

d. 1958 Hurstville

m. William F Collins 1920 Kogarah

f. James Glen m. Annie

Living Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Collins Johanna (O’Keefe/Keeffe/Kay)

b. abt 1820 Co Kerry Ireland d. 17/7/1903 Jamberoo br. Jamberoo Catholic

m. John Collins (abt 1814- 28/1/1901 Jamberoo Son of Denis Collins & Elizabeth) 1846 Ireland

f. Phillip O’Keefe m. Kate

Ship: Success 1949

  1. (f) Elizabeth Collins b. abt 1847
  2. (m) John Collins b. abt 1849 Limerick Ireland d. 16/7/1935 Jamberoo (Mary Scanlan * 1872)
  3. (m) Denis Collins b. 11/5/1851 Jamboroo d. 9/9/1875 Jamberoo
  4. (f) Catherine Collins * b. 2/2/1853 Jamberoo d. 31/5/1926 Albion Park (Michael O’Gorman 1875)
  5. (m) Cornelius Collins b. 27/12/1854 Jamberoo d. 1932 Lismore (Elizabeth Summers * 1886)
  6. (m) Michael Collins b. 24/9/1856 Jamberoo bp Kiama RC d. 4/9/1941 Jamberoo (Mary Ann Summers * 1879)
  7. (m) Philip Collins b. 7/8/1858 Jamberoo 8103/1858 d. 20/7/1932 Kiama (Catherine Brennan * 1894)
  8. (m) David Collins b. 16/9/1860 Jamberoo 7909/1860 d. 4/3/1938 Jamberoo
  9. (f) Margaret Collins * b. 1863 Kiama 8452/1863 d. 9/5/1884 Jamberoo ( Michael Kirby 1882)
  10. (f) Elizabeth Collins * b. 1867 Kiama 10588/1867 d. 9/8/1941 Jamberoo (Michael Brennan 1895)

Husband a settler

Mrs. Collins, of Jamberoo, passed away at her residence, on Saturday last. The deceased lady had attained a ripe old age, and was mother of Mr. M. Collins and Mrs. P. O'Gorman, both of Albion Park. The Kiama Reporter and Illawarra Journal (NSW : 1899 - 1947) Saturday 25 July 1903 p 2

Collins Margaret see Arthur

Collins Margaret

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- domestic duties

Collins Margaret

b. 1842 Co. Tyrone Ireland d. 26/8/ 1864 Mullet Creek br. West Dapto Catholic

f. Owen Collins m. Annie Gorman *

Cause of Death: Suicide

The inquest for Margaret Collins was reported in the Illawarra Mercury August 30, 1864. The Jury found that Margaret Collins was ‘disappointed in love’ and did drown herself in Mullet Creek over the love she had for one Peter Larkin.

Collins Margaret (Dorrough/Darragh)

m. James Collins 1843 Presbyterian Sydney, Scots Church V18431776 76/1843

Collins Margaret (Keys)

b. 1830 County Tyrone Ireland d. 31/5/1904 Candelo br Candelo

m. William Collins (1823 Ireland -1868 Son of Patrick Collins & Rachel Woods *) 1852 Sydney

f. David Keys m. Jane Donaldson

Ship: Victoria 1849 with sister

  1. (m) David Collins b. 19/9/1853 Charcoal Creek d. 1928 (Catherine O’Brien)
  2. (f) Rachel Mary Collins b. 23/7/1855 Charcoal Creek d. 1929 (Joseph Schuback)
  3. (m) Patrick Collins b. 31/7/1857 Charcoal Creek 12299/1857 d. 1901 (Isabella Robertson)
  4. (m) John J Collins b. 1/10/1859 Charcoal Creek 14216/1859 d. 1884
  5. (f) Elizabeth Jane Collins b. 8/10/1861 Charcoal 1861 d. 1933
  6. (m) William J Collins b. 1863 d. 1904 (Margaret Anne Wiley)
  7. (f) Margaret A Collins b. 1866 d. 1905 (Charles A Schuback)
  8. (f) Mary M Collins b. 7/3/1869 Dapto d. 1913 (Patrick B Wiley)

COLLINS Margaret dairy West Dapto Charcoal Ck. Grevilles Post Office Directory 1872

Collins Margaret (McNab)

b. 1841 or 1844 Bulli V18411475 121A/1841

m. John Collins 1/6/1867 RC West Dapto 3308/1867

f. Philip McNab m. Ellen Quinlan

  1. (f) Annie Collins b. 9/4/1868 Dapto 18128/1868

Collins Margaret (Price)

m. William Collins

  1. (f) Margaret Anne Collins b. 16/8/1866 Dapto 2425 VOL 121A/1866
  2. (f) Mary Collins b. 1869 Wollongong 19820/1869

Collins Margaret (Ryan)

m. Denis Collins (abt 1829- ) 1856 Kiama 1495/1856

  1. (m) James Collins b. 1/9/1857 Therry’s Meadows bp Kiama RC 7535/1857
  2. (f) Elizabeth Collins b. 20/11/1859 Jamberoo bp Kiama RC 8500/1859
  3. (f) Johanna Collins b. 1861 Kiama 8348/1861
  4. (f) Catherine Collins b. 1863 Kiama 8612/1863
  5. (m) Denis Collins b. 26/12/1866 Fox Ground bp Kiama RC 9434/1866

Husband a farmer

Collins Margaret (Woods)

m. Thomas Collins 1877 Sydney 560/1877

  1. (m) Thomas J Collins b. 1877 Wollongong 23075/1877
  2. (m) Patrick Jacob Collins b. 1879 Wollongong 26005/1879 bp. 12/3/1886 Woonona
  3. (f) Margaret Collins b. 1880 Wollongong 27374/1880
  4. (m) Arthur W Collins b. 1882 Wollongong d. 1884 Wollongong
  5. (f) Rachel Isabella Woods b. 21/6/1883 Bulli 21074/1883

Collins Margaret Eliza

b. abt 1873 d. 28/2/1942 Hurlstone Park

m. John William Collins (5/6/1869 Jamberoo - 18/5/1910 St Vincents Son of Thomas Collins & Mary Hartnett *) f. Patrick m. Mary Ellen

  1. (m) Leslie Patrick Collins b. 1893 Kiama 18601/1893 d. 1979
  2. (m) Bertram Augustine Collins b. 1894 Kiama d. 1957 Liverpool
  3. (m) Charles Joseph Collins b. 1895 Kiama 23424/1895 d. 1961 Parramatta
  4. (f) Ivy Ann Collins b. 1897 Kiama 13206/1897 d. 9/11/1989 Mascot (Cobcroft)
  5. (m) Stanley Roy Collins b. 1899 Kiama 12931/1899 d. 1960 Newtown
  6. (m) Thomas Ambrose Collins b. 1901 Kiama 4274/1901 d. 1973 Sydney
  7. (m) Wilfred Collins b. 1904 Kiama 23101/1904 d. 1905 Kiama
  8. (f) Mary Collins ( P Moore)
  9. (m) John William Collins b. 1907 Kiama 4288/1907 d. 1965 Campsie

Family had left Jamberoo in early 1910 a few months before her husband was killed in a quarry accident.

The deceased, who was a native of Jamberoo, and who only left here some few months ago, was about 40 years of age. During his long residence in Kiama he followed the occupation principally of a quarryman, working at different times in the Kiama quarries and at Bombo. He was a quiet, steady man, and gained many friends among his fellow-workers in Kiama, who will deeply regret to hear of his untimely end… Deceased was a married man, and leaves to mourn him a widow and large family of nine or ten young children, the oldest of whom is yet but a lad, and sincere sympathy is felt for them and the deceased's aged mother in their bereavement. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW: 1863 - 1947) Saturday 21 May 1910 p 2

COLLINS.—February 28, 1942, at her residence, 1 Gower Street, Hurlstone Park, Margaret Eliza, widow of the late John William Collins and dearly loved mother of Leslie, Bert, Ivy (Mrs. J. Cobcroft), Charlie, Roy, Tom, Mary (Mrs. P. Moore), and William, aged 69 years. R.I.P. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)Monday 2 March 1942 - Page 10

Collins Martha (Roberts)

b. 1866 Moysten Victoria d. 18/1/1926 Helensburgh 1078/1926

m. John Collins (abt 1857-22/2/1921 Helensburgh Son of John Collins & Mary) 21/7/1884

f. Jesse Roberts m. Martha Leitch Henderson *

Both resident of Clifton

  1. (f) Mary Collins b. 1884 Woonona 23063/1884
  2. (m) John Collins b. 1886 Woonona 24670/1886
  3. (f) Ann Collins b. 1888 Woonona 25820/1888
  4. (m) Morris Collins b. 1890 Woonona 38422/1890
  5. (m) James Collins b. 1891 Woonona 38976/1891
  6. (f) Ellen Collins b. 1892 Woonona 39615/1892
  7. (m) Henry Collins b. 1894 Helensburgh 16198/1894
  8. (f) Elizabeth Collins b. 1896 Helensburgh 22116/1896
  9. (f) Jessie Collins b. 1899 Helensburgh 21561/1899
  10. (f) Adelaide Collins b. 1902 Helensburgh 3612/1902
  11. (m) William Collins b. 1903 Helensburgh 30634/1903
  12. (m) Thomas Collins b. 1909 Helensburgh 37299/1909

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- domestic duties

COLLINS.— In loving memory of our dear mother, Martha Collins, who departed this life January 18th, 1926, at Helensburgh; also our father, John Collins, who departed this life, February 22nd, 1921. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 21 January 1927 p 19

Collins Mary

Living at Jamberoo in 1903 Electoral Roll -Domestic Duties

Collins Mary

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- domestic duties

Collins Mary (Bower)

b. abt 1868 d. 7/1/1949 Concord

m. Isaac Collins (abt 1859 - 23/5/1921 Granville Son of John Collins & Charlotte) 1884 Cobar

f. William Bower

  1. (f) Charlotte Collins b. 1885 Cobar (J J Hannan 1911)
  2. (m) William J Collins b. 1888 Cobar
  3. (m) Albert Collins b. 1890 Cobar
  4. (f) Mary Collins b. 1893 Woonona 39813/1893 (W Barron)
  5. (m) Ernest Collins b. 21/9/1896 Cobar
  6. (m) Harold I Collins b. 1901 Cobar
  7. (f) Eva Collins b. 1905 Cobar (H Check)

COLLINS Mary-January 7 1949 at a private hospital Concord late of 28 Nelson Avenue, Belmore, relict of the late Isaac Collins and loving mother of Lottie (Mrs C Hannan), William (deceased), Albert (deceased), Mary (Mrs W Barron), Ernest (deceased), Harold, Eva (Mrs H Check) and mother in law of Florrie (Mrs F Collins) aged 81 years. For funeral announcement see Monday's Herald. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 8 January 1949 p 34

Collins Mary (Bourke)

b. abt 1841 Limerick Ireland d. 13/8/1930 Cooba br. Gundagai

m. James Collins (1836- Son of Patrick Collins & Rachel Woods * ) 12/10/1863 Wagga Wagga

f. Michael Bourke m.

Ship: abt 1853

  1. (m) Patrick Collins b 23/10/1868 Bulli
  2. (m) John Collins 1871 Gundagai d. 1955
  3. (m) Milan Collins b. 1873 Gundagai
  4. (f) Mary Collins b. 1875 Gundagai d. 1913 (Richard F Harris)
  5. (m) Michael Phillip Collins b. 1878 Gundagai d. 1952
  6. (m) Joseph Collins b. 1880 Gundagai d. 1844
  7. (m) Francis Collins b. 1882 Gundagai d. 1884
  8. (f) Margaret Therese Collins b. 1884 Gundagai d. 1977

Mrs Mary Collins.

The death occurred at Cooba on Wednesday last of another of our pioneer women in the person of Mrs. Mary Collins, widow of the late James Collins, at the great age of 89 years, 76 of which was spent in New South Wales. Deceased was a daughter of the late Mr. Michael Bourke, and sister of Mr. John Bourke, of Cooba. She was a native of County Limerick, Ireland, and had only been ill about a week, pneumonia being the cause of death.

Of her family of eight children, six are living. The funeral took place on Friday, when her mortal remains were laid to rest in the R.C. portion of the Gundagai cemetery The Gundagai Times and Tumut, Adelong and Murrumbidgee District Advertiser (NSW : 1868 - 1931) Tuesday 19 August 1930 p 2

Collins Mary (Hartnett/Hartney/Harknett)

b. abt 1829 Limerick Ireland d. 3/6/1920 Sydney br. Rookwood

m. Thomas Collins (abt 1823 Ireland- 1888 Kiama Son of Denis Collins & Elizabeth) abt 1848 Ireland

Ship: 1849 Success

  1. (f) Mary Collins b. 12/12/1850 Jamberoo
  2. (f) Johanna Collins b. 12/5/1852 Jamboroo
  3. (f) Margaret Collins b. 25/8/1853 Jamberoo reg Kiama RC
  4. (m) Denis Collins b. 7/7/1855 Jamberoo reg Kiama RC
  5. (m) Michael Collins b. 25/9/1857 Jamberoo (Mary Ann Summers * 1879)
  6. (f) Mary Anne Collins b. 25/10/1859 Jamberoo bp Kiama RC
  7. (f) Anne Catherine Collins b. 3/1/1861 Jamberoo 8102/1861
  8. (f) Elizabeth Collins b. 27/3/1865 Jamberoo 9678/1865
  9. (m) Thomas Collins b. 1867 Kiama 10471/1867
  10. (m) John William Collins b. 5/6/1869 Jamberoo 12252/1869 d. 1910 St Vincents Sydney (Margaret Eliza *)
  11. (m) Patrick Collins b. 1875 Kiama 13196/1875

Husband a settler

Living at Jamberoo in 1903 Electoral Roll -Domestic Duties


A very old lady, whom our grandfathers knew as the “Irish Beauty,” died on Thursday, aged 96 years.

As Mrs. Mary Collins she came to Australia in 1844 from Limerick and settled in the bush at a town now known as Jamberoo. Sydney was still partly a penal settlement when she visited it, and she knew many stories of the old days when convict chains clanked along George-street. She grew up with Jamberoo for 76 years, and had 14 children, Mrs. McGuire, Keen-street, being one of the daughters. Her grandchildren numbered about 36 and the fourth generation was represented by three great-grandchildren. Her memory and energies were wonderful, and she danced a jig a month before her death. She was buried in the Rookwood cemetery on Friday afternoon.

Thus the “Sun” refers to the death of Mrs.  Collins, so well known throughout this district, who passed away this week at her daughter's residence in Sydney. Her witty tongue and kindly heart, her wonderful vitality, sense and humor, at such an age - for but a couple of years ago she thought nothing of walking to Jamberoo - made Mrs. Collins a kind of district possession that we were proud of. Now the long life has closed, not in decrepitude, but in a wonderful vigor of mind and body for such an age - and the figure, familiar from childhood to many district people, will be known no more.

The late Mrs. Collins left many friends.

Of true Christian character and devoted to her church, a kindly soul ever ready to do a neighbourly deed or friendly action, she deserved the best that life could give, and she got it in a wonderful health and a happy heart that made the best of things.

It seems (says the “Kiama Independent” of 5th June) a pity that she does not rest in the soil of the old district she loved so well, and of which she was its oldest inhabitant; but her last illness came while staying with her daughter in Sydney, and the burial took place in Rookwood cemetery.

Had the funeral been in Jamberoo a record attendance would have been given as a last token of the genuine liking and respect earned by one held in general regard. Northern Star (Lismore, NSW: 1876 - 1954) Thursday 24 June 1920 p 4

Collins Mary (Flanagan/Flanigan)

b. abt 1836 Ireland d. ?

m. Phillip Collins (1826 Ireland -1888 Son of Patrick Collins & Rachel Woods * ) 26/5/1856 Wollongong

f. Michael Flanagan m. Elizabeth Mullins/McMullen *

Husband resident at Shellharbour she was resident at Fairy Meadow

  1. (f) Mary Collins b. 1/11/1856 Shellharbour bp Kiama RC d. 1942 Marrickville (Michael Hayes)
  2. (m) Patrick Collins b. 17/9/ 1858 Bulli 13485/1858 (Annie Byrnes)
  3. (f) Annie Theresa Collins b. 10/9/1860 Figtree 14012/1860 d. 1934 (Charles Dixon)
  4. (f) Elizabeth Collins b. 1863 Kiama 8428/1863
  5. (m) John Joseph Collins b. 2/6/1865 Shellharbour 9727/1865 d. 1897
  6. (f) Roseanna Collins b. 1870 Eden d. 1828 (Martin Beakey)
  7. (f) Rachel Hannah 1872 Bega d. 1930 (John A Schick)
  8. (f) Catherine Agnes Collins 1875 Bega d. 1927 (Alfred Joseph Treacy)
  9. (f) Ellen H Collins b . 1878 Bega d. 1879
  10. (f) Alice M Collins b. 1881

Both resident of Wollongong

Collins Mary (Ford)

b. 1864 Jamberoo 9397/1864 d. 13/8/1925 Kiama br. Jamberoo

m. Michael Collins 1884 Kiama 5501/1884

f. John Ford m. Catherine Morrissey *

Late Mrs. Michael Collins.

After many weeks of intense suffering, the death occurred at the Kiama Hospital, at the age of 60 years, on Thursday, the 13th ult., of Mrs. Michael Collins, a well-known and highly respected resident of Albion Park, whose kindly, hospitable and charitable mature was recognised by all who knew her as a resident for some 62 years. Previous to her marriage at Kiama 41 years ago, to Mr. M. Collins (then overseer of Bombo Quarry), she was a Miss Mary Ford, of Jamberoo, and her mother predeceased her by some eight weeks at the great age of nearly 90 years. In the family during the last eight months four deaths have taken place, one brother (James) being killed at Bulli, when overseer in one of the coal mines; while another brother (Edward) died suddenly on the North Coast. The Ford family was one of the old pioneer families of Jamberoo, and at the funeral there was a representative gathering, including the Mayor, Town Clerk, and representatives of the council, from that district, and from Albion Park, where, as in other centres, Mrs. Collins' philanthropic works were well known and fully appreciated.

The coffin was taken to St. Peter's Church, Kiama, in which she was married, and the Requiem Mass, previous to the funeral, was largely attended.

The late Mrs. Collins was a devoted Catholic, a generous giver, and an untiring worker in church affairs. She was the soul of hospitality also, and friends, neighbours and strangers, too, were welcomeed to her home in Albion Park. For several years her health had not been good. She leaves a sorrowing husband to mourn tho loss of one of the best as a wife and life partner, and a very kindly memory in tho hearts of those who knew her well, for the good qualities that were hers. The interment took place at

Jamberoo, the Rev. Father O 'Sullivan officiating at the graveside. The Catholic Press (Sydney, NSW : 1895 - 1942) Thursday 17 September 1925 p 39

COLLINS. - The Relatives and Friends of MARY, the beloved WIFE of Michael Collins, of Albion Park, are requested to attend her Funeral, leaving Roman Catholic Church, Kiama, at 2 p.m., SATURDAY, for Catholic Cemetery, Jamberoo. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 15 August 1925 p 13

Collins Mary (Murray)

m. James Collins

  1. (f) Elizabeth Collins * b. 14/9/1844 Fairy Meadow d. 26/8/1926 (William Brownlee 1862)
  2. (m) John Collins b. 28/9/1846 Fairy Meadow
  3. (m) James Collins b. 10/6/1849 Wollongong

Collins Mary (Rhoden)

b. 1873 d. 1956 Clifton

m. Christopher Collins ( abt 1869- 4/4/1939 Clifton Son of Christopher Collins & Mary Ann ) 1890 Woonona 7830/1890

f. William Rhoden m. Catherine Anders *

  1. (f) Florence Collins b. 1890 Woonona 38472/1890 d. 1890 Woonona
  2. (m) Thomas Collins b. 1893 Woonona 39731/1893 d. 1944 Richmond
  3. (m) Christopher Collins b. 1894 Woonona 38400/1894 d. 1967 Bulli
  4. (f) Catherine Collins b. 1896 Woonona 27358/1896
  5. (f) Ellen Collins b. 1898 Woonona 36179/1898
  6. (f) Margaret M Collins b. 1900 Woonona 37020/1900
  7. (f) Mary J Collins b. 1903 Woonona 26823/1903
  8. (m) Joseph C Collins b. 1905 Woonona 9493/1905
  9. (m)? William P Collins b. 1907 Balmain North 21515/1907
  10. (f) Sarah A Collins b. 1910 Woonona 34158/1910

Collins Mary

Living at Clifton in 1903 Electoral Roll- domestic duties Also John Collins senior.

Collins Mary (Scanlan/Scannell)

b. abt 1850 Ireland d. 17/8/1916 br Jamberoo Catholic

m. John Collins ( abt 1849 Limerick Ireland - 16/7/1935 Jamberoo Son of John Collins & Johanna O’Keefe *) 1872 Kiama 2430/1872

  1. Annie/Joanna Collins * b. 1872 Kiama 11622/1872 d. 4/7/ 1949 br. Woronora (Daniel Buckley 1898)
  2. Dennis P Collins b. 1877 Kiama 13918/1877
  3. Margaret Ellen Collins b. 1880 Kiama 16690/1880 d. 1955 Kiama
  4. Elizabeth Collins b. 1882 Kiama 20152/1882
  5. John H Collins b. 1885 Kiama 24145/1885 
  6. Mary Collins b. (Walter Brennan 1909)
  7. Cyril A Collins b. 1890 Kiama 17815/1890

Mrs. John Collins.

Mrs. John Collins, of Jamberoo, passed away a few days ago, at the age of 67. She was a native of Ireland, arrived in the State at an early age, and resided in Jamberoo over 50 years. Deceased was in her usual good health till about a week previous to her demise, and the deepest sympathy is expressed to her sorrowing husband and the following children, who survive viz., Annie, wife of Mr. Daniel Buckley (Sydney); May, wife of Mr. Walter Brennan (North Sydney); Miss Margaret Collins (Sydney), and Messrs. Denis Collins (Sydney), Cyril Collins (Albion Park), and John Collins, jun. (Jamberoo), all of whom feelkeenly the loss of one who was dear to them. She was a model wife and devoted mother. All the members of the family were at her bedside during her illness, and her daughters, with the assistance of kind friends, administered every attention possible under the sad circumstances. The funeral took place on Saturday afternoon, and the cortege was a very long one, as a last tribute of respect.

Prior to interment in St. Matthew's Church Cemetery, Jamberoo, prayers were said in the church by Rev. Father McNamara, who also read the last sad prayers at the graveside. During the church ceremony Miss Condon, church organist, played the “Dead March” in “Saul.” A number of wreaths, telegrams and letters of condolence were received by the bereaved ones.— R.I.P. The Catholic Press (Sydney, NSW: 1895 - 1942) Thursday 14 September 1916 p 24

Collins Mary A

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (m) William H Collins b. 1837 CofE Dapto/Wollongong

Collins Mary Ann

Living at Jamberoo in 1903 Electoral Roll -Dressmaker

Collins Mary Ann

d. 1889 Woonona 10731/1889

m. Christopher Collins (-4/6/1892 Clifton)

f. Patrick m. Mary

  1. (f) Margaret Collins b. 1877 Newcastle
  2. (f) Mary Ann Collins b. 1879 Maitland
  3. (m) Thomas Collins b. 1881 Wollongong 18778/1881
  4. (m) William Collins b. 1882 Woonona 19763/1882
  5. (f) Bridget Collins b. 1888 Woonona 25814/1888

Husband insolvent in 1881, 1884 and 1889. He was a miner of Coalcliff/ Clifton with liabilities of 47 Pound and 15 shillings and assets of 7 pounds in 1884. In 1889 he was of Austinmere near Bulli.

Collins Mary Ann (Summers)

b. abt 1856 Avondale d. before 1946

m. Michael Collins (24/9/1856 Jamberoo- 4/9/1941 Jamberoo Son of John Collins & Johanna O’Keefe *) 20/11/1879 Dapto RC 5267/1879

f. Richard Summers m. Mary Kelly *

  1. (m) Michael Henry Collins b. 2/5/1889 Wollongong 24394/1889
  2. (f) Rose Collins b. 1881 Brownsville 18915/1881 (Richard Flynn 1902)  
  3. (m) Thomas Collins b. 1883 Kiama 21661/1883
  4. (m) Richard Collins b. 20/9/1884 Dapto 22920/1884
  5. (f) Mary Elizabeth Collins b. 22/2/1886 Wollongong 24291/1886
  6. (m) Percy Albert Collins b. 1/1/1888 Wollongong 25519/1888
  7. (f) Elizabeth Clare Collins b. 11/11/1891 Wollongong 38570/1891
  8. (f) Florence/Flora Ada Collins b. March 1893 Avondale 39213/1893
  9. (m) Walter James Collins b. 23/12/1894 Avondale 095/1895
  10. (f) Lilly May Collins b. 28/12/1897 Avondale 8666/1897

Living at Avondale in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Collins Mary Jane

m. John Collins

  1. (m) Frederick James Collins b. 1880 Wollongong 27514/1880

Collins/MacCallion Rachel (Woods)

b. 1792 Fintona, County Tyrone, Ireland d. 5/7/1878 Wollongong br. Corrimal Catholic

m. Patrick Collins (1795-1883 Wollongong Son of Patrick Collins & Rosannah) 1813 Fintona, County Tyrone, Ireland

f. William Woods m. Margaret

On shipping list surname is MacCallion, Changed surname about 1843

  1. (m) Owen Collins b. 1814 Ireland d. 1855 (Annie Gorman * 1836 )
  2. (u) Unnamed Collins 1817
  3. (m) John Collins b. 1819 Ireland d. 1910 (Annie Coglan * 1842 )
  4. (m) Patrick Collins b. 1821 Ireland d. 1871 (Eliza Logan)
  5. (m) William Collins b. 1823 Ireland d. 1868 (Margaret Keys * 1852)
  6. (m) Phillip Collins b. 1826 Ireland d. 1888 (Mary Flanagan * 1856 )
  7. (m) Thomas Collins b. 1832 Ireland d. 186
  8. (m) James Collins b. 1836 Ireland d. (Mary Bourke * 1864 )
  9. (f) Roseanne Collins * b. 1838 Ireland d. 1914 (Henry McMullen)

Collins Sophia (Atkins)

b. abt 1818 Birmingham d. 21/5/1875 Wollongong 10535/1875

m. Thomas Collins (1817 Dudley Worcestershire -1898 Wollongong ) 1839

f. William Atkins m. Sophia

Ship: abt 1853

  1. (f) Caroline Jane Collins *b. abt 1844 Birmingham d. 23/2/1902 Bondi (Rev. Aden Parsons 1869)
  2. (f) Henrietta Collins * b. abt 1850 Birmingham d. 1906 Wollongong (James Rathmell 1871)
  3. (f) Fanny Collins * b. abt 1852 Birmingham d. 25/6/1893 Wollongong (Robert Robson Oswald 1877)

Husband remarried Elizabeth Howarth *. Husband a jeweller, in 1851 census he was a foreman at a platers.

COLLINS; — On May 21st, at her residence, Crown-street, Wollongong, Sophia, the beloved wife, of Thomas Collins, aged 58 years. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 25 May 1875 p 2

Collis Bessie Caroline (Jeston)

b. 1858 Wollongong d. 15/4/1941 Auburn br. Rookwood

m. John Planta Collis (abt 1837 Jamaica- 27/5/1913 Nowra Son of John Collis & Margaret Ann) 1877 Shoalhaven

f. George Gambier Chambers Jeston m. Elizabeth King *

  1. (f) Bessie Edith Collis b. 1878 Shoalhaven
  2. (f) Elizabeth Maude Collis b. 1880 Shoalhaven (W Banks)
  3. (m) Edwin H Collis b. 1882 Kiama 20093/1882
  4. (f) Florence A Collis b. 1884 Shoalhaven
  5. (m) John Planta Collis b. 1886 Shoalhaven
  6. (m) William Elliott Collis b. 1889 Nowra
  7. (f) Ruby Nesbit Collis b. 1890 Nowra
  8. (m) Arthur D Collis b. 1893 Nowra 11122/1893
  9. (f) Pearl Collis b. 1894 Nowra

Mr. John Planta Collis, aged 81, who died yesterday, was a resident of Shoalhaven for 65 years, and a public school teacher for most of that period, his last charge being Coolangatta, where he served 24 years. He was a native of Jamaica, where his father was a Moravian missionary. The deceased was an excellent linguist. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Friday 30 May 1913 p 12

COLLIS. - April 15 1941 at her residence 15 Forbes Street Auburn, Bessie Caroline Collis, beloved mother of Daisy ( Mrs. H. P Crooks,, deceased, Maude (Mrs W Banks, of Smithtown), Jack Warialda, Will and Ruby (Mr. R. Hannaford) aged 83 years The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 16 April 1941 p 10

Collis Sarah Ann (Farrow)

b. abt 1864 d. 22/9/1938 Canterbury br. Woronora

m. Charles Collis (abt 1857 -12/11/1936 Marrickville) 1885 Petersham 2440/1885

f. James Farrow m. Jane Maria

  1. (f) Jane Collis b. 1885 Woonona 24570/1886 d. 1919
  2. (m) Sydney/Sidney Collis b. 1889 St Peters 6864/1889
  3. (m) George William Collis b. 1891 Kiama 18129/1891
  4. (m) Alfred J Collis b. 1895 St Peters 16814/1895 d. 1963

When son George enlisted in WW1 father was next of kin and he lived in Islington NSW, when Sidney enlisted he initially had his father then he listed his sister Janie at the same address.

Colls Katie

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- School teacher

Colman Margaret E

m. John G Colman

  1. (f) Fanny E Colman b. 1893 Woonona 39787/1893
  2. (f) Margaret E Colman b. 1896 Woonona 27324/1896

Coltman Elizabeth J

m. James W Coltman

  1. (m) Charles P Coltman b. 1896 Woonona 27341/1896

Coltman Hannah (Brodie)

b. abt 1874 d. 31/3/1949 Wilga Street Corrimal

m. Henry John Coltman (abt 1866 -7/10/1952 Corrimal Son of Henry Coltman & ?) 1894 Sydney 349/1894

f. Greener Brodie m. Ellen Smith *

  1. (f) Ellen Coltman b. 1894 Woonona 38386/1894
  2. (f) Mary E Coltman b. 1896 Woonona 36300/1896 (Martin)
  3. (m) Charles Roy Coltman b. 28/12/1898 Woonona 8601/1899 (Ethel May Maggs)
  4. (f) Bessie Coltman b. 1900 Woonona 28030/1900 (P Anderson)
  5. (f) Edith E Coltman b. 1902 Woonona 28155/1902 (Davies)
  6. (f) Dorothy M Coltman b. 1907 Woonona 20110/1907 (Woods)

Coltman Mary (Carney)

b. abt 1846 d. 15/3/1918 br. Bulli General

m. Henry Coltman (1837-27/4/1925 Son of Henry Coltman & Ann)

f. John Carney m. Elizabeth

  1. (m) John Findlay Coltman d. 1966 Sydney (Jane)
  2. (f) Amy Clara Coltman b. 1879 Wollongong 26192/1879 d. 1879 Wollongong
  3. (f) Charlotte Maria Coltman b. 24/3/1882 Bulli 19714/1882
  4. (f) Elizabeth Constance Coltman b. 22/4/1884 Bulli 22999/1884
  5. (f) Ellen Coltman b. 1886 Woonona 24644/1886 d. 7 Oct 1971 Bulli
  6. (m) Arthur Samuel Coltman b. 1889 Woonona 24610/1889 d, 1963 Sutherland

The death occured on Friday, last of Mrs. Coltman, wife of Mr, Henry Coltman of Woonona. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 22 March 1918 p 5

Coltman Mary (McGoldrick)

b. 10/5/1879 Mt Keira Wollongong d. 24/10/1947 Wollongong

m. John Thomas Coltman (abt 1869 – 1/1/1950 Wollongong Son of Hnery Coltman & Margaret Ellen )1896 Woonona 2084/1896

f. Patrick McGoldrick m. Catherine Brady/Brodie

  1. (m) James Coltman b. 7/8/1896 Barella St Wollongong 27231/1896
  2. (m) Henry Coltman b. 21/2/1900 Keiraville 9042/1900 d. 1900
  3. (m) Patrick Coltman b. 21/2/1900 Woonona 9043/1900 d. before baptism
  4. (m) Henry Coltman b. 1900 Woonona 9042/1900
  5. (m) John Thomas Coltman b. 1902 Woonona 18360/1902 (Veronica Smith 1925)
  6. (f) Margaret E Coltman b. 1904 Wollongong 28519/1904 (D Ross)
  7. (m) Arthur Coltman b. 1908 Wollongong 42440/1908
  8. (m) Francis Coltman


One of Mt. Keira's most esteemed citizens in the person of Mrs. Mary Coltman, of Spring Street, died in Wollongong Hospital last Friday after an illness of about 12 months.

Aged 68 years she was a member of one of the pioneer families in that district— the McGoldrick's — and her death will be sincerely regretted by a wide circle of friends for her cheerful disposition had endeared her to all.

She was born at Mt. Keira, being the eldest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McGoldrick, and had lived all her life there.

She was a helpmate to all and was ever-ready to lend a helping hand particularly in cases of sickness. She was a true 'Florence Nightingale' and devoted her life to the sick, even to neglecting her own health in attending to the needs of neighbours and friends.

She married Mr. John Thomas Coltman at Bulli Catholic Church and the issue of the union was four sons— James (deceased), John, Arthur and Francis (deceased) and one daughter, Margaret. (Mrs. D. Ross, of Austinmer). Three of the sons, James, John and Arthur have been prominent rugby league referees.

She was a sister to Messrs. James (deceased), Patrick, Andrew, Charles (Sydney), Matthew and Peter McGoldrick, and Kate Mrs. Brown Keira), Sarah (Mrs. G. Brunero, Dapto) and Margaret (Mrs. Edwards).

The funeral on Surday afternoon left the home of her son, John, at 69 Keira road, for Wollongong Catholic cemetery. It was representative of all sections of the community and this representation, together with the wealth of floral tributes, was indicative of the great respect and esteem in which she was held. Rev. Father Mulheren administered the last sad rites Three rephews, two grandsons and a grand son-in-law acted as pall bearers. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW: 1900 - 1954) Thursday 30 October 1947 p 8

Colton Katherine Margaret

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (m) William D A Colton b. 1900 Woonona 28028/1900

Colville Elizabeth Fleming Betsy (Haddin)

b. 6/1/1845 Albion Park d. 28/3/1923 Burradoo br. Bowral

m. George Witson Colville ( 1839 at sea -24/1/1889 Kangaloon Archibald Colville & Isabella Montgomery ) 13/2/1863 Wollongong 3162/1863

f. John Haddin m. Jane Fleming *

  1. (f) Isabella Jane Colville b. 18/4/1863 Shellharbour 8480/1863
  2. (f) Isabella Colville b. 1865 Kiama 9671/1865
  3. (f) Mary Colville b. 1868 Kiama 10520/1868
  4. (f) Jane Colville b. 11/4/1868 d. 23/9/1886 br Albion Park
  5. (m) Archibald E Colville b. 1871 Wollongong
  6. (m) John Weeknoe Colville b. 1873 Berrima
  7. (f) Ann Colville b. 1877 Belmont
  8. (f) Martha P Colville b. 1883 Berrima


The death occurred on Saturday, March 28th, at the residence of her daughter (Mrs R Small, Moss Vale road, Burradoo), of Mrs Elizabeth Colville, an old and highly esteemed resident of the district, at the age of 78 years.

Deceased, who was a daughter of the late Mr and Mrs John Haddin, was born at Albion Park. She spent the major portion of her life at Mount Murray, where her husband, the late Mr George Colville, carried on farming pursuits, which the deceased continued for a time after her husband's death. About seven years ago she removed to Bowral, where she had resided ever since, the last eighteen months, for seven of which she had been an invalid, having been spent with her daughter.

A kind and indulgent mother, and a good neighbor and friend, her memory will be cherished by all who knew her. She had afamily of eight, six of whom— four daughters and two sons— survive her. The daughters are Mrs Buck and Mrs Simpson (Tweed River), Mrs Maddison (Campbelltown), and Mrs Small (Burradoo); and the sons John (Tweed River), and Archibald (Bowral). The remains were interred on Sunday, April 29th, in the Presbyterian porlion of the general cemetery at Bowral The Southern Mail (Bowral, NSW: 1889 - 1954) Tuesday 8 May 1923

Colville Harriet Ann (Driscoll)

b. 1873 Wellington 20386/1873 d. 15/5/1946 Wollongong 14206/1946

m. Thomas Colville (abt 1869- 7/10/1934 Robertson Son of Robert Colville & ?) 1898 Wollongong 4419/1898

f. Thomas Driscoll m. Mary Mears

  1. (f) Mary Caroline Colville b. 1900 Wellington 36618/1900 d. 1968 Bowral
  2. (f) Maud Liliam Mary Colville b. 21/7/1902 Dapto 28029/1902 d. 1926 Wollongong
  3. (m) Robert Thomas Driscoll Colville b. 1904 Wollongong 38515/1904 d. 1976 NSW (Elizabeth Cunningham 1928)

Living at Marshall St Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties


On Wednesday at her home, 9 Berkeley Road, Wollongong, the death took place of Mrs Harriet Ann Colville, relict of the late Thomas Colville, and mother of Mary, Maud (deceased) and Bob; aged 73 years

The funeral yesterday was to Bulli Catholic Cemetery. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW: 1900 - 1954) Friday 17 May 1946 p 8

Colville Isabella (Montgomery)

b. abt 1808

m. Archibald Colville (abt 1811-) 6/6/1828 Southend Argyll Scotland

Ship: Saint George 15/11/1838

  1. (f) Isabella Colville
  2. (m) Robert Colville d. 1911 Bowral (Sarah Ann Farmworth 1868)
  3. (m) Archibald Colville b. 1831 Ireland
  4. (m) William Colville 5 Jul 1833 Campbeltown, Argyllshire, Scotland
  5. (f) Ann Colville b. 21/9/1835 Campbeltown, Argyllshire, Scotland
  6. (m) George Witson Colville b. 1838 on board d. 24/1/1889 Kangaloon (Elizabeth Fleming Haddin * 1863)
  7. (f) Mary Colville * b. 7/12/1842 Concord NSWd. 1883 Campbelltown (Joseph Atkinson 1859)
  8. (f) Mary Anne Colville * d. 1911 Bowral (William Haley 1854)
  9. (m) William Colville b. 1845 NSW

Husband insolvent 1861, farmer of Wollongong

Colvin Gertrude Elizabeth Reynolds (Huntley)

b. abt 1862 d. 20/8/1904 Dulwich Hill br.

m. Edmund Alexander Colvin (-1924 England) 1882 Balmain

f. Robert Huntley m. Sarah M

  1. (m) Arthur E Colvin b. 1883 Jamberoo 21765/1883
  2. (f) Eva Grace Colvin b. 1884 Kiama 23507/1884 (Thomas Charles Manby Suttor 1908)
  3. (f) Blanche I Colvin b. 1886 Central Cumberland
  4. (m) Reynolds C Colvin b. 1888 Central Cumberland
  5. (m) Cyril Colvin b. 1890 Central Cumberland
  6. (m) Herbert Colvin b. 1892 Granville d. 18/3/1892 Auburn

COLVIN—HUNTLEY.-July 14, at St. John's Church, Balmain, by the Rev. J. D. Langley, the Rev. Edmund Alexander Colvin, Incumbent of Jamberoo, and eldest son of Thomas Colvin, Parramatta, to Gertrude Elizabeth Reynolds, second surviving daughter of Robert Reynolds Huntley, of Snail's Bay, Balmain. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 2 August 1882 p 1

COLVIN— March 18 at St. Philip's Parsonage. Auburn, Herbert, infant son of Edmund A. and Gertrude Colvin, aged four weeks, The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW: 1883 - 1906) Saturday 19 March 1892 p 1

Mrs. Colvin, wife of the Rev. A. E. Colvin, rector of Holy Trinity Church, Dulwich Hill, died on Saturday The Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers Advocate (Parramatta, NSW : 1888 - 1950) Wednesday 24 August 1904 p 2

Colyer Sarah

m. William Colyer

  1. (m) James Colyer b. 1830 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama ; Shoalhaven

Combellack Anne Underwood (Warr then Morris)

b. 1878 St George d. 5/1/1971 West Wollongong

m. Archibald J Morris (- before 1915 ? ) 1897 Sydney 2445/1897 

m. Albert James Combellack (abt 1873-25/1/1950 Wollongong Son of Thomas Combellack & Ann) 1916 Newtown

f. John Henry Warr m. Jane Stokes

Occupation: Nurse

  1. (m) Reginald Robert Morris b. 1897 Newtown/Wollongong d. 22/7/1916 France
  2. (f) Doreen H Morris b. 1899 Wollongong
  3. (m) Clarence E Morris b. 1902 Newtown
  4. (m) Warren Raymond Combellack b. 1910 Marrickville d. 9/5/1987 West Wollonmgong (Eunice Margaret Hulme Hope 1938)

See image

Comensoli Mary Duncan (Downie then Stewart)

b. 7/7/1871 Fairy Meadow d. 17/5/1952 Rydalmere br. Bulli Pres.

m. Henry Stewart (Glasgow Scotland- 30/5/1914 ) 23/5/1893 Bulli

m. Peter Comensoli (-7/11/1955 Repatriation Hospital Concord) 1926 Bulli

f. James Downie m. Margaret McCann *

  1. (m) Henry J Stewart b. 1894 Wollongong
  2. (m) Robert Stewart b. 1895 Wollongong
  3. (f) Elsie E Stewart b. 1897 Wollongong
  4. (f) Vera Stewart b. 1901 Woonona
  5. (f) Elizabeth C Stewart b. 1902 Woonona
  6. (m) Donald Stewart b. 1905 Woonona
  7. (f) Gladys Irene Stewart b. 12/12/1907 Woonona
  8. (m) James Downie Stewart b. 12/10/1910 Woonona

COMENSOLI.— In memory of my dear wife, Mary Duncan, late of Corrimal, passed away May 17, 1932(1852) Always remembered by her loving husband, Peter Comensoli. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954)Monday 18 May 1953 - Page 13

Comer Catherine Kate (McPaul)

b. 1/4/1860 Charcoal 13867/1860 d. 1936 Baulkham Hills cr. Rookwood

m. William Augustus Comer (1853 Berrima- 1936 Baulkham Hills Son of Edward Comer & Eliza Edrop) 26/6/1869 Wollongong 5251/1869

f. George McPaul m. Mary Miller

Comer/Corner Emma (Swan)

b. 14/1/1843 Dapto d. 13/12/1926 Mittagong

m. Edward John Comer (1845 Ashfield - Son of Edward Comer & Eliza Edrop) 1867 Wollongong

f. William Henry Swan m. Caroline Conway *

  1. (m) Arthur Henry Single Comer b. 1870 Wollongong 18917/1870
  2. (f) Minnie Rubenia Comer b. 1873 Berrima
  3. (m) Sydney Augustus G Comer b. 1879 Burrawang
  4. (m) Hamilton O Comer b. 1877 Wollongong 23121/1877
  5. (f) Ethel Vivien Comer b. 1881 Robertson

Comerford Margaret (Mannion/Manning/Monighan/Naniun)

b. 1821 Gork , Bahir d. 1904 Nowra

m. Charles Comerford (abt 1813 Galway/Galway-before 1870) 13/2/1838

f. James Mannion m. Mary

Ship: Magistrate 21/07/1838

  1. (f) Mary Comerford b. 16/9/1843 Dapto V18451178 62/1845
  2. (f) Margaret Comerford b. 15/10/1845 Shoalhaven V18452622 62/1845 d. 1870 Sydney
  3. (m) George Comerford b. 26/10/1847 Shoalhaven V18473630 64/1847 d. 12/12/1916 Nowra
  4. (f) Ann Comerford b. 9/11/1849 Shoalhaven
  5. (f) Elizabeth Comerford b. 11/10/1851 Kiama V18511693 121A/1851
  6. (f) Catherine Comerord b. 15/8/1853 Shoalhaven reg Kiama RC V18532541 70/1853
  7. (f) Johanna Cmerford b. 1855 V18553571 72/1855
  8. (f) Bridget Comerford b. 8/8/1857 Shoalhaven bp Kiama RC 11241/1857
  9. (m) Charles John Comerford b. 7/9/1859 Shoalhaven 12549/1859
  10. (f) Henriietta Comerford b. 1863 Shoalhaven 13458/1863

Husband a wheelwright /farmer

Commens Mary (Russell)

b. 24/7/1814 Portesham Dorset England d. 1851 br. 23/9/1851 Sydney

m. Job Commens (1807 Dorset- 25/2/1890 St Leonards Son of John Commens & Mary)

f. Stephen Russell m. Esther

Ship: Roxburgh Castle 1839

  1. (f) Catherine Commens b. abt 1840 d. 1904 Redfern (John J Gavin 1869)
  2. (f) Esther Mary Commins * b. 1841 bp. CofE Dapto; Wollongong d. 1910 St Leonards (Christopher Tuckey 1859)
  3. (m) John S Commens 1843 Church of England Sydney, St Phillip’s (Elizabeth Hardy)
  4. (m) George William Cummins 1845 Church of England Sydney, St Phillip’s (Mary Ann Taylor * 1868)
  5. (f) Sarah A Commens 1847 Church of England Sydney, St Phillip’s (Henry Oxley 1869)
  6. (f) Eliza V Commons 1849 Church of England Sydney, St Phillip’s

Commens Mary Ann (Taylor)

b.1844 Church of England Sydney; St Lawrence’s V1844877 28 d. 1924 Wollongong

m. George William Commens (-1910 Son of Job Commens & Mary *) 1868 Sydney 1868/10

f. Stephen Taylor m. Charlotte

  1. (m) Charles J Commens b. 1/10/1868 Wollongong 18250/1868 d. 1868
  2. (m) George S Commens 1/10/1868 Wollongong 18251/1868 d. 6/9/1887
  3. (f) Louisa Jane Commens * b. 1870 Wollongong 18915/1870 d. d. 1953 Wollongong (John L Probyn 1908)
  4. (m) William Victor Commens 24/7/1871 Wollongong 19579/1871 d. 10/9/1893
  5. (f) Emily E Commens 8/10/1872 Wollongong 19732/1872 d. 9/12/1890 Wollongong
  6. (f) Charlotte Annie Commens 1875 Wollongong 21948/1875 d. December 1887
  7. (f) Alice E Commens *b. 1877 Wollongong 23042/1877 d. 24/5/1904 Fairy Meadow (Samuel Shipp 1901)
  8. (m) Arthur Harold Commens 1881 Wollongong 18865/1881

Living at Fairy Meadow in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

COMMENS. — On the lst instant, at her residence, Church-hill, Wollongong, the wife of Mr G. W. Commens, of twin sons. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 9 October 1868 p 2

COMMENS. — At her her residence, Crown-street, on the 24th inst., the wife of Mr G. W. Commens, of a son Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 26 May 1871 p 2

COMMENS. — At her residence, Crown-street, on the 8th inst., the wife of Mr G. W. Commens, of a daughter. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 11 October 1872 p 2

Commens.-December 9, at her parent’s residence, Campbell-street Wollongong, Emily, beloved daughter of G. W. Commins. The Sydney Morning Herald 10 December 1890

Compton Ada

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (m) John F B Compton b. 1901 Woonona 9139/1901

Compton Lydia A see Scarlett

Conalong Mary Ann

b. abt 1780 d. 2/11/1890 Erueka Kiama

The Kiama Independent reports that an aboriginal woman named Mary Ann Conalong, over 100 years of age, died at the camp at Eureka on November 2. Northern Star 12 November 1890

Condell Mary Ann (Nicholson)

b. abt 1815 d. 2/12/1852

m. Ouseley Condell (- before 1863)

f. W Nicholson

  1. (m) Ouseley Condell b. 1837
  2. (m) Gore Condell b. 1839
  3. (m) Wellesley Condell b. 1841
  4. (f) Grace Mariane Young Condell * b. abt 1844 d. 12/11/1880 Ashfield (Alexander Carfrae 1863)


Married by Special License, at Saint Phillip's Church Sydney, on Friday, the 2nd Instant, by the Rev. William Cowper, Ouseley Condell Esq. Nephew of Major General Sir Ralph Ouseley, and cousin to the Rt. Hon. Sir Gore Ouseley, Baronet, to Mary-Ann Nicholson, grand- daughter of Count de Visme, late Colonel of the Coldstream Guards. The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser (NSW: 1803 - 1842) Saturday 10 March 1838 p 2

On the 2nd instant, aged 37, Mary Ann, wife of Mr. Ouseley Condell, late of this city. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Friday 3 December 1852 p3

On the 7th June, at St. John's Church, Ashfield, by the Rev. William Lumsdaine, Alexander, fourth son of the late John Carfrae, Esq., of Swinton Hill, Burwood, to Grace Mariane Young, only daughter of the late Ouseley Condell, Esq., of Mount Ouseley, Wollongong. The Sydney Morning Herald 24 June 1863

Husband was in records for land grants from 1830 to 1837. He was insolvent in 1843 living in Elizabeth St Sydney and a gentleman. He had land grants for Willoughby and Bankstown 1836 to 1841.

Her husband was arrested for gross indecency in 1842 and sentenced to a year in gaol. She went to London in 1842 with her three sons. It is possible Grace is not her daughter but the acknowledged illigitimate daughter of her husband.

They may never have lived in the Illawarra but have lent his name to local geography.

Condon Agnes Theresa (O’Keefe)

b. 1873 Jamberoo d. 11/8/1956

m. James Condon (25/8/1871 Jamberoo- 27/4/1951 Jamberoo Son of John Joseph Condon & Catherine L McCarthy *) 1895

f. Francis O’Keefe m. Margaret Deneen *

Lived at Jamberoo.

Living at Stoney Creek in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Condon Annie (Phipps)

b. abt 1855 d. 26/7/1936 Marrickville

m. Daniel Condon (21/5/1845 Charcoal-8/6/1895 Kangaroo Valley Son of James Condon & Mary Murphy *) 17/1/1876 Sydney

f. John Phipps m. Harriet

  1. (f) Mary Anne Condon b. 6/5/1877 Shellharbor
  2. (m) James Condon b. 18/6/1879 Shellharbour
  3. (m) Charles Ernest (Patrick?) Condon b. 16/5/1882 Shellharbour d. 3/9/1882 aged 4 months
  4. (m) Joseph Herbert Condon b. 3/9/1883 Shellharbour d. 24/3/1884
  5. (m) Bertrum W Condon b. 8/5/1885 Shellharbour
  6. (m) William P Condon b. 1888 Shoalhaven
  7. (f) Norah Rebecca Condon b. c1894 Berry

Husband was the licensee of the `Steam Packet Hotel' at Shellharbour then the `Kangaroo Valley Hotel

The death is reported at Marrick ville of Mrs. Hannah Cogdon, relict of the late Daniel Condon, of Kangaroo Valley. The Southern Mail (Bowral, NSW: 1889 - 1954) Tuesday 11 August 1936 p 3

The death occurred at her residence Marrickville, of Mrs. Hannah Condon, relict of the late Daniel Condon, of Kangaroo Valley, and loving mother of Jim, Bert, Bill, and May (deceased) and Daisy (Mrs. E. Roberts), in her 82nd year. The Nowra Leader (NSW : 1909 - 1939) Friday 31 July 1936 p 4

Condon Annie Theresa

b. 17/11/1880 Jamberoo

m. Joseph McCarthy 1904

f. John Joseph Condon m. Catherine McCarthy *

Living at Stoney Creek in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Condon Bridget (Hogan)

m. Timothy Condon

  1. (m) James Condon b. 28/11/1842 Broulee
  2. (f) Mary Condon b. 31/7/1845 Murremorang

Condon Catherine

Living at Albion Park in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Condon Catherine/Katherine Kate (O’Brien)

b. abt 1854 Co Limerick Ireland d. 4/3/1886 Wollongong

m. Michael Condon (abt 1846 Co Clare Ireland -) 23/8/1876 RC Albion Park

f. Terence O’Brien m. Susan Malone *

  1. (f) Mary Condon b. 29/5/1877 Albion Park ( Denis Condon 1897)
  2. (f) Honora Condon * b. 11/7/1878 Albion Park d. 1929 Wollongong
  3. (f) Catherine Condon b. 13/11/1879 Albion Park
  4. (m) Thomas Philip Condon b. 8/5/1881 Albion Park
  5. (m) James Condon b. 8/2/1883 Albion Park
  6. (m) Michael Condon b. 16/11/1884 Albion Park

CONDON–March 4, at the residence of her brother, Wollongong the wife of Michael Condon of Albion Park, in her 32nd year. May her soul rest in peace. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Friday 2 April 1886 p 2

Condon Catherine Louisa (McArthy/McCarthy)

b. abt 1845 Jamberoo d. 21/2/1934 Albion Park 5234/1934 br. Jamberoo Catholic

m. John Joseph Condon (4/6/1843 Charcoal - 23/12/1904 Stoney Creek Son of James Condon & Mary Murphy *) 4/8/1868 Kiama

f. Denis McCarthy m. Bridget McDermott *

  1. (m) Thomas Christian Condon b. 29/5/1869 Stony Creek bp Kiama RC d 18/1/1942
  2. (m) James Patrick Condon b. 25/8/1871 Jamberoo d. 27/4/1951 Jamberoo (Agnes O’Keefe * 1895 )
  3. (f) Mary Agnes Condon * b. 18/4/1873 Jamberoo d. 10/5/1952 (John Timbs 1892 )
  4. (f) Ellen Augusta Condon * b. 30/5/1877 Stoney Creek d. 1957 Sister Mary Verona
  5. (m) John Dennis Condon b. 21/2/1879 Jamberoo
  6. (f) Annie Theresa Condon b. 17/11/1880 Jamberoo (Joseph McCarthy 1904)
  7. (f) Elizabeth Letitia Condon b. 12/3/1883 Jamberoo
  8. (f) Cecily Anastasia Condon b. 12/3/1883 Jamberoo d. 1925 North Sydney Sister Mary Chanel
  9. (f) Bridget Gertrude Condon b. 4/8/1884 Jamberoo d. 1925 North Sydney Sister Mary Norbert
  10. (m) Gregory Condon b. 17/1/1887 Jamberoo d. 23/5/1887 aged 4 months
  11. (m) Arthur Condon b. 17/1/1887

Husband a farmer

Living at Stoney Creek in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties


The death occurred at her residence, Stoney Creek, near Albion Park, on February 21, of Mrs. Catherine Louise Condon, aged 89 years, relict of the late John Joseph Condon, who predeceased her 29 years ago. The late Mrs. Condon was born in Jamberoo, and lived at Stonoy Creek practically all her life, being widely respect and loved by all who knew her. She was ailing for a long time, but bore her sufferings with Christian fortitude. During her illness she was constantly attended by Rev. Fathers Breen (Kiama) and O'Farrell (Albion Park). She is survived by a family of four sons and four daughters. Two daughters predeceased her — Sister M. Chanel and Sister M. Norbert. The sons are T. C. Condon (Waverley), J. P. Condon, J. D. Condon and Arthur Condon; daughters, Sister M. Verona (Naremburn), Mrs. J. Timbs (Albion Park), Mrs. McCarthy (Annandale), and Miss Letitia Condon (Albion Park). Requiem Mass for the repose of her soul was celebrated at St. Matthew's Church, Jamberoo, by Father Breen. Burial took place at Jamberoo Cemetery, Father Breen, assisted by Father O'Farrell officiating at the graveside, in the presence of sorrowing relatives and friends. The Catholic Press (Sydney, NSW: 1895 - 1942) Thursday 5 April 1934 p 28

Condon Elizabeth Rebecca (Bradney)

b. 1860 Jamberoo d. 30/9/1930 Flemington

m. Joseph James Condon ( 14/12/1853 Jamberoo- 14/1/1926 Granville) 3/10/1877 Kiama

f. John Bradney m. Ann Louisa Pugh Nichols *

  1. (f) Henrietta Condon b. 29/8/1878 Kiama d. 1961 (John J Byrne 1906)
  2. (f) Emily Maud Condon b. 1880 Kiama d. 1965 (Herbert Eastwood 1904) )
  3. (f) Dora Ann Condon b. 19/6/1882 Kiama (Augustus Smith 1905)
  4. (f) Louisa Ethel Condon b. 10/2/1884 Kiama d. 1946 (Ernest Downey 1909)
  5. (f) Elizabeth Jane Condon b. 22/1/1886 Kiama d. 1959 (Richard Casey 1912)
  6. (m) Laurence Beach Condon b. 1888 d. 1954 (Alma S Page 1917)
  7. (m) Joseph James Condon b. 1890 Smithfield d. 11/8/1918 France
  8. (f) Edith Aileen Condon b. 1893 d. 1971 ( Thomas Cronin 1920)
  9. (f) Linda Adeline Condon b. 1894 d. 1955 ( Sifroy Herrmann 1919)
  10. (m) Daniel Alwyn Condon b. 1897 d. 1915
  11. (f) Clarita May Condon b. 1898 d. 1971
  12. (f) Harlech Condon b. 1900 d. 1981 (Richard C Catley 1926)

CONDON.—September 3, 1930, at her residence, Kath Mar, 82 Bland-street, Ashfield, Elizabeth Rebecca, widow of the late Joseph Condon, of Flemington. By special request, private interment. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Thursday 4 September 1930 p 8

Condon Elizabeth (Clancy)

b. 30/12/1844 Jamberoo d. 11/9/1924 Wollongong br. Albion Park Catholic

m. James Condon (20/7/1841 Charcoal – 30/9/1910 Albion Park Son of James Condon & Mary Murphy *) 26/4/1865 Kiama

f. Edward Clancy m. Elizabeth Fitzgerald *

  1. (m) John James Condon b. 6/3/1867 Stony Creek d. 11/3/1899 Albion Park
  2. (f) Selina Condon * b. 6/3/1867 Stoney Creek d. 30/9/1917 Albion Park
  3. (f) Henrietta Cosgrove Condon b. 16/8/1869 Shellharbour d. 9/6/1872 aged 3
  4. (f) Mary Josephine Condon * b. 19/3/1872 Shellharbor d. 1940 Kingsford (Thomas J Maguire 1903)
  5. (m) William Edward Condon b. 9/12/1875 Albion Park d. 21/11/1931 Waterfall (Hanorah Condon 1910)

Husband a publican and farmer who held licences for hotels at Albion Park, Kiama, Shellharbour and Jamberoo.

Living at Albion Park in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

MRS. ELIZABETH CONDON. Death has claimed one of the grand old pioneers of the South Coast, in the person of Mrs. Elizabeth Condon, who passed away at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. T. J. Maguire, 'Lisheen,' Market-street, Wollongong, on the 11th ult. At an early age she married the late Mr. James Condon, a well-known resident of Albion Park. During their early married life the late Mr. and Mrs. Condon conducted the Brighton Hotel at Kiama, also the Commercial Hotel at Albion Park, and subsequently went to Jamberoo. Some years ago the family took up their residence at Albion Park, and few who have recollections of the past will readily forget the hospitality of Mr. and Mrs. Condon and their family at their home, 'Myee,' with its picturesque surroundings, the scene of many happy gatherings. The late Mrs. Condon was of a very charitable disposition, pious, and most devoted to her family and Church. During her illness she was attended by the Rev. Father McDonnell, P.P., who is a very old friend of the family; also the Rev. Fathers Dempsey, Hannon, and Sheehan, and the Sisters of the Good Samaritan Order, visited her frequently. The late Mrs. Condon had been ailing for some three months, but until a few days before her death sanguine hopes of her recovery were entertained by the members of her family. The funeral, which left Wollongong by road for Albion Park, was a very large and representative one. The last sad rites were performed by the Rev. Father O'Sullivan in the church and at the graveside. The late Mrs. Condon is survived by a daughter (Mrs. T. J. Maguire, of Wollongong) and a son (Mr. W. E. Condon, of Albion Park), who mourn their loss. — R.I.P. Freeman's Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1932)Thursday 9 October 1924 - Page 7

Condon Ellen Augusta (Sister Mary Verona)

b. 30/5/1877 Stoney Creek d. 2/9/1957 St. Martha's Convent, Leichhardt

f. John Joseph Condon m. Catherine McCarty *

Living at Stoney Creek in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Condon Honora

b. 11/7/1878 Albion Park d. 1929 Wollongong

f. Michael Condon m. Catherine O’Brien *

Living at Tullimbah in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Condon Johanna see Conlon

Condon Lilly Sylvina

b. 22/7/1879 Albion Park d. 14/6/1957 Wollongong

f. Patrick Condon m. Margaret Clancy *

Living at Albion Park in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Condon Margaret

m. James Condon

  1. (f) Mary Anne Condon b. 15/2/1861 Shellharbour bp Kiama RC

Husband a farmer

Condon Margaret (Clancy)

b. 21/2/1853 Jamberoo d. 27/1/1934 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. Patrick Condon (26/3/1847 Charcoal-25/4/1922 Wollongong Son of James Condon & Mary Murphy *) 9/8/1876 Kiama

f. Edward Clancy m. Elizabeth Fitzgerald *

  1. (f) Florence Condon b. 14/7/1877 Stoney Creek d. 16/5/1955 Wollongong
  2. (f) Lily Sylvia Condon b. 22/7/1879 Albion Park d. 14/6/1957 Wollongong
  3. (f) Stella Beatrice Condon b. 22 or 24/10/1880 Albion Park d. 15/3/1957 Daceyville (Bede Cahill 1911)
  4. (m) Aubrey James Edward Condon b. 2/10/1882 Albion Park d. 8/3/1953 Wollongong (Josephine Carmody 1914)
  5. (m) Joseph Hurtle Condon b. 17/9/1887 Stoney Creek d. 27/11/1962 Gladesville
  6. (m) Charles Spencer Condon b. 7/1/1890 Albion Park (Ada Wedderburn 1919)
  7. (m) Patrick Hill Condon b. 25/6/1891 d. 24/9/1917 Ypres Belgium K.I.A
  8. (m) John Minoda Condon b. 12/4/1893 Albion Park d. 11/5/1953 Crookwell


After a life time of 77 years spent in the Illawarra district, Mrs. Margaret Condon passed away at her residence, Crown St. West, Wollongong, last Sunday. She was born in Jamberoo, her parents being the late Mr. and Mrs. Edward Clancy, two of the very early pioneers of the district. When a young woman she married the late Mr. Patrick Condon and resided with her husband on his farm, which was situated between Albion Park and Jamberoo.

About thirty years ago they took up residence in Crown Street West, with their family of five sons and three daughters. The late Mrs. Condon was of a quiet and neighbourly disposition and she won the friendship and esteem of those who came in contact with her. She was quite active until about five months ago, when she became ill with influenza, and had hardly recovered, from that illness when she contracted another malady. Her husband predeceased her by about 11 years. The members of the family still living are Misses Florence and Lillian, who resided with their mother, Mrs. Cahill (Stella), of Daceyville, and Messrs. Joseph Hurtle (Strathfield), Aub. J. (Albion Park), Charles (Hurlstone Park) and John (Crookwell). One son, Patrick, was killed at Ypres. Mrs. Ryan, of Jamberoo, who has been residing at the Crown Street West residence for the past twelve months, is a sister, and Mr. William Clancy, of Summer Hill, is a brother.

The interment took place on Monday afternoon, the remains being conveyed to St. Francis Xavier's Church, where a short service was held, and afterwards to the Roman Catholic portion of the Wollongong cemetery.

A large number of local and Albion Park residents were present to pay their last respects to the deceased.

The Rev. Father Kelleher officiated at both services. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Friday 2 February 1934 p 8

Condon Margaret Agnes (Buckley)

b. 10/1/1865 Yalla/Dapto d. 30/11/1951 Dunmore br. Shellharbour

m. Francis Patrick Condon (b. 3/3/1861 Stony Creek -27/9/1929 Albion Park Son of John Condon & Mary McMahon *) 1890 Kiama 4292/1890

f. Timothy Buckley m. Mary Murphy *

  1. (f) Cecilia Gertrude Condon b. 20/12/1891 Shellharbour
  2. (f) Annie Josephine Condon b. 7/4/1893 Shellharbour d. 29/1/1956
  3. (m) Timothy Albert Condon b. 5/9/1894 Shellharbour
  4. (f) Mary Condon b. d. 1/8/1967 St Josephs North Sydney (Sister Mary Julitta)
  5. (f) Elizabeth Veronica Condon b. 10/1/1897 Shellharbour d. 28/9/1984
  6. (f) Eileen Margaret Condon b. 10/12/1898 Shellharbour d. 30/8/1986 North Sydney (Sister Mary Martha of the Josephites)
  7. (f) Evelyn Francis Condon b. 26/5/1902 Shellharbour d. 28/5/1950 (Walter Francis Downes)

Living at Clear Hills in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties Husband a farmer.

The death occurred on November 30, at her residence Sairview, Dunmore, of Mrs. Margaret Agnes Condon, wife of the late Francis Condon and mother of Annie, Timothy, Mary (Sister M. Julitta), Elizabeth, Eileen (Sister M. Martha), John and Francis. The remains were interred at Shellharbour cemetery after Requiem Mass at Star of the Sea Church, Shellharbour. Wellington Times (NSW : 1899 - 1954) Thursday 13 December 1951 p 5

Condon Margaret Therese (McCarthy/ McCorth)

b. abt 1844 d. 17/12/1927 Albion Park br. Albion Park Catholic

m. Thomas Andrew Condon (abt 1838 Charcoal/Shellharbour- 6/10/1918 Albion Park Son of James Condon & Mary McMahon *) 1866 Kiama and Orange 2181/1866

f. Dennis McCarthy m. Bridget McDermott *

  1. (m) Daniel Robert Condon b. 27/1/1867 Kiama 10392/1867 d. 11/8/1927 Sydney (Cis Kavanaugh)  
  2. (f) Blanche Therese Condon * b. 21/10/1868 Albion Park d. 25/9/1895 Albion Park 10714/1868 (George Adam Heininger 1895)
  3. (m) Thomas Condon b. 4/11/1870 Stoney Creek 11389/1870 d. 4/11/1870 Stoney Creek aged 6 weeks
  4. (m) Joseph Condon b. 1871 Kiama 11748/1871
  5. (m) Denis Condon b. abt 1873 Albion Park d. 25/9/1955 Wollongong (Mary Condon * 1897)
  6. (f) Catherine Rebecca Condon * b. 9/10/1873 Stony Creek 12409/1873 d. 23/4/1928 Albion Park (Cornelius O’Keefe 1900)
  7. (m) James Patrick Condon b. 26/12/1874 Stoney Creek 13086/1875 d. 21/12/1891 Albion Park
  8. (m) Sylvester John Condon b. 1878 Kiama 14783/1878 d. 10/10/1944 (Lydia Fields 1914)
  9. (m) Ambrose Kelso Condon b. 8/7/1882 Albion Park 20163/1882 (Irene Lee)  

Husband a farmer. Living at Albion Park in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

MRS. MARGARET CONDON. An old and respected resident of Albion Park, and one who was born in the district, passed to her rest at noon on Saturday, in Mrs. Condon, relict of the late Jas. Condon who predeceased her a good many years ago. For several years she was kept to an invalid chair, and in her last illness was tenderly cared for by her grand-daughter, Miss O'Keefe, assisted by kindly neighbours. Since the great shock of her son's death, Mr. Daniel Condon, whose brutal murder at his office in Sydney still remains unsolved, the old lady has failed rapidly, shock and grief brought about her death. She was in her 84th year, and leaves a number of grand children and great grandchildren beside sons and daughters, the family well known and respected. The funeral took place on Sunday, and was largely attended, the interment in the Catholic cemetery, The Kiama Reporter and Illawarra Journal (NSW : 1899 - 1947)Wednesday 21 December 1927 - Page 2

DANIEL CONDON'S MOTHER DIES OF BROKEN HEART The mother of Daniel Condon, the moneylender who was brutally murdered in his Pitt Street office died yesterday of a broken heart. She was Mrs. Margaret Condon, and was a widow. Her age was 83 years. Mrs. Condon, who died at her Albion Park home, never recovered from the shock of the news of the murder of her son. The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930)Sunday 18 December 1927 - Page 3

Condon Martha (Daly/Daley)

b. 9/8/1850 Macquarie River d. 2/10/1921 Granville br. Rookwood

m. Michael Condon (13/5/1851 Charcoal -28/9/1918 Granville Son of James Condon & Mary McMahon *) 20/10/1871 Kiama

f. John Daley m. Catherine Garrity *

  1. (m) Joseph Alfred Condon b. 6/9/1871 Dapto d. 1874 Sydney
  2. (m) Patrick Daly Condon d. 1874 Sydney d. 1875 Sydney
  3. (m) John James Condon b. 1876 Sydney d. 1876 Sydney
  4. (m) Frederick J Condon b. 1878 Sydney
  5. (m) Alfred J Condon b. 1880 Sydney
  6. (m) Edward E Condon b. 1882 Balmain d. 1882 Balmain
  7. (f) Catherine Condon b. 1884 Balmain
  8. (m) William Condon b. 1886 Leichhardt
  9. (m) Thomas M Condon b. 1889 Parramatta
  10. (m) Michael Condon b. 1889 Parramatta
  11. (m) Percy Condon b. 1891 Parramatta d. 1891 Parramatta
  12. (f) Doris Condon b. 1892 Parramatta d. 1892 Parramatta
  13. (m) Ambrose Condon b. 1894 Paramatta d. 1894 Parramatta

Husband a blacksmith

Mrs. Martha Condon, who resided in Railway-street, Granville, died on Sunday last at the age of 71. She was buried yesterday (Tuesday) at the Catholic cemetery, Rookwood. The Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers Advocate (Parramatta, NSW: 1888 - 1950) Wednesday 5 October 1921 p 2

Condon Maria Mary

b. 1863 Albion Park d. 4/2/1946 Kiama

f. John Condon m. Mary McMahon *

Living at Clear Hills in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

MISS MARIA CONDON The death occurred in the Kiama District Hospital on Monday of Miss Maria Condon of Mary Street, Shellharbour. She was the daughter of the late John and Mary Condon and was born at Albion Park 82 years ago, leaving to Shellharbour some 30 years ago. Miss Condon was a great worker for her Church and was also a very keen and efficient gardener and, a lover of flowers. Two brothers, James and Daniel, survive: whilst two other brothers Francis and John pre-deceased her. The funeral moved from the Catholic Church, Shellharbour, for the Shellharbour Cemetery, yesterday (Tuesday) morning. The Kiama Reporter and Illawarra Journal (NSW : 1899 - 1947)Wednesday 6 February 1946 - Page 3

Condon Mary

Living at Clear Hills in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Maybe Sister Mary Julitta.

Condon Mary

b. abt 1802 Co Limerick d. 27/8/1874 br. Albion Park Catholic

m. Thomas Condon (abt 1799 Co Limerick – 26/8/1876 Kiama Son of Thomas Condon & Mary )

f. Michael m. Mary

  1. (f) Hanora Condon b. 1942 d. 15/9/1884

AT her residence, Albion Park, at midnight on Thursday, 27th August, Mrs. Mary Condon native of county of Limerick, Ireland, wife of Mr. Thomas Condon, Albion Park, aged 72 years, leaving a family and large circle of friends to mourn her loss. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW: 1863 - 1947) Thursday 3 September 1874 p 2

Condon Mary (Condon)

b. abt 1877 Albion Park d. 18/6/1939 Wollongong br. Albion Park Catholic

m. Denis Joseph Condon (abt 1873 Albion Park- 25/7/1955 Wollongong Son of Thomas Condon & Margaret McMahon *) 29/9/1897 St Paul’s Albion Park

f. Michael Condon m. Katherne O’Brien *

  1. (f) Catherine Mary Condon b. 8/9/1901 Albion Park (McCullock)
  2. (m) James J Condon b. 1904 Albion Park
  3. (m) Thomas Condon b. 1906 Albion Park

Living at Albion Park in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

CONDON, June 18, 1939, at a private hospital, Wollongong, Mary Condon, of Main Road, Figtree, beloved wife of Denis and dear mother of Kitty (Mrs. McCullock), Jimmie (deceased), and Tommie, and grandmother of Michael; aged 60 years. Daily News (Sydney, NSW : 1938 - 1940)Monday 19 June 1939 - Page 4

Condon Mary (McMahon)

b. abt 1837 d. 14/7/1919 br. Shellharbour

m. John Condon (abt 1830 - 1911 Shellharbour)

f. James McMahon m. Mary

  1. (m) Francis Patrick Condon b. 3/3/1861 Stony Creek d. 27/9/1929 Albion Park (Margaret Agnes Buckley * 1890)
  2. (m) John Terence Condon b. 1862 Kiama d. 22/3/1930 Auckland NZ
  3. (f) Maria Mary Condon * b. 1863 Albion Park d. 4/2/1946 Kiama
  4. (m) James Denis Condon b. 29/3/1867 Terry’s Meadows d. 27/8/1946 Shellharbour
  5. (m) Daniel Edward Condon b. 1871 Albion Park d. 9/3/1955 Kiama

MRS. MARY CONDON. The death took place at Shellharbour on Monday, of Mrs. Mary Condon, relict of the late John Condon, aged 82 who has been a resident of the district for 60 years. She was the mother of Mr. Frank Condon and Messrs. Jas. and Daniel Condon. The funeral took place on Tuesday. The late Mrs. Condon was widely known and respected- one of the time pioneer women, who with their families helped the development of the district in the earlier days. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947)Wednesday 16 July 1919 - Page 2

Condon Mary (Murphy)

b. abt 1812 Cor d. 24/5/1871 Stoney Creek Jamberoo 3982/1871

m. James Condon (Co Limerick- 26/8/1881 Shellharbour) 1833 RC Sydney V183337 126/1833

f. Jeremiah Murphy m. Margaret Quinn *

Ship: Red Rover 1832

  1. (f) Ellen Condon * b. abt 1835 Bulli (Thomas Cosgrove 1857)
  2. (f) Mary Condon * b. abt 1836 Bulli d. 5/2/1894 Dapto (Peter Ryan 1858)
  3. (m) Thomas Andrew Condon b. abt 1838 Charcoal d.6/10/1918 Albion Park (Margaret Therese McCarthy * 1866)
  4. (f) Elizabeth Condon * b. 24/11/1839 Wollongong d. 27/7/1919 Albury ( John Seymour 1864)
  5. (m) James Condon b. 20/7/1841 Wollongong d. 30/9/1910 Albion Park (Elizabeth Clancy * 1865)
  6. (m) John Joseph Condon b. 4/6/1843 Wollongong d. 23/12/1904 Stoney Creek (Catherine McCarthy * 1868)
  7. (m) Daniel Condon b. 21/5/1845 Wollongong d. 8/6/1895 Kangaroo Valley (Ann Phipps * 1877)
  8. (m) Patrick Condon b. 26/3/1847 Charcoal d. 25/4/1922 Wollongong ( Margaret Clancy * 1876)
  9. (f) Margaret Condon * b. 12/8/1849 Wollongong d. 19/1/1917 Wollongong (Charles Price 1877)
  10. (m) Michael Condon b. 13/5/1851 Shellharbour d. 28/9/1918 Granville (Martha Daley * 1871)
  11. (m) Joseph Conlon b. 14/12/1853 Shellharbour reg Kiama RC d. 16/1/1926 Flemington (Elizabeth Bradney * 1877)

Husband convict. Father died at her residence, Stoney Creek, aged 90

On Wednesday, 24th May, at her residence, Stony Creek, Jamberoo, Mary, the beloved wife of Mr. James Condon, aged 57 years, leaving a family and large circle of friends to mourn their loss. Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931)Wednesday 31 May 1871 - Page 2

Condon Mary (Ryan)

m. James Condon

  1. (m) Daniel Condon b. 19/2/1860 Shellharbour bp Kiama RC
  2. (m) Philip Condon b. 31/8/1865 Stony Creek bp Kiama RC

Husband a settler

Condon Sarah (Francis)

b. 4/3/1852 Kiama d. 18/10/1921 East Hills br. Rookwood Catholic

m. Maurice Condon ( 29/9/1852 Terrara- 1937 Son of Michael Condon & Mary Courtney) 6/11/1875 Broughton Creek

f. John Francis m. Johanna Groves *

  1. (m) Michael Thomas Condon b. 1877 Balmain d. Goulburn ( Mary Scarl )
  2. (m) Maurice M J Condon b. 22/10/1880 Balmain ( Eliza Jane , Lena)
  3. (m) Edward Condon b. 1885 Balmain
  4. (m) Francis William Condon b. 1888 Balmain d. NZ
  5. (m) Bede Condon b. 1891 Balmain d. NZ (Margaret Helen McKenzie)
  6. (f) Magdaline Condon b. 1891 Balmain (Jack Curry)
  7. (f) Margaret Condon d. before 1937
  8. (f) Mary Condon (Michael Ryan)

Husband a hotel keeper

HE LATE MRS. MAURICE CONDON. Mrs. Maurice Condon, a well-known resident of Balmain and Lakemba, passed peacefully away at her residence, 'Mimosa,' East Hills, on the 18th inst., fortified by all the rites of Holy Church. She was born at Kiama in 1853, and was married at Berry (then known as Broughton Creek) in 1875. Shortly afterwards she and her husband settled at Balmain West, now Rozelle. Here, for a quarter of a century, despite the cares and obligations inseparable to the rearing of a large family, she figured notably as an ardent worker in Church matters, and there must be many middle-aged people at this moment who can cast a kindly thought back to the days when she oft contributed to their youthful happiness by her untiring zeal and work in connection with children's picnics. About 18 years ago, the family removed to Lakemba, where she lived for 14 years, and then removed to East Hills, where, as at Lakemba, the well-kept home, with gardens and orchard, betokened the cultivated taste of what was inborn within her, namely, admiration of nature in all its beautiful forms. Throughout her life intense love of home and family were the dominant traits of her character. She leaves a family of five sons and three daughters. Of late her health had been failing, but it was not thought the end was so near. The attendance at the funeral (she was buried at Rookwood), and the very large number of the usual messages and tokens of condolence tendered to the bereaved husband and family, gave ample proof of the esteem in which the deceased lady had been held. — R.I.P. The Catholic Press (Sydney, NSW : 1895 - 1942)Thursday 27 October 1921 - Page 33

Condon Selina

b. 6/3/1867 Stoney Creek d. 30/9/1917 Wollongong br. Albion Park Catholic

f. James Condon m. Elizabeth Clancy *

Living at Albion Park in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

MISS SELINA CONDON. The Albion Park community received a severe shock on Monday, when the death of Miss Selina Condon, daughter of Mrs. Condon, and of the late Mr. Jas. Condon, of Albion Park, became known as very few people were aware that she was ill. The deceased had resided with her mother in Wollongong for several years, but she was a native of Albion Park where the greater part of her life was spent. The funeral which was largely attended, took place on Monday, the remains being conveyed to Albion Park for interment. Rev. Father Power performed the last sad rites. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947)Saturday 6 October 1917 - Page 2

Conlan Catherine (Lowry)

m. Patrick Conlan

  1. (m) John Conlan b. 16/10/1839 Wollongong
  2. (m) Michael Connellan b. 24/9/1841 Wollongong

Conlon Johanna (Barry)

b. abt 1837 Cork Ireland d. 1914 Cootamundra br. Murrumburrah Catholic

m. Thomas Conlon (abt 1840 Galway Ireland - 1924 Cootamundra Son of Hartley Conlon & Margaret) 1867 Kiama 2250/1867

f. James Barry m. Margaret

Ship: abt 1861

  1. (f) Margaret Conlon b. 18/8/1868 Gerringong bp Kiama RC d. 1925 Petersham (Thomas Wholohan)
  2. (m) John Conlon b. 1/6/1870 Gerringong bp Kiama RC
  3. (f) Mary-Jane Conlon b. 22/4/1872 Gerringong bp Kiama RC d. 6/10/1939 Vic (Sister Joseph of the Sisters of Mercy)
  4. (m) Thomas Henry Conlan b. 1875 Young
  5. (m) James Conlon b. 1878 Murrumburrah
  6. (f) Ellen Conlon b. 1880 Young (owen P Casey)

Husband a farmer

Photograph Freeman's Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1932)Thursday 26 November 1914 - Page 24

Obituary Mrs. Johanna Conlon, Cootamundra. The death of Mrs. Johanna Conlon, one of the most respected residents of Cootamundra, took place at “Dunmore,” Hovell street on Saturday week. Deceased, who was 77 years of age, had been ailing for some time past, and her health became worse after the death of her son Thomas, about a month ago. Deceased was born in County Cork, Ireland, and arrived in Australia about 53 years ago. She was married near Kiama, on the South Coast. Together with her husband she lived for 32 years at Cullinga, afterwards going to Cootamundra. Deceased had been under the skilful treatment of Dr. Brennan, who did all in his power in an endeavour to restore her to health. A husband and three daughters mourn the loss of a good wife and affectionate mother. The daughters are: Mrs. T. H. Wholohan (Richmond), Sister Mary Joseph (Wodonga), and Mrs. O. P. Carey (Stockinbingal). The interment took place in the Catholic portion of the cemetery at Murrumburrah on the following Monday, the remains being laid to rest alongside those of the three good sons who predeceased her. Rev. Father Tracey, assisted by Rev. Father Maloney, M.S.H., officiated at the grave. R.I.P. Freeman's Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1932)Thursday 26 November 1914 - Page 24

Conlon Mary (Longbottom)

b. 1883 Kiama d. 23/12/1940 Brisbane Qld br. Murwillumbah

m. Walter Conlon (1880 Redfern- 10/3/1950 Auburn Son of William Conlon & Margaret) 1902 Kiama

f. Esau Longbottom m. Mary Russell

  1. (m) Reginald Arthur Conlon b. 1902 Kiama
  2. (m) Walter James Conlon b. 1905 Albion Park
  3. (m) Victor C Conlon b. 1905 Albion Park
  4. (m) Robert E Conlon b. 1906 Albion Park
  5. (m) Alfred Russell Conlon b.28/8/1908 Murwillumbah
  6. (m) William C Conlon b. 1910 Mullumbimby
  7. (m) Jack Lionel Conlon b. 23/10/1913 Murwillumbah
  8. (f) Mary Conlon b. 1916 Murwillumbah (Gerald J Ford 1935)
  9. (f) May Conlon b. 1918 Murwillumbah (John Pearson 1939)
  10. (m) Leonard Athol Conlon b. 25/4/1921 Murwillumbah
  11. (m) Kenneth Edward Conlon b. 1923 Murwillumbah
  12. (m) Kevin Joseph Conlon b. 1926 Murwullimbah

Living at South Coast Rd Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Husband a labourer

Mrs. W. Conlon senr., of Eungella, is an inmate of a Brisbane hospital, Where she is to undergo an operation. Tweed Daily (Murwillumbah, NSW : 1914 - 1949)Saturday 14 December 1940 - Page 4

MRS. MARY CONLON The death occurred in the Brisbane General Hospital on Monday, after an illness extending over three months, of Mrs. Mary Conlon (56), wife of Mr. Walter Conlon, of Eungella. The late Mrs. Conlon, who was born at Gerringong, married Mr. Walter Conlon in 1902, and, after residing at Kiama for some time, they moved to the Tweed 30 years ago. In addition to her husband, she is survived by a family of 10 sons and two daughters. The sons are Messrs. Reginald James, Leonard, Kenneth, Kevin (Eungella), William (Newcastle) , Robert (Mackay), Alfred (Murwillumbah), Victor (Chinderah) and Jack Conlon (Kenilworth, Queensland), and the daughters are Mrs. Ford (Tygalgah) and Mrs. Pearson(Sydney). Twenty grandchildren also survive. . The name Conlon is closely associated with the history of football on the Tweed and Mrs. Conlon was a keen worker on behalf of the sport which her sons followed so closely. Following a service in St. Andrew's Church, Murwillumbah, on Tuesday afternoon, the remains were interred in the new cemetery. The Rev. Charles Yuill officiated at the church and graveside, and there was a large attendance of mourners. Many floral tributes were received. Six sons, Messrs. W. J. Conlon, J. L. Conlon, V C. Conlon, R. A. Conlon, A. R. Conlon and W. C. Conlon, were pall -bearers, and another son, Mr. K. E. Conlon, and Mr. G. Ford (son-in-law) carried the wreaths. Tweed Daily (Murwillumbah, NSW : 1914 - 1949)Thursday 26 December 1940 - Page 4

Conlon Mary

m. Adolphus Conlon

  1. (f) Helena Conlon b. 1835 CofE Dapto
  2. (f) Malina Conlon b. 1842 CofE Dapto/Wollongong

Conlon Sarah Isabella (Allen then Smart)

m. Henry C Smart (abt 1872 -20/5/1917 Corrimal ) 1902 Wollongong

m. Thomas E Conlon 25/8/1927 Wollongong (Divorced 1938)

  1. (m) Roderick Smart Allen b. 1901 Woonona
  2. (f) Nellie Smart b. 1904 Woonona
  3. (f) Mary E Smart b. 1906 Woonona
  4. (m) Henry Smart b. 1908 Woonona
  5. (m) Walter J Smart b. 1911 Woonona
  6. (m) Alfred H Smart b. 1913 Woonona
  7. (m) Ernest Smart b. 1915 Bulli
  8. (m) Henry E Smart b. 1917 Bulli

Living at Tarrawanna in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties


Mrs. Sarah Isabella Conlon of South Lismore, sought a dissolution of her marriage with Thomas Edward Conlon on the ground of desertion.

The parties were married at Wollongong, on August 25, 1927, according to the rites of the Church of England. The petitioner stated that she had been married previously and there were five children of that marriage. There was no issue of her second marriage.

The petitioner, Sarah Isabella Conlon who resides at South Lismore, said that she first met Conlon in 1923, at Casino, where he was a horse trainer. Conlon had told her that he was born in Brisbane and had come to New South Wales as a boy.

After the marriage, Mrs. Conlon said, they were farming at Coorabell until her husband left her in 1933.

She said that her married life was unhappy as her husband abused her and struck her several times. On two or three occasions she left home, but Conlon, she said, pleaded with her to return.

On September 16, 1933, an argument arose over a letter she received from her daughter. Her husband struck her because she would not allow him to read the letter. She went to a neighbour's farmland would not return as she was afraid of her husband.

Mrs. Conlon said that she took out a summons for assault against her husband and later proceeded against him for maintenance. Her husband had left before October 25 and she had not seen or heard of him since.

Sergeant Stewart, of Mullumbimby, gave evidence that an order for maintenance had been made against Conlon in the Children's Court at Mullumbimby in October, 1933. Conlon also had been fined for assault. Warrants had been issued for Conlon respecting the maintenance order and payment of the fine for assault, but Conlon could not be located.

Evidence for the petitioner was given also by Stanley Ernest Akers, of C?.

His Honour found the issues proven and granted a decree nisi returnable six months.

The respondent was ordered to pay costs. Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954) Wednesday 21 September 1938 p 9

Conn Ellen

m. James Conn (-before 1900)

  1. (f) Mary Ellen Conn * d. 13/1/1959 Epping (James Harper 1900)
  2. (m) James Conn
  3. (f) Madeline/Millie Conn
  4. (f) Maud Conn
  5. (f) L Conn

Living at Helensburgh when daughter married.

Connaughton Laura Henrietta (Murray)

b. 1882 Wollongong d. 7/1/1951 Wollongong br. Berkeley

m. Patrick Connaughton ( 1/2/1869 Brandy and Water Creek Wollongong- 4/3/1954 Wollongong Son of Patrick Connaughton & Mary Ann Forward * see Robertson) 1901

f. John Murray m. Annie Burgess *

  1. (m) Eric H J Connaughton b. 1901 Wollongong
  2. (m) Patrick Connaughton b. 1902 Wollongong
  3. (m) Cecil C Connaughton b 1904 Wollongong
  4. (f) Annie N Connaughton b. 1906 Wollongong (J Hunter)
  5. (f) Ettie Connaughton b. 1909 Wollongong (J Maddalena)
  6. (m) Albury K Connaughton b. 1912 Wollongong

MRS. L. H. CONNAUGHTON. The death occurred at the Wollongong District Hospital on Monday morning of Mrs. Laura Henrietta Connaughton, of William Street, Unanderra . She was aged 69 years. The late Mrs. Connaughton was a member of the well known Murray family and was widely known throughout the Unanderra district. She is, survived by her husband, Mr. Patrick Connaughton and family, Eric, Patrick, Annie (Mrs. J. Hunter), Cecil, Ettie (Mrs. J. Maddalena), and Albury. The funeral on Tuesday afternoon left H . Parsons' chapel for the All Saints' church, Figtree, after which the remains were interred in the Berkeley cemetery. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954)Thursday 11 January 1951 - Page 3

Connaughton Mary (Crampton)

d. 1866 Wollongong

m. John Connaughton

f. Patrick

Ship: abt 1850

  1. (f) Ellen Connaughton * b. abt 1837 Tunm, County Galway, Ireland d. 15/6/1925 Wollongong ( John Mooney 1859)
  2. (m) Patrick Connaughton abt 1840 Tuam Co Galway Ireland -3/5/1878 (Mary Ann Forward * 1867)

Connaughton Mary Ann see Robertson

Connell Catherine (Doherty)

b. 1834 Co Donegal Ireland

m. John Connell (1838 Kings Co Ireland-)

f. John Doherty m. Jane Margery Grant

  1. (f) Sarah Ellen Connell b. 24/11/1862 Dapto 15203/1862
  2. (m) John A Connell b. 26/9/1864 West Dapto 16569/1864
  3. (m) William Connell b. 28/9/1864 West Dapto 16570/1864

Her twin children were born two days apart?

Connell/Connally Catherine (Scully)

b. abt 1838 d. 1918 Albion Park br. Albion Park Catholic

m. Thomas Connell (abt 1837- before 1918) 28/4/1863 Wollongong

f. Nicholas Scully m. Janet James

  1. (m) Nicholas Connell b. 27/2/1864 Mount Kembla 16452/2864
  2. (f) Ellen Connell b. 14/6/1867 Albion Park
  3. (m) Thomas Connell b. 23/10/1869 Shellharbour bp Kiama RC
  4. (m) Patrick Connell b. 1872 Wollongong 19584/1872 d. 1872 Wollongong
  5. (m) Hugh Connell b. 1872 Wollongong 19584/1872 d. 1872 Wollongong
  6. (f) Elizabeth Ann Connoll b. 1873 Wollongong 20742/1873
  7. (f) Mary Anne Connell * b. 30/6/1874 Albion Park 21542/1874 d. Wollongong( Gilbert Lomax 1906)
  8. (m) Patrick Connell b. 1877 Wollongong 23013/1877 d. 1877 Wollongong

Husband a farmer

Living at Albion Park in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

DEATH OF MRS. CATHERINE CONNELL. Mrs. Catherine Connell, an old resident of Albion Park, passed away at the age of 87 years. The interment took place in the Catholic cemetery, Albion Park. The Rev. Father O'Sullivan read the prayers at the graveside. The Catholic Press (Sydney, NSW : 1895 - 1942)Thursday 1 August 1918 - Page 33

Connell Elizabeth (Day)

b. 27/11/1842 Sydney d. 24/10/1927 Rose Bay 21230/1927 br. Kiama

m. Henry Daniel Connell (19/10/1828 Maquarie St Sydney – 4/4/1895 Blackheath Son of Henry Connell & Elizabeth Ann Rogers) 13/3/1860 Windsor 2798/1860

f. Henry Day m. Elizabeth Wilson Alsop *

  1. (m) Henry Horace Connell b. 1/3/1861 Paddington d. 6/11/1935 (Annie Elizabeth Brown 1889)
  2. (m) William Bligh Connell b. 6/6/1862 Petersham d. 20/5/1944
  3. (f) Emily Elizabeth A Connell b. 15/11/1863 Kiama 8629/1863 d. 1956
  4. (f) Evalyn Laura Connell b. 4/7/1865 Kiama 9739/1865 d.
  5. (f) Frances Ida Connell b. 1867 Kiama 10410/1867 d. 4/7/1865 Kiama
  6. (f) Frances Beatrice Connell b. 19/3/1868 Kiama 10578/1868
  7. (m) Charles Richard Loane Connell b. 28/5/1870 Kiama 11326/1870
  8. (f) Jessie Edith Octavia Connell b. 23/5/1872 Kiama 11542/1872
  9. (m) Rowland Wilson Day Connell b. 23/1/1875 Kiama 13099/1875 d. 1967
  10. (f) Florence Adeline Connell b. 25/12/1877 Kiama 14804/1878 d. 1957

On the 13th instant, at St. Matthew's Church, by the Rev. Henry Stiles, M.A., Henry, eldest son of Henry Connell, Esq., Assistant-Commissary-General, commissariat staff, Auckland, New Zealand, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Henry Day, Esq., J.P., surgeon, Windsor The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 17 March 1860

On the 15th instant, at Kiama, the wife of Henry Connell, junior, Esq., of a daughter The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 18 November 1863

CONNELL — On the 4th July, at Kiama, the wife of Henry Connell, jun., Esq., of a daughter. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 7 July 1865 p 2

ON Saturday, the 28th May, 1870, at her residence, Kiama, the wife of Henry CONNELL, jun., Esq., of a son The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 2 June 1870 p 2

ON Thursday, the 23rd instant, at her residence., Kiama, the wife of HENRY CONNELL, Esq.. of a daughter. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 30 May 1872 p 2

Connell Elizabeth (King)

b. 29/4/1851 Kiama d. 17/6/1942 Double Bay

m. William Moore Connell (1834 Sydney-23/7/1904 Gulargambone Son of Henry Connell & Elizabeth Ann Rodgers) 10/6/1875 Kiama

f. Alexander King m. Margaret Marks *

  1. (m) Harold Moore P Connell b. 1876 Randwick
  2. (m) Henry Norman Connell b. 1880 Kiama d. 8/1/1937 (Beatrice Hastings Mitchell 1907)
  3. (m) Leslie Gordon Connell b. 1882 Coonamble
  4. (f) Vera E Connell b. 1887 Coonamble (Ruskin Rowe 1913)

On June the 10th instant, at Christ Church, Kiama, by the Rev. J. H. L. Zillman, WILLIAM MOORE CONNELL, J.P., of the Merri Merri, Coonamble, youngest son of Henry Connell, Esq., Assistant Commissary-General, to ELIZABETH, eldest daughter of the late Alexander King, Esq,, J.P., Avoca, Kiama. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 17 June 1875 p 2

CONNELL. June 17 1942 at her residence, Merribah, Ocean Avenue Double Bay. Elizabeth, widow of the late William Moore Connell of Avoca Station, Gulargamhone, mother of Harold Moore, Henry Norman (deceased.) Leslie Gordon and Mrs Vera E. Ruskin Rowe. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Thursday 18 June 1942

Connell Ellen (Hicky)

m. William Connell

  1. (m) James Connell b. 21/6/1859 Jerringong bp Kiama RC

Husband a settler

Connell Mary

b. abt 1831 Cashel

f. Edmund Connell m Margaret (both dead)

Religion : Roman Catholic

Ship: Lady Peel 1849

Irish Orphan

Empl. W Turkington, Illawarra, £10, 1 yr.

Connell Mary Ann see Lomax Mary Ann

Connellan Catherine see Conlan

Connolly Alice Elizabeth (Wain)

b. a 1868 Richmond 15891/1868 d. 4/10/1963 br. Wollongong

m. John Connolly (abt 1862 - 11/5/1943) 1891 Woonona 8359/1891

f. Charles Wain m. Mary Ann Prime/Pryme *

  1. (m) John Francis Connolly b. 1893 Wollongong 38594/1891 d. 22/10/1939
  2. (f) Hilda Connolly b. 1893 Wollongong 39129/1893
  3. (f) Ethel Connolly b. 1895 Wollongong 9145/1895 
  4. (m) Arthur Patrick Connolly b. 1899 Wollongong d. 2/8/1911
  5. (f) Dorothy V Connolly b. 1901 Wollongong 28123/1901 

Connolly/Connoly Elizabeth Anne

b. abt 1859 d. 25/12/1944 Campsie br. Rookwood

m. John Connoly

f. Samuel m. Elizabeth

  1. (m) Walter Connolly b. 1882 Campbelltown
  2. (m) Samuel Wallace Connolly b. 1885 Appin/ Bulli 16083/1885
  3. (f) Milly M Connoly b. 1888 Campbelltown
  4. (m) Albert Hilton Connolly b. 1890 Woonona 38502/1890
  5. (f) Agnes L Connolly b. 1898 Burwood
  6. (m) Thomas Roy Connolly b. 1898 Burwood

CONNOLLY.-December 25, 1944, at 13 Seventh Avenue, Campsie, Elizabeth Anne, relict of the late John Connolly and loved mother of Walter, Wallace, Albert, Agnes, Roy, and Minnie, aged 85 years. At rest. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 27 December 1944 p 12

Connelly Annie (Chase)

b. 1870 Kiama 11229/187 d. 29/3/1900 Kiama br. North Kiama

m. William Connelly 1893

f. William Chase m. Johanna English *

  1. (f) Mary A Chase b. 1892 Kiama 18507/1892
  2. (f) Annie G Connelly b. 1893 Kiama 18760/1893 


With much regret to record the death of Mrs. William Connelly, which took place on Thursday afternoon last at her residence, Collins street, Kiama. The cause of death was an affection of the lungs. The deceased ladly was thirty years of age. She was a daughter of Mrs. Chase, of Collins street, Kiama.

Beside her mother and brothers and sisters, she leaves a husband and two children to mourn their loss. Her mortal remains will be interred in the Roman Catholic portionof the North Kiama cemetery this aftornoon, The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Saturday 31 March 1900 p 2

Connolly Barbara (Slusher)

b. 23/4/1850 Erbach Germany d. 6/5/1933 March near Orange

m. William Connolly 1874 Wollongong

f. William Slusher m. Annie Mary Zell *

Ship: San Francisco 1852

  1. (m) John Connolly 1874 Wollongong 21588/1874 d. 1874 Wollongong
  2. (f) Ann J Connolly b. 1876 Orange d. 1877 Orange
  3. (f) Mary A Connolly b. 1877 Orange (Samuel Brewer 1903)
  4. (f) Elizabeth Connolly b. 1879 Orange
  5. (m) William Connolly b. 1881 Orange d. 1917 Orange
  6. (u) Unnamed Connolly b. 1883 Orange
  7. (f) Mathilda Connolly b. 1886 Orange (Charles Kjoller 1911)
  8. (f) Annie Connolly b. 1890 Orange (Ernest Griffith 1921)
  9. (m) Thompson F Connolly b. 1894 Orange
  10. (f) Margaret J Connolly (Herbert Boulton 1905)

Mrs. Barbara Connolly, 83, at March (near Orange). The Land (Sydney, NSW: 1911 - 1954) Friday 26 May 1933 p 19

MRS. BARBARA CONNOLLY. Mrs. Barbara Connelly, whose death on Saturday at the age of 81 years was reported in Monday's “Leader,” resided at March for 60 years or more, and was a native of Illawarra district. After her marriage she came with her husband, Mr. William Connolly, who died twelve years ago, to Orange, then the terminus of the western railroad. They took over the Welcome Inn at March, the ruins of which still remain near the March Hall as a memorial of the pioneering days when bullock and horse teams penetrated the outback from the railhead. After three years in charge of the hotel, which was one of the bestknown on the western road, Mr. and Mrs. Connolly abandoned this business, in which they had been very successful, to take up farming at “Maryvale,” not far distant. A son, Mr. Thompson Connolly, still occupies the old farm and orchard. Rev. Wesley Stocks, in an oration at the last services for the deceased on Sunday, paid feeling tribute to the noble character of the passing pioneers, among whom the late Mrs. Connolly ranked so high. They had displayed great courage, tenacity and patriotism, and had a high place in the history of the Empire. The very large gathering of mourners listened with appreciation and concurrence to Mr. Stocks' remarks. Four daughters and one son are left. They are: Mrs. F. Brewer (March), Mrs. C. Kjoller (Clergate), Mrs. H. Boulton (Mullion), Mrs. Ern Griffith (March), and Mr. Thompson Connolly (March). One son and one daughter predeceased their mother. Leader (Orange, NSW : 1899 - 1945)Wednesday 10 May 1933 - Page 3

Connolly Elizabeth

b. abt 1834 Greig, Wexford

f. Daniel Connolly m. Ann (both dead)

Ship: Panama 1850

Irish Orphan

Cor. 50/365 Connelly 4 May 1850 Wollongong. Empl. J Emery, Gerringong, £8, 1 yr.

Connolly Emily (Windley)

b. 1861 Kiama d. 30/7/1930 Bangalow

m. Francis Connolly () 1886 Kiama

f. Thomas Winley m. Mary Jane McGillick *

  1. (f) Henrietta Connelly b. 1886 Kiama 25167/1886 (Edward A Smith 1910)
  2. (m) Herbert E Connelly b. 1888 Kiama 26392/1888
  3. (m) Thomas E Connelly b. 1890 Kiama 17850/1890
  4. (m) Francis Patrick Connolly b. 1892 Kiama 18555/1892 d. 29/9/1918 France
  5. (m) Percy Francis Connolly b. 1895 Queanbeyan d. 19/3/1917 United Kingdom
  6. (m) Stanley C Connelly b. 1897 Goulburn
  7. (m) William H R Connelly b. 1899 Gunning
  8. (m) Walter Gregory Connelly b. 1901 Gunning
  9. (m) Leon G Connelly b. 1906 Gunning


The death occurred at Bangalow of Mrs. Emily Connolly, after a brief illness. She was born on the South Coast 67 years ago, and was the fourth daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Winley of Berry. She was married to Mr. Frank Connolly there, and resided for a few years in that centre. For some years they lived at Goulburn, afterwards moving to Bangalow, where the remainder of Mrs. Connolly's life was spent. She suffered the bereavement of two sons at the Great War, Percy died of illness and Frank was killed in action in France. Other members of the family are: Mrs. E. Smith (Sydney), Herbert (Queensland), Roy (Coramba), Stanley (Melbourne), Gregory, Eddie, Leon (Bangalow). Her death was the first break in the Winley family, of whom survive, Mrs. H. Holmes (Brisbane), Mrs. W. H, Hoskin (Wyrallah), Mrs. C. Hast (Sydney), Mrs. M. Daley (Inverell), Mr. Thomas Winley, Sydney. She is also survived by her husband, who with two of her sisters were present, at her death bed. Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954) Monday 25 August 1930 p 4

Connoly Julia (Boler)

m. James Connolly 1860 Kiama

Connolly/Connelly Margaret (Burke)

m. Patrick Connolly 1859 Kiama 2087/1859

  1. (f) Ellen Connolly b. 1/1/1860 Jerringong

Husband a labourer

Connolly/Connelly Margaret (Maher)

m. John M Connolly 1857 Sydney 320/1857

  1. (f) Elizabeth Connolly b. 26/1/1858 Kiama bp Kiama RC 7974/1858
  2. (m) Michael Connelly b. 1859 Kiama 8347/1859
  3. (f) Cecilia Connolly b. 1862 Maitland 9512/1862
  4. (f) Catherine Connelly b. 1868 Patricks Plain 14642/1868
  5. (f) Bridget Connelly b. 1868 Patricks Plain 5466/1870

Connolly Maria (Griffin)

b. 1815 Galway Ireland d. 5/4/1870 Terragong br. Jamberoo

m. Michael John Connelly(1807 Galway Ireland- 2/7/1877 Terragong Son of Michael Connolly & Mary Quin) 1837 Loughrea Galway Ireland

m. Michael Griffin m. Anne Burke

  1. (f) Mary Anne Connolly * b. abt 1843 d. 1911 Newtown (George Edward Enfield 1870)
  2. (m) Andrew Connolly b. 11/10/1843 Sydney d. 1/7/1893 Rous (Mary Jane Harvison * 1878)
  3. (m) Martin Conolley b. 29/3/1847 Shellharbour
  4. (f) Margaret Connolly b. 14/3/1850 Jamboroo d. 11/3/1928 Wollongong ( Died at her nieces’ Residence, Misses Couch, Mangerton Rd Wollongong)
  5. (f) Catherine Connelly * b. 20/11/1851 Jamboroo d. 23/7/1927 Wollongong (George Couch 1877)
  6. (m) Michael John Connolly b. 1/12/1853 Jamberoo d. 18/12/1927 Callan Park Leichhardt

ON Tuesday last, the 5th instant, at her residence, Terragong, Jamberoo, the beloved wife of MICHAEL CONNOLLY, aged 54 years. The interment will take place this day (Thursday), at 12 o'clock, in the Wesleyan Burying Ground, Jamberoo. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 7 April 1870 p 2

Connolly Maria (Jecentho)

b. abt 1865 Far North Northland NZ d. 1947 Northland NZ cr. Waikumete NZ

m. John Edward Connolly (1868- NZ) 1892 Kiama

f. John/Joao Jecentho m. Sarah Ann Thompson

  1. (f) Rose Lavinia Connolly b. 1896 NZ
  2. (f) Annie Elizabeth Connolly b. 1897 NZ
  3. (f) Hui Delfina Connolly b. 1899 NZ
  4. (m) Edward Francis Connolly b. 1902 NZ
  5. (f) Ivy Mary Connolly b. 1903 NZ
  6. (f) Frances Mary Connolly b. 1903 NZ
  7. (f) Gladys Rose Connolly b. 1906 NZ
  8. (f) Violet Ada Connolly b. 1909 NZ

Connolly Mary

m. George Connolly

  1. (m) Robert J Connolly b. 1840 bp. Presbyterian Wollongong

Connolly Mary Ann (Clancy)

b. 29/12/1843 Jamberoo d. 28/7/1931 Newtown br. Waverley

m. John Connolly (-9/6/1900) 1867 Kiama 2258/1867

f. Edward Clancy m. Elizabeth Fitzgerald *

  1. (m) John Edward Connolly b. 21/6/1868 Kiama 10649/1868
  2. (m) Alfred Connolly b. 16/10/1870 Kiama
  3. (f) Rosanna Connolly b. 1872 Kiama 11549/1872
  4. (m) Herbert James Connolly b. 21/12/1880 Kiama 19337/1881
  5. (m) Charles George Connolly b. 7/8/1883 Kiama 21771/1883 d. 10/9/1885 Kiama
  6. (u) Unknown Connelly

Husband a labourer

Connolly Mary Jane (Harvison)

b. 1852 Shoalhaven d. 20/10/1937 Mungindi

m. Andrew Connolly (11/10/1843 Sydney - 1/7/1893 Rous Son of Michael Connolly & Maria Griffin * )19/6/1878 Cambewarra

f. James Harvison m. Mary Jane Armstrong *

  1. (m) Andrew Algernon Connolly b. 1880 Lismore
  2. (f) Gertrude Mary Connolly b. 1881 Lismore
  3. (m) Clarence Connolly b. 1888 Lismore

CONNOLLY - HAVISON.–On the 19th ultimo, at the residence of the bride's sister, Cambewarra, by the Rev. J. Corner, Wesleyan minister, Andrew, eldest son of the late Michael Connolly, of Jamboroo, to Mary Jane, fourth daughter of James Harvison, Springfield, Kiama. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Friday 5 July 1878 p 2

Connolly Maud Ethel (Cross)

b. 1879 Berrima d. 26/7/1958 Marrickville

m. William M Connolly (abt 1874-11/8/1945 Marrickville) 1908 Sydney

f. William Cross m. Ann Sewell

  1. (m) Eric Connolly
  2. (f) Muriel Connolly (Keen)
  3. (m) William Connolly
  4. (m) Bede Connolly
  5. (f) Molly Connolly (Kennedy)
  6. (m) Keith Connolly

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Connolly Theresa J (Kelly)

m. Patrick Connelly 1892 Kiama

  1. (m) John W Connelly b. 1893 Kiama 18758/1893

Connop Catherine Kate (Taylor)

b. abt 1877 Marshall Mount d. 15/6/1967 Leichhardt

m. Frederick Edwin Connop ( abt 1878 Shoalhaven – 21/2/1961 Casino Son of Frederick Connop & Georgina Atkins *) 13/12/1899 RC Albion Park

f. John Taylor m. Mary Russell *

  1. (f) Florence Mary Edith Connop b. 15/11/1900 Dapto 8970/1901
  2. (f) Ivy Mary Lilly Connop b. 17/6/1902 Dapto 27998/1902
  3. (f) Lily V Connop b. 1904 Wollongong 18282/1904

Living at Hamilton St Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Connop Georgina (Atkins)

d. 28/10/1925 Ryde 20635/1925

m. Frederick Connop (abt 1847-1924 Mental Asylum Kenmore) 1878 Shoalhaven 4754/1878

f. William Atkins

  1. (m) Frederick Connop b. abt 1878 Shoalhaven (Catherine Taylor * 1899)
  2. (f) Victoria Winifred E Connop * b. 1879 Shoalhaven (Frederick Budgen 1902, Baillie )
  3. (f) Lydia C R Connop b. 1880 Shoalhaven (James W Rankin 1903)
  4. (m) Edwin F Connop b. 1882 Argyle
  5. (f) Emily E Connop b. 1884 Murrumburrah
  6. (m) William H R Connop b. 1886 Argyle (Ethel Locke 1912)
  7. (m) Harold C Connop b. 1888 Argyle (Minne McLeod 1915)
  8. (m) Austin W Connop b. 1890 Argyle
  9. (f) Sylvia E A Connop b. 1892 Goulburn (James Clow 1913)
  10. (m) Herbert Connop b. 1894 Crookwell
  11. (m) Frederick R S Connop b. 1896 Crookwell
  12. (m) Oliver L M Connop b. 1898 Crookwell

Frederick Connop (on remand) appeared before the Court; on a charge of alleged insanity. Dr. Llewellyn, Government Medical Offier, deposed : I examined the defendant on Sunday : I am of opinion he is suffering from monomania, and I recommend him as a fit subject to be sent to an asylum for the insane for treatment. The Braidwood Dispatch and Mining Journal (NSW : 1888 - 1954)Wednesday 7 August 1912 - Page 2

CONNOP.-In loving memory of our dear mother, Georgina, who died October 28, 1925. A token of remembrance. Inserted by her loving son and daughter-in-law Harold and Minnie Connop, Maryville. CONNOP.-In loving memory of our dear mother and grandmother, Georgina Connop, who died October 28, 1925. Inserted by her loving children and grand child, Louie, Sylvia, Jim, and Ena. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)Thursday 28 October 1926 - Page 10

Connors Catherine Junior

b. 1877 Kiama 13896/1877

f. Michael Connor m. Catherine McCovern *

Living at Toolijooa in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic

Connor /Connors/Coner Catherine (McGovern/McGoverns)

m. Michael Connor 1865 Kiama 1865/2274

  1. (m) John Andrew Connor b. 9/9/1867 Gerringong 10541/1867
  2. (m) James Conner b. 1869 Kiama 12174/1869
  3. (f) Mary Connors * b. 22/12/1870 Fox Ground 11546/1871
  4. (f) Bridget Connors b. 10/9/1872 Fox Ground 11608/1872
  5. (m) Bernard Coner/Connors b. 1874 Kiama 12708/1874
  6. (f) Catherine Coner * b. 1877 Kiama 13896/1877

Husband a farmer

Connor Catherine (Woods)

m. Thomas Connor 30/8/1841 Wollongong

  1. (m) Peter Connor b. 15/5/1843 Wollongong
  2. (f) Anne Connor b. 26/5/1845 Wollongong
  3. (m) Thomas Connor b. 20/5/1847 Wollongong d. 7/9/1916 Wollongong (Sophia Dillon * 1872)
  4. (f) Mary Connor b. 28/7/1849 Wollongong

Both resident Wollongong

Connor Edith Mary (Steele)

b. 1/6/1868 Camden d. 24/8/1944 Marrickville

m. Patrick  Edmen/Edmond/Edman Connor (1869 Sydney- 31/3/1941 Redfern)  1891 Young

f. Henry Steele m. Elizabeth

  1. (f) Kathleen Norma Connor b. 1892 Murrumburrah d. 1973 Newtown
  2. (m) Patrick Stanley Connor b. 1893 Murrumburrah d. 1955 Petersham
  3. (m) Francis Edmond Connor b. 1895 Harden d. 1957 Sydney
  4. (m) Albert Leslie Connor b. 1897 Harden b. 20/10/1917 Ypres Belgium
  5. (f) Edith May Connor b. 25/6/1899 St Leonards d. 3/9/1976
  6. (m) Harry Clifton Connor b. 19/4/1901 Clifton 18470/1901 d. 1969 Newtown
  7. (f) Enid Marguerite Connor b. 23/2/1906 Redfern d. 1990
  8. (m) John Joseph Connor b. 1909 Wickham d. 1961 Burwood \

Living at Clifton in 1903 Electoral Roll- domestic duties. Husband a fireman

Connor Ellen/Eleanor (Hickey)

d. Maitland d. 21/3/1912 Tumut br. Tumut

m. William Connor (- abt 1892 ) 1849 Maitland V1849254 96/1849

f. James Hickey m. Margaret

  1. (f) Margaret Connor b. 26/4/1852 Kiama d. 1933 Wagga (William G Rushton 1979)
  2. (m) Patrick Connor b. 1/10/1853 Kiama reg Kiama RC
  3. (f) Mary Anne Connor b. 4/8/1855 Kiama reg Kiama RC
  4. (f) Bridget Connor b. 14/8/1857 Jerringong 7544/1857 
  5. (m) James Connor b. 1859 Kiama 8409/1859
  6. (m) William Connor b. 1864 Kiama
  7. (m) Benjamin Connor b. 17/4/1866 Gerringong 9507/1866 
  8. (m) John Connor b. 3/6/1868 Gerringong bp Kiama RC 10636/1868
  9. (f) Elizabeth Connors b. 16/6/1870 Gerringong 11335/1870 
  10. (m) Michael Connor b. 11/8/1873 Gerrongong 12381/1873 d. 1942 Batlow (Clara Howe)

Husband a settler


On Thursday last, March 21st, there passed away from earth and all she held most dear, at the ripe old age of three score and ten, one of our most worthy and respected citizens in the person of Mrs. E. Connors, relict of the late Mr. William Connors, who predeceased her 20 years ago on the Gilmore. The cause of death was senile decay.

Deceased was a native of Maitland, and came with her husband from the Illawarra district to Tumut 35 years ago, where she resided up to the time of her demise. All who had the pleasure of her acquaintance speak of her in the highest terms of respect. She was kindness in extreme, and a true emblem of all gifts—charity. A fond wife, she bore 13 children (8 sons and 5 daughters); of these but eight remain, viz : Messrs William, Benjamin, Michael and James, Mesdames Sharpe, Rushton, Coomes and Miss Mary Ann. Five of her family were present at her bedside when the relentless Reaper came.

Those unable to be here were her son James and Mesdames Sharpe and Rushton. During her long life she had enjoyed up to the last few years remarkably good health, but age and consequent infirmity told its tale. Drs. Mason and Browne did all they could to alleviate the troubles, as did her patient nurses, and she rallied several times till her soul went out to Him who gave it. She died peacefully after receiving the consolation of her church and spiritual advisers. Her loss has left an aching void this world can never fill. She leaves behind her a worthy family comfortably settled in life to mourn the loss of a kind, considerate mother, whose whole life was wrapt-up in their welfare, and her kindly advice will ever be remembered by them. Her remains were interred on Saturday last in the Roman Catholic portion of the old cemetery. The Tumut Advocate and Farmers and Settlers' Adviser (NSW: 1903 - 1925) Tuesday 26 March 1912 p 2

Connor Ellen Mary (Moore)

b. 1859 Braidwood d. 23/8/1937 Lewisham br. Rookwood

m. Samuel Joseph Connor ( abt 1860 Goulburn -31/12/1930 Petersham ) 1883 Goulburn

f. Terence Moore m. Margaret

  1. (f) Mary A Connor b. 1883 Goulburn (H Anschu)
  2. (m) Joseph Harold Connor b. 1884 Goulburn d. 1961 Ashfield
  3. (m) Bede M Connor b. 1886 Queanbeyan
  4. (f) Pauline Elizabeth Connor b. 1889 Bungendore d. 1978
  5. (m) Terence Samuel Connor b. 1893 Kiama 18717/1893 d. 1959 Marrickville

Husband a blacksmith who died due to blood poisoning in an industial accident- she recived compensation.

The death occurred at her home at Lewisham of Mrs. Ellen Mary Connor, 77, on Monday last. She was the relic of the late Samuel Connor, resident at Berry for many years. She leaves in family Harold, Bede, Terry, May (Mrs. H. Anschu) and Pauline. The Nowra Leader (NSW: 1909 - 1939) Friday 27 August 1937 p 6

Connors Margaret

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (f) Mary E Connors b. 1896 Helensburgh 13039/1896

Connors Mary

b. 1877 Kiama 13896/1877

f. Michael Connor m. Catherine McCovern *

Living at Toolijooa in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic

Connors Mary ()

m. William Connors

  1. (m) George Thomas Hart Connors b. 5/7/1851 Kiama

Connor Mary (McManus)

b. abt 1845 Wollongong

m. Peter Connor 14/10/1867 St Francis Xavier’s

f. Patrick McManus m. Roseanne McConnell

Both resident of Wollongong

  1. (m) Thomas Connor b. 1/8/1868 Wollongong 18190/1868

Connor Mary Jane (Connelly)

d. 1896 Stanmore br. Rookwood Methodist

m. William John Connor (abt 1832 Antrim Ireland -15/10/1887 Enmore Son of John Connor & Rose Belshaw ) 1856 Kiama 1512/1856

f. Lawence Connelly m. Jane

  1. (f) Margaret J Connor b. 3/9/1857 Crown St, Wollongong 12310/1857
  2. (m) William J Connor b. 1859 Chippendale 3057/1859
  3. (f) Catherine J Connor b. 1861 Chippendale 3023/1861
  4. (f) Caroline Connor b. 1862 Chippendale 3288/1862
  5. (f) Ann J Connor b. 1864 Redfern 3403/1864
  6. (m) Wesley Connor b. 1866 Redfern 3237/1866

THE FRIENDS of the late Mrs. MARY JANE CONNOR are kindly invited to attend her Funeral, which will leave her late residence, 21 Trafalgar-terrace, Aubrey street, Stanmore, THIS AFTERNOON, at 2 o'clock, for the Necropolis. THE FRIENDS of Messrs. WILLIAM, WESLEY, and THOMAS CONNOR are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their deceased beloved MOTHER, which will leave her late residence, 21 Trafalgar-terrace, Aubrey Street, Stanmore. THIS AFTERNOON, at 2 o'clock, for the Necropolis. THE FRIENDS of Mr. THOMAS CONNELLY are invited to attend the Funeral of his late dearly beloved SISTER, Mary Jane Connor , to move from her late residence, 21 Aubrey-street, Stanmore, for Necropolis, on MONDAY, the 3rd, at quarter-past 2 o'clock. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 3 August 1896 - Page 8

CONNOR.—The Friends of the late Mrs. MARY JANE CONNOR, relict of the late Mr. Wm. John Connor, are invited to attend her Funeral, to move from her late residence, 21 Aubrey-st., Stanmore, THIS DAY, for Necropolis, at ¼-past 2. CONNOR.—The Friends of Mr. G. PLUNKETT and Mr. H. GIBBS are invited to attend the Funeral of their late beloved Mother-in-law, Mrs. M. J. Connor; to move from her late residence, 21 Aubrey- st., Stanmore, THIS DAY, for Necropolis, …The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930)Monday 3 August 1896 - Page 8

Connor Mary J

m. James Connor

  1. (f) Amy G Connor b. 1890 Wollongong 37857/1890

Connor Sarah (Orphin)

b. 17/2/1839 Wollongong V18391810 28/1839 d. 1914 br. Rookwood Methodist

m. Richard Connor (abt 1834 Belfast Antrim Ireland- 1913 Sydney Son of John Connor & Rose Belshaw) 28/1/1858 Wollongong

f. James Orphin m. Harriet Pegler *

  1. (f) Sarah Jane Connor b. 1858 Redfern (Philip Lovelock Lapham 1883)
  2. (m) Richard James Connor b. 1863 d. 1913 Redfern ( )
  3. (m) Charles R Connor b. 1864 d. 1865
  4. (f) Edith Harriet Connor b. 9/11/1867 d. 2/7/1937 Sydney (Albert S Patison 1900)

Husband a bootmaker

Connor Sophia (Dillon)

b. abt 1851 Shellharbour d. 8/12/1928 Hurstville br. Wollongong

m. Thomas Connor (20/5/1847 Wollongong - 7/9/1916 Wollongong Son of Thomas Connor & Catherine Woods *) 23/1/1872 St Francis Xavier’s

f. Christopher Dillon m. Charlotte Akers *

Both resident Wollongong

  1. (f) Charlotte Connor b. 1/12/1873 Wollongong 21395/1874
  2. (m) William Thomas Connor b. 14/11/1875 Wollongong 21961/1875
  3. (f) Lucy Connor b. 23/10/1877 Wollongong 23192/1877
  4. (f) Mary Ann Connor b. 15/12/1879 Wollongong 27284/1880
  5. (m) Peter Francis Connor b. 15/7/1881 Wollongong 18912/1881 d. 19/4/1925 (Ethel Jane Deegan 1905)
  6. (m) Thomas Joseph Connor b. 7/9/1883 Wollongong 21117/1883 d. 7/4/1936
  7. (f) Frances Ann Connor b. 26/11/1885 Wollongong
  8. (f) Josephina Connor b. 24/4/1888 Wollongong 25580/1888
  9. (f) Amelia Benidicta Connor b. 20/2/1891 Wollongong 38370/1891
  10. (f) Sophie F Connor b. 1894 Wollongong 37915/1894
  11. (m) James Joseph Dillon Connor b. 20/6/1898 Market St Wollongong 27099/1898

Connors Susannah (Hukins)

b. 1851 V18511905 37A/1851 d. 20/5/1910 Berry

m. Thomas Connors 1873 Kiama 2808/1873

f. Adolphus Hukins m. Mary A

  1. (f) Mary Ellen Connors b. 27/4/1874 Gerringong 12706/1874
  2. (m) John Edgar Connor b. 1876 Wagga Wagga
  3. (m) William A Connor b. 1878 Shoalhaven

Husband a farmer

The death occurred at Berry on Friday morning of the wife of Mr. Thomas Connors, a lady known and respected through out the South Coast, and one who possesses a lot of friends and relatives in this district. The cause of death was influenza and pneumonia, and the news came as a great shock to her friends. The deceased lady was 59 years of age, and leaves a husband and famlly of six sons and two daughters to mourn their loss.

Mr J. Connors, of Nimbin, is a son, and another son resides at Mullumbimby. Northern Star (Lismore, NSW: 1876 - 1954) Wednesday 25 May 1910 p 4

Conorton see Connaughton

Conroy Catherine (Munro)

b. abt 1831 d. 16/2/1899 Corrimal St, Wollongong

m. James Conroy 1846 Presbyterian Wollongong V18464430 74B

f. Angus Munro m. Ann

  1. (f) Ann Conroy b. 1847 Presbyterian Wollongong d. 1866 Shoalhaven
  2. (f) Barbara Conroy b. 1849 Presbyterian Illawarra district Kiama (Abraham Jennings 1873)
  3. (m) James Conroy b. 1851 Presbyterian Illawarra district Kiama
  4. (m) Angus Conroy b. 1855 CofE Gosford d. 1872 Braidwood
  5. (m) Alfred Conroy b. 1858 Gosford d. 21/5/1932 Grafton (Mary Bugden 1903)
  6. (m) Ernest Conroy b. 1861 Gosford d. 1949 Concord
  7. (f) Jessie M Conroy b. 1865 Shoalhaven
  8. (m) Albert Conroy b. 1872 Braidwood

Mrs. Conroy, mother of the well known boat builders, died at her residence, Corrimal-street, Wollongong, on Thursday last after a short illness. She was 68 years of age. The remains were interred in the Presbyterian cemetery Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950)Tuesday 21 February 1899 - Page 2

A trade long neglected in this part, where exceptionally good opportunities exist, is that of boat-building ; and the opportunity has been seized by Mr. A. Conroy, who has erected a boat building shed on the bank of Mullet Creek, where his venture appears to be meeting with success. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950)Saturday 3 April 1897 - Page 2

Conroy Hannah (Hartford/Tatford/Redford)

b. abt 1837 Chichester England d. abt 1854 Brisbane Qld br. Old Lang park (cemetery washed away in a flood )

m. Thomas Conroy ( c1793 Inchdublin Ireland- 4/101870 Ipswich Qld) abt 1822 England

Ship: Nithsdale 1830

  1. (f) Ann Conroy b. abt 1824 Ireland
  2. (m) John Conroy b. abt 1826 Ireland d. 1908 Brisbane (Eliza Maroney)
  3. (m) Thomas Conroy b. 24/8/1824 Parramatta ( Jessie Foley)
  4. (f) Johannah Elizabeth Conroy b. 12/12/1832 Sydney
  5. (f) Mary Conroy b. 1/5/1834 Sydney
  6. (m) William Conroy b. 10/11/1835 Sydney d. 1922 Ipswich Qld ( Honora Brown)
  7. (m) Hugh Conroy b. 2/8/1837 Dapto d. 1925 Bryden ( Margaret McNamara)
  8. (f) Catherine Conroy b. 7/8/1839 Dapto

Husband was a soldier, farmer and policeman.

Conway Catherine (Moloney)

b. abt 1826 d. 26/5/1916 North Sydney

m. John Conway (abt 1822 Galway Ireland – 10/4/1898 Surrey Hills Son of Thomas Conway & Mary)

  1. (m) John Joseph Conway b. 28/6/1858 Shellharbour d. 1/3/1871 Shellharbour
  2. (f) Mary Conway b. 1858 Kiama 8060/1858 d. 1858 Kiama
  3. (f) Mary A Conway b. 1861 Kiama 8341/1861
  4. (f) Catherine Conway b. 1861 Kiama 8342/1861

Husband a settler

CONWAY. — At “Genazzano,” 2 Arthur-street, North Sydney, May 26, 1916, Catherine Conway, relict of the late John Conway (late of Shellharbor) The Sun (Sydney, NSW: 1910 - 1954) Saturday 27 May 1916 p 6

Cooke Ada Margaret (King)

b. 1870 Kiama d. 18/5/1933 Maleny Qld br. Willa Qld

m. Alfred Charles King Cooke (7/1/1872 Kiama – 17/5/1946 Maleny Qld Son of William Cooke & Mary Ann King) 1895 Kiama

f. John King m. Elizabeth Dreaney *

  1. (f) Lillie Cooke b. 1896 Ballina
  2. (m) Maurice E Cooke b. 1897 Ballina
  3. (m) Roy L Cooke b. 1898 Ballina
  4. (f) Daisy I Cooke b. 1899 Lismore
  5. (f) Edina A I Cooke b. 1901 Ballina
  6. (f) Muriel W M Cooke b. 1902 Ballina
  7. (f) Annie M A Cooke b. 1904 Ballina
  8. (m) Warden Alfred Keith Cooke b. 1905 Qld
  9. (m) William John King Cooke b. 1907 Qld
  10. (m) Alfred Henry Clyde Dixon Cooke b. 1908 Qld
  11. (f) Elsie Ada Cooke b. 1910 Qld
  12. (m) Lester Sydney Kitchener Cooke b. 1915 Qld
  13. (m) Alan Stuart Cooke b. 1920 Qld/NSW

Mrs. A. M. Cooke.

Sudden Death Yesterday Morning.

Esteemed Maleny Resident.

A gloom was cast over the Maleny district by the death of Mrs. Ada Margaret Cooke wife of Mr. A.C. K. Cooke a well known and esteemed resident of Maleny which occurred at her residence yesterday at 6.45 a.m., at the age of 63years. Mrs. Cooke enjoyed a large circle of friends, and her passing is deeply mourned.

The funeral will leave her late residence for the Willa cemetery to-day at 2 p.m. Nambour Chronicle and North Coast Advertiser (Qld. : 1922 - 1954) Friday 19 May 1933

Cook Ann C

m. William Cook

  1. (f) Mary E Cook b. 1841 bp. Presbyterian Wollongong

Cook Ann Maria (Newing)

b. 12/5/1863 Long Brush Kiama d. 16/6/1857 Kiama

m. William Cook (abt 1865 - 25/6/1951 Kiama Son of George Cook & Elizabeth Smith *) 27/1/1887 Kiama

f. Thomas Newing m. Maria Bailey *

  1. (m) William Harold Cook b. 24/11/1887 Kiama 25787/1887 (Mary Catherine Dyer 1912)
  2. (m) Albert Ernest Cook b. 16/4/1890 Kiama 17812/1890
  3. (f) Eva Myrtle Cook b. 30/12/1892 Kiama 18579/1893 ( Henry John Locke 1912)
  4. (f) Ivy Muriel Cook b. 6/1/ 1897 Kiama4105/1897 ( Arthur Stanley Winton 1920)
  5. (f) Marjory Irene Cook b. 27/11/1900 Kiama 4270/1901 d. 21/7/1991

Cook Anne Teresa (McMahon)

b. 1845 Ireland d. 9/7/1908 Wollongong br. Wollongong RC

m. Robert Cook ( abt 1834 Cambridge England- 3/11/1934 Wollongong Son of Simon Cook & Harriet Manning *) 1/7/1861

f. Patrick McMahon m. Winifred Flood *

  1. (f) Matilda Cook b. 3/6/1862 Fairymeadow 15081/1862 (Isaac Lee Brown 1887)
  2. (f) Isabella Cook b. 24/11/1864 Fairy Meadow 16639/1864 (Daniel Corbett 1886)
  3. (m) Russell James Cook b. 23/12/1866 Farie Meadow 17882/1867 (Catherine Ann Hayes * )
  4. (f) Jane Cooke b. 22/1/1869 Wollongong 19759/1869 (Henry Dietrich)
  5. (f) Catherine Agnes Cook * b. 16/9/1870 Wollongong 19039/1870 d. 25/7/1957 Tempe (George Almaide 1888)
  6. (m) George Thomas Cook b. 16/9/1870 Wollongong 19040/1870 d. 2/6/1951 Wollongong (Mary Ann Rowles * 1902)
  7. (f) Maude Ella Cook b. 25/7/1874 Wollongong 21528/1874
  8. (f) Mable May Cook b. 5/12/1879 Cardm Vale Wollongong 27191/1880 d. 23/4/1939 Wollongong.

Beloved wife of Robert Cook Buried 11/7/1908. Husband lived to 102.

On the 3rd instant, at her residence, Mount Pleasant, the wife of Robert Cook, of a daughter. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 6 June 1862 p 2

COOK.— On the 16th instant, at her residence, Cabbage-tree, Fairy Meadow, Mrs. R. Cook, of twins, son and daughter. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 20 September 1870 p 2

Cook Alexina (McKenzie)

b. 24/1/1851 Fairy Meadow d. 12/12/1926 Alstonville br. Alstonville

m. Alick Cook (20/10/1867 Avondale - 2/9/1933 Alstonville Son of William M Cook & Rose McMahon *) 1898 Kiama

f. Alexander McKenzie Snr m. Christina Mary MacGillivary *

Photo in obituary


There passed away at her residence, “Albion Farm' Alstonville, Sunday, 12th inst., an early resident of the district in the person of Mrs. Alexina Cooke, wife of Mr. Alex. Cook, of Alstonville. Deep regret was felt throughout the whole community when the news became known, as the deceased lady was held in the highest respect and esteem. Her unbounded charity, thought fulness for others, especially those in distress, and her bright and cheerful disposition had endeared her to all, whilst, her many contributions to public functions were characteristic of her splendid generosity. She had a host of true friends, who mourn her death.

The late Mrs. Cook, who before marriage was Miss McKenzie, was born at Fairy Meadow, near Wollongong, 73 years ago, and came to Alstonville district about 30 years ago, and settled on the farm where she had lived ever since. Before coming to this locality the late Mrs. Cook Was a school teacher at North Bulli, Tongarra (near Albion Park) and Avoudale. The deceased was a great worker for the Presbyterian Church, and also for the show and all patriotic, charitable and public movements. During the war she worked indefatigably for the soldiers, and she received countless letters from them expressing their gratitude for her kindness and consideration for their comfort. Up to her last moments she had been actively engaged in this public spirited enterprise, and many a necessitous case had received liberal assistance without the facts being broadcasted to the public. Her husband survives her. There were no children of the marriage. The deceased lady was away for a fortnight in Sydney prior to her death, and was visiting a cousin, Mrs. H. Hicks, of Thirroul, South Coast, who was most anxious to see her. She said on stepping on to the jetty, at Byron Bay on her return that she had a most pleasant holiday, but before getting into the town of Byron Bay whilst walking along the jetty she complained of a sudden feeling of sickness. After resting for a while she was able to return home. After retiring in the evening she did not rise from her bed again.

The funeral took place on Monday afternoon, the cortege being one of the largest ever seen in the district. The interment took place in the Presbyterian portion of the Alstonville cemetery,

Northern Star (Lismore, NSW: 1876 - 1954) Tuesday 21 December 1926 p 4

Cooke Caroline Sophia B B (Morrow)

b. 24/3/1850 Sydney d. 30/10/1929 Murwillumbah br. Lismore

m. William Cooke (28/9/1837 Donegal Ireland – 21/7/1917 Lismore) 1869 Kiama

f. Robert Morrow m. Arabella Armstrong *

  1. (m) William A Cooke b. 1871 Kiama 11544/1871
  2. (m) Robert George Cooke b. 1873 Shoalhaven
  3. (m) George Alfred Cooke b. 1874 Shoalhaven
  4. (f) Elizabeth Arabella Cooke b. 1876 Shoalhaven
  5. (f) Teresa M Cooke b. 1878 Shoalhaven
  6. (m) Richard Ernest A Cooke b. 1880 Shoalhaven
  7. (m) Christopher J Cooke b. 1882 Shoalhaven
  8. (f) Ethel L Cooke b. 1884 Shoalhaven
  9. (f) Alice C Cooke b. 1887 Sloalhaven
  10. (m) Wesley J Cooke b. 1889 Broughton Creek
  11. (m) Allen S Cook b. 1890 Berry


Mrs. .Caroline Sophia Cooke, widow of the late Mr. William Cooke, died at Murwillumbah on 30th October in her 80th year. She was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morrow, of Broughton Vale, near Berry, and was born in Sydney in 1850, but went to live in Berry district shortly after and there spentall her early life. She was married in 1869, and then went to live near Nowra, but came to the Richmond River in 1898. They lived at Eltham, but early in the present century Mr. and Mrs. Cooke made their home at South Lismore, where Mr. Cooke's death occurred in July, 1917. Then Mrs. Cooke made her home, with her daughter, the late Mrs. J. Black, later removing with her married daughters, Mesdames Black and Grey (Tillie) at Lakemba. She afterwards returned to the North, spending her declining months with her son at Lismore, and daughter, Mrs. A. McPherson, of River Street, Murwil lumbah, where the end came as stated, after an illness of two months, death being due to a general break up of the system. The late Mrs. Cooke was a sterling woman, a good specimen of the early colonists and pioneers of the South Coast who did much to mould the mother colony.

Of a kind, charitable disposition, she was ever ready to lend a helping hand to neighbours, and to assist in any worthy cause. Thus she was loved and respected wherever she and her esteemed husband lived. An earnest Christian and devoted member of the Methodist Church, she was attended by the Rev. Mr. Skinner of the Murwillumbah Church, who marvelled at her cheerfulness, patience and endurance during her trying illness. She leaves a family of six sons and two daughters, Messrs. Wm. Cooke - (Rous), George, Chris, and Wesley of Lismore, Richard, (stationmaster at Exeter) and Stanley of Roma, Q., and Mesdames Munro of Campsie, Sydney, and A. Mcpherson of Murwillumbah. One son, Robert, and two daughters mentioned, predeceased her. In addition there are 31 grandchildren, and five great grandchildren. One brother, Mr. W. H. Morrow, of Kiama, survives her and is 86 years of age. Mrs. Cooke's remains were laid to rest in Lismore, alongside those of her late husband, and son-in-law, Mr. John Black, in the presence of a large number of friends and relations. The Methodist (Sydney, NSW : 1892 - 1954) Saturday 28 December 1929 p 12

Cook Catherine

Living at Avondale in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Cook Catherine (Miller then Blow)

b. 1819 Leck County Donegal Ireland d. 12/6/1911 Brownlow Hill Camden br. Brownsville

m. William Thomas Blow (1817- 28/9/1856 Avondale) 21/10/1840 Dapto Cof E Dapto Wollongong

m. John Cook 5/2/1873 Kiama

f. Samuel Miller m. Mary Miller *

Ship: Parland 1838

Both of St Michael’s parish

  1. (f) Maryann Blow * b. 5/7/1841 CofE Dapto; Wollongong V18411496 25/1841 b. 11/5/1929 Paddington (John Adams 1840)
  2. (f) Margaret Jane Blow * b. 7/8/1843 bp. CofE Illawarra; Jervis Bay V18431250 27A/1843 (John Boyd 1864 )
  3. (f) Catherine Grace Blow * b. 15/11/1845 Mt Keira V18453001 31A/1845 d. 7/12/1936 Brownlow Hill (George Alexander Porter)
  4. (m) William John Blow b. 14/12/1847 bp. CofE Dapto:Wollongong V18472353 33A/1847 d. 1936 Merimbula (Helen Jane McRae * 1879 )
  5. (m) John Blow b. 21/3/1850 bp. CofE Dapto;Wollongong V1850977 35/1850 (Enea Clark Brown * 1877)
  6. (f) Sarah Blow * b. 18/11/1852 Wollongong V18521805 38A/1852 d. 18/5/1929 Ashgrove Qld (Charles Axam 1878)
  7. (m) Samuel Blow b. 19/2/1854 (Maragret Camps)
  8. (f) Margaret Blow V1853126 27A/1853
  9. (m) Samuel Blow b. 1854 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong V1854764 40/1854

Dairywoman Cambewarra Bailliere’s Post Office Directory 1867

Mrs. Cook (nee Mrs. Blow) died at Camden this week, and was buried at Brownsville on Wednesday, Rev. O'Neil administering the last sad rites. Deceased, who was 94 years of age, was widely knowm and highly respected here. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 16 June 1911 p 15

Cook Catherine Agnes (Duffy)

b. 1874 Sydney / Co Roscommon Ireland d. 18/1/1956 Wollongong br. West Dapto Catholic

m. Charles James Cook (10/1/1863 Fairy Meadow – 19/8/1930 Avondale Son of William Manning Cook & Rose McMahon *)8/4/1890 St John’s West Dapto 7687/1890

f. Patrick Duffy m. Catherine Agnes Kelly

  1. (f) Ethel Mary Cook b. 16/1/1891 West Dapto (Norman Christenson 1916)
  2. (f) Florence Charlotte Cook b. 30/1/1892 West Dapto (Edward F Fitzgerald 1921)
  3. (f) Rosa Cook b. 16/10/1895 Dapto
  4. (f) Harriett May Cook b. 15/2/1901 Avondale (Bertram Thomas 1924)
  5. (f) Rose Gertrude Cook (George Arnold 1933)
  6. (m) Charles J Cook b. 1906 Dapto 2906/1906

Cook Catherine Anne (Hayes)

b. 13/9/1865 Wollongong Cordeaux RC Illawarra: Wollongong V18652382 121A d. 24/9/1926 Wollongong 14257/1926 br. Wollongong General

m. Russell James Cook (b 23/12/1866 Farie Meadow -18/9/1950 Wollongong Son of Robert Cook & Anne Teresa McMahon *) 11/6/1888 St Francis Xavier’s

f. Thomas Hayes m. Bridget Purcell *

  1. (m) George Francis Cook b. 10/9/1889 Wollongong 24515/1889 d. 1909 Wollongong
  2. (m) Stanley Thomas Russell Cook b. 10/9/1889 Wollongong 24516/1889 d. 1976 102612/1976
  3. (f) Catherine Anne Cook b. 25/1/1892 Gwynville 38890/1892 (King)
  4. (m) Robert Thomas Cook b. 12/4/1894 Gwynville 38359/1894 d. 1966 Wollongong 33895/1966
  5. (f) Jane Elizabeth Cook b. 9/4/1897 Gwynville 18048/1897 d. before 1950
  6. (m) Thomas King

Burning Fatality.


The Deputy Coroner (Mr. J. Kirby) held an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the death of Catherine Ann Cook, at the Court House, Wollongong, on Saturday morning last.

Russell Cook, husband of the deceased, deposed that his wife had been subject to fits tor the last 30 years.

On Thursday, September 23rd he went to work as usual, but at 9 a.m. he was recalled home by his son Robert, who said, 'For God's sake come home, mother has fallen into the fire.' He returned home, and found his wife severely burned, but conscious. She told him that she had fallen on to the fire, but could not explain howshe got there, and expressed a wish to see Dr. Kerr. He rang up Dr. Kerr, and had his wife conveyed to the Wollongong District Hospital. He was not with her when she died, but had seen her several times on the day the passed away. She had fallen into the fire previously without being able to explain anything of it.

Dr. John Kerr, Wollongong, deposed that he had known the deceased for many years, during which she was subject to epileptic fits. On the morning of September 23rd, shortly after 9 a.m. he had a telephone conversation with Russell Cook, and as a result, advised the immediate removal of Mrs. Cook to the Wollongong District Hospital, where he saw her shortly after her arrival. She was severely burned on the face, arms, chest, and upper part of the abdomen, and was suffering severely from shock.

The burns were chiefly of the second, and, in some cases, the third degree, i.e., blisters, and charring of the skin.

Dressings were applied and remedies given to relieve pain, and combat shock, but she sank, and died in about 21 hours. He was of the opinion that she died from shock consequent upon burns received from falling into the fire during an epileptic fit. A similar accident had occurred to her about 12 months ago, as a result of which she was an inmate of the Hospital for about six months.

Robert Thomas Cook, labourer (who appeared with both hands heavily bandaged) deposed that he was a son of the deceased, and resided with his parents at Cordeaux River. On the morning of Thursday, September 23rd, his mother appeared, as she always did, in the best of health. At about 8.30 he was about 100 yards from the house when he heard a terrible scream.

He ran back to the house, and found his mother lying face downwards in the fire, with the whole of the upper part of her body lying on the flames.

Her clothing was burning, and she was not conscious. He pulled her off the fire and rolled her in a blanket, burning his hands in so doing. He then ran for Mrs. Cutts, a neighbour, and, on her arrival, went for his father.

Mary Ann Cutts, Cordeaux River, deposed that she had gone to render first aid to Mrs. Cook as a result of what she had been told by Robert Cook. She had applied oil, and wad- ding, to the awful burns to somewhat alleviate the agony. The deceased was conscious all the time, and frequently spoke to her.

His Worship gave a verdict in accordance with the medical evidence. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 1 October 1926 p 5

Cook Charlotte Lottie (Brownlee)

b. 6/9/1876 Albion Park 13549/1876 d. 27/3/1937 Conniston br. Wollongong

m. Frank Cook 1906 Albion Park

f. John Brownlee m. Mary Jane Cronean *

  1. (m) William M M Cook b. 1907 Wollongong
  2. (f) Mary P Cook b. 1910 Bellingen
  3. (f) Mary L Cook b. 1912 Bellingen
  4. (m) Henry F Cook b. 1914 Bellingen
  5. (m) Kevin A Cook b. 1916 Murwillumbah
  6. (f) Hilda M Cook b. 1918 Murwillumbah

Living Stockyard Mountain in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties


The death occurred at her residence; Springhill, Coniston, on Saturday evening, of Mrs. Cook, wife of Mr. Frank Cook, a member of the well-known Unanderra .family. She enjoyed good health until about seven months a go, and during the intervening period has been an inmate of Lewisham and Wootan Hospitals, Sydney. Much sympathy is felt for the bereaved hus band and family of eight children, viz., Messrs. Max, Hilton, Kevin and Colin Cook, and Misses Sheila, Lorna, Moya and Norma Cook, in the loss they have sustained in the death of an affectionate wife and mother, who is also mourned by a wide circle of friends.

The late Mrs. Cook was Miss Lottie Brownlee prior to her marriage, and was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs.: John Brownlee, of Albion Park, and sister of the Misses Brownlee of that centre, and of Mr. Frank Brownlee: She was married to Mr. Cook 31 years ago, and they resided in Dapto after their marriage, subsequently removing to the North Coast and residing at Bellingen and the Tweed River district, where the deceased made many friends owing to her neighbourly qualities. Seven years ago the family removed to the Illawarra district, and went to reside at Springhill, where Mr. Cook is engaged in farming.

The interment took place in the Catholic portion of the Wollongong cemetery, on Sunday afternoon, the Rev. Father O'Rourke officiating at the graveside. The funeral cortege was a representative one. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 2 April 1937 p 5

Cook Eliza

m. James Cook

  1. (f) Grace L Cook b. 1859 Wollongong 14024/1859

Cook Elizabeth (Smith then Kent)

b. abt 1832 Kiama d. 23/2/1906 Kiama br. North Kiama

m. Abraham Kent (1818- 1855 Camperdown ) abt 1854 CofE Jamberoo Kiama

m. George Cook 1864 Kiama

f. David Smith m. Ann Davis *

  1. (m) William Cook b. 1864 Kiama 9403/1864 d. 25/6/1951 Kiama (Ann Maria Newing * 1887)

Friday night last the death of the oldest Kiama resident was recorded –that of Mrs. Cook, relict of the late George Cook. The deceased, who was the daughter of the late David Smith, and 74 years of age, resided with her son William in Eddy street, where her death took place at 8 p.m. on the night stated. Her illness dated from the second day of the Kiama show, but she had only to take to her bed a few days. Mrs. Cook is said to have been the first white girl child born in Kiama. She was member of the Church of England her remains being interred on Saturday in the portion set apart for that denomination in North Kiama cemetery, The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Tuesday 27 February 1906 p 2

Cook Elizabeth Ann (Emery)

b. abt 1876 Northumberland d. 12/1/1946 Wollongong

m. Alexander Richard Cook (1876 Kiama 13418/1876 -1935 Wollongong Son of Thomas Cook & Mary Ann Beach *) 1903

f. George Emery m. Jane Richardson *

  1. (f) Effie E Cook b. 1905 Wollongong
  2. (f) Isabel M Cook b. 1907 Wollongong
  3. (m) Alexander Norman Cook b. 1909 Wollongong d. 1964 Wollongong
  4. (f) Moyna J Cook b. Wollongong
  5. (f) Hilda C Cook b. 1912 Wollongong
  6. (m) Archibald G Cook b. 1914 Wollongong d. 1914 Wollongong

Living at Mount Keira in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties.

Cook Elizabeth Esther (Bursill/Bursell then Mathieson)

b. 1864 Kiama d. 1924 Kiama

m. Walter Frederick C Mathison (- 1909 Newtown Son of Lawrence Mathieson & Catherine )

m. Thomas R Cook 1910 Newtown

? m. ? Whitfield

f. Thomas Bursell m. Henrietta *

  1. (f) Annie Mathieson b. 1886 Paddington (William Hugh Booth 1909)
  2. (f) Edith May Mathieson b. 23/3/1888 Shelharbour (Edward Murphy 1910)
  3. (m) Lawrence T Mathieson b. 1897 Albion Park d. 1902 Glebe

When her mother died she is listed as being Mrs Elizabeth Whitfield.

Cook Ellen (Brownlee)

b. 1874 Albion Park d. 19/4/1947 Penrith br. Penrith

m. John Bernard Cook (8/10/1870 Avondale –3/6/1951 Penrith Son of William Manning Cook & Rose McMahon *) 30/5/1900 St Paul’s Albion Park

f. John Brownlee m. Mary Jane Cronean *

  1. (f) Mary Dorothy Cook b. 28/2/1901 Avondale 18310/1901 (Kenneth Colless 1930)
  2. (f) Irene Frances Cook b. 1903 Wollongong 8576/1903 (James E Bolger 1940 )
  3. (m) John A Cook b. 1905 Wollongong 9347/1905
  4. (f) Eugenie Marie Cook b. 1907 Grafton ( Douglas Connell 1941)
  5. (f) Marie M Cook b. 1913 Bellingen
  6. (m) Bernard A Cook b. 1916 Burwood
  7. (f) Nellie Carmel Cook (Keith Scott Cairns 1946)


Mrs. Ellen Cook, wife of Mr. John Bernard Cook, of Castlereagh Road, Penrith, died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Doug. Connell, Doonmore Street, Penrith, on April 19 at the age of 70 years.

The late Mrs. Cook was born at Albion Park and was the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Brownlee. She lived at Castlereagh for 29 years.

Mrs. Cook had four daughters and two sons: Dorothy (Mrs. K. Colless, Windsor), Irene (Mrs. Bolger, Elizabeth Bay), John (Windsor), Eugenie (Mrs. D. Connell, Penrith), Marie (deceased), Bernard (Castlereagh), Carmel (Mrs. H. Cairns, Braidwood).

She was a sister of Jane Brownlee (Castlereagh), Fred Brownlee (Albion Park), and Margaret Harniman.

The interment took place in Penrith general cemetery, Catholic portion, on April 20. Nepean Times (Penrith, NSW : 1882 - 1962) Thursday 8 May 1947 p 3

Cook Ellen C Eleanor (Tonry)

b. 1860 Ireland d. 6/2/1945 br. West Dapto Catholic Cemetery

m.William Henry Cook (1857 Wollongong – 30/3/1922 Unanderra Son of William Manning Cook & Rose McMahon *) 22/7/1879 Residence of Mrs Gibbons Avondale

f. James Tonry m. Catherine Carloes

Ship: abt 1879

  1. (f) Ellen Catherine Cook * b. 19/6/1880 Dapto d. 31/3/1964 West Dapto
  2. (m) Francis Cook b. 21/6/1881 Dapto / Unaderra ( Lottie Brownlee 1906)
  3. (f) Mary Cook b. 16/6/1883 Lake View Unanderra d 1953 West Dapto (Coughlan)
  4. (m) Joseph Cook b. 20/6/1885 Dapto
  5. (m) James Joseph Cooke b. 11/4/1887 Dapto d. 1943 West Dapto (Margaret May)
  6. (m) William Henry (Wilfred) Cook b. 3/3/1889 Unanderra d. 1975 West Dapto
  7. (m) Frederick Joseph Cook b. 8/12/1890 Berkley d 1948 West Dapto (Elizabeth Mary)
  8. (m) Albert Joseph Patrick Cook b. 12/3/1892 Canterbury d. 1936 West Dapto
  9. (f) Mabel Mary Cook b. 12/3/1891 Canterbury d 1919 West Dapto
  10. (f) Maria Teresa May Cook b. 8/7/1893 Unanderra d. 1895 West Dapto
  11. (m) Harold Joseph Cook b. 17/4/1896 Dapto d 1961 West Dapto (Marie)
  12. (m) Dr Bertrand Anthony Joseph Cook b. 11/8/1899 Unanderra d. 11/5/1985 West Dapto (Dorothy Lyle)
  13. (m) Stanley Anthony Joseph Cook b. 20/10/1900 Unanderra d 1965 West Dapto (Mary V,

Neice was Katherine Wynne

Living at Canterbury Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Mrs. E. T. Cook

Mrs. Eleanor Tonry Cook, of ' Glendalough,' Unanderra, who has died at the age of 85 years, was a native of Ireland. She came to Australia at the age of 19 years, and settled here, marrying William Henry Cook who predoceased her by almost 23 years. An outstanding woman, she has left behlnd her a worthy achievement in Church and civic affairs. The funeral took place to the Catholic Cemetery at West Dapto. Surviving members of her family are Ellen, Mrs. E. G. Coghlan, Dr. Wilfred Cook (AAMC), Dr. Bertrand Cook (Bulli), Francis, Joseph, Frederick, Harold, Stanislaus and Harry. Catholic Weekly (Sydney, NSW : 1942 - 1954) Thursday 15 March 1945 p 17

Cook Ellen Catherine

b. 9/6/1880 Dapto d. 31/3/1964 Unanderra br. West Dapto Catholic Cemetery

f. William Henry Cook m. Ellen Tonry *

Living at Canterbury Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Cook Emma

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (f) Edga O Cook b. 1893 Kiama 18597/1893

Cook Emma (Churchland)

b. 25/9/1866 Patricks Plain

m. James Cook 1888 Waterloo

f. John Churchland m. Annabella Barbara Singleton

  1. (m) Richard James Cook b. 1889 Waterloo
  2. (m) May Cook b. 1892 Wollongong 38983/1892
  3. (f) Jessie Cook b. 1894 Woonona 38375/1894
  4. (m) John Cook b. 1896 Fairy Meadow 36262/1896
  5. (m) Lizzie Cook b. 1903 Woonona 26818/1903
  6. (m) Edward Cook b. 1907 Wollongong 42069/1907

Living at Fairy Meadow in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties Living in Annandale when son John enlisted in 1915.

Cook Emma (Carter)

b. 1803 Radborough Gloucestershire England d. 30/1/1874 Ulladulla

m. John Cook (1804 Painswick Gloucestershire England -27/5/1860 Kiama Son of John Cook & ) 1821 England

f. Charles Carter m.

Ship: Layton 1838

  1. (m) Charles Cook b. 1823 England (Jane)
  2. (f) Mary Ann Cook b. 1826 England d. 1858 Balmain (Theodore Jaques 1848)
  3. (m) Alfred Cook b. 1828 England d. 10/2/1897 Pyrmont (Matilda Taylor 1853)
  4. (f) Maria Isabella Cook b. 1835 England
  5. (m) Male Cook b. 1838 England
  6. (f) Female Cook d. 1838 England
  7. (f) Caroline E J Cooke b. 1839 NSW d. 1877 Kiama ( John H Deane 1858)
  8. (f) Cook (S Freeman)

Had 2 sons under 18 and 2 girls under 15 when they arrived

John Cook is listed as living at Omega Retreat in the 1841 Census

Jan. 30, Ulladulla, Emma, relict of the late Mr. J. Cook, of Marsden Hill, Kiama, aged 78 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Saturday 21 February 1874

Cook Esther M (?)

m. John Cook

  1. (m) Henry L Cook b. 24/8/1890 Wollongong 38077/1890

COOK- August 24, at Wollongong the wife of John Cook, of a son. The Sydney Morning Herald 28 August 1890

Cook Fanny (Vance)

b. abt 1841 Fermangh Ireland

m. Ebenezer Cook (abt 1842 Tenterden Kent - 1920 Rookwood Asylum Son of John Cook ) 1867 Kiama

f. James Vance m. Mary Chittick *

Ship: John Vanner 1863

  1. (f) Susannah B Cook b. 1869 Kiama 12294/1869 d. 1922 (F Wells)
  2. (f) Mary J Cook b. 1871 Kiama 11781/1871 d. 1912 Kyogle (Ernest E Jarman 1901)
  3. (f) Fanny Cook b. 1874 Kiama 12637/1874 d. 1964 Byron Bay
  4. (f) Dinah Cook b. 1876 Shoalhaven
  5. (f) Sarah Louisa Cook b. 1881 Kiama 19344/1881
  6. (f) Christina Catherine Cook b. 1881 Kiama

Her husband was a member of the Salvation Army.

Cook Hannah

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic duties With John Cook a miner

Cook Hannah (Henness)

b. . 17/7/1880 Bulli d. 7/11/1954 Bulli

m. Herbert Cook (- before 1954) 1898 Glebe

f. William Henness m. Catherine McManamen *

  1. (m) John G Cook b. 1899 Woonona 26925/1899 d. 1899 Woonona
  2. (m) Thomas G Cook b. 1899 Woonona 26926/1899 d. 1899 Woonona
  3. (m) Albert Edward Cook b. 1901 Woonona 28281/1901


Mrs. Hannah Cook, 72, of Molloy St., Bulli, died yesterday.

She was the mother of Albert Edward Cook of Mittagong.

Mrs. Cook lived in Bulli all her life. Illawarra Daily Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1950 - 1954) Wednesday 27 January 1954 p 2

Cook Harriet (Manning)

b 1814 Stow-cum-Quy Cambridgeshire d. 26/6/1852 Fairy Meadow br. Wollongong Pioneer Park

m. Simon Cook (1812 Stow-cum-Quy Cambridgeshire-18/7/1868 Fairy Meadow Son of John Cook & Sophia Farrer) 26/10/1834 Cambridgeshire Later married Isabella Hay *

f. William Manning m. Martha Watson

Ship: Kate 1850

  1. (m) William Manning Cook b. 16/10/1835 Cambridgeshire England d. 1921 Dapto ( Rose McMahon * 1855; Mary Hennessy * 1898)
  2. (m) Robert Cook b. 1836 Cambridgeshire England d. 1934 Wollongong ( Anne Teresa McMahon * 1861)
  3. (f) Sophia Cook * b. 1842 Waterbeach England d. 15/6/1888 (James Charles 1862)
  4. (f) Eliza Cooke * b. 1847 Waterbeach England ( Edmond Keeffe 1867)
  5. (m) Simon Cook b. 1851 Mt Keira d. Newcastle ( Mary Ann Cree 1875)

Cook Isabella (Hay)

m. Simon Cook (1812 Stow-cum-Quy Cambridgeshire-18/7/1868 Fairy Meadow Son of John Cook & Sophia Farrer) 1853 Presbyterian Wollongong V18534502 74B Previously married Harriet Manning *

Cooke Isabella (King)

b. 27/10/1860 Jamberoo d. 17/5/1942 Alstonville

m. Samuel Robert Cooke ( 9/3/1860 Broughton Vale -10/4/1924 Alstonville Son of William Cooke & Mary Ann King *) 27/6/1883 Jamberoo

f. Moses King m. Janet Russell *

  1. (f) Mildred Cooke b. 19/4/1884 Stony Creek 23421/1884 d. 17/6/ 1968
  2. (f) Alice Mary Janetta Cooke b. 30/8/ 1886 Foxground 25134/1886 d. 12/2/ 1929
  3. (m) Robert Albert Cooke b. 17/3/1888 Bexhill d. 1/9/1902
  4. (f) Isabella Cooke b. 11/3/ 1890 Bexhill d. 22/11/1954
  5. (m) Ewing Edgar Cooke b. 22/1/ 1892 Bexhill d. 4/1/ 1972
  6. (f) Jessie Irene Cooke b. 7/1/ 1894 Bexhill d. 20/4/ 1979
  7. (f) Myra Cooke b. 23/11/ 1896 Corndale d. 5/10/ 1974
  8. (m) Lindsay Cooke b. 1/3/ 1899 Corndale d. 20/4/ 1980
  9. (f) Annie Agnes Cooke b. 6 /12/1901 Corndale d. 21/11/ 1960

COOKE–KING.–June 27th, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. John Wilson MA, Samuel Robert, second son of William Cook, Broughton Village, to Isabella, third daughter of Moses King, Jamberoo. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Friday 29 June 1883 p 2

Cooke Jane

b. d. 22/6/1941 Sutherland br. Woronora

m. William Cook (-1/4/1918 Sutherland)

  1. (f) Emily Cook b. 1892 Woonona 39512/1892 (Frederick Bullock 1914)
  2. (m) Oswald L Cook b. 1895 Helensburgh d. 1966 Sutherland
  3. (m) Herbert Cook b. 1897 Helensburgh 31845/1897 d. 1967 Kogarah
  4. (m) Theophilus Cook b. 1901 Helensburgh d. 1902 Balmain

COOK.—The Relatives and friends of Mr. R. W. COOK and FAMILY, Mrs. E. BULLOCK and FAMILY, Mrs. T. SEYMOUR and FAMILY, Miss ANNIE COOK, Mr. OSWALD COOK and FAMILY, Mr. HERBERT COOK and FAMILY, MAVIS POWE (granddaughter), WILLIAM GIFFORD (on active service abroad), WILLIAM HERBERT (Jack) COOK (on active service abroad), are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved MOTHER and GRANDMOTHER, Mrs. Jane Cook, widow of William Cook; to leave her late residence, Grand Parade, Sutherland, THIS TUESDAY, at 2.30 p.m., for Church of England Cemetery, Woronora. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 24 June 1941 p

Cooke Jane (King)

b. 20/6/1857 Jerara Creek Kiama 7496/1857 d. 6/12/1935 Gerringong br. Gerringong

m. William Richard Cooke ( 10/1/1857 Kiama – 13/12/1928 Gerringong Son of William Cooke & Mary Ann King *) 19/1/1881 Kiama

f. Moses King m. Janet Russell *

  1. (f) Jeanette Cooke b. 20/10/1881 Gerringong 19484/1881 d. 17/1/1946 Gerringong ( Malcolm K Mathie 1907, Harold A A Ross 1918)
  2. (m) William Charles Dixon Cooke b. 27/5/1883 Gerringong 21734/1883 d. 9/8/1952 Casino
  3. (f) Agnes Anne Cooke b. 19/2/1885 Gerringong d. 21/5/1962 (Joseph Williamson 1915)
  4. (f) Edith Ethel Cooke b. 16/12/1886 Kiama 25622/1887 d. 6/5/1958 ( Albert J Dawes 1913)
  5. (m) Alexander Wallace Cooke b. 2 /2/ 1889 Gerringong d. 14/7/1951
  6. (f) Alice Maud Cooke b. 20/4/1892 Gerringong 18485/1892 d. 27/11/1911 Gerringong
  7. (m) George Herbert Cooke b. 9/1/1895 Gerringong 4321/1895 d. 31/10/1917
  8. (m) Harold Ernest Cooke b. 1/8/1897 Gerringong 22690/1897 d. 20/11/1971


The death occurred on Friday last at her home, Victoria cottage, Belinda St, Gerringong, of Mrs. Jane Cooke, one of the oldest and most respected residents of the township.

The late Mrs Cooke had been in failing health for some time, and had been surrounded with the loving care and devotion of her children at Gerringong, especially her daughter Mrs. Williamson, with whom she lived. She also received and greatly appreciated the ministrations of the Revs S Taylor and J.W. A. Watkinson, and Mr. L Harris (Catechist) of the Church of England of which she was a devoted adherent, and for which she had worked so well in her years of health and activity.

After the war, she had presented to St. George's Church at Gerringong, a beautiful communion table in remembrance of her son, George, who had paid the supreme sacrifice at the front.

On the occasion of Archbishop Mowll's visit to Gerringong last year, he specially went to see Mrs Cooke, and this honour was a great encouragement to her. Born at Jerara the late Mrs. Cooke came to live in Gerringong 55 years ago and the cottage where she died was her original home. Her husband the late William Richard Cooke, engaged in the business of bacon-curing, at the time the old Boatharbour was the outlet for the produce of the Gerringong district, prior to the coming of the railway. Later he engaged in dairying and butchering, and in all his work Mrs Cooke was a great helpmate to her husband.

Some twenty years ago Mrs. Cooke commenced the guest house at “Billow View” and conducted this successfully until her retirement five years ago. She was also a foundation member of the Daybreak Lodge of the Order of Good Templars, and as long as she was able, she followed its activities with keen interest. Ever a lover of flowers, her garden was well-known in Gerringong.

The late Mrs Cooke was always ready to assist in any cases of illness or distress, and was a splendid friend and neighbour. She had reared a large family and was a devoted wife and mother. She leaves three sons, Messrs. Charles (Casino) Wallace (Hurlstone Park) and Harold (Gerringong) and three daughters Jessie (Mrs Ross, Gerringong), Agnes (Mrs Williamson, Gerringong), Edie (Mrs. A. J Dawes, Kiama).

A daughter also predeceased her. She had 27 grandchildren and one great grandchild. Of her own family four sisters survive in Mesdames Jackson (Ballina), Cooke (Alstonville), Wheatley (Lismore) and McGill (Croome); brothers being Major J Russell King, general manager of the Producers' Distributing Society, Sydney, and Mr Robert King (Maleny Qld) to all of whom sincere district sympathy is extended. The funeral, which was largely attended took place at the Church of England cemetery, Gerringong, on Sunday afternoon. The Kiama Reporter and Illawarra Journal (NSW: 1899 - 1947) Wednesday 11 December 1935 p 2

Cook Jane Lewis (Hassan)

b. Worcester England

m. Charles Cook (- ) 27/8/1859 St Phillip’s Sydney 617/1859

On the 27th instant, at St. Phillip's Church, Sydney, by the Rev. F. Ashwin, minister of Kiama, Mr. Charles Cook, of Kiama, to Miss Jane Lewis Hassan, of Kiama, formerly of Worcester, England.  The Sydney Morning Herald 29 August 1859

Cooke Jane (King)

b. 20/6/1857 Jerara Creek Kiama 7496/1857 d. 6/12/1935 Gerringong

m. William Richard Cooke (abt 1857-1928 Gerringong) 1881 Kiama

f. Moses King m. Janet Russell *

  1. (f) Janet Cooke * b. 1881 Kiama d. (Malcolm K Mathie Ross 1907, )
  2. (m) William Charles D Cooke b. 1883 Kiama
  3. (f) Agnes A Cooke b. 1885 Kiama (Williamson)
  4. (f) Edith I Cooke b. 1887 Kiama (A J Dawes)
  5. (m) Alexander Wallace Cooke b. 1889 Kiama
  6. (f) Alice M Cooke b. 1892 Kiama
  7. (m) George H Cooke b. 1895 Kiama
  8. (m) Harold E Cooke b. 1897 Kiama

Living at Gerringong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic


The death occurred on Friday last at her home, Victoria cottage, Belinda St, Gerringong, of Mrs. Jane Cooke, one of the oldest and most respected residents of the township.

The late Mrs Cooke had been in failing health for some time, and had been surrounded with the loving care and devotion of her children at Gerringong, especially her daughter Mrs. Williamson, with whom she lived. She also received and greatly appreciated the ministrations of the Revs S Taylor and J.W. A. Watkinson, and Mr. L Harris (Catechist) of the Church of England of which she was a devoted adherent, and for which she had worked so well in her years of health and activity.

After the war, she had presented to St. George's Church at Gerringong, a beautiful communion table in remembrance of her son, George, who had paid the supreme sacrifice at the front.

On the occasion of Archbishop Mowll's visit to Gerringong last year, he specially went to see Mrs Cooke, and this honour was a great encouragement to her

Born at Jerara the late Mrs. Cooke came to live in Gerringong 55 years ago and the cottage where she died was her original home. Her husband the late William Richard Cooke, engaged in the business of bacon-curing, at the time the old Boatharbour was the outlet for the produce of the Gerringong district, prior to the coming of the railway. Later he engaged in dairying and butchering, and in all his work Mrs Cooke was a great helpmate to her husband.

Some twenty years ago Mrs. Cooke commenced the guest house at “Billow View” and conducted this successfully until her retirement five years ago. She was also a foundation member of the Daybreak Lodge of the Order of Good Templars, and as long as she was able, she followed its activities with keen interest. Ever a lover of flowers, her garden was well-known in Gerringong.

The late Mrs Cooke was always ready to assist in any cases of illness or distress, and was a splendid friend and neighbour. She had reared a large family and was a devoted wife and mother. She leaves three sons, Messrs. Charles (Casino) Wallace (Hurlstone Park) and Harold (Gerringong) and three daughters Jessie (Mrs Ross, Gerringong), Agnes (Mrs Williamson, Gerringong), Edie (Mrs. A. J Dawes, Kiama).

A daughter also predeceased her.

She had 27 grandchildren and one great grandchild. Of her own family four sisters survive in Mesdames Jackson (Ballina), Cooke (Alstonville), Wheatley (Lismore) and McGill (Croome); brothers being Major J Russell King, general manager of the Producers' Distributing Society, Sydney, and Mr Robert King (Maleny Qld) to all of whom sincere district symp- athy is extended. The funeral, which was largely attended took place at the Church of England cemetery, Gerringong, on Sunday afternoon, the service being conducted by the Rector (the Rev J. W. A. Watkinson) assisted by the Rev. D Davies (Congregational) and Mr. L. Harris (Catechist). Pall beareres were Mrs Cooke's three sons and brother, Major King and Messrs. F. A. Bray and John Weir. Members of the Gerringong Municipal Council marched in the procession, forming the cortege. The Kiama Reporter and Illawarra Journal (NSW : 1899 - 1947) Wednesday 11 December 1935 p 2

Cook Janet

b. abt 1854 Fifeshire d. 23/5/1934 Mount Ousley br. Wollongong

m. Thomas Cook (abt 1855 Ayreshire-1920 Wollongong Son of David Cook & Rachel)

f. William m. Helen

Ship: Samuel Plimsoll 1876

  1. (f) Helen Miller Cook * b. 1877 Wallsend d. 1953 Ashfield (Joseph H Parsons 1904)
  2. (m) David Grant Cook b. 1879 Wallsend d. 8/8/1954 Ashfield

Living at Mount Ousley in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties Husband a mine manager

A very old resident of the district passed away this week at Mount Ousley, in the person of Mrs. Cook, relict of the late Mr. Thomas Cook, at one time manager of Mount Pleasant Colliery. The remains were privately interred in the Wollongong Presbyterian cemetery, Mr. Blanchard, of Corrimal, officiating. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 25 May 1934 p 3

COOK -May 23 1934 at her residence Gowan Brae Mount Ousley (Wollongong) Janet relict of the late Thomas Cook and beloved mother of David and Helen (Mrs Parsons) Privately Interred May 24 1934 The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 26 May 1934 p 14

Cook Jessie Maud Emily (Dewhurst)

d. 12/11/1965 br. Woronora

m. Robert William Cook (- 16/6/1942 Sutherland Son of William Cook & Caroline) 1900 Kogarah

f. Timothy Dewhurst m. Jane

  1. (f) Evelyn Cook b. 1901 Helensburgh 3922/1901
  2. (m) Robert Cook b. 1902 Helensburgh 22564/1902
  3. (m) George Cook b. 1905 Helensburgh 23727/1905
  4. (m) Phillip Cook b. 1907 Helensburgh 3886/1907

Cook Jessie Rebecca (Todkill)

b. 1883 Towrang 10856/1883 d. 1957 Byron Bay

m. Edward Manning Cook (17/7/1877 Dapto -1957 Byron Bay Son of William Manning Cook & Rose McMahon *) 2/4/1902 St John’s Dapto

f. William Todkill m. Elizabeth Anne Stephenson *

  1. (f) Ellen E M Cook b. 1903 Ballina
  2. (m) William A McM Cook b. 1906 Ballina
  3. (f) Lilah H G Cook b. 1908 Murwillumbah
  4. Charles N Cook b. 1911 Byron Bay
  5. (m) Lindsay H Cook b. 1915 Byron Bay

Cook Margaret (Wilson then Rennie)

b. abt 1863 Northumberland d. 18/4/1943 Weston br. Kurri Kurri

m. William Rennie () 1883 Woonona

m. Joseph Cook (abt 1854- 18/2/1909) 1904 Lambton

f. Robert Wilson m. Jane/Jean *

  1. (m) William Rennie b. 1884 Newcastle d. 1884 Newcastle
  2. (m) Mark Cook b. 1886 Hamilton
  3. (m) Robert Cook b. 1890 Hamilton
  4. (f) Annie Cook b. 1892 Scone (Elwin Trunk 1915)
  5. (f) Margaret Cook b. 1894 West Wallsend (James Cook 1911)
  6. (f) Agnes J Cook b. 1897 West Maitland (John J Orchard 1918)
  7. (f) Rosabelle Cook b. 1899 West Maitland (Thomas Cook 1918)
  8. (m) William Cook b. 1902 Newcastle
  9. (f) Elizabeth A Cook b. 1904 West Maitland (Archibald Henderson 1927)
  10. (m) George A Cook b. 1908 Kurri Kurri

Sister Isabella Coulton * and Agnes Rosser

MRS. MARGARET COOK. The late Mrs. Margaret Cook, relict of the late Joseph Cook, was 80. She was one of the oldest residents of Weston, having lived there for over 30 years. The funeral left her residence for the Methodist Cemetery, Kurri Kurri. She had five sons (two deceased) and five daughters. The sons are Mark (East Maitland), Robert (Weston), William (Kurri Kurri), and daughters, Mesdames E. Trunk (West Maitland), J. Logan (Weston), J. J.. Orchard (Cessnock), T. U. Charlton (Weston), and A. Henderson (Dudley). There were 18 grand children. Mrs. Rosser, of Mayfield West is a sister. Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate (NSW : 1876 - 1954)Wednesday 28 April 1943 - Page 4

Cook Margaret (Rait)

m. John Cook (Son of Edward Cook) 21/9/1889

f. Henry Rait

Cooke Margaret Amelia see Evans

Cook Margaret Minnie (Hicks)

b. 3/1/1865 Bulli 16846/1865 d. 25/5/1952 Ballina br. Alstonville

m. Alfred Cook (b. 8/8/ 1869 Avondale Dapto - 1/4/1930 Ballina Son of William Manning Cook & Rose McMahon *) 1899 Woonona

f. Henry Thomas Hicks m. Mary Ann McKenzie *

  1. (m) George Wilfred Cook b. 1900 Woonona 36995/1900 d. 1986
  2. (f) Marjory Allison Cook b. 1901 Ballina d. 1978 Harbord ( Angus M Rummery 1926)
  3. (f) Gladys M Cook b. 1906 Ballina (Alexander Saunders 1923)
  4. (m) Alfred Edward Cook b. 1907 Ballina d. 1948 Qld (Elvy S Corderoy 1933)


BALLINA, Monday. — With the death of Mrs. Margaret Minnie Cook, of Moon Street, Ballina, at Ballina District Hospital on May 25; another of the district pioneers has departed.

Mrs. Cook was born at Bulli, South Coast, on January 1, 1866.

She married, the late Mr. Alfred Cook, who also came from the South Coast, and lived for a number of years at Newrybar, North Creek, Altsonville, and finally settled at Ballina, where her husband died. She is survived by one son and two daughters. The son is George (Ballina) and the daughters are Marjory (Mrs. A. Rummery, Coogee, Sydney), and Gladys (Mrs. A. Saunders, Ballina).

The funeral took place from the Church of England, Alstonville, Northern Star (Lismore, NSW: 1876 - 1954) Tuesday 3 June 1952 p 4

Cook Marion Millar (Pate)

b. abt 1878 Scotland d. 16/3/1948 Wollongong 3800/1948 br. Wollongong

m. John Cook (1868 Ayreshire Scotland- 11/12/1949 Wollongong Son of William Cook & Mary Muir ) 1896 Wollongong

f. Robert Logan Pate m. Marion Miller *

Ship: Dacca 1886 into Qld

  1. (m) Archibald W Cook b. 1898 Wollongong 27102/1898
  2. (f) Marion M Cook b. 1900 Wollongong 18242/1900 (A Hunt)
  3. (m) Robert Cook b. 1903 Wollongong 8579/1903 d. 1972 Wollongong
  4. (f) Mary M B Cook b. 1904 Wollongong 28541/1904 (A J Skerritt)
  5. (m) William Cook b. 1911 Wollongong
  6. (f) Jessie Cook b. 1915 Wollongong


Mrs. Marion Millar Cook; who passed away suddenly in the Wollongong District Hospital following a short illness on Tuesday, was born in Scotland seventy year ago and came, out to Australia as a child. She settled at Mt. Kembla, where she was married Mr John Cook 51 years ago. After leaving Mt. Kembla some years later, she resided at Broker st., Tarrawanna, where she remained up till the time ofher death.

Besides her husband she is survived by three sons, Archie, Bob and Bill, and two daughters, Marion (Mrs. A. Hunt) and Mary (Mrs. A. J. Skerritt). A daughter, Jessie, predeceased her.

The remains were laid to rest in the Wollongong general cemetery yesterday. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Thursday 18 March 1948 p 7

Cooke Mary (Crompton)

m. George Cooke 1897 Woonona

Cook Mary (Hennessy)

b. abt 1862 Kildare Ireland d. 27/12/ 1928 Lewisham br. Dapto

m. William Manning Cook (16/10/1835 Cambridgeshire England-6/2/1921 Dapto Son of Simon Cook & Harriet Manning *) 1898The Oakes Wollongong

  1. (m) Ernest Manning Cook b. 28/10/1899 Avondale 36191/1899
  2. (f) Eileen Mary Cook b. 28/12/1900 Avondale 8965/1901 
  3. (f) Monica Cook b. 1905 Dapto 2936/1905

The Late Mrs. Mary Cook.

On December 27th there passed away at Lewisham Hospital an old and respected resident of the Dapto district, in the person of Mrs Cook, relict of the late Mr. William Manning Cook, of 'Benares,' Dapto; She was a woman of a very fine personality and was loved by a wide circle of friends. She was born in the county Kildare, Ireland, 67 years ago, was married thirty years ago at ‘The Oakes’ and; went to reside at Benares, Dapto, with her husband who, passed away eight years, ago. She was taken ill at her residence Dapto, last October and was conveyed to Valesco Private Hospital, Wollongong, and was eventually removed to Lewisham Hospital, where she had alwavs expressed a wish that she may end her life. She passed away as stated after about three months, of great suffering, which was borne with Christian fortitude.

The remains were conveyed by road, arriving at the R.C. Church Dapto, on December 28th, where a number of her most intimate friends, whilst on, earth, were waiting to pay their respects. The body remained in the Church until Saturday afternoon, when the funeral left for West Dapto, where the remains were laid to rest between the pillars of the porch of the old Church….

A family of three children and five grandchildren survive to mourn the loss of a tender and affectionate mother and grandmother.

We extend our sympathies to the bereaved relatives. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 4 January 1929 p 2

Cook Mary Ann

Living at Avondale in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.

Cooke Mary Ann (King)

b. 27/7/1831 Lowthertown Tyrone Ireland d. 3/8/1928 Alstonville br. Alstonville

m. William Cooke (21/8/1831 Kilmore Armagh Ireland- 19/11/1918 Alstonville Son of Richard Cooke & Mary ) 17/4/1856 “Fountaindale” Jamberoo

f. William King m. Mary Reilly *

  1. (m) William Richard Cooke b. 20/1/1857 “Longbrush” Kiama d. 13/12/ 1928 (Jane King *1881)
  2. (f) Martha Ann Cooke b. 31/5/1858 Kiama 8067/1858 d. 15/11/1950
  3. (m) Samuel Robert Cooke b. 9/3/1860 Broughton Vale 7755/1860 d. 10/4/1924 Alstonville (Isabella King * 1883)
  4. (f) Mary Jane Cook b. 11/9/ 1861 Broughton Vale 8298/1861 d. 26/7/ 1938
  5. (m) Dixon Cook b. 31/7/1863 Broughton Creek 8568/1863 d. 24/6/1945
  6. (f) Isabella Eliza Cook b. 13/5/ 1865 Broughton Creek 977/1865
  7. (m) George Isaac Cook b. 25/5/1867 Broughton Creek 10484/1867 d. 23/9/1963
  8. (f) Sarah Alice Cook b. 25/6/ 1869 Broughton Creek d. 25/6/ 1953
  9. (m) Alfred Charles King Cook b. 7 /1/ 1872 Broughton Creek d. 17/5/ 1946

According to William Cooke’s obituary, Mr. and Mrs. Cooke were a model couple and their married life truly a happy one right until the very end. They were “straight as die” and they had brought up their children on the same model.


Though left the district for many years, interest centred in the long life of the late Mrs. William Cooke who died at Alstonville at the home of her son, Mr. Dixon Cooke on August 3rd. She celebrated her 97th birthday on July 27th her eldest son, Mr. Wm. Cooke, of Gerringong, who journeyed north for the occasion during many years, stayed on as she was so frail and was with her as she passed over to the other side - life's long journey, covering 97 years ended. The late Mrs. Cooke was born at Willow Farm, Kiama, the home of her father, the late William King, one of the earliest pioneers. Mrs. Geo. Dawes, over 85 years, and Mr. Dixon King, 89 years, are now the only surviving members of a family of wonderful longevity for the late Jno. King, of Kangaroo Valley was over 90, and Miss Alice King over 80 when they died. Mr. William Cooke predeceased his wife in 1918, and died in his 90th year.

In their early married life they farmed in this and the Berry district, and between 40 and 50 years ago joined in the trek to the North Coast where in the development of the river districts they and their children played a worthypart and gave fine citizenship. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Saturday 11 August 1928 p 2

Cook Mary Ann (Rowles)

b. 25/8/1878 Mt Keira d. 10/3/1967 Wollongong

m. George Thomas Cook (16/9/1870 Wollongong - 2/6/1951 Wollongong Son of Robert Cook & Ann Therese McMahon *) 1902 Woonona

f. John Rowles m. Joanna Brodie *

  1. (m) William F Cook b. 1902 Woonona 28169/1902
  2. (f) Olive A Cook b. 1906 Wollongong 19844/1906
  3. (m) Robert Sydneham Cook b. 1907 Wollongong 42052/1907 d. 1968 Wollongong

Cook Mary Jane (Beach then Hayward)

b. abt 1845 d. 24/9/1908 Wollongong 11990/1908 br. Wollongong CofE

m. John Hayward ( 1834- 1870 Gladesville Son of Thomas Hayward & Ann Gillham *) 1865 Wollongong 3527/1865

m. Thomas Cook 1872 Kiama

f. Alexander R Beach m. Mary Gibbons *

  1. (f) Mary A Hayward b. 1866 Wollongong
  2. (m) Mark Hayward b. 1867 Wollongong
  3. (f) Elizabeth Sarah Cook * b. 1873 Kiama 12333/1873 d. 1945 Wollongong ( Matthew McGrath 1898)
  4. (m) Alexander Richard Cook b. 1876 Kiama 13418/1876 d. 1935 Wollongong (Elizabeth A Emery * 1903)
  5. (m) Thomas Ephriam Cook b. 1878 Kiama 14937/1878 d. 10/5/1941 Wollongong
  6. (m) William Arthur J Cook b. 1881 Wollongong 18946/1881
  7. (m) Allan S Cook b. 1883 Wollongong 21142/1883
  8. (f) Mary A H Cook b. 1887 Wollongong 24957/1887 
  9. (m) Leslie T Cook b. 1889 Wollongong 24382/1889


Mrs. Thomas Coole, aged 64 years, died suddenly this morning. She was in her usual, health yesterday, and whilst having dinner received a paralytic stroke, and died a few hours afterwards. Deceased, who was a sister of Mr. Bill Beach, ex-champion sculler of the world, had resided in Illawarra for over 50 years. She leaves a husband and eight children. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 25 August 1908 p 5

Cook Mary Sophia (Oke)

b. 1/2/1850 Shoalhaven d. 29/3/1926 Eumundi Qld

m. John Cook (23/4/1846 Tenterden Kent- 1/9/ 1922 Byron Bay Son of John Cook & Susannah Day ) 1870 Kiama

f. William Soady Oke m. Elizabeth Ann Benney

  1. (m) Albert Edgar Cook b. 1872 Kiama 11454/1872 d. 1946 Qld
  2. (f) Emma Victoria Cook b. 1873 Kiama 12358/1873 d. 10/7/1967 Eumundi Qld (George Brooker Wells 1892)
  3. (f) Louisa Emeline Cook b. 1874 Kiama 12724/1874 d. 29/4/1935 Murwillumbah (Alexander Strong 1894)
  4. (m) Edward John Cook b. 1876 Shoalhaven d. 1949 Byron Bay (24/6/1949 Nashua (Fanny Cook 1897)
  5. (m) Herbert Edmond Cook b. 23/2/1878 Berry d. 14/7/1960 Berry (mine Stella Jarman 1902)
  6. (u) Unnamed Cook b. 1879 Shoalhaven d. 1879 Shoalhaven
  7. (f) Grace Mary Sophia Cook b. 31/1/1881 Kiama 19388/1881 d. 1885 Nowra
  8. (m) Stanley Livingston Cook b. 1888 Broughton Creek d. 19/6/1971 Nashua (Nellie Beatrice Cousins 1912)

Obituary, The death occurred at Eumundi last Monday , at 1 o'clock of Mrs. Mary Sophia Cook, relict of the late Mr. John Cook , of Nashua (NSW) at the age of 76 years , after a very short illness. Mrs. Cook had only just recently come to Eumundi to spend a holiday with her daughter. (Mrs. G.B. Wells and son (Mr. A.E.Cook). Shortly after her arrival she began to fail and despite everything that could be done she gradually sank. The late Mrs. Cook was a daughter of late Mr. W Oke of Nowra (NSW, and was married in 1870. After her marriage Mrs. Cook resided in the Berry District. Her husband predeceased her four years ago . About 16 years ago she came with her husband and settled at Federal , on the Richmond River (NSW). A little later they removed to Nashua, on the same waterway and there Mrs. Cook remained , except for an occasional visit to her children . She leaves four sons and two daughters. The remains were conveyed by train on which travelled Mr. A.E. Cook and some of his brothers, who came up from NSW to Bangalow… Nambour Chronicle and North Coast Advertiser (Qld: 1922 - 1954) Thursday 1 April 1926 p 10

Cook Matilda (Taylor)

b. 9/7/1833 Belfast d. 9/6/1919 Mosman br. Rookwood

m. Alfred Cook (30/9/1828 England -10/2/1897 Pyrmont Son of John Cook & Emma Carter) 29/3/1853 “Greenwattle Cottage” Gerringong

f. Robert Alexander Taylor m. Mary Ann Parkinson *

  1. (m) Alexander John Cook b. 2/1/1854 Kiama (Elizabeth Logan)
  2. (m) Alfred Oscar Cook b. 29/11/1854 Marsden Hill Kiama d. 1909 Marrickville
  3. (f) Matilda J Cook  b. 7/8/1856 Kiama 5202/1856 (Rowland W J Westbrook)
  4. (m) Charles Carter Cook b. 21/2/1858 Kiama 7986/1858 d. 1929 Parramatta
  5. (m) John George Parkinson Cook   b. 29/3/1860 Honeymoon Cottage Kiama d. 1937 Granville (Augusta M Clausen)
  6. (m) Albert Cook b. 9/5/1862 Kiama 8469/1862 d. 17/5/1862 Kiama
  7. (f) Mary Elizabeth Cook b. 17/6/1863 Myrtle Grove Kiama 8533/1863 d. 11/9/1936 Mosman (Harry Wood Kerle 1885)
  8. (m) Albert Edward Cook b. 1865 Balmain d. 1939 Ryde (Ellen Knighton)
  9. (f) Emily Frances Cook b. 8/11/1866 Kiama 9639/1866 (John McDowall)
  10. (m) John G P Cook b. 1860 Kiama 7750/1860
  11. (m) Robert H Cook  b. 1869 Shoalhaven
  12. (f) Alice B Cook  b. 1870 Shoalhaven d. 1870 Shoalhaven
  13. (m) Henry Alfred Cook  b. 1874 Bega

On the 21st Instant, at Marsden Cottage, Kiama, Mrs Alfred Cook, of a son. Bell’s Life in Sydney and Sporting Reviewer (NSW : 1845 - 1860) Saturday 27 February 1858

On the 2nd instant, at Marsden Cottage, Kiama, Mrs. Alfred Cooke, of a son The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 9 January 1854

On the 29th ultimo, at Marsden Hill, Kiama, Mrs. Alfred Cooke of a son. The Sydney Morning Herald 4 December 1854

On the 29th instant, at Honeymoon Cottage, Kiama, Mrs. Alfred Cook, of a son The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 31 March 1860

On the 9th instant, at Myrtle Grove, near Kiama, Mrs. Alfred Cook, of a son. Examiner (Kiama, NSW : 1859 - 1862) Tuesday 13 May 1862 p 2

On the 17th instant, at Myrtle Grove, near Kiama, Albert, aged nine days, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Cook. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Friday 23 May 1862

On the 17th instant at Myrtle Grove, Kiama, Mrs Alfred Cook, of a daughter. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 23 June 1863 p 2

. On the 17th instant, at Myrtle Grove, Kiama, Mrs, Alfred Cook, of a daughter. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 23 June 1863

COOK.—June 9, 1919, Matilda, relict of the late Alfred Cook, at her residence, Bethulie, Want-street, Mosman, and dearly beloved mother of Mrs. J. McDowell and Mrs. H. W. Kerle, of Taree. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 10 June 1919 p 6

Cook Nancy (Whitacar/Whittaker)

b. abt 1836/8 Machester England d. 29/5/1920 Clunes 7761/1920

m. Thomas Cook ( abt 1820 -4/1/1904 Clunes Son of Thomas Cook & Mary A) 1851 Presbyterian Wollongong V18514490 74B

f. John Whittaker m. Ellen Eleanor *

Ship: Elizabeth 1844

  1. (f) Elleanor Cook b. 1858 Kiama 7969/1858
  2. (m) Henry Cook b. 1860 Kiama 7797/1860 d. 1934 Bowral
  3. (m) George Cook b. 1862 Kiama 8628/1862 d. 20/11/1917 Clunes
  4. (f) Rossanna Cook b. 1865 Kiama 9634/1865
  5. (f) Elizabeth Cook b. 1867 Kiama 10579/1867
  6. (f) Sarah Jane Cook b. 1870 Berrima 6754/1870 (John Terrance Murphy, Peter Daly 1887)
  7. (f) Isabella Cook b. 1872 Berrima
  8. (m) Thomas John Cook b. 1876 Berrima

MRS NANCY COOK. There passed away at her home at Clunes on 29th May(says the N C Star) one of the old pioneers in the person of Mrs Nancy Cook, aged 84. Born in Cheshire England she came with her parents to Australia when six years of age. They settled on the South Coast. When very young she married the late Thomas Cook, and 9 children were born. Six are still alive and were present, also two daughters in law, at their mothers bedside during her illness… The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW: 1863 - 1947) Saturday 5 June 1920 p 3

Cooke Priscilla (King)

b. 11/5/1876 Kiama d. 29/1/1905 Waddell Creek Macksville

m. Ernest Charles Rodin Cooke ( 17/7/1874 Lismore- 21/4/1959 Wollongong ) 8/12/1897 Lismore

f. William King m. Isabella Elliott *

  1. (m) Edgar William Cooke b. 6/6/ 1900 Mullimbimby d. 27/5/1969 Liverpool
  2. (f) Doris Eileen Cooke b. 26/7/1902 Dapto d. 7/7/ 1993 Figtree

Living at Lakelands in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

News was received in Kiama on Saturday afternoon last of the death that morning of Mrs.Cook, wife of Mr Ernest Cook of Nambucca River district (and the second daughter Mr. and Mrs. Wm. King, of Kiama). The sad event occured at her husband's residence, in the district stated, the cause being an internal trouble.

About six weeks ago the decease.d lady returned home from a visit to Kiama and only as late as Tuesday last her parents received, a letter from her which stated she was well. On Saturday morning, however, word was received by telegraph that she was ill, and later in the day another which announced the fact that she had gone beyond recall, death taking place during the forenoon of the day stated; The circumstances surrounding the death are extremely sad, insomuch as besides her sorrowing parents, brothers and sisters, the deceased lady leaves a husband and two young children to mourn their loss. The interment took place on Sunday afternoon. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW: 1863 - 1947) Tuesday 1 August 1905

Cook Rose (McMahon)

b. 1836 Ireland d. 6/2/1894 br. Old Grave Yard, West Dapto Catholic Cemetery

m. William Manning Cook(16/10/1835 Cambridgeshire England- 6/2/1921 Dapto Son of Simon Cook & Harriet Manning *) 2/10/ 1855 St Francis Xavier’s Wollongong

f. Patrick McMahon m. Winifred Flood *

  1. (m) Robert James Cook b. 23/8/1856 Mount Pleasant d. abt 1920 Qld
  2. (m) William Henry Cook b. 1857 Wollongong 12342/1857 d. 30/3/1922 Unanderra (Eleanor Tonry * 1879)
  3. (f) Harriett Mary Cook b. 28/4/1859 Fairy Meadow 14128/1859 d. 27/3/1940 Wollongong (Edward Kelly 1880)
  4. (f) Jane Elizabeth Cook b. 15/11/1860 14052/1860 (Henry Moore 1885)
  5. (m) Charles Thomas Cook b. 10/1/1863 Fairy Meadow 14958/1863 d. 19/8/1930 Avondale (Catherine Duffy * 1890)
  6. (f) Emma Clara Cook b. 1864 Fairy Meadow 16504/1864 (Michael Duffy 1892)
  7. (f) Sophie Jane Cook b. 28/12/1865 Farie Meadow (Michael Barry McAuliffe 1892)
  8. (m) Alexander Cook b. 20/10/1867 Avondale d. 2/9/1933 Alstonville (Alexina McKenzie * 1897)
  9. (m) Alfred Cook b. 8/8/ 1869 Avondale Dapto d. 1/4/1930 Ballina (Margaret Minnie Hicks * 1899)
  10. (m) John Bernard Cooke b. 8/10/1870 Avondale d. 1951 Penrith ( Ellen Brownlee * 1900)
  11. (m) Richard Cook b. abt March 1872 d. 6/12/1872
  12. (f) Elizabeth Cook * b. 5/3/1873 Marshall Mount (Patrick Curry 1898)
  13. (f) Charlotte Cook b. 12/1/1875 Avondale
  14. (m) Edward Manning Cook b. 17/7/1877 Dapto d. 1956 Byron Bay (Jessie Rebecca Todkill * 1902)
  15. (m) Thomas George Cook b. 12/5/1879 Avondale (Florence May Rogan 1905)
  16. (m) Ernest Manning Cook b. 10/11/1880 Avondale d. 27/2/1897 Grafton

Husband a farmer of “Benares”, Dapto.

Cook. — February 6th, at her residence, ' Benares,' Dapto, Rose Cook, the beloved wife of W. M. Cook, aged 69 years, leaving a sorrowing husband and 15 sons and daughters to mourn their loss. May she rest in peace. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 13 February 1894 p 2

Cook Susan/ Susannah (Samuels)

b. abt 1851 d. 1924 Kiama br. North Kiama

m. Charles Cook 1872 Wee Waa

  1. (m) Walter E Cook b. 1872 Coonabarabran d. 1958 Gosford?
  2. (m) Charles Frederick Cook b. 1875 Warialda d. 1949 Kiama
  3. (f) Zilpah M Cook b. 1878 Warialda d. 1879 Narrabri
  4. (m) George Vincent Cook b. 1880 Narrabri d. 1882 Bourke

Living at Hamilton St Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

The death occurred suddently, on Friday morning, at Kiama, of Mrs. Susan Cook, an old resident of the district. The Shoalhaven Telegraph (NSW : 1881 - 1937) Wednesday 13 August 1924 p 2

Was the aunt of Mrs Longstaff.

Cook-Dean Mercy see Ferris

Coolman see Coleman

Coombe Elizabeth (Schafer)

b. 1856 Parramatta d. 26/7/1946 Tuncurry br. Forster

m. Alfred Benjamin Coombe (abt 1850 - 5/6/1914 Stroud Son of Alfred Coombe & Eliza) 1875 Bega

f. Jacob Schafer m. Elizabeth

  1. (f) Mary Elizabeth Coombe b. 1875 Bega
  2. (f) Catherine Coombe b. 1876 Bega
  3. (m) Henry F Coombe b. 1878 Bega
  4. (m) Alexander Coombes b. 1881 Kiama 19356/1881
  5. (m) William Coombe b. 1881 Kiama 20198/1882
  6. (f) Lydia A Coombe b. 1886 Newcastle
  7. (f) Amelia Coombe b. 1887 Lambton
  8. (f) Helen Coombe b. 1891 Waratah
  9. (m) Arthur E Coombe b. 1893 Stroud
  10. (m) Alfred T Coombe b. 1900 Stroud


An old and highly respected resident of Tuncurry, in the person of Mrs. Elizabeth Coombe, relict of the late Mr. Benjamin Coombe, passed away on Friday last, at the age of 88 years and 9 months. The late Mrs Coombe had only been ill for about four days. She died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. R. Pallman, with whom she had been residing for me past 27 years.

Deceased, who was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Schafer, of Parramatta, married Mr. Benjamin Coombe, at Bega, and came to the Tuncurry district 43 years ago. Her husband predeceased her by 32 years.

The following are members of the family: Mrs. Cain (Tuncurry, deceased); Mrs. R. Pallman (Tuncurry); Mr. Alex Coombe (Jones Inland); Mrs. D. Newman (Taree); Mr. William Coombe (Forster); Mrs Bellfield (East Maitland ) ; Mr. Arthur Coombe (Port Macquarie); Mr Alfred Coombe (Comboyne); Kate Coombe (deceased); and Henry Coombe (deceased).

The funeral took place on Saturday, Rev. F. T. M. Palmer conducting the service at Forster.

Coombs Ellen

m. William G Coombs

  1. Thomas S Coombs b. 1880 Wollongong 27466/1880

Coombs Emma (Pratt)

b. 1854 Wollongong V18541817 56/1854 d. 21/8/1889 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. Frederick Coombs (1858 Kiama - 1937 Wollongong Son of Joseph Coombs & Sarah Ann *) 1882 Wollongong 4995/1882

f. Richard Pratt m. Harriet Markham *

  1. (f) Harriett Australia Coombs b. 1882 Wollongong
  2. (m) Charles Coombs b. 1885 Wollongong ( Catherine M Whiting )
  3. (f) Mary Jane Coombs b. 1888 Wollongong (Francis Marcelle Amoretty)

Beloved wife of Fred Coombs. Erected by her darling husband.

THE friends of MR. FRED. COOMBES are respectfully invited to attend the FUNERAL of his late Beloved Wife; To move from his residence, First-street, off Campbell-street THIS DAY (THURSDAY), at 3 p.m. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Thursday 22 August 1889 p 2

Coombes Evelyn (Rowe)

b. abt 1854 d. 16/10/1914 Balgownie br. Wollongong

m. Robert Coombes (-) 1888 Bowral

f. William Rowe m.

  1. (f) Evelyn Joadja Coombes b. 1893 Joadja Creek d. 1939 Lithgow (Eli Drury 1912)
  2. (m) Albert Coombes b. 1897 Joadja Creek d. 10/6/1924 Wollongong

Living at Balgownie in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties Husband a miner.

Mrs. R. Coombes took seriously ill last week, and was confined to her bed, and Dr. Kirkwood is now attending on her. - And she is now showing slight improvements towards recovery. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950)Friday 17 July 1914 - Page 2

BALGOWNIE A very sad death occurred in Balgownie on Saturday, the l4th inst. when Mrs. R. Coombs passed away. Mrs. Coombs (who has been ailing for some time past, but was able to go about and attend to her household duties) was cleaning up the kitchen when she felt a giddiness coming over her. She was passing from the kitchen, which is detached from the house, and to reach the house she had a couple of steps to mount;, she reached the door, which she opened, but fell back, pulling the door to again; in falling, she struck her head against a brick chimney, severely cutting it, and became unconscious. Her husband, being in the house at time, was unaware of what had occurred until he heard a moan, and on opening the door he was horrified to see his wife lying in a pool of blood. He carried her inside and called for assistance. Although everything that Could be done by Dr. Kirkwood, and others, was done, death occurred about two hours afterwards. Mrs. Coombs and family have been residents of Balgownie for fifteen or sixteen years, and during that period made many friends. She had taken a great interest in the Parents and Citizens' Association and was always most anxious to assist in any matter tending to advance the education of the young people. Deceased will be sadly missed at her, home. She leaves a husband, son and daughter to mourn their loss, and these are deeply sympathised with. Mr. Coombs has for the past 9 weeks been off work through having seve ral ribs broken as the result of an accident in the mine. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954)Friday 23 October 1914 - Page 10

Coombes Jemima Julia (Waldron)

b. 1825 Jersey Islands d. 22/10/1886 br. Pioneer Park Cemetery Wollongong

m. Rev William Coombes 21/1/1858 Balmain 1858/999

f. Captain Charles Waldron m. Jemima Thomas *

On the 21st ultimo, at St. Mary's, Balmain, by the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Sydney, assisted by the Rev W. Stack, the Rev. W. Coombes, minister of the Western Gold fields, to Jemima Julia, daughter of the late Captain Waldron, of H. M. 39th regiment. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Monday 1 February 1858 p 3

Coombs Malvina see Walker

Coombs Mary Jane (McGrath)

b. abt 1861 d. 29/6/1913 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. Fred Coombs (1858 Kiama - 1937 Wollongong Son of Joseph Coombs and Sarah Ann) 1890 Wollongong 7734/1890

f. Michael McGrath m. Ruth Kenton

  1. (m) Frederick Coombs b. 1891 Wollongong 38593/1891
  2. (f) Alice M Coombes b. 1901 Wollongong 18326/1901

Dearly beloved wife of Fred Coombs. Buried 30/6/1913

COOMBS.-The Relatives and Friends of Mr. FREDERICK COOMBS are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of his late loved WIFE, Mary Jane to leave his residence, George-street, Wollongong, THIS (Monday) AFTERNOON, at 3 o'clock, for the Church of England Cemetery, Wollongong. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Monday 30 June 1913 p 7

Coombs Sarah Ann (Selway)

b. abt 1828 d. 11/6/1897 Harbour St Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. Joseph Coombs ( abt 1830 -25/5/1913 ) 1853 Bedminster Gloucestershire

f. David Selway m. ?

Ship: Lloyds 1856

  1. (f) Sarah Ann Coombs b. 1855 d. 9/7/1943 Petersham (William James Roberts 1876)
  2. (f) Elizabeth Coombs * b. 1856 Gerringong 5255/1856 d. 3/7/1936 Petersham (James O’Toole)
  3. (m) Fred Coombs b. 1858 Kiama 8080/1858 d. 1937 Wollongong (Emma Pratt *1882, Mary Jane McGrath *1890)
  4. (f) Emily J Coombs b. 1860 Kiama 7835/1860 d. 1868 Kiama
  5. (f) Ellen Coombs * b. 1862 Kiama 8503/1862 (John Oliver 1881)
  6. (f) Anne Coombs * b. 1864 Kiama 9321/1864 (John Bennett 1885)
  7. (f) Kate Coombs b. 1866 Kiama 9419/1866 ( Alfred J Meredith 1888)
  8. (f) Amy Coombs * b. 1871 Kiama 11642/1871 d. 1948 Wollongong (William Harvey 1895 )
  9. (f) Emma Coombs * b. 1874 Kiama 12705/1874 (Edward R Williams 1897)

Our Dear Mother. Wife of the above. Erected by her loving sons and daughters.

COOMBS. — On June 11th, 1897, at her residence, Harbor-street, Wollongong, SARAH ANN, the dearly beloved wife of Joseph Coombs, aged 69 years. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 15 June 1897 p 2

Cooper Ada Harriet (Spice)

b. 1864 Camden d. 1916 Unaderra br. Wollongong

m. Thomas Cooper 1882 Newtown

f. Frederick Cullen m. Mary Ann Spice

  1. (f) Maud Edith Cooper b. 1883 Murrumburrah (James V Richards 1907)
  2. (m) Sydney T Cooper b. 1884 Wagga Wagga
  3. (f) Ethel A Cooper b. 1886 Junee (Walter Chinnery 1912)
  4. (m) Leslie T Cooper b. 1888 Albury
  5. (m) Hubert T Cooper b. 1890 Albury
  6. (m) Charles Belford Cooper b. 1895 Unanderra 18430/1895
  7. (f) Ruby H Cooper b. 1897 Wollongong 8660/1897

Our dear mother. Erected by her children Maud, Charlie and Ruby.

The death occurred at Unanderra during the week of Mrs. T. Cooper, an esteemed resident. A memorial service will be held in the Presbyterian Church on Sunday evening. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW: 1900 - 1954) Friday 4 February 1916 p 10

Cooper Agnes (Clancy)

b. 5/7/1860 Jamberoo d. 21/12/1919

m. Michael Cooper (- 23/9/1905) 27/3/1883 Kiama

f. Edward Clancy m. Elizabeth Fitzgerald *

  1. (m) Arthur Claud Annis Cooper b. 25/1/1884 Newtown
  2. (m) Edward C Cooper b. 1886 Sydney
  3. (f) Gladys A I Cooper b. 1890 Hurstville
  4. (f) Myra E M Cooper b. 1894 Hurstville
  5. (m) Cecil M J Cooper b. 1896 Kogarah
  6. (m) Osmond B Cooper b. 1899 Sydney

Husband was a Civil Servant

Cooper Agnes Jane (Dixon)

b. abt 1841 Sydney d. 1904 Mitta Mitta

m. John Cooper 1/6/1858 Gerringong

f. Thomas W Dixon m. Rebecca

  1. (m) Dixon Cooper b. 1861 Shoalhaven
  2. (f) Sarah J Cooper b. 1863 Gundagai
  3. (m) John T Cooper b. 1868 Berrima d. 1931 Casino
  4. (f) Laura Cooper b. 1871 Gundagai
  5. (m) William Valentine Cooper b. 1873 Gundagai
  6. (f) Lucy Cooper b. 1875 Gundagai d. 1884 Gundagai
  7. (m) Benjamin Cooper b. 1877 Gundagai d. 1884 Gundagai
  8. (m) Herbert Graham Cooper b. 1880 Gundagai
  9. (m) Charles Cooper b. 1882 Gundagai d. 1884 Gundagai


Mitta Mitta, Eurongilly, and the neighbourhood, have suffered much from the hand of death lately. This time we regret to report the death of Mrs. John Cooper, wife of a resident of 30 years' standing in the community. She had been suffering from hydatids and a complication of complaints. She was 63 years of age, a native of Sydney, mother of a family of eleven — Mrs. W. and Mrs. A. Falconer (Cooamundra and Temora), Mrs. J. W. Smith (Bethungra), Mrs. Cowell (Melbourne), and Messrs. D. Cooper (Gundagai), J. Cooper (Queensland), Will Cooper (South Africa), and Bert Cooper (at home). Three of the children predeceased the mother. Her remains were interred in the Church of England cemetery, and a very large funeral assemblage surrounded the grave, the Rev. James Studds, of. Junee, officiating. Cootamundra Herald (NSW: 1877 - 1954) Saturday 12 March 1904 p 2

Cooper Ann (Deane)

b. abt 1833 d. 20/4/1898 Currawang House

m. William Oscar Cooper (12/12/1835- 1915 Camden Son of Robert Cooper & Catherine Newell Rutter *) 1857 Kiama

f. John Deane

  1. (f) Catherine Newel Cooper b. 1859 Kiama 8467/1859 (John Thomas Deane 1882)
  2. (f) Charlotte F Cooper b. (Samuel Galloway 1893)
  3. (m) Sarah A Cooper b. 1865 Goulburn
  4. (m) William Vonley Cooper b. 1868 Currawang d. 1942 Collector
  5. (m) Harold Herbert Cooper d. 1948 Goulburn

ON 20th April, 1898, at her residence, Currawang House, ANNE, the beloved wife of WILLIAM COOPER, after a long and painful illness, in the 65th year of her age. Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW: 1881 - 1940) Thursday 28 April 1898 p 3

Cooper Catherine Newell see Chapman

Cooper Catherine (Brown)

b. abt 1832 d. 1869 Shoalhaven

m. George William Cooper (1832 Southampton Hampshire- 10/11/1892 Dubbo Son of Edward Cooper & Charlotte Whitlock ) 1863 Sydney

  1. (f) Charlotte Cooper b. 1866 Kiama 9609/1866
  2. (f) Catherine Cooper b. 1868 Shoalhaven

Husband married Elizabeth Vidler in 1870.

Cooper Catherine (Miniter)

b. 1824 Killross Co Clare Ireland d. 10/11/1915 Bulli br. Old Grave Yard West Dapto Catholic Cemetery

m. Isaac Cooper (1820 Killross Co Clare Ireland- 14/6/1890 Dapto Son of Samuel Cooper & Jane)

f. Laurence Miniter m. Margaret

Ship: Montrose 1864

  1. (m) Margaret Cooper b. 1853 Killross Co Clare Ireland d. 1912 Waverley (Michael O'Leary 1884)
  2. (m) John Cooper b. abt 1856 Killross Co Clare Ireland d. 5/8/1933 Woonona (Elizabeth N Garlick * 1905)
  3. (f) Mary Cooper b. 1858 Killross Co Clare Ireland
  4. (m) Michael Cooper b. abt 1862 Killross Co Clare Ireland
  5. (m) Charles Cooper b. 8/9/1869 Dapto 19961/1869

A son Brother Justin was Principal of the Marist Brother's College at Timaru NZ in 1933

Mrs. Mary Cooper, who died last Thursday at the age off eighty-nine years, had resided the greater part of her life at West Dapto, where her late husband was engaged in farming pursuits. They lived on the farm now occupied by Mr. Sanderson. The remains of the deceased were laid to rest in the West Dapto Cemetery on Friday last. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954)Friday 19 November 1915 - Page 7

OBITUARY. — The death occurred at Bulli last week of Mrs. Mary Cooper, who for many years had resided at West Dapto, where her husband was engaged in farming. At the time of her death the old lady had reached tho advanced age of 89 years, and up to about two weeks ago she had enjoyed excellent health. The remains were interred in tho Roman Catholic cemetery at West- Dapto on Friday last. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950)Friday 19 November 1915 - Page 2

Cooper Clara May

b. 1879 Wollongong 26010/1879 d. 9/5/1931 Marrickville

m. Charles E Cooper 1914 Annandale

f. Ira Polley m. Harriet Ralph *

Living at Young St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.

Cooper Elizabeth Frances (Baldwin)

b. abt 1868 d. 1929 Stockton br. Wallsend

m. Albert William Cooper (abt 1867- 1920 Pittown) 1888 Wallsend

f. Baldwin m. Martha

  1. (f) Ruby Cooper b. 1889 Wollongong 24296/1889
  2. (f) Mildred M Cooper b. 1890 Wallsend
  3. (m) Thomas Edward Cooper b. abt 1893 Wallsend d. 1962 Hamilton
  4. (f) Minnie Cooper b. 1895 Wallsend
  5. (f) Doris Cooper b. 1897 Wallsend
  6. (f) Ada Cooper b. 1902 Wallsend
  7. (m) Albert Cooper b. 1908 Wallsend

Cooper Elizabeth Neatley (Garlick)

b. 1/7/1867 Woonona 17981/1867 d. 20/7/1940 Bulli br. Corrimal

m. John Cooper (abt 1858 Co Clare Ireland- 5/8/1905 Woonona Son of Isaac Cooper & Catherine Miniter *)

f. Thomas Wilson Garlick m. Mary Collaery *

Living Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties Living in Woonona in 1914 when her brother John Wilson Garlick died at Auburn.

Mrs. Elizabeth Neatby Cooper, of Gray street, who was injured when she was knocked down by a motor lorry on July 15th, died In Bulli Hospital last Saturday. She was 73 years of age and was the relict of the late Jane Cooper, The remains were interred in Corrimal R.C. Cemetery on Sunday. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954)Friday 26 July 1940 - Page 18

Cooper Fanny (Gillam)

b. 28/11/1855 Sheffield England d. 14/9/1932 Macksville

m. Samuel Cooper (abt 1852- 1/7/1930 Macksville) Sheffield England

f. William Gillam m. Mary

Ship: Highflyer 1878 into Qld

  1. (f) Florence E Cooper b. 1880 Qld (Reginald S Robinson 1906)
  2. (f) Minnie Cooper b. 1883 Qld (Alfred K Martin 1903)
  3. (m) George Henry Cooper b. 1883 Qld
  4. (m) David Cooper b. 1885 Woonona 23665/1885
  5. (m) Samuel Cooper b. 1887 Woonona 25222/1887 d. 1917 France
  6. (m) William J Cooper b. 1889 Woonona 24672/1889
  7. (m) Frank Lane Cooper b. 1891 Woonona 39053/1891
  8. (f) Sarah M Cooper b. 1901 Woonona 9135/1901 (Kenneth C Gossip 1925)


We regret to chronicle the passing of a well-known resident in the person of Mrs. Fanny Cooper. After a period of ill-health from diabetes, Mrs. Cooper took seriously ill on Monday afternoon, and was unable to attend the service at the Church of England on Tuesday night when the dedication took place of a sanctuary lamp given by her and her family in memory of her late, husband who died on July 1, 1930. On Wednesday afternoon about 3 o'clock the final call came and she joined the throng who have washed their robes white by faithfulness unto death.”- The funeral will take place to-day, particulars appearing in the advertised funeral notice. The late Mrs. Cooper was a daughter of the late William and Mary Gillam (Sheffield, England) and was born on November 28, 1855. Her marriage took place when she was 23 years old at St. Phillips Church of England, Sheffield. Later on, with her husband and a family of three children, they, came to Queensland, remaining there five years, then going south to Bulli where the remainder of the children were born. Twenty-five years ago they took up farming at Newey Creek, the late Mr. and Mrs. Cooper retiring from thence a few years ago and coming to live in Macksville. The family include Mrs. R. D. Robinson (Sydney), Mrs. A. K. Martin (Bulli), George Henry (Tewinga), David (Macksville), Frank Lane (Railway Department, Goulburn), William, and Mrs. Ken Gossip (Macksville). One son, Samuel, the fourth child of the family, paid the supreme sacrifice in 1917 in the Great War There are 13 grand children, (excluding two deceased) and 6 great-grandchildren. Nambucca and Bellinger News (NSW: 1911 - 1945) Friday 16 September 1932 p 2

Cooper Florence Mary (Ward)

b. abt 1881 d. 27/6/1945 Dapto

m. Stephen Cooper (8/3/1872 Jamberoo - 23/6/1943 Wollongong Son of Stephen Cooper & Mary Keevers *) 1901 Kiama

  1. (m) Stephen Kenneth H Cooper b. 1902 Berry
  2. (f) Mary L Cooper b. 1903 Berry (Davis)
  3. (m) Garnet F Cooper b. 1905 Berry
  4. (m) Edward D Cooper b. 1908 Berry
  5. (f) Edith Allison Cooper b. 1912 Berry (Thomas)


Mrs Florence Mary Cooper, relict of the late Steven Cooper, who died at her daughter's residence, Baan street, Dapto, on Wednesday of last week, was 64 years of age

She lived at Figtree, and was the mother of Kenneth, Mary (Mrs. Davis) Garnet, Edward and Allison (Mrs Thomas). South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW: 1900 - 1954) Friday 6 July 1945 p 7

Cooper Frances (Hall)

b. abt 1861 d. 1940 Harris Park br. Rookwood

m. Christopher Benjamin Cooper (-7/7/1932 Harris Park Son of Benjamin Cooper & Henrietta/Harriet) 1890 Paddington

  1. (m) Bertie A Cooper b. 1890 Sydney d. 1891 Sydney
  2. (f) Minnie Cooper b. 1892 Sydney d. 14/1/1940 Mater Miscricordia
  3. (f) Rebecca M Cooper b. 1893 Woonona 39862/1893
  4. (f) Frances I Cooper b. 1896 Sydney
  5. (m) Christopher C Cooper b. 1900 Sydney d. 1900 Sydney

COOPER.—July 7th, 1932, at his residence, 14 Station Street, Harris Park, Christopher Benjamin, dearly loved husband of Frances Cooper and loving father of Minnie, Rebecca, and Frances, aged 71 years. The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1931 - 1954)Friday 8 July 1932 - Page 6

COOPER.-The Relative and Friends of the late FRANCES COOPER are invited to attend her Funeral: to leave 14 Station Street, Harris Park, THIS AFTERNOON, at 3.15 o'clock, for the Church of England Cemetery, Rookwood. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)Wednesday 29 May 1940 - Page 11

Cooper Jane (Wilkinson then Vickery)

b. abt 1853 d. 22/3/1930 Marrickville br. Bulli

m. Giles Vickery (abt 1846 -20/2/1896 Metropolitan Mine Helensburgh Son of Robert Vickery & Phoebe) 1875 Forbes

m. James Cooper (abt 1866 Penrith – 18/6/1919 Corrimal mine Son of James Cooper & Ann) 1902 Sydney

f. George Wilkinson

  1. (f) Eliza Jane Vickery b. 1876 Forbes d. 1878 Newtown
  2. (m) Ernest Giles Vickery b. 1878 Newtown d. 30/4/1934 Tarrawanna (Margaret Armstrong * 1902)
  3. (f) Amy Elizabeth Vickery b. 1880 Forbes (Jeremiah Locke 1907)
  4. (m) Robert E H Vickery b. 1883 Forbes d. WA
  5. (m) Percy George Vickery b. 1885 St Peters d. 1966 Bulli (Florence M Holmes 1913)
  6. (f) Louisa M Vickery b. 1888 Liverpool (James Street 1910)

GILES - VICKERY, a miner, 50 years of age, was killed by a fall of stone while working in the Metropolitan Mine on Tuesday. He leaves a widow and family of five. Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931) Friday 21 February 1896 Page 3


The death-occurred on Saturday last, at Marrickville of Mrs. Jane Cooper, widow of the late James Cooper. The body was conveyed by train, to Bulli on Monday .morning:, and the interment took place, in the Church ,of England section of the local cemetery. Relatives of deceased, who, was 77 years of age, arc Mr and Mrs. E. Vickery and family (Tarrawanna),, Mr and Mrs. J. Locke and family . (Cooma)i Mr. .and Mrs. R. Vickery and family (Perth, W.A:),' Mr. and Mrs. P. Vickery ( Corrimal), Mr: and Mrs. J. Street ; (Leeton). Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 25 March 1930 Page 1

Copper Jessie

m. Alexander Cooper

  1. (f) Jessie Cooper b. 1859 Kiama 8461/1859

Cooper Lucinda (Campbell)

d. 1875 Lambton

m. William Cooper 1856 CofE Dapto, Wollongong V1856366 159/1856

f. John Campbell m. Elizabeth

  1. (f) Amelia Cooper b. 1856 Wollongong 8469/1856
  2. (f) Anne Cooper b. 1858 Wollongong 13459/1858
  3. (m) William J Cooper b. 1861 Wollongong 14421/1861

Cooper Margaret see Hazelton

Cooper Mary

b. d. 31/7/1892 Bellambi

m. Cooper

f. John m. Ann

Death — Mrs. Cooper, of Bellambi, who has been a sufferer from dropsy for some time, succumbed on Sunday last. Her remains will be interred in the C.E. cemetery on Tuesday afternoon. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950)Tuesday 2 August 1892 - Page 2

Cooper Mary (Keevers)

b. 1840 Dapto d. 12/6/1904 Kangaroo Valley

m. Stephen Cooper ( abt 1834 Stoke on Trent England-5/2/1892 Kangaroo Valley Son of William Cooper & Sarah Bradley) 2/11/1859 Kangaroo Valley

f. William Keevers m. Sarah Jane Slack *

  1. (f) Catherine Cooper b. 15/8/1860 Shellharbour 7904/1860
  2. (f) Sarah Ann Cooper * b. 10/3/1862 Jamberoo 8449/1862 d. 23/10/1920 Gerringong (William James Henry 1884)
  3. (m) William Cooper b. 22/9/1863 Shellharbour 8606/1863
  4. (f) Mary Jane Cooper * b. 7/10/1865 Shellharbour 9838/1865 ( John Henry Keevers 1891)
  5. (f) Elizabeth Cooper * b. 29/11/1867 Shellharbour 10546/1868 d. 1925 Bangalow (Francis Dowse 1892)
  6. (m) Herbert John Cooper b. 20/12/1869 Shellharbour 11194/1870
  7. (m) Stephen Cooper b. 8/3/1872 Jamberoo 11494/1872 d. 23/6/1943 Wollongong (Florence Mary Ward * 1901)
  8. (m) Albert Edward Cooper b. 11/12/1874 Kangaroo Gound 12802/1874 d. 1963 Kiama
  9. (f) Emily Cooper b. 20/6/1878 Kangaroo Valley 14897/1878
  10. (m) Ernest Victor Cooper b. 28/6/1881 Kangaroo Valley 19416/1881
  11. (f) Elsie Amelia Gertrude Cooper b. 10/4/1884 Kanagroo Valley 2491/1885

Moved to Kangaroo Valley circa 1860

Cooper/Campbell Mary (Makin)

b. abt 1871 d. 1941 Bombo br. Bombo

m. William Alfred Cooper (-25/4/1914 Kiama ) 1909 Canterbury

  1. (m) David Cooper/Makin b. abt 1890 reg. 1910 Kiama
  2. (m) George Cooper/Makin b. abt 1892 reg. 1910 Kiama
  3. (m) Sidney Phillip Cooper/Makin/Campbell b. abt 1894 reg. 1910 Kiama d. 1952 Kiama
  4. (f) Enid Cooper/Makin b. abt 1895 reg. 1910 Kiama 27651/1910
  5. (f) Stella Cooper/Makin b. abt 1897 reg. 1910 Kiama 27652/1910 
  6. (f) Mary Cooper/Makin b. abt 1899 reg. 1910 Kiama 27663/1910 
  7. (m) Charles Cooper/Makin b. abt 1901 reg. 1910 Kiama 27653/1910
  8. (f) Eva A Cooper/Makin b. abt 1903 reg. 1910 Kiama 27654/1910
  9. (m) Gabriel Cooper/ Makin b. abt 1905 reg. 1910 Kiama 27655/1910 d. 1972 Kiama
  10. (m) Gregory Cooper/Makin b. abt 1906 reg. 1910 Kiama 27656/1910
  11. (m) Terence Cooper/Makin b. abt 1908 reg. 1910 Kiama 27657/1910
  12. (m) Arthur Cooper b. 1910 Kiama 15884/1910
  13. (f) Letitia N Cooper b. 1912 Kiama 44149/1912

The children born before 1910 children were registered under Makin in 1910 in Kiama, with no father listed, at the same time as they were registered under Cooper with husband listed as the father. Her children also used Campbell as an alias as well.

MRS. MARY COOPER (Campbell).

The death occurred at her residence,: Bombo; of Mrs. Mary Cooper (Campbell), at the age of 70 years. She had been in failing health for some time, having sustained a serious accident some months ago. She will be greatly missed at Bombo, where. her kindly and courteous personality had endeared her to all.

For many years she had been the caretaker of the Bombo Public School and had carried out her duties with courteous efficiency. Her husband, the late William Alfred Cooper predeceased her 27 years ago and she is survived by eight sons. David, George, Sidney, Charles, Bert, Gregory, Terence and Arthur, and five daughters, Enid, Stella, Mary (Mrs. Williams), Eva (Mrs. Batger), and Leticia, with, whom sympathy is expressed in their bereavment. The funeral took place at the Catholic cemetery, Kiama, yesterday (Tues day), the Rev. Father Irish officiating. The Kiama Reporter and Illawarra Journal (NSW : 1899 - 1947) Wednesday 3 December 1941 Page 4

Cooper Mary Ann (Scott)

b.1837 Derrykeighan County Antrim Ireland d. 1919 Strathfield

m. Charles Cooper (abt 1833 -6/3/1912 Strathfield Son of Samuel Cooper & Charlotte) 27/12/1860 Wollongong 2897/1860

f. James Scott m. Margaret McDonnell * see Thackery

  1. (m) Charles Cooper b. 27/11/1861 Wollongong 14510/1861
  2. (m) Samuel Coooper b. 1863 Wollongong 14943/1863
  3. (f) Alice M Cooper b. 1864 Wollongong 16589/1864
  4. (m) James E Cooper b. 1866 Wollongong 16661/1866
  5. (m) Clarence W Cooper b. 1869 Orange
  6. (f) Charlotte Emily Cooper b. 1870 Carcoar
  7. (m) Frank A Cooper b. 1872 Carcoar
  8. (m) Walter Cooper b. 1874 Carcoar
  9. (m) Astley Cooper b. 1876 Carcoar
  10. (m) Milton Scott Cooper b. 1881 Carcoar
  11. (m) Fenimore Cooper b. 1883 Carcoar
  12. (f) Mabel G Cooper b. 1885 Carcoar

By special license, on the 27th instant, at Wollogong by the Rev. C. Atchison, Charles, second son of Mr. Samuel Cooper, Sydney, to Mary Anne, eldest daughter of the late Mr. James Scott, Wollongong. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 1 January 1861 p 2

On the 27th ultimo, at Wollongong, Mrs. Charles Cooper, of a son. The Sydney Morning Herald 21 December 1861

Illawarra Mercury Index Issue 1 Jan 1861 ‘…eldest daughter of the late James Scott, Wollongong.’

A very old and respected former resident of Blayney, Mrs. Mary Ann Cooper, passed away a Strathfield on Sunday. Her husband, Mr. Charles Cooper, pre-deceased her some years. National Advocate (Bathurst, NSW: 1889 - 1954) Wednesday 10 September 1919 p 2

Cooper Mary Jane (Hetherington)

b. 1864 d. 17/5/1921 br. Woronora

m. Thomas John Cooper (23/5/1866 Sydney -20/6/1954 Sutherland) 1885 St Leonards

f. George Hetherington m. Jane

  1. (m) George William Cooper b. 1887 Glebe d. 1957 Auburn
  2. (m) Francis J Cooper b. 1890 Kiama 17772/1890 d. 1893 Kiama
  3. (f) Mary E Cooper b. 1894 Kiama 17671/1894
  4. (m) Joseph Thomas Cooper b. 1897 Kiama 22684/1897 d. 29/7/1916 Somme France
  5. (m) David James Cooper b. 1900 Kiama 13528/1900 d. 1985
  6. (m) Francis R Cooper b. 14/12/1905 Nowra d. 16/8/1916 Kiama

Cooper Mary Jane McKenzie (Bowman)

b. 8/6/1850 Pillgwenlly,Newport Wales d. 9/11/1916 Narara br. Point Clare

m. David Cooper (16/2/1862 Picton- 17/11/1940 Port Macquarie Son of William Cooper & Sarah Jane Bursill) 6/3/1886 Marrickville

  1. (m) David William J Cooper b. 10/2/1887 Glebe d. 3/9/1925 Welsh Island
  2. (m) Joseph Alexander Cooper b. 23/7/1888 Hurstville d. 3/10/1964 Macksville
  3. (m) Samuel James Sturch Cooper b. 8/4/1891 Campbelltown d. 17/7/1961
  4. (m) Thomas C B Cooper b. 1893 Darkes Forest 16939/1893 d. 24/2/1922 Pembrooke

Obituary. Mrs. Mary Jane McKenzie Cooper, wife of Mr. David Cooper, died at her residence, Narara, at 5 30 p.m on Thursday last, aged 62. About a fortnight prior to her death, the deceased lady was the victim of a paralytic stroke and broke a blood vessel in the brain. Her husband was away at the time, and the old lady was found 24 hours later sitting in a chair. Mrs. Cooper never recovered, though under the care of Dr, Paul and nursed by Mesdames Grigg and Stacey. She received another stroke about 4 a.m on Thursday, and lapsed into unconsciousness, passing away at 5 30 p.m. Deceased lady was a native of Cardiff, Wales, and came to N.S.W. 34 years ago, residing 9 years at Narara. She leaves four sons — Messrs. W. J. Cooper, of Stockton, Joseph A. Cooper, Samuel Cooper, and Thomas Cooper, the three latter residing at Pembroke. The remains were interred in the Presbyterian portion of the new cemetery at Point Clare on Saturday, The Gosford Times and Wyong District Advocate (NSW : 1906 - 1954)Thursday 16 November 1916 - Page 15

Mrs. David Cooper, a resident of Narara, died last week end, and her remains were the first to be interred in the Presbyterian portion of the new cemetery at Point Clare. The Gosford Times and Wyong District Advocate (NSW : 1906 - 1954)Thursday 16 November 1916 - Page 1

Cooper Minnie

m. William Cooper

  1. (f) Lillian Cooper b. 1879 Gunnedah
  2. (f) Mary Ann Cooper b. 1881 Walcha
  3. (f) Minnie E Cooper b. 1883 Liverpool
  4. (f) Ellen Cooper b. 1885 Picton
  5. (m) Jaspar W Cooper b. 1888 Woonona 25775/1888

Cooper Phoebe (Cato then Kirgan)

b. 20/7/1857 Little Tring Hertfordshire d. 28/6/1927 Bellambi

m. Andrew Kirgan (1857 Scotland- 1919) 1880 Sydney div 1899

m. George Cooper 1900 Wollongong

f. George Cato m. Maria Boarder

  1. (f) Alice Phoebe Kirgan * b. 1881 Ryleston d. 1910 Woonona ( Joseph C Rigby 1900)
  2. (m) Gordon Kirgan b. 1885 Canterbury d. 1941 Wollongong (Constance Care 1907)
  3. (f) Violet M Kirgan b. 1887 Waterloo d. 1887 Waterloo

Redfern.—A warrant has been issued by the Redfern Bench for the arrest of Andrew Kirgan, charged with unlawfully deserting his wife, Phoebe Kirgan. He is 31 years of age, 5 feet 4 or 5 inches high, stoutish build, fair complexion, dark hair, sandy whiskers and moustaohe, shaved on chin, scar at back of head ; dressed in old dark tweed sac suit; a gardener; a Scotchman. Government Gazette Notices - New South Wales Police Gazette and Weekly Record of Crime (Sydney : 1860 - 1930)Wednesday 25 July 1888 - Page 228

SHE SAW HIM NO MORE. Desertion was the ground upon which Phoebe Kirgan, formerly Cato, sought a divorce from Andrew Kirgan. The parties were married in February, 1880, according to the rites of the Presbyterian Church. Petitioner gave evidence to the effect that her husband, who was a miner at Stockton, went, on July 12, 1894, to get his wages, and she saw him no more. There was no reason why he should have left her. His Honor found in her favor, making the decree nisi returnable in a month. Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931)Saturday 25 November 1899 - Page 6

Mrs. Phoebe Cooper, of Bellambi, was taken suddenly ill on Sunday on died on Tuesday. She was 70 of age, and had resided almost all her life in the district. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950)Friday 1 July 1927 - Page 2

Cooper Sarah

m. George Cooper

  1. (f) Hannah Cooper b. 1861 Wollongong 14519/1861
  2. (f) Sarah Cooper b. 1863 Wollongong 14996/1863

Cooper Sarah

m. Charles G Cooper

  1. (m) James Cooper b. 1859 Wollongong 14182/1859
  2. (m) William Cooper b. 1860 Wollongong 13975/1860

Cooper Sarah A

m. William Cooper

  1. (m) John Cooper b. 1886 Woonona 24567/1886

Cooper Sophia (Gurr then Fremlin)

b. 5/11/1851 Godstone Surrey d. 28/10/1913 Auburn br. Rookwood

m. John Goodwin Fremlin (31/12/1845 Wateringbury Kent- 312/3/1877 Sydney) 24/7/1871 Holbron Kent

m. James Stark Cooper (23/5/1855 Brunswick Vic- 5/3/1945 Parramatta Son of William Cooper & Mary Johnson McDonald Stark) 7/7/1891 Helensburgh 4438/1891

f. m. Jessy Gurr

Ship: Jubilee 1877

  1. (f) Clarissa Alice Fremlin b. 7/6/1872 London d. 5/10/1953 Rockdale (Arthur Hardie 1901)
  2. (f) Louisa Alice Fremlin b. 1874 d. 14/1/1945 Burwood (George McCallum 1898)
  3. (f) Selina Fremlin b. 1875 d. 8/9/1912 St Leonards (William H Rowe 1899)
  4. (f) Florence Fremlin b. 12/4/1878 Redfern d. 21/1/1946 Burwood (William J Peak 1897)
  5. (f) Bertha Fremlin b. 10/11/1880 Pyrmont d. 23/1/1956 Burwood
  6. (m) William George Fremlin/Cooper b. 1885 Woonona 23811/1885 (No father listed) d. 1951 Camden
  7. (f) Elizabeth Sophia Cooper b. 13/2/1884 Ryde d. 15/1/1974 Kogarah (Ernest Wadsworth 1926)
  8. (f) Lillie V Cooper b. 1889 d. 15/12/1915 Auburn (William S Mudford 1908)
  9. (m) James A Cooper b. 1894 Granville 14739/1894 d. 1894 Granville
  10. (f) Eva M Cooper b. 1894 Granville 14740/1894 d. 1894
  11. (f) Violet Harriet Cooper b. 3/3/1896 Granville 12689/1896 d. 30/11/1974 (William S Mudford 1916)

Copas Catherine Kate (McMahon)

b. 24/10/1852 Ferry Meadow d. 17/12/1937 Wollongong

m. John Copas (21/10/1852 Wollongong – 12/7/1905 Wollongong Son of John Copas & Mary Carey *) 12/4/1875 Wollongong 4466/1875

f. Patrick McMahon m. Bridget Connors *

  1. (f) Mary Ann Copas b. 28/2/1876 Wollongong 22498/1876 d. 1954
  2. (f) Ellen Jane Copas b. 18/10/1877 Wollongong 23186/1877 d. 1941
  3. (m) John Patrick Copas b. 31/10/1879 Wollongong 26221/1879 d. 1905
  4. (f) Catherine Angela Copas b. 28/11/1881 Wollongong 18983/1881
  5. (f) Jane Ursula Copas b. 27/4/1884 Wollongong 22805/1884
  6. (m) Arthur Trevor Copas b. 12/10/1887 Wollongong 25070/1887 d. 1918 France
  7. (m) Aloysius Henry Copas b. 19/6/1893 Crown St Wollongong 39281/1893

COPAS— McMAHON— On the 12th instant, by special license, at St. Francis Xavier's Church, by the Rev. Dean Flanagan, John, second son Mr. J. Copas, of Wollongong, to Catherine, second daughter of Mr. P. McMahon, of Fairy Meadow. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 13 April 1875 p 2

COPAS.-December 17, 1937, at her residence, 15 Crown Street, Wollongong, Catherine, relict of the late John Copas, aged 86 years. R.I.P. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 18 December 1937 p 16

Copas Lillian Emily Lily (Markham)

b. 1878 Albion Park 24820/1878 d. 15/1/1961 Kogarah

m. Dennis Francis Copas (1877 Gulgong-1/10/1928 Wollongong Son of George B Copas & Mary ? ) 31/10/ 1900 St Paul’s Albion Park

f. James Markham m. Margaret Thompson *

  1. (m) Ronald Benedict Copas b. 8/6/1901 Dapto 28128/1901
  2. (m) Francis James Copas b. 1903 Wollongong 35871/1903
  3. John Ernest Copas b. 1905 Dapto 22547/1905
  4. George J Copas b. 1907 Dapto 12881/1907
  5. Aileen A Copas b. 1913 Wollongong 12801/1913
  6. Jmaes R Copas b. 1916 Wollongong 37935/1916

Living at Railway St Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties Husband a factory manager

Father a school teacher who remarried Mary O’Donnell *

Copas Mary

m. Henry Copas

  1. (f) Mary Copas b. 1846 bp. CofE Dapto:Wollongong

Copas/Coopes Mary (Kerry/Carey)

b. abt 1817 Co Clare Ireland d. 15/12/1867 br. Corrimal Catholic

m. John Copas (1806 Stepney – 25/3/1891 Lower Crown St Wollongong) 1847 CofE Dapto; Wollongong

f. John Carey m. Honora McMahon

Convict Permission to Marry Index 1847 Illawarra

Ship: Margaret 1837

Convict indent:

Clare 1836
stealing sheep
Servant country
Prior Convictions
neither read or write
5’ 1 ¼” Ruddy and freckled Hair Brown eyes Dark Grey
Small scar on right side of forehead, scar on right hand near the little finger

Family in NSW aunt Mary McMahon arrived per same ship brothers Martin Carey & John Carey convicts arrived per St Vincent

  1. (m) Martin Copas b. abt 1845
  2. (m) George Copas b. 1847 V1847625 34A/1847 d. 1922 Wollongong ( Mary, Mary O’Donnell * 1896)
  3. (f) Jane Copas b. 1849 V1849626 34A/1849 (Denis Driscoll 1874)
  4. (f) Mary Ann Copas b. 19/10/ 1850 Wollongong V18502075 121A/1850 (John Patrick Galvin 1874)
  5. (m) John Copas b. 21/10/1852 Wollongong V18521792 121A/1852 d. 12/7/1905 Wollongong (Catherine McMahon * 1875)
  6. (f) Norah Copas b. 13/7/1854 Wollongong (David Fyfe Rudkin 1884)
  7. (u) Stillborn Copas b. 19/1/1857 Crown St Wollongong

BITTEN by A SNAKE.-On Thursday last, Martin Copas, a lad about twelve years of age, the son of Mr. John Copas, of Wollongong, was bitten by a black snake, whilst proceeding towards the Wollongong Racecourse. The boy says that he was looking up at some eagle hawks in the air, and he felt a pain in the calf of his leg, as of pins pricking, when he looked down and saw the snake stealing stealthily away. With a shrewdness astonishing in a lad of his years, he at once started off towards the town at full speed, for the purpose of obtaining medical assistance, and to keep up an active circulation of the blood. Several times on the road he felt drowsy, but he pushed on until he came to the residence of his parents, where he saw his mother, cautioned her not to follow him, and went straight on to Dr. Lambert's., This gentleman, fortunately, was at home, and at once scarified the spot where the fangs of the venomous reptile had entered, dressed the wound, cupped the patient, end with so much success that, we are happy to say, the boy was soon out of danger. Empire (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1875) Wednesday 1 April 1857

Copas Mary (O’Donnell)

b. 27/9/1852 Wollongong d. 22/6/1909 Sydney br. Wollongong

m. George Copas (1847 Wollongong -1922 Wollongong Son of John Copas & Mary Carey *) 26/9/1896 St Francis Xavier’s

f. Michael O’Donnell m. Sarah Mead *

She resident of Five Islands

Husband a widower who was school teacher at Gerrora.

Mrs Copas, wife of Mr George Copas, teacher of the Jerrara Public School, died in a Sydney hospital last week after undergoing an operation. She was a member of the well known O'Donnell family, of Illawarra, and was 55 years of age. The Shoalhaven Telegraph (NSW : 1881 - 1937) Wednesday 30 June 1909 p 11

COPAS-June 22, 1909, it Sydney, Mary, dearly loved wife of George Copas of Jerrara Public School,  Kiama, and daughter of the late Michael O'Donnell, of Five Islands estate, Wollongong, aged 55 years. R.I.P. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 23 June 1909

Copas Mary Jane

b. 1806 d. 24/9/1865 Sydney

m. George Copas (- 1874 Sydney)

f. John m. Honorah

COPAS.-On the 24th instant, at her residence; Riley-street. Mary Jane, the beloved wife of Mr. George Copas after a long and painful illness, aged 59 years. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 29 September 1865 p 2

Did not marry Mary Jane as he was already married in England.

In 1864 a son of George Copas, aged about 12 years, had his skull smashed in by a horse kick and his ‘life was despaired of’ .

Cope Agnes Clara see Von Heyman

Cope Ann Puah Annie (Parsons)

b. 1874 Wollongong d. 19/7/1970 Hustville

m. Herbert Cope (1869 Redfern – 9/11/1953 Hurstville Son of William Cope & Jane Ford ) 14/2/1894 Woonona 7575/1894

f. William Parsons m. Margaret Jane Elliott *

  1. (m) Herbert W Cope b. 1895 Woonona 9227/1895
  2. (m) Sidney D Cope b. 1896 Woonona 27347/1896
  3. (f) Hazel D M Cope b. 1899 Woonona 8600/1899
  4. (m) Victor G Cope b. 1900 Woonona 28013/1900
  5. (m) Alfred A C Cope b. 1905 Woonona 39542/1905
  6. (f) Thelma I M Cope b. 1909 Woonona 10403/1909
  7. (m) Stanley E cope b. 1913 Woonona 16027/1913

Living at Bellambi in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

COPE— PARSONS— February 14, 1894, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. R. W. Taylor, M.A., Herbert, youngest son of William Cope, Sydney, to Annie, eldest daughter of William Parsons, Lavender Cottage, Bellambi. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Saturday 3 March 1894 p 2

Cope Caroline Susan (Wenham)

b. 1874 Berrima d. 3/5/1919 Kiama

m. John Cope (abt 1870-16/12/1960 Kiama Son of Thomas Cope & Elizabeth) Kiama 1898 Kiama

f. George Thomas Wenham m. Anges Annie Seccombe *

  1. (f) Mildred A Cope b. 1902 Bowral
  2. (f) Agnes M Cope b. 1904 Bowral
  3. (f) Elizabeth G Cope b. 1906 Bowral

Mrs. Cope, wife of Mr. J. Cope, Town Clerk, Kiama and Gerringong, died at her residence, Shoalhaven- street, Kiama, on Saturday last, after an illness extending over some months.

The deceased lady was 44 years of age, and was held in the highest estimation by a large circle of relatives and friends. The Shoalhaven News and South Coast Districts Advertiser (NSW : 1891 - 1937) Saturday 10 May 1919 p 2

Coppinger Eliza (Champion)

b. abt 1841 d. 17/11/1864 Wollongong

m. William Francis Henry Coppinger 9/5/1863 Melbourne

f. George Champion m.

Cause of Death: Consumption

COPPINGER-CHAMPION.-On the 9th inst., at Melbourne, William Francis Henry Coppinger, Esq., of Monkstown Castle, Monkstown, county Dublin, to Eliza, fifth daughter of George Champion, Esq., of West Butterwick, Lincolnshire, England. The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1956) Monday 11 May 1863

On the 17th instant, at Wollongong, New South Wales, of consumption, Eliza, the dearly beloved wife of W. F. H. Coppinger, Esq., late of Monckstown Castle, Monckstown, county Dublin, Ireland, in the 23rd year of her age. The Sydney Morning Herald 19 November 1864

Corah Mary (Frazer)

b. abt 1805

m. John Corah (abt 1808- 1845 Presbyterian Wollongong V18454418 74B

Convict Permission to Marry Index 1845 Wollongong Husband on Eliza (4)

Ship: ? (came free)

Conditional Pardon. — Her Majesty has been graciously pleased to grant a Pardon to John Corah, by the ship Eliza, 2, on condition of his not returning to Europe, or preceding to any of the British Colonies in America. The Australian (Sydney, NSW : 1824 - 1848)Saturday 6 September 1845 - Page 3

Corbett Bessie/Elizabeth (Shoemack)

b. 1852 Melbourne Vic d. 11/4/1926 Lidcombe br. Rookwood

m. William Corbett (1847 Newtown Vic-1928 Ballarat East Son of James Corbett & Ellen Crook) 1871 Vic

un. James Corbett (1858 Ballarat Vic -9/2/1912 South Clifton Colliery Son of James Corbett & Ellen Crook)

f. Amos Shoemack m. Mary Shea

  1. (m) William Corbett b. 1871 d. 1871 Creswick Vic
  2. (m) George Michael Corbett b. 1/6/1872 Creswick Vic
  3. (m) William Charles Corbett b. 2/7/1874 Creswick Vic d. 1875 Creswick Vic
  4. (f) Mary Ellen Corbett b. 5/3/1876 Creswick Vic d. 1881 Creswick Vic
  5. (m) James Robert Corbett b.1878 Creswick Vic d. 17/10/1917 Ypres Belgium (Mary G Dodds 1902)
  6. (f) Evaline Maude Corbett b. 11/2/1880 Creswick Vic (James Owen 1901)
  7. (m) William Middleton Corbett b. 1882 Broomfield Vic d. 5/4/1965 Newtown (Beatrice I Garfoot 1904)
  8. (m) Arthur E Corbett b. 1884 Lambton d. 1962 Wollongong (Muriel J Stewart 1919)
  9. (m) Stanley H Corbett b. 1887 Wallsend d. 1888 Wallsend
  10. (f) Phoebe Corbett b. 1889 Wallsend d. 1890 Wallsend
  11. (m) Stanley Clement Corbett b. 1890 Wallsend d. 1946 Auburn (Sophia Grills 1917)
  12. (f) Amy M Corbett b. 1894 Wallsend d. 1959 (William T Standen 1918)

Elizabeth/Bessie Corbett moved to Lambton/Wallsend between 1882 and 1884 possibly with all four of her children: George, James Robert, Evaline Maud and William Middleton. From 1884 James Corbett was named as the father of five more children James was the younger brother of Bessie's husband William Corbett.

Living at South Clifton in 1903 Electoral Roll- domestic duties

BOOLAROO. The death took place recently at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. W. T. Standon, at Lidcombe, Sydney, of Mrs. Bessie Corbett. She was 75 years of age, and had been a former resident of Boolaroo for many-years. Her husband predeceased her 14 years, having been killed in the South Clifton Colliery. Her eldest son, James, was killed in the late war. She is survived by three sons, William (Sydney), Arthur (Ultimo), Stanley (Lidcombe), and two daughters, Mrs. W. T. Standen, Lidcombe, and Mrs. James Owen, Boolaroo. Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate (NSW : 1876 - 1954)Tuesday 4 May 1926 - Page 7

Corbett Clara Gertrude (Ratcliff)

m. Samuel Corbett 1882 Burton upon Trent Staffordshire

  1. (m) Samuel Corbett b. 1/10/1884 Wolverhapton Staffordshire d. 1955 Orange
  2. (f) Charlotte Adeline Corbett * b. 1885 West Bromwick Staffordshire (?) d. 16/7/1942 Orange (Daniel H Logan 1897)
  3. (f) Edna Dagmar Corbett b. d. 1949 Orange
  4. (m) James C Corbett b. 1893 Woonona 39748/1893 d. 1910 Sydney

Husband a miner at Mt Keira, bankrupt in 1896.

Corbett Emma Elizabeth

Living at Hamilton St Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. With James Corbett a carpenter

Corbett Ethel Margaret (Saunders)

b. 1879 Nundle d. 7/2/1925 Manly

m. Archibald Angus Corbett (abt 1875- 28/2/1953 Darlinghurst) 1911 Sydney

f. John Saunders m. Margaret Smith *

  1. (m) Angus John Corbett b. 1913 Woollahra d. 29/6/1955 North Sydney
  2. (f) Margaret L Corbett b. 1914 Scone
  3. (f) Mary Corbett b. 1917 Scone

1903 Electoral roll –living at Church St Smith’s Hill Wollongong Domestic Duties.

CORBETT— February 7, 1925, .at 'Silverton,' Queenscliff-road, Queenscliff; Manly, . Ethel Margaret, beloved wife of Archibald Angus Corbett, late of Hunter's Vale, Scone, and Glenvale, Warwick ; eldest daughter of John Saunders (late C.P.S., Wagga Wagga) and sister of W. E Saunders, of Lane Cove, J. Harold and May Saunders, of Manly, and Mrs W D , McMonnies, of Manly. Sunday Times (Sydney, NSW : 1895 - 1930) Sunday 8 February 1925 Page 12

Corbett Isabella (Cook)

b. 24/11/1864 Fairy Meadow 16639/1864 d. 18/9/1937 Prince Alfred Hospital 17326/1937 br. Rookwood Catholic

m. Daniel Corbett (abt 1867 -4/9/1924 Erskinville Son of Michael Corbett & Mary) 1886 Wollongong 5655/1886

f. Robert Cook m. Anne Teresa McMahon *

  1. (f) Mary Corbett b. 22/1/1887 Wollongong 24888/17887 (Richard Hennessy 1911)
  2. (f) Lilian Maria Corbett b. 7/10/1888 Wollongong 25738/1888 (David Dunning 1907)
  3. (f) Stella Ann Corbett b. 14/8/1890 Wollongong 38105/1890 (William P Sweeney 1913)
  4. (f) Elizabeth Blanche Corbett b. 28/12/1892 Fairymeadow 39148/1893 d. 1893 Wollongong
  5. (f) Winifred Gladys Corbett b. 28/1/1897 Bourke St Wollongong 8657/1897 (Henry I Conlon 1919)

CORBETT.-September l8, at Prince Alfred Hospital, result of accident, Isabella, of 78 Salisbury Road, Stanmore, dearly loved mother of Tot (Mrs.Hennessy). Collie (Mrs. Dunning), Stella (Mrs. Sweeney), Gladys (Mrs. Conlon). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)Saturday 25 September 1937 - Page 16

CORBETT.—The Relatives and Friends of Mrs. HENNESSY, Mr. and Mrs. DUNNING, Mr. and Mrs. SWEENEY, and Mr. and Mrs. CONLON and their FAMILIES are Invited to attend the Funeral of their dearly loved MOTHER and GRAND-MOTHER, Isabella Corbett; to leave Saint Michael's Church, Stanmore, THIS AFTERNOON, at 2.15 o'clock, for the Catholic Cemetery, Rookwood. Requiem Mass at 7 a.m. _ CORBETT.—The Relatives and Friends of Mrs. I. BROWN (deceased), Mr. R. COOK, Mr. and Mrs. Q. COOK, Mrs. DIETRICH, Mr. and Mrs. AIMAIDE, and Miss MABEL COOK arc Invited to attead the Funeral of their dearly loved SISTER; Isabella Corbett. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)Monday 20 September 1937 - Page 9

Corbett Margaret Josephine (Warrington)

b. 1880 Wollongong d. 15/11/1953 Caringbah br. Woronora

m. Frederick Jesson Corbett (abt 1975 – 4/6/1962 Caringbah) 1901 Sydney

f. James Warrington m. Clara Williams *

  1. (m) Thomas F Corbett b. 1902 Helensburgh 22561/1902
  2. (f) Eileen A Corbett b. 1904 Helensburgh 3605/1904
  3. (f) Edna M Corbett b. 1906 Helensburgh 939/1906
  4. (m) James Warrington Corbett b. 1907 Helensburgh 13974/1907
  5. (m) Arthur E Corbett b. 1908 Sutherland
  6. (m) John A Corbett b. 1909 Sutherland
  7. (f) Freda M Corbett b. 1911 Sutherland
  8. (m) Eric Oswald Corbett b. 1914 Sutherland

CORBETT, Margaret Josephine.- November 15, 1953, at a private hospital, of 174 Willarong Road, Caringbah, dearly loved wife of Frederick Jesson Corbett, loved mother of Thomas, Eileen (Mrs. Dobbie), May (Mrs. Moat), James, Arthur, John, Freda (Mrs. Saunders), Eric, and Frank, and dear mother-in-law of Olga, Les, Arthur, Dorothy, Heather, Millie, Stewart, Vivienne and Peggy, aged 73 years. Requiescat in pace. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)Monday 16 November 1953 - Page 14

Corbett Mary Ann Theresa (Doughty)

d. 1906 Helensburgh br. Rookwood

m. Emanuel Corbett (-1911 Woonona Son of James Corbett & Sarah) 1865 Dudley Staffordshire

f. John Doughty m. Sarah

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic duties with Emanuel Corbett an engine driver

CORBETT -The funeral of the late Mrs MARY A. CORBETT will leave Helensburgh THIS (Thursday) MORNING by 10 o'clock train for the Church of England Cemetery, Necropolis, via Mortuary Statlon Sydney, Friends kindly take 2.23 Funeral Train. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)Thursday 25 January 1906 - Page 10

Mr, EMANUEL CORBETT desires In return his heartfelt THANKS to his many kind friends for floral tributes and letters of sympathy in his recent sad bereavement ; also Mr. G. Rickett, Undertaker, and Dr. W. B. Kerr, for his untiring attention towards his late wife. The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930)Saturday 3 February 1906 - Page 5

Corby Catherine ()

m. Patrick Corby

  1. (m) John Corby b. 1/6/1864 Illawarra

Corby Ellen Eleanor (Carroll)

b. abt 1835 Ireland d. 25/11/1905 Taralga br. Stonequarry

m. William Thomas Corby (abt 1813 London England -1891 Taralga ) 25/5/1852 Presbyterian Wollongong V1852825 80 Earlier married to Margaret Farrell *

  1. (m) Thomas Corby b. 6/1/1853 Dapto Reg Kiama RCapto
  2. (m) George Corby b. 24/5/1854 D
  3. (f) Christina Corby b. 15/10/1856 Dapto d. 20/1/1928 Taralga (William Horne 1876)
  4. (m) Christopher Emanuel Corby b. 1856 Broulee
  5. (m) Owen P Corby b. 1858 Wollongong 134499/1858 (also listed as Carroll)
  6. (f) Louisa A Corby b. 24/5/1858 Dapto 12228/1857 (Edward Gulbrandson)
  7. (m) Theodore Corby 1859 Wesleyan Methodist V18597285 121C/1859 d. 1943
  8. (f) Jemima E Corby 1860 Wollongong 13977/1860 (Henry Freeman)
  9. (m) Reuben Corby 1862 Broulee 6398/1862 d. 1943
  10. (m) Christopher E Corby 1865 Broulee 7401/1865 d. 1936

Husband a carpenter

Death of Mrs. Corby.–Mrs. Corby, widow of the late Mr. T. Corby of Taralga, died at her son's residence (Mr. George Corby's) on Saturday evening last after a long illness, aged 74 years. For some time past Mrs. Corby has been an inmate of the Goulburn Hospital, but as nothing could be done for her she was removed to her son's residence.

The deceased lady leaves large family of sons and daughters, settled in various parts of the State. She was a most upright and kind-hearted woman, and was held in the highest respect by friends and neighbours.

The remains were interred in the R.C. cemetery at Stonequarry, the Rev. Father Clarkereading the burial service. Goulburn Herald (NSW: 1881 - 1907) Friday 1 December 1905 p 3

Corby Margaret (Farrell)

b. abt 1825 d. 21/4/1852 Church of England Dapto; Wollongong

m. William Thomas Corby ( abt 1813 London England -1891 Taralga ) 22/6/1842 Scone Later married to Ellen Carroll

Ship: Columbine 1841

  1. (m) Edward William Corby b. 17/3/1843 Scone
  2. (m) Alfred John Corby b. 14/4/1848 Eden

Husband a convict

Corcoran Anne (Keenan)

b. abt 1859 Ireland

m. Patrick Cororan 8/9/1892 St Francis Xavier’s

f. Patrick Keenan m. Mary Corcoran

Both resident at Wollahrah

Corcoran Catherine Eugenie (Dooley)

b. 17/3/1876 Gerringong bp Kiama RC d. 1962 Wollongbar br. Lismore

m. James Corcoran (1869 Upper Copmanhurst- 27/5/1950 Wollongbar Son of John Corcoran & Mary) 1903 Kiama

f. Thomas Dooley m. Margaret Matilda Daly *

  1. (m) John Corcoran b. 1905 Murwillumbah
  2. (f) Margaret Corcoran b. 1906 Ballia (Alfred Riley 1933
  3. (f) Catherine E Corcoran b. 1907 Lismore
  4. (f) Sarah G Corcoran b. 1909 Ballina
  5. (f) Ellen Corcoran b. 1910 Ballina d. 1910 Ballina
  6. (f) Hannah Corcoran b. 1911 Ballina
  7. (m) James T Corcoran b. 1913 Ballina d. 1913 Ballina
  8. (f) Eugenie Corcoran b. 1914 Ballina
  9. (m) James T Corcoran b. 1915 Ballina
  10. (f) Mary Agnes Corcoran (Francis P McQuade 1939)

Living at Toolijooa in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Cordery Matilda Mary (Wilcocks)

b. abt 1861 d. 28/1/1937 Lismore br. Lismore

m. Arthur Thomas Cordery (abt 1860 -28/5/1933 Willoughby Son of Thomas Cordery & Jane ) 1883 Eton Buckinghamshire

f. Thomas Wilcocks m. W Cordery b. 1884 Kiama 23504/1884

  1. (m) Leslie G Cordery b. 1886 Kiama 25007/1886
  2. (m) Cyril E Cordery b. 1887 Kiama 25690/1887
  3. (f) Ivy M W Cordery b. 1888 Kiama 26407/1888
  4. (m) Royal D Cordery b. 1891 Nowra
  5. (m) Noel L Cordery b. 1893 Nowra
  6. (f) Monica A Cordery b. 1900 Nowra


Mrs. Matilda Mary Cordery (76), of Ballina-street, Lismore, died in the Lismore Base Hospital early yesterday morning, after a short illness. The late Mrs. Cordery was bom in Eng land and came to Australia with her husband, the late A. T. Cordery. 53 years ago. They resided in several places in the south, and 24 years ago came to Lismore, where Mr. Corderoy was well known as a house painter and decorator. About eight years ago they moved to Sydney, where Mr. Cordery died in 1934. For the past 18 months Mrs. Cordery had lived in Lismore.

She was an ardent member of the Church of England, and since coming to Australia had carried out the duties of organist in the church in every town in which she lived. During the period of the Great War she was actively associated with any movement for the provision of comforts for the men on service and those who had been invalided home.

Surviving members of her family are Arthur (Lismore). Noel (Lismore), Mrs. M. A. Lawson (Lismore) and Miss Ivy Cordery (Sydney). The funeral will leave St. Andrew's Church of England to-day following a service commencing in the church at 2 p.m. Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954) Friday 29 January 1937 p 13

Cork Agnes (Shepherd)

b.abt 1863 d. 20/6/1943 Rockdale br. Woronora

m. William Henry Cork (Milton ?-10/2/1936 Rockdale Son of Robert Cork & Elizbeth Crompton) 1885 Milton

f. James m. Matilda

  1. (f) Alice M Cork b. 1886 Broughton Creek
  2. (m) Alfred E Cork b. 1888 Shoalhaven
  3. (f) Violet V Cork b. 1890 Nowra
  4. (f) Lily M Cork b. 1891 Nowra
  5. (m) Ellis Eric Cork b. 1897 Nowra d. 26/9/1917 France
  6. (m) William F Cork b. 1900 Nowra

Living at Jamberoo in 1903 Electoral Roll -Domestic Duties Husband a teacher.

The death occurred on Sunday last, at Strathfield, of Mrs. Agnes Cork, at the age of 80. She was well-known and, highly respected at Jamberoo, where some years ago her late husband, Mr. W. H. Cork, was headmaster of the Public School, and they both took a keen interest in the affairs of the township. The late Mrs. Cork is survived by two daugh ters and two sons, one of the latter serving in the A.I.F. Another son was killed on active service with the first A.I.F. in the Great War. Sympathy is extended to the relatives in their bereavement. The funeral took place on Tuesday at the Methodist Cemetery, Woronora. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Saturday 26 June 1943 p 4

Corlette Sarah Isabella (Reece)

b. 29/4/1836 Barbados West Indies d. 28/10/1863 Jamberoo 3845/1863

m. Rev. James Christian Corlette (1837 Stroud- 1900 Ashfield) 1862 Kensington London

f. Robert Reece m. Caroline Ann Spellen

  1. (m) Robert Christian Corlette b. 8/6/1863 aboard the “Persia” d. 31/1/1864 Jamberoo aged 8 months

On the 8th instant, on board the Persia, the wife of the Rev. J. C. Corlette, of a son. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 9 June 1863 p 1

On the 28th of October, at Jamberoo, after a long illness, Sarah Isabella, wife of the Rev. J. Christian Corlette, M.A., and second daughter of Robert Reece, Esq., F.R.S.A., Provost Marshal of Barbadoes, aged 27 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 4 November 1863 p 1

CORLETTE—January 31st, at Jamberoo, Robert Christian, son of the Rev. J. Christian Corlette, M.A., surviving his mother only three months, aged 8 months. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 20 February 1864 p 8

Cormick Ellen

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (m) Patrick Cormick b. 1857 Wollongong 12219/1857

Corner Susan (Davidson)

b. 10/11/1865 Bouritse Veterans Flats Goulburn d. 13/5/1929 Homebush

m. Frederick Edward Corner (abt 1862 -11/5/1946 Homebush Son of Erdward Craig Corner & Catherine Sophie Ann D’Arcy) 1881

f. Duncan Davidson m. Jane

  1. (m) Edward Leslie Corner b. 1881 Gunning
  2. (f) Edith G Corner b. 1883 Yass
  3. (m) Herbert C Corner b. 1886 Yass
  4. (m) Reginald N Corner b. 1887 Newtown
  5. (f) Vera M Corner b. 1889 Newtown
  6. (m) Arthur Corner b. 1891 Helensburgh 16505/1891 d. 26/6/1948 Granville
  7. (m) Hector C Corner b. 1893 Liverpool
  8. (m) Gordon S Corner b. 1901 Goulburn
  9. (f) Doris J Corner b. 1903 Goulburn
  10. (m) Frank L Corner b. 1905 Goulburn
  11. (m) Noel J Corner b. 1909 Goulburn

CORNER.—May 13th, 1929, at her late residence, 39 Mackenzie-street, Homebush, Susan, beloved wife of Frederick Edward Corner, and fond mother of Les, Edith, Reg, Vera, Arthur, Charles, Gordon, Dorrie, Frank and Noel, aged 65 years. Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931) Monday 13 May 1929 p 6

Corney Eliza Ann (Corney)

b. 1877 Sofala d. 28/1/1944 Wallsend br. West Wallsend

m. Luke Corney (abt 1868-22/3/1941 West Wallsend Son of William Corney & Elizabeth) 1896 Sydney

f. John Corney m. Rosannah Miller *

  1. (m) William T Corney b. 1896 Helensburgh 22120/1896
  2. (m) Luke Corney b. 1898 Merewether d.15/1/1941 Darlinghurst
  3. (f) Rose E Corney b. 1901 West Wallsend
  4. (m) Albert J Corney b. 1905 West Wallsend
  5. (m) Ernest A Corney b. 1908 West Wallsend
  6. (f) Violet E Corney b. 1911 West Wallsend
  7. (f) Lillian M Corner b. 1914 West Wallsend

CORNEY— Passed away at Wallsend Hospital, Jan 28 1944, Eliza Ann Corney dearly beloved wife of the late Luke Corney of Wallace St. West Wallsend. The Newcastle Sun (NSW: 1918 - 1954) Friday 28 January 1944 p 3

Corney Martha (Perkins)

b. 1861 Sofala d. 1927 Paddington

m. William Corney 1878 Sofala

f. William Perkins m. Elizabeth

  1. (f) Rachel Ann Corney b. 1879 Sofala
  2. (f) Alice Mary Corney b. 1880 Sofala
  3. (m) William George Corney b. 1883 Ryleston d. 1948 Katoomba
  4. (f) Elvina A Corney b. 1885 Lithgow
  5. (f) Maud Corney b. 1889 Lithgow
  6. (m) David Soloman Corney b. 1891 Lithgow d. 1951 Bulli
  7. (f) Agnes A Corney b. 1894 Lithgow
  8. (f) Gertrude L Corney b. 1896 Ryleston
  9. (f) Susannah Corney b. 1899 Ryleson
  10. (m) Harold H Corney b. 1902 Ryleston

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic duties

In the Divorce Court to-day Martha Corney, formerly Perkins, sought a divorce from her husband, William Corney.

The parties were married at Sofala in 1888, after being children together.

Petitioner said her husband followed the occupation of a shepherd, and was later on employed on the Mudgee railway. They afterwards left for Lithgow, where her husband left her for two years. She afterwards heard from him from Capartee, where he lived for a while and then went to Helensburgh. He left her in July, 1908. She was then keeping a boarding house.

As the stipulated period had not been reached the petition was with drawn. National Advocate (Bathurst, NSW : 1889 - 1954) Wednesday 29 November 1911 p 4

Corney Rosannah (Miller)

b. 2/4/1854 Kissing Point d. 31/7/1916 Bulli br. Scarborough

m. John Corney 1873 Sofala

f. Alexander Miller m. Mary A

  1. (m) William John Corney b. 1874 Sofala (Esther Millard 1901)
  2. (f) Eliza Ann Corney * b. 1877 Sofala d. 28/1/1914 Wallsend (Luke Corney 1896)
  3. (m) Herbert Corney b. 1881 Sofala (May Millard 1905)
  4. (f) Emily Corney * b. 1879 Sofala d. 1944 Bulli (William Haberley 1900)
  5. (f) Selina S Corney b. 1883 Lithgow
  6. (m) Robert Corney b. 1885 Lithgow
  7. (f) Ada R Corney b. 1887 Lithgow
  8. (f) Amelia M Corney b. 1889 Lithgow
  9. (m) Ernest L Corney b. 1892 Lithgow
  10. (f) Violet E Corney b. 1894 Lithgow
  11. (f) Lilly Corney b. 1897 Helensburgh 3748/1897
  12. (m) Percy Corney b. 1900 Bulli 18421/1900
  13. (f) Alva C Corney b. 1903 Tenterfield
  14. (f) Edna L Corney b. 1905 Tenterfield

Husband a miner of Bellambi, Clifton, Helensburgh and Lithgow when he became insolvent in 1897. When her son Percy enlisted after her death he did not know where his father was.

The death occurred on Monday morning of Mrs. J. Corney, mother of Mr. Corney, of Coledale, at the age of 61 years. Deceased had for very many years, resided at Bulli, where she was well and favorably known to a large circle of friends. She was taken from her son's residence on Saturday last to the Bulli Hospital. The remains were interred at Scarborough. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW: 1900 - 1954) Friday 4 August 1916 p 8

Cornford Catherine (Brophey)

b. 1850 d. 18/3/1913 Waterloo

m. Henry Cornford (29/3/1846 Chippendale– 1897 Waterloo Son of William Cornford & Lucy Fellows * ) 1873 Wollongong

f. Thomas Brophey m. Mary

  1. (m) Henry Richard Cornford b. 1875 Waterloo
  2. (m) Spencer Cornford b. 1879 Glebe d. 1922 Balamin South (Mary)
  3. (f) Lucy Cornford b. 1884 Waterloo (John Davis)
  4. (f) Mary Ellen Cornford b. 1881 d. 1882 Wollongong

Cornford Christina Maud

b. 1882 Wollongong 19638/1882 d. 17/5/1972 Garrawarra Hospital, Waterfall

f. James Cronford m. Ruth Owen *

Living at Corrimal in 1903 Electoral Roll- domestic duties

Living with mother, father and two brothers

Cornford Esther (Cousins)

b. 11/8/1856 Sydney d. 9/7/1927 Kiama br. Kiama

m. Walter Cornford (5/7/1848 Sydney- 2/9/1927 Wollongong Son of William Cornford & Lucy Fellows *) 31/12/1875 Kiama

f. Thomas Cousins m. Hannah Isles *

  1. (m) Harold Isles Cornford b. 16/3/1877 Waterloo d. 16/12/1910 Newcastle
  2. (f) Hannah Cousins Cornford b. 10/9/1879 Gerringong 15872/1879 d. 3/7/1955 (Walter E Hurlston 1902)
  3. (m) Thomas Wwalter Cornford b. 27/11/1881 Gerringong 20055/1882 d. 5/7/1890
  4. (m) Herbert Norman Cornford b. 12/5/1884 Gerringong 23441/1884 d. 1943 (Catherine M Kingelty 1906, Elsie M Tidmarsh 1940)
  5. (f) Ida Esther Cornford b. 22/10/1886 Kiama 25165/1886 d. 17/12/1965 (Aubrey O J East 1905)
  6. (m) Arthur Spencer Cornford b. 29/7/ 1889 Kiama d. 1954 (Mary E. East 1915)
  7. (m) Charles Walter Cornford b. 29/10/1893 Kiama 18736/1893 d. 6/5/1988 ( Ruby A Hall 1918)

ON Dec. 31, 1875, by the Rev. J.W. Brown, Weslyan Minister, WALTER CORNFORD, of Sydney, late of Wollongong, to ESTHER, youngest daughter, of Thomas COUSINS, Gerringong, late of Gloucestershire, England. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 10 February 1876 p 2

CORNFORD. - On the 16th of March, at her residence, Esther Cottage, George-street, Waterloo, the wife of Walter Cornford of a son. Both doing well. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Friday 23 March 1877 p 2


The death occurred at Kiama last Saturday of Mrs. Esther Cornford the wife of Mr. Walter Cornford, at the age of 73 years, after a very painful illness. The late Mrs. Cornford was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Cousins, of Kiama, and had been married 53 years, living in the same house right throughout her married life. Three sons and two daughters survive, viz. Herb, Conway-street, Lismore; Charlie, railway department, Wollongong; and Arthur, Kiama; Mrs. Hurlstone, Five Dock, and Mrs. A. O. East, of Coraki. One son, Harold, died at Newcastle 17 years ago. Mr. Cornford is an old identity of the Kiama district, for over half a century being closely connected with the municipal life of the town as Mayor and alderman for many years, and also with the Methodist Church as a local preacher. Northern Star (Lismore, NSW: 1876 - 1954) Wednesday 13 July 1927 p 3

Cornford Lavinia (Parsons)

b. 1848 Presbyterian Wollongong d. 5/9/1946 Clovelly br. Waverley

m. Spencer Cornford (18/3/1851 Shoalhaven-10/5/1918 Paddington Son of William Cornford & Lucy Fellows * ) 1871 Wollongong

f. Joseph Parsons m. Louisa Walkley *

  1. (f) Frances Maud Parsons b. 1871 Wollongong 19595/1871
  2. (m) William George Cornford b. 1873 Wollongong 20701/1873
  3. (f) Lucy Eleanor Cornford b. 1875 Sydney
  4. (f) Effie P Cornford b. 1877 Sydney
  5. (m) Percy Cornford b. 1880 Sydney
  6. (f) Blanche Cornford b. 1882 Sydney
  7. (m) Rupert Cornford b. 1884 Sydney
  8. (f) Minnie Cornford b. abt 1889

CORNFORD -September 5 1946 at her residence 18 Keith Street Clovelly, Lavinia widow of the late Spencer Cornford and loving mother of Maude, William, Lucy, Effie, Percy Blanch (deceased) Rupert, Ref and Millie (deceased) aged 97 years Privately Interred at Waverley Cemetery on 6th Inst The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 7 September 1946 p 3

Cornford Lucy (Fellows) see Cutcher

Cornford Margaret (Manning)

m. Charles Cornford

  1. (f) Johana Cornford b. 5/8/1855 Shoalhaven reg Kiama RC

Husband a farmer

Cornford Priscilla (Ayling)

b. 15/6/1795 Graffan Sussex d. 1863 SA br. West Terrace Adelaide SA

m. William Cornford (6/3/1795 Herstmonceux Sussex- SA)

Ship: Palmayra 1838

  1. (m) Stephen Cornford b. 20/2/1817 Catsfield Sussex (Emma Trelaggan 1850)
  2. (m) William Cornfoot b. 28/6/1818 Catsfield Sussex d. 16/4/1857 Parramatta (Lucy Fellows *)
  3. (m) James Cornford b. 13/1/1822 Catsfield Sussex
  4. (m) Thomas Cornford b. 1820 Catsfield Sussex d. 1820
  5. (m) Henry Cornford b. 1824 d. 1838 on board Palmayra
  6. (m) Joseph Cornford b. 1827 Catsfield Sussex d. 1838 on board Palmayra

Listed as living in the Illawarra on Gerard Gerard’s property Dunlop Vale in 1841 cencus

Cornford Ruth (Owen)

b. 1843 Wollongong V18431024 49/1843 d. 1920 Wollongong br. Old Wollongong

m. James Cornford (1841 CofE Sydney St Lawrences’s- 1923 Wollongong Son of William Cornford & Lucy Fellows *) 1871 Wollongong

f. John Owen m. Elizabeth Edwards *

  1. (f) Lucy Elizabeth Naomi Cornford * b. 1872 Wollongong 19609/1872 (Thomas John Sanderson 1890)
  2. (f) Mary Jane Cornford * b. 1873 Wollongong d. 30/6/1957 Petersham (Thomas Sewell Burrell 1894)
  3. (m) John James Cornford b. 3/4/1875 Wollongong d. 1946 Speers Point (Susannah Hodson * 1901)
  4. (f) Henry Owen Cornford b. 1877 Wollongong 22976/1877
  5. (f) Ruth Cornford * b. 1878 Wollongong 24680/1878 d. 12/12/1930 Corrimal (Nathaniel Gay 1897)
  6. (m) William Thomas Cornford b. 1881 Wollongong 18823/1881
  7. (f) Christina Maud Cornford * b. 1882 Wollongong 19638/1882
  8. (m) Arthur R Cornford b. 1885 Wollongong 23528/1885
  9. (u) Ref Cornford b. 1886 Sydney

Living at Corrimal in 1903 Electoral Roll- domestic duties

CORNFORD. - On April 3rd, at her residence, Wollongong, the wife of Mr. James Cornford, of a son. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 9 April 1875 p 2

Cornford Susannah (Hodson).

b. 1878 d. 26/8/1955 Speers Point cr. Beresford

m. John James Cornford (3/4/1875 Wollongong - 9/3/1946 Speers Point Son of James Cornford & Ruth Owen *) 24/4/1901 Woonona

f. James m. Mary

  1. (m) William J Cornford b. 1902 Woonona 8733/1902
  2. (m) Clarence Cornford b. 1904 West Wallsend

Death recorded as Cornfield

On Wednesday afternoon, at the residence of Mr. Mat, Green, Mr. John James Cornford was married to Miss Susannah Hodson. There was a company of, about 30 at the ceremony. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Saturday 27 April 1901 Page 11

Cornwall Elizabeth Mary (Hambly then Johnson)

b. 1881 Kiama 19402/1881 d. 1951 Kiama

m. Alfred William Johnson 1909 (1880 Bermagui-20/7/1938 Shellharbour Son of William Johnson & Charity Florence )

m. Robert McGeachie Cornwall 1939 Bulli

f. Charles Robert Hambly m. Dinah Lord *

  1. (f) Daisy D Johnson b. 1909 Kiama (Cecil C Connaughton 1928)
  2. (f) Doris Dinah Johnson b. 1911 Kiama ( Alexander W Trapp 1928)
  3. (f) Thelma Gwen Johnson b. 1914 Granville (William King 1931)
  4. (m) Charles Alfred Keith Johnson b. 24/7/1918 Harris Park

Living at Darley Estate in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Living at Bulli when her son enlisted in 1940.

Cornwell Eleanor Amelia (Pike)

b. 1847 CofE Dapto V18472356 33A/1847 d. 13/6/1917 Pymble

m. Henry Cornwell (- 16/9/1918 Pymble Son of Samuel Cornwell & Elizabeth) 10/4/1875 Wollongong

f. Henry William Pike m. Maria Wright *

  1. (f) Eleanor Cornwell b. 1876 Glebe 4085/1876
  2. (m) Henry Cornwell b. 1885 St Leonards 11772/1885
  3. (m) Samuel Cornwell b. 1886 St Leonards 12773/1886

MARRIAGES. CORNWELL—PIKE. —April 10, at St. Michael's, Wollongong, by the Rev. Dean Ewing, Henry, fourth son of Samuel Cornwell, to Eleanor Amelia, only daughter of the late Henry William Pike, Pickering, New South Wales. The Sydney Morning Herald 17 May 1875

CORNWELL.—June 13, at the Lilacs Pymble, Elenora Amelia, wife of Henry Cornwell. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 16 June 1917 p 12

Corr Elizabeth

b. abt 1837 Kilskeery Tyrone Ireland

m. James Coor (abt 1825 Trilee Tyrone Ireland- 1866 Dapto Son of James Corr & Barbara)

Ship: General Caulfield 1865

  1. (m) Michael Corr b. abt 1853 Kilskeery Tyrone Ireland
  2. (m) James Corr b. abt 1856 Kilskeery Tyrone Ireland d. 9/2/1929 Wollongong
  3. (f) Hannah Corr * b. abt 1858 Kilskeery Tyrone Ireland d. 1880 Wollongong (James McAuliffe 1878)
  4. (f) Bridget Corr b. abt 1860 Kilskeery Tyrone Ireland
  5. (m) Francis Corr b. abt 1862 Kilskeery Tyrone Ireland d. 14/2/1929 Dapto (Sarah Marshall * 1891)

On Tuesday evening, a ploughman named James Corr, employed by Mr. Aleck Osborne, of Marshall Mount, was drowned whilst bathing in the creek. Empire (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1875) Friday 26 January 1866 Page 4

Corr/Carr Sarah (Marshall)

b. abt 1859 d. 2/7/1929 Darlinghurst br. West Dapto Catholic Cemetery

m. Francis Corr (abt 1862 Kilskeery Tyrone Ireland - 14/2/1929 Dapto Son of James Corr & Elizabeth) 1891 St Peters

f. Joseph Marshall m. Bridget *

  1. (f) Mary G Corr b. 1892 St Peters 33795/1892
  2. (f) Stella Maragert Corr b. 21/4/1895 Dapto 18477/1895 (R Musgrave)
  3. (f) Alice Frances Corr b. 11/6/1897 Dapto 27678/1897
  4. (f) Hilda Kathleen Corr b. 4/8/1899 Dapto 36163/1899

Living at South Coast Rd Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll Husband a baker.

The death occurred at St. Vincent's Hospital, Darlinghurst, on July 2nd, of Mrs. Sarah Corr, widow of the late Francis Corr, who passed away a few months ago. Mrs. Corr, who had been in hospital for some little time, was 70 years of age and is survived by four daughters, Gertrude, Stella (Mrs. R. Musgrave) Alice and Hilda. The late Mrs. Corr enjoyed an honorable career with the Education Department and was at one time a schoolmistress at Dapto. The funeral took place at the Catholic cemetery, at West Dapto, on Wednesday. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW: 1900 - 1954) Friday 5 July 1929 p 17

Corridass Catherine

b. d. June 1895 Wollongong

m. John Baptist Schreiber 1858 Hobart Tas.

f. William Corridass

  1. (f) Emilie/Eleanor Corridass * b. 1861 Hobart Tas (George Farrier 1884)

THE Frieonds of Mr. GEO. FARRIER, Keiraville are respectfully to attend the FUNERAL of his late beloved Mother-in-Law, CATHERINE CORRIDASS, to move from his residence, THIS DAY, at 3 o'clock, for the Church of England Cometery Wollongong. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 18 June 1895 p 3

Corrigan Eleanor/Ellen (Brady)

b. 1808 Parramatta d. 1873 Gulgong

m. Edward Corrigan (abt 1764 Kings County Ireland-4/2/1863 Wollongong) 2/9/1823 Airds V182392 127/1823

f. Daniel Brady m. Ann Hamilton

  1. (m) John Corrigan b. 1824 V1824552 125/1824 d. 1900 Woonona (Mary Neville * 1847)
  2. (m) Daniel Corrogan b. 1830 V18301706 125/1830 d. 1921 Annadale (Rose McGrady * 1854)
  3. (m) William Corrigan b. 1833 V1833173 129/1833 d. 1916 Granville (Sarah Kyle )
  4. (f) Ann Corrigan b. 1836 V18362369 127/1836 d. 1877  (Thomas Wilkinson)
  5. (m) Edward Vincent Corrigan b. 4/2/1845 Wollongong V18451268 62/1845 d. 1923 Newtown ( Rebecca Bridget Robinson Smith 1868,Catherine O'Neill)

ASSAULT WITH INTENT TO DO GRIEVOUS BODILY HARM. Michael Monaghan was indicted for wilfully assaulting one Eleanor Corrigan, by cutting her on the head with some sharp instrument, on the 24th June last, at Wollongong, with intent to do her some grievous bodily harm. Without any provocation, prisoner had come to the woman's house in the absence of her husband, and forcing an entrance; had violently assaulted and brutally ill used her. Guilty, and sentenced to three years' imprisonment with hard labour, in Parramatta Gaol. Sydney Chronicle 26 August 1848

Husband a shoemaker Resident of Illawarra in 1828 Census Listed as a convict but no ship of arrival listed.

Corrigan Mary (Neville)

b. abt 1830 Ireland d. 1865 Wollongong br. Old Catholic Wollongong

m. John Corrigan (1824- 1900 Woonona Son of Edward Corrigan & Eleanor Brady *) 13/2/1847 Wollongong

Both resident of Wollongong

f. Richard Neville m. Catherine Wiseman *

Ship: Magistrate 1838

Corrigan Mary Ann (Kennedy)

b. abt 1865 d. 3/8/1908 Smith’s Hill br. Wollongong

m. Daniel Mark Corrigan (20/10/1854 Wollongong - 16/7/ 1934 Redfern Son of Daniel Corrigan & Rose McGrady *) 1883 Coonamble 6107/1883

f. Thomas Kennedy m. Elizabeth *

  1. (f) Elizabeth R A Corrigan b. 1884 Coonamble 27068/1884
  2. (f) Mary Ellen Corrigan b. 6/2/1886 Mount Pleasant 24278/1886
  3. (m) Thomas Justinus Corrigan b. 20/1/1888 Mt Pleasant 25524/1888 d. 1973 Wyong
  4. (f) Annie Corrigan b. 21/1/1890 Mt Pleasant Wollongong 37866/1890
  5. (m) John Corrigan b. 28/7/1893 Crown St Wollongong 39341/1893
  6. (f) Monica Corrigan b. 1901 Woonona 28326/1901
  7. (m) Archibald B Corrigan b. 1905 Wollongong 19159/1905

Living at Balgownie in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties Husband a miner

CORRIGAN - August 3rd, 1908, at the residence of her mother, Smith's Hill, Mary Ann, dearly loved wife of Daniel Corrigan, aged 43 years. At rest. Return Thanks. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 11 August 1908 p 2

Corrigan Mary Ann (Ryan)

d. 19/8/1896 Gulgong

m. William Edward Corrigan (1852- 12/8/1896 Gulgong Son of Daniel Corrigan & Rose McGrady *) 1884 Gulgong

f. Timothy Ryan m. Alice Fogarty

  1. (m) William S Corrigan b. 1885 Gulgong d. 1885 Gulgong
  2. (f) Alice R Corrigan b. 1887 Gulgong
  3. (f) Mary E Corrigan b. 1888 Gulgong
  4. (f) Emilia May Corrigan b. 19/5/1890 Mt Pleasant 37962/1890
  5. (m) John D Corrigan b. 1891 Parkes
  6. (f) Annie E Corrigan b. 1894 Gulgong
  7. (f) Hilda K Corrigan b. 1896 Gulgong

A TERRIBLY SAD CASE. — A terribly sad case occurred at Gulgong last week, when Mr. and Mrs. W. Corrigan both succumbed to inflammation of the lungs. By these demises there have been orphaned six young children, the eldest being but 11 years and the youngest four months. Mrs. Lamb, a sister of Mrs. Corrigan, was not expected to live on Friday, and one of the Corrigan children was also very ill. If ever there was a case calling for the charity of Gulgong people, this is one. Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal (NSW: 1851 - 1904) Wednesday 26 August 1896 p 3

Corrigan Mary Louisa (McMahon)

m. Edwin Corrigan 1881 Sydney

  1. (f) Rosa Maria Corrigan b. 9/9/1883 Redfern Baptised 28/10/1883 St Francis Xavier’s d. 1884 Glebe

Corrigan Rose (McGrady)

d. 1875 Gulgong

m. Daniel Corrigan (1830 -1921 Annadale Son of Edward Corrigan & Eleanor Brady *) 1851 RC Sydney St Mary’s V1851102 97/1851

f. Hugh McGrady m. Catherine

  1. (m) William Edward Corrigan b. 1852 V1852389 69/1852 d. 12/8/1896 Gulgong (Mary Ann Ryan * 1884)
  2. (m) Daniel Corrigan b. 20/10/1854 Wollongong V18541900 121A/1854 d. 16/7/ 1934 Redfern (Mary Ann Kennedy * 1883)
  3. (f) Ellen C Corriganl b. 1857 Mudgee
  4. (f) Mary A Corrigan b. 1861 Mudgee
  5. (f) Sarah Corrigan b. 1862 Mudgee
  6. (f) Elizabeth Mary Corrigan b. 1864 Mudgee (Alexander John Kennedy 1883)
  7. (f) Emma Corrigan b. 1866 Mudgee (Nichols)
  8. (f) Jane Corrigan b. 1868 Mudgee
  9. (m) Edward H Corrigan b. 1871 Mudgee d. 1932 Cessnock
  10. (m) Vincent Joseph Corrigan b. 1875 Gulgong d. 1876 Gulgong

In 1872 her mother-in-law was living with the family in Gulgong.

Attempt at Suicide.— A woman named Rose Corrigan was recently brought before the Gulgong Court on a charge of attempting to commit suicide on the 3rd instant. The unfortunate woman had previously been subject to fits of hysteria. On the day named she had bade good-bye to her children, and then went into a room and endeavoured to hang herself. When found a rope was tight round her neck, one end of which was attached to a bolt nine feet high, her feet touched the ground, and she was almost dead. She was committed for trial. Freeman's Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1932)Saturday 15 June 1872 - Page 7

Cosgrove Ellen (Condon)

b. abt 1835 Bulli d. 2/5/1909 Surry Hills

m. Thomas Cosgrove (Tyrone Ireland- Son of Thomas Cosgrove & Mary Blakeney *) 1857 Kiama

f. James Condon m. Mary Murphy *

  1. (f) Mary Cosgrove b. 2/9/1858 Shellharbour 8116/1858 d. 2/9/1858
  2. (f) Isidora Cosgrove b. 2/9/1958 Shoalhaven 8115/1858 d. 6/9/1858
  3. (m) James F Cosgrove b. 18/11/1859 Shellhabrour 7679/1860
  4. (f) Agnes Cosgrove b. 27/10/1861 Shellharbour 8324/1861 d. 17/11/1862
  5. (f) Ann Cosgrove b. 22/1/1863 Shellharbour 8448/1863
  6. (m) Thomas William Cosgrove b. 17/7/1865 Shellharbour 9746/1865
  7. (m) John Verens Cosgrove b. 12/5/1867 Shellharbor 104080/1867
  8. (f) Ludovina Cosgrove b. 30/6/1869 Shellharbour 12261/1869
  9. (f) Mary Cosgrove b. 31/7/1870 Shellharbour 11359/1870

Husband a settler then publican

At her residence, Darling Forest, Shellhorbor, on the 2nd instant, Mrs Thomas Cosgrove, Jun., of twin daughters. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Monday 6 September 1858 p 3

COSGROVE - May 2, 1909, at her residence, 453 Bourke street, Surry Hills, Ellen Cosgrove, aged 74 years. R.I.P. By request, no flowers. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Monday 3 May 1909 p 6

Cosgrove Margaret Mary (Bruton)

b. 1836 Clerihan Ireland d. 17/10/1919 Orange

m. James Cosgrove (abt 1833 Ireland - 9/11/1902 Marrickville Son of Thomas Cosgrove & Mary Blakenly *) 1860 Parramatta 2300/1860

f. William Bruton m. Ellen O’Donnell

Ship: John Fieldon 1853

  1. (m) Thomas William Cosgrove b. 14/2/1861 Wollongong 14338/1861
  2. (m) James Cosgrove b. 26/6/1862 Wollongong 1510/1862
  3. (f) Eva Emaline Cosgrove b. 16/1/1864 Wollongong 16429/1864
  4. (m) Michael Patrick Cosgrove b. 18/12/1865 Wollongong 16486/1866
  5. (f) Helena Mary Cosgrove b. 24/11/1867 Farie Meadow 18108/1867
  6. (f) Margaret Minnie Cosgrove b. 10/9/1869 Wollongong 19936/1869

Husband innkeeper

COSGROVE.—October 17th, at the residence of her daughter, Warialda, Sale-st., Margaret Mary, widow of the late James Cosgrove, of Woolahra, Sydney; aged 83 years. Leader (Orange, NSW : 1899 - 1945)Monday 20 October 1919 - Page 2

Cosgrove Mary (Blakenly)

b. abt 1811 Tyrone Ireland d. 3/8/1898 Moama

m. Thomas Cosgrove (Dromore Co. Tyrone 1806- 14/6/1864 Shellharbour Son of James Cosgrove & ?) 1831 Dromore Co. Tyrone


Ship: 1841 Herald

  1. (m) John Joseph Cosgrove b. 1831 Ireland d. 5/6/1862 Rockhampton Qld
  2. (m) James Cosgrove b. 1833 Ireland d. 9/11/1902 Marrickville
  3. (m) Thomas Cosgrove b. 1835 Tyrone Ireland d. (Ellen Condon * 1857)
  4. (m) Son Cosgrove
  5. (m) William Cosgrove b. 15/9/1842 Wollongong (Norah Maude Hourigan 1872)
  6. (f) Annie Maria Cosgrove * b. 4/8/1844 Garden Hill d. 1927 Camberwell Vic ( Patrick Kevin Downey )
  7. (m) Samuel Cosgrove b. 13/8/1846 Garden Hill
  8. (f) Mary Jean Cosgrove b. 21/9/1849 Wollongong (Joseph A Gilfoyle

Book has been written about this family The Flying Cosgroves: A Family Story, which gives an account of the lives of various family members who followed careers as actors, silent-film producers, horse trainers, auctioneers, publicans and miners.

COSGROVE.-August 3, at Moama, N.S.W. , Mary, relict of the late Thomas Cosgrove, of Keira Vale, Wollongong, aged 98 years. The Sydney Morning Herald 4 August 1898

Cosgrove Rosanna Jane (O’Harra/O’Hara)

m. John Cosgrove 28/12/1853 St Xaviers Wollongong

f. James O’Harrah

  1. (m) Thomas James Cosgrove b. 9/11/1853 1820/1853 V18531820 121A
  2. (m) John Cosgrove b. 23/5/1855 Fairy Meadow V18551936 121A/1855
  3. (f) Philamena Cosgrove b. 26/1/1857 Shoalhaven 11132/1857

Husband blacksmith

“MARRIED.   At St. Xavier's Church, Wollongong, on the 28th December, by Rev. J. M. Murry, Mr. John Cosgrove, to Rosana Jane, third daughter of Mr. James O'Harrah, Garden Hill, Wollongong.” The Sydney Morning Herald 3 January 1853

Coss Matilda Hannah (Pritchard)

b. 1881 Woonona 19003/1881 d. 14/5/1962 Eastwood

m. Henry Northmore Coss (abt 1879 -16/4/1960 Eastwood Son of William Coss & Caroline) 1905 Woonona

m. Alfred William Pritchard m. Elizabeth Veigel *

  1. (f) Myra E Coss b. 1916 Balmain South

Living Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Costello Nora (Kennedy)

b. abt 1872 Bansha County Tipperary Ireland d. 16/6/1938 Jamberoo

m. Michael Costello (-1929 Royal North Shore Son of James Costello & Johanna)

f. Andrew Kennedy m. Mary

  1. (m) James Costello b. 1892 Sydney 1201/1892
  2. (m) Denis Costello b. 1894 Waverley 36348/1894 
  3. (f) Rose Costello b. 1895 Kiama 23409/1895 (Albert Christiansen 1916)
  4. (f) Mary A Costello b. 1898 Kiama 22269/1898 (Anthony F Villa 1931)
  5. (m) Andrew J Costello b. 1901 Kiama 13603/1901
  6. (f) Norah W Costello b. 1903 Kiama 21945/1903 (Sister M Atracta )
  7. (m) Michael F Costello b. 1907 Kiama 4269/1907
  8. (f) Margaret Costello b. 1910 Kiama 27634/1910
  9. (f) Anne Costello

Living at Jamberoo in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties Husband a maintenance man.


There were many sad hearts when the news was circulated that Mrs. Nora Costello had passed away at her home in Jamboroo on Monday, 16th ult. The deceased lady had been in failing health for some months, and was lovingly nursed by her two youngest daughters.

Mrs. Costello was born at Bansha, County Tipperary, Ireland, 66 years ago. Daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kennedy, she had resided in Jamberoo for the past 43 years, and during that time she had been a most devoted and truly Christian mother, her chief interest being her home and family, by whom she will be greatly missed. Her kindly hospitality will be long remembered by those who had the pleasure of visiting her home, where everybody was made welcome. Her husband, the late Michael Costello, predeceased her by nine years, and she is survived by three sons, James (Jamboroo), Andrew (Ward's River), and Michael (Dubbo), and five daughters, Rose (Mrs. Christiansen, Woonona), Mary (Mis. Villa, Mudgee), Nora (Sister M. Attracta, of tho Little Company of Mary Lewisham), Margaret and Anne (Jamboroo). During Mrs. Costello's long Illness she was greatly consoled by visits from Fathers Malone and Irish (Kiama) and the Sisters of St. Joseph (Kiama). Her daughter, Sister M. Attracta, accompanied by Mother M. Perpetua (Lewlsham) visited Mrs. Costello a few weeks prior to her death, and this was a great source of happiness and consolation to her. All visitors were greated with her kindly smile of welcome, and her complete resignation to the Divine Will was truly edifying. Rev. Father Malone administered the last rites of the Church, and Requiem Mass was offered by Father Irish, who also officiated at the graveside. The pall-bearers were the three sons, James, Andrew and Michael, and her son-in-lay, Albert Christiansen.

The many beautiful floral tributes received testified to the love and esteem in which the late Mrs. Costello was held.

To know her was to love her. Catholic Freeman's Journal (Sydney, NSW: 1932 - 1942) Thursday 7 July 1938 p 12

Costello Sarah Jane (Loadsman)

b. 2/8/1832 Kiama d. 10/3/1912 Byron Bay br. Bangalow

m. Edward Costello (abt 1824 Connaught County Mayo- 1876 Burrawang Son of Stephen Costello & Cecilia) 29/10/1848 Jambaroo V18481316 95/1848

f. Charles Loadsman m. Catherine Mary Ryan *

Both resident Jambaroo

  1. (m) John Costello b. 24/8/1849 Kiama
  2. (m) Stephen Costello b. 5/11/1850 Kiama
  3. (f) Mary Ann Costello b. 21/1/1852 Crawlers Forest
  4. (m) Edward William Costello b. 25/1/1856 Jamberoo reg Kiama RC
  5. (m) Michael Costello b. 21/6/1858 Kiama 8055/1858
  6. (m) Charles Costello b. 23/8/1859 Wondendan bp Kiama RC
  7. (f) Margaret Costello b. 1862 Shoalhaven
  8. (f) Catherine Costello b. 1865 Berrima
  9. (m) Patrick Costello b. 1865 Berrima
  10. (f) Cecilia E Costello b. 1867 Berrima
  11. (f) Sarah J Costello b. 1869 Berrima
  12. (f) Ellen Costello b. 1869 Berrima
  13. (f) Agnes Costello b. 1872 Berrima

Husband a settler/sawyer


One of the brave old pioneers of N.S.W. passed away when Mrs. Sarah Jane Costello breathed her last at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. W. Harley, Bangalow on Sunday, at the advanced age of 80 years. The deceased lady, whose maiden name was Loadsman, had the pleasure of meeting three brothers-John, of Shoalhaven, William, Charles, and one sister, Miss Loadsman, of Lindenale, during her last illness . She was the first white child born in Jamberoo, and came to the Richmond River In 1881. She was married at the age of 16 years to the late Edward Costello, from the west of Ireland, who died 34 years ago. The fruits of the marriage were 12 children, of whom five sons and six daughters are living. The sons are John and Stephen of Goonellabah.

Edward (Billinudgel, Charles, (public school teacher at Wollongbar), and Patrick (Dunoon). The daughters are Mrs; W. Harley (Bungalow), Mrs.P. Wilson (Dunoon), Mrs. T. O'Mara Brooklet, with whom lives Mrs. Costello. Mrs. McAuliffe (Tregeagle, and one single daughter, who is in a convent at Penrith. The descendants of this grand old lady include; 82 grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren.

Until her sight began to fall, about twelve months ago, the deceased was an omnivorous reader with excellent memory, and keen intelligence. She was well acquainted with ancient and modern writers, and took great interest in politics. She was, one of the flrst settlers in Robertson, and in the days when doctors were few and far between her kindly aid in cases of sickness was eagerly sought. The funeral on Monday, was largely attended, although it was  raining at the time, and the hour-3 p.m. -inconvenient for a dairying district. Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954) Thursday 14 March 1912 p 4

Coston Mary Ann (Griffin)

b. abt 1847 Clare Ireland d. 2/4/1919 The Hill House Kiama br. Kiama

m. Denis Walter Coston (abt 1837 -23/12/1926 Darlinghurst )

Ship: abt 1865

  1. (m) Denis Henry Costen b. 10/6/1875 Kiama bp Kiama RC
  2. (f) Agnes Ellen Costen b. 10/3/1877 Kiama 13852/1877
  3. (m) Charles James Coston b. 1879 Kiama 15773/1879
  4. (f) Millicent Mary Coston b. 1880 Kiama 16796/1880
  5. (f) Anne K Coston b. 1882 Kiama 20070/1882
  6. (f) Elizabeth C Coston b. 1883 Kiama 21794/1883
  7. (f) Bridget Coston b. 1885 Kiama 24288/1885
  8. (f) Clare Coston b. 1887 Kiama 25722/1887
  9. (m) Edward Francis Costin b. 6/11/1888 Pheasant Gromn/MossVale 26414/1888

Cotten Minnie Mandle see Dennett Minnie Mandle

Cotter/Cottor Margaret (Bolton)

b. abt 1847 Co Clare Ireland d. 1893 Glebe 5911/1893 br. Wollongong

m. Martin Cotter (abt 1830 - 20/8/1923 Wollongong ) 29/7/1869 St Francis Xavier’s

f. James Bolton m. Catherine Kelley

  1. (f) Mary Cotter b. 1876 Wollongong 22543/1876 (Patrick Gleeson 1895)

Both resident Wollongong

THE Friends of MR. MARTIN COTTER are respectfully invited to attend the FUNERAL of his late beloved WIFE: to move from the Railway Station, THIS DAY, at 11.45 Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Thursday 6 April 1893 p 2

Cotterell Elizabeth Stiles (Thompson)

b. abt 1856 St Kilda Victoria d. 14/2/1937 Mosman br. Bulli

m. Henry Fowler Cotterell (1861 Bath England - 15/7/1927 Bulli) 1892 Campbelltown

f. Joseph Thompson m. Elizabeth Stiles

Husband was a Quaker and he would not support the War but would support the soldiers. Husband ran the Bulli Times from 1895 and the agent who sold the original Sandon Point Estate on Boxing Day 1913.

This couple had no children, but the couple were very involved in community service. She would be the first person to a house when there was an accident in the pit.

Cotterill Hannah

m. Robert Cotterill (-1866 Broulee Son of William Cotterill & Elizabeth)

  1. (f) Elizabeth Cotterill b. 1859 Wollongong 14030/1859
  2. (f) Female Cotterel b. 1861 Broulee
  3. (f) Sarah A Cotterel b. 1864 Broulee d. 1868 Parramatta
  4. (m) Robert Cotterel b. 1863 Broulee

Cotton Louisa Ann

d. 1925 Petersham

f. Alexander F m. Ann

Living at Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll- Dressmaker. With Joseph Cotton a bootmaker

Cotton Mary J (Keane)

m. David A Cotton

  1. (m) Augustine Cotton b. 21/3/1892 Wollongong BDM has name as Eugenie E 38958/1892

Couch/Crouch Ann (Smith)

b. abt 1849 d. 23/2/1926 Hurlstone Park 1024/1926 br. Woronora

m. Edward Couch (abt 1841 - 2/7/1920 Hurlstone Park Son of James Couch & Mary Wheatley *) 1869 Sydney

f. Alfred Smith m. Esther Millward *

  1. (m) Oscar Ernest Edward Couch b. 1870 Kiama 11242/1870 d. 1941 Marrickville (Elizabeth Agnes F Fredericks * 1900)
  2. (m) Alfred J Couch b. 1871 Kiama 11614/1871
  3. (f) Elise Ann Couch * b. 23/9/1872 Shellharbour 11620/1872 d. 1965 Kogarah (Alexander R Yeend 1893, William A Musgrave 1908)
  4. (f) Ada Esther Couch b. 7/10/1874 Shellharbour 12789/1874 d. 17/4/1875 Shellharbour
  5. (f) Ida Mary Couch b. 1876 Kiama 13523/1876
  6. (f) Althea Bertha V Couch * b. 1879 Shellharbour 15754/1879 (Robert Alfred Fredericks 1903)
  7. (m) Eric V Couch b. 1888 Kiama 26332/1888

AT her residence, Peterborough, Shellharbour, on Monday, September 23, Mrs. EDWARD COUCH of a daughter. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 10 October 1872 p 2

ON the 7th October, at her residence Terragong. Shellharbour, Mrs. E. COUCH of a daughter. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 15 October 1874 p 2

ON the 17th instant, at the residence of her parents, Shellharbour, ADA, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. COUCH, aged 6 months and 10 days The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 29 April 1875 p 2

Mrs. Couch, relict of the late Edward Couch, many years resident at Dunmore, passed away in her 78th year at her home “Glenairlie” Hurlstone Park, on Tuesday last. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW: 1863 - 1947) Saturday 27 February 1926 p 2

Couch Annie Elizabeth

Living at Sandy Flat in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Couch Annie Elizabeth (Collins)

b. 1842 Camden d. 25/11/1875 Surrey Hills 2499/1875

m. George Couch (1842 Shellharbour - 29/10/1923 Mangerton Street Wollongong Son of James Couch & Mary Wheatley *) 22/5/1872 Shellharbour 2428/1872

f. Dennis Collins m. Margaret Cochrane

  1. (m) George Thomas Couch b. 17/4/1873 Shellharbour 12310/1873
  2. (f) Annie Elizabeth Couch b. 17/4/1873 Shellharbour 12311/1873
  3. (f) Louisa Couch b. 8/11/1874 Shellharbour 12794/1874
  4. (u) unnamed Couch b. 12/11/1875 Shellharbour d. 17/11/1875

On the 22nd May, at the Parish Church, Shellharbour, by the Rev. P. R. S. Bailey, Incumbent, GEORGE, second son of Mr. JAMES COUCH, of Shellharbour, to ANNE ELIZABETH, daughter   of Mr. DENNIS COLLINS, of Camden. Sydney Morning Herald 15 June 1872 The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 30 May 1872 p 2

ON 25th November, at the residence of Mr. R. Stewart, Surry Hills, Sydney, ANNIE ELIZABETH, the beloved wife of George Couch, of Shellharbour, in the 33rd year of her age, leaving an affectionate husband and family to mourn their loss. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 2 December 1875 p 2

Couch Catherine (Connolly)

b. b. 20/11/1851 Jamboroo d. 1927 Mangerton 15568/1927 br. Kiama General

m. George Couch ( 1842 Shellharbour - 29/10/1923 Mangerton Street Wollongong Son of James Couch & Mary Wheatley *) 24/10/1877 Jamberoo

f. Michael John Connolly m. Maria Griffin *

  1. (m) James Couch b. 20/12/1878 Shellharbour 15763/1879
  2. (f) Ethel Maud Couch * b. 2/12/1880 Shellharbour 16824/1880 d. 28/12/1941
  3. (f) Myrtle May Couch b. 13/6/1885 Shellharbour 24241/1885 d. 6/5/1955
  4. (m) Raymond Leslie Couch b. 8/2/1887 Shellharbour 25648/1887 d. 8/1/1916 Dunmore
  5. (m) Arthur Barry Couch b. 8/1/1889 Shellharbour 25119/1889

Living at Sandy Flat in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

COUCH.—The Relatives and Friends of the FAMILY  of the late Mrs. CATHERINE COUCH, relict of the late George Couch are invited to attend the Funeral of their late beloved MOTHER; to leave her residence,   Mangerton, THIS DAY, MONDAY, at 10.30 a.m., for the  Wollongong Cemetery.

Couch Elizabeth Agnes F (Fredericks)

b. 1871 Kiama d. 5/9/1960 Parramatta

m. Oscar Ernest Edward Couch (1870 Kiama-27/5/1941 Marrickville Son of Edward Couch & Ann Smith *) 19/9/1900 Kiama

f. Henry Fredericks m. Jane Gordon *

COUCH— FREDERICKS. The marriage of Mr. Oscar Couch, of Albion Park, and Miss Fredericks (Clover Hill) was celebrated at Christ Church, Kiama, on Wednesday afternoon last. The Shoalhaven News and South Coast Districts Advertiser (NSW : 1891 - 1937)Saturday 22 September 1900 - Page 4

On Wednesday last, at the Church of England, Kiama, the marriage was celebrated of Mr. Oscar E. E. Couch, son of Mr. Edward Couch, of Tongarra, and Miss E. A. F. Fredericks, daughter of the late Mr, Henry Fredericks, of Clover Hill. Great interest was taken in the event, the Church being packed to over-flowing, many being unable to gain admittance. The ceremony was a conducted by the Rev. G. E. Gibbes, Miss Swindells presided at the organ and a choir of young ladies rendered suitable hymns. The bride entered the church leaning on the arm of her brother (Mr. Frank Fredericks, J.P.) She looked charming in a handsome while silk and chiffon, and the usual wreath and veil, carrying a shower bouquet, and wearing an opal and sapphire bracelet, gifts of the bridegroom. The bridesmaids were Miss Flo. Fredericks, sister of the bride, and the Misses Ida and Birdie Couch, sisters of the bridegroom, all wearing beautiful white silk frocks and black hats. They also wore opal rings and brooches, gifts of the bridegroom. The bridegroom was attended by Mr. Jim. Couch, cousin, as best man, and Mr. Harry Frederics, “Waughope” and Mr. Alf. Fredericks acted as groomsman.The Kiama Reporter and Illawarra Journal (NSW : 1899 - 1947)Saturday 22 September 1900 - Page 2

Couch Ethel Maude

b. 2/12/1880 Shellharbour 16824/1880 d. 28/12/1941

f. George Couch m. Catherine Connolly *

Living at Sandy Flat in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Couch Euphemia (Chisholm)

b. 1864 Kiama 9329/1864 d. 1957 Rockdale 4187/1957

m. James Couch (abt 1846 – 14/4/ 1922 Dapto Son of James Couch & Mary Wheatley *) 1890 Berry 2467/1890

f. John Chisholm m. Ellen/Helen *

  1. (m) Alban Kelso Couch b. 1892 Wollongong 39054/1892
  2. (f) Muriel B Couch b. 1896 Albion Park 28223/1896 (Robert R Parkinson)
  3. (f) Annie Doreen Couch b. 1905 Albion Park ( James S Endean)

COUCH,— April 14, 1922, at his late residence, Kanahooka Road, Dapto, James, beloved husband of Euphemia Couch, aged 75, suddenly. At rest. The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930)Saturday 29 April 1922 - Page 10

Couch Mary (Whatley/Wheatley)

b. abt 1816 Co Cork Ireland d. 19/4/1886 Shellharbour 10926/1886 br. Kiama

m. James Couch (abt 1796 Essex - 4/7/1880 Kiama ) 1835 CofE Sydney St Phillip’s V18351159 19/1835

Ship: Palambam 1831

  1. (f) Mary Ann Couch b. 1836 Sydney d. 1858 (John Harper)
  2. (f) Elizabeth Couch *b. 1837 Dapto d. 15/5/1904 (James Martin 1857)
  3. (m) Edward Couch b. 1840 CofE Dapto; Wollongong d. 2/7/1920 Hurlstone Park (Ann Smith 1869)
  4. (f) Louisa Couch *b. 24/7/1842 Dapto d. 16/8/1874 Bega ( Edward Jamison 1866 )
  5. (m) George Couch b. 1842 Shellharbour d. 29/10/1923 Mangerton Street Wollongong (Anne Elizabeth Collins * 1872, Catherine Connolly *1777)
  6. (f) Eliza Couch *b. 1846 Dapto d. 5/5/1931 Chatswood (William Fryer 1868)
  7. (m) James Couch b. abt 1846 d. 14/4/1922 Brownsville (Euphemia Chisholm * 1890)
  8. (m) William Couch b. 1852 Shellharbour (Mary Jane Henry * 1872)
  9. (f) Susannah Couch b. 1854
  10. (f) Emily Couch * b. 8/5/1856 Shellharbour 5159/1856 ( Trangott C Finger 1884)

Aged 15 on arrival and this agrees with her age at death, howver she was 22 on the Convict Permission to marry Index - but this may have been to avoid needing permission as a minor. Husband a convict.

Husband listed as resident in 1841 Census living at Illawarra Lake on W W Jenkins Estate

THE friends of Mr. George Couch are respectfully invited to attend the funeral of his deceased mother; to start from her late residence, Shellharbour, at 12 (noon) THIS DAY for the public cemetery, Kiama. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Tuesday 20 April 1886 p 3

Couch Mary Jane (Henry)

b. 1852 Ardess Fermanagh Ireland d. 24/4/1939 Tempe

m. William Henry Couch (1852 Shellharbour- Son of James Couch & Mary Wheatley *) 11/12/1872 Kiama 2443/1872

f. William Henry m. ?

  1. (f) Eliza Couch b. 12/10/1874 Kiama 12773/1874
  2. (f) Amy H. J. Couch b. 1877 Nundle
  3. (f) Wilhelmina Emily Couch b. 1879 Gosford
  4. (f) Edith E Couch b. 1883 Kiama 21655/1883
  5. (f) Gertrude Mae S Couch b. 1884 Robertson d. 1955 Balmain
  6. (m) William L Couch b. 1886 Robertson
  7. (f) Ethel B Couch b. 1888 Robertson
  8. (f) Ina B Couch b. 1890 Robertson (Edward K Cleary 1911)

ON the 12th October, at her residence, Primrose Hill, near Kiama, Mrs. W. COUCH of a daughter. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 15 October 1874 p 2

Coughran see also Cochrane

Coughran Catherine (Donnelly)

b. abt 1845 d. 25/12/1920 Mullumbimby br. Lismore

m. Thomas Couchrane (abt 1840-1/12/1907 Lismore Son of Andrew Coughran & Jane Keys *) 1864 Kiama

  1. (f) Jane E Coughran b. 1866 Kiama 9550/1866 (Frederick Mc Gulley 1893)
  2. (f) Sarah T Coughran b. 1867 Kiama 10598/1867 (James B McDougall 1886)
  3. (m) William G Coughran b. 1869 Kiama 12179/1869
  4. (f) Edith A Coughran (Theodore E T Fredericks 1905)

The death occurred at Mullumbimby on Christmas afternoon of Mrs. Catherine Coughran, widow of the late Thomas Coughran, of Eltham. The deceased lady, who was 75 years of age, had been ailing for some two months. She leaves to mourn her loss two daughters (Mrs. J. B. McDougall, Casino, and Mrs. T. E. Fredericks, Murwillumbah), and one son (Mr. D. Coughran, Lismore), another son (George) and a daughter (Mrs. F. Gulley) having predeceased her. The late Mrs. Coughran and her husband were for many years residents of Casino, removing from here to Goolmangar and afterwards going to Eltham, where Mr. Coughran died some 12 years ago. The Richmond River Express and Casino Kyogle Advertiser (NSW: 1904 - 1929) Friday 2 January 1920 p 5

Coughran Jane (Keys)

b. 1814 Ireland d. 26/8/1907 Yellow Rock br. Albion Park Anglican

m. Andrew Coughran (20/11/1804 Fintona County Tyrone- 26/6/1860 Shellharbour Son of Andrew Coughran &)

f. Thomas Keys m.

Ship: 1852 Kate

  1. (f) Eliza Jane Coughran * b. abt 1836 Tyrone Ireland d. 20/8/1931 Coopers Plains Qld ( William Lindsay 1857, Robert Bryen 1862)
  2. (m) Thomas Coughran b. 1839 Fintona County Tyrone d. 1/12/1907 Lismore (Catherine Donnelly *)
  3. (m) David Coughran b. 1841 Fintona County Tyrone d. 14/6/1876 Shellharbour
  4. (f) Jane Coughran b. 1843 Fintona County Tyrone
  5. (f) Mary Coughran * b. 1845 Fintona County Tyrone d. 27/8/1917 (John Tate 1864 Kiama)
  6. (m) William Coughran b. 1851 Fintona County Tyrone d. 1924 Wollongong ( Jane Henrietta Armstrong * 1895)

Mrs. Coughran, of Yellow Rock, mother of Mr. W. Coughran, died on Monday, at the ripe age of 97 years.

The deceased was highly respected throughout the district; she leaves a large family to mourn their loss, one daughter being 72 years of age. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW: 1900 - 1954) Saturday 31 August 1907 p 13

Living at Tullimbah in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Coughran Jane Henrietta (Armstrong)

b. 1/7/ 1862 Kiama d. 8/4/1917 br. Albion Park Anglican

m. William Coughran (1859 Kiama -28/6/1924 Wollongong Son of Andrew Cochrane & Jane Keys * ) 24/7/1895 Kiama 5116/1895

f. Thomas Armstrong m. Jane Gray *

  1. (f) Lilian M Coughran b. 1899 Albion Park 18357/1899

Couldery/Cauldrey Harriet (Stacey)

b. abt 1835 Bristol England d. 14/11/1924 Stanmore br. Rookwood Anglican

m. Thomas Couldery (Greenwich England –br 20/3/1922 Rookwood ) 30/3/1857 Sydney 258/1857 (husband listed as Thoams Cowdle) 30/3/1857 Sydney

f. Joseph Stacey m. ?

Ship: Malvina Vidal 1853

  1. (f) Emily Cauldrey b. 1858 Wollongong 13391/1858
  2. (m) Thomas Couldery b. 1859 Wollongong 14149/1859 d. 1924 Petersham
  3. (m) Joseph W Couldery b. 1861 Wollongong 14293/1861 d. 1935 Chatswood
  4. (m) Ernest O Couldrey d. 1917 Balmain South
  5. (m) Albert H Couldery b. 1866 Paddington 3841/1866 d, 1890 Parkes
  6. (m) Frank Alfred Couldery b. 1871 Parramatta 15404/1871 d. 18/5/1891 Stanmore


COULDERY-STACEY.-March 30, 1857, at Sydney by  Rev. Dr. Lang, Thomas Couldery, of Greenwich,   England, youngest son of Richard Couldery, of Greenwich, England, to Harriet Stacey, third daughter of Joseph Stacey, of Bristol, England. Arrived in Sydney June 21, 1853. Present address,   Frankleigh, 133 Tralalgar-street, Stanmore. Home papers please copy The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 30 March 1907

COULDERY. — November 14, 1924, at her residence, Frankleigh, 133 Trafalgar-street, Stanmore, Harriet Couldery, widow of the late Thomas Couldery, aged 89 years The Sydney Morning Herald 15 November 1924

Coulson Elizabeth (Charlton)

b. abt 1858 d. 15/2/1900 Helensburgh 1854/1900 br. Helensburgh

m. Thomas Coulson (-1925 Kogarah Son of Isabella) 1886 Sydney 688/1886

f. Thomas Charlton m. Annie

  1. (m) Joseph Coulson b. 1888 Woonona 25797/1888 d. 1888 Woonona
  2. (m) Thomas S Coulson b. 1889 Woonona 24639/1889 d. 1890 Woonona
  3. (f) Emily Isabell Coulson b. 1890 Woonona 38547/1890 d. 1982 Bronte (William Hall 1924)
  4. (m) Edward Coulson b. 1892 Helensburgh 16745/1892 d. 4/1/1892 Helensburgh
  5. (m) Richard Coulson b. 1893 Helensburgh 16985/1893 d. 13/12/1893 Helensburgh
  6. (m) John Coulson b. 1896 St Peters 34726/1896 d. 1896 St Peters
  7. (f) Ellen Coulson b. 1898 Helensburgh 3766/1898 d. 13/3/1898 Helensburgh aged 5 months

Mr. Thomas Coulson, the manager of the Workmen's Club, whose wife died at Helensburgh on Thursday last. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954)Saturday 17 February 1900 - Page 11

Coulson Emily (Dyson then Austin)

b. abt 1856 Yorkshire d. 19/7/1938 Prince Henry Hospital cr. Eastern Suburbs

m. Emanuel Austin (abt 1849 Staffordshire-18/4/1899) 1875 Wakefield West Riding Yorkshire

m. Thomas Coulson (abt 1850 - March 1925 Kogarah Son of Isabella) 1901 Redfern

f. Joseph Dyson m. Emily

Ship: Samuel Plimsoll 1875

  1. (m) Joseph Emanuel Austin b. 1878 Lambton d. 1940
  2. (m) John Edward Austin b. 1880 Lambton d. 1959
  3. (f) Ada Mary Austin b. 1882 Waterloo d. 1955 Islington (Thomas Hanson 1900)
  4. (m) Sydney Alfred Austin b. 1884 Waterloo d. 1948
  5. (m) Matthew Herbert Austin b. abt 1893 Clifton d. 12/10/1917 Passchendalele France
  6. (m) Thomas Joseph Coulson b. 1903 Helensburgh 3649/1903 d. 1963 Sydney
  7. (f) Emily I Coulson b. 1890 Woonona 38547/1890 (William Hall 1924) step daughter

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties Both husband's were miners.

AUSTIN.— In loving remembrance of Emanuel (Manie) Austin, dearly beloved husband of Emily Austin, who departed this life April 18th, 1899, Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate (NSW : 1876 - 1954)Saturday 21 April 1900 - Page 4

COULSON.—July 19, 1938, at Prince Henry Hospital, Emily Coulson, beloved mother of Joseph, John, Ada, and Sid Austin, also Thomas Joseph Coulson and Mrs. Emily Hall, aged 80 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)Wednesday 20 July 1938 - Page 14

Coulson Esther Thompson (Horsley)

d. 1945 Redfern

m. Thomas William Coulson (abt 1855 - 26/5/1910 St Vincents Hospital) 1877 New Zealand

f. Robert Horsley m. Jane

  1. (f) Jane E Coulson b. 1878 Sydney (James Buchanan Mitchell 1903)
  2. (f) Eva Coulson b. 1880 Glebe (Thomas Morris 1904)
  3. (m) Walter Coulson b. 1883 Wollongong 21056/1883 (Emily Tallentire)

COULSON-The Relatives and Friends of Mrs E Morris, Mrs Nichols, Mrs Rodgers, Mrs Hobbs, Jack AIF and Bill AIF are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their loved Mother and their dear Grandma Esther T Coulson The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Saturday 29 September 1945 p 29

Coulson Jane Elizabeth see Mitchell Jane Elizabeth

Coulston Jane

b. abt 1802 d. 10/5/ 1857 Sydney

m. Samuel Coulston (1791 Elton Northamptonshire -1847)

Husband was born in Elton, Northamptonshire . He served in Royal New South Wales Veterans; Rifle Brigade; 4th Royal Veteran Battalion he was discharged aged 35-1830 He was the licensee of The Traveller’s Inn at Wollongong in 1837.

FUNERAL.-The friends and acquaintances of the late Mrs. JANE COULSTON, late of Wollongong and of Sydney, are respectfully informed that her funeral will take place THIS DAY, Tuesday, and will remove from her late residence, Welcome Home Inn, Clarence- street, Sydney, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. The Sydney Morning Herald 12 May 1857

Coulter Sarah Maria

b. abt 1857 Ireland d. 11/3/1930 Cook’s Hill br. Sandgate

m. John Coulter

f. William

  1. (m) Bert Coulter
  2. (f) Florence Coulter b. d. (John W Clayton 1898)
  3. (f) Mabel Agatha Coulter b. 1888 Wollongong 25633/1888 d. 5/7/1976 (John A Mullens 1914)


The death occurred last Wednesday morning of Mrs. S. M. Coulter, of Cook's Hill, after a long illness. She was 73 years of age and a native of Ireland, but had lived in Newcastle for the greater part of her life. Mrs. Coulter is survived by one son, Mr. Bert Coulter, of Aberdare, and two daughters, Mrs. F. Clayton and Mrs. Mullens, both of Cook's Hill.

Her funeral moved from her late residence on Thursday afternoon for the Church of England Cemetery at Sandgate, Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate (NSW: 1876 - 1954) Tuesday 18 March 1930 p 6

Coulter Robina M H (Carson)

m. Albert Charles Joseph Coulter (20/1/1870 Scone- 1946 Liverpool Son of William Irvine Coulter & Elizabeth Jane Byrnes) 1901 Wollongong

f. ? m. Jane Mary Carson Hunter *

Living in Walgett in 1916

Coulton Catherine

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (m) Charles Coulton b. 1902 Woonona 37758/1902

Coulton Elizabeth

b. 1857 Wollongong 12256/1857 d. 1926

Unmarried or no father listed

f. Alexander Coulton m. Margaret Jane Knox *

  1. (m) William J Coulton b. 1877 Wollongong 23140/1877

Coulton Elizabeth Ellen (Humphrey)

b. 7/3/1865 d. 1887 Woonona

m. George Coulton (1865 Wollongong- 20/3/1930 Wonthaggi Vic Son of Alexander Coulton & Margaret Knox *) 11/8/1884 Woonona

f. George Humphrey m. Catherine Margaret Mulholland *

  1. (f) Katherine M Coulton b. 1884 Woonona 23041/1884 (?, Edward Thomas Silvester Whitehouse )
  2. (m) George J Coulton b. 1887 Woonona 25133/1887 d. 9/8/1973 Bulli (Maud Starr 1909)

Coulton Elizabeth Jane (Bunn)

b. 1877 Newcastle d. 13 /6/1906 Camperdown

m. William Coulton (1877 Bulli- 23/4/1945 Maitland Son of Alexander Coulton & Margaret Jane Knox * ) 16/5/1896 Wollongong

f. Charles Bunn m. Sarah Ann

  1. (m) William J Coulton b. 1898 Woonona 8759/1898 d. 1898 Woonona
  2. (f) Elizabeth A Coulton b. 1899 Woonona 36335/1899 d. 1927 West Wallsend (Vincent F G Horwood 1919)
  3. (f) Vera M Coulton b. 1902 Maitland (Richard A Taylor 1921)
  4. (f) Violet Irene Coulton b. 1904 Maitland
  5. (f) Doris Evelyn Coulton b. 1905 Maitland

Coulton Isabella (Wilson)

b. 11/12/1864 Moss Ford Northumberland England d. 6/9/1934 East Greta br. Campbell's Hill

m. John Austin Coulton (1859 Wollongong - 1936 West Maitland Son of Alexander Coulton & Margaret Jane Knox * ) 7/12/1881 Woonona 4442/1881

f. Robert Wilson m. Jean *

  1. (f) Jane Coulton b. 1883 Woonona 21170/1883
  2. (m) Alexander Coulton b. 1884 Woonona 23048/1884
  3. (f) Margaret Coulton b. 1886 Woonona 24586/1886
  4. (f) Isabella Coulton b. 1890 Newcastle 24171/1890
  5. (f) Mary Coulton b. 1892 Newcastle 24835/1892
  6. (f) Emily Coulton b. 1893 Newcastle 25562/1893
  7. (f) Elizabeth A Coulton b. 1895 Wickham 38183/1895
  8. (f) Pretoria M Coulton b. 1900 West Maitland 23503/1900
  9. (m) John W Coulton b. 1901 West Maitland 23620/1901
  10. (f) Agnes H A Coulton b. 1903 West Maitland 31623/1903
  11. (m) George B Coulton b. 1905 West Maitland 24770/1905
  12. (m) Aubrey A Coulton b. 1907 West Maitland 4987/1907

MRS. J. A. COULTON The death has occurred of Mrs. Isabella Coulton, wife of Mr. John Austin Coulton, of Beckett-st., East Greta. The funeral will leave her late residence at 2.30 on Saturday afternoon for the Church of England cemetery at Campbell's Hill. The Maitland Daily Mercury (NSW : 1894 - 1939)Friday 7 September 1934 - Page 7

Coulton Margaret Jane (Knox)

b. abt 1833 Black Patrick Tyrone Ireland d. 21/2/1885 Woonona

m. Alexander Coulton (14/9/1833 Windsor- 15/10/1903 Bulli Son of John Colton & Diana ) 9/7/1855 Wollongong

f. John Knox m. Jane Anne

  1. (f) Emily Jane Coulton * b. 1856 Wollongong 8353/1856 (George Kelly 1876)
  2. (f) Elizabeth Coulton * b. 1857 Wollongong 12256/1857 d. 1926
  3. (m) John Austin Coulton b. 1859 Wollongong 14026/1859 d. 1936 West Maitland (Isabella Wilson * 1881)
  4. (f) Mary Coulton * b. 1860 Wollongong 14006/1860 d. 19/8/1921 Kembla Heights (Thomas Walker 1882)
  5. (f) Margaret Coulton b. 1863 Wollongong 14999/1863
  6. (m) George Coulton b. 1865 Wollongong 16941/1865 20/3/1930 Wonthaggi Vic (Elizabeth Ellen Humphrey * 1884, Mary A Flahvin * unmarried)
  7. (m) Benjamin Coulton b. 1868 Wollongong 18232/1868  d. 1941 Newcastle ( Jane Miller 1892)
  8. (f) Esther Coulton b. 1870 Wollongong 18913/1870 (Frederick Albion Cooper 1892)
  9. (f) Dinah Coulton b. 1871 Wollongong 19634/1871 (James T Dean 1889)
  10. (f) Theresa Coulton b. 1873 Wollongong 20818/1873 (William Butters 1891)
  11. (m) William Coulton b. 1877 Bulli d. 23/4/1945 Maitland (Elizabeth Jane Bunn * 1896

Coulton Mary Ann (Flavhin/Flavin )

b. 5/12/1865 Wollongong d. 1929 Wonthaggi Vic

m. George Coulton ( 1865 Wollongong – 20/3/1930 Wonthaggi Vic Son of Alexander Coulton & Margaret Jane Knox *)

f. Timothy Flavhin m. Elizabeth Makin *

  1. (f) Ethel May Coulton/Flahvin b. 27/5/1883 The Junction Newcastle
  2. (m) Herbert Flavhin b. 1886 Newcastle
  3. (f) Mary Ann Coulton b. 1889
  4. (f) Violet Elizabeth Coulton Flavhin b. 1890 Newcastle
  5. (m) Harold Flavhin/ Coulton b. 6/1/1892 Newcastle d. 1961
  6. (f) Lilias May Elder Coulton/Flavhin b. 1894 Wickham

Children registered under her name alone- no later correction to include father. Legislation later gave children born when there was no legal barrier to their parents marriage and they married after the child's birth to retrospectively be made legitimate, as he was married this could not be done.

Couper Sarah Jane (Stevens)

d. 1944 Mayfield

m. William E Couper 1889 Granville

f. George Stevens m. Emma

  1. (f) Mabel Couper/Stevens b. 1886 Wollongong Registered 1937 32783/1937

Mabel's birth registered also under Stevens with unknown father and in Sydney.

COUPER.—July 31, at the Mater Misericordiae Hospital, Waratah, Jane, beloved wife of the late William Couper, of Paterson, and loved mother of Mabel (Mrs. Clarke), Ethel (Mrs. Keppie), Mona (Mrs. Gneesby), Charles, Dorothy (Mrs. Corner), and Jean. COUPER.—August 20, at Sydney Hospital, Jean, beloved daughter of the late Jane and William Couper and loved sister of Mabel, Ethel, Mona, Charles, and Dorothy. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)Friday 8 September 1944 - Page 10

Court Hannah (Reay)

b. abt 1861 England d. 1907 Cessnock 9782/1907 br. Cessnock

m. John Court (28/4/1862 Pit Town Newcastle- 26/9/1922 Gloucester Son of John Court & Isabella Brimble * see Goundry 5/8/1881 Newcastle 5333/1881

f. Edward Reay m. Mary Ann Isabella Fairburn

  1. (f) Mary Court b. 1882 Lambton 25607/1882 d. 1883 Lambton
  2. (m) John Court b. 1884 Lambton 29162/1884 (Agnes Haddow 1906)
  3. (m) William E Court b. 1886 Hamilton 30138/1886
  4. (m) James Court b. 1887 Woonona 25253/1887 d. 1888 Wollongong
  5. (f) Isabella Court b. 1892 Adamstown 3577/1892
  6. (f) Rosanna Court b. 1895 Swansea 27190/1895 d. 1895 Adamstown

COURT.-Friends of JOHN COURT are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of his beloved Wife, HANNAH COURT: To leave her late residence, Railway-street, Cessnock, at 2.30, for the Church of England Cemetery Cessnock.

COURT.–Friends of JOHN, WILLIAM, and BELLA and AGNES are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved mother and mother-in-law To move from her late residence, Rail-way-street, Cessnock, at 2.30, for the Church of England Cemetery, Cessnock,

COURT.-Friends of Mr, EDWARD REAY are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of his beloved daughter, HANNAH: To leave her late residence, Railway-street, Cessnock, at 2.30, for the Church of England Cemetery, Cessnock. Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate (NSW : 1876 - 1954)Friday 16 August 1907 - Page 6

Court Isabella see Goundry Isabella

Courtney Kate

f. Patrick Courtney m. Mary Land*

Living at Dunmore in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Courtney Mary (Land)

b. abt 1834 Limerick d. 16/1/1909 br. Rookwood Catholic

m. Patrick Courtney

f. John Land m. Johannah

Ship: Aberdeen 1886

  1. (f) Johanna Courtney * 26/9/1861 Killamarie Ireland d. 19/9/1958 Dunmore (Martin Creagan 1886)
  2. (f) Kate Courtney * b. abt 1869 Cork
  3. (f) Annie Courtney b. abt 1871 Cork (Thomas Hannan 1896)
  4. (f) Mary Courtney (William Jones 1891)
  5. (f) Nana Courtney (Bernard Maguire 1891)John Courtney b. 1867 d. 1908 Leichhardt
  6. (f) Ellen Courtney b. abt 1870 Cork d.
  7. (f) Hanorah Courtney b.abt 1878 Cork
  8. (f) W Courtney

Living at Dunmore in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

COURTNEY.— The Friends of Mr. and Mr. THOMAS HANNAN are Kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their dearly beloved MOTHER, the late Mary Courtney ; to move from their residence, 'Kildorrery House,' Elswick-st Leichhardt, THIS (SUNDAY) AFTERNOON, at 2'o'clock, for Petersham station, thence to the R. C. Cemetery, Rookwood. COURTNEY.— The Friends of the Misses KATE and ELLIE COURTNEY are respectfully in invited to attend the Funeral of their dearly-loved MOTHER, Mary … COURTNEY.— The Friends of Mr. and Mrs. W. JONES are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their dearly-loved MOTHER, the late Mary Courtney … COURTNEY.— The Friends of Mr. and Mrs. B MAGUIRE are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of their dearly-loved MOTHER, the late Mary Courtney … COURTNEY.— The Friends of Mr. and Mrs. M. Creagan (of Shellharbour) are .. the late Mary Courtney…

COURTNEY.— The Friends of Mrs. W. COURTNEY and FAMILY are kindly invited to attend Funeral of her dearly-loved MOTHER and their GRANDMOTHER, the late Mary Courtney; … COURTNEY.— The Friends of Mr. and Mrs. J. HAMBLY (of Shellharbor) are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their dearly-loved AUNT, the late Mary Courtney… Sunday Times (Sydney, NSW : 1895 - 1930)Sunday 17 January 1909 - Page 2

Courtney Mary Ellen (McDonald)

m. George Edward Newell Courtney (abt 1856 - 25/10/1909 Gladesville ) 1897 Wollongong

  1. (m) Gordon Edward Newell-Courtney b. 1899 Wollongong 8477/1899 d. 25/2/1947 Sydney
  2. (f) Evelyn M Courtney b. 1901 Dapto 18297/1901
  3. (f) Ruby E N Courtney b. 1906 Wollongong (Frederick Jinks 1925)

Lived at Dapto

Living at Lakelands in 1903 Electoral Roll

Cousins Hannah (Eyles/Isles)

b. abt 1815 Gloustershire England d. 2/1/1891 Gerringong br. Gerringong

m. Thomas Cousins (19/1/ 1815 Lodgemoor Stoud Gloustershire – 15/1/1900 Gerringong Son of Charles Cousins & Harriet)

f. William Eyles m. ?

Ship: abt 1839

  1. (m) Christopher Cousins b. 23/6/1841 Sydney d. 31/3/1921 ( Jane Barnes *1860)
  2. (m) Charles Cousins b. 1843 Sydney V1843881 54/1843 15/6/1931 Newtown (Isabella Morrow * 1866)
  3. (f) Elizabeth Cousins * ( Samuel Denford 1865 )
  4. (m) Enoch Cousins b. 1847 V18471025 55/1847
  5. (m) Edward Cousins b. 1853 V18531338 56/1853
  6. (f) Esther Cousins * b. 1856 Sydney d. 1927 Kiama (Walter Cornford 1876)

COUSINS.—January 2, at Gerringong, Hannah Cousins, in the 75th year of her age. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Monday 12 January 1891 p 4

IT is our sad duty to chronicle the death of another old resident of the district in the person of Mrs. Thomas Cousins, at her residence, Gerringong, at 0 o'clock on Friday morning last. Deceased was a native of Gloucershire, England, and, with her husband, arrived in the colony at the age of 24, in the year 1839. She was a resident of this district for upwards of 33 years, the last 18 years of which were spent in Gerringong. Deceased had enjoyed excellent health until the last five years, when she became very weak but did not suffer much pain. She had been a consistent Christian member of the Wesleyan Church for the past 40 years. Besides her husband she leaves three sons and two daughters, thirtygrand children and three great grand children, to mourn their loss, The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW: 1863 - 1947) Tuesday 6 January 1891 p 2

Cousins Hannah Louise (Holden)

b. 21/8/1867 Kiama d. 8/10/1946 Grenfell br. Grenfell

m. Thomas George Cousins (27/9/1863 Kiama -1/11/1924 Grenfell Son of Christopher Cousins & Jane Barnes *) 19/2/1890 Kiama

f. Richard Holden m. Susanna Walton *

  1. (f) Bertha L Cousins b. 1892 Grenfell
  2. (f) Aileen F Cousins b. 1893 d. 1894 Grenfell


The death, occurred on 8th October after a lengthy illness of Mrs. Hannah Louisa Cousins, of Wedden Street, Grenfell, at the age of 79 years.

She was the wife of the late George Cousins who was born in Kiama and later moved to Grenfell where he started a bootmaking business and later became Town Clerk and took a keen interest in public affairs, in which he was ably assisted by his wife,.

The late Mrs. Cousins was the last surviving member of the family of the late Mr. and Mrs. Richard Holden, of Kiama. The other members of the family who predeceased her were -Thomas (Kiama), Fortune (North Coast), Henry (Sydney), Sarah (Mrs. C. V. Sharpe, Rockdale), Margaret (Mrs. J. Morse, Rockdale) Sushannah (Mrs. L. Geoghegan, Nowra), Mary (Mrs. B, Boniface, Kiama) and George (Kiama),

She is survived by one daughter. Miss Bertha (Pidge) Cousins, to whom sincere sympathy is extended in her bereavement.

The funeral took place at the Methodist Cemetery, Grenfell. The Kiama Reporter and Illawarra Journal (NSW : 1899 - 1947) Wednesday 30 October 1946 p 3

Cousins Isabella (Morrow)

b. abt 1839 d. 8/11/1919 Newtown 22332/1919 br. Rookwood

m. Charles Cousins (1843 Sydney V1843881 54/1843- 15/6/1931 Newtown Son of Thomas Cousins & Hannah Eyles *)1866 Kiama 2193/1866

  1. (m) Thomas D Cousins b. 1867 Kiama 10431/1867 d. 1927 Manly
  2. (m) Enoch Cousins b. 1869 Kiama 12184/1869 d. 1954 Newtown 19974/1954
  3. (f) Frances A Cousins b. 1871 Kiama 11758/1871 (Charles E Pithers 1911)
  4. (m) Ernest Charles Cousins b. 1873 Kiama 12441/1873 d. 1956 Newtown 13299/1956

COUSINS.-November 8. 1919. st her residence, 15 Enmore road, Newtown, Isabella, beloved grandmother of Elsie and great-grandmother of Thelma, late of Jamberoo. Laid at rest November 10 Belfast papers please copy.The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)Tuesday 11 November 1919 - Page 6

It was also decided to send a letter of sympathy to the relatives of Mrs. Charles Cousins, who died a few days ago. Mrs. Cousins was the mother of Mr. Tom Cousins, one time an alderman of Newtown. The Sun (Sydney, NSW: 1910 - 1954) Wednesday 12 November 1919 p 6

Cousins Jane (Barnes)

b. 18/8/1842 Sydney V1842226 54/1842 d. 4/2/1899 Kiama 1974/1899

m. Christopher Cousins (23/6/1841 Sydney - 31/3/1921 Son of Thomas Cousins & Hannah Eyles) 1860 Kiama 1808/1860

f. James Barnes m. Winifred Henley *

  1. (f) Elizabeth Annie Cousins * b. 14/6/1861 Kiama d. Gundurimba (John Fortune Holden 1880 )
  2. (m) Thomas George Cousins b. 27/9/1863 Jamberoo 8607/1863 d. 1/11/1924 Grenfell ( Hannah Holden * 1890)
  3. (m) Arthur Cousins b. 14/1/1866 Kiama 9418/1966 (Amy F Glasgow 1891)
  4. (f) Christina Cousins b. 1868 Kiama 10483/1868
  5. (m) John William Cousins b. 21/10/1868 Kiama 10727/1868 d. 15/5/1917 Neutral Bay (Sophia A Pereira 1890)
  6. (f) Emily Winifred Cousins b. 14/12/1870 Kiama 11548/1871 ( Robert Fulton 1913)
  7. (f) Harriet Sarah Jane Cousins b. 21/1/1873 Kiama 12270/1873 d. 25/5/1885
  8. (m) Christopher James Cousins b. 21/4/1877 Kiama ( Alma Payne 1903)
  9. (f) Mary Louis Cousins * b. 4/3/1880 Kiama d. 16/11/1928 Sydney (Alfred Noah White 1902)

Husband a shoemaker

Cousins Sarah Elizabeth (Blyth then Bodger)

b. abt 1862 Norths Brigstock Huntingdonshire

m. Eli Bodger 1881 Pancras London

m. Thomas Cousins (19/1/ 1815 Lodgemoor Stoud Gloustershire – 15/1/1900 Gerringong Son of Charles Cousins & Harriet) 1893 Kiama

  1. (f) Grace Lillian Cousins b. 1/10/1894 Kiama 17673/1894

Living in Brigstock Northamptonshire with brother Charles Henry Blyth in 1911 census.

Coussins Sarah see Cummins

Cowain/Cowan Gertrude (Parker)

b. 1877 Plattsburg Wallsend d. 30/11/1930 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. Hughie Edwin Cowain (abt 1865 -1935 Wollongong Son of William Cowain & Jessie) 1895 Wallsend

f. Samson Parker m. Louisa A

  1. (f) Elsie P Cowain (James C Freestone 1916)
  2. (m) Hughie E Cowain b. 1896 Wollongong 8994/1896
  3. (f) Jessie L A McK Cowain b. 1897 Wallsend (William Kirkby 1920)


Mrs. Gertrude Cowain, wife of Ald. H. Cowain who has resided at Goondarin Creek for many years, died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. J. Freestone, of Mackenzie Avenue, Wollongong last Friday, aged 53 years.

She had been in ill-health for the past six months, and, taking a bad turn on Friday, passed away a few hours later.

The late Mrs. Cowain was born at Plattsburg, Wallsend, and after her marriage to Mr. Cowain, came to live at Keiraville. Shortly afterwards they removed to Kurri Kurri, but soon returned to this district, and settled at Goondarin Creek, about 30 years ago, where Mrs. Cowain had lived ever since.

The late Mrs. Cowain was of a most kindly disposition. Her home came first to all things, but she was ever ready to give all possible assistance to her neighbours in cases of sickness. The esteem in whole she was held by a wide circle of friends was amply demonstrated by the large number that followed the remains for interment ill the Church of England portion of the Wollongong cemetery last Sunday afernoon. The Rev. E. Walker officiated at the graveside. Much sympathy is felt for Alderman Cowain, who is an Alderman of the Central Illawarra Council, Mrs. J. Freestone (Wollongong), and Mrs. W. Kirkley (Mount Keira), daughters, and Mr. Hughie Cowain, a son, in their sad loss. Mrs. Cowain is also survived by a sister, Mrs. F. Davies (Sydney) and three brothers, Messrs. J., G. and O. Parker, all of Corrimal. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Friday 5 December 1930 p 8

In Plattsburg when 1897 when her husband, a miner, became insolvent.

Cowan Alice (Hammond)

b. 1875 Campbelltown d. 31/10/1961 Lismore br. Lismore

m. Christopher George Cowan (1873 Braidwood -16/12/1949 Lismore Son of William Cowan & Elizabeth ) 1897 Kiama

f. William Hammond m. Cecilia Moise *

  1. (m) Christopher George Cowan b. 1898 Kiama 12930/1898
  2. (f) Adeline A Cowan b. 1900 Kiama 13541/1900 (Alexander Hunter 1921)
  3. (f) Heather O Cowan b. 1907 Kiama 4277/1907 (Frank G Smith 1927)
  4. (m) Roy Cowan b. 1912 Kiama 5382/1912
  5. (f) Ruth Elizabeth Cowan b. 1914 Kiama 12432/1914 (Keith McGregor 1937)
  6. (f) Lillian Joyce Cowan (Reginald Smith Williams 1938)

Cowan Annie (Tweed)

b. abt 1854 d. 27/1/1928 Kiama br. Kiama

m. Octavius Luther Cowan (abt 1853 -9/3/1923 School of Arts Kiama Son of Charles E Cowan & Catherine Maria Ivens) 1878 Sydney

  1. (f) Edith Maud Cown b. 1879 Kiama 15865/1879 d. 14/5/1944 Kiama
  2. (m) Charles E A Cowan b. 1882 Kiama 20177/1882 d. 1933 Drummoyne

COWAN.-At her residence, the School of Arts Kiama, Annie, relict of the late O. L. Cowan, aged 74 years. Funeral, 2 p.m. this day (Friday). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Friday 27 January 1928 p 10

Cowan Annie (Grant)

b. 2/9/1860 Holytown Bothwell Scotland d. 7/8/1944 Brighton-le-Sands

m. Andrew Cowan (abt 1860 -1/9/1936 Brighton-le-Sands Son of William Cowan & Jane) 1889 Lithgow

f. Henry Sneddon Grant m. Elizabeth Grant

  1. (f) Elizabeth Cowan b. 1889 Lithgow
  2. (m) William Cowan b. 1890 Lithgow
  3. (f) Jean Cowan (John Rowland 1912)
  4. (f) Helen G P Cowan b. 1894 Helensburgh 1636/1894
  5. (f) Peggy Cowan
  6. (f) Annie Cowan

Mrs. Annie Cowan, of Yarran Ave., Brighton-le-Sands, died in a private hospital on Monday. The deceased, who was 81 years of age, was the widow of the late Mr. Andrew Cowan. She is survived by one son and four daughters. The Propeller (Hurstville, NSW : 1911 - 1954) Thursday 10 August 1944 p 3

Cowan Elizabeth Jane (Hetherington)

b. 25/3/1845 Riversdale Kiama d. 26/1/1912

m. William Cowan (17/7/1844 Wooloomooloo-) 21/6/1862 Kiama

f. Christopher Hethington m. Elizabeth Ramsay *

  1. (f) Adeline A Cowan b. 1865 Shoalhaven
  2. (f) Eliza J Cowan b. 1868 Shoalhaven
  3. (m) William Henry Giles Cowan b. 1870 Braidwood
  4. (f) Gertrude Mary L Cowan b. 1876 Braidwood
  5. (m) Charles A E Cowan b. 1878 Braidwood
  6. (m) Frederick Cecil Cowan b. 1880 Braidwood
  7. (m) Francis A H Cowan b. 1883 Braidwood
  8. (m) Alick W V Cowan b. 1885 Braidwood
  9. (m) Ernest A V Cowan b. 1887 Braidwood

June 21st, by special license, by the Rev. Robert Wilson, Mr. William Cowan, farmer, to Elizabeth Jane Hetherington, both of Stony Creek. Examiner (Kiama, NSW : 1859 - 1862) Tuesday 1 July 1862 p 2

Cowan Mary

m. Robert Cowan

  1. (m) Percival S Cowan b. 1890 Kiama 17896/1890

Cowan Mary Jane (James)

b. Ireland d. 1889 Temora

m. Phibbs/Phillip Alexander Cowan 16/8/1854 CofE Kiama

f. Henry James m. Sarah Graham *

  1. (m) William M Cowan b. 1855 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven V18554691 42/1855 d. 1885 Wagga Wagga
  2. (f) Margaret J Cowan b. 1856 Kiama 5262/1856
  3. (m) Robert Cowan b. 1858 Kiama 8132/1858
  4. (f) Sarah J Cowan b. 1860 Kiama 7789/1860
  5. (f) Elizabeth Cowan b. 1862 Kiama 8455/1862  
  6. (m) John J Cowan b. 1864 Kiama9358/1864 d. 1939
  7. (m) George A Cowan b. 1866 Kiama 9553/1866
  8. (m) Thomas A Cowan b. 1866 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama ; Shoalhaven
  9. (f) Anna M Cowan b. 1868 Kiama 10634/1868
  10. (m) Charles Philip A Cowan b. 1869 Kiama 12335/1869 d. 1942

By special license, at Kiama, by the Rev. James Barnier, A.M., on Wednesday, the 16th instant, Mr. Phibbs Alexander Cowan, of Cloverhill, Illawarra, formerly of Clonkeen, in county Fermanagh, Ireland, to Mary Jane, the eldest daughter of Mr. Henry James, of  Kiama. Empire 19 August 1854

Cowell Mary Ann

b. abt 1804 NSW

m. John William Cowell ( abt 1793- )

Step-son John Vittorin Cowell b. abt 1813

Living Illawarra in 1828 Census

Cowin Matilda (Kelly)

b. abt 1858 d. 6/2/1906 Macleay River

m. James Cowan 1884 Sydney

f. John Kelly m. Elizabeth

  1. (m) John J Cowin b. 1885 Kiama 24279/1885

GOWIN.-February 6, Matilda, the beloved wife of James Cowin, of Macleay River, late of Cook's River, aged 48 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 7 February 1906 p 8

Cowley Ellen (Carroll)

m. William Thomas Cowley

  1. (m) George Cowley b. 24/5/1854 Dapto V18541903 121A/1854

Husband Farmer

Cowling Agnes Lilian (Doyle then Simpson)

b. 1872 Melbourne Vic d. 2/7/1960 Marrickville

m. William Edward Simpson 1892 Araluen div 1903

m. Charles/ Sidney Charles/Selby Charles Thomas Cowling ( 30/9/1876 Goulburn- 17/3/1957 Marrickville Son of Uriah William Cowling & Laura Sarah) 1904 Cobar

f. Aiden Doyle m. Jane Armstrong

  1. (m) William A Simpson b. 1893 Candelo
  2. (m) Lawrence A Simpson b. 1895 Braidwood
  3. (m) Royal A/ Roy John Simpson b. 1897 Aruluen d. 2/6/1951
  4. (f) Irene J Cowling b. 1908 Woonona 31592/1908
  5. (m) Sidney C Cowling b. 1913 Wollongong d. 1913 Goulburn
  6. (m) Selby Cowling b. 1915 Goulburn d. 1915 Goulburn

Living at Lakelands in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. With Charles Cowling a labourer.

In the divorce suit, William Simpson, a laborer, against his wife, Agnes Simpson (Charles Cowlan co-respondent), petitioner, in his evidence, mentioned on looking for his wife he discovered her at Dapto with Cowlan. A decree nisi was granted. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Saturday 28 November 1903 - Page 8

THE PICTURE ON THE WALL. William Edward Simpson, a labourer, asked for a divorce from Agnes Simpson, formerly Doyle, on the grounds of her adultery with Charles Cowlan, who was joined as co-respondent. Petitioner said he married the respondent in October, 1892, at Araluen, according to the Roman Catholic rites. They lived happily together till August, 1899. They were living at Captains Flat, near Braidwood and he left for Wyalong, where he worked for six months as a miner. From Wyalong he proceeded to Gundagai where he remained till February 1901. Here be heard certain things which caused him to go home unexpectedly. When he reached the house he knocked, and was admitted. He found the co-respondent in the house, and asked him what he did there. Cowlan gave him to understand that he was only on a visit. There was a bicycle there and a photograph of the co-respondent hanging over the bed. Petitioner asked his wife why she had the co-respondent in the house, and she answered that he had been visiting the place for some time. Petitioner went away, and he next saw them at Dapto together. A decree nisi was granted, to be moved absolute in three months. Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931)Wednesday 25 November 1903 - Page 4

Cox Agnes LuLu (Allan then Owen)

b. 1877 North Sydney d. 27/7/1959 Sydney

m. William Hall Owen (1873 Wollongong -18/3/1903 Parameadow Son of Percy Owen & Eleanor Martha Haycock *) 18/5/1898 Darling Point Sydney

m. Harold Cox (1868 Mudgee- 11/6/1949 Wollongong Son of Alexander Hassell Cox & Agnes Christain D) 1912 Sydney

f. Henry Allan m. Margaret

  1. (f) Ruth H Owen b. 1900 Wollongong (Spurgeon)
  2. (f) Winifred Hall Owen b. 1904 Wollongong (Edward Macarthur-Onslow 1932)
  3. (m) Harold Robert Cox b. 1915 Woollahra d. 16/6/1942 Parkes (RAAF)

OWEN—ALLAN.—May 18, 1898, at St. Mark's Church, Darling Point, Sydney, by the Rev. Willoughby Flower, William Hall, younger son of Lieutenant-Colonel Owen, of Wollongong, to Lulu, daughter of the late Henry Allan, of North Sydney. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 28 May 1898 p 1

The engagement is announced of Mrs. Owen, widow of the late Mr. William Owen, of Wollongong, to Mr. Harold Cox, also of Wollongong. The Newsletter: an Australian Paper for Australian People (Sydney, NSW: 1900 - 1919) Saturday 25 May 1912 p 4

Cox Alice Jane (Rinaldi)

m. Thomas John Cox 7/1/1914 Qld

Living at South Coast Rd Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties.

Cox Annie Isabella (McLachlan)

d. 1936 North Sydney

m. Joseph Thomas Charles Cox (abt 1842-3/2/1925 Crows Nest Son of William Cox & Maria ) 1876 New Zealand

f. Alexander McLachlan m. Elizabeth

  1. (f) Annie Cox b. 1877 New Zealand
  2. (f) Maud Cox * b. 17/7/1879 Waipori Otago New Zealand d. 28/11/1954 Kiama (John Taylor Carson 1902)
  3. (m) Joseph Charles Cox b. 1881 New Zealand d. 1960 Chatswood
  4. (m) Ernest Alexander Cox b. 1884 New Zealand d. 1963 North Sydney
  5. (m) Edgar Lachlan Cox b. d. 1973 St Leonards

She and her husband ran Tory’s Hotel Kiama from about 1900 to 1905.

Cox Eliza J (Cullen)

m. Joseph H Cox 1879 Kiama

Cox Elizabeth (Cox)

m. Frederick William Cox 23/12/1863 Wollongong

f. Dr George Cox m. Mary Joyce Lambert *

COX-COX- December 23rd, at Wollongong, Frederick W. Cox, of Melbourne, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of George Cox, Esq., M.D., of Fairy Meadow, Wollongong. The Sydney Morning Herald 21 January 1863 

Cox Elizabeth Jane (Lynch)

b. 14/2/1843 Ultimo d. 7/5/1904 Berry br. Kangaroo Valley

m. Charles Cox ( abt 1827 Sussex England- 18/8/1915 Kangaroo Valley Son of Edward Cox & Hannah Botting) 1860 St Luke’s Brownsville 2875/1860

f. Denis Lynch m. Mary

  1. (m) John Cox b. 1860 Marshall Mount d. 1929 (Susan Miller )
  2. (m) Charles Cox b. 1862 Marshall Mount 14953/1862 d. 1894 (Margaret Seaney)
  3. (m) Mary Cox b. 1866 Marshall Mount 16639/1866 d. 1877
  4. (m) William Cox b. 19/11/1868 Kiama 12108/1869 d. 1945 (Rebecca Sinclair, Ellen Morison)
  5. (m) Joseph Cox b. 28/1/1871 Long Brush 11597/1871 d. 1873
  6. (f) Lucy Cox b. 2/6/1873 Kiama 12348/1873 d. 1941 (Arthur Thomas Watson)
  7. (f) Jane Cox b. 24/9/1875 Jerrara Creek 13245/1875 d. 1877
  8. (f) Catherine Cox b. 1877 Barrengarry d. 1973 (John Thomas Whitehall)
  9. (f) Elizabeth Jane Cox b. 1879 Kangaroo Valley d. 1927 (George E. Hay)
  10. (f) Isabel Martha Cox b. 1884 Barrengarry d. 1958 ( George W. Clarke , James Batkin)
  11. (f) Mary Jane Cox b. 1886 Barrengarry d. 1962 (Edward John McClelland)
  12. (f) Ethel May Cox b. 1888 Barrengarry d. 1928 (David Alexander Nelson)

Mrs Cox, aged 61, wife of Mr Charles Cox, of Kangaroo Valley, died on Saturday suddenly from heart affection. The deceased was an old and much respected resident, The Kiama Reporter and Illawarra Journal (NSW: 1899 - 1947) Wednesday 11 May 1904 p 2

Cox Elizabeth Mary (Campbell)

b. d. before 1934

m. Woodman Cox (- 14/7/1934 Kiama Son of Edward Cox & Mary ) 1884 Campbelltown

  1. (f) Beatrice A Cox b. 19/8/1885 Appin
  2. (f) Martha Cox b. 1887 Campbelltown d. 31/1/1911 Sydney
  3. (m) Samson I Cox b. 1889 Campbelltown d. 1896 Helensburgh
  4. (f) Susan M Cox b. 1892 Helensburgh 16791/1892
  5. (m) Oliver Gladstone R Cox b. 1900 Helensburgh 31985/1900

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties Husband a miner.

COX.—August 19, at her residence, Cataract Dam, Appin, the wife of Woodman Cox, of a daughter ; both doing well. Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931) Wednesday 26 August 1885 p 4

E. M. Cox v. Woodman Cox, excessive drinking of liquor, prohibition order issued for 12 months South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954)Saturday 19 June 1909 - Page 11

COX.— January 31, 1011, at, Sydney Hospital, Martha, dearly loved daughter of Woodman and Elizabeth Cox, of Helensburgh, aged 23 years. The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930) Thursday 2 February 1911 - Page 6

Cox Ellen

m. Henry Cox

  1. (m) Henry Thomas Cox b. 1859 Wollongong 14088/1859

Cox Euphemia (Mason)

b. abt 1855 Canada ? d. 22/3/1923 Liverpool 8016/1923

m. William Cox (1855 Sydney- 1917) 1877 Armidale

f. William Mason m. Susanna Wilson

  1. (m) Harrie Cox b. 1878 Murrurundi
  2. (m) Herbert Cox b. 1879 Murrurundi
  3. (m) William Mason Cox b. 1881 Murrurundi
  4. (m) Harold Cox b. 1882 Gunnedah
  5. (m) Charles B Cox b. 1885 Kiama 24135/1885
  6. (m) Norman Cox b. 1887 Mt Kembla 24865/1887
  7. (f) Kathleen M Cox b. 1888 Rylestone
  8. (f) Effie Cox b. 1892 Richmond
  9. (f) Bessie Cox b. 1894 Richmond
  10. (f) Marjorie Cox b. 1896 Ryde

COX - March 22, 1923 at Horningsea Park, Liverpool Euphemia Cox, relict of the late William Cox, aged 68 years The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Friday 23 March 1923 p 8

Cox Emma

Living at Kannahooka Rd Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll with Ruth *

Cox Isabella Jane (Martin)

b. d. 24/5/1941 Speers Point br. Sandgate

m. Charles Henry Cox (1867 Mudgee- 21/2/1950 Speers Point Son of Joseph Cox & Harriet) 1887 Newtown

f. John Martin m. Ann

  1. (m) Garnet Charles W Cox b. 1888 Petersham
  2. (f) Myrtle H Cox b. 1890 Wollongong 37897/1890
  3. (f) Ruby I Cox b. 1895 Morpeth

Cox Isabella (Strong)

b. abt 1879 Kiama/Gerringong d. 9/8/1919 Auburn

m. William Cox (abt 1854 Cavan Ireland – 8/8/1919 Auburn)

f. James Strong m. Catherine Mount *

  1. (f) Lydia Muriel Cox b. 1898 Kiama 12937/1898 (Bailey)
  2. (m) Unnamed Cox b. 1899 Kiama 21903/1899 d. 1899 Kiama
  3. (f) Vera I Cox b. 1900 Kiama 32341/1900 d. 1901 Kiama
  4. (m) John William Cox b. 1901 Kiama 32594/1901
  5. (m) Walter A Cox b. 1904 Kiama 3897/1904

Living at Gerringong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties


William Cox (65), a retired railway fettler, lately residing at South Parade, Auburn, was on Monday found dead in his bedroom with his throat cut in two places, while his wife aged about 40 years, lay groaning in the kitchen with her head battered.

Cox had a razor in his right hand, and a bloodstained boiler maker's hammer, weighing about 1lb., was beside the woman.

A butcher's boy called at the kitchen of the residence, formerly an hotel, at 10 o'clock, and saw Mrs. Cox lying in a pool of blood and groaning. He told a neighbor, and Dr. Furnival, Sergeant Wade, and Constable Barclay proceeded to the house, which, being too large for Cox's wife and family— two sons and a daughter— was also occupied by four other persons.

The other inmates of the house were upstairs at the time that the crime was committed, which accounts for the fact that a search had to be made for Cox, who was found dead in his bedroom. There was a deep slash on both sides of the windpipe, death being due to the cutting of the arteries, the windpipe not showing a cut.

Francis Albert Neave, a railway employee was in the room next to that occupied by Cox, but no unusual sounds were heard. Only a few minutes prior to the discovery of Cox Neave had been chatting with him. Cox did not appear to be agitated. He was fully dressed then, but when found in a pool of blood he was without his coat, vest, and shirt which lay on the bed.

It was gathered from these people that Cox had not occupied the same room as his young wife since the beginning of this year, and it is known that they had been quarrelling for a long time.

It is stated that last Saturday morning, when Cox was out, his wife got a hammer, and with big nails fastened the kitchen door on the inside, in order, it is assumed, to keep her husband out of the house. Just previous to his leaving the other occupants heard them quarrelling violently. When Cox returned he found the back door barred, but he got in through one of two front doors. The quarrel was resumed, but after a while matters quietened down.

Whether this incident was the direct cause of the tragedy is not known. Mrs. Cox died on Tuesday. The Braidwood Dispatch and Mining Journal (NSW: 1888 - 1954) Friday 12 September 1919 p 5

Inquest details in The Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers Advocate (Parramatta, NSW : 1888 - 1950) Saturday 25 October 1919 p 10

Cox Julia Ann (Beattie)

b. 1/10/1864 Wollongong d. 30 /8/1950 Edgecliff br. Waverley

m. Sam Harvie Cox (abt 1858- 1921 Woolahra Son of Edward Cox & Agnes ) 30/1/1888 Woollahra

f. John Beattie m. Elizabeth Jane Hamilton

  1. (m) Margaret Cox
  2. (f) Harvie Cox b. 1899 WA d. 1899 WA
  3. (f) Samuel Cox b. 1899 WA d. 1899 WA
  4. (m) Mary Cox
  5. (m) Elizabeth Cox

COX—BEATTIE.—January 30, at All Saints' Church, Woollahra,by the Rev. H. Wallace Mort, M.A., Sam Harvie Cox, of Manchester, to Julia Ann, youngest daughter of John Beattie, Esq., Wollongong.. The Sydney Morning Herald 18 February 1888

Cox Mary

m. James Cox

  1. (m) Sarah Cox b. 1866 Kiama 9612/1866

Cox Mary Jane (Nixon)

d. 1/4/1934 Deepwater br. Deepwater

m. Joseph Cox (31/8/1852 Fairy Meadow -16/7/1929 Deepwater Son of Dr George Cox & Mary Joyce Lambert *) 6/3/1877 Wagga Wagga

f. John Nixon m. Annie M

  1. (m) Mary E M Cox b. 20/5/1878 Bodalla (John H Pearson 1902)
  2. (m) Ethel Swan Cox b. 2/9/1800 Bodalla
  3. (f) George D Cox b. 13/1/1882 Moruya
  4. (m) Ellen L Cox b. 1884 Moruya (Alfred S Ball 1909)
  5. (m) Marion May Cox b. 1886 Wollongong 24347/1886
  6. (f) Arthur W B Cox b. 1889 Wollongong 24304/1889
  7. (f) Percy Reginald Victor Cox b. 1893 Brunswick Head
  8. (m) Claude J R Cox b. 1901 Tenterfield

COX — NIXON. — On March 6th, by the Rev. Archdeacon Pownall, Joseph Cox, telegraph master, Bodalla, and eldest son of Dr. George Cox, of Summer Hill, Wollongong, to Mary Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. John Nixon, of Gregadoo Station.

COX.—May 20, at Bodalla, the wife of Joseph Cox, telegraph master, of a daughter. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 28 May 1878 p 1

COX.-September 2, at Bodalla, the wife of Joseph Cox, telegraph master, of a daughter. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 7 September 1880 p 1

COX.—January 13, at Bodalla, the wife of Joseph Cox, Telegraph Master, of a son. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 23 January 1882 p 1

COX.—April 1, 1934 at her residence, Deepwater, Mary Jane widow of the late Joseph Cox. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 7 April 1934 p 14

Husband telegraph officer in Bodalla until 1888 then Eurobodalla until 1892, then Brunswick and finally at Deepwater.

Cox Mary Joyce (Joyce or Lambert)

b. abt 1819 d. 10/12/1896 “Summer Hill” Bellambi br. Corrimal Catholic

m. Dr George Cox (1805-23/7/1880 Fairy Meadow )

  1. (f) Elizabeth Cox * b. abt 1843 d. Sydney ( Frederick William Cox 1863)
  2. (m) George Cox b. 1842 d. 16/8/1847 Fairy Meadow d. before 1877
  3. (m) Samuel Cox b. 2/11/1845 Fairy Meadow d. before 1877
  4. (f) Christina Cox * b. 24/12/1847 Wollongong d. after 1929 England (Walter Robson 1869 )
  5. (f) Zipporah Cox b. 25/12/1850 Fairy Meadow d. 10/5/1918 Lindfield (Henry Edwards 1879) BMD has her as Mary at birth
  6. (m) Joseph Cox b. 31/8/1852 Fairy Meadow d. 16/7/1929 Deepwater (Mary Jane Nixon * 1877)
  7. (m) Benajmain John Cox b. 16/11/1854 Fairy Meadow
  8. (f) Mary Doncaster Cox * b. 4/8/1857 Fairy Meadows 12277/1857 d. 1934 Saffron Walden Essex (Arthur Midgley 1876)

Cox Ruth

Living at Kannahooka Rd Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll With Emma *

Coxhead Mary F (Frazer)

m. Thomas Coxhead 1846 Presyterian Wollongong V18464439 74B

Coyle Amy Caroline (Lungren/Langren)

b. 1880 Orange d. 18/7/1961 Glebe

m. George Coyle 1902 Carcoar

f. Peter Lungren m. Sophia A Poulter

  1. (m) John Joseph Coyle b. 1902 Captains Flat d. 1957 Newtown
  2. (m) George T Coyle b. 1910 Yass

Living at Lakelands in 1903 Electoral Roll Husband a labourer

Coyle Catherine (Humphries)

b. abt 1847 d. 1/8/ 1911 br. Corrimal Catholic

m. George Coyle ( 1839-1914)

f. James Humphries m. Catherine

Coyle Sarah (Hillock)

b. abt 1809 d. 1858 Patricks Plains

m. Bryan Coyle 1847 (abt 1794- 1859 Patricks Plain) 847 RC Maitland V1847951 95/1847

  1. (m) Bryan Coyle b. 8/4/1844 Wollongong V18441191 62/1844
  2. (f) Anne Coyle b. 1847 RC East Maitland, Maitland V18473532 64/1847

Craddock Annie Turner (Hodgkiss)

b. abt 1852 Staffordshire d. 19/8/1933 Bexley br. Woronora

m. George Craddock (abt 1851 Staffordshire- 24/12/1935 Manly Son of Samuel Craddock & Sarah A) 1873 Penkridge Staffordshire

f. Richard Hodgkiss m. Ellen

Ship: Tyburnia 1878

  1. (f) Fanny Craddock b. abt 1875 Staffordshire
  2. (f) Mary Craddock b. abt 1878 Staffordshire (David Judge 1903)
  3. (m) George Craddock b. 1879 Maitland 16630/1879
  4. (m) Frederick Craddock b. 1881 Greta 18274/1881
  5. (f) Blanch N Craddock b. 1883 Lithgow 19665/1883
  6. (f) Lucy Craddock b. 1885 Woonona 23810/1885 d. 1887 Woonona  
  7. (f) Sarah E Craddock b. 1887 Woonona 25220/1887
  8. (f) Ada Craddock b. 1889 Woonona 24729/1889
  9. (f) Miriam Craddock b. 1894 Woonona 38272/1894

CRADDOCK -August 19 1933 at her residence Allonby 662 Forrest-road Bexley Annie Turner Craddock beloved wife of George Craddock and loving mother of Fanny, Mary, George, Fred, Nelli, Lizzie, Ada and Miriam in her 82nd year. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Monday 21 August 1933 p 8

Craddock Bertha (Barker)

β. 1865 Albion d. 1894 Woonona

m. George Murphy (- 1884 Bundarra) 26/7/1883 Albion Park

m.  George Craddock 27/8/1887 Shellharbour (not in BDM)

f. Robert Barker m. Mary Draper *

  1. (f) Martha A Murphy b. 1885 d. 29/1/1886 Shellharbour
  2. (f) Agnes M Craddock b. 1888 Sydney ( William Simpson 1907)
  3. (m) James Craddock b. 1891
  4. (f) Bertha Craddock  b. 1894 Woonona d. 1981 (Frank Griffith 1915)

Her husband went to Cobar and left 2 children with Mary Stephens *

Craddock Maria (Buckland then Craddock then Smith)

b. 1852 CofE Dapto Wollongong d. 1937 North Sydney br. 5/7/1937 Northern Suburbs Cemetery

m. John Thomas Craddock (- 1892 Wollongong Son of Edward Craddock & Mary ) 28/11/1877 Sydney

m. Thomas Smith 25/4/1896 Wollongong (div)

f. John Buckland m. Mary Ann Organ *

  1. (f) Maud Mary Craddock 14/11/1883 Figtree 21153/1883
  2. (f) Eleanor S Craddock b. 1887 Wollongong 24926/1887
  3. (f) Myra R Craddock b. 1889 Wollongong 24472/1889
  4. (f) Florence M Craddock b. 1892 Wollongong 38979/1892

CRADDOCK—BUCKLAND.—November 28, at the Bourke- street Wesleyan Church, Sydney, John Thomas, youngest son of the late Mr. Edward Craddock, of Sydney, to Maria, third daughter of Mr. John Buckland, of Wollongong. The Sydney Morning Herald 29 December 1877

CRADDOCK - November 14 at her parents residence, Rose Cottage, Figtree, Wollongong, the wife of J.T. Craddock of a daughter The Sydney Morning Herald 17 November 1883


Maria Smith, formerly Craddock, sought a dissolution of her marriage with Thomas Smith on the ground of adultery with a certain woman. The parties were married at Wollongong on April 25, 1896, according to the rites of the Wesleyan Church. Petitioner gave evidence that she was a widow when she married the respondent. By her first marriage she had four children, one of whom was Maud Mary Craddock. Towards the end of November, 1900, her husband accused her of sending one of her children to watch “Maud and me.” Her daughter Maud Mary told petitioner something, with the result that she charged respondent with taking liberties with her daughter. He denied it. After that he left the house, and she had not seen him since. Maud Mary Craddock gave evidence that improper conduct took place between her and the respondent at the Cordo, near Wollongong. His Honor granted a decree nisi, returnable in three months. The Sydney Morning Herald 26 June 1901

CRADDOCK.-July 3. 1937, at her residence, Dunraven, 90 Alexander-street, Crow's Nest, Maria, widow of the late John Thomas Craddock, In her 85th year. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 5 July 1937 p 8

CRADDOCK-The Funeral of the late Mrs. MARIA CRADDOCK will leave Walter Bruce’s Funeral Chapel, 244 Pacific Highway, Crow's Nest THIS (Monday) MORNING, after service at 10 for the Northern Suburbs Cemetery. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 5 July 1937 p 7

Craddock Susan Ann (Balch)

d. 1882 Woollhra br. Waverley

m. Lansdown Craddock (-3/4/1905 Goulburn Son of Samuel Craddock &) 1862 St Martin in the Fields Middlesex

f. William Balch m. Sarah A

  1. (m) John L Craddock b. 1863 Campbelltown 6717/1863
  2. (m) Francis C Craddock b. 1864 Sydney 2265/1864
  3. (m) Richard R Carddock b. 1867 Goulburn 9513/1867
  4. (m) Alfred Frederick Samuel Craddock b. 1870 Penrith 15749/1870
  5. (m) Henry BT Craddock b. 1872 Penrith 16151/1872
  6. (m) Harry S Craddock b. 1874 Newcastle 15762/1874
  7. (m) Alfred Octavius Craddock b. 1876 Berrima 8413/1876
  8. (f) Amy M Craddock b. 29/10/1877 Market Street Wollongong 23189/1877

CRADDOCK. — Oct. 29, at her residence. Market street, Mrs. L. Craddock, of a daughter. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 2 November 1877 p 2

THE FRIENDS of Mr. LANSDOWN CRADDOCK are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of his late beloved WIFE, Susan Ann; to move from his residence, 25, John-street, Woollahra, THIS (Saturday) AFTERNOON, at 3 o'clock, to Waverley Cemetery. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 29 April 1882 p 16

Craft Elizabeth ()

b. 14/6/1824 bp 10/7/1864 RC Wollongong

f. William Craft m. Catherine

Craig Ellen (Murphy)

b. abt 1809 Ballyvourney Cork Ireland d. 11/10/1883 Rawdon Island

m. George Craig ( abt 1800 Ireland – 23/11/1889 Rawdon Island ) abt 1830 Ireland

  1. (m) George Francis Craig b. (Mary McMann 1868)
  2. (f) Annie Maria Craig b. 1836 Parramatta d. 18/10/1908 Rawdon Island (John O’Connor 1857)
  3. (m) William Craig b. 17/1/1840 Wollongong
  4. (m) Thomas Craig b. 1842 RC East Maitland
  5. (f) Mary Craig b. 1850 RC East Maitland

Craig Ethel Lillian (McCann)

d. 21/12/1960 Rose Bay br.

m. Alfred Nicholas Craig (1882 Kiama- 25/8/1970 Rose Bay Son of Charles William Craig & Jemima A Gray * ) 1902 Wollongong

f. John McCann m. Rachel

  1. Heather L J Craig b. 1903 Kiama 12924/1903 (John D Elworthy 1924)
  2. Lisle I Craig b. 1905 Burwood 21643/1905
  3. Thelma M J Craig b. 1907 Kiama 36343/1907 (McAlister M C McGregor 1930)
  4. William A K Craig b. 1909 Kiama 15319/1909
  5. Myme Doreen Illingsworth Craig b. 1910 Kiama 39468/1910 (Russell Tollis Goddard 1940)
  6. Enid Gwyneth Craig b. 1913 Kiama 22959/1913 (Norman Hector Murray 1942)

Living in Leichhardt in 1917 when her husband enlisted. However her obituary said she had lived at Jerrara Park Kiama until her move to Rose Bay.

Craig Jane (Broad)

b. 13/4/ 1813 Eloshayle Cornwall d. 10/12/ 1899 Jerrara Park br. Jamberoo Uniting

m. Nicholas Craig (abt 1815 Egoshayle Cornwall -20/5/1907 Jerrara Park ) 1839 Cornwall England

f. Charles Broad m. Elizabeth

Ship: Layton 1838

  1. (f) Emma Crawford Graig * b. 1841 bp. Presbyterian Wollongong V18414263 45B/1841 d. 10/8/1879 Jamberoo ( William Moffitt 1859 )
  2. (f) Agnes Louise Craig * b. 25/8/1846 Kiama V1846969 55/1846 d. 29/8/1929 Lismore (William Henry Gray 1866)
  3. (m) Charles William Craig b. 1949 Jamberoo V18491949 55/1849 d. 9/8/1934 (Jemima Gray * 1878)
  4. (m) Nicholas Craig b. 1852 Kiama V18524451 121B/1852 d. 21/1/1877 Jamberoo

Jane with her husband Nicholas, bought land in different parts of Kiama and several small farms near the Jerrara. Jane and Nicholas were staunch Wesleyan Methodists and the first Methodist Church service in Kiama was held in their home at Riversdale in 1843

CRAIG.—Jane, the beloved wife of Nicholas Craig, who departed this life at Jerrara Park on Sunday 10th December, 1899, aged 87 years The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 14 December 1899 p 2

Craig Jean (Harper)

b. 1861 d. 12/12/1943 Helensburgh br. Helensburgh

m. David James Tynan Craig (22/7/1859 Spring Hill- 9/2/1930 Helensburgh Son of John Craig & Susan Patterson *) 1888 Sydney

f. Charles Harper m. Mary *

  1. (m) John P Craig b. 1891 Helensburgh 16506/1891 d. 29/9/1926 Helensburgh
  2. (f) Jeanie H Craig b. 1894 Helensburgh 16155/1894 d. 1966 (William Bilkey)
  3. (f) May Craig b. 1897 Helensburgh 3751/1897 d. 1958 (Matthew Allen)
  4. (m) Charles H Craig b. Helensburgh 24661/1889
  5. (m) David H Craig b. 1901 Helensburgh 3913/1901 d. 5/8/1946
  6. (f) Vera Craig b. 1903 Helensburgh 21636/1903 (Harold Hunt )

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

CRAIG- December 12 1943 at her residence 91 Park Street Helensburgh Jean Craig. In her 82nd year. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Monday 13 December 1943 p 8

Craig Jemima Amelia (Gray)

b. abt 1856 d. 30/8/1941 Ashfield br. Jamberoo General

m. Charles William Craig (1849 Jamberoo -9/8/1934 Kiama Son of Nicholas Graig & Jane Broad *) 3/7/1878 Kiama

f. Robert Grey

  1. (m) Charles William Leslie Craig b. 12/4/1879 Jerrara 15810/1879 d. 1960 Chatswood
  2. (m) James Wentworth L Craig b. 1880 Kiama 16750/1880 d. 1946 Berry
  3. (m) Alfred Nicholas Craig b. 1882 Kiama d. 25/8/1970 Rose Bay (Ethel L McCann * 1902)
  4. (f) Elsie J Craig b. 1884 Kiama 23466/1884 (Arthur A L Pain 1905)
  5. (m) Willie H L Craig b. 1890 Kiama 17890/1890 d. 1931 Ryde

CRAIG–GREY.—July 3rd. Charles William, only surviving son of Mr. Nicholas Craig, Jerrara, Kiama, to Jemima, second daughter of Mr. Robert Grey, Balmain. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Tuesday 16 July 1878 p 2

CRAIG.—April 12th, at her residence, Jerrara, the wife of C. W. Craig, of a son. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Tuesday 15 April 1879 p 2

Craig/Creig Mary A

m. Robert Craig

  1. (f) Fanny M Craig b. 1856 CofE Jamberoo Kiama Shoalhaven
  2. (m) George W Creig b. 1858 Kiama 8187/1858

Craig Sarah

m. John Craig

  1. (f) Margaret I J Craig b. 1861 Wollongong 14333/1861

Craig Sarah Ann (Baxter)

b. 25/10/1854 Shellhabour d. 9S/9/1932 Sacred Heart Hospice br. Shellharbour

m. John Craig (abt 1838 Sydney- 10/9/1921 Shellharbour) 1878 Dapto RC

f. Captain William Baxter m. Mary Martin *

  1. (f) Sarah Maude M Craig * b. 1/2/1879 Shellharbour 15786/1879 (John Reddall 1899)
  2. (f) Theresa Grace Craig b. 28/7/1884 Shellharbour 23473/1884
  3. (m) Albert John Craig b. 29/3/1886 Shellharbour 25048/1886
  4. (f) Mildred May Craig b. 2/4/1888 Shellharbour 26310/1888

MRS. SARAH ANN CRAIG–78 YEARS A former resident of Shellharbour passed away at the Sacred Heart Hospice, Sydney, on Friday, in the person of Mrs. Sarah Ann Craig, at the age of 78. Mrs. Craig, who was a Miss Baxter, and related to Capt. Bishop, of the Illawarra S.N. Co., married Mr. John Craig, a well-known amateur fisherman, who predeceased her some six or seven years ago. At one time Mrs. Craig had a boarding house near the present jetty and what is now the Memorial Park at Shellharbour. She leaves 2 daughters, Maude (Mrs. J. E. Reddall), Miss Grace Craig, and one son Mr. Bert Craig to mourn her. Mrs. Craig left Sheilharbour a few years ago and has been living In Sydney.The funeral took place at the Catholic cemetery, ,Shellharbour, on Saturday The Kiama Reporter and Illawarra Journal (NSW : 1899 - 1947)Wednesday 14 September 1932 - Page 2

Craig Sarah E see Wilkinson

Craig Susan (Patterson)

b. 28/1/1843 Erskine Park d. 10/2/1878 Springhill Wollongong br. Wollongong General

m. John Craig ( abt 1836 Tyrone- 25/8/1911 Balgownie Son of James Craig & Mary Craig) 15/4/1858 Wollongong 2907/1858

f. John Patterson m. Margaret Todd *

  1. (m) David Craig b. 22/7/1859 Springhill 14162/1859 d. 9/2/1930 Helensburgh ( Jean Harper * 1888)
  2. (f) Isabella Margaret Jane Craig * b. 17/3/1861 Marshall Mount 14333/1862 d. 31/1/1935 Coniston (Hubert Henry Waldron 1887)
  3. (f) Eliza Craig b. 2/10/1863 Marshall Mount 15117/1863 d. 26/4/1946 Haberfield ( James Edwards 1887)
  4. (f) Elizabeth Craig b. 1865 Wollongong 16995/1865 d. 15/4/1882
  5. (m) William John Craig b. 1868 Wollongong 18133/1868 d. 23/10/1899 Unanderra ( Sarah E Jarrett * 1893 )
  6. (f) Martha Craig b. 2/9/1870 Mt Keira 19025/1870 d. 21/6/1949 Junee (Thomas Harvey 1896, Holdsworth Herbert 1906)
  7. (m) Thomas Craig b. 21/10/1872 Mt Keira 19724/1872   d. 29/5/1907 Wollongong
  8. (f) Sarah Matilda Craig * b. 20/6/1875 Springhill 21873/1875 d. 23/11/1900 Balgownie (George Barwise 1896)

Husband a Farmer and Miner.

CRAIG.—At her residence, Spring Hill, Wollongong, on the 10th February instant, Susan, the beloved wife of John Craig, leaving a large family to mourn their loss. Aged 36 years Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Friday 15 February 1878 p 2

Cram Alice (Adlington then Tresidder)

b. 1867 Dawley Shropshire d. 12/8/1935 Burwood

m. John Thomas Tresidder (1866 Cornwall- 19/5/1891 South Bulli Son of Thomas Tresidder & Ann Richards) 22/4/1886 Bulli

m. Anthony Cram ( 1860 -1936 Ashfield Son of James Cram & Sarah Hedley *) 1895 Woonona 2022/1895

f. James Adlington m. Emma

Ship: Selkirkshire 1884

  1. (f) Lily C Tresidder b. 1888 Bulli 25787/1888 d. Five Dock ( Fred Lock 1910)
  2. (f) Alice May Tresidder b. 6/5/1890 Bulli 38500/1890 d. 1972 Newcastle (Robert Bell 1912, Leo Warner 1918)
  3. (m) James Anthony Cram b. 1896 Woonona 9161/1896 d. 1877
  4. (m) Marshall Ephraim Cram b. 1900 Woonona  9030/1900 d. 1980
  5. (f) Annie T Cram b. 1907 Woonona 42200/1907 

First husband was killed in mine explosion.

Living at Balgownie in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Second husband a storekeeper

CRAM –August 21 1935 at a pirvate hospital Burwood dearly loved wife of Anthony Cram of Forbes street Croydon and loving mother of Lily (Mrs Lock) Alice (Mrs Warner) James, Marshall and Annie aged 68 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Thursday 22 August 1935 p 8

Cram Alice (Frost)

b. 1845 d. 21/8/1914 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. James Cram (1828 Newcatle upon Tyne-14/2/1919 Wollongong Son of William Cram & Margaret Wheeler) 1867 Wollongong 3293/1867 Husband earlier married to Sarah Hedley *

  1. (f) Margaret Cram b. 1867 Wollongong 18072/1867 d. 1961 Wollongong
  2. (m) James Wheeler Cram b. 1869 Wollongong 19861/1869 d. 1940 Wollongong
  3. (f) Caroline Cram b. 1871 Wollongong 19510/1871
  4. (f) Eleanor Cram * b. 1873 Wollongong 20807/1873 d. 6/7/1868 Lindfield (William K Lound 1901)
  5. (m) John Cram b. 1875 Wollongong 21845/1875
  6. (m) Edward Cram b. 1878 Wollongong 24668/1878 d. 1947 Wollongong
  7. (f) Martha Ann Cram b. 1880 Wollongong 27367/1880 d. 1964 Wollongong
  8. (m) George Cram b. 1882 Wollongong 19597/1882 d. 1956 Wollongong
  9. (f) Alice J Cram b. 1884 Wollongong 22897/1884 d. 1955 Wollongong
  10. (f) Sarah Cram b. 1887 Wollongong 24969/1887 d. 1916 Wollongong

Husband an Underground Manager at Mt Pleasant Colliery then a Storekeeper at “Cramsville” Balgownie


The death occurred at her residence, Crown-street, this morning of Mrs. James Cram, an old resident of the district, aged 69 years. The late Mrs. Cram had been in delicate health since she underwent an operation some years ago. She leaves a husband and grown-up family to mourn their loss.

The funeral will take place to-morrow afternoon at 3 p.m. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 21 August 1914 p 7

Cram Amy Victoria (Anderson)

b.23/8/1879 Woonona 26177/1879 d. 9/9/1938 Bulli 17746/1938 cr. scattered at sea

m. Robert Benjamin Cram (2/8/1875 Fairy Meadow –15/3/1960 Bellambi Son of William Anthony Cram & Margaret Rea *) 25/1/1899 Woonona

f. Thomas Anderson m. Annie Isobel

  1. (m) Thomas William Cram b. 1/9/1899 Woonona 36301/1899 d. 24/7/1964 Nowra (Ann Dorothy Mawer 1919)
  2. (f) Olive Victoria Cram b. 31/5/1901 Woonona 28286/1901 d. 1962 Adelaide SA
  3. (f) May Isobel Cram b. 12/10/1902 Woonona 37737/1902 d. 7/12/1968 Bulli
  4. (m) Robert Gerald Cram b. 14/5/1905 Woonona 19343/1905 d. 1988 (Nancy Ellen Halliwell)
  5. (f) Amy Thelma Cram b. 5/9/1907 Woonona 42179/1907 d. 1973 Wollongong (Francis James Napper 1930)
  6. (f) Ruth Alexandria b. 26/4/1910 Woonona 22121/1910 d. 19/6/1973 Wollongong ( Jan van Voorst , John Crosby Browne)

Husband a Civil Engineering Contractor

A life long resident of the district in the person of Mrs. Amy Victoria Cram, died at her home, Rixon's Pass, on Friday last. She was 59 years of age and had not enjoyed good health for several years. Sincere sympahty is extended her husband, Mr. Robert Benjamin Cram and family of six, two sons and four daughters. The remains were privately cremated at Woronora on Saturday. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW: 1900 - 1954) Friday 16 September 1938 p 12

Cram/Cran Annie Elizabeth (Parkinson)

b. abt 1854 St Pancras London d.

m. Peter Cran 22/10/1873 Wollongong 4280/1873

f. Henry William Parkinson m. Anne McDonald *

  1. (f) Louisa Helena Cran b. 1875 Wollongong 21953/1875 d. 1875 Wollongong
  2. (m) Albert H Cran b. 1877 Wollongong 23019/1877

CRAM — PARKINSON. — On the 22nd October, by special license, at the Presbyterian Church, Woonona, by the Rev W. J. Cuthbert, Peter Cram, of Bulli, to Annie Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr H. W. Parkinson, of Woonona. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 4 November 1873 p 2

WEST MAITLAND POLICE COURT. MONDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1904, (Before Messrs E. A. L. Sharpe, P.M., and Henry Crothers, J.P.) A Family Affair. — Peter Cran was charged on the nformation of Anne Elizabeth Cran, with having at East Greta, used obscene language towards her in a public thorougfare on August 20., —Mr. W. J. Enright appeared for complainant, and ,Mr. W. V. W Thompson for defendant. — Complainant gave evidence on her own account, and Aaron Walters, storekeeper, or East Greta, who was also called, deposed that on August 20 he was at his son's butcher shop. Complainant rushed into the shop and asked him to protect her. Defendant was at the door and he went up to him. Complainant abused defendant, and said to him ' I wish to God you were out of this. I could do for better without you.' Ho also gave evidence as to certain language used by defendant. He did not hear the whole of the language complained of used by defendant. Generally Cran was a well-conducted man. — To Mr. Enright: He did not know that defendant had undergone terms of imprisonment in Darlinghurst, Trial Bay, Goulburn, and Maitland gaols for assault and robbery, and other serious offences against life, and he was not aware that a separation order was made by Judge Fitzhardinge. He know that a deed of separation had been signed by the parties. — Complainant (recalled) stated that the deed of separation was signed, and it was agreed that the proceedings should be discontinued on condition that her husband paid so much to her, but the money was not forthcoming.— Defendant denied having used the whole of the language complained of, and stated that his wife had used certain abusive language towards him. He however, admitted having used a disgusting epithet. .. Since the separation order was issued by Judge Fitzhardinge his wife had lived with him, and had done so up to a fortnight ago. To Mr. Enright: He never on any occasion used the word admitted by him unless his wife abused him. He did agree to pay .. The Maitland Daily Mercury (NSW : 1894 - 1939)Monday 10 October 1904 - Page 2

Cram Charlotte Frances (Edmonson)

b. 1872 Wollongong d. 1910 Woonona

m. John Anthony Cram (abt 1874-17/4/1927 Bellambi Son of William Cram & Margaret) 1898 Wollongong 2110/1898

f. Isaac Edmonson m. Martha Elizabeth House *

  1. (m) Ernest Gladstone Cram b. 1902 Woonona 8727/1902
  2. (f) Mona Cram b. 1903 Woonona 35981/1903 d. 1993

Cram Elizabeth

Living at Balgownie in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Cram Elizabeth see Mary Elizabeth

Cram Jane (Humble?)

b. abt 1852 Scotland d. 1884 Wollongong 10232/1884

m. George Cram (abt 1849 Cramlington Northumberland – 18/4/1922 Moore Park Son of Ephraim Cram & Margaret ) 1871 Morpeth Northumberland England

f. Peter m. Mary A

Ship: Pericles 1879

  1. (f) Margaret Cram b. abt 1873 Northumberland d. 1907 Katoomba
  2. (f) Mary A Cram* b. abt 1875 Northumberland d. 1917 Hurstville (Charles T York/Wilks 1899)
  3. (m) John Cram b. abt 1877 Northumberland
  4. (m) Ephraim Cram b. 1879 Marine 26948/1879
  5. (f) Elizabeth Cram b. 1881 Wollongong 18920/1881 (George Spurge 1908)
  6. (m) James W Cram b. 1883 Wollongong 21060/1883 d. 1931 Corrimal

Husband a miner of Austinmer who was insolvent in 1888

INQUEST. — An inquest concerning the death of the wife of Mr. George Cram, of Mount Kembla, was held on Friday, before the coroner (Mr. C. F. Smith). The evidence given was in the main the same as stated generally in our last issue regarding the sad event. Mrs. Ramsay stated that she last saw the deceased alive about 8 o'clock on Thursday morning in her (Mrs. Ramsay's) own house. Shortly afterwards, a little boy belonging to deceased came and told her his mother wanted to see her. On entering the house, which was close by, she saw her hanging by a rope to the bed post, apparently dead. She (witness) gave the alarm, and help soon came to hand to take the body down. The deceased seemed somewhat peculiar previous to the occurrence, but witness never suspected that she would do herself any harm. During the two years witness knew her she lived happily with her husband.

Abraham Morris, deposed to having been aroused out of bed by hearing screams, and to finding the deceased hanging to the bed post, her feet just touching the floor. He cut her down, but found her pulseless and otherwise apparently dead.

Sarah Peace, stated that she went to Mrs. Cram's on the morning in question, to assist her to do some washing. She and one of deceased's little girls went for water, and while returning, after not being about more than five minutes, they heard Mrs. Ramsay screaming that Mrs. Cram had hanged herself. George Cram, deposed that he left home about half-past 6 o'clock on the morning stated, leaving his wife at home. She being in a melancholy mood he offered to stay with her, but she said she felt better and that there was no need for him to remain. Shortly afterwards he was sent for, and found her dead on his return.

She never threatened to take her life, but about two months ago she was unwell, and was attended by Dr. Lee, after which she appeared to get better. Deceased was about 30 years of age. They were married, had six children, and always lived happily together. Dr. Lee testified to having found deceased dead, evidently from the effects of suffocation. There was a mark on the neck, as if produced by a cord, shewn him. He attended her seven or eight weeks ago, when she manifested signs of insanity, though not seriously, and since which time she appeared to be quite well, so far as he had seen. The jury returned a verdict in accordance with the evidence.

It may here be added that the deceased wrote to a relative — Mrs. James Cram, of Mount Pleasant — on the Monday previous to her death, asking her to send one of her daughters to be with her in the house, as she was again troubled with a nervous feeling, and thought she would be better if she had someone in the house with her. On receiving this note, Mrs. James Cram was arranging to send for the deceased to live at her place until she would recover, but before those arrangements were completed they heard of the sad occurrence.

It appears that although the deceased and her husband lived most happily, she was given to despondency, which unfortunately culminated in her sad death. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 8 April 1884 p 21/2/

Cram Lucy (Clegg)

b. 16/3/1881 Bradford Yorkshire d. 3/4/1938 br. Bulli

m. Arthur Ernest Cram (1880 Wollongong -1/2/1934 Bellambi Son of William Cram & Margaret Rea * ) 11/6/1902 Bulli

f. John Evans Clegg m. Sarah Ann Simister *

  1. (f) Helen M Cram b. 1903 Woonona 17793/1903 (Leonard Wonson 1932)
  2. (m) Harry A Cram b. 1905 Woonona 39529/1905
  3. (m) Ronald S Cram b. 1907 Woonona 42167/1907
  4. (m) William W Cram b. 1909 Woonona 10431/1909
  5. (m) Arthur R Cram b. 1911 Woonona
  6. (m) James Cram
  7. (f) Lucy H Cram b. 1914 Bulli
  8. (f) Eva A Cram b. 1916 Bulli
  9. (f) Bessie Cram b. 1917

Cram Margaret Jane (Rea)

b. abt 1845 Sydney d. 21/4/1926 Bellambi

m. William Cram (abt 1854 Cramlington Northumberland – 11/3/1908 Bulli Son of James Cram & Sarah Hedley *) 1873 Wollongong 4269/1873

  1. (m) John Anthony Cram b. abt 1873 d. 17/4/1927 Bellambi (Charlotte F Edmonson * 1898, Lily Jackson 1913)
  2. (m) Robert Benjamin Cram b. 2/8/1875 Fairy Meadow d. 15/3/1960 Bellambi (Amy Victoria Anderson * 1899)
  3. (m) Edward James Cram b. 1876 Wollongong 22583/1876 d. 1919 Wollongong
  4. (m) William S Cram b. 1878 Wollongong 24638/1878
  5. (m) Arthur Ernest Cram b. 1880 Wollongong d. 1934 Corrimal (Lucy Clegg * 1902))
  6. (m) Oliver Augustine Cram b. 1883 Woonona 21234/1883 d. 1933 Wollongong (Martha Ellen Bishop * 1905)
  7. (f) Elsie E. Cram b. 1886 Woonona 24552/1886 (John Langdon )
  8. (m) Foster Mother of Claude

Living at Balgownie in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

CRAM-April 21, 1926, at the. residence of her eIdest son, John, Jetty House, Bellambi, Margaret, relict of the late William Cram, eldest son of the late James Cram, Wollongong, loved mother of John, Robert, Edward, Arthur, Oliver, and Elsie(Mrs John Langdon), and foster-mother of Claude, in her 82nd year.> Forever with the lord. The Sydney Morning Herald 22 April 1926

Cram Martha Ellen (Bishop)

b. 1870 Wollongong 19041/1870 d. 7/3/1936 Sydney

m. Oliver Augustine Cram (1883 Woonona- 31/3/1933 Wollongong Son of William Cram & Margaret *) 1905

f. Samuel Bishop m. Mary McCann *

  1. (f) Muriel E Cram b. 1906 Woonona

Cram Mary Ann (Round)

b. 10/4/1800 Thirroul 27365/1880 d. 24/9/1970 Murwillumbah br. Murwillumbah

m. James Edward Cram (abt 1875-1/9/1955 Murwillumbah) 1900 Woonona

f. Edward Thomas Round m. Sarah Ann Powell *

  1. (m) Charles E Cram b. 1901 Woonona 18436/1901
  2. (f) Lillian I Cram b. 1902 Woonona 28182/1902
  3. (m) Roy C Cram b. 1908 Lismore
  4. (f) Marjorie D Cram b. 1910 Lismore
  5. (m) Oriel James Cram b. 1917

Living at Bellambi in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Cram Mary Elizabeth (Robson)

b. 1857 Wollongong 12240/1857 d. 24/12/1891 Balgownie

m. Robert Cram (abt 1855 - 1902 Wollongong Son Of James Cram & Sarah Hedley *) 11/1/1882 Sunny Bank Wollongong 4996/1882

f. William Robson m. Margaret Elliott *

  1. (m) Frederick Cram b. 1883 Wollongong 21021/1883
  2. (m) John Wheeler Cram b. 1884 Eden 18559/1884 d. 3/7/1940 Wollongong (Phoebe E Edwards * 1902)
  3. (m) Albert J Cram b. 1885 Eden
  4. (f) Sarah H Cram b. 1887 Wollongong 24891/1887 d. 1888 Wollongong
  5. (m) Claud N Cram b. 1889 Wollongong 24370/1889
  6. (f) Margaret E Cram b. 1890 Wollongong 38049/1890
  7. (f) Ruby Cram b. 1891 Wollongong 38532/1891

CRAM–ROBSON.-January 11, at the residence of the bride’s parents, by the Rev. H. W. T. Pincombe, Robert Cram, farmer, Bega. second son of James Cram, Esq. Mount Pleasant, to Mary Elizabeth, second daughter of W. Robson, Esq, J.P.. Sunny Bank, near Wollongong. The Sydney Morning Herald 21 January 1882

Cram Phoebe Elizabeth (Edwards)

b. a b. 1873 Sydney d. 22/9/1963 Wollongong

m. James Wheeler Cram (1884 Eden - 3/7/1940 Wollongong Son of Robert Cram & Mary E Robson* ) 1902 Wollongong

f. John William Edwards m. Mary Ann Coates *

Cram Rachel (Pankhurst)

b. 1863 Maitland d. 1946 Wollongong

m. Ephraim Cram (-1933) 1904 Sydney

f. John Pankhurst m. Mary

  1. (f) Grace P Cram b. 1905 Wollongong (Colin McPhail)

Living Crown St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –Milliner


Mrs. Rachel Cram, who passed away at a Wollongong private hospital last Saturday, was a woman of kindly disposition and Christian character. She was held in high esteem by a wide circle of friends who to-day mourn the loss of a good friend and neighbour. The sympathy of the community goes out to her only child, Grace (Mrs. Colin McPhail, of West Dapto).

The late Mrs. Cram, was born near Singleton, being a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. J. Pankhurst, highly respected and successful pioneers of the Hunter River district, and a sister of the late Mr. A. S. Pankhurst, who for 18 years was the president of the Patrick Plains Shire, during which time he entertained the present King and Queen when they visited Australia as the Duke and Duchess of York.

The late Mrs. Cram, came to Wollongong in 1895 and for ten years was in charge of the late W. Timm's millinery business. She later married Mr. Ephriam Cram and went to live at Fairy Meadow. During World War I, she was a member of the Corrimal Red Cross and it was a matter of regret to her that her health prevented her from offering her services in World War II. For many years she was a stewardess for the work section at the Wollongong A.H. & I. Society's shows, of which her husband was a committeeman.

Through her upbringing she was strong in Methodism and when she first came to Wollongong was a member of the church and of the Ladies' Church Aid. After removing to Fairy Meadow she became active in establishing a Sunday School in that centre, where she was a teacher. She laid a foundation stone of the church that was later erected there. In 1928 she returned to Wollongong and again became a member of the Methodist Church, but latterly failing health prevented her regular attendance.

Her husband predeceased her in 1933. Besides her daughter Grace, she is survived by two sisters, Mesdames R. Moore, of Elderslie, Branxton, and G. Bowman, Winbourne Station, Manilla, and one brother, Mr. F. J. Pankhurst, Brinkburn, Branxton.

The remains left the Methodist Church for the Woronora Crematorium, after a service conducted by the Rev. Keeling, who referred to the high esteem in which she was held and to her wonderful Christian character. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 1 March 1946 p 10

Cram Sarah (Hedley)

b. 1833 Tynemouth Northumberland d. 14/4/1866 Mt Keira 7246/1866

m. James Cram (1826 Newcastle upon Tyne-14/2/1919 Wollongong Son of William Cram & Margaret Wheeler) 1853 Blyth Tynemouth Northumberland later married to Alice Frost

f. Anthony Hedley m. Mary Young

Cause of Death: Childbirth

  1. (m) William Anthony Cram b. abt 1853 d. 1908 Woonona (Margaret Jane Rea * 1873)
  2. (m) Robert Cram b. abt 1855 d. 1902 Wollongong (Mary Elizabeth Robson * 1882)
  3. (m) Anthony Cram b. 1859 Wollongong 14127/1859 d. 1936 Ashfield ( Alice Adlington * 1895)
  4. (m) Ephraim Cram b. 1861 Wollongong 14343/1861 d. 1933 Wollongong (Rachel Pankhurst 1904)
  5. (f) Mary Jane Cram * b. 1864 Wollongong 16481/1864 d. 9/5/1944 Petersham (William H Tresidder 1888 )
  6. (m) Edward C Cram b. 1866 Wollongong 16556/1866 d. 1866 Wollongong 7258/1866

Husband a Underground Manager at Mt Pleasant Colliery then a Storekeeper “Cramsville” Balgownie

Cramond/Crammond Isabella (Wright)

b. 1822 Brise Aberdeen Scotland d. 20/8/1875 Jamberoo br. Jamberoo

m. David Cramond ( 1825 Arbuthnot Kincardshire Scotland-11/6/1898 Jamberoo Son of James Cramond & Jane Caird) 1847 Aberdeen Scotland

f. David Wright m. Mary Rawer

Ship: “Kate” 6 December 1855

  1. (f) Jane Cramond b. 1848 Argyllshire Scotland d. 16/12/1933 Newcastle (William Lackie 1874)
  2. (m) John Wright Cramond b. 1850 Argyllshire Scotland d. 27/6/1908 Sydney (Jane Robb * 1877)
  3. (f) Mary Rawer Cramond * b. 1855 Argyllshire Scotland d. d. 2/10/1926 St Peters (William Easton Robb 1875)
  4. (m) David Cramond b. 1857 Kiama 7475/1857 d. 18/5/1944 Summer Hill (Mary Ann King * 1893)
  5. (f) Isabella Crammond * b. 1859 Kiama 8349/1859 d. 17/7/1939 Marrickville ( James Montgomery 1893)
  6. (f) Margaret A Crammond b. 1861 Kiama 8274/1861

AT her Residence, Jamberoo, on the 20th August Isabella, the beloved wife of Mr. David Crammond, aged 53 years. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 26 August 1875 p 2

Cramond Jane (Robb)

b. abt 1847 Scotland d. 1901 Murrumburrah

m. John Wright Cramond (1850 Argyllshire Scotland - 27/6/1908 Sydney Son of David Cramond & Isabella Wright * ) 1877 Kiama

f. William Robb m. Mary Easton *

  1. (f) Edith Florence P Cramond b. 15/10/1879 Shellharbour 15905/1879 d. 29/6/1934 Murrumburrah (Ambrose Morris)
  2. (m) Walter John Cramond b. 17/1/1881 Shellharbour 19372/1881 d. 10/8/1926 Goulburn (Isaballa Miller)
  3. (m) Herbert Easton Cramond b. 27/6/1882 Murrumburrah d. 21/11/1885 Murrumburrah
  4. (f) Ethel May Cramond b. 1/8/1883 Murrumburrah d. 22/10/1883 Murrumburrah

Cramond Mary Ann (King)

b. 1873 Crookwell d. 29/7/1945 Summer Hill

m. David Cramond ( 1857 Jamberoo- 18/5/1944 Summer Hill Son of David Cramond & Isabella Wright *) 3/4/1893 Goulburn

f. William King m. Eliza Jane Prior

  1. (f) Mavis Eveline Cramond b. 1894 Jamberoo 17572/1894
  2. (f) Elsie Muriel Cramond b. 21/1/1896 Jamberoo 4262/1896
  3. (m) William David Cramond b. 11/8/1898 Jamberoo 22283/1898 d. 1952 Burwood

CRAMOND.-July 29, 1945, at her residence, 76 Carlton Crescent, Summer Hill, Mary Ann, relict of the late David Cramond and loving mother of Mavis, Elsie, and William, aged 72 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Monday 30 July 1945 p 12

Lived in Kangaroo Valley

Cramp Margaret see Pratten Margaret

Crampton Martha see see Blatch

Crampton Mary see Crompton

Crane Edith Emily (Parsons)

b. 1880 Wollongong d. 18/7/1941 Bulli

m. Archer J Crane (1879 Wollongong-. 1934 Bulli Son of Archer Crane & Ellen Martin *) 1905 Woonona

f. Frederick Parsons m. Elizabeth Eliza Ford *

  1. (f) Ivy May Crane b. 1906 Woonona d. 1957
  2. (m) Frederick Archer Crane b. 1908 Woonona d. 1968 Helensburgh
  3. (m) Stanley J Crane b. 1911 Woonona d. 1912 Woonona
  4. (m) Hilton Henry Crane b. b. 1911 Woonona d. 1981

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties.

MRS. EDITH CRANE Mrs. Edith Emily Crane passed away at her residence, 25 The Avenue, Bulli, on Friday last, at the age of 61 years. She had been in ill health for some time. She was horn in Bulli, and spent all her life in the district. Her husband, Archie Crane, predeceased, her by some years. She is survived by- two sons, Frederick and Hilton, and one daughter, Ivy. Her mother and two sisters also survive her. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 25 July 1941 - Page 12

Crane/Crean/Crain Elizabeth (Jones then Jones)

b.abt 1854 Newtown

m. ? Jones

m. James Crane 24/5/1877 St Francis Xavier’s

f. Thomas Jones m. Jane Charlesworth

  1. (f) Alice Rose Crean b. 30/9/1878 Bulli 25993/1879
  2. (f) Florence May Crane b. 17/6/1880 Bulli 27427/1880

Crane Elizabeth Sarah (Earl)

b. abt 1866 Highgate Middlesex d. 14/10/1940 Balmain br. Rookwood

m. Albert James Crane (- 19/11/1942 Balmain Son of Charles Crane & Susannah ) 1886 Wollongong

f. Lancelot Earl m. Elizabeth Lewis *

Ship: Abergeldie 1884

  1. (f) Elizabeth S V Crane b. 1888 Balmain
  2. (f) Edith C Crance b. 1889 Balmain
  3. (f) Catherine A Crane b. 1891 Balmain
  4. (m) Albert C Crane b. 1895 Balmain North
  5. (m) Lancelot T Crane b. 1896 Balmain North
  6. (m) Alfred Earl b. 1903 Balmain North

Came with sister Hannah Enderby.

CRANE.-October 14, 1940, at her residence. Highgate, 100 Elliott Street, Balmain, Elizabeth Sarah, wife of Albert James Crane, In her 74th year. (54 years' resident of Balmain.) The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 15 October 1940 p 8

Crane Ellen (Martin)

b. abt 1856 Robertsbridge Sussex d. 24/7/1919 Bulli 16284/1919 br. Bulli Anglican Cemetery

m. Archer Crane (1852/3-21/5/1933 Bulli Son of William Crane & Sarah Anne ) 1877 Wollongong 4800/1877

f. Joseph Martin m. Sarah Wood *

  1. (m) Archer Crane b. 1879 Wollongong 26129/1879 d. 1934 Bulli (Edith E Parsons * 1905)
  2. (m) William Crane b. 1881 Woonona 18988/1881
  3. (m) George Crane b. 1883 Woonona 21250/1883 d. 1884 Woonona
  4. (m) Walter T Crane b. 1885 Woonona 23730/1885 (Elizabeth M Reeves 1911))
  5. (f) Ellen Crane b. 1896 Woonona 9148/1896

Mrs. Archie Crane, daughter of the late Joseph Martin, died at Bulli yesterday morning, aged 63 years. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW: 1900 - 1954) Friday 25 July 1919 p 12

Crane Emily Una (Frazer)

b. 26/10/1862 Richmond d. 31/8/1948 Greenwich Point br. Bowral

m. Alfred Ernest Crane (6/6/1861 Chippendale- 27/4/1919 Bowral) 1886 Coonabarabran

f. Andrew Frazer m. Ann

  1. (f) Daisy W Crane b. 1887 Wellington (Henry Pickard 1912)
  2. (m) Cecil E R Crane b. 1892 Kiama 18479/1892 d. 1901 Richmond

Living at Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties Husband a school teacher

CRANE, Emily Una. -August 31 1948 Greenwich Point loved mother of Daisy (Mrs. H Pickard) aged 85 years Privately Interred at Bowral. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)Wednesday 1 September 1948 - Page 18

Crane Emma (Bovis)

d. 1879 Wollongong

m. John William Crane (1855- 23/3/1887 Bulli Mine Disaster Son of James Crane & Lydia Pettit *) 1877 Wollongong 4788/1877

f. William Bovis m. Jane

  1. (m) James Crane b. 1878 Wollongong 24661/1878 d. 1938 Sydney
  2. (f) Clara Gertrude Crane * b. 1879 Wollongong 26156/1879 d. 19/7/1958 Woonona (Patrick Murphy 1898)

Crane Emma/Emmaline see Puckeridge Emma/Emmaline

Crane Hannah see Jessimond

Crane Lydia (Pettit)

b. abt 1830 or 1838 d. 11/12/1912 Woonona 18864/1912

m. James Crane (abt 1827- 21/10/1881) 1847 Chesterton Cambridgeshire

f. John Pettit m. Mary

Ship: Columbia 1854

  1. (f) Emma Crane * b. 1847 Histon Cambridgeshire d. 14/8/ 1935 Woonona (John Henry 1865)
  2. (m) James Crane * b. abt 1852/55 d. 1896 Woonona (Sarah Jane Allum * 1888)
  3. (m) John W Crane b. 1855 V18551433 42A/1855 d. 1887 Bulli Mine Disaster (Emma Bovis * 1877 ,Emma Allum * 1881)
  4. (m) Mary A Crane b. 1858 Gosford 6965/1858
  5. (m) Joseph R Crane b. 1862 Gosford 6219/1862
  6. (f) Sarah Elizabeth Crane * b. 1864 Wollongong 16602/1864 d. Bondi ( Alfred Chapman/Alanson 1885)  
  7. (f) Hannah Maria Crane * b. 1969 Wollongong 19816/1869 d. 14/4/1952 Marrickville (Christopher Tessimond 1889)

A very old and respected resident, in the person of Mrs. Lydia Crane, of Woonona, died on Tuesday last at the age of 85 years. The remains were interred in the C. of E. cemetery on Thursday. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 13 December 1912 p 13

Crane Sarah

m. James Crane

  1. (m) Anthony Crane b. 1859 Wollongong 14127/1859

Crane Sarah Jane see Murphy

Crane Sarah Isabella Mary (Salisbury)

b. 15/11/1882 Woonona 19766/1882 d. 7/5/1973 Woonona

m. James Crane (1878 Wollongong – 1938 Sydney Son of John W Crane & Emma Bovis *) 1901 Woonona

f. John Salisbury m. Margaret Lucy Jemima Murray *

  1. (f) Mary E L Crane b. 1901 Woonona 28285/1901 d. 1902 Woonona
  2. (f) Amy C Crane b. 1902 Woonona 37726/1902 d. 1903 Woonona
  3. (f) Clara V Crane b. 1904 Woonona 28654/1904 d. 1904 Woonona
  4. (f) Lydia Narella Crane b. 1907 Woonona 42217/1907 d. 19/5/1941 Paddington (Harry Tant)
  5. (f) Joyce Crane

TANT.—May 19, 1941, at Women's Hospital Paddington, Lydia (Rellie Crane), beloved wife of Harry Tant, of 139 Beamish Streett Campsie and loving daughter of Sarah Crane, of 10 Tennyson Street Dulwich Hill (late of Woonona), and beloved sister of Joy, aged 33 years. See Wednesday's Herald for funeral notice.

Crane Sophia Rachel (Bailey)

b. 1871 Kiama 11483/1872 d. 1958 Gerringong

m. Herbert Edward Crane (- 1944 Coonabrabran Son of William Crane & Jane) 1894 Kiama

f. William Bailey m. Susannah Lee *

  1. (f) Elsie S J Crane b. 1895 Coonabarabran
  2. (m) William L C Crane b. 1899 Kiama 21898/1899
  3. (f) Rita H Crane b. 1912 Coonabarabran

Cranston Jane

b. abt 1837 Ayreshire d. 19/4/1909 Redfern

m. Robert Cranston (abt 1835 Ayreshire -1916 Redfern)

Ship: Wellington 1859

  1. (m) William Cranston b. abt 1858 Ayreshire
  2. (m) Robert R Cranston b. 1860 Kiama 7725/1860
  3. (f) Sarah Cranston b. 1862 Kiama 8533/1862 (Alfred Mitchell 1888)
  4. (f) Mary Cranston b. 1864 Kiama 9432/1864 (James Thompson 1889)
  5. (m) John Cranston b. 1867 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama ; Shoalhaven
  6. (m) James Cranston b. 1869 Kiama 12247/1869
  7. (m) David Cranston b. 1871 Kiama 11669/1871
  8. (f) Anne Jane Cranston b. 1873 Kiama 12359/1873 (Richard E Bennett 1899)
  9. (m) Henry Cranston b. 1875 Shoalhaven 19537/1875
  10. (m) Andrew Cranston b. 1877 Shoalhaven
  11. (m) Joseph Cranston b. 1880 Shoalhaven

Lived at Broughton Creek and had moved to Redfern by 1888

MARRIAGE. Mitchell— Cranston.- May 30, at the residence of the bride's parents, Lochorn Terrace, Golden Grove, Redfern, by the Rev. Mr. Macredie, Sarah, eldest daughter of Robert Cranston, late of Broughton Creek, to Alfred Mitchell, storekeeper, Macdonaldtown, third son of Andrew Mitchell, Ballybay, County Monaghan, Ireland. The Shoalhaven Telegraph (NSW : 1881 - 1937) Wednesday 13 June 1888 p 2

CRANSTON— April 19, at 79 Castlereagh-street, Redfern, Jane Cranston, aged The Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser (NSW : 1871 - 1912) Wednesday 21 April 1909 p 65 70 years.

Cranwell Mary Elizabeth (Delaney)

b. abt 1873 d. 16/10/1937 SA br. West Terrace Adelaide SA

m. John Cranwell (30/6/1876 Basket Range SA -16/10/1919 SA Son of Edmund Cranwell & Sarah Betts) 1898 Broken Hill

f. Patrick Delaney m. Ellen Collins

  1. (m) Sydney Roy Cranwell b. 5/5/1899 Wollongong 17321/1899 (Margaret McCabe 1928)
  2. (m) John Edmund Cranwell b. 1902 Broken Hill d. 20/12/1908 Adelaide SA
  3. (f) Thelma May Cranwell b. 19/12/1905 Broken Hill
  4. (m) Ronald Jordan Cranwell b. 9/10/1910 Norwood SA
  5. (m) William Maurice Cranwell b. 29/8/1912 Adelaide SA
  6. (m) Jack Cranwell b. 23/5/1915 Adelaide SA

Living in Hutt Street Adelaide in 1917.

Craven Caroline (Smith then Hanford)

b. abt 1850 Staffordshire d. 13/2/1921 Ryde

m. Ralph Hanford (abt 1846 Budby Staffordshire – 1882 Wollongong Son of John Hanford & Sarah ) 1867 Wolstanton Staffordshire

m. Harry Archer Craven (1857 Sheffield England- 11/5/1930 Ryde Son of Alfred Craven & Anne) 1884 Wollongong

f. Thomas Smith m. Ellen

Ship: Lochee 1878

  1. (f) Sarah Ellen Hanford b. abt 1874 Staffordshire d. 1854 Katoomba
  2. (m) Onesimus Hanford b. abt 1876 Staffordshire d. 1878 on voyage
  3. (f) Emily Hanford b. 1879 Wollongong 26058/1879 d. 1930 Ryde
  4. (f) Eliza Hanford b. 1881 Wollongong 18887/1881 (Alfred Goddard 1905)
  5. (m) David Craven b. 1885 Wollongong 23500/1885 d. 1958 Chatswood
  6. (f) Annie Mercer Craven b. 1888 Wollongong 25688/1888 d. 1956 Balmain
  7. (f) Lillian E Craven b. 1891 Wollongong 38358/1891 (Cecil G Trevitt 1915)

CRAVEN -In loving memory of my dear wife and our dear mother. Caroline Craven, who passed away February 13, 1921. Inserted by her loving husband and family. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Monday 13 February 1922 p 8

First husband a coal miner

Craven Mary (Gilmore)

m. John Craven 1877 Wollongong

Crawford Annie

m. George Crawford

  1. (m) John D Crawford b. 1862 Wollongong 14972/1862

Crawford Charlotte (Doherty)

b. 1874 Armidale d. 10/2/1948 Scarborough

m. Robert Roger McKinnon Crawford (1871 Wollongong- 27/11/1944 Coledale Son of James Crawford & Ellen Simpson *) 1900 Tamworth

f. James Doherty m. Mary

  1. (m) James McKinnon Crawford b. 1901 Tamworth
  2. (f) Linda Margaret Crawford b. 1903 Woonona (James D McCarthy 1935)
  3. (m) Robert R Crawford b. 1911 Woonona
  4. (m) John D Crawford b. 1913 Woonona

Living at South Clifton in 1903 Electoral Roll- domestic duties Husband a fireman.

Crawford Eliza Ann see Armstrong

Crawford Elizabeth

m. George Crawford

  1. (f) Alice C Crawford b. 1885 Bega 19003/1885
  2. (f) Adelaide Crawford b. 1887 Woonona 25254/1887
  3. (f) Elizabeth Crawford b. 1888 Sydney 769/1888
  4. (f) Florence E Crawford b. 1889 Sydney 1164/1889
  5. (m) Thomas Crawford b. 1890 Sydney 2758/1890

Crawford Elizabeth (Webb then Simpson)

m. James Simpson

m. Henry Crawford (Scotland -23/3/1891 Fairy Meadow on of Henry Crawford & Ann)

  1. (f) Elizabeth Simpson * b. 1837 Glasgow Scotland d. 16/7/1873 Woonona (Hugh Dobbie 1857)

Crawford Ellen

An old lady named Ellen Crawford, said to be an octogenarian, and who resides alone in a small tenement in Flinders-street, accidentally set her window curtains ablaze yesterday. The room was soon in flames, and had not assistance been handy -the probability is that the old lady would have been burnt to death. The flames were extinguished before material damage was done. Evening News (Sydney, NSW: 1869 - 1931) Friday 18 March 1898 p 5

Crawford Ellen (Currin)

b. abt 1828 d. 7/12/1910 Nowra br. Kiama

m. Joseph Crawford 1887 Kiama

Mrs. Crawford, an old resident of the district, died in Nowra on Wednesday morning. The funeral will leave at 6 o'clock this morning for the Kiama public cemetery where the remains of the deceased's husband were interred, The remains will be conveyed by means of hearse right to Kiama. The Nowra Leader (NSW: 1909 - 1939) Friday 9 December 1910 p 1

Crawford Ellen (Simpson)

b. abt 1839 Ayrshire Scotland

m. James Crawford (Jan 1838 Airdrie Ayrshire Scotland -30/1/1893 Moss Vale Son of Robert Crawford & Ellen)

f. James Simpson m.

  1. (f) Elizabeth Crawford * b. abt 1857 Ayrshire Scotland d. 31/1/1933 Burwood (Edward Charlton 1878)
  2. (f) Ellen Crawford * b. abt 1859 Ayrshire Scotland d. 1/7/1942 Ryde (George Henry Phillips 1879)
  3. (f) Martha Crawford b. 1861 Wollongong 14500/1861 d. 12/11/1880 Bulli
  4. (f) Mary Crawford b. 1863 Newcastle 11085/1863
  5. (m) Henry Crawford b. 1864 Newcastle 11996/1864 Railways inspector
  6. (f) Margaret Crawford * b. 1866 Wollongong 16656/1866 d. 27/5/1957 Bulli (Joseph Shipp 1887)
  7. (m) James Crawford b. 4/3/1869 Woonona 19812/1869 d. 28/12/1916 Clermont Qld (Myra Clarke)
  8. (m) Robert Roger McKinnon Crawford b. 1871 Wollongong 19676/1871 1871 d. 27/11/1944 Coledale (Charlotte Doherty *)
  9. (m) John Crawford b. 1874 Wollongong 21435/1874
  10. (m) Thomas Simpson Crawford b. 21/12/1875 Bulli 22467/1876 d. 20/4/1976 Newcastle

Husband a miner and a pioneer in the opening up of coal mines in the Illawarra district, two sons were members of state parliment and lawers.

Husband died leaving 5 sons and 3 daughters as well as his widow.

Crawford Emma Eliza (Wilson)

b. abt 1836 d. 7/7/1912 Frankston Vic

m. William Crawford (abt 1831- 1923 Geelong Son of Samuel Crawford & Margaret) 18/5/1860 Jamberoo

f. Robert Wilson m. Mary Moore

  1. (f) William Robert Crawford b. 1861 St George d. 1882 Seymour Vic
  2. (f) Martha E Crawford b. 1862 St George
  3. (m) James M Crawford b. 1864 Carcoar
  4. (m) Harry Crawford b. 1865 Carcoar
  5. (f) Caroline J S Crawford b. 1867 Carcoar
  6. (m) Robert Alexander Crawford b. 1870 Kiama 11310/1870
  7. (f) Sarah P Crawford b. 1871 Kiama 11756/1871
  8. (m) Samuel Harold Crawford b. 1873 Kiama 12374/1873
  9. (m) George Hunter Crawford b. 1875 St Kilda Vic
  10. (f) Letitia Crawford b. 1878 Seymour Vic
  11. (f) Grace Mildred Crawford b. 1880 Seymour Vic
  12. (f) Olive Maude Crawford b. 1882 Seymour Vic

Husband a school teacher.


On the 18th instant, at Jamberoo, by license, by the Rev. George Gurney, William, only son of the late Mr. Samuel Crawford, Antrim, Ireland, to Emma Eliza, only daughter of Mr. Robert Wilson, storekeeper, Shellharbor, New South Wales. Examiner (Kiama, NSW : 1859 - 1862) Saturday 26 May 1860 p 3

CRAWFORD.—On the 7th July, at St. Pancras, Frankston, Emma Eliza, wife of Wm. Crawford, J.P., mother of Martha, James M., Harry, Caroline, Robert A. Sarah P., George H. Letitia, and Olive Maude, aged 76 years. A colonist of 56 years.

CRAWFORD.—On the 7th July, at St. Pancras, Frankston, Emma Eliza, wife of Wm. Crawford, State school teacher, aged 76 years. Sweet peace at last. The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Monday 8 July 1912 p 9

Crawford Florence May (Burling)

b. 1881 Mt Kembla d. 11/3/1933 Wollongong

m. Charles Crawford (1876 Braidwood- after 1933 Son Of George Crawford & Jane) 1901 Wollongong

f. Isaac Morgan Burling m. Elizabeth Maria Brown * see Henderson

  1. (m) James Crawford b. 1901 Woonona 28323/1901 d. 1957 Wollongong
  2. (f) Elizabeth J Crawford b. 1903 Woonona 8713/1903
  3. (m) Charles Crawford b. 1904 Wollongong 28546/1904 d. 1974
  4. (m) Arthur George Crawford b. 1911 Wollongong 35691/1911
  5. (m) Donald M Crawford b. 1916 Wollongong 48916/1916

Crawford Hannah (Cochrane)

b. d. 1879 Sydney 920/1879

m. George Crawford 1861 Wollongong 3106/1861

Parents not listed on death.

  1. (m) John D Crawford b. 1862 Wollongong 14972/1862
  2. (f) Hannah Craford b. 1863 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong V1863351 159/1863
  3. (m) George Crawford b. 1864 Sydney 1571/1864
  4. (m) William Crawford b. 1865 Sydney 1991/1865
  5. (f) Jane Crawford b. 1876 Sydney 2912/1876
  6. (f) Alice Crawford b. 1868 Sydney 74/1868
  7. (f) Martha J Crawford b. 1871 Sydney 2263/1871

Crawford Margaret

Margaret Crawford, for drunkenness and disorderly conduct, was fined £2, or seven days in gaol. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Saturday 22 March 1890 p 2

Crawford Maria (Stack/Stall)

m. Samuel Crawford 1855 V1855275 101/1855 RC Sydney St Mary’s

  1. (m) Lawrence Joseph Crawford b. 18/7/1858 Tamerong bp Kiama RC
  2. (f) Johannah Crawford b. 8/1/1860 Jammarrany bp Kiama RC

Husband a farmer

Crawford Martha see Slade Martha

Crawford Minda (Bird)

b. b. abt 1871 Dalton in Furness Lancashire d. 6/7/1927 Keiraville

m. William Sharpe Crawford(- 1952 Wollongong ) 1890 Wollongong

f. Richard Bird m. Ann *

  1. (f) Louisa J Crawford b. 1891 Wollongong 38397/1891 d. (Simpson)
  2. (f) Ann Crawford b. 1893 Wollongong 39314/1893 (Hall)
  3. (f) Minda Birdie Crawford b. 1897 Woonona 37063/1897 (Charles Robinson 1916)
  4. (f) Gladys H Dinah Crawford b. 1903 Woonona 8723/1903 (John McGregor 1932)
  5. (f) Ethel L Crawford b. 1908 Wollongong 42420/1908
  6. (m) John Crawford

Mrs. Crawford, wife of William Crawford, shiftman, of Parsons Street, Keiraville, passed away very suddenly on Wednesday evening. The deceased lady spent the day fishing with friends at Lake Illawarra, and, on returning home, complained of feeling unwell.

A doctor was called immediately, but death took place whilst she was on her way to the Wollongong District Hospital.

The deceased was very well known at Keiraville, where she had resided the greater part of her life, and leaves a husband and family of five to mourn the sudden bereavement. The children are Mrs. Simpson, Kembla Street, Wollongong, Mrs. Hall, Lithgow, the Misses Dinah and Ethel Crawford, and Mr. John Crawford. The sisters of the deceased were Mrs. G. Adlington, and Mrs. E. Adlington, and one brother lives at Keiraville, Mr. William Bird, whilst another brother, Mr. Richard Bird, reside at Lithgow.Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Friday 8 July 1927 p 2

Crawley see Crowley

Crawshaw Emily (Tucker then Edson)

b. abt 1847 Devonshire d. 30/7/1894 South Perth WA

m. Joseph Edson (abt 1851 Lincolnshire -) 1874 Radford Nottinghamshire

m. Charles Richard Crawshaw (- 11’9’1928 South Perth) 23/9/1882 Macdonaldtown 2593/1882

Ship: Salisbury 1877

  1. (m) Frank W Edson b. abt 1873 Middlesex d. 27/4/1879 Belmore Basin 9719/1879

HENRY TUCKER, or JOSEPH EDSON, lately from, Devonshire, please call on G. S. YEO. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Thursday 22 November 1877 p 1

IF JOSEPH EDSON, who left Sydney for Wollongong about fifteen months ago, is in Sydney, and call upon Mr. STEVENS, lately of 213, George-street, now at 240, Clarence street, he will hear of something to his advantage. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Thursday 24 April 1879 p 1

Had been living Mount Pleasant at time of her only child, Frank, death by drowning at Belmore Basin The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Friday 2 May 1879 p 4

IF my HUSBAND, Joseph Edson, does not return in one month from this date, I intend to marry again. EMILY EDSON. August 18, 1881. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Monday 22 August 1881 p 2

CRAWSHAW — EDSON. — September 23, at the residence of Mrs. Perfect, Macdonaldtown, by Rev. J. A. Foggon, Charles Crawshaw, of Junee to Emily Edson, of Sydney. Evening News (Sydney, NSW: 1869 - 1931) Friday 29 September 1882 p 2

News came to hand from South Perth last night of the sudden death of a resident of that suburb, named Mrs. Emily Crawshaw. The cause of death having been ascertained to be heart disease, an inquest was considered unnecessary. The Daily News (Perth, WA: 1882 - 1950) Tuesday 31 July 1894 p 2

Creagan Bridget

b. 22/2/1867 Dumore Estate d. 26/11/1952 Dunsmore

m. Patrick Creagan m. Mary Donellan *


The death occurred at her sister-in-law's residence at Dunmore on Wednesday of Miss Bridget Creagan at the age of 85 years.

The daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Creagan; she was born at Dunmore and is survived by one sister, who is living in New Zealand.

Her brother, the husband of Mrs. Johanna Creagan is deceased. Kiama Independent (NSW: 1947 - 1954) Saturday 29 November 1952 p 5

The sister who was living in New Zealand was Catherine (Sister Romaeus of the Josephites).

Creagan Johanna (Courtney)

b. 26/9/1861 Killamarie Ireland d. 19/9/1958 Dunmore br. Shellharbour

m. Martin Creagan ( abt 20/1/1860 Shellharbour -24/5/1935 Shellharbour Son of Patrick Creagan & Mary Donellan * ) 12/5/1886 Shellharbour RC

f. Patrick Courtney m. Mary Land *

Ship: Cardigan Castle 1883 ?

  1. (f) Mary Teresa Creagan b. 22/2/1887 Albion Park 25660/1887 d. 8/11/1956 Dunmore (Timothy Ryan 1917)
  2. (m) Patrick Jerome Creagan b. 17/9/1888 Shellharbour/Dunmore 26395/1888 d. 28/9/1959 Dunmore
  3. (m) John Joseph Creagan b. 14/10/1890 Shellharbour 17913/1890
  4. (f) Kathleen Creagan b. 5/6/1892 Shellharbour 18502/1892 (Gerald Kelleher 1922)
  5. (f) Alice Winifred Cregan b. 29/12/1894 Dunmore 9124/1895
  6. (f) Elizabeth May Creagan b. 28/ 8/1896 Shellharbour 836151/1896 d. 1933 (Frederick Cook 1922)
  7. (f) Annie Gertrude Creagan b. 6/7/1898 Dunmore 18642/1898
  8. (m) Martin Benedict Creagan b. 1903 9603/1903 d. 18/3/1971 Northmead (Ann)
  9. (f) Josephine J Creagan b. 1906 Albion Park 31542/1906 (Richard Murphy)

Living at Dunmore in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties Husband a farmer.

(Try to establish if this family is connected to Frederick Land and Isabella Kennedy’s daughter Sarah Land who married William Quinn)

Creagan/Gregan Mary (Doulon/Donlan/Donellan/Donnellan)

d. 1878 Kiama

m. Patrick Creagan (abt 1833 Limerick Ireland- 6/11/1923 Dunmore)

f. Thomas Donlan m. Anna

  1. (f) Elizabeth Creagan b. 6/12/1861 Shellharbour 8152/1861
  2. (f) Mary Creagan b. 6/12/1861 Shellharbour 8151/1861 d. 18/6/1888 br JamberooCatholic
  3. (m) Martin Creagan b. 20/1/1860 Shellharbour bp Kiama RC (Johanna Courtney * 1886)
  4. (m) Thomas Creagan b. 1863 Kiama 8427/1863
  5. (m) John Creagan b. 1865 Kiama 9621/1865
  6. (f) Bridget Gregan b. 22/2/1867 Dumore Estate 10409/1867 d. 26/11/1952 Dunsmore
  7. (f) Alice Creagan b. 1869 Kiama 12158/1869
  8. (f) Hannah Maria Cregan b. 8/9/1870 Stony Creek 11401/1870
  9. (f) Catherine Cregan b. 24/11/1872 Shellharbour 11611/1872 d. 29/3/1961 (Sister Romaeus of the Josephites)

Husband a settler

Cream/Graham Lydia (Hart then Thomas)

b. abt 1811 Bath England d. 22/9/1864 Nymboida br. Nymboida

m. Joseph Thomas 1830 Parramatta

m. John Cream (1803 Edinburgh Scotland- 28/8/1881 Nymboida ) 28/9/1942 Mt Mitchell

f. John/Joseph Hart m. ?

Ship: 1828 Competitor

  1. (f) Mary A Hart b. abt 1835 Sydney
  2. (m) John Robert Cream b. abt 1838 Kiama
  3. (m) James Alexander Cream b. abt 1840
  4. (m) George Cream b 28/9/1842 Mt Mitchell
  5. (m) William Cream b 3/7/1844 Jeogla
  6. (f) Catherine Lydia Cream b. 30/6/1845 Jeogla (Donald Freeman 1864)
  7. (m) Thomas Cream b. 28/2/1849 Parramatta V18491070 31A/1849
  8. (m) Andrew Cream b 24/6/1851 Blicks Creek
  9. (m) Thomas Cream b. 1852 Port Macquarie V18521070 51/1852
  10. (f) Elizabeth Cream b c1855

Husband a convict who was variously a harness maker, seaman, stockman, servant and overseer. It was John and an aboriginal who discovered the track for cattle and other stock from Lake Illawarra to Kangaroo Ground.

SUDDEN DEATH.-An inquest was held on Saturday last, at Nymboida, before Mr. Alfred Lardner, coroner, touching the death of Lydia Cream, better known as Mrs Graham who had expired suddenly on Thursday last. It appears that the deceased and her husband retired to bed at half-past eight o'clock on Thursday night, and shortly after lying down deceased complained of pain in her chest, and said to her husband, “John I am going to die ” whereupon Cream immediately arose and sent the children for assistance, but before Mrs. Kelly, a neighbour, arrived the woman had expired. The time that elapsed between the deceased calling her husband and her death was about half-an-hour; deceased who was about fifty years of age had frequently complained of pain about the heart. The jury found that the deceased died from natural causes-supposed to be disease of the heart. Clarence and Richmond Examiner and New England Advertiser (Grafton, NSW: 1859 - 1889) Tuesday 27 September 1864 p 2


Crime swindling

Crean Judy

b. abt 1835 Kilcommon, Mayo

f. William Crean m. Winifred(both dead)

Religion: Roman Catholic

Ship: Panama 1850

Irish Orphan Other: SRNSW 4/4635-4/4641 Immigration Correspondence see p.140 in Barefoot 2. Im. Cor. 50/160 and 50/352 Wollongong. Empl. G Somerville, Dapto, £8, 1 yr.

Crean Winifred

b. abt 1831: Ballinrobe, Mayo

f. William Crean m. Winifred (both dead)

Religion: Roman Catholic

Ship: Panama 1850

Irish Orphan Other: Relations in colony: sister Mary Boyle. Empl. James Black, Fairy Meadow, £8, 1yr.

Crebert Matilda Jane (Wilson)

b. 1881 Wollongong 18810/1881 d. 13/10/1951 Fairy Meadow

m. Francis Peter Crebert (abt 1882-9/7/1942 Sydney) 16/12/1908

f. Robert Wilson m. Lydia Stafford *

  1. (f) Hazel F Crebert b. 1910 Petersham
  2. (m) Harry Clive Crebert b. 1912 Petersham
  3. (m) Ronald Frederick Crebert b. 1915 Rockdale

Living at Mt Kembla in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

CREBERT—WILSON. The Presbyterian Church, Wollongong was the scene of a very pretty wedding on Wednesday last, when Rev. D. McKay Barnet united in the bonds of matrimony Mr. Francis Peter Crebert and Miss Matilda Jane Wilson, daughter of Mr. Robert Wilson, of Mt. Kembla. After the ceremony the party adjourned to the residence of the bride's parents at Mt. Kembla, where the wedding breakfast was partaken of. Miss Rose Stafford (Petersham) was bridesmaid, and Mr. J. Crebert (brother of bridegroom) best man. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950)Tuesday 22 December 1908 - Page 2

Creelman Bertha Annie Jane (Grey)

b. 28/12/1879 Kiama 16672/1880 d. 1/5/1962 Burwood

m. John E Creelman (abt 1885- 12/5/1937 Moss Vale) 1910 Kiama

f. John Grey m. Isabella Grey *

  1. (m) Edgar Rex Creelman b. 1912 Kiama
  2. (f) Elizabeth Creelamn b. 1913 Kiama
  3. (f) Kathleen Creelman b. 1914 Kiama (Frederick Wheeler)
  4. (f) Ruth Creelman b. 1916 Wagga Wagga
  5. (m) Herbert Mervyn Creelman b. 1918 Wagga Wagga
  6. (f) Eileen Creelman

Living Mount Salem Jamberoo in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Cregan/Cragan/Creagan Mary Ann (Finamore)

b. abt 1816 d. 1850 CofE Bungonia, Goulburn, Lake Bathurst etc m. Edward Cregan 1835 RC Sydney, St Mary'sV1835720 127/1835

  1. (f) Mary Ann Elizabeth Creagan b. 1837 Campbelltown d. 4/12/1870 Pitt Street Sydney ( ThomasGarrett 1856)
  2. (f) Jane Cragan b. 1838 bp RC Sydney St Mary’s
  3. (m) Peter Cregan b. 25/6/1846 Fairy Meadow V18462118 63/1846
  4. (f) Eliza Creagan b. 1848 CofE Bungonia, Goulburn, Lake Bathurst etc
  5. (m) James Creagan b. 1850 CofE Bungonia, Goulburn, Lake Bathurst etc
  6. (m) Robert Creagan b. 1850 CofE Bungonia, Goulburn, Lake Bathurst etc d. 1850 CofE Bungonia, Goulburn, Lake Bathurst etc

Husband a builder who lived a Braidwood

Creig Mary A see Craig

Creighton Sarah (Millard)

b. abt 1875 Stafford d. 12/5/1946 Corrimal br. Bulli

m. Francis Christopher Creighton (1867 Picton-18/4/1945 Bulli Son of Christopher Creighton & Bridge Tunney) 1892 Woonona

f. Thomas Millard m. Nancy Oakley *

Ship: Samuel Plimsoll 1879

  1. (f) Violet M Creighton b. 1893 Woonona 39832/1893
  2. (m) Joseph S Creighton b. 1898 Woonona 27269/1898
  3. (m) William J G Creighton b. 1901 Woonona 184460/1901
  4. (m) Francis R Creighton b. 1908 Woonona 10405/1908
  5. (f) Lilian J Creighton b. 1913 Woonona 13031/1913

Husband a miner.

Creighton Sarah Ann Pugh (Nichols)

b. 1871 Jamberoo d. 9/6/1939 Corrimal br. Bulli

m. Albert Ernest H Creighton (1869 Picton- 25/9/1949 Woonona Son of Christopher Creighton & Bridge Tunney) 1891 Wollongong

f. George James Nicols m. Sarah Ann Spinks *

  1. (f) Ruby M Creighton b. 1891 Woonona 39060/1891 (Critcher)
  2. (m) Albert E V Creighton b. 1893 Woonona 39725/1893
  3. (f) Albions Emily A Creighton b. 1895 Woonona 18555 (James)
  4. (f) Gladys L Creighton b. 1897 Balmain North (Robinson)
  5. (m) William G Creighton b. 1900 Woonona 9021/1901
  6. (f) Doris M G A Creighton b. 1905 Woonona 9499/1905 (Russell)
  7. (m) Clarence A J Creighton b. 1908 Woonona 31577/1908
  8. (f) Ada I Creighton b. 1910 Woonona 34133/1910 (Petiquin)

CREIGHTON. -The Relatives and Friends of Mrs. ALBERT CREIGHTON and FAMILY are invited to attend the Funeral of his late beloved WIFE and their dear MOTHER; to leave her late residence, 7 Russell Street, Woonona, TO-MORROW (Sunday), at 3.p.m., for the General Cemetery, Bulli. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Saturday 10 June 1939 p 15

Creme see Krimer

Crerar Elizabeth (Stein)

b. abt 1847 Lanarck Scotland d. 6/8/1904 Moore Park Sydney br. Waverley

m. John McIntosh Crerar ( abt 1839 - 1918 Wollongong)

f. Thomas Stein m. Agnes

Ship: Port Victor 1886

  1. (f) Agnes Taylor Crerar * b. abt 1870 Lanarck (Robert Houslar 1889)
  2. (f) Margaret Crerar * b. abt 1871 Lanarck ( John Alexander Rossborough 1889)
  3. (f) Elizabeth Crerar b. 1873 Glasgow Scotland (Duncan Robertson McPhee 1914 div.)
  4. (m) John McIntosh Crerar b. abt 1878 Lanarck d. 1948 Waverley
  5. (f) Marion Green Crerar b. abt 1880 Lanarck d. 1956 Burwood

CRERAR. —August 6, 1904, at her residence, 565 Dowling-street, Moore Park, Elizabeth, dearly loved wife   of John McIntosh Crerar, aged 58 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Monday 8 August 1904


We regret very much having to announce, at the age of 58 years, the death of an old Wollongongite in the person of Mrs. Crerar, the sad event taking place suddenly at 11 o'clock on Saturday night last. The deceased had not enjoyed the best of health for some time, but was always able to get about among her friends, and the end therefore came rather as a shock to the relatives. The family arrived from Scotland about tweuty years ago and first settled in Wollongong, at that time Mr. Crerar occupying the position of engineer on the tug stationed at this port. They resided in Corrimal-street up to about eight years ago, when the only son (Mr. J.M. Crerar) received an appointmont in the Sydney Water and Sewerage Board Office, which position he still holds, Mr. Crerar also being employed away from home at the time the family decided to move to Sydney, were they have remained ever since. The funeral took place on Monday afternoon, the remains being interred at Waverley Cemetery. The deepest sympathy is felt for the relatives in their sad loss of a kind-hearted and affectionate wife and mother. Members of the family left to mourn their loss are the husband, Mr. J. M. Crorar Mrs. J. Rossborough, Wollongong; Mrs. R. Houslar, Sydney; Misses Bessie and Minnie Crerar, New Zealand and Sydney respectively; and Mr. J. M. Grerar, jun., Sydney. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Wednesday 10 August 1904 p 2

Creswell Emma see Farquarson Emma

Crick Annie Elizabeth (Cantwell)

d. 1919 Randwick br. Randwick

m. Joseph Crick (abt 1860- 30/7/1936 Lakemba Son of Joseph Crick & Mary Ann) 1886 Sydney

f. John m. Isabella

  1. (m) Herbert Taylor Crick b. 1886 Paddington d. 1964 St Leonards
  2. (f) Edith Isabel Crick b. 1888 Paddington d. 1979 (William Ham 1918)
  3. (f) Jessie M Crick b. 1892 Paddington (Ross Clark)
  4. (f) Lilian Ada Crick b. 1902 Wollongong 27999/1902 d. 1986 (Varley)

CRICK.— The Friends of Mr. JOSEPH CRICK are kindly Invited to attend the Funeral of his beloved wife to leave “Coerabell.” 46 Earl-street, Randwick, TO-MORROW (MONDAY) MORNING, at 10.30 for Randwick General Cemetery.

CRICK. — The Friends of Mr. and Mrs. HERBERT CRICK, Mr. and Mr W HAM, JESSIE and LILY CRICK, are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved Mother; to leave “Coerabell.” 46 Earl-street, Randwick, TO-MORROW (MONDAY) MORNING, at 10.30 for Randwick General Cemetery. The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954) Sunday 20 July 1919 p 8

The death occurred at Sydney this week of Mrs Crick, who resided in Campbell Street, Wollongong, some years ago. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Friday 25 July 1919 p 7

Crimmins Elsie May

b. 11/11/1878 Sydney d. 18/12/1940 Balmain

m. Jeremiah Joseph Crimmins (abt 1880 Bungendore- 1963 Maitland Son of Patrick Crimmins &. Margaret Thompson) 24/10/1900 Albion Park

f. Edward Chamberlain m. Janet Neill

  1. (f) Irene May Crimmins b. 23/5/1901 Albion Park 10037/1901
  2. (m) Edward D Crimmins b. 1903 Wollongong 26688/1903
  3. (m) Patrick D Crimmins b. 1905 Glebe
  4. (m) Catherine J Crimmins b. 1908 Glebe
  5. (m) Victor Jeremiah Crimmins b. 1910 St Leonards d. 1982
  6. (m) Christopher M Crimmins b. 1913 St Leonards

Living at Osborne St Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Husband brother of Mary Crowley nee Crimmins.

CRIMMINS.-December 18, 1940, at Balmain Hospital, Elsie May, beloved wife of Jeremiah Crimmins, aged 61 years. At rest. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Thursday 19 December 1940 p 6

Crimmins Isabella Bella (Jordan)

b. abt 1874 Albion Park d. 17/3/1953 Drummoyne br. Wollongong

m. Michael Crimmins ( abt 1877 Braidwood- 28/7/1919 Son of Patrick Crimmins & Margaret Thompson) 14/5/1902 St Paul’s Albion Park

f. Martin Jordan m. Mary Conheady *

  1. (f) Mary M Crimmins b. 1904 Wollongong b. 1904 Wollongong 18289/1904
  2. (f) Isabell C Crimmins b. 1906 Wollongong 30547/1906
  3. (m) Charles M Crimmins b. 1909 Wollongong 10213/1909
  4. (f) Ellen G Crimmins b. 1913 Wollongong 12787/1913

Husband brother of Mary Crowley nee Crimmins.

Living at South Coast Rd Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

CRIMMINS Itabella -March 17 1953 at her residence 6 Duncan Street Drummoyne widow of the late Michael Crlmmlns and dearly loved mother of Mary, Isabel, Charles and Ellen and loving Nana of Joan(deceased) John, Kevin, Margaret and Phillp Requiescat in pace. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 18 March 1953 p 30

Crisford Alice (Humphrys)

b. abt 1847 d. 20/6/1936 Mosman br. Gordon

m. Rev. Edward Crisford (13/8/1838 Battle Sussex-22/7/1893 Sydney Son of John Crisford & Mary Merrick) 30/3/1875 Sydney

f. William Humphrys m. Anne

  1. (f) Hilda Nelsie Moore Crisford b. 1878 Bathurst d. 1944
  2. (m) Harold Robert Barnier Cisford b. 1880 Orange d. 2/10/1952 Mosman
  3. (f) Ella M Crisford b. 1882 Orange (Waldron)
  4. (f) Winifred Estelle Crisford b. 1886 Kiama 25114/1886 d. 19/12/1969 Mosman
  5. (m) Wilfred Reginald Edgar Crisford b. 1893 Gordon d. 23/7/1917 France

Husband the CofE incumbent of Jamberoo and Gordon.

CRISFORD—HUMPHRYS.—On March 30th, St. Barnabas' Church, Sydney, by Rev. J. Barnier, assisted by Rev. J. N. Manning, Rev. E. Crisford, of Booligal, Lower Lachlan, to Alice, second daughter of the late William Humphrys, West Maitland. The Riverine Grazier (Hay, NSW : 1873 - 1954)Wednesday 21 April 1875 - Page 2

CRISFORD. - The Funeral of the late Mrs. ALICE CRISFORD will leave her late residence, 16 Lang-street, Mosman, THIS TUESDAY, at 10.30 a.m., for St. Luke's Church, Mosman, for short service, thence to St. John's Cemetery, Gordon.The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 21 July 1936 p 9

Crisp Anne (Bennett)

m. William Crisp 1850 Presbyterian Wollongong V18504484 74B

  1. (u) Crisp
  2. (m) William Crisp b. 10/2/1856 Dapto 8341/1856

HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that I shall not be responsible for any debts incurred in my name by my wife, Ann Crisp, who left home, with two little children, on Tuesday, May 19th. Any person harbouring the said Ann Crisp will be forthwith prosecuted as the law directs - WILLIAM CRISP, Dapto. 22nd June 1857. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Monday 13 July 1857 p 4

Crisp Eliza A

b. abt 1824 Worset Leistershire

m. Samuel Crisp (abt 1823 Northamptonshire - )

Ship: Java 1853

  1. (m) George Crisp b. abt 1852 Northamptonshire
  2. (m) John E Crisp b. 1854 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven

Crisp Ellen

m. Edward J Crisp

  1. (m) William E Crisp b. 1883 Kiama 21642/1883
  2. (f) Isabella V Crisp b. 1884 Paddington

Critcher Agnes (Roe)

b. abt 1868 Coventry Warwick d. 18/9/1913 Woonona 1913/12108 br. Bulli

m. Henry James Critcher (1865 Parramatta – 1951 Bulli Son of Alfred James Critcher & Flora Ann Pugh *) 1888 Central Cumberland 4477/1888

Ship: 1886 Energia

f. John Roe m. Elizabeth

  1. (m) James W Critcher b. 1888 Woonona 25864/1888 d. 22/7/1954 (Ruby May Creighton 1914)
  2. (f) Emily E Critcher b. 1889 Woonona 24724/1889 (Richard Simpson 1909)
  3. (m) Harry Critcher b. 1891 Lithgow 19814/1891 d. 1917 Woonona (Winifred Dalton 1914)
  4. (f) Lydia B Critcher b. 1893 Woonona 39866/1893 (Henry Biddulph 1915)

Critcher Flora Ann (Pugh)

b. abt 1846 Parramatta d. 1924 Auburn 9577/1924

m. Alfred James Critcher (abt 1843- 1901 Son of James Critcher and Fanny Annetts) 1864 Parramatta 2807/1864

f. Robert Pugh m. ?

  1. (m) Henry James Critcher b. 1865 Parramatta 13014/1865 d. 1951 Bulli (Agnes Roe * 1888)
  2. (m) Frederick O L Critcher b. 1867 Parramatta 14048/1867 d. 1900 Cobar (Jane Casley * 1890)
  3. (m) George Edmond Critcher b. 1870 Parramatta 14977/1870 d. 1944 Granville (Lillian Casely * 1892, Ella J Pegus 1911)
  4. (f) Fanny F J Critcher * b. 1872 Parramatta 15459/1872 d. 1915 Bulli (Frederick Carter 1893)
  5. (f) Bertha Blanche Critcher * b. 1874 Parramatta 17052/1874 d. 1968 Wollongong (Raymond Richards 1891)
  6. (f) Annie Agnes Critcher * b. 1879 Hartley 15051/1879 d. 4/10/1952 Woonona (John Sangster 1897)
  7. (m) Alfred Austin Critcher b. 1881 Hartley 17390/1881 d. 1963 Bulli
  8. (m) Clinton H Critcher b. 1884 Lithgow 21245/1884 d. 1932 Wollongong

Stabbing Affray at Bellambi

On Saturday afternoon last a man named Alfred James Critcher in a fit of passion assailed his wife (Flora Critcher) with a dagger-knife, stabbing her in the left side of the abdomen, and causing a dangerous incised wound. Immediately after attempting the life of his wife, he attempted to destroy his own in a simisla manner, and inflicted an abdomeminal wound with a pen-knife. It would appear that the man and wife had been living apart for some weeks, Mrs. Critcher having removed to her son’s residence, near Bellambi station, to escape the cruelty of her husband. While there she drew from her daughter’s employers part of the wages the young woman was in receipt of. Critcher either wished to secure the same money or was annoyed at his wife obtaining it, and sent a message to her, insisting upon her return to his home, which she was afraid to do in anticipation of his violence. The man afterwards called at his son’s house, where an altercation took place between himself and his victim, during which he stabbed the unfortunate woman, at the same time ejaculating “Here, take that!” and immediately after wounded himself. Critcher was afterwards arrested, and he and his victim were removed to the Wollongong Hospital, where Dr Thompson attended them. The prisoner while in the Hospital is under police surveillance. On the evening of the occurrence the woman lapsed into a very precarious state, and her depositions were taken, but a favourable change took place during the night, and she is now on a fair way towards recovery, although very much debilitated and weakened by the wound and consequent loss of blood. Critcher was never in a dangerous condition, his wound being comparatively small and shallow. Critcher is 45 years of age, a miner by occupation, and a native of England, and the father of a family of ten. The victim is 43 years of age, and a native of Parramatta.Illawarra Mercury 13 August 1889

Alfred was charged with, wounding with intent to murder and attempted suicide but was found not guilty on the ground of insanity, which was thought to be brought on by excessive drinking.

Unsurprisingly the couple split up after this and Alfred went to Liverpool, possibly in an asylum. Flora remained in the Illawarra.

Critcher Jane see Clarke

Critcher Lillian (Casley)

b. 1874 Vic d. 14/6/1910 Russell Vale

m. George Edmond Critcher (1870 Parramatta- 1944 Granville Son of Alfred James Critcher & Flora Ann Pugh *) 1892 Woonona

f. Thomas Casley m. Jane Johns *

  1. (m) Thomas A Critcher b. 1893 Woonona 39757/1893
  2. (f) Lillian G Critcher b. 1894 Woonona 38470/1894
  3. (m) George E Critcher b. 1896 Woonona 27361/1896
  4. (m) Hector S R Critcher b. 1898 Woonona 27235/1898
  5. (m) George F Critcher b. 1901 Woonona 28287/1901
  6. (m) Henry H Critcher b. 1906 Woonona 20035/1906
  7. (m) Edmond R Critcher b. 1910 Woonona 22139/1910

A very sad death occurred at Russell Vale during the week, that of Mrs. G. Critcher. She leaves a baby a month old. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW: 1900 - 1954) Friday 17 June 1910 p 11

Crockwell Ellen

m. Charles Crockwell

  1. (m) James A Crockwell b. 1844 bp. CofE Illawarra; Jervis Bay


m. Captain Thomas Croft (- before 1884)

  1. (f) Mary Anne Croft b. abt 1828 d. 1911 Paddington ( Stephen Evangelist Bloomfield 1843)

MARRIED. By special license, at Wollongong, on the 25th instant, by the Rev. M. D. Meares, Mr. S. E. Bloomfield, to Mary Anne, only daughter of Captain Croft, late of that place.. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)Tuesday 31 January 1843 - Page 3

ELLIS—BLOOMFIELD.—April 23, 1884, at the residence of the bride's parents, Denison-street, Woollahra, by the Rev. K. A. Corner, William Adolphus, second son of William Ellis, of Oak Range, near Singleton, to Eliza Vittoria, third daughter of S. E. Bloomfield, and grand-daughter of the late Captain Thomas Croft. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)Thursday 29 May 1884 - Page 1

BLOOMFIELD.—December 3, at her residence, Belvidere, 133 Paddington-street, Paddington, Mary Ann, widow of the late S. E. Bloomfield, of Woollahra, and only daughter of the late Captain Thomas Croft, of the East India Company, aged 83 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)Monday 4 December 1911 - Page 8

Croft Bridget (Downes)

b. 1865 Albion Park 36858/1900 d. 24/4/1939 Earlwood 8326/1939 br. Wollongong

m. William Henry Croft (7/1/1856 Wollongong – 24/6/1924 Wollongong Son of William Croft & Catherine Ferris * ) 19/9/1894 St Paul’s Albion Park

f. Francis Downes m. Mary Jordan *

  1. (f) Charlotte Maria Croft b. 22/6/1896 Campbell St Wollongong 27202/1896 d. 1960 Marrickville
  2. (f) Eileen Elizabeth Croft b. 2/8/1897 Campbell St Wollongong 27715/1897
  3. (f) Catherine Cecilia Croft b. 5/11/1898 Campbell St Wollongong 36089/1898 d. 1959 Marrickville
  4. (m) Francis William Croft b. 16/9/1900 Campbell St Wollongong 36858/1900

Old residents of Wollongong regretted to learn of the death of Mrs Bridget Croft, relict of the late William Henry Croft, and dear mother of Lottie, Eileen, Celia and Fank. Death occurred on Monday, at 474 Hunter s street, Earlwood, where the family have resided since leaving Wollongong some years ago.

The remains were brought to Wollongong and interred in the Catholic cemetery, on Wednesday. The late Mrs. Croft, who was 73 years of age, had not enjoyed good health for some considerable time past. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 28 April 1939 p 13

Husband a tailor with his brothers.

Croft Catherine (Ferris)

b. abt 1833 d. 7/12/1915 br. Wollongong

m. William Croft ( abt 1829 Cranbrook Kent - 8/8/1909 Wollongong Son of John Croft & Mary Gilbert * ) 1853 CofE Dapto, WollongongV1853302 39C/1853

  1. (f) Mary Ann Croft b. 9/11/1853 Wollongong
  2. (m) William Henry Croft b. 7/1/1856 Wollongong d. 24/6/1924 Wollongong (Bridget Downes * 1894)
  3. (f) Catherine Croft b. 7/11/1857 Wollongong 12353/1857
  4. (f) Charlotte Croft * b. 12/10/1859 Wollongong 14229/1859 (Francis Robert Sandon 1889)
  5. (m) John Croft b. 3/10/1861 Wollongong 14460/1861 d. 1942 Wollongong (Maude M Gibson * 1889)
  6. (f) Elizabeth Croft * b. 14/6/1864 Crown Street Wollongong d. 20/5/1888 Clifton (Arthur Waterworth 1887)
  7. (m) Arthur Edward Croft b. 31/5/1867 Wollongong d. 1939 Wollongong
  8. (m) Hugh Croft b. 12/4/1869 Wollongong d. 1931 Sydney (Margaret Delookery * 1893 ? )

Husband tailor

At her residence, Crown Street, Wollongong, on the 14th instant, the wife of Mr. William Croft of a daughter. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 21 June 1864 p 2

Croft Eliza (Evans)

b. abt 1872 Durham d. 11/7/1929 Bulli br. Bulli

m. John Croft (1862 Wollongong - 11/10/1939 Carlingford Son of George Croft & Emma Eliza Galliot *) 1890 Woonona

f. Edward Evans m. Margaret *

  1. (m) John Hector Croft b. 1891 Mittagong d. 27/7/1916 at Sea on Hospital ship off France
  2. (m) Charles E Croft b. 1893 Bowral
  3. (f) Annie Croft b. 1895 Berrima (Stanley)
  4. (f) Alice Croft b. 1898 Wellington
  5. (m) Arthur Croft b. 1900 Wellington
  6. (f) Emma Croft b. 1902 Woonona 28162/1902
  7. (m) George Croft b. 1905 Woonona 9501/1905
  8. (f) Charlotte Croft b. 1907 Woonona 31202/1907 (Elder)
  9. (f) Edna Croft b. 1910 Woonona 34131/1910 (O’Keefe)
  10. (f) Bertha Croft b. 1913 Woonona 13098/1913

Living at Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties



Mr. John Croft, of Jardine Avenue, near Bulli beach, in the early hours of Thursday morning last, received a great shock when he discovered that his wife was dead in her bed. She had not previously been complaining of any illness, and a heart attack evidently carried her off while asleep.

The funeral took place from the residence on Saturday last, at 8.80 p.m. and a large number paid their respect by joining in the cortege to Bulli cemetery, where the remains were placed to rest in the Church of England section, Rev. L. Parsons officiating at the graveside. The minister also, conducted a service in the Church at Bulli prior to, the funeral.

The late Mrs. Croft, 57 years of age, was a native of Bulli, being the eldest daughter of late Edward and of Mrs. ('Granny') Evans. Besides the husband, she leaves behind a family of five daughters: Charlotte (Mrs. Elder, Sydney), Edna (Mrs. O'Keefe, Katoomba), Annie (Mrs. Stanley, Pennant Hills), Bertha (in Sydney), Alice (at home) - and three sons — George, Arthur and Charles.

Deceased was of the homely type and had proved a good wife and mother, being at all times ready to make any sacrifice in the interests of those around her, and she will be greatly missed, not only in the family circle but also among others who knew and valued her good friendship and kindliness. Sympathy goes out to the, bereaved husband and family. Also, to the well known and aged mother ('Granny,' as she is so popularly, known); and to deceased's sisters— Mrs. A. Gibson (Thirroul), Mrs. Boardman (New Zealand), Mrs. Turner (Paddington), Mrs. McGregor (Newcastle), Mrs. Stevens (Mortdale), Mrs. Flaven (Mortdale) —and the brothers — Mr. W. Evans (Wollongong) and Mr. Saxon Evans (Flemington). Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 19 July 1929 p 2

Croft Elizabeth Caroline Bessie (Tresidder)

b. abt 1872 Cornwall d. 1958 Hurstville

m. Isaac Croft ( 1866 Wollongong- 1917 Cobar Son of George Croft & Emma Eliza Galliot * ) 1890 Woonona

f. Thomas Tresidder m. Ann Richards *

  1. (f) Annie Elizabeth Croft b. 1890 Sydney d. 1891 Sydney
  2. (m) Frank Leslie Croft b. 1891 Woonona 39034/1891 d. 1956 Penrith
  3. (m) Isaac James Croft b. 1892 Redfern d. 5/6/1917 France

CROFT.—Killed in action in France, on June 5, Isaac James Croft, dearly-loved youngest son of Elizabeth and Isaac Croft, late of the Farmers and Dairymen's. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 8 August 1917 p 8

Croft Emma Eliza (Galliott)

b. 1839 NSW d. 18/11/1890 Bulli br. Bulli Anglican Cemetery

m. George Croft (1837 Cranbrook Kent England- 10/3/1911 Benton Berrien Michigan USA Son of George Dobell/Swatland & Charlotte Croft ) 16/4/1856 Sydney

f. Thomas Galliot m. Charlotte Smith

  1. (m) William T Dobell b. 1858 Picton 11210/1858
  2. (m) Thomas Croft Dobell b. 1860 Picton 11267/1860
  3. (m) John Croft b. 1862 Wollongong 15189/1862 d. 11/10/1939 Carlingford (Eliza Evans * 1892)
  4. (m) George Croft b. 1864 Wollongong 16583/1864 d. 1874 Wollongong
  5. (m) Isaac Croft b. 1866 Wollongong 16672/1866 d. 1917 Cobar (Elizabeth Caroline Tresidder * 1890)
  6. (f) Alice Croft b. 1868 Wollongong 18255/1868
  7. (m) Arthur Croft b. 1870 Wollongong 19012/1870
  8. (f) Charlotte Croft * b. 1873 Wollongong 20760/1873 d. d. 5/2/1934 St George Hospital (William Kerr 1892)
  9. (f) Georgiana Croft b. 1875 Wollongong 21896/1875

At Christ Church, on the 16th instant, by the Rev. John Pendrill, George Dobell, to Emma Eliza, eldest daughter of Thomas Galliott, and grand-daughter to William Galliott, Esq., of Castlereagh-street, Sydney.The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Saturday 19 April 1856 p 1

Mrs. G. Croft, of Bulli, died at her residence on Tuesday night. The deceased lady had been ailing for some time past, and her demise was not unexpected. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Thursday 20 November 1890 p 2

The death is reported from U.S.A. of Mr. George Croft, a few years ago a well known Bulli resident, Mr. Croft and his family went to the U.S.A. to join the Latter Day Israelite community. Northern Star (Lismore, NSW: 1876 - 1954) Friday 23 June 1911 p 7

Croft Hannah /Ann

m. John Croft

  1. (f) Ellen Croft b. 1850 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven
  2. (f) Lydia Croft b. 1853 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama ; Shoalhaven
  3. (m) Horace Croft b. 1855 Presbyterian Itinerant d. 1899 Newcastle
  4. (f) Laura Croft b. 1857 Shoalhaven

Croft Margaret M see Maude

Croft Margaret Mary (Delookery/ DeLookery/ DeLoarkery/ Deloohery)

b. abt 1875 Kilkenny Ireland d. 1948 br. Rookwood

m. Hugh Croft (12/4/1869 Wollongong -1931 Sydney Son of William Croft & Catherine Ferris *) 1893 Woonona 7675/1893

f. Michael Delookery m. Mary *

Ship: Clyde 1880

  1. (m) Hugh L DeLoarkery b. 1892 Woonona 39538/1892
  2. (m) Sidney Roy Croft b. 4/4/1894 Smith St Wollongong 38347/1894 d. 1962 Bankstown
  3. (f) Catherine Maria Croft b. 16/10/1895 Corrimal St Wollongong 38457/1895
  4. (m) Francis William Croft b. 8/5/1899 Keira St Wollongong 26738/1899 d. 7/11/1902 Wollongong drowned in underground tank
  5. (f) Margaret G Croft b. 1904 Woonona 28690/1904

When her son Sidney enlisted in WW1 her husband was next of kin and was living in Crown St Wollongong .

Croft Mary (Gilbert)

b. abt 1795 d. 23/5/1859 Bathurst

m. John Croft (abt 1792 Crowther Kent -18/8/1863 Sydney)

f. William B Gilbert m. Mary

Ship: Cornwall 1839

  1. (f) Miriam Nash Gilbert b. abt 1812 Cranbrook Kent
  2. (m) John Croft b. 24/12/1815 Cranbrook Kent
  3. (f) Charlotte Croft b. 26/5/1817 Cranbrook Kent d. 2/10/1890 Sydney (George Dobell 1839 )
  4. (m) Edward Croft b. 13/2/1819 Cranbrook Cranbrook Kent d. 7/7/1895 Petersham
  5. (f) Caroline Croft b. 2/10/1821 Cranbrook Kent
  6. (f) Ann Croft b. 11/8/1824 Cranbrook Kent
  7. (f) Elizabeth Croft b. 30/10/1826 Cranbrook Kent d. 1906 Petersham (William T Atkins 1847)
  8. (m) William Croft b. abt 1829 Cranbrook Kent d. 8/8/1909 Wollongong (Catherine Ferris * 1853)

Husband was listed in 1841 Census as living at the Baptist Chapel in Wollongong.

Yesterday, the 23rd instant, at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. William Atkins, builder, Keppel-street, Bathurst, Mary Croft, of apoplexy, aged 64 years. Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal (NSW : 1851 - 1904) Wednesday 25 May 1859 p 2

On the 13rd instant, at Bathurst, the wife of Mr John Croft, late of Wollongong, aged 64. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Monday 30 May 1859 p 3

CROFT—On the 18th August, at the residence of George Dobell, Pitt-street South, John Croft, father-in-law to the above, aged 71, native of Kent, England.

Croft Maude Margaret (Gibson)

b. abt 1863 d. 1/8/1934 br. Wollongong

m. John Croft (3/10/1861 Wollongong -1942 Wollongong Son of William Croft & Catherine Ferris * ) 1889 Wollongong

f. Thomas Gibson m. ?

  1. (m) William T Croft b. 1890 Wollongong 37954/1890 d. WW1
  2. (f) Elizabeth Theresa Croft b. 26/10/1891 Wollongong 38583/1891 d. 1944 Ryde
  3. (m) John Croft b. 15/10/1897 Short St Wollongong 36973/1897
  4. (f) Maude Maria Croft b. 15/10/1897 Short St Wollongong 36974/1897 (Francis J Leitch 1934)
  5. (f) Jessie A Croft b. 1902 Wollongong 18265/1902 d. 1902 Wollongong

Husband a tailor

CROFT - August 1. 1934. at her residence. 1 First street Wollongong, Maud Margaret Croft, beloved wife of John Croft and mother of Elizabeth , Jack and Maud (Mrs Leitch) aged 71 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Thursday 2 August 1934 p 8

Croft Rachael (Williamson then Fergusson)

b. 1857 Collingwood Vic d. Benton Harbor Michigan USA br. Crystal Spings Cemetery Benton Harbor Michigan USA

m. James Fergusson 1881 Vic

m. George Croft (1837 Cranbrook Kent England- 12/3/1911 Benton Harbor Berrien Michigan USA Son of George Dobell/Swatland & Charlotte Croft ) 24/7/1891 Sydney 1177/1891

f. John Williamson m. Louisa Walker

  1. (f) Miriam Croft b. 1892 Woonona 39613/1892 (Leslie McFarland 1910)
  2. (m) Hiram Croft b. 1/6/1894 Bulli/Woonona 38358/1894 d. 12/2/1960 Los Angelos Califonia USA (Mary V. Winder 1919)

Living at Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

CROFT—FERGUSSON.—July 24th, 1891, at St. Michael's Church, Surry Hills, Sydney, by the Rev. E. D. Madgwick (also at Christian Israelites' Sanctuary), GEORGE CROFT, of Bulli, to RACHAEL FERGUSSON, widow of the late James Fergusson, of Benalla, Victoria. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 4 August 1891 p 2

Our old friend Mr. George Croft has again taken to himself a Wife. They returned home from their honeymoon trip last Monday afternoon. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Thursday 30 July 1891 p 2

Mr. George Croft has placed his properties in the hands of Richardson and Wrench for sale, and with his family, intends going to the United States to join the Christian Israelite community. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Saturday 14 October 1905 p 11

The death is reported from U.S.A. of Mr. George Croft, a few years ago a well known Bulli resident, Mr. Croft and his family went to the U.S.A. to join the Latter Day Israelite community. Northern Star (Lismore, NSW: 1876 - 1954) Friday 23 June 1911 p 7

Crofton Winifred (Ward)

b.abt 1868 England d. 8/8/1932 Tarrawanna 11593/1932 br. Corrimal Catholic

m. Laurence Crofton ( abt 1857 -29/9/1931) 23/8/1894 St Francis Xavier’s 7496/1894

f. Charles Ward m. Mary Flanagan *

  1. (f) Maria Catherine Crofton b. 24/9/1897 Tarrawanna 37061/1897 (James Collier)
  2. (m) Joseph James Crofton b. 1904 Woonona 18435/1904

Both resident of Tarrawanna

Father and husband miners


The sudden death of Mrs. Winifred Bridget Crofton, aged 61 years, occurred last Monday morning at her residence, Broker Street, Tarrawanna. The deceased, who has resided here for the greater part of her life was highly respected Mrs, Crofton was very ill just prior to her husband's death which occurred a few months ago but since then she had improved greatly. On Monday morning she was to go to Sydney, but she collapsed and died just after her friend's arrival. The funeral, which was a large one, left for the Catholic cemetery, Corrimal on Tuesday,

Rev. Father O'Farrell performing the last sad rites.

Miss Agie Ward (Tarrawanna), Mrs. C. Brennan (Sydney, and Mr Tom Ward (Tarrawanna) are sisters and brother of the deceased, who also leaves a son James, and daughter (Mary), Mrs. James Collier, to mourn their loss. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 12 August 1932 p 17

Crohan see McCrohan

Croker Ethel Julia (Graham)

b. 1877 Picton 19196/1877 d. 24/5/1967 Dulwich Hill

m. Albert Edward John Croker (abt 1870- 21/11/1950 Dulwich Hill) 3/5/1899 Picton 4166/1899

f. Adolphus Graham m. Julia

  1. (f) Cecilia D G Croker b. 1900 Woonona 9029/1900 
  2. (m) Edwin A Croker b. 1902 Picton
  3. (f) Dulcie J Croker b. 1904 Katoomba
  4. (m) Harold A Croker b. 1906 Petersham
  5. (m) Stanley G Croker b. 1908 Wellington

Husband an operator at Bulli Railway Station P.O.

Croker Isabella (Reddall)

b. 1814 Wellington Shropshire England d. 31/5/1861 New Norfolk Tas

m. James O’Brien Croker (1811 Ireland-1/6/1863 Campbelltown Son of William Croker & Isabella O’Brien) August 1835 St Peters Campbelltown

f. Thomas Reddall m. Isabella Bannister

  1. (m) Thomas Reddell Croker b. abt 1842 d. 27/2/1862 the Billabong
  2. (f) Isabella Agnes Croker b. 1843 d. 1919 (James Bray 1863)
  3. (m) Richard William Croker b. 1846 d. 1911 (Ellen Jane Watson 1878)
  4. (f) Clara Julia Croker b. 1851 d. 1901 (Edmund Aburey Templar Pery 1875)
  5. (f) Amelia Croker b. 1855 d. 1860
  6. (f) Mary Caroline Croker b. abt 1858 d. 8/7/1879 Campbelltown

By Special Licence, on Thursday last, at Saint Peter's, Campbelltown, Isabella, second daughter of the Rev. Thomas Reddall, to James O'Brien Croker, Esq.,of Illawarra. The Sydney Herald (NSW: 1831 - 1842) Thursday 6 August 1835 p 3

FORGERY.—Mr. James O'Brien Croker, clerk to the Bench at Wollongong, was brought up at the Police Office yesterday, charged with forging cheques to a considerable amount on Mr. Plunkett, the Police Magistrate at that station, he has been remanded for further examination until to-morrow. The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser (NSW: 1803 - 1842) Tuesday 8 May 1838 p 2- Husband sentenced to 2 years gaol for this.

At New Norfolk, on the 31st May, ISABELLA, the beloved wife of James O'Brien Croker, and daughter of the late Rev. Thomas Reddale, of Campbell Town, New South Wales, aged 47 years. The Mercury (Hobart, Tas: 1860 - 1954) Monday 3 June 1861 p 2

CROKER—On the 1st June, interred in the Reddall family vault, Campbelltown, James O'Brien Croker, R.N., grandson of the late H. Croker, Esq., of Ballynagard, County of Limerick, Ireland, and nephew of General Lord James O'Brien. Empire (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1875) Friday 5 June 1863 p 1

Cromack Elizabeth

m. Richard Cromack

  1. (f) Margaret Cromack b. 1875 Wollongong 21962/1875

Husband a carpenter

Cromack Ellen see Deans

Cromack Maria A (Darcy)

b. 1869 Goulburn 10793/1869 d. 4/4/1936 br. Wollongong

m. Robert Cromack (1866 Wollongong -7/2/1936 Annandale Son of Richard Cromack & Matilda Parker *) 1889 Wollongong

f. Thomas Darcy m. Alice Mary Theresa Maria McCloy *

  1. (f) Matilda Jane Cromack b. 19/8/1889 Wollongong 24452/1889
  2. (f) Alice Cecilia Cromack b. 15/8/1890 Wollongong 38028/1890
  3. (m) Robert Cormack b. 1892 Wollongong 38868/1892
  4. (f) Margaret Eileen Cromack b. 21/11/1898 Charlotte St Wollongong 36074/1898
  5. (f) Maria R Cromack b. 1895 Wollongong 9122/1895
  6. (f) Daisy A Cromack b. 1901 Wollongong 18323/1901
  7. (f) Ethel M Cromack b. 1904 Wollongong 38526/1904

CROMACK— April 3rd, 1936, at a private Hospital, Maria Cromack, widow of the late Robert Cromack, of Keira Street, Wollongong. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW: 1900 - 1954) Friday 3 April 1936 p 9

Cromack Martha Ann see Hellyer

Cromack Matilda (Parker)

b. abt 1835 d. 16/1/1896 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. Richard Cromack (abt 1825 Dartford Kent England -25/11/1909 Wollongong) 1853 Church of England Dapto: Wollongong

f. William Parker m. ?

  1. (m) Thomas Cromack b. 1856 Wollongong d. 1933 Grafton (Susannah Jane Stanbridge 1881)
  2. (f) Jane Cromack b. 1859 Wollongong 14056/1859 d. 1861 Wollongong,
  3. (f) Sarah Cromack b. 1862 Wollongong 15057/1862 d. 1866 Wollongong,
  4. (m) Robert Cromackb. 1866 Wollongong d. 1936 Annandale (Maria Darcy * 1893)  
  5. (f) Elizabeth Cromack b. 1868 Wollongong 18185/1868 d. 1938 Bellingen (Valentine E Shaw 1889)
  6. (m) Richard Cromack b. 1870 Redfern d. 1903 Waterloo (Martha Ann Dare * 1883)
  7. (f) Susan Cromack b. 1872 Wollongong 19698/1872 d. 1962 Randwick
  8. (f) Margaret Cromack 1875 d. 1964 (Richard H Piper 1900)
  9. (f) Alice Cromack* b. 1878 Wollongong 24824/1878 d. 1971 Newtown (Charles Henry Manttan 1902)

CROMACK. – In sad but loving remembrance of my dear wife, and our dear mother, Matilda Cromack, who died at Wollongong 16th January, 1896. Inserted by her loving husband and children. The Sydney Morning Herald 17 January 1898

Crombie Beatrice Maud

b. 1878 Prospect SA d. 17/4/1948 Qld

m. Archibald John Fogg 1926 Mt Samson Qld

f. Joseph Crombie m. Janet Martin *

Living at Avondale in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Crombie Janet/Jeanette/Janette (Martin)

b. 1847 Prospect SA d. 22/7/1928 Qld br. Samsonvale Qld

m. Joseph Crombie 1872 North Adelaide SA

f. Robert Martin m. Janett Dunsmore

  1. (f) Jeanette Maud Crombie b. 1876 Adelaide SA d. 1877 Adelaide SA
  2. (f) Beatrice Maud Crombie * b. 1878 Prospect SA d. 17/4/1948 Qld (Archibald John Fogg 1926)
  3. (m) Harold Claude Crombie b. 7/5/1880 Prospect SA d. 28/10/1952 Qld (Martha Mary Perrett)
  4. (f) Clorice Irene Crombie b. 1882 Adelaide SA
  5. (f) Dora Janet Dunsmore Crombie b. 1885 Adelaide SA d. 1885 Adelaide
  6. (f) Gladys Roberta Walburg Crombie b. 1888 Adelaide SA

Living in Avondale in 1903 electoral roll Domestic duties with son and daughter. Son sold the Avondale farm in 1906.

FOGG—CROMBIE At Illawarra, Mount Samson, the residence of Mrs. Joseph Crombie, on June 3, the marriage was solemnised of Mr. Archibald J. Fogg (son of Mr. A. Fogg and the late Mrs. Fogg, Lutwyche, Clayfield) and Miss Beatrix (Trixie) M. Crombie (daughter of the late Mr. J. Crombie and of Mrs. Crombie, Mount Samson).

Crompton Clara

m. James Crompton

  1. (f) Clara F Crompton b. 1888 Woonona 25753/1888

Crompton Martha Louisa see Blatch

Crompton/Crampton Mary Ann (Dickenson)

b. abt 1823 Bolton Lancashire d. 1/5/1875 Bulli

m. James Crompton (abt 1822 Bolton Lancashire- 18/9/1890 Woonona)

Ship: Exodus 1855

  1. (f) Betsy Crompton b. abt 1846 Bolton Lancashire d. 2/4/1849 Bolton Lancashire
  2. (m) James Crompton b. 26/1/1849 Bolton Lancashire d. 19/9/1928 Woonona (Mary Ann Duross * 1871)
  3. (m) John William Crampton b. 1856 Wollongong 8371/1856 (Susan Robertson Murray * 1879)
  4. (m) Joseph Crampton b. 1858 Wollongong 13324/1858 (Martha Louisa Heath * 1881)
  5. (f) Martha Crompton * b. 20/2/1858 Fairy Meadow 13325/1858 d. 1/7/1943 Woonona (James Herbert Salisbury 1878)
  6. (m) Robert Crampton b. 1860 Wollongong 13913/1860 (Matilda Graham * )
  7. (f) Mary Ann Crompton * b. 1864 Wollongong 16410/1864 d. 13/10/1943 Ashfield (William McBean 1883)

Crompton/Crampton Mary Ann (Duross)

b. 2/1/1845 Morpeth d. 28/7/1910 Woonona

m. James Crompton (26/1/1849 Bolton Lancashire- 19/9/1928 Woonona Son of James Cropmton & Mary Ann Dickenson *) 31/10/1871 Newcastle

f. John Duross m. Margaret Mary Murphy

  1. (f) Mary Ann Crompton * b. 2/9/1872 New Lambton d.30/8/1955 Wombarra (Arthur Challenor 1898)
  2. (f) Helen Crompton * b. 1874 Newcastle 15927/1874 d. 27/12/1931 Russell Vale (Benjamin Challenor 1897 )
  3. (f) Laura Crompton * b. 1878 Wollongong 24631/1878 d. 28/9/1943 Katanning WA (Charles W Woollett 1899)
  4. (m) James Crompton b. 1880 Wollongong 27401/1880 d. 30/4/1949 Bulli
  5. (f) Ada Maud Crompton b. 1883 Woonona 21206/1883 d. 1965 Bulli

Crompton Mary Ann see Challenor Mary Ann

Crompton Matilda (Graham)

b. abt 1859 d. 1897 Wolloomooloo br. Rookwood Catholic

Unmarried- Robert Crompton father of children

  1. (f) Mary Ann Crompton b. 1882 Redfern 8411/1882 d. 5/3/1963 St Vincent's Hospital (Thomas Curran 1901)
  2. (f) Sarah Ann Crompton b. 6/3/1885 Bulli North d. 1962 Sydney (Thomas G M Shadlow 1906)

THE FRIENDS of the late Mrs MATILDA CROMPTON arc kindly invited to attend her Funeral to move from 3 Duke-street, Woolloomooloo, THIS (Monday) AFTERNOON, at 1.15 for Necropolis. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)Monday 6 September 1897 - Page 8

Crompton Susan Robertson (Murray)

b. 24/3/1863 Bathurst d. 24/10/1934 Kogarah 19963/1934 br. Woronora

m. John William Crompton (1856 Bellambi -13/4/1937 Coogee Son of James Crompton & Mary Ann Dickenson *) 10/4/1879 St Michael’s Wollongong

f. William R Murray m. Annie Brampton *

  1. (f) Mary Crompton b 1879 Bulli 26199/1879
  2. (f) Annie Crompton b 1881 Bulli 19014/1881
  3. (m) Robert Crompton b 1883 Bulli 21227/1883
  4. (m) Charles W Crompton b. 1886 Woonona 24517/1886
  5. (m) Gilbert Crompton b 1889 Bulli 24601/1889
  6. (m) Joseph Crompton b 1891 Bulli 38963/1891
  7. (m) John R Crompton b. 1895 Woonona 38596/1895
  8. (f) Susan E Crompton b 1898 Bulli 36186/1898
  9. (m) Harry N Crompton b 1902 Bulli 28160/1902
  10. (m) Charles Crompton b 1902 Bulli

Husband a coalminer and later a farmer.


Mrs. Susan Crompton, wife of Mr. John Crompton, and for many years a resident of the Tweed district, died at her home in Elizabeth Street, Kogarah on Wednesday last. She was 72 years of age. The late Mrs. Crompton was born at Bathurst, being the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Murray. She spent her girlhood days in the Illawarra district, where, in 1879, she met and married Mr. Crompton. The ceremony was performed by Rev. T. C. Ewing, … ,

TYALGUM PIONEERS. Mr and Mrs. Crompton and their family came to the Tweed 27 years ago, and played a part in the pioneering of the Tyalgum district. Some nine years ago, they removed to Sydney. The late Mrs. Crompton is survived by her husband and a family of – five sons and three daughters: Messrs. Robert (Tyalgum), Gilbert and Joseph (Mullumbimby), John and Harry Crompton (Mortdale), and Mesdames Cook ( Coogee ) , Barrett ( Mullumbimby) and S. Skinner (Hurstville) .One son died 16 years ago. Tweed Daily (Murwillumbah, NSW : 1914 - 1949)Monday 29 October 1934 - Page 5

Cronan Annie

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (m) Thomas C Cronan b. 1886 Kiama 25126/1886

Cronan Caroline see Cronean

Cronan Catherine (Rafferty/Raftree/Jaffery)

b. 1847 Johnstons Meadows Macquarie River d. 31/1/1910 Kiama br. Kiama

m. Thomas Cronan (28/12/1837 Rooty Hill- 25/8/1911 Kiama Son of John Cronean & Mary Connor *) 28/2/1865 Kiama

f. John Raftery m. Bridget Cleary *

  1. (f) Margaret Cronin b. 22/12/1865 Macquarie River 9411/1866
  2. (m) John Cronan b. 26/2/1867 McQuarie River 10411/1867
  3. (f) Anne Cronan b. 1869 Albion Park 12139/1869
  4. (f) Mary Jane b. 1871 Albion Park 19558/1871 d. 3/6/1919 Bega ( Henry Kirkland 1894)
  5. (f) Ellen Augustus Cronan b. 29/12/1872 McQ River 12252/1873 (Alfred Stone 1895)
  6. (m) Charles Daniel Cronan b. 13/1/1875 Albion Park 21797/1875
  7. (f) Alecia/Elisha Clarey Cronan b. 18/1/1878 Albion Park 14813/1878 d. 1904 ( Fred Gordon)
  8. (m) Thomas Sylvester Clifford b. 15/1/1880 Albion Park 16681/1880 d. 4/11/1938 Marrickville (Nellie)
  9. (f) Helena Charlotte Cronan b. 14/5/1882 Albion Park 20141/1882 d. Sydney (Harry Furlong 1914)
  10. (f) Ida Cronan b. 1885 Kiama 24143/1885 d. Sydney (William Taylor)

Husband a Labourer and Farmer


Mrs Cronean, an. old and highly-respected resident of Kiama, passed peacefully away on Monday week at her residence, Shoalhaven-street, Kiama, N. S. Wales, Mrs. Cronean who had reached the age of 62 years, had been a sufferer from diabetes, but about a week prior to her death she contracted influenza which developed into bronchitis. Deceased, who was the daughter of the late John Raftery, had resided in Kiama for upwards of 25 years and previously at Albion Park. Although of a retiring disposition Mrs. Cronean dispensed many little kindnesses. Besides her sorrowing husband deceased leaves a grown-up family of three sons and seven daughters, for whom sympathy is felt in their bereavement. The funeral was largely attended by relatives and sympathisers. The remains were interred in the Catholic portion of North Kiama cemetery. Freeman's Journal (Sydney, NSW: 1850 - 1932) Thursday 10 February 1910 p 19

Cronan/Cronin Emelia/Emily (Jones)

m. William Cronan 1865 Newcastle 2702/1865

  1. (f) Ellen Ursula Cronan b. 8/10/1871 Dapto Road 19649/1871
  2. (u) Seven other children born Sydney, Paddington and Waterloo

Cronan Mary (Connor alias Brady)

b. 1803 Cavan Co. Ireland d. 25/8/1887 br. Albion Park

m. John Cronan (1784 Mallow Co. Cork Ireland- 4/11/1880) 1830 CofE Parramatta, St John's V18304871 3B/1830

Ship: Asia 1830

Sentence : 7 years

Occupation: all work country

Tried: 1828 Mayo Ireland

Crime: stealing clothes

Prior Convictions: nil

  1. (m) Michael Cronon 1831
  2. (m) John Cronan b. 1832 V18322275 127/1832 (Mary Ann Mundy * 1857)
  3. (m) Thomas I Cronan b. 28/12/1837 Rooty Hill d. 1875 Kiama (Catherine Rafferty * 1865)
  4. (f) Mary Jane Cronan * b. 1840 d. 1911 Albion Park (John Brownlee 1863)
  5. (m) William Cronan b. 4/8/1841 Jamboroo
  6. (f) Margaret Cronan b. 2/9/1843 Jamboroo V18431563 121A/1843
  7. (m) Daniel Cronan b. 2/10/1845 Jamboroo V18452617 62/1845
  8. (m) James Cronean b. 1848/9 (Caroline Amelia Prior * 1877)

Cronan Mary Ann see Cronean

Cronan/ Cronin/Cronam Susan /Susannah (Kelly)

b. 16/2/1862 Fairy Meadow d. 7/8/1940 Randwick 15341/1940

m. John James Cronin (1863- 6/3/1908 Port Kembla Son of Thomas Cronan & Bridget ) 1885 Wollongong 5505/1885

f. Thomas Kelly m. Catherine Murray *

  1. (m) Albert James Cronan b. 1886 Wollongong 24428/1886 d. 1960
  2. (m) William Thomas Cronan b. 1888 Wollongong 25640/1888 d. 1962 Ashfield
  3. (m) John Frederick Cronan b. 1890 Wollongong 38129/1890 d. 1962 Burwood
  4. (f) Mary Cronin b. 11/6/1892 Unanderra bp as Collins 39018/1892 (Eric T Tubman 1918)
  5. (m) Thomas C Cronana b. 1894 Maclean 19651/1894
  6. (f) Alice Cronan b. 1894 Maclean 31900/1896 d. 1942 Waverley
  7. (f) May Cronan b. 1898 Maclean 31904/1898
  8. (m) Joseph Vincent Cronan b. 1900 Maclean 23428/1900 d. 1952 Ryde
  9. (f) Kathleen Cronan b. 1902 Maclean 31904/1898 (Karl Albert Schneider 1938)
  10. (f) Lillian Cronan (Percy Brooks 1919)


On Friday a little daughter, of Mr. J. Cronan, foreman at the Kembla harbor works, had a very, painful experience. - -Her mother had just made the tea when the little one came along and upsetting the pot, spilled the contents, scalding, her face and chest. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 7 August 1906 p 3

Cronberger/Crowherger Dorothea (Sottor)

b. abt 1830 d. 11/11/1890 Kangaroo Valley 9780/1890

m. Phillip Cronberger (abt 1822 Frankfort-on-Main Germany-21/9/1903 Barrengarry Son of Phillip Cronberger & Phillipa) 1854 CofE Prospect, St Bartholomew's V1854854 41B/1854

f. Charlie Sottor m. ?

  1. (f) Susan Cronberger b. abt 1855
  2. (f) Elenore Cronberg b. abt 1857
  3. (m) Phillip Cronberger b. 1859 Parramatta 10646/1859 (Dora Harvison 1888)
  4. (f) Caroline Cronberger b. 1861 Wollongong 14282/1861
  5. (f) Louise Cronherger b. 1863 Wollongong 15002/1863
  6. (m) William Cronberger b. 1866 Wollongong 16472/1866
  7. (m) Charles Cronberger b. 1868 Wollongong 18183/1868
  8. (f) Elizabeth Cronberger b. 1871 Berrima 7211/1871
  9. (f) Theodora Cronberger b. 1873 Berrima 7593/1873

Cronean/Cronan Caroline Amelia (Prior)

b 19/8/1852 Terry's Meadow d. 11/4/1893 Yellow Rock br. All Saints CofE Albion park

m. James Cronan (abt 1849-3/9/1892 Jaspers Creek Shellharbour Son of John Cronan & Mary Connor *) 6/6/1877 Brownsville 4808/1877

f. William Prior m. Mary Ann Swann *

  1. (m) William P Cronan b. 12/1/1878 Wollongong 24787/1878 d. 1879 Wollongong

Cronean/Cronan Mary Ann (Mundy/ Mundi/Monday )

b. abt 1837 Tipperary d. 2/1/1921 Myocum br. Mullumbimby

m. John Cronean ( 1832 Parrmatta – 6/7/1893 “Nungo” Fairy Hill via Casino Son of John Cronan & Mary Connor ) 10/1/1857 Jamberoo 1903/1857

  1. (f) Maryanne Cronan b. 4/11/1857 Yellow Rock 7568/1857 d. 15/7/1935 (Michael Maher 1883)
  2. (f) Alicia Cronan b. 10/3/1859 Macquarie 8363/1859 d. 1/7/1861 Yellow Rock
  3. (f) Margaret Cronan b. 26/5/1860 Yellow Rock 7848/1860 (Daniel Tindall 1880)
  4. (m) Patrick Cronean b. 5/3/1862 Macquarie Riverlet 8445/1862
  5. (m) John Cronean b. 30/8/1863 Yellow Rock 8587/1863 d. 23/7/1868 Albion Park
  6. (f) Ellen Cronin b. 4/3/1865 Albion Park 9662/1865 (Frederick G Robotham 1886)
  7. (m) Daniel Cronean b. 4/10/1866 Albion Park 9619/1866
  8. (m) Thomas James Cronan b. 13/7/1868 Albion Park 10648/1868 d. 19/6/1875 Albion Park
  9. (f) Hannah Cronan b. 20/9/1870 Macquarie River 11373/1870
  10. (f) Isabella Jane Cronan b. 27/9/1872 McQuarie River 11592/1872
  11. (f) Bridget Cronean b. 6/9/1874 Albion Park 12761/1874 d. 12/1/1954 (Sebastian Saville 1896)
  12. (f) Agnes Cornan b. 30/10/1876 Albion Park 13567/1876 (William Kunkler 1902)
  13. (m) William Cronan b. 1878 Bega
  14. (m) David Lawrence Cronan b. 1881 Bega d. 13/11/1948 (Hannah Hartley 1906)

Husband a farmer

Cronin Catherine (Drislane or Slane)

m. Thomas Cronan (1808-1860)

Ship: 1833

  1. (m) William Francis Cronin b. abt 1834 d. 14/9/1856 Circular Quay
  2. (m) Samuel Cronan b. 7/5/1836 d. 1886 (Sarah Anne Spicer)
  3. (f) Teresa Cronan b. 1/7/1838 Wollongong (Timothy O’Sullivan)
  4. (m) George Cronin b. 13/10/1840 Wollongong
  5. (m) John Thomas Cronin 13/1/1843 Wollongong
  6. (m) Frederick Cronin b. 23/3/1845 Wollongong d. 1913
  7. (m) Denis J Cronin b. 1847
  8. (m) Charles Cronin b. 1849 d. 13/3/1850 Upper Fort St Sydney
  9. (m) Augustine Cronin b. 1851

Husband architect/Stonemason. Resident at the Illawarra Stockade in 1841 Census

Cronin/Cronan Elizabeth (Owen/Owens)

b. abt 1846 Wollongong

m. Patrick Cronin (abt 1843 Co Cork Ireland-) 10/11/1868 West Dapto RC 3678/1868

f. James Owens m. Catherine Egan

  1. (m) Patrick Cronan b. 17/1/1870 Shellharbour bp Kiama RC

Husband a farmer. It is possible her husband died in 1869 in Kiama.

Cronin Lavinia Ann (Robb)

b. 1872 Alstonville d. 1940 Billinudgel br.

m. Patrick Timothy Cronin (-1941 Lismore Son of Patrick Timothy Cronin & Elizabeth) 1893 Ballina

f. William Robb m. Emma Louisa Spinks *

  1. (m) Frederick Cronin b. 1894 Wollongong 37751/1894 d. 1894 Wollongong
  2. (f) Evelyn M Cronin b. 1895 Ballina
  3. (f) Amelia P Cronin b. 1896 Ballina
  4. (f) Ruby I Lismore b. 1898 Murwillumbah
  5. (f) Lavinia W Cronin b. 1900 Ballina
  6. (f) Ethel E Cronin b. 1901 Kiama 32599/1901 d. 1902 Kiama
  7. (f) Irene M Cronin b. 1904 Ballina d. 1904 Ballina
  8. (f) Elizabeth G Cronin b. 1907 Lismore d. 1908 Lismore
  9. (f) Constance C Cronin b. 1908 Lismore


The death occurred at Billinudgel, after a long illness, of Mrs. Lavinia Cronin, wife of Mr. P. Cronin of Billnudgel. Deceased, who was a daughter of the late William Robb, of Alstonville, was born in that district 68 years ago and had resided on the North Coast all her life. She is survived by her husband and the following daughters: Mesdames D. Ianna (Lismore), W. H. Rushforth (Tabulam), C. Ianna (Nimbin), M. Moffat (Billinudgel), A. Walker (Billinudgel), and Miss P. Cronin (Billinudgel). Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954) Tuesday 25 June 1940 p 10

Crook Mary A

m. Charles Crook

  1. (m) Thomas Crook b. 1836 CofE Dapto/Wollongong

Crooks Betsey (Heyam/Hyam/Hiam)

b. abt 1815 Mount Sorrel Leicestershire d. 15/4/1865 Kiama 4049/1865 br Kiama

m. John Crooks (28/3/1816 Mount Sorrel Leicestershire- 9/7/1890 Kiama Son of William Crooks & Elizabeth Pagett) 1833 Mount Sorrel

f. Thomas/William Hyam m. Elizabeth

ship: 1848 per “Bernasby/Bermondsey”

  1. (f) Emma [Jemima] Crooks b. 1836 Mt Sorrell Leicestershire d. 25/2/1922 Kiama ( John Chin 1851)
  2. (f) Mary Ann Crooks b. 1839 Mt Sorrell Leicestershire d. 2/5/1896 Kiama 6578/1896 (Samuel Wilcockson 1858, Plumleigh Chin 1877)
  3. (f) Elizabeth Crooks b. 1856 Kiama d. 1933 Kiama ( Richard Power 1884)

NB Elizabeth Crooks is the child of Mary A Crooks but she is claimed to be the daughter of her grandparents on her death Husband a Water Carrier and Sunday School Teacher for Methodist Church Kiama

Crooks Christina (Cowie)

b. 11/7/1868 Kilsyth Stirlingshire d. 20/8/1949 Leichhardt br. Field of Mars

m. Robert Walker Crooks (1863 Bathgate Wales-1940 Petersham Son of James Crook & Jane) 1888 Berrima

f. Thomas Cowie m. Christina Ferguson

Ship: Peterborough 1879

  1. (m) James Crooks b. 1889 Joadja Creek
  2. (m) Thomas Crooks b. 1891 Joadja Creek d. 13/10/1916 France
  3. (m) Robert Walker Crooks b. 1894 Joadja Creek d. 1974
  4. (m) Alexander Crooks b. 1897 Joadja Creek
  5. (m) John Crooks b. 1899 Joadja Creek
  6. (f) Christina Crooks b. 1906 Woonona d. 1997

Living at Balgownie in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

CROOKS Christina-September 20 1949 at her daughters (Mrs. C Worboys) residence 183 Norton Street Leichhardt widow of the late Robert Walker Crooks and loving mother of James (Dapto) Thomas (deceased) Robert Alex Jack and Christina aged 81 years At rest The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)Thursday 22 September 1949 - Page 16

Crooks Mary A see Chin

Cropper Mary Ann (Christian)

b. 1866 Newcastle d. 11/12/1942 Wollongong br. Bulli

m. Henry Cropper (-1915 Bulli Son of Henry Cropper & Rebecca) 1885 Wallsend

f. John James Christian m. Rachel

  1. (m) Henry Cropper b. 1885 Wallsend d. 1885 Lambton
  2. (m) John Cropper b. 1887 Lambton d. 1938 Wollongong (Emily Stowell 1916)
  3. (m) Isaac Cropper b. 1890 Lambton
  4. (m) George Cropper b. 1893 Lambton d. 1906 Woonona
  5. (f) Mildred Cropper b. 1902 Woonona d. 1902 Woonona

Living at Tarrawanna in 1903 Electoral Roll- domestic duties

A respected resident of Tarrawanna, Mrs. Mary Ann Cropper, passed away at Wollongong District Hospital on Friday, 11th December, aged 77 years. Deceased was the relict of the late Henry Cropper, and dear mother of Emily. The cortege left Cole's funeral parlor on Sunday for the Methodist cemetery, Bulli. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 18 December 1942 p 7

Crosby Mary

b. abt 1853 Yorkshire br.

m. John Crosby (abt 1851 Yorkshire - )

Ship: Clyde 1879

  1. (f) Mary A Crosby b. abt 1874 Durham
  2. (f) Margaret Emma Crosby b. 1880 Wollongong 27416/1880
  3. (f) Gertrude Crosby b. 1881 Petersham d. 1881 Petersham
  4. (f) Henrietta Crosby b. 1883 Leichhardt d. 1884 Sydney

Cross Marion Lydia (Andrews)

b. 1872 Picton d. 28/7/1916 Bathurst br. Bathurst

m. James Alexander Cross 1898 Junee

f. George M H Andrews m. Mary A

  1. (m) Leonard James Cross b. 1898 Junee or Helensburgh
  2. (m) Selwyn Roy Cross b. 1901 Helensburgh 13243/1901 d. 1966 Parramatta
  3. (m) Cecil R Cross b. 1903 Lithgow
  4. (f) Olive F Cross b. 1904 Wallerawang
  5. (m) Douglas W Cross b. 1907 Wallerawang
  6. (m) Harold H Cross b. 1908 Bathurst
  7. (m) Ronald F Cross b. 1916 Bathurst

Writing from somewhere in France to his sister, Mrs. J. A. Cross, who had passed to the great beyond when the letter arrived in Bathurst, Lieut. Andrews,… National Advocate (Bathurst, NSW: 1889 - 1954) Wednesday 27 September 1916 p 1

Her husband may have been employed on the railways.

Cross Maud Ethel see Connolly Maud Ethel

Crossman Elizabeth (Boyes)

b. abt 1803 East Egwill Devonshire d. 1894 Waverley

m. Moses Crossman (1803 Buckfastleigh Devon England -13/11/1886 Bondi) abt 1828

f. John Boyes m. Ann Angel

Ship: Maidstone 1853

  1. (f) Harriet Crossman b. 1830 East Egwill Devonshire d. 1913 Canterbury
  2. (f) Elizabeth Crossman * b. 4/2/1832 Devon England d. 23/11/1920 (Edward Arnold 1861)
  3. (f) Sarah Crossman * b. 1834 Newton Abbott Devonshire d. 1917 (George Hodgson 1856 )
  4. (m) Henry Crossman b. 1836 Newton Abbott Devonshire d. 1924
  5. (m) Aaron Crossman b. 1839 Newton Abbot Devon England d. 1918
  6. (f) Anna Boyes Crossman * b. 1845 Newton Abbot Devon England d. 1921 (Thomas Wills Pulsford)

Husband was 'late of Wollongong' when he died and he was an alderman etc in the Illawarra.

Crotty Jemima see Daley

Crouch Ada see Lewis

Crowder Annie (Hopkinson)

b. abt 1843 d. 14/4/1919 br. Wollongong

m. William Crowder (abt 1852 Yorkshire England -14/1/1917 Wollongong Son of William Crowder & Ann) 1892 Wollongong 7807/1892

  1. (f) Ada C Crowder b. 1893 Woonona 39759/1893 (Cunningham Scott 1916)
  2. (f) Bertha Crowder b. 1894 Wollongong 37948/1894 (Samuel G Birch 1915)
  3. (m) William A Crowder b. 1905 Wollongong 9375/1905
  4. (m) George W Crowder b. 1908 Wollongong 20459/1908 (Olga Simpson 1929)
  5. (m) William C Crowder b. 1910 Wollongong 21962/1910 (Jean A Burns 1930)

Crowder Elizabeth

b. abt 1847 d. 2/10/1902 Mt Kembla 16647/1902 br. Wollongong

m. James Crowder (abt 1848 Nottingham -2/12/1923 Wollongong Son of William Crowder & Ann)

Husband was under-manager of Corrimal Colliery and retired in 1893.

A very old resident named Mrs. James Crowder died very suddenly last week. The deceased lady got a stroke of paralysis, and died a few hours afterwards. Deceased was about 55 years of age, and leaves a husband and grown-up family. The remains were interred in the Wollongong C.E. cometery. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Saturday 11 October 1902 p 2


CROWDER. — In loving memory of Elizabeth Crowder, who died suddenly at Mount Kembla, October 2nd, 1902.

Far beyond this world of change.

Far beyond this world of care,

'We shall And our missing loved one

In our Father's manion fair.

Inserted by her loving sister and brother in-law, Mr. and Mrs Wood, Unanderra. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Saturday 3 October 1903 p 2

Crowe Jane (Cook)

b. abt 1855 d. 9/1/1933 Helensburgh

m. John Crowe (abt 1833 - 6/3/1895 Helensburgh Son of Patrick Crowe & Bridget ) 1878 Broulee

f. Thomas Cook m. Bridget

  1. (m) Timothy Crowe b. 1882 Uralla (Catherine Allen 1911)
  2. (m) James P Crowe b. 1885 Emmaville
  3. (f) Alice L Crowe b. 1887 Campbelltown
  4. (m) Michael Crowe b. 1889 Woonona 24655/1889
  5. (f) Annie M Crowe b. 1891 Helensburgh 16492/1891
  6. (f) Ada E Crowe b. 1893 Helensburgh 16955/1893
  7. (m) James Crowe b. 1895 Helensburgh 13349/1895 d. 1895 Helensburgh

Six children in 1895

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

The death occurred on Monday of one of Helensburgh's oldest residents in the person of Mrs. Jane Crowe, aged 78 years. She had been a resident of the town for 40 years, and was highly respected by a wide circle of friends.

She was always ready to render assistance in sickness or sorrow. The funeral on Wednesday was a large one.

She is survived by a grown up family, we extend our sympathy. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Friday 13 January 1933 p 6

Crowherger see Cronberger

Crowley Annie see Stephenson

Crowley/Crawley Ann (McDermott)

b. abt 1819 Co Cork Ireland d. 2/8/1877 Albion Park br Albion Park Catholic

m. Timothy Crowley (abt 1812 Co Cork Ireland- 22/8/1890)

  1. (m) John Crawleny b. abt 1844 d. 15/4/1858 Terry’s Meadows.
  2. (f) Eliza Crowley * b. abt 1846 Ireland or NSW (Mathew Calvert 1883, Hegarty)
  3. (m) Timothy Crowley b. 4/2/1850 McQuarry River (Mary Crimmins * 1899)
  4. (f) Catharine Crowley b. 21/9/1851 Macquarie River
  5. (f) Mary Crawley * b. 8/6/1857 Terry’s Meadows bp Kiama RC d. 6/9/1938 br Albion Park Catholic (James Jordan 1873 )
  6. (f) Ann Crowley * b. 22/1/1860 Macquarie River d. 10/6/1934 Sydney (John Raftery 1887)

Husband a blacksmith

CROWLY. - At her residence, Albion Park, on the 2nd August, Anne, the beloved wife of Timothy Crowly, after a long and painful illness, which she bore with Christian fortitude, leaving a sorrowing husband and family to mourn their loss. May she rest in peace. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 10 August 1877 p 2

Crowley Bridget (Murphy or Nicholas)

b. abt 1843 Co Limerick Ireland d. 15/7/1929 Sydney br. Temora

m. Michael Crowley (abt 1836 -8/3/1915 St. Vincent's Hospital) 14/8/1862 Wollongong

f. Patrick Murphy m. Ellen *

Ship: Bermondsey 1855

  1. (m) Michael Crowley b. 25/2/1862 Wollongong 16432/1864
  2. (m) John Nicholas Crawley b. 14/5/1866 Figtree Wollongong 16593/1866 d. 12/10/1917 France
  3. (f) Annie Crowley b. 20/8/1868 Cotadore River 16593/1866 (George Fletcher 1886)
  4. (m) James Crowley b. 1870 Berrima
  5. (f) Bridget Crowley b. 1872 Berrima
  6. (f) Margaret Mary Crowley b. 1875 Borrowa d. 10/6/1896 Temora
  7. (m) Matthew Nicholas Crowley b. 1878 Binalong d. 6/5/1915 at sea from wounds received a Gallipoli
  8. (f) Ellen Crowley b. 1881 Temora
  9. (m) Peter J Crowley b. 1884 Temora

MRS. BRIDGET CROWLEY. The death occurred on July 15 of one of Temora's oldest pioneers Mrs. Bridget Crowley, relict of the late Michael Crowley, at the age of 88 years. With her late husband she was one of the earliest settlers of the district. For some years after the death of her husband Mrs. Crowley continued to conduct the farm on the Stockinbingal-road until advancing age made it imperative that she should retire, and she came to Sydney. She was a native of County Limerick Ireland. At the age of 15 years she came to Australia in the old sailing ship Burmunsie, the voyage taking three months, and landing in Sydney accompanied her parents to Wollongong. In 1862 she was married at Wollongong, and in 1880 went with her husband to Temora. Mrs. Crowley is survived by three daughters, Mesdames Fletcher, Cusack, and Leahy, and three sons, Michael, James, and Peter. Two sons were killed in the war. The funeral took place in the Roman Catholic portion of the Temora cemetery, the Rev. Father Kinang officiating. The chief mourners were Mrs. Fletcher, Mrs. Cusack, Mrs. T. Leahy, Mr. Michael Crowley, Mr. James Crowley (sons and daughters), and Messrs. Jack and Tom Crowley (grandsons).

Crowley Emily

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (f) Mary Crowley b. 24/3/1889 Albion Park

Crowley Mary (Crimmins)

b. 1867 Braidwood 7134/1867 d. 8/11/1947 Leichhardt br. Albion Park

m. Timothy Crowley (4/2/1850 McQuarry River /Albion Park – 6/8/1919 Wollongong Son of Timothy Crowley & Ann McDermott *) 23/12/1899 St Paul’s Albion Park

f. Patrick Crimmins m. Margaret Thompson

  1. (m) Timothy Crowley b. 10/4/1900 Albion Park 19362/1900
  2. (m) Patrick Crowley b. 7/11/1901 Albion Park 29218/1901
  3. (m) Michael Crowley b. 1902 Albion Park

Living at Albion Park in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

MARY CROWLEY The death occurred at her residence Flood Street, Leichhardt, on 8th November of Mrs. Mary Crowley. Mrs. Crowley lived at Albion Park many years ago. Her husband was a blacksmith at the Corner. She was very highly respected and sympathy will be extended to her two sisters, Johanna and Katherine, and three brothers, Patrick, Jeremiah and Dennis. The funeral took place at Albion Park Catholic Cemetery after a service in St. Columba's Church, North Leichhardt.Kiama Independent (NSW : 1947 - 1954)Saturday 29 November 1947 - Page 3

Crowther Edith M

m. Harold Crowther

  1. (m) Robert Crowther b. 1900 Woonona 9015/1900

Crowther Elina (Lewis)

b. 1870 Wollongong d. 11/5/1946 Marrickville

m. John Crowther 1897 Woonona

f. William Lewis m. Mary A *

  1. (f) Mary A Crowther b. 1900 Woonona 9040/1900
  2. (m) John Lewis Crowther b. 1902 Woonona 28173/1902 (Vera)

Sister Alice Knight *

CROWTHER.—May 11. 1946. at a Private hospital. Marrickville, Elina (late of Rockdale), relict of the late John Crowther loved mother of Mamie and Lewis, mother-in-law of Vera, and dear grandma of Barry, aged 75 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 13 May 1946 p 14

Crowther Elizabeth Ann (Knight)

b. 1876 Wollongong 22510/1876 d. 5/9/1946 South Lismore br. Lismore

m. Frederick Crowther (Perry Hill Newcastle-on-Tyne - 18/1/1950 Lismore Son Of John F Crowther & Jane) 1899 Woonona

f. John Knight m. Ellen Pearson *

  1. (m) John F Crowther b. 1900 Woonona 36993/1900
  2. (m) Arthur W E Crowther b. 1902 Woonona 18362/1902
  3. (f) Lily E Crowther 1904 Balmain North (Oliver B Wilson 1925)
  4. (m) George Crowther b. 1906 Lismore
  5. (f) Mary E Crowther b. 1906 Lismore (William Gatenby 1930)
  6. (m) Charles A Crowther b. 1908 Lismore
  7. (f) Marjorie A Crowther b. 1911 Lismore (Harold Johnson 1934)
  8. (m) Thomas Crowther


Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Crowther (70), wife of Mr. Frederick Crowther, of 14 Engine Street, South Lismore, died in Lismore yesterday afternoon. Although she had not enjoyed good health for some time her death was unexpected. Mrs. Crowther had resided in the Lismore district for over 40 years. She was born on the South Coast of N.S.W., but had lived for some time in Sydney prior to coming to this district. Mr. and Mrs. Crowther had lived in Lismore in retirement since 1939, coming from Numulgi, where they had resided for 18 years. In addition to her husband, four sons and three daughters survive. The sons are John (South Lismore), Arthur (Boorie Creek) and Charles and Thomas (Tuntable Creek). The daughters are Mrs. O. B. Wilson (Woodlawn), Mrs. W. Gatenby (South Lismore) and Mrs. H. Johnson (Numulgi). Mrs. Crowther was formerly a Miss Knight. Surviving brothers are George (McLean's Ridges), Ernest (Tregeagle), and Maurice (Casino), and sisters are Mesdames C. Chaseling (Kingaroy, Queensland), H. Booth (Yanco), H. Collett (Warwick, Queensland), H.M. McCauley (Thirroul), F. Pearson (Cowlong), and J. Montgomery (Lismore). Her funeral will leave the Lismore Methodist Church tomorrow, after a service, commencing at 11 a.m., for the Lismore cemetery. Northern Star (Lismore, NSW: 1876 - 1954) Friday 6 September 1946 p 5

Husband a miner until he was gased in the Mt Kembla mine disaster and had to give up mining.

Crowther Rachel (Arblaster)

b. abt 1876 Fiveways Staffordshire d. 31/3/1961 Austinmer

m. George Crowther (abt 1874 - 8/1/1949 Royal Prince Alfred Hospital) 1898 Balmain South

f. Richard Arblaster m. Mary Ann Smith *

  1. (f) Winifred Crowther b. 1900 Balmain North d. 1900 Woonona
  2. (m) Sydney Crowther b. 1902 Woonona 28172/1902
  3. (f) Florence May Crowther b. 1907 Woonona 9536/1907 d. 1984
  4. (f) Elizabeth Edna Ray Crowther b. 1915 Casino (Donald W Makin 1936)

Lived at Austinmere

Crozier Jane (Gray then Hetherington)

b. 1811 Bracklin Fermanagh Ireland d. 15/9/1891 Laureldale Cowlong near Lismore br. Bexhill

m. John Hetherington (1820-1857) 8 /7/1839 Tubbrid Drumkeeran Fermanagh Ireland (brother of Christopher Hetherington)

m. Henry Crozier ( abt 1832 Ireland – 22/3/1908 Dee Why Son of ? Crozier & Mary Beatie) 19/5/1860 St Michael’s Wollongong 2864/1860

f. John Gray m. Mary Hetherington.

Ship: Crescent 1840

  1. (f) Mary Jane Hetherington b. 1/5/1840 Figtree bp CofE Dapto/Wollongong d. 30/6/1894 (Andrew McAra 1858)
  2. (m) William Hugh Hetherington b. 4/2/1842 Jamberoo bp. CofE Illawarra; Jervis Bay d. 29/9/1895 Gladesville
  3. (m) Christopher Hetherington b. 21/1/1844 Riversdale Kiama bp. CofE Dapto;Wollongong d. 14/7/1919 Coraki (Jane Johnston 1866)
  4. (f) Sophia Hetherington b. 22/6/1846 Sydney d. 4/8/1846

Sister of George Grey, the overseer at Riversdale Kiama, Henry Gray and Hugh Gray and Mary Ann Wilson

Husband John Hetherington drowned while swimming horses across a flooded creek in Broughton's Pass. Jane, with the help of her son, Christy, ran the Fermanagh Hotel in Kiama on the site of the present Tory's Hotel. Later moved north to live with Christy on his selection, `Laureldale' at Cowlong near Lismore

Crozier Martha Elizabeth (Myers)

b. abt 1873 d. 22/1/1958 Belfield

m. David Crozier (abt 1868-30/1/1924 Marrickville) 1895

f. John? Myers m. Elizabeth Ann * see Bloomfield

Living at Berry in 1903 electoral rolls. However she is mentioned in a legal case on Mt Keira in 1901 with her brother and mother.

Crozier Maud Mary (York)

b. abt 1882 d. 30/4/1966 Mt Pleasant

m. Charles J Crozier 1904 Wollongong

f. William York m. Betsy Tuckley

Ship: Austral 1889

  1. (f) Loreen M Crozier b. 1905 Woonona
  2. (m) Lionel C B Crozier b. 1908 Woonona
  3. (f) Nellie J Crozier b. 1912 Wollongong

1903 Electoral roll –living at Balgownie Domestic Duties. With Elizabeth Wilkes York * half-sister and her father William- a blacksmith. Her mother died on the ship out.

Crozier Rebecca Ellen (Cowan)

b. 1842 Lisnarick Fermanagh d. 15/11/1916 Jaspers Brush br. Berry

m. Thomas Crozier (27/2/1829 Lisnarick Fermanagh-13/4/1903 Jaspers Brush Son of John Crozier & Elizabeth) 20/12/1861

Ship: Sirocco 1864

  1. (f) Mary A Crozier b. 1864 Morpeth
  2. (m) Thomas W Crozier b. 1867 Kiama 10421/1867
  3. (f) Elizabeth Crozier b. 1870 Shoalhaven d. 1870
  4. (m) Thomas John Crozier b. 1871 Shoalhaven
  5. (f) Rebecca Jane Crozier b. 1873 Shoalhaven
  6. (m) Robert Beatie Crozier b. 1878 Shoalhaven
  7. (m) Montague Broughton Crozier b. 1882 Shoalhaven

Cruden Mary Pulham (Gillies)

b. abt 1862 d. 24/7/1926 Dulwich Hill

m. William Henry Cruden (abt 1855 - 17/10/1917 Lewisham ) 1881 Redfern

f. Andrew Gillies m. Janet

  1. (f) Mary E J Cruden b. 1884 Waterloo
  2. (m) Andrew E Cruden b. 1886 Waterloo
  3. (m) Robert C Cruden b. 1887 Waterloo
  4. (m) Walter E Cruden b. 1889 Waterloo
  5. (f) Regina Cruden b. 1891 Waterloo
  6. (m) Edward J Cruden b. 1893 Waterloo
  7. (m) James L Cruden b. 1897 Helensburgh 31188/1896 d. 1897 Helensburgh

Husband a plumber

CRUDEN.— July 24. 1926, at her residence, 1 Maddocks Street, Dulwich Hill, Mary Fulham, relict of William Henry Cruden, aged 64 years. The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930)Monday 26 July 1926 - Page 6

Cruickshanks Elizabeth (Turner)

b. abt 1849 d. 1924 Rozelle br. Waverley

m. John Cruickshanks (abt 1838-13/11/1902 Balmain Son of John Cruickshank & ?) 1864 Shoalhaven

  1. Henry J Cruickshanks b. 1864 Kiama 9438/1864
  2. John Robert Cruickshanks b. 1866 Kiama 9465/1866 (Elizabeth Utick 1888)
  3. William A Cruickshanks b. 1867 Shoalhaven
  4. Walter G Cruiskshanks b. 1869 Shoalhaven
  5. Elizabeth Ada Cruickshanks b. 1875 Shoalhaven
  6. David V Cruickshanks b. 1877 Sholahaven d. 1928 Ryde
  7. Margaret Rebecca Cruickshanks b. 1880 Shoalhaven

Husband insolvent in 1880- innkeeper at Cambewarra

CRUICKSHANKS -The Relatives and Friends of the late Mrs ELIZABETH CRUICKSHANKS (widow of the late John Cruickshanks) are kindly invited to attend her Funeral, which will leave her late residence, 26 Reynolds-street, Rozelle, THIS (Saturday) AFTERNOON, at 2.45 o'clock, for Church of England Cemetery, Waverley. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)Saturday 26 April 1924 - Page 13

Cruise/Cruse/Crony Elizabeth Mary (Cawley)

b. 1847 Bellambi d. 12/4/1891 Glen Innes 6301/1891

m. Thomas Cruise ( - ) 1880 Grafton

f. John Cawley m. Mary Callaghan *

  1. (f) Florence M Cruise b. 1886 Glen Innes

CRUSE-At her residence, Brookford, Glen Innes, on 12th April, ELIZABETH MARY, the beloved wife of Thomas Cruse, in the 46th year of her age ; leaving a husband and 3 children to mourn their loss. Wollongong papers please copy. Clarence and Richmond Examiner Saturday 23 May 1891

Cubert Lucy

b. 22/9/1807 bp. 30/11/1839 Wollongong

f. William Cubert m. Elizabeth

Culey Maria (Jones)


m. Isaac Culey (abt 1853 Shropshire England- 29/9/1880 Lithgow)

  1. (f) Millicent M Culey b. 8/9/1878 Keira Street Wollongong 24822/1878
  2. (m) Isaac Culey b. 1880 Lithgow 16152/1880

CULEY.–On the 8th Sept. at her residence, Keira-street, the wife of Mr. Isaac Culey, of a daughter. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 10 September 1878 p 2

Husband killed in a mining accident, witness at the inquest was his brother-in-law Henry Jones.

Culgin/Gulgan Jane (Hamilton)

b. abt 1836 Drumisonnis Fermanagh Ireland d. 5/2/1910 Cambewarra

m. Thomas Gulgan (abt 1834 Enniskillen Fermanagh -1919 Nowra) abt 1857 Ireland

f. William Hamilton m. Jane

Ship: Eastern Empire 1862

  1. (m) William Culgin b. abt 1858 Enniskillen Fermanagh
  2. (f) Eliza J Culgin b. abt 1859 Enniskillen Fermanagh (Daniel Thicknesse 1912)
  3. (m) Irvine Culgin b. 1863 Kiama 8433/1863 d. 5/7/1919
  4. (f) Margaret Culgin b. 1865 Wollongong 16964/1865
  5. (f) Dorothy Culgin b. 1865 Wollongong 16965/1865 (Irvine Hamilton 1889)
  6. (f) Margaret Culgan b. 1866 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama ; Shoalhaven
  7. (f) Elizabeth J Culgan b. 1867 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama ; Shoalhaven
  8. (m) John Culgin b. 1869 Shoalhaven
  9. (f) Mary A Culgin b. 1869 Shoalhaven
  10. (f) Mary Ellen Culgin b. 1873 Shoalhaven d. 30/1/1921
  11. (f) Florence Culgin b. 1874 Shoalhaven
  12. (f) Julia Rebecca Culgin * b. 1877 Shoalhaven d. 1951 Coffs Harbour (William Smith 1899)
  13. (m) Hamilton Moore Culgin b. 1879 Shoalhaven (Ethel Barron 1904)

On announcement of mothers death At her residence Drumisonnis House, Co. Tyrone, Irl., relict of late William Hamilton. 77 years. Mother of W. (William) and A. Hamilton, and Mesdames J. Beattie and T. Culgin of Illawarra. Illawarra Mercury 5 Jun 1877

Husband a carpenter of Camberwarra

Mrs. Culgin, of Cambewarra, died on Saturday. The Nowra Leader (NSW : 1909 - 1939)Friday 11 February 1910 - Page 1

Cullen Anna Maria (Curry)

b. 1834 Ireland d. 12/7/1919 Ashfield br. Rookwood

m. John Cullen (abt 1832- 29/11/1921 Ashfield) 1856 Kiama 1500/1856 (Note married at same time as Andrew Cullen and Catherine Speer *- possible brother-in-law of Rebecca Clinton)

f. John Curry m. Margareta Bowes *

Ship: Oriental 1850

  1. (m) Robert James Cullen b. 1857 Kiama 7457/1857
  2. (m) Edmund John Cullen b. 1859 Kiama 8369/1859
  3. (f) Elizabeth Cullen b. 1860 Kiama 7929/1860 (Edward Aland 1881)
  4. (f) Rebecca Cullen b. 1862 Kiama 8553/1862
  5. (m) Frederick George Cullen b. 1864 Kiama 9394/1864
  6. (m) Alfred Cullen b. 1866 Berrima 5943/1866
  7. (f) Margaret Cullen b. 1868 Berrima
  8. (m) Isaac Cullen b. 1870 Berrima
  9. (m) Walter Cullen b. 1872 Berrima
  10. (f) Rebecca Lindsey Cullen b. 1873 Berrima 7648/1873 (William Holt 1899)
  11. (f) Lydia Ann Cullen b. 1875 Berrima 8063/1875 (Austin Lamb 1903)
  12. (m) Stanley Atkin Cullen b. 1877 Burrawang 8666/1877
  13. (f) Florence Ida May Cullen b. 1879 Berrima 9997/1879


The death occurred on Sunday evening last at her residence, 'Mount Charles, Church-street, Ashfield, after a long illness, of Mrs. Anna Maria Cullen wife of Mr. John Cullen and mother of Mr. I. Cullen, of the firm of Messrs. Wheatley and Cullen, Wagga. Mr. I. Cullen left by the mail train yesterday evening in order to attend the funeral, which takes place this afternoon. The remains will be interred in the Church of England Cemetery Rookwood. The deceased was 85 years of age and is survived by her husband, who has reached the advanced age of 87 years. The family originally consisted of 13, and there are still alive, in addition to Mr. I. Cullen, of Wagga, Messrs. Robert, Frederick, Alfred, Walter and Stanley Cullen. The surviving daughters are Mrs. Ailand (Wentworthville), Mrs. Holt (Moss Vale), Mrs. Lamb (Victoria), and Miss Cullen, Ashfield. Daily Advertiser (Wagga Wagga, NSW : 1911 - 1954) Tuesday 15 July 1919 p 3

Cullen Annie (Musgrave)

b. 16/10/1852 d. 25/3/1935 Gerringong 2574/1935 br. Gerringong

m. Christopher James Cullen (3/4/1852 Jamberoo - 18/6/1911 Omega Son of Rev. John Cullen & Rebecca Clinton * ) 29/5/1879 St Luke's Dapto 5237/1879

f. William L Musgrave m. Ann Jane Wallace *

  1. (m) John William Cullen b. 3/9/1880 Jamberoo 27493/1880 d. 10/2/1959 (Esther Hall)
  2. (f) Ethel Adeline Cullen b. 1881 Woonona 19020/1881 (William N H Lauridsen 1907)
  3. (m) Charles Clinton Cullen b. 1884 Wollongong 22767/1884
  4. (f) Lily Love Cullen b. 1887 Wollongong 25086/1887 (John P J Noble 1913)

CULLEN—MUSGRAVE.—On the 29th May ultimo, at St. Luke's Church, Dapto, by the Rev. James Stack, Christopher James, fifth surviving son of the late Rev. John Cullen, Mount Johnston, Jamberoo, to Annie, eldest daughter of W. L. Musgrave, Esq., Dapto. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 18 July 1879 p 2,

Cullen Catherine

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (m) Charles Cullen b. 1863 Kiama 8582/1863
  2. (f) Catherine Cullen b. 1865 Kiama 9679/1865

Cullen Catherine (Speer)

b. 1834 Ireland

m. Andrew Cullen ( abt 1815 Fermanagh Ireland-) 1856 Kiama 1499/1856 (Note married at same time as John Cullen & Anna Maria Curry *)

f. Thomas Speer m. Mary

Ship: Kate 1855

  1. (f) Margaret Cullen b. 1857 Kiama 7452/1857
  2. (f) Mary Cullen b. 1858 Kiama 8135/1858

Cullen Emily (Doyle)

b. abt 1860 d. 16/8/1932 Concord br. Lowther

m. William Cullen (abt 1860- 25/6/1925 Lithgow Son of Patrick Cullen & Elizabeth) 1882 Lithgow 4747/1882

f. Hugh Doyle m. Elizabeth

  1. (f) Agnes M Cullen b. 1884 Campbelltown 15527/1884
  2. (m) George Cullen b. 28/7/1885 Railway Camp Wollongong 23756/1885
  3. (m) James Cullen b. 1886 Central Cumberland 18780/1886
  4. (f) Elizabeth A Cullen b. 1889 Lithgow 22655/1889
  5. (m) Joseph L Cullen b. 1894 Lithgow 18939/1894
  6. (m) Leo Laurence Cullen b. 1895 Lowther 33677/1895 d. WW1
  7. (f) Mary C Cullen b. 1900 Lithgow

Mrs. Emily Cullen, aged 72, died at Concord on August 16. The deceased lady was a resident of Louther, and was conveyed to Louther Catholic cemetery next day by road There were over two hundred people present at the graveside. The Katoomba Daily (NSW : 1920 - 1939)Saturday 20 August 1932 - Page 5

Cullen Margaret E (James)

b. 1850 Wesleyan Methodist Sydney d. 9/3/1901 Leichhardt

m. Andrew Thomas Cullen ( abt 1845- 24/8/1905 Leichhardt Son of John Cullen & Rebecca Clinton * ) 1867 Wollongong 3323/1867

f. Robert James m. Isabella Riddle

  1. (m) Robert John Clinton Cullen b. 1869 Wollongong 19845/1869 ( Bessie Hussey Sevil 1894)
  2. (f) Isabella Mary/Edith Cullen b. 1871 Sydney 2500/1871 d. 26/7/1931 Waverley ( Dr John Ernest James Moffit 1891)
  3. (f) Elizabeth Bertha M Cullen b. 1874 Wollongong 21491/1874
  4. (f) Clara B Cullen b. 1877 Wollongong 23197/1877 (William J Martin 1911)

MARRIAGE.  MOFFITT — CULLEN. — May 27, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. Joseph Oram, assisted by the Rev. Edward George Atkinson, JOHN EARNEST JAMES MOFFITT, L. et L. Mid., K.Q C.P., Irel:, and L.R.C.S. Irel., of the Creswick Hospital, Victoria, eldest son of the late Dr. Moffitt, of Sydney, to ISABEL EDITH, eldest daughter of Andrew T. Cullen, Esq., of Leichhardt. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Saturday 13 June 1891 p 2

CULLEN-March 9, at her late residence, Marion-street, Leichhardt. Margaret Elizabeth, beloved wife of A. T. Cullen, aged 50. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Monday 11 March 1901 p 1

Cullen Margaret (Shortall)

m. Patrick James Cullen 12/11/1843 Wollongong

His residence Wollongong hers Sydney

Cullen Rebecca (Clinton)

b. Fermargh Ireland d. 14/5/1889 Jamberoo 10850/1889 br. Kiama

m. John Cullen (1814 Tyrone Ireland – 10/3/1879 Jamberoo Son of ? Cullen & Jane Johnston) abt 1834 Ireland

f. ? m. Rebecca (her brother(?) was listed as being the son of John and Margery)

Ship: 1839

  1. (m) Thomas Cullen b. 1837 Ireland
  2. (f) Magella Cullen * b. 1839 at sea d. 1881 Wollongong ( Henry Giles Irving 1861)
  3. (m) John Alexander Cullen b. 1841 Jamberoo d. 4/12/ 1926
  4. (m) Andrew Thomas Cullen b. 1845 V18452654 30A/1845 d. 24/8/1905 Leichhardt (Margaret E James * 1867 )
  5. (m) Joseph Francis Cullen b. 1/2/ 1849 Jamberoo V18473087 32A/1847 d. 31/3/1917 Katanning WA (Annie Taylor 1878)
  6. (f) Elizabeth Jane Cullen b. 1849 Jamberoo d. 27/2/ 1923
  7. (m) Charles Johnston Cullen b. 3/4/1852 Jamberoo d. 1900 sister’s residence Jamberoo
  8. (m) Christopher James Cullen b. 3/4/1852 Jamberoo d. 18/6/1911 Omega (Annie Musgrave * 1879)
  9. (f) Margaret Isabella Cullen b. 1853 V18531385 56/1853 d. 1894 North Sydney
  10. (m) Robert Cullen b. 1854 Jamberoo
  11. (m) William Portus Cullen b. 28/5/1855 Jamberoo V18552345 56/1855 d. 6/4/1935 Leura ( Eliza Jane White 1891)
  12. (f) Rebecca Hannah Cullen *b. 12/12/1858 Jamberoo d. 6/3/1917 Jamberoo
  13. (f) Maria Louisa Adeline Cullen * b. 1859 Kiama 8307/1859 ( Hugh Colley 1890)
  14. (f) Margaret Isabella Cullen b. 1860 Jamberoo d. 21/8/ 1894
  15. (f) Adeline Cullen b. 1862 Jamberoo

Her sons were a high achievers: Christopher was Mayor of Central Illawarra and also active in local concerns: William was a MP, Chancellor of Sydney University, King’s Silk given a knighthood: Joseph was an MP in NSW and WA and edited a Sydney newspaper

Her brother Alexander Clinton a widower, her sisters Anne, Jane and Eliza (m. Robert Belford?) also came to Australia. Her brother died in Kiama in 1868.

Cullen Rebecca Anna

b. 12/12/1858 Jamberoo d. 6/3/1917 Jamberoo

f. John Cullen m. Rebecca Clinton *

Living at Jamberoo in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.

CULLEN.—On March 6, at her residence, “Glenade,” Jamberoo (N.S.W.), in the 75th year of her age, Rebecca Anna, second daughter of the late John Cullen, of “Mount Johnston.” Jamberoo, and elder sister of J. F. Cullen, M.L.C., Katanning, W.A. Tambellup Times (WA : 1912 - 1924)Saturday 17 March 1917 - Page 2

Cullingford Catherine (Roach)

b. abt 1834 d. 1900 Dandenong Vic

m. Walter Vigivina Cullingford (1830-3/8/1915 Elsternwick Vic) 5/4/1856 Wollongong f. Roach m. Ellen Vince?

Both resident of Dapto

  1. (f) Eunice Cullingford 31/10/1858 Dapto V18582097 121A/1858
  2. (f) Johanna Mary Cullingford 27/3/1863 Walkerville SA

Walter Cullingford was a teacher and the family moved to South Australia. He is recorded as teaching at Moppa in the 1860’s.

Cullinane alias Herron Edith A (Cullinane then Ranger)

b. 1873 Maitland d. 1949 Islington as Ranger br. Sandgate

m. John James Ranger 6/12/1896 Granville

um. Robert Earl

  1. (m) Frederick Joseph Ranger b. 17/5/1898 Adamstown enlisted in WW1 under Herron d. 1971 Newcastle (under Ranger)
  2. (m) Robert Bruce Cullinane/Ranger b. 1901 Wollongong 28144/1901
  3. (f) Annie A Ranger/Cullinane b. 1903 East Maitland (Cecil R Mepham 1925)
  4. (m) Hilton Leonard Ranger/Cullinane/Herron b. 1907 Cobar d. 1966 Sydney

John James Ranger was charged with neglecting to support his wife.

-Mr. , , solicitor, appeared for defendant, and Mr. Cronin, solicitor, for the plaintiff.

Mrs. Edith Agnes Ranger deposed that she was married to the defendant on the 8th December, 1896, at Granville, near Sydney; that l she only lived with her husband on the night of the marriage, as on the following morning he sent her up to Cockcle Creek, to reside with his mother, and went away to look for work. Complaintiff stayed with her mother-in-law about six weeks, and during that time received one letter from her husband, enclosing, 5s. Afterwards she received another letter, but never any more money.

As her mother-in-law told her to go, she went to Newcastle, and not having any money went to the Salvation Army, and stayed there till she obtained a situation in Newcastle. She stayed there about five months, but on account of her mother's death left, and went to Sydney, and stayed three months. Up till this time she had no idea where her husband was. She next went to Queensland and stayed 18 months, and came back to Sydney, to her married sister. She went to service with a lady in Parkl-road, Sydney; and was still residing at that place. She last saw her husband at Adamstown. He said he had to keep a better-woman than she was. She had heard her husband was living with another woman

, and that he was now working at the, Cockle Creek, and earning £5 12s'per fortnight. She wanted an order made for 15s..per.week, as, on account of bad health, she was unable to stay long, at any one place.

'Winde'yer: She remembered the police court proceedings at Newcastle. She was not at that time in an interesting condition. She had never had a child. She was living with a man, his wife, and two children at Adamstown. She did not say in the police-court she got 10s per week from another man, who was the father of my child. She did not, on the 17th March, 1898, register the birth of a male child at Adamstown. She was not confined by a nurse named Mrs. Regan at Adamstown.

She did not at the police court, in the presence of her husband, say that she did not want any support, or anything further to do with him. That answer was equally true as the answer about not having registered the birth of a child.

Mr. Windeyer repeatedly warned the witness what she was about, and to be careful of her answers.

At this stage Mrs. Regan and Mrs. Hill, of Adamstown, were called in, and although at first inclined to still hold out; the complainant at acknowledges that she had a child, and had registered it at Adamstown.

Mr. Cronin then announced that he must withdraw from the case.

Edith Hamilton was called, but merely deposed that Mrs. Ranger had lived with the defendant's mother it Cockle Creek about six Months. '

John F. Ranger depdosed th.. he was the defendant, and that when he married the complainant he was out of employment.

He sent his wife to his mother's residence, at Cockle Creek, where she could hve remained till now if she had liked. When witness came back to Cockle Creek he found that his wife had left him was residing with another man at Adamstown. He went there and saw his Wife and told her he had now plenty of work and money, and could make…

Mrs. Hill deposed that she was living with her husband at Adamstown. She knew the complainant as a Mrs. Earl. She was residing at Adamstown about five months with a man named Robert Earl, and always answered to the name of Mrs. Earl. She remembered the child being born, and as Earl wanted to abuse the complainant witness took her to her own home, till she went away to Sydney.

The order was refused. Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate (NSW: 1876 - 1954) Friday 23 February 1900 p 6

Culliton Annie

b. abt 1835 Near Greig Co. Carlow Ireland d. 24/6/ 1858 br. Sec. Old Grave Yard, #119 West Dapto Catholic Cemetery

f. Murtoch Culliton m. Bridget (both dead)

Religion : Roman Catholic

Ship : Panama 1850

Irish Orphan Other: Empl. H J Culliton, Illawarra, £6-8, 3yrs.

Culliton Catherine

b. abt 1834 Near Greig, Carlow

f. Murtoch Culliton m. Bridget (both dead)

Religion : Roman Catholic

Ship: Panama 1850

Irish Orphan Other : SRNSW 4/4635-4/4641 Immigration Correspondence (hereafter Im. Cor.) see p.140 in Barefoot 2. Im. Cor. 50/220, 26 Feb. 1850 Wollongong. Empl. R Somerville, Illawarra, £8, 1yr.

Cumberland Mary (Miller)

m. James Cumberland 1842 V1842796 73A/1842 Presbyterian Sydney, Scots Church

  1. (m) William Cumberland b. 1843 bp. Presbyterian Wollongong V18434316 45B/1843

Mr. James Cumberland, of Jervis Bay, to Miss Mary Miller, formerly of the County of Donegal, Ireland, also of Jervis Bay The Colonial Observer (Sydney, NSW : 1841 - 1844)Saturday 3 September 1842 - Page 5

Cumming Mary Ann (Robinson)

b. 26/5/1872 Bulli 19634/1872 d. 20/8/1902 Balmain South

m. John D Cumming 1898 Bourke

f. James Robinson m. Mary O’Neill *

  1. (m) John C Cumming b. 1899 Bourke d. 1901 Glebe
  2. (f) Mary I Cumming b. 1901 Woonona 18452/1901

CUMMING.—August 20, suddenly, Mary Ann, wife of John D. Cumming, late of Bourke, and eldest daughter of Mary and James Robinson, of Helensburgh. Deeply regretted by all who knew her. R.I P. CUMMING.—August 26, 1902, Mary Ann, dearly beloved sister of James, John, Nellie, Francis, William, and Elizabeth Robinson, of Helensburgh (suddenly), in her 80?th year. R.I P. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)Saturday 30 August 1902 - Page 1

Cummings? (Neil)

m. Francis Cummings 16/6/1840 Wollongong

Cummings Annie

m. John Cummings

  1. (m) John C Cummings b. 1891 Kiama 18077/1891

Cummings Catherine see Cummins

Cummings Elizabeth see Dakin

Cummings Isabella (Campbell?)

b. abt 1855 d. 9/5/1926 Johannesburg South Africa

m. Charles Henry Cummings

  1. (f) Frances Annie Cummings b. 1886 Wollongong 24379/1886 d. 11/2/1888 Drowned in Flinders Street culvert
  2. (f) Elizabeth Mathie Cummings abt 1876 (Joseph J Pattison 1896)
  3. (m) Peter Cummings b. 1888 Wollongong b. 1886 Wollongong 10330/188824379/1886 d. 1888 Wollongong
  4. (m) Charles A Cummings b. 1888 Wollongong 25701/1888
  5. (m) Archibald E Cummings b. 1890 Wollongong 38061/1890 d. 1891 Wollongong
  6. (f) Florence M Cummings b. 1893 39235/1893
  7. (f) Edith I Cummings b. 1896 Woonona 27335/1896

CUMMINGS-May 9 at Johannesburg, South Africa, Mrs Charles Henry Cummings, late of Para Meadow, Wollongong, beloved mother of Mrs J J Pattison, Otago, 286 Livingstone road, Marrickville, aged 71 years. The Sydney Morning Herald 15 May 1926

Cummins Anne (Robinson)

b. abt 1801 d. 22/10/1857 Wesley Park Wollongong

m. James Cummins ( Co Down Ireland -15/2/1872 Wesley Park Figtree) later married Susan Freeman

  1. (f) Emily Ann Cummins * b. abt 1828 d. 19/9/1909 Port Macquarie ( Thomas W Palmer 1848)
  2. (m) James Robinson Cummins b. 1827 d. 1907
  3. (m) William Cummins b. 1829 d. 1875
  4. (m) John Dixon Eccles Cummins b. abt 1832 d. 14/2/1853 St Kilda Vic
  5. (f) Milton Cummins b. abt 1828 d. 1890 Newtown (Fanny Weir 1871)
  6. (f) Adelaide Georgina Cummins b. 1835 d. 1919 (Josiah Vincent Lavers 1868)
  7. (m) Samuel Cummins b. 1836 d. 1857
  8. (m) Albert Edward Cummins b. 2/6/1846 Weslyan Methodist Wollongong V18467243 121C d. 1894

On the 2nd instant, at Wesley Park, Illawarra, the lady of James Cummins, Esq., of a son. The Sydney Morning Herald 10 June 1846

On the 22nd instant, at Wesley Park, near Wollongong, Anne, wife of James Cummins, Esq., after a long and painful illness, which she bore with Christian fortitude, aged 56 years, deeply regretted by her family and friends. The Sydney Morning Herald 26 October 1857

Husband listed as living in Fairy Meadow in 1841 Census.

Cummins Anne Charlotte (Croft)

b. abt 1824 Comford

m. Hugh Cummin 1843 Church of England Illawarra; Jervis Bay V1843340 27C

Convict permission to Marry Index Wollongong

Ship: Cornwall 1839

  1. (m) Hugh Cummins b. 1844 bp. CofE Dapto;Wollongong
  2. (f) Anne Cummins b. 21/5/1847 Wollongong V18473600 64/1847
  3. (f) Elizabeth M Cummins b. 1849 V1849274 67/1849
  4. (f) Charlotte Cummins b. 1856 Wollongong 8486/1856
  5. (f) Caroline Cummins b. 1959 V18591731 121A/1859

Parents in NSW and she and her sister Caroline (who arrived with her) went with them on arrival.

Cummins Catherine (Purcell)

b. abt 1834 Ireland d. 27/11/1912 Annandale

m. James Cummins (abt 1834 Kilkenney Ireland- 1905 Crookwell Son of Andrew Cummins & Mary)

f. John Purcell m. Margaret

Ship: abt 1863

  1. (m) John Joseph Cummins b. abt 1865 d. 12/8/1901 Goulburn (Jane Fahey 1897)
  2. (f) Bridget D Cummins b. 19/8/1864 Charcoal Illawarra (Edward H Scott 1891)
  3. (m) Andrew Cummins b. 14/5/1866 Shellharbour bp Kiama RC 9510/1866
  4. (f) Catherine A Cummins b. 2/6/1868 Stoney Creek 10627/1868 (Bernard Reilly 1895)
  5. (m) Thomas James Cummins b. 1/11/1869 Stony Creek bp Kiama RC d. 1939 Bowral
  6. (f) Mary-Ann Cummins b. 15/7/1871 Stony Creek bp Kiama RC
  7. (m) Patrick Cummins b. 12/3/1874 Shellharbor d. 6/10/1948 Botany
  8. (f) Anne Cummins b. 6/6/1876 Kiama bp Kiama RC 13495/1876

Husband a farmer.

DEATH. The death of Mrs. James Cummins occurred at her residence, “Harcourt.” Johnston-street, Annandale, Sydney, on the 27th ult. The late Mrs. Cummins also a native of Ireland, but came to this State when quite a young woman. She was a well-known resident of Crookwell district, where she resided for a number of years prior to her taking up her residence in Sydney. She had been an invalid for the last four or five years. Her husband predeceased her some eight years ago. She leaves a grown-up family of sons and daughters. The sons are Thomas (Bowral), Andrew (Sydney), and Patrick (Fullerton), and the daughters are Mrs. E. H. Scott (Gilgandra), Mrs. B. Reilly (Sydney), and Margaret, Mary, and Annie (Sydney). Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW : 1881 - 1940)Thursday 5 December 1912 - Page 4

Cummins Elizabeth

m. William Cummins

  1. (m) William Cummins b. 1859 Wollongong 14121/1859

Cummins Mary

m. Job Cummins

  1. (f) Esther M Cummins b. 1841 CofE Dapto; Wollongong

Cummins Mary J

m. Alfred Cummins

  1. (f) Margaret Cummins b. 1902 Wollongong 37549/1902

Cummins Mary Phoebe (Wright)

b. d. 16/7/1920 Craigie 11332/1920

m. James Robinson Cummins (abt 1828- 15/3/1907 Bombala) 5/3/1861 Balgownie

f. James Wright m. Mary Davis *

  1. (m) Sydney M Cummins b. 2/2/1862 “Hopefield“ near Wollongong. 14984/1862 d. 1928
  2. (f) Annie A Cummins b. 8/11/1863 Wollongong 15162/1863 d. before 1920 (William Brown 1891) also registered under Wright
  3. (f) Alice M Cummins b. 13/8/1865 Balgownie 16988/1865 d. 1865
  4. (f) Lucy E Cummins b. 1868 Patricks Plain 14697/1868 d. 1928
  5. (m) Herbert E Cummins b. 1868 Patricks Plain 14698/1868 d. 1871 Port Macquarie
  6. (m) Arthur Ernest Cummins b. 1870 Scone 16946/1870
  7. (m) Alfred Aubrey Cummins b. 1873 Port Macquarie 17274/1873 d. 1958 Bombala
  8. (f) Ethel May Cummins b. 1875 Port Macquarie 18271/1875 d. 1937
  9. (m) James R Cummins b. 1879 Campbelltown d. 1879 Port Macquarie
  10. (m) William Patrick b. 1881 Campbelltown 12517/1881
  11. (f) Mary Francis Cummins b. 1883 Bombala 23492/1883 d. 1963


n the 5th instant, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. James Watkins, James Robinson Cummins, Hopefield, to Mary Phoebe, eldest daughter of James Wright, Esq., Balgourie, Wollongong. Empire 9 March 1861

On the 8th instant, at Hopefield, Mrs. J. R. Cummins of a daughter. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 13 November 1863 p 2

On the 13th instant, at Balgownie, near Wollongong, Mrs. J.   R. Cummins, of a daughter. The Sydney Morning Herald 26 August 1865

There passed away at her residence, Quinburra, Craigie, on the 16th instant, in her 81st year, one of the first descendants of the early pioneers, in the person of Mrs. J. R. Cummins. Her late husband predeceased her about 14 years ago. She leaves a family of three sons and three daughters living, namely, Messrs. S. Cummins, of the Public Works Department, Goulburn, A. E.. Cummins, : Parramatta, A. A Cummins, Quinburra; and Misses Lucy, Ethel, and Mary Cummins, of Quinburra. One married daughter, (wife of the Rev. W. Brown, died some years ago. There are also numerous grand children, and a very large circle of relatives to mourn her loss. She was beloved and respected by all who had the pleasure of her acquaintance for her benevolent, kindly, and pious nature. Mrs. Cummins was the eldest daughter of the late James Wright, J.P. one of the earliest pioneers in the Queanbeyan district, and is one, if not the first white child born in that district. There are still five surviving members of this old family, viz., Messrs. W. D. Wright (Yass), J.E. Wright (Nimmithabel), A. M. Wright (Craigtie), A. H. Wright (Tombong), and Mrs. G. D. Walcoilt (Balgownie, Delegate). Two sisters, Mrs. C. Walcott and Mrs. F. Campbell (late of Yarralumla) have predeceased her. The Bombala Times (NSW : 1912 - 1938)Friday 23 July 1920 - Page 1

Cummins Petronilla Mary (Kelly)

d. 1914 Paddington br. 28/9/1914 Waverley Cemetery

m. Hugh Joseph Cummins (abt 1844-13/11/1917 Paddington Son of Henry Cummins & Anne) 1876 Albury 1725/1876

f. Thomas Kelly m. Elizabeth

  1. (m) Francis M Cummins 1877 Albury 6882/1877
  2. (m) Hugh Thomas Cummins b. 7/7/1879 Wollongong 26148/1879 d. 19/9/1879 Wollongong
  3. (m) Joseph William Cummins b. 22/11/1880 Wollongong 18776/1881 d. 1917 (Emily M Jackson)
  4. (m) Clement Bede Cummins 24/11/1883 Wollongong 22743/1884 d. 1946 Fivedock

Cummins/Coussins Sarah (Reynolds)

m. Patrick Coussins

  1. (m) James Coussins b. 27/4/1859 Shoalhaven bp Kiama RC 12500/1859
  2. (m) Patrick J Cummins b. 1860 Shoalhaven
  3. (f) Mary Cummins b. 1862 Paddington
  4. (m) Christopher W Cummins b. 1864 Paddington
  5. (m) Michael Cummins b. 1867 Paddington

Husband a stonemason

Cummins Susan (Freeman)

b. abt 1823 Essex d. 7/5/1916 Upper Picton br. Upper Picton

m. James Cummins ( Co. Down Ireland -14/2/1872 Wesley Park Wollongong) 6/10/1863 Sydney

f. Rev. Ambrose Freeman m. Susan

CUMMINS-FREEMAN- October 6th, by special license, at Holy Trinity Church, Sydney, by the Rev. J. Rogers, James Cummins, Esq., of Wesley Park, Illawarra, to Susan, eldest daughter of the late Rev. Ambrose Freeman, of Glossop, near Manchester, resident of Chelmsford House, Upper Fort-street. The Sydney Morning Herald 21 October 1863

Obituary. It is with deep regret that we have to record the passing away of a very old identity of Picton in the person of Mrs Susan Cummins, widow of the late Mr James Cummins, which took place on Sunday last at her residence, Woodland Cottage, Upper Picton, at the great age of 93 years. Deceased was a native of Essex, England, and came to Australia many years ago with her two sisters, Miss Freeman and Mrs Gibson, both of whom have predeceased her. Mrs Cummins had lived at Picton for about 40 years, and prior to coming here resided in Sydney and Wollongong districts for some time. She was a good churchwoman and possessed many fine qualities, and was ever ready to help those in distress or poor circumstances, and although not generally known spent a good deal of her surplus money in assisting local poor and needy. She was also highly educated and before her marriage conducted in Sydney a boarding school for girls. The funeral took place on Monday afternoon the interment being made in the Church of England portion of the Upper Picton Cemetery The Picton Post (NSW : 1907 - 1954)Wednesday 10 May 1916 - Page 4

Cuneo Helena Gertrude (Feehan)

b. 1866 Braidwood d. 12/8/1943 Ashfield br. South Head

m. Albert Antonio Cuneo (1867-21/4/1952 Ashfield Son of Antonio Cuneo & Catherine Bye) 1889 Braidwood

f. Matthew Feehan m. Elizabeth

  1. (m) Ronald Vincent Joseph Cuneo b. 1890 Argyle
  2. (m) Cyril Feehan Cuneo b. 1891 Hurstville d. 1969
  3. (f) Monica Elizabeth Cuneo d. 23/10/1990 Ashfield
  4. (m) Albert John Cuneo b. 1902 Helensburgh 22551/1902 d. 1961

Husband a stationmaster at Como.

CUNEO.—August 12, 1943, at her residence, 1 The Avenue, Ashfield, Helena Gertrude, beloved wife of Albert and loving mother of Ronald, Cyril, Monica, and Jack. Requiescat in pace. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)Friday 13 August 1943 - Page 10

Cunningham Blanche Ellen (Clinton)

b. 1870 Eldorado Vic d. 1943 Portland

m. Thomas Cunningham (- abt 1917) 1889 Greta

m. James Martin Clinton f. Martha Jane Lanhan

  1. (f) Marion E Cunningham b. 1890 Wollongong 38959/1890
  2. (m) Thomas C Cunningham b. 1893 Wollongong 39387/1893
  3. (f) Jennie E Cunningham b. 1896 Wollongong 8998/1896

Mrs. Blanche Cunningham

The death occurred at the residence of her sister, Mrs. W. Preece, of Park Avenue, Portland, of Mrs. Blanche Ellen Cunningham, at the age of 72 years. Born in Victoria the deceased had resided in that State and Adelaide practically all her life. She arrived in Portland a fortnight ago for a holiday with her sister. Deceased had been in indifferent health for some time. Her husband, the late Mr. Thomas Cunningham, predeceased her some 26 years ago, and she is survived by a family of two daughters and one son. Members of the family are Mrs. C. Menzies (Nymboida) and Mrs. C. Johnson. (Adelaide), and Mr. T. Cunningham (W.A.). Two brothers are Messrs. Arthur Clinton (Wollongong) and William Clinton (Portand). Lithgow Mercury (NSW: 1898 - 1954) Thursday 18 March 1943 p 2

Cunningham Bridget (Larkin)

m. James Henry Cunningham 1885 Berrima 4368/1885

  1. (m) Ernest E Cunningham b. 1886 28770/1886
  2. (f) Hilda/Hilton Cunningham b. 3/7/1888 Calderwood 30292/1888

Both children registered at Narrabri

Cunningham Catherine (Flanaghan)

b. 1833 Fermanagh d. 30/9/1879 Kiama br. Gerringong

m. William Cunningham ( 1822 Tyrone- 30/8/1891 Kiama Tyrone Son of William Cunningham & Catherine O'Donnell) 19/3/1863 Wollongong First wife Mary Ann died 1856 on the “Bermondsey”

f. James Flanaghan m. Margaret McDonnell

  1. (m) Andrew Hamilton Cunningham d. 1925 Lismore
  2. (f) Mary Ann Cunningham * b. 2/4/1868 Omega d. 19/4/1955 Lismore ( Joseph Turner 1893)
  3. (f) Margaret Irvine Cunningham * b. abt 1869 d. 1945 ( George Henry Gray 1893)
  4. (f) Daughter Cunningham
  5. (f) Daughter Cunningham
  6. (f) Daughter Cunningham
  7. (m) Son Cunningham
  8. (m) Son Cunningham
  9. (m) Son Cunningham

Cunningham Elizabeth

CROSSED IN LOVE-At the Kiama police court, on Tuesday, Elizabeth Cunningham, of Shellharbour, was charged with being of un-sound mind Constable Dunlop related the circumstance of the girl being given into his custody on the above charge by her employer, Mr P Collins, and of his bringing her in a vehicle to Kiama. Mr P Collins said the girl had conducted herself properly in his service for the last three years until lately, when she had cut some of her hair off and taken poison (blue stone water), he administered an emetic, and fatal consequence was thus averted, but he had reason to believe the girl was of unsound mind, and incapable of taking care of herself. Dr Tarrant, who had been called in, after describing the circumstances of his being sent for, the condition of his patient, and her subsequent treatment, said he did not think the girl had taken a sufficient quantity of the poison to cause death, and was of opinion that, though in a melancholy state of mind at the time, she was of sound mind. The prisoner had no appearance of insanity, and admitted her conduct was the result of disappointment in love matters The charge was dismissed -Evening News, Jan 6 The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser (NSW : 1843 - 1893) Thursday 12 January 1871

Cunningham Elizabeth Maria (Langbridge)

b. 1874 Blakeville Vic d. 18/8/1936 Kembla Heights br. Mt Kembla

m. William Cunningham ( 1859 Leadgate England- 3/4/1932 Kembla Heights Son of Robert Cunningham & Ellen) 1894 Newcastle

f. William Langbridge m. Sarah Anne Shipp

  1. (f) Margaret A Cunningham b. 1895 Adamstown
  2. (f) Sarah Emiline Cunningham b. 1897 Adamstown d. before 1936
  3. (m) William Frederick Cunningham (Gladys Ison)
  4. (f) Mary Jane Cunningham b. 1904 Woonona d. 1923 Wollongong
  5. (f) Gertrude Cunningham b. 1908 Woonona (William Bainbridge)

Living at Mount Pleasant in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. William Cunningham a miner.

Husband previously married to Mary Jane Todd

MRS. M. CUNNINGHAM Mrs. Maria Cunningham, 64, of Kembla Heights, relict of the late William Cunningham, died last Tuesday. The Labor Daily (Sydney, NSW : 1924 - 1938)Thursday 20 August 1936 - Page 4

MRS. CUNNINGHAM A respected resident of Kembla Heights, Mrs. Elizabeth Maria Cunningham, passed away at her residence on Tuesday last. 64 years of age, she was the relict of the late William Cunningham, a well-known citizen and mother of Robert, Elizabeth, Mathew, Ellen, Margaret, Emma (deceased), William, Janey (deceased) and Gertie. Interment took place at the Methodist cemetery, Mt. Kembla, on Wednesday. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954)Friday 21 August 1936 - Page 18

Cunningham Ellen

m. James Cunningham

  1. (m) Roger Cunningham b. 1886 Woonona 24637/1886

Cunningham Elspeth

b. 1860 Drumlithie Aberdeenshire d. 24/1/1929 Randwick br. Randwick

m. William Cunningham (1855 Ayr South Ayrshire- 1/3/1927 Randwick Son of Alexander Cunningham & Margaret) f. John m. Annie

Ship: Aberdeen 1885

  1. (f) Jessie Cunningham b. abt 1881 Forfar
  2. (f) Margaret Cunningham b. abt 1882 Forfar
  3. (m) Alexander/Alick Cunningham b. 1886 Wollongong 24336/1886

CUNNINGHAM.-January 24, 1929, at a private hospital, Randwick, Elspeth Cunningham, widow of the late William Cunningham, beloved mother of Jessie, Margaret and Alick, and sister of Mrs. M. Innes. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)Friday 25 January 1929 - Page 12,

Cunningham Susannah J/ Johanna G (Jeffery)

d. 8/9/1908 St Peters br. Woronora

m. William Cunningham (-19/8/1932 Newtown Son of William Cunningham & Esther ) 1885 Kiama

  1. (f) Esther Jane Cunningham b. 1886 Kiama 25104/1886 d. 1954 Marrickville (Harold Brothers 1917)
  2. (m) John E Cunningham b. 1888 Glebe
  3. (f) Victoria M Cunningham b. 1893 Newtown
  4. (f) Margaret E G Cunningham b. 1896 St Peters
  5. (m) Nathaniel Thomas David Cunningham b. 1899 St Peters d. 1974

Death not recorded BDM

Cunningham Mary (Hogan)

b. abt 1874 d. 1924 br. Rookwood

m. Emile Cunningham (1868 Dungog- 1929 Newtown Son of John Cunningham & Susan ) 1892 Sydney

f. John Hogan m. Mary A

  1. (m) Emile W Cunningham/Hogan b. 1892 Sydney d. 1908 Helensburgh Mine
  2. (f) Georgina A Cunningham b. 1895 Redfern
  3. (f) Elsie M Cunningham b. 1897 Sydney
  4. (f) Alma M Cunningham b. 1901 Helensburgh 22689/1901
  5. (f) Louisa S M Cunningham b. 1907 Helensburgh 13942/1907
  6. (m) John Cunningham b. 1904 Helensburgh 3608/1904
  7. (m) Emile M Cunningham b. 1907 Sydney d. 1929
  8. (f) Mary V Cunningham b. 1908 Helensburg 36268/1908

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties Husband miner.

CUNNINGHAM.—The Friends of Mr. EMIL CUNNINGHAM (of Helensburgh) are invited to attend the Funeral of his late loved WIFE, Mary ; to leave F. Dangar's Funeral Parlours, THIS AFTERNOON, at 2.15, for Catholic Cemetery, Rookwood….

CUNNINGHAM.—The Friends of ELSIE, ALMA, and JACK CUNNINGHAM, of Helensburgh, are invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved MOTHER;…

CUNNINGHAM.—The Friends of Mr. WILLIAM HOGAN, Mr. and Mrs. JOHN CUNNINGHAM, and Mrs. McDONAGH are invited to attend the Funeral of their late loved SISTER and SISTER-IN-LAW, Mary … The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 13 September 1924 p 15

Cunningham Mary (King/Ring)

m. John Cunningham ( abt 1839-) 17/4/1843 School House, Parish of Illawarra

  1. (m) James Cunningham b. 1844 Wollongong bp. CofE Dapto; Wollongong d. 2/7/1917 Sydney ( Elizabeth Clayton 1869)
  2. (m) John Cunningham b. 1846
  3. (f) Sarah Jane Cunningham * b. 1848 Sydney d. abt 1922 Wollongong ( John Flanagan 1870)
  4. (f) Eliza Cunningham b. 1850 Sydney
  5. (f) Mary Cunningham b. 1857 Sydney

Husband a shipwright

Cunnington Elizabeth (Yates)

b. abt 1859 Staffordshire d. 15/4/1930 Manly Vale br. Manly

m. Parker Cunnington (abt 1858 Morborne Huntingdonshire - 14/7/1937 Manly Son of Benjamin Cunnington & Martha) 1880

f. James Yates m. Sarah *

  1. (m) Clement Cunnington b. 1882 Wollongong 19650/1882 d. 1942 Moora WA (Bessie Hambley 1913)
  2. (m) Albert Cunnington b. 1886 Wollongong 24477/1886 (Annie Hambley 1908)
  3. (f) Evelyn M Cunnington b. 1889 Wollongong 24540/1889 
  4. (f) Elizabeth Cunnington b. 1898 Southern Cross WA

CUNNINGTON.—April 15, 1930, at her residence, Nebo, Burchmore-road, Manly Vale, Manly, Elizabeth, beloved wife of Parker Cunnington, and loved mother of Clement, Albert, and Elizabeth, aged 72 years. By request, no flowers. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 16 April 1930 p 16

Cupit Louisa Victoria (Cropley)

b. 1871 Sydney d. 15/1/1956 St George Hospital

m. Ernest Edward Cupit (abt 1869 - 10/10/1946 Greenwich Son of Alfred Cupit & Martha) 1893 Ashfield

f. John Cropley m. Elizabeth

  1. (m) Norman Ernest Cropley Cupit b. 1894 Ashfield d. 18/5/1953 Gloucester House
  2. (m) Edwin A Cupit b. 1896 Wollongong 36157/1896
  3. (f) Esme L Cupit b. 1900 Wollongong 36896/1900 (Harry A Green 1925)
  4. (m) Allan E Cupit b. 1906 Wollongong 19855/1906

Cupitt Rebecca (Hardy)

b. abt 1874 Old Trafford d. 9/10/1942 Lismore br. Lismore

m. Camden Charlton Cupitt (1873 Berrima - 1958 Ballina Son of George Cupitt & Alice) 1898 Kiama

f. John Hardy m. Eleanor S

Ship: Duchess of Argyle 1883

  1. (m) Ernest G H Cupitt b. 1898 Robertson
  2. (f) Annie R Cupitt b. 1899 Goulburn
  3. (m) Raymond J Cupitt b. 1900 Robertson
  4. (f) Pearl E Cupitt b. 1901 Ballina


BALLINA, Sunday. — The funeral of Rebecca Cupitt wife of Mr. Cam Cupitt, of Ross Street, Ballina, who died at the Lismore Base Hospital last Friday night, took place at the Church of England portion of East Ballina cemetery this afternoon at the conclusion of a service conducted at the church by the Rev. W, Burvill, who also officiated at the graveside.

The late Mrs. Cupitt was born at Old Trafford, England, 68 years ago and came to Australia with her parents, the late Mr. and Mrs. John Hardy when 11 years of age to reside at Marrickville, Sydney.

She was married to Mr. Cam Cupitt on the South Coast about 46 years ago and shortly afterwards came to reside in the Ballina district, where, with the exception of 13 years in Queensland, she had since lived. Some years ago Mrs. Cupitt was seriously injured when a tree fell on her while fishing at Teven Creek. As a result of the accident she had been in indifferent health up to the time of her death. She was taken to Lismore Base Hospital about three weeks ago, when she underwent a major operation. Despite her failing health Mrs. Cupitt was of a cheery disposition. During the last war she was an ardent worker in many patriotic efforts. It was her custom twice a week to visit the schools and teach the pupils knitting. During the present war she worked, as much, as her health would permit, in patriotic efforts. She was also an active worker in the Church of England. In addition to the widower, Mrs. Cupitt is survived by two sons and one daughter. The sons are Messrs. Ernie Cupitt (Thangool, Qld.) and Jack Cupitt (Australian Military Forces). The daughter is Mrs. H. A. Kirkland (Booyong). Nineteen grandchildren survive. Brothers are Messrs. Gay and Raymond Hardy (Sydney). Many wreaths were forwarded. Northern Star (Lismore, NSW: 1876 - 1954) Monday 12 October 1942 p 4

Curgenven/Curgenden Lavinia (Parker)

b. abt 1868 d. 8/10/1958 br. Karrakatta WA

m. James Curgenven (1865 North Fleet- 1921 Mt Lawley WA Son of Hugh Curgenven & Ann Weeks ) 1888 Sydney

  1. (m) Hugh Raymond Curgenven b. 1889 Woonona 24691/1889
  2. (m) Alma Bert Curgenven b. 1891 Merewether d. 1945 Perth WA (Olive Routely 1918)
  3. (f) Olive B Curgenven (Harry Jones 1914)
  4. (m) Harold Percival Curgenven b. 1900 Kalgoorlie WA

Curnow Annie Elizabeth (Spraque)

b. 1875 Cradley West Midlands d. 4/1/1955 Katoomba br. Katoomba

m. William Curnow (11/12/1872- 13/6/1947 Katoomba Son of William Curnow & ) 1892 Katoomba

f. William Spraque m.

  1. (f) Millicent Curnow b. 1894 Katoomba
  2. (m) Albert Curnow b. 1895 Katoomba d. 1895 Katoomba
  3. (m) Francis Henry Curnow b. 1895 Katoomba d. 1895 Katoomba
  4. (f) Hellen L Curnow b. 1897 Wollongong 8647/1897
  5. (f) Dorothy E Curnow b. 1898 Katoomba

Husband in 1897 a fisherman of Dapto.

Curnow Bridget (Lewis)

b. abt 1842 Ireland d. 6/11/1904 Sunny Corner br. Sunny Corner

m. Robert Curnow (abt 1836 -20/10/1894 Sunny Corner Son of Robert Curnow & Ann) 10/8/1863 St Francis Xavier’s 3198/1863

f. Patrick Lewis m. Mary Green

  1. (m) Joseph H Curnow b. 8/6/1864 Wollongong 16533/1864 d. 1899
  2. (m) Robert Charles Curnow 16/8/1865 Bulli 16990/1865
  3. (f) Emily Curnow 1868 Orange14137/1868
  4. (m) Robert Curnow 1871 Tambaroora 17778/1871 d. 1954
  5. (m) John Curnow 1875 Hill End 19825/1875 d. 1947

She resident Wollongong He was a miner of Bulli

In the Hill End register of people they lived in Hill End area from 1870 to 1875, including Bald Hill, Turon River, Tambaroora and Hill End itself. Husband a miner.

Curr Christiana Augusta Underwood see Fitzgerald

Curr Emily Clara (Inskip)

b. 1874 Kiama d. 25/5/1936 Auburn br. Rookwood

m. Augustus John Curr ( 1874 Concord- 1948 Burwood Son of John Augustus Curr & Francis Hines) 15/12/1896 Kiama

f. Charles Inskip m. Eliza Jane Pugh Nicols *

  1. (m) Clement Curr b. 1897 Albion Park 19037/1897
  2. (f) Doris Eliza Curr b. 1899 Albion Park 9512/1899
  3. (m) Allan John Curr b. 1901 Albion Park 29211/1901
  4. (m) Leslie C Curr b. 1902 Granville
  5. (f) Emily Frances Curr b. 1904 Granville
  6. (f) Linda A Curr b. 1908 Granville

CURR-INSKIP.-December 15, at. Kiama, Augustus John, second son of John Curr, Shellharbor, late of Auburn; to Emily Clara, youngest daughter of Charles Inskip, Shellharbor. Australian Town and Country Journal (Sydney, NSW: 1870 - 1907) Saturday 13 February 1897 p 18

CURR. - May 25, 1936, at her residence, Balcarres, 81 Northumberland-road, Auburn, Emily Clara Curr, loving wife of Augustus John Curr, and loved mother of Doris, Allan, and Emily, aged 59 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 26 May 1936 p 10

Curr Martha (Melton)

b. abt 1789 d. 23/10/1866 Wollongong

m. John Curr (1783 – 20/6/1860 Dummond Cottage Wollongong ) 14/5/1818 Saint Peter Parmentergate Norwich Norfolk

f. John ?

  1. (m) John Curr b. 1818 d. 25/3/1874 Sheffield England Heart disease (Christiana Augusta Underwood Alley * 1867)
  2. (m) Charles Curr d. 1863 Daylesford Vic
  3. (m) Laurence Curr b. abt 1824 d. 15/10/1870 Wollongong
  4. (f) Mary Ann Curr b. abt 1824 d. 11/5/1870 Ypres Belgium
  5. (f) Helen Curr * b. abt 1833 d. 1912 Qld (Henry Edward Easton 1859)
  6. (m) James Curr b. abt 1826 d. 17/11/1861 “Indiana” from Calcutta to Eng (Emma Mary Carey 1859)

On Tuesday, the 23rd of October, at Wollongong, in the 75th year of her age, MARTHA, relict of the late Mr. JOHN CURR, formerly of Belle Vue House, Sheffield, and more recently of Wollongong. The Sydney Morning Herald 23 November 1866

CURR.— At Ypres, Belgium, on May 11th, after a short illness, Mary Ann, second daughter of the late Mr John Curr, formerly of Wollongong, aged 46 years. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 12 July 1870 p 2

Curran Bedilia (Cotter)

b. 1863 d. 30/5/1948 Arncliff br. Adelong

m. James Martin Curran (abt 1856- 1931 Adelong)

f. Thomas Cotter m. Winifred

  1. (f) Sarah Jane Curran b. 1881 Branxton12206/1881
  2. (f) Winifred Curran b. 1884 Adelong
  3. (m) James M Curran b. 11/12/1885 Mount Kembla 24243/1886
  4. (f) Bedelia A Curran b. 1888 Waverley 10776/1888 d. 1889 Waverley
  5. (f) Gertrude B Curran b. 1891 St Leonards 32155/1891
  6. (f) Ellen C Curran b. 1893 Newtown 25982/1893
  7. (m) William M Curran b. 1898 Adelong 9658/1898
  8. (m) Edward Michael Curran b. 2/11/1900 Adelong 28927/1900 d. 1969 Adelong

Husband a miner and a buckjump rider.

CURRAN-The Relatives and Friends and Family of the late BEDELÍA CURRAN of 4 Almond Street Arncliffe and late of Adelong are …The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 1 June 1948 p 12

Curran Dorothy Ann see Dodd

Curran Ellen

b. abt 1834 Ballynare, Mayo

f. Paul Curran m. Mary (Both dead)

Religion: Roman Catholic

Ship: Panama 1850

Irish Orphan Other: Im. Cor. 50/249 and 351, 6 March 1850 Wollongong. Empl. J Irvine, Kiama, £7-8, 2yrs.

Curran Helen Fraser (Clark)

b. abt 1881 Sterling d. 3/1959 Bulli br. Bulli

m. Thomas Curran (abt 1875 – 3/3/1957 Bulli Son of John Curran & Dorothy Ann * see Dodds) 1901 Woonona

f. John Clark m. Elizabeth *

Ship: Port Victor 1886

  1. (f) Dorothy Curran b. 1902 Woonona 37708/1902 d. 1902 Wollongong
  2. (f) Elizabeth Curran b. 1902 Woonona 37709/1902
  3. (f) Alice Curran b. 1912 Woonona 12073/1912

Curran Margaret

m. Thomas Curran

  1. (f) Mary Curran b. 1851 bp. Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven

Curran Mary Jane (Whittey then Foster)

m. Henry Foster (-1901 Helensburgh) 1897 Helensburgh

m. Michael Curran not registered in NSW

f. Albert Whittey m. Ellen

  1. (f) Nelly R Whittey b. 1892 Helensburgh 16771/1892 d. abt 1894 drowned in well
  2. (m) David Foster b. 1898 Helensburgh 12592/1898 d. 1902 Glebe
  3. (m) Henry E Foster b. 1899 Helensburgh 21573/1899
  4. (f) Rose Foster b. 1901 Helensburgh 22685/1901 d. 1903 Helensburgh drowned in well

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

A magisterial inquiry was held here on Thursday, touching the drowning of a child named Rose Foster, two years and two months old. Mary Jane Curran, wife of Michael Curran, deposed deceased was her only child, to her previous husband Henry Foster : about 4 o'clock on the previous day she wet down into the bush for a few sticks, leaving Rose playing about the house missed the child on returning and made search for her; witness' sister discovered the body in the well on her (witnesses’) premises; the lid, a very light one, was off ; tried to restore animation ; had another child drowned in a well nine years ago ; when her first husband died she had £50, and before marrying Curran placed it in the Savings Bank in her child’s name; it is there yet; it was about twenty minutes from the time she saw the child alive to the time the body was recovered from the well. Jessie Whitty, sister of previous witness, deposed to finding the child in the well, floating face upwards ; the lid was off. Arthur Allen deposed to hearing screaming, and on investigating learnt that the baby was in the well ; hooked the child out ; it seemed to be dead. — Mabel ?enehan, who helped to get the child out of the well, deposed it was dead when taken out of the water.—Constable Tonkins deposed to seeing Dr. Park trying to restore animation ; there, was about two feet of water in the well ; the child could have lifted the lid off. A verdict of death through accidental drowning was recorded.South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954)Saturday 18 July 1903 - Page 10

Currey Jane see Stewart

Currey Margaret (Nixon)

b. abt 1857 d. 17/2/1924 Sydney

m. John Currey (abt 1846 Northumberland - 2/11/1923 Helensburgh) 1902 Sydney

  1. (m) J Nixon

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Son and wife living at Merewether in 1923 when husband died.

CURREY.—February 17, 1924, at Coast Hospital, Sydney, Margaret, widow of the late John Currey, of Helensburgh, aged 67 years. The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930)Tuesday 19 February 1924 - Page 6

Currey Mary Ann

b. abt 1851 Dublin Ireland d. 1899 Helensburgh

m. John Currey (abt 1846 Northumberland- 2/11/1923 Helensburgh)

f. Thomas m. Elizabeth

Ship: Strathleven 1879

  1. (f) Mary Currey * b. abt 1871 Northumberland d. 7/4/1920 Perth WA (Thomas Bent 1887)*
  2. (f) Elizabeth J Currey * b. abt 1873 Northumberland d. WA (John Gillies 1891)
  1. (f) Margaret Ann Currey * b. abt 1874 Northumberland d. 1951 Maitland (John Ralston 1892)
  2. (f) Jane Currey * b. abt 1878 Northumberland d. 20/2/1943 Hamilton (Alexander Stewart 1905)
  3. (f) Rebecca Currey * b. 10/1/1882 Campbelltown d. 23/8/1947 Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Sydney (David Mitchieson 1901)
  4. (m) Thomas Curry b. 1885 Wollongong 23428/1885 d. 1885 Woonona
  5. (m) William Currey b. 1888 Woonona 25765/1888 d. 1955 Hamilton

Currie Christina see Curry

Currie Lillian Mary (Holland)

b. 1881 Sydney

m. Daniel Currie 1912

f. Arthur John Holland m. Mary Lucy Grantham *

Living Crown St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Currie Mary Jane

Living at Corrimal in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Curry Ann (Hennessy)

b. abt 1929 d. 1914 Auburn br. Rookwood

m. James Curry 23/2/1857 Wollongong 2824/1857

She resident Wollongong He Resident of Mt Keira

  1. (m) James Curry b. 21/3/1860 Mount Keira 13843/1860
  2. (f) Mary Curry * b. 1/7/1864 Bulli (John David Cherry 1888)
  3. (m) Michael Curry b. 27/9/1866 Rixon’s Pass Bulli 16685/1866
  4. (f) Ellen Curry b. 20/12/1869 Dapto 18892/1870
  5. (f) Rose Anne Currey b. 20/6/1872 Farie Meadow 19650/1872
  6. (m) Henry Curry b. bp. 17/10/1874 Fairy Meadow 21563/1874
  7. (f) Margaret Currey b. 17/11/1878 Mt Pleasant Wollongong 26001/1879

The death has occurred at Sydney of Mrs. James Curry, senr, an old resident of this town. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 25 December 1914 p 2

Curry Ann Jane (Graham)

b. Tyrone Ireland d. 22/2/1890 ‘Star Hill” Cootamundra 1580/1896

m. Walter Curry (abt 1830 Lisnaway TYR – 25/6/1900 Son of John Curry & Margareta Bowes *) 13/9/1850 Berkeley Presbyterian Wollongong V18504481 74B Later married Eliza Tibbay

f. George Graham m. Rebecca Grame

  1. (m) John Robert Curry b. 1851 V1851689 51/1851 ( Marion Sommerville 1883)
  2. (f) Lydia Ann Curry b. 1853 V18534632 45B/1853 (George Elliott 1874)
  3. (m) George Curry (Mary Emma Geddes 1882)
  4. (f) Rebecca Curry b. 1857 Kiama 7419/1857 ( Harry James 1879)
  5. (m) Walter S Curry b. 1859 Kiama 8426/1859 d. 1862 Jamberoo
  6. (f) Elizabeth Curry b. 1861 Kiama 8240/1861 ( Samuel Henry Elliott 1884)
  7. (f) Female Curry b. 1863 Kiama 8627/1863
  8. (f) Ann Jane Curry (James Sommerville 1885)
  9. (m) Christian Edward Curry b. 1866 Kiama 9472/1866 (Christina McKay 1890)
  10. (f) Margaret Curry b. 1867 Kiama 10456/1867 d. 1872 Jamberoo
  11. (f) Sarah M Curry b. 1869 Kiama 12187/1869 12187/1869 ( Gilbert Sommerville 1891)
  12. (f) Isabella Florence Curry b. 1874 Queanbeyan ( Samuel Tully 1896)

Curry/Currey Anne

m. George Curry

  1. (f) Mary Currey b. 1864 Wollongong 16531/1864

Curry Annie Ellen (Goodwin)

b. 1861 Kiama d. 13/5/1942 Kiama

m. James Curry (abt 1863- 2/6/1943 Kiama Son of William Curry & Margaret Ann) 27/7/1898 St Paul’s Sydney

f. William Goodwin m. Mary Ann *

  1. (f) Margaret M F Curry b. 1899 Petersham
  2. (f) Alice Muriel J Curry b. 1901 Kiama 4275/1901
  3. (f) Muriel A F Curry b. 1902 Kiama 13133/1902
  4. (m) James Frederick G Curry b. 1903 Kiama 12920/1903


The death occurred at, her residence, Shoalhaven Street, Kiama, early on Wednesday morning last, of a very old and respected resident, in the person of Mrs. Annie Ellen Curry, at the age of 78 years. She had been in failing health for some time. The late Mrs. Curry was a Miss Goodwin, member of a very old family of the district, and was born at Kiama, where she spent the whole of her long life. Of a retiring disposition, with all her interests centred in her home, she had taken no part in public affairs, but was ever ready to assist a deserving cause, and earned the esteem of all who knew her. She married Mr. James Curry, who survives, together with one son, Fred, and three daughters, Dora and Muriel (Kiama) and Alice (Sydney), to all of whom sympathy is extended in their bereavement. The funeral took place on Wednesday at the Church of England of England cemetery, Kiama, The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Saturday 16 May 1942 p 3

Curry Christina (Kinghorn)

b. 24/12/1861 Alnmouth Northumberland d. 17/12/1931 Bulli 18200/1931 br. Bulli General

m. Matthew Curry ( 5/10/1853-11/7/1934 Darlinghurst) 1887 Alnwick Northumberland

f. John Kinghorn m. Racheal

  1. (f) Elizabeth Sarah Curry b. 1888 Woonona 25805/1888 d. 1895
  2. (m) John George Curry b. 1891 Wollongong 38392/1891 d. 1966 Bulli
  3. (m) Matthew W Curry b. 1893 Woonona 39781/1893
  4. (f) Ethel Curry b. 1897 Woonona 27843/1897
  5. (f) Edna R Curry b. 1907 Woonona 31194/1907  

Living at Corrimal in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

CURRY — December 17th, 1931, at Bulli District Hospital, Christina Curry, of Rothery St., Corrimal, beloved wife of Matthew Curry, and mother of John, William, Ethel (Mrs. Beavis- Moree) and Edna, aged 68 years. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW: 1900 - 1954) Friday 18 December 1931 p 15

Curry Elizabeth (Cook)

b. 5/3/1873 Marshall Mount d. 4/6/1961 br. West Dapto Catholic Cemetery

m. Patrick Joseph Curry ( abt 1872 Camden- 3/9/1933 South Kensington Son of Richard Curry & Elizabeth Ann Cummins * ) 11/11/1898 Mr Cook’s residence Avondale

f. William Cook m. Rose McMahon *

  1. (m) Adrian William Curry b. 5/3/1899 Dapto 17294/1899 d. 4/3/1958 Primbee
  2. (f) Mary Elizabeth Curry b. 8/8/1900 Dapto 27919/1900
  3. (f) Agnes J Curry b. 1902 Eden
  4. (m) Patrick R Curry b. 1904 Eden
  5. (f) Monica P Curry b. 1909 Sydney
  6. (m) Richard J Cook b. 1913 Picton

Husband a publican and was in Wellington in 1905 when his father died.

Curry Elizabeth/Eliza Ann (Cummins)

b. abt 1850 Camden ? d. 13/5/1918 Picton br. Rookwood

m. Richard Curry (23/7/1840 Camden ?- 23/76/1905 WellingtonSon of Patrick Curry & Ellen Moore ) 14/10/1869 Campbelltown

f. John Cummins m. Agnes

  1. (m) John Paul Curry b. 1870 d. 4/7/1919 Erskinville (Elsie Clapham 1899)
  2. (m) Patrick Joseph Curry b. 15/5/1872 Redfern d. 3/9/1933 South Kensington (Elizabeth Cook * 1898)
  3. (m) Joseph Aloysius Curry b. 1875 Wagga Wagga d. 1950 Concord (Rosina Crimes 1903)
  4. (f) Mary Ellen Curry b. 1877 d. 23/9/1950 (William McCormick 1905)
  5. (m) Richard Ignatius Curry b. abt 1879 Wagga Wagga d. 13/10/1948

Husband a hotel-keeper in Wagga, removing thence to Mangopelah, Temora, Moruya, Dapto, and Yambulla

Mrs. Curry, owner of the Dapto Hotel, and at one time resident of that place, died at Picton this week. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 17 May 1918 p 2

Curry Ellen

m. Thomas Curry

  1. (m) John Curry b. 1841 CofE Dapto;Wollongong

Curry Margareta (Bowes)

b. abt 1807 Macquires Bridge Fermagh d. 23/1/1894 Sea View Gerringong br. Jamberoo

m. John Curry ( abt 1804 Lisnaway Tyrone - 2/10/1872 ‘Sea View’ Gerringong Son of Walter Moutray Curry & Lydia Kirkpatrick) 12/1/1824 Fermargh Ireland

f. Rev Edward John Bowes m.

Ship: Oriental 1850

  1. (f) Lydia Curry b. Ireland ( John Johnston)
  2. (f) Jane Bowes Curry b. abt 1828 Ireland d. 1919 (John McClintock 1851 )
  3. (m) Walter Curry b abt 1830 Lisnaway Tyrone d. 25/6/1900 Cootamundra ( Ann Jane Graham * 1850, Eliza Tibbay * 1896)
  4. (f) Sarah Curry * b. abt 1832 Ireland d. 1899 Grafton ( John Simpson Smith 1862 )
  5. (f) Anna Marie Curry * b. abt 1834 Ireland d. 12/7/1919 Ashfield (John Cullen)
  6. (f) Margaret Curry b. abt 1839 Ireland (John Elliott)
  7. (f) Rebecca Jane Curry * b. abt 1840 Ireland d. 1/10/1937 Turramurra ( George Montgomery Allen ) (Cousin of Isaac M Allen)
  8. (f) Isabella Curry * b. abt 1843 Ireland d. 13/2/1931 Blacktown( Isaac Manaul Allen 1868 ) (Cousin of George M Allen )
  9. (f) Ellen Curry b. abt 1847 Ireland
  10. (m) Edward John Curry b. abt 1849 Halftown Ireland d. 16/10/1929 (Sarah JaneWaldron * 1974)

Sister Sarah Bowes * married Thomas Elliott

Curry/Currie Mary Jane (Gibbs)

m. James Curry 1899 Wollongong 4646/1899

  1. (m) Edward Gibbs b. 7/4/1899 Queen’s Parade Wollongong 17309/1899 d. 1982
  2. (f) May Elizabeth Curry b. 10/5/1900 Corrimal St Wollongong 18270/1900
  3. (f) Maggie Curry b. 1902 Woonona 37712/1902
  4. (f) Elizabeth Curry b. 1905 Wollongong 29634/1905
  5. (f) Annie Curry b. 1909 Wollongong 20812/1909

Living at Corrimal in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Note: Alice Louisa Gibbs had a little girl on 7/4/1899 Queen’s Parade Wollongong, same day as Edward was born.

AFFILIATION CASE. James Curry was charged by Mary Jane Gibbs with refusing to contribute towards the support of his illegitimate male child. This case was continued from the previous Monday. Mr. Cox for complainant, and Mr. Lysaght for defendant, who pleaded not guilty. Evidence was given by George Wingate, William Weeks, and defendant, the latter denying the paternity of the child. Mr. Lysaght addressed the Bench, contending that the information must be dismissed, as there was not sufficient evidence upon which to base an order. Mr. Cox replied, maintaining that the charge against defendant had been clearly proved. Defendant was ordered to pay 5s per week for twelve months into the hands of Senior-sergeant Sykes, also to pay 16s for two witnesses, £2 2s professional costs, and 13s costs of court. He was directed to enter into his own recognisance in the sum of £5 and find two sureties in a like sum for the fulfillment of the order ; in default, to be imprisoned in Wollongong gaol until the order was complied with. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950)Tuesday 23 May 1899 - Page 2

Curry Maud Mary (Seymour)

d. 1949 Willoughby

m. Michael Curry 1901 Canowindra

f. Seymour m. Mary

  1. (f) Thelma M C Curry b. 1902 Cowra
  2. (f) Dorothea B Curry b. 1904 Yass
  3. (f) Doreen M S Curry b. 1906 Yass
  4. (m) Bruce J Curry b. 1909 Randwick
  5. (f) Pauline M Curry b. 1912 St Leonards
  6. (m) John I Curry b. 1916 Chatswood

SEYMOUR.—In loving memory of our dear mother, Mary Seymour, who died at Broken Hill on June 18, 1897. One year has passed, oh, mother dear,
Since you have left us lonely here;
But loving thoughts of you to-day
Will never, never pass away.

Inserted by her loving daughters, Edith Draper * and Maud, Illawarra. Barrier Miner (Broken Hill, NSW : 1888 - 1954) Monday 13 June 1898 p 2

Currey Rebecca see Mitchison

Curry Sarah Jane (Waldron)

b. abt 1849 V1850955 35/1850 d. 14/9/1927 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. Edward John Curry (abt 1849 Halftown Ireland – 16/10/1929 Wollongong Son of John Curry & Margareta Bowes *) 1874 Wollongong 4236/1874

f. Hubert Kelly Waldron m. Eliza Jane Elliott *

  1. (f) Adeline Matilda Curry b. 1876 Young 22947/1876
  2. (m) George Arthur Curry b. 1877 Gundagai 12915/1877
  3. (f) Lillian Laura Curry b. 1880 Young 27984/1880 (Briant)

My beloved wife and our dear mother

Curtin Annie/ Anna Marion/ Maria (Minahan/Minihan then Jekyll)

b. abt 1857 d. 7/12/1934 Burwood

m. John Jekyll (30/8/1854 Charcole Creek- Son of Edward Jeykll & Ann Head) 1885 Parramatta

m. John Joseph Curtin 1893 Woonona 7667/1893

f. John Minahan m. Catherine

  1. (f) Annie Jekyll b. abt 1885 Glenfield (Otto O’Dwyer 1907)
  2. (m) Thomas Daniel Curtin b. 1894 Woonona 38410/1894
  3. (f) Nellie L Curtin b. 1895 Woonona 8612/1895
  4. (f) Mary Evelyn Curtin b. 30/1/1899 Dapto 26771/1899 (Roy C Marsden 1927)

Living at Lakelands in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties Husband a smelter

At the Police Court on Monday, before the P.M., John J. Curtin, wandering at large at Dapto on 7th instant, and deemed to be insane, was remanded to Wollongong goal for eight days for medical treatment. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950)Wednesday 10 February 1904 - Page 2

In the Wollongong Court on Thursday, John Joseph Curtin, who had been brought by the police from Port Kembla, was charged with being of unsound mind, and sent to the reception ward for observation; he was very recently before the Court for a similar reason. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954)Saturday 25 January 1908 - Page 8

CURTIN — December 7th, 1934, at 23 Angelo Street, Burwood, Anne Marion Curtin, dearly beloved mother of Annie, Thomas, Nellie, and Mary. Aged 77 years. R.I.P. The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1931 - 1954)Saturday 8 December 1934 - Page 6,

Curtis Catherine (Byrnes)

b. abt 1831 d. 16/5/1873 Marengo near Young

m. John Curtis (-1890 Young) 1853 RC Campbelltown, St John's V185314 99/1853

f. Patrick Byrnes m. Margaret

  1. (m) Alfred Curtis b. 8/11/1854 Fairy Meadow d. 1918 Boorowa
  2. (f) Agnes Curtis b. 1856 Camden (John Cassin 1875)
  3. (m) John Curtis b. 1859 Campbelltown
  4. (m) Patrick Curtis b. 1862 Campbelltown
  5. (f) Jane Curtis b. 1864 Campbelltown
  6. (f) Easter Curtis b. 1866 Campbelltown
  7. (m) William Curtis b. 1868 Campbelltown
  8. (m) Arthur Curtis b. 1871 Campbelltown

On May 16th, at Bendick, Morrell, near Marengo, after a short and painful illness of three days, from inflammation of the stomach, Catherine, the beloved wife of John Curtis, carpenter and joiner, late of Campbelltown, in her 43rd year, leaving a husband and eight children to mourn their loss. Australian Town and Country Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1870 - 1919)Saturday 22 November 1873 - Page 28

Curtis Emily Victoria

b. 1863 Liverpool d. 14/11/1904 Dapto br. Brownsville

f. George Henry Curtis m. Charlotte Elizabeth Dunning

Living at Osborne St Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Miss Emily Curtis died on Monday last after a fortnight's illness from heart disease. The remains were interred in the Brownsville cemetery on Tuesday. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950)Saturday 19 November 1904 - Page 2

Curtis Elizabeth Jane (McMahon)

b. 19/10/1848 Riversdale Kiama d. 24/12/1928 Campsie br. Rookwood

m. John Curtis 6/12/1877 Jamberoo

f. John McMahon m. Mary Waldron *

CURTIS-The Remains of the late ELIZABETH JANE CURTIS will be laid to rest in the Methodist Cemetery Rookwood, THIS MORNING. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 26 December 1928 p 5,

Curtis Susan (Johnston)

b. 1850 Sydney d. 17/2/1945 Cremorne br. Manly ?

m. Ambrose Curtis (1848 Sydney- 11/6/1924 Mosman Son of James Curtis & Mary) 11/6/1873 Sydney

f. Matthew Johnston m. Catherine White

  1. (f) Eva Mary Curtis b. 16/8/1874 Sydney (John Melbourne Tait 1898)
  2. (f) Teresa M Curtis b. 1877 Sydney ( James F Morris 1907)
  3. (m) Ambrose William Curtis b. 1879 Sydney d. 1938 Sydney
  4. (m) James Matthew Curtis b. 1881 Paddington d. 1968 St Leonards
  5. (m) Reginald Johnston Curtis b. 1886 Kiama 25099/1886 d. 6 to 9/8/1915 Gallipoli (Isabella L Wiley 1910)
  6. (f) Muriel A Curtis b. 1893 Kiama 18754/1893 d. 1917 Manly

Husband a bank manager who moved to Bathurst after his posting to Kiama.

On the 11th June, at St. Benedict's Church, by special license, by the Rev. M. E. Athy, O.S.B., Ambrose, seventh son of James Curtis, Hunter-street, to Susan, second daughter of the late Matthew Johnston. Empire (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1875)Wednesday 18 June 1873 - Page 1

On August 16 at her residence, Devonshire-street, the wife of Ambrose Curtis, of a daughter. Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931)Saturday 29 August 1874 - Page 2

CURTIS.-February 17, 1945, at a rest home, Cremorne, Susan, relict of the late Ambrose Curtis, of Mosman, in her 96th year. R.I.P. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)Monday 19 February 1945 - Page 10

Curtland Eliza (Kirken)

m. William Curtland

  1. (f) Mary Curtland b. 14/12/1854 Dapto V18541966 121A/1854 V18541908 121A/1854

Curwen Mary Ann ()

b. abt 1859 d. 3/1/1910 Cessnock br.

m. Harrison Curwen (1860 Maryport Cumberland- 1921 Cessnock Son of Harrison Curwen & )

f. George m. Elizabeth

  1. (m) Henry Harrison Curwen b. 1888 Helensburgh 17639/1888 d. 1966 Cessnock (Marjory Ethel )
  2. (f) Elizabeth C Curwen b. 1891 Helensburgh 16488/1891 (John Snedden 1913)
  3. (f) Emily M Curwen (William Jones 1900)
  4. (f) Curwen (C Thompson)

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties Husband a miner.

Cutcher Bertha Anna Maud (Harrett/Hassoet)

b. abt 1865 d. 24/8/1957 Hamilton 22673/1957

m. Samuel Cutcher ( 1865 Wollongong – 16/8/1926 Darlinghurst Son of Samuel Cutcher and Lucy Fellows * ) 1889 Kiama 5346/1889

  1. (m) Courtenay Samuel Cutcher b. 1890 Wollongong 37864/1890
  2. (f) Anna Irene Cutcher b. 1892 Wollongong 38865/1892 d. 17/4/1892 br Wollongong with grandparents Cutcher
  3. (m) Warwick Harnett Cutcher b. 1893 Wollongong 39170/1893
  4. (m) Herbert Lowell Cutcher b. 1895 Wollongong 28515/1895

She and her husband were the guardian of Norman Abbot Lacey East , who was born in May 1900 Shellharbour and whose mother died in August 1900, from the time of his mother’s death. They lived at the time of WW1 in Inverell. Husband a jeweller in Wollongong, a shopkeeper in Inverell, a failed station owner in Qld who then returned to Inverell in about 1916 and became a secretary/accountant for local businesses.

Cutcher Lucy (Fellows then Cornford)

b. abt 1821 Westfield Sussex d. 3/4/1875 Wollongong br Wollongong

m.William Cornford (1818-1857 Parramatta Son of William Cornford & Priscilla Ayling * ) 1841 Presbyterian Wollongong V18414371 74B

m. Samuel Cutcher (1805-1894 Wollongong ) 1860 Wollongong 1860/2870 (Samuel Cutcher was a convict who arrived 1838 on the Portsea, TOL Illawarra) (also see Emma Utley)

f. Richard Fellows m. Hannah Harris

Ship: Maitland 1838

Cause of death enlarged liver and dropsy.

  1. (m) James Cornford 1841 Church of England Sydney St Lawrence’sV1841645 26A/1841 d. 1923 (Ruth Owen 1871)
  2. (m) Henry Cornford b. 29/3/1846 Chippendale V1846586 55/1846 d. 1897 Waterloo (Catherine Brophey * 1873)
  3. (m) Walter Cornford b. 5/7/1848 Sydney V18481350 55/1848 d. 2/9/1927 Wollongong (Esther Cousins * 1875)
  4. (m) Spencer Cornford b. 18/3/1851 Shoalhaven V1846586 V185155 56/1851 d. 10/5/1918 Paddington (Lavinia Parsons * 1871)
  5. (f) Ellenor Cornford * b. abt 1853 d. 1942 Wyong (Edward Owen 1871)
  6. (f) Naomi Cornford b. 1855 Weslyan Methodist Wollongong V18552375 56/1855 (Thomas Holden 1876)
  7. (f) Jessie Cutcher b. 1861 Wollongong1861/14366 d. 1861
  8. (m) Samuel Cutcher b. 1865 Wollongong 1865/16976 (Bertha Anna Harrett 1889)

TO WILLIAM CORNFORD, late of Wollongong, in the colony of New South Wales,Plasterer.

Nearly five years ago you left me to maintain myself and our seven young helpless children, since when I have several times advertised for you but in vain.I now give you Notice, that it is my intention to be Married again at the expiration of Three Months, unless in the meantime, you return and claim me as your Wife. Dated this 38th day of July, 1860. LUCY CORNFORD. Empire (Sydney) 2 August 1860

WLLIAM CORNFORD forsook his family five years ago, and with but one exception has not been heard of since-that was very soon after he left. He is supposed to be dead. His wife, or widow, or worse than widow, earnestly begs information from any one who can give it, respecting him. He was tall in person, walked with a stoop, would appear to be fifty years of age, but not so old. He was a plasterer by trade, and of very drunken habits. Information sent to LUCY CORNFORD, Wollongong, will much oblige. The Sydney Morning Herald 29 May 1860

CUTCHER. - On April 3rd, at her residence, Upper Crown Street, Wollongong, of enlargement of the liver and dropsey, the beloved wife of Mr. Samuel Cutcher, aged 53 years, leaving a large circle of friends to mourn their loss. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 9 April 1875 p 2

Cutching Bridget


  1. (f) Bridget Cutching b. 1884 22963/1884

Cuttle/Kuttle Hannah (Ryan)

m. Robert Kuttle

  1. (f) Elizabeth Kuttle b. 25/11/1858 Wollongong

Cutts Susan (Kelly)

b. abt 1835 Bambridge Down Ireland d. 1907 Helensburgh br. Helensburgh

m. Lionel Cutts (abt 1826 -1907 Helensburgh) Victoria ?

f. William Kelly m. Mary Downes

Ship: Diadem 1850 into Melbourne

  1. (m) James Cutts b. 1853 Collingwood Vic
  2. (f) Susan Cutts b. 1854 Sringwood Vic
  3. (m) Thomas Cutts b. 1856 Raglan Vic
  4. (f) Sarah Cutts b. 1857 Dunolly Vic
  5. (f) Mary Ann Cutts b. 1859 Amherst Vic
  6. (m) Lionel Cutts b. Grea Vic d. 1887 Cooma
  7. (f) Ellen Isabella Cutts b. 1864 Cath Vic
  8. (m) Joseph Cutts b. 1866 Aarat vic d. 1868 Sand Vic
  9. (m) John Cutts b. 1868 Ararat d. 1937 Liverpool
  10. (f) Alice Maude Cutts * b. 1871 Ararat Vic d. 1939 Rozelle (James Robinson 1892)
  11. (f) Ethel Cutts b. 1874 Ararat Vic
  12. (f) Female Cutts b. 1877 Glen Thomp Vic


Quite a gloom was cast upon the township, of Helensburgh last Saturday, when it became known that two old residents had passed away - John Cutts, aged 76, .. Lionel Cutts came to Australia in 1850, and during his vigorous years followed railway works. Unfortunately he has been an invalid for some years, and the struggle for existence has had to be borne by his devoted wife, who, sad to Say, has also been laid up for several months. Although the deceased had been 57 years in Australia he could not receive an old age pension because he had not continually resided in N.S.W, for 25 years. In a few months more he would have been entitled, to the pension. In face of this it is quite clear that our supposed humanitarian laws are greatly in need of amendment. Mr. Cutts was a very old resident of the South Coast district and was highly respected by all who knew him. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Saturday 5 October 1907 p 1

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