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E Surnames

Eadie Margaret (Carmichael)

m. Charles Eadie (-) 1878 Gundagai

  1. (m) John Eadie b. 1886 Kiama 25137/1886 d. 1962 Hurstville

Eady Ann

m. Thomas W Eady cr. Woronora

  1. (m) Robert H Eady b. 1850 bp. CofE Dapto; Wollongong
  2. (f) Lillian W Eady b. 1852 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong

Eady Mary Ann

b. abt 1870 d. 14/6/1947 Callan Park cr. Woronora

m. John Eady (abt 1865-27/2/1942 Helensburgh)

f. John

  1. (m) Jonathan Eady b. 1904 Helensburgh d. 1969 Helensburgh
  2. (f) Hannah Eady b. 1906 Helensburgh
  3. (m) Thomas Eady b. 1908 Helensburgh

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Husband a miner.

EADY, Mary Ann. - June 14, 1947, late 10 Parkes Street, Helensburgh, relict of the late John Eady, in her 77th year.

Eagan Jane see Egan Isabella Jane

Eagan Margaret see Egan

Eager Isabel

m. Edward F Eager

  1. Ronald Eager b. 1892 Wollongong 39103/1892

Isabel Eager was charged by Albert Abbott with being indebted to him in the sum of £8 15S, for wages.Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 2 May 1893 p 2

Eagles Frances Ann Fanny (Moore)

d. 20/1/1933 Randwick

m. Archer Archibald Eagles ( 18/9/1844 – 27/5/1923 Son of Richard Eagles & Elizabeth Stanton) 21/4/1870 Sydney

f. Patrick Moore m. Mary Tyson

  1. (f) Alice Eagles b. 1870 Campbelltown 8273/1870
  2. (f) Amy Florence Eagles b. 1875 Campbelltown 9343/1875
  3. (m) William Charles Eagles b. 1877 Campbelltown 9869/1877 d. 1906 Woonona
  4. (m) 1879 Campbelltown 11299/1879 d. 1880 Campbelltown
  5. (m) Bertie Cecil Eagles b. 1882 Campbelltown 13015/1882 d. 1964 Balmain
  6. (m) Walter T Eagles b. 1883 Campbelltown 13908/1883
  7. (f) Lilly Mary Eagles b. 1885 Campbelltown 16047/1885
  8. (f) Effie M A Eagles b. 1890 Woonona 38452/1890 d. 1891 Campbelltown
  9. (f) Essie MA Eagles b. 1890 Woonona 38453/1890
  10. (f) Gladys T Eagles d. 1892 Campbelltown 9781/1892
  11. (m) Ernest Archer Eagles b. d. 1938 Sydney
  12. (f) Aileen Eagles b. 1894 Campbelltown 9323/1894

She and her brother William Moore were living in Bulli and her sister Isabella Dwyer who had lived in Bulli but was now living in Paddington when her uncle James Tyson estate was settled in 1899. James Tyson was a millionaire whose estate was worth about 2.36 Million pounds. There were many claimants to the estate but the family would have received a substantial sum.

Eagles -January 20 1933 at Kamilaroi 20 Francis street Randwick Frances Annie Eagles widow of the late Archer Eagles aged 81 -years The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 21 January 1933

Eagles Lilias (Palfreyman)

b. 1876 Thurgoland Yorkshire d. 7/7/1915 Wollongong

m. Joseph Eagles 1905 Sydney

f. John Palfreyman m. Sarah Elizabeth *

  1. (m) Fred Eagles b. 1905 Woonona
  2. (f) Charlotte Eagles b. 1907 Woonona
  3. (m) Wilfred Eagles b. 1908 Woonona
  4. (m) Walter Eagles b. 1910 Woonona
  5. (m) John H Eagles b. 1912 Woonona
  6. (f) Sarah E Eagles b. 1914 Bulli

Living Corrimal in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.

The sad death occurred on Wednesday at the Wollongong Hospital of Mrs. Joseph Eagles. The deceased lady who had ailed for a considerable time, was widely known and highly respected. A husband and six children mourn the loss of a good wife and loving mother. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 9 July 1915 p 11

Eagles Maud

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (f) Stella C Eagles b. 1890 Woonona 38588/1890

Eales Abigail see Gillespie

Eales Elizabeth see Coulter

Eales Harriett (Holden)

b. 7/5/1834 Hellingly East Sussex d. 23/12/1863 Dungog br. Dungog

m. Joseph Eales (abt 1822 Bristol Somerset -2/11/1883 Balgownie ) 19/11/1849 Hinton

f. James Holden m. Martha Akhurst

Ship: Alfred 1839

  1. (m) Sarah Eales *b. 1849 Dungog d. 1924 Bulli (Edward Jarrett m. 1868)
  2. (m) Jane Anne Eales * b. 23/9/1852 Dungog d. 17/7/1920 Wollongong (Richard Petersen 1878, Frederick J G Hunt 1891 )
  3. (f) John Aitkin Eales b 13/3/1854 Bulli d. 19/4/1903 Moruya (Elizabeth Elliott 1878)
  4. (m) Elizabeth Eales * b 1856 Bulli. d. 1914 Wollongong d. 1914 Wollongong (Robert Coulter 1903)
  5. (m) Harriett Eales b 1859 Bulli 14082/1859 d. 24/12/1934 Darlinghurst (Francis Hawdon 1882)

Eales Jane Anne see Hunt

Earl Ann (Edwards)

b. 1864 Kiama d. 10/12/1952 Kogarah br. Woronora

m. Lancelot Lewis Earl (21/12/1861 Highgate London-20/6/1938 Arncliff Son of Lancelot Earl & Elizabeth *) 1886 Wollongong

f. Henry Edwards m. Rhoda Tatch *

  1. (f) Annie Lancelot Earl b. 1887 Wollongong 24847/1887 d. 6/6/1888 br. Pioneer park Wollongong and Woronora?
  2. (f) Rhoda Earl b. 1889 Wollongong 24488/1889 (L H Lloyd)
  3. (f) Hannah S Earl b. 1895 Wollongong 9139/1895 ( H S King)
  4. (m) Thomas John Earl b. 1904 Glebe 12054/1904 d. 1964
  5. (m) Lancelot Henry Earl b. 1899 Balmain North 28285/1899 d. 1951

Living on Crown Street Wollongong


Mrs. Ann Earl, of Arncliffe, a former Wollongong resident, died in Sydney on Thursday. Before marrying, Mrs. Earl was Miss Edwards, a member of a well-known and respected Wollongong family. A sister, Mrs. McPhee senior lives in Wollongong. The funeral left St. David's Church of England, Forest Road, Arncliffe, at 2.30 p.m. yesterday for the Woronora cemetery. Illawarra Daily Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1950 - 1954) Saturday 13 December 1952 p 5

Earl Elizabeth (Lewis)

b. abt 1835 St James, Middlesex d. October 1920 Balmain br. Rookwood

m. Lancelot Earl (abt 1833 Kendal Westmorland-10/1/1906 Annandale) 1858 St Martin Middlesex

Ship: Aberdeen 1885

  1. (m) Thomas J Earl b. abt 1859 Highgate London d. 1929 Bankstown (Maud Mary Ann Madle * 1883)
  2. (m) Lancelot Lewis Earl b. 21/12/1861 Highgate London d. 20/6/1938 Arncliffe (Ann Edwards * 1886)
  3. (f) Hannah Agnes Earl * b. abt 1865 Highgate Middlesex d. 1934 Ashfield (George Enderby 1883)
  4. (f) Elizabeth Sarah Earl * abt 1866 Highgate Middlesex d. 14/10/1940 Balmain ( Albert J Crane 1886)
  5. (f) Catherine Jane Earl b. 1870 Highgate Middlesex d. 1944 Burwood (Oswald F Hurford 1908)
  6. (m) Alfred William Earl b. abt 1872 Middlesex d. 1953 Orange
  7. (m) Humphrey Michael Earl b. abt 1878 Middlesex d. 1954 Ryde (Alice M Warren 1903)

Living at South Coast Rd Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a bootmaker.

Earl Maud Mary Ann (Madle)

b. abt 1860 Fyfield Essex d. 9/4/1951 Sefton Park br. Rookwood

m. Thomas John Earl (abt 1859 Highgate London-5/8/1929 Sefton Park Son of Lancelot Earl & Elizabeth Lewis *) 1883 Edmonton Middlesex

f. Albert Thomas Madle m. Louisa

  1. (f) Maude Louisa Elizabeth Earl b. 1884 d. 30/6/1897 Wollongong 10169/1897 br. Pioneer Park Cemetery Wollongong

We regret to announce the somewhat sudden death of Maud, the only child of Mr. T. J. Earl, which took place early yesterday morning. Death was due to an affection of the heart. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) 1 July 1897

EARL.— In ever loving memory of our dear Maudie, who went to sleep June 30th, 1897, aged 13 years and 2 months, Not lost, but gone before.

Inserted by her loving Father and Mother, T. J. and M. M. A. Earl, Bathurst, N.S.W. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Saturday 29 June 1901

Early Elizabeth (Rickett)

b. abt 1876 d. 6/2/1952 East Hills

m. John Henry Early (abt 1863 -6/8/1946 Mascot Son of Richard Henry Early & Elizabeth) 1901 Rockdale

f. George Rickett m.

  1. (m) John H Early b. 1902 Helensburgh 12762/1902
  2. (m) William Frederick Early b. 1904 Helensburgh
  3. (f) Elizabeth E Early b. 1905 Rockley
  4. (f) Esther F Early b. 1907 Helensburgh 13932/1907
  5. (f) Rose H A Early b. 1908 Helensburgh 36247/1908
  6. (f) Marjorie M Early b. 1911 Murrumburrah
  7. (m) George R Early b. 1912 Murrumburrah
  8. (f) Rebecca Early b. 1915 Bulli 16428/1915
  9. (f) Kathleen V Early b. 1917 Boorowa

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

EARLY, Elizabeth - February 6 1952 at her daughter's (Mrs R Gleeson) residence, 42 Cammarlie Street East Hills, late of Buxton, widow of the late John Henry Early, loving mother of John, William, Bessie, Ettie, Rose, Ruby, and Kath, fond sister of Ellen Wolfenden and loving aunt of Fred and Jim, aged 76 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Thursday 7 February 1952 p 26

Earnshaw Christina Maria (Schofer/Schafer)

b. 1859 Wollongong 14094/1859 d. 1947 Newtown 14752/1947

m. David Earnshaw ( abt 1836 – 21/6/1894 Keira Village Son of Charles Earnshaw & Hannah) 1875 Wollongong

f. John Schofer m. Maria Salome *

  1. (f) Hannah Maria Earnshaw * b. 1876 Wollongong 22550/1876 d. 1933 Gosford (Thomas W Dowse 1894)
  2. (f) Nancy Earnshaw b. 1877 Wollongong 23176/1877 (Frank Lee 1907)
  3. (f) Matilda Earnshaw b. 1879 Wollongong 26083/1879 (Robert Allen 1899)
  4. (m) Ben Earnshaw b. 1881 Wollongong 18861/1881 d. 1954 Campsie
  5. (f) Christina Earnshaw b. 1883 Wollongong 21079/1883 (William A Cowan 1910)
  6. (f) Salome Earnshaw b. 1885 Wollongong 23627/1885 d. 1887 Wollongong
  7. (m) John W Earnshaw b. 1888 Wollongong 25495/1888
  8. (m) Sam Earnshaw b. 1890 Keiraville 37972/1890 d. 1964 Newcastle
  9. (m) Joe Earnshaw b. 1892 Wollongong 39058/1892 d. 1962 Newcastle

East Eliza (Elliott)

b. abt 1848 d. 30/7/1938 Wollongong 20520/1938 br. Wollongong General

m. James East (1850 Jamberoo -19/4/1927 Wollongong Son of Thomas East & Elizabeth Lacey*) 1874 Kiama 2731/1874

f. Robert Elliott m. Graham

Ship: abt 1850

  1. (m) James Russell East b. 26/5/1875 Kiama 13171/1875
  2. (f) Annie Maud East * b. 17/3/1877 Kiama 13850/1877 d. 1973 Kiama (Edward K Tate 1902)
  3. (m) Stanley Elliott East b. 1879 Kiama 15783/1879
  4. (f) Daisy Mildred East b. 1881 Kiama 19384/1881 (Arthur H Bissell 1920)
  5. (f) Minnie I East b. 1883 Kiama 21742/1883
  6. (m) Charles L East b. 1886 Kiama 25090/1886

ON the 26th May, at her residence, Bush Bank, Mrs. James EAST of a son. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 3 June 1875 p 2

EAST.–On the 17th instant, at her residence, Bushbank, Kiama, Mrs. James East of a daughter. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Tuesday 20 March 1877 p 2


A very old identity of the Shellharbour-Albion Park district, in the person of Mrs Eliza East, passed away at her residence in Staff street, Wollongong late Saturday, in her 90th year

The late Mrs East was born County Fermanagh, Ireland, and came to Australia with her parents Mr and Mrs Elliott, when two years of age. Shortly afterwards she lost both her parents, and wont to live with an uncle, Mr Graham, of Avondale, and later with a brother, Mr. John Elliott, near Kiama. Eventually she married Mr. James East, and after residing near Kiama for a short time, moved to Shellharbour, where Mr. East was engaged in farming pursuits for 40 years. After her husband retired, about 20 years ago, they moved to Wollongong, where Mr. East died 11 years ago.

During their residence in Shellharbour, both Mr. and Mrs. East took an active interest in public affairs,

Mr. East being an alderman of Shellharbour Municipality for many years, being Mayor for several terms. Both were also keenly interested in the Methodist Church, to which they devoted a great deal of their time. The late Mrs. East will be remembered by many -for her kindliness and charm.

After a short service at the residence, the funeral cortege, which was very, lengthy, moved off for the Methodist section of the Wollongong cemetery…

The late Mrs. East is survived by two sons, Messrs. Russell East, who is at present Mayor of Shellharbour, and Charles East, of Wollongong; three daughters. Mrs. Bissell (Wollongong), Mrs. E. K. Tate (Jamberoo), Mrs. J. A. Johnston (Albion Park). There are also sixteen, grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. We extend our sympathy to the bereaved relatives. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW 1856 - 1950) Friday 5 August 1938 p 15

East Elizabeth (East)

b. 1843 Sydney/Brisbane Water d. 1/1/1917 Bellawongarah 1969/1917

m. Joseph East (-1909 Berry Son of John East & ?) 1863 Kiama 2054/1863

f. Thomas East m. Elizabeth Lacey *

  1. (m) Albert J East b. 1863 Kiama d. 1863 Kiama
  2. (m) Albert Thomas East b. 1864 Kiama 9420/1864 d. 1940 Berry
  3. (m) Ernest R East b. 1866 Kiama d. 1866 Kiama
  4. (m) Horace J D East b. 1866 Shoalhaven d. 1877 Kiama
  5. (m) Ernest Francis East b. 1868 Shoalhaven (Jemima Rebecca Lindsay 1898)
  6. (m) Walter J East b. 1870 Shoalhaven
  7. (m) Harold Joseph Lacey East b. 1873 Shoalhaven d. 1947 Nowra
  8. (m) Alfred E G East b. 1878 Shoalhaven d. 1921 Berry
  9. (m) Hedley Theodore East b. 1883 Shoalhaven d. 1955 Berry

The death occurred of Elizabeth East, at Bellawongarah, on the 1st day of January, aged 73. The Nowra Leader (NSW: 1909 - 1939) Friday 5 January 1917 p 1

East Elizabeth (Jarman)

b. abt 1852 Sydney d. 18/8/1944 Nowra br. Kiama General

m. John East (1853 Kiama -28/10/1937 Kiama Son of Thomas East & Elizabeth Lacey *) 15/5/1875 Foxground 2869/1875

f. Henry Jarman m. Mary Saunter *

  1. (f) Grace Adelaide East * b. 1876 Kiama 13425/1876 (Huthnance)
  2. (m) Percival John W East b. 1878 Kiama 14797/1878
  3. (f) Elsie May East * b. 1879 Kiama 15824/1879 (Wolley)
  4. (m) Aubrey Oswald Jarman East b. 1881 Kiama 19395/1881
  5. (f) Ruby M East b. 1883 Kiama 21653/1883 (Moore)
  6. (m) Ambrose T H East b. 1884 Kiama 23501/1884
  7. (m) John Sydney East b. 1887 Petersham d. 1887 Petersham
  8. (m) Wentworth L East b. 1889 Nowra d. WW1
  9. (f) Mary E East b. 1892 Nowra (A S Cornford)

Living at Dunmore in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties


The death occurred at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Wolley, at Nowra, on Friday last of Mrs. Elizabeth East, at the age of 92. She was formerly Miss Jarman and was born at Sydney in 1851, about where the present Central Railway station now stands. Prior to her marriage to Mr. John East, she was a school teacher. The late Mrs. East spent, all her married life in the Shoalhaven, Dunmore and, Kiama district. She was a great worker for the Methodist Church. Her husband died some seven years ago, and sometime after his death she left Kiama and resided with relatives.

Until a few days before her death, she had been staying with her daughter, Mrs. A. S. Cornford, at

Mosman. She was a remarkable old lady and retained her faculties until the end, being wonderfully energetic and cheerfully undertaking the journeys to visit her various relatives. The late Mrs. East is survived by three sons: Percy, Aubrey and Ambrose, and four daughters, Grace (Mrs Huthnance) Elsie (Mrs. Wolley), Ruby (Mrs. Moore), and Mary (Mrs. A. S. Cornford) to all of whom sympathy is extended in their bereavement. One son, Wentworth, served, in the Great War with the 1st A.I.F and was killed in action in France. The funeral took place at the Methodist cemetery, Kiama, on Saturday, the Rev. Collocott officiating. Messrs. H. D. Wolley, P. J. East, D.Wolley, and L. P. East were the pall-bearers. The Kiama Reporter and Illawarra Journal (NSW: 1899 - 1947) Wednesday 23 August 1944 p 4

East Elizabeth (Lacey)

b. 1817 Princes Risborough Buckingham d. 28/2/1905 Kiama br. Kiama

m. Thomas East (23/2/1816 Princes Risborough Buckinghamshire, England -24/3/1881 East Maitland Son of Richard east & Mary Crook) 12/3/1838 Lambeth London

f. Samuel Lacey m. Sarah

Ship: Earl Grey 1841

Occupation: House servant

  1. (f) Mary Anne East b. 1838 London d. on voyage
  2. (f) Sarah Emily East b. 1840 London d. on voyage
  3. (m) Richard East b. 1842 Sydney d. 1842 at birth
  4. (f) Elizabeth East * b. 20/4/1843 Sydney/Brisbane Water d. 1917 Berry Mountain ( Joseph East 1863)
  5. (m) Emma East * b. 4/10/1845 Brisbane Water d. 7/7/1896 Kiama (William East 1871)
  6. (m) Rev. Richard East b. 25/3/1848 Jamberoo d. 1921 Sydney (Lucie Watkin)
  7. (m) James East b. 23/8/1850 Jamberoo d. 1927 Wollongong ( Eliza Elliott * 1875)
  8. (m) John East b. 12/1/1853 “Prospect” Kiama d. 28/10/1937 Kiama (Elizabeth Jarman * 1875)
  9. (f) Sarah East * b. 11/3/1855 Kiama d. 1/2/1886 Kiama (Benjamin Lane 1885)
  10. (f) Mary East * b. 1857 Kiama 7485/1857 d. 1933 Penrith (James Francis)
  11. (m) Alfred T East b. 25/12/1859 Kiama 7686/1860 d. 15/7/1920 Shellharbour (Katie Gardiner * 1885, Jane Whittaker * 1902)
  12. (m) George Lacey East b. 8/11/1861 Kiama 8343/1861 d. 1/12/1943 Kiama (Nellie Rogers * 1901)

Living at Prospect Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

On the 25th instant, the wife of Mr. Thomas East, of a son. Examiner (Kiama, NSW : 1859 - 1862) Saturday 31 December 1859 p 2


We regret having to record the death of Mrs. Elizabeth East (relict of the late Mr. Thomas East) of “Prospect,” Kiama, which occurred suddenly on Tuesday morning last at 11.50 a.m. The deceased lady retired as usual the previous evening apparently in the best of health and spirits. The inmates of the house were awakened, however on the morning stated by hearing her cough, when it was found she was in a state of collapse. All that was possible was done to restore animation-the services of Dr. Beith being called into requisition but without avail. The end, which came as stated, was peaceful. Mrs East, who was possessed of one of the most taking and kindly dispositions, was a very old colonist and resident of the district. In the year 1841 she, with her husband, engaged their passage to Australia in the ship Earl Grey, and after a voyage of six mouths (during which period her two children were buried at sea) landed in Sydney, where they resided for a short period only. From Sydney they went to Brisbane Water and afterwards to Maitland, eventually finding their way to this district, and for the first few years after their arrival settled upon the Waughope Estate at Jamberoo.

Purchasing the farm known as “Prospect,” they came to reside in Kiama at which place-the deceased lady resided up to the time of her death- a period of 53 years.

During the early days Mrs. East endured many of the hardships then to be met with, and witnessed many an-exciting incident, which, with her wonderful memory, she could recount to the minutest detail, and interesting stories of the old pioneering days they were. Mrs. East, who was in her 88th year, was the devoted mother of twelve children (six sons and six daughters) seven of whom survive her to mourn their loss. They are- Rev, Richard East (Milton). Messrs James and Alfred T. East (Shellharbor), Mr. John East (Dunmore), Mr. George L. East (“Probspect,” Kiama) -with whom, the old lady resided-Mrs, Joseph East (Kangaroo Mount) and Mrs. James Francis (Milton). She also leaves many- grandchildren, and several great grand-children.

The funeral took place on Wednesday and was largely attended, her remains being interred in the North Kiama cemetery. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW: 1863 - 1947) Friday 3 March 1905 p 2

East Emma (East)

b. 1845 Brisbane Water V1845990 55/1845 d. 7/7/1896 Kiama 10209/1896

m. William East (abt 1843 -8/11/1905 Son of Jesse East & ? ) 1871 Kiama 2486/1871

f. Thomas East m. Elizabeth Lacey *

  1. (m) Arthur William East b. 1873 Kiama 12248/1873
  2. (m) Herman Richard East b. 1875 Kiama 13229/1875
  3. (m) Oliver Kingham East b. 1877 Kiama 13954/1877
  4. (f) Mabel Elizabeth Lacy East * b. 1881 Kiama 19499/1881 d. 5/7/1919
  5. (f) Stella L E East b. 1883 Kiama 21791/1883 d. 11/7/1919
  6. (f) Amy C Gertrude East b. 1885 Kiama 24190/1885
  7. (f) Sarah Evelyn S East b. 1887 Kiama 25770/1887

EAST July 5 at Glenburn, Jamberoo Mable Elizabeth Lacy eldest daughter of the late William and Emma East of Kiama also sister to Arthur, Harman Oliver, Stella, Gertrude and Evelyn. The Sydney Morning Herald 9 July 1919

Mrs. William East, an old and respected resident of Kiama district, died on Tuesday morning last. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Thursday 9 July 1896 p 2

East Jane Florence (Whittaker)

b. 1873 Wollongong 20730/1873 d. 1964 Kiama

m. Alfred Thomas East (25/12/1859 Kiama - 15/7/1920 Shellharbour Son of Thomas East & Elizabeth Lacey *) 1903 Albion Park

f. Thomas Whittaker m. Jane Griffith *

  1. (f) Winifred John Colin East b. 20/12/1904 Albion Park. 1970
  2. (f) Ethel May East b. 1907 Albion Park d. 10/9/1983
  3. (m) Henry Cyril East b. 14/9/1908 (Sarah Brown)
  4. (f) Muriel Annie East b. 1910
  5. (f) Gertrude Florence East b. 17/8/1912 Kiama (Walter Martin)
  6. (m) Alfred Thomas East b. 12/9/1914 Kiama ( Phyllis Dawes, Violet Warren 1942)
  7. (f) Vera Doreen East b. 1917

Living at Oak Flats in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Mr. Thos. East, of Shellharbor, butcher, and brother of Ald. East to Miss Florence Whittaker, of Oak Flats, at Mr. Thos. Whittaker's residence, the bride's father. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Saturday 19 September 1903 p 2

East Jemima Rebecca (Lindsay)

b. 1871 Wollongong d. 1940 Chatswood

m. Ernest Francis East ( 1868 Shoalhaven -1936 Chatswood Son of Joseph East & Elizabeth East *) 1898 Wollongong 2114/1898

f. George Lindsay m. Eliza Little *

  1. (m) Ernest L East b. 1899 Kempsey
  2. (m) Leonard Macl East b. 1900 Kempsey
  3. (f) Edna M East b. 1909 Goulburn

East Katie (Gardner)

b. 1861 England d. 14/8/1900 Shellharbour br. Shellharbour

m. Alfred Thomas East (25/12/1859 Kiama - 15/7/1920 Shellharbour Son of Thomas East & Elizabeth Lacey) April 1885 Kiama 5749/1886

f. Abbott m.

  1. (m) Roy Clifton East b. 13/2/1888 Kiama 26280/1888 d. 18/5/1935 (Mabel Rice)
  2. (f) Marjorie Lois East b. 19/8/1890 d. 4/10/1973 (Frederick Pattrick)
  3. (f) Bertha Gladys East b. 13/5/1892 d. 29/5/1953 (William Mitchell)
  4. (m) Augustus Milton East b. 1893 d. 18/5/1918 killed in action in France
  5. (f) Esma Hilda East b. 13/3/1895 d. 24/3/1971 (Ken Whitfield)
  6. (m) Frederick James East b. 1897 Albion Park 9691/1897 d. 20/11/1965 (Sylvia Dunster)
  7. (m) Norman Abbott Lacey East b. 15/5/1900 Albion Park 19358/1900 d. 1958

Her son Norman was in the care of Samuel and Bertha Cutcher from the time of his mother’s death.

THE Friends of Mr. A. T. EAST are kindly Invited to attend the Funeral of his dearly beloved WIFE, to move from her late residence TOMORROW (THURSDAY) at 1 o'lock for the Shellharbour Cemetery. The Kiama Reporter and Illawarra Journal (NSW : 1899 - 1947) Wednesday 15 August 1900 p 3

East Mabel Elizabeth Lacy

b. 1881 Kiama 19499/1881 d. 5/7/1919

f. William East m. Emma East *

Living at The Hermitage Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. With father

East Mary Ann (Black)

b. 1860 Gerringong d. 14/6/1938 Rockdale br. 16/6/1938 Rookwood Methodist

m. William Henry East ( August 1950 Son of James East & Isabella ) 1886 Kiama 5739/1886

f. Thomas Black m. Charlotte Alice Hindmarsh *

  1. (f) Alice M East b. 1887 Newtown ( V S Medcalf)
  2. (m) Millie I East b. 1889 Petersham ( T R Rodgers)
  3. (m) Thomas James East b. 1891 Petersham
  4. (m) Alfred H East b. 1893 Petersham
  5. (f) Muriel A East b. 1898 Petersham (S F Elliott)


Mary Ann East was born at Gerringong, New South Wales, in March, 1860. In her early teens she passed through a spiritual experience, and had the assurance of conversion, and later was admitted into the membership of the Methodist Church. On the death of her father, the late Thomas Black, the family settled in Kiama, where Mary Black, - as she was then called, took an active part in church life and work. She became a Sunday school teacher and organist. She married in 1886 William Henry East. Residing in Darlington, she assisted her husband- in the Sunday School, which was held in the Council Chambers. Here she officiated as organist. Mrs. East was later identified with the Bourke Street Ladies' Church Aid. Later, she assisted in Sunday school work at Dulwich Hill. It was here that a fine Christian service was rendered.

Her home became the centre of gravity for ministers and the young men of the church. She wielded a magnetic influence, and her charming spiritual nature was evidenced by the many grateful acknowledgments received by her husband from almost every part of New South Wales. Mrs. East served the church at Lewisham for 23 years, and then removed to Rockdale. It was at

Rockdale that probably her best work was done. For 27 years she was an active member of the Ladies'

Church Aid, until failing health called a halt. Her home was indeed her castle, and from it radiated the powerful influence of a remarkably tranquil and indefinable spiritual force. Mrs. East passed to higher service on the 14th June, 1938, having borne her sickness with a wonderful patience and fortitude. The members of her family were Alice (Mrs. V. S. Medcalf, of Croydon), Millie (Mrs. T. R. Rodgers, of Yenda), Thomas James East (also of Yenda), Muriel (wife of Dr. S. F. Elliott, of Carlton). Her husband remembers with gratitude to God the 52 years of unalloyed happiness. The Methodist (Sydney, NSW : 1892 - 1954) Saturday 6 August 1938 p 19

East Nellie (Rogers)

b. abt 1875 d. 16/10/1961 Maroubra

m. George Lacey East (8/11/1861 Kiama- 1/12/1943 Kiama Son of Thomas East & Elizabeth Lacey *) 1901 Kiama

f. Joseph Rogers m. Ellen

  1. (f) Leonie G East b. 1902 Kiama 32549/1902
  2. (m) Eric George D East b. 1904 Kiama 33200/1904 d. 1983

Living at Prospect Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Eastaway Sarah Jane (Davies)

AKA: Jennie

b.abt 1866 d. 22/6/1932 Carlton

m. Edward Samuel Lewis Eastaway (June 1865 Deptford London - 1948 Rockdale William Benjamin Eastaway of Cawnpore & Georgiana Anna) 14/8/1890 Wollongong

f. William Davies m. Catherine

(father was an iron founder of Lillieshall Wollongong)

  1. (m) William Bloor Eastaway b. 1891 Wollongong 38577/1891 d. 1967 Kogarah
  2. (f) Ethel Florence Eastaway b. 1893 Wollongong 39339/1893 d. 1974 NSW
  3. (m) Norman Henry D Eataway b. 1897 Wollongong 36960/1897 d. 1969 Kogarah

Living at Charlotte St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

EASTAWAY—DAVIES.—August 14th, 1890, at the residence of the bride's parents, “Lilleshall,” by the Rev. B. J. Meek, EDWARD SAMUEL LEWIS, fourth son of N. B. Eastaway, of Cawnpore, India, to SARAH JANE (JENNIE), second daughter of Wm. Davies, Iron Founder, Wollongong. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Saturday 23 August 1890 p 2

EASTAWAY. — June 22, 1932, at her residence, 9 Andover-street, Carlton, Sarah Jane, dearly beloved wife of Edward S. L. Eastaway, and mother of William, Ethel, and Norman, aged 66 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Thursday 23 June 1932

Easterbrook Violet Agnes (Melville)

d. 16/12/1931 Manly br. Manly

m. John Thomas Easterbrook (abt 1873-27/7/1934 Manly) 1901 Kogarah

  1. (f) Violet O Easterbrook b. 1904 Wollongong
  2. (f) Doris E Easterbrook b. 1905 Kogarah

Husband a baker.

Living at Crown St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Eastman Hope Flora (McCaskill)

b. abt 1842 d. 17/1/1914 Wollongong

m. John William Eastman (abt 1830 -15/8/1886 Market Street Wollongong Son of Hugh Eastman & Phoebe) 1860 Hackney London

f. Charles McCaskill m. Janet

Ship: Champion of the Seas 1863 into Victoria

  1. (f) Hope Louise Eastman b. 1861 Marylebone London d. 1944 Deniliquin (Peter Smith 1886)
  2. (f) Janet Mary Eastman b. 1862 West Derby Lancashire d. 18/10/1936 Bunbury WA
  3. (m) John Charles Outridge Eastman b. 1863 d. 12/11/1875 Sandhurst Victoria
  4. (m) Kenneth M Eastman b. d. 22/1/1950 Bunbury
  5. (m) Harry Lyle Eastman b. abt 1877 d. 1963 Perth WA (Alice Mary Timperley 1908)
  6. (m) Hugh Malcolm Eastman b. abt 1899? d. 1963 Deniliquin (Rosalie Clarke 1902)
  7. (f) Phoebe Mabel Eastman

EASTMAN -On the 17th January at Wollongong NSW Hope Flora Eastman The Argus (Melbourne) 22 January 1914

Husband’s death notice said that he was late of Sandhurst Victoria when her son Harry was married in Western Australia she was living in Melbourne

Easton Helen (Curr)

b. abt 1833 d. 19/10/1912 Toowoomba Qld

m. Henry Edward Easton 17/12/1859 Sydney 909/1859

f. John Curr m. Martha Melton

  1. (m) Unnamed Easton 1862/C129 Qld
  2. (f) Emily Melton Easton Easton 1863/C413 Qld d. 1956 Qld
  3. (m) Henry Edward Easton 1866/C868 Qld
  4. (m) Loftus Otway Macfie Easton 1869/C977 Qld d. 1946 Qld
  5. (m) Robert Andrew Easton 1871/C1023 Qld
  6. (f) Helena Bland Easton 1874/C807 d. 1958 Qld

MARRIAGE. On the 17th Dec, by the Rev. Mr. Milne, Helen, youngest daughter of John Curr, Esq., Wollongong, to Henry Edward Easton, Esq, of Billa Billa, Darling Downs. The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser 22 December 1859

EASTON- On October 19th, at M'Kenzic-street, Toowoomba, Helen, widow of the late Henry Edward Easton, and youngest daughter of the late John Curr, Wollongong, aged 79. The Brisbane Courier 26 October 1912

Easton Rosanna/Rosea

d. 1899 Newtown ?

m. ?

m. Thomas Easton abt 1836

  1. Sarah ? * (Richard Sadler)

See Sarah Sadler for legal case involving Rosanna in the murder by Sarah of her infant child.

Eather Ann

m. Robert V Eather

  1. (m) William T Eather b. 1852 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama ; Shoalhaven

Eazelton see Hazelton

Ebbs Ann Clarke

b. abt 1827 d. 15/11/1905 Pheasant Ground

m. William Ebbs

f. William B

  1. (f) Ann or Sarah Ebbs b. 1860 Kiama 7716/1860 /V1860919 155/1860
  2. (f) Susan A Ebbs b. 1862 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven V1862951 155/1862
  3. (m) William Joseph Ebbs b. 1865 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama ; Shoalhaven V1865992 155/1865 d. 1942Bellingen (Margaret Graham 1890)
  4. (f) Eliza Ann Ebbs * b. 1867 Kiama 10517/1867 d. 1939 Rydalmere ( James Flitcroft 1888)
  5. (m) Thomas Ebbs b. 1870 Kiama 11233/1870
  6. (m) John Ebbs b. 1870 Kiama 11234/1870 d. 1918 Kiama ( Mary Amos 1898)
  7. (u) Unnamed Ebbs b. 1872 Kiama 11578/1872
  8. (m) Alfred Ebbs b. 1876 Kiama 13437/1876 d. 1921 Liverpool

Death of Mrs. Ebbs.

The death occurred at Pheasant Ground on Wednesday night last, 15th inst., of Mrs. Ann Clarke Ebbs, an esteemed resident, at the ripe old age of 78 years. The deceased, who was one of the pioneers of the district, leaves a family of one daughter (Mrs. J. Flitcroft) and five sons— Thomas, James, William, John, and Alfred. The funeral took place on Friday, the remains being interred in the Church of England portion of the Robertson general cemetery. The Rev. D. T. Smith conducted the service, and Mr.

R. B. Simpson was the undertaker. Robertson Advocate (NSW: 1894 - 1923) Tuesday 21 November 1905 p 2

Ebert Eleanor (Foley)

d. 1901 St Leonards

m. John Ebert 1868 St Leonards 1438/1868

f. David Foley m. Sarah

  1. (m) John Francis Ebert b. 16/4/1868 Wollongong 18126/1868
  2. (f) Margaret F Ebert b. 1870 Shoalhaven 17006/1870
  3. (f) Mary E Ebert b. 1872 Shoalhaven
  4. (m) Ernest George Ebert b. 1873 St Leonards
  5. (m) Augustine Francis Ebert b. 1876 St Leonards
  6. (f) Eleanor M U Ebert b. 1878 St Leonards
  7. (f) Cisley Jane Ebert b. 1880 St Leonards
  8. (m) Percy V Ebert b. 1878 St Leonards

Echlin Emily (du Bois)

b. Abt 1781 d. 1870 Wollongong (1870/6404)

m. Christopher Echlin (- 2/6/1865 Wollongong ) 13/4/1826  Saint James, Westminster, London, England

1841 Census Emily Echlin owned and lived at property Barella Street, Wollongong, District Illawarra (Return 58 Ref 4/1243A]1152508)

Unclaimed Letters Thursday 10 June 1841 Australasian Chronicle and SMH Christopher Echlin

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser Tuesday 1 February 1831

Christopher Echlin donated to the Irish relief fund in 1846 in Wollongong

Will submit to Auction, on TUESDAY, April 7th at his Mart, the corner of George-street and Charlotte Place, at 11 o'clock precisely. AN Allotment of Half an Acre of Land situated in the pleasant and flourishing Town of Wollongong. Having a frontage to Barilla-street of sixty-six feet, with a depth of three hundred and twenty feet; also, a frontage to Stuart-street, being the Allotment sold as No. 9, in the original sale, and adjoins Mr Echlin’s Lot 10, which is the corner piece, and Mr Gordon's, No. 8, both sold at the same sale. This plot of Land is situated immediately in the rear of the Court-house and National School, and in the main thoroughfare to the townships of Kiama, Shoalhaven, &c. It is eminently adapted for the erection of a public house, store, or Tradesman's premises or residence, ns it is in the very centre and must preferable part of the town for business. The rapidly progressing state of the Town is well known, indeed such is its prosperity that any person of steady and industrious habits, commencing business therein is certain of success. The whole of the Allotment is cleared and will be fenced in with a substantial three rail fence; the adjoining property, is nearly all built upon, therefore the present' is an opportunity which may probably not occur again for some time. The title is most unexceptionable. Terms at time of sale. The Australian Tuesday 31 March 1840

The Sydney Morning Herald 21 June 1865

An old Peninsular veteran, named Christopher Echlin (for thirty-six years a resident in the Illawarra district), died at Wollongong, on Friday, the 2nd instant




We, the landholders and free inhabitants of Illawarra, feel it a duty incumbent on us, ere you retire from the office of Commandant of this district, to express our regret at the removal of an Officer, whose highly impartial and just decisions as a Magistrate, have so particularly merited our respect, and to express our sense of the loss we sustain by your removal to Campbell Town, as Police Magistrate.

We have to return our warmest thanks, for the prompt assistance we have at all times received (by your directions) from tho soldiers, and mounted police under your command; and beg to assure you we are not insensible to the loss we sustain in their retirement along with you. Wishing you health, and every happiness, we beg to subscribe ourselves,

Your most obedient, and humble Servants, includes Christopher Echlin

Eclin Sarah (Nuceve)

m. William Eclin

  1. (m) William Eclin b. 10/8/1852 Fairy Meadow V18521783 121A/1852

Eddie Florence (Dunnall)

d. 26/11/1909 Leichhardt

m. Alexander Eddie 1886 West Macquarie

f. Robert Dunnall m.

  1. (m) Norman G Eddie b. 1888 Balmain d. 1888 Ryde
  2. (m) Ebenezer Alexander Eddie b. 1890 Ryde d. 1963 Balmain
  3. (f) Helen F Eddie b. 1892 Woonona 39589/1892
  4. (f) Mary E Eddie b. 1894 Liverpool d. 1894 Liverpool
  5. (m) Charles J Eddie b. 1895 Liverpool d. 1895 Liverpool
  6. (m) Wilfred Stanley Eddie b. 1896 Liverpool d. 1973 Kogarah
  7. (f) Lily M K Eddie b. 1899 Granville d. 1916 Narrabri
  8. (f) Isabella E Eddie b. 1902 Granville
  9. (m) Bruce C Eddie b. 1905 Granville d. 1905 Liverpool
  10. (f) Edith H Eddie b. 1907 Granville d. 1907 Granville
  11. (m) Alexander R Eddie b. 1908 Annandale

Edgar Eleanor Elinor Ellen (Burrell)

b. abt 1836 Fadon Northumberland d. 15/4/1922 Sydney 4596/1922 br. Wollongong General

m. Robert Edgar (1834 Old Moar Northumberland -11/9/1918 Fern Hill ) 16/8/1856 St John's Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

f. Joseph Burrell m. Anne

Ship: La Hogue 1880

  1. (m) Joseph William Edgar b. 14/3/1857 Bedlington Northumberland d. 29/9/1944 Granville (Isabella Thompson * 1877)
  2. (m) William Edgar b. abt 1859 Ashington Northumberland d. 12/9/1941 Potts Point
  3. (m) Robert Edgar b. 1860 Bedlington Northumberland d. 14/10/1884 Balgownie
  4. (f) Elizabeth Edgar b. 31/3/1865 Bedlington Northumberland d/ 11/2/1958 Windsor (Arthur Ernest Spring)
  5. (f) Ann Edgar b. c1868 Bedlington Northumberland d. 12/5/1944 Newington (Henry Williams)
  6. (m) Francis Edgar b. c1870 Bedlington Northumberland d. 19/8/1920 Darlinghurst (Ellen Mary Scott)
  7. (f) Mary Jane Edgar * b. 1873 Northumberland d. 26/6/1901 Balgownie
  8. (m) John George Edgar b. c1875 Northumberland d. 13/9/1950 Hurstville (Sarah Anne Adlington 1899)

Living at Balgownie in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Robert travelled out ahead of his family, arriving in Victoria about 1878. He moved to Wallsend where he worked in the coalmines until he moved to Wollongong, travelling by sea. There he and his wife set up their first Wollongong home on the corner of Church St and School Lane, Balgownie. Robert became the first postmaster at the non-official P.O. at Balgownie in 1889. His son Frank took over the P.O. at the end of 1889 and his daughter, Mary Jane, in 1892. Living at Fairy Meadow at time of son Robert’s death.

Edgar Isabella (Thompson)

b. 17/3/859 Cramlington Northumberland d. 1/12/1929 Fern Hill 23988/1929

m. Joseph William Edgar (1857 Bedlington Northumberland -1944 Son of Robert Edgar & Eleanor Burrell *) 1877 Woodhorn

f. Ralph Thompson m. Sarah Watson

Ship: 1884 Cambodia

  1. (f) Sarah Ellen [Ella] Edgar b. 25/4/1878 West Sleekburn Northumberland d. 28/4/1953 Balgownie ( Angus Ernest McLeod, William Gardner)
  2. (f) Elizabeth Jane Edgar b. 23/3/1880 Guide Post Northumberland d. 21/7/1971 Sydney (Jack Woodham, Harry Cook)
  3. (f) Ann Edgar b. 12/8/1882 Guide Post Northumberland L d. 21/7/1936 Bondi ( Thomas Seymour Cook , Harry Allsop)
  4. (f) Florence Edgar b. 5/9/1884 Mt Keira 22916/1884 d. 12/9/1971 Sydney (Clarence Leadham Woller Stanton)
  5. (m) Robert Edgar b. 1886 Balgownie 24487/1886 d. 10/3/1940 Fern Hill (Eveline Alice Waters)
  6. (f) Henrietta Edgar b. 25/8/1888 Fairy Meadow d. 14/9/1966 Towradgi (George Barrett Green)
  7. (m) Ralph Edgar Duck Edgar b. 22/10/1890 Cramsville 38123/1890 d. 4/2/1958 Towradgi (Irene Violet Elsie Fee)
  8. (m) Joseph Edgar b. 2/12/1893 Balgownie 38275/1894 d. 27/2/1959 Towradgi (Cassie Selina Gertrude Simpson)
  9. (m) Hezekiah Roy Edgar b. 25/11/1895 Balgownie 9105/1896 d. 1/12/1897 Balgownie
  10. (m) David William Thompson Sonny Edgar b. 25/2/1898 Balgownie 17564/1898 d. 20/7/1955 (Eileen Wheeler)
  11. (m) Neura Victor Roy Edgar b. 24/12/1899 Balgownie 9010/1900 d. 3/8/1967 Drummoyne (Gladys Merle Purcell)
  12. (m) Norman Nelson Edgar b. 25/10/1905 Balgownie 39535/1905 d. 7/2/1906 Balgownie

Living at Balgownie in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Family to come to Australia with Joseph’s parents and their 7 children in 1880 due to the death of his mother-in-law, who left 4 young children to be looked after, Joseph and his family had to delay their trip till 1884.

Edgar Mary Jane

b. 1873 Northumberland d. 26/6/1901 Balgownie br. Wollongong

f. Robert Edgar m. Eleanor Burrell *

Occupation: Post Mistress

Robert Edgar her father became the first postmaster at the non-official P.O. at Balgownie in 1889. Her brother Frank took over the P.O. at the end of 1889 and Mary Jane took over in 1892.

THE Friends of Mr. and Mrs. ROBERT EDGAR are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their late Beloved Daughter (Mary Jane), late Post Mistress, to leave their residence, Balgownie, THURSDAY (TO-DAY), at 3.30 o'clock, for the Church of England Cemetery, Wollongong. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Thursday 27 June 1901

Edgar Sarah A

m. John G Edgar

  1. (m) Albert E G R Edgar b. 1900 Woonona 9005/1900 d. 1901 Wollongong
  2. (f) Elizabeth E Edgar b. 1902 Wollongong 8551/1902

Edgar Sarah Ann (Adlington)

b. abt 1877 Madeley Shropshire d. 17/12/1959 Hurstville

Unmarried or no father listed

m. George Edgar 1899

f. Thomas Adlington m. Elizabeth Jones *

Ship: abt 1878 into SA

  1. (f) Hilda M Adlington/Edgar b. 1898 Wollongong 27127/1898 (Charles J Duncan 1922)

Living in Wollongong when her mother died in 1922

Edmond/Edmonds Bridget see Green

Edmunds Catherine A (Sweeny)

m. Thomas Edmunds

  1. (m) Thomas Henry Edmunds b. 22/3/1887 Mt Pleasant

Registered in Sydney as Sweeney.

Edmondson Agnes Mary (Ball)

b. 1879 Wollongong 26222/1879 d. 1961 Gosford

m. Harold Edmondson 1913

f. Thomas James Ball m. Hannah *

  1. (m) Ronald H Edmondson b. 1914 Bulli
  2. (f) Hazel A Edmondson b. 1918 Gosford

Living Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Edmondson Eliza see Ryan

Edmondson Elizabeth Gertrude (Devine)

b. abt 1875 d. 1912 Helensburgh br. Helensburgh

m. Charles Grey Edmondson (abt 1868- 31/5/1939 Kogarah Son of John George Edmondson & Ellen Catherine) 1891 Sydney

f. Albert Devine m. Minnie

  1. (m) George E M Edmondson b. 1892 Waverley
  2. (m) Albert S Edmondson b. 1895 Leichhardt
  3. (m) Colin C E Edmondson b. 1896 Glebe d. 15/10/1902 Metropolitan Mine Dame Helensburgh
  4. (f) Constance F Edmondson b. 1899 Helensburgh 12552/1899
  5. (f) Eileen Edmondson b. 1901 Helensburgh 3933/1901
  6. (m) Vivian M G Edmondson b. 1903 Helensburgh 21628/1903
  7. (f) Stillborn Edmondson b. & d. 20/5/1907 Helensburgh

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

EDMONDSON.—May 20, at her residence, Helensburgh the wife of C. G. Edmondson, of a daughter (stillborn). Australian Town and Country Journal (Sydney, NSW: 1870 - 1907) Wednesday 29 May 1907 p 18

Mrs. C. G. Edmondson died suddenly last week; the deceased was out walking a couple of hours before her death. A large number followed the remains to the cemetery. Much sympathy is felt for the husband and young family. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW: 1900 - 1954) Friday 30 August 1912 p 10

Edmondson Letitia Christina Jane

b. 1873 Wollongong d. 1929 Bulli

f. Isaac Edmondson m. Martha Elizabeth House *

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Edmondson/Edmonson Martha Elizabeth (House/Howse)

b. 1841 d. 1910 Woonona 3939/1910

m. Isaac Edmondson ( -1906 Ryde Son of Samuel Edmondson & Eliza Pickens *) 1871 Wollongong 3848/1871

f. John Howes m. Bridget Bourke *

  1. (m) Harold Edmondson b. 1875 Marshall Mount 21924/1875 d. 1944 Gosford 8980/1944 (Agnes Ball)
  2. (f) Charlotte F Edmondson b. 1872 Woonona 19606/1872
  3. (f) Letitia Christiana Jane Edmondson * b. 1873 Wollongong 20879/1873 d. 1929 Bulli 10308/1929
  4. (m) Harold Edmondson b. 1875 Wollongong 21924/1875
  5. (f) Lillias Margaret Edmondson * b. 1879 Wollongong 26238/1879 (Albert G V Nichols 1912)
  6. (f) Mary Jane Edmondson * b. 1881 Woonona 19048/1881 d. 22/11/1932 Gosford (Patrick Bernard Raftery 1901)
  7. (m) Percy Edmondson b. 1884 Woonona 23086/1884
  8. (m) Isaac Silvester Edmondson b. 1887 Woonona 25163/1887 d. 30/5/1953 Bondi
  9. (m) Leslie Edmondson b. d. 1931 Bulli 2694/1931

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Edson Emily see Crawshaw

Edward Ann Eliza (Small)

b. abt 1876 d. 12/4/1936 Sylvania

m. George Tindal Edward (abt 1868 -13/8/1941 Sylvania ) 1899 Sydney

  1. (m) Charles W Edward b. 1899 Hurstville
  2. (m) Arthur Roy Edward b. 1901 Helensburgh 3914/1901
  3. (m) George Norman Edward b. 1904 Mosman
  4. (f) Elsie M Edward b. 1906 Helensburgh 34986/1906
  5. (f) Isabella Edward b. 1908 Sutherland

EDWARD. - April 12, 1936 (suddenly), at her residence, Montrose, Prince's Highway, Sylvania, Ann Eliza Edward, dearly loved wife of George T. Edward, and loving mother of Charles, Roy, Norman, Elsie, and Isabella, aged 60 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 14 April 1936 p 10

Edward Mary A

m. David Edward

  1. (f) Jessie B Edward b. 1890 Wollongong 37865/1890

Edwards Ada Edith Maude (Beatus)

b. 1871 Wollongong d. 23/4/1945 Belmore 8142/1945

m. James Howard Edwards (1870 Wollongong -4/5/1955 Belmore Son of Frederick William Edwards & Mary Anne *) 1893 Paddington

f. Phineas Beatus m. Julia Alger *

  1. (f) Madeline Millicent Edwards b. 1894 Wollongong 37722/1894 d. 1976
  2. (m) Frederick James Edwards b. 1899 Wollongong 17295/1899 d. 20/9/1953 Belfield
  3. (m) William Howard Edwards b. 1904 Wollongong 38548/1904 d. 1978
  4. (m) James H Edwards b. 1907 Wollongong 31073/1907 d. 1907 Wollongong

Living at Kembla St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

EDWARDS.-April 23, 1945, at her residence, 180 Burwood Road, Belmore, Ada Edith Maud, dearly loved wife of James Howard and dear mother of Madeline, William, and Frederick, mother-in-law of Irene and Avis, loving grandmother of Gwenneth and James, sister of Susan, Ettie, Leah, and Ernest, and sister-in-law of Fred, Louie, and Florrie. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 25 April 1945 p 16

Edwards Ada Malvina (Baxter)

b. 1859 Wollongong d. 6/6/1924 Bondi Beach 6378/1924 br. CofE South Head

m. Thomas Edwards (6/9/1855 Wollongong -12/8/1893 Nowra accidently drowned Son of William Edwards & Margaret Thackster * ) 25/3/1879 Kiama

f. John Baxter m. Eliza Harriet Hall *

  1. (u) Unnamed Edwards b. 1880 Shoalhaven
  2. (f) Emmeline Maud Edwards b. 1881 Shoalhaven
  3. (m) Herbert William Edwards b. 1894
  4. (f) Mabel Edwards b. 1887 Shoalhaven
  5. (f) Aileen Edwards b. 1892 Nowra

EDWARDS-BAXTER.-March 25, at Christ Church, Kiama, by the Rev. John Done, Thomas, fifth son of the late Pilot William Edwards, to Ada, youngest daughter of Mr. John Baxter, both of Wollongong. The Sydney Morning Herald 3 April 1879

EDWARDS.-June 6 1924, at her residence, Allowrie Roscoe-street. Bondi Beach, Ada Malvina, relict of the late Thomas Edwards, of Nowra, and dearly beloved mother of Mrs. W. Rutledge Newton, Emeline Maud, Mrs. W. P. Allen, and Mrs. L. W. H. Dean also sister of Mrs. William Gray, of Mount Salon Kiama, and Mrs. John Douglass, senr. of Dora Creek, aged 65 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Saturday 7 June 1924 p 16

Edwards Alice Adeline (Ring)

b. 26/4/ 1878 Charcoal d. 26/5/1927 Fairy Meadow br. Wollongong

m. Jonas Rees Edwards ( - 18/11/1955 Fairy Meadow Henry George Edwards & Rhoda Tatch *) 1898 Wollongong 6644/1898

f. George Ring m. Bridget Kelly *

  1. (f) Annie Edwards b. 1901 Wollongong 28178/1901
  2. (f) Alice A Edwards b. 1903 17650/1903
  3. (m) Rees Edwards b. 1907 Wollongong 19944/1907
  4. (m) Henry G Edwards b. 1899 Wollongong 8490/1899
  5. (f) Violet Edwards b. 1910 Wollongong 10598/1910
  6. (f) Rhoda S Edwards b. 1912 Wollongong d. 1934 Wollongong

Living at Bourke St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

EDWARDS— -The friends of Mr. J. R. Edwards and family are Invited to attend the funeral of his late beloved wife and their mother (Alice) to leave their residence, Main Koad, Fairy Meadow, to-morrow Saturday, at 1.30 p.m. for the Church of England Cemetery, Wollongong. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 27 May 1927 p 17

Edwards Alice Elizabeth (Howe)

m. James Edward Edwards 1882 Sydney

  1. (m) Hercules Edwards b. 1882 Redfern
  2. (m) John W Edwards b. 1884 Penrith
  3. (f) Alice E Edwards b. 1886 Penrith
  4. (f) Pearl P Edwards b. 1888 Penrith
  5. (f) Eunice S Edwards b. 1891 Kiama 18046/1891
  6. (f) Bernice C Edwards b. 1893 Newtown
  7. (f) Dorothy J Edwards b. 1895 Canterbury
  8. (f) Heather I V Edwards b. 1897 Canterbury
  9. (f) Gwendoline A M Edwards b. 1901 Canterbury

Edwards Alice Maud

Living at Unanderra in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Edwards Annie (Cook)

m. Benjamin Edwards (13/4/1845 Balmain- 7/4/1893 Wollongong Son of William Edwards & Margaret Thackster *) 1889 Wollongong 5253/1889

  1. (f) Margaret Edwards b. 1890 Wollongong 38035/1890 d. 1890 Wollongong
  2. (f) Alice Thexter Edwards b. 1892 d. 18/3/1893 Wollongong

Edwards Annie Wiseman (Osborne)

b. abt 1874 d. 1933 Mental Hospital Parramatta

m. Thomas Harris Edwards (abt 1873 -8/3/1953 Mascot Son of George Harris Edwards & Eliza) 1902 Woonona

f. William Osborne m. Eliza Musgrave *

  1. George Osborne Edwards b. 21/10/1902 Wollongong 37584/1902 d. 1980

EDWARDS— On the 21st inst., at the residence of her parents (Mr. and Mrs. W. Osborne), Belmore-street, Wollongong, the wife of Mr. Thomas Harris Edwards of a son. The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW: 1883 - 1923) Friday 24 October 1902 p 1

Edwards Caroline Mary (Williams)

b. 1862 Broulee 6338/1862 d. 14/1/1940 Hurstville

m. William Edwards (1859 Wollongong -10/10/1946 Hurstville Son of Hezekiah Edwards & Jane Patrick *) 1884 Moruya 4676/1884

f. Peter Williams m. Theresa

  1. (m) Rowland C Edwards b. 1884 Redfern
  2. (f) Lilian T Edwards b. 1887 Wollongong 24845/1887
  3. (f) Gertrude m Edwards b. 1888 Wollongong 25732/1888 (W Porter)
  4. (f) Janet M Edwards b. 1890 Wollongong 37933/1890 (L McGeorge)
  5. (f) Flora Stella Edwards b. 1895 Wollongong 28545/1895
  6. (m) Edith B Edwards b. 1897 Wollongong 8661/1897

Living at Keira St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

EDWARDS -January 14 1940 at her residence 2 Maher Street Hurstville Caroline Mary (May) Edwards dearly beloved wife of William and beloved mother of Roland, Gertrude (Mrs W Porter) Jessie (Mrs L McGeorge) Stella and Edith aged 78 years The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 15 January 1940 p 8</cite>

Edwards Dinah (Harris)

b. abt 1874 d. 21/9/1941 Perth WA

m. John Alfred Edwards (abt 1870 - 22/1/1943 Perth WA) 1892 Helensburgh 4215/1892

  1. (m) John C T Edwards b. 1893 Helensburgh 16940/1893
  2. (m) Alfred Edwards b. 1899 Helensburgh 3677/1899 d. 14/3/1917 France
  3. (m) Harold Peter Edwards b. 1903 Perth WA
  4. (m) Cyril Edwards b. 1906 Perth WA

EDWARDS.—On September 21, Dinah, beloved wife of John Alfred, fond mother of John, Alfred (killed in action, 1917), Harold and Cyril: loved mother-in-law of Lillian. Dorothy and Gladys, loving grandmother of Laurel, Shirley, Dorothy and John; aged 67 The West Australian (Perth, WA: 1879 - 1954) Monday 22 September 1941 p 1

Edwards Eliza (Chappell)

b. abt 1826 Oldbury on the Hill Gloucestershire d. 19/10/1898 Keiraville br. Wollongong General

m. Aaron Edwards (abt 1821-2/4/1889 Mount Keira) 30/11/1851 Bristol England

f. Charles Chappell m. Esther Boxwell

Ship: 1855 Ebba Brahe

  1. (m) John Edwards b. 24/1/1853 Iron Acton d. 3/6/1939 West Dapto ( Mary Jane Chinnock * 1883)
  2. (f) Leah Edwards * b. 1856 Sydney d. 19/5/1926 Figtree ( Henry Stone 1877)
  3. (m) Charles Edwards b. 5/11/1857 Mt Kembla 12359/1857 d. 12/9/1934 Murwillumbah (Margaret Chinnock *)
  4. (m) Samuel Edwards b. 11/2/1859 Mt Kembla 14181/1859 d. 31/10/1934 Wollongong (Elizabeth Ann Pratt* 1882)
  5. (f) Mary Edwards * b. 16/2/1861 Mt Kembla 14324/1861 d. 30/6/194? ( Clement Yates)
  6. (m) James Edwards b. 13/1/1863 Mt Kembla 14942/1863d d. 21/9/1935 Balgownie (Eliza Craig *)
  7. (f) Jane Edwards * b. 13/1/1863 Mt Kembla 14941/1863 d. 27/12/1917 (Samuel Grant)
  8. (f) Eliza Edwards * b. 1866 Mt Kembla d. 4/7/1894 Kembla (William Stone)
  9. (f) Elizabeth Edwards b. 1868 Mt Kembla d. 4/2/1955 Dulwich Hill (Edwin Jones)

EDWARDS. — October 10th, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Grant, of Keiraville, near Wollongong, Eliza, wife of the late Aaron Edwards, of Mt. Keira, aged 72 years. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 25 October 1898 p 2

Edwards Eliza (Craig)

b. 2/10/1863 Marshall Mount d. 26/4/1946 Haberfield br. Wollongong

m. James Edwards (13/1/1863 Mt Kembla-21/9/1935 Balgownie Son of Aaron Edwards & Eliza Chappell *) 26/10/1887 Wollongong 5414/1887

f. John Craig m. Susan Patterson *

  1. (m) Charles J Edwards b. 18/7/1888 Mt Keira 25655/1888 d. 1/2/1961 Balgownie (Kathleen N Jones 1913, Alice Whitfield)
  2. (m) Albert W Edwards b. 1/8/1890 Mt Keira 38032/1890 d. 28/11/1969 Canberra (Mary Wraith)
  3. (f) Leah Edwards b. 24/10/1894 West Dapto 37934/1894 d. 10/4.\/1981 Sydney (Alan Gambell 1915, Fred Green)
  4. (m) Percival Ernest Henry Edwards b. 24/9/1908 Balgownie (Lillias Parker 1937)

Living West Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties Husband a farmer.

EDWARDS-April 26 1946 at her daughter’s (Mrs Gambell’s) residence -7 Dobroyd Parade Haberfield Eliza Edwards relict of the late James Edwards and dear mother of Charles, Albert, Leah (Mrs Gambell) and Percy aged 82 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Saturday 27 April 1946 p 29

EDWARDS— April 26th, 1946 at her daughter's (Mrs Gambell's) residence, 27 Dobroyd Parade, Haberfield, Eliza Edwards, dearly beloved aunt of Mrs Edith May Smart of 41 Kembla street, Wollongong. Sadly missed. Interred Methodist Cemetery, 27th April, 1946. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW: 1900 - 1954) Friday 3 May 1946 p 12

Edwards Eliza Elizabeth (Smith)

b. abt 1817/ 1818 Bristol

m. 1843 Frederick Edwards (he also permission to marry Catherine Burns 1842) V1843343 27C/1843 CofE Illawarra, Jervis Bay

Convict Permission to Marry Index 1843 Wollongong

Also had permission to marry John Bishop 1842

Ship: Surrey 1 (10) 1840

  1. (f) Elizabeth G Edwards b. 1844

Convict Indent Records:

Marital status
Kitchen maid
1839 Bristol City
Former convictions
6 months
Picking Pockets
4’10 ½” Pale and slightly pockpitted Hair brown, eyes hazel. Scar on top of centre of forehead scar on palm of left hand small scar on back of left thumb.

Edwards Elizabeth Ann (Pratt)

b. 1860 Wollongong 13943/1860 d. 20/6/1835 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. Samuel Edwards (11/2/1859 Mt Kembla-31/10/1934 Wollongong Son of Aaron Edwards & Eliza Chappell *) 30/8/1882 Wollongong 5013/1882

f. Richard Pratt m. Harriett Morcomb? *

  1. (m) William A Edwards b. 1884 Mt Keira 22776/1884
  2. (f) Ada E Edwards b. 1887 Mt Keira 24890/1887 d. 30/4/1950 (Onesepherous Parker)
  3. (m) Samuel J Edwards b. 1889 Mt Keira 24465/1889 d. 1965 (Margaret McGoldrick)
  4. (m) Frederick Edwards b. 1891 Mt Keira d. 1959
  5. (f) Annie M Edwards b. 1894 Mt Keira 37768/1894 (Eugene Dodd)
  6. (m) Richard E Edwards b. 1897 Mt Keira 27741/1897 d. 25/10/1976 (Ada Kemp)

Living at Mount Kembla in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Edwards, relict of the late Samuel Edwards, of Mt. Keira, and mother of William, Ada (Mrs. Parker), Samuel, Frederick, Annie (Mrs. Dodd) and Richard; died in Wollongong Hospital on Saturday last, aged 73 years. A homely old lady, deceased possessed a wonderful sense of humor, and it was always a pleasure to meet her and her late husband on their regular visits to Wollongong each Satur day. Both were cheerful and always looked upon the bright side of life. Moreover they were good neighbors, always ready to lend a helping hand in sickness or were interred in the Methodist cemetery, Wollongong, on Monday afternoon, the funeral cortege being; a lengthy one, and representative of all parts of the district. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 26 July 1935 p 7

Edwards Elizabeth E (Shaw)

d. 20/9/1903 Bentley Richmond River br. Casino

m. Charles Edwards (28/8/1813 Croydon England- 9/11/1897 Bentley ) 24/11/1854 Kiama V185485 41B/1854

f. William E Shaw m. Elizabeth

  1. (f) Ellen Mary Edwards b. 1857 Deniliquin d. 17/11/1938 Casino
  2. (f) Annie Edwards b. 1859 Deniliquin d. 1950 Casino
  3. (m) Charles Edwards
  4. (m) Claude William Edwards b. abt 1862 Melbourne Vic d. 1936 Casino

On the 24th of November, by special license, at Kiama, by the Rev. Mr. Barnier, Charles Edwards, Esq., of Warbreccan (old name of Deniliquin) Edward River, to Elizabeth, second daughter of the late William Shaw, Esq. The Sydney Morning Herald 4 December 1854

EDWARDS— September 20, at Bentley, Richmond River, Elizabeth Edwards, aged 84 years. The Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser (NSW: 1871 - 1912) Wednesday 7 October 1903 p 957

Husband ran a cattle station near Pigeon House Mountain when he first arrived in NSW (about 1837), he also lived for some time in Victoria, then managed and then leased ‘Runnymede Station'. In 1893, they took up 'Bentley' and 'Roseberry' stations.

Edwards Emma

m. John Edwards

  1. (m) John Edwards b. 1862 Wollongong 15165/1862

Edwards Florence Mill M (Clarke)

b. abt 1875 d. 13/11/1927 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. Henry Edwards (-26/11/1938 accidently Son of Henry Edwards & Rhoda Tatch *) 1893 Wollongong 7560/1893

f. John W Clarke m. Maria Graham *

  1. Maud M M Edwards b. 1895 Wollongong 9121/1895
  2. Harry Henry Edwards b. 1896 Wollongong 18041/1896 d. 1979
  3. Florence M Edwards b. 1907 Wollongong 31070/1907

Living at Crown St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties


After a few days illness, the death occurred on Sunday night at her home, Campbell Street, Wollongong, of Mrs. H. Edwards. The deceased was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Clarke, who in the early days conducted the Mt. Keira Hotel, at Figtree.

She had lived all her life in the district, and was highly respected for her kindly and generous disposition. The late

Mrs. Edwards was 52 years of age, and leaves a husband and three children to mourn their loss. She was a sister of Messrs. G. and T. Clarke, of the Crown Hotel, Wollongong, Mrs. J. Marceau, Figtree, Mr. W. Clarke, Northern Rivers, and Mr. J. Clarke and Mrs. Bills, of Forbes. The remains were laid to rest in the Church of England cemetery on Sunday afternoon. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Friday 18 November 1927 p 4

Edwards Frances Grace (Higgins then Marr)

12/4/1851 Berrima d. 11/2/1923 Manly

m. Henry James Marr (9/5/1829 Sydney -13/7/1875 ‘Bulwarradah’ Wollongong) 8/8/1868 Berrima previously married to Fanny N Tooth *

m. William Conway Edwards (-6/3/1881 Forbes Son of William Edwards ) 20/3/1878 Wollongong /Wagga Wagga 4962/1878

f. James Jerome Higgins m. Mary Ann Winton

  1. (f) Melanie W Marr b. 1869 Berrima
  2. (f) Carlotta Grace Marr b. 1870 Berrima
  3. (f) Mabel Estell Marr b. 1871 Wollongong (Frederick Chambers 1900)
  4. (f) Vivian Cooper Marr b. 1873 Wollongong
  5. (f) Gertrude Leila L Marr b. 1875 Wollongong (Herbert Kentwell 1900)
  6. (m) William C M Edwards b. 22/10/1878 St Leonards
  7. (m) Walter Conway Edwards b. 10/2/1881 Forbes

William Conway Higgins was a clerk in the Lands Department then moved to be clerk of petty sessions at Forbes. There are a number of insolvencies recorded for William Conway Edwards which are possibly his. Her son Walter Conway Edwards was convicted of a number of robberies, escape from gaol etc.

EDWARDS.— On the 22nd October, at her residence, St. Leonards, the wife of William Conway Edwards of a son. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 5 November 1878 p 2

Edwards Hannah Cecilia (Thomas)

b. abt 1864 d. 15/1/1950 Bulli br. Bulli

m. Caleb Edwards ( abt 1864 Pembrokeshire Wales -4/3/1943 Bulli Son of Edward Edwards & Anne) 1896 Wallsend 6181/1896

f. Rees Thomas m. Margaret

  1. (m) Harold Edward R Edwards b. 1897 Woonona 37075/1897 d. 1971 Kiama
  2. (m) Rees T Edwards b. 1899 Woonona 17440/1899 d. 1903 Woonona
  3. (f) Margaret Ann Edwards b. 1900 Woonona 37019/1900 (William Griffiths 1929)
  4. (f) Gladys May Edwards b. 1902 Woonona 8699/1902 (Harold Bowyer 1925)
  5. (f) Adelaide Cecilia Edwards b. 18428/1904 (James Jack 1929)

Living at Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

EDWARDS - THOMAS. September 17th 1896, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. H. Halmarick, Caleb Edwards, of Bulli, to Hannah Siscilia, second eldest daughter of Reece Thomas Esq., of Plattsburg. Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate (NSW: 1876 - 1954) Saturday 26 September 1896 p 4


Mrs. Hannah Edwards, of Park Road, Bulli, died yesterday, aged 78. Her husband, Mr. Caleb Edwards, who died several years ago; formerly conducted a drapery business in Bulli. One son Carrel, and one daughter, Mrs. H. Bowyer, survive. Illawarra Daily Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1950 - 1954) Monday 16 January 1950 p 2

Edwards Harriett Eliza

Living at Campbell St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Edwards Jane Grace (Bradney then Forster)

b. . 2/11/1852 Jamberoo d. 16/2/1911 Taree

m. William George Forster (-1903 ) 1870 Sydney 898/1870

m. Richard Edwards 1904 Wingham

f. John Bradney m. Ademia Henry

Cause of Death: Drug and alcohol overdose

  1. (f) Matilda G Forster b. 1871 Kiama (William Y Rowswell 1890)
  2. (m) Victor Brice Forster b. 1873 Sydney d. 1950 Newtown
  3. (m) John William Forster b. 1874 Sydney
  4. (m) Henry George Forster b. 1876 Sydney d. 1945 Wollongong
  5. (m) Archibald Forster b. 1879 Sydney
  6. (m) Oliver Eugene Foster b. 1881 Sydney d. 1965 Rockdale
  7. (m) Thomas Bradney Forster b. 1883 Newtown d. 1955 Rockdale
  8. (f) Laura J Forster b. 1886 Newtown

A magisterial inquiry concerning the death of the late Mrs. Jane Edwards; wife of Mr. Edwards, watchmaker of Taree, who, was found dead in bed on Monday morning, was held at the courthouse Taree. After evidence had been given by her husband and others Dr. Gormley said was not in a position to certify, as to the cause of death, so the stomach and contents etc. were sent to the Government Analyst for examination. The Maitland Weekly Mercury (NSW: 1894 - 1931) Saturday 21 January 1911 p 3

At the adjourned inquiry into the death of Mrs. Jane Edwards, wife of Mr. R. Edwards, Taree, the Coroner found that the deceased died from the combined of effects of a small quantity of opium with heavy drinking, but how the opium was administered were was not sufficient evidence to enable him to say. The Richmond River Herald and Northern Districts Advertiser (NSW: 1886 - 1942) Tuesday 21 February 1911 p 1

Edwards Janet (Patrick)

b. 31/7/1828 Scotland d. 17/1/1915 Rose Bay

m. Hezekiah Edwards V18551584 73B/1855 Sydney Scots Church Sydney Scots Church

f. John Patrick m. Margaret

Ship: Nabob 1855

  1. (f) Margaret Edwards b. 1856 Wollongong 8459/1856
  2. (f) Hannah Edwards b. 1857 Wollongong 12326/1857
  3. (m) William Edwards b. 1859 Wollongong 14060/1859 d. 1946 Hurstville (Caroline Mary Williams * 1884)
  4. (f) Jane Edwards b. 1862 Manning River 8875/1862
  5. (f) Jane Edwards b. 1864 Manning River 9650/1864
  6. (f) Jessie Edwards b. 1865 Manning River 10095/1865
  7. (m) George Edwards b. 1867 Manning River 10878/1867
  8. (m) John Edwards b. 1869 Manning River 12569/1869
  9. (m) James Edwards b. 1871 Manning River 11978/1871

EDWARDS—January 17, 1911, at Rose Bay, in her 87th year, Janet, widow of the late Hezekiah Edwards, of Taree, Manning River, and mother of William Edwards, Wollongong, Mrs H. Edwards, of Cundletown, Manning River, Rev. George Edwards, Tumbarumba and Rev. John Edwards, of Rose Bay. Funeral Tuesday.

Janet was born in Scotland, the eighth child of her father John Patrick, a weaver of Bridgeton and his wife Margaret.

She was a domestic servant at Government House Sydney on her arrival, where she would meet her husband, Hezekiah who was working on Government House as a rubble / stone mason

Edwards Jean Mary

Living at Bombo in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Edwards Margaret (Peters)

m. Gilbert Edwards 1891 Wallsend

  1. (f) Sarah J Edwards b. 1893 Wallsend
  2. Margaret Edwards b. 1895 Stockton
  3. (m) John W T Edwards b. 1899 Woonona 8602/1899
  4. (f) Dulcie M Edwards b. 1902 Wallsend

Edwards Margaret (Chinnock)

b. 10/10/1867 Jamberoo d. 26/7/1950 br. Murwillumbah

m. Charles Edwards (5/11/1857 Mt Kembla- 12/9/1934 Murwillumbah Son of Aaron Edwards & Eliza Chappell *) 28/5/1890 Jamberoo

f. James Chinnock m. Elizabeth Dennis *

  1. (m) George W Edwards b. 1891 Wollongong 38386/1891 d. 1942 (Ada Maude Rogan 1916)
  2. (f) Eliza Edwards b. 1893 Wollongong 39246/1893 (Joseph Stevenson)
  3. (m) James C Edwards b. 1895 Woonona 18581/1895 d. 1966 (Vera Dawes 1924)
  4. (f) Ethel M Edwards b 1898 Woonona 17579/1898
  5. (m) Ernest Edwards b 1902 Woonona 37747/1902 (Alice M Smith 1925)
  6. (m) Henry Edwards b. 1905 Woonona 9534/1905 (Margaret Rose Emery 1929)
  7. (m) John Edwards b. 1905 Woonona 9535/1905 (Bele Haynes)

Living at Mount Keira in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a bushman.

Edwards Margaret (O’Sullivan)

m. Joseph Edwards 1902 Sydney 5625/1902

  1. (m) Thomas Edwards b. 4/10/1902 Dapto 37592/1902

Living Lakelands in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband an engineer.

Edwards Margaret (Thackster/Theckster/Texster)

b. 6/7/1819 Saga Down Ireland d. 5/6/1912 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. William Edwards (11/8/1805 London-21/6/1867 Wollongong Harbour Son of Benjamin Edwards & Rebecca) 2/9/1842 St James Sydney

Ship: 1842 Ann Milne

  1. (m) William Edwards b. 27/3/1843 Balmain
  2. (m) Benjamin Edwards b. 13/4/1845 Balmain d. 7/4/1893 Wollongong (Annie Cook * 1889 )
  3. (m) George Edwards b. 17/3/1847 Balmain d. 1880 drowned at sea
  4. (m) Joseph Edwards b 19.05.1849 Balmain
  5. (f) Ann Rebecca Edward * b. 11/8/1851 Wollongong d. 1/8/1911 Goulburn ( John Young 1875)
  6. (f) Hannah Maria Edwards b. 22/6/1853 Wollongong ( Samuel Preston)
  7. (m) Thomas Edwards b. 6/9/1855 Wollongong d. 12/8/1893 Nowra accidently drowned (Ada Malvina Baxter *1879)
  8. (f) Esther Edwards b. 23/9/1858 Wollongong 13507/1858 ( James Sloan)
  9. (m) Charles Henry Edwards b. 1861 Wollongong ( Mary Theresa Wiley *)

Husband the harbour pilot at Wollongong

Edwards Marie Isobel (Harper)

b. 1881 Sydney d. 7/8/1968 br. Wollongong

m. James Edwards (-14/9/1955 Son of Henry Edwards & Rhoda Tatch *) 1901 Helensburgh 6767/1901

f. Boyd North Harper m. Emilie Marceau * see Makin

  1. (f) Rhoda E I Edwards b. 1901 Wollongong 37552/1901
  2. (f) Yvonne S Edwards b. 1903 Wollongong 26673/1903
  3. (f) Ivy F Edwards b. 1905 Wollongong 29660/1905

Living at Market St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a fruit hawker.

Edwards Mary

Living at Market St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Edwards Mary

m. Thomas Edwards

  1. (m) Thomas P Edwards b. 1856 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven

Edwards Mary (Murray)

m. Henry Edwards 23/11/1846 Wollongong

Both resident of Wollongong

  1. (f) Mary Edwards b. 30/9/1847 Wollongong

Edwards Mary Ann

b. abt 1833 d. 21/9/1895 Wollongong br. Old Wollongong but re-interred into Wollongong

m. Frederick William Edwards ( 1830 Lambeth Surrey - 28/6/1886 Fairy Creek drowned)

  1. (f) Edwards
  2. (f) Ellen Edwards (Edward Thomas Drake 1880)
  3. (m) Frederick Edwards
  4. (m) James Howard Edwards b. 1870 Wollongong 19044/1870 d. 4/5/1955 Belmore (Ada Edith Maud Beatus * 1893)
  5. (f) Louisa Jane Edwards b. 1873 Wollongong 20811/1873
  6. (f) Alice Maud Edwards b. 1875 Wollongong 21940/1875
  7. (f) Florence M Edwards b. 1878 Wollongong 24643/1878
  8. (f) Ethel M Edwards b. 1883 Wollongong 21092/1883

EDWARDS.-September 21, at her residence, Farnham, Kembla-street, Wollongong, Mary Ann, widow of late Frederick William Edwards, aged 62. The Sydney Morning Herald 23 September 1895

Edwards Mary Anne (Butterworth)

b. abt 1819

m Henry Edwards 24/12/1840 Wollongong Schoolhouse Cof E Dapto Wollongong

Both of Wollongong

Convict permission to Marry Index 1940 Wollongong

Ship John Renwick 1838

Convict Indent Records:

Marital status
Read and Write
Children’s and Kitchen maid
Native place
183? Lancaster Liverpool
 Former convictions
Stealing Spoons
4’ 11 ¾” Pale and a little freckled and pockpitted. Hair Brown Eyes Grey Top of third finger of left Hand contracted

Edwards Mary Ann (Coates)

b. 6/6/1846 Sydney d. 22/6/1942 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. John William Edwards (1850 Capetown South Africa -24/7/1919 Wollongong Son of George Edwards & Phoebe George ) 1869 Sydney

f. Isaac Coates m. Catherine Wallace

  1. (f) Effie Edwards * b. 1870 Sydney d. 1957 Leeton (William E Fackender 1893)
  2. (m) John Edwards b 1871 Sydney d. 1941 Sydney (Mary Ellen Gleeson *)
  3. (f) Phoebe E Edwards * b. 1873 Sydney d. 22/9/1963 Wollongong (James Wheeler Cram 1902)
  4. (f) Mabel Edwards * b. 1875 Sydney d. 24/12/1957 Wollongong (Thomas J Rathmill 1899)
  5. (f) Jean/Jenny Evelyn Edwards * b. 1879 Sydney d. 1958 Hurstville (John Charles Kean 1902)
  6. (m) George W Edwards b. 1881 Sydney d. 1926 Wollongong
  7. (m) Charles H Edwards b. 1882 Sydney
  8. (m) Harold Edwards b. 1883 Wollongong
  9. (f) Matilda Edwards b. 1886 Wollongong
  10. (f) Ivy M Edwards b. 1890 Wollongong (Frederick V Stanley 1911)

Living at Charlotte St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Husband the Manager Wollongong Gas Works

Still another pioneer of the district Mrs. Mary Ann Edwards, died at the residence of her daughter (Mrs. Cram) 27a Rowland Avenue, Wollongong, on Monday last, at the venerable age of 97 years.

She was the relict of the late John W. Edwards, who was one of the first to act as manager of Wollongong Gas Works.

The deceased was one of Nature's gentlewomen and enjoyed life to the full. She particularly enjoyed the birthday parties arranged in her honor each year, when her family rallied around to honor her birthday.

Two sons and one daughter predeceased her. One of these sons, George (better known as Mo) also worked at the gas works for many years. His family are well known and respected residents of Burelli Street, Wollongong.

The members of the family who survive are Mrs W. Fackender, Mrs Cram, Mrs. Tom Rathmell, Mrs. C. Keen, Mrs. Stanley; Mr C. H. (Chic) Edwards and Harold (Fatty).

On Tuesday the funeral moved from Parsons' funeral parlours for the C. of E. cemetery. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW: 1900 - 1954) Friday 26 June 1942 p 11

Edwards Mary Elizabeth

Living at Lilyvale in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Edwards Mary Ellen (Gleeson)

b. 17/8/1873 Wollongong d. 6/6/1960 Sydney br. Wollongong

m. John William Edwards (18/3/1871 Miller Point-5/6/1941 Sydney Son of John William Edwards & Mary Ann Coates *) 1/7/1895 Garden Hill 5848/1895

f. Martin Gleeson m. Ellen McGuinness *

Both resident of Wollongong

  1. (f) Sybil E Edwards b. 5/9/ 1896 Garden Hill 36140/1896 d. 1979 Sydney (Victor Davies)
  2. (m) Vincent James Edwards b. 4/7/1898 Garden Hill 27113/1898 d. 1941 HMAS “Perth” (Margaret Moloney)
  3. (m) John W Edwards b. 1900 Wollongong 27902/1900 d. 1907 Wollongong
  4. (m) Stephen C Edwards b. 1903 Wollongong 8602/1903 d. 1976 Sydney (Grace White)
  5. (f) Edith Edwards b 1914 Sydney (Eric Burgess)

Husband a Boilermaker

Living at New Dapto Rd Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Edwards Mary Jane (Chinnock)

b. 15/6/1858 Jamberoo d. 15/4/1933 West Dapto br. Wollongong

m. John Edwards (24/1/1853 Iron Acton Gloucestershire -3/6/1939 West Dapto Son of Aaron Edwards & Eliza Chappell *) 30/4/1883 Wollongong 5313/1883

f. James Chinnock m. Elizabeth Dennis *

  1. (f) Florence E Edwards b. 20/4/1884 Mt Keira 22811/1884 d. 29/8/1983 Waterfall
  2. (m) George Ernest Edwards b. 1886 d. 17/2/1887 aged 10 months
  3. (f) Annie Edwards b. 1888 d. 17/8/1973
  4. (f) Margaret Edwards b. 1890 d. 27/2/1981 (Thomas Chinnock)
  5. (f) May Edwards b. 1892 d. 1968 (Thomas Allan)
  6. (m) Albert Edwards b. 1894 d. 25/1/1912
  7. (f) Emily L Edwards b. 1896 Wollongong 27184/1896 d. 9/10/1921 (Leslie Duley)
  8. (m) Olive Edwards b. 1898 Wollongong 8635/1898 (Oliver Charlton)
  9. (m) Arthur W Edwards b. 1900 Wollongong 27873/1900 (Florence Narbeth)
  10. (m) Frederick J Edwards b. 1901 Wollongong 37529/1901 d. 13/9/1981 (Edna McDonald)

Living at Mount Keira in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

The death occurred on Saturday last of Mrs Mary Jane Edwards, of West Dapto, wife of Mr. John Edwards, and mother of Florrie, Annie, Margaret (Mrs. Chinnock), May (Mrs Allen) and Olive (Mrs. Charlton), Arthur and Fred. Deceased who was in her 75th year had been ailing for a lengthy period. The late Mrs. Edwards was an active worker for the local Methodist Church. The funeral to the Methodist portion of the general cemetery, Wollongong on Sunday was largely attended. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW: 1900 - 1954) Friday 21 April 1933 p 5

Edwards Mary Theresa (Wiley)

b. 28/5/1860 Wollongong d. 18/8/1936 Wollongong

m. Charles Henry Edwards ( 10/11/1861 Wollongong – 28/7/1946 Wollongong Son of William Edwards & Margaret Thackster *) 28/7/1887 Wollongong

f. Edward Wiley m. Mary Mannix *

  1. (f) Ethel Maria Edwards b. 9/5/1888 Wollongong 25595/1888
  2. (m) William George Edwards b. 12/9/1889 Wollongong 24507/1889
  3. (m) Edward Charles Edwards b. 7/10/1891
  4. (m) Thomas Edwards b. 5/11/1894 Market St Wollongong 37943/1894
  5. (f) Eileen Maria Edwards b. 30/6/1897 Market St Wollongong 27681/1897
  6. (f) Annie Myrtle Edwards b. 6/10/1899 Market St Wollongong 36190/1899
  7. (f) Kathleen M Edwards b. 1902 Wollongong 18258/1902


The death occurred last Tuesday night of Mrs. Edwards, 74, wife of Mr. Charles Edwards, of Wollongong. The Labor Daily (Sydney, NSW: 1924 - 1938) Thursday 20 August 1936 p 4

Edwards Hanora Nanno see Watson

Edwards Rebecca Frances Clara (Johnston)

b. 1873 Berrima d. 17/7/1950 Sawtell

m. James Edwards 1892 Berrima

f. William Johnston m. Elizabeth

  1. (f) Elsie E T Edwards b. 1894 Joadja Creek
  2. (m) James G Edwards b. 1896 Woonona 27367/1896
  3. (m) Oliver F Edwards b. 1899 Bellingen
  4. (f) Gladys M Edwards b. 1901 Bellingen
  5. (f) Irene A Edwards b. 1904 Bellingen
  6. (m) Victor V Edwards b. 1907 Bellingen
  7. (f) Una J Edwards b. 1910 Bellingen
  8. (m) Onis Garnet Edwards b. 1913 Bellingen

Edwards Rhoda (Tatch)

b. abt 1836 d. 7/8/1929 br. Wollongong

m. Henry Edwards 1859 Kiama 2113/1859

f. Thomas m. Sarah

  1. (m) Thomas Philip Edwards b. 1860 Kiama 7853/1860 d. 18/12/1938 Wollongong
  2. (f) Rhoda Edwards * b. 1862 Kiama 8504/1862 d. 1967 Bulli (Donald McPhee 1884)
  3. (f) Ann Edwards * b. 1864 Kiama 9374/1864 d. 1952 Kogarah ( Lancelot L Earl 1886)
  4. (f) Sarah Harriett Edwards * b. 1866 Kiama 9544/1866 d. 1951 Wollongong (William J Pinfold 1896)
  5. (m) Henry Edwards b. 1869 Kiama 12279/1869 d. 1937 Wollongong (Florence M M Clarke * 1893)
  6. (m) David John Edwards b. 1872 Kiama 11431/1872 d. 1943 Wollongong (Ruth Northfield 1907)
  7. (m) Jonas Rees Edwards b. 1874 Kiama 12625/1874 d. 1955 Wollongong ( Alice Adeline Ring * 1898)
  8. (f) Betsy Satchell Edwards * b. 1876 Kiama 13455/1876 d. 1953 Rockdale (John W Budgen 1903)
  9. (m) James Edwards b. 1880 Wollongong 27456/1880 d. 1955 Burwood ( Marie Isobel Harper 1901)
  10. (m) Walter E Edwards b. 1884 Wollongong 22737/1884 d. 1928 Randwick

Edwards Ruth (Northfield)

b. 1877 Wollongong 22991/1877 d. 1858 Wollongong

m. David J Edwards 1907

f. William Northfield m. Emma Manning *

Living Fairy Meadow in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Edwards Zipporah (Cox)

b. abt 1851 d. 10/5/1918 Lindfield br.

m. Henry Edwards (- 1922 Randwick Son of Robert Vertne Edwards & Isabella ) 11/10/1879 Wollongong 5256/1879

f. George Cox m. Mary Joyce Lambert *

  1. (f) Isabella Mary Edwards b. 1881 Canterbury
  2. (f) Eleanor V Edwards b. 1883 Petersham
  3. (m) Robert V Edwards b. 1884 Petersham
  4. (m) Henry George Edwards b. 1886 Petersham d. 1952 Chatswood
  5. (f) Laura D Edwards b. 1888 Petersham

EDWARDS-COX.-October 11, Henry Edwards, second son of Robert Vertne Edwards, Esq., late of Wood Hall, Suffolk, England, to Zipporah, third daughter of George Cox, Esq., MD., of Summer Hill, Wollongong. The Sydney Morning Herald 25 October 1879

EDWARDS.-May 10, at Kerelaw, Gordon-road, Lindfield, Zipporah, daughter of the late Dr. Cox, of Corrimal, aged 67. The Sydney Morning Herald 18 May 1918

Egan Addie

Living Osbourne St Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Egan Ann (Donhee)

m. William Egan

  1. (f) Mary Egan b. 23/6/1855 Dapto V18551943 121A/1855

Egan Bridget

m. Daniel Egan

  1. (m) Daniel J Egan b. 1893 Kiama 18628/1893 d. 1919 Kogarah

Egan Catherine ()

m. Peter Egan ( abt 1801 - 1886 Shellharbour)

  1. (f) Female Egan
  2. (f) Catherine Egan * b. abt 1846 d. 1923 Glebe (John Alback)
  3. (f) Ellen Egan b. 1856 Kiama 5145/1856 d. 2251/1856 Kiama
  4. (f) Mary Egan * b. 1842 Maitland d. 1913 Sydney (James Henry Swan 1859)

Egan Catherine (Hickey)

b. abt 1874 Araluen d. 9/4/1902 Kembla Heights

m. John Egan (12/1/1866 Bellambi - 24/5/1936 Son of John Egan & Margaret ) 1901 Sydney

f. James Hickey m. Bridget

  1. (u) Unknown Egan b. abt 2/4/1902 Kembla Heights

Mrs. Egan, wife of Mr. John Egan, of Kembla Heights, died on Wednesday night. Deceased was only married about 12 months, and had given birth to a child a week ago. The funeral took place yesterday and was very largely attended. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Saturday 12 April 1902 p 5

Egan Elizabeth (Scollan/Leollon )

m. Patrick Egan 1865 Kiama

  1. (m) William John Egan b. 27/5/1866 Kiama 9533/1866

Husband a labourer- moved to Ulladulla area by 1867

Egan Ellen

b. abt 1863 d. 1923 Kiama

m. John Egan (abt 1860 -22/9/1934 Dulwich Hill)

f. Tobias m. Margaret

  1. (f) Margaret Egan
  2. (m) Thomas Egan
  3. (f) Catherine Egan
  4. (m) Sidney Egan
  5. (m) William Egan b. 1895 Kiama 4320/1895
  6. (f) Annie Egan b. 1898 Kiama 4149/1898
  7. (f) Eileen Egan b. 1900 Kiama 32340/1900

Living at Bombo in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a labourer.


The death took place on Monday, after a month’s illness, of Ellen, the wife of Mr. John Egan who was in her 61st year at Bombo where she has lived for many years. A kindly neighbour and good friend, deep regret is felt at her death, and much sympathy felt for her husband and family in their trouble Mr. Egan has for over 20 years ben, identified with the work of the Bombo quarry industry, and for many years in charge of the crusher work at Commissioners quarry.

The funeral took, place yesterday at North Kiama … The Kiama Reporter and Illawarra Journal (NSW: 1899 - 1947) Wednesday 30 May 1923 p 2

Egan Hannah (Daley)

m. Patrick Egan 1883 Sydney 2011/1883

  1. (m) William Egan b. 1886 Redfern 11283/1886
  2. (f) Catherine Egan b. 1886 Redfern 11284/1886
  3. (m) William Egan b. 1887 Woonona 25251/1887
  4. (m) Denis Egan b. 1891 Redfern 30737/1891

Egan Hannah (MacNamara)

b. abt 1842 Ballyline Co Clare Ireland d. 1881 Robertson

m. Laurence Egan 1864 Kiama 2193/1864

f. Michael MacNamara m. Johanna Gorman *

Ship: Chowringhee 1855

  1. (f) Emily Egan b. 1865 Berrima
  2. (m) William M Egan b. 1866 Kiama 9646/1866

Egan Isabella Jane (Brown)

m. Michael F Egan

  1. (f) Anne Maria Egan b. 18/3/1858 Shoalhaven
  2. (m) John Eagan b. 4/8/1859 Shoalhaven
  3. (f) Fanny Egan b. 1864 Kiama 9392/1864 d. 18/11.1864 Gerringong
  4. (m) Joseph Egan b. 28/6/1865 Gerringong 9742/1865
  5. (f) Agnes Egan b. 22/11/1866 Gerringong 9640/1866

Husband a settler and store keeper

ON Friday, the 18th inst., at the residence of her father, Gerringong, Fanny, the infant daughter of Mr. M. F. Egan, aged 4 months. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 1 December 1864 p 2

On the 28th June, at Gerringong, the wife of Mr. M. F. Egan, of a son The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 29 June 1865 p 2

On the 22nd November, at Gerringong, Mrs. M. F. Egan, of a daughter. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 29 November 1866 p 2

The Dairyman's Inn, kept by Michael Egan, at Gerringong, was completely destroyed by fire. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Monday 8 October 1866 p 5

Egan Margaret

Living at Unanderra in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Egan Margaret ()

m. Peter Egan

  1. (m) John Egan b. 12/10/1839 Dapto

Egan Margaret or Mary (Colahan)

m. Peter Egan

  1. (f) Catherine Jane Egan b. 16/12/1851 Mt Keira
  2. (m) William James Egan b. 22/10/1853 Mount Kiera
  3. (f) Monica Frances Egan b. 9/1/1856 Mount Kira

Egan Margaret (Murphy) also listed as Mary in church records

b. abt 1847 Limerick Ireland d. 20/4/1937 br Wollongong with her sons

m. John Eagan 17/4/1865 St Francis Xavier’s

f. Patrick Murphy m. Ellen Cornick

  1. (m) John Egan b. 12/1/1866 Bellambi 16487/1866 (Catherine Hickey * 1901)
  2. (m) Patrick Egan b. 12/4/1868 Spring Hill 10576/1868 d. 1937 Wollongong
  3. (m) Thomas Egan b. 21/8/1870 Kiama 11360/1870 d. 31/7/1902 Mt Kembla Mine Disaster
  4. (m) Michael Egan b. 12/4/1873 Saddleback 12323/1873 d. 31/7/1902 Mt Kembla Mine Disaster
  5. (f) Ellen Egan * b. 9/6/1875 Fox Ground 13217/1875 d. 1958 Helensburgh (John Purcell 1895, Richard Owen 1909)
  6. (m) Donald Egan b. 1877 Kiama 13968/1877
  7. (m) Matthew Egan b. 1879 Kiama 15888/1879 d. 6/3/1947
  8. (m) Denis Egan b. 1881 Kiama 19459/1881 d. 31/7/1902 Mt Kembla Mine Disaster
  9. (f) Bridget Ann Egan b. 1882 Kiama 20209/1882
  10. (m) Edward James Egan b. 1884 Kiama 23406/1884 d. 31/7/1902 Mt Kembla Mine Disaster
  11. (m) Peter F Egan b. 1885 Kiama 24192/1885
  12. (f) Margaret Mary Egan b. 1886 Kiama 25129/1886 d. 22/10/1950 Wollongong

Husband a labourer

Living Kembla Heights in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties


Mrs. Egan, of Mount Kembla, who is 90 years of age, has sustained many bereavements in her long life, the latest being that of her son, Mr. John Egan, who died on Sunday, aged 70 years. This makes six sons which Mrs. Egan has lost, four were victims of the Mount Kembla Disaster, and another son Frank, died some years ago. In addition she lost two sons-in-law. One, John Purcell, was killed in the Kembla disaster, and subsequently his widow married a Mr. Owen, who also died. In addition she lost her husband. The remains were interred in the Wollongong cemetery on Monday. The Mt. Kembla Colliery did not work on Monday, to permit of the employees attending the funeral.

The late Mr. John Egan was a single man, and was born at Foxground 70 years ago. He moved to Mt. Kembla 40 years ago, and for a number of years had been employed on the screens at the Mt. Kembla Colliery, which he left about 18 months ago, owing to ill health. Of a quiet and genial disposition, he was well liked by all who came in contact with him, and many an old acquaintance will regret to hear of the passing of John Egan, who was a man in every sense of the word. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 29 May 1936 p 8

Egan Margaret (Ryan)

b. 17/9/1873 McQuarie River

m. Patrick Egan (abt 1868-) 18/7/1900 St Francis Xavier’s 7398/1900

f. Andrew Ryan m. Honorah Purcell *

  1. (f) Mary E Egan b. 1901 Wollongong 18350/1901
  2. (f) Margaret V Egan b. 1903 Wollongong 17621/1903
  3. (m) Thomas E Egan b. 1905 Wollongong 29672/1905
  4. (f) Kathleen M Egan b. 1908 Wollongong 31438/1908

Egan Margaret (Sheedy)

m. John Egan

  1. (f) Margaret Egan b. 18/10/1868 Broughton Creek

Husband a farmer

Egan Mary (McCanna)

m. Philip Egan

  1. (f) Bridget Egan b. 8/4/1872 Ulladulla

Egan Mary A (Raper)

b. abt 1858 d. 10/8/1902 Wollongong br. Windsor RC Cemetery

m. Patrick Joseph Egan 1876 Inverell 3053/1876

f. Michael Raper m. Catherine

EGAN –At Wollongong Mrs Egan, late of Commercial Hotel, Wollongong, aged 44 The Sydney Morning Herald 11 August 1902

The death took place at Wollongong on Sunday last of Mrs. Egan, daughter of Mr. Michael Raper, of Windsor The deceased had been ailing for some time past, but no one ever suspected she would be cut off so quickly. She was 45 years of age, and was highly respected by all who knew her. For a long time she kept the Commercial Hotel at Wollongong, and only a few weeks ago paid a visit to Windsor, being then in the best of health. She leaves seven children. The remains were brought to Windsor on Monday afternoon last, and laid to rest in the Windsor R.C. Cemetery. The funeral was represented by the leading residents of the town. The coffin, which was a beautiful polished cedar with silver mountings, was covered with floral tributes. The pallbearers were Messrs. B. Hall, M L.A., A. D. Fowler, D. Holland, J.P., and W. C. Barker. Hawkesbury Herald (Windsor, NSW: 1902 - 1945) Friday 15 August 1902

Egan Mary Jane (Brown)

m. Michael Egan

  1. (f) Jane Egan b. 16/9/1855 Shoalhaven

Husband a settler

Egan Mary N

m. Patrick Egan

  1. (f) Ellen G Egan b. 1887 Kiama 25624/1887

Eggleston Mary Anne see Hoy

Eggleston Sarah Margaret Jane (Anderson)

b. 1856 on board Lloyds 5258/1856 d. 20/11/1933 Kiama

m. Joseph Eggleston (abt 1857 -20/2/1938 Kiama Son of John Eggleton & Elizabeth M B Lack *)1880 Kiama

f. Christopher Anderson b. Eliza *

  1. (m) Alfred Ernest Eggleston b. 1881 Kiama 19352/1881
  2. (f) Elizabeth H Egglestone b. 1883 Kiama 21693/1883
  3. (f) Florence E Eggleston b. 1885 Kiama 24185/1885
  4. (f) Sarah M Eggleston b. 1888 Kiama 26330/1888
  5. (m) Robert J Eggleston b. 1894 Kiama 17576/1894

Living at Terralong St Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a labourer.

Eggleston Sarah see Green

Eggleton Elizabeth Mary (Lack)

b. 11/5/1831 Campsie d. 15/10/1918 Canterbury

m. John Eggleton ( 12/5/1820 Airds- 10/7/1902 Canterbury Son of William Eggleton & Sophia Rugles *) 19/1/1852 CofE Dapto; Wollongong

f. Robert Lack m. Elizabeth Frazier

  1. (f) Sarah Annie Eggleton b. 2/6/1852 Dapto V18521817 38A/1852 d. 1/12/1936  
  2. (m) Alfred Eggleton b. 23/8/1853 Dapto V18531213 39A/1853 d.  
  3. (m) John Eggleton b. 1857 Dapto d. 1873
  4. (f) Elizabeth Eggleton b. 1858 Dapto 13370/1858
  5. (m) William R Eggleton b. 1859 Dapto 8051/1867
  6. (m) Joseph Eggleton b. 27/2/1860 Wollongong 13821/1860 (Sarah M J Anderson * 1880)
  7. (f) Eliza Eggleton b. 2/5/1862 Wollongong 15040/1862
  8. (f) Maria Eggleton b. 1863 Kenny Hill
  9. (f) Female Eggleton b. 1865 Wollongong 16981/1865
  10. (f) Mary Ellen Eggleton b. 14/9/1869 Kenny Hill
  11. (f) Charlotte Eggleton b. 8/1/1873 Kenny Hill 8940/1873
  12. (f) Ada Eggleton b. 19/7/1875 Kenny Hill 9380/1875

Egleton Rosanna

m. Joseph Egleton

  1. (m) Joseph A Egleton b. 1891 Kiama 18084/1891

Eggleton Sophia (Rugles)

b. 10/3/1798 Parramatta d. 10/4/1887 Milton br. Ulladulla

m. William Eggleton ( 12/5/1793 Sydney Cove- ? Son of William Eggleton & Mary Dickenson) 30/5/1814 Parramatta

  1. (m) William Eggleton b. 25/7/1815 Airds d. (Eliza Middleton 1841)
  2. (f) Mary Eggleton b. 2/1/1818 Airds ( Joseph Strafford 1842)
  3. (m) John Eggleton b. 12/5/1820 Airds V18205292 1B/1820 d. 10/7/1902 Canterbury (Elizabeth Mary Lack *1852)
  4. (f) Elizabeth Eggleton b. 20/5/1823 Airds d. (Dennis Shielle 1840)
  5. (m) Thomas Eggleton b. 10/3/1826 Airds d. (Hannah Rolf 1861)
  6. (f) Maria Eggleton * b. 1820 NSW d. 1908 Petersham ( George Fowler 1846)

She died whilst living with her daughter Maria and her son John was also resident in the Illawarra so it is likely that she was at some time living in the Illawarra.

Eggo Mary (Toohy)

b. abt 1844 d. 1918 Rockdale

m. John Eggo 1870 Sydney

  1. (f) Mary A Eggo b. 1871 Goulburn
  2. (m) Unknown Eggo b. 5/12/1873 Wingello
  3. (m) Philip Francis Eggo b. 1876 Kiama 13502/1876
  4. (m) William F Eggo b. 1877 Wentworth
  5. (f) Alice M Eggo b. 1878 Newtown
  6. (m) William Henry Eggo b. 1880 Orange
  7. (m) Richard Henry Eggo b. 1884 Windsor

ON the 5th instant, at her residence, Wingello, the wife of Mr. JOHN EGGO of a son. The Goulburn Herald and Chronicle (NSW : 1864 - 1881) Wednesday 10 December 1873 p 2

Husband could have been Chinese

Eglese Emelia Marie Helena (Wayland)

b. 1870 Sandhurst Vic d. 20/5/1949 Sydney br. Cremated

m. Charles Edward Eglese ( -15/12/1904) 29/7/1887 Woollahra 3168/1887 (div)

f. ? Weyland m. Marie Borchard ( See Schneider)

  1. (m) Lancebrook Charles Eglese b. 1889 Woollahra 8119/1889 d. 26/9/1917 France
  2. (m) Noel Edward Eglese b. 1895 Wollongong 28522/1895 d. 1976

EGLESE— July 15, at Wollongong, N.S.W. the wife of C. E. Eglese of a son The Sydney Morning Herald 20 July 1895


Charles Edward Eglese of 12 Spring street Sydney, publisher, petitioned for a divorce from Emilia Marie Helena Eglese formerly Weyland on the ground of desertion Mr J D Sly appeared for petitioner The marriage was celebrated according to Anglican rites In Sydney on July 29 1887. A decree nisi was granted returnable in three months. The Sydney Morning Herald 23 November 1904

Husband was sentenced to 18 months for embezzling money from the Wollongong Harbour Trust in 1896.

Ehmann Elizabeth see Doel

Eisenhuth Alice Mary (Holahan/Wholohan)

d. 1948 Burwood 21538/1948

m. Martin Eisenhuth 1888 Penrith 6370/1888

f. Patrick Wholahan m. Kathleen

  1. (u) Unnamed Eisenhuth b. 1889 Wollongong 24354/1889
  2. (f) Catherine Eisenhuth b. 20/11/1890 Wollongong 38130/1890
  3. (m) Martin Eisenhuth b. 13/8/1892 Wollongong 39045/1892
  4. (m) Henry Ernest Eisenhuth b. 30/7/1894 Smith Street Wollongong 37882/1894
  5. (m) William Alfred Eisenhuth b. 5/10/1895 Smith Street Wollongong 38449/1895
  6. (f) Annie Maria Eisenhuth b. 21/12/1896 Smith St Wollongong 8621/1897
  7. (m) Herbert Vivian Eisenhuth b. 29/7/1898 Smith Street Wollongong 27115/1898
  8. (f) Eva Maria Eisenhuth b. 20/7/1899 Smith St Wollongong 26777/1899
  9. (m) Vincent J Eisenhuth b. 1902 Wollongong 37543/1902
  10. (f) Alice M Eisenhuth b. 1904 Wollongong 8621/1904  
  11. (m) Thomas F Eisenhuth b. 1905 Wollongong 39378/1905
  12. (f) Sophia Eisenhuth b. 1908 Wollongong 10192/1908
  13. (u) Eisenhuth b. 1911 Wollongong 47743/1911

Living at New Dapto Rd Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a fettler.

Eiserer Mary Ann see Smith

Elder Aphrasia Catherine (King)

b. 1861 Parramatta d. 1/7/1918 Coast Hospital

m. Rev. Francis Rowling Elder ( -1931) 1881 Sydney 823/1881

f. Achdeacon Robert Lethbridge King m. Honoria Australia Raymond

  1. (f) Katherine M R Elder b. 1886 Picton 16912/1886 d. 1924 Mosman
  2. (m) Frank Raymond Elder b. 1888 Central Cumberland 19189/1888 d. 1962 North Sydney
  3. (f) Joyce R Elder b. 1890 Central Cumberland 10233/1890
  4. (m) Eric Raymond Elder b. 1892 Central Cumberland 10598/1892
  5. (m) Kenneth Copeland Raymond Elder b. 29/3/1894 Wollongong 37808/1894 d. 1971 Sydney  
  6. (m) Colin Lethbridge Raymond Elder b. 20/12/1897 Wollongong 8629/1898 d. 10/10/1917 France

ELDER.-March 29, at the Parsonage, Wollongong , the wife of the Rev. F. Elder, of a son. The Sydney Morning Herald 31 March 1894

Elder.-December 20, at the Rectory, Wollongong, the wife of the Rev. F. R Elder, of a sonThe Sydney Morning Herald 4 January 1898

(Note: she was the grand daughter of Rear Admiral King and the great granddaughter of Governor King)

Elderkin see Ross

Elgey Margaret see Banfield

Elkin Florence

Living at Bong Bong St Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Ellard/Harper/Mitchell Agnes


  1. (m) John Ellard b. 1858 Wollongong 13340/1858

Elliott Alice Annie

Living at Brown St Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Elliott Alice Eliza

Living at Brown St Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Elliott Ann (Blow)

b. 1/5/1823 Glencorick Co Monaghan Ireland d. 7/2/1905 Glebe Point br. Gerringong

m. William Elliott ( -8/3/1867 Gerringong) 1846 Presbyterian Wollongong V18464433 74B

f. John Blow m. Jane

Ship: Susan 1839

Her father remarried Ann Elliott *

  1. (m) John James Elliott b. 15/11/1847 Omega d. 9/10/1896 Broughton Village (Sarah Jane Maxwell * 1887)
  2. (f) Mary Jane Elliott * b. 12/10/1848 Omega d. 26/1/1931 Mullumbimby (Charles John Payne 1877 )
  3. (m) William Elliott b. 2/9/1850 Gerringong d. 1903 Temora
  4. (f) Isabella Elliott * b. 29/8/1852 Gerringong d. 1933 Bethungra (John Elliott 1869)
  5. (m) George Elliott b. 27/7/1855 Gerringong d. 1918 Casino (Rose M Terrel)
  6. (m) Samuel Henry Elliott b. 11/6/1856 Gerringong 5249/1856 d. 1918 Ballina (Elizabeth Emma Curry 1884)
  7. (f) Maria Elliott b. 17/3/1858 Gerringong 8014/1858 d. 1913 Glebe
  8. (f) Eliza Elliott b. 1860 Kiama 7878/1860
  9. (f) Sophia Ann Elliott b. 6/9/1860 Mount Pleasant d. 25/1/1900 Gerringong
  10. (m) Thomas Elliott b. 14/4/1863 Gerringong 8476/1863 d. 1936 (Eva Ethel Blow 1892)

The death occurred last week, at her residence Sydney, of Mrs. Ann Elliott relict of the late Mr. William Elliott; of Mount Pleasant, Kiama, at the age of 86 years, Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Saturday 18 February 1905 p 2

The death occurred at Glebe Point, Mrs Ann Elliott, relict of the late Mr William Elliott, Mount Pleasant Kiama, at the age of 86 years. The Shoalhaven News and South Coast Districts Advertiser (NSW: 1891 - 1937) Saturday 11 February 1905 p 2

Elliott Ann Eliza (Dawes)

b. 16/8/1852 McDonald River d. 3/7/1911 Katoomba br. Rookwood

m. Edward Thomas Elliott (1847 Wollongong - 6/7/1932 Son of Thomas Elliott & Sarah Bowes *) 12/2/1876 Gerringong

f. George Dawes m. Isabella Riley *

  1. (f) Alice Annie Elliott b. 25/1/1877 Gerringong
  2. (m) George Thomas Elliott b. 20/11/1878 Gerringong
  3. (f) Isabella Mabel May Elliott b. 4/2/1884 Jamberoo (James Gibson 1909)


Much regret was expressed in Kiama on Tuesday morning when it was heard that Mrs. E. T. Elliott had passed away at her residence in Katoomba, on Monday afternoon. But lately Mr. and Mrs. Elliott had broken up their home at “Seaview”, Kiama, to give Mrs. Elliott the benefit of the mountain air. For years she has been a sufferer, and all that loving care and attention on the part of her devoted husband and daughter has been done, and the best medical skill obtained to prolong a life dear to them and much sympathy is felt for Mr. and Miss Elliott and the youngest daughter, Mrs. James Gibson in their sad bereavement out. Mrs. Elliot was the sister of Mr. G. Dawes, of Kiama and was a devoted wife and mother… The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW: 1863 - 1947) Wednesday 5 July 1911 p 2

Elliott Ann May

Living at Crown St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Housemaid

Elliott Anne

m. John Elliott

  1. (m) Samuel J Elliott b. 19/3/1867 Wollongong

ELLIOTT.— At her residence. Berkley estate, Wollongong, on the 19th instant, the wife of Mr John Elliott, of a son. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 22 March 1867 p 2

Elliott Anne Nancy (Miller)

b. abt 1821 d. 15/9/1893 Fairy Meadow br. Wollongong

m. John Elliott (- 21/11/1896 Woonona Son of Thomas Elliott & Elizabeth) 1849 Presbyterian Wollongong V18484473 74B

f. Samuel Miller m. Mary

  1. (f) Margaret Jane Elliott * b. 1851 Wollongong V18514585 45B/1851 d. 1910 Woonona (William Parsons 1872)
  2. (f) Mary Ann Elliott * b. 1853 18534650 45B/1853 d. 24/12/1896 Woonona (Robert Barker 1872)
  3. (m) William J Elliott b. 1855 V18551073 42A/1855 d. before 1893
  4. (f) Matilda Elliott b. 1857 Wollongong 12199/1857 d. 31/1/1915 Corrimal (John Schofer 1888)
  5. (f) Elizabeth Elliott b. 1859 Wollongong 14113/1859 d. 15/8/1903 Fairy Meadow (Lewis Parsons 1878)
  6. (m) John William Elliott b. 1862 Wollongong 15059/1862 d. 5/7/1951 (Pauline Lydia Wilson 1902)


A much-respected resident of this district for the last 50 years, in the person of Mrs. John Elliott, of Fairy Meadow, died very suddenly on Friday night last. The old lady, who was 72 years of age, retired to bed in her usual good health about nine o'clock, but awoke about an hour afterwards, when she was seized with a fit of coughing, and died within half-an-hour, before the doctor, who had been summoned, had arrived. The funeral took place on Sunday afternoon, when a very large concourse assembled to testify their respect towards one whose many excellent qualities had gained for her the esteem of all who had the privilege of knowing her. The remains wore interred in the Presbyterian Cemetery, the Rev. Mr. Gray, of Teralga, conducting the service. The deceased leaves a husband, one son, and four daughters — Mrs. W. Parsons, Bellambi; Mrs. R. Barker, Woonona; Mrs. J. Schofer, Thirroul; and Mrs. L. Parsons, Wollongong. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Thursday 21 September 1893 p 2

Elliot Annie

Living at Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Elliott Bodelia (Clanchy)

d. January 1879 Redfern 3127/1879 br. Petersham

m. Edward Elliott (abt 1813 Ireland – 25/8/1885 Waterloo Son of Edward Elliott & Mary O’Shaughnessy *) 3/8/1839 St Mary's Church Sydney

f. Hugh Clanchy m. Mary

  1. (m) Alexander James Elliott b. 1/6/1840 Wollongong V18401395 121A RC Illawarra d. 3/5/1919 Newtown
  2. (f) Maria Elliott b. 2/8/1842 Wollongong d. 14/11/1848 Wollongong
  3. (m) Edward Valentine Elliott b. 26/10/1844 Wollongong d. 17/8/1905 Sydney ( Mary Jane Montgomery 1871)
  4. (m) Frederick Hugh Elliott b. 29/2/1848 Wollongong d. 27/6/1907 Drummoyne (Ellen Whelan 1867)

Her husband was the publican of the `Wollongong Inn' -1842, `Elliott's Family Hotel' cnr Crown & Corrimal Sts Wollongong 1844-c1858 and `Elliott's Family Hotel' c1860 cnr King & Susses Sts Sydney.

“MARRIED —By special license, on Saturday 3d inst., at St. Mary's church, Sydney, by the Rev. Charles Lovet, Mr. Edward Elliott, to Miss Bidilia Clanchy, both of Wollongong.” (SMH16 August 1839)

BIRTH. On Monday, the 1st instant, at her residence, Wollongong, Mrs. Edward Elliott, of a son.SMH 9 June 1840

BIRTH. On Tuesday, the 29th February, at the FAMILY HOTEL, Wollongong, Mrs. Edward Elliott, of a son.Sydney Chronicle 9 March 1848

Death On Tuesday, the 14th November, after nine days' illness, Maria, the beloved daughter of Mr. Edward Elliott, of the Family Hotel, Wollongong, aged six years and three months.The Sydney Morning Herald 17 November 1848

THE FRIENDS of Mr. EDWARD ELLIOTT, formerly of Wollongong, are respectfully invited to the funeral of Bodelia, his deceased WIFE; to move from his residence, Hill End Cottage. Walker-street, Redfern, THIS DAY (Monday), at half-past 2 o'clock', to the Catholic Cemetery, Petersham. The Sydney Morning Herald 20 January 1879

Elliott Cassie/Catherine (Martin)

b. 1/10/1867 Shellharbour d. 26/7/1954 Wollongong cr. Woronora

m. Robert Elliott (1849 Wollongong - 21/4/1916 The Ferns Wollongong Son of Thomas Elliott & Sarah Bowes *) 1891 St Peters

f. James Martin m. Elizabeth Couch *

  1. (f) Muriel M Elliott b. 1892 Wollongong 39029/1892 (A Marshall)
  2. (f) Maud Elliott b. 1894 Wollongong 37789/1894
  3. (m) Robert Claude Elliott b. 1896 Wollongong 8986/1896 d. 8/3/1968 Wollongong

Living at Mount St Thomas in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties


Mrs. Catherine Elliott died at her residence “Hillside”, Edward st., Wollongong on Monday.

She was the widow of Mr. Robert and mother of Muriel (Mrs. A. Marshall), Maud and Claude.

Mrs. Elliott was a prominent member of district A. H. and I. Societies and lived for the greater part of her life in this district.

She was a well-known competitor in equestrienne events when younger.

The funeral left the residence yesterday for the Woronora Crematorium. Illawarra Daily Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1950 - 1954) Wednesday 28 July 1954 p 8

Miss Cassy Martin, one of the best horse women in the colony, made some wonderful performances over the sticks at Wollongong Show yesterday. The Australian Star (Sydney, NSW: 1887 - 1909) Friday 1 February 1889 p 4

Elliott Edith Deeves

b. 1874 Glebe d. 15/7/1948 Hurlstone Park

f. William Elliott m. Mary Deeves

Living at Thirroul in 1903 Electoral Roll – School teacher

ELLIOTT, Edith Deeves— July 15, 1948, at her residence, 5 Gower Street, Hurlstone Park. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 17 July 1948 p 26

Elliott Eliabeth (Tate)

b. 1850 Broughton Vale d. 25/8/1932 Moss Vale

m. Andrew Elliott (-) 1868 Wollongong

f. George Tate m. Mary Wright *

  1. (m) Arthur E Elliott b. 1869 Kiama 12153/1869 d. 1935 Liverpool
  2. (f) Laurie Elliott

The death occurred at her residence, Lackey road, Moss Vale, on Thursday night, of Mrs. Elizabeth Elliott, widow of the late Mr Andrew Elliott, at the age of 82 years. Deceased was the daughter of the late George and Mary Ann Tate, and was born at Broughton Vale in 1850. The late Mrs. Elliott had lived in Lackey road for over 50 years, and leaves one son (Mr. Arthur Elliott) and one daughter (Miss Laurie Elliott) and five grandchildren to mourn their loss.

The funeral took place on Saturday afternoon, the remains being interred in the Church of England cemetery at Bong Bong, the Revs A. G. Perkins and A. C Corlette conducting the burial service. The Scrutineer and Berrima District Press (NSW : 1892 - 1948) Wednesday 31 August 1932 p 2

Elliott Elizabeth (Robinson)

b. 1782 Fermanagh Ireland d. 7/5/1868 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. Andrew Elliott (abt 1771 Ireland -13/7/1855 Wollongong Son of John Elliott & Angel Dyer ) Ireland

f. John Robinson m. Sophia

Ship: 1839 Argyle

  1. (m) Thomas Elliott b c1810 Fermanagh d. 15/12/1874 Wollongong (Sarah Bowes *)
  2. (m) James Elliott
  3. (f) Margaret Elliott b. 1813 d. 1879 St George (Andrew Rolston)
  4. (f) Sophia Elliott b. 1813 d. 1870 Sydney (John Greer)
  5. (m) John Elliott b 1819
  6. (f) Catherine Elliott b. 1822
  7. (f) Jane Elliott * b 1824 Fermanagh d 5/8/1901 Wollongong (Charles Vaughan Waldron)
  8. (u) 4 other children.

On the 7th May, at the residence of her sons, Wollongong,   ELIZABETH, relict of the late ANDREW ELLIOT, aged 86 years, the beloved mother of Mrs. A. Rolston, and Mrs. J. Greer, and great- grandmother of Mrs. Arthur Allen, of the Glebe, Sydney. The Sydney Morning Herald 25 November 1868

Her children Thomas, John, Margaret, Sophia, Jane, Catherine and their spouses and families all arrived on the Argyle in 1839

Elliott Ellen

Living at Figtree in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Elliott Emma (Francis)

b. 7/2/1858 Wattamolla Berry 7988/1858 d. 14/10/1937 Hamilton br. Sandgate

m. Arthur Herbert Elliott (1859 Plymouth -9/10/1920 Newcastle Son of James Elliott & Thomasina Orchard) 19/2/1891 Kangaroo Valley

f. John Francis m. Hannah Groves *

  1. (m) Charles Arthur Francis b. 9/6/1892 Clifton Grove Brodgers Creek
  2. (m) James Ascott Francis b. 7/5/1894 Barrengarry Kangaroo Valley d 197? (Jane [Jean] Orr Stewart)
  3. (f) Madaline Matilda Francis b. 17/2/1896 Barrengarry (? Freeman)
  4. (f) Maggie Elbertina Francis b. 22/1/1898 Barrengarry (Hugh William Anderson)

Elliott Frances (Murphy then Cullen)

b. abt 1809 d. 25/7/1845 Pitt street Sydney

m. Alexander Elliott ( abt 1807 Shanagolden Limerick Ireland- 18/12/1879 Woolloomooloo Son of Edward Elliott & Mary O’Shaughnessey *) 3/6/1833 RC St Mary’s Sydney V183388 129/1833 later married Isobel Brady *

Husband a dancing teacher, hotelier and post master


On the 3d instant, by the Rev. John Joseph Therry, Mr. Alexander Elliott, Macquarie-street, to Mrs. Frances Cullen, of the same place. The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser 6 June 1833

At 182, Pitt Street, on the 25th instant, Frances, the wife of Mr Alexander Elliott, aged 36 years, sincerely and deservedly regretted by her relatives and a large circle of friends. Morning Chronicle (Sydney, NSW: 1843 - 1846) Wednesday 30 July 1845

Elliott Ellen (Barnett/Barrett)

m. William Elliott 1894 Sydney 103/1894

  1. (f) Margaret Frances Elliott b. 21/12/1897 Shellharbour 726/1898

Elliott Emily (Kerr)

b. abt 1866 Sunderland England d. 14/8/1950 Sutherland

m. William Charles Elliott (abt 1861 Cornwall England - 3/11/1944 Sutherland) 24/5/1892 Balmain

  1. (f) Annie Margaret Elliott b. 1893 Ashfield
  2. (f) Elizabeth Evelyn Elliott b. 1896 Petersham
  3. (f) Bertha C Elliott b. 1902 Helensburgh d. 1979 22577/1902 (Hobson)
  4. (m) Charles Norman Elliott b. 1907 St Leonards

ELLIOTT - KERR. - May 24, 1892, at St. John's Church. Balmain, by the Rev. W. A. Charlton, William Charles Elliott, of Cornwall, England, to Emily Kerr, of Sunderland, England. Present address: 62 Auburn Street, Sutherland. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Saturday 4 November 1944 p 24

It is possible her husband worked at various mines in the Illawarra.

Elliott Emma (Francis)

b. 7/2/1858 Kiama d. 13/10/1937 Newcastle br. Sandgate

m. Arthur Herbert Elliott 1891 Berry

f. John Francis m. Johanna Groves *

Elliott Isabella (Elliott)

b. 29/8/1852 Gerringong d. 21/6/1934 Bethungra

m. John Elliott 1869 Broughton Village

f. William Elliott m. Ann Blow *

  1. (m) Alfred John Elliott b. 1870 Kiama 11258/1870 
  2. (m) Albert W Elliott b. 1872 Kiama 11439/1872 
  3. (f) Edith Elliott b. 1874 Kiama 12654/1874 
  4. (f) Eva Elfrida Elliott b. 1876 Kiama 13543/1876  (Ernest Cross 1922)
  5. (m) Edwin Edgar Elliott b. 1879 Kiama 15793/1879 
  6. (f) Alice Ethel Elliott b. 1881 Kiama 19424/1881 
  7. (m) Thomas Claude Elliott b. 1884 Cootamundra 20527/1884
  8. (f) Amy B Elliott b. 1888 Cootamundra 23076/1888
  9. (f) Effie G Elliott b. 1891 Cootamundra 11413/1891 (Charles Ryal 1919)
  10. (m) Walter J Elliott b. 1894 Cootamundra 10982/1894
  11. (f) Alvie M Elliott (Thomas Merrin 1912)
  12. (f) Edna Gladys Elliott b. 1897 Cootamundra 11622/1897


One of the Cootamundra district’s grand old pioneers, Mrs. Isabella Elliott, relict of the late John Elliott passed away last night at “Ferndale.”

Deceased, who was 85, has been in the district for 55 years.

Sons and daughters left to mourn her loss are Edith, Amy, Gladys, Effie, (Mrs. Ryals) and Bert, Walter, and Claude. Two daughters, Eva (Mrs. Cross) and Alvie (Mrs. Merrin), and two sons, Alfred and Edwin, predeceased her. There are 11 grandchildren.

The late Mrs. Elliott was born at Mt. Pleasant (South-Coast), and was married to the late John Elliot at Broughton village.

The late John Elliott selected the present property, and he and his good wife came to Cootamundra in 1879. The railway was not here then, and the long journey from the South Coast was made by tip dray.

Deceased took a very active interest in the Church of England church. She was remarkably clever at crochet work and only a little time ago made an altar cloth, which she presented to the church. She possessed a most generous nature, and was always willing to assist anyone. Her friends were countless. During the Great War she organised two dances at

“Ferndale” in aid of the Red Cross, and a profit of £500 was made on the two functions— a great tribute to her organisation and an instance of her patriotism.

The funeral will leave the house at 1.30 to-morrow. There will be a service at the Church of. England at 2.30, and the funeral will leave the church at 3 p.m. Cootamundra Herald (NSW: 1877 - 1954) Friday 22 June 1934 p 2

Elliott Isabella (Brady)

d. 1877 Sydney

m. Alexander Elliott (abt 1807 Shanagolden Limerick Ireland- 18/12/1879 Woolloomooloo Son of Edward Elliott & Mary O’Shaughnessey) 17/1/1846 St Mary's Church Sydney

f. Edmund Brady m. Ann

Ship: Herald 1845

  1. (f) Anne Elliott b. 23/2/1847 Wollongong V18472987 64/1847 d. 512/1847
  2. (f) Mary A. Elliott b. 1848 V1848259 65/1848
  3. (f) Isabella Elliott b. 1849 V1849509 66/1849
  4. (m) Edward Elliott b. 1850 V1850672 67/1850
  5. (m) Alexander Anthony Elliott b. 23/10/1851 Wollongong V18511675 121A/1851 d. 9/6/1911 Bondi (Mary Ellen Bowe * 1881)
  6. (f) Christiana Elliott b. 18/8/1853 Wollongong V18531808 121A/1853
  7. (m) Frederick James Elliott b. 10/11/1854 V18541909 121A/1854 d. 1/10/1915 Lewisham (Emilie Kate ?)
  8. (f) Eliza Alice Elliott b. 5/3/1856 Fig Tree 8342/1856
  9. (f) Alicia H. Elliott b. 24/7/1857 Campbelltown 5909/1857 d. 1858
  10. (f) Joanna Francis Elliott b. 24/7/1857 ( Arthur McKinley)
  11. (f) Henrietta Ann Elliott b. 16/4/1859 Fairy Meadow 14117/1859
  12. (m) Henry Arthur Elliott b. 16/10/1860 Wollongong 14031/1860 ( Charlotte McAlister)
  13. (m) Michael W.J.M. Elliott b. 1862 Sydney d. 1865 1842/1862

The Index to Publican's Licenses shows Alexander as the licensee of the Crown Hotel in 1834, the Illawarra Hotel on the corner of Market & Keira Sts, Wollongong 1835-6 and the Wollongong Hotel in Market St, Wollongong 1837. The 1841 Census shows him living in Market Square, Wollongong. In 1843 Alexander was licensee of the Hope Inn, Parramatta. The following years show him with yet more hotels in the Wollongong area, The Governor Bourke Family Hotel and the Sportsman's Arms (at Figtree). Alexander was declared bankrupt on three occasions.

MARRIED,   By special license, on the 17th instant, at the Cathedral, Sydney, by the Very. Rev. Dean McEncroe, Mr. Alexander Elliott, of Wollongong, to Isabelle, eldest daughter of Edward Brady, Esq., of Kealty, County Clare, Ireland.Morning Chronicle 21 January 1846

BIRTH, At her residence, Wollongong, on the 23rd instant, Mrs. Alexander Elliott, of a daughter.Sydney Chronicle 27 February 1847

On Tuesday the 16th instant,, Mrs. Alexander Elliott of a son. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 19 October 1860 p 2

Husband a dancing teacher, hotelier and post master

Elliott Jane (Erwin)

b. abt 1810 Tyrone Ireland d. 1885 Dapto br. Porters Garden Beach/Bombo

m. James Elliott (- abt 1849 Tyrone Ireland)

f. Robert Erwin m. Margaret

Ship: 1854 Lady Elgin

  1. (f) Jane Elliott * b. 1831 Tyrone Ireland d. 21/7/1906 Balmain (Robert Gray 1852)
  2. (m) William Elliott b. abt 1831 Tyrone Ireland
  3. (f) Catherine Elliott b. abt 1834
  4. (f) Margaret Elliott * b. abt 1834 Tyrone Ireland d. 1902 Lismore (John Dorrough 1857)
  5. (m) John Elliott b. abt 1838 Tyrone Ireland d. 27/9/1894 Sunnybank Bexhill (Mary King * 1884)
  6. (f) Anne Robertson Elliott * b. abt 1839 County Tyrone Ireland d. 31/12/1916 Sydney (Matthew Emerald Robson 1859)
  7. (f) Isabella Elliott * 1839 Dorriginny Tyrone Ireland d. 24/2/1934 “Cedar Grove” Kiama (William King 1868
  8. (m) Robert Elliott b. abt 1842 County Tyrone Ireland d. 1899 Eltham
  9. (f) Eliza Elliott b. abt 1844

On the 21st September, at the Wesleyan Chapel, Wollongong, by the Rev. J. Watkin, M. E. Robson, eldest son of Alderman Robson, of Keira Cottage, to Anne, fourth daughter of Mrs J. Elliott, of Dapto, and niece of Mrs S. Armstrong, of Keira Vale. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Monday 3 October 1859 p 3

OBITUARY.-.An exemplary and much respected resident of the district has passed away in the person of Jane, relict of the late James Elliott. of County Tyrone, Ireland. The good lady died at the residence of her son. John Elliott-well and favourably known-Long Brush, Kiama, at the advanced age of seventy-five years, and was buried in the public cemetery, Porter's Garden Beach, on the following day. The obsequies were conducted by the Rev. Mr. Glasson (Wesleyan), who gave an excellent and impressive address at the house before the cortege started for the burial ground, dwelling especially on the certainty of death, and the necessity of preparing for that final event. He also read the usual service at the grave side. The deceased was left a widow with a family of nine children thirty-six years ago, and came to this colony in the year 1854, bringing with her three daughters, her son John and five others of the family having preceded her about two years. She settled with the second eldest son, Mr. John Elliott, at Dapto, and afterwards removed with him to Kiama, and breathed her last, beneath his roof and under his care and protection, without pain or suffering, from exhaustion or simple decay of nature. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Friday 8 May 1885 p 2

Elliott Jane Ann (Robson)

b. abt 1859 Northumberland d. 14/10/1943 Young Wallsend br. Sandgate

m. John Elliott (abt 1855 Barrington Northumberland -7/5/1906 Young Wallsend ) 1879 Morpeth Northumberland

Ship: Devon 1881

  1. (m) William Robson Elliott b. abt 1879 Northumberland
  2. (f) Robina I Elliott b. abt 1881 Northumberland (George Scott 1898)
  3. (m) John B Elliott b. 1883 Wollongong 20983/1883 d. 1883 Wollongong
  4. (f) Margaret Elliott b. 1884 Newcastle (Clarence Harris 1910)
  5. (f) Lily Elliott b. 1886 Hamilton (George Hardy 1909)
  6. (m) John Blair Elliott b. 1891 Hamilton d. 28/5/1909 Wallsend

ELLIOTT.–Passed away October 14, 1943, at Young Wallsend. Jane Ann Elliott, dearly beloved mother of Robina, Margaret and Lily aged 85 years. Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate (NSW: 1876 - 1954) Thursday 4 November 1943 p 2

ELLIOTT.-The Relatives and friends of Mr. and Mrs. G. SCOTT. Mr. and Mrs. C. HARRIS, Mrs. L. HARDY and FAMILIES, and Mrs A. ELLIOTT are invited to attend the Funeral of their late dearly beloved mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, and great-grandmother. JANE ANN ELLIOTT, to move from the residence of her son-in-law Mr C. Harris, Minmi-road, Young Wallsend, this Afternoon at 1.30 o'clock, for the Church of England Cemetery, Sandgate. Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate (NSW: 1876 - 1954) Saturday 16 October 1943 p 2

Elliott Louisa

m. Philip Elliott

  1. (f) Daughter Elliott b. 13/2/1845 Berkeley

At Berkeley, Illawarra on 13th February, Mrs. P. Elliot, of a daughter. The Sydney Morning Herald 17 February 1845

(it is unlikely to be wife of Philip J Elliott as he was the Librarian at what was to become the Mitchell Library, it may be Louise Wiltshire wife of one of the surveyors of Wollongong, Philip Elliot, who surveyed Wollongong township in 1833)

Elliott Lydia (Cooper)

b. abt 1869 d. 10/5/1957 Manning River

m. Elias Elliott (- 29/8/1935 Sydney Son of John Elliott & Annie) 1889 Sydney

f. William Cooper m. Sarah Jane

  1. (m) David A Elliott b. 1890 Kogarah d. about 13/3/1921 Peking China
  2. (m) William Worthington Elliott b. 1893 Kogarah d. 1981
  3. (m) John Bramwell Elliott b. 1894 Penshurst d. 1950 Newcastle
  4. (m) Thomas Walter Elliott b. 1897 Kiama 22687/1897 d. 1966 Manly
  5. (m) Elias Nathaniel McK Elliott b. 1909 Port Macquarie d. 1976

Elliott Margaret

m. John Elliott

  1. (m) Francis Elliott b. 1868 Kiama 10722/1868
  2. (f) Mary Ann Elliott b. 1870 Kiama 11305/1870
  3. (m) John Elliott b. 1873 Kiama 12266/1873

Elliott Margaret

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll – Music teacher

Elliott Margaretta (Curry)

b. 1835 Ireland d.

m. James Elliott 1861 Kiama 1951/1861

  1. (m) Alfred J J Eliott b. 1862 Wollongong 14979/1862 d. 1940 Parramatta (Ann Jane Allen 1892)
  2. (m) Walter Thomas Stuart Elliott 15105/1863 b. 1863 Wollongong d. 1948 Tingha (Margaret A McClintock )

Elliott Margaret Ann (Wilson)

b. abt 1872 Durham d. 20/8/1951 br. Wollongong

m. Thomas David Elliott (abt 1868 Newcastle-on-Tyne -29/4/1925 Corrimal Son of David Thomas & Rachel Archbold ?) 1890 Wollongong

Ship: abt 1890

  1. (m) Robert Elliott b. 1893 Helensburgh 16929/1893 d. 1893 Helensburgh
  2. (f) Margaret A Elliott b. 1894 Helensburgh 16171/1894 (Bert Onions 1920)
  3. (f) Ethel Elliott b. 1897 Woonona 37070/1897 d. 1897 Woonona
  4. (m) Albert T Elliott b. 1900 Woonona 18368/1900 d. 1965 Corrimal
  5. (m) William Elliott b. 1904 Boulder WA
  6. (m) George Elliott b. d. 1952 Wollongong
  7. (m) Dave Elliott
  8. (m) Frank Elliott


Mrs. Margaret Ann Elliott, of Doncaster Streets Corrimal, who died yesterday, came from Durham, England, 60 years ago when aged 19. She lived at Mt. Kembla and Western Australia but spent most of her life at Corrimal, where she was an active member of the Methodist Church and the women's Church Aid. She was also an active member of the Wollongong Pensioners' Association. She was the widow of Mr. Thomas Elliott, who died 26 years ago, and mother of Albert, George, Dave, Frank and Margaret (Mrs. B. Onions). Rev. Williams, of Corrimal Methodist will conduct a service at Parsons' chapel, after which the funeral will move to the Methodist Cemetery, Wollongong, where burial will take place beside her husband. Illawarra Daily Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1950 - 1954) Tuesday 21 August 1951 p 8

Elliott Mary

m. William Elliott

  1. (f) Isabella Elliott b. 1843 CofE Dapto/Wollongong

Elliott Mary see Wheatley

Elliott Mary (O’Shaughnessey)

b. abt 1784 d. 12/2/1858 Wollongong br. Wollongong RC

m. Edward/Edmond/Edmund Elliott (abt 1772 Ireland -11/12/1838 Wollongong ) 28/7/1806 Limerick

Ship: 1828 City of Edinburgh with two younger children.

Husband was a convict who arrived 22/4/1823 on the “Brampton”. Conviction Life-Uttering unlawful oaths

  1. (m) Alexander Elliott b. abt 1807 Shanagolden Limerick d. 18/12/1879 Woolloomooloo ( Frances Murphy * 1833 , Isabella Brady * 1846)
  2. (f) Joanna/Johannah Elliott b. abt 1813 Limerick (Patrick Lysaght , James Barry)
  3. (m) Edward Elliott b. c 1815 d. 25/8/1885 Sydney (Bidelia Clanchy * 1839)

On 7/11/1826 her husband petitioned to have his wife & family join him. Mary and her 2 younger children arrived in 1828, her elder son arrived on the `Eliza' on 26/2/1829.

Of your charity pray for the soul of Mary, relict of the late Mr.  Edward Elliott, and mother of Alexander and Edward Elliott, of Wollongong, who departed this life on Friday, the 12th instant, aged 74 years. R. I. P. The Sydney Morning Herald 16 February 1858

Elliott Mary A

Unmarried/ no father listed

  1. (m) William Elliott b. 1836 CofE Dapto

Elliott Mary Anne (Pearson)

b. 1830 Lower Winchendon Buckinghamshire England

m. Mathew Elliott (abt 1830 UK- 1882 Kiama Son of Matthew Elliott & ?) 23/12/1848 CofE Dapto; Wollongong V1848425 33B/1848

f. John Pearson m. Elizabeth A Williams *

  1. (m) William Elliott b. 1850 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong V18501834 37A/1850
  2. (m) James Elliott b. 1853 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong V18531781 39A/1853
  3. (m) Matthew Elliott b. 1855 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong V1855949 42A/1855
  4. (m) John A Elliott b. 1858 Wollongong 13450/1858
  5. (m) Thomas Elliott b. 1860 Wollongong 14062/1860
  6. (m) George Elliott b. 1863 Wollongong 15146/1863
  7. (m) Arthur Elliott b. 1867 Wollongong 17870/1867
  8. (f) Clara S Elliott b. 1869 Wollongong 19811/1869
  9. (f) Matilda Elliott b. 1870 Wollongong 18968/1870

Elliott Mary Ellen (Bowe/Bow)

b. 22/4/1862 Figtree 15045/1862 d. 23/5/1933 Waverley 10010/1933 br. Waverley

m. Alexander Anthony Elliott ( 23/10/1851 Wollongong -9/6/1911 Bondi Son of Alexander Elliott & Isabella Brady *) 1881 Wollongong 4412/1881

f. William Rowland Bow m. Ellen Matilda Maher *

  1. (f) Isabella Helena Elliott b. 20/2/1882 Fig-tree 19546/1882 (Jacob E Ternes 1904)
  2. (m) Roland Bernard Elliott b. 1886 Paddington d. 1953 Gosford
  3. (m) Harold W Elliott b. 1888 Paddington d. 1888 Leichhardt
  4. (f) Mary A Elliott b. 1889 Leichhardt (John W Kerr 1912)
  5. (f) Edna F Elliott b. 1891 Paddington (Henry R Ball 1914)
  6. (f) Dorothy T Elliott b. 1892 Paddington (Albert C Merdith 1918)
  7. (f) Sylvia Elliott b. 1894 Paddington (Bertie H Smith 1917)
  8. (f) Helen M Elliott b. 1896 Sydney d. 1926 Waverley

ELLIOTT -On the 20th February, at her residence Post Office Stores, Figtree Illawarra the wife of Alexander Elliott, of a daughter. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 24 February 1882 p 2

ELLIOTT.-May 23, 1933, at her residence, Mount Kembla, 58 Hewlett-street, Waverley, Mary Ellen, widow of the late Alexander Anthony Elliott, late of Wollongong, and dearly loved mother of Isabel, Roland, Alexa, Edna, Dorothy, and Sylvia, aged 71 years. R.I.P. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Thursday 25 May 1933 p 8

Elliott Mary Jane (Maynes)

b. 24/7/1872 Gerringong d. 15/4/1904 Richmond River

m. George J Elliott 1903

f. William Maynes m. Margaret Moffitt *

Living at Gerringong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Elliott May

Living at Balgownie in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Elliott Nancy see Anne

Elliott Nea Virginia

Living at Toolijooa in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Elliott Pauline Lydia (Wilson)

b. 1882 Wollongong d. 16/7/1959 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. John William Elliott (1862 Wollongong - 5/7/1951 Son of John Elliott & Anne Miller *) 1902 Wollongong

f. Robert Wilson m. Lydia Stafford *

  1. (f) Myrtle E Elliott b. 1903 Woonona 17756/1903
  2. (m) Robert W Elliott b. 1905 Woonona 19293/1905
  3. (f) Pearl M Elliott b. 1906 Wollongong 19863/1906
  4. (m) Roy W Elliott b. 1910 Wollongong 45463/1910
  5. (f) Muriel V Elliott b. 1914 Wollongong 9261/1914
  6. (m) John M Elliott b. 1916 Wollongong 37970/1916

Living at Fairy Meadow in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a butcher.

Elliott Rebecca (Moffitt)

b. 1832 Makenny County Tyrone Ireland d. 20/5/1905 Lismore br. Clunes

m. William Elliott (1831 Lowtherstown Co. Fermanagh, Ireland – 5/12/1901 Clunes Son of William Elliott & Rebecca Wilson) 23/1/1857 Kilskeery Co. Tyrone

f. John Moffitt m. Mary Irvine

Ship: Mary Pleasants 1857

Husband a farmer

  1. (m) John Elliott b. 16/11/1857 Ipswich Qld. d. 28/7/ 1909 (Mary Jane Cooke 1882)
  2. (f) Mary Elliott b. 3/1/ 1859 Ipswich Qld. d. 8/5/ 1898 Clunes (David Mackie)
  3. (f) Rebecca Elliott b. 25/4/ 1860 Gerringong 7793/1860 d. 4/7/1861 Kiama
  4. (f) Margaret Jane Elliott b. 11/6/ 1861 Gerringong 8216/1861 d. 22/5/1945 (Francis Arthur Rishworth 1896)
  5. (m) William Elliott b. 4/9/1862 Foxground 8572/1862 d. 6/2/1910 (Martha Ann Cooke 1884)
  6. (m) David Alexander Elliott b. 6/11/1863 Kiama 8638/1863 d. 16/9/1916 ( Hannah McCollum 1888)
  7. (f) Rebecca Elliott b. 5/6/1865 Foxground 9722/1865 d. 19/1/1866
  8. (m) Henry Wilson Elliott b. 16/10/1866 Gerringong 9638/1866 d. 10/11/1922 (Mary A McCollum 1897)
  9. (m) Thomas Elliott b. 7/9/1868 Gerringong d. 6 /9/1918 (Ellen Martin 1896)
  10. (m) Irvine Elliott b. 16/9/1870 Broughton Creek d. 7/4/1957 Brisbane Qld (Marian Northam 1901)
  11. (f) Sarah “Elizabeth” Ann Elliott b. 30/12/1871 Gerringong d. 1/2/1918 (William Rishworth 1894)
  12. (m) George James Elliott b. 3/10/1873 Gerringong d. 2/6/1938 Brisbane Qld (Mary J Maynes 1903)

Elliott Sarah (Bowes)

b. 1809 d. 5/9/1882 br. Pioneer Park Cemetery Wollongong

m. Thomas Elliott ( 1804 Fermanagh Ireland -15/12/1874 Wollongong Son of Andrew Elliott & Elizabeth Robinson * ) c1830 Fermaugh Ireland

f. Rev Edward Bowes m.

Ship: 1839 “Argyle”

  1. (f) Eliza Jane Elliott * b. 1832 Fermanagh d. 28/3/1914 Wollongong (Hubert K Waldron 1847)
  2. (m) James Elliott b. 1835 Fermanagh
  3. (m) John Elliott b. 1841 Wollongong bp. CofE Dapto Wollongong (Isabella Elliott)
  4. (m) Andrew Elliott b. 1843 Wollongong bp. CofE Illawarra; Jervis Bay
  5. (m) Edward T Elliott b. 1847 Wollongong d. 6/7/1932 (Anne Eliza Dawes * 1876)
  6. (m) Robert Elliott b. 1849 Wollongong bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong (Cassie/Catherine Martin * 1893)
  7. (f) Sarah Ann Elliott * b. 1851 Wollongong bp CofE Dapto: Wollongong d. 12/10/1934 Lismore ( John Rankin 1874)

Sister Margareta Bowes * married John Curry

Elliott Sarah Jane see Ritchie

Elliott Susan

1869 Mount Kembla 19892/1869  d. 10/8/1949 Wollongong br. Wollongong

Unmarried or no father listed

m. Albert Elliott (abt 1870- 1932 Corrimal Son of Albert or David Elliott & Rachel Archbold ?)

f. William Walker m. Mary Ann Fishlock * see Willett

  1. (f) Florence M Walker b. 1889 Wollongong 24468/1889 (J Jeffries)
  2. (f) Olive Elliott b. 1892 Woonona 39640/1892
  3. (m) Albert W Elliott b. 1892 Woonona 39641/1892
  4. (m) Thomas Elliott b. 1894 Woonona 38287/1894
  5. (f) Margaret I Elliott b. 1897 Woonona 37069/1897
  6. (f) Maude E Elliott b. 1899 Woonona 17399/1899 (D Lumley)
  7. (f) Irene R Elliott b. 1901 Woonona 18434/1901 (L Eager)
  8. (m) Arthur Elliott b. 1903 Woonona 17799/1903

Living at Corrimal in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.


Following a short illness, Mrs. Susan Elliott passed away in the Wollongong District Hospital yesterday. She was 80 years of age and had resided at Main Road, Corrimal. She was the widow of the late Mr. Albert Elliott, who was an orchardist at Mount Kembla.

The late Mrs. Elliott was born at Mount Kembla and had lived in this district all her life. Prior to her marriage, she was a member of the Walker family, of Cordeaux.

She leaves three daughters, Florence (Mrs. J. Jeffries, Moss Vale), Maud (Mrs. D. Lumley, Alstonville), Irene (Mrs. L. Eager, Corrimal), and two sons, Tom and Arthur.

A service, conducted by Rev. D. A. Trathen, will be held at Parson's funeral parlours today (Thursday) prior to the interment in the Wollongong Methodist cemetery. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Thursday 11 August 1949 p 2

Ellis Catherine Anne Devenish (Meares)

b. 1832 NSW d. 1869 St Leonards 2413/1869

m. Henry Ellis (abt 1821 -30/10/1868 North Shore) 1856 CofE Dapto; Wollongong

f. Rev Matthew Deverish Meares m. Georgina Augusta Deverish

  1. (m) Robert Hawkes Ellis b. 1856 Wollongong 8487/1856 d. 1938 Chatswood
  2. (m) Matthew Henry Devenish Meares Ellis b. 13 Aug 1858 Ipswich,Queensland d. 1938 Wollongong
  3. (f) Georgina Augusta Ellis b. 23/01/1860 Qld ? d. 1953 Chatswood
  4. (m) Frederick Richard Ellis b. 27/6/1862 Qld d. 1867 Glebe
  5. (m) Edward William Ellis b. 28/5/1864 Qld
  6. (f) Kate Mary Ellis b. 8/7/1866 Qld
  7. (m) Kevin Knox E W Ellis b. d. 1945 Chatswood

At Wollongong, on the 23rd instant, by the father of the bride,  Henry Ellis, Esq., of Bushfield, Illawarra to Catherine Anne Devenish, second daughter of the Rev. M. D. Meares, the incumbent. The Sydney Morning Herald 26 January 1856

Friday the 13th instant, at Waterview Cot Cottage the wife of of Henry Ellis, Esq., of a son. The North Australian, Ipswich and General Advertiser 24 August 1858

On the 30th October, at his residence, Floradale, North Shore, HENRY ELLIS, Esq., aged 47, late of her Majesty's Civil Service, Queensland. The Sydney Morning Herald 4 November 1868

Knox Ellis , the younger, lived at Bushfield Para Meadow Illawarra in 1853, Henry Ellis the elder was of Bushfield Illawarra. They were brothers (?) who in 1848 when they were insolvent were noted to be ‘late of the Murrumbidgee River, but now of Wollongong, farmers.’

Ellis Elizabeth Deverish (Meares)

b. 1925 d. 31/12/1876 Surry Hills

m. Knox Ellis (abt 1823 - 10/3/1873 Ashfield Son of Robert Ellis & Mary ) 4/11/1847 CofE Dapto; Wollongong

f. Rev Matthew Deverish Meares m. Georgina Augusta Deverish

  1. (f) Georgina S Ellis b. 1848 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong V18482370 33A/1848
  2. (f) Mary Rebecca Ellis b. 1850 bp. CofE Dapto; Wollongong V1850959 35/1850 (Samuel Chatfield1880)  
  3. (f) Elizabeth H Ellis b. 1852 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong V18521790 38A/1852
  4. (f) Kate E Ellis b. 1854 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong V18541062 40/1854
  5. (m) Robert H Ellis b. 1856 Wollongong 8463/1856
  6. (m) Male Ellis b. 1860 Wagga Wagga 13004/1860
  7. (f) Emily A Ellis b. 1862 Wagga Wagga 14301/1862
  8. (m) Charles E B Ellis b. 1866 Wagga Wagga 15749/1866

ELLIS - Dec. 31. Surry Hills, Elizabeth Devenish, widow of the late Knox Ellis, Esq, aged 52 years. The Sydney Morning Herald 20 January 1877

Knox Ellis, the younger, lived at Bushfield Para Meadow Illawarra in 1853, Henry Ellis the elder was of Bushfield Illawarra. They were brothers (?) who in 1848 when they were insolvent were noted to be ‘late of the Murrumbidgee River, but now of Wollongong, farmers.’

Ellis Ellen Ferrie/Helen (Burgess)

b. abt 1867 d. 11/6/1944 Concord br. Field of Mars

m. Frank Ellis (-24/9/1915 Eastwood Son of John Ellis & Ann) 1889 Melbourne Vic

  1. (f) Henrietta Ann Ellis b. 1889 Healesville Vic d. 1951 (Parker)
  2. (m) Frank Herbert Ellis b. d.
  3. (m) William Edward Ellis b. 1892 Kiama 18421/1892
  4. (m) Ralph Leslie Ellis b. 1894 Murwillumbah
  5. (f) Gertrude M Ellis b. 1897 Taree d. 1900

ELLIS.—June 11, 1944, at her residence, 4 Flavelle Street, Concord, Ellen, relict of the late Frank Ellis and dearly beloved mother of Frank, Henrietta (Mrs. Parker), William, and Ralph, fond sister of Mrs. T. Croxen (Durban) and Mrs. W. Kidd (Melbourne), aged 77 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Monday 12 June 1944 p 8

Ellis Lyle

Living at Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

James Ellis a labourer.

Ellis Margaret (Murphy)

m. William Ellis 1843 Presbyterian Wollongong V 18434397 74B

  1. (f) Mary Ellis b. 5/3/1844 Shoalhaven
  2. (f) Elizabeth Ellis b. 31/7/1845 Shoalhaven

Ellis Martha

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (m?) Slaney Ellis b. 1894 Kiama 17562/1894

Ellis Sarah Jane see Thomas

Ellis Sophie

m. Herbert T Ellis

  1. (f) Harriett Ellis b. 1894 Kiama 17590/1894

Ellison Charlotte

b. 1872 Wollongong 19641/1872 d. 10/8/1938 Wollongong br. Brownsville

Unmarried or no father listed

f. John Ellison m. Elizabeth Clarke *

  1. (m) Dougal Ellison b. 1893 Wollongong 39169/1893
  2. (f) Amelia E Ellison b. 1896 Wollongong 36155/1896
  3. (f) Lilian Ellison b. 1901 Albion Park 19450/1901

Living at Weston’s Meadows in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic duties

Cannot find any record of the children so they may have been adopted and had their name changed.

Miss Charlotte Ellison, aged 64, known to most of the older residents as 'Charlotte,' died on Wednesday and was buried at Brownsville yesterday, Mr. A. E. Simpson (Wollongong and Dapto) conducting the funeral arrangements. Charlotte resided at Burelli street, Wollongong, for many years and cleaned the offices at the Post Office and Commonwealth Bank. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW: 1900 - 1954) Friday 12 August 1938 p 16

Ellison Elizabeth (Clarke)

d. 1907 Dapto 8773/1907

m. John Ellison ( - 1877 Wollongong Son of Edmund Ellison & ?) 1857 Wollongong 2844/1857

f. Henry Clarke m. Louisa

  1. (m) Edward Ellison b. 1858 Wollongong 13448/1858 d. 7/2/1919 Dapto
  2. (m) John A Ellison b. 1860 V18607296 121C/1860 d. 1860 Wollongong
  3. (m) Male Ellison b. 1862 Wollongong 15034/1862 d. 1862 Wollongong
  4. (m) Henry Ellison b. 1865 Wollongong 16940/1865 d. 1949 Wollongong (Ellen Condon * 1900)
  5. (m) James Ellison b. 1869 Wollongong 19752/1869 d. 1926 Wollongong
  6. (f) Charlotte Ellison * b. 1872 Wollongong 19641/1872 d. 10/8/1938 Wollongong

Living at Weston’s Meadows in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic duties

Husband a labourer of Marshall Mount who was insolvent in 1861

Ellison Ellen (Condon)

b. abt 1864 d. 18/11/1913 Mount Brown br. West Dapto

m. Henry Ellison (1865 Wollongong- 1949 Wollongong Son of John Ellison & Elizabeth Clarke *) 1900 Parramatta

f. Garrett Condon m. Ellen

  1. (m) Henry Ellison b. 1903 Wollongong 17627/1903
  2. (u) Ellison/Condon

Living Lakelands in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

OBITUARY. — The news of the death of Mrs. Harry Ellison, of Mount Brown, was received with regret by a large circle of friends. The sad event took place on Sunday last, the remains being interred in the West Dapto cemetery on Wednesday, the Rev. Father Power officiating. The deceased was 49 years of age, and is survived by an affectionate husband and two children. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Friday 21 November 1913 p 2

Elphinstone Annie Saunders (Pettitt)

d. 1942 Rockdale br. Bexley

m. Alexander Leckie Elphinstone (abt 1854-8/9/1945 Bexley) 1883 Canterbury

f. William Pettitt m. Ann

  1. (m) Stuart Leslie Elphinstone b. 1884 Ashfield
  2. (m) Stanley E Elphinstone b. 1886 Sydney
  3. (m) Hubert C Elphinstone b. 1888 Central Cumberland
  4. (f) Ione E Elphinstone b. 1890 Central Cumberland
  5. (m) Nicholas A Elphinstone b. 1893 Campbelltown
  6. (f) Annie M Elphinstone b. 1894 Glebe

Living at Keira St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties


At the advanced age of 89 years, the death occurred at her residence, 5 Princes street, Bexley on Sunday last of Mrs. Annie Saunders Elphinstone, beloved wife of Alexander L. Elphinstone, and loving mother of Stuart (Thirroul), Stanley, Nicholas, and Annie. The remains were privately interred at Bexley. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 9 October 1942 p 2

Elsberg Svenborg

b. abt 1829 d. 14/8/1911 Granville

m. Johan Elsberg (abt 1825 -3/8/1893 Wollongong Son of Nilson J Elsberg & Ingeborg )

f. Paul m. Karen

Ship: Allardus 1873 into Qld

  1. (f) Ulla Emma Elsberg b. abt 1855 (Peter Andersen 1874)
  2. (f) Anna/Johanna Elsberg * b. 17/3/1856 Halmstaad Sweden d. 23/5/1930 Petersham (Sigfried Flodin 1875)
  3. (f) Marie Louisa Elsberg * b. abt 1858 d. 4/11/1927 Bexley (Gerhard W Frandsen 1879)
  4. (f) Josephina Petronella Elsberg * b. abt 1862 d. 15/12/1943 Arncliff (Sven Anderson Wennholm 1882)

John advertised for work in 1890 in Wollongong- his referees said that they had been living in Wollongong for at least 4 years.

In the Estate of JOHAN ELSBERG, late of Wollongong, in the Colony of New South Wales, farmer, deceased intestate.

APPLICATION will be made after fourteen days from the publication hereof that administration of the Estate of the above-named deceased may be granted to SVENBORG ELSBERG, the Widow of the said deceased.

Proctor for the Applicant,
Wollongong. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Saturday 12 August 1893 p 3

On Monday last the death occurred of Mrs. Svenborg Elsberg, in Sydney. The deceased lady had till lately been a resident of Wollongong, and was in her 82nd year. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW: 1900 - 1954) Friday 18 August 1911 p 11

Elsdon Rosemary (Ramsay)

b. abt 1877 d. 22/8/1942 Trenerry Court Adelaide

m. Edward Cuthbert Elsdon (-1929 Dandaraga Station Sandstone WA) 1897 Broken Hill

Living Marshall St Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a labourer or station hand.

In Adelaide in 1928 a case of in which someone assaulted her was dismissed.

ELSDON.—On August 22. Rose Mary Elsdon, of Trenerry Court. Adelaide, widow of Edward Cuthbert Elsdon late of Broken Hill. Aged 64 years. The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954) Tuesday 25 August 1942 p 8

Elson Ellen Elizabeth (Plucknett)

b. 1869 Wollongong d. 29/5/1946 Corrimal br. Bulli

m. Percy Elson (- 10/4/1921 Mt Pleasant Son of John Elson & Jane) 1888 Woonona

f. Elijah Plucknett m. Susan Jolliffe *

  1. (f) Violet M Elson b. 1888 Wollongong 25665/1888 (J D Morgan)
  2. (m) Leslie V Elson b. 1891 Wollongong 38553/1891
  3. (m) Cecil S Elson b. 1894 West Maitland
  4. (m) Walter A Elson b. 1898 Woonona 8770/1898
  5. (f) Matilda J Elson b. 1904 Woonona 38701/1904 (W Hudd)
  6. (f) Elizabeth Ellen Elson b. 1907 Woonona d. 10/9/1920 Mt Pleasant (accident on the mine tram line)

Living at Mount Pleasant in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. With Walter Albert Elson a groom.

Mrs. E. E. ELSON.

Aged 77 years, the death took place on Friday of Mrs. Ellen Elizabeth Elson, of Dick street, Corrimal. The late Mrs. Elson was resident at Mount Pleasant for many years, moving to Corrimal just latterly. A family of five survive-

Violet (Mrs. J. D. Morgan), Leslie, Cecil, Walter and Matilda (Mrs. W. Hudd). Her husband, the late Mr. Percy Elson pre-deceased her in 1921, and on Saturday she was interred beside him in Bulli C. of E. cemetery. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW: 1900 - 1954) Friday 7 June 1946 p 8

Elyard Elizabeth M

m. Arthur W Elyard

  1. (m) Arthur B Elyard b. 1851 bp. Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven

Emelhainz/Emeleange/Emelhaeus/Emeheuus/Emelhaine/ Melhaing Catherina (Meuer/Myers/Meior/Maires/Mance)

b. abt 1819 d. 30/7/1908 Oberon br. Catholic Bathurst

m. Joseph Emelhainz (abt 1801 -26/12/1894 Wattle Flat)

  1. (f) Clara Emelhaing b. 29/12/1849 Wollongong d. 1939 Bathurst
  2. (m) Joseph Emelhainz b. 1/12/1853 Macquarie River d. 1912 Milsons Point (railway worker killed on line)(Kate A Lee 1884)
  3. (f) Elizabeth Emelhaine b. 6/3/1855 Macquarie River
  4. (f) Francisca Emelhainz b. 23/5/1856 Macquarie
  5. (f) Catherine Emelhainz b. 23/5/1856 Macquarie d. 1938 Bathurst
  6. (m) John George Emelhainz b. 19/4/1858 Macquarie River 13367/1858
  7. (m) John Emelhainz b. 10/6/1859 West Dapto 14156/1859 d. 5/2/1884 Bathurst
  8. (f) Mary Emeleange b. 11/1/1861 Macquarie River 14294/1861
  9. (m) Adam Emelhaing b. 31/8/1862 Macquarie River (Margaret Broderick 1891)

Husband a settler

Emerson Elizabeth

b. abt 1858 Armagh Ireland d. 27/10/1923 Upper Bielsdown Dorrigo br. Dorrigo

m. David Emerson (abt 1864 Armagh Ireland- 1956 Grafton Son of John Emerson & Mary) abt 1883 Armagh Ireland

Ship: Energia 1886

f. John m. Ann

  1. (m) Samuel John Emerson b. abt 1883 Porterdown Armagh Ireland d. 1965 Bellingen
  2. (m) Joseph Edward Emerson b. abt 1886 Armagh Ireland d. 1966 Bellingen
  3. (m) David Emerson b. 1888 Wollongong 25590/1888
  4. (m) James Emerson b. 1889 Wollongong 24476/1889 d. 16/11/1927 Argent's Hill
  5. (f) Mary A Emerson b. 1892 Wollongong 39003/1892
  6. (f) Elizabeth J Emerson b. 1894 Wollongong 37920/1894
  7. (m) Frederick Emerson b. 1898 Wollongong 17464/1898
  8. (f) Ruby Emerson b. 1901 Wollongong 8964/1901

Living at Mount Keira in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a labourer.

Emerson Elizabeth (Craig)

b. abt 1857 Lanark Scotland d.

m. James Emerson ( abt 1856 Connagh -)

Ship: Stirlingshire 1884

  1. (f) Margaret Emerson b. abt 1880 Lanark
  2. (f) Mary Emerson b. abt 1882 Lanark
  3. (f) Hannah Emerson b. abt 1884 Lanark d. on the Stirlingshire 1884
  4. (f) Elizabeth Emerson b. 1885 Wollongong 23454/1885
  5. (m) James Emerson b. 1887 Wollongong 24921/1887 d. 1955 Qld 1955/C4790
  6. (m) Robert J Emerson b. 1889 Wollongong 23454/1885
  7. (m) Joseph Emerson b. 1891 Lismore
  8. (f) Agnes Emerson b. 1893 Lismore d. 1945 Qld ( James W Doyle 1914)
  9. (f) Jane Emerson b. 1896 Lismore

Husband a miner

Emerton Martha (Etherington)

b. 1831 Sydney d. 17/12/1898 Kempsey br. Kempsey West

m. John W Ebenezer Emerton (abt 1824 - 25/5/1905 Son of John Emerton & Mary) 31/3/1851 Baptist Sydney St Andrew’s

f. James Etherington m. Penelope Bull

  1. (m) John D Emerton b. 2/2/1852 Sydney V1852390 59/1852
  2. (f) Rebecca Emerton b. 1855 Sydney V1855471 59/1855
  3. (m) Ebenezer Emerton b. 1858 Wollongong 13304/1858 d. 27/9/1878
  4. (f) Hepzibah Emerton b. 1861 Sydney 1504/1861
  5. (m) Thomas Emerton b. 1864 Sydney 1317/1864
  6. (f) Sarah Emerton b. 1867 Macleay River 11017/1867

On Monday, March 31, by the Rev. John Ham. Mr. John Emerton, to Martha, the youngest daughter of Mr. James Etherington, of this city. Bell’s Life in Sydney and Sporting Reviewer 5 April 1851

On the 2nd Instant, at the residence of her father, Bathurst-Street, Mrs J. E. Emerton, jun. late of Wollongong, of a son. Bell’s Life in Sydney and Sporting Reviewer 7 February 1852

Emery Eliza (James)

b. 1841 Klemanick Kilkenny Ireland d. 27/2/1882 Cootamundra br. Cootamundra

m. Alexander Emery (1/1/1839 at sea – 24/11/1921 Cootamundra Son of James Emery & Sarah Nethery *) 18/8/1865 Gerringong

f. Henry James m. Sarah Graham *

  1. (f) Florence Amelia Emery b. 11/3/1867 Kiama 10419/1867 d. 5/8/1945 Wollongong ( William Dalwood 1889)
  2. (f) Sarah Ann Frances Emery b. 14/10/1868 Kiama 10733/1868 d. 9/5/1939 Wagga Wagga (?, James R Kerry 1896)
  3. (f) Elizabeth Jane Emery b. 14/10/1868 Kiama 10734/1868 d. 22/11/1933 Temora (Joseph J Clarke 1912)
  4. (m) James Henry Alexander Emery b. 25/11/1869 Kiama 12346/1869 d. 24/7/1943 Cootamundra (Elizabeth Adeline Davis 1902)
  5. (f) Maude Isabella Emery b. 15/8/1871 Kiama 11695/1871 d. 18/7/1941 Cootamundra (John Davis 1894)
  6. (f) Amy Alexandria Emery b. 13/10/1872 Kiama d. 10/10/1952 Uranquinty (Charles Henry William Kiel 1901)
  7. (f) Rebecca Eveline Emery b. 7/4/1874 Kiama 12670/1874 d. 19/10/1952 Newcastle (Joseph J Clarke)
  8. (m) John Thomas Emery b. 7/11/1875 Gundagai 12381/1875 d. 11/1/1939 Camperdown (Rebecca R Clarke 1911)
  9. (m) William Emery b. 16/11/1877 Cootamundra 23272/1878 d. 22/12/1877 Cootamundra
  10. (f) Ethel Beatrice Emery b. 1881 Wagga Wagga 21997/1881
  11. (f) Evelyn Marie Emery b. 1878 Cootamundra d. 20/4/1880 Cootamundra
  12. (f) Ethel Beatrice Emery b. 4/12/1880 Cootamundra d. 22/12/1881 Cootamundra
  13. (u) Unnamed Emery b. 27/2/1882 Cootamundra d. 27/2/1882 Cootamundra

It has been claimed that the couple had eloped.

In October 1875, the Emery Family left Kiama and travelled to their new farming property in Dudauman, to the north-west of Cootamundra. Their eldest child, Florence A. Emery, remained behind, living with her grandmother, Sarah James (nee Graham), in the Figtree Inn.

Death of Mrs. A. Emery— It is with the deepest regret that we have to record the death of Mrs. Emery, wife of Mr. Alexander Emery, of Bute Park, Temora road, one of the most respected settlers of the neighbour. Deceased was on Saturday apparently in good health, but was that night seized with sudden illness. Dr. Combo was sent for on Sunday, and the numerous friends of deceased rallied to her assistance; but she continued to sink till on Sunday night she sank into the arms of Death.

She was 38 years of age, had borne 11 children, eight of whom survive her; was the daughter of the late Mr. Henry James, of Longbrush, Kiama; and the sister of Messrs. R. and G James, Belleview, and of Mrs. M. Cowan, Temora road. Her mother was present at her death. The funeral cortege came into town yesterday afternoon comprised of a large number of sympathising friends; and the burial took place in that part of the public cemetery dedicated to the Church of England. The Shoalhaven Telegraph (NSW: 1881 - 1937) Thursday 9 March 1882 p 4

Emery Elizabeth (Green)

b. 22/11/1863 Minmi d. 20/12/1949 Balgownie br. Wollongong

m. David Emery (abt 1862 Northumberland- Nov 1937 Wollongong Son of George Emery & Jane Richardson *) 1882 Wollongong

f. John Green m. Jane Walton *

  1. (f) Ann Emery b. 1888 Wollongong 25521/1888
  2. (f) Jane R W Emery b. 1897 Woonona 8771/1897 (F Johnson)
  3. (m) John G Emery b. 1899 Woonona 17426/1899
  4. (f) Elizabeth Emery b. 1901 Woonona 37700/1901 (J Stanford)

Living at Balgownie in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties


Mrs Elizabeth Emery, who died in the Wollongong District Hospital on Tuesday was born at Minmi (near Newcastle) 86 years ago. She was the widow of the late Mr David Emery. She resided in Hunter Street, Balgownie.

Mrs. Emery leaves two daughters, Jane (Mrs. F. Johnson), Lizzie (Mrs. J. Stanford), and a son, Mr. John Emery. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Thursday 22 December 1949 p 2

Emery Isabella (Irvine)

b. 2/11/1864 Foxground d. 8/8/1946 Goulburn br. Crookwell

m. Alexander Emery (4 /1/1856 Edenclaw Co. Fermanagh – 23/3/1962 Crookwell Son of William Emery & Sidney Johnston) 1/6/1887 Kiama

f. William Irvine m. Isabella Henry * See Johnston

  1. (f) Ivy Emery b. 30/8/1889 Kiama 25190/1889 d. 21/3/1926 Goulburn
  2. (m) Irvine Oswald Emery b. 21/9/1890 Cambewarra 26331/1890 d. 18/12/1976 Ballina (Ivy Beatrice Churchill 1915, Alice Warren 1928)
  3. (m) George Francis Emery b. 18/10/1895 Woodstock Jamberoo (Dorothy Alice Berry 1918)
  4. (m) Alexander Leslie Emery b. 24/7/1897 Woodstock Milton 23492/1897 d. 31/12/1976 Wollongong (Matilda A Gurney 1938)
  5. (m) William Ernest Emery b. 7/1/1899 Woodstock Jamberoo 22664/1899 d. 29/1/1981 Paddington (Hilda Hanslow 1930)

EMERY — IRVIN. — June 1st, 1887, at residence of bride's mother, Figtree Cottage, Kiama, by the Rev. J. Howell Price, Alick, eldest son of William Emery, Esq., late of county Fermanagh, Ireland, to Isabella, youngest daughter of the late William Irvin, of Kiama. Kiama Reporter (NSW : 1886 - 1887) Saturday 16 July 1887 p 3


The death occurred this morning at 4.o' the Goulburn District Hospital, where she had been a patient for the past month, of Mrs. Isabella Emery, wife of Mr. Alexander Emery, of 191 Faithfull Street, Goulburn.

The late Mrs. Emery, who was 82 years of age, had resided for the past 26 years inn Goulburn, where she had many friends, all of whom held her in affectionate regard. Her early married life was spent at Kiama and later she and her husband moves to ‘James Park,' a pastoral property in the Crookwell district, the couple spending some years there before coming to Goulburn to live in retirement.

Mrs. Emery is survived by her husband and six sons, Albert (Goulburn), Irvine (Lismore) Arthur and Leslie (Crookwell), and George and Ernest (Sydney).

One daughter, Ivy, and one son, Stanley, predeceased her.

Following a service commending at St. Saviour's Cathedral tomorrow at 1.45 p.m. the funeral will leave for the Church of England Cemetery, Crookwell, Goulburn Evening Post (NSW: 1940 - 1954) Thursday 8 August 1946 p 5

Emery Jane (Richardson)

b. abt 1839 Northumberland d. 14/6/1934 br. Wollongong

m. George Emery (abt 1835 Northumberland - 11/10/1914 Wollongong Son of David Emery & Eleanor ) 1860 Morpeth Northumberland

f. James Richardson m. Barbara

Ship: La Hogue 1879

  1. (m) David Emery b. abt 1862 Northumberland d. 1937 Wollongong ( Elizabeth Green *1882)
  2. (m) James Emery b. abt 1864 Northumberland d. 4/1/1952 Wollongong (Margaret Rose McLeod *1885)
  3. (f) Barbara Emery * b. abt 1865 Tynemouth Northumberland d. 1951 Bulli (William S Makin 1884)
  4. (m) George Emery b. abt 1867 Northumberland d. 1917 Sydney
  5. (m) John Emery b. 24/12/1867 Kitty Brewster Blyth Northumberland d. 19/5/1938 Wollongong (Phoebe Ann Davies *)
  6. (f) Eleanor Emery * b. abt 1871 Northumberland d. 1952 Wollongong ( Patrick J Taylor 1891)
  7. (m) Thomas Emery b. abt 1873 Northumberland d. 1923 St Albans
  8. (f) Elizabeth Ann Emery * b. abt 1876 Northumberland d. 1946 Wollongong (Alexander R Cook 1903)
  9. (f) Jane Emery * b. abt 1877 Northumberland d. 1961 Grafton (John Wilson 1901)

Living at Mount Keira in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.

Late Mrs. Emery.

As briefly mentioned in our last issue, Mrs. Jane Emery died at the residence of her daughter (Mrs. Makin), Park Road, Bulli on Thursday of last week.

The late Mrs. Emery was a native of Northumberland (England) where she was born 95 years ago. As Miss Richardson, she married Mr. George Emery in England and they arrived in Australia in 1879 with a family of nine children. They resided at Wollongong for a short period, when they removed to Mt. Keira, where Mr. Emery was employed at the Mt. Keira colliery.

Mr. Emery predeceased his wife by about 20 years.

Mrs. Emery remained at Mt. Keira until two years ago when she removed to her daughter's residence at Bulli.

The deceased retained her faculties’ right up till the day before her death, A fortnight before the end came, Mrs. Emery had the sad misfortune to break her leg, the result of a slip, and this was actually responsible for hastening the end.

She was a great woman for home life, her family being her chief concern, but neighbours of long standing, speak of her as one of the most gentle, kindly and attentive in the hour of trouble or need. All called her “Grandma.”

Of the family of nine children, seven survive. The daughters are: Mrs. B. Makin (Bulli), Mrs. P. J. Taylor (Wollongong), Mrs. A. Cook (Rosemont) and Mrs. Jack Wilson (Grafton). The sons are Dave (Balgownie), Jim and Jack, both of Mt. Keira. There are 45 grandchildren, 89 great grandchildren and two great great grandchildren.

The remains were interred in the Presbyterian cemetery, Wollongong last Friday. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 22 June 1934 p 10

Emery Margaret Rose (McLeod)

b. 7/2/1867 Brownlow Hill Camden d. 24/7/1909 Mt Keira br. Wollongong

m. James Emery (abt 1864 Northumberland - 4/1/1952 Wollongong Son of George Emery & Jane Richardson *) 1885 Wollongong 5482/1885

f. Neil McLeod m. Maria Rann *

  1. (m) George Emery b. 1885 Wollongong 23560/1885
  2. (f) Lilian M Emery b. 1887 Wollongong 24996/1887
  3. (m) James R Emery b. 1892 Wollongong 38900/1892 d. 1924 Wollongong
  4. (m) Alexander Thomas R Emery b. 1895 Woonona 18575/1895 d. 1962 Wollongong
  5. (m) Neil Wilfred Emery b. 1898 Woonona 8748/1898 d. 1970 Kiama
  6. (f) Alma V Emery b. 1900 Woonona 18381/1900
  7. (f) Margaret R Emery b. 1905 Woonona 39546/1905
  8. (f) Greta E Emery b. 1907 Wollongong 9348/1907 d. 1907 Wollongong
  9. (m) Unnamed Male Emery b. 1909 Wollongong d. 1909 Wollongong

Living at Mount Keira in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.

Mrs. James Emery, a highly-respected resident of Mount Keira, died yesterday, aged 43,

The funeral to-day was largely attended. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Monday 26 July 1909 p 8

Emery Margaret (Graham)

b. 2/12/1841 Jamberoo d. 8/6/1910 Enmore

m. Alexander Emery (21/5/1833-29/6/1909 Newtown Son of William Emery & Isabella Nethery) 29/4/1859 Jamberoo 2099/1859

f. James Graham m. Mary McKeown *

  1. (f) Isabella Emery b. 13/4/1861 Jamberoo 8143/1861 d. 2/1/1916 Waterfall ( William John Thompson 1883)
  2. (f) Mary Emery b. 7/1/1864 Jamberoo 9285/1864 d. 27/9/1948 Kempsey
  3. (f) Matilda Emery b. 1866 Jamberoo 9406/1866 d. 22/1/1956 Blacktown
  4. (f) Margaret Emery b. 1868 Jamberoo 10546/1868 d. 24/11/1919 East Sydney (Luke Angrove)
  5. (f) Jane Pearl Emery b. 1870 Jamberoo 11381/1870 ( Albert Thomas Latter)
  6. (m) William Emery b. 1874 Jamberoo 12599/1874 d. 1955 Newcastle
  7. (m) John Thomas Emery b. 7/1/1876 Kangaroo Ground
  8. (f) Florence Edna Emery b. 1878 Kangaroo Valley (Wilfred Jesse Millard 1900)
  9. (f) Amy Elizabeth Emery b. 1880 Kangaroo Valley d. 20/3/1886 Kangaroo Valley
  10. (f) Ethel Maud Emery b. 1882 Kangaroo Valley (John Bowman 1907)
  11. (m) Alexander Emery b. 1883
  12. (f) Edith Emery b. 4/9/1884 Kangaroo Valley d. 13/12/1973 Lismore (Walter Hughes 1907)
  13. (f) Sidney Eileen Emery b. 7/11/1885 Kangaroo Valley d. 19/8/1904

Husband a brother to James, Mary, Jane, Isabella, Sarah Emily, Sydney, William and Alexander Emery

EMERY On March 24th, at the residence of her parents Kangaroo VaIley, Amy Elizabeth, seventh daughter of Alick and Margaret Emery aged five years and seven months The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Tuesday 6 April 1886 p 2

EMERY. — On the 8th June, at her residence, 16 Reiby-street, Enmore, Margaret, beloved wife of the late Alexander Emery, aged 68 years. Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954) Tuesday 14 June 1910 p 1

Emery Mary Jane (Irvine)

b. 1819 Magheraculmoney Fermanagh d. 30/12/1890 Kiama br. Kiama

m. James Emery (1811 Enniskillen -26/5/1880 Kiama Son of William Emery & Isabella Nethery) 29/8/ 1877 Kiama 3255/1877

f. Charles Irvine m. Mary Emery

Brothers Charles (married Isabella Armstrong *) and James A (married Jane Walmsley *) also lived in the Illawarra

Husband a brother to Alexander, Mary, Jane, Isabella, Sarah Emily, Sydney, William and Alexander Emery

Emery Phoebe Ann (Davies)

b. 1/5/1876 Altofts West Yorkshire d. 29/8/1941 Wollongong

m. John Emery (24/12/1867 Kitty Brewster Blyth Northumberland -19/5/1938 Wollongong Son of George Emery & Jane Richardson *) 1896 Wollongong

f. Joseph Davies m. Margaret Bennett *

Ship: 1880 Camperdown

  1. (f) Thomasina M Emery b. 1898 Woonona 27277/1898 W Brannigan)
  2. (m) Frederick J Emery b. 1901 Woonona 9106/1901
  3. (f) Doris I Emery b. 1903 Woonona 26847/1903 (F Elliott)
  4. (m) John T Emery b. 1905 Woonona 29776/1905
  5. (m) George A Emery b. 1907 Wollongong 42043/1907
  6. (f) May R Emery b. 1909 Wollongong 20844/1909

Living at Mount Keira h in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.

Mrs. P. A. EMERY.

The death occurred at Mount Keira on Saturday last, Oct., of Mrs. Phoebe Anne Emery, widow of the late John Emery, and eldest daughter of the late Mr and Mrs Joseph Davis, who were pioneer residents of Mt. Keira.

The late Mrs. Emery left England with her parents at the age of two years, the voyage occupying three months in a sailing vessel.

As a girl she attended Wollongong School and later went to Tarrawanna to reside. While there she met with a painful accident, being almost burned to death.

Later on she worked for the late Mr. and Mrs. Ashley, and subsequently for the late Major MacCabe, a victim of Mt. Kembla explosion in 1902, in which her father and brother assisted with the rescue work.

In more recent years, Mrs. Emery has been widely known as a nurse, in which capacity she was ever ready to answer a sick call.

Mrs. Emery was held in high regard and she will be sadly missed by her family and all who knew her.

The family includes Thomasina (Mrs. W. Brannigan, Leichhardt), Frederick, Doris (Mrs. F. Elliott), John and George.

The funeral on Sunday moved from the residence of her daughter (Mrs F. Elliott) for the Presbyterian cemetery, Wollongong. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW: 1900 - 1954) Friday 31 October 1941 p 3

Emery Sarah (Harvison)

b. 8/12/1849 Kiama d. 28/3/1915 Cambewarra br. Cambewarra

m. William Emery (8/1/1847 Kiama- 19/3/1929 Terara Son of James Emery & Sarah Nethery *) 22/9/1875 Kiama 2883/1875

f. James Harvison m. Mary Jane Armstrong *

  1. (m) William Ernest Emery b. 14/7/1876 Kiama 13510/1876 d. 22/12/1949 Berry (Annie Soper 1903 )
  2. (m) Ada Evelyn Emery d. 23/4/1950 Sydney (John Conlan Mackenzie 1915 )
  3. (m) Oswald Harold Emery d. 9/6/1896 Browns Mountain
  4. (m) James Harvison Emery b. 19/12/1881 Kiama 20056/1882 d. 14/9/1957 Kiama (Ivy Olive McClelland 1908)
  5. (m) Arthur Archibald Foster Emery b. 20/8/1883 Kiama 21782/1883 d. 21/1/1971 Terara (Constance Glanville)
  6. (m) Norman Stanley Emery b. 18/5/1885 Kiama 24221/1885 d. 29/5/1958 Worrigee (Ruby Doris Ivy Morrow 1932 )
  7. (m) Lacey Charles Emery b. 11 /3/1887 Kiama 25658/1887 d. 25/2/1917 Browns Mountain
  8. (f) Pearl Lucy Emery b. 26/9/1888 Kiama 26399/1888 d. 10/7/1964 Nowra (John James Glanville 1922 )
  9. (m) Basil Oscar Emery b. 4 /5/1890 Kiama 17823/1890 d. 1/1/1986 Gerringong (Marla Mary Glanville 1917 )
  10. (f) Olive Sarah Emery b. 7/11/1891 Kiama d. 28/7/1978 Sebastopol Temora (William John Kerry 1932 )

Emery Sarah (Nethery)

b. 28/1/1814 Magheraculmoney Fermanagh d. 9/5/1872 Kiama br. Kiama Methodist Cemetery

m. James Emery (1811 Enniskillen Ireland- 26/5/1880 Kiama Son of William Emery & Isabella Nethery) 15 /9/1836 in Ardess Co. Fermanagh

f. John Nethery m. Anna

Ship: 1838 Fairlie

  1. (m) William Emery b. 15/11/1835 Enniskillen Fermanagh Ireland d. in infancy Kiama.
  2. (f) Frances Emery b. 17/4/1837 Enniskillen Fermanagh Ireland
  3. (m) Alexander Emery b. 1/1/1839 at sea registered Dapto V18391268 24A/1839 d. 24/11/1921 Cootamundra ( Eliza James * 1865)
  4. (m) John James Emery b. 10/7/1840 Shellharbour V18401478 25A/1840 d. 1930 (Esther Graham 1874, Lucy Veale Glanville 1876 )
  5. (f) Isabella Emery b. 3/2/1843 Shellharbour V18431260 27A/1843 d. 1929 Meroo (William Graham 1865 )
  6. (f) Mary Ann Emery * b. 29/10/1844 Dapto V18441794 30A/1844 d. 1921 Mosman (Henry James 1873, William Moffitt 1882)
  7. (m) William Emery b. 8/1/1847 Jamberoo V18472977 32A/1847 d 19.03.1929 Nowra ( Sarah Harvison * 1875 )
  8. (m) James Emery b. 13/1/1849 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven V18491270 34A/1849 b. 1855 Kiama
  9. (m) Robert Andrew Emery b. 1849 Jamberoo bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven V18491271 34A/1849 d. 1912 ( Catherine Isabella Harvison 1889)
  10. (m) Thomas George Emery b. 1851 Jamberoo V18514680 42B/1851d. 1934 Meroo Meadow
  11. (f) Sarah Anna Frances Elizabeth Emery * b. 19/8/1854 Kiama d. 1934 Ourimbah (John Eggleston Robson 1876)
  12. (f) Anna Maud Frances Emery b. 14/2/1856 Kiama 872 VOL 155/1856 (George Samuel Hodgkinson 1877)

Husband a brother to Alexander ,Mary, Jane, Isabella, Sarah Emily, Sydney, William and Alexander Emery

Crown Land registers show James Emery as owner of “Bushbank”, a property of 96 acres at Kiama close to “Nethervale”, and also of at least two lots at Gerringong. One of these he donated for the public school while another, of approximately 14 acres, lies just north of present day Jubilee Park. The Kiama Independent of 28.5.1880 lists James as first settler on “Bonaira”. The title of “Bonaira” was vested in the name of W.M. Manning on 23.8.1839. It was described as Portion 13 and consisted of 1000 acres. It is believed that James took up a clearing lease at first, later purchasing about 68 acres which he named “Nethervale”. Illawarra Pioneers Index

Emmett Louisa Elizabeth ()

m. John Joseph Augustus Emmett (1879 Bathurst- 9/9/1943 Coledale Son of John Joseph Emmett & Ellen Elizabeth Anthes)

  1. (m) Harold Arthur Emmett b. 1898 Helensburgh 31175/1898 d. 1967 Unanderra
  2. (f) Doris Ilet Emmett b. 1903 Helensburgh 12600/1903 d. 1996 West Wollongong (Albert W Buckley 1927)
  3. (m) Robert Roy Emmett b. 1905 Helensburgh 23714/1905 d. 1976 Corrimal

Living at Otford in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic duties

Enderby Hannah Agnes (Earl)

b. abt 1864 Edmonton Essex d. 1934 Ashfield br. Rookwood Anglican

m. George Enderby ( - March 1899 Camperdown) 1883 Edmonton Essex

f. Lancelot Earl m. Elizabeth Lewis *

Ship: Abergeldie 1884

  1. (f) Agnes Enderby b. 1884 Walgett (?)27343/1884
  2. (m) Thomas Lancelot Enderby b. 1886 Wollongong 24306/1886 d. 1944 Wellington
  3. (m) Alfred Charles Enderby b. 1887 Wollongong 24999/1887 d. 1971 Manly
  4. (f) Catherine S J Enderby b. 1890 Wollongong 37869/1890
  5. (f) Elizabeth A Enderby b. 1893 Wollongong 39204/1893
  6. (f) Jane Edith Enderby b. 1895 Kiama 4316/1895 d. 1967 Burwood
  7. (f) Alice Mary Enderby b. 1896 Wollongong 27729/1897 d. 1976 NSW

ENDERBY-December 19 1934 at her residence, 1 Federal avenue Ashfield Hannah Agnes relict of George Enderby formerly of Wollongong In her 71st year The Sydney Morning Herald 20 December 1934

Enemark Maria

m. Soren G Enemark

  1. (m) James P Enemark b. 1861 Kiama 8134/1861

Enfield Mary Anne (Connolly)

b. abt 1843 d. Jan 1911 Newtown 2573/1911 br. Rookwood RC

m. George Edward Enfield (abt 1842 - July 1899 Newtown Son of William Henry Enfield & Mary) 21/2/1870 Sydney

f. Michael John Connolly m. Maria Griffin *

  1. (m) George Enfield b. 1872 Sydney
  2. (m) John E Enfield b. 1873 Sydney
  3. (m) Andrew Enfield b. 1876 Redfern
  4. (f) Mary A Enfield b. 1878 Redfern
  5. (f) Margaret Rose Enfield b. 1880 Redfern

ENFIELD—CONNOLLY—February 21st, by special license, by the Rev. Dr. Lang, George Edward, eldest son of William Henry Enfield, of Kent, England, to Mary Anne, eldest daughter of Mr. Michael Connolly, Reckville, Jamberoo, and niece to Rev.Andrew Griffin, P.P., Leitrim, Galway, Ireland. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 10 March 1870 p 2

England Jane (Kates)

b. abt 1829 Trowbridge Wiltshire d. 1897 Surry Hills br. Rookwood

m. Gideon England (abt 1828 Trowbridge Wiltshire -10/9/1909 Surry Hills) 1852 Melksham Wiltshire

Ship: Bussorah Merchant 1853

  1. (m) William F England b. 1861 Kiama 8306/1861
  2. (m) James England b. 1863 Sydney
  3. (m) Joh England b. 1867 Sydney
  4. (m) William England b. 1872 Sydney

ENGLAND— At her residence, 29 Mary-st, Surry -hills, June, beloved wife of Gideon England, aged 69 years. The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1923) Saturday 9 January 1897 p 1

ENGLAND- The Friends of Mr. GIDEON ENGLAND are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of his late beloved wife, Jane; to move from his residence, 29 Mary-st., Surry-hills. TO-MORROW (SUNDAY) AFTERNOON, at ½ past 1 o'clock, to Necropolis. The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1923) Saturday 9 January 1897 p 16

England Jane

d. 1883 Berrima

m. Josiah England (- 1911 Balmain Son of John England &? )

f. George England m. Jane

  1. (m) William Thomas Arthur England b. 1879 Wollongong 26120/1879 (Charlotte Ann Saundercock 1908)
  2. (m) George J R England b. 1883 Berrima

Josiah England of Clifton, storekeeper was insolvent in 1882. Child and husband both in hospital in the Illawarra in 1888. Living in Newcastle in 1908.

England Sarah (Hillard)

m. John England 1849 CofE Sydney, St James'

  1. (m) Thomas J England b. 1851 V1851584 56/1851
  2. (f) Martha E England b. 1855 V18553046 56/1855
  3. (m) Charles H England b. 1857 Sydney 1167/1857
  4. (m) Thomas H England b. 1858 Paddington 3491/1858
  5. (f) Sarah L England b. 1860 Wollongong 14037/1860 d. 1932 Ashfield
  6. (m) Theophilius England b. 17/10/1864 Wollongong 16621/1864 d. 1927 Tamworth
  7. (m) Thomas H England b. 15/1/1866 Wollongong 16558/1866 d. 1913 Ashfield

At her residence, Crown-street, on the 17th instant, Mrs. John England, of a son. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 25 October 1864 p 2

ENGLAND.— At her residence, on the 15th instant, Mrs J. England, of a son. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 30 January 1866 p 2

English Bridget (Hayes)

b. 4/11/1873 Cordeaux River d. 1913 Sydney

m. Patrick English 10/101/1891 St Francis Xavier’s

f. Patrick Hayes m. Julia/Johanna Gleeson *

  1. (f) Maria Teresa English b. 2/2/1893 Mount Kembla 39166/1893
  2. (m) Johanna Elizabeth English b. 13/8/1894 Mount Kembla 37907/1894
  3. (m) James Francis English b. 7/6/1896 Mount Kembla 27190/1896 d. 1949 Concord
  4. (m) Patrick Clement English b. 25/7/1898 Mt Kembla 27126/1898
  5. (f) Lilian Veronica English b. 30/11/1900 Lilyvale 3912/1901

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic duties

English Bridget (Wall)

b. abt 1811 Ireland d. 10/3/1878 Dunn’s Hall Rockley br. Arkell Cemetery

m. Andrew English ( abt 1800 Ireland- d. 9/12/1890 Bourke Station Rockley ) 22/5/1841 Waterford Ireland

  1. (m) Joseph English b. 15/2/1845 Shoalhaven d. 12/12/1910 Carcoar
  2. (m) Benjamin English b. 15/2/1845 Shoalhaven
  3. (f) Bridget English b. 6/7/1847 Shoalhaven d. 1933 Bathurst

(Some sources say this family was on the Cooks River for the birth of their sons and the daughter was born at Bathurst- RC church records for the Illawarra say otherwise)

English Elizabeth (Hartigan)

d. 1911 Newtown 11371/1911

m. John English (18/4/1837 Co Tipperary Ireland -2/4/1878 Macdonaldtown Son of Thomas English & Johanna Sinnett *) 1864 Kiama 2200/1864

f. Maurice Hartigan m. Johanna *

  1. (f) Johanna M English b. 1865 Kiama 9821/1865
  2. (f) Margaret Anne English b. 24/11/1866 Long Ridge 10376/1867
  3. (f) Hannah C English b. 1868 Kiama 10662/1868
  4. (f) Ellen English b. 1871 Sydney
  5. (m) Thomas James English b. 1873 Newtown
  6. (m) William Maurice English b. 1874 Newtown
  7. (f) Catherine M English b. 1877 Newtown
  8. (m) George F English b. 1878 Sydney

English Jane (Graham)

m. James English 1867 Kiama 2252/1867

English Johanna (Synnett/Sinnett/Synott)

b. 28/2/1808 Powerstown Co Tipperary Ireland d. 22/2/1859 Jamberoo br. Jamberoo Catholic

m. Thomas English (1/3/ 1801Fethard Tipperary Ireland- 4/1/1855 Jamberoo Son of William English & Mary Adams ) abt 1827 Ireland

f. James Sinnett m. Mary Hunt

Ship: Hope 1842

  1. (m) William English b. 4/5/1827 Ireland d. 18/7/1883 (Mary Ann Geraghty * 1856 )
  2. (f) Mary English b. 6/5/1830 Ireland d. 10/7/1862 ( John Fox 1852 )
  3. (f) Margaret English * b. 17/11/1831 Ireland d. 1905 Blayney (Michael Moss 1861 )
  4. (m) James English b. 8/8/1834 Ireland d. 9/1/1868 Jamberoo (Mary A Lees 1855 )
  5. (f) Johanna English * b. 13/2/1836 Ireland d. 1905 Kiama (William Chase 1863)
  6. (m) John English b. 18/4/1837 Co Tipperary Ireland d. 2/4/1878 Macdonaldtown (Elizabeth Hartigan * 1862)
  7. (f) Catherine English * b. abt 1841 Kiama or Ireland d. 4 Jan 1869 Wollongong 6584/1869 br. Corrimal Catholic ( William Cawley 1864)
  8. Thomas English b. abt 1846 Kiama

See Ellen McCarthy * see Boyd

Her niece Mary Synott * see Hiley arrived in 1859 – this niece had cousins Rev. W Hanley and Thomas Hanley in the colony.

English Mary A

m. James S English

  1. (f) Anna M English b. 1872 Kiama 11535/1872

English Mary Ann (Geraghty)

b. 2/6/1836 South Coast d. 5/11/1922 Rosebank

m. William English (4/5/1827 Ireland- 18/7/1883 Lismore Son of Thomas English & Johanna Sinnett *) 15/9/1856 Wollongong

f. Patrick Geraghty m. Martha Foley *

She resident of Little Bulli he of Jamberoo

  1. (m) Thomas English b. 1858 Kiama 8168/1858
  2. (m) Patrick English b. 10/4/1860 Jamberoo 7761/1860 d. abt 1905
  3. (f) Johanna English b. 1862 Kiama 8436/1862 (Thomas Tickle 1883)
  4. (m) James English b. 1865 Kiama 9737/1865
  5. (f) Martha English b. 1867 Kiama 10538/1867 (James L Brown 1886)

Husband a farmer

At the Church of St. Francis Xavier, Wollongong, on Monday, the 15th September, by the Rev. Father Sumner, Mr. William English, of Jamberoo, to Mary, third daughter of Mr. Patrick Geraghty, of Bulli, Illawarra. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Monday 22 September 1856 p 6

On Sunday, 5th inst., there died at Rosebank, Mrs. Mary Anne English, after an illness of only two weeks. Mrs. English was 80 years of age, and came with her late husband, William English, to the Richmond about 50 years ago. She belonged to a remarkably long-lived family, being one of 15 children, of which seven still survive. It was at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Geraghty, that Bishop Doyle first stayed when he came, a young priest, to take charge of Lismore parish. Her father and mother both reached within a few days of the ripe age of 92 years. Mrs. English was remarkable throughout her life time for the faithful practice of her religion, and for her splendid example. She was born on the South Coast. Her children were James English (Atherton), Thomas English (Rosebank), Mrs. Tickle (Rosebank), and Mrs. Brown (Tweed district). Another son — Patrick — died about 17 years ago.

Some little time before her death the late Mrs. English made a gift of £50 to help the people of Rosebank to build a church. Her funeral took place on Monday, 6th inst., the last obsequies being read by the Right Rev. Monsignor McGuire, V.G.— R.I.P. The Catholic Press (Sydney, NSW: 1895 - 1942) Thursday 16 November 1922 p 33

English Mary Ann (Lees)

b. 13/4/1836 Sydney d. 10/9/1922 Annandale

m. James English (8/8/1834 Feathard County Tipperary Ireland- 9/1/1868 Jamberoo Son of Thomas English & Johanna Sinnett *) 28/4/1855 Jamberoo

f. James Sutton Lees m. Mary Ann Lees *

English Mary Ann (Taylor)

b. 3/3/ 1868 Athelstane Toolijooa/Gerringong d. 26/7/1922 Albion Park

m. Thomas English (abt 1862- 29/6/1929) 14/2/1901 Sydney

f. John Britan Taylor m. Margaret Kiley *

  1. (m) John Britain English b. 23/11/1901 Kiama 32608/1901 d. 23/7/1936 Berry
  2. (f) Margaret Conway English b. 27/5/1904 Kiama 13165/1904
  3. (f) Mary Frances English b. 25/7/1906 Kiama 24978/1906 d. 6/9/1992 Berry
  4. (m) William Thomas English b. 10/5/1909 Kiama 15337/1909

Living at Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic duties

Engstrom May see Fuller

Ennis Eliza (Gibble)

m. Henry Ennis

  1. (f) Elizabeth Ennis b. 30/5/1855 Dapto

Enright Martha see Ryan

Erickson Hannah C

m. Martin Erickson

  1. (f) Lavinia Erickson b. 1894 Woonona 38270/1894

Husband a contractor for the brickwork for the Illawarra Salt Works of Bellambi in 1893.

Erickson Susan (Goodge)

d. 1899 Morpeth

m. Lawrence Erickson (abt 1854 - 1928 Wallsend )

f. William B m. Catherine

  1. (m) Emil Wilfred Erickson b. d. 1958 Wallsend
  2. (m) Raymond Lawrence Erickson b. d. 1941 West Wallsend
  3. (f) Agusta L Ericson b. 1883 Minmi 22653/1883 d. 1883 Wallsend
  4. (f) Annie E Erickson b. 1884 Minmi 24344/1884 b. 1884 Minmi
  5. (f) Emily Erickson b. 1886 Minmi 26054/1886 
  6. (f) Catherine M Erickson b. 1889 Minmi 26267/1889 
  7. (f) Emily O Erickson b. 1893 Woonona 39801/1893 d. 1894 Woonona

Husband a miner on Minmi- insolvent in 1885 and in 1893 was insolvent, living at Corrimal.

Erning Mary

m. William Erning

  1. (f) Ethel M Erning b. 1885 Wollongong 23541/1885 

Erskine Mary

Living at Bong Bong St Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Erving Elizabeth

m. Thomas C Erving

  1. (f) Anna R Erving b. 1867 Wollongong 17913/1867 

Erwin/Erwine Mary (O’Brien)

m. James Erwine 23/4/1843 Jamberoo

He resident of Jamberoo she of Parramatta

  1. (f) Margaret Erwin b. 17/6/1843 Jamberoo V18431564 121A/1843
  2. (f) Elizabeth Erwin b. 13/6/1845 Jamberoo V18452592 62/1845
  3. (m) Edward Erwin b. 26/5/1847 Wollongong

Eshman Emma Elizabeth (Searle)

b. 1861 d. July 1898 Balgownie 12122/1898 br. Wollongong CofE

m. John Frederick Eshman ( abt 1852- 8/6/1922 Newcastle) 1882 Maclean 4030/1882

f. Henry Samuel Searle m. Mary Anne Brooks

  1. (m) John Henry Eshman b. 1883 Maclean 14897/1883
  2. (m) Frederick Eshman b. 1884 Maclean 16699/1884 d. 15/6/1907 Wollongong
  3. (m) Ernest John Eshman b. 1886 Maclean 17960/1886
  4. (f) Ellen E Eshman b. 1888 Wollongong (Harold Dibden 1906)
  5. (m) Percy Searle Eshman b. 1890 Wollongong 38110/1890 d. 18/4/1940 Wollongong
  6. (m) Harry H Eshman b. 1895 Wollongong 9245/1895
  7. (m) Albert Edward Eshman b. 1896 Balgownie 36294/1896

THE FRIENDS of Mr. ESHMAN are kindly invited to attend, the Funeral of his Late Dearly Beloved WIFE, to move from his residence, Balgownie, TO-MORROW (Sunday) at 12.15 o'clock, for the Church of England Cemetery, Wollongong. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Saturday 16 July 1898 p 3

Eshman Jane (Small then Dibden)

d. 1921 Wallsend

m. Henry Dibden (abt 1839-4/2/1891 Balmain) 1865 Balmain

m. John Frederick Eshman ( abt 1852- 8/6/1922 Newcastle) 1900 Wollongong

  1. (m) Henry J Dibden b. 1870 Balmain
  2. (f) Martha J Dibden b. 1873 Balmain (Frank A Forrester 1893)
  3. (m) Alexander C Dibden b. 1875 Balmain
  4. (f) Florence E Dibden b. 1877 Balmain (William H Holden 1900)
  5. (f) Jessie C Dibden b. 1879 Balmain (Joseph R Younger 1901)
  6. (m) Harold King Dibden b. 1881 Balmain d. 1964 Wollongong (Ellen E Eshman 1906)
  7. (m) Herbert W Dibden b. 1885 Balmain

Living at Balgownie in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

First husband was a master of Balmain Ferry Co steamer and a benefit picnic was held for them in 1891

Essey Mercy Jemima Amelia (Davis)

b. 1866 Wollongong d. 1939 East Sydney br. Botany

m. William Albert Essey ( -1940 Sydney Son of William A Essey & ) 21/6/1894 Sydney

f. John B Davis m. Sarah Emily Organ *

  1. (f) Mary V E Essey b. 1899 Sydney
  2. (f) Thelma C E Essey b. 1904 Sydney
  3. (f) Hazel L I Essey b. 1907 Sydney

ESSEY — DAVIS.— June 21, 1894, at Sydney, by the Rev. John Davis, William Albert, second son of the late William A. Essey, Esq., of London, to M. A. J. (Bertha), seventh daughter of J. B. Davis, of ' Neinn,' Victoria-street, Wollongong. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Thursday 28 June 1894 p 2

Estrange see L’Estrange

Ether Charlotte Jane (Marks)

m. Hanley Herbert Ether 1881 Kiama

Etherington Mary

m. David Etherington

  1. (f) Elizabeth A Etherington b. 1863 Wollongong 15092/1863

Etley see Utley

Ettinghausen Annie Agnes (Taper)

b. 1/11/1867 Nerriga 7572/1867 d. 29/7/1941 Kiama br. Kiama

m. Henry Ettinghausen (27/2/1859 Shoalhaven- 6/5/1927 Kiama Son of Anton Ettinghausen & Anna Christina Baumann *) 2/12/1887 Kiama

f. James Taper m. Hannah McGrath

  1. (f) Magdalen Ettingshausen b. 1888 Kiama 26389/1888 (Brazier)
  2. (m) Anton Cecil Ettinghausen b. 1890 Kiama 17886/1890 d. 1949 Kiama (Letitia M Brown 1918)
  3. (m) Herbert V Ettinghausen b. 1892 Kiama 18517/1892 d. WW1
  4. (f) Pauline V Ettinghausen b. 1909 Kiama 26256/1909

Living at Bong Bong St Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic duties


The death occurred at her residence, Bong Bong Street Kiama, on Tuesday last, of Mrs Annie Agnes Ettingshausen, following a fairly lengthy illness, at the age of 74. She was a Miss Taper and was born in the Nerriga district. She married Mr Henry Ettingshausen, who was in business at Kiama as a carpenter and undertaker for many years.

A keen church worker, the late Mrs. Ettingshausen was well-known and popular here as a good friend and neighbour, being especially helpful in all cases of sickness or distress.

Her husband predeceased her fourteen years ago and since that time she has resided with relatives at various times in different parts of the State

The late Mrs Ettingshausen is survived by two sons, Cecil (Kiama) and Leo (Wollongong) and one daughter, Pauline, (Mrs. McGrath, Delegate), to whom with her nephew, Sergeant J. B. Taper, Sutherland, who was formally stationed at Albion Park, sympathy is expressed in their bereavement. One daughter, Lennie (Mrs Brazier) and a son, Herbert, predeceased their mother, the latter being killed in action in the Great War.

A Requiem Mass was celebrated at St. Peter's Church, Kiama, on Thursday morning, and the funeral took place on Thursday afternoon at the Catholic Cemetery, Kiama… The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Saturday 2 August 1941 p 3

Ettingshausen/Ettinghausen Anna Christina (Baumann)

b. abt 1834 Hattenheim Nassau d. 2/5/1901 Kiama br. Kiama

m. Anton Ettinghousen (abt 1833 Hattenheim Nassau -1907 Son of Ludwig Ettinghausen & Susannah) 9 or 13/4/1854 Hattenheim Germany

f. Anton Baumann m. Christina

Ship: Wilhelmsburg 1855

  1. (m) Peter Ettinghausen b. 1856 Port Stephens 7350/1856 d. 22/7/1931 Arncliffe (Elizabeth F Chester * 1883)
  2. (m) Henry Ettinghousen b. 27/2/1859 Shoalhaven 12463/1859 bp Kiama RC d. 1927 Kiama (Annie A Taper * 1887)
  3. (f) Anne M Ettinghausen * b. 1860 Shoalhaven 12848/1861 d. 17/8/1931 Abbotsford (Enoch R Williams 1888)
  4. (f) Julia Ettinghausen* b. 2/2/1863 Shoalhaven 13465/1863 d. 3/4/1941 San Francisco (Christian Lunge 1884 div , Henry Heinrich Otto Penner 1890)
  5. (m) John Ettinghausen b. 1864 Shoalhaven 14774/1864 d. 25/11/1940 Helensburgh (Ellen Moss * 1896)
  6. (f) Sabina Ettinghausen * b. 1867 Shoalhaven 16077/1867 d. 10/10/1952 Haberfield ( Lionel L Van Praagh 1890, George T Cainan 1918)
  7. (m) Louis Ettinghausen b. 1869 Shoalhaven 17999/1869 d. 1870 Shoalhaven
  8. (m) Martin Ettinghausen b. 1873 Shoalhaven 18536/1873 d. 19/5/1910 Kiama (Mary Frances Brown * 1893)

Husband a carpenter


Mrs. Ettingshausen, wife of Mr. Antoni Ettingshausen, of this town, died on Thursday afternoon, in the presence of her husband and family, the cause of death being an affliction of the heart. Mrs. Ettinghausen, who was 66 years of age, was a native of Kiderich, Germany, and came to this colony 45 years ago, just a year after her marriage. She had been a resident of Kiama for 25 years, and was much esteemed by her friends and acquaintances. She leaves a husband three daughters and four sons to mourn their loss.

Her remains were interred in the Kiama Cemetery on Saturday afternoon, the funeral starting from the Catholic Church at 2 30 p.m. The Catholic Press (Sydney, NSW: 1895 - 1942) Saturday 11 May 1901 p 17

Ettingshausen/Ettinghausen Elizabeth Fanny (Chester)

b. 1/3/1861 Kiama d. 28/6/1943 St George br. Rookwood

m. Peter Ettinghausen (1856 Port Stephens - 22/7/1931 Arncliffe Son of Anton Ettinghausen & Anna Christina Baumann *) 1883 Kiama 5413/1883

f. Samuel Chester m. Elizabeth Redmond *

  1. (f) Grace Adeline Ettingshausen b. 1883 Kiama 21801/1883 (Sleary)
  2. (f) Lavinia May Ettingshausen b. 1886 Kiama 25012/1886 (Bernard N Gormely 1913)
  3. (f) Elizabeth Maud Ettingshausen b. 1888 Kiama 26281/1888
  4. (m) Albert V Chester Ettingshausen b. 1894 Berry 6534/1894

A former Kiama resident, known to many of the older generation, passed away on Monday last at the St. George District Hospital in the person of Mrs. Elizabeth Fanny Ettingshausen, whose late husband, Peter Ettingshausen, was a respected citizen here many years ago when he was in business as a carpenter and was also a prominent member of the,

2nd Infantry Rifle Club. The late Mrs. Ettinghausen was formerly Miss Chester, a member of one of the oldest families in the town, a quiet home-keeping lady who was beloved by all who knew her. –She is survived by one son and three daughters, to whom sympathy is extended in their bereavement. She was predeceased by her brother,

Samuel Chester and a sister, Mrs, Harry Ryan. The funeral took place yesterday (Tuesday) at the Catholic Cemetery, Rookwood; The Kiama Reporter and Illawarra Journal (NSW : 1899 - 1947) Wednesday 30 June 1943 p 4

Ettingshausen Ellen (Moss)

b. 1870 Kiama d. 6/7/1950 Kingsford

m. John Ettingshausen (1864 Shoalhaven -25/11/1945 Helensburgh Son of Anton Ettinghausen & Anna Christina Baumann *) 1896 Kiama

f. Hugh Moss m. Hannah Lynch *

  1. (m) Anton J Ettingshausen b. 1897 Kiama 4095/1897
  2. (m) Martin H Ettingshausen b. 1899 Kiama 4023/1899
  3. (f) Sabina M Ettingshausen b. 1908 Helensburgh 25179/1908 (Hart)

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic duties

Living at Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic duties

Ettingshausen Mary Frances Minnie (Brown)

b. 8/7/1870 Kiama d. 5/6/1952 Balmain br. North Kiama

m. Martin Ettinghausen (1873 Shoalhaven - 1910 Kiama Son of Anton Ettinghausen & Anna Christina Baumann *) 1906 Glebe 9971/1906

f. Francis Brown m. Anna Maria Moore *

  1. (m) Basil Martin Ettingshausen b. 1908 Kiama 25608/1908 d. 1976 NSW


The death occurred at her residence, Royal Oak Hotel, Balmain, on 5th June, of Mrs. Mary Frances Ettingshausen at the age of 82 years.

She was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Francis Brown, of Kiama, and before her marriage she and her sister, Mrs. Sullivan, conducted first a refreshment room and later a newsagency in a shop on the site of what is now the Kiama Mill.

The late Mrs. Ettingshausen was of a kindly disposition and made a host of friends in Kiama who will regret her passing.

Her husband, the late Martin Ettingshausen, who was the builder of the E.S. & A. Bank at Jamberoo and Mrs. Simmons' residence at the corner of Barney and Manning Streets, predeceased her 42 years ago.

She is survived by one son Basil and her sister, Mrs. A. M. Sullivan, and her brother Mr. Frank Brown, both of Kiama, to whom sympathy is extended in their bereavement.

The funeral left St. Peter's Catholic Church Kiama for the North Kiama Cemetery. Kiama Independent (NSW : 1947 - 1954) Saturday 14 June 1952 p 6

Eustine Anne (Murray)

m. James Eustine

  1. (m) James Eustine b. 25/7/1845 Camden bp. Wollongong V18452584 62/1845

Eurs Anne

m. Thomas Eurs

  1. (m) Jonathan Eurs b. 1840 CofE Dapto; Wollongong


On the opening of Dapto Railway Station

The station had been handsomely decorated for the occasion by two ladies of Dapto, Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Bovard, with palms, ferns, flowers, &c, while banners were displayed the whole   length of the building, beating the inscription.   “Welcome to Our Governor,” “Advance Illawarra,”   and “Success to Our Railway, ” elegantly worked on  calico with orange leaves, flowers, &c. The whole presented a singularly gay appearance, which was highly appreciated by all the members of the party, and by none more so than by Lord Carrington, who took occasion to remark upon the beauty of the decorations, and requested that the fair designers might be introduced to him. Australian Town and Country Journal 13 October 1888

Evans Ann

Living at Kenny St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. With Edward Evans a sailor.

Evans Ann (Callaway)

b. abt March 1814 Culval Conway d. 9/2/1867 Mt Pleasant br. Wollongong

m. Thomas Evans (1815-) 1834 Cornwall

f. Philip Callaway m. Anne Uren *

Ship: 1839 Adromarche

Husband had Bee Hive Inn Kiama

Died at sister’s residence Mrs Grace Bushell *

EVANS.— From disease of the heart, at the residence of Mr Bushell (brother-in-law of the deceased). Mount Pleasant, Ann, the wife of Mr Thomas Evans, Bee Hive Inn, Kiama, and late of the Sportsman's Arms, Wollongong, aged 53 years. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 12 February 1867 p 2

Evans Ann Maria (Ede)

b. 14/8/1863 Maidstone Kent d. 17/3/1934 Wollongong br. Wollongong Methodist Section

m. Edward Evans (24/3/1861 Aberystwyth -20/4/1937 Wollongong Son of David Evans & Ann) 31/7/1889 Wollongong 5257/1889

f. John Ede m. Sally Kebble

Ship: 1879 from NZ

  1. (m) David J Evans b. 1890 Wollongong 38084/1890 d. 1917 Belgium WW1
  2. (f) Elsie Evans b. 1892 Wollongong 38956/1892 d. 1965 Wollongong (Stanley Enos Brooks 1915)
  3. (f) Gwendoline Evans b. 1894 Wollongong 37912/1894 d. 1977 Wollongong ( Raymond Wotton 1920)
  4. (m) Owen Cliff Evans b. 1897 Wollongong 27737/1897 d. 1984 Sydney (Daphne T Moore 1930)
  5. (m) Male Evans b. &d. 1903 Wollongong
  6. (f) Amy E Evans b. 1906 Wollongong 40892/1906 d. 1962 Sydney ( Allen Hackett 1950)

About 1880 Ann Ede and her sister, Rose L Robertson *, operated a boarding house in Burelli Street. Husband a tailor.


On Saturday there passed to her eternal reward Mrs. Evans, wife of Mr. Edward Evans, of Kenny Street, Wollongong, a women who was held in high esteem by all who had the privilege of her acquaintance. She was a woman who loved her home life, and the society of her husband and children. She had high ideals in life, and won, the respect and esteem of those who knew her best. The late Mrs. Evans was born at Maidstone, Kent, 71 years ago, and when sixteen years of age she came to Australia with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kebble, who settled in Sydney. Subsequently the deceased came to reside at Wollongong, where she married Mr. Evans 45 years ago, and she had resided in the town ever since. She is survived by a husband and grown up family, viz., Mrs. Brooks (Elsie), Mrs. Wotton (Gwen), Miss Amy Evans and Mr. Cliff Evans (Sydney). One son, Dave, made the supreme sacrifice in the Great War.

The remains were interred in the Methodist section of the Wollongong cemetery on Sunday, Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Friday 23 March 1934 p 3

Evans Anne

m. William Evans

  1. (m) William Evans b. 1851 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong
  2. (f) Sarah J W Evans b. 1859 Wollongong 14061/1859

Evans Annie

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (m) John T Evans b. 1892 Woonona 39571/1892

Evans Annie

b. abt 1883 d. 2/2/1900 Bulli 4080/1900 br. Bulli General

f. William Evans m. Elizabeth *

Cause of Death: blood poisoning

Occupation: Ladies maid to Mrs George Adams of Bulli aged 17 ½

Evans Annie

m. Edward Evans

  1. Elizabeth Evans b. 1898 Helensburgh 21851/1898
  2. Edward C Evans b. 1913 Helensburgh 28488/1913

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic duties. Husband a miner.

Evans Caroline (Coughlin)

b. abt 1835 Ball, Mayo d. 19 /9/1919 br. buried Katoomba

m. John Evans 24 June 1855 Sydney

f. James m. Catherine (both dead)

Religion : Roman Catholic

Ship: Panama 1850

Irish Orphan Other : Empl. A Pring, Macquarie St., £6-8, 3 yrs.

  1. (f) Elizabeth Evans b. 1856 Kiama 5209/1856
  2. (u) 4 children

Family lived Jamberoo, Sandridge and Hotham

Ref. Mrs Yvonne Jenkins, “Carawatha” 117 Cheetham Flats Road, Rydal 2790.

Evans Catherine

b. abt 1848 d. 11/12/1910 Dapto br. West Dapto

m. David Evans (abt 1843 Glamorganshire Wales- 4/1/1916 Dapto Son of John Evans & )

f. Evan

Ship: abt 1888

  1. (u) Unknown Evans

Mrs, Evans, wife of Mr, David Evans, one of the Mount Kembla disaster heroes, died at Dapto on Sunday last at the age of 62 years, The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW: 1863 - 1947) Wednesday 14 December 1910 p 2

The couple had no relatives in Australia but did have a grandson and granddaughter in America who inherited everything except the Dapto house which was left to a friend who looked after them.

Evans Catherine Kate (Thompson)

b. 1845 Sydney V18451799 30A/1845 d. 17/11/1907 Dapto 13446/1907 br. Dapto

m. Evan Robert Evans (1835 Penzance Cornwall -5/10/1907 Avondale House Dapto Son of Evan Evans & Sarah Roberts *) 4/4/1866 St Luke’s Dapto 3394/1866

f. Andrew Thompson m. Elizabeth Weston *

  1. (m) Evan Eustace Thompson Evans * b. 4/3/1867 ”Penrose” Dapto 17932/1867 d. 1939 “Penrose” ( Sarah J Lindsay 1901)
  2. (m) Alfred Evans Evans b. 22/8/1868 “Penrose” Dapto 18233/1868
  3. (f) Minnie Elizabeth Evans * b. 1/7/1870 Penrose Villa Dapto 19021/1870 d. 2/2/1933 Yallah (Thomas W Brown 1900)
  4. (f) Edith Sarah Evans * b. 22/8/1871 “Penrose” Dapto 19622/1871 d. 1957 “Wollingurry” (William Henry or Johnson 1919)
  5. (f) Isabel Catherine Evans * b. 8/8/1873 “Penrose” Dapto 20835/1873 d. 1965 Ryde (Claude E Brown 1904)
  6. (m) Evan John Evans b. 1875 “Penrose” Dapto 21911/1875 d. 1967 Maleny Qld (Ethel Florence Mabel Grey * 1900)
  7. (m) Wilfred Charles Evans b. 3/8/1880 “Penrose” Dapto 27469/1880 d. 4/2/1885 Wollongong
  8. (m) Herbert Austin Evans b. 1882 “Penrose” Dapto 19660/1882 d. 7/2/1885 Dapto
  9. (m) James Ambrose Evans b. 1885 “Penrose” Dapto 23462/1885

Living at Avondale in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

On the 4th instant, at St. Luke’s Church, Dapto, by the Rev. William West Simpson, M.A., assisted by the Rev. W. F. B. Uzzell, EVAN ROBERT EVANS, Esq., of Penrose Villa, Dapto, to CATHERINE, eldest daughter of ANDREW THOMPSON, Esq., of West Horsley, Dapto, Illawarra. SMH 9 April 1866

EVANS. —At her residence, Penrose Villa, Dapto on the 4th instant, the wife of Mr E. R. Evans, of a son. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 12 March 1867 p 2

EVANS.—Penrose Villa, Dapto, on the 22nd August, 1868, the Wife of Mr E. R. Evans of a son Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 4 September 1868 p 2

EVANS.—At her residence, Penrose Villa, Dapto, on 1st July, the wife of Evan R. Evans, of a daughter. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 5 July 1870 p 2

EVANS.—On the 22nd instant, at Penrose Villa, Dapto, the wife of E. R. Evans, Esq., J.P., of a daughter. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 25 August 1871 p 2

EVANS. — At her residence, Penrose Villa, on the 8th August, the wife of Evan R. Evans, of a daughter. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 15 August 1873 p 2

EVANS. — August 3rd, 1880, at her residence, Penrose, the wife of E. R. Evans, of a son Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 17 August 1880 p 2

EVANs.-On the 7th February, at Penrose Villa, Danto, Herbert Austin, youngest son of Evans and Kate Evans, aged two years.

EVANS.-On the 4th February, at Wollongong, Wilfred Charles, fourth son of Evans and Kate Evans, aged four years. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Friday 13 February 1885 p 2


Mrs. Evans, wife of the late Mr. Evan R. Evans (who predeceased his wife but a few weeks ago), passed away at Dapto on Sunday morning last, after a long illness. Mrs. Evans, was highly respected and widely known in the district, and the funeral, which took place on Monday, was largely attended. Mrs. Evans was sister-in-law to Messrs. M. N, and Wm. Hindmarsh, of Kiama. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW: 1863 - 1947) Saturday 23 November 1907 p 2

On the 4th instant, at her residence, Penrose Villa, Dapto, Illawarra, the wife of EVAN R. EVANS, of a son.SMH 7 March 1867


On the 22nd instant, at Penrose Villa, Dapto, Illawarra, the wife of E. R. EVANS, Esq., J.P., of a daughter. SMH 24 August 1871

Evans Charlotte

m. James Evans

  1. (f) Sarah A Evans b. 1857 Wollongong 12333/1857
  2. (f) Mary J Evans b. 1860 Wollongong 13956/1860

Evans Christina (Kidd)

m. Richard James Evans 1875 Parramatta

  1. (m) Richard John Evans b. 1876 Coonabarabran d. 1929 Marrickville
  2. (f) Elizabeth G Evans b. 1877 Coonabarabran
  3. (m) Robert Evans b. 1879 Coonabarabran
  4. (f) Eva Evans * b. 1880 Parramatta d. 1964 Parramatta (Arthur E R Bailey 1905)
  5. (m) George Evans b. 1882 Central Cumberland d. 1882 Parramatta
  6. (m) Sydney Evans b. 1884 Central Cumberland d. 1948 Liverpool
  7. (f) Mary J Evans b. 1886 Central Cumberland
  8. (f) Florence K Evans b. 1888 Central Cumberland d. 1889 Central Cumberland
  9. (f) Emily C Evans b. 1889 Central Cumberland
  10. (m) Arthur Evans b. 1891 Central Cumberland d. 1893 Central Cumberland

Living at Hamilton St Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a labourer

Evans Clara Jane

m. James George Evans

  1. (f) Vera N Evans b. 1897 Lithgow
  2. (f) Doris L Evans b. 1899 Lithgow d. 1909 Sydney
  3. (m) Alfred G Evans b. 1903 Woonona 36007/1903 d. 1905 Paddington
  4. (m) James William S Evans b. 1909 Sydney

Evans Eleanor

m. David Evans

  1. (m) Arthur E Evans b. 1890 Woonona 38530/1890
  2. (f) Elizabeth A Evans b. 1892 Woonona 39465/1892

Evans Eliza (Heart)

m. James Evens

  1. (f) Elizabeth Evans b. 4/12/1844 Bulli

Evans Elizabeth

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Evans Elizabeth

Living at Albion Park in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

With John Evans a school teacher

Evans Elizabeth

b. abt 1858 Blaenglais Breconshire Wales d. 1/7/1912 Bulli br. Bulli Gen RC

m. William Evans ( abt 1856 Dowlais Wales- 28/4/1933 Bulli Son of William Evans & Elizabeth Edwards? )

f. William m. Elizabeth

  1. (f) Annie Evans * b. abt 1883 d. 2/2/1900 Bulli
  2. (f) Mary Evans b. Wales (E F Smith)
  3. (f) Elizabeth Evans b. Wales
  4. (m) William Sydney Evans b. Newcastle
  5. (f) Margaret Evans b. 1891 Wallsend (John Cuthbertson 1929)
  6. (m) David Evans b. 1893 Wallsend
  7. (m) Thomas Evans b. 1895 Wallsend
  8. () Elsie Evans b. 1898 Woonona 8765/1898 (Beuley)
  9. (f) Gladys M Evans b. 1899 Woonona 26898/1899 (Joseph Parson 1927)

EVANS. — July 1, at Vaynor, Bulli, Elizabeth, dearly beloved wife of William Evans, Bulli and Blaenglais, Breconshire, South Wales. The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW: 1883 - 1923) Wednesday 3 July 1912 p 8

Evans Elizabeth (Rees)

b. abt 1850 d. 7/4/1921 Bulli 6666/1921 br. Bulli General

m. Robert Evans ( abt 1857 – 12/9/1945 Son of Robert Evans & Elizabeth) 1884 Lithgow 5131/1884

f. William Rees m. Elizabeth

  1. (m) William Evans b. 1885 Lithgow 21874/1885
  2. (f) Elizabeth Evans b. 1887 Woonona 25026/1887 d. 1888 Woonona
  3. (f) Elizabeth Evans b. 1889 Woonona 24757/1889
  4. (m) Robert George Evans b. 1891 Woonona 39039/1891 d. 1946 Bulli

Living at Bulli Pit in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Evans Elizabeth (Samuels)

b. 1852 West Maitland d. 18/3/1934 Lidcombe br. Woronora

m. George Henry Evans (21/5/1845 Parramatta -9/8/1933 Carlton Son of George Henry Evans & Ann) 7/8/1875 Coonabarabran

f. Charles Samuels m. Rachel Heaton

  1. (m) William George Evans b. 1875 Coonabarabran 10195/1875 d. England
  2. (f) Ethel Maude Evans b. 1877 Coonabarabran 10615/1877 (Stanley Gibbs )
  3. (f) Adeline Alice Evans b. 14/7/1878 Teridgerie 11435/1878 d. 1/4/1946 Sydney (John Sullivan 1899)
  4. (m) George Henry Evans b. 1882 Temora 17002/1882
  5. (m) Joseph John Evans b. 1884
  6. (m) Charles Richard Evans b. 1886
  7. (m) John Thomas Ernest Evans b. 1888
  8. (f) Elizabeth M Evans b. 1892 Kiama

Husband a sawyer and nightwatchman in Kiama area abt 1890 to 1920

Evans Ellen

m. John Evans

  1. (f) Rosena Evans b. 1896 Woonona 9167/1896
  2. (f) Georgina E A Evans b. 1899 Wollongong 8499/1899

Evans Ellen

m. Alfred Evans

  1. (f) Sarah Jane Evans b. 1877 Wollongong 23202/1877
  2. (f) Mary E Evans b. 1877 Wollongong 23203/1877
  3. (f) Selina Evans b. 1879 Wollongong 26174/1879
  4. (f) Alice Evans b. 1881 Woonona 19035/1881

Evans Ellen (Cobtree)

b. abt 1845 Wollongong d. May 1880 Quirindi Gap 8332/1880

m. John Evans abt 1863 Newcastle?

Cause of Death: Heart disease

  1. (m) John Evans b. 1865 Penrith 13711/1865
  2. (f) Female Evans abt 1870
  3. (f) Edith Annie Evans b. 1873 Tamworth 19242/1873
  4. (f) Elizabeth Evans b. 1875 Coonabarabran 10218/1875
  5. (m) Stephen Evans b. 1878 Warialda 23801/1878

A Melancholy Death at Quirindi.

A magisterial inquiry was held on Monday last by Mr. T. S. Grehan, J.P., at Quirindi Gap, touching the death of Ellen Evans, who died suddenly on the previous night. Abridged from the Murrurundi Times, May 29

John Evans deposed: I am 16 years of age, and am the son of deceased, Ellen Evans, and a man named John Evans is my father ; I was with my mother last night in a tent, near this house ; myself and mother had travelled from Narrabri, and were going towards New England, to look for a job of shepherding; mother, myself, and my three little sisters and the baby went to bed about 7 o'clock ; mother appeared quite well then ; about 12 o'clock she seemed to be in a sort of shaking fit ; the baby cried some time afterwards, and I gave mother a shake, to draw her attention to the baby, but she did not move ; I then covered up the baby, and he went off to sleep; about daylight I again tried to draw mother's attention to baby's crying; on touching her I found her cold, and on further examination found she was dead; my mother was over 30 years of age, but she was not forty; we are quite destitute; father left mother about twelve months ago, with myself and the four other children now here; the youngest is a male child, 2 years old, and the girls range from 6 to 10 years ; we used to travel on two old broken down horses, sometimes riding and sometimes walking; the rings now produced are those my mother wore; she said she was married at Newcastle, N. S. W., to my father ; I do not know any reason for my father leaving us; he used to beat mother when he got drunk; mother's maiden name was Ellen Cobtree, and she was a native of Wollongong ; I reported the death of my mother this morning to Mrs. Cook immediately I saw she was dead, and she (Mrs. Cook), afterwards saw mother's body in the tent ; myself and my little sisters and infant brother have no means of support; I am able to work; I do not know where father is now. After hearing the evidence of Dr. Davis, Mr. Grehan recorded as his finding that the deceased died from disease of the heart. The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser 1 June 1880

Evans Ellen (Liddington)

b. 1846 bp. CofE Dapto; Wollongong

m. John Evans 1863 Wollongong 3184/1863

f. Charles Liddington m. Anne McWatters * see Bird

Evans Emily (Touzey)

m. Thomas W Evans ( abt 1866- 10/5/1926 Bulli) 1893 Woonona 7661/1893

  1. (f) Gladys May Evans b. 1894 Woonona 38361/1894 d. 4/7/1901 from burns
  2. (f) Stella Evans b. 1897 Woonona 37079/1897
  3. (f) Gwendoline Evans b. 1901 Woonona 18450/1901
  4. (f) Neta Evans b. 1903 Woonona 36004/1903
  5. (m) Thomas Edgar Evans b. 1905 39503/1905 d. 9/5/1928
  6. (f) Bronwyn Evans b. 1907 Woonona 20126/1907

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Evans Esther


  1. (m) John Evans b. 1899 Woonona 36322/1899

Evans Esther Ann

Living at South Clifton in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. With Charles Sinclair Evans.

Evans Esther Ann see Gough

Evans Ethel Florence Mabel (Grey)

b. 1879 Kiama d. 20/9/1949 Maleny Qld cr. Mt Thompson

m. Evan John Evans (1875 “Penrose” Dapto – 1967 Maleny Qld Evan Robert Evans & Catherine Thompson ) 1900 Kiama

f. William Gray m. Emily Agnes Elizabeth Edwards/Baxter *

  1. (m) Elwyn I Evans b. 1901 Wollongong 18360/1901
  2. (m) Gerwyn T Evans b. 1903 Wollongong 26706/1903
  3. (f) Ethel E Evans b. 1905 Dapto 32852/1905
  4. (f) Catherine Vera Evans b. 1908 Ballina d. 1955 Qld
  5. (f) Edith R Evans b. 1910 Ballina
  6. (f) Ada Muriel Evans b. 1912 Inverell d. 1915 Qld
  7. (m) Evan Gray Evans b. 1915 Qld

Living at Avondale in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

EVANS, Ethel Mabel Florence.—September 20, 1949, at Maleny, Queensland, Mrs. Ethel Mabel Florence Evans, beloved daughter of the late William and Emily Gray, and loving sister of Theo, Ada, and Vera, of Kiama, South Coast, N.S.W. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Friday 23 September 1949 p 16

Evans Fanny (Wood)

b. abt 1862 South Australia d. 24/3/1943 North Ward Townsville Qld br. Townsville Qld

m. Robert Evans (abt 1865 Wales- 21/11/1950 North Ward Townsville Qld Son of Robert Evans & Hannah) 1894 Sydney

f. William Wood m. Mary Scairsbrick

  1. (f) Hannah M Evans b. 1894 Lithgow
  2. (m) Francis Robert Evans b. 27/4/1896 Mt Victoria d. 1986 Qld (Helen Midson Gibson 1920)
  3. (f) Eleanor Elizabeth Evans b. 1898 Lithgow d. 1985 Qld
  4. (f) Alice Catherine Evans b. 1902 Wollongong 18234/1902 d. 6/7/1949 Qld

Living at South Coast Rd Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Living in Townsville Qld in 1916 when her son Francis enlisted.

Mrs. Fanny Evans, well known resident of Mitchell street, North Ward, passed away early on Wednesday morning at the age of 81 years

A native of South Australia, she has resided in Townsville for many years. She is survived by her husband and a grown up family. Townsville Daily Bulletin (Qld: 1907 - 1954) Thursday 25 March 1943 p 2

Evans Hannah

m. George Henry Evans

  1. (m) Alfred Thomas Evans b. 1881 Wollongong 18851/1881

Evans Hannah (Moon)

b. abt 1826 Kent

m. William Evans ( - before 1870) 2/2/1847 Dapto CofE Dapto; Wollongong

f. Thomas Moon m. Harriett Watson *

  1. (f) Sarah Jane Evans * b. 11/7/1848 Yallah bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong ( Phillip Goodin 1870)
  2. (f) Harriet Evans b. 22/9/1850 Yallah bp. CofE Dapto; Wollongong

Other children unknown

Evans Henrietta (Richards)

m. Thomas Evans 1894 Woonona 7588/1894

  1. (m) Thomas J Evans b. 1895 Woonona 28668/1895
  2. (f) Mary J Evans b. 1897 Woonona 27836/1897
  3. (f) Elizabeth Evans b. 1900 Woonona 9047/1900
  4. (m) Walter Evans b. 1902 Woonona 28165/1902 d. 2? June 1921
  5. (m) Leslie G Evans b. 1905 Woonona 29809/1905
  6. (f) Alma M Evans b. 1907 Woonona 9502/1907
  7. (f) Hazel Dorene Evans b. 1909 Woonona 32365/1909 d. 1909 aged 9 days
  8. (m) William Henry Evans b. 1909 Woonona 32364/1909 d. 7/4/1910 aged 5 months

Living at Corrimal in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.

Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Saturday 19 January 1895 p 2 is a law case where she and her husband sued for unpaid wages.

Evans Henrietta Maria (Jones)

b. abt 1871 d. 3/7/1901 Woonona br. Wollongong Ind.

m. Philip T Evans 1900 Marrickville 6531/1900

f. James Jones m. Jane

There were three funerals in Wollongong yesterday; Mrs. Evans (sister to Mr. J. C. Jones) being interred in the Congregational cemetery. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Saturday 6 July 1901 p 2

Evans Isabella (Hay) d. 1873 Wollongong 7447/1873

m. Evans

Evans Jane (Cooper)

m. John William Evans 1877 Mudgee 3569/1877

  1. (m) Thomas Evans b. 1881 Rylstone 21577/1881
  2. (m) James Evans b. 1883 Rylstone 24396/1883
  3. (m) Robert Evans b. 1884 Rylstone 25966/1884
  4. (f) Annie M Evans b. 1885 Woonona 23719/1885
  5. (f) Clara Evans b. 1887 Woonona 25165/1887

Evans Johanna Armstrong (Doyle)

d. 1957 Chatswood

m. Richard J Evans 1904 Annandale

f. Aiden Doyle m. Jane

Living at Lakelands in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Evans Mabel see Ethel M F

Evans Margaret

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Evans Margaret

d. 6/7/1863 Garden Hill 6437/1863

m. John Evans

f. Duncan m. Jane

  1. (m) Robert Evans b. 1860 Wollongong 13831/1860

On Monday at her residence, Garden Hill, the wife of Mr. John Evans deeply regretted Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 7 July 1863 p 2

Evans Margaret (Fleming)

d. 1881 Wollongong 8185/1881

m. Evans

Evans Margaret

b. April 1845 Hintshire Wales d. 14/12/1938 Bulli

m. Edward Evans (abt 1846 Staffordshire- abt 1923)

Ship: 1875 Samuel Plimsoll

  1. (f) Alice Evans b. abt 1870 North Wales
  2. (f) Eliza Evans * b. abt 1872 Durham d. 11/7/1929 Bulli (John Croft 1890)
  3. (f) Mary Evans b. abt 1874 Durham (William Turner 1898)
  4. (f) Annie Ruth Evans b. 1876 Wollongong 22478/1876 (Henry Joseph Boardman 1910)
  5. (m) William Alfred Edward Evans b. 1878 Wollongong 24635/1878 d. 27/20/2947 Bulli  
  6. (m) Arthur Evans b. 1879 Wollongong 26205/1879 d. 1880 Wollongong
  7. (m) Saxon Evans b. 1881 Woonona 19022/1881
  8. (f) Jessie Evans b. 1883 Woonona 21240/1883 (Archibald McGregor 1906)
  9. (f) Amy Rotha Evans b. 1885 Woonona 23794/1885 d. 1980 (Jacob Gibson 1904, Michael Barrett 1933)
  10. (f) Lottie L Evans b. 1888 Woonona 25823/1888 ( William Stevens 1922)
  11. (f) Joyce Evans b. d. 29/6/1981 West Kogarah (Thomas H Flavin 1920)

EVANS-December 14 1938 it Bulli Margaret Evans relict of the late Edward Evans and mother of L Stevens Oatley aged 95 years. Home at Last The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 20 December 1938

Death of Old Resident

By the death of Mrs. Margaret (grannie) Evans, which occurred in Bulli Hospital yesterday, the district has lost one of its most respected residents.

She was in her 96th year, having been born in Hintshire, Wales, in April 1843. She came to Australia over 60 years ago and had resided in the Bulli District ever since.

Always an active woman, she had taken a keen interest in the life of the community and was about as usual until about ten days ago. She was very fond of the surf and until 10 years ago was a daily visitor to the beach, winter and summer.

Her husband, Mr. Ned Evans, predeceased her about 15 years ago. She raised a large family, two of whom are residents of the Coast, William, of New Dapto Road, Wollongong, and Mrs. Barrett, of Raymond Road, Thirroul. It was with the latter that Mrs. Evans had been residing for the past twelve months

The late Grannie Evans, as she was familiarly known, was held in the highest esteem by all sections of the community and although she was long past the allotted span, her death will be deeply regretted. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 16 December 1938 p 18

Evans Margaret (Blakeley)

m. Thomas Evans 1875 Wollongong 4458/1875

Evans Margaret (Davies)

m. Thomas Maddock Evans 15/10/1879 Sydney

f. William Davies

EVANS-DAVIES.-October 15, at St. James's Sydney, by the   Rev. W. Hough, Thomas Maddock, second son of Captain W. Evans, harbour-master, Plymouth, England, to Margaret, youngest daughter of William Davies, Wollongong. The Sydney Morning Herald 21 October 1879

Evans Margaret Amelia (Hilder then Cooke)

b. 1871 Sydney d. 27/8/1957 Campsie

m. Frederick Howard Cooke (abt 1867 - 28/5/1912 Bombo Quarry Son of James Cook & Louisa) 1896 Sydney

m. John W Evans 1913 Wollongong

f. Henry Hilder m. Elizabeth Ann Ashdown

  1. (f) Rose Cooke b. 1896 Sydney 190884/1896
  2. (m) Arthur H Cooke b. 1899 Sydney
  3. (m) Alfred J Cooke b. 1902 Kiama 32560/1902
  4. (f) Muriel L Cooke b. 1905 Newcastle
  5. (f) Rosetta C Cooke b. 1906 Kiama 24968/1906
  6. (m) Sidney H Cooke b. 1908 Dapto 24022/1908
  7. (m) Otto H D Cooke b. 1909 Wollongong 32239/1909
  8. (f) Elizabeth F Cooke b. 1910 Wollongong 45461/1910

Her Ryerson Index entry has her formerly of Wollongong

Living at Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Evans Margaret Mary

d. 15/3/1921 Corrimal br. Wollongong

m. Walter Evans (Derbyshire-7/8/1937 Adelaide SA)

f. John m. Hannah

Ship: abt 1886

  1. (f) Margaret Evans b. 1889 Wollongong 24522/1889 (Charles M Hallett 1912)
  2. (f) Alice Evans b. 1893 Wollongong 39285/1893 d. 1/1/1933 RPA Hospital

Living at Unanderra in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Husband the manager of Southern Coal Co.

EVANS - March 15 at her residence Margaret Mary wife of Walter Evans, The Fens Corrimal The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 16 March 1921 p 10

Quite a gloom was cast over the district when it became known that Mrs. Walter Evans had passed away after a very long and severe illness.

Although the end was not unexpected, as Mrs. Evans had been critically ill for some time past, it was fervently hoped by everyone that a change would come for the better. Mrs. Evans was an in valuable worker in all patriotic and charitable interests, and the work done by the family during the war period has earned for them the everlasting gratitude of the people of Corrimal. The deceased lady was interred privately in, Wollongong cemetery on Tuesday morning. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 18 March 1921 p 2

Evans Martha (Bevan)

b. abt 1863 d. 1941 Maitland br. Rutherford

m. John Evans (26/7/1860- after 1940) 27/9/1880 Merthyr Tydfyl, South Wales

Ship: July 1884

  1. (f) Tydfye Evans b. 1887 Wollongong
  2. (m) Trevor Evans b. 1889 Bulli 24664/1889 d. 1899 Perth WA
  3. (f) Evans (R C Young)
  4. (m) Idris Evans d. 27/7/1959 Qld


Mrs. Martha Evans wife of Mr. John Evans well-known mining engineer, has died at her home, “Cartref,” Roxburg street, Lorn, West Maitland. Aged 78,

Mrs. Evans was well known throughout the Welsh community of New South Wales. She arrived in Australia in 1884.

Mr. and Mrs. Evans celebrated their diamond wedding on September 27 last year.

For many years Mrs. Evans had been actively identified with the work of West Maitland Methodist Church. In addition to her husband, Mrs. Evans is survived by two daughters, Mrs. R. C. Young (Yanco) and Miss Tydfyl Evans (Lorn), and one son. Mr. Idris Evans, Manager of Stanford Main No 2 colliery, Paxton.

Mrs. Evans was privately interred in the Methodist Cemetery, Rutherford. Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate (NSW : 1876 - 1954) Friday 28 March 1941 p 12

Husband a mine manager and mine engineer who was at Greta, Kembla Bulli and in WA. He was part of the rescue party for Bulli.

Evans Martha ( ? then Hurd)

b. abt 1793 d. 20/10/1877 Wollongong br. Wollongong Con.

m. Joseph Hurd (abt 1786 -1848)

m. Daniel Evans (abt 1794- 1880 Wollongong) 8/3/1853 Sydney, Scots Church Pres. V1853101 81/1853

At Jamison-street, Sydney, March 8, by the Rev. B. Quaife, Mr. Daniel Evans, of Wollongong, to Martha Hurd, relict of the late Mr. Joseph Hurd, of Parramatta. The Sydney Morning Herald 9 March 1853

EVANS.-— At her residence, Wollongong, on the 20th. inst., Martha, wife of Daniel Evans, aged 84 years. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 26 October 1877 p 2

Evans Mary

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Evans Mary

b. abt 1822 Cornwall d. 13/3/1866 Shellharbour

m. John Evans

  1. (m) William Evans b. 1861 Kiama 8188/1861

EVANS.—At Shellharbor, on Tuesday, 13th instant, of acute dysentery, Mary, the beloved wife of Mr John Evans, a native of Cornwall, England, aged 44 years, lamented by a large circle of friends. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 20 March 1866 p 2

Evans Mary

b. abt 1849 d. 10/5/1904 Woonona br. Wollongong

m. David Evans (abt 1851- 9/6/1934 Wollongong Son of Phillip Evans & Susan )

f. Silas m. Hannah

  1. (m) Silas Spencer Evans b. 1879 Pontypool Monmouthshire d. 23 5/1957 Wollongong (Norah Layden 1905)

Living at Corrimal in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Evans Mary

b. abt 1822 Cornwall England d. 13/3/1866

m. John Evans

f. Moses m. Nancy

Cause of Death: acute dysentery.

Evans Mary ()

b. Freharris Wales d. abt 28/12/1893 Woonona br. Bulli Anglican Cemetery

m. Thomas John Evans ( abt 1840-25/5/1911 Sydney)

f. William m. Rachel

Evans Mary

m. John Evans

  1. (m) John Evans b. 1856 Wollongong 8411/1856

Evans Mary (Stanford)

b. abt 1852 Campbelltown? d. 27/3/1928 Bulli

m. Alfred Evans 1885 Woonona 5526/1885

? f. John Stanford m. Sarah Burt *

  1. (m) William A Evans b. 1886 Woonona 24545/1886
  2. (m) John Evans b. 1888 Woonona 25857/1888
  3. (m) Mark C Evans b. 1892 Woonona 39534/1892
  4. (f) Annie Evans b. 1893 Woonona 39782/1893

Mrs. Mary Evans, 76, an old resident of the district died on Tuesday. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW: 1900 - 1954) Friday 30 March 1928 p 12

Mrs. Mary Evans, an old resident of Bulli, died suddenly on Tuesday. A magisterial inquiry as to cause of death, resulted in a verdict being returned, of death from natural causes. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 30 March 1928 p 2

Evans Mary Ann (? then Smith)

m. John Evans 26/3/1864 Wollongong 3387/1864

On the 26th March, at Wollongong, by the Rev. W. Kelynack, John Evans, to Mary Ann Smith, relict of the late E. Smith, of Bong Bong. The Sydney Morning Herald 8 April 1864

Evans Mary J

b. abt 1808 d. 1909 Woonona 11777/1909

Evans Mary Jane

Living at Cleveland Rd Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Evans Mary Jane (McCarthy then Worrey)

m. Henry Worry ( -1880 Wollongong Son of John Warry)

m. Thomas Evans 1882 Wollongong 5002/1882

  1. (m) Jeremiah Warrey b. 12/8/1857 Dapto 12285/1857
  2. (f) Elizabeth Worry b. 1864 Wollongong 16623/1864 
  3. (f) Catherine Warry b. 1865 (Robert Pollock 1897)
  4. (f) Ann J Worry b. 1871 Wollongong 19668/1871
  5. (f) Sarah Ann Warry b. 1874 Wollongong 21403/1874
  6. (f) Ellen Worray b. 1876 Kiama 13464/1876 
  7. (f) Sophia Jane Worrie * b. abt 1875 d. 1916 Wellington ( Solomon Jones 1896)
  8. (m) Mathew Worry b. 1878 Wollongong 24814/1878
  9. (f) Bridget D Worry * b. d. 1921 Wollongong

Evans Sarah Ann (Mager/Myers)

b. 1844 V1844224 28/1844 d. 1912 Waratah

m. Michael Evens 1864 Ulladulla 3235/1864

f. Andrew Myers m. Ann Mooney

  1. (m) William Evans b. 7/11/1867 Wollongong 18095/1867

Evans Sarah E

m. George H Evans

  1. (f) Elizabeth M Evans b. 1892 Kiama 18603/1892

Evans Sarah Havelock (Ralph)

b. 1877 Wollongong 23033/1877 d. 9/8/1929 br. Bulli General

m. William Lewis Evans ( -13/8/1939 Son of Robert Evans & Hannah) 1899 Sydney 100/1899 note. Name at death was recorded as Lewis William

f. Thomas Ralph m. Caroline Howard *

  1. (f) Alma V Evans b. 1899 Woonona 26896/1899 d. 12/8/1972
  2. (m) Robert K Evans b. 1908 West Wallsend 9431/1908
  3. (m) Thomas H Evans b. 1909 Woonona 43732/1909 d. 28/4/1954

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Evan Sarah Jane (Lindsay)

b. 1862 Unanderra d. 5/7/1948 Dapto br. Brownsville

m. Evan Eustace T Evans (4/3/1867 ”Penrose” Dapto - 1939 Wollongong Son of Evan Robert Evans & Catherine Thompson *) 1901 Wollongong

f. John Lindsay m. Jane Musgrave *

  1. (m) Evan Lindsay T Evans b. 1902 Wollongong 18259/1902

Living at Penrose Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties


Mrs. Sarah Jane Evans, who passed away at her home, 'Penrose,' Dapto, on Monday, was a member of one of the district's best known pioneer families, the late Mr. and Mrs. John Lindsay, of Kembla Park. She was 85 years of age.

She married the late Mr. Eustace Evans whose father was also amongst the early settlers of the district.

Gentle, home loving and a true Christian woman, the late Mrs. Evans won the esteem and appreciation of a wide circle of friends.

Her chief interest was in St. Luke's Church of England, Brownsville, and until advancing years prevented her, she was an indefatigable worker for several organisations within the church.

In earlier years, also, with her late husband, she was an active worker for the annual Dapto Show.

She is survived by her only son, Mr. Lindsay Evans, who is widely known throughout the Illawarra district for his activities in connection with dairying organisations. Mr. Charles Lindsay, of Smith st., Wollongong, is a brother and is the last surviving member of the family of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Lindsay.

Following a service at her late residence on Tuesday, the remains were laid to rest in St. Luke's C. of E. cemetery, Brownsville. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Thursday 8 July 1948 p 7

Evans Sarah Jane (Roberts)

b. 1810 Madron Cornwall England d. 12/11/1891 Kiama br. Dapto

m. Evan Robert Evans (1805-1863 Wollongong) 1834 Cornwall

f. Alfred Roberts m. Ellen

Ship: 31/1/1839 Adromarche

  1. (f) Jane Tregoning Evans * b. 1835 Helston Cornwall England d. 1924 Bega (Robert Ritchie 1857)
  2. (m) Evan Robert Evans b. 1835 Penzance, Cornwall, d. 5/10/1907 “Penrose” Dapto (Catherine Thompson * 1866)
  3. (f) Anne Evans * b. 1839 Dapto V18391096 23A/1839 d. 1931 Kiama (William Rutter Hindmarsh 1861 ) 
  4. (f) Sarah Evens * b. 1843 Dapto V18431228 27A/1843 d. 1931 Kiama  (Michael Nisbet Hindmarsh 1862)
  5. (f) Elizabeth Evans * b. 1849 Dapto V1849967 35/1849 d. 1838 Moss Vale ( Francis Arthur Badgery 1875)

A very old resident of this district passed over to the 'great majority ' on Saturday last. We allude to Mrs. Evans, mother of Mr. E. R. Evans, J.P., of Penrose, Dapto.

The venerable lady, who was in her 89th year, died at her daughter's (Mrs. N. M. Hindmarsh) residence, Kiama, on Saturday afternoon. She had been unwell for about a month, though the illness was not regarded as serious. Only a few weeks ago she had an attack of influenza, and this appears to have told upon an otherwise vigorous constitution, and she gradually sank, passing peacefully away at the time stated.

The deceased lady was a resident of this district for about 52 years, being well known and widely respected by the older hands- Latterly she had been living with her daughter at Kiama. She leaves behind her four daughters, all comfortably settled in life, Mrs R Ritchie Bega;

Mrs. W. R. Hindmarsh, Robertson Mrs. N. M. Hindmarsh, Kiama; Mrs. F. A. Badgery, Sutton Forest— and one son (Mr. E. R. Evans). The mortal remains were brought from Kiama by train yesterday, and were afterwards interred in the Church of England cemetery, Dapto. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 15 December 1891 p 2

Evans Tamar see Harvey

Evelyn Rose

b. abt 1860 d.

m. Henry Evelyn

  1. (m) James Evelyn b. 1887 Woonona 25214/1887 d. 1958 Burwood
  2. (f) Florence G Evelyn b. 1890 Sydney 1839/1890

It is possible that her husband was charged with child desertion in 1890 after she became ill, had to enter a hospital and at last left him. The children were placed with a woman at Terara who was initially payed by the husband for their support but then he ceased to pay. The children were sent to a government department and he was ordered to support thm.

Everard/Everitt/Everett Margaret (McDermot)

m. Alfred Everard

  1. (f) Mary Anne Everard b. 27/6/1870 Causin Mines Wollongong 18999/1870
  2. (m) George Edward Everard b. 9/12/1872 Berkeley Lake 20711/1873
  3. (f) Catherine Rosey/Rosa Everet b. 26/10/1874 American Creek 2532/1874 V18742532 121A

Everson Mary (Green then Barclay)

m. James Everson (1799-1882) 26/10/1852 Wollongong V185296 123/1852

  1. (f) Sarah Anne Everson * b. 21/7/1853 Dapto (John Wilson 1875)
  2. (m) David Everson/Evison b. 17/4/1856 Stoney Creek 5150/1856 (Sarah Buckett * 1887)

Both resident of Dapto. Husband a settler

Everson Mary Ann (Cassidy)

m. Charles Everson (1852 NSW-) 1872 Sydney

  1. (m) Charles E Everson b. 1872 Paddington d. 1872 Paddington
  2. (m) John James Everson b. 1873 Kiama 12426/1873 d. 1948 Paddington

Husband a trooper.


(From the Evening News.)

IN the divorce court on Tuesday the case of Ritchie v. Ritchie was heard before Mr. Justice Hargrave.

This was a divorce suit brought by James Ritchie of Fullerton, county of Georgiana, against his wife, Evaline Ritchie, formerly Evaline Sinclair, and Charles Everson, co-respondent. Mr. Coatts, instructed by Mr. McCulloch, appeared for petitioner. There was no appearance of respondent or co-respondent, or counsel on their behalf. The parties were married on February 29, 1871, at the Jamberoo Episcopalian church by the Rev. P. R. S. Bailey. Petitioner is aged thirty-three years, and a native of Femanagh, Ireland, and resided there until he was nineteen years old. He came to this colony and has resided at Bega and Jamberoo. The parties lived together after their marriage up to February 17, 1874, when Mrs. Ritchie left her home under the following circumstances: On February 17, 1874, she left with the expressed intention of going to the township of Kiama to purchase a sewing-machine and other articles for the house, for which purpose she had obtained from her husband a cheque for £8 12/6. Although she had mentioned to her husband she would return home at three o'clock that day, she did not then return, or at any time thereafter do so. From that day her husband has never seen her.

Mr. Ritchie deposed that he had treated her kindly, and that in 1876 she wrote to him and he answered her; he did not know Everson; he had her child with him; he denied that there was any collusion between them, and he urged that he would have been glad for her to have remained with him.

Harriet Bailey deposed that in 1876 the person whose portrait (Mrs. Ritchie's) she now looked upon called upon her; she was known as Mrs. Everson; she brought her husband (Everson) to witness's house, and they occupied the same room; she left witness's house to go to the Benevolent Asylum to be confined; this was said in Everson's presence; she had one child about thirteen months old; she behaved properly at witness's house.

Eliza Halrie, matron of the Benevolent Asylum, deposed that the photograph produced (Mrs. Ritchie's) she recognised as that of a woman who came to the asylum on the 4th May last year; she stated that she was married, and her husband was at the diggings; she came to be confined; about six weeks afterwards she said her husband had returned, and that he wished to visit her; he saw her, and brought a child with him about two years old, which, he said, was their child; some letter passed between them ; the person who visited her passed himself off as Mr. Ritchie; the petitioner now in court was not the Mr. Ritchie who visited her; she was confined of a female child, named Eleanor, 22nd July, 1876; he came ones, twice, and thrice a week to see her, as he was privileged, she being unwell ; a person purporting to be Everson's sister called, and in consequence of her communication, Mrs. Ritchie, who had been confined, was dismissed from the asylum.

Mary Ann Everson, wife of Charles Everson, the co-respondent, deposed that the portraits produced were those of her husband and

Mrs. Ritchie; these parties resided in Sydney with a Mr. Bailey and Mrs. Tucker; she knew they lived there as man and wife; witness's husband was a trooper in the district of Kiandra, which accounts for his being in uniform in the portrait; he was living with the witness there in 1873; witness did not know the Ritchies then.

Margaret Catherine Ritchie, sister of petitioner, deposed that she went to Smith-street, and at a house enquired for Mrs. Everson, her brother's wife answered to the name, and stated that two of the children she had were her own.

James Minty deposed that from April to August last, Mr. and Mrs. Everson (respondent and the co-respondent) rented from him a house, and lived in it together.

Isabelle Cassidy, co-respondent's sister, deposed that her brother resided with Mrs. Ritchie at Mrs. Tucker's, in 1874, as man and wife; they left there for Mrs. Bailey's; witness often visited them.

Catherine Tucker deposed that in 1875, in Duke-street, Mr. and Mrs. Everson lived at her house as man and wife; they went by the names of Charles and Eva Everson;

Everson's lawful wife called on her. James Ritchie, recalled, stated that the first child was called William Sinclair, born 1873, when they lived happily together.

His Honor hold that the issue of adultery was clearly proven, and granted a decree nisi, not to be made absolute until after the expiration of six months. Australian Town and Country Journal (Sydney, NSW: 1870 - 1907) Saturday 22 December 1877 p 12

Everson Sarah (Buckett)

b. 2/3/1851 Jamberoo

m. David Everson (17/4/1856 Stoney Creek - Son of James Everson & Mary Green *) 1887 Kiama

f. Jacob Buckett m. Margaret Penny * see Maloney

  1. (f) Mazeppa Everson b. 1890 Bega 664/1890

Evers Amelia Fitzroy (Stafford)

b. 1865 d. 1949 Qld

m. James Thomas Evers 1884 Sydney 160/1884

f. John Stafford m. Elizabeth Spinks *

  1. (m) John Laurence Evers b. 1885 Woonona 23754/1885
  2. (m) James E A Evers b. 1887 Newtown 8703/1887
  3. (f) Florence M Evers b. 1889 Burwood 5316/1889
  4. (m) Henry Clifton Evers b. 1891 Newcastle 24677/1891
  5. (f) Lily Amelia Evers b. 1894 Qld
  6. (f) Blanche Elizabeth Mariam Evers b. 1896 Qld
  7. (f) Nellie Evers b. 1898 Qld d. 1898 Qld
  8. (m) Herbert Bramwell Evers b. 1899 Qld ( Emily Jeanetta Hansen)
  9. (m) Archibald Leonard Alfred Evers b. 1902 Qld
  10. (m) Victor Sydney Evers b. 1904 Qld
  11. (m) Wilfred Stafford Evers b. 1907 Qld

Evingson Rebecca (Noakes)

m. James Evingson 1849 CofE Dapto; Wollongong

Ewens Elizabeth (James)

b. 1841 Wollongong V18414243 45B/1841 d. 1904 Marrickville 6010/1904

m. Edward Farr Ewens (abt 1834- 7/1/1877 Ashburnham Vale Forbes Rd Molong Son of Walter Ewens & ) 9/7/1863 Wesleyan Chapel Wollongong

f. David James m. Catherine Munro/Morro *

  1. (f) Elizabeth Mary Ewens b. 1864 Newtown (Charles A Taylor 1888)
  2. (f) Catherine Harriet Ewens b. 1866 Orange ( Henry T Packham 1889)
  3. (f) Rachel A Ewens b. 1871 Molong
  4. (m) Edward John B Ewens b. 1876 Molong

On the 9th instant, at the Wesleyan Chapel, Wollongong, by the Rev. ?? Kelynack, Edward Farr, storekeeper, Cook's River, 2nd son of the late Mr. Walter Ewens, of London, to Elizabeth, third daughter of Mr. David James, farmer, of Kembla Vale, Wollongong . The Sydney Morning Herald 15 July 1863

Ewers Anne

m. Thomas Ewers

  1. (m) Edward M Ewers b. 1843 bp. CofE Illawarra; Jervis Bay
  2. (m) William Ewers b. 1845 bp. CofE Dapto; Wollongong

Ewin Cecilia Sophia (Hindmarsh)

b. 8/12/1834 Gerringong d. 17/6/1913 Arncliffe br. Woodstock Milton

m. William Walter Ewin (6/5/1822 West Wickham Cambridgeshire -14/5/1878 Woodstock Milton Son of William Walter Ewin & Susan Price ) 12/3/1858 “Alne Bank” Gerringong

f. Michael Hindmarsh m. Cecilia Sophia Rutter *

  1. (f) Susan Ewin b. 9/3/1859 “Alne Bank” d. 19/6/1864 “Woodstock” died of scarlet fever
  2. (f) Cecilia Sophia Ewin b. 10/9/1860 “Croobyar Farm” d. 22/6/1864 “Woodstock” died of scarlet fever
  3. (m) William Walter Ewin b. 27/12/1862 “Croobyar Farm” d. 25/12/1927 Pittsworth QLD (Caroline Seccombe)
  4. (f) Emma Lee Ewin b. 17/12/1864 “Woodstock” Milton d. 10/2/1912 Lewisham (Francis John McMahon)
  5. (f) Jane Elizabeth Ewin b. 26/9/1866 “Woodstock” Milton d. 1915 “Glencoe” Glen Innes (Samuel Irvine Richardson)
  6. (m) Arthur Ewin b. 18/6/1868 “Woodstock” Milton d. 5/3/1923 “The Chase” Milton (Amy Buckley)
  7. (m) George Ewin b. 10/1/1870”Woodstock“ Milton d. 4/2/1882 “Woodstock” Milton.
  8. (m) David Robert Ewin b. 13/3/1872 “Woodstock” Milton d. 23/12/1927 “Boolgatta” Milton (Lily Maud Hyam)
  9. (f) Florence Ada Ewin b. 27/6/1874 “Woodstock” Milton d. 1920 Balmoral (Arthur Henry Hugh Luscombe Maguire)
  10. (f) Alice Gertrude Ewin b. 27/8/1876 “Woodstock” Milton d. 1954 Sydney (William J. Walker)

On the 12th instant, at the residence of the bride's father, Alne Bank, Gerringong, Illawarra , by the Rev. Hugh M'Kail, W. W. Ewin, Esq., of Suffolk, England, to Cecilia Sophia, second daughter of Michael Hindmarsh, Esq., J.P. Empire 18 March 1858

Ewing Annie M

m. William Ewing

  1. (f) Eliza F Ewing b. 1901 Helensburgh 3909/1901
  2. (m) William Henry Ewing b. 1903 Helensburgh 3641/1903 d. 1980

Ewing Beatrice Maude (Swinson/Surnson)

d. 19/12/1933 Guildford WA br. Upper Swan WA

m. John Ewing (6/10/1863 Wollongong – 30/11/1933 Guildford WA Son of Thomas C Ewing & Elizabeth Thompson *) 1888 Bowral

f. Dr George Newton Swinson m. Lucy Dorothy Edwards

  1. (m) John Alister Ewing b. 19/7/1889 Kembla Street Wollongong 24435/1889 d. 1952 Perth WA
  2. (f) Dorothy Kathleen Ewing b. 1890 Wollongong 38002/1890 d. 1962 Perth WA
  3. (m) Christopher T P Ewing b. 1892 Nowra 26987/1892 (Vera Barrett-Lennard 1918)
  4. (f) Winsome Mary Ewing b. 1899 Bunbury WA (Piers Warburton 1920 )

EWING- SWINSON - July 28, at St. Simon and St. Jude's, Bowral, by the Rev. J. Debenham, John Ewing, third son of Rev. T. Ewing, Wollongong, to Beatrice Maude, fourth daughter of G. N. Swinson, M.R.C.S., Eng., Bowral. The Sydney Morning Herald 1 August 1888

EWING -July 19. Kembla-street Wollongong, the wife of John Ewing, of a son The Sydney Morning Herald 29 July 1889

EWING.—On December 19, 1933, at Guildford, Beatrice Maude Ewing, widow of the late John Ewing, M.L.C. To be privately interred in the Upper Swan Cemetery, THIS (Wednesday) AFTERNOON.

Ewing Elizabeth (Thompson)

b. 1831 Tasmania d. 1/3/1903 North Sydney br. buried beside her husband -Pioneer Park Cemetery Wollongong

m. Rev. Thomas Campbell Ewing (abt 1819 Glasgow Scotland - 11/7/1893 Lewisham Son of John Ewing & Elizabeth Young *) 6/4/1852 St. John's Church Launceston

f. Archibald Thomson m. Agnes Ralston

  1. (f) Agnes Elizabeth Ewing * b. 21/1/1853 Pitt Town (Robert T Jenkins)
  2. (m) Sir Thomas Thomson Ewing b. 9/10/1856 Pitt Town d. 15/9/1920 Darlinghurst (Margaret Russell MacCabe * 1879 )
  3. (f) Marion Ewing * b. 3/7/1858 Wollongong 13433/1858 d. 1949 Chatswood (Henry O MacCabe 1885)
  4. (f) Amy Eliza Ewing * b. 22/6/1860 Wollongong 13907/1860 (Robert Palmer Allen)
  5. (f) Jessie Ewing b. 13/3/1862 Wollongong 14999/1862 (Wilfred P Pope)
  6. (m) John Ewing b. 6/10/1863 Wollongong 15121/1863 d. 30/12/1933 Perth WA (Beatrice Maud Swinson * 1888)
  7. (f) Grace Ewing b. 2/4/1865 Wollongong d. 1908 (Elijah E J Marks)
  8. (f) Anna Rose Ewing b. 16/2/1867 Wollongong d. 1867 Wollongong
  9. (m) Norman Kirkwood Ewing b. 26/12/1870 Wollongong 18879/1870
  10. (f) Ethel Edith Ewing b. 4/6/1871 Wollongong 19551/1871 d. 6/10/1875 Wollongong aged 5
  11. (m) Claude Ralston Ewing b. 26/10/1872 Wollongong 19727/1872
  12. (m) Archibald Albert Ewing b. 25/1/1874 Wollongong 214411/1874 d. 1874 Wollongong
  13. (f) Bertha Mary Young Ewing b. 20/12/1875 Wollongong 22460/1876 d. 1876 Wollongong aged 11 months
  14. (f) Elizabeth Ewing d. 1875 Wollongong

On the 6th April, in St. John's Church, Launceston, by the Rev. W. H. Browne, L.L.D., the Rev. Thomas Campbell Ewing, Incumbent of Pitt Town, In the diocese of Sydney, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Archibald Thompson, Esq , J.P., Cormiston, West Tamer. Bell’s Life in Sydney and Sporting Reviewer (NSW: 1845-1860) Saturday 8 May 1852

On Saturday, the 3rd instant, at the Parsonage, Wollongong, the wife of the Rev. T. C. Ewing, of a daughter. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Monday 5 July 1858 p 3

On the 21st instant, at the Parsonage, Wollongong, the wife of the Rev. T. C. Ewing, of a daughter. The Sydney Morning Herald 25 June 1860

On Saturday, 3rd instant, at the Parsonage. Wollongong, the wife of the Rev. T. C. Ewing, of a daughter. The Sydney Morning Herald 6 July 1858

On the 13th instant, at the Parsonage, Wollongong, the wife of the Rev. T. C. Ewing, of a daughter. The Sydney Morning Herald 17 March 1862

EWING.—December 20, at Cormiston House, Wollongong, the wife of the Rev. T. C. Ewing, of a daughter.  The Sydney Morning Herald 24 December 1875

EWING.—December 20, at Cormiston House, Wollongong, the  wife of the Rev. T. C. Ewing, of a daughter.  The Sydney Morning Herald 24 December 1875

EWING.-November 21, at Cormiston House, Wollongong, Bertha Ewing, aged 11 months. The Sydney Morning Herald 28 November 1876

EWING.—October 6, at Cormiston House, Wollongong, Ethel  Edith Ewing, in her 5th year. The Sydney Morning Herald 9 October 1875 


EWING-March 1, at her late residence, North Sydney, Elizabeth, widow of the late Rev. T. C. Ewing, aged 72years. No flowers. The Sydney Morning Herald 2 March 1903


It is with deep regret the friends of the Ewing family will hear that Mrs. Elizabeth Ewing passed away at her residence, North Sydney, on

Sunday night. She was over 70 years of age, and for some years had suffered from a heart complaint which was the cause of death. The deceased lady resided in Murwillumbah for a number of years in the nineties, and won the respect and esteem of all who knew her. She was an earnest church worker, and assisted every charitable movement. She left Murwillumbah for Sydney late in 1900.

The deceased was the widow of the Rev. T. C. Ewing, who died over ten years ago. He was vicar of Wollongong for about 36 years.

Five daughters and five sons now mourn the loss of a devoted mother.

All are well-known and highly respected. The daughters are Mesdames R. Jenkins, Maccabe, W. P. Pope, R. P. Allen, and E. C. J. Marks, while the sons are Messrs. T. T. Ewing, M.H.R., Senator N. K. Ewing, J. Ewing, M.L.A. (W.A.), R. C. Ewing, J.P., and C. R. Ewing.

On Tuesday afternoon she was laid to rest, in the Wollongong Cemetery beside her late husband. The Byron Bay Record (NSW : 1902 - 1924) Saturday 7 March 1903 p 6

Ewing Elizabeth (Young)

b. abt 1788 d. 7/3/1875 Cormiston House Wollongong br.

m. John Ewing (Glasgow Scotland- United Kingdom)

  1. (m) Robert Kirkwood Ewing b. 1820 Glasgow Lanarkshire d. 1899 Lismore
  2. (m) Rev. Thomas Campbell Ewing b. 1822 Glasgow d. 1893 Lewisham (Elizabeth Thompson * 1852)

EWING.—At Cormiston House, Wollongong, Mrs. Ewing, sen, aged 87 years. The Sydney Morning Herald 10 March 1875

Ewing Margaret Russell (MacCabe)

b. 4/3/1858 Russell Vale d. 21/7/1943 Lindfield

m. Sir Thomas Thomson Ewing (9/10/1856 Pitt Town -15/9/1920 Darlinghurst Son of Thomas C Ewing & Elizabeth Thompson * ) 1879 Wollongong

f. Francis Peter MacCabe m. Jane Osborne *

  1. (m) Francis Peter Ewing b. 1880 Lismore
  2. (f) Olive Margaret Ewing b. 1882 Lismore (Darcy Johnston)
  3. (m) Thomas Campbell Ewing b. 1884 Lismore
  4. (f) Helen M Ewing b. 1892 St Leonards
  5. (m) Colin Russell Ewing b. 1894 Penrith

Ey Alice

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (f) Mary A Ey b. 1891 Wollongong 38352/1891

Eyeington Elizabeth/Sarah Margaret (Harrigate)

b. abt 1872 d. 5/9/1935 Swansea br. Belmont

m. George Eyeington (1865 Yorkshire-1943 Swansea Son of William Eyeington & Jane)

  1. (f) Elizabeth Jane Eyeington b. 1887 New Zealand d. 1968 Wollongong (Thomas Alfred Bunn 1908)
  2. (m) Robert William Eyeington b. 1890 New Zealand
  3. (m) George Eyeington b. 1892 New Zealand
  4. (m) Thomas William Eyeington b. abt 1895 New Zealand d. 30/8/1935 Gunnedah (Florence Amelia Cornish 1919)
  5. (f) Lillian Eyeington b. 1898 New Zealand (Jack D Stoyles 1928 div., Albine Wakefield Roebuck 1937)
  6. (f) Nora Eyeington b. 1899 Greymouth New Zealand d. 18/8/1967 Newcastle (Archibald W McLeish)
  7. (m) Ernest Eyeington b. 1903 Woonona d. 1981

Living at Fairy Meadow in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Husband insolvent in 1903 living at Para Meadow. In 1907 he was undermanager of a new Corrimal Balgownie Colliery shaft.

EYEINGTON.— September 5th, 1935 at her residence, Galgabba Street, Swansea, Sarah Margaret, dearly beloved wife of George Eyeington, and mother of Mrs. T. Bunn, Corrimal; aged 63 years.

Eyres/Eyears Mary Ann (Masters)

d. 1889 Robertson

m. Robert Eyres/Eyears (26/10/1817 Thornford Dorset- 1880 Robertson Son of Robert Eyears & Ruth Ryall ) 1847 Sherborne Dorset

f. John Masters

  1. (m) Edward Eyears b. 1848 Sherborne Dorset
  2. (m) Henry Eyears b. 1850 d. 2/9/1896 Robertson
  3. (m) John Eyears b. 1854 d. 10/3/884 Robertson
  4. (m) George Eyres b. 1854 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama ; Shoalhaven
  5. (m) James Eyears b. 1856 Kiama 5276/1856
  6. (m) Robert Eyears b. 1859 Kiama 8353/1859
  7. (f) Mary E Eyears b. 1863 Kiama 8513/1863
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