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Haber to Hickson

Haber/Heber Margaret (Lindsay/Lyndsy/Clancy/Clancey)

b. 1835 Greenane Tipperary Ireland d. 6/11/1909 Cessnock

m. Jacob Paul Haber (23/9/1836 Rudesheim Nassa Rhineplatz Germany – 15/10/1892 Allandale Son of Phillip Haber & Gertrude Gotz) 1857 Shoalhaven 2633/1857

f. John Clancy m. Mary Geary

  1. (f) Marion Gertude Haber b. 27/11/1858 Shoalhaven bp Kiama RC 12300/1858
  2. (m) John Haber b. 9/4/1860 Shoalhaven bp Kiama RC 12171/1860
  3. (m) Harry Haber b. 1862 Maitland 9416/1862
  4. (f) Margaret M Haber b. 1863 Maitland 9633/1863
  5. (m) Joseph P Haber b. 1865 Maitland 10970/1865
  6. (f) Catherine Haber b. 1870 Maitland 12018/1870
  7. (m) Charles Patrick Haber b. 1872 Maitland 12181/1872
  8. (m) Phillip Heber b. 1874 Maitland
  9. (f) Isabella Heber b. ?

Husband a settler

Haberfield Ellen (Daly alias Williams)

b. abt 1819 Waterford Ireland

m. Samuel Haberfield (also Permission to Marry Martha Jones) 10/4/1839 CofE Dapto; Wollongong

Convict permission to Marry Index 1839 Wollongong

Sentence: 7 Years

Both of Wollongong

Ship: Diamond 1838

Convict record:

1837 Galway Town
Kitchen maid
Prior Convictions
13 days
Stealing clothes
5’ 3 ¼” Ruddy Hair light brown eyes dary grey
Scar on top of left side of forehead, scar on back of fore finger of left hand

Haberfield Martha (Jones)

b. abt 1809 d. 1/7/1836 Wollongong V1836872 20/1836 br. Wollongong

m. 1836 Samuel Haberfield (also Permission to Marry Ellen Daly) 17/2/1836 CofE Dapto; Wollongong

Convict permission to Marry Index 1836 Wollongong

Ship: Pyramus (1) 1832

Sentence: 7 Years

ILLAWARRA.-On the afternoon of Tuesday the 1st instant, a woman named Aberfield and her husband were in a public house at Wollongong . About four o'clock the woman left the place to return home, leaving her husband behind, and he remained in the house for some time after. On his return home she was not to be found ; and though diligent search was made, no traces of the unhappy woman were discovered till the following morning, when her body was lying, quite dead, among some hay in an outhouse. An enquiry was instituted by the resident magistrate, W. N. Gray, Esq., and a verdict returned that the deceased had died of suffocation, occasioned by intoxication. From subsequent information and appearances, however, the result did not satisfy the unfortunate woman's husband, who caused a further investigation, in the course of which it was ascertained that five men had violated the person of the deceased. Some of the wretches, we hear, have been apprehended. But what a state of society do not such revolting atrocities manifest! Some of these ravishers and murderers may have been jurymen in cases of murder or rape; or may, should they escape hanging this time, yet take their places in the jury-box. We hope Mr. Paid police magistrate Gray will be, at least, as zealous in sifting this afair, as it is said he has been in obtaining signatures to the “patriots” petition. The Sydney Herald 14 July 1836

MURDER.-By the cutter Thomas from Illawarra, yesterday evening, we have received intelligence of. A murder perpetrated in that district a few days since. The deceased, a female, had attended the quarterly muster of ticket-of-leave holders for the district, and the last time she was seen alive was when returning homewards in a state of intoxication, accompanied by two men, who, had also attended-the muster. The female was, found dead on the following day, and an examination as to the cause of her death was entered into. The Surgeon who attended the Inquest deposed, that, the person of the deceased had been violated by more than one person. The two men who were last seen in her company have been apprehended on suspicion of being concerned in the murder. - As there is no Coroner for the district of lllawarra, we should like to know by whom these enquiries are conducted; the more especially as we observe the Police Magistrate of the district figuring in Sydney. The Colonist 21 July 1836

Haberley Helena /Christina Rosina/ Christina (Brandt)

b. Germany d. 1867 Wollongong 8481/1867

m. John Gottlieb Haberley (abt 1831 Germany -1909 Wonoona)

f. Jacob Brandt m. Christina

Ship: Gottorp 1857

  1. (m) Henry Christopher Haberley b. d. 19/9/1906 Morgans WA ( Julia Mary Parkinson * 1877)
  2. (m) Carl Jacob (Charles ) Haberley b. 8/5/1856 (Fredericke Dorothee Schindler 1877)
  3. (m) Garrett Haberley b. 1858 d. 1939 Bulli 6852/1939 (Eliza Jane Blinco * 1889)
  4. (m) Jacob John Haberley b. 1859 Wollongong 14237/1859
  5. (m) John Haberle b. 1861 Wollongong 14308/1861 d.
  6. (m) George Haberle b. 1862 Wollongong 15167/1862
  7. (f) Christina Fredericka Haberley * b. 1865 Bulli 16490/1866 d. 25/8/1939 Bulli (Richard Challinor Williams 1888 )
  8. (f) Helena C Haberley d. 1867 Wollongong 8495/1867

Husband a sawer who was insolvent in 1864. Resident Bulli. Naturalised 13/4/1877which naturalised her and all of the children.

Haberley Eliza Ellen

Living at Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

With John Frederick Haberley a miner.

Haberley Eliza Jane (Blinco/ Blincko/ Blincks)

d. 6/7/1926 br. Bulli General

m. Garrett Haberley (1858-1939 Bulli Son of John Gottlieb Haberley & Christina R Brandt *) 1889 Woonona 5298/1889

f. George Blincko m. Sarah Reeve *

  1. (m) Henry George Haberley b. 1890 Woonona 38462/1890 d. 1950 Bulli
  2. (f) Elizabeth M Haberley b. 1891 Woonona 39078/1891
  3. (m) Archibald Edward Haberley b. 1893 Woonona d. 1960 Bulli 16496/1960
  4. (m) Charles Haberley b. 1893 Woonona 9255/1895 d. 1951 Wollongong 14941/1951
  5. (f) Evelyn V Haberley b. 1896 Woonona 27360/1896
  6. (f) Florence M Haberley b. 1898 Woonona 17612/1898
  7. (m) Richard J Haberley b. 1905 Woonona 19328/1905 d. 1905 Woonona 14946/1905

Haberley Emily (Corney)

b. 1879 Sofala d. 1944 Bulli

m. William James Haberley (1875 Wollongong -1954 Wollongong Son Of John Gottlieb Haberley & Mary Jane Johnsons *) 1900 Sydney

f. John Corney m. Rosannah Miller *

  1. (f) Lilly Haberley b. 1901 Woonona 37658/1901
  2. (m) Harold J Heberley 1903 Woonona 8701/1903
  3. (m) William James Haberley b. 1908 Woonona 42632/1908 d. 1953 Bulli
  4. (f) Vera L Haberley b. 1911 Woonona 23260/1911
  5. (m) Ernest J Haberley b. 1914 Bulli
  6. (m) Gordon R Haberley b. 1918 Bulli

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Haberley Isabell (Anderson)

d. 1964 Bulli

m. John Frederick Haberley (1874 Wollongong - 1931 Lithgow Son Of John Gottlieb & Mary Jane Johnsons *) 1901 Canterbury 6348/1901 (possible death in consequence of accidental gunshot wound)

f. Hume Anderson m. Alice

  1. (m) Arthur Williams Haberley b. 13/3/1902 Woonona 18354/1902 d. 1967 Bulli
  2. (f) Alice C M Heberley b. 1903 Woonona 17792/1903
  3. (f) Isabella I Haberley b. 1904 Woonona 38663/1904
  4. (m) Thomas John Ransome Haberley b. 1905 Adamstown d. 1968 Parramatta
  5. (f) Hilda B Haberley b. 1910 Woonona 22089/1910

Wollongong.—A warrant has been issued by the Wollongong Bench for the arrest of John Frederick Haberley, charged with wife desertion. He is 32 years of age, 6 feet, 9 inches high, thin build, thin features, blue eyes, very fair hair, sandy ’ moustache only ; generally dresses in blue clothes and hard black hat, ring tattooed on one finger, and blue mark in ear; a miner. New South Wales Police Gazette and Weekly Record of Crime (Sydney : 1860 - 1930) Wednesday 4 April 1906 Page 122

Haberley Ivy Olive

b.1885 Woonona 23679/1885 d. 6/5/1915

f. Jacob John Haberley m. Mary Ann Blinco *

Haberley Julia Mary (Parkinson)

b. 1856 Musclebrook 6032/1856 d. 1/9/1931 Albany WA

m. Henry Christopher Haberley ( -19/9/1906 Morgans WA Son of John Gottlieb Haberley & Christina R Brandt *) 18/4/1877 Wollongong

f. Henry William Parkinson m. Anne McDonald *

  1. (m) George H Haberley b. 1878 Wollongong 24674/1878
  2. (m) Frederick William Haberley b. 1879 Wollongong 26161/1879
  3. (f) Ethel Adeline Haberley b. 1881 Wollongong 18835/1881
  4. (f) Evelyn M Haberley b. 1882 Woonona 19742/1882
  5. (f) Mabel L Habertey b. 1884 Woonona 23005/1884
  6. (f) Amelia B Haberly b. 1885 Woonona 23797/1885
  7. (f) Elsie M Haberley b. 1887 Woonona 25143/1887
  8. (f)Hilda G Haberley b. 1888 Liverpool 20433/1888

HABERLEY — PARKINSON. —April 18, at St. Michael's Church, Wollongong, by Rev. Dean Ewing, Henry Christopher, eldest son of Gotlieb Haberley, Bulli, to Julia Mary, second daughter of Henry William Parkinson, Woonona. The Sydney Morning Herald 11 May 1877

HABERLEY- September 1 1931 at Albany Western Australia Julia Mary widow of the late Henry C Haberley At rest The Sydney Morning Herald 3 September 1931

Haberley Mary Ann (Blincko)

b. d. 30/4/1915 Bulli 5426/1915 br. Bulli General

m. Jacob John Haberley 1879 Wollongong 5228/1879

f. George Blincko m. Sarah Reeve

Ada Florence Haberley b. 1880 Wollongong 27322/1880 d. 1964 Bulli ( Thomas George Fritz 1900)

  1. (m) George H Haberley b. 1882 Woonona 19692/1882
  2. (m) Garrett Josiah Haberley b. 1883 Woonona 21251/1883 d. 27/12/1944
  3. (f) Ivy Olive Haberley b. 1885 Woonona 23679/1885 d. 6/5/1915
  4. (f) Ella B S Haberley b. 1887 Woonona 25141/1887
  5. (f) Ruby C Haberley b. 1888 Woonona 25903/1888
  6. (m)Raymond Spencer Haberley b. 1891 Woonona 38989/1891 d. 15/1/1968
  7. (m) Reginald T L Haberley b. 1893 Woonona 39718/1893

Living Sherbrooke in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a miner.

Haberley Mary Jane (Johnsons)

d. 1879 Bulli 9713/1879

m. John Gottlieb Haberley (abt 1831 Germany -1909 Wonoona) 1869 Wollongong 3769/1869

f. Thomas Johnsons m. ?

  1. (m) Arthur E Haberley b. 1870 Wollongong 19031/1870
  2. (f) Sarah Jane Haberley * b. 1872 Wollongong ( John Grace )
  3. (m) John Frederick Haberley b. 1874 Wollongong 21441/1874 d. 1931 Lithgow (Isabel Anderson * 1901)
  4. (m) William James Haberley b. 1875 Wollongong 21898/1875 d. 1954 Wollongong 24602/1954 (Emily Corney * 1900)
  5. (f) Minnie Louisa Haberley b. 1877 Wollongong 23135/1877 d. 1878 Wollongong 10489/1878

Hackett Alice/Alicia (Sheil/Shields/Shiels)

b. abt 1818 Campbelltown d. 15/7/1887 Red Bank Upper Picton br. Upper Picton

m. Michael Hackett ( 1808 – 24/2/1862 Campbelltown Son of Peter Hackett & Bridget) 1833 RC Sydney, St Mary's V183356 129/1833

f. Dennis William Shiel m. Mary Bradbury

  1. (m) Michael William Hackett b. 1834 Campbelltown bp. RC Sydney St Mary’s d. 14/1/1858 Campbelltown
  2. (m) Peter Hackett b. 1838 Campbelltown d. 26/6/1861 Campbelltown (Margaret Mahoney * 1857)
  3. (f) Mary Hackett b. 1840 Campbelltown
  4. (m) John Hacket b. 13/5/1843 bp RC Illawarra; Wollongong V18431183 62/1843
  5. (f) Margaret Hackett b. 25/3/1848 Campbelltown
  6. (m) John Hackett b. 1845 bp RC Illawarra; Wollongong V18451185 62/1845
  7. (f) Catherine Hackett b. 19/4/ 1843 Campbelltown bp RC Illawarra; Wollongong V18452163 62/1845 d. 25/6/1860 Campbelltown
  8. (f) Alice Hackett b. 1852 bp RC Campbelltown St John’s V18521219 69/1852 1852 RC Campbelltown St John’s V18521259 118/1852

Hackett Margaret see Chapman

Hackett Mary

b. abt 1838 Kilclareen Templemore Tipperary d. 8/1/1916 Young

m. James Cusack 1863

f. Pierce Hackett m. Mary Hanley

Ship: Alfred

When parents and younger siblings arrived she was listed as living in Wollongong possibly working for the Larkin/Larkins family

Hackett Mary F M

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (f) Olive Burness Hackett b. 1902 Helensburgh 32207/1902

Hacking Louisa (Keevers)

b. 1857 Jamberoo d. 3/10/1937 Mullumbimby

m. Arthur Armour Hacking (abt 1863 Blackburn Lancashire-30/3/1943 Ryde Son of William Hacking & Jane Gardner) Marriage not in BMD

f. George Keevers m. Mary Ann Inskip *

  1. (f) Ethel M Hacking b. 1886 Kiama 25037/1886 (Duncan)
  2. (m) Albert W O Hacking b. 1888 Kiama 26291/1888
  3. (m) Arthur E Hacking b. 1890 Kiama 17833/1890
  4. (f) Emma L Hacking b. 1892 Kiama 18547/1892 (Waterhouse)
  5. (m) Ernest T Hacking b. 1895 Kiama 13680/1895
  6. (f) Alice Hacking (Vidler)


Mrs. Louisa Hacking died at her home, Whian-street, Mullumbimby, to-day after a short illness. She was 79 years of age. The deceased was a native of Jamberoo on the South Coast, but had lived in a number of; towns on the North Coast, including; Lismore and Alstonville. She came to Mullumbimby four years ago with her husband, Mr. Arthur Hacking. She was of a retiring disposition, but was well known and highly respected throughout the district. In addition to the widower a family of three sons and three daughters survive. They are Messrs. Albert, Arthur (Coff's Harbour) and Ernest Hacking (Beaudesert), Mesdames Ethel Duncan

(North Sydney), Emma Waterhouse (Woolgoolga), and Alice Vidler (Mullumbimby). The funeral will take place to-morrow afternoon. Northern Star (Lismore, NSW: 1876 - 1954) Monday 4 October 1937 p 6

Hacking Mary (Farraher)

26/4/1853 Jamberoo d. 1904 Ballina

m. Francis Leonard Hacking (1860 Blackburn Lancashire - 1/9/1933 Lewisham Son of William Hacking & Jane Gardner) 1881 Kiama

f. Thomas Farraher m. Mary Carew *

  1. (f) Eunice E Hacking b. 1884 Kiama 23505/1884
  2. (f) Mary Hacking b. 1887 Sydney
  3. (m) Thomas Hacking b. 1889 Newtown d. 1889 Newtown
  4. (m) Francis L Hacking b. 1889 Newtown d. 1889 Newtown
  5. (f) Florence Hacking b. 1892 Newtown d. 1892 Newtown
  6. (m) Francis M Hacking b. 1894 Newtown

Hackney see Boardman

Haddon/Hadden Anna (Smith)

b. abt 1871 Melbourne d. 20/2/1948 Kiama 6633/1948 br Kiama General

m. William Hadden (abt 1868-1945 Kiama Son of Robert Haddon & Ann Jones *) 1891 Kiama

f. William Joseph Smith m. Caroline

  1. (f) May Isabella Haddon b. 1892 Kiama 18471/1892 (Cecil Brown)

OBITUARY MRS. ANNA HADDIN The death occurred on Friday, last of Mrs. Anna Haddin at the age of 74 years. She was the widow of the late William Haddin, who predeceased her in April, 1945. The late Mrs. Haddin was born in Melbourne and had lived in Kiama for many years. She was of a quiet, friendly nature which made her many friends amongst her neighbours. She had not been in the best of health for some months and was moved to Kiama Hospital where she passed away. She has one daughter Bella (Mrs C. Brown, of Kiama) to whom sincere sympathy is extended in her bereavement. Kiama Independent (NSW: 1947 - 1954) Wednesday 25 February 1948 p 3

Haddin Ann (Jones)

b. abt 1840 Crogogill Armagh d. 1926 Kiama br. North Kiama

m. Robert Haddin (abt 1831 Crogogill Armagh Ireland- 2/9/1905 Kiama ) 1860 Ireland

f. William Joseph Jones m. Caroline

Ship: Wallasea 1865

  1. (f) Mary Jane Hadden b. abt 1863 Crogogill Armagh d. 1938 Nowra (Henry Ison 1884 )
  2. (f) Eliza Hadden * b. abt 1865 Crogogill Armagh d. 1933 Leichhardt (Josiah James Deakes 1888)
  3. (m) James Haddon b. d. 1875 Kiama
  4. (m) William Haddon b. 1866 Kiama 9567/1866 d. 1945 Kiama (Anna Smith * 1891)
  5. (m) Edward Haddon b. abt 1873 Kiama 11374/1870 d. 1938 Newcastle (Nellie Gibbs)
  6. (m) Robert Haddon b. 1870 Kiama 11374/1870 d. 8/3/1935 Kiama
  7. (f) Annie Hadden * b. abt 1873 Kiama d. 11/7/1925 Kiama (John O’Leary 1893 )
  8. (m) Richard Haddon
  9. (f) Rebecca Hadden (Thomas M Farrell 1891)

Living at Collins St Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a carter

Four sons in 1905 (2 married) and 4 married daughters

OBITUARY. MRS. ROBERT HADDIN. Mrs. Robert Haddin, a very old resident of Kiama, has passed away at the advanced of 86 years. The recent hot weather taking its toll of the aged and infirm. For about two years the old lady has been ailing, having sustained an accident in a broken leg she has been cared for with care and attention in the house of her son Robert. As a young woman she can to Illawarra some 60 years ago in the beginning of her married life, and with her husband settled at Gerrinagong he being employed with the late Mr. Robert Miller. Later they came to the Riversdale Estate, employed by the owner Mr. Robb. Shortly after Mr. Haddin entered into the carrying and contract business, and the family moved to Kiama where they remained. Mr. Haddin, Senr., passed away some years ago and the devoted wife of so many years never failed to pay a tribute to his memory on each anniversary of his death. She had a large family and sons surviving are: Messrs. William, Robert, Edward and Richard, and daughters Mesdames Ison (Jane), Deakes (Eliza), and Farrell (Rebecca). In the days of her health and strength the late Mrs. Haddin was a kindly woman ever ready to do a kindly deed or to help in sickness or trouble. She was native of county Armagh Ireland, and in her 87th year. The funeral took place at North Kiama yesterday, the Rev, H. Chivers officiating, when a large number of quarry employees attended. The Kiama Reporter and Illawarra Journal (NSW: 1899 - 1947) Wednesday 17 February 1926 p 4

Haddin Jane see Simpson

Haddin Jane Cummins Jean (Flemming)

b. 1815 Scotland? d. 12/11/1897 Albion Park br. Albion Park Pioneers

m. John Hadden (1813- 7/6/1893 Albion Park)

Ship: Herald 1844 into Sydney

  1. (m) John Haddin b. abt 1842 d. 9/12/1924 Lismore (Mary Ann Fryer * 1876)
  2. (f) Elizabeth Fleming Haddin * b. 1845 Albion Park bp. Presbytrian Wollongong V18454361 45B/1845 d. 28/3/1923 Burradoo (George Colville 1863)
  3. (m) James Fleming Haddin b. 17/3/1847 Curramore near Albion Park V18474434 45B/1847 d. 17/10/1931 Chatswood d. 10/17/1931 Chatswood (Mary Hazelton * 1881 , Sophia Mary King * 1890)
  4. (f) Jane Haddin * b. 1849 V18494511 45B/1849 d. 1932 Alstonville ( unmarried George Atkin, William Simpson 1872)
  5. (m) George Flemming Haddin b. 1858 Kiama 8082/1858d. 1938 Lismore (Jane Hamilton * 1879)
  6. (f) Catherine Haddin * b. d. 1932 Alstonville ( George Henry Simpson 1878 )

Haddin Jane (Hamilton)

b. 1857 Jamberoo d. 1941 Murwillumbah br. Bangalow

m. George Fleming Haddin (1858 Kiama - 1938 Lismore Son of John Haddin & Jane Fleming *) 1879 Kiama

f. John Hamilton m. Esther Fleming *

  1. (f) Esther I Hadden b. 1882 Robertson
  2. (f) Isabella A Hadden b. 1883 Robertson
  3. (f) Sarah Haddin b. 1885 Robertson
  4. (m) John Haddin b. 1887 Robertson
  5. (f) Matilda haddin b. 1889 Robertson
  6. (f) Mary Haddin b. 1892 Robertson
  7. (f) Catherine Hadden b. 1894 Robertson
  8. (f) Jane Robertson b. 1896 Robertson
  9. (m) Donald Haddin b. 1901 Roberston
  10. (f) Amelia M Haddin b. 1903 Robertson


MULLUMBIMBY Tuesday. — Mrs. Jane Haddin, relict of George Fleming Haddin, died at the residence of her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Akers, Station-street, Mullumbimby at the age of 84 years.

The late Mrs. Haddin was born at Jamberoo and was a daughter of Mr. John Hamilton. She was married at Burrawang 63 years ago, and, with her husband, moved to the North Coast where they commenced dairying, first at Clunes, then Eureka, and later moved to Possum Creek, where she resided until her husband died in February, 1939. Of a kind and cheerful disposition, Mrs. Haddin was always ready to help others and she lived a life of honour and usefulness.

Possessed of a retentive memory, Mrs. Haddin was ever ready to recount happenings of the early days, when settlers cleared the district in the face of great difficulties and paved the way for its present productivity. ,

The deceased is survived by a family of two sons and seven daughters. The sons are Don, of Possum Creek, and John, of Sydney, and the daughters are Mesdames J. Irvine (Brisbane), M. McHugh (lpswich), W. Wells (Lismore), H. Holmes (The Pocket, Billinudgel), T. Brims (Murwillumbah), W. Knox (Coorabell) and H. T. Akers (Mullumbimby). In addition to this family, Mrs. Haddin reared the two children of another daughter, Mrs. A. Millier, who predeceased her 31 years ago.

After a service in the Presbyterian Church, Bangalow, conducted by Rev. Faulkner, the funeral left for the Bangalow cemetery, where the deceased was buried alongside her late husband. The pall-bearers at the church and at the graveside were Messrs. H. Akers, H. Holmes. A. Buchan, T. Buchari, A. Milgate and D. Haddin. Northern Star (Lismore, NSW: 1876 - 1954) Wednesday 16 April 1941 p 4

Haddin Mary (Hazelton)

b. 6/9/1858 Albion Park d. 18/9/1888 Albion Park br. Albion Park Pioneers

m. James Fleming Haddin (17/3/1847 Albion Park- 10/17/1931 Chatswood Son of John Hadden & Jane Cummings Fleming *) 12/10/1881 Albion Park 4521/1881

f. Edward Hazelton m. Hannah Herring *

  1. (f) Matilda Jane Flemming Haddin b. 21/12/1883 Albion Park 21662/1883 d. 29/6/1975 (Samuel P Woodford 1905)
  2. (f) Jane Fleming Haddin b. 26/11/1885 Albion Park 23529/1884 d. 25/1/1888 Albion Park
  3. (f) Mary Annie Haddin b. 12/10/1886 Albion Park 25159/1886 d. 16/5/1958

Husband a farmer

Haddin Mary Ann (Fryer)

b. 1854 Albion Park V18541930 37A/1854 d. 29/9/1929 Lismore br. Lismore

m. John Haddin (abt 1842 – 9/12/1924 Lismore Son of John Hannon & Jane Fleming *) 1876 Kiama 3077/1876

f. William Fryer m. Sophia Dunster *

  1. (f) Sophia Haddin b. 1877 Buarrawang
  2. (m) William F Haddin b. abt dec 1878 Burrawang 9375/1878 d. 6/2/1879 Burrawang 4459/1879 br All Saints Albion Park
  3. (m) John Flemming Haddin b. 1879 Kiama 3031/10/1879 d. 17/11/1879 Mount Terry
  4. (m) James F Haddin b. 1887 Berrima

ON the 28th instant, at the Church of the Resurrection, Jamberoo, by the Rev. P.R. S. Bailey, JOHN HADDON, jun.,   eldest son of Mr. John Haddon, sen., of Albion Park, to MARY ANN FRYER, eldest daughter of Mr. William Fryer, of same place. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Tuesday 3 October 1876 p 2


The death occurred on September 29 at 141 Dawson-street, Lismore, of Mrs. M. A. Haddin, relict of the late J. Haddin. The late Mrs. Haddin was the eldest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Fryer, of Albion Park, South Coast. She was for many years a resident of Moss Vale and district, and was held in the highest esteem by a large circle of friends for her kindly nature and loving disposition.

She is survived by two daughters and one son, Mrs. J. O'Connor (Dawson street), Mrs. G. Daley (Dunoon) and Mr. J. S. Haddin (Coraki). Messrs. W. and H. Fryer (Sydney) and Mr. P. Fryer (Lismore), and Mrs. R. Ritchie (Nimbin) are brothers and sister. After a service at St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, the remains were interred beside her late husband. The Rev. A. J. Parker officiated at the church and grave, Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954) Wednesday 30 October 1929 p 14

Haddin Sophia Mary (King)

b. 12/12/1864 Jamberoo d. 7/19/1949 Camden br. Albion Park Pioneers

m. James Fleming Haddin (17/3/1847 Albion Park- 10/17/1931 Chatswood Son of John Hadden & Jean Cummings Fleming) 1/10/1890 Kiama 4311/1890

f. Samuel King m. Sophia Hamilton

  1. (m) James Hamilton Haddin b. 28/7/1891 Albion Park 18118/1891 d. 17/10/1970 Newtown
  2. (m) John Stanley Haddin b. 10/7/1895 Albion Park 28543/1895 d. 6/12/1967 St Leonards (Stella Hilditch Mayne 1921)

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic duties

Haddon Jane Elizabeth (Hall)

b. 19/10/1844 Jamberoo g bp. CofE Dapto; Wollongong d. 16/12/1871 Parramatta 5320/1871

m. John William Haddon 2/2/1863 Jamberoo 2035/1863

f. James Hall m. Mary Ann Chandler *

  1. (f) Elizabeth A Haddon b. 1864 Sydney
  2. (m) John Haddon b. 1865 Redfern
  3. (m) Alfred H Haddon b. 1868 Parramatta
  4. (m) John W Hadden b. 1870 Parramatta
  5. (f) Jane Elizabeth Haddon b. 1871 Parramatta

On the 2nd instant, by special license, at the house of the bride's father, by the Rev. R. Wilson, of Gerringong, Mr. John William Haddon, Kiama, to Jane Elizabeth, daughter of Mr.   James Hall, farmer, Jamberoo. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Friday 6 February 1863

On the 16th instant, at her late residence, Aird-street, Parramatta, JANE ELIZABETH, the beloved wife of JOHN WILLIAM HADDON, leaving five children, an affectionate husband, and large circle of friends to mourn her loss. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 19 December 1871 p 1

Haddow Alice (Hargrave/Hayrave/Hargreaves)

b. abt 1872 Yorkshire d. 1939 Charlestown br. Charlestown

m. John Haddow (abt 1862 Lanark Scotland – 1939 Charlestown) 1890 Newcastle

f. Ephraim Hargrave m. Elizabeth

Ship: Earl Dalhousie 1877

  1. (f) Marion F Haddow b. 1890 Merewether
  2. (f) Alice Haddon b. 1892 Merewether
  3. (m) John Haddow b. 1895 West Maitland
  4. (m) David Haddow b. 1897 Wollongong 8655/1897
  5. (m) William Haddow b. 1899 Mt Kembla 8482/1899
  6. (m) Roland F Haddow b. 1903 Catherine Hill Bay

Hadfield Maria Annie (Payne)

b. 1866 d. 29/7/1919 Hurstville br. Woronora

m. John Thomas Hadfield (-2/6/1937 Hillview) 1891 Sydney

f. James C Payne m. Martha

  1. (m) James Edward Hadfield b. 1892 St Leonards
  2. (m) John R Hadfield b. 1894 Wollongong 37804/1894
  3. (m) Stanley Hadfield b. 1900 Canterbury
  4. (m) Frederick Hadfield b. 1905 Hurstville
  5. (m) Arthur L Hadfield b. 1908 Hurstville

Hael see Moon

Hael/Hale Clara Emily (Wason then Marshall)

b. 1862 Glastonbury County Somersetshire d. 6/6/1940 South Lismore br. Lismore

m. Gay Marshall (1858 Kiama- 1912 Parramatta Son of James Marshall & Margaret Gay *) 12/11/1883 Ultimo

m. Daniel Hael (abt 1872- 1951 Albion Park Son of John Hale & Bridget Griffin *) 1903 Sydney

f. Walter Wason m. Clara E Heal

Ship: abt 1884

  1. (f) Clara Elsie Marshall b. d. 1961 Coffs Harbour (Arthur Shipway 1907, Arthur Burton 1948)
  2. (f) Margaret Marshall b. 12/8/1885 Sydney (William Deakin 1905)
  3. (m) Albert L Hael b. 1904 Albion Park 19347/1904
  4. (m) William S Hael b. 1905 Albion Park 30634/1905

MARSHALL - WASON. - On the 12th instant, at 27? Crown-road, Ultimo, Sydney, by the Rev. H Macready, Gay, the seventh son of the late James Marshall, of Kiama, to Clara Emily, second daughter of the late Walter Wason, of Butleigh, Somersetshire, England. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Friday 14 November 1884 p 2

MARSHALL - On the 12th instant, at her residence, George street, Sydney, the wife of Gay Marshall of a daughter. Both doing well. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Tuesday 25 August 1885 p 2


Mrs. Clara Emily Hael (77) died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. A. Shipway, 76 Crown-street, South Lismore, yesterday after a long illness. Mrs. Hael, who had only been in Lismore for the past five weeks, had lived most of her live at Albion Park, on the South Coast. She was born at Glastonbury, County Somersetshire, but came to Australia 56 years ago.

Mr. and Mrs. Hael recently disposed of dairying interests on the South Coast and came to Lismore to reside, in the hope that the change would be beneficial to Mrs. Hael, who had not enjoyed good health for some years.

The deceased is survived by four children: Mrs. A. Shipway (South Lismore), Mrs. W. Deakin (Nimbin), Les and William Hael, of Lismore. Mr. Les Hael had recently taken up residence at Albion Park, having previously lived for some time in Lismore. The funeral will leave St. Andrew's. Church of England, Lismore, today. A service will be held in the church at 4 p.m. Northern Star (Lismore, NSW: 1876 - 1954) Friday 7 June 1940 p 11

Hagan Jane (Farron)

m. Francis Hagan

  1. (m) Francis Hagan 9/6/1897 Garden Hill No registration on BDM

Hagan Margaret see Hogan

Hagan Susannah (Davis)

b. abt 1864 (? 1863 Sofala) d. 16/5/1934 Drummoyne (No record on BDM) cr. Northern Suburbs

m. Hugh Andrew Anderson Hagan (1864 Sydney -10/4/1940 Bankstown Son of Benjamin Hagan & Barbara) 1892 Gosford

f. ? William Davis m. Elizabeth

  1. (m) Hugh Bradford Hagan b. 1893 Balmain d. 12/9/1964 Burwood
  2. (m) Arthur Houston Hagan b. 1895 Balmain South d. 1961 Taree
  3. (m) Clifford Robert Hagan b. 1901 Eden d. 1957 Sydney

Living Corrimal St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Husband a foreman.

In 1917 she was living at Empire Bay Woy Woy.

HAGAN. — May 16th, 1934, at her late residence, 19 Sister's Crescent, Drummoyne, Susannah, beloved wife of Hugh A. A. Hagan, and loving mother of Hugh, Arthur (Dick), and Cliff (Bill), and grandmother of Kenneth and Barbara. Aged 70 years. The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1931 - 1954) Thursday 17 May 1934 p 6

Haggerty Catherine/Kate (Kelley)

m. William Haggerty

  1. (f) Ellen Haggert b. 22/6/1855 Berkely Estate V18551946 121A/1855
  2. (f) Bridget Haggerty b. 1861 Wollongong 14502/1861

Hagarty/Hagerty Margaret

m. Charles Hagarty

  1. (m) Thomas Hagerty b. 1867 Wollongong 18017/1867
  2. (f) Mary Ellen Hagarty b. 1870 Wollongong 19011/1870

Hailey Catherine see Keiley

Hailey Mary (McCarly)

m. James Hailey

  1. (m) John Hailey b. 22/6/1849 Jambaroo

Hailstones Elizabeth

b. abt 1855 Lanark Scotland d. 1908 Merewether ?

m. James Hailstones (abt 1855 Sterling Scotland -1908 Merewether )

Ship: Orontes 1882

  1. (f) Jessie Hailstones b. abt 1877 Stirling
  2. (m) Ellison Hailstones b. abt 1879 Lanark (Maurice Callaghan 1894)
  3. (f) Henrietta Bryce Hailstones b. abt 1882 Lanark (Joseph H Anderson 1903)d. 1938 Newtown
  4. (m) William James Hailstones b. 1883 Berrima 14218/1883 (Elizabeth Gibson 1905) d. 1951 Belmont
  5. (m) David Johnson Hailstone b. 1885 Clifton 23741/1885 (Annie M M Palmer 1911) d. 1965 Newcastle

Husband was struck by a train in 1895 at Newcastle.

Haines Emma Susan (Douglas)

b. 12/11/1866 Redfern d. 1935 Burwood

m. Thomas Haines (13/12/1861 Menangle- 1929 Homebush Son of George Haines & Elizabeth Flint) 29/1/1887 Goulburn

f. Alfred Douglas m. Maria Tripp

  1. (f) Gertrude Elizabeth Haines b. 1887 Goulburn
  2. (m) John T Haines b. 1889 Goulburn
  3. (f) Alice E Haines b. 1890 Cootamundra
  4. (m) Frederick C Haines b. 1892 Cootamundra
  5. (f) Mabel Haines b. 1893 Goulburn
  6. (m) Thomas Haines b. 1895 Cowra
  7. (m) Unnamed Male Haines b. 1899 Picton
  8. (m) James Haines b. 1901 Picton
  9. (f) Coral E Haines b. 1902 Helensburgh 22545/1902
  10. (m) Morton J Haines

Haines/Hains/Haynes Isabella Margaret (Head)

b. 19/1/1864 Wollongong 16423/1864 d. 13/7/1941 Stanhope St Woonona 17743/1941 br. Bulli Catholic

m. Alfred Hains (abt 1865 -1932 Woonona Son of Lewis Haines & Emma Lowe ) 1885 Woonona 5522/1885

f. Michael Head m. Lucy Ann Rixon *

  1. (f) Alice M Hains b. 1885 Woonona 23790/1885
  2. (f) Frances C Haynes b. 1887 Woonona 25168/1887
  3. (m) Ernest A Haines b. 1889 Lambton 31658/1889
  4. (f) Ivy I Haines b. 1891 Lambton 18388/1891
  5. (m) Claude Haines b. 1893 Woonona 39877/1893
  6. (m) John T Haines b. 1896 Woonona 9142/1896
  7. (m) Lewis Haines b. 1898 Woonona 8753/1898
  8. (m) Alfred Haines b. 1900 Gunnedah 3721/1900
  9. (f) Eveline I Haines b. 1903 Woonona 26810/1903
  10. (f) Doreen L A Haines b. 1909 Woonona 21038/1909

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Haines Jane (Simpson)

cr. Rookwood ?

m. George Frederick Haines (- 1938 Redfern Son of Henry Hall Haines & Sarah) 1899 Woonona 6933/1899

  1. (f) Esther Etta Haines b. 1900 Woonona 18384/1900 d. 1964 Wollongong ( Hugh A Pilley 1926)
  2. (m) Gilford Hall Haines b. 1902 Woonona 37734/1902 d. 1982 NSW

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a labourer.

Haines Sarah Ann

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (f) Eva A C Haines b. 1897 Woonona 8760/1897

Haines Sarah Ann (Bedford then Polden)

b. 19/6/1842 Great Coggeshall Essex England d. 2/8/1902 Taylorville Brunnerton New Zealand br. Stillwater NZ

m. Austin Polden (1833 Eling Hampshire – 8/3/1870 Balmain Son of William Polden & ?) 19/8/1861 Poplar Middlesex

m. Lewis/Louis Haines (abt 1829-13/4/1898 Son of Samuel Haines & Mary Speedy) 8/10/1870 Register’s Office Newcastle 2975/1870 Husband a widower

f. John Bedford m. Mary Ann Pickett

  1. (m) John Polden b. 22/12/1861 Redhead
  2. (m) William Edwin Polden b. 28/10/1863 Rumbers Estate- Picton
  3. (m) Austen Polden b. 15 /10/1865 The Gib near Berrima
  4. (m) Thomas Polden b. 5/4/ 1868 Colo
  5. (m) Thomas Haines b. 8/7/ 1872 Lambton
  6. (f) Mary Ann Haines b: 15/1/1875 Dark Creek – Lambton 16413/1875
  7. (m) George Lewis Haines b. 15/3/1877 Jesmond 17335/1877
  8. (m) Edward Haines b. 28/2/1879 Bulli 26044/1879
  9. (m) James Lewis Haines b. 5/3/ 1881 Woonona 18986/1881 (Julia)
  10. (f) Elizabeth Haines b. 10/4/ 1883 Woonona 21182/1883

Louis Haines was charged with having, at Woonona, on the 8th October, inflicted actual bodily harm upon James Jordan; a second count charged him with common assault. Mr. Russell appeared for accused, who pleaded not guilty. Crown Prosecutor having stated the case, called James Jordan, who deposed that he was a miner, working at Woonona, and know accused and his wife; he boarded with them for six or seven months; they had five children at home when he was there after he left, he ' batched' in a tent some short distance away ; he left because he had a bad hand and could not work, or pay ……

Accused deposed that his present wife was his second, and he was her second husband ; they lived happily together until Jordan went to board with them; he was taken ill, and was in the Hospital for up wards of three weeks ; when he went home, his wife was changed in demeanor towards him ; his children told him something, and he afterwards watched accused and his wife ; he saw nothing wrong between them ; everyone spoke of it ; saw his wife on the night of Saturday, 8th October ; was told that she had gone into Heal's hotel ; went to look for her, and looked in every room in the hotel except one, which was locked ; afterwards spoke to Constable Turner, telling him he believed Jordan had got his wife locked up in a room ; afterwards went bock to the hotel, and as he was going round to the back he was knocked down by some one whom he found to be Jordan ; Jordan did not speak before he struck him ; they both fall, and Jordan tried to choke him ; he then struck him on the head with his walking-atick Jordan was on top of him at tho time, and tried to take the stick from him ; some one tried to pull Jordan off him ; two of his ribs wore broken by Jordan ; he told the police he struck Jordan in self-defence after he had knooked him down . He was 68 yenrs of age. By the Crown Prosecutor: My wife left her home on the 3rd Octobor, and I do not know where she is. David Frow saw accused and Jordan in front of Heal's hotel on the night of the 8th October ; when accused was coming up the hill Jordan went under the shade of the figtree ; accused went in the sume direction and he then heard someone calling out for the police ; he wont up and saw them on the ground, Jordan being on top, and ac cused lying on his back ; accused hit Jordan with his stick whiles he was lying on his back ; they aftorwards got up, and Jordan took the stick from accused. By the Crown Prosecutor: Had not heard anyone tell accused his wife was in the hotel ; she went into the hotel with him and a young woman ; she was about forty, and not bad looking; he was courting accused's daughter. Austin Poland deposed that heo had seen improprieties between Jordan and accused's wife: he told accused he had better clear him out of the house. Edward Haines, 14 years of ago, son of accused, deposed that he had seen several instances of impropor conduct between his mother and Jordan. Elizabeth Haines, 9 years of ago, a daughter, also gave evidence to a similar effect. James Jordan, recalled, denied that he had been guilty of any impropriety with accused's wife; he did not know where she was at present. Dr. Kane, re-called, deposed that he had treated accused for broken ribs on the Monday after the assault. Mr. Russell addressed the jury on behalf of accused. The Crown Prosecutor having replied, his Honor summed up, and the jury re tired. After a short absonce they returned with a verdict of not guilty, and accused was discharged. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Thursday 24 November 1892 p 2

Haining Elizabeth Jane (Payne then Maggs)

b. 27/11/1843 St Helier Jersey d. 18/6/1941 Flemington

m. Charles Henry Maggs (- 28/7/1885 Lithgow Son of Henry Maggs & Eliza ) 1863 Mulgoa

m. James S Haining (-1925 Penrith Son of Thomas Haining & Janet ) 1885 Wollongong 5493/1885

Ship: Anglo Saxon 1854

  1. (m) Henry J Maggs b. 1865 Mulgoa 13728/1865
  2. (f) Emma Eliza Maggs b. 1866 Mulgoa 13720/1866 (John Searant 1883)
  3. (f) Edith Jane Maggs * b. 1869 Rydal 11878/1869 (Walter P Blackmore 1890)
  4. (m) Herbert Charles Maggs b. 1872 Rydal 11113/1872 (Christina M Lisson 1893 )
  5. (m) James W Maggs b. Rydal (Maria Hannah Metcalfe 1898 )
  6. (m) Thomas L Haining b. 1887 Woonona 25262/1887

Death at Ninety-Seven INTERESTING CAREER OF THE LATE MRS. E. J. HAINING Nepean Times (Penrith, NSW : 1882 - 1962) Thursday 26 June 1941

Haining Janet

d. abt 1884

m. James Haining

  1. (f) Janet Haining
  2. (f) Margaret Ellen Haining * b. 1879 Murrumburrah 26898/1879 d. 1914 Bulli ( Ernest A Clarke 1897) )
  3. (f) Isabella m Haining b. 1883 Woonona 21173/1883

Step-children of Elizabeth Jane Payne * or could be the children and they were registered using her middle name as she was still married to Charles Maggs. However when Emma Maggs was married she did so at the house of her parents which was after Margaret was born. Newspaper artical says they were her children.

Hails Isabella

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (f) Violet Hails b. 1897 Helensburgh 31848/1897

Hails Isabella see Batey

Haiser Susan (Meehan)

d. 1955 Redfern

m. Joseph Haiser (- 5/4/1933 Sydney) 1890 Nowra

f. Patrick Meehan m. Eliza

  1. (m) Joseph G Haiser b. 1891 Woollahra
  2. (f) Emily Haiser b. 1893 Kiama 18596/1893 d. 1903 Greenwell Point drowned
  3. (f) Mary Haiser b. 1895 Nowra
  4. (m) Charles H Haiser b. 1899 Nowra
  5. (m) Rupert C Haiser b. 1902 Nowra
  6. (m) Leslie G Haiser b. 1905 Nowra
  7. (f) Bertha A Haiser b. 1906 Nowra
  8. (f) Annie L Haiser b. 1909 Nowra

Husband a fisherman at Greenwell Point.

Haldane Catherine Anne (Miller)

m. William Cunninghame Haldane (1801 Edinburgh Scotland Edinburgh Scotland-4/7/1844 Wollongong Son of John Haldane & Elizabeth Cunninghame) 1833 Duddingston Scotland


Ship: Alexander 1836 from Hobart

  1. (m) John William Cunningham Haldane b. 11/6/1834 Hobart Tas
  2. (m) Augustus S Haldane b. 14/12/1837 Sydney Scots Church
  3. (m) P W Haldane b. 3/12/1840 Vale of Clwyd
  4. (f) Wilhelmina C Haldane b. 30/5/1842 Vale of Clwyd

At Macquarie street, on the 11th inst.Mrs. W. Cunninghame Haldane, of a Son. The Hobart Town Courier (Tas. : 1827 - 1839) Friday 13 June 1834 p 2

At Bong Bong Bong, on the 14th instant, the lady of W. Cunninghame Haldane, Esq., of a son. The Sydney Herald (NSW : 1831 - 1842) Monday 25 December 1837 p 4

At Lainshaaw, Vale of Clwyd, on the third instant, the lady of W. Cunninghame Haldane, The Sydney Herald (NSW : 1831 - 1842) Friday 18 December 1840 p 3 Esq., of a son

At Lainshaw, Vale of Clwyd, 30th ult., the lady of W. Cunninghame Haldane, Esq., of a daughter. The Colonial Observer (Sydney, NSW : 1841 - 1844) Wednesday 8 June 1842 p 283

Mr. William Cunninghame Haldane, late of Dublin-street, Edinburgh, now of the Vale of Clwyd, New South Wales, has posted a notice of his intention to apply to be admitted as an attorney of the Supreme Court of New South Wales. The Sydney Herald (NSW : 1831 - 1842) Thursday 6 January 1842 p 2

Her husband was a solicitor and departed Hobart for NSW because he was falsely accused of extortion. After her husband died the family returned to Scotland.

Her husband’s sister Elizabeth Cunninghame Innes * also resident in the Illawarra

November 18.-Sydney, ship, Captain White,for London. Passengers-Mrs. Haldane, Mr.John Haldane, Master Augustus Haldane, Master P. W. Haldane, Miss Wilhelmina Haldane, and Mrs. Clarke. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 19 November 1844 p 2

Hale/Heal/Hael Bridget (Griffin)

b. abt 1835 d. 23/11/1887 Albion Park br All Saints CofE Albion Park

Unmarried or no father listed

m. John Hale 1862 Kiama 2094/1862

  1. (m) John Hale/Griffin b. 1861 Kiama 8237/1861 d. 14/5/1887 Marshall Mount
  2. (m) Daniel Hael/Heal b. 1872 Wollongong 19568/1872 d. 1951 Albion Park (Clara E Wason * 1903)
  3. (f) Emma Elizabeth Hall/Hael * b. 1871 d. 8/2/1959 Bulli (William H Moon 1898)
  4. (f) Elizabeth Hale b. 1874 Kiama
  5. (m) William Richard Hale b. 1880 Wollongong 27352/1880

Hale Eliza (Holt)

b. 1828 NSW d. 1906 Randwick 6460/1906

m. Thomas Hale (abt 1818-16/3/1883 Grafton) 6/2/1849 St James’

f. Joshua Holt m. Elizabeth Bray

  1. (f) Emma E Hale b. 1849 V1849462 34A/1849 d. 20/12/1871 Ealing Forest (Thomas Brentnall 1867 )
  2. (m) Thomas Henry Hale b. 1852 V1851308 37A/1851
  3. (f) Sarah Mary Hale b. 1853 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong V18531783 39A/1853 d. 1939 Chatswood ( David Morrice 1871)
  4. (f) Lizzie Minifie Hale b. 1855 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong V1855952 42A/1855 d. 1/5/1856 Woonona aged 11 months
  5. (f) Louisa B M Hale b. 16/10/1857 Woonona 12350/1857
  6. (f) Annie Hale b. 1/7/1859 Wollongong 14157/1859 d. 1934 North Sydney (George Ebsworth 1887)
  7. (f) Florence Charlotte Hale b. 1862 Wollongong 14967/1862 d. 25/11/1861 Wollongong
  8. (m) William H Hale b. 1862 Wollongong 15174/1862 d. 1928 Sydney
  9. (f) Maria F Hale b. 1865 Sydney 34/1865 d. 1866 Sydney
  10. (m) Alfred H B Hale b. 1866 Sydney 2402/1866 d. 1908 Tenterfield
  11. (m) Harry Hale b. 1868 Sydney 1903/1868

February 6, at St. James's Church, by the Rev. Robert Allwood, B.A., Mr. Thomas Hale, of King-street, to Eliza, sixth daughter of Mr. Joshua Holt, Pitt-street. The Sydney Morning Herald 8 February 1849

BIRTH. At Fairy Meadow, Wollongong, on the14th Instant, Mrs T, Hale, of a daughter.” Empire 22 November 1853

On the 1st instant, at Woonona, Wollongong, Lissie Minifie, infant daughter of Mr. Thomas Hale, aged eleven months. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Monday 5 May 1856 p 6

At Woonoona, October 16th, Mrs. T. Hale, of a daughter. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Monday 19 October 1857 p 3

On the 1st July, at Woonona, Mrs Thomas Hale, of a daughter. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Monday 4 July 1859 p 3

On the 14th instant at Woonona, Illawarra, Mrs. Thomas Hale, of a son. The Sydney Morning Herald 16 October 1862

Husband started in Sydney as a watchmaker and jeweller

In 1853 Thomas Hale was resident at Para Meadow he was granted permission to erect a store on the wharf at Wollongong in 1860. He also was involved with the start of the coal mines at Mt Pleasant, Coal Cliff and the Osborne Wallsend mines. He sent coal samples to England, California and China.

HALE. — At her late residence. Goodwood, Botany-street, Randwick, Eliza Hale, In her 76th year. The Australian Star (Sydney, NSW : 1887 - 1909) Thursday 10 May 1906 p 4

Hale Isabella

m. John Hale

  1. (m) Daniel Hale b. 1858 Kiama 7977/1858

Hale Jane

m. George Hale

  1. (f) Elizabeth J Hale b. 1876 Sydney 1773/1876
  2. (f) Ellen E Hale b. 1878 Wollongong 24835/1878

Hale Mary (Hammond)

b. 12/10/1835 St Pancras, Middlesex d. 1/5/1916 br. Wollongong General

m. Frederick Hale (1821 Holborn, Middlesex- 14/2/1887 Hertford, Hertfordshire) 1864

f. William Hammond m. Mary A

Ship: abt 1889

  1. (f) Mary Wimpory Hale b. 1856 Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire d. 1867
  2. (f) Portia Ann Wimpory Hale b. 1866 Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire d. 1867
  3. (f) Stella Maria Wimpory Hale b. 1867 Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire d. 1869
  4. (f) Elsie Mary Hale b. 1868 Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire d. 1869
  5. (m) Harold William Harvey Hale b. 1870 Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire (Clara Cook 1898)
  6. (m) Arthur Frederick Hale b. 1871 Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire d. 1948 Berry (Margaret I Moore 1910)
  7. (f) Beatrice Eliza Hale b. 1873 Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire (William Loseby 1902)
  8. (m) Gilbert John Hale b. 1875 Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire d. 14/3/1951
  9. (f) Lucy Rosa Hale b. 1878 Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire d. 1887
  10. (f) Laura Marian Hale b. 1880 Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire d. 16/7/1963 Leura
  11. (m) William Edwin Hale b. 1881 Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

HALE.— May 1st, 1916, at the residence of her son (A. F. Hale), Mary, relict of the late Frederick Hale, aged 80 years. Great Berkhamstead, Herts., England, The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1923) Tuesday 2 May 1916 p 4

In 1870 Mary and Frederick’s son Harold William Harvey Hale was born. They went on to have another six children before Frederick’s death on 14th February 1887 in Hertford, Hertfordshire, at the age of 66.   Frederick was buried in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire with his first wife Eliza.   After Frederick’s death Mary went back to live in London with their remaining seven children.  Sadly, another child, Lucy Rosa, died in the same year as her father.   Two years later Mary took her and Frederick’s remaining six children to Australia where the family settled.

Haley Mary Ann (Colville)

b. Ireland ? d. 1883 Campbelltown

m. William Haley 1854 Presbyterian Wollongong V18544514 74B

f. Archibald Colville m. Isabella Montgomery *

Haly Mary (McCarthy)

m. James Haly

  1. (m) Thomas Haly b. 28/1/1843 Jamboroo V18431505 121A/1843

Hayley /Haly Rose/ Rosanna (Murray)

m. Daniel Haly 1837 CofE Sydney, St James

  1. (m) Daniel Haly b. 5/9/1843 Wollongong V18431570 121A/1843

Halfpeny Catherine (Murne)

m. John Halfpeny

  1. (f) Elizabeth Halfpeny 19/7/1842 Giamboro/Jamberoo

Halkett Christina G (Mackie)

m. William J Halkett (1854-13/4/1920 Albion Park ) 1887 Wollongong

f. John Mackie m. Christina

Ship: Belgravia 1884

  1. (f) Hilda S Halkett b. 1889 Kiama 25123/1889 (John J McClelland 1911)
  2. (f) Helen H Halkett b. 1889 Kiama 25124/1889 (James Dawes 1913)
  3. (m) Roland G Halkett b. 1890 Kiama 17846/1890
  4. (m) William S Halkett d. 1892 Kiama
  5. (f) Mabel I Halkett b. 1894 Wollongong 37774/1894 (Henry C L Bissell 1916)

Albion Park..,

Mrs. Halkett; wife of Mr. W Halkett, saddler, of this town, died on Saturday afternoon, after an illness of several weeks,

The funeral took place on Sunday, when a very large procession of people followed her remains to the Presbyterian burial ground, Rev R. Millor officated at the grave, and after reading the burial service gave an impressive addross, and concluded by offering prayer, Mrs. Halkett was much repected, and her lose will be greatly felt, he leaves a husband and 5 children. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW: 1863 - 1947) Tuesday 15 January 1895 p 2

Halkjar/Halkier Annie (De Trogmorton McLoughrif)

b. abt 1863 d. 6/8/1950 Neutral Bay

m. Frederick Christian Halkjar (- 1913 Carcoar Son of Frederick C Halkjar &)

  1. (f) Isa Louisa Halkjar b. 1892 Qld (Ernest Henry Uriah Cole/Willens 1902 div)
  2. (f) Gwendoline Halkjar b. 19/11/1884 Cairns Qld
  3. (f) Clara Anne Halkjar b. 1886 Wollongong 24419/1886
  4. (f) Frances Halkar b. 1889 Wollongong 24344/1889
  5. (f) Leila Halkjar b. 1891 Wollongong 38371/1891
  6. (f) Mabel Halkjar b. 1893 Wollongong 39183/1893 b. 1894 Wollongong

She taught dressmaking in Wollongong in 1897. Her husband, a carpenter, constructed the Court House clock tower.

HALKJAR.—November 19, at her residence, Aplin-street, the wife of F. C. Halkjar, of a daughter. Cairns Post (Qld. : 1884 - 1893) Thursday 20 November 1884 p 2

HALKIER, Annie. — August 6, 1950, at a convalescent home, Neutral Bay, late of 24 Spruson Street, Neutral Bay, beloved mother of Ida, Gwen, Anne, Frances, and Leila, aged 87 years. Privately cremated. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 8 August 1950 p 20

Hall Amelia (Burcher)

m. James Hall 1861 Wollongong 3132/1861

Hall Anne

m. James Hall

  1. (f) Anne Hall b. 1854 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven

Hall Ann (McDade)

b. abt 1854 Durham d. 27/8/1895 Helensburgh br. Helensburgh

m. Thomas Woollett Hall (abt 1850-15/10/1929 Son of William Hall & Ann Woollett) 1876

f. Peter McDade m. Mary

  1. (f) Mary Jane Hall * b. 1877 d. 1944 (Frederick John Kluss 1892)
  2. (f) Elizabeth Ellen Hall * b. 1878 d. 1954 Cessnock (Alexander McCloud/McLeod 1897)
  3. (f) Ann Woollett Hall * b. 1880 d. 31/3/1958 Cessnock ( James P Haynes 1899)
  4. (m) Male Hall d. before 1883
  5. (f) Catherine Hall b. 9/2/1883 Woonona 21166/1883 d. 12/7/1963 Cessnock ( Joshua Ogden 1902)
  6. (f) Sarah Hall b. 1884 Woonona 23057/1884 d. 1972 ( John C Standen 1907)
  7. (m) William Hall b. 1886 Woonona 24561/1886 d. 1966 (Emily Coulson 1924)
  8. (m) Thomas Woollett Hall b. 1888 Woonona 25800/1888 d. 1965 (Emma J Lightfoot 1910)
  9. (f) Eliza Hall b. 1889 Woonona 38432/1890 d. 1974 (Thomas Bowen Jones 1909)
  10. (m) John Robert Hall b. 1893 Helensburgh 16941/1893 d. 1972 (Margaret J Knox 1919)
  11. (f) Nellie Hall b. 1895 Helensburgh 23012/1895 d. 1984 (Alfred W Drew 1919)

Hall Anne (Shaw)

m. Thomas Hall 1846 Presyterian Wollongong V18464441 74B

  1. (f) Louisa J Hall b. 1853 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama ; Shoalhaven

Hall Bridget (Quinn)

m. Thomas Hall

  1. (f) Bridget M Hall b. 21/7/1865 MacQuarie 16972/1865

Hall Catherine Harriett

Living at Lilyvale in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic duties

With William Hall a benchman (person who works at a workbench, especially a shoe repairer or chair maker)

Hall Catherine Mary (Wilson)

b. 2/5/1861 Melbourne d. 15/8/1937 Hunters Hill br. Gerringong General

m. Charles Alfred Hall ( 23/5/1858 Kiama -18/8/1938 Hunters Hill Son of Richard Hall & Eliza Pile *)

f. Charles Wilson m. Anne

  1. (f) Annie Lucy Gratton Hall b. 1894 Canterbury (Keith Melivin Morice 1921)
  2. (m) Charles Victor Hall b. 1901 Perth WA

Lived at Claremont Western Australia when Annie married. Her cousin Murial Nicholson of Kiama was a bridesmaid as she was the only daughter .

Hall Clara (Nicholls/Nichols)

b. 11/3/1849 Jamberoo d. 11/5/1908 Byangum

m. William Augustus Hall (1/10/ 1848 Kiama -28/3/1922 Murwillumbah Son of James Hall & Mary A ) 1867 Kiama

f. John Pugh Nichols m. Rebecca Moss *

  1. (f) Clara Jane Nichols/Hall b. 1867 Kiama d. 7/11/1896 Murwillumbah (George Osborne 1883)
  2. (f) Giralda Hall b. 1870 Kiama 11224/1870 d. 20/12/1914 Murwillumbah (William Pollock 1888)
  3. (f) Ellen Hall b. 1872 Murwillumbah d. 1939 Murwillumbah
  4. (m) Augustus Hall b. 1874 Murwillumbah d. 1/6/1932 Murwillumbah
  5. (m) James Hall b. 31/12/1877 d. 1953
  6. (m) William Hall b. 1879 Murwillumbah d. 1948 Liverpool
  7. (m) Joseph Hall b. 1882 Murwillumbah d. 1943 Murwillumbah
  8. (m) Richard Hall b. 1884 Murwillumbah d. 1956 Murwillumbah
  9. (m) John Hall b. 1887 Murwillumbah d. 1941

Hall Eliza

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (f) Julia R Hall b. 1857 Wollongong 12186/1857

Hall Eliza (Pile)

b. 28/12/1826 Taunton England d. 6/1/1903 Kiama br. Gerringong General

m. Richard Hall (29/7/1822 London England - 3/1/1894 Gerringong)

f. Alexander Pike m. Eliza

  1. (m) Richard K Hall b. 20/5/1850 London d. 7/5/1923
  2. (m) Frederick Samuel Hall b. 1854 Kiama d. 10/7/1940 Chatswood
  3. (f) Louisa Sarah Ann Hall * b. 3/8/1856 Shellharbour d. 1940 Chatswood
  4. (m) Charles Alfred Hall b. 23/5/1858 Shellharbour d. 23/3/1938 Hunters Hill (Catherine Mary Wilson * )
  5. (f) Emma Jane Hall * b. 5/2/1861 Shellharbour d. 1931 Chatswood
  6. (f) Clara Emily Hall b. 2/12/1863 Shellharbour d. 1937 Ashfield (Alfred R Bowie 1888)
  7. (f) Annie Hall b: 1864 Kiama d. 1864 Kiama
  8. (f) Amelia Mary Pile Hall * b. 25/5/1866 Shellharbour d. 1957 Kiama (Alexander Nicholson 1894)

Living at Gerringong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic duties

On the 25th instance, at her residence, Shellharbour, Mrs. R. Hall, of a daughter. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 29 March 1866 p 2

Husband’s death I M Issue 16 Jan 1894 of Rossmergey, Morrah, Cornwall, England. Husband a school master

Hall Elizabeth

b. 1826 d. 15/2/1921 Cessnock br. Glenmore Cemetery Rothbury

m. George Alexander Hall (1831 -27/8/1922 Cessnock Son of John Hall & Ann)

f. Peter m. Ann

  1. (f) Elizabeth Hall b. 1858 Wollongong 13326/1858
  2. (m) George Hall b. 1859 Wollongong 14273/1859 d. 5/6/1865 Wollongong aged 5 1/2/ years
  3. (m) Sydney John Hall b. 1862 Wollongong 14955/1862 d. 1940 Cessnock
  4. (m) Arthur A Hall b. 23/3/1864 Crown St Wollogong 16443/1864 d. 1925 Cessnock
  5. (m) William E Hall b. 1866 Wollongong 16600/1866
  6. (m) Trueman Hall b. 1870 Wollongong 18967/1870 d. 1939 Cessnock

Husband a butcher

On the 23rd instant, at her residence, Crown-street, Mrs George Hall of a son. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 29 March 1864 p 2

Hall Elizabeth

m. John Hall

  1. (m) Hector Robert Hall b. 1890 Wollongong 37908/1890 d. 1972 Zetland

Hall Elizabeth (Anderson)

b 18/9/1852 Fairy Meadow d. 6/11/1947 Dulwich Hill br. Wollongong Cem

m. Joseph Thomas Hall (24/10/1852 Rossmergey, Morrah, Cornwall, England -1/11/1915 Corrimal Son of John Hall & Elizabeth Nicholas) 18/12/1878 St Michael’s 5238/1878

f. Gerald Franklin Anderson m. Mary Ann Smiles *

  1. (f) Henrietta Mary Hall b. 11/12/1880 Bulli 18765/1881 d. 26/9/1888
  2. (f) Almyra Hall b. 3/12/1882 Fairy Meadow 19764/1882 d. 6/2/1947 Bathurst (Arthur Hnery Richardson)
  3. (f) Elsie Elizabeth Hall b. 6/4/1884 Fairy Meadow 22992/1884 d. 19/7/1968 (Derek Vane)
  4. (f) Ethel Blanche Hall b. 21/11/1885 Corrimal 23816/1885 d. 13/10/1965 Springwood (Edwin A Davis 1908)
  5. (m) Vivian Gerald Hall b. 15/9/1888 Corrimal 25697/1888 d. 11/10/1960 Dulwich Hii (Frances J Ford)
  6. (m) Joseph Thomas Nicholas Hall b. 1890 Wollongong 38012/1890 d. 31/10/1970
  7. (f) Irene Mary M Hall b. 7/6/1893 Wollongong 39267/1893 d. 3/2/1981 (Walter Gardner 1914)

Living at Corrimal in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic duties. Husband a farmer.

HALL— ANDERSON. — On the 18th December, in St. Michael's Church, Wollongong, by the Rev. Dean Ewing, Joseph Thomas, youngest son of John Hall, of Rosemergey, Morrah, Cornwall, England, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the late Gerald Anderson, of Franklyn Farm, Fairy Meadow, N. S. W. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 31 December 1878 p 2

IM Issue 31 Dec 1878 ‘youngest daughter of late Gerald Anderson of Franklyn Farm, Fairy Meadow.’

Hall Ellen (Andrew then Carkeet)

b. 1856 NSW or Victoria d. 11/4/1915 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. James Sampson Carkeet (abt 1851 Linkinhorne Cornwall- 7/8/1889 Junction Point Son of John Carkeet & Julia Hannah Richards ) 31/12/1874 Peelwood NSW

m. Israel Hall ( 1867 Braidwood- 21/1/1943 Lithgow William Hall & Mary Ann Phelps ) 1891 Lithgow

f. Edward Andrew m. Susannah Larbey

Cause of Death: Carcinoma of stomach

  1. (f) Mary Jane Carkeet b. Lithgow (David J Collins )
  2. (m) Thomas Carkeet b. Carcoar (Alice Lamina Masters 1907)
  3. (f) Elizabeth Susan Carkeet * b. 1880 Carcoar d. 1942 Lithgow (Patrick Cantwell 1905)
  4. (m) Christopher Charles Hall b. 1893 Lithgow 20068/1892 d. 1963 Sydney (Edna J Cooper 1927)
  5. (f) Rebecca Maud Ann Hall b. 1892 Lithgow 20504/1893 d. 1978 (J L Murphy 1919)
  6. (f) Violet R Hall b. 1903 Woonona 8742/1903

Living at Balgownie in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic duties. Husband a miner.

Hall see Moon

Hall Emma

Living at Campbell St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic duties

With John Hall a bricklayer

Hall Emma Jane

b. 5/2/1861 Shellharbour d. 1931 Chatswood

f. Richard Hall m. Eliza Pile *

Living at Gerringong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic duties

Hall Emmeline Maud (Hall)

b. 1857 St Leonards ?

m. Ernest Albert Hall 1888 Petersham 2370/1888

f. ? John Hall m. Hannah ?

  1. (m) Sidney Alfred Ernest Hall b. 1889 St Marys d. 1977 NSW
  2. (f) Vera O M Hall b. 1891 Kiama 18144/1891
  3. (f) Ada A Hall b. 1893 Kiama 18566/1893
  4. (f) Ivy G R M Hall b. 1894 Wollongong 37933/1894 d. 1895 Wollongong

Hall Jane

Living at Mount Pleasant in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic duties

Hall Jane

b. abt 1854 Durham d. 17/4/1928 Wollongong 9440/1928 br Wollongong General

m. James Hall (abt 1846 Norfolk - 10/11/1924 Son of William Hall & Elizabeth )

f. George m. Martha

Ship: Belgravia 1884

  1. (m) James William Hall b. abt 1874 Durham d. 28/6/1921 Ryde
  2. (m) George Weston Hall b. 1876 Lanchester Durham d. 1963 Sydney (Matilda Ring * 1902)
  3. (m) Mathew Hall b. 1879 Durham d. 1885 Greta
  4. (f) Mary Hall b. abt 1881 Durham d. 1955 Wollongong (William D McDonald 1901)
  5. (m) John Hall b. 1887 Wollongong 25000/1887 d. 25/11/1934 Wollongong
  6. (f) Ivy Millicent Hall b. 1890 Wollongong 37936/1890 d. 4/7/1903 Wollongong

Living at Mount Pleasant in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic duties

Husband a groom

An old resident of Mount Pleasant, in the person of Mrs. Jane Hall, passed away last week, after a lingering illness. Deceased was a well known Church worker, and the Mount Pleasant Methodist Church services were held at her residence.

She was one of the best-known identities of the district, and was greatly esteemed by all who came into contact with her. Her husband predeceased her by several years; sheleaves a grown-up family. The funeral last Thursday was a very representative one, and was a striking tribute to the high regard in which deceased was held. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 27 April 1928 p 18

Hall Jane Simpson

b. abt 1845 Washington Durham d. 3/9/1897 Sydney

m. William Southern Hall (abt 1844 Holmside Durham-10/11/1888 Wollongong)

Ship: La Houge 1879

Cause of Death: Burns

  1. (f) Dorothy Hall * b. abt 1868 Holmside Durham d. 8/6/1936 Sydney (James Clelland Mackay 1885)
  2. (f) Mary Jane Hall b. abt 1872 Durham d. 1929 Paddington (Duncan McIntosh 1891, Alfred Buttle 1901)

Living at Mt Keira Hotel Figtree in 1885 when her daughter married.

Hall Louisa Sarah Ann

b. 3/8/1856 Shellharbour d. 1940 Chatswood

f. Richard Hall m. Eliza Pile *

Living at Gerringong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic duties

Hall Maggie

Living at Mount Pleasant in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic duties

Hall Maria (Puckeridge)

m. James Hall 1871 Redfern

  1. (m) Benjamin Hall b. 1874 Wollongong 21461/1874 d. 1947 Redfern
  2. (m) Isaac Hall b. 1876 Waterloo d. 1943 Redfern
  3. (m) Charles D Hall b. 1878 Waterloo d. 1878 Waterloo
  4. (f) Caroline Jane Hall b. 1879 Waterloo d.
  5. (f) Mary W Hall b. 1885 Waterloo d. 1887 Waterloo
  6. (m) Henry H Hall b. 1890 Waterloo

Hall Martha

m. Mathew Hall

  1. (m) John Hall b. 1883 Wollongong 21095/1883

Hall Martha

Living at Shellharbour in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Hall Martha (McGregor)

d. after 1937

m. Alexander Hall (-1927 ) 1888 Ashfield

  1. (m) George A Hall b. 1889 Kiama 25090/1889 d. 1889 Kiama
  2. (f) Helen Adelaide Hall b. 1890 Kiama 17834/1890 d. 1937 Lismore (Peter F Burke 1914, Gordon G Krippner 1923)
  3. (f) Helma Louise Hall b. 1892 Kiama 18575/1892 d. 1973 Katoomba (Arthur Banning 1920)
  4. (f) Violet J Hall b. 1897 Albion Park 9696/1897 d. 1903 Sydney
  5. (m) Ronald Alexander Hall b. 1911 Sydney d. 1997 Nooseaville

Hall Mary Susilla (Clark)

m. Frederick Hall ( Son of William Hall &) l19/4/1860 Sydney

f. John Clark m.

On the 19th instant, by special license, at the residence of the bride's sister, Elizabeth terrace, Riley-street, Sydney, by the Rev. Hugh Mackail, Mr. Frederick Hall, Kiama, youngest son of   the late Mr. William Hall, Marshall-street, Golden Square, London, to Mary, youngest daughter of Mr. John Clark, Kiama, late of Victoria.  Empire 20 April 1860

Hall Mary Ann (Chandler)

b. 1813 d. 10/3/1880

m. James Hall (Abt 1813 Oxford England-14/3/1883 Kilarney Qld ) 1/6/1840 CofE Sydney St Lawrence's

f. William Chandler m. Phoebe

Ship: Asia 1832

  1. (f) Caroline Hall * b. 22/5/1841 Sydney (Daniel Watts 1861)
  2. (f) Rebecca Hall * b. 21/7/1843 Kiama (Henry Mathew Taylor 1863 )
  3. (f) Jane Elizabeth Hall * b. 19/10/1844 Jamberoo g bp. CofE Dapto;Wollongong d. 1871 Parramatta (John William Haddon 1863 )
  4. (m) James William Hall b. 15/10/1846 d. 20/11/1930 Brisbane (Mary Carey)
  5. (m) William Augustus Hall b. 1/10/1848 Jamberoo bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven
  6. (m) Richard Hall b. 1850 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven d. 23/1/1932 Warwick Qld (Johanna Reen)
  7. (m) Joseph Hall b. 2/8/1852 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama ; Shoalhaven d. 17/10/1931 Murwillumbah (Mary Doherty )
  8. (f) Annie Hall b. 16/6/1854 NSW

Hall Mary Ann

b. abt 1822 d. 26/12/1905 br. Wollongong General

m. William Hall ( abt 1821- 17/10/1906 Wollongong Parents unknown )

f. William

Hall Mary Winifred (Mulry)

m. John Hall (- 6/12/1896 Son of George Hall & Jane ) 1892 Wollongong 7816/1892

  1. (f) Margaret A Hall b. 1893 Woonona 39712/1893
  2. (m) William Herbert Hall b. 1894 Woonona 38334/1894 d. 1948 West Maitland
  3. (m) Herman Richard Hall b. 1897 Woonona 8773/1897 d. 1963 Lambton

Hiusband a miner - inquest into death has residence at Campbell St Woonona

Hall Matilda Ann (Ring)

b. 1884 Kembla d. 1920 Tarrawanna br. Wollongong

m. George Weston Hall (1876 Lanchester Durham - 1963 Sydney Son of James Hall & Jane) 19/11/1902 Mount Keira 10452/1902

f. Frederick Ring m. Emmaline Dickson *

  1. (f) Violet M Hall b. 1904 Woonona
  2. (f) Ivy Millecent Hall b. 1905 Woonona d. 1982 NSW
  3. (m) George Weston Hall b. 1907 Wollongong d. 1973 Wollongong
  4. (f) Olive M Hall b. 1908 Wollongong
  5. (m) Keith Hall b. 1910 Wollongong
  6. (m) James Hall b. 1912 Wollongong

A very pretty wedding took place in the Methodist Church, Mount Keira, on Wednesday, 19th November, at 3 p.m. The contracting parties were Miss Matilda Ring, eldest daughter of Mr. F. Ring, Keira Heights, to Mr. George Hall second son of Mr. Jas. Hall of Mount Pleasant. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Saturday 29 November 1902 Page 4

The death occurred at Tarrawann recently of Mrs. Geo. W. Hall, at the age of 35 years. She leaves a husband and six children. The late Mrs. Hall was a member of the Ring family, well-known at Mount Keira. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 23 January 1920 Page 15

Hall Rebecca Jane (Easterbrook)

b. 1870 Tamworth d. 3/9/1938 Bulli br. Wollongong

m. George Hall 1887 Lithgow

f. Isaac Easterbrook m. Martha Adelaide

  1. (f) Elsie M Hall b. 1893 Hamilton d. 1893 Hamilton
  2. (f) Gladys P Hall b. 1899 Lithgow (Vivian T Lawler 1917)
  3. (f) Vera W Hall b. 1905 Wollongong (Albert C Brown 1926)

Living at Church St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic duties

Husband a labourer.

HALL — At Bulli District Hospital, 3rd September, Rebecca Jane Hall, relict of the late 'George Hall, of Main Road, Corrimal, and beloved mother of Gladys (Mrs. V. Lawn, of Stadium st, Woonona), and Vera (Mrs. A. C. Brown) Powell street, Wollongong. Aged 68 years. Interred Wollongong cemetery, 4th September. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 9 September 1938 p 11

Hall Sarah Farnsworth (Bullen)

b. 21/12/1877 Kiama 14799/1878 d. 16/2/1930 Woollahra

m. John Peter Hutchinson Hall ( -before 1930 ) 9/10/1895 Kiama 7147/1895

f. George Bullen m. Agnes Weston *

  1. (m) Jack F Hall b. 1899 Petersham
  2. (m) Frank W Hall b. 1913 Petersham
  3. (f) Dorothy Hall b. 1915 Petersham

Hallam Letitia see Phillips

Hallams Ethel Beatrice (Bovard)

b. 1877 Wollongong 23044/1877 d. 1955 Wollongong

m. Harry Hallams 1904

f. John Alexander Bovard m. Sarah Jane Richardson *

Living Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Halley Margaret (Vincent)

d. 1922 Auburn

m. Gordon Halley (abt 1862-1929 Petersham) 1890 Burwood

f. Thomas Vincent m. Margaret

  1. (f) Rose M L Halley b. 1891 Waterloo
  2. (m) William Harrison Bodle Halley b. 1893 Waterloo d. 1917 Newtown
  3. (f) Elsie Margaret Halley b. 1894 Newtown
  4. (f) Edith Grace Halley b. 1898 Botany

Living at Gerringong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic duties

Husband a labourer

Halliday Charlotte H see Sweeney

Halliday Elizabeth (Land)

m. Walter Halliday

  1. (f) Mary Anne Halliday b. 21/8/1846 Wollongong

Halliday Hannah (Merlyn)

b. abt 1838 d. 29/6/1914 Austinmere br. Clifton

m. James Robson Halliday (abt 1828-23/5/1911 Austinmere Son of Robert Halliday & Hannah Young)

f. Edward Merlyn m.

  1. (m) William Halliday d. 12/6/1930
  2. (m) Walter Ernest Halliday d. 22/10/1929
  3. (m) Roger Halliday b. abt 1862 d. 3/5/1925 Bulli
  4. (m) Ralph Halliday b. abt 1864 d. 1948 Canterbury
  5. (m) Herbert Halliday b. abt 1872 d. abt 1925 Mountains above Austinmere (wandered off and died- body not found for 4 years)
  6. (f) Charlotte Hannah Halliday * b. 6/4/1875 d. 1/2/1956 Canterbury (Edward Sweeney 1895)

Living Austinmer in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties.

Halliday Sarah (Hansell/Hendicott then Pearce)

b. before 1838 d. 1874 Newcastle

m. Richard Pearce (abt 1835 -1/2/1861 Surry Hills Son of Richard Pearce & ?) 1857 Sydney 490/1857

m. John Brown Halliday 27/9/1862 Newcastle

f. m. Jane Hendicott

  1. (m) John C Pearce b. 296/9/1859 Wolloomooloo d. 1860 Sydney
  2. (f) Mary Pearce b. 16/6/1861 Surrey Hills d. 1861 Sydney
  3. (m) Joseph Robert Halliday b. 1863 Newcastle
  4. (f) Isabella Jane Halliday b. 8/4/1866 Bulli 16551/1866 d. 17/4/1866 Bulli

On the 8th instant, at her residence, Bulli, in the district of Illawarra, the wife of J. B. HALLIDAY, of a daughter.   The Sydney Morning Herald 13 April 1866

On the 17th instant, at her parents' residence, Bulli, in the Illawarra district, ISABELLA JANE, the infant child of JOHN and SARAH HALLIDAY, aged six days. The Sydney Morning Herald 18 April 1866

Husband a mining overseer at Borehole when they married


Mr. Owen. Q.C., and Mr. Knox, instructed by Messrs. Gannon and M'Laughlin, for the plaintiffs; Dr. Donovan, instructed by Mr. Stephen Nicholson, for the defendants.

The plaintiffs in this suit were Abraham Chapman (trustee), Jane Jones, Charles Gladstone Hendsell, Harriet Riley (wife of Joseph Robert Riley), by the said A. Chapman her next friend, and James Harris, and Jane Harris his wife. The defendants were John Brown Halliday, and Joseph Robert Halliday his son.

The statement of claim set forth that the plaintiff, Jane Jones, married one Thomas Hendsell in 1838, she then having an illegitimate daughter, Sarah Hendicott, who afterwards became wife and mother of the defendants respectively. In 1838 Hendsell had bought a piece of land in Bourke-street, Surry Hills, from one Thomas Waters for £10, which property was now said to be worth £2000. In January, 1839, Hendsell, being then a confined in Darlinghurst Gaol for felony, the property was conveyed from Waters to Mrs. Hendsell in trust for Sarah Hendicott; without Hendsell being made a party to the deed. The plaintiffs therefore charged that this deed was null and void. In 1848 Hendsell executed another deed giving his wife a life interest in the property, and after her to Sarah Hendicott and the children which had been bom of their marriage. In the following year Hendsell died, and in 1852 his widow became Jane Jones. Sarah Hendicott - Mrs. Halliday-died in 1874, and in 1880 her husband became administrator of her estate. He had entered into possession of the property, and was enjoying its rents and profits, claiming to be sole and absolute owner. A declaration of interest was prayed for, as well as an injunction to restrain the defendants. An account was also asked.

The defendant (John B. Halliday), by his statement of defence, alleged that prior to the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Hendsell, it was agreed that, in consideration of their then intended marriage, certain land should be purchased for the protection of Sarah Hendicott, and that when so purchased it should be settled or conveyed for her benefit absolutely; and that, in consequence of this understanding, the land in question was purchased, and conveyed, with the concurrence and consent of Hendsell, to the plaintiff Jones, in trust for her daughter Sarah. It was contended that inasmuch as this was a voluntary deed, it could not be overriden by the subsequent one of 1848. It was also claimed that plaintiff Jones, having accepted a trust under the deed of 1839, she was stopped from claiming any estate or interest under the deed of 1848. Defendant further stated, that the deed of 1848 was not in any way acted upon by the trustees. Defendant was informed and believed that before his marriage with Sarah Hendicott in 1862 she had been receiving the rents and profits of the property with the full knowledge of her mother. Shortly after marriage his wife received a sum of about £50 for arrears of rents and profits. Thereafter, till 1867, the rents aud profits were received by his wife, or by him for her, and from 1867 till his wife's death in 1874 he resided with her upon the land.

Since the decease of his wife he had continued to enjoy the land as tenant by courtesy. Defendant then narrated the loss of the title deeds, which he alleged took place at an hotel kept at Newcastle by plaintiff Jones and her daughter Mrs. Tyler, in 1874. He averred that when he returned to the house, after an absence of eight months, he found that the deeds had been abstracted.

The evidence for the plaintiff supported the allegations in the statement, and denied the imputation that the deeds were abstracted from the defendant's box at Newcastle. One witness swore that defendant had sold him the property for £1300, received £10 on deposit, and had sold various stories to account for the absence of the deeds. The deed of 1839 was not forthcoming, but its purport was placed before the Court by memorial.

Halliwell Annie Isabella (Smellie)

d. 15/1/1954 Kiama

m. Harry Halliwell (5/4/1876 Bradford England -1924 Son of James Halliwell & Ellen Longbottom *)

1900 Sydney

  1. (m) Harry Hopetoun Halliwell b. 26/3/1901 Kiama
  2. (m) Eric Alfred Edwin Halliwell b. 20/8/1905 Kiama
  3. (f) Annie Halliwell b. 1914

Living at Terralong St Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a tailor

Halliwell Ellen (Longbottom)

b. abt 1842 England d. 29/5/1910 Kiama br. Kiama Wesleyan

m. James Halliwell ( abt 1835 Lancashire England- 19/7/1904 Kiama ) abt 1859 Bradford England

Ship: Peterborough 1880

  1. (f) Isabella Halliwell b. 16/7/1861
  2. (m) William Halliwell b. 12/9/1863 (Elizabeth A Walker 1902)
  3. (m) Henry Halliwell b. 2/4/1865
  4. (m) Albert Halliwell b. 23/5/1867 d. 23/5/1903 Kiama
  5. (m) Edwin Halliwell b. 6/2/1870 d. 21/3/1897 Kiama
  6. (m) James Halliwell b. 3/5/1872 (Mabel Vivian Axford * 1901)
  7. (m) Robert Halliwell b. 26/2/1874 d. 22/9/1940 Kiama
  8. (m) Harry Halliwell b. 5/4/1876 Bradford England d. 1924 (Annie Isabella Smellie 1900)
  9. (f) Emma Halliwell b. 22/6/1878
  10. (f) Ellen Halliwell b. 12/3/1880
  11. (f) Amy Halliwell * b. 16/7/1881 Kiama d. 21/6/1954 Kiama (James Abraham Stead 1900, Eli Alexander Windsor 1918)
  12. (m) Joseph Halliwell b. 13/4/1883 Kiama d. 1943 Kiama
  13. (m) Alinson Halliwell b. 4/9/1884 Kiama (Alice Boyle 1908)

Living at Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

The death is reported of Mrs E. Halliwell, 65, an old resident of Kiama. The Shoalhaven News and South Coast Districts Advertiser (NSW : 1891 - 1937) Saturday 4 June 1910 p 4

Halliwell Mabel Vivian (Axford)

d. 5/12/1967 Lismore

m. James Halliwell (3/5/1872 Bradford England – 15/10/1951 Lismore ? Son of James Halliwell & Ellen Longbottom *) 18/3/1901 Kiama

f. Joel Axford m. Ann Eliza Sellock *

  1. (f) Violet Vivian Halliwell b. 2/11/1901 Kiama 32600/1901 (George Turner 1928)
  2. (f) Clarice May Halliwell b. 7/2/1904 Bombo 13149/1904 (Walter James Blore 1938)

Living at North Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Halliwell Mary

Living at Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Hallett/Hallet Margaret (Ryan then Blaney)

m. Joseph Blaney (- 1865 Kiama Son of Benjamin B Blaney & Abigail) 1858 Wollongong 2906/1858

m. John Maytil Hallett () 1877 Kiama 3243/1877

  1. (f) Margaret L Blaney b. 1862 Kiama 8468/1862 (Thomas W Gillett 1887)
  2. (f) Female Blaney b. 1863 Kiama 8555/1863
  3. (m) Horace Blaney b. 1865 Kiama 9699/1865 d. 1902 Newtown
  4. (m) George Blaney b. 1858 Kiama 8053/1858 d. 13/8/1951 Lismore
  5. (f) Caroline R Blaney b. 1860 Kiama 7787/1860 (George B Wilson 1881)
  6. (f) Florence Mary Blaney b. 1874 Kiama 12648/1874 

She is listed as Margaret Blaney Farmer Shellharbour Bailliere’s Post Office Directory 1867 and was charged with failing to clear weeds off her property in 1877.

Hallett Mary

b. abt 1841 Paterson bp. 1859 CofE Wollongong

f. John Hallett m. Eliza Forester

Halloran see O’Halloran

Halloran Mary Bridget

Living South Clifton in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Halls Mary Anne (Edy)

d. 1868 Molong

m. William Halls 1848 CofE Parramatta, St John's V1848178 33B/1848

f. William Edy m.

  1. (f) Elizabeth C Halls b. 1854 V18542208 40/1854
  2. (f) Maria Jane Halls b. 1856 V1856186 150/1856 d. 1940 Auburn ( Henry J Worchurst 1879)
  3. (m) Charles George Halls b. 1858 Parramtta10413/1858 d. 1886 Goulburn
  4. (m) William Halls b. d. 1902 Granville
  5. (f) Amelia A Halls b. 1862 Wollongong 15168/1862 (William H Downey 1887)
  6. (f) Harriet E Halls b. 1865 Picton 13973/1865 (Job Sheldon 1890)
  7. (f) Isabella C Halls b. 1868 Berrima 6350/1868 d. 1869 Forbes

Halpin Anne/Annie (Watters)

b. abt 1849 Rathmore Co Carlow Ireland d. 1/12/1927 Wollongong br. Wollongong General

m. George Halpin (10/12 1842 Dublin - 7/5/1910 Son of George Halpin & Julia Villiers) 4/6/1868 Rathvilly Co Carlow Ireland

f. Bartholomew Watters m. Mary Malone

  1. (f) Mary Isabella Halpin * b. 9/2/1869 Dublin d. 17/11/1954 Mt Lawley WA (Alfred Mettam 1889)
  2. (f) Frances Halpin b. 18/12/1871 Newark New Jersey USA d. before 1884
  3. (f) Annie Caroline Halpin * b. 1874 New Jersey USA d. 18/5/1926 Hurstville (George Tate Walker 1900)
  4. (f) Eva Halpin b. abt 1876 either Ireland or South Africa d. 1943 Vic (Semmens )
  5. (f) Louisa Halpin b. abt 1878 Ireland or South Africa d. 1943 Vic (Russell)
  6. (m) Alfred Halpin b. 16/1/1880 Dublin
  7. (f) Julia Halpin b. 14/2/1882 Dublin (George Rankin 1903)
  8. (m) George Sydney Halpin b. 1884 Sydney (Lavinia Figtree * 1904)
  9. (f) Alice Halpin b. 1886 Wollongong 24362/1886 (Ivan V Miner 1913)
  10. (f) Ivy Halpin b. 1888 Wollongong 25586/1888 (John W N Sharp 1910)

Living Corrimal St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a carpenter


The death took place last night of a very old and respected resident of Wollongong, in the person of Mrs. Halpin, of Corrimal Street, relict of the late Mr. Geo. Halpin, and mother of Mrs. I. Miner, Bulli; Mrs. J. Sharp Wollongong; Mr. Alf. Halpin (Wollongong), Mr. Geo. Halpin (Hurstville), Mrs. Rankin (Cootamundra), Mrs. Mettam (Perth, W.A.), Mrs. Russell (Melbourne), Mrs. Semmens (Victoria),. The late Mrs. Geo. Walker (of Hurstville), was also a daughter. A sister, Miss Waters, also resided with the late Mrs. Halpin.

The late Mrs. Halpin was a native of Ireland, and came to Australia 44 years ago with her late husband, whose death occurred about 17 years ago. She had resided in Wollongong ever since coming to Australia. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 2 December 1927 p 2

Halpin Bridget

— West Dapto Charcoal Ck. Grevilles Post Office Directory 1872

Halpin Lavinia (Figtree)

b. 8/5/1889 Sheffield, York England d. 17 /3/ 1980

m. George Sydney Halpin (1884 Sydney – 1966 Kogarah Son of George Halpin & Ann Watters *) 1904

f. Joseph Allen Figtree m. Eliza Stenton *

Ship: abt 1901

  1. (f) Violet W Halpin b. 1904 Wollongong
  2. (f) Dulcie I Halpin b. 1908 Murwillumbah
  3. (f) Florence M Halpin b. 1910 Byron Bay
  4. (f) Alfreda J Halpin b. 1915 Hurstville
  5. (f) Grace L Halpin b. 1918 Hurstville

Halpin Mary see Clynch

Halpin Mary

— — Charcoal Ck. Grevilles Post Office Directory 1872

Halpin Mary (Gilsheenan/Gilshenan)

b. abt 1791 Gavan Ireland b. 1854 br. 26/9/1854 Old Catholic Wollongong

m. James Halpin 25/1/1826 St Mary’s Sydney 1826/153-126

Ship: Woodman (1) 1823 Sydney

Sentence: 7 years

Occupation: Milk butter maker

  1. (m) Patrick Halpin

Tried: 1821 Co Monaghan

Convicts Permission to Marry Index

In Illawarra in 1828 Cencus

Halpin Mary (Kane)

m. John Halpin

  1. (f) Mary Halphin b. 18/6/1853 Figtree V18531802 121A/1853

Halpin Mary (Keane)

m. Patrick halpin

  1. (m) Michael Halpin b. 14/1/1852 Dapto

Halpin Mary Anne (Devlin)

b. abt 1845 Ireland d. 1906 Bemboka

m. James Halpin (1844-1914 Bega Son of Patrick Halpin & Ellen ) 7/2/1872 St Francis Xavier’s 3818/1872

f. Peter Devlin m. Margaret Kelly or f. Andrew Devlin m. Mary Newman

  1. (f) Ellen Halpin b: 15/1/1873 Charcoal 20731/1873
  2. (f) Mary Jane Halpin b: 22/8/1874 Mount Kembla 21545/1874 (George Jamieson 1905)
  3. (f) Bridget Halpin b: 1/7/1876 Mt Kembla Wollongong 22584/1876 d. 1971 Bega (Phillip Collins 1915)
  4. (f) Alice Halpin b: 9/6/1878 Mt Kembla Wollongong 24775/1878
  5. (m) James Halpin b: 2/10/1880 Spring Hill 27544/1880 (Mary Louise Jamieson 1909)
  6. (f) Margaret Halpin b: 1883 Bega (Michael Ryan 1916)

Halsey Emma (Bowra)

b. 1876 Sydney d. 1948 Hamilton South br. Sandgate

m. Henry Halsey (- 9/10/1933 Hamilton Son Of Charles Halsey & Susan Bissell *) 1900 Wollongong

f. James Bowra m. Jean/Jane Woods (daughter of Charles Woods & Ann Sullivan *)

  1. (m) Harry Halsey b. 1903 Woonona 26811/1903 d. 1903 Woonona
  2. (m) Reginald G Halsey b. 1904 Woonona 38697/1904
  3. (m) William J Halsey b. 1907 Woonona 42206/1907

Living at Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Halsey Louisa (Wright)

b. 1876 Lambton d. 1952 Bulli

m. William Thomas Halsey ( -1948 Bulli Son of Charles Halsey & Susan Bissell *) 1899 Woonona

f. Joel Wright m. Fanny

  1. (m) Charles R Halsey b. 1902 Woonona 18412/1902
  2. (f) Ada Halsey b. 1904 Woonona 28693/1904
  3. (f) Vera Halsey b. 1907 Woonona 9552/1907
  4. (m) Henry W Halsey b. 1909 Woonona 43725/1909
  5. (m) Albert E Halsey b. 1912 Woonona

Living at Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties


Mrs. Louisa Halsey, of Farrell Road, Woonona, died in the Bulli Hospital yesterday morning, aged 76. Her husband died some years ago. She was mother of Elsie (Mrs. Pinch), Ethel (Mrs. E. Reeves), Charles, Ada (Mrs. Sheedy), Vera (Mrs. Sheedy), Harry and Albert. The funeral will leave Coles Funeral Parlours Bulli, this morning for the Woronora crematorium. Illawarra Daily Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1950 - 1954) Friday 19 September 1952 p 2

Halsey Susan see Greasby

Halsted Elizabeth Adeline J (Hackett)

b. abt 1856 d. 1932 Glebe

m. John Halsted (6/4/1854 West Itchenor Sussex -1938 Artarmon Son of John Halsted & Frances Elliott) 1878 Bourke

  1. (m) Arthur Stanley Halsted b. 1879 Paddington
  2. (f) Francis Gilbert Halsted b. 1881 Manning River
  3. (f) Frances Dagma Halsted b. 1882 Wingham
  4. (m) Hubert Elliott Halsted b. 1886 Kiama 25141/1886
  5. (f) Thyra Adeline Halsted b. 1889 East Macquarie
  6. (m) John Gregson Halsted b. 1890 Bathurst
  7. (m) Charles Townsend Halsted b. 1893 Bathurst


Sydney papers, Saturday, recorded the death of Mrs. Elizabeth Adeline Halsted of Artarmon, wife of Mr. John Halsted, and mother of Kempsey's respected townsman, Mr. F. G. Halsted. Other members of the family are A. S. Halsted, South Africa; H. E. Halsted, Garah; Lieut.-Colonel J. G. Halsted, England; C T. Halsted, Eastern Cable Co. and Misses F. D. Halsted, Young; T. A. Halsted, Sydney. The Macleay Chronicle (Kempsey, NSW: 1899 - 1952) Wednesday 14 September 1932 p 4 Article

Halton Lily M (Burgess)

b. 1882 Wollongong 19542/1882

m. Thomas Halton 1901 Woonona

f. William Burgess m. Annie Cremar *

  1. (m) Albert W Halton b. 1901 Woonona 18453/1901
  2. (m) William Halton b. 1902 Woonona 18388/1902

Haly see Haley

Hamar see Hammer and Hamer

Hamblyn Charlotte (Hamblyn)

b. abt 1875 Castle Cary Somerset d. 19/12/1947 Western Suburbs Hospital cr. Woronora

m. Harry Hamblyn (abt 1872-4/2/1950 Concord Son of Danilel Hamblyn & ?) 1899 Hendon Middlesex

f. Samuel Hamblyn m. Mary Ann

  1. (m) Horace Percy Hamblyn b. 1899 London England
  2. (m) Maurice Victor Hamblyn b. d. 1981
  3. (m) William Francis Hamblyn b. 1904 Helensburgh d. 1977
  4. (m) Frederick Wallace Hamblyn b. 1908 Helensburgh d. 1977
  5. (f) Violet Constance Hamblyn b. 1906 Helensburgh (Sidney James Hamer 1936)

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

HAMBLYN.— Charlotte. December 19th. 1947, at Western Suburbs Hospital, late of Helensburgh, and 17 Archer-street, Concord, beloved wife of Harry Hamblyn and loved mother of Horace, Maurice, William, Frederick, and .Violet. In her 73rd year. The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954) Sunday 21 December 1947 p 11

Hambly Bernice Selina May (Parker)

m. John Francis Charles Hambley (abt 1874 England -24/6/ 1945 Shellharbour Son of William Hambly & ) 6/2/1896 Wollongong 2060/1896 Div

f. John Parker m. ?

  1. (f) Gwenda B Hambly b. 1905 Mosman

HAMBLY-PARKER. – On the 6th Feb., at the Congregational Manse, Wollongong, New South Wales, by the Rev. E. T. Miles, uncle of the bridegroom, John P., eldest son of Wm. Hambly, of Ballarat, Victoria, to Bernice (May), daughter of John Parker, of Castlemaine, Victoria. The Australasian (Melbourne, Vic: 1864 - 1946) Saturday 4 April 1896 p 45


Bernice Selina Margarita Hambly (formerly Parker) v John Francis Charles Hambly. Marriage, February, 1896, at Wollongong, Congregational rites. Issue, desertion. Decree nisi. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Friday 15 December 1933 p 8

Hambly Dina/Dinah (Lord)

b. 1850 Langdon Cross England d. 6/12/1934 Kiama 21209/1934 br. Shellharbour

m. Charles Robert Hambly (abt 1851-11/7/1918 Albion Park )

f. John Lord m.

Ship: Northbrook 1878

  1. (m) John Hambly b. 1874 England d. 24/6/1945 (Hanora May Courtney 1905)
  2. (m) William C Hambly b. abt 1875 England d. 1918 Kiama
  3. (m) Ambrose Hambly b. abt 1877 England (Lydia M Gray * 1902)
  4. (m) Edward Edwin Hambly b. d. 1957 Marrickville
  5. (m) James Ernest Hambly b. 1879 Kiama 15922/1879 d. 1950 Lismore (Elsie S Hurst 1906)
  6. (f) Elizabeth Mary Hambly * b. 1881 Kiama 19402/1881 d. 1951 Kiama (Alfred W Johnson 1909, Robert McGeachie Cornwall 1939)
  7. (f) Sarah Hambly b. 1882 Kiama 20179/1882 (Ernest R Hurst 1905)
  8. (m) Charles Hambly b. 1883 Kiama 21785/1883 (Mary Cameron 1910)
  9. (f) Ruby M Hambly b. 1885 Kiama 24280/1885 (Robert J Torrens 1908)
  10. (f) Daisy M Hambly b. 1890 Kiama 17778/1890 (Cecil A Russell 1919)

Living at Darley Estate in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Living the farming life and later when her husband died she went on and became the Licensee of the New Royal Hotel, Shellharbour, and owner of several homes. She made the most of what life had dealt her. 

Hambly Henrietta (Oxman)

b. abt 1859 Lansallos Cornwall d. 1/7/1930 Keiraville br. Wollongong General

m. William H Hambly ( abt 1858 Cornwall – 1926 Wollongong ) 1881 Liskeard Cornwall

f. Peter Oxman m. Ann Tredgonning *

Ship: Bann 1882

  1. (m) Adopted Son Hambly

Living at Keiraville in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.

Hambly Lydia May (Gray)

b. 1880 Albion Park d. 9/12/1969 Newrybar

m. Ambrose Lord Hambly ( 1876 Laywardneath England- 1954 Bangalow Son of Charles Hambly & Dinah Lord * ) 10/6/1902 Residence of the bride’s father 3335/1902

f. George Gray m. Esther Smith *

  1. (m) Herbert A Hambly b. 1903 Albion Park 9605/1908
  2. (f) Alma L Hambly b. 1905 Albion Park 10403/1905
  3. (m) George C Hambly b. 1908 Murwillumbah
  4. (m) Wilfred Clive Hambly b. 1912 Byron Bay
  5. (m) Leslie J Hambly b. 1914 Byron Bay

She resident Albion Park, he of Shellharbour Father and husband both farmers.

Living Dunmore in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Hamer Mary Ellen (Johnston)

b. 6/2/1856 Tamworth d. 1939 Ashfield br. Northern suburbs

m. William Henry Hamer ( 1851 Preston Lancashire – 11/5/1930 Ryde Son of Henry Hamer & Julia Gatliff) 5/4/1879 Tamworth

f. James Johnston m. Mary Ann Bonner

  1. (f) Ethel Maude Hamer b. 1880
  2. (f) Levinia Rachel Hamer b. 6/12/1881 Narrabri
  3. (m) Charles Paget Hamer b. 1884 Woonona 22980/1884 d. 1968 Cessnock
  4. (f) Ruby M Hamer b. 1891 Tamworth
  5. (f) Gladys W Hamer b. 1895

Hamill Isabella

m. William J Hamill

  1. (f) Alice E O Hamill b. 1866 Wollongong 16670/1866


b. 28/5/1819 d. after 1906

Mrs. Edward Hamilton, of Yellow Rock, Albion Park, celebrated her 87th birthday on Monday of last week. Mullumbimby Star (NSW : 1906 - 1936) Saturday 2 June 1906 p 3

Hamilton Agnes (Russell/Russelo)

b. abt September 1830 Whitburn West Lothian Scotland d. 16/9/1915 Croome Albion Park br. Jamberoo Uniting

m. James Hamilton ( abt 1835 Dromore Tyrone Ireland - 5/2/1908 Albion Park) 21/10/1870 Croome Albion Park 2486/1870

f. Ebenezer Russell m. Jane Meer *

  1. (m) Ebenezer Cresswell Hamilton b. 4/5/1871 Shellharbour 11643/1871 d. 5/3/1953 (Rosannah Agnes Fleming * 1893)
  2. (f) Lena Hamilton b. 27/7/1873 Shellharbour 12362/1873 d. 11/3/1896
  3. (f) Mary Hamilton b. 1875 Shellharbour 13126/1875 d. 16/3/1875 Shellharbour

Living Croome in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties


Death has claimed another of the grand old pioneers in the person of Mrs. Hamilton, of Croome, relict of the late Mr. James Hamilton, and sister of the late Mr. John Russell. The sad event occurred on Thursday night at the residence of her son, Mr. K. Hamilton, who, together with his good wife, soothed the declining years of the deceased. The late Mrs. Hamilton wns a woman of sterling characteristics. As a neighbour and friend she was never lacking in those good qualities that won for her the respect und esteem of all with whom, she came in contact. She was a devoted adherent of the Presbyterian Church. The late Mrs. Hamilton was born in Linlithgow, Scotland, and when a child arrived in the Albion Park district in 1835 with her parents, the late Mr. and Mrs. Ebenozer Russell. In 1870 her marriage with the late Mr. Jas. Hamilton was celebrated and with her husband she went to live at Croome, and had resided there until the day of her death. The remains were interred in the Presbyterian portion of the Jamberoo cemetery on Saturday afternoon, being followed to their last resting place by a large concourse of people. We sympathise with the mourning relatives and friends. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 21 September 1915 p 2

Hamilton Anne Jane (McCloskie)

b. 18/8/1878 d. 6/10/1962 Bellambi

m. Claude Montague Hamilton (1879 Walcha-1947 Bulli Son of John Hamilton & Lavinia Annie) 1903

f. Oswald McCloskie m. Mary Frew *

  1. (m) Mervyn L Hamilton b. 1904 Woonona
  2. (f) Eileen L Hamilton b. 1908 Woonona
  3. (m) Lloyd M Hamilton b. 1911 Woonona
  4. (m) Winston N Hamilton b. 1915 Wollongong

Living at Bellambi in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Hamilton Annie ()

b. abt 1861 d. 3/6/1944 Helensburgh br. Helenburgh

m. Samuel Hamilton (- 12/3/1921 Helensburgh Son of William Hamilton & Sarah)

f. William m. Mary Ann

  1. (m) Sergeant Samuel Hamilton b. 1887 d. 1942 Helensburgh (Elizabeth G Cowan 1908)
  2. (m) Thomas William Hamilton b. d. 1962
  3. (m) John Robert Hamilton b. 1891 Helensburgh 16481/1891 d. 1961 Helensburgh
  4. (m) James Hamilton b. 1892 Helensburgh 16781/1892 d. 1949 Sutherland
  5. (f) Mary A Hamilton b. 1894 Helensburgh 16177/1894 d. 1895 Helensburgh
  6. (m) Robert Hamitlon b. 1896 Helensburgh 13047/1896 d. 1928 Newtown
  7. (f) Mary Jane Hamilton b. 1899 Helensburgh 12541/1899 (Leslie Payne 1923)
  8. (f) Mary L Hamilton b. 1901 Helensburgh 3916/1901 d. 1901 Helensburgh
  9. (m) William Hamilton b. 1902 Helensburgh 3598/1902
  10. (m) Frederick Hamilton b. 1904 Helensburgh 32856/1904 d. 1906 Helensburgh measles

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a miner

On Saturday at her residence, McMillan street, Helensburgh, the death occurred of Mrs. Ann Hamilton, in her 83rd year. She was the mother of Thomas, John, James, Jean (Mrs. Payne) and Bill. The remains were interred in Helensburgh Catholic cemetery on Sunday. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 9 June 1944 p 5

Hamilton Bedelin/Bedelia D (Tighe)

m. John Hamilton 1886 Wollongong

  1. (f) Mary A Hamilton b. 1888 Sydney
  2. (m) Charles Hamilton b. 1890 Redfern

Hamilton Bridget (Lynch)

b. 28/5/1861 Wollongong d. 12/10/1897 Crown St Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. James Hamilton (1863-) 8/2/1891 St Francis Xavier’s 8231/1891

f. James Lynch m. Catherine Daly *

Both resident Wollongong

Husband a baker

It is with feelings of the deepest regret that I have to record the death of Mrs. James Hamilton, wife of one of our most respected residents, at the early age of 35 years. Mrs. Hamilton had not been enjoying good health for several months previous to her death. She decided to goto theLewisham Hospital, conducted by the Little Company of Mary at Lewisham, where she remained for about three months. She received the best medical skill and the most kind attention. The patient improved from day to day, and had so far recovered that word was sent to Mr. Hamilton about three weeks ago saying that his wife was able to leave for home. Mrs. Hamilton was, however, only home a few days when she became very weak, and was compelled to keep to her room. Medical aid was again employed, but all in vain. During her last few days she received the spiritual consolation of the Holy Church from Father Byrne, P.P., and the good Sisters of St. Mary's Convent, who were at the bedside of the deceased when she breathed her last. Having lived a truly Christian life, she died a most peaceful and happy death. On Wednesday morning the remains were removed to St. Francis Xavier's Church, and placed 'on a catafalque in front of the High Altar. A Requiem Mass was celebrated at 7 o'clock by Father Byrne. There was a large attendance, including the husband of the deceased, her sister (Mrs. Clancy), Mr. and Mrs. D. Hamilton, Mr. J. Hamilton, and other relatives of the deceased. The altars were draped in mourning. The coffin was covered with beautiful wreaths.

In the afternoon, before the remains left the church, prayers were read by Father Byrne, the church being crowded. The large cortege was headed by Father Byrne, who officiated at the grave. Much sympathy has been expressed for Mr. Hamilton and relatives in their sad bereavement. Freeman's Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1932) Saturday 23 October 1897 p 10

Hamilton Catherine

m. James Hamilton

  1. (f) Marion McL Hamilton b. 1890 Wollongong 38037/1890

Hamilton Catherine (Foster)

m. William Hamilton 1883 Kiama

Hamilton Eliza/Elizabeth (Wiley)

b. abt 1841 Tyrone Ireland d. 27/1/1915 Newrybar br. Newrybar

m. James Hamilton (abt 1843 Ireland -14/4/1924 Beecroft) 1868 Kiama 2445/1868

f. Charles Wiley m. Jane *

Ship: Hotspur 1861

  1. (f) Eliza Jane Hamilton b. 1870 Gerringong 11302/1870 (David A Johnston 1904)
  2. (f) Isabella Hamilton b. 1872 Kiama 11433/1872
  3. (f) Margaret Hamilton b. 1873 Kiama 12336/1873
  4. (f) Mary Ann Hamilton b. 1877 Kiama 13895/1877
  5. (m) James Thomas Hamilton b. 1879 Kiama 15751/1879
  6. (f) Catherine Hamilton b. 1880 Kiama 16797/1880


At Newrybar on Wednesday, 27th January, there passed away one of its most respected and highly esteemed residents, in the person of Elizabeth Hamilton, the wife of Mr. James Hamilton, at the advanced age of 74, after an illness of a few days. The late Mrs. Hamilton was born in County Tyrone, Ireland, and came with her parents, the late Mr. and Mrs. C. Wiley to New South Wales, in 1860, first settling in Kiama, and afterwards at Broughton Village, South Coast. At the latter place in 1868, she was married and of the seven children born, five survive to mourn her loss. Nineteen years ago the Hamilton family moved to the North Coast, … The Methodist (Sydney, NSW : 1892 - 1954) Saturday 3 April 1915 p 10

Hamilton Elizabeth

Living Mount Ousley in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Hamilton Elizabeth

Living Port Kembla in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Hamilton Elizabeth (McKay)

b. abt 1825 d.

m. Dr George H Hamilton (abt 1824 Tyrone Ireland- 15/6/1888) 23/10/1845 Scots Church Sydney

  1. (f) Rebecca Josephine Hamilton b. 1847 Sydney V1847448 49/1847 (William Shaw 1866, John Tate 1878)

Hamilton Elizabeth see Steadman

Hamilton Elizabeth Alice (Arthur)

b. 1881 Boorowa d. 1952 Lane Cove

m. Thomas Charles Hamilton (-1943 North Sydney Son of Thomas Hamilton & Jean) 1900 Murrumburra

f. Alexander Arthur m. Maria

  1. Ida I Hamilton b. 1901 Dubbo
  2. Alexander A Hamilton b. 1902 Sydney
  3. Dorothy J Hamilton b. 1904 Woonona
  4. Thomas E Hamilton b. 1905 Albion Park
  5. Stuart P Hamilton b. 1912 Lismore

Living at Corrimal in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic duties. Husband a storekeeper.

Hamilton Emma (Thacker)

b. abt 1855 d. 22/3/1928 Chatswood

m. Alexander Greenlaw Hamilton (14/4/1852 Bailieborough, Cavan, Ireland- 21/10/1941 Chatswood ) 14/4/1873 Mudgee

f. Charles Thacker m. Mary Ann Mallyon

  1. (m) Charles Greenlaw Hamilton b. 16/1/1874 Guntawang near Gulgong 14645/1874
  2. (m) Harold Wynne Hamilton b. 1875 Guntawang near Gulgong 15205/1875 d. 1933 Sydney
  3. (m) Edgar Alexander Hamilton b. 1878 Guntawang near Gulgong 16967/1878
  4. (f) Joscelyn Emma Hamilton b. 1890 Wollongong 37890/1890 d. 1952 Sydney /Orange

Living at Mount Kembla in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Husband a school teacher who was transferred to Mount Kembla Public School as headmaster in October 1887 he also was an naturalist, critic and early introducer of environmental education The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Friday 23 March 1928 p 12 Family Notices

Hamilton Esther (Fleming)

b. abt 1833 Drumore? Co Tyrone Ireland d. 1905 Robertson br. Robertson

m. John Hamilton (abt 1828 Drumore Co Tyrone- 31/8/1903 Robertson)

f. William Fleming m. Rosanah Cunningham *

Ship: Switzerland 1854

  1. (m) William Hamilton b. 1856 Kiama 5242/1856 d. 24/2/1898 Mount Murray
  2. (m) Jane Hamilton * b. 1857 Jamberoo 7509/1857 d. 1941 Murwillumbah (George Haddin 1879)
  3. (m) Robert Hamilton b. 1859 Kiama 8507/1859 d. 1944 Bowral
  4. (m) John C Hamilton b. 1861 Kiama 8263/1861 d. 1943 Newtown
  5. (f) Sarah Hamilton b. 1863 Kiama 8449/1863
  6. (f) Annie Hamilton * b. 1864 Kiama 9448/1864 d. 22/4/1937 Dapto ( James Duley 1883)
  7. (f) Esther Hamilton b. 1866 Kiama 9512/1866
  8. (f) Catherine Hamilton * b. 1868 Kiama 10562/1868 d. 6/6/1929 Auburn (George W Duley 1890)
  9. (m) Wilson Hamilton b. 1872 Kiama 11453/1872 d. 1946 Kiama (Ada Collis 1905)

Husband an Ag Labourer when they arrived

The funeral of Mrs. Hamilton, relict of the late Mr. John Hamilton, took place on Sunday last, when the remains were interred beside those of her husband and son in the Church of England portion of the Robertson General Cemetery. Being followed to their last resting place by a large number of sorrowing relatives and friends. The Rev. D. T. Smith conducted the service at the grave, and the funeral arrangements were carried out by Mr. R. B. Simpson.

Many beautiful wreaths were received. The deceased lady had been confined to her bed for about four months prior to her death. She leaves three sons (Mr. John Hamilton, Richmond River, and Messrs. Robert and Wilson Hamilton, Robertson) and five daughters (Mrs. Haddin and Mrs. Cook, Robertson, Mrs. J. Duley, Dapto, Mrs. G. Duley, Sydney, and Mrs. Pappin, Goulburn), besides numerous grandchildren and one great-grandchild. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Saturday 4 November 1905 p 6

Hamilton Helen Nairn ()

b. abt 1870 d. 8/6/1944 Wollongong 13714/1944 br. Wollongong General


f. David m. Helen

Our dear mother.

Hamilton Isabella

Living at Greenmount in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Hamilton Isabella

m. William Hamilton

  1. (f) Sarah Ann Hamilton b. 1859 434 VOL 139/1859
  2. (m) William J Hamilton b. 1862 St George 3794/1862
  3. (m) James Hamilton b. 1864 Kiama 9472/1864
  4. (m) Richard C Hamilton b. 1867 Kiama 10401/1867 d. 1926 Granville
  5. (m) Samuel Taylor Hamilton b. 1870 Shoalhaven 17084/1870 d. 1945 Byron Bay

Hamilton Isabella (McCaughley)

b. 1849 or 1846 Antrim Ireland d. 26/2/1925 Wollongong br. Albion Park General

m. John Hamilton ( abt 1840 Derry Ireland - 8/12/1910 Yellow Rock Albion Park ) 26/7/1866 Berrima

f. McCauley m. Isabella *

Ship: abt 1850

  1. (f) Sophia Margaret Hamilton b. 8/6//1867 Kiama d. 3/12/1867 Kiama
  2. (f) Sophia Margaret Hamilton b. 15/11/1868 Kiama 10702/1868 d. 3/12/1869 Kiama
  3. (m) James William Hamilton b. 21/9/1870 Kiama 11382/1870 d. 1/12/1870 Kiama
  4. (m) John Robert Hamilton b. 23/8/1872 Kiama 11595/1872 d. 12/2/1873 Kiama
  5. (f) Isabella Hamilton * b. 1/11/1873 Kiama 12427/1873
  6. (m) John Robert Hamilton b. 27/5/1876 Kiama d. 1945 Balmain
  7. (m) James Henry Hamilton b. 6/1/1879 Kiama 15768/1879
  8. (m) William Hamilton b. 10/7/1881 Kiama 19446/1881 d. 1917 Auburn
  9. (m) Andrew Hamilton b. 24/3/1884 Kiama 23416/1884
  10. (f) Ann Jane Hamilton b. 24/3/1884 Kiama 23417/1884
  11. (m) Ernest Alfred Duncan Hamilton b. 17/10/1886 Kiama 25155/1886 d. 28/11/1886 Kiama

Living at Greenmount in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties


On Thursday of last week, the death took place, at her residence, Market street; Wollogong, of Mrs. Hamilton, widow of the late Mr. John Hamilton, aged 76 years. The late Mrs. Hamilton was a native of County Antrim, and come to Auatrilia, at an early age with her parents Mr. and Mrs. McCaughey, who settled at Kiama, where remained she until 22 years of age, when she married and subsequently went to reside with her husband at Albion Park where they we both highly respected residents. Some years ago she removed to Wollongong with some members of her family, and has resided there over since… The Kiama Reporter and Illawarra Journal (NSW : 1899 - 1947) Wednesday 11 March 1925 p 2

Hamilton Jane

b. abt 1814 d. 31/5/1904 Berry br. Gerringong General

m. James Hamilton

  1. (m) Charles Hamilton
  2. (f) Catherine Hamilton b. d. 1/12/1913 Gerringong
  3. (f) Eliza Jane Hamilton b. d. 1922 Berry ( Henry Morrow 1877)

An old resident of Broughton Village, Mrs. Jane Hamilton, aged 90 years, died on Tuesday. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Monday 6 June 1904 p 5

She was living in Broughton Village when her son-in-law Henry Morrow died.

Hamilton Jane


m. Robert Hamilton (abt 1853 - 24/4/1919 Bulli)

  1. (m) James Scott Hamilton b. abt 1870 d. 26/12/1948 Thirroul (Bertha Maria Armstrong 1910)
  2. (m) John Scott Hamilton b. abt 1879 d. 29/12/1931 Thirroul
  3. (m) Robert Hamilton b. 1881 Wollongong 18899/1881
  4. (f) Mary C Hamilton b. 1882 Woonona 19747/1882
  5. (f) Agnes Hamilton b. 1884 Woonona 23043/1884
  6. (m) Robert Hamilton b. 1884 Woonona 23044/1884
  7. (m) Robert Hamilton b. 1886 Woonona 24497/1886 d. 30/12/1927
  8. (f) Jane Scott Hamilton b. 1888 Woonona 25754/1888 d. 1960 Katoomba (Edgar Booth 1924)

Living Thirroul in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties.

Hamilton Lavinia (Jefferson)

d. 1948 Qld

m. Alfred George Hamilton (- 1933 Qld Son of William Alfred Hamilton & Annie Maria Plint) 25/10/1875 Lambton 3572/1875

f. John Jefferson m. Sarah Oates

  1. (m) Albert E B Hamilton b. 1876 Lambton d. 1877 Lambton
  2. (f) Lillian Florence Hamilton b. 1880 Wallsend
  3. (m) Percy G Hamilton b. d. 1885 Lambton
  4. (m) Frederick Hamilton b. 1883 Inverell d. 1953 Newcastle
  5. (f) Alice M B Hamilton b. 1887 Lambton
  6. (f) Pearl Hamilton b. 1885 Lambton d. 1889 Wallsend
  7. (f) Alice M B Hamilton b. 1887 Lambton
  8. (f) Mildred Hamilton b. 1892 Woonona 39491/1892

HAMILTON — JEFFERSON — On October 25th, at Calvary Particular Baptist Chapel, Lambton, by the Rev. D. Young, ALFRED GEORGE HAMILTON, only son of the late William Alfred Hamilton, Esq., of Winchester, England, to LAVINA, third daughter of Mr. John Jefferson, of Lambton. Miners' Advocate and Northumberland Recorder (Newcastle, NSW: 1873 - 1876) Saturday 30 October 1875 p 2

Hamilton Letitia see Gordon

Hamilton Lucinda see Watson

Hamilton Margaret (Ramsey)

b. abt 1834 Derryvullan Fermangh Ireland d. 27/8/1910 Otford br. Bulli Anglican Cemetery

m. William Hamilton (Oct 1821 Kilskerry Parish Tyronne Ireland -26/9/1889 Otford Son of William Hamilton & Jane Allen ) 21/11/1855 Kiama CofE Jamberoo Kiama Shoalhaven V18551210 43B/1855

f. Francis Ramsey m. Jane

Ship: Matoaka 1855

  1. (m) John Hamilton b. 1857 Mt Keira 12198/1857 ( Emily Shirley 1890)
  2. (m) Francis Hamilton b. 1858 Mt Keira 13454/1858 ( Annie Adams 1890)
  3. (m) William Hamilton b. 1859 Mt Keira V1859342 159/1859
  4. (m) Andrew Hamilton b. 1861 14287/1861 d 1896 (Alice Rowe 1893)
  5. (m) Irvine Hamilton b. 1862 Wollongong 15153/1862 d. 1908 Waterloo (Dorothy Culgin 1889)
  6. (f) Margaret Jane Hamilton * b. 20/11/1864 Spring Hill Wollongong 16386/1864 d. 30/4/1938 Wollongong (James Shipp 1885)
  7. (f) Ann E Hamilton b. 1866 Keira Vale 16514/1866 d 1896 (William Shirley 1891)
  8. (f) Mary Ellen Hamilton * b. 1868 Keira Vale 18096/1868 d. 14/3/1909 Otford (William James 1895)
  9. (m) Allen Hamilton b. 1869 Mt Keira 19932/1869 d 1946 ( Alice Lucas 1918)
  10. (m) Thomas Henry Hamilton b. 1871 Mt Keira 19613/1871 d. 13/6/1905 Otford
  11. (f) Lucinda Hamilton * b. 1874 Otford 21530/1874 ( Albert Lucas )

Living at Otford in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Were the first of the free selectors at Otford to pay for the freehold of their land. Her descendent's sold the farm in 1970's. After her husband's death, she continued to run the farm at Otford until she sold it to her son, Allen.

The death occurred recently of Mrs. Margaret Hamilton, who was one of the earliest pioneers of Otford district. The deceased lady reached the ripe age of 77, and arrived in this district many years before the railway was built. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 9 September 1910 p 15

Hamilton Mary Ann (Sawtell)

b. 1849 d. 1896 Bathurst br. Bathurst

m. David Hamilton ( 14/1/1836 Ireland- abt 1921 Redfern Son of Joseph Hamilton & Hannah Craig) 1866 Albury 1263/1866

f. James Sawtell m. Susannah

  1. (m) Joseph Hamilton b. 1867 Albury 4913/1867 d. 1956 Ryde
  2. (f) Anna Frazer Hamilton b. 1869 Albury 5546/1869 d. 1949 Wyong (Henry Smith)
  3. (f) Eliza Caroline Hamilton b. 11/10/1871 Mullengandra 5900/1871 d. 20/6/1916 Waverley (John Bottrell 1890)
  4. (m) Percival Charles Hamilton b. 1874 Albury 6105/1874
  5. (m) David James Hamilton b. 1877 Albury 6836/1877 d. 1959 North Sydney
  6. (m) Albert Ernest Hamilton b. 1879 Albury 8332/1879 d. 1965 Balmain
  7. (m) Arthur William Craig Hamilton b. 1882 Albury 9841/1882 d. 1919 St Leonards
  8. (f) Edith May Sussannah Hamilton b. 1885 Picton 16128/1885
  9. (f) Lucy Ethel Hamilton b. 1888 Woonona 25828/1888 ( Daniel G Davies 1913 )

HAMILTON. — The Friends of MR. DAVID HAMILTON are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of his late beloved Wife, MARY ANN, to move from his residence, Lambert-street, to-morrow (WEDNESDAY) afternoon, at three (3) o'clock, for the Wesleyan Cemetery. Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal (NSW : 1851 - 1904) Tuesday 12 May 1896 Page 3

Hamilton Mary Jane (McPaul)

b. 26/2/1847 Charcoal d. 10/4/1913 Gulgong

m. Allen Roy Hamilton (4/9/1831 Kilskeery CoI, Tyrone- 1915 Gulgong Son of William Hamilton & Jane Allen ) 26 or 27/6/1866 Wollongong 3396/1866

f. George McPaul m. Mary Miller *

  1. (m) William Hamilton b. 15/4/1867 Mt Keira Public School 17946/1867
  2. (f) Mary J Hamilton b. 24/1/1869 Mount Keira 19792/1869
  3. (m) George J Hamilton b. 20/9/1871 Mt Keira Public School 19639/1871
  4. (m) Allen Herbert Hamilton b. 1873 Wollongong 20866/1873
  5. (f) Edith Maud Hamilton b. 1875 Wollongong 21888/1875
  6. (m) Cecil John Hamilton b. 1877 Wollongong 23126/1877
  7. (f) Ethel Hamilton b. 1881 Gulgong 21451/1881
  8. (f) Lillian C Hamilton b. 1883 Gulgong 24055/1883
  9. (f) Ida G Hamilton b. 1885 Gulgong 26469/1885
  10. (m) Allen R Hamilton b. 1890 Gulgong 15431/1890

HAMILTON - McPAUL - June 27th, at St. Lukes, Church, Dapto, by the Rev. W.F.B. Uzzell, Mr. Allen Hamilton, Fairy Meadow, Wollongong, to Mary Jane, eldest daughter if George McPaul Esq., Dapto, Illawarra. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 6 July 1866 p 2

HAMILTON— At her residence, Public School, Mount Keira, on the 15th instant, the wife of Mr A. Hamilton, of a son. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 23 April 1867 p 2

HAMILTON.—On the 24th instant, at her residence, Public School, Mount Keira, Mrs. A. Hamilton, of a daughter. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 26 January 1869 p 2

HAMILTON. — On September 20th, at her residence, Public School, Mount Keira, Mrs. A. Hamilton, of a son. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 26 September 1871 p 2

Hamilton Rebecca (Simpson)

b. abt 1846 Northern Ireland d. 10/11/1933 Croydon

m. Robert Hamilton ( Northern Ireland - Son of James Hamilton & Sophia Duncan) 1866 Kiama 2204/1866

f. Alexander Simpson m. Margaret

Ship: abt 1853

  1. (u) Children all born around the Penrith St Marys area.

Husband a tanner at St Mary’s.

Hamilton Rosannah (Fleming)

b. 1868 Jamberoo d. 6/12/1950 Haberfield

m. Ebeneza Hamilton ( 1871 Jamberoo- 1953 Ashfield Son of James Hamilton & Agnes Russell *) 26/7/1893 Jamberoo 4179/1893

f. William Fleming m. Catherine Gibson *

  1. (m) Willian James Hamilton b. 18/10/1894 Jamberoo 17667/1894
  2. Robert Stanley Hamilton b. 1895 Croome 8963/1896 (Mary E Badans 1919)
  3. (f) Ethel Hamilton b. 1897 Croome 772/1897 (Frederick C Ward 1921)
  4. (m) Henry A Hamilton b. 1900 Croome 765/1900
  5. (m) Ebenezer Creswell Hamilton b. 1901 Croome 29213/1901 d. 21/9/1983
  6. (f) Violet A Hamilton b. 1903 Croome 9597/1903
  7. (m) Gordon A Hamilton b. 1904 Croome 19346/1904
  8. (f) Rosannah Hamilton b. 1906 Albion Park 10479/1906
  9. (f) Cathleen Hamilton b. 1908 Croome 31372/1908
  10. (m) Mervyn Russel Hamilton b. 1910 Croome 15895/1910 d. 31/8/1987
  11. (f) Grace Evelyn Hamilton b. 1912 Croome

Living Croome in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Image of the house they built and lived in at

Church of England at Jamberoo. The second wedding was also solemnised in the same church on the same day by the Rev. B. Stevens. The bride was Miss Rose Fleming, daughter of the late Mr. Wm. Fleming, of Stoney Creek, the bridegroom being Mr. Ebenezer Hamilton, son of Mr. James Hamilton, of Croome. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Saturday 29 July 1893 p 2

The death occurred at her resi dence. 73 Parramatta Road, Haberfield, on 6th December, of a former Albion Park resident in the person of Mrs. Rosannah Hamilton at the age of 82 years. Formerly a Miss Fleming, of Jamberoo, she married Mr. Ebenezer Haknilton who carried on dairy farm ing at Croome for many years, being held in high esteem by their neigh bours. The late Mrs. Hamilton is sur vived bly her husband, six sons James (Albion Park), Stanley (Bulli), Henry (Lidicombe), Cres irell (Croome), Gordon (Campsie) and Mervyn (Dapto), and five daugh ters Ethel (Mrs. F. Ward, Berralla), Florence (Mrs. G. Woodhart, Haber field), Violet (Mrs. K. Ward, Croome), Myrtle (Mrs. J. Walker, Haberfield) and Grace (Mrs. H. Walsh, Newtown) to each of whom sincere sympathy is extended in their bereavement. Kiama Independent (NSW : 1947 - 1954) Friday 22 December 1950

Hamilton-Foster see Foster

Hammer/ Hammed Marie Eve/Eva/Epha (Blese/Blacey/ Placy/Plesier)

b. abt 1829 d. 26/1/1899 br Wollongong General

m. John Valentine Hammer (abt 1819-16/8/1879)

  1. (f) Susanna Catherine Hamar * b. 6/5/1853 Jamberoo d. 1912 Cordeaux (Henry A Stafford 1871)
  2. (m) Peter Francis Hammer b. 1855 d. 30/7/1884 Wollongong
  3. (f) Christina Ann Hammer * b. 27/2/1858 Jamberoo bp Kiama RC 8002/1858 d. 4/9/1945 Wollongong (William Wilson 1876, Charles Palmer 1884)
  4. (f) Mary Ann Clare Hanaher b. 14/1/1861 Jamberoo bp Kiama RC d. 22/5/1940 (note no mother listed so may not be the correct family)
  5. (m) Henry Albert Hammer b. 25/11/1869 Wollongong 19974/1869 d. 25/12/1906 Wollongong
  6. (m) John-Joseph Hammer 26/8/1864 Wollongong 16560/1864 d. 25/4/1877 Crown St Wollongong

Husband a tailor

Hammill Ada (Nettleton)

b. abt 1870 d. 18/5/1968 Epping br. Northern Suburbs

m. Alfred Joshua Hammill (abt 1869- 16/7/1934 Epping Son of John Hammill & Mary) 1890 Broken Hill

f. William Nettleton m. Susannah

  1. (m) Leonard A Hammill b. 1891 Broken Hill
  2. (m) Leslie Rothwell Hammill b. 14/4/1897 Kogarah d. 1964 Balmain
  3. (f) Ilma Ada Leanore Hammill d. 1976 (Arthur Craven 1926)
  4. (m) Stanley Hammill b. d. 1902 Wellington
  5. (m) Alfred Roy Hammill b. 1900 Wollongong 8870/1900 d. 1961 Sydney

Hammill Annie Mary Alma (Matthews)

b. abt 1874 d. 5/8/1950 Allawah

m. Henry Rockwell Hammill (abt 1875 -26/3/1955 Allawah Son of John Hammill & Mary) 1895 Broken Hill

f. William Matthews m. Mary

  1. (f) Doris O Hammill b. 1896 Broken Hill
  2. (m) Reginald T Hammill b. 1898 Kiama 12941/1898
  3. (f) Violet D Hammill b. 1900 Kiama 13532/1900
  4. (f) Lillian Z Hammill b. 1902 Kiama 3942/1902

Living at National Park in 1934 when her husband’s brother Alfred died.

Living at Terralong St Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a storekeeper.

Hammond Anastasia/Estacia/Stacia (King)

b. 6/6/1871 Kiama d. 20/11/1946 Lismore 26610/1946 br. East Lismore Anglican

m. William Hammond (15/10/1870 -5/2/1943 Lismore Son of William Hammond & Cecilia Moyse *) 3/9/1891 Kiama 4664/1891

f. James King m. Julia Scammel/Scannell *

  1. (m) William V Hammond b. 1892 Kiama 18451/1892
  2. (f) Mureil V Hammond b. 1894 Kiama 17586/1894
  3. (f) Jane Hammond b. 1900 Kiama 22971/1900
  4. (f) Alice Hammond b. 1902 Kiama 13140/1902
  5. (m) James A Hammond b. 1904 Kiama 23097/1904
  6. (f) Olive Hammond b. 1907 Kiama 4290/1907
  7. (m) Raymond A Hammond b. 1908 Kiama 15074/1908
  8. (m) Lyndon A Hammond b. 1911 Kiama
  9. (m) Kenneth C Hammond b. 1913 Kiama 44682/1913

Living at Bombo in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Hammond Ann (Wearne)

m. Augustus H Hammond (-) 1879 Wollongong

Hammond Catherine see Kate

Hammond Cecilia Priscilla (Moyse/Moise/Moyre)

b. 25/9/1836 St Hellier Jersey d. 19/1/1924 Kiama br. Kiama Cemetery

m. William Hammond (1832 Arkensden Essex - 7/5/1888 Bombo quarry Son of Timothy Hammond & Mary Hadon ) 25/2/1860 Campbelltown 1836/1860

f. John Moyse m. Margaret McKinley

  1. (f) Sarah Hammond b. 13/12/1861 Campbelltown d. 1924 Kiama (James Vines 1882)
  2. (f) Jemima Hammond * b. 28/3/1862 Campbelltown d. d. 21/11/1930 Lismore (George Lack)
  3. (f) Rebecca Hammond b. 1864 Campbelltown d. 1945
  4. (m) George Hammond b. 7/2/1865 Campbelltown d. 30/6/1930 Burwood (Kate Stokes * 1886)
  5. (m) Timothy Hammond b. 22/11/1866 Campbelltown d. 7/5/1888 Bombo quarry (Esther E Stokes * 1886)
  6. (f) Jane Hammond * b. 1868 Bishop’s Farm Campbelltown d. 13/9/1944 Kiama ( Thomas Stokes 1887 )
  7. (m) William Hammond b. 15/10/1870 d. 5/2/1943 Lismore (Anastasia King * 1891)
  8. (m) John Hammond b. 6/10/1872 Campbelltown 8446/1872 d. 17/12/1950 Kiama (Mary Bridget Byrne 1919)
  9. (m) Alfred Hammond b. 21/4/1875 Campbelltown d. abt 20/6/1940 Concord (Sophia Phillips * 1899)
  10. (f) Alice Hammond * b. 1875 Campbelltown d. 1961 Lismore( Christopher Cowan 1897)
  11. (m) Robert Hammond b. 10/1/1880 Campbelltown d. 20/12/1902 Bombo quarry
  12. (m) James Hammond b. 6/6/1882 Campbelltown d. 15/6/1958 Petersham

Living at Bombo in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Husband and son Timothy killed by a quarry explosion, afterwards she was a boarding house keeper at Bombo where she was a bankrupt in 1891. Another son was killed at Bombo quarry on 1902 as was her son-in-law Thomas Stokes in 1903. She was awarded about 185 pounds for her loss of her husband and ended up raising Timothy's children. She also acted as a local midwife in the area.

Amelia Priscilla on marriage record

Hammond Emma

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Josiah Hammond (-1908 Woonona Son of Edmund Hammond & Ann E) a miner.

Hammond Esther Elizabeth (Stokes changed from Pomeroy)

b. 1868 Goulburn d. 1935 North Sydney

m. Timothy Hammond (22/11/1866 Campbelltown -7/5/1888 Bombo quarry son of William Hammond & Cecilia Moise * ) 27/5/1886 or 20/5/1886 Kiama

f. Charles Pomeroy changed to Stokes m. Eliza Niblett

  1. (f) Ruby Hammond b. 1/4/1887 Bombo 25666/1887 d. 5/5/1975 (James S Smith 1905)
  2. (m) Timothy Hammond b. 1888 Kiama 26348/1888

She was from Eureka when she married. Her son Timothy was born after his father’s death in an expolsion at the Bombo quarry. She received a sum from a charity set up to compensate the widows of the men killed. Her father is listed as Pomeroy on but she married under Stokes as the family changed their name about 1880

Hammond/Crammond Isabella

m. James Hammond

  1. (f) Isabella Hammond * b. abt 1875 Staffordshire d. 28/4/1931 Kurri Kurri (James Montgomery 1893)
  2. (f) (Millard)

Her daughter Isabella’s obituary states that they lived at Bulli

Hammond Kate Catherine (Stokes changed from Pomeroy)

b. 1866 Yass or Gunning d. 1918 Bombo

m. George Hammond ( 7/2/1865 Campbelltown -30/6/1930 Burwood Son of William Hammond & Cecilia P Moise *) 19/6/1886 Kiama 5757/1886

f. Charles Pomeroy changed to Stokes m. Eliza Niblett

  1. (f) Elsie Hammond b. 23/3/1887 Bombo 25671/1887 (Aleck W V Cowan 1909)
  2. (m) Charles Hammond b. 14/11/1888 Kiama 26408/1888 d. 16/9/1922 Kiama
  3. (f) Sophia Hammond b. 1/6/1890 Kiama (Richard Hardy 1913)
  4. (f) Ada Hammond b. 16/3/1892 Kiama 18452/1892 (Richard Painter 1916)
  5. (m) Archibald Hammond b. 13/6/1893 Bombo 18665/1893 d. 4/1/1894 Kiama
  6. (m) Arthur George Hammond b. 3/11/1894 Bombo 17683/1894
  7. (f) Daisy Hammond b. 1897 Bowral
  8. (m) John Hammond b. 1898 Gundagai
  9. (f) Ida Hammond b. 16/5/1900 Kiama 13547/1900 (Frederick E Roberts 1920)
  10. (f) Kathleen Hammond b. 17/3/1902 Bombo 13137/1902
  11. (m) George Thomas Hammond b. 10/2/1904 Bombo
  12. (m) Henry Hammond b. 10/4/1907 Bombo 14370/1907

Living at Bombo in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Hammonds Katherine (Embleton)

b. abt 1882 d. 21/3/1972 Kembla Heights

m. George Edward Hammonds (887 Hill End-1949 Wollongong Son of Richard Hammonds & Louisa Harriett Chapman Weal * ) 1902 Sydney

  1. (m) George M Hammonds b. 1907 Lithgow
  2. (m) Norman W Hammonds b. 1916 Petersham

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Hammonds Louisa Harriet Chapman (Weal)

b. abt 1849 Waddes Sussex d. 25/8/1928 Wollongong 12327/1928 br. Wollongong General

m. Richard Hammond (13/4/1840 Cwm y ago Lydham Shropshire- )

f. John William Weal m. Louisa Chapman

  1. (f) Louisa S Hammond b. 1870 Sydney
  2. (m) John Richard Hammonds b. 1875 Hill End d. 20/1/1951 Carlton (Priscilla Cross * 1899)
  3. (m) George Edward Hammond b. 1887 Hill End d. 1949 Wollongong (Katherine Embleton * 1902)
  4. (m) William Robert Hammonds b. 1881 Hill End
  5. (m) Mark Hammonds b. 1884 Ryde
  6. (m) Charles T Hammonds b. 1887 Campbelltown
  7. (m) Abraham A Hammonds b. 1889 Campbelltown
  8. (m) Norman E Hammonds b. 1891 Helensburgh

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.Husband a miner.

Magisterial inquiry into her death:

Death of Mrs. Hammond.

The Deputy Coroner, Mr. J. Kirby J. P., held an inquiry at the Wollongong Court, on Tuesday, concerning the death of Louisa Harriett Chapman Hammond.

Catherine Hammond, wife of George Hammond, a deputy, of Kembla Heights, stated deceased had lived with them for the past ten months and previously for eighteen years. During the last three months she had been confined to her bed through infirmity. On the 11th inst, in the afternoon, witness heard a noise on the front verandah and saw deceased in her nightdress on the floor. Her throat was cut and a blood stained razor was close by.

Said 'Oh, mum whatever made you do that,' she replied 'I could not help it-' called Mr. and Mrs. Waugh, who summoned Dr. Kirkwood and the deceased was conveyed to Wollongong Hospital. Dr. Kirkwood visited her at the hospital where she improved for awhile, but on 25th inst she died.

The immediate cause of death, Dr. Kirkwood stated, was heart failure, due to senile decay, and hastened by loss of blood.

The Coroner returned a verdict in accordance with the medical testimony. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 31 August 1928 p 23

Hammonds Priscilla (Cross)

b. 1877 Berwick d. 22/9/1963 Drummoyne

m. John Richard Hammonds (abt 1876 -20/1/1951 Carlton Son of Richard Hammonds & Loiusa Harriet Chapman Weal * ) 1899 Sydney

f. Edwin Cross m. Margaret

Ship: La Hogue 1877

  1. (m) Richard E Hammonds b. 1900 Helensburgh 3856/1900
  2. (m) Cecil Hammonds b. 1901 Helensburgh 32234/1901

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a carpenter.

Hammond Sophia (Phillips)

b. 1883 Shoalhaven d. 31/7/1957 Camden

m. Alfred Hammond (21/4/1875 Campbelltown – abt 20/6/1940 Concord Son of William Hammond & Cecilia Moyse *) 3/8/1899 Kiama 6005/1899

f. William Phillips m. Rose/Rosina Greenhalgh *

  1. (f) Cecilia M Hammond b. 1900 Kiama 4190/1900
  2. (f) Violet Hammond b. 1902 Kiama 13134/1902
  3. (m) Robert Hammond b. 1904 Kiama 13152/1904
  4. (m) Alfred Hammond b. 1906 Kiama 24969/1906
  5. (f) Lily Hammond b. 1908 Kiama 15084/1908
  6. (f) Gladys Hammond b. 1912 Kiama

Living at Bombo in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Hampson Mary Ann (Burgess-Garnett)

b. 1843 Jamberoo d.

m John Hampson (Cheshire England-) 24 /8/ 1865 Sydney 711/1865

f. William Garnet Burgess m. Maria Fidden *

On the 24th instant, at the Scots Church, by special license, by the Rev. Dr. Lang, M.P., Mr. John Hampson, late of Bathurst, storekeeper, a native of Cheshire, England, to Mary Ann Burgess, daughter of Mr. William Burgess Garnet, engineer, a native of Jamberoo, Illawarra. The Sydney Morning Herald 26 August 1865

Hampton Ellen (Doran)

m. Richard Hampton 1844 Presbyterian Wollongong V18444411 74B

  1. (m) Thomas Hampton b. 1845 Church of England Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven V18453010 31A/1845
  2. (f) Mary Hampton b. 1847 Presbyterian Wollongong V1847886 49/1847
  3. (m) Richard Hampton b. 1850 Church of England Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven V1850452 35/1850

Hampton Jane /Jean (Wright)

b. abt 1822 Brise Aberdeen

m. William Hampton (abt 1821 St Lyms Kimeardine Scotland- 19/8/1872 Kiama Son of David Hampton & Elizabeth Cooper) 1844 Logiepert Forfarshire Scotland

f. David Wright m. Mary Raiver/Rawer

Ship: Stamboul 1854

  1. (f) Mary Hampton * b. abt 1845 Dunne Forfar (James Strang 1871)
  2. (f) Agnes Hampton b. abt 1846 Dunne Forfar
  3. (f) Christina Hampton b. abt 1853 Dunne Forfar
  4. (m) Henry Hampton b. abt 1855
  5. (f) Elizabeth Cooper Hampton b. 11/3/1856 Woodstock Jamberoo 5141/1856 d. 14/7/1859 Fountaindale Jamberoo
  6. (m) William Hampton b. 2/4/1858 Fountaindale Jamberoo 8025/1858 d. 1885 Shoalhaven
  7. (f) Jane Hampton b. 1/5/1860 Fountaindale Jamberoo 7790/1860 d. 22/10/1938 Kiama (John Edwards 1885)
  8. (f) Jessie Hampton b. 1864 Shoalhaven

When her husband died she was left with 6 children.

Hancock Ann (Rider/Ryder)

b. abt 1821 Huxbridge England d. 1/5/1896 br. Jamberoo Catholic

m. John Hancock (abt 1819 Bath England -25/7/1894) 1841 Church of England Dapto; WollongongV1841443 25C

Convict permission to Marry Index 1841 Wollongong

Ship: 1837 Henry Wellesley

Sentence: 7 Years

30th January 1837 ANN RYDER, THOMAS WHITE, JOHN WHITE , and WILLIAM POWELL were indicted for stealing, on the 21st of January, 4 handkerchiefs, value 3s. 6d.; 1 nightcap, value 5l.; 2 pairs of stockings, value 3s.; 1 pair of braces, value 6d.; 1 bag, value 1d.; 1 crown, and 3 shillings; the goods and monies of Charles King; and that Ryder bad been before convicted of felony.

CHARLES KING I live at Ealing, near Hayes, in Middlesex. On the night of the 21st of January I saw the two Whites and Powell at the Jolly Horse public-house—about twelve o'clock I saw Ryder and went home with her—when we went into the house she fastened the door—I put the articles stated into my pocket, which I laid in the chair, and stripped and got into bed—I expected her to follow, she did not, but she got up in five minutes and opened the door, and the three male prisoners came in—I am sure of them—two of them put their hands over my mouth and tried to stop my breath—I cannot say which two it was—Ryder was in the room at the time, and she cried, I do not know for what—she had opened the door to them—they hallooed and rapped at the door first—I got away from them and saw John White routing my pockets—I had several blows in the room—as soon as I could get my clothes on, I tried to get out—they did not stop me from getting my clothes on, but I had several hits while put-log them on—they let me put them on, and then shoved me out of doors—when I got out I found I had lost four handkerchiefs, a nightcap, two pairs of stockings, a pair of trowsers, a bag, a crown, and three shillings—was struck, but I cannot say by whom—after I came out I went back to the room and asked them for a small parcel, and they all three came out and fell upon me and struck me violently—I had two black eyes—I slipped by them and ran away—I am certain of the three men.
Ryder. When you came to my house you were quite tipsy, you had part of three half-pints of gin and half a pint of rum. Witness. I was not tipsy—I did not say I would turn you out of doors, nor break your things.
John White. He was out of doors grumbling—I asked what was the matter, and he knocked me down, and then we had three rounds. Witness. We had not—I had no chance—they all pitched into me together.
GEORGE HITCHING I am a watchman. On this Saturday evening, between twelve and one o'clock, the prosecutor came to me representing that he was robbed—about that time Powell came up—I asked the prosecutor if he was one—he said he was—I took him into custody, and he said if I would allow him to speak to the prosecutor he would tell the b——fool where his parcels were; but instead of telling him, he shoved the watch-box door back and made his escape—I called King, and we got the constable—we went to White's and took them both into custody, and afterwards retook Powell.
Powell. I was going home, and he said, “I dare say that is one of them”—he is my uncle, and he is always taking me to the cage if there is a row—when I came up, the prosecutor said, “Is not this one of them?”—he said, “I will take him”—I said, “Don't put me in here, uncle: you can take me in the morning”—he said, “That won't do for me,” and I ran home and went to bed. Witness. I am his uncle—I found him at home—I am certain he said he would tell where the bundles were.
JOHN BIRCH I am a constable. I was called, and went to Ryder's house—I found a padlock outside the door—I then went to White's house and apprehended them—the prosecutor identified them, in bed with another man—I went from there to Powell's house and found him in bed—King identitifed him directly he saw him—Powell wished to speak a few words to him and he said, “This man has not been robbed at all; if you will go to Ryder's, there are the things as he left them”—I said, “I can't get in; there is a padlock outside the door”—he said, “Go to White's, you will find the key there”—he said he heard a screaming in the house, and went to the girl's assistance, and that the prosecutor said he would set fire to set house—I went to Ryder's and found the padlock off, and the door fastened inside—White's mother was there—I said I had come for the man's clothes—Ryder said he had brought nothing into the house—I said I must go up stairs—she said, “You need not go up stairs; the man did not go up stairs”—I went, and on the stairs found the braces, which the prosecutor claims—we went back to White's, but found nothing. (Property produced and sworn to.)
Ryder. He never brought any bundle into my house, but the braces which were on the stairs—he gave me 3s. to stop the night—he said it was all the money he had.
CHARLES KING (re-examined) I did not give her any thing—I had agreed to give her 3s.—I am quite sure I took the bundle and money into the house.
James White's Defence. I never saw the man's things—when I went up the yard he was coming out of the door.
CHARLES JAMES MUKRAY I got this certificate of Ryder's former conviction from Mr. Clark's office (read)—she is the person who was convicted before your lordship in the other court.

RYDER— GUILTY . Aged 18.

Transported for seven years.

Hancock Bridget Ellen (Moore then Moran)

b. b. 25/7/1863 Dapto d. 1943 Enfield br. Rookwood Catholic

m. Thomas Moran (abt 1863 - 26/12/1889 Calderwood Son of John Moore & Mary Gorman *) 1887 Kiama

m. George Albert Hancock (- 4/4/1952 Enfield ) 1901 Junee

f. James Moore m. Mary O’Day *

  1. Ruby Elizabeth P Moran b. 6/2/1889 Tullinbar d. 1953 Petersham (William J Kelly 1912)
  2. Lela Margaret Hancock b. 1902 Junee (Albert E Lock 1943 )
  3. George James Oslington Hancock b. 1904 Junee d. 1982

DEATHS. MORAN.—At his mother's residence, on December 26, at Calderwood, THOMAS MORAN; aged 26 years, leaving a wife and one child. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 31 December 1889 p 2

HANCOCK. -The Relatives and Friends of Mr George Hancock of 24 Dean Street Enfield, Mrs R Kelly, Mr and Mrs A Lock, Mr and Mrs Ossie Hancock and Mrs L Moran and their Families are Invited to attend the funeral of his dearly beloved Wife their dear Mother, Sister and Grandmother Bridget to leave the Metropolitan Funeral Home Railway Parade Burwood This Das at 2:30 for the Catholic Cemetery Rookwood The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Thursday 26 August 1943 p 10

Hancock Elizabeth

b. abt 1792 d. 6/1/1838 Wollongong

m. Edward Hancock (1786-30/12/1847 Sydney)

Ship: Enchantress 1833

DEATH. On Saturday the 6th instant, at Wollongong, Elizabeth, wife of E. Hancock, Esq., aged forty- six years.SMH 10 January 1838

Sketch of land allotment on Habour St.

Hancock Harriett (Brown)

d. 1937 Wallsend br. Latter Day Saints Wallend

m. Luke Hancock (-1926 Wallsend Son of Henry Hancock & Hannah) 1885 Congleton Staffordshire

f. Charles Brown m. Ellen

  1. (m) Charles Thomas Hancock b. abt 1887 Stoke-on-Trent d. 1932 Maitland
  2. (m) Herbert Hancock b. d. 1896 Wallsend
  3. (m) Henry Hancock b. 1888 Lambton d. 1952 Wallsend
  4. (f) Emily E Hancock b. 1892 Wollongong 39008/1892 d. 1893 Woonona
  5. (f) Maude Hancock b. 1894 Woonona 38385/1894
  6. (f) Frances E Hancock b. 1897 Wallsend d. 1897 Wallsend
  7. (f) Helen Hancock b. 1898 West Maitland
  8. (f) Sarah Hancock b. 1900 West Wallsend (Raey)
  9. (m) William Hancock b. 1902 West Wallsend d. 1969 Wallsend
  10. (f) Harriett A Hancock b. 1904 West Maitland

Husband a miner. He was a bankrupt whilest living at Corrimal and Lambton. He also sued for compensation in 1888

Hancock Mary (Baker)

m. William R Hancock 1885 Woonona 5536/1885

  1. (m) William R Hancock b. 1886 Woonona 24606/1886

Handcock Elizabeth

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (m) William Handcock b. 1858 Kiama 8119/1858

Handforth Lilian May (Alger)

b. 1882 Wollongong 19584/1882 d. 1968 Wollongong

m. Alfred Albert Handforth (abt 1862-18/11/1943 Wollongong ) 1902 Wollongong

f. John Alger m. Sarah Bennett *

  1. (f) Charlotte Irene Handforth b. 1903 Wollongong (Charles W McGoldrick 1940)

Living at Unanderra in 1903 Electoral Roll- Cook.

Husband a labourer.

Handley Bridget (McMahon)

b. 1841 Pettigo Donegal Ireland d.

m. Edward Thomas Handley 1859 Wollongong 1859/3248

f. Patrick McMahon m. Winifred Flood *

Ship: Emma 1857

  1. (m) Frederick Handley b. 10/11/1860 West Dapto 14041/1860 d. 7/1/1862 br Old Catholic Wollongong
  2. (m) James Handley b. 26/5/1862 Wollongong 15076/1862
  3. (f) Jane Handley * b. 1864 Ulladulla (Hagberg Oberg 1882, Henry T Jones 1887)
  4. (f) Maria Handley b. 1866 Sydney

Edward Thomas Handley appeared on summons, charged with disobeying an order of the Court for the maintenance of his wife. He was sent to gaol until the order be complied with. The Sydney Morning Herald 14 January 1868

It is possible that this couple did not divorce but she may well have established another relationship which has prevented this researcher from finding her in later years.

Hanford see Craven

Hanghey see Haughly

Hangaard see Haugaard

Hanigan Amelia A

m. James E Hanigan

  1. (m) Frederick W Hanigan b. 1860 Wollongong 13804/1860

Hanks Elizabeth

b. abt 1834

f. Hanks m. Lucy

Unmarried or no father listed

Ship: Bussorah Merchant 1839

  1. (m) Unnamed Male Hanks b. 1856 Wollongong 8409/1856

Hanks Mary (Stewart)

b. abt 1816 Cavan Ireland d. 10?/3/1902 Parramatta br. St John’s Parramatta

m. James Hanks (abt 1818 Nailsworth Gloucestershire- 29/12/1898 Parramatta Son of Thomas Hanks & Phoebe) 1848 Presbyterian Sydney

  1. (m) John Hanks b. abt 1849
  2. (f) Phoebe Hanks b. 1853 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong V1853934 42A/1853 (James Thomas 1883)

HANKS. — The Friend of Mrs MARY HANKS are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, to move from her late residence, Inkerman-street, Sherwood, Parramatta. THIS WEDNESDAY, at 4.30, for St. John's Cemetery, Parramatta. The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930) Wednesday 12 March 1902 Page 12

Hanley Annie (O’Malley)

b. abt 1844 d. 3/8/1923 Helensburgh br. Helensburgh

m. William Hanley ( - 1904 Helensburgh Son of William Hanley & Johannah) 1874 Cooma 2167/1874

  1. (m) Edward Hanley b. 1875 Cooma 10079/1875
  2. (m) William Thomas Hanley b. 1879 Cooma 11789/1879
  3. (m) Arthur J Hanley b. 1882 Glebe 6099/1882
  4. (f) Maude Evellene Hanley b. 1884 Newtown 8297/1884 d. 14/2/1921
  5. (m) Sidney Hanley b. 1887 Woonona 25200/1887

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a hotelkeeper.

It is possible that her son Arthur Hanley attended Helensburgh Public School and was successful in 1898 in becoming a pupil teacher at that school.


Mrs. Hanley, who had resided at Helensburgh for the last 30 years, died on Friday last, and although it rained heavily on Sunday the funeral was well attended. The late Mrs. Hanley was 79 years of age. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Friday 10 August 1923 p 6

We regret to report the death of Mrs. Hanley, a very old and highly re spected citizen, who passed away on Friday last, at her residence, Park Street Helensburgh. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW: 1900 - 1954) Friday 10 August 1923 p 12

Hanley Jane

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (m) Henry T Hanley b. abt 1887 registered in 1936 at Wollongong 44338/1936

Hanley Margaret

She was listed as living at Shellharbour when her cousins Hannah and James Maher arrived in 1863 on the Persia.

Hanlon Alice (McCreedy then Armstrong)

b. 1842 Corramopre Donegal Ireland d. 1912 Sydney br. Waverley

m. James Bedad Armstrong (21/1/1773 Pettigo Fermanagh Ireland-19/8/ 1880 Kiama) 6/3/1866 Gerringong

m. Hugh Hanlon

f. William McCreedy m. Eliza

  1. (f) Rebecca Armstrong b. 1866 Kiama 9591/1866 
  2. (f) Edith Elizabeth Armstrong b. 1868 Kiama 10630/1868  d. 1943 (Thomas John Smith)

Alice married Hugh Hanlon, a member of a Kangaroo Valley family and lived in Sydney where she died and is buried in Waverley Cemetery. She took Edith Elizabeth to Sale in Victoria to visit her relatives where she met and married her cousin, Thomas John Smith. Thomas’ mother was Catherine McCreedy, Alice’s sister. Edith Elizabeth attended Miss Cadden’s Private School situated near the figtree near Kiama Railway Station, outside the Library and Family History Centre.

Hanlon Ann (Boyd)

b. 1839 Fermanagh Ireland d. 1929 Berry

m. Alexander Hanlon (12/11/1837 Ardragh Donegal Ireland-1/7/1915 Berry Son of John Hanlon & Isabella ) 24/5/1864 Broughton Vale

f. Adam Boyd m. Mary Whitton *

Ship: Australia 1853

  1. (m) William J W Hanlon b. 1865 Kiama 9756/1865 d. 1889 Broughton Creek
  2. (m) Adam Boyd Hanlon b. 1867 Kiama 10489/1876 d. 26/3/1890 Berry
  3. (m) Robert John Hanlon b. 1869 Kiama 12177/1869 d. 1955 Wollongong (Edith Annie Waters * 1904)
  4. (f) Elizabeth A Hanlon b. 1871 Kiama 11543/1871
  5. (m) John Alexander Hanlon b. 1874 Kiama 12759/1874 d. 1877 Shoalhaven
  6. (f) Mary Hanlon b. 1876 Shoalhaven
  7. (m) Alfred Hanlon b. 1878 Shoalhaven
  8. (f) Susanna Fletcher Hanlon b. 1881 Shoalhaven


Recently there passed home to God a ripe old saint in the person of Mrs. Ann Hanlon. She was the last survivor of the original Boyd family, which came to Australia in 1852, a family which has greatly enriched Methodism in the South and North Coasts. She was born at Fermanagh, Ireland, in 1839, and was thirteen years of age when she arrived in Australia. With her family she lived at Kiama for a number of years, and later removed to Broughton Vale. In 1864 she married Alfred Hanlon, and for two years lived on a farm quite close to her old home. Then she removed to Woodhill, where she spent the remainder of her days. There was an issue of eight children, five sons and three daughters, three sons having pre-deceased her. Her husband passed away fourteen year's before her.

She was highly respected by all for her bright personality. She was a Christian from childhood, and lived in close fellowship with her Lord till the day of her death. It was a delight to visit her; until the weakness of old- age came upon her, she was always to be found in the little sanctuary, which she loved. She was translated at the age of eighty-nine. The Methodist (Sydney, NSW : 1892 - 1954) Saturday 12 October 1929 p 19

Hanlon Edith Annie (Waters)

b. abt 1872 . 29/6/1947 Wollongong cr. Woronora

m. Robert John Hanlon (1869 Kiama- 1955 Wollongong Son of Alexander Hanlon & Ann Boyd *) 31/5/1904 Wollongong

f. John Waters m. Anna

  1. (f) Mona E Hanlon b. 1905 Wollongong
  2. (m) Ivor G Hanlon b. 1907 Wollongong
  3. (m) Alwyn M Hanlon b. 1910 Wollongong
  4. (f) Enid A Hanlon b. 1914 Wollongong

Living at Fig Tree in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

On Wednesday last, in the Wollongong Methodist Church, Mr R. J. Hanlon, of Berry, was married to Miss Edith Waters, of Figtree. Miss Olive Waters and Miss S. Hanlon acted as bridesmaids, and Mr Tindall (Berry) as best man. The Shoalhaven Telegraph (NSW : 1881 - 1937) Wednesday 6 April 1904 p 9


The sudden death occurred last Saturday of Mrs. Edith Annie Hanlon at her home, 52 Gipps st., Wollongong.

A highly respected resident of Wollongong for over 30 years, the late Mrs. Hanlon was 75 years of age.

Besides her husband, Mr. Robert John Hanlon, she is survived by two daughters, Mona and Enid (Mrs. R. E. Tripp), and two sons, Ivor and Alwyn. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 4 July 1947 p 9

Hanly Anne

b. 8/5/1876 Jamberoo 13471/1876 d. 1937 Kiama

f. Nicholas Hanley m. Johanna Downey *

Living at Dunmore in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Hanly Catherine (Walsh)

b. 1814 d. 21/1/1899 Moore Park

m. Thomas Hanly (- 11/6/1887 Redfern Son of Michael Hanly & Ellen Heffernan)

f. Patrick Walsh m. Mary D’Arcy

  1. (f) Ellen Hanly b. 1851 (James Carolan)
  2. (f) Mary Hanle b. 11/1/1853 Jamberoo Reg Kiama RC
  3. (f) Theresa Hanly b. 13/7/1854 Jamberoo (John Roche)
  4. (m) Michael Hanly b. 12/9/1855 Jamberoo reg Kiama RC
  5. (m) James Hanley b. 1/8/1857 Jamberoo bp Kiama RC 7531/1857
  6. (m) Patrick Hanly b. 18/3/1859 Jamberoo bp Kiama RC 8383/1859

Husband a farmer

Death of Mrs. Catherine Hanly.

A venerable Catholic lady, Mrs. Catherine Hanly, died on the 21st of January last at the residence of her son, Mr. J. J. Hanly,

379 Dowling-street, Moore Park. Mrs. Hanly was the wife of the late Mr. Thomas Hanly, who was well known in the Illawarra district, where he was a land owner, and who was a brother of the late Very Rev. Dean Hanly. She was also the last surviving sister of the late Venerable Arch-deacon McEncroe, and was a first cousin of the Ven. Archdeacon D'Arcy. Mr. and Mrs. Hanly were married at St. Mary's Cathedral.

About fourteen years ago they came to Sydney from Jamberoo where they had resided for many years, and Mr. Hanly died shortly afterwards. Mrs. Hanly was 84 years of ago, and had been in failing health for about two years. She was attended by the Very Rev. Dr. Carroll, V.G., from whom she received the last rites of the Church. The remains were interred at Rookwood, and the funeral was largely attended. She left four children, three of whom are married.

May she rest in peace. The Catholic Press (Sydney, NSW : 1895 - 1942) Saturday 18 February 1899 p 19

Hanly Frances M (McCaffrey)

b. abt 1840 Ireland b. 18/2/1908 St Leonards

m. Michael Hanly (-1898 Ashfield Son of Michael Hanly & Ellen Heffernan) 1859 Kiama

f. Charles McCaffrey m. Mary McGuire *

Ship: 1841 Glenswilly

  1. (f) Mary Ellen Hanly b. 24/3/1860 Jamberoo 7743/1860
  2. (m) James P Hanly b. 1861 Kiama 8223/1861
  3. (m) Charles M Hanley b. 1864 Tongarra Albion Park 9319/1864 d. 1912 Sydney

Husband a farmer

HANLY— February 18, at her residence, Avery -street, Frances Hanly, aged 68 years. The Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser (NSW : 1871 - 1912) Wednesday 26 February 1908 p 573

Hanly Anne

b. 8/5/1876 Jamberoo 13471/1876 d. 1937 Kiama

f. Nicholas Hanley m. Johanna Downey *

Living at Dunmore in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Hanly Johanna

b. 1872 Kiama d. 1/1/1932 Sydney

f. Nicholas Hanley m. Johanna Downey *

Living at Stoney Creek in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Hanley/Hanly Johanna (Downey)

b. abt 1836 d. 31/12/1901 br. Jamberoo Catholic

m. Nicholas Hanley/Hanly ( Tipperary Ireland -20/5/1906 Son of Michael Hanly & Ellen Heffernan) 1857 Kiama

f. William Downey/Boyle m. Bridget McIncroe *

  1. (f) Ellen Hanley b. 16/1/1858 Ballybeg bp Kiama RC 7985/1858
  2. (m) Michael Daniel Hanley b. 4/9/1859 Shoalhaven 8450/1859
  3. (f) Bridget Hanly b. 1861 Kiama 8201/1861
  4. (f) Mary Hanly b. 1863 Kiama 8592/1863 d. 1898 Sydney
  5. (m) James N Hanly b. 1865 Kiama 9800/1865
  6. (m) Nicholas P Hanly b. 5/4/1868 Stoney Creek 10566/1868
  7. (m) William Hanly b. 1870 Kiama 11251/1870
  8. (f) Johanna Hanly * b. 1872 Kiama 11440/1872 d. 1/1/1932 Sydney br Jamberoo
  9. (f) Catherine Hanley * b. 1874 Kiama 12647/1874 (Patrick Devery 1905)
  10. (f) Anne Hanly * b. 8/5/1876 Jamberoo 13471/1876 d. 1937 Kiama
  11. (m) Thomas Hanly b. 1878 Kiama 14784/1878

Husband a settler

IT is also with regret that we announce the death of the wife of Mr. Nicholas Hanley, of Stoney Creek which sad event occurred on the 31st December at the age of 65 years. She had been married and lived in the district about 44 years, where she was much respected by her friends and neighbours, and, in fact, by all who knew her. She had not enjoyed good health for some time, the demise was not therefore entirely unexpected, but it is mourned, nevertheless, by her husband and family, who are mostly grown up, Her remains were followed to the grave, in the Roman Catholic burying ground, Albion Park, by a large numbler of sympathsing friends, The Kiama Reporter and Illawarra Journal (NSW : 1899 - 1947) Wednesday 8 January 1902 p 2

Hanna Jane Ellen (Martin)

b. abt 1829 Clontagh Co Down Irleand d. 6/1/1891 Berry br. Bellawongarah

m. William Hanna (abt 1819 Conligh Co Down Ireland- 1902 St Leonards Son of Alexander Hanna & Ellen)

f. Samuel Martin m. Sarah

Ship: John Knox 1850

  1. (m) Alexander Hanna b. 1853 820/1853 V1853820 52
  2. (m) Samuel M Hanna b. 1856 Kiama 5282/1856
  3. (m) Adam Hanna b. 1858 Kiama 8166/1858
  4. (m) James A Hanna b. 1860 Kiama 7782/1860
  5. (m) James A Hanna b. 1861 Kiama 8301/1861
  6. (f) Mary Hanna b. 1864 Kiama 9323/1864
  7. (f) Sarah C Hanna b. 1865 Kiama 9668/1865
  8. (f) Charlotte M Hanna b. 1867 Kiama 10488/1867
  9. (m) Thomas Hanna b. 1870 Shoalhaven

Lived at Kiama then moved to Kangaroo Mount / Bellawongarah

Hanna Margaret

b. abt 1815 Bangor Co Down Ireland d. 28/5/1890 Balmain br. Rookwood

m. Andrew Hanna (abt 1815 Bangor Co Down Ireland - 1868 Kiama Son of Alexander Hanna &)

Ship: Beejapore 1853

  1. (m) David Hanna b. abt 1837 Newtonard Co Down d. 1888 Balmain
  2. (f) Ellen Hanna b. abt 1840 Newtonard Co Down d. 1919 Balmain South
  3. (f) Margaret Hanna b. abt 1842 Newtonard Co Down
  4. (f) Sarah Hanna b. abt 1844 Newtonard Co Down
  5. (f) Mary J Hanna b. abt 1847 Newtonard Co Down
  6. (m) William J Hanna b. abt 1851 Newtonard Co Down d. 1853 on voyage
  7. (f) Elizabeth Hanna b. 1853 814/1853 V1853814 52
  8. (f) Catherine A Hanna b. 1858 Kiama 8032/1858

HANNA.—May 28, at No. 60, Elliott-street, Balmain, Margaret Hanna, in her 76th year. The Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser (NSW : 1871 - 1912) Saturday 7 June 1890 p 1285

Hannaford Emmaletta (Gibson)

m. John William Hannaford 10/3/1864

f. James Gibson

  1. (m) John J W Hannaford b. 1864 Murrurundi
  2. (m) Alfred E Hannaford b. 1868 Patrick’s Plain
  3. (f) Margaret L Hannaford b. 1869 Newcastle
  4. (f) Sarah A M Hannaford b. 1871 Scone

On the 10th instant, by special license, by the Rev. Dr. Fullerton, John William Hannaford, only son of the late William Hannaford, of England, to Emmaletta, eldest daughter of Mr. James Gibson, of Wollongong. The Sydney Morning Herald 14 March 1864

Hannaford Margaret (McMinn)

b. 22/1/1865 Newcastle d. 13/7/1942 Burwood

m. Charles Newton Hannaford ( 1865 Braidwood -19/5/1960 Camden Son of Richard Hannaford & Matilda Newton) 4/12/1889 Braidwood 4034/1889

f. David McMinn m. Catherine McMurray

  1. (f) Violet M Hannaford b. 1890 Braidwood
  2. (f) Ruby K Hannaford b. 1892 Braidwood
  3. (f) Ivy Hannaford b. abt 1896
  4. (m) Heather M Hannaford b. 1897 Wollongong 8637/1897
  5. (m) Charles Richard Hannaford b. 1903 Wollongong 26652/1903 d. 1980
  6. (m) Walter N Hannaford b. 1907 Wollongong 9363/1907

Living Crown St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a publican.

Husband a mayor of Campbelltown in the 1920’s


The death of Mrs. Margaret Hannaford was briefly announced in our issue of the 17th inst., in which we stated that the death took place at a private hospital at Burwood, on Wednesday, 15th July. The deceased lady lived in the Braidwood district before her marriage to Mr. Charles Newton Hannaford, of Campbelltown.

During her residency in Campbelltown she has been one of the town and district's most noted personalities, particularly so for her untiring work for the score or more years her husband was associated with the municipal concerns of the Campbelltown Municipality. Prior to coming to Campbelltown over thirty years ago, Mrs. Hannaford with her husband carried on Hotel businesses at several South Coast towns, and it was at the “Federal” Hotel, now Hotel “Campbelltown,” that the Hannaford family first lived in this centre. Disposing of his hotel business, Mr. Hannaford took up resididence at “Tara,” on the heights of the township of Campbelltown, to retire, but being a man of great action sought municipal honours to help occupy his time. Mrs. Hannaford gave her husband that backing and help in his work, that her husband was quickly elected Deputy Mayor, and thence Mayor, which high office he held for a great number of years, and an office he relinquished only by resignation. During her years of Mayoress, the late Mrs. Hannaford was to the front of every movement for the town's benefit. Never was there a Church bazaar, concert, school of Sunday School picnic, or other function organised by an institution of repute, that Mrs. Hannaford as Mayoress, did not occupy the dias, to deliver the opening address, or to open her purse for the advancement of the town. At the time of the installation of electric light in Campbelltown, when the power house was in Cordeaux Street, Mrs. Hannaford was presented with a gold key to open the doors leading to the plant, where she made a neat speech expressing her wish that the venture of the aldermen in raising money of an enormous amount to give Campbelltown the electric light, would be appreciated by the ratepayers, and that her husband's work and the work of the aldermen would not be misplaced in the effort to advance Campbelltown. The late Mrs. Hannaford then switched on the power and officially declared the electric light a reality in Campbelltown. Mrs. Hannaford took a prominent part in the Centenary Celebrations of Campbelltown and also the Century Birthday of St. Peter's Church. With her husband she met practically every Minister in the State Parliaments during her years as Mayoress while carrying out beneficial work for the municipality.

Following her husband's retirement from Municipal affairs, the deceased lady considerably lessened municipal government activities, but then she put greater effort into such institutions as the P. and C. Assn., and as a hobby took up bowls, at which she became a leading player, and right up to the last year or so, when failing health entered her path, she played successfully and prominently with the Ladies' Bowling Club at Ashfield. Mrs. Hannaford was also ever a great lover of her home and family, and this love increased at the grandchildren arrived — never missing one day a week in which to visit them and to take them some small, or large gift, Mrs. Hannaford was spared to shower gifts on her great grandchild before illness overcame her. The funeral arrangements were carried out on Thursday, 16th July, and following a short service in St. Peter's Church, to which church she was a most regular attendant and unselfish giver, the burial of her mortal remains took place in St. Peter's Cemetery. The concourse of friends and relatives was very large, and every institution and organisation in Campbelltown was fully represented. Camden News (NSW : 1895 - 1954) Thursday 30 July 1942 p 5

Hannan Alice

b. abt 1833 Clann, Galway

f. Bryan Hannan m. Mary (living in Eckford)

Religion: Roman Catholic

Ship: Panama 1850

Irish Orphan Other: Empl. J Hanrahan, Jamberoo, £8, 1 yr.

Hannan Ann (Cunneen)

d. 1896 Paddington br. Wollongong

m. John Hannan (abt 1825-1880 Wollongong Son of Matthew Hannan & Ellen) 1855 Sydney

f. Patrick Cunneen m. Ann

  1. (f) Mary A Hannan b. 1857 V18571974 142A/1857
  2. (f) Annie Hannan * b. 1/11/1859 Wollongong 1859/14259 (Edward J Moriarty 1882 )
  3. (f) Ellen Hannan b. 19/8/ 1862 Wollongong 1862/15126
  4. (m) Patrick Hannan b. 19/3/1865 Wollongong 16882/1865
  5. (m) John Hannan b. 1869 Wollongong 19931/1869
  6. (f) Bridget Hannan b. 26/4/1872 Wollongong 19624/1872

Hannan Ellen

b. abt 1791 Co Clare Ireland d. 23/12/1872 Keelogues

m. Matthew Hannan

Ship: abt 1847

  1. (m) John Hannan b. abt 1825 d. 1880 Wollongong (Anne Cunneen* 1855)
  2. (m) Patrick Hannan b. abt 1833 Dublin Ireland d. 2/7/1910 Keelouges (Margaret O’Connor * 1870)

HANNAN. — At the residence of her son, Mr. Patrick Hannan, Keelogues, on the 23rd instant, Ellen Hannan, native of county

Clare, Ireland, aged 81 years. May she rest in peace. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 24 December 1872 p 2

Hannan Emily Catherine (McKenzie)

b. 1878 Kiama d. 1963 Windsor

m. Edward J Hannan 1916 Rockdale

f. Edward McKenzie m. Elizabeth Stokes *

Living at Manning St Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Hannan Margaret (O’Connor)

b. abt 1845 County Clare, Ireland d. 4/9/1920 br Wollongong General

m. Patrick Hannan (abt 1833 Dublin Ireland- 2/7/1910 Son of Matthew Hannan & Ellen *) 1870 Sydney 750/1870

  1. (m) John Joseph Hannan b. 25/4/1871 Kenaugh Dapto 19555/1871 d. 1948 Randwick (Catherine Gunn 1910)
  2. (f) Mary Ellen Hannan b. 6/7/1873 Lelarye 20828/1873
  3. (m) Partrick James Hannan b. 6/6/1875 Kealougs 21870/1875 d. 29/8/1898 Keelouges
  4. (m) Matthew Hannan b. 13/7/1877 Keelougs Wollongong 23113/1877 d. 28/10/1902
  5. (f) Margaret Ann Hannan b. 30/3/1879 Mt Kembla Wollongong 26077/1879
  6. (f) Agnes Bridget Hannan b. 22/11/1880 Hillogue 27574/1880 d. 12/7/1848
  7. (f) Elizabeth Maude Hannan b. 11/12/1882 Keillogues Wollongong 20968/1883

Listed as Hanman on BDM for marriage

Hannan Mary Ellen (Bryne)

m. Patrick Hannon 1887 Sydney

  1. (f) Margaret A Hannon b. 1888 Wollongong 25698/1888
  2. (m) John P Hannan b. 1891 Sydney

Living Crown St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –dressmaker. Husband a farmer.

Hannigan Mary (White)

m. George Hannigan

  1. (m) George Hannigan b. 1/9/1854 Fairy Meadow

Hanrahan Elizabeth (O’Shea/Shea)

b. 1837 Co Cork Ireland d. 4/11/1911 Gerringong br. Gerringong

m. John Hanrahan ( abt 1835 Bansha Tipperary Ireland –13/2/1913 Sydney Son of John Hanrahan & Honora Doran) 23/1/1860 Kiama 1789/1860

f. Michael O’Shea m. Eleanor

  1. (m) Jeremiah Hanrahan b. 19/10/1860 Gerringong 7963/1860 d. 29/3/1864 Gerringong
  2. (f) Ellenor Hanrahan * b. 24/7/1862 Gerringong 8532/1862 d. 17/1/1913 Gerringong (John Fitzpatrick 1890)
  3. (f) Mary Hanrahan * b. 19/7/1864 Gerringong 9393/1864 d. 30/11/1901 Gerringong (James Bourke 1887)
  4. (m) John Hanrahan b. 1866 Kiama 9554/1866 d. 23/3/1935 Kiama (Margaret Phillips * 1889)
  5. (m) Michael Hanrehan b. 10/6/1868 Gerringong 10610/1868
  6. (m) Jermiah Hanrehan b. 6/7/1870 Gerringong 11327/1870d. 27/12/1922 Kiama
  7. (f) Honorah Hanrahan * b. 27/6/1872 Gerringong 11554/1872 d. 20/9/1938 Gosford (Daniel O’Keefe 1898)
  8. (f) Elizabeth Anne Hanarahan * b. 12/10/1874 Gerringong 12758/1874 d. 26/7/1949 (William Kiley 1900)
  9. (m) Simeon Peter Hannahan b. 20/6/1878 Kiama d. 4/8/1935 Willoughby

Husband a farmer

Living at Gerringong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties


THE death took place at Gerringong on Monday last of Mrs. Elizabeth Hanrahan, wife of Mr. John Hanrahan, snr., of that place.

The deceased lady, who had reached the advanced age of 77 years, had resided almost a lifetime at Gerringong, being one of the good old pioneers of the district, and was ever respected by all who knew her. She was the mother of Mr. John Hanrahan, of this town, and sincere sympathy is felt throughout the district for those bereaved. The funeral takes place this (Wednesday) afternoon, the remains to be interred in the Gerringong cemetery. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Wednesday 6 December 1911 p 2

Hanrahan Ellen (Duggan)

b. abt 1825 Bansha Tipperary Ireland d. 13/10/1898 Kiama 14275/1898 Gerringong br. Gerringong General

m. Jeremiah Hanrahan ( abt 1832 BanshaTipperary Ireland- 18/8/1882 Gerringong Son of John Hanrahan & Honora Doran) 1857 Sydney

f. Thomas Duggan m. Mary

  1. (m) Thomas Hanrahan b. 1863 Kiama 8562/1863 d. 1935 Murwillumbah
  2. (f) Maria/Mary Hanrahan b. 3/3/1865 Gerringong 9660/1865 d. 23/3/1887 aged 22
  3. (m) Jermiah Hanrahan b. 7/4/1867 Gerringong 10441/1867 d. 9/9/1936 Tweed River

Husband a farmer.

HANRAHAN~On the 23rd March at her mother's residence , Gerringong, of consumption, maria the only daughter of daughter of Mrs Ellen Hanrahan, aged 22 years. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Friday 8 April 1887 p 2

Hanrahan Isabella (Irvine)

b. abt 1820 d. 30/6/1896 br. 1/7/1896 Roman Catholic Cemetery Burrawong

m. John Hanrahan (1815 Tipperary Ireland- 1886 “Yandemanna” Robertson) abt 1842

f. Gerard Irvine m. Charlotte Chittick *

Convict permission to Marry Index 1842 Wollongong RC

Ship: Crescent 1840

  1. (m) James Hanrahan b. 13/11/1843 Jamboroo V18431582 121A/1843
  2. (m) William J Hanrahan b. 1845 Jambaroo
  3. (f) Mary Anne Hanrahan b. 19/2/1846 Jamboroo V18462229 63/1846 d. before 1875
  4. (f) Ellen Andrigam b. 26/8/1847 Jambaroo (Henry Phillip Schmidt 1875)
  5. (m) Edward Hanrigen b. 25/1/1849 Jambaro
  6. (m) Jermemiah Hanran b. 28/8/1851 Jamboroo RC Illawarra Wollongong d. 1936 Uki
  7. (f) Margaret Hanrahan b. 20/4/ 1853 Jamberoo V18532505 70/1853 reg Kiama RC
  8. (f) Isabella Hanrahan b. 17/3/1857 Jamberoo 7431/1857 (Thomas English 1882)
  9. (f) Charlotte Elizabeth Hanarahan * b. 23/6/1860 Jamberoo bp Kiama RC 7821/1860 d. 22/2/1903 Dapto (Robert Mullin 1889)
  10. (f) Elizabeth Hanrahan b. 23/6/1860 Jamberoo 7821/1860
  11. (f) Jane C Hanrahan b. 23/6/1860 Jamberoo 7826/1860
  12. (m) John Hanrahan b. 1863 Kiama 8473/1863
  13. (m) Michael Hanrahan b. 1865 Berrima 5978/1865

Husband was born in Tipperary, Ireland 1815. Migrated to Jamberoo 1840. Alderman Kiama Council, Justice of the Peace and Magistrate. Discovered track up escarpment. Considered the first settler at Yarrawa Brush with land selected 18 February 1862. Thought to have been the first white man to find Belmore Falls. First President of Burrawang Farmers Club 1878. Died 1886. (This doesn’t seem to fit as he was a convict who was granted permission to marry, how was he a JP?)

ROBERTSON, Wednesday.

Mrs Hanrahan, widow of the late Mr. John Hanrahan, one of the pioneers of this district, died at her residence yesterday, aged 80 years. Her remains were interred to-day in the Roman Catholic Cemetery, Burrawong, the funeral cortege being the largest seen in the district for years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Thursday 2 July 1896

Hanrahan Margaret

Living at South Coast Rd Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Hanrahan Margaret (Phillips)

b. 4/4/1872 Berry bp. 2/7/1901 Albion Park RC d. 22/6/1957 br. Kiama

m. John Hanrahan (abt 1867 - 23/3/1935 Son of John Hanrahan & Eliza Shea *) 1889 Broughton Creek

f. William Phillips m. Rosina Greenhalgh *

  1. (f) Eliza Hanrahan b. 1889 Nowra 34128/1889
  2. (f) Mary Hanrahan b. 1891 Kiama 18006/1891
  3. (m) John Hanrahan b. 1892 Kiama 18548/1892
  4. (m) Thomas Hanrahan b. 1893 Broken Hill
  5. (m) Michael Hanrahan b. 1895 Kiama 13663/1895
  6. (f) Margaret Hanrahan b. 1899 Wollongong 17302/1899
  7. (m) Richard J Hanrahan

Living at South Coast Rd Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Hansen Ada Maud (Bissell)

b. abt 1877 Dorset d. 30/9/1954 Tewantin Qld br. Jandowa Qld

m. Alfred Hansen (1878 Wollongong -1962 Qld Son of Jens Hansen & Karen Johansen *) 3/4/1901 Woonona

f. Walter Charles Bissell m. Maria Anna Gardiner *

  1. (f) Doris V M Hansen b. 1902 Woonona 18399/1902
  2. (m) Charles Jens Hansen b. 1905 Annandale
  3. (m) Alfred Neils Hansen b. 1906 Annandale d. 1967 Qld
  4. (f) Karen M Hansen b. 1911 Annandale

On Wednesday, in the Church of England, Mr. A. Hansen (Corrimal), was united to Miss Bissell, daughter of Mr. W. Bissell. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW: 1900 - 1954) Saturday 6 April 1901 p 11


Mrs. Ada Maud Hansen, who passed away at Tewantin yesterday, will be buried at Jandowae this afternoon at 2.30 o'clock, the cortege being appointed to leave the Jandowae Church of England. The Dalby Herald (Qld: 1910 - 1954) Friday 1 October 1954 p 3

Husband was a police constable.

Hansen Bridget (Clancy)

b. abt 1831 Co Galway Ireland d. 4/10/1917 Jamberoo Valley br. Jamberoo General

m. Peter Hansen ( abt 1841 Alesund Norway- 26/4/1907 Jamberoo Valley Son of Hans Canuteson & Canute Nelson) 1864 Sydney

f. John Clancy m. Hannah

Ship: abt 1851 into Melbourne Vic

  1. (f) Sabina E Hansen b. 1865 Sydney 1539/1865
  2. (m) John Hans Hansen b. 1866 Sydney 1372/1866
  3. (m) Peter Andrew Hansen b. 13/2/1873 Jamberoo 12269/1873 d. 13/1/1916 Lewisham( Mary Theresa Schreiber * 1902)
  4. (f) Anna Maria Hansen b. 20/5/1875 Jamberoo 13167/1875
  5. (f) Hanorah Hansen d. 1877 Kiama 6002/1877

Living Bob’s Flat in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties.


Early on Tuesday morning, 2nd instant, there passed away at her late residence, Bob's Flat, Jamberoo, an

Old and highly respected resident of over 50 years, in the persen of Mrs. Bridget Hansen, aged 86 years, relictof the late Peter Hansen, who predeceased her some 10 years ago.

During her illness of about 6 months duration, she was devotedly nursed by her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Mary T. Hansen, assisted by Mrs. Elizabeth Brennan, Mrs. J. Higgs and other kind friends, and a few days before the end came she was visited by her three nieces, Mesdames McWilliams, Alston and Dickenson, who reside in   Sydney, and they rendered all possible assistance, and remained till the end.

Deceased and her late husband, were amongst the first tenants of the late Alick Osborne's Jamberoo Estate.

The late Mrs Hansen was a native of Ireland and arrived in Melbourne (Victoria) in 1851, remaining there for 12 months, she then came over to New South Wales and resided in Sydney for a term. She married her late husband in 1864 and they shortly afterwards removed to Jamberoo to carry on dairying pursuits, until Mr. Hansen died, after about 43 happy years of married life, during which time they both toiled hard to get their home together to enable them both to live in comfort during the late years of their lives. Their family consisted of two daughters (who pre-deceased them at an early age), and two sons who survived them, viz John Hansen, Kangaroo Valley; and the late Peter H. Hansen, Jamberoo.

Deceased was a good and affectionate mother and a kind friend. She was very hospitable, reserved in her nature and open-hearted. She worked well for her home and was ever ready to assist in any good object for the uplifting of humanity. In her quiet way she did good, her pleasant and amiable manner cementing her friends towards her, and yet notwithstanding her strong and vigorous frame, which gradually weakened as old age crept along, she has passed from this frail earth of ours to meet those who have gone before in a happier clime, where there is no more parting.

The funeral took place on Wednesday and was well attended, the chief mourners being her son John Hansen her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Mary T. Hansen, and other relatives. Rev.   Father Malone, who attended to the spiritual comforts of deceased during her illness, performed the last sad rites at the graveside in the Catholic portion of the new cemetery at, Jamberoo, where the remains were interred. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW: 1863 - 1947) Saturday 13 October 1917 p 2

Hansen Eva Amelia (Newman)

b. 1872 Sydney d. 1956 Penrith

m. John Hansen (abt 1868- 20/2/1950 Son of Jens Hansen & Karen Johansen *)1894 Ashfield

f. William Newman m. Mary Jane

  1. (m) Herbert William Hansen b. 1894 Corrimal 38382/1894
  2. (f) Gladys Violet Hansen b. 1895 Woonona 28671/1895 d. 31/5/1897 aged 1 year and 11 months
  3. (f) Mabel A Hansen b. 1898 Woonona 27231/1898
  4. (m) Harold Victor Hansen b. 26/11/1899 Corrimal 36330/1899
  5. (f) Elsie M Hansen b. 1902 Woonona
  6. (f) Ada AH Hansen b. 1903 Woonona
  7. (f) Sylvia D Hansen b. 1910 Marrickville
  8. (f) Edna M Hansen b. 1912 Woonona

Living at Corrimal in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a gardener.

Living in Tempe when her son Herbert enlisted in WW1

Hansen Florence (Cartwright)

b. 1875 Sutton d. 9/5/1926 Jandowae Qld br. Jandowae Qld

m. William Indius Hansen (1874 Qld-10/4/1963 Jandowae Qld Son of Jens Hansen & Karen Johansen *) 1899 Queanbeyan

f. James Cartwright m. Anna Jessie Cantor *

  1. (f) Ruby Vera Hansen b. 1900 Woonona 28029/1900
  2. (m) James William Hansen b. 1902 Woonona 8693/1902
  3. (f) Emily Maud Hansen b. 1905 Woonona 19315/1905

Living at Corrimal in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.

Hansen Karen (Johansen)

b. 1845 d. 9/5/1910 br. Bulli Anglican

m. Jens Hansen (1837-8/6/ 1918 )

  1. (m) John Hansen b. abt 1868 d. 20/2/1950 (Eva Amelia Newman* 1894)
  2. (m) Carl Peter Hansen b. d. 1957 Bulli
  3. (f) Emily Hansen * b. 1876 Bulli 22586/1876 d. 27/11/1947 Wollongong (Jens H Bramsen 1896)
  4. (m) Alfred Hansen b. 1878 Wollongong 24815/1878 d. 1962 Qld (Ada Maud Bissell * 1901)
  5. (f) Karen M Hansen b. 1882 Woonona 19743/1882 d. 1882 Woonona
  6. (f) Julia H Hansen b. 1883 Woonona 21225/1883
  7. (m) Niels Olav Hansen b. 1885 Woonona 23760/1885 d. 1912 Qld
  8. (m) William Indus Hansen b. 1874 Qld d. 10/4/1963 Jandowae Qld (Florence Cartwright * 1899)

Living at Corrimal in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a gardener.

Hansen Mary

Living at Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

With Peter Hansen labourer

Hansen Mary Elizabeth (Caddow)

m. Peter H Hansen ( Copenhagen Denmark- ) 1884 Sydney

  1. (m) Conrad C Hansen b. 1885 Kiama 24169/1885
  2. (f) Olga A V Hansen b. 1886 Kiama 25106/1886
  3. (m) Donald Caddow Hansen b. 1888 Sydney d. 1950 Carringbah

HANSON.-At her residence, Pioneer Factory, the wife of Mr. Peter Hansen, late of Copenhagen, Denmark, of a son The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Friday 23 January 1885 p 2

Hansen Mary E (Lucas)

m. Severni/Sevesni/Sevrin/Severn Hansen (-) 1893 Wollongong

f. Hugh m. Mary

  1. (f) Alberta M Hansen b. 1894 Woonona 38286/1894
  2. (f) Julia Maude Hansen b. 1895 Helensburgh 13358/1895 d. 1963 Newcastle (John White 1918)
  3. (f) Winifred Agnes Hansen b. 1897 Helensburgh 31866/1897 d. 1946 Quirindi (William Bush 1920)
  4. (f) Lilian G Hansen b. 1899 Helensburgh 12554/1899
  5. (f) Rita M Hansen b. 1906 Wollongong 9527/1906

Hansen Mary Theresa (Schreiber)

b. 17/11/1884 Kangaroo Valley d. 24/5/1967 Kiama

m. Peter Andrew Hansen (1873 Boles Flat Jamberoo 1874 - 13/1/1916 Lewisham Son of Peter Hansen & Bridget Clancy *) 30/6/1902 Kiama

m. Robert Graham Eccleston 1921 Sydney

f. Charles John Schrieber m. Margaret O’Dwyer *

  1. (f) Laurina Hannah Hansen b. 5/4/1903 Kiama 12906/1903 d. 1990 Bundaberg Qld (Aubrey Henry Piercy 1927)
  2. (m) Charles Edward Hansen b. 1904 Kiama 33223/1904 d. 11/9/1932 Temora
  3. (m) John Michael Hansen b. 4/1/1907 Kiama 4278/1907 d. 12/6/1980 Fairfield (Doreen Dwane 1939)
  4. (m) James Ernest Hansen b. 3/12/1908 Kiama 36674/1908 d. 12/12/1983 Kogarah (Rose C Murphy 1935)
  5. (m) Peter Lawson Hansen b. 1911 d. 19/5/1924 Campbelltown
  6. (m) Vincent Patrick Hansen b. 7/12/1912 Kiama d. 17/5/1987 Kogarah (Hilda B Downes 1935)
  7. (m) Robert Kevin Eccleston b. 1921 d. 1995
  8. (f) Jean M Eccleson
  9. (m) Anthony Joseph Eccleston

Hansford Emily Matilda (Barnes)

b. abt 1857 d. 3/1/1951 br. Gerringong General

m. Frederick James Hansford ( abt 1856-20/2/1931 Summer Hill Son of James Hansford & Mary Jane) 1888 Coolamon 6099/1888

  1. (m) Harold Arthur Hansford b. 1890 Junee d. 4/8/1922 Haberfield
  2. (f) Constance Howard Hansford b. 1897 Albury d. 1/2/1903 Gerringong

Husband was the teacher at Toolijooa via Gerringong for the period between 1900 and 1906

Living at Toolijooa in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Hanson Clara Ellen (Aston)

b. abt 1867 d. 20/8/1904 Sydney

m. Alfred Hanson 1884 Wollongong

f. Thomas Aston m. Emma

Living at Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll- Storekeeper

Hanson Hannah (Osborne)

b. 1867 Raymond Terrace d. 1937 Gordon cr. Northern Suburbs

m. Frederick Hanson 1886 Raymond Terrace

f. William Osborn m. Hannah

  1. (f) Emily Hanson b. 1887 Waterloo (Henry Hirst 1908)
  2. (m) William Hanson b. 1888 Wollongong 25662/1888
  3. (f) Nellie Hanson b. 1890 Wollongong 37863/1890
  4. (m) Frederick Hanson b. 1891 Wollongong 38501/1891
  5. (m) Albert Hanson b. 1893 Wollongong 39295/1893
  6. (f) Elsie Hanson b. 1896 Woonona 9170/1896
  7. (f) Mary Hanson b. 1898 Woonona 17580/1898 (Arthur Hirst 1920)
  8. (m) Raymond Hanson b. 1900 Waratah
  9. (f) Hannah M Hanson b. 1902 Waratah (Gordon Stark 1929)

Hanson Jane

m. Frank Hanson

  1. (f) Ellen M Hanson b. 1894 Wollongong 37821/1894

Hanson Margaret see Screen

Harband see Landrigan

Harcourt Margaret Eleanor (Woods)

b. 1850 Presbyterian Sydney; Scots Church V18501023 45A d. 1874 Brisbane Qld

m. Henry E Harcourt 7/3/1871 Sydney 1871/241

f. Robert Woods m. Margaret *

On Tuesday, 7th instant, by the Registrar-General of New South Wales, HENRY E. HARCOURT, of London, to MARGARET  ELEANOR, youngest daughter of the late ROBERT WOODS, of Wollongong, NSW. The Sydney Morning Herald 10 March 1871

Harding Catherine (Kelly)

b. abt 1860 Cork Ireland d. 15/1/1943 Gerringong br. Gerringong General

m. James Harding ( 5/6/1851 Maitland- 1/8/1925 Toolojooa Son of George Harding & Mary Connor) 5/5/1887 Kiama

  1. (m) George Harding 24/1/1888 Toolojooa d/3/1/1954 (Gertrude Kenrick )
  2. (m) William Harding b. 16/12/1889 Toolijooa d. 1/8/1944
  3. (m) Michael John Harding b. 16/11/1891 Toolojooa d. 21/11/1953 (Frances McAuliffe)
  4. (f) Elizabeth Mary Harding b. 10/9/1894 Toolojooa d. 27/8/1968 Kiama (William O Bergin)
  5. (m) James Patrick Harding b. 25/4/1896 Gerringong d. 1/8/1976 (Violet L Reeves)
  6. (f) Bridget Margaret Harding b. 8/4/1899 Toolojooa d. 30/4/1971 (James J S Quinn)
  7. (f) Catherine Frances Harding b. 29/12/1902 Toolojooa d. 29/6/1989 (William Dignam)
  8. (m) Thomas Harding b. 21/1/1904 Toolojooa d. 12/1/1921

Husband’s occupation: Dairy farmer

Harding Catherine (McCabe/McCable/McAbe)

b. abt 1835 d. 24/1/1903 br Gerringong General

m. Ashly/Ashley Harding (abt 1835 Kent - 19/2/1910 Toolijooa Son of Edward Harding &? ) 18/4/1857 Gerringong 1918/1857

  1. (m) John Edward Harding b. 5/1/1858 Geringong bp Kiama RC d. 1858 Gerringong
  2. (m) Charles Harding b. 28/11/1858 Kiama bp Kiama RC d. 30/3/1922
  3. (f) Annie Harding * b. 1861 Burwood d. 1928 Lismore (William Allen 1880)
  4. (f) Ellen Harding b. 1863 Kiama ( John Duffy 1884)
  5. (f) Mary Harding * b. 10/7/1865 Kiama bp Kiama RC d. 1945 Lismore(Joseph Sackley 1884)
  6. (f) Fanny Harding * b. 15/11/1867 Gerringong bp Kiama RC d. 1925 Camperdown (Henry Sackley 1890)
  7. (m) George Henry Harding b. 7/8/1869 Gerringong bp Kiama RC d. 24/6/1899
  8. (f) Elizabeth Harding b. 10/12/1871 Gerringong bp Kiama RC d. 1949 Paddington (Morrissey)
  9. (f) Catherine Harding b. unlisted 1874 Gerringong bp Kiama RC d. 1948 Sydney ( Walter James )
  10. (m) James Ashley Harding b. 2/2/1876 Gerringong bp Kiama RC d. 1946 Sydney (Mary E Davis)
  11. (m) Thomas Silvester Harding b. 1877 Shoalhaven
  12. (m) Richard Dennis Harding b. 1878 d. 1942 Gerringong (Elizabeth Dooley)

Living at Toolijooa in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Husband a settler /labourer

Husband became First Director of the Toolijooa Co-operative Factory in 1893.

Harding Catherine/Caroline (Sawtell)

b. 5/11/1824 Taunton, Somerset, England d. 1903 Coolomon br. Coolamon

m. John Harding (1824 Huish Episcope, Somerset, England – 31/8/1890 Junee) 1844 Taunton, Somerset, England.

f. Joshua Sawtell m. Mary Ann Laver

Ship: William & Mary 1852

  1. (m) John Harding b. 1845 High Ham, Somerset, England d. 1917 Newtown
  2. (f) Ann Harding b. 1847 Drayton, England d.
  3. (f) Mary Harding b. 1849 Drayton England d. 1851 At sea
  4. (m) Henry Harding b. 16/6/1853 Gundaroo
  5. (m) Edwin B Harding b. 1854 Wollongong
  6. (f) Fanny Harding b. 1856
  7. (m) Edwin Harding b. 1858 Wollongong 13348/1858
  8. (m) Alfred Harding b. 1860 Wollongong 13876/1860 d. 1860 Wollongong
  9. (f) Caroline Harding b. 1862 Wollongong 15080/1862
  10. (f) Clara Harding b. 1865 Goulburn

Sister Sarah Diggins, brothers Albert and Joshua Sawtell and their families all lived in the Illawarra.

Harding Margaret (Horan)

m. Frederick Harding 1860 Bathurst 1249/1860

  1. (m) Arthur Harding b. 1861 Wollongong 14417/1861

Harding Mary see Roberts

Harding Mary (Connor then Kiley)

b. abt 1814 Kings Co Ireland d. 27/5/1897 br. Gerringong General

m. Patrick Kiley (abt 1803 Ireland- 16/2/1848 ) 7/4/1845 Sydney

m. George Harding (abt 1813? Kent England- 6/10/1870 Gerringong Son of Edward Harding & ? ) 15/9/1850 East Maitland

Ship: Sir Charles Napier 1842

  1. (f) Margaret Kiley b. 20/3/1846 Crawleys Forest d. 8/4/1933 Toolijooa ( John Britain Taylor 1866)
  2. (m) Patrick Kiley b. 1848 West Maitland d. 29/3/1926 Gerringong ( Ann McIntyre *1873)
  3. (m) James Harding b. 1851 Maitland d. 1/8/1925 Toolijooa (Catherine Kelly * 1887)
  4. (m) William Harding b. 12/6/1853 Kiama reg Kiama RC V18532516 70/1853 d. 19/3/1879
  5. (m) Thomas Harding b. 10/9/1855 Kiama
  6. (f) Frances Harding * b. 10/9/1855 Kiama reg Kiama RC V18563561 72/1856 (John Kelly 1882)

Husband a settler. He was also the father of Ann Allen *http:%%//

Harding Mary (Ryan)

d. 7/10/1940 North Parramatta br. Rookwood

m. Joseph Harding ( 1881 St Leonards – Son of Joseph Harding & Mary Blinkhorn) 1895 Parramatta 7523/1895

f. John Ryan m. Ellen

  1. (m) Charles Montague Harding b. 8/4/1896 Parramatta 15423/1896 bp St Francis Xavier’s Wollongong d. 1970 Parrmatta
  2. (m) John H Harding b. 1900 Parramatta 25223/1900 d. 1900 Parramatta
  3. (f) Leola Veronica Harding b. 1901 Parramatta 34810/1901 d. 1935 Parramatta
  4. (f) Mary M Harding b. 1906 Parramatta 27606/1906
  5. (f) Phyllis J Harding b. 1912 Parramatta

Hardman Margaret Mary (Thompson)

d. 17/1/1903 Sydney br. Waverley

m. Mark Hardman ( abt 1832 Home Skirk Lanarkshire- 22/7/1877 Bowenfels) 1855 Presbyterian Newcastle V1855212 82/1855

f. Thomas Thompson m. ?

  1. (f) Jane A Hardman b. 1856 Newcastle 6261/1856 d. 1865 Penrith
  2. (f) Esther H Hardman b. 1858 Newcastle 9886/1858 d. 1859 Sydney
  3. (m) Charles N Hardman b. 1859 Sydney 567/1859
  4. (f) Elizabeth H Hardman b. 1860 Parrmatta 10282/1860
  5. (f) Mary A Hardman b. 1861 Campbelltown 6485/1861
  6. (m) Albert G Hardman b. 1863 Wollongong 14901/1863
  7. (m) Robert T Hardman b. 1864 Penrith 13550/1864
  8. (m) William T H Hardman b. 1866 Penrith 13606/1866 d. 1868 Hartley
  9. (f) Ludia Hardman b. 1868 Hartley 10333/1868
  10. (f) Margaret Mary Hardman b. 1870 Hartley 10749/1870 ( Edward G Sargeant 1891)
  11. (f) Sarah J Hardman b. 1871 Hartley 11129/1871
  12. (f) Florence Gordon Hardman b. 1872 Hartley 11198/1872
  13. (m) George Herbert Hardman b. 1874 Hartley 12161/1874 d. 1877 Hartley

Husband a blacksmith who left a wife and eight children when he died.

Hardy Agnes

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (m) George Hardy b. 1892 Woonona 39526/1892

Hardy Catherine

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (m) Joseph B Hardy b. 1893 Kiama 18627/1893

Hardy Elizabeth Emily (Kennedy)

m. William Hardy 1887 Sydney

  1. (m) William James Hardy b. 1888 Glebe d. 1958 Burwood
  2. (m) Ernest George Hardy b. 1895 Annandale
  3. (m) Alfred Arthur Hardy b. 1898 Woonona 17613/1898 d. 1970 Gosford

Hardy Mary (Molloy)

b. abt 1871 Lancashire d. 12/10/1941 Enfield

m. Thomas Hardy 1889 Woonona 5303/1889

f. James Molloy m. Mary *

Ship: Hawkesbury 1878

  1. (m) Albert T Hardy b. 1890 Wollongong
  2. (f) Ruby M Hardy b. 1893 Woonona
  3. (m) Leslie J Hardy b. 1894 Woonona
  4. (m) Arthur S Hardy b. 1896 Woonona
  5. (f) Millie Hardy b. 1898 Woonona
  6. (f) Ivy M Hardy b. 1900 Woonona
  7. (f) Vera May Hardy b. 1902 Woonona d. 10/3/1904 aged 1 year and 9 months
  8. (m) Charles R Hardy b. 1905 Woonona

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a contractor.

Mrs. Mary Hardy, a former resident of Woonona, passed away at a private hospital, Enfleld, on October 12, aged 70 years. She was formerly Miss Mary Molloy, a member of the well known Molloy family of Woonona, and was born in England, arriving in Australia at an early age. She was married to the late Thomas Hardy, who was a well known builder and contractor in the Woonona district. She was a very staunch and active member of the Woonona Baptist Church. About ten years ago she and her husband left Woonona to reside In Sydney. Three sons and one daughter survive her. They are Albert (Albion Park), Leslie (Broken Hill) and Reg (Grafton) and Ivy (Mrs. J. Cossar, Strathfleld). Three brothers and four sisters also survive her. They are James, Arthur and Hughie, of Woonona: Mrs. C. Mitchell, of Bulli: Mrs. A. Brown, Mrs. G. Buckland and Miss E. Molloy, all of Parramatta. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 17 October 1941 p 11

Hardy Mary A

m. William J Hardy

  1. (m) William J Hardy b. 1899 Wollongong 36194/1899

Hardy Sarah A

m. William Hardy

  1. (f) Marion E Hardy b. 1888 Wollongong 25742/1888

Hargrave Ann (Hargrave)

b. 28/1/1819 Leeds England d. 29/10/1885 Kirribilli br. St Thomas’ North Sydney

m. John Fletcher Hargrave ( 28/12/1815 Greenwich England – 23/2/1885 Rushcutters Bay Son of Josuah Hargrave & Sarah Lee) 1843

f. William Hardgrave m. Mary Howson

Ship: Joseph Tarrant to Melbourne and Telegraph to Sydney 1857

  1. (m) Ralph Hargrave b. 1847 Otford England d. 1888 Far East
  2. (f) Alice Hargrave d. 1902 Kirribilli (Alexander Paterson)
  3. (m) Lawrence Hargrave b. 1850 Greenwich England d. July 1915 Woollahra Piont (Margaret Johnson * 1878)
  4. (m) Gilbert Hargrave b.

Husband a barrister, district judge, politician and Supreme Court judge

Husband represented East Camden which included Illawarra in the Legislative Assembly 1859. Owned large tract of land around Coalcliff and Stanwell Park.

Hargrave Blanche Elmira (Clift)

b. 1867 Maitland d. 1951 Chatswood

m. Frank Hargrave (1857 Macaquarie St Sydney-27/2/1920 East Maitland) 1901 East Maitland

f. George Clift m. Kezia Jane Butler

  1. (m) Frank Clift Hargrave b. 1904 East Maitland

Living at Crown St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Husband a bank manager. Her father on his death left an estate worth over $21 Millon. This was to support his wife and to be equally divided between his 7 surviving children.

Hargrave Margaret Preston (Johnston)

b. abt 1851 d. 1923 East Grinstead England

m. Lawrence Hargrave ( 29/1/1850 Greenwich England- 6/7/1915 Woolahra Point Son of John Fletcher Hargrave & Ann Hargrave *) 7/9/1878 Sydney

f. David Johnston

  1. (f) Helen Hargrave b. 1879 Ruschcutters Bay ( Gray)
  2. (f) Hilda Hargrave b. 1883 ( Harold William Leslie Waller 1914)
  3. (f) Margaret Hargrave b. 1889
  4. (f) Brenda Hargrave b. 20/5/1890 Rosyln Gardens d. 20/2/1891 aged 9 months
  5. (m) Geoffrey Hargrave b. 1892 d. 1915 Gallipoli
  6. (f) Olive Hargrave b. 1893

Husband a Marine Engineer, Astronomical Observer and Inventor Husband inherited a house and land at Stanwell's Park from his father and brother. His experiments using box kites to demonstrate flight were conducted at Stanwell Park. A memorial to him was unveiled at Bald Hill on 03.08.1940.

In 1892 his only son, Geoffrey, was born, and the following year the family, consisting of four daughters, son, nurse and governess, moved to Stanwell Park to a house left to him by his brother, Ralph. The whole family left for England in February, 1899. High costs, lack of opportunity and interest in his work caused them to return to Sydney after a stay of only six months. The family, now growing up, were no longer prepared to accept the isolation of Stanwell Park

Photograph at

Hargrave/Hargreaves Matilda Frances (Taylor)

b. 6/4/1857 Kiama d. 12/8/1913 Helensburgh

m. Charles Phillip Hargrave (abt 1852 at sea - 1936 Helensburgh Son of Henry Hargrave & Bessie ) 29/7/1879 Wollongong

f. James Taylor m. Sarah Vidler *

  1. (f) Charles Phillip Hargrave b. 1880 Wollongong 27458/1880 d. 24/10/1916 Helensburgh ( Margaret Maguire 1901)
  2. (m) Arthur Edmund Hargarve b. 1881 Woonona 19042/1881 d. 17/10/1959 Bulli (Kate Rogers 1905)
  3. (m) John Edward Hargrave b. 1883 d. 1951 Newtown (Louisa Bell )
  4. (m) Henry T Hargrave b. 1883 Woonona 21246/1883 d. 12/8/1884 Woonona  
  5. (m) Wallace E Hargreaves b. 1885 Woonona 23769/1885 d. 1887 Woonona  
  6. (f) Agnes Amelia Hargreaves b. 12/3/1887 Woonona 25175/1887 d. 12/1/1932 Bulli ( John H Parker 1906)
  7. (m) Henry G Hargrave b. 1891 Woonona 38957/1891 d. 1891 Woonona  
  8. (f) Alice May Hargrave b. 1892 Woonona 39520/1892
  9. (m) Alexander E A Hargrave b. 1894 Helensburgh 16200/1894 27364/1896 d. 17/10/1917 France ( Emma M Hill 1914)
  10. (f) Maude Violet Hargarves b. 1896 Woonona d. Toowoomba Qld ( Arthur Henry Sanderson 1916)
  11. (m) Henry George Hargrave b. 1899 Woonona 8594/1899 d. 1969 Burwood (Catherine I Steele 1929)
  12. (f) May Violet Hargarve b. 1902 Woonona 18380/1902 d. 2/2/1941 Wollongong ( John T Abbott 1919)
  13. (f) Bessie Dora Hargraves * d. 1958 Wollongong (William Amos)

Living at Clifton in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.

Hargraves/Hargreaves Eliza (Mackie)

b. between 1810 and 1815 Scotland

m. Edward Hammond Hargraves (abt 1816 - 28/10/1891 Forest Lodge son of John Edward Hargraves & Harriet Eliza Crompton ) 26/12/1836

f. John Mackie m. Janet Wilson

Ship: after 1822

  1. (m) Edward John Hargraves b. 30/10/1837 Dapto d. 20/1/1905 Noraville Tuggarah Lakes
  2. (f) Eliza Harriot Hargraves b. 1841 Brisbane Water d. (Rev Archibald Shaw 1868)
  3. (f) Frances Jane Hargraves * b. 1843 (Dr William Harman Tarrant 1869)
  4. (f) Emma Hargraves b. 9/9/1848 East Gosford

On Monday last, the 26th instant, by Special License, by the Rev. Mr. M'Garvie, A.M., Mr. Edward Hammond Hargraves, third son of John Edward Hargraves, Esq, formerly Captain of the Sussex Militia, to Eliza, youngest daughter of John Mackie, Esq., George-street, Sydney. The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser Thursday 29 December 1836

On the 30th October, Mrs. E. H. Hargraves, Dapto, Wollongong, of a son. SMH 6 November 1837)

Husband was officially the “discoverer” of gold in Australia at Lewis Ponds Creek on February 12th 1851

Father owned property at Dapto which may have been the reason that they lived there - he was resident in market St Wollongong in 1841 census - he had remarried Emily Fryer Smith *

Harker Jane

Living at South Clifton in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Harley Isabell/Isabella (Smith)

b. abt 1873 Northumberland d. 17/7/1942 Woonona br. Bulli General

m. William Thomas Harley (abt 1867- 22/10/1953 Bulli Son od Samuel Harley & Mary A *) 1891 Bulli 8362/1891

f. John Urwin Smith m. Mary *

Ship: abt 1886

  1. (m) Herbert W Harley b. 1891 Woonona 38993/1891
  2. (f) Florence M Harley b. 1894 Helensburgh 16182/1894
  3. (m) Leonard A Harley b. 1897 Woonona 27845/1897
  4. (m) Reginald L Harley b. 1905 Woonona 29786/1905
  5. (m) Edwin S Harley b. 1907 Woonona 31230/1907

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.


The death occurred suddenly at her residence, Gray-st, Woonona, last Friday, of Mrs. Isabel Harley, a very widely respected resident of the town. She was born in Northumberland and came to Australia 56 years ago. She was married in Bulli 51 years ago, and her husband and four grown up sons and daughters survive her. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Friday 24 July 1942 p 6

Harley Mary Ann (Lewis)

b. abt 1825 d. 1914 Bulli

Unmarried or no father listed

m. Samuel Harley no marriage recorded

f. Richard Lewis m. Elizabeth

Ship: abt 1831

  1. Grace Harley born Lewis * b. 1861 Wollongong 14275/1861d. 1899 Helensburgh (Robert Coulthard Wales 1878)
  2. Amy Harley born Lewis b. 1865 Wollongong 16873/1865 d. 1938 New Zealand (Thomas Wishart 1885, William Henry Capon 1891)
  3. William Thomas Haley born Lewis b. 1867 Wollongong 17959/1867 d. 23/10/1953 Bulli (Isabel Smith * 1892)
  4. ? Eliza d. 1933 Sydney ( Delaney)
  5. ? (M McLean)

Husband a coal miner.

Mrs. Harley was over ninety years and had been in the State for eighty-three years.

Memorial Service, — A memorial service for the late Mrs. Harley will be held in the Woonona Presbyterian Church on Sunday evening. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 5 June 1914 p 2

HARLEY.-May 28, 1914, at her daughter's residence, Mary Ann, beloved mother of Mr. T. Harley, Mrs. A. Capon, Woonona, and Mrs. E. Delaney, 363 Dowling-street, Surry Hills, in her 91st year. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 3 June 1914 p 12

Harman Louisa E (Mettam/Mettarm)

m. William Harmon 27/12/1882 St James’ Sydney

HARMON—METTAM.—December 27th, 1882, at St. James' Church, Sydney, by the Rev. Mr. Hough, William Harmon, of Pyrmont, to Louisa E. Mettam, of Wollongong. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 16 January 1883 p 2

Harman Rose (Barnes)

m. Luisa Harman 1859 Kiama

Harnan see Hernan

Harper Agnes

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (m) John Harper b. 1858 Wollongong 13340/1858

Harper Alice Helena (Smith)

m. Robert Harper ( abt 1832 – 1875 Wollongong ) 1870 Yass

Could have remarried

  1. (f) Emma Ann Harper b. 1873 Wollongong d. 4/11/1948 Marrickville (James William Cooper 1894)
  2. (f) Eliza Jane Harper b. 1875 Wollongong

Harper Ann (Couch)

m. John Harper 1858 Eden

Harper Dorothy Adelaide Dora

b. abt 1856 d. 12/9/1940 br. Helensburgh

f. Charles Harper m. Mary *

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Dressmaker

The BROTHERS and SISTER (Mrs. CRAIG) of the late Miss DORA HARPER, of Helensburgh, desire to THANK all relatives and friends for their sincere sympathy and floral tributes, letters, cards and telegrams in their recent sad bereavementment. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 5 October 1940 p 11

Harper Eliza Catherine (Hansen)

b. 1875 Hartley d. 18/5/1958 br. Helensburgh

m. Charles W Harper ( abt 1870-23/6/1944 Son of Charles Harper & Mary * ) 1892 Helensburgh

f. Frederick Hansen m. Sarah * see Bruce

  1. (f) Christina Harper b. 1892 Helensburgh
  2. (f) Vera B Harper b. 1894 Helensburgh
  3. (m) Frederick C Harper b. 1896 Helensburgh
  4. (f) Helen Harper b. 1898 Helensburgh
  5. (m) Charles Harper b. 1903 Helensburgh
  6. (m) David Harper b. 1907 Helensburgh
  7. (f) Kathleen Harper b. 1910 Helensburgh
  8. (f) Dorothy Harper b. 1911 Helensburgh

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Harper Emily see Makin

Harper Emily (Mackenzie)

m. William J Harper 1881 Shoalhaven

  1. (m) James P Harper b. 1894 Woonona 38299/1894 d. 1934 Sydney

Harpur/Harper Johanna (Moran/Mourne)

m. George Harpur 30/1/1858 Wollongong 2895/1858

f. William Moran

  1. (f) Daughter Harper b. 1861 Kiama 8209/1861
  2. (m) William John Harper b. 22/2/1864 Shellharbour bp Kiama RC 9313/1864
  3. (m) Joseph Harper b. 17/12/1865 Shellharbour bp Kiama RC 9854/1865
  4. (f) Anne Harpur b. 28/8/1867 Shellharbor
  5. (f) Frances Agnes Harper b. 11/7/1869 Shellharbour bp Kiama RC12248/1869
  6. (m) George Harper b. 1871 Kiama 11670/1871
  7. (f) Elizabeth Harper b. 1872 Kiama 11576/1872
  8. (f) Martha Julia Harper b. 1874 Kiama 12700/1874
  9. (m) Edward Harpar b. 4/2/1876 Shellharbor
  10. (f) Margaret Florence Harpur b. 16/11/1877 Shellharbor 13970/1877
  11. (m) George Robert b. 29/8/1879 Shellharbour 15877/1879
  12. (m) Isaac Harper b. 1884 Kiama 23414/1884

Husband a labourer and farmer

By special license, at Wollongong, on the 30th ultimo, by the Rev C. Atchison, Mr George Harper, to Johanna, daughter of Mr William Moran, of Dapto. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Monday 1 February 1858 p 3

Harper Margaret (McIlwrath/McGlarth)

b. 9/11/1828 Manchester, Lancashire, England d. d. 7/4/1906 Casino

m. Neil Harper ( - 27/9/1908 Casino Son of Thomas Harper & Mary) 24/2/1857 Sea View Kiama 1918/1857

f. Daniel McIlwrath m. Jane Robinson *

  1. (f) Isabella M Harper b. 27/11/1857 Kiama
  2. (m) William R Harper b. 1859 Sydney
  3. (f) Jane R Harper b. 1860 Sydney
  4. (f) Lavinia E Harper b. 26/8/1862 Kiama
  5. (f) Alice A Harper b. 1864 Shoalhaven
  6. (f) Edith Harper b. 1866 Kiama
  7. (f) Agnes McArthur Harper b. 1868 Kiama d. 11/2/1868 Jerrara Creek
  8. (m) John H C Harper b. 26/3/1869 Kiama
  9. (f) Mabel J Harper b. 26/3/1871 Kangaroo Valley
  10. (m) Harper b. & d. 26/3/1871 Kangaroo Valley
  11. (f) Grace Harper b. 22/8/1872 Kangaroo Valley
  12. (f) Maud Mary Harper b. 25/2/1874 Kangaroo Valley

On the 24th ultimo, at Sea View, Kiama, by the Rev. Mr.   Mackie, Mr. Neil Harper, engineer, to Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr. Daniel McIllwrath, Sea View, Kiama. The Sydney Morning Herald 5 March 1857</cite>

On the 27th ultimo, at the residence of her father, Mr. Daniel M'Ilwrath, Sea View, Kiama, Mrs. Neil Harper, of a daughter. Empire 3 December 1857

On Tuesday, August 26th, at the residence of her father, Seaview, Kiama, Mrs. Harpur, of a daughter. Examiner (Kiama, NSW : 1859 - 1862) Tuesday 2 September 1862 p 2

On 11th February, at Rockvale, Jerrara Creek, Kiama, AGNES McARTHUR  HARPER, aged five weeks. AT her residence, Rock Vale, Kiama, on Friday, 26th March, the wife of Mr. NEIL HARPER, of a son. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 1 April 1869 p 2

ON Sunday, the 26th instant, at Glentorn, Kangaroo Valley, the wife of NEIL HARPER of twins, a son and a daughter – the son stillborn. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 30 March 1871 p 2

AUGUST 22nd, at her residence, Glentorn, Kangaroo Valley, the wife of NEIL HARPER of a daughter The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 29 August 1872 p 2

ON the 25th of February, at her residence, Glentorn, Kangaroo Valley, the wife of NEIL HARPER of a daughter. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 26 March 1874 p 2

She laid the foundation stone of the Presbyterian Church at Kangaroo Valley in 1878

Harper Margaret Mary (Judson/Judsen then Harris)

b. 1877 Shoalhaven 20575/1877 d. 4/4/1942 Kiama br. Jamberoo

m. Frank Harris (abt 1870 – late 1911 Kiama Son of Frank Harris & Mary Ann Watson *) 1898 Berry

m. Edward Harper 1918 Wollongong

f. Edward Judson m. Catherine Strong *

  1. (f) Myrtle Harris b. 1904 Kiama
  2. (m) William Charles Harris b. 1906 Kiama d. 4/6/1928
  3. (m) Cyril Harris b. 1907 Kiama
  4. (m) Allen Harris b. 1910 Kiama
  5. (f) Ivy Harris b. abt May 1911 d. /8/6/1911 aged 2 weeks
  6. (f) Muriel F Harris b. 1912 Kiama

Living Druewalla in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a farmer.

The death occurred at the Kiama District Hospital on Saturday last of Mrs. Margaret Mary Harper, of Jamberoo, widow of the late Edward Harper. The funeral took place at the Jamberoo cemetery on Monday afternoon. The Kiama Reporter and Illawarra Journal (NSW : 1899 - 1947) Wednesday 8 April 1942 p 4

Harper Maria (Upton)

m. William Francis Harper 1875 Wollongong 4483/1875

  1. (f) Frances Harper b. 1879 Wollongong 26099/1879
  2. (m) James A Harper b. 1882 Woonona 19687/1882

Harper Martha

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (m) Ebenezer E Harper b. 1893 Kiama 18615/1893

Harper Mary

b. abt 1803

m. James Harper ( abt 1803 NSW-)

Husband an overseer, she a convict.

In Illawarra in 1828 Census

Harper Mary

b. abt 1835 d. 1913 Helensburgh br. Helensburgh

m. Charles Harper (abt 1835 Helensburgh Scotland - 4/8/1888 Helensburgh mine)

Ship: 1857

  1. (f) Dorothy Adelaide Dora Harper * b. abt 1856 d. 1940
  2. (m) Boyd North Harper b. d. 1898 Helensburgh (Emily *)
  3. (f) Jean Harper * b. abt 1868 ( David Craig 1888 )
  4. (f) Helene Hannah Harper * d. 1939 Canterbury (Hope Fielder )
  5. (m) Charles William Harper b. 1866 Newcastle d. 23/6/1941 Helensburgh (Eliza Catherine Hansen * 1892)
  6. (m) William Harper b. 1869 Newcastle
  7. (m) David Donald Harper b. 1872 Newcastle 14399/1872 d. 19/4/1892 Pyrmont Cranes
  8. (m) Donald McKay Harper b. 1875 Waratah d. 1946 Cessnock (Tydfyl Evans 1915)
  9. (m) John Falconer Harper b. 1879 Wallsend

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Husband helped establish and was the mine manager at Camp Creek (later Helensburgh), he previously ran the Coalcliff Colliery, he died in a mine accident leaving his wife and nine children, six boys and three girls.He named to place after his daughter or for his birth place about 1886

The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Monday 22 December 1913 p 8 Family Notices

Harper Mary Ann see Jackson

Harper Mary E (Conn)

m. William Harper 1900 Helensburgh 3952/1900

Harper Mary Louise see Munro

Harper Nellie (Gill)

b. 28/2/1959 Mortdale

m. John F Harper 1904 Helensburgh

f. William Gill m. Mary Ann Fleming *

Living at Helensburgh 1903 Electoral Roll- Cashier

Harper Rachel Jane (McDonald)

d. 1971 Qld

m. James Harper 1904 Dapto

f. James McDonald m. Emma Barron

Living Bong Bong St Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Harrigan Amelia Annie (Thornton)

b. 1836 London England d. 31/8/1887 East Kangaloon br. East Kangaloon

m. James Edward Harrigan (28/5/1839 CofE Dapto/Wollongong-12/5/1929 Merewether Son of Edward Harrigan & Mary Ann Webber *) 1859 Wollongong 3245/1859

? f. William Thornton m. Harriet

  1. (m) Frederick Harrigan b. 1860 Wollongong 13804/1860
  2. (f) Mary E Harrigan b. 1861 Wollongong 14409/1861
  3. (m) Edward A Harrigan b. 1863 Wollongong 15067/1863
  4. (m) Charles Herbert Harrigan b. 1865 Berrima 6006/1865 d. 1950 Casino
  5. (m) James Henry Harrigan b. 1867 Berrima 6479/1867 d. 1949 Wollongong
  6. (m) George E Harrigan b. 1869 Wollongong 19898/1869
  7. (m) Arthur Oliver Harrigan b. 1871 Berrima 7297/1871 d. 1949 Gosford
  8. (f) Hannah Louisa Harrigan b. 1875 Berrima 7963/1875
  9. (f) Amelia L Harrigan b. 1876 Berrima 8411/1876
  10. (f) Annie Elsie Harrigan b. 1879 Burrawang 10038/1879

On Monday Mrs. E. Harrigan died, after a short illness, and was buried at East Kangaloon on Wednesday. A large number of relatives and sympathising friends attended the funeral. Bowral Free Press and Berrima District Intelligencer (NSW: 1884 - 1901) Saturday 3 September 1887 p

Harrigan Elizabeth Ann (Williamson)

b. 1858 Dapto d. 6/1/1930 Tarrawanna br. Wollongong

m. William Harrigan (22/12/1857 Spring Farm- 4/9/1948 Fairy Meadow Son of William Harrigan & Jane W Wood *) 4429/1881

f. James Williamson m. Bridget Ryan *

  1. (m) Charles Edward Harrigan b. 24/7/1882 Fairy Meadow 19614/1882
  2. (m) William John Harrigan b. 28/12/1884 Fairy Meadow 22753/1884 d. 1961
  3. (m) Herbert Ernest Harrigan b. 22/9/1885 Fairy Meadow 23609/1885 d. 1967 Wollongong
  4. (m) William Leslie Harrigan b. 28/10/1892 Fairy Meadow 39114/1892

Living at Tarrawanna in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties


The death occurred on Monday night at 8 o'clock, of Mrs. Elizabeth Harrigan, wife of Mr. William Harrigan, senr., and mother of

Charles, James, Bert and Will Harrigan, all well-known citizens held in high regard. The deceased, who was 71 years of age, was a devoted mother, and had played well her part in the progress and welfare of the community in which she resided for so many years. She was born at Dapto, being a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. James Williamson.

Forty-eight years ago she married Mr. Harrigan and since that date had resided continuously at Tarrawanna. Mrs. Harrigan took an active interest in work of the Church of England, and she will be sadly missed as a worker in this respect. The Church of England at Fern Hill will stand as a monument to her efforts, as well as of other helpers. As a neighbour she was a wonderful help in sickness or trouble. The funeral on Wednesday was a large and representative one, the remains being laid to rest in the Church of England cemetery, Wollongong, the Rev. Setchell (Corrimal) and Rev. E. Walker (Wollongong) officiated at the graveside, both paying a very high tribute to the the Christian life of the deceased. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 10 January 1930 p 15

Harrigan Jane Willison (Wood)

b. 1820 St Patrick Cork Ireland d. 16/1/1916 Tarrawanna br. Wollongong

m. Edward Harrigan (20/8/1803 Sydney -9/7/1891 Balgownie Lane Fairy Meadow Son of Teague Harrigan & Mary Wade * see Brooker ) 17/8/1854 Wollongong

f. William Willison Wood m. Eliza Marks

(sister of Elizabeth Willison Brooker * who married her husband’s half brother.)

Occupation: Teacher

  1. (f) Sarah Jane Harrigan * b. 1855 Spring Farm.d. 28/10/1893 Fairy Meadow (Charles Kevern Thorn 1884)
  2. (m) William Harrigan b. 22/12/1857 Spring Farm 12365/1857 d. 4/9/1948 Fairy Meadow (Elizabeth Ann Williamson * 1881)
  3. (f) Louisa Emily Harrigan * b. 22/3/1860 Spring Farm 13846/1860 d. 13/1/1889 Petersham (Frederick William Mayne 1884)
  4. (f) Alice Clara Harrigan * b. 5/8/1862 Spring Farm 15114/1862 d. 17/1/1956 Corrimal (Cunningham Caldwell 1885)

Living at Tarrawanna in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Jane, with her mother and younger sister, Elizabeth, arrived in Melbourne and late came to Wollongong. The Wood sisters were well-educated women and established a private school at Market Square, Wollongong. At the time of her marriage, Jane’s stepchildren were in their teens and Elizabeth was married.



Mrs. Jane Harrigan, a very old resident of this district, died at Tarrawanna this week. Deceased was the widow of Mr. Edward Harrigan of Tarrawanna. She was 90 years of age and was a descendant of an old Irish family.   She was born In Cork in 1820, and came to Australia in 1849, in the ship Duke of Bronte, with her mother and sister. Shortly after their arrival they opened a school at Market-square, Wollongong, and there are still many residents on the South Coast who received their education there. Deceased was a sister of the late Mrs Elizabeth Brooker, whose death at Gosford occurred a fortnight ago at the age of 94 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Saturday 22 January 1916

Her husband was the son of 2 convicts, he came to the district in 1818 to cut cedar on Bulli Mountain. Later settled at Fairy Meadow where he had been granted 60 acres of land. Was involved in the establishment of Fairy Meadow School in 1858, and was the prime mover behind the building of the original St. Paul's Church, Fairy Meadow, which was built on a portion of land donated by him in 1859.

Harrigan/Harragan Mary Ann (Webber)

b. 1797 d. 7/2/1854

m. Edward Harrigan (20/8/1803 Sydney -9/7/1891 Balgownie Lane Fairy Meadow Son of Teague Harrigan & Mary Wade * see Brooker) 1833 Wollongong

  1. (f) Mary Anne Harrigan b. 1835 CofE Dapto d. 7/8/1870 Fairy Meadow
  2. (f) Elizabeth Harrigan b. 11/6/1837 d. 20/12/1915 Marrickville (John Robert Spinks 1854)
  3. (m) James Edward Harrigan b. 28/5/1839 CofE Dapto/Wollongong d. 12/5/1929 Merewether (Amelia Ann Thornton * 1859, Louise Brenning)

Harrigan Sarah Matilda (Williamson)

b. 14/2/1858 Dapto d. 14/1/1942 Corrimal br. Wollongong

m. Henry James Harrigan 1888 Wollongong 5536/1888

f. James Williamson m. Bridget Ryan *

  1. (f) Annie M Harrigan b. 1889 Wollongong 24326/1889 (S A McCauley)
  2. (m) Arnold Leslie Harrigan b. 1891 Wollongong 38303/1891 d. 1964
  3. (m) James Edward Harrigan b. 1896 Woonona 9123/1896 d. 1972
  4. (f) Lilly M Harrigan b. 1898 Woonona 36157/1898 (Gates)

Living at Corrimal in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties


The death occurred at her residence, The Avenue, Corrimal, on Wednesday, of Mrs. Sarah Matilda Harrigan, after a very lengthy illness.

The deceased, who was 76 years of age, was the wife of James Harrigan and a member of one of the oldest pioneering families of this district. She was born at Dapto and since her marriage 56 years ago, had resided at Corrimal. Her husband, who was employed as miner's carpenter at the Corrimal mine retired about 8 years ago. The late Mr. and Mrs. James Williamson father and mother of the deceased were also born at Dapto.

The interment took place in the Church of England Cemetery on Thursday afternoon, the Rev. Mutton officiating at both the residence and at the graveside.

Our sympathy is extended to the bereaved husband and family, Annie (Mrs. S. A. McCauley), Lily (Mrs. Gates), Arnold and Edward.

The deceased had three great grand children, Barbara and Edward McCauley and Beverley Wayne. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Friday 16 January 1942 p 8

Harrington Jane

b. abt 1841 d. 20/4/1860

f. Harrington m. Lind

On the 20th April, Jane Harrington, aged 19 years, grand-daughter of the late Lieutenant Robert Lind, Waterloo Cottage, Crookstown, County Tyrone, Ireland. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 17 July 1860 p 2

Harrington Lucy (Jackson)

m. William Harrington 27/9/1841 Dapto

Both resident Dapto

Harrington Mary E

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (m) Thomas Harrington b. 29/12/1896 Alexandria in Sydney bp. 7/1/1897 St Francis Xavier’s 8739/1897

Harris Agnes (Alcorn)

b. 1851 Omagh Tyrone Ireland d. 1874 Bega

m. Daniel Harris 1873 Kiama 2797/1873

f. William Alcorn m. Sarah Keys *

  1. (m) John Charles Harris b. 1874 Bega d. 1875 Bega

Harris Anna /Hannah (Jolliffe)

b. 1867 Dapto d. 1956 Wollongong 35335/1956

m. Henry William Harris (1861 Windsor-1949 Port Kembla Son of James Harris & Elizabeth) 27/10/1886 St Michael's Wollongong 5662/1886

f. John Jolliffe m. Selina Plucknett *

  1. (f) Linda Violet O Harris b. 8/1/1888 Berkeley 25514/1888 d. abt 1940 Berkeley (Alf Ern Johnston 1915)
  2. (m) Ernest Herbert Harris b. 15/7/1890 Wollongong 37969/1890 (Ellen Clifford)
  3. (m) William James Harris b. 6/7/1892 Berkeley 39030/1892 (Helen Giles 1917, Ida May Summers 1921)
  4. (f) Daisy May Harris b. 27/5/1895 Lake Illawarra 28519/1895 (Basil Armstrong 1915)
  5. (m) Oliver Reginald Harris b. 28/10/1898 Wollongong 36076/1898 ( Doris)
  6. (f) Dorothy Harris ( Michael Millar)
  7. (m) Bernard D Harris b. 1904 Woonona 38665/1904 d. 1909 Woonona
  8. (m) Russell Raymond Harris b. 1/12/1906 Pt Kembla 9510/1906 (Kahia Winifred Ballantine ,Ivy Gleeson)
  9. (f) Mary Harris b. d. 1906 Woonona
  10. (f) Kathleen Harris b. 1907 Woonona d. 1907 Woonona
  11. (f) Ivy Eveline Harris b. 1908 Wollongong 42430/1908

Owned land in Russell St Balgownie c1914, passed down from John and Robert Jolliffe.

Living Port Kembla in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a labourer.

Harris Ann W /Annie

m. William H Harris

  1. (m) Charles A Harris b. 1895 Helensburgh 3985/1895
  2. (f) Edith M A Harris b. 1899 Helensburgh 21555/1899 d. 1899 Helensburgh
  3. (m) William H Harris b. 1900 Helensburgh 22613/1900
  4. (f) Amelia I Harris b. 1904 Helensburgh 22752/1904

William Harris of Helensburgh a coal miner was insolvent in 1900

Harris Anne Anastasia?

m. Joseph Harris

  1. (f) Elizabeth Harris * b. 1828 RC Sydney St Mary’s d. 1896 Wollongong (William Rose 1844)
  2. (m) Clarence H Harris b. 1831 CofE Sydney St James
  3. (m) Joseph Harris b. 1833 RC Sydney St Mary’s
  4. (f) Mary Harris b. 23/9/1838 Dapto d. 1838 br. 25/10/1838 Old Catholic Wollongong
  5. (f) Mary Harris * b. 1839 CofE Dapto/Wollongong d. 7/8/1909 Lismore (William Alexander 1858)

Harris Annie Elizabeth (Matters)

b. 1868 Richmond River d. 1931 Cardiff br. Sandgate

m. Albert Edward Harris (- 1932 Cardiff ) 1888 Waverley

f. John J Matters m. Marianne

  1. (f) Mildred M Harris b. 1889 Newcastle (Charles R Monk 1912, William H G Perkins 1929)
  2. (m) Albert Harris b. 1896 Wickham d. 1941
  3. (f) Ida F Harris b. 1901 Woonona 9149/1901 (Philip Scott 1922)
  4. (f) Alice G Harris b. 1903 Newtown (William C Chick 1926)

Harris Catherine Grace

b. 17/3/1858 Wollongong 13365/1858 d. 6/11/1929 Dapto

f. William Harris m. Mary Smith *

Living at West Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties


Dapto, Thursday. Mary Harris (91), one of the oldest residents of the district, died on Tuesday night, and, her daughter, Catherine (71), died this morning. Both were buried in the same grave yesterday afternoon. Barrier Miner (Broken Hill, NSW: 1888 - 1954) Thursday 7 November 1929

Harris Christina

m. Henry Harris

  1. (m) Charles H Harris b. 1860 Wollongong 13838/1860

Harris Eliza

b. 28/2/184? d. 29/11/1919 br. Bulli General

f. Thomas m. Sarah E

Harris Eliza Harriet (Hargraves)

b. 1812 d. 8 /12/1837 Dapto br. Pioneer Park Cemetery Wollongong

m. George Harris 1837 Sydney St Andrew’s Presbeyterian

f. John Edward Hargraves m. Harriet Eliza Crompton

On Friday the'8th inst. At Dapto, near Wollongong, the residence of her brothers, Mrs. Harris, aged 25 years, after a painful and protracted illness.The Sydney Monitor 15 December 1837

Her brother was Edward Hargraves the ‘offical’ discoverer of gold in Australia

Harris Elizabeth (Brown)

b. abt 1837 d. April 1880 Wollongong

m. Wife of the late Captain Harris. 43 years.

f. John Brown m. Elizabeth

HARRIS.—At the residence of her brother, Illawarra Hotel, Dapto, Elizabeth Harris, wife of the late Captain Harris, of Sydney, aged 43 years. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 20 April 1880 p 2

Harris Elizabeth

m. Henry Harris

  1. (m) Russell S Harris b. 1888 Kiama 26311/1888
  2. (m) Oscar Harris b. 1889 Kiama 25129/1889
  3. (m) Roy Leslie Harris b. 1892 Gerringong 18565/1892 d. 1944 Newtown

Husband a cattle dealer in Gerringong. Moved to Penrith 1905

Living at Gerringong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Harris Ellen (Allonby)

m. Charles E Harris 1901 Helensburgh 9330/1901

f. John Allonby m. Mary Ann Knaggs or Woollen

  1. (m) John A Harris b. 1901 Helensburgh

Harris Ellen (Darby)

m. Ponsonby (Personbee) Harris

  1. (f) Anne Harris b. 30/10/1860 Shellharbour bp Kiama RC reg Sydney
  2. (f) Elizabeth Harriss * b. 4/7/1868 Broughton Creek d. 27/10/1923 Goulburn (Archibald Boyle 1894)

Husband a farmer

Harris Emily Jane (Campbell)

b. 3/7/1859 Princes Street Sydney d. 23/8/1929 Bulli br. Wollongong general

m. Russell Dowling Harris (5/7/1858 Wooloomooloo -23/6/1909 Wollongong Son of William Harris & Mary Ann McCash ) 17/1/1880 Waterloo

f. Charles William Campbell m. Ann Jane McAuley *

  1. (f) Emily Jane Harris b. 1881 Sydney (Charles Anderson 1902)
  2. (m) Charles Russell Harris b 27/6/1883 Mount Pleasant 21096/1883 d. 1956 Thirroul ( Mary Flanagan 1905)
  3. (m) James W Harris b. 1887 Wollongong 24839/1887
  4. (f) Emily May Harris b. 1885 Wollongong 23522/1885 (John Barwise 1906)
  5. (m) David H Harris b. 1893 Wollongong 39178/1893
  6. (f) Jessie M Harris b. 1891 Wollongong 38398/1891
  7. (m) Robert A Harris b. 1889 Wollongong 24332/1889
  8. (f) Evelyn F Harris b. 1897 Woonona 18049/1897 (William H Walker 1915)
  9. (m) John H Harris b. 1895 Woonona 9224/1895 (Edith M Milburn 1913)
  10. (f) Josephine Harris b. 1899 Woonona 8585/1899 (Arthur Bray 1917)
  11. (f) Elizabeth A Harris b. 1901 Woonona 28297/1901 ( David O Simpson 1921)

Living Balgownie in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

The death of her husband’s parents in a `flu epidemic lead the family to move to the Bulli area in search of work.

As briefly mentioned in last issue, one of Balgownie's oldest residents, Mrs. Emily Jane Harris, aged 70 years, died last Friday. The late Mrs. Harris was a member of the well-known Campbell family and had resided in the district for many years. Her husband predeceased her some fifteen years ago. The family is a large one with five sons, Charlie, Dave, Robert, Jack and Jim, and four daughters, May (Mrs. Barwise), Polly (Mrs. Anderson), Josephine (Mrs. Bray, Sydney), Evelyn (Mrs. Walker). After the war, the late Mrs. Harris took up residence with her son Bob, in Balmoral street. She had been ailing for some time but the end came very suddenly.

Mrs. McDonald and Mrs. A. Masters, senior, are sisters of the deceased and Messrs Charlie, Alf and Alec Campbell, brothers.

The funeral took place on Saturday, and was a large and very representative one. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 30 August 1929 p 25

Harriss Emily Margaret

b. 1874 Shoalhaven d. 1952 Marshall Mount

f. John George Harriss m. Emily Margaret Blayney *

Living at Marshall Mount in 1903 Electoral Roll Domestic duties

Harriss Emily Margaret (Blayney)

b. 1843 CofE Illawarra Jervis Bay d. 19/8/1923 Nowra br. Albion Park

m. John George Harriss (abt 1839- 12/5/1839 London England- 25/6/1908 Marshall Mount) 1864 Shoalhaven

f. William Blayney m. Elizabeth Betty Crawford *

  1. (m) James Harris b. 1864 Shoalhaven
  2. (m) William Harris b. 1866 Shoalhaven
  3. (f) Elizabeth Harris b. 1868 Shoalhaven (Robert Bruce 1888)
  4. (f) Sophia M Harris b. 1870 Shoalhaven (John Bryce 1890)
  5. (m) John George Harris b. abt 1872 d. 1953 Marshall Mount (Violet Caldwell)
  6. (f) Susanna Harris b. 1877 Shoalhaven (James Stevenson 1904)
  7. (f) Emily Margaret Harriss * b. 1874 Shoalhaven d. 1/6/1952
  8. (m) Henry Charles Harriss b. 1879 Shoalhaven

Living at Marshall Mount in 1903 Electoral Roll Domestic duties

Harris Emma

b. abt 1866 d. 30/5/1941 Coledale br. Clifton

m. Samuel Harris (abt 1865 – 10/11/1924 Son of John Harris & Mary )

f. James

  1. (f) Ethel T Harris (James Boyd 1911)
  2. (f) Betsy Harris b. d. (Thomas Bath 1912)
  3. (f) Ellen Harris d. 15/1/1939 Bulli
  4. (f) Ruth Harris b. 1893 Woonona 39745/1893
  5. (m) John Harris b. 1891 Woonona 38950/1891 d. 1959 Bulli
  6. (f) Ruth A Harris b. 1893 Woonona 39745/1892
  7. (m) William Baguley Harris b. 1895 Scarborough 32974/1895 d. 31/8/1972 Bulli
  8. (m) Henry James B Harris b. 1894 Woonona 38366/1894 d. 1966 Bulli
  9. (m) Samuel Harris b. 1898 Woonona 36158/1898
  10. (m) Lional Bonsall Harris b. 1901 Woonona 9142/1901 d. 1982 NSW
  11. (m) Leslie Harris

Living South Clifton in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a miner.

A Respected resident of Goodrich street, Scarborough, Mrs. Emma Harris, passed away at Coledale Hospital, on May 30th. She was 75 years of age and was the relict of the late Samuel Harris. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW: 1900 - 1954) Friday 6 June 1941 p 13

Harris Emma (Bryen)

m. George Harris 1891 Kiama 4651/1891

Harris Ethel Mary

b. 17/5/1878 Wollongong 24735/1878

f. William Harris m. Mary Smith *

Living at West Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Harris Euphemia Ann (Morris/Norris)

b. 30/6/1876 Jamberoo d. 8/9/1952 Singleton

m. Thomas James Harris ( 7/5/1874 Jamberoo – 14/10/1920 Singleton Son of Frank Harris & Mary Ann Watson *) 23/5/1895 Jamberoo 3274/1895

f. John Thomas Norris m. Ann Sproule *

  1. (f) Pearl Harris b. 1895 Kiama 33334/1895 (Robert Heuston 1921)
  2. (f) Marjorie Harris b. 1897 Albion Park 777/1897 (Harry K Bates 1918)
  3. (m) Claude E Harris b. 1898 Albion Park 28155/1898
  4. (m) Vivian J Harris b. 1900 Albion Park 764/1900
  5. (f) Vera M Harris b. 1902 Albion Park 29083/1902 (Walter Hedges 1929)
  6. (m) Eric T Harris b. 1904 Albion Park 29612/1904
  7. (m) Lyle Samuel Harris b. 1906 Albion Park 20943/1906
  8. (f) Myra T Harris b. 1908 Singleton d. (Wallace Caslick 1928)
  9. (m) Hedley Harris b. 1912 Singleton
  10. (m) Athol A Harris b. 1914 Singleton
  11. (f) Beryl Euphemia Ann Harris b. 1917 Singleton ( Allan J West 1941)

Living at Calderwood in 1903 Electoral Roll Domestic duties. Husband a farmer.


Mrs. Euphemia Ann Harris, an old resident of the Singleton district died in Dangar Cottage Hospital, aged 76. Her husband, Thomas James Harris, died in 1920. She is survived by five daughters and six sons, 52 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren. The family comprises Mesdames R. Heuston (Scott's Flat), H. K. Bates (Whittingham), W. E. Hedges (Gouldsville), W. H. Caslick (Long Point), A. J. West (Mayfield), Sergeant Claude Harris (Maitland), Vivian and Eric (Singleton), Samuel (Scott's Flat), Hedley (Rothbury), and Athol (Singleton). The funeral was to the Methodist Cemetery, Sedgefield. Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate (NSW : 1876 - 1954) Wednesday 17 September 1952 p 5

Harris Fanny/Frances (Harrington)

b. abt 1829 London Middlesex?

m. William H Harris 1849 CofE Dapto; Wollongong

Ship: Steadfast 1849?

  1. (m) Frederick Harris b. 17/11/1856 Wollongong V18562057 121A/1856

Husband cook on a steamer

Harris Florence Louisa (Hay)

b. abt 1876 Qld d. 12/9/1914 Wollongong br. Wollongong general

m. John Harris (abt 1864 -9/9/1935 ) 1904 Qld

f. Edward Hay m. Margaret


Widespread sympathy was expressed here on Saturday when it became known that Mrs. Harris, wife of Mr. Jolm Harris, of Port Kembla, had died at a private hospital in Wollongong. The deceased was but 35 years of age, and as she had taken an active interest in many Port Kembla matters, she was very widely known. Members of the Port Kembla Band headed the lengthy funeral cortiire on Monday while the residents of the Port were also largely represented. Deceased was a native of North Queensland. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW: 1900 - 1954) Friday 18 September 1914 p 11

Harris/ Harriss Frances (Boundy/Bandy)

m. William Harris

  1. (f) Ann Maria Harriss b. 22/2/1858 Dapto 13343/1858
  2. (f) Elizabeth Ann Harriss b. 17/6/1859 Mount Keira 14158/1859

Harris Hannah see Anna

Harris Isabella

m. William Harris

  1. (m) Josiah Harris b. 1857 Kiama 7441/1857

Harris Isabella P

m. William Harris

  1. (f) Ada Harris b. 1886 Wollongong 24431/1886

Harris Jane

b. 20/7/1865 d. 15/10/1950 Auckland New Zealand

m. Rev Michael Bawden Harris (10/7/1856 Truro Cornwall- 29/6/1943 Avondale Auckland New Zealand ) 10/7/1884 Adelaide SA

  1. (f) Harris

Living at the Manse Gerringong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Husband a minister of religion.

The Rev. Michael Harris, Congregational minister at Gerringong for the past two or three years, has received a call from the North Ipswich Church, Queensland. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Thursday 12 May 1904

A rather confused report said they were in North Ipswich New Zealand. This is the move date from Queensland to NZ.

Harris Jane (Andrews)

m. John J Harris 1889 Woonona 5299/1889

  1. (m) Thomas John Harris b. 1890 Woonona 38545/1890 d. 1966 St Leonards
  2. (m) Francis Harris b. 1892 Woonona 39539/1892 d. 1944 Hurstville

Possible further children born at Picton.

Harris Janet

m. John Thomas William Harris

  1. (f) Lilian Isabell Harris b. 1889 Woonona 24625/1889 d. 1980 NSW ( Cecil M Caro 1915)

Harris Jessie (Leitch)

b. 1884 Minmi d. 1963 Rockdale

m. Timothy Harris ( -1943 Campbelltown Son of Timothy Harris & Amelia) 1901 Sydney

f. John Leitch m. Jessie

  1. (f) Irene E J G Harris b. 1902 Helensburgh 3608/1902
  2. (f) Amelia P Harris b. 1903 East Maitland d. 1903 East Maitland
  3. (m) Timothy Harris b. 1904 East Maitland d. 1969 Camden

Harris Louisa (Ulrick)

b. 1863 Kangaroo Valley d. 15/3/1940 Lismore br. Bangalow

m. Thomas Harris ( -abt 1930 Ewingsdale )

f. Adam Ulrick m. Elizabeth Lehr *

  1. (f) Louisa H Harris b. 1889 Broughton Creek
  2. (m) Thomas Harris b. 1891 Berry
  3. (f) Mabel R Harris b. 1892 Kiama 18526/1892 (Harry Gill 1916)
  4. (f) Rebecca P Harris b. 1894 Berry d. 1895 Berry
  5. (m) Eric Harris b. 1903 Berry

Harris Lucy Shorland (Wilmington)

b. d. 1908 Burwood

m. Charles H W Harris 6/4/1853 Wollongong CofE Dapto; Wollongong

f. William Wilmington m. Sarah Shorland

  1. (f) Agnes P Harris 1857 St Leonards 3924/1857
  2. (f) Ellen E Harris 1859 St Leonards 4075/1859

At Wollongong, on the 6th instant. Charles H. W. Harris, Esq., of St. Leonards North Shore, to Lucy, youngest daughter of Wm. Wilmington, Esq of Sydney. Bell’s Life in Sydney and Sporting Reviewer 16 April 1853

Harris Margaret

m. William Harris

  1. (f) Mabel E Harris b. 1890 Wollongong 37876/1890

Harris Margaret (Gallagher)

d. 10/1/1884 Bulli Mine br. Corrimal catholic

m. Thomas Harris ( abt 1843- 23/3/1887 Bulli Mine) 1862 Wollongong 3253/1862

  1. (m) John Harris b. 1863 Wollongong 15005/1863
  2. (f) Mary Harris b. 29/9/1864 Bulli 16576/1864
  3. (f) Susan Harris b. 17/9/1866 Bulli 16695/1866
  4. (m) Thomas H Harris b. 27/9/1868 Bulli 18243/1868 d. 23/3/1887 Bulli Mine
  5. (m) Francis Henry Harris b. 19/10/1870 Bulli 19071/1870 d. 23/3/1887 Bulli Mine

She died before she lost her husband and two sons in the Bulli Mine Disaster

Harris Margaret Mary see Harper

Harris Maria (Stewart)

b. 25/2/1864 Belfast Ireland d. 12/2/1939 Broke br. Whittingham

m. Edward Harris (1859 - 26/3/1932 Kiama Son of Frank Harris & Mary Ann Watson * ) 27/7/1886 Jamberoo 5760/1886

f. Robert Henry Stewart m. Margaret

Ship: 1882

  1. (m) Leonard Harris b. 1887 Kiama 25656/1887d. 1958 Lismore
  2. (f) Ethel Harris b. 1888 Kiama 26343/1888 ( William H C Pike 1912)
  3. (f) Aileen Harris b. 1890 Kiama 17795/1890 ( Rowland M Allsop 1913, Whitney G Haggarty 1922) )
  4. (m) Roy Harris b. 1891 Jamberoo 18073/1891 d. 1973 Raymond Terrace
  5. (m) William Leslie Harris b. 1893 Kiama18749/1893 d. 1981 NSW
  6. (m) Edward Harold Harris b. 1892 Albion Park 18595/1892 d. 1965 Hamilton
  7. (f) Ivy Harris b. 1895 Wollongong 28558/1895 ( Walter R Pike 1915)
  8. (m) Albert Harris b. 1896 Albion Park 28224/1896
  9. (f) Grace Harris b. 1897 Albion Park 28795/1897 ( Bruce S Burgmann 1920)
  10. (m) Robert H Harris b. 1899 Moss Vale
  11. (f) Elizabeth M Harris b. 1900 Muswellbrook ( Leslie S Burns 1926)
  12. (f) Elsie W Harris b. 1902 Camden ( Frank H C Kent 1929)
  13. (m) Cecil G J Harris b. 1904 Camden
  14. (f) Olga M Harris b. 1906 Camden ( Jack A Pankhurst 1929)


Mrs Maria Harris, relict of the late Edward Harris, died yesterday at the residence of a daughter, Mrs B. S. Burgmann, Broke, and many friends will regret her passing and express sympathy to the bereaved lamiiy. The deceased, who was born at Belfast, Ireland, came to this country when 18 years of age and settled on the South Coast, where she married. She had lived in the Hunter District for 25 years, and her husband predeceased her by some years. Deceased is survived by a family of seven sons and seven daughters, viz., Messrs Leonard (Old Bonalbo), Roy (Newcastle), Edward (Newcastle), William Leslie (Clydes dale), Albert (Bulga), Robert (Syd ney), Cecil (Singleton), Mesdames W. H. Pike (Bulga), W. G. Haggarty (Old Bonalbo?> W. R. Pike (Syd ney), B. S. Burgmann (Broke), L. S. Burns (Scott's Flat), P. H. C. Kent (Clydesdale), and J. A. Pankhurst (Singleton). The funeral, which was conducted by Mr H. Roberts, left All Saints' Church at 3.30 this after noon for the Church of England cemetery, Whittingham. The late Mrs Harris was a devoted wife and mother, and was typical of those grand women whose courage, energy, and personality made sacred the name of pioneer. With such a large family, she led a busy life, but found time to indulge in her hobby of gardening, a love of which she imparted to her children. She was a skilful knitter, and during the war years contributed in no small measure to the comforts of the soldiers overseas. Three sons, Roy, Edward, and William served in the Great War. Singleton Argus (NSW : 1880 - 1954) Monday 13 February 1939 p 2 Article

Harriss Marion

Living Port Kembla in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. With James a labourer.

Harriss Marion (Mathis)

b. abt 1854 d. 9/4/1930 Wollongbar br. Alstonville

m. James Harriss 1885 Shoalhaven

f. Malcolm Mathis m. Ann

  1. (f) Annie Harriss b. 1886 Shoalhaven
  2. (u) Unnamed Harris d. 1887 Shoalhaven
  3. (m) John George Harriss b. 1890 Nowra d. 1953 Ballina
  4. (f) Emily M Harris b. 1893 Berry (Samuel J Robb 1920)
  5. (f) Elizabeth Harris b. 1893 Berry d. 1893 Berry
  6. (f) Marion Harris b. 1896 Berry

Living at Minnamurra St Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Husband a labourer.


The death occurred at her daughter's residence at Wollongbar yesterday of Mrs. Marion Harriss, who had lived in the district some years. She was 76 years of age, and had been residing with her daughter Mrs. S. J. Robb, from whose home the funeral will leave to-day for the Alstonville caemetery, arriving at the cemetery, about 12.30. Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954) Thursday 10 April 1930 p 6

Harris Mary (Hannon)

m. John Harris 18/7/1856 Wollongong 2168/1856

Both resident of Wollongong

  1. (m) Robert Narenus Harris b. 28/7/1857 Wollongong 12271/1857
  2. (f) Anne Harris b. 5/12/1859 Wollongong 13775/1860
  3. (m) John Harris b. 11/1/1862 Wollongong 14965/1862

Husband a shoemaker

Harris Mary (Kelly alias Regan)

b. abt 1821 Carlow Ireland d. April 1854 br. Upper Numba Shoalhaven (Not recorded but is in Bernard Brown’s diary that she died and he attended her funeral)

m. 1845 Daniel Harris (1817-1899) 21/1/1945 Wollongong School House

Convict permission to Marry Index 1845 Wollongong

Ship: Whitby 1839

Sentence: 7 Years

Tried: 1838 Dublin City

Prior Convictions: 6 mths, 6 mths

Crime: stealing wearing apparel

  1. (m) John Harris b. 6/5/1845 Wollongong
  2. (m) Daniel Harris b. 9/1/1847 Shoalhaven
  3. (m) George Harris b. 11/1//1848 Shoalhaven
  4. (m) Charles Harris b. 19/5/1850 Shoalhaven
  5. (m) Thomas 23/12/1851 Shoalhaven
  6. (f) Sarah 1/7/1853 Shoalhaven d. 1926 (Thomas Edward Pepper)

(Allan T Harris 361 Felton Road Pittsworth Qld 4356)

Harris Mary (Smith)

b. 23/1/1838 Military Stockade Figtree d. 5/11/1929 Dapto

m. William Harris (abt 1834-3/11/1917 West Dapto Son of Joseph Harris & Anastasia) 1857 St. Luke's CofE Brownsville 2831/1857

f. James Smith m. Mary Gamble/Gambee *

  1. (f) Catherine Grace Harris * b. 17/3/1858 Wollongong 13365/1858 d. 6/11/1929 Dapto
  2. (m) James Harris b. 1/10/1859 Wollongong 14246/1859 d. after 1911 Armidale?
  3. (m) George Harris b. 8/9/1861 Wollongong 14455/1861
  4. (m) Alfred Edward Harris b. 4/12/ 1863 Wollongong 16396/1864
  5. (m) William H Harris b. 20/3/1866 Wollongong 16560/1866
  6. (m) Henry Harris b. 13/3/1868 Wollongong 18112/1868
  7. (f) Amy Jane Harris * b. 24/11/1870 Wollongong d. 11/1/1939 Corstorphine Brownlow Hill ( John Alexander Porter 1892)
  8. (m) Walter T Harris b. 27/2/1873 Wollongong
  9. (m) Herbert Harris b. 9/9/1875 Wollongong 21917/1875
  10. (f) Ethel Mary Harris * b. 17/5/1878 Wollongong 24735/1878

Living at West Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties


Dapto, Thursday. Mary Harris (91), one of the oldest residents of the district, died on Tuesday night, and, her daughter, Catherine (71), died this morning. Both were buried in the same grave yesterday afternoon. Barrier Miner (Broken Hill, NSW: 1888 - 1954) Thursday 7 November 1929

Harris Mary A (D’Arcy)

m. Henry Harris

  1. (m) Joseph Harris b. 29/6/1855 Dapto
  2. (m) Henry Harris b. 20/2/1857 Dapto 2036/1857 2036 VOL 121A
  3. (m) William Albert Harriss b. 1/2/1858 Dapto 2107/1858 2107 VOL 121A
  4. (f) Frances Harris b. 10/3/1860 West Dapto 2170/1860 V18602170 121A
  5. (m) Charles Harris b. 2/1/1862 West Dapto 2248/1862 2248 VOL 121A d. 1942 Cessnock
  6. (f) Mary Ann Harris b. 10/9/1863 Dapto 2302/1863 V18632302 121A
  7. (f) Sarah Jane Harris b. 17/4/1865 Dapto 2373/1865 V18652373 121A
  8. (m) Albert Lawrence Harrett b. 30/12/1869 Dapto 2483/1869 V18692483 121A d. 1946 Granville

Harris Mary Ann (Snell)

b. 15/3/1865 Hunters Hill 14827/1865 d. 14/4/1954 ‘Wybalena’ Jamberoo br. Jamberoo General

m. George Harris (6/3/1863 Braidwood - 31/1/1945 ‘Druwalla’ Jamberoo Son of Frank Harris & Mary Ann Watson *) 1886 Jamberoo 5767/1886

f. John Snell m. Ann Brown

  1. (f) Violet May Harris b. 2/4/1889 Jamberoo 25131/1889 d. 1969 Kiama (Arthur Ward 1908)
  2. (f) Mabel Daisy Harris b. 10/12/1892 Jamberoo 18400/1892 d. 24/11/1982 Canberra (Robert S Wood 1913)
  3. (f) Bernice Oriole Harris b. 27/7/1894 Jamberoo 17647/1894 (Robert S Wood 1913)
  4. (f) Dorothy Alma Harris b. 16/9/1896 Hunter’s Hill d. 25/7/1980 Gymea ( Reuben Bishop 1916)
  5. (m) Reginald George Harris b. 12/7/1899 Jamberoo d. 16/11/1978 Carlton

Lived for years at Singleton but returned to Jamberoo about 1914

Harris Mary Anne (Roger)

m. Daniel Harris

  1. (f) Sarah Harris b. 1/7/1853 Shoalhaven reg Kiama RC

Harris Mary Ann (Watson)

b. 20/3/1836 Bourne Lincolnshire d. 12/11/1896 Jamberoo br. Jamberoo

m. Frank Harris ( 1836 Cartle Bytham Licolnshire - 12/10/1923 Jamberoo Son of Edward Harris & Susannah Rick) 30/10/1856 Free Presbyterian Church Kiama 1510/1856

f. John Watson m. Elizabeth Teate *

Ship: Ellenborough 1854

  1. (m) John William Harris b. 1858 Kiama 7996/1858 d. 27/7/1934 Jamberoo (Mary Ann Watson *1881)
  2. (m) William Harris b. 27/2/1858 Jamberoo
  3. (m) Edward Harris b. 28/10/1859 Jamberoo 8496/1859 d. 26/3/1932 Jamberoo (Maria Stewart *1886)
  4. (m) George Harris b. 6/3/1863 Braidwood d. 31/1/1945 Kiama (Mary Ann Snell *1886)
  5. (f) Elizabeth Susannah Harris b. 1865 d. 1/5/1867 Jamberoo
  6. (f) Mary Ann Harris b. 5/10/1867 Jamberoo 10569/1867 d. 3/11/1954 Lismore (William Snell 1887 ) 1899)
  7. (m) Frank Harris b. 24/3/1870 Jamberoo 11262/1870 d. 31/12/1912 Jamberoo (Margaret Mary Judsen * 1898)
  8. (f) Eliza Jane Harris b. 7/11/1871 Kiama 11771/1871 d. 12/6/1949 Jamberoo (George S Vidler 1893 )
  9. (m) Thomas James Harris b. 7/5/1874 Jamberoo 12673/1874 d. 14/10/1920 Singleton ( Euphemia Ann Norris *1895)
  10. (f) Elizabeth Priscilla Harris * b. 3/3/1877 Jamberoo 13878/1877 d. 20/6/1958 Kempsey (James Ward 1899)
  11. (m) Horace Samuel Harris b. 3/5/1879 Jamberoo 15819/1879 d. 12/2/1899 Kiama

Living Druewalla in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Husband a Dairy farmer then Storekeeper They travelled to Australia together on the same ship but did not marry until 2 years after arrival.

Harris Mary Ann (Watson)

b. 1857 Kiama d. 31/5/1945 br. Jamberoo General

m. John William Harris (1858 Kiama - 27/7/1934 Kiama Son of Frank Harris & Mary Ann Watson * ) 1881 Wollongong 4431/1881

f. John Watson m. Sarah Ann Turner *

  1. (m) John Lindsay Harris b. 1886 Lismore d. 15/4/1943 Kiama (Olivia M Jorgensen)
  2. (m) Herbert G Harris b. 1883 Lismore
  3. (f) Rose L M Harris b. 1885 Lismore (John H Jones 1905)
  4. (m) Ernest Harris b. 1893 Kiama 18756/1893 d. 1968 Kiama

Moved back to Jamberoo where her father-in-law died in 1911- she and her husband were first cousins.

Harris Mary Drucilla (Edwards)

b. abt 1859 d. 21/9/1935 Brisbane Qld

m. Arthur Harris (abt 1856 - 19/8/1937 Brisbane Son of Henry Harris & Mar ) 8/4/1885 Fairy Meadow 5467/1885

f. Frederick William Edwards m. Mary Ann *

  1. (f) Edith M Harris b. 1886 Wollongong 24478/1886
  2. (m) Frederick A Harris b. 1888 Paddington d. 1889 Paddington
  3. (m) Arthur R Harris b. 1892 Paddington d. 1893 Paddington
  4. (f) Stella Millicent Harris b. 1894 Paddington d. 1975 NSW
  5. (m) Norman Rolfe Harris b. 1901 Wollongong 18311/1901 d. 1971 Camden

Living Church St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a joiner.

HARRIS - EDWARDS— April 8, at the residence of the bride's parents, Fairy Meadow, Wollongong, by the Rev. R. H. Waugh, Arthur, third son of Mr. Henry Harris, Tiverton, Redfern, to Mary Drucilla, eldest daughter of Mr. F. W. Edwards, of Wollongong.Evening News (Sydney, NSW: 1869 - 1931) Saturday 18 April 1885 p 4 Family Notices

HARRIS—EDWARDS— Arthur Harris, of Sydney, to Miss D. Edwards, eldest daughter of F. W. Edwards, late of Wollongong, by the Rev. Robert Waugh, April 8, 1885. Present address 15 King-street, Windsor, Brisbane, Queensland. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 8 April 1935 p 8

Mrs. Mary Harris, wife of Mr. Arthur Harris, of Nelson Street. Penshurst, died on September 21 at a hospital in Brisbane. The deceased was 76 years of age. The Propeller (Hurstville, NSW : 1911 - 1954) Thursday 3 October 1935 p 7

Harris Mary Jane

Living at Corrimal in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Harris Mary Jane (McCory)

m. Henry Harris

  1. (f) Anne Harris b. 2/11/1871 Kangaroo Ground

Harris Mary Maud

Living Fairy Meadow in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

With Lewis Harris (-1910 Sydney) a signalman at Mt Pleasant crossing

Harris Rose

m. Arthur E Harris

  1. (f) Rose Harris b. 1890 Wollongong 38000/1890

Harris Sarah

m. William Harris

  1. (f) Rhoda A Harris b. 1856 Kiama 5179/1856
  2. (m) Charles Harris b. 1857 Kiama 7525/1857
  3. (m) Thomas H Harris b. 1859 Kiama 8387/1859
  4. (f) Louise B Harris b. 1861 Kiama
  5. (f) Mary J Harriss b. 1863 Kiama 8569/1863

Harris Sarah (Wood)

m. Alfred Harris (- Son of Thomas Harris ) 28/9/1858 Kiama 1945/1858

f. John Wood/Woods

  1. (m) Alfred Harris b. 24/6/1859 Kiama 8399/1859 d. 1902 Canterbury
  2. (f) Eliza Harris b. 1861 Kiama 8155/1861
  3. (f) Ellen Harris b. 1863 Kiama 8425/1863
  4. (m) Henry Harris b. 1865 Kiama 9640/1865 d. 1935 Sutherland
  5. (f) Mary Harris b, 1866 Macleay River 10085/1866
  6. (f) Jane Harris b. 1869 Glebe 3482/1869
  7. (f) Grace Harris b. 1870 Paddington 4559/1870
  8. (m) John Harris b. 1872 Redfern 4475/1872
  9. (f) Clara Harris b. 1874 Sydney 2060/1874 d. 1898 Canterbury
  10. (m) Sydney P Harris b. 1877 Paddington 5201/1877

On Tuesday, the 28th September, at the Wesleyan Chapel, Kiama, by the Rev. H. Mack, Alfred, second son of Mr. Thomas Harris, Redfern, to Miss Sarah, youngest daughter or Mr. John Woods, Kiama. The Sydney Morning Herald 23 October 1858

On Friday, 24th instant, at her residence, Manning-street, Kiama, Mrs. Alfred Harris, of a son. Empire (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1875) Tuesday 28 June 1859

Harris Selina (Murray then Condon)

m. Edward Oliver Condon (-10/10/1922 Bulli Son of John Condon & Harriett) 1891 Newtown

m. William J Harris 15/12/1925 Narabeen

  1. (f) Lena M Condon b. 1892 Newtown
  2. (f) Dollas R Condon b. 1895 Milton
  3. (f) Muriel V Condon b. 1897 Milton
  4. (m) John A Condon b. 1898 Milton
  5. (f) Lillie A Condon b. 1900 Milton

Living at Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll -Domestic Duties Husband a gardener With Thomas Condon

CONDON.-October 10th, at his residence Main, road, Bulli, after a long and painful illness, Edward Oliver Condon, the clearly loved husband of Selina Condon and son of the late John and Harriett Condon, of East Milton, aged 53 years. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 13 October 1922 p 11

HARRIS — CONDON. — December 15th, 1925, at St. Faith's Church, Narrabeen, by Rev. N,' M. Lloyd, Rector, Sergeant W. J. Harris, of Haberfield, to Selina Condon, widow of the late Edward Condon, of Bulli. The reception was held at the residence of First Class Constable Thomas Huckins, of Narrabeen. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 8 January 1926 p 17

Harrison Annie Uther (Marks then Terrey)

b. 16/4/ 1867 Marksville Albion Park d. 23/10/1957 Turramurra

m. Dr. Caleb Terrey ( - 20/10/1912 Edgecliff Son of James Terrey & Margaret) 14/2/1888 Kiama

m. Lieutenant-Colonel William Albert Harrison (9/9/1867 Calcutta Bengal India - 8/10/1948 Turramurra Son of Sir Henry Leland Harrison & Fanny Matilda Beckett) 18/8/1921 London

f. Samuel Marks m. Clara Keziah Bedford Uther *

  1. (m) Lisle Chiene Terrey b. 20/12/1888 Kiama d. 1949 Bathurst (Eileen Meares Sly 1914)

Husband a doctor at Kiama.

TERREY-MARKS. - Friday 14th, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. John Wilson, M.A., Caleb Terrey, M.B., C.M., B.Sc., F.C.S., second son of James Terrey, Esq., of Mamhead, Bondi, to Annie Usher, second daughter of Samuel Marks, Esq., of Terragong, Jamberoo. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Tuesday 21 February 1888 p 2

TERREY.—December 20, at her residence, Waratah, Kiama, the wife of Dr. Caleb Terrey, M.B., C.M., B.Sc., F.C.S., of a son. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Friday 4 January 1889 p 1

LATE DR. CALEB TERREY. LEAVES HIS WIFE £59,000. Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931) Monday 16 December 1912 p 8

HARRISON-TERREY.-August 18, at London, Lieutenant-Colonel W. A. Harrison, son of the late Sir Henry Leland Harrison, to Annie Uther Terrey, widow of the late Dr C. Terrey of Edgecliff, Sydney. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 8 October 1921 p 12

Harrison Eleanor Mary S (Kavanagh)

b. 1856 Sydney d. 1910 Surrey Hills br. Waverley

m. William Harrison 1877 Sydney 713/1877

f. William Kavanagh m. Eleanor

  1. (m) Henry William Harrison b. 12/6/1878 Wollongong 24746/1878
  2. (f) May Ellenor Harrison b. 28/5/1880 Wollongong 27397/1880 (Alfred Birks 1903)
  3. (m) Percival Edward Harrison b. 27/3/1882 Wollongong 19572/1882
  4. (m) Vernon Victor Harrison b. 8/8/1884 Wollongong 22879/1884
  5. (f) Stella Lucy Harrison b. 23/11/1885 Wollongong 23632/1885
  6. (m) Leonard Harrison
  7. (f) Vera Harrison (William E Roberts 1906)

HARRISON—KAVANAGH.—June 26, by special license, at St. Mary's pro-Cathedral, by the Rev. A. W. Petre, William Harrison, of Wollongong, to Eleanor M. S. Kavanagh, third eldest daughter of the late William Kavanagh, of Castlereagh- street, Sydney.

Harrison Elizabeth E

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (m) Thompson Harrison b. 1900 Woonona 18414/1900

Harrison Emily

Living Stanwell Park in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

With Frederick Herbert Harrison a boarding house keeper.

Harrison Emily (Dean)

m. Henry J Harrison 1874 Paddington 1402/1874

  1. (m) Henry J Harrison b. 1875 Paddington
  2. (m) William A E Harrison b. 1876 Wollongong 22554/1876
  3. (f) Elizabeth E Harrison b. 1878 Paddington
  4. (f) Edith M Harrison b. 1880 Paddington
  5. (f) Martha H Harrison b. 1882 Paddington

Harrison Fanny (Edwards)

b. abt 1864 d. 15/9/1953 Helensburgh br. Helensburgh?

m. Septimus Thomas Harrison (abt 1869 - 24/5/1940 RPA Newtown Son of John Harrison & Mary) 1887 Barnsley Yorkshire

f. James Edwards m. ?

Ship: 1896

  1. (f) Hilda Gertrude Harrison b. 5/7/1894 Barnsley Yorkshire d. 1941 Marrickville ( William C Lindberg 1914)
  2. (m) John Arthur Harrison b. 1898 Qld d. 1975 NSW
  3. (f) Bertha Evelyn Harrison b. 1899 Qld d. 1899 Qld
  4. (m) Thomas Edward Harrison b. 1900 Qld d. 1964 Helensburg
  5. (m) Arthur William Harrison b. abt 1897 d. 1988 Wollongong?
  6. (m) Edward Harrison
  7. (f) Ellen Harrison b. 1903 Helensburgh 12594/1903
  8. (m) James R Harrison b. 1905 Helensburgh 4035/1905
  9. (f) Mary Harrison b. 1906 Helensburgh 13920/1906
  10. (f) Hannah Harrison b. 1909 Helensburgh d. 1960 Helensburgh (Thomas Keeley 1925)

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Husband a coal miner

HARRISON, Fanny.—September 15, 1953, at her residence 12 The Avenue, Helensburgh, relict of Septimus Thomas Harrison and loved mother of John, Arthur, Thomas, Edward, and Hannah (Mrs. Keeley), aged 89 years. Funeral will leave the Church of England Helensburgh after short service commencing at 10.30 a.m., To-morrow (Thursday) for the Church of England Cemetery Helensburgh. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 16 September 1953 p 32 Family Notices

Harrison Gertrude M (Fitzpatrick)

d. 16/7/1950 North Parramatta

m. Wallace Bentley Harrison ( abt 1868 – Oct 1938 Parramatta ) 1894 Sydney 1100/1894

f. John James Fitzpatrick m.

  1. (f) Dorothy Harrison b. 27/3/1895 Crown St Wollongong 18437/1895 (Thwaites)
  2. (f) Marjorie Harrison b. 1898 Liverpool (J J Wall)

Husband a policeman.

HARRISON Gertrude -July 16 1950 at the residence 7 Dunlop Street Parramatta North relict of Wallace Harrison and dear mother of Dorothea (Mrs C Thwaites) and Marjorie (Mrs J J Wall) Privately Interred The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 19 July 1950 p 26

Harrison Hannah see Whitby

Harrison Harriett

m. Paul Harrison

  1. (m) George J Harrison b. 1863 Kiama 8642/1863
  2. (m) Charles A Harrison b. 1869 Kiama 12182/1869

Harrison Harriett (Hill)

b. 14/3/1863 Bulli 14988/1863 d. 1925 Drummoyne

m. Daniel Harrison 30/12/1885

f. Charles Hill m. Ann Gummer *

  1. Charles H Harrison b. 1888 Dubbo
  2. Francis Daniel Harrison b. 1890 Murrumburra
  3. Walter Rupert William Harrison b. 1892 Harden
  4. Hilda L Harrison b. 1894 Granville
  5. Ruby H Harrison b. 1897 Granville

She of Bulli he of Dubbo

Harrison Kate A see Harvison

Harrison Margaret

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Harrison Margaret (Byrnes)

m. Walter S Harrison 890 Sydney

  1. (f) Ethel Harrison b. 1892 Sydney
  2. (f) Annie Harrison b. 1894 Kiama 17619/1894
  3. (m) John J Harrison b. 1896 Sydney
  4. (m) Walter James Harrison b. 1898 Redfern d. 1979 NSW
  5. (m) William P Harrison b. 1904 Sydney d. 1934 Sydney

Harrison Martha Ann (Spring)

d. 2/8/1943 Wallsend br.

m. Francis William Harrison (-27/10/1933 Ladysmith West Wallsend ) 1882 Wagga Wagga

  1. (f) Mary Harrison b. 1884 Wagga Wagga
  2. (m) John W F Harrison b. 1890 Wollongong 37885/1890
  3. (m) Francis Albert E Harrison b. 1893 Mt Kembla 39404/1893 d. 1956 West Wallsend
  4. (m) Isiah Joseph Harrison b. 1892 Wollongong 38964/1892 d. 1975 NSW
  5. (m) Walter Henry James Harrison b. 1901 West Wallsend d. 1965 Wallsend
  6. (f) adopted Dinah M J Harrison b. abt 1917 (Eris M Mott 1935)

When her son Francis enlisted in WW1 she was living at Ladysmith West Wallsend. She was the legal guardian of a girl born in about 1917 whom she was guardian to from the age of 9 weeks of age, in 1933 this girl was sexually assaulted but she was only known as ‘Salvation Army Girl’ in the court records.

HARRISON. — Martha Ann Harrison, passed away August 2, 1943. Her husband pre-deceased her 10 years ago, leaving four sons, John, Joe, Frank, Walter, only one daughter, Rose Mary Ann Ryan (Gunnedah), adopted daughter, Mrs. Mott. Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate (NSW : 1876 - 1954) Saturday 21 August 1943 p 2

Harrison Mary

m. James Harrison

  1. (m) Robert H Harrison b. 1848 bp. CofE Dapto:Wollongong

Harrison Mary Ann

m. Charles William Harrison ( -1872 Wollongong Son of Charles Harrison & Charlotte)

  1. (f) Louisa J Harrison b. 1864 Wollongong 16409/1864
  2. (m) Robert John Harrison b. 1866 Wollongong 16510/1866 d. 1951 Liverpool
  3. (m) Alfred E Harrison b. 1869 Wollongong 19832/1869 d. 1927 Liverpool
  4. (f) Charlotte Matilda Harrison b. 1872 Wollongong 19582/1872 d. 1955 Prince Henry Hospital Redfern (John T Martin 1893)

Possibly remarried after husband’s death.

Harrison Sarah

m. James Harrison

  1. (f) Dora Harrison b. 1870 Kiama 1195/1870

Harrison Sophia Jessie (Poulter)

b. abt 1872 d. 8/1/1937 Sutherland br. Woronora

m. Thomas Harrison (-5/7/1950 Son of Edward Henry Harrison & Mary) 1891 Kiama 4655/1891

f. Edward Poulter

  1. (f) Una C Harrison b. 1892 Waterloo
  2. (m) Thomas Harrison b. 1894 Granville
  3. (f) Gwyndeline A Harrison b. 1896 Junee
  4. (m) William Harriosn b. 1898 Junee
  5. (m) Edward Harrison b. 1903 Penrith
  6. (f) Iris M U Harrison b. 1907 Liverpool

Mrs. T. Harrison, of Gymea Bay, Sutherland, died last week. The Propeller (Hurstville, NSW: 1911 - 1954) Thursday 14 January 1937 p 4

Harriss Lina

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (f) Emily Harriss b. 1877 Kiama 13932/1877

Harrold Annie (Mulqueeney)

m. Patrick Joseph Harrold 1892 Hamilton 4158/1892

  1. (m) James Harrold b. 1894 Cootamundra 10943/1894 d. 1943 Newcastle
  2. (f) Susan Margaret Harrold b. 1/2/1896 Keira St Wollongong 8996/1896 (John J Dalton 1926)

Living Burke St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a cordial manufacturer

Harrower Catherine Campbell (Stevenson)

d. 1946 Tocumwal

m. David Harrower (1874 Ballingry Fife Scotland- 1943 Newcastle Son of Andrew Harrower & Janet Paterson Sharpe) 14/8/1899 Sydney

f. Alexander Stevenson m. Margaret

  1. (m) Reginald Harrower
  2. (m) Andrew David Cecil Harrower b. 1900 Mt Kembla 18239/1900
  3. (m) John H A Harrower b. 1902 West Wallsend d. 1903 West Wallsend d. 1969 Newcastle
  4. (m) Francis Sharpe H Harrower b. 1906 West Wallsend b. 1968 Wollongong
  5. (m) Donald Robert Hunter Harrower b. 1908 West Wallsend b. 1961 Wallsend
  6. (m) Keith Lennard Hannell Harrower b. 7/4/1914 Newcastle
  7. (f) Margaret Janet Harrower b. 1912 West Wallsend (A McIntosh)

Husband associated with mining, he was employed ‘in all states of Australia and Malaya’.

Harrower Charlotte (Nesbitt)

b. abt 1864 d. 1/8/1948 Aberdare br. Aberdare

m. Andrew Harrower (1860 Carnock Fife Scotland- 12/8/1933 Son of Andrew Harrower & Janet Paterson Sharpe) 1883 Kelty Fife Scotland

  1. (f) Margaret Harrower b. abt 1884 Fife Scotland (James Cowan 1907)
  2. (m) Andrew Harrower b. 1886 Qld
  3. (m) Alexander Harrower b. 1889 Wollongong 24320/1889
  4. (m) Andrew Harrower b. 1892 Minmi d. 1938 Mayfield
  5. (m) Peter Harrower
  6. (m) James Harrower b. 1894 Minmi
  7. (f) Janet S Harrower b. 1897 Minmi
  8. (m) Douglas Harrower b. 1899 Minmi
  9. (f) Alma Harrower b. 1902 Minmi
  10. (m) Stanley Harrower b. 1904 Minmi

Harrower Elizabeth (Brown)

d. 1933 Newcastle

m. Peter Harrower (1862 Carnock Fife Scotland – 1950 Newcastle Son of Andrew Harrower & Janet Paterson Sharpe) 14/2/1888 Qld

f. John Brown m. Ellen

  1. (f) Janet Sharpe Harrower b. 1890 Wollongong
  2. (m) Andrew Harrower b. 1892 Wollongong
  3. (m) Charles Harrower b. 1894 Woonona 38294/1894 (Florence Gert)
  4. (m) James Harrower b. 1899 West Wallsend
  5. (m) Alexander Harrower b. 1904 West Wallsend

Harrower Janet Burnet (Butler)

b. abt 1864 d. 1931 Burwood

m. James Harrower (17/4/1864 Oakley Carnock Fife- 1921 Kempsey Son of Andrew Harrower & Janet Paterson Sharpe) 27/8/1886 Lumphinnans Ballingry Fife Scotland

  1. (m) William Butler Harrower b. 1889 Wollongong 24276/1889
  2. (f) Janet Sharpe Harrower b. 1890 Wollongong 37872/1890
  3. (m) James Harrower b.
  4. (m) Peter Harrower
  5. (m) Albert Alexander Harrower
  6. (m) Hector Allan Harrower
  7. (m) Eric Andrew Harrower
  8. (f) Isabel Christina Harrower (McAviney)

Harry Emily

m. James Harry

  1. (f) Ada Harry b. 1879 Wollongong 26034/1879

Harte Anne (Brennan)

b. abt 1823 Co Wicklow Ireland d. 21/9/1889 br. Albion Park Catholic

m. John Hart

  1. (m) Michael Patrick Harte b. 31/8/1855 Macquarie River (Maria O’Neil * 1876)

Husband a labourer.

Hart Bridget

b. abt 1874 Tyrone Ireland d. 1960 Sydney

f. Moses Hart m. Ellen *

Living at Bong Bong St Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Hart Elizabeth (Grant)

m. Michael Joseph Hart 1884 Braidwood

  1. (m) Mark W Hart b. 1885 Braidwood
  2. (f) Ann H Hart b. 1887 Bungendore
  3. (m) Joseph Hart b. 1888 Bungendore
  4. (f) Lylia E Hart b. 1890 Cooma
  5. (m) Cyril Hart b. 1892 Cooma
  6. (f) Mary A Hart b. 1895 Braidwood d. 1895
  7. (m) Michael C Hart b. 1898 Captains Flat
  8. (f) Mary A Hart b. 1903 Wollongong
  9. (f) Linda I Hart b. 1908 Redfern

Husband a labourer.

Living at Marshall St Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Hart Ellen

b. abt 1847 d. 28/4/1913 br. Kiama General

m. Moses Hart (abt 1847 Co Tyrone Ireland -7/10/1909 Kiama )

Ship: Aberdeen 1884

  1. (f) Ellen Hart * b. Ireland d. d. 9/8/1951 Casino (James O’Keefe 1892)
  2. (m) Philip Hart b. d. 1915 Sydney
  3. (f) Mary J Hart b. abt 1868 Tyrone Ireland
  4. (f) Margaret Hart b. 1869 Tyrone Ireland
  5. (m) Son Hart b.
  6. (f) Bridget Hart b. abt 1874 Tyrone Ireland d. 1960 Sydney
  7. (m) John Joseph Hart b. abt 1880? Tyrone Ireland d. 1948 Parramatta (Florence E Purdue * 1926)

Living at Bong Bong St Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Hart Florence Evaline (Purdue/Perdue then Kelly)

b. 1871 Parramatta d. 23/11/1949 Parrmatta br. Parramatta

m. William Kelly ( 1859 Isle of Man-21/5/1924 Kiama Son of John Kelly & Catherine ) 1894 Parramatta

m. John Joseph Hart (1880 Tyrone Ireland - 1948 Parramatta Son of Moses Kelly & Ellen *) 1926 Parramatta

f. George Purdue m. Jane

  1. (f) Mona Gladys Jane Kelly b. abt August 1895 23420/1895 d. 6/12/1896
  2. (m) Orry George Kelly b. 31/12/1897 Kiama 4138/1898 d. 26/2/1964 Los Angeles

Living at Terralong St Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Husband a tailor who had a Terralong Street shop and was the Lieutenant of the Kiama Life Saving Brigade from the time it formed in 1888.

Living at Parramtta when her son visted from L A in 1939. Her son was an Oscar winning dress designer. Kiama Independent (NSW: 1947 - 1954) Saturday 26 November 1949 p 3

Hart Janet/Jeanette

b. abt 1863 d. 19/4/1934 br. Bulli General

m. Henry George Hart ( abt 1862 – 8/5/1939 Corrimal Son of ? & Matilda)

f. George

  1. (f) Florence Hart b. 1890 Wollongong 38133/1890
  2. (m) William H Hart b. 1903 Woonona 26843/1903

Living at Bellambi in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Hart Louisa Isabella (Walsh)

d. 17/3/1943 St Lukes Hospital cr.

m. Herbert Harry Hart (abt 1861 Old Charlton Kent - 17/7/1931 Kiama Son of Charls Hart & Annie ) 1880 Kiama 3700/1880

f. Thomas Walsh m. Isabella

HART— -March 17 1943 at St Luke s Hospital Louisa Isabella widow of the late Herbert Harry Hart Kiama, and beloved sister of Alfred, Alice (deceased) Wilson (deceased) Austin (deceased) Ada (Mrs Stevenson) Mabel, Iberia (Mrs McNeil) and Garnet. Privately cremated. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Saturday 20 March 1943 p 16

Harte Marie

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (m) Stanley L Hart b. 1897 Helensburgh 22276/1897

Hart/Harte Maria (O’Neil)

b. abt 1858 Marshall Mount d. 1939 Bega

m. Michael Patrick Harte (abt 1856 Macquarie River- 1922 Bega Son of John Hart & Anne Brennan *) 27/9/1876 Dapto RC 4593/1876

f. Michael O’Neill m. Margaret Nadin/Layden *

  1. (m) John Hart b. 8/2/1880 Dapto 27336/1880 d. 1960 Bega (Grace E Spindler 1908)
  2. (f) Maria Agnes Hart b. 11/11/1882 Calderwood Albion Park d. 1957 Bega ( Walter E Bright 1905)
  3. (f) Margaret Ethel Hart b. 2/10/1883 Calderwood 22779/1884 d. 1969 Sydney (Charles A Bright 1907)
  4. (m) Alfred Hart b. 24/12/1884 Calderwood 23425/1885 d. 12/7/1967 Grafton (Mary V Simmons 1912)
  5. (f) Anna Jane Hart b. 3/2/1886 Calderwood 24259/1886 d. 30/7/1974 (Sister Osmund of the Josephites)
  6. (m) Patrick James Hart b. 1/9/1887 Calderwood 25058/1887 d. 1974 NSW
  7. (f) Alice Hart b. 6/1/1889 Calderwood 24398/1889 d.

Hart Mary

b. abt 1811

m. John Hart (abt 1797- )

In Illawarra in 1828 Census

Hart Mary Agnes Rev Mother

b. 20/9/1936 Dublin Ireland d. 9/12/1914

f. Edward Hart

Living RC Convent Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –Sister of the Good Samaritan



The death of Mother Mary Agnes Hart, which took place on Wednesday, 9th inst. at St. Scholastica's Convent, marked the passing of the last of the pioneer Sisters of the Good Samaritan. Having joined the institute at its inception — forty-eight years ago—Mother Mary Agnes was one of the first five postulants to receive the habit at the hands of the founder, the late Archbishop Polding. She was a daughter of the late Mr. Edward Hart, of Kilkenny, Ireland. After completing her education in Dublin, she accompanied her father to Australia, and on the 19th January, 1857, at the age of twenty, entered the old St. Scholascica's Convent, Pitt-street. On 2nd February in the same year, Mother Mary Agnes and three companions (among whom were the late Mother Mary Magdalen Adamson and Mother Mary Gertrude Byrne), began the noble work that has since assumed such great dimensions. During her long life in religion, Mother Mary Agnes had filled many important offices. For several years she was Mother Assistant to the Mother Foundress (the late Mother Mary Scholastica Gibbons), and was Superior of the Good Samaritan Convent at Pitt-street, Braidwood, Marrickville, Wollongong, and St. Benedict's. In July, 1908, she celebrated the golden jubilee of her profession. Since that event, until July of the present year, when she removed to St. Scholastica's, she had lived at St. Mary's Convent, Rosebank. About a week previous to her death Mother Mary Agnes contracted influenza. Bronchitis supervened, and the long life spent in the faithful discharge of duty and in many other good works came peacefully to an end. Requiem Mass was celebrated for the repose of the deceased Sister at St. Scholastica's Convent on Friday, 11th inst. The funeral took place immediately after, the last rites being perform ed by Rev. P. M'Intyre, assisted by Rev. R. Woulfe. R.I.P. Freeman's Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1932) Thursday 24 December 1914 p 19

Hart Mary Ann (Leeper)

b. abt 1859 Bulli d. 27/11/1921 Bulli br. Corrimal catholic

m. Frederick H Hart ( abt 1862 Lincolnshire England- 23/7/1944 Casino ) 24/1/1884 Albion Park RC 5480/1884

f. William Leeper m. Maria Sexton *

  1. (m) Harold James Hart b. 31/5/1884 Russell Vale 22838/1884 d. 4/6/1885 aged 12 months
  2. (m) Cyril Gordon Hart b. 28/1/1886 Wollongong 24257/1886
  3. (m) Arthur Thomas Lincoln Hart b. 27/11/1887 Woonona 25268/1887
  4. (m) William Kenniff Hart b. 14/7/1889 Mt Pleasant 24682/1889
  5. (f) Mary Gladys Hart b. 1896 Woonona 18194/1896 d. July 1896 Bellambi
  6. (m) Joseph Francis Hart b. 1897 Woonona 37072/1897 d. 18/10/1899
  7. (f) Adeline Hart b. 1899 Woonona 8633/1899 (John Cooper 1922)
  8. (f) Mary Hart b. 1900 Woonona 37013/1900
  9. (f) Katherine Hart d. infancy

Living at Bellambi in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Mrs. F. Hart.

On November 27, Corrimal lost one of its oldest and most respected residents, in the person of Mrs. F. Hart, of Russell Vale.

Deceased had been one of the most active workers in all church matters, and was a devoted member of the Sacred Heart Sodality. Her loss will be keenly felt not only by her bereaved relatives, but by all who knew her. Although her health had been failing of late, still, her happy disposition helped her to bear her suffering bravely until Our Lord called her home.

Some few weeks before her death deceased met with a slight accident, after which she was removed to Bulli Hospital, where she was visited by the Sisters of St. Joseph….The funeral took place on November 29, and was very largely attended…Deceased is survived by her husband, three sons, and one daughter, who deeply mourn their loss. The Catholic Press (NSW: 1895 - 1942) Thursday 5 January 1922 p 17 Article

Husband a vetinary surgeon who worked for the Bellambi Colliery looking after the horses and purchasing horses for the pit.

Hart Mary Ann Prosper see Home

Hart Mary J

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (m) Martin Hart b. 1887 Kiama 25784/1887

Hart Ruth see Fairs

Hart Sarah Ann see Hiskens

Hart Sarah Elizabeth (Wilmot)

b.17/3/1851 Sydney d.   19/12/1896 Moss Vale br. Congregational Cem. Wollongong

m. Joseph Hart (15/9/1845Bottisham Cambridgeshire - 27/12/1907 or 1927 Son of Joseph Hart & Ruth Shipp *) 13/8/1872  Wollongong

f. John Wilmot m. Mary Bryant *

  1. (m) William James Hart b.   14/8/1872 Wollongong 19675/1875 d.   26/12/1927  Sydney (Ethel Maud Johnstone, Ethel Royal 1925)
  2. (m) Joseph Harold Hart b.   26/1/1877 Wollongong 23008/1887 d.   7/11/1937  Wollongong (Edith Lillian Sykes)
  3. (f) Amy Edith Hart * b. 29/5/1879 Wollongong 26109/1879 d.   10/9/1931  Leichhardt (Frederick Gilbert Sayers Sloan 1900)
  4. (m) Harry Victor Hart b.   9./10/1881  Wollongong 18965/1881 d.  1/10/1966  Sydney (Elsie Agnes Brown 1905)
  5. (m) Leonard John Hart b.   26/7/1885 Wollongong 23564/1885 d.   14/7/1955  Wollongong (Mary Elizabeth Bulch 1908)
  6. (m) Oscar Herbert Hart  b. 27/11/1888  Wollongong  24260/1889 d. 22-27/7/1916  Pozières France 
  7. (m) Cyril Hart b.   17/4/1892 d.  6/6/1892  Wollongong 38926/1892

Husband a Journalist/Printer - partner with Archibald Campbell on the “Illawarra Mercury”

Father a watchmaker of Crown Street

HART — WILMOT. — At the residence of the bride's parents, on the 13th instant, by the Rev R. M'Kinnon, Joseph Hart, to Sarah Elizabeth, only daughter of Mr John Wilmot, watchmaker, Crown-street, Wollongong. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 16 August 1872 p 2

HART. — At Moss Yale, on the 19th December, Sarah Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Joseph Hart, of Burrella-street, Wollongong, aged 45 years. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 22 December 1896 p 2

Hartigan Ellen Beasley (Walton then Mackieson)

b. abt 1864 d. 9/9/1941 Homebush

m. Andrew Mackieson (-1893 Central Cumberland ) 1883 Rotherham Derbyshire

m. Michael Hartigan 1894 Sydney 444/1894

f. Amos Beasley Walton m. ?

  1. (f) Sarah A Mackieson b. 1885 Woonona
  2. (m) Stephen Mackieson b. 1887 Woonona 25152/1887 d. 1910 Wellington
  3. (f) Ellen Kate Mackieson b. 1889 Woonona 24622/1889

HARTIGAN.- September 9, 1941, at her residence, 11 Dickson Street Homebush, Ellen Hartigan loved mother of Sadie, Stephen (deceased), Ellen, and Madge, aged 77 years. 10 September 1941 p 18

Hartigan Johanna

b. d. 1863 Kiama br. Jamberoo Catholic

m. Maurice Hartigan (-April 1874 Son of John Hartigan & Honora )

f. John m. Johanna

Ship: abt 1841

  1. (m) Denis Hartigan b. abt 1832 Cork d. 1917 Murwillumbah (Maria Troy 1868)
  2. (f) Mary Ann Hartigan * b. abt 1834 Cork Ireland d. 1887 Jamberoo (Bernard Michael McGrath 1856 )
  3. (f) Hanorah Hartigan b. Co Cork Ireland d. 1878 Jamberoo
  4. (f) Elizabeth Hartigan * b. abt 1840 d. 1911 Newtown ( John English 1864)

Hartland Matilda (Guest)

b. abt 1846 Tipton Staffordshire d. 1907 Holmesville br. West Wallsend

m. Simeon Hartland (abt 1848 Tipton Staffordshire - 6/8/1924 Holmesville Son of James Hartland ) abt 1871

f. Richard Guest m. Matilda

Ship: Cuzco (1) 1888

  1. Phoebe Jane Hartland * b. abt 1872 Yorkshire d. 1951 West Wallsend (Thomas Meredith 1890)
  2. Mary Hartland b. abt 1873 Yorkshire (John Bramwell 1891 )
  3. Sarah Hartland b. abt 1874 Yorkshire (Freharn Williams 1895)
  4. Hannah M Hartland b. abt 1877 Yorkshire (John Anderson 1896, Henry Dale 1921)
  5. Simeon Hartland b. 1890 Woonona 38514/1890 d. 1891 West Wallsend
  6. Albert Hartland b. 1893 Holmesville d. 1944 Auburn (Dina Gibson 1914) Listed as son on death records but actually Phoebe’s son

Husband is listed as a voter in the Wollongong district in 1889 but moved to Holmesville Hall Holmesville about 1890. Husband a coal miner.

She was listed as joining their husband when they arrived.

Hartley Celia Annie (Savage)

b. abt 1879 Carbrook Yorkshire d. 1966 Bulli

m. Herbert S Hartley 1903

f. William Savage m. Eliza Lovett *

1903 Electoral roll –living at Corrimal Domestic Duties.

Hartley Emma see Barlow

Hartley Florence A see Blanchard

Hartley Isabella

m. Joseph Hartley

  1. (f) Mary I Hartley b. 1885 Woonona 23664/1885 d. 1885 Woonona

Hartley Janet (James)

b. 1819 Edinkillie Morayshire Scotland d. 11/7/900 Wollongong

m. James Hartley (1814 Yorkshire England -23/04/1888 Mt Kembla) 1840 Presbyterian Wollongong V18404362 74B

f. Robert James m. Catherine Flanagan *

Convict permission to Marry Index 1840 Wollongong

Ship: George Hibbert (came free)

  1. (m) George Arthur Hartley 18 Feb 1849 Berkeley Presbyterian Wollongong V18494507 45B d. 1882 Shoalhaven (Emma Waples * 1869)
  2. (f) Mary Hartley 1852 Presbyterian Wollongong V18524622 45B d. 1936 Wollongong

Harty Margaret (O’Keefe)

b. abt 1871 d. 27/8/1939 br. Wollongong General

m. Thomas Harty (abt 1868 -21/7/1920 Port Kembla Quarry accidently killed Son of Thomas Harty & Mary) 1895 Kiama 7145/1895

f. David O’Keefe m. Margaret *

  1. (m) Thomas Augustus Harty b. 1896 Kiama 13383/1896 d. 26/12/1969
  2. (f) Mary V Harty b. 1898 Kiama 4147/1898
  3. (f) Florence I Harty b. 1900 Kiama 22970/1900
  4. (f) Elizabeth M Harty b. 1903 Wollongong 26716/1903
  5. (m) John Harty b. 1905 Woonona 29807/1905
  6. (m) John Harty b. 1906 Woonona 30705/1906
  7. (m) Maurice D Harty b. 1909 Woonona 10425/1909

Living at South Coart Rd Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a labourer.

Harvey Amy (Coombs)

b. 1871 Kiama d. 21/5/1948 Wollongong br. St Lukes’s

m. William Harvey (1853 Wollongong -1937 Dapto Son of John Baker Harvey & Louisa Allen *) 1895 Wollongong 5847/1895

f. Joseph Coombs m. Sarah Ann Selway *

  1. (f) Linda M Harvey b. 1896 Wollongong 36128/1896
  2. (m) Genven R Harvey b. 1898 Wollongong 17462/1898 ( Mary E Curry 1926)
  3. (f) Ella Maud Harvey b. 1900 Dapto 18286/1900 d. (Roy Edwin Brown 1927)
  4. (f) Alma D Harvey b. 1902 Wollongong 37610/1902
  5. (f) Meleti Efala Harvey b. 1908 Dapto 3176/1908 d. 1991 Dapto ( Frederick W Burgess 1935)
  6. (f) Wilga Amy Harvey b. 1913 Sutherland (Harold A Armstrong 1941)

Living at Marshall St Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties


Mrs. Amy Harvey whose death occurred in Wollongong District Hospital on May 21, was the widow of the late Mr. William Harvey, a well known contractor of Dapto, who in his younger days had been chainman in an early day survey of the railway from coast to tablelands; carried out by the late Mr. Carl Webber through Bong Bong Pass.

The members of Mrs. Harvey's family who survive her are all well known in the Dapto district — a son, Genven and four daughters, Ella (Mrs. Brown), Alma, Efala (Mrs. Burgess) and Wilga (Mrs. Armstrong).

The late Mrs. Harvey was 77 years of age and the, funeral on Saturday afternoon was to St. Luke's cemetery. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Thursday 27 May 1948 p 5

Harvey Annie Amelia (Reynolds)

m. Percy Harvey (11/7/1865- 1952 Prune Dale California USA Son of John Baker Harvey & Louisa Allen *) 1891 Wollongong

Harvey Catherine (Gillmore)

m. John Harvey 1857 Wollongong 2833/1857

Harvey Emily

b. abt 1846 d. 21/6/1912 Thirroul

m. Charles Harvey (abt 1835 -8/7/1926 Thirroul)

f. Thomas m. Ann

  1. (f) Eliza Harvey b. abt 1875 d. 25/5/1956 North Balgowlah (Walter H Birch 1896)
  2. (u) 7 children

NB the only child I have reference to does not have her listed as her mother.

Living Thirroul in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties.

Husband a carpenter who had lived in Thirroul since about 1888.

We again have to regret .the decease of another old resident, Mrs. Charles Harvey, who died suddenly last Friday morning from heart failure, at the age of 66 years. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Friday 28 June 1912 p 2

Harvey Jane

m. John Harvey

  1. (f) Jane Harvey b. 1857 Wollongong 12148/1857

Harvey Louisa (Allen)

d. 1918 Hurstville br. Brownsville

m. John Baker Harvey ( 1819 Ennis Co Clare Ireland – 11/1/1891 West Dapto Son of Robert Harvey & Agnes Baker) 1847 Sligo Ireland

f. William Allen m.

Ship: John Knox 1850

  1. (m) George Harvey b. 1852 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong V18521762 39A/1852 d. 1932 Gosford ( Sarah Jane Atkinson * 1879)
  2. (m) William Harvey b. 1853 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong V18531784 39A/1853 d. 1937 Dapto (Amy Coombs * 1895)
  3. (m) Alfred John Harvey b. abt 1857 d. 12/12/1938 Hurstville (Mary Dann * 1889)
  4. (m) Male Harvey b. 1858 Wollongong 13308/1858
  5. (f) Female Harvey b. 1859 Wollongong 14272/1859
  6. (m) Arthur Harvey b. 4/5/1862 Wollongong 15075/1862 d. abt 1910 Tenterfiedl ( Susan Birrell * 1896 )
  7. (m) James Thomas Harvey b. 11/7/1865 d. 30/3/1902 Dapto (Martha Jane Craig * 1896)
  8. (m) Percy Harvey b. 11/7/1865 d. 1952 Prune Dale California USA ( Annie Amy Reynolds * 1891, Kitty Irene Green 1896)
  9. (f) Delia Harvey b. 15/1/1868 Wollongong 18113/1868 d. 28/10/1960 Penshurst (Wallace Collier 1895 )

Living at West Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

In 1855 her husband, John, bought “Oaklands Farm”, West Dapto. This was the 100 acre Crown Grant which had been granted in 1841 to John Edye Manning the Younger. It was sold after John's death in 1891 for £1260.

The death occurred at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Collier, Hurstville, of Mrs. Louisa Harvey, relict of the late John Baker Harvey, formerly of West Dapto. The funeral took place in St Luke's Church of England Cemetery, at Brownsville, on Saturdaylast. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW: 1900 - 1954) Friday 19 April 1918 p 1

Harvey Martha Jane see Herbert

Harvey Mary (Dann)

b. 1864 Avondale 15143/1863 d. after 1938

m. Alfred John Harvey (abt 1857- 12/12/1938 South Hurstville Son of John Baker Harvey & Louisa Allen *) 1889 Wollongong 5245/1889

f. John Jin Dann m. Margaret McAnulty *

  1. (f) Amy Harvey b. 1890 Lismore
  2. (m) Arthur Harvey b. 1892 Lismore
  3. (m) Frank Harvey b. 1895 Wollongong 28532/1895 He stated on enlistment he was born at Lismore
  4. (m) Edward Harvey b. 1898 Lismore
  5. (f) Ida Harvey b. 1904 Lismore

Harvey Mary A (Hetherington)

m. George Harvey (1843 Wicken Cambridgeshire- 1/5/1893 Gerringong Son of Uriah Harvey & Sophia Church * ) 1880 Kiama 3683/1880

  1. (f) Alice Elizabeth Harvey b. 1881 Kiama 19379/1881
  2. (f) Isabella Harvey b. 1882 Kiama 20169/1882
  3. (f) Annie Sophia Harvey b. 1883 Kiama 21768/1883
  4. (f) Margaret Ann Harvey b. 1884 Kiama 23510/1884
  5. (f) Selina May Harvey b. 1886 Kiama 25044/1886 d. 1943 Rozelle (Ritchie 1910)
  6. (f) Delilah Harvey b. 1887 Kiama 25740/1887 (James H Timbs 1925)
  7. (m) George Alfred Harvey b. 1889 Kiama 25120/1889
  8. (f) Lillian M Harvey b. 1890 Kiama 17899/1890
  9. (m) Percy J Harvey b. 1893 Kiama 18574/1893

George Harvey committed suicide leaving her a widow with nine children the eldest only 13.

Harvey Mary Ann

Living at South Clifton in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

With Richard Harvey a miner and/or Saul Harvey a horsekeeper

Harvey Mary Ann

b. 1839 St Allen Cornwall d. 20/8/1913 Kiama 11045/1913 br. Kiama General

m. William Harvey ( abt 1838 Cornwall– 23/5/1917 Kiama Son of Joseph Harvey & Sarah ) abt 1857

f. Nicholas m. Mary A

Ship: Herefordshire 1857

Living at Bong Bong St Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband had independent means.


As briefly mentioned in our last issue Mrs. Harrey died at her residence, Bong Bong street, Kiama on Thursday last, at the age of 74 years. Mrs. Harvey was born in Cornwall, parish of St. Allen, in 1839. Married at an early age she left England with her husband in 1857. For about 28 years Mr. and Mrs. Harvey carried on dairying in Gerringong and Foxground, then, owing to ill health they left the farm and retired into private life, coming to reside at Kiama, where they have lived for the last 26 years, held in respect and emteem;, by all who knew them.

About four years ago Mrs. Harvey had the first paralytic stroke, and though she recovered she was left practically an invalid, and a year or so ago became bedridden. In her weakness and affliction was devotedly nursed and cared for by her husband and companion of 56 years, and also received much care and attention from her nieces. Friends and neighbors were also kind in doing many little services for the invalid, to help the husband who cared for her night and day in the long and heavy nursing of the past year. The end came peacefully, and the sufferer was at rest… The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Wednesday 27 August 1913 p 2

Harvey Mary Ann (Hetherington/Ketherington)

b. abt 1843 Irvinestown Fermanagh d. 25/3/1933 Manly

m. Charles Harvey (1839 Wicken Cambridgeshire – 13/3/1930 Manly Son of Uriah Harvey & Sophia Church *) 3/1/1867 Gerringong 2232/1867

f. John Hetherington m. Mary

Ship: Spitfire 1863

  1. (f) Sarah M Harvey b. 16/10/1867 Milton ( Abraham Kershaw )
  2. (m) Charles Harvey b. Nov 1868 Milton d. 10/9/1869 Ulladulla
  3. (f) Elizabeth Harvey b. 7/3/1870 Milton
  4. (m) Charles George Harvey b. 30/11/1871 Milton d. 3/12/1929 Crookwell
  5. (f) Sophia Harvey b. 1873 Ulladulla
  6. (m) William Harvey b. 1/5/1875 Milton d. 1876 Milton
  7. (f) Maria Harvey b. 30/5/1877 Crookwell d. 11/5/1961 Wahroonga ( Sidney Francis Hutton)
  8. (f) Catherine Harvey b. 7/4/1879 Crookwell d. Crookwell
  9. (m) John Harvey b. 16/11/1880 Ulladulla d. 1882 Milton
  10. (f) Annie Harvey b. 2/1/1884 Ulladulla d. 20/10/1951 ( Thomas J Llewellyn)
  11. (f) Amy Harvey b. Dec 1885 Crookwell d. 17/2/1926
  12. (m) Frederick W Harvey b. 1888 Crookwell d. 1890 Crookwell

On the 3rd instant, at the house of the bride's sister, by the Rev. Robert Wilson, Congregational minister, Charles Harvey, farmer, to Mary Ann Hetherington, both of Gerringong. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 10 January 1867 p 2


Mrs. Charles Harvey, widow of the late Chas. Harvey, senior, died at her residence, Manly, on, Saturday last.

The late Mrs. Harvey and her husband were numbered amongst the pioneers of Crookwell.

She is survived by four daughters, Mrs. Kershaw, Mrs.S. R. Hutton, Mrs. L. Llewellyn, and Mrs. Howard all of Sydney. One son, Charles, predeceased her by some years. Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW: 1881 - 1940) Thursday 30 March 1933 p 2

Harvey Mary Ann (Shorten)

m. John Harvey (1841 Cambridgeshire England – Son of Uriah Harvey & Sophia Church *) 1865 Kiama 2284/1865

  1. (f) Cecilia Harvey b. 1866 Kiama 9404/1866
  2. (f) Emeline Harvey b. 1867 Kiama 10491/1867
  3. (f) Mary A Harvey b. 1868 Braidwood
  4. (f) Emma Harvey b. 1870 Yass
  5. (f) Savina Amy Harvey b. 1872 Yass
  6. (f) Alice Harvey b. 1875 Yass
  7. (f) Ada M A Harvey b. 1876 Yass (George Vidler 1906)
  8. (f) Edith Lilly May Harvey (W McBarron 1901)
  9. (m) John Uriah Harvey b. 1882 Crookwell
  10. (f) Alberta S Harvey b. 1885 Crookwell

Harvey Mary Jane (Nolan)

m. John Harvey 1865 Kiama 2284/1865

Harvey Sarah Jane (Atkinson)

b. abt 1858 d. 29/4/1939 Gosford

m. George Harvey (1852 Wollongong- 1932 Gosford Son of John Baker Harvey & Louisa Allen *) 1879 Wollongong 5217/1879

f. David Atkinson m. Margaret

  1. (m) Frederick Harvey b. 1879 Wollongong 26178/1879 d. 1962 Gosford
  2. (f) Louisa Margaret Harvey * b. 1881 Wollongong 18960/1881 d. 1953 Gosford (William E Pursehouse 1908)
  3. (m) George Allen Harvey b. 1884 Wollongong 22806/1884 d. 1963 Manly
  4. (m) Stanley Atkinson Harvey b. 1884 Wollongong 25007/1887 d. 1967 Newcastle
  5. (f) Elsie M Harvey b. 1890 Wollongong 37988/1890
  6. (m) Percy Harvey b. 1893 Wollongong 39256/1893 d. 1977 NSW
  7. (f) Kathleen S Harvey b. 1899 Wollongong 26766/1899
  8. (m) Algy D Harvey b. 1903 Wollongong 26661/1903

Living at South Coast Rd Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

The death took place at her residence in Hill Street, Gosford, on Tuesday, of Mrs. Sarah Jane Harvey, at the age of 81 years. She was the widow of the late George Harvey, and mother of Mrs. Pursehouse, of North Gosford. The funeral left the residence of her daughter at 2.30 p.m. on Wednesday for the Methodist portion of Point Clare cemetery, the Rev. A. L. Cannon reading the service. The Gosford Times and Wyong District Advocate (NSW: 1906 - 1954) Thursday 1 June 1939 p 4

Harvey Sophia (Church)

b. 1812 Wicken Cambridgeshire d. 26/9/1868 Gerringong br. Gerringong

m. Uriah Harvey ( 1803 Wicken Cambrigeshire- 17/4/1875 Gerringong Son of Uriah Harvey & Susan Gathercole) 13/5/1834 Wicken Cambridgeshire

f. John Church m. Frances Gray

Ship: Washington Irvine 1857

  1. (m) Josiah Harvey b. 1835 Wicken Cambridgeshire d. 2/12/1913 Muswellbrook (Tamar Lukins *1858)
  2. (f) Maria Harvey b. 1837 Wicken Cambridgeshire d. 1917 Sydney
  3. (m) Charles Harvey b. 1839 Wicken Cambridgeshire d. 13/3/1930 Manly ( Mary Anne Hetherington *1867)
  4. (m) John Harvey b. 1841 Wicken Cambridgeshire d. 1925 ( Mary Anne Shorten * 1865)
  5. (m) George Harvey b. 1843 Wicken Cambridgeshire d. 29/4/1893 Gerringong ( Mary Hetherington * 1880)
  6. (m) Ezra Harvey b. 1850 Wicken Cambridgeshire d. 28/7/1932 Manly (Emma Garrad 1871, Christina Monatt 1908)
  7. (f) Fanny Harvey * b. 1852 Wicken Cambridgeshire d. 1913 Marrickville ( Daniel Garrad 1870 )
  8. (f) Amy Harvey b. 1854 Wicken Cambridgeshire d. 1943 Chatswood (James Service 1879)

Harvey Susan (Birrell or Clowes)

b. 1871 Vic d.

m. Arthur Harvey (4/5/1862 Wollongong - 1916 Tenterfield Son of John Baker Harvey & Louisa Allen *) 1896 Woonona 8459/1896

f. John Clowes m. Elizabeth Grey Jefferson *

  1. (m) Arthur A Harvey b. 1897 Wollongong 36944/1897
  2. (m) Roy A Harvey b. 1899 Wollongong 36187/1899
  3. (f) Muriel I Harvey b. 1901 Wollongong 9021/1901 ( Cecil Cubis 1927)
  4. (f) Elizabeth D Harvey b. 1904 Wollongong 18270/1904
  5. (f) Lydia A Harvey b. 1906 Wollongong 19835/1906
  6. (f) Edna E Harvey b. 1908 Dapto

Living at West Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Harvey Tamar (Lukins then Evans)

b. abt 1836 Draycott Somerset d. 10/10/1902 Muswellbrook 14814/1902 br. Muswellbrook

m. Edwin Evans (abt 1833 Somerset- 1857 Kiama Son of Thomas Evans & Hannah) 1854 Axbridge Somerset

m. Josiah Harvey (1835 Wicken Cambridgeshire- 2/12/1913 Muswellbrook Son of Uriah Harvey & Sophia Church *) 20/10/1858 Gerringong

Ship: 1856 Lloyds

  1. (f) Mary A Evans b. 1856 Kiama 5254/1856
  2. (m) Edwin Evans b. 1857 Kiama 7561/1857 d. 1858 Kiama
  3. (f) Amy Harvey b. 25/8/1859 Gerringong 8503/1859 d. 1940 North Sydney (John E Tindall)
  4. (f) Martha Harvey b. 1861 Kiama 8241/1861 d. 1862 Kiama
  5. (m) John Harvey b. 1862 Kiama 8632/1862 d. ( Clara E J Patman)
  6. (m) Uriah Harvey b. 1864 Patricks Plain d. 1902 Merriwa
  7. (f) Fanny Harvey b. 1867 Muswellbrook
  8. (f) Elizabeth Harvey b. 1868 Muswellbrook
  9. (f) Martha Harvey b. 1871 Cassilis (George Hazell)
  10. (f) Matilda Harvey b. 27/1/1873 Merriwa
  11. (f) Sophia Harvey b. 30/9/1874 Cassilis (William Delaforce)
  12. (f) Ellen Harvey b. 11/7/1876 Cassilis d. 23/7/1960 Kandos ( William A Williams 1901)

Oh the 25th instant, at Gerringong, Mrs. JOSIAH HARVEY, of a daughter. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Monday 28 November 1859 p 2

Harvey Tonina Marion /Tenina M /Antonia M/ Joinia (Gerry/Gerrey)

b. 1869 Shoalhaven d. 27/6/1947 Nowra br. Nowra

m. Arthur Harvey (1878 Shoalhaven -5/11/1951 Nowra Son of Charles Harvey & Mary Ann Ward) 1902 Kiama 1452/1902

f. Louis Batholomew Scanzi Gerrey m. Harriet Colyer

  1. (m) Stanley I Harvey b. 1902 Nowra
  2. (f) Edna M Harvey b. 1906 Nowra
  3. (m) Percy E Harvey b. 1910 Nowra

Harvison/Harrison/Harvieson Harriett (Brown)

b. abt 1831 Newry Co Down d. 4/8/1914 Cooma br. Mittagong

m. Paul Harvison ( abt 1826 St Mary’s Wexford- 1898 Sydney Son of William Harvison & Sarah McDonald *) 1852 Newry Ireland

f. John Brown m. Margaret

Ship: Australia 1853

  1. (f) Anna/Hannah Harrison b. 1853 on voyage
  2. (f) Dora Harvieson b. 1854 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama ; Shoalhaven (Harry Sagar)
  3. (f) Martha Maria Harvison b. 1856 Kiama 5251/1856 d. 1939 Hornsby
  4. (m) William Harvison b. 1858 Kiama 8087/1858 d. 1885 Newtown (Sarah)
  5. (f) Pauline Harvison b. 1860 Kiama 7843/1860 d. 1925 Hornsby
  6. (m) Dr Walter Sheffield Harvison b. 1861 Kiama 8283/1861 d. 1948 Hornsby (Mary A O’Keefe)
  7. (m) George John Harrison b. 1863 Kiama 8642/1863 d. 23/1/1928 Parramatta (Emily Basson)
  8. (m) John Harvison b. 1865 Kiama 9829/1865 d. 9/1/1868 Kiama 4382/1868
  9. (m) Henry Harrison b. 1867 Kiama 10499/1867 d. 7/2/1868 Kiama 4381/1868
  10. (m) Charles Alfred Harrison b. 1869 Kiama 12182/1869 d. 3/4/1893

Death of Mrs Harvison

The death of Mrs. Harvison of Cooma| at the advanced age of 82 years occurred on Tuesday morning, and although not not altogether unexpected was deeply regretted by a large circle of friends. Some five years since the deceased lady lost her sight, and later on was a sufferer, from bronchitis, some severe attacks of which malady nearly proved fatal. Prior to her failure of vision she enjoyed excellent health, and it is thought that a too close application to fancy needlework of which she made a hobby and in which she excelled, in later years, hastened her loss of sight. Blessed with an excellent memory she could recall happenings of years since, and also took a keen interest in current events; while she devoted a considerable time to reading. Possessed of a kindly and gentle nature, and a generaous disposition, her homeliness and attributed of womanliness endeared her to all with whom she came in contact, and her family has suffered an irreparable loss by her departure.

About a month since an attack of bronchitis rendered her condition so critical that a fortnight ago she entered the Manaro Private Hospital, in which, institution she remained till the time of her death,

Mrs. Harvison was born at Newry near Rostrever, Ireland, in 1832, and came to New South Wales in 1863, marrying Mr. Paul Harvison who, with his relatives, was a passenger by the same vessel, and settling at Kiama, where she resided for a quarter of a century. Subsequently the family lived in Sydney for some ten years, where in 1898 Mr Harvison died at the age of 77 years. Mrs. Harvison then came to Cooma, where with Dr. W. S. Harvison and the Misses Harvison she lived till the period of her decease. She leaves three daughters one being Mrs. Soger of Sydney, and the others Miss, and Miss N. Harvison of Cooma; and two

sons, one living in Sydney, and Dr. Harvison of Cooma. The Manaro Mercury, and Cooma and Bombala Advertiser (NSW : 1862 - 1931) Friday 7 August 1914 p 2

Harvison Catherine/Katherine Ann Kate (Armstrong)

b 22/7/1866 Kiama d. 1/1/1917 Mullumbimby

m. Archibald Hamilton Harvison (abt 1856 ‘Springfield’ Kiama - 19/8/1918 Main Arm Mullimbimby Son of James Harvison & Mary Jane Armstrong *) 10/6/1891 Kiama 4658/1891

f. Thomas Armstrong m. Jane Gray *

  1. (m) Rupert A Harrison b. 1893 Kiama 18702/1893
  2. (m) Thomas J H Harvison b. 1895 Kiama 23423/1895
  3. (m) George Harvison
  4. (m) Frederick Harvison

The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Wednesday 21 February 1917 p 3

Harvison Mary Jane (Armstrong)

b. 1817 Magheraculmoney, Fermanagh, Ireland d. 27/8/1860 Kiama

m. James Harvison (1811 Enniscorthy Wessex – 27/4/1883 Kiama Son of William Harvison & Sarah McDonald *) 26/12/1845 Wollongong V18454429 74B/1845

f. James Bedad Armstrong m. Jane Johnson *

  1. (m) Arthur James Harvison b. 1846 Kiama d 1917 Manly (Margaret McIntosh 1873)
  2. (f) Annie Harvison * b. 1847 Kiama d. 18/2/1920 Tamworth (John William Selwin 1865)
  3. (m) Robert Henry Harvison b. 1848 “Bonaira” Kiama d 1925 Moruya (Henrietta Pomphrey1875)
  4. (f) Sarah Harvison b. 8/12/1849 Kiama d. 28/3/1915 Cambewarra (William Emery 1875 )
  5. (f) Maria Harvison b. Kiama d. 1929 Wentworthville ( James Eli Barwick 1878)
  6. (m) Archibald Hamilton Harvison b. abt 1856 ‘Springfiedl’ Kiama d. 19/8/1918 Main Arm Mullimbimby ( Katherine Ann Armstrong * 1891)
  7. (f) Mary Jane Harvison * b. 1852 Shoalhaven d. 20/10/1937 Mungindi (Andrew Connolly 1878)
  8. (f) Henrietta Harvison b 1858 Kiama d 1899 Penrith (James Walker 1888)
  9. (f) Catherine Isabella Harvison b. d Goulburn ( Robert Emery 1889)
  10. (m) Male Harvison

Harvison Mary (Kinsella)

b. Enniscorthy Wessex d. 28/8/1843 Springfield br. Wollongong

m. James Harvison (1811 Enniscorthy Wexford– 27/4/1883 Kiama Son of William Harvison & Sarah McDonald *) Ireland

f. Nechi Kinsella m. Ann

Ship: Alfred 1839

  1. (f) Anne Harvison b 1838 Ireland d at sea
  2. (m) William Richard Harvison b. 1841 CofE Dapto: Wollongong V18421349 26A/1842 (Annie M Graham 1882)

Harvison/Harrison Sarah (McDonald)

b. abt 1783 Enniscorthy, County Wexford d. 12/1/1864 Kiama

m. William Harvison

f. John McDonald m. Alice

Ship: 1839 Alfred ?

  1. (m) James Harvison b. 15/10/1811 Enniscorthy Wexford. 27/4/1883 Kiama ( Mary Kinsella * Mary Jane Armstrong * 1845, Sarah Barnier * 1867)
  2. (m) John Harvison b. abt 1815 Enniscorthy Wexford
  3. (f) Wilamina Harvison b. abt 1817 Enniscorthy Wexford
  4. (f) Maria Harvison b. abt 1819 Enniscorthy Wexford
  5. (f) Martha Harvison b. abt 1821 Enniscorthy Wexford
  6. (f) Dora Harvisson b. abt 1823 Enniscorthy Wexford
  7. (f) Sarah Harvison b. abt 1825 Enniscorthy Wexford
  8. (m) George Harvison b.
  9. (m) Paul Harvison b. 1826 Enniscorthy Wexford d. ( Harriett Brown * 1852 )

DEATH. On Tuesday, 12th inst., at the residence of Mr. Hayes, Kiama, Mrs. Sarah Harvison, aged 72 years. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Tuesday 19 January 1864 p 2

Harvison/Harrison Sarah (Barnier)

b. 1837 Dublin Ireland d. 14/5/1906 Barrengarry br.

m. James Harrison (1811 Enniscorthy Wexford– 27/4/1883 Kiama Son of William Harvison & Sarah McDonald *) 21/1/1867 Kiama 2234/1867

f. James Barnier m. Susan Lambert *

  1. (f) Martha Harvison b. 1868 Kiama 10480/1868
  2. (f) Dora Harvison b. 1870 Kiama 11195/1870 d. 1931 Lismore ( Philip Cronberger 1888)
  3. (m) Joseph harvison b. 1872 Kiama 11456/1872
  4. (m) John Harvison b. 1874 Kiama 12665/1874
  5. (f) Susan Harvison b. 1876 Kiama 13561/1876
  6. (f) Wilamina Harvison b. 1880 Kiama 16776/1880

Death at Barrengarry.

Mrs Harvison, of Barrengarry, who had been in indifferent health for a long time, died on Monday at the age of 69 years. The deceased lady was a resident of Kangaroo Valley for 24 years, and was highly esteemed by all who knew her. She leaves a family of four daughters and one son to mourn their great loss. Mrs Harvison who was the widow of the late James Harvison, of Kiama, and a sister of the late Rev Joseph Barnier (one of the most prominent of the Church of England clergy) and the late Mr Robert Barnier, was a great assistant in all Church work in connection with this parish, as well as in contributing liberally to all Mission effort. The Shoalhaven News and South Coast Districts Advertiser (NSW : 1891 - 1937) Saturday 19 May 1906 p 8

Hasheison see Slusher

Haslam/Haslan Bridget (Donane/Duan/Duane/Duine then Leary/Learie/Learey)

b. abt 1812 d. 1890 Third Creek via Crookwell

m. William Leary (1802- 1849) abt 1838

m. William Haslam (1803 Concord- 1865 Shellharbour Son of Samuel Haslam & Maria Davis) 4/7/1855 Wollongong

Ship: Alfred 1841

When married she was resident of Terrys River he of Shellharbour

Cause of Death: Burns

  1. (f) Mary Ann Leary b. 1845 d. 1913
  2. (m) William John Leary b. 3/5/1844 Dapto d. 1917
  3. (f) Catherine Leary * b. 19/5/1846 Dapto ( James Baxter 1872)
  4. (f) Elizabeth Learie b. 17/6/1848 Dapto
  5. (m) Thomas Leary b. 1850 Avondale d. 1927
  6. (m) Joseph James Leary b. 3/11/1852 Maquary River d. 1933

Burnt to Death

On Wednesday morning Iast news reached us that Mrs. Bridget Haslam was so severely burnt in the previous night that she expired early on the next morning at the residence of her son, Mr William Leary, Third Creek. At about seven o'clock on Tuesday evening Mrs. Haslam was talking with her son Thomas, who left her and was returning home to Crookwell, when he stepped to have a conversation with his brother William. Whilst the brothers were conversing together some 200 yards from the house they heard screams. This was about a quarter of an hour after Thomas had left his mother.

They hurried to the house to ascertain the cause of the screams, when to their horror they discovered that their mother had caught fire, and that every stitch of clothing had been burnt from her body. Dr. Drought was immediately sent for, and in an hour after the sad occurrence the doctor was on the scene. He dressed the wounds, and did all in his power to alleviate the sufferings of the poor old lady; but from the first he held out no hope of recovery, and Mrs. Haslam expired at about half-past one on Wednesday morning. On account of the shock received to the system, the deceased, during the seven hours that she lived was insensible to any pain and passed off in a deep sleep.

It is supposed that deceased had gone to the fire to have a warm, when her clothes caught fire. It was evident that she had endeavored to extinguish the flames herself, for there was a dish of water standing on the table, and it could be seen that she had been splashing the water on with her hands. Being unable to put out the fire she ran outside, where she was seen by Mrs. Wm. Leary and her daughter, who first raised the alarm. Mrs. Haslam was the mother of the Leary family, of whom there are three sons and two daughters. Mrs. Huslam's first husband, Mr. William Leary, died some 35 years ago, and she afterwards married Mr. William Haslam, who also died about 20 years ago. Deceased was 73 years of age, had lived in the district for the last 19 years, and was highly respected by all with whom she associated. The remains were interred in the Catholic cemetery, at Crookwell yesterday afternoon. Crookwell Gazette (NSW : 1885 - 1954) Friday 21 November 1890 p 2

Haslam/Haslem Jane (Frankfield/Franfitter)

b. 1829 Heinstadt

m. John Haslem 29/10/1855 Jamberoo Reg Kiama RC V1855422 101/1855

  1. (m) William James/Makin Haslem b. 7/6/1859 Two Mile Creek near Turon d. 1942 5075/1859

Hasnip Susan (Frost)

m. John Hasnip 1871 Wollongong 3867/1871

  1. (f) Sarah Hasnip b. 1871 Wollongong 19552/1871

Daughter registered with no father’s name.

Hassell Emily (Brown)

b. abt 1838 d. 11/7/1901 Gulgong 9546/1901 br. Gulgong

m. Richard J Hassell 9/11/1855 Kiama V18551209 43B/1855

f. John Goldfinch Brown m. Louisa *

  1. (u) Six children all registered at Mudgee

On the 9th Instant, at Kiama, by the Rev, James Barnier, Richard J. Hassall, of Morrawalga, to Emily, daughter of John Goldfinch Brown, of Jamberoo, and late of Broken Wharf, Wapping, London. Bell’s Life in Sydney and Sporting Reviewer 17 November 1855

Hasson/Hassan/Hassen Isabella (Lissimore)

b. abt 1848 Woscestershire d. 28/9/1928 Bulli 13346/1928 br. Bulli General

m. James Hasson (abt 1843Staffordshire -1/3/1918) 1870 Dudley Staffordshire

f. John Lissimore m. Mary A

Ship: Earl Dalhousie 1877

  1. (f) Hannah Hasson b. abt 1868 Woscestershire
  2. (f) Mary Ann Hasson * b. abt 1872 Woscestershired. 1965 Burwood (Alxeander B Price 1896)
  3. (f) Isabella Hasson b. abt 1876 Woscestershire
  4. (f) Elizabeth Hassen * b. 1878 Wollongong 24756/1878 d. 1929 Cessnock (John A Phillips 1897)
  5. (f) Sarah Hasson * b. 1880 Wollongong 27394/1880 (Edward Green 1897)
  6. (f) Margaret Phoebe Hassen * b. 1882 Woonona 19751/1882 d. 20/4/1969 Mt Keira (John Nelson 1901, John W C Fleming 1907)
  7. (m) John E Hassan b. 1885 Woonona 23689/1885 (Isabella Muir 1909)
  8. (m) James Hasson b. 1888 Wollongong 25656/1888
  9. (f) Emily V Hassan b. 1892 Woonona 39624/1892

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Husband a coal miner

Haswell Amelia

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (f) Annie Haswell b. 1889 Kiama 25114/1889 d. 1900 Newcastle

Hatchwell Charlotte (Rudge)

b. 1863 Bowral d. 16/6/1942

m. Robert B J Hatchwell 1884 Robertson

f. Samuel George Rudge m. Mary

  1. (f) Elizabeth M Hatchwell b. 1885 Robertson
  2. (f) Elsie M Hatchwell b. 1887 Berrima
  3. (f) Constance Victoria Hatchwell b. 1889 Bowral
  4. (f) Lilian Irene Hatchwell b. 1891 Bowral
  5. (f) Catherine Hatchwell b. 1893 Bowral
  6. (m) George Samuel Hatchwell b. 29/7/1895 Bowral
  7. (m) Robert Henry B Hatcwell b. 30/10/1897 Bowral d. 1978 Woonona
  8. (m) Charles William Hatchwell b. 1903 Wollongong 35844/1903

Living at Hamilton St Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Husband accidently killed by son whilst shooting Wallabies.

Her daughters Constance Victoria and Lilian Irene according to the Glouster Advocate, 27 June 1908, Pg. 4 were abducted by two men with the 'intent to carnally know them'.


Another old resident of Hannam Vale, Mrs. Charlotte Hatchwell, passed away in the M.R.D. Hospital at about 9.30; a.m. on Tuesday. About a week before she had a fall at her home and broke her thigh, and, following admission to hospital, she contracted pneumonia. Deceased was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Rudge, and was born near Bowral 79 years ago. Following her marriage to Mr. Robert Hatchwell she lived for a few years at Bowral and Dapto and then, some 30 years ago, the family made their home at Hannam Vale. About four years later her husband was accidentally killed, and then Mrs. HatchweIl carried on the farm with the help of her children, and in later years took over the mail run between Hannam Vale and Wytooee. The mails were carried by sulky, and Mrs. Hatchwell carried on the service, until she was 70 years of age. The late Mrs. Hatchwell was respected by all sections of the community. The following children survive her: Messrs. Geo. Hatchwell (Queensland), Robert Hatchwell (Burrell Creek), William Hatchwell (at home), Mesdames George Thompson (North Sydney), B. Green (Wollongong), Horace Everingham (Bellingen), L. Ward (Taree), and Bert Blythe (Hannam Vale). She is survived by one sister, Mrs. Mary Kuhn (Sydney), and one brother, Mr. Richard Rudge (Guy Fawkes). Two brothers, Harry Rudge, of Burrawang, and George Rudge, of Teralba, and one sister, Mrs. J. Griffiths, of Bowral, predeceased her. At 2 p.m. on Wednesday the funeral moved from Mr. W. T Howard's parlours for the Moorland cemetery. Rev. John Neville conducted the service at the graveside. The Northern Champion (Taree, NSW : 1913 - 1954) Saturday 20 June 1942 p 2

Hatton Jane (Lees)

b. 13/7/1842 Dapto d. 14/11/1901 Petersham

m. William Hatton ( 1843 Exeter Devon- 1921 Son of Richard Hatton & Emma Warren) 6/7/1864 Gerringong

f. James Sutton Lees m. Mary Ann Lees *

  1. (m) Henry Lees b. 1863 Kiama 8542/1863
  2. (m) Harry Hatton b. 1865 Kiama 9687/1865 d. 1949 Murwillumbah
  3. (f) Emma Hatton b. 1869 Kiama 12229/1869

HATTON— November 14, at No. 50 Percival-road, Petersham, Jane Hatton, aged 59 years. The Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser (NSW : 1871 - 1912) Saturday 23 November 1901 p 1341

Hatton Lillie (Mead)

m. Alfred Joseph Hatton (-5/7/1915 Manly Son of James Hatton & Amelia) 1893 Leichhardt

  1. (m) Angelo Talbot Hatton b. 1896 St Peters d. 9/11/1917 Belgium

Living at Keiraville in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Husband a draper.

Haugaard/Hangaard Emma (Ford)

b. 24/5/1856 at sea d. 15/6/1931 Pymble br. Bulli General

m. Jacob Otterson Haugaard ( 20/8/1844-26/2/1907 Son of Jacob Haugaard & Martha ) 1875 Wollongong 4470/1875

f. Arthur Ford m. Emma

  1. (f) Martha E Haugaard b. 1876 Wollongong 22570/1876 (Horace Jephson 1902)
  2. (f) Emma May Haugaard * b. 26/10/1878 Wollongong 24845/1878 d. 6/9/1955 (John C Dew 1900)
  3. (f) Lilian Maria Haugaard * b. 17/1/1881 Wollongong 18793/1881 d. 25/12/1907 Woonona
  4. (m) William Otterson Haugaard b. 29/6/1883 Woonona 21198/1883 d. 10/5/1919 (Janet Elizabeth McLachlan 1911)
  5. (f) Lena Catherine Haugaard b. 17/2/1886 Woonona 24514/1886 d. 26/11/1954 Springwood
  6. (f) Alice M Hangaard b. 1888 Woonona 25832/1888 (James R Hickey 1912)
  7. (f) Lorette N Haugaard b. 1891 Woonona 38996/1891
  8. (f) Annie Vera Haugaard b. 1893 Woonona 39764/1893 d. 1982 NSW
  9. (m) Frederick Bertleson Haugaard b. 1896 Woonona 27365/1896 d. 1979 NSW
  10. (m) Jacob Herman Haugaard b. b. 20/2/1899 Woonona 8625/1899 d. 21/4/1958 Penrith

Living at Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.

The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 16 June 1931 p 8 Family Notices

HANGAARD–McLACHLAN.-September 20, at St. Stephen's Church, Phillip-street. Sydney, by the Rev John Ferguson, William, eldest son of late Jacob Hangaard and Mrs. Hangaard, of Bulli, to Janet Elizabeth, second daughter of John Archibald McLachlan, Johannesburg, S. Africa, and Mrs McLachlan, of Wollongong. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 7 October 1911 p 16

Haugaard Lilian Maria

b. 17/1/1881 Wollongong 18793/1881 d. 25/12/1907 Woonona

f. Jacob Otterson Haugaard m. Emma Ford *

Living at Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.

Haughey see Stacey

Haughey Ellen see Stacey Ellen

Haughey Selina Letitia (McGrory)

b. 12/6/1855 Keelouges V18551940 121A/1855 d. 1908 Sydney

m. John Haughey (abt 1840 Ireland – 1899 Murrumburrah Son of John Haughey & Margaret Shannon) 1883 Cootamundra

f. James McGrory m. Margaret

  1. (u) Children born in Murrumburrah

Hausknecht Louisa Wilhelmine Henriette

b. 1882 Qld

Unmarried or no father listed

f. Carl Frederick Ferdinand Hausknecht m. Magdalena Margaretha Berg

  1. (f) Helen Hausknecht b. 1898 Helensburgh 31164/1898

Havenstein Amelia Olga (Meisling)

b. 22/1/1857 Boston Massachusetts U.S.A d. 23/11/1933 Bondi br. Waverley

m. Gustavus Havenstein (abt 1854 Newark New Jersey USA - 6/12/1908 Waverley Son of Gustavus Havenstein & Elizabeth Miller ) abt 1875 USA

f. Henry Meisling m. Amelia

Ship: 1876 Henry Leppet

  1. (f) Henrietta Florence Havenstein b. 20/9/1876 Sydney
  2. (f) Gertrude Violet Havenstein b. 21/12/1877 Sydney (McIntyre)
  3. (f) Mabel Amelia Havenstein b. 12/8/1879 Sydney (Richards)
  4. (m) Charles Frederick Havenstein b. 30/6/1881 Kiama 19420/1881 d. 1947 Byron Bay
  5. (f) Grace Haydee Havenstein b. 9/5/1883 Kiama 21717/1883 (McMaster)
  6. (f) Ida Olga Havenstein b. 21/4/1885 Kiama 24194/1885 (McIntyre)

Husband a clerk formerly Newark in New Jersey U.S.A. He committed suicide. She was natuarlized in 1932 so she could get the pension

HAVENSTEIN. — November 23, 1933, at her resdence, 13 Ocean-street, Bondi, Amelia, relict of the late Gustavius Havenstein, of Newark, N.J., U.S.A., and beloved mother of Gertrude (Mrs. Jas. McIntyre), Mabel (Mrs. B. H. Richards), Charles, Grace (Mrs. J. McMaster), and Ida (Mrs. W. McIntyre), aged 77 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Friday 24 November 1933 p 8

Hawarth Thursza Tapp see Haworth

Hawken Elizabeth

Living at Corrimal in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Hawken/Hawkins Mary Jane (Vance)

b. 12/10/1838 Sydney d. 22/11/1907 Darlinghurst

m. Nicholas Hawken ( 16/3/1836 Pothpean Con England 0- 13/7/1909 Darlinghurst Son of William Hawken & Phillipa Harding) 24/7/1861 Kiama

f. Joseph Vance m. Isabella Armstrong *

  1. (m) Workman Milford Hawken b. 1862 Sydney d. 1908 Adelong? ( Alice Jory abt 1898)
  2. (f) Isabella Philippa Hawken b. 11/11/1863 Kiama d. 10/4/1954
  3. (f) Jane Adelaide Hawken b. 1864 Sydney d. 5/10/1933
  4. (f) Anne Pauline Hawken b. 1867 Sydney d. 1867
  5. (f) Helena Vance Burton Hawken b. 1868 Sydney d. 8/6/1936 (William Arthur Pettit 1893)
  6. (f) Mary Victoria Harding Hawken b. 1869 Sydney d. 1870
  7. (f) Louise Lorne Hawken b. 1871 Sydney d. 26/3/1922 ( Luther Everingham)
  8. (f) Josephine Harding Hawken b. 1873 Sydney d. 1925 Richmond River (William Graham abt 1896)
  9. (m) Nicholas Saint Austill Hawken b. 1874 Sydney d. 1945 (Clara Janetta Elizabeth Saxby abt 1900)
  10. (f) Caroline Matilda Hawken b. 1876 Sydney d. 1877
  11. (m) Roger William Hercules Hawken b. 1878 Redfern d. 1946 Armidale (Adelaide Margretta Mott 1910)
  12. (m) Charles Joseph Edward Hawken b. 1880 Redfern d. 1953 (Constance Hayes)
  13. (m) Harold Garnet Wolseley Hawken b. 1882 d. 1958 (Theodora Green)

Nicholas was Mayor of Darlington 1881-1884, M.L.A. for Newtown 1887-1891, an M.L.C. in 1899 and a Trustee of Victoria Park, Sydney.

On the 24th instant, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. G. Turner, Nicholas, eldest son of Mr. William Hawken, Wangarei, New Zealand (formerly of Cornwall, England), to Mary Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. Joseph Vance, Bonara, Kiama. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 31 July 1861

On the 11th instant, at Wesley Park, Kiama, the wife of Mr. Nicholas Hawken, of a daughter. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 16 November 1863

Mrs. Hawken, wife of the Hon. N. Hawken, M.L.C., and mother of Mrs. W. Graham of Dunoon. The Wingham Chronicle and Manning River Observer (NSW : 1898 - 1954) Wednesday 4 December 1907 p 3

Hawken Mary Knight (Champion)

b. abt 1857 d. 13/12/1946 Corrimal

m. William Henry Hawken ( Cornwall - 11/8/1905 Bellambi Son of Benjamin Hawken & Anne)

f. Benjamin Champion m.

  1. John Henry Hawken b. d. 1950 Bulli
  2. William Henry Hawken b. d. 1969 Parramatta
  3. Richard Benjamin Hawken b. 1879 Hartley d. 1958 Kiama (Rebecca Hissett *1902)
  4. Ann Maria Hawken b. abt 1881 d. 25/5/1911 Bellambi ( George James Merrill 1899)
  5. Mary E Hawken b. 1885 Lithgow
  6. Thomas D Hawken b. 1887 Lithgow d. 1897 Lithgow
  7. Joseph A Hawken b. 1889 Lithgow d. 17/2/1909 Bellambi beach drowned
  8. Charles Percival Hawken b. 1891 Lithgow d. 1963 Bulli
  9. Ellen S Hawken b. 1893 Lithgow
  10. Leslie Thomas Hawken b. 1898 Lithgow d. 1943 Parramatta

Living at Bellambi in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.

Likely the family moved to the area about 1900 to 1902 from Lithgow. When she was away visiting a daughter’s grave in New Zealand a son drowned in 1909. Some sources say that they came to South Australia in about 1868 as goldminers.

HAWKEN— December 13 1946, at her son Jim's residence, Main Road, Corrimal, Mary Knight, widow of the late William Henry Hawken, and dear mother of Harry (Bellambi), Ben (Oak Flats), William (Parramatta), Charlie (Thirroul), Lena (Mrs. Malcolm, Merrylands) and Jim; aged 89 years. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 20 December 1946 p 12

Hawken Rebecca (Hissett)

b. 1878 Hartley d. 15/7/1938 Lidcombe br. Wollongong

m. Richard Benjamin Hawken ( 1879 Oberon – 29/9/1958 Oak Flats Son of William Hawken & Mary Knight Champion *) 1902 Woonona 5449/1902

f. John Hissett m. Christiana Perry *

  1. (m) William John Hawken b. 1903 Woonona 17768/1903 d. 1979 NSW
  2. (f) Christiana M Hawken b. 1905 Woonona (Coleman)
  3. (f) Phyllis R Hawken b. 1906 Woonona 9693/1906 (Chrsitiansen)
  4. (m) Henry H Hawken b. 1909 Woonona 32425/1909
  5. (f) Elizabeth E Hawken b. 1911 Lithgow (Drew)
  6. (m) Leslie Benjamin Hawken d. 1980 NSW
  7. (m) James H Hawken b. d. 1909 Woonona
  8. (f) Mavis Hawken

Living at Corrimal in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

The death occurred at her residence, Tilba street, Lidcombe on Friday last of Mrs. Rebecca Hawken, wife of Mr. R. B. (Ben) Hawken. The late Mrs. Hawken was 60 years ofage and prior to going to Lidcombe about three years ago, had resided in Corrimal and Bellambi for many years, where she and her family gained the respect and esteem of the whole community. Sincere sympathy is extended to her husband and family, William (Main road, Woonona) Crissie (Mrs. Coleman, Blundell's Parade, Corrimal), Phyllis (Mrs. Christiansen, Corrimal), Ben (Main road, Thirroul), Harry (Hale st.- Woonona) Nell (Mrs. Drew, Lithgow), and Mavis (Lidcombe), Mrs. H. M. Parsons, of Wollongong, is a sister of deceased.

The late Mrs. Hawken was a consistent worshipper at Bellambi and Corrimal Methodist churches prior to her departure for Lidcombe. She collapsed suddenly at her home on Thursday night and died some hours later.

The remains were interred in the Wollongong Methodist Cemetery on Sunday afternoon and many district residents took the opportunity of paying their last respects to a very worthy friend and fellow citizen. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 22 July 1938

Hawken Sarah Emily (Jarrett)

b. 13/12/1852 Ryde V18521523 56/1852 d. 23/1/1887 Cooloongatta

m. John Hawken 1874 Kiama 2722/1874

f. Henry Jarrett m. Jane Barnes

  1. (f) Elizabeth Jane Hawken b. 1875 Shoalhaven
  2. (f) Lucretia Ann Hawken b. 1879 Shoalhaven
  3. (f) Sarah Emily L Hawken b. 1881 Shoalhaven John L Hawken b. 1882 Shoalhaven
  4. (m) Charles R G Hawken b. 1884 Kiama 23460/1884
  5. (m) John F Hwken b. 1886 Central Cumberland
  6. (f) Jessie M Hawken b. 1886 Shoalhaven

Hawkey see Hockey

Hawkins Amelia (Zeims)

d. 1932 Woollahra

m. Fred Hawkins 7/9/1893 Wollongong 7571/1893

f. Fritz Zeims m. Johanna Cassel *

  1. (f) Mildred Hawkins b. 1894 St Peters
  2. (f) Vera Hawkins v. 1898 St Peters
  3. (f) Linda Hawkins b. 1901 St Peters
  4. (f) Stella Hawkins b. 1903 St Peters
  5. (f) Freda Hawkins b. 1906 St Peters

To Amelia Zeims, daughter of F. Zeims of “Gustavia”, Towradgi and sister to Lena and Gussie.

IM Issue: 14 Sep 1893

Hawkins Elizabeth

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (f) Ida Hawkins b. 1893 Wollongong 39181/1893

Hawkins Elizabeth (Howe)

b. 20/12/1870 Longton Staffordshire d. 4/9/1944 Singleton

m. James Edward Hawkins (1869 Singleton- 1931 Singleton) 1894 Woonona 7579/1894

f. William Howe f. Felicia Couglough *

  1. (f) Felicia A Hawkins b. 1895 Greta
  2. (m) Albert Edward Hawkins b. 1898 Singleton

Hawkins Florence

Living Helensburgh at in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

With Thomas Chapman Hawkins who had the Paragon Hotel at Helensburgh. In 1907 he was a Young, 1914 he was at Sorrento

Hawkins Margaret

b. abt 1836 d. 2/12/1911 Wollongong 17139/1911 br Wollongong General

m. John Hawkins (abt 1847 -29/5/1925 Woonona )

f. William m. Mary A

  1. (f) Elizabeth Selina Hawkins d. 1953 Wollongong (William Bonnyman )
  2. (m)? John William Hawkins b. 1877 Berrima d. 1962 Bulli ( Margaret Isabel Muncaster *1901)

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.

Mrs. Hawkins (75), a very old resident of Wollongong. The Land (Sydney, NSW: 1911 - 1954) Friday 8 December 1911 p 5

Hawkins Margaret Isabel (Muncaster)

b. 1877 York Yorkshire d. 1952 Bulli 5444/1952

m. John William Hawkins (1877 – 1962 Bulli Son of John Hawkins & Margaret *) 1901 Petersham

f. Alfred Muncaster m. Catherine Clayton

Ship: Glamis 1881

  1. (f) Margaret E Hawkins b. 1902 Woonona 37738/1902
  2. (m) John A Hawkins b. 1903 Woonona 36002/1903
  3. (m) Ernest Hawkins b. 1904 Woonona 38678/1904
  4. (f) Kate Hawkins b. 1905 Woonona 29824/1905
  5. (f) Hilda Hawkins b. 1907 Woonona 42187/1907
  6. (f) Edith A Hawkins b. 1910 Woonona 22083/1910

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.

Hawkins Mary Jane see Hawken

Hawksby Elizabeth Agnes (Reid then Brindley)

b. 1875 Wollongong 21933/1875 d. 1957 Wollongong

m. Sidney Brindley (- 1907 Fairy Meadow) 1897 Wollongong

m. Jackson E Hawksby (- 1918 Redfern Son of John Hawksby & Sarah) 1911 Wollongong

f. John Steel Reid b. Fanny Fee *

  1. (m) Sidney T Brindley b. 1898 Woonona 27259/1898
  2. (f) Mary E Brindley b. 1900 Woonona 18395/1900
  3. (m) Ernest J Brindley b. 1902 Woonona 28178/1902
  4. (m) George M Brindley b. 1904 Woonona 18463/1904
  5. (f) Emily H Brindley b. 1906 Woonona 41055/1906

Living Fairy Meadow in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a miner.

Hawksford Nina

Living Shellharbour in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Haworth Alice (Whittaker)

m. Robert Haworth (1/1/1801 Bury Lancashire-21/12/1875 Crown St Wollongong Son of Richard Haworth & Lizzie Birch ) abt 1822

  1. Elizabeth Haworth * b. abt 1816 ? d. 1898 Wollongong (Jonathon Marks Howarth 1859, Thomas Collins 1878)
  2. Mary Howorth * b. 1824 d. 6/9/1902 (Jospeh Rathmell 1849)

Haworth Ann

d. 1893

m. Kembla Haworth (1860 Wollongong - 1916 Granville Son of Jonathan M Haworth & Elizabeth Haworth * see Collins )

f. Edward m. Mary

(Wollongong) Jonathan K. Haworth, charged with maliciously wounding tns wile, was acquitted. The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1923) Friday 29 July 1892 p 6

Haworth/Hawarth/Howarth Thirza Tapp (Webber)

b. bp 20/7/1823 St James Taunton d. 9/1/1912 Ashfield

Haworth Elizabeth see Collins

Haworth/Hawarth/Howarth Thirza Tapp (Webber)

b. bp 20/7/1823 St James Taunton d. 9/1/1912 Ashfield

m. Robert Haworth (1/1/1801 Bury Lancashire-21/12/1875 Crown St Wollongong Son of Richard Haworth & Lizzie Birch ) 1854 CofE Sydney St Lawrence’s

f. Samuel Webber m. Sophia Tapp

  1. (m) Robert William Haworth d. 1925 Ashfield (Annie McPherson)
  2. (f) Thirza Sophia Haworth 1857 Wollongong 12290/1857 d. 1885 Summer Hill
  3. (f) Frances Susanna Haworth 1859 Wollongong 14100/1859 (Joseph Hutchinson)
  4. (m) George A Haworth b. 31/7/1861 Kembla Grange Wollongong 14440/1861

By the Rev. A. Stephen, at Christ Church, by special license, R. Haworth, of Wollongong, to Thirza Tapp, third daughter of Mrs. Webber, Elizabeth-street SouthThe Sydney Morning Herald 9 October 1854

On Thursday, the 31st ultimo, at her residence, Kembla Grange, near Wollongong, the wife of Robert Haworth, Esq., M.L.A., of a son. The Sydney Morning Herald 9 August 1861

Husband was a dairyman and also ran the tannery at Wollongong in 1850. He was elected to parliament in 1860. Was a widower when he married and was also the father of Mrs Joseph Rathmell and Mrs Thomas Collins.

Hay Jane

m. David Hay

  1. (m) John Hay b. 1840 bp. Presbyterian Wollongong

Hay Mary

m. Robert Hay

  1. (f) Sarah A Hay b. 1838 CofE Dapto/Wollongong

Hay Mary Louisa see Dalrymple-Hay

Hay Maud (Williams)

b. abt 1881 d. 10/7/1964 Woonona

m. William Dighton Hay (abt 1885 Dubbo- 18/12/1945 Woonona Son of John Charles Hay & Elizabeth) 1914

f. John Williams m. Ruth *

  1. (m) Norman D Hay b. 1915 Bulli
  2. (f) Gwendoline R Hay b. 1917 Bulli
  3. (f) Maud Lilian Dighton Hay b. 1920 Bulli

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll – Milliner

Hay Sarah Ann

Living Kembla Heights in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Hay Sarah Anne (McPhail)

b. 1868 Wollongong

m. Robert Hay 5/5/1890 Dapto 7696/1890

f. George McPhail m. Elizabeth Smith

HAY—McPHAIL.—May 5, at the residence of the bride’s parents, by the Rev. R. Miller. Robert Hay of Kembla, to Sarah Anne, fourth daughter of Geo, M'Phail, Esq., J.P., Stane Dykes Dapto.SMH 15 July 1890

Hay Sarah Emily (Turner aka Rogers)

b. abt 1874 d. 17/9/1923 Kembla Heights

m. William Hay (abt 1870- 21/5/1929 Mt Kembla ) 23/3/1894 Mt Kembla 7470/1894

f. Turner m. Sarah

Adopted daughter of William Rogers

  1. (m) Percy William Hay b. 1894 Kembla 37925/1894 d. 1952 Gordon
  2. (m) Thomas Y Hay b. 1896 Wollongong 27230/1896
  3. (m) Robert J Hay b. 1899 Wollongong 36176/1899
  4. (f) Ann E Hay b. 1902 Wollongong 37615/1902
  5. (f) Emily M Hay b. 1908 Wollongong 42460/1908
  6. (m) George Hay b. 1911 Wollongong 35738/1911


An interesting wedding was solemnised at the residence of Mr. William Rogers, Mount Kembla, on Friday afternoon. The sun shone forth gloriously, so that the wedding took place under favorable auspices. All the people of Kembla were astir, and evidently took a gratifying interest in the event. The bride was Miss Sarah Emily Turner (better known as Miss Rogers), the niece and adopted daughter of Mr. William Rogers. She wore a very charming dress of cream cordod silk, trimmed with lace and orange blossom, and on her head was a wreath of orange blossom. The bridegroom was Mr. William Hay, of Mount Kembla,

The bridesmaids, Miss Hay and Miss May Hay, of Lithgow, sisters of the bridegroom, were very prettily dressed and looked very nice. They wore gold bangles the gift of the bridegroom. Mr. C. Catt officiated as best man, and was seconded by Mr. J. S. Hay, of Lithgow, a brother of the bridegroom. Mr. W. Rogers gave the bride away. The interesting and impressive ceremony was performed by the Rev. P. S. Young, whose mode of tying the nuptial knot seemed to add to the beauty and grace of the almost Arcadian service. The bridal party presented a very pleasing spectacle, and, with many lady relatives and friends around as witnesses, the scene was a most gratifying one. The bouquets carried by the bride and bridesmaids were extremely pretty. There were present in and around the residence at the time of the marriage most of those named as donors in the list of wedding presents given below, besides other relatives and friends, the guests altogether numbering upwards of one hundred.

Subsequently the bridal party and the the guests sat down to a sumptuous dinner. The repast having been partaken of, the Rev. P. S. Young proposed the health of the bride and bridegroom. After referring to a number of couples that he had had the honor of ' splicing at Mt. Kembla, he said it had been a very pleasing duty to make those couples happy. He had had the honor of knowing Mr. and Mrs. Rogers for some time, and to know them was to respect them. He had also known Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hay and the bridegroom for a considerable time, and he was pleased to see the bridegroom united to such a charming bride. He trusted that their wedded life would be a happy one. They were both young, they were both good-looking, and he thought they were good tempered— at all events, he had never seen either of them put out. They meant to be happy and to do well, and if they had all the happiness that their friends wished them they would have a good deal. (Applause.)

Mr. Wm. Hay thanked Mr. Young and his many friends for drinking the health of his wife and himself so enthusiastically, and also for their good wishes and the many kind things they had said. He believed that his qualities had been somewhat over-painted, but he hoped that in future, with the assistance of his good wife, he would be able to come nearer the line. (Applause.)

Mr. A. Duncan proposed the health of the guardians of the bride, Mr. and Mrs. Rogers, who had acted as her parents for many years. He had known Mr. Rogers for many years, and he had always known him to be an honest and straightforward man, and he believed that he had brought up the young lady whom they had just had the pleasure of seeing married In an excelIent and Godfearing way. He hoped that Mr. and Mrs. Rogers would live long and prosperously, to see the bride and bride groom enjoy health and happiness. (Applause.)

Mr. Rogers briefly responded, and thanked all their friends who were at the wedding for their presence that afternoon. He thought that the many beautiful presents in the adjoining room spoke very highly for his adopted daughter and Mr. William Hay. (Hear, hear.) He wished the happy couple every success. (Applause.)… further reporting of the speeches and the list of wedding gifts. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Wednesday 28 March 1894 p 2

Haycott Mary Jane

Living at Corrimal in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Hayden Ademia Annie (Vidler)

b. 6/5/1866 Jamberoo 9504/1866 d. 1941 Newtown br. Rookwood

m. Elias Hayden (8/2/1867 Araluen- 15/9/1914 Tempe Son of James Hayden & Hannah) 14/5/1890 Jamberoo 4295/1890

f. Edwin Vidler m. Emma Bradney *

  1. (f) Lillian M Hayden b. 1891 Marrickville
  2. (f) Edith T Hayden b. 1893 Marrickville
  3. (m) Ernest K Hayden b. 1898 Waterloo
  4. (m) William E Hayden b. 1904 Newtown

Hayden Bridget Maria (McIntyre )

b. 1/11/1833King’s County Ireland d. 6/10/1917 Chatswood br. Lismore

m. Laurence Hayden (1830 Tipperary- 17/3/1910 Goolmangar) 1859 Kiama 2127/1859

  1. (m) John Patrick Hayden b. 26/6/1861 Gerringong 8198/1861 d. 26/1/1924 Cairns Qld
  2. (m) Thomas Hayden b. 1863 Kiama 8509/1863
  3. (f) Mary/Maria Hayden b. 6/2/1865 Gerringong 9655/1865 d. 21/2/1902 Grafton (Sister Alphonsus Josep of the Sisters of Mercy)
  4. (m) Thomas J Hayden b. 30/11/1866 Gerringong 9644/1866 d. 10/3/1832 Wagga Wagga
  5. (f) Catherine Hayden b. 19/12/1868 Gerringong 12105/1869 d. 20/1/1953 Lindfield (James Joyner)
  6. (m) Lawrence Hayden b. 3/2/1871 Gerringong 11586/1871 d. North Sydney
  7. (m) James Hayden b. 6/12/1872 Gerringong 11646/1872 bp Kiama RC d. Palmerston NZ


The death took, place in Sydney recently, of one of the pioneers of f the Goolmangar district— Mrs. Hayden, relict of the late Mr. Lawrence Hayden, of Strawberry Hills, Goolmangar. The deceased lady, who had reached the advanced age of 85, was a native of King's County, Ireland, and was born on November 1, 1831. With her parents she arrived in Australia early in the forties, the family settling in Gerringong She was married in 1859 at Kiama, but it was not until November 1, 1878, that the lady arrived in the district. Mr. Hayden went there in 1869, and selected the property at Goolmangar known as Strawberry Hills. During her long residence at Goolmangar the late Mrs. Hayden endeared herself to all. Failing health led to her giving up the home at Lismore, and on November 1, 1914, the anniversary of her birth and her arrival in the district, she left for Sydney to spend the remainder of her days with her daughter, Mrs. J. Joyner. Upon arrival in Sydney her health necessitated treatment in Lewisham Hospital, where she remained for about Seven weeks. For the past three years she had been a great sufferer from sciatica of the nerves and despite everything that loving care and niedical skill could possibly do, she gradually sank, passing away last Saturday week. She leaves a family of four sons — Messrs. J. P. (Herberton, Q.), T. J. (Sydney), James (N.Z.), and L. F (North Sydney), and Mrs. J. Joyner (Chatswood, Sydney). Another daughter who entered the convent died in Grafton about seventeen years ago.

Messrs. T. J. M Intyre (Goolmangar) and James M'Intyre (Lismore) are brothers. The late Mrs. P. J. Devery (Foxground), the late

Mrs. Carew (Toolijoai), and the late Mrs. M'Intyre (Beaudesert) were sisters, as also was Mrs. Murray (Waverley, Sydney). The remains were taken overland from Sydney, for interment alongside her late husband, and the funeral was largely attended. … Freeman's Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1932) Thursday 1 November 1917 p 14

Haydon Ann (Chart)

b. ab28/6/1793 Mitcham Surrey d. 27/5/1871 Kiama

m. Thomas Tilbury Haydon (1797 Carshalton, Surrey- Son of Thomas Haydon & Ann Mansel) 17/7/1815 Mitcham Surrey

f. John Chart m. Margaret Ann Master

  1. (f) Haydon

On 27th May, at the residence of her son-in-law, Kiama, ANN, relict of the late Thomas Tilbury Haydon, of Croydon, Surry, England, in the 79th year of her age. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 1 June 1871 p 2

In 1851 she was the Matron of the Union Workhouse in Croydon Surrey.

Haydon Mary and Ann

f. Patrick Haydon m. Catherine

b. ? Thurles Tipperary

When sister Margaret arrived in 1859 they are listed as living at Wollongong

Haydon/Heydon Catherine Kate (Maher)

m. John Haydon 1865 Kiama 2306/1865

  1. (m) Patrick Haydon b. 18/6/1868 Gerringong 10613/1868
  2. (f) Mary Haydon b. 18/6/1868 Gerringong 10614/1868
  3. (m) WilliamJ Haydon b. 21/6/1870 Gerringong 11358/1870
  4. (f) Catherine Haydon b. 25/6/1872 Gerringong 11572/1872
  5. (f) Anne Haydon b. 21/6/1874 Gerringong 12695/1874
  6. (f) Hannah Haydon b. 22/10/1876 Gerringong 13570/1876
  7. (m) Laurence Hayden b. 13/12/1879 Kiama 15780/1879 d. 23/12/1878 Gerringong
  8. (f) Margaret Ellen Hayden b. 1880 Kiama 16678/1880
  9. (f) Agnes Heydon b. 1882 Kiama 20140/1882
  10. (f) Johanna E Hayden b. 1886 Kiama 24983/1886

Husband a farmer.

HAYDON.—December 23, at the residence of his parents, Gerringong, Lawrence, third son of John and Catherine Haydon, aged ten days. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Friday 27 December 1878 p 2

Haydon Hannah (Maher)

m. Patrick Haydon 1874 Kiama 2717/1874

Haydon Hannah

m. John T Haydon

  1. (m) John T Haydon b. 1886 Wollongong 24247/1886

Haydon Josephine Mary Hyacinth

b. 1874 Morpeth d. 5/8/1928 Darlinghurst br. Waverley

f. Patrick K Haydon m. Bridget Annie

Living at Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Teacher

HAYDON.-August 5, 1928, at St. Vincent's Private Hospital. Darlinghurst, Josephine Mary Haydon, late of the Education Department. Requlescat in pace. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 6 August 1928 p 10

The late Miss Josephine Haydon, whose death occurred in Sydney; was a daughter of Mr. P. K. Haydon of Morpeth. The Maitland Daily Mercury (NSW : 1894 - 1939) Friday 10 August 1928 p 4

Hayes Adelaide Martha (Sawtell)

b. 1831 Wearne Huish Somerset England d. 1/12/1911 Clunes

m. George Hayes (1821 Wells Somerset England- 15/11/1899 Clunes) 1/8/1853 Langport Somerset

f. Edmund Sawtell m. Ann Downton *

Ship: Queen of England 1855

  1. (f) Alice Maria Hayes b. abt 1854 d. 1859 Wollongong
  2. (m) James Levi Hayes b. d. 1924 Murwillumbah ( Sarah Ann Whatman * 1889)
  3. (f) Eliza Jane Hayes * b. 1857 Wollongong 12367/1857 d. 1932 Campbelltown (John R Langdon 1882)
  4. (f) Alice M Hayes b. 1859 Wollongong 14226/1859 d. 1935 Byron Bay ( Samuel Shipman 1886 )
  5. (f) Louisa Ann Hayes b. 1862 Wollongong 15006/1862 d. 1950 Lismore ( George W Porter 1885)
  6. (f) Ellen A Hayes b. 1864 Wollongong 16437/1864
  7. (m) Francis George Hayes b. 1866 Wollongong 16538/1866 d. 1941 Parramatta
  8. (m) Thomas Edmund Hayes b. abt 1869 d. 6/7/1933 Lismore
  9. (m) Frederick R Hayes b. 1870 Wollongong 19007/1870
  10. (m) Walter Harrison Hayes b. 1873 Wollongong 20777/1873 d. 1950 Moss Vale
  11. (m) William Edward Hayes b. 1875 Wollongong 21930/1875

In her husband’s death notice in Kiama it says he was ‘formerly a resident of the Robertson district’

Hayes Alice Ellen (Montgomery)

m. William Hayes 1881 Kiama 4527/1881

Hayes Annie Woollett (Hall)

d. 31/3/1958 Cessnock br. Cessnock

m. James Phillip Hayes (abt 1874-30/10/1928 Cessnock Son of Patrick Hayes & Julia) 1899 Helensburgh

m. Thomas Woollett Hall m. Ann McDade *

  1. (f) Vera A Hayes b. 1899 Helensburgh 21566/1899 d. 1932 Cessnock (Frederick Cresswell 1916)
  2. (m) Thomas S Hayes b. 1901 Woonona 37672/1901 d. 1934 Newcastle
  3. (m) James P Hayes b. 1904 Helensburgh 3610/1904
  4. (m) John R Hayes b. 1906 West Maitland

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.

Hayes Bridget (Purcell)

b. abt 1834 d. 23/12/1914 br. Wollongong General

m. Thomas Hayes (abt 1840 – 22/10/1915 Son of Jeremiah Hayes & Catherine Murphy *)

f. John Purcell m. Ann

  1. (f) Catherine Hayes * b. 13/9/1865 Wollongong 17050/1865 (Russel Cook 1888)
  2. (m) John Joseph Hayes b. 4/12/1867 Mt Kembla or Cotadore River 18077/1868  d. 20/9/1918 Wollongong (Mary Ann Smith * 1897)
  3. (f) Honora Hayes b. 5/11/1870 Coradore River Wollongong 18922/1870
  4. (m) Thomas Hayes b. 28/2/1872 Corroux River 19591/1872 d. 17/12/1919 Wollongong
  5. (m) Hugh Hayes b. 11/10/1875 Cordadeaux River 21922/1875 d. 1878 wollongong

Hayes Catherine (Murphy)

b. abt 1816 Tumalane Limerick d. 1866 Wollongong

m. Jeremiah Hayes (abt 1814 Limerick – before 1853 Limerick) 1830 Limerick

f. Thomas Murphy m. Margaret

Ship: Eastern Empire 1862

  1. (f) Mary Hayes b. abt 1830 Ruthban Limerick
  2. (f) Bridget Hayes b. 1834 Doon Limerick Ireland d. 1902 Surrey Hills ( John Ryan 1856)
  3. (m) Thomas Hayes b. 1842 Trimbane Limerick d. 1915 Wollongong (Bridget Purcell *)
  4. (m) Patrick Francis Hayes b. 1843 Trimbane Limerick d. 1900 Woonona ( Julia Gleeson * 1866)

She and her two sons were sponsored by her son in law John Ryan

Hayes Christina Douglas (Gill)

d. 1951 Rockdale

m. Henry Hayes 1893 Sydney

f. John Gill m. Christina

  1. (f) Christina Dorothy Hayes (Harry Holt 1926, William John Burge 1938)
  2. (m) John H Roscoe Hayes b. 1895 Sydney d. 1911 Newcastle
  3. (f) Catherine Douglas Hayes b. 1896 Helensburgh d. 1969 Kogarah ( Henry B Turton 1923)
  4. (m) Douglas Hayes
  5. (f) Alma Hayes b. 1902 Rockdale (E Metham)
  6. (f) Gladys I Hayes b. 1909 Rockdale (H Grimshaw)

HAYES, Christina Douglas –January 27, 1951 at her daughter's residence 51 Morris Street Summer Hill, of 4 Queen Victoria Street West Kogarah, relict of Henry Hayes and loved mother of Dorothy (Mrs W Burge) Roscoe (deceased) Catherine (Mrs H Turton) Douglas, Alma (Mrs E Metham) and Gladys (Mrs H Grimshaw) aged 83 years The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 30 January 1951 p 18

Hayes Eliza

m. Patrick Hayes

  1. (f) Ellen Hayes b. 27/4/1839 Wollongong

Hayes Eliza (Daly)

m. James Hayes

  1. (f) Agnes Hayes b. 14/2/1841 Dapto
  2. (m) Patrick Hayes b. 3/2/1844 Charcoal

Hayes Engelor Benedicta (Johanson)

b. abt 1879 Toowoomba Qld d. 6/1/1970 Wollongong br. Wollongong General

m. Charles Hayes (1869- 3/5/1950 Son of Patrick Hayes & Julia Gleeson *) 26/4/1899 St Francis Xavier’s 6898/1899

f. Peter Johanson m. Helena Cecilia Lauritzen *

  1. (m) Charles J Hayes b. 1899 Wollongong 26767/1899
  2. (f) Mary E Hayes b. 1902 Wollongong 8579/1902

She resident of Barella Street He of Helensburg.

Living Kembla Heights in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Husband a carpenter

Hayes Hannah

m. James Hayes

  1. (m) Fraser H Hayes b. 1868 Wollongong 18132/1868

Hayes Helena (Ross)

b. 3/11/1872 Drimoleague Cork d. 26/4/1946 Dapto br. St Lukes Brownsville

m. Edmund Henry Saw Hayes ( 23/1/1862 Pambula – 7/7/1945 Wollongong Hospital Son of John Hayes & Margaret Ann Harwood ) 17/11/1892 St Michael’s Wollongong 7830/1892

f. John Ross m. Jane Kingston

Ship: abt 1891

  1. (m) John Harwood Hayes b. 1/10/1893 Wollongong 39367/1893 d. 11/12/1985 Coledale Nursing Home ( Mary Theresa Dorothy Savell 1917)
  2. (m) Edmund Henry Hayes b. 12/3/1895 Wollongong 18436/1895 d. 22/6/1964 ( Eileen Vera Rutledge 1919)
  3. (m) Albert William Hayes b. 1896 Albion Park 28226/1896
  4. (m) Hector Hayes b. 1899 Albion Park 18361/1899
  5. (m) Samuel Alfred Hayes b. 1901 Albion Park 29222/1901 ( Marjorie J Townsend 1933)
  6. (m) Ross Kingston Hayes b. 11/1/1908 ( Amy Victoria Rose Savell 1938)
  7. (f) Alberta Hayes b. 1903 Albion Park 9607/1903 ( Horace W Braithwaite 1928
  8. (f) Grace Hayes b. 1904 Albion Park 29610/1904 (William Roy Badans 1924)
  9. (f) Margaret Eleanor Hayes b. 30/11/1910 (Kenneth Ray Grimmett 1931)
  10. (f) Winifred Hayes b. 25/9/1912 (Horace B Perkins 1940)

Husband a coach & housepainter

Living at Albion Park in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic duties

Hayes Isabelle Mary (Percival)

m. Joseph Smithers Hayes (-) 1901 Sydney

Living Shellharbour in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties Husband a baker.

Hayes Jane McCulla (Elliott)

b. abt 1883 d. 20/3/1963 Sutherland br. Woronora

m. Thomas Hayes (abt 1874-16/6/1952 Sutherland Son of Joseph Hayes & Catherine) 1899 Sydney

f. Alexander m. Annie

  1. (m) Thomas Alexander Hayes b. 1900 Helensburgh 3866/1900 d. 27/11/1971 Sutherland
  2. (f) Mildred Hayes b. 1904 Helensburgh 22759/1904 d. 30/6/1963 Sutherland
  3. (m) Mark Higham Hayes b. 1908 Woonona d. 17/7/1939 Kogarah

Hayes/Heys Julia Johanna (Gleeson)

b. abt 1844 Tiperary Ireland d.

m. Patrick Francis Hayes (abt 1843 -15/10/1900 Woonona Son of Jeremiah Hayes & Catherine ) 13/2/1866 St Francis Xavier’s 3384/1866

f. James Gleeson m. Mary Gleeson

  1. (m) Patrick Francis Hayes b. 1867 Mt Kembla 10408/1867 d. 13/1/1932 Wollongong (Mary Ann Ryan * 1893)
  2. (f) Mary Hayes * b. 17/7/1868 Corodore River Wollongong 18173/1868 (John Ryan 1896)
  3. (m) Jeremiah Joseph Hays b. 23/7/1869 Corodeau Riber Wollongong 19904/1869 d. 28/5/1943 Wollongong (Rebecca Lucy Curran * 1897)
  4. (m) James Phillip Hayes b. 27/9/1870 Wollongong 19055/1870 d. 30/10/1928 Cessnock (Annie Hall * 1899)
  5. (m) Thomas Hayes b. 15/3/1872 Mount keira Wollongong 19592/1872 d. 1873 Wollongong
  6. (m) Bridget Hayes b. 4/11/1873 Cordeaux River 20875/1873
  7. (f) Charles Hayse b. 15/9/1875 Cordedeaux River 21908/1875 d. 3/5/150 Wollongong (Engelor B Johanson * 1899)
  8. (f) Johanna Hayes * b. 2/7/1878 Mountain near Wollongong d. 6/11/1953 Wollongong ( John Bennis 1899 )

Living at Mt Keira in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Husband was a carpenter and farmer

He resident Sydney she of Wollongong. Her sister Mary Hickey * and brother Martin Gleeson also lived in the Illawarra.

Hayes Lucy see Rebecca

Hayes Martha Ann (Haycock)

b. 1874 Wellington d. 1949 Wellington

m. Desmond W Hayes (-1902 Wellington Son of William Hayes & Charlotte) 1898 Wollongong 2113/1898

f. Edward Haycock m. Charlotte

This could be an error in transcription as all the other Haycock marriages around this time were recorded at Wellington

Hayes Mary

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (f) Rita E Hayes b. 29/4/1897 Wollongong 8636/1897 d. 1897 Wollongong

Hayes Mary Ann

Living at Keriaville North in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Hayes Mary Anne (Ryan)

b. abt 1871 Dapto d. 5/2/1944 Concord West br. Wollongong General

m. Patrick Francis Hayes (16/3/1867 Kiama - 13/1/1932 Wollongong Son of Patrick Hayes & Julia Hayes * ) 2/8/1893 St Francis Xavier’s 7565/1893

f. Andrew Ryan m. Honora Purcell *

She resident Unanderra he of Mt Kembla

  1. (f) Agnes Philomena Hayes b. 6/6/1894 Cordeaux River 37849/1894
  2. (f) Margaret Mary Hayes b. 7/11/1896 Mount Kembla 36172/1896
  3. (m) John Bede Hayes b. 4/1/1900 Mount Kembla 8888/1900
  4. (m) Bernard L Hayes b. 1902 Lithgow
  5. (m) Patrick F Hayes b. 1905 Wollongong 19197/1905
  6. (m) Clement V Hayes b. 1910 Wollongong 33976/1910
  7. (m) Harold A Hayes b. 1913 Wollongong 46614/1913


Mrs. Mary Ann Hayes died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. V. J. Read, of Concord West, last Saturday.

The late Mrs. Hayes, who was formerly a Miss Ryan, had lived in the Wollongong district practically all her life, and was 73 years of age at the time of her death. She was essentially a lover of her home and a kindly neighbour. Her husband predeceased her some time ago. Besides Mrs. Read, other members of the family are Mrs. M. Fitzgibbon (West Wollongong) and Messrs. Jack, Bernard, Patrick, Clem and Harold Hayes, Mrs. M. Egan, of Kembla Heights, and Mrs. T. Skerritt, of Banksia, are sisters. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 11 February 1944 p 5

Hayes Mary Anne (Smith)

b. abt 1875 Northumberland England d. 29/7/1940 Wollongong br. Wollongong General

m. John Joseph Hayes (1867- 20/8/1918 Son of Thomas Hayes & Bridget Purcell * ) 13/1/1897 St Francis Xavier’s

f. John Smith m. Jane Bell *

Witness Elizabeth Smith

  1. (m) Michael Hayes b. 1899 Wollongong d. 19/4/1899 aged 3 weeks
  2. (f) (J Sheppard)

Living at Mount Kembla in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husdband a labourer.

Mrs. Mary Ann Hayes, a respected resident, of 19 Finlayson Street, Wollongong, died at Wollongong Hospital on Monday last, aged 66 years. Deceased was the relict of the late John Hayes, of Keiraville, and the beloved mother of Mrs. J. Sheppard, of Finlayson street, and sister of Mrs. Stoyles, of Coogee, Mr John Smith, of Gwynneville, and Mrs. A. H. Masters, of Fernhill. On Tuesday the funeral left St Francis Xaviers Church for the Catholic cemetery, Wollongong. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 2 August 1940 p 5

Hayes Mary Ann see Wakefield

Hayes Norah

Living at Collins St Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Hayes Rebecca Lucy (Curran/ Cross)

b. abt 1867 d. 13/9/1943 West Wollongong br. Wollongong General

m. Jeremiah Hayes (23/7/1869 Cordeaux River d. 28/5/1943 Wollongong Son of Patrick Hayes & Julia Gleeson *) 1897 Sydney

  1. (f) Olive Mary Hayes b. 5/12/1897 Mount Kembla 8630/1898 d. 8/1/1938
  2. (f) Unnamed female Hayes b. 1899 Wollongong 17304/1899
  3. (m) Frederick Francis Hayes b. 23/8/1900 Mt Keira 36973/1900
  4. (f) Ivy M Hayes b. 1902 Woonona 18405/1902
  5. (m) Sidney J Hayes b. 1905 Woonona 39494/1905

Living at Mt Keira in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties


Following quickly on the death of her husband the late Mr. Jeremiah Hayes, which occurred only a few weeks ago, Mrs. Lucy Rebecca Hayes died on Monday at the home of her daughter (Mrs. J. McGuire, Mt. Keira Rd.)

She was 76 years of age and during her long residence in this district had won the respect and love of a wide circle of friends,

To her family, Harry (Leichhardt) Olive (deceased), Fred (Lewisham), Ivy (Mrs. J. McGuire) and Sid, the sincere sympathy of the community is extended.

The funeral left her daughter's residence on Wednesday for the Wollongong Catholic cemetery. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 17 September 1943 p 10

Hayes Sarah A (Dennis)

m. William John Harwood Hayes (1857 Eden-1923 Rockdale Son of John Hayes & Margaret Ann Harwood ) 1883 Bega

  1. (m) Archibald William J Hayes b. 1884 d. 1964 Manly
  2. (m) George A Hayes b. 1886 Bega d. 1926 Parramatta

Living at Harbour St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Hayes Sarah Ann (Whatman)

b. 1872 Berrima d. 14/6/1936 Palm Beach Qld br. Murwillumbah

m. James Levi Hayes ( abt 1856 NSW – 1924 Murwillumbah Son of George Hayes & Adelaide M Sawtell *) 14/11/1889 All Saints’ CofE Macquarie River

f. Mark Whatman m. Ann Rebecca Emmet

  1. (m) Leslie James Hayes b. 1890 Robertson
  2. (f) Beatrice A Hayes b. 1892 Robertson
  3. (m) Walter George M Hayes b. 1894 Robertson
  4. (f) Lillie E Hayes b. 1896 Robertson
  5. (f) Amy I Hayes b. 1899 Lismore
  6. (f) Pearly J Hayes b. 1901 Lismore
  7. (f) Ida M hayes b. 1904 Robertson
  8. (m) Stanley F Hayes b. 1907 Murwillumbah

Husband of East Kangaloon she of Mittagong


The death occurred at Palm Beach on Sunday night of Mrs: Sarah Anne Hayes, relict of the late Mr. J. L. Hayes of Murwillumbah. The late Mrs. Hayes, who was 64 years of age, had been ailing for the past 12 months. She had lived on the Tweed for approximately 30 years but of late had been staying with her daughter, Mrs. R. C. Parker, of Palm Beach.

Deceased leaves a family of seven. Sons are Leslie James (Kin Kin) and Walter George (Uki), .and daughters are Mrs. D. J. Brimms (Murwillumbah), Mrs. L. E. Webber. (Murwillumbah), Mrs. W. E. Taylor (Casino), Mrs. S. V. Vidler (Uki) and Mrs.R. C. Parker (Palm Beach).

The funeral will move from All Saints' Church of England, Murwillumbah: at 1.30 p.m. to-day for the Church of England portion of the new cemetery, Old Lismore Road. Tweed Daily (Murwillumbah, NSW : 1914 - 1949) Tuesday 16 June 1936 p 7

Hayler Agnes M

d. 28/10/1959 Belmont br. Cessnock

m. Edwin J Hayler (abt 1866 Banstead Surrey -17/11/1943 Cessnock Son of Edwin Hayler & Mary Ann Lindfield)

f. Clement m. Mary Dorothy

  1. (m) John Hayler b. d. 1909 Singelton
  2. (m) Edwin Joseph Hayler b. 1897 Merewether
  3. (m) Clement Hayler b. 1898 Merewether
  4. (m) William Hayler b. 1900 Merewether d. 1980
  5. (f) Winifred M Hayler b. 1901 Merewether
  6. (f) Agnes Hayler b. 1902 Woonona 37731/1902

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.

Hayles Docas Kate (Hewlett)

b. abt 1830 London d. 26/6/1916 Wollongong br. Wollongong General

m. William Hayles (1825- 24/3/1912 Son of Benajmin Hayles & Mary ) 26/1/1859 Congregational Church Wollongong 3213/1859

f. Rev. Samuel Hewlett m. Catherine Creech *

Ship: Andromache 1839

  1. (f) Edith Gertrude Hayles * b. 17/11/1859 Church Hill Wollongong 13780/1860 d. 1944 North Sydney (Edwin M Sayers 1892 )
  2. (m) Marian Maud Hayles b. 30/4/1861 Wollongong 14379/1861 d. 1943 Double Bay
  3. (m) William Perry Wiring Hayles b. 1862 Wollongong 15207/1862 d. 1943 Manly
  4. (m) Edgar Wingate Hayles b. 1864 Wollongong 16607/1864 d. 5/8/1867 Wollongong
  5. (f) Minnie Emily Hayles b. 14/8/1867 Crown St Wollongong 18047/1867 d. 25/3/1952 North Sydney
  6. (f) Ella F Hayles b. 1869 Wollongong 19878/1869 (Osman F H Middleton 1915)
  7. (m) Frank Hewlett Hayles b. 1873 Wollongong 20855/1873 d. 1948 Waverley

Living at Smith St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Husband was a storekeeper and wine merchant who became bankrupt in 1863.

MARRIAGES On Wednesday, 26th ultimo, at the Congregational Church, Wollongong, by the Rev. George Charter, Mr. William Hayles, of Wollongong, to Docas Kate, second daughter of the Rev. S. Hewlett, of Geelong, Victoria The Sydney Morning Herald 3 February 1859

On the 17th instant, at her residence, Church-hill, Wollongong, Mrs. William Hayles, of a daughter. The Sydney Morning Herald 22 November 1859

At her residence, Crown-street Wollongong, on the 30th April, Mrs. William Hayles, of a daughter. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 3 May 1861 p 2

HAYLES — At her residence, Crown street, on Wednesday, the 14th instant, Mrs W. Hayles, of a daughter. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 16 August 1867 p 2

On the 5th instant, at his parents' residence, Wollongong, EDGAR WINGATE, youngest son of Mr. WILLIAM HAYLES, aged 2 years and 10 months. The Sydney Morning Herald 10 August 1867

Hayles Elizabeth (Boulton)

b. 10/11/1814 Portsea, Hampshire, Eng d. 17/5/1908 Wollongong 7884/1908 br. Wollongong General

m. Robert Trickett Hayles (26/3/1814 -9/11/1902 Son of Charles Hayles & Mary )12/7/1835 St. Thomas' Church, Portsmouth

f. Joseph Boulton m. Annie

Ship: 1853 St George

HAYLES-BOULTON (Wollongong). -July 12, 1835, at St. Thomas' Church, Portsmouth, by the Rev. R. B. Hone, Robert Trickett Hayles to Elizabeth Boulton. The Sydney Morning Herald 16 July 1895 Diamond Wedding Anniversary

Her husband was Clerk in the Royal Infirmary in 1851 in Greenwich, he also ran the Sportsmans Arms Crown Street, Wollongong in the 1855-60 period and became a bankrupt in 1869.

Their niece Miss Adelaide Strickland is buried with them

Hayles Minnie Emily

b. 14/8/1867 Crown St Wollongong 18047/1867 d. 25/3/1952 North Sydney

f. William Hayles m. Dorcas Kate Hewlett *

Living at Smith St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Haylock Sophie Reynolds (Smith)

b. abt 1841 d. 8/2/1904 Paddington 2635/1904

m. Thomas Charles Haylock 23/2/1870 St Michael’s Wollongong 3723/1870

f. Charles Throsby Smith m. Isabella Campbell Stewart *

  1. (f) Eleanor Dixon Haylock b. 1872 Richmond River 17100/1872
  2. (f) Muriel Haylock b. 1877 Concord 006/1877
  3. (f) Sophie D Haylock b. 1878 Concord 4171/1878
  4. (f) Nina Stewart Haylock b. 1881 Canterbury 4741/1881

On the 23rd February, at St. Michael's Church, Wollongong, by the Rev. T. C Ewinig, assisted by the Rev. J. H. Rowsell,  THOMAS CHARLES, third son of T. B. HAYLOCK, Esq., J.P., of     Ashfirld Vale, Five Dock, to SOPHIA REYNOLDS, seventh daughter   of CHARLES THROSBY SMITH, Esq., J. P., of Wollongong.  The Sydney Morning Herald 2 March 1870

HAYLOCK. — February 8, at 27 Elizabelh-street, Paddington, Sophia R. Haylock, aged 63. The Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser (NSW : 1871 - 1912) Wednesday 10 February 1904 p 382

Hayman Catherine Eliza (Baker)

b. 1858 Tuena 6335/1858 d. 8/11/1954 Fairy Meadow br. Wollongong

m. William Hayman (abt 1865 -15/2/1926) 1881 Sydney 1678/1881

f. Stephen Baker m. Anne

  1. (m) Charles William Hayman b. 1883 Sydney 2865/1883 d. 1/6/1959 Wollongong (Christina Weir 1910)
  2. (m) Edward Henry Hayman b. 1885 Sydney 682/1885 d. 1956 Wollongong (Vera May Sherman 1913 )
  3. (m) Thomas Hayman b. 1887 Wollongong 24900/1887 d. 1887 Wollongong
  4. (m) Stephen Hayman b. 1889 Wollongong 24286/1889
  5. (m) Leslie Walton Hayman b. 1891 Wollongong 38293/1891 d. 1891 Wollongong
  6. (m) George Reginald Hayman b. 1892 39028/1892 d. 1964 Sydney (Isabella Bell 1914)
  7. (m) Victor Francis Hayman b. 1895 Woonona 38579/1895 d. 1966 Wollongong (Audrey E Clarke 1923)

Living Balgownie in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties Husband a miner.


Mrs. Catherine Eliza Hayman, whose death occurred at her son's residence at 51 Elliott's Road, Fairy Meadow, last Sunday, was in her 96th year.

The late Mrs. Hayman was born at Tuena and the early part of her life was spent on the goldfields. Many were the stories she could tell of the bushrangers who haunted the Abercrombie Caves area. She moved to Sydney in 1881 and later married William Hayman who preceased her 29 years ago. She came to Wollongong by sailing boat in 1886 and took up residence at Balgownie where she has lived ever since.

The late Mrs. Hayman was an active charity worker, and was well-known for her fine work for the Church of England in the district.

She is survived by a family of four sons: Charles, with whom she lived for the past five years, Edward, George, and Frank. Two sons, William and Steven, predeceased her.

On Tuesday afternoon the funeral left H, Parsons Wollongong chapel for the Wollongong cemetery. Rev. W. Wade of the Corrimal Church of England, officiated at the chapel and graveside. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW: 1900 - 1954) Thursday 11 November 1954 p 2

Haynes Ann (Tyso)

b. abt 1767

m. James Haynes ( abt 1770-) 1811 CofE Sydney

Ship: Canada 1810

In Illawarra in 1828 Census listed as the tenant, not her husband.

Convicted: Gloucester Assizes

Sentence: 14 years

Haynes Isabella see Hains

Hayward Ann (Gilham/Gillam or Blundell)

b. abt 1814 d. 1868 Wollongong

m. Thomas Hayward (1807 Sussex-) 1832

f. m. Caroline

Ship: Duchess of Northumberland 1838

  1. (m) John Hayward b. abt 1833 Brighton Sussex (Mary Jane Beach * 1865)
  2. (f) Frances Hayward * b. 1834 Brighton Sussex (James Gillespie 1855)
  3. (m) Thomas Hayward b. 183? Brighton Sussex d. 1904 Kiama (Elizabeth Gillespie *1855)
  4. (f) Elizabeth Hayward * b. 1837 Brighton Sussex d. 21/2/1890 Bulli (Peter Wilson 1860 )
  5. (f) Eliza Ann Hayward * b. 1839 Macquarie River d. 1917 Narrandera ( William Bloomfield Wright 1859)

Hayward Elizabeth (Gillespie)

b. abt 1835 Antrim Ireland d. 9/8/1900 Kialla br. Crookwell

m. Thomas Hayward (abt 1835 Brighton Sussex – 23/8/1904 Crookwell Son of Thomas Hayward & Ann Gillham *) 29/3/1855 CofE Dapto; Wollongong

f. James Gillespie m. Ann McInery *

  1. (m) Thomas Hayward b. 3/2/1856 Mt Keira bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong 318 VOL 159/1856 (Sarah A Armstrong * 1881)
  2. (m) John Hayward b. 1858 Mt Keira 13468/1858
  3. (f) Mary J Hayward b. 1860 Mt Keira 14040/1860
  4. (f) Josepehine A Hayward b. 1862 Mt Keira 15181/1862
  5. (f) Agnes C Hayward b. 1864 Mt Keira 16597/1864
  6. (f) Frances J. Hayward b. 1866 Goulburn
  7. (f) Elizabeth A Hayward b. 1868 Goulburn
  8. (f) Maud I. Hayward b. 1870 Goulburn
  9. (f) Esther Hayward b. 1872 Goulburn
  10. (f) Louisa Hayward b. 1874 Goulburn d. 1875
  11. (f) Amy L Hayward b. 10/5/1876 Gullen

Hayward Mary Ann (Benjamin)

b. 1870 Wollongong d. 30/5/1949 Wollongong br. Wollongong General

m. Mark Hayward (1867 Albion Park -13/4/1929 Port Macquarie Son of John Hayward & Mary Jane Beach * see Cook) 1888 Wollongong 5581/1888

f. Robert Benjamin m. Susannah Jane Stanbridge *

  1. (f) Mary Ann Hayward b. 1889 Wollongong d. 1958 Wollongong
  2. (f) Millicent Ruth Hayward b. 1903 Wollongong d. 1956 Wollongong (Reuben H Quince 1928)

Living at Mount Kembla in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.

Husband died in a car accident whilst on a touring holiday.

Hayward Mary Jane see Cook

Hayward Sarah Ann (Armstrong)

b. 20/4/1858 Jamberoo d. 7/8/1936 Penshurst br. Liverpool

m. Thomas Hayward ( 3/2/1856 Mt Keira – 24/10/1912 Liverpool Son of Thomas Hayward & Elizabeth Gillespie *) 31/3/1881 Redfern

f. James Armstrong m. Sarah Emily Emery *

  1. (f) Eliza Hayward b. 4/7/1882 Gullen ( William Sparks)
  2. (f) Maud Alice Hayward b. 21/3/1884 (Christopher Osborne)
  3. (m) Thomas Hayward b. 21/11/1885 d. 2/12/1914
  4. (f) Jessie Hayward b. 12/10/1885 Picton ( Les Halstead ,William Sanders)
  5. (f) Sarah Lillian Hayward b. 16/8/1890 ( Frederick Bamford)
  6. (m) John Leslie Victor Hayward b. 15/10/1892 Picton ( Gladys Erskine Cockburn)
  7. (f) Flora Hayward b. 2/3/1895 Picton ( John Rutherford)
  8. (f) Edith Ann Hayward b. 30/11/1897 ( William Mahoney)

Hazard Bertha (Lang)

b. 1867 Bendigo Vic d.

m. William E Hazard (Canada?- Son of E B Hazard) 4/12/1889 Goulburn

f. John Townsend Lang m. Mary Ann Hill

  1. (f) Eva Muriel Hazard b. 20/12/1891 Newtown d. 25/12/1896 Jerilderie
  2. (f) Nellie B Hazard b. 1895 Kiama 23396/1895
  3. (m) Everard R B Hazard b. 1897 Burwood

DECEMBER 4TH, at the Wesleyan Church, Goulburn, by the Rev. A. J Webb, WM. E. HAZARD, son of E. B. HAZARD, of Picton, Ontario, Canada, to BERTHA, third daughter of JOHN R. LANG, Sloane-street, Goulburn Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW : 1881 - 1940) Saturday 28 December 1889 p 4

Living in San Francisco in 1915 when her niece married at their home. She was still alive in 1940 when she was listed in the 1940 USA Census

Hazel Sarah (Bates)

b. 1856 CofE Parramatta d. 1933 Granville br. Rookwood

m. John Christopher Hazel (-1900 Gundagai) 1884 Sydney

f. William Bates m. Selina

  1. Ernest Hazel b. abt 1885 d. 16/10/1906 Gundagai
  2. Edith Hazel b. 1887 Ashfield
  3. Arthur Chrispan Hazel b. 1891 Clifton 38966/1891 d. 27/7/1918 France

A fatal accident happened near Bongongolong, nine miles from town, this afternoon.

Ernest Hazell, aged 21, lately working at Darling Harbour, was on a holiday to the Gundagai district, and while out riding with a young man named S. Grubb on a shooting expedition the horse bolted. Hazell was thrown off, and broke his neck. Deceased's father, Mr. John Hazell, was killed near the same place six or seven years ago, by a cart upsetting. Deceased's mother resides at Granville. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 16 October 1906 p 8

Hazeldine Martha

b. abt 1846 d. 27/7/1907 Lithgow br. Lithgow Methodist

m. William Hazeldine (- 5/12/1898 Lithgow )

f. Francis m. Mary

  1. (m) John William Hazeldine b. abt 1883 d. 12/10/1891 Wollongong 15936/1891
  2. (m) Francis Hazeldine b. 1882 Hartley 17883/1882 d. 27/7/1949 Lithgow (Jean M Lawson 1917)
  3. (f) Alice M Hazeldine b. 1885 Wollongong 23593/1885 ( Edward Neems 1911)


The death occurred on Saturday of Mrs. Martha Hazeldine, widow of the late Mr. Hazeldine, at her residence, Hill-street. The deceased, who was 61 years of age, had been suffering for some time from bronchitis, and a heart trouble. She is survived by a family of one son and two daughters. The funeral took place on Sunday afternoon, the remains being interred in the Methodist cemetery. … The deceased was a very old resident of Lithgow. Lithgow Mercury (NSW : 1898 - 1954) Monday 29 July 1907 p 2

Hazelgrove Isabella see Hite

Hazeltine Selina May (Copeman)

b. 1875 Sydney d. 14/5/1912 Lithgow

m. Thomas Hazeltine (-22/08/1919 Lithgow Son of Ellen J ) 1901 Petersham

f. George Copeman m. Maria

  1. Thomas Francis Hazeltine b. 1902 Helensburgh 3617/1902 d. 1975
  2. Lily M Hazeltine b. 1903 Helensburgh 12596/1903
  3. Elizabeth A Hazeltine b. 1905 Helensburgh 13727/1905
  4. George W Hazeltine b. 1906 Helensburgh 24612/1906

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.

Hazelton Annie

Living at Macquarie River in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Hazelton/Hazletin Anne (Green)

b. 3/7/1847 Johnston's Meadows d. 10/3/1928 Albion Park br. Albion Park CofE

m. Edward Hazelton (7/2/1842 Dapto- 17/4/1919 Albion Park Edward Hazelton & Hannah Herring *) 11/1/1865 Macquarie River 2276/1865

f. John Green m. Mary A Vickers *

  1. (f) Mary Hazelton * b. 1866 Kiama 9414/1866 d. 12/5/1942 (Joseph Clifford 1889)
  2. (m) William Hazelton b. 29/9/1867 Albion Park 10580/1867 d. 14/6/1944 (Caroline Massey * 1897)
  3. (m) John Hazelton b. 26/8/1869 Albion Park 12313/1869 d. 25/7/1940 Port Kembla (Mabel Clifford * 1901)
  4. (m) Edward Hazelton b. 23/1/1872 Albion Park 11479/1872 d. 10/5/1931 ( Anne Murphy 1906)
  5. (m) Archibald Hazelton b. 27/10/1873 Albion Park 12437/1873 d. 15/12/1950 Elstow Waihou NZ (Ellen Vickers 1904)
  6. (f) Hannah Hazelton b. 12/3/1876 Albion Park 13454/1876 d. 23/4/1947 (Richard Prior 1897)
  7. (f) Naomi Hazelton * b. 28/12/1878 Albion Park 15772/1879 d. 23/4/1947 Bellingen (Richard Keevers 1901)
  8. (m) James Herbert Hazelton b. 12/1/1881 Tongarra 19371/1881 d. 27/5/1953 (Elsie May Rogan 1911)
  9. (f) Daisy May Hazelton b. 13/1/1883 Albion Park 21677/1883 d. 15/1/1933 (Henry Simpson 1909)
  10. (m) Charles Hazelton b. 19/4/1885 Kiama 24226/1885 d. 3/5/1966 Waihou NZ (Mary Keigh Hey 1911)
  11. (m) Harry Hazelton b. 19/4/1885 Albion Park 24227/1885 d. 6/6/1961  (Emily Timbs 1908)

Hazelton Caroline (Massey)

b. 1878 Five Islands 24777/1878 d. 12/5/1946 Wollongong

m. William Hazelton (abt 1867 -1944 Wollongong Son of Edward Hazelton & Anne Green *) 1897 Wollongong 8735/1897

f. John Massey m. Mary Esther Foote *

  1. (m) Edward Hazelton b. 1898 Wollongong 36075/1898
  2. (m) John Hazelton b. 1900 Wollongong 36859/1900
  3. (f) Caroline Hazelton b. 1903 Wollongong 8604/1903
  4. (f) Mary Hazelton b. 1905 Dapto 2939/1905
  5. (f) Annie Hazelton b. 1906 Dapto 33884/1906
  6. (f) Helen Hazelton b. 1908 Dapto 35071/1908
  7. (m) William Hazelton b. 29/3/1911 Dapto 23106/1911

Living at Illawarra Lake in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a fisherman.

Hazelton Catherine (Foster)

b. 12/6/1859 Shellharbour d. 8/3/1889 Albion Park br. All Saints CofE Albion Park

m. William Hazelton ( 10/4/1852 Albion Park – 4/6/1912 Whitton Son of Edward Hazelton & Hannah Herring *) 1883 Kiama 5414/1883

f. William Foster m. Elizabeth Lindsay Smith *

Cause of death: typhoid

  1. (m) Edward Leslie Hazelton b. 1884 Wollongong 22927/1884 d. 1952
  2. (m) William Kembla Hazelton b. 1886 Kiama 25173/1886 d. 1973
  3. (f) Gladys Irene Hazelton b. 1888 Kiama 26402/1888 d.

Hazelton Catherine (Martin)

b. 23/3/1879 Dapto d. 1959

m. William Hazelton (1878 Kiama- 1944 Kiama Son of of Charles Hazelton & Margaret Jordan *) 1904

f. Nicholas Aaron Martin m. Catherine Toohey *

1903 Electoral roll –living at Shellhabour Domestic Duties

Hazelton Elizabeth

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (m) Elizabeth M Hazelton b. 1897 Albion Park 783/1897

Hazelton Emma (Clarke)

b. 1851 Wollongong bp. Wesleyan Methodist Wollongong d. 1898 Ryde

m. Samuel Hazelton ( 12/3/1848 - 21/10/1912 Lismore Son of Edward Hazelton & Hannah Herring *) 1867 Wollongong 3309/1867

f. Samuel Clarke m. Rachel Prior *

  1. (f) Rachel Ernest Hazelton * b. 1868 Kiama 10707/1868 d. 1939 Kiama (James T Surridge 1891)
  2. (f) Emma Hazelton b. 1870 Kiama 11412/1870
  3. (f) Elizabeth Hazelton b. 1872 Kiama 11610/1872 d. 1916 Ryde

Hazelton Frances Caroline (Bushell)

b. abt 1877 d. 29/4/1917 Shellharbour br. Shellharbour

m. Edward Hazelton (abt 1872 - 7/8/1941 Shellharbour Son of Charles Hazelton & Margaret Jordon *) 1898 Woollahra

f. William Bushell m. Mary A

  1. (m) William C Hazelton b. 1899 Albion Park 27893/1899
  2. (f) Margaret M Hazelton b. 1902 Albion Park 19328/1902 d. 1902 Albion Park
  3. (m) Edward G Hazelton b. 1902 Albion Park 29616/1904 d. 10/5/1931 Albion Park

Living at Shellharbour in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a butcher.

HAZELTON.—April, 29, 1917, st Shellharbour, Frances Caroline Hazelton, beloved wife of Edward Hazelton, aged 40 years (sudden). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Saturday 5 May 1917 p 1

Hazelton/ Hasellen /Hazleton/Hazelyon Hannah (Herring)

b. abt 1815 d. 11/6/1908 Yellow Rock br. Albion Park Anglican

m. Edward Hasellen or Hazelton (1792 -7/5/1868) 14/5/1838 CofE Dapto; Wollongong

Convict permission to Marry Index 1838 Wollongong

Ship: Duchess of Northumberland (came free)

  1. (f) Susan Hazelton * b. 1840 CofE Dapto/Wollongong d. 1922 Dapto (Levi Raison 1870)
  2. (m) Edward Hazleton b. 1842 bp. CofE Dapto/Wollongong V18421358 26A/1842 d. 1919 ( Anne Green * 1865)
  3. (f) Sarah Hazleton * b. 1843 bp. CofE Dapto;Wollongong V18431870 28/1843 d. 6/7/1919 (Evan Jones 1865)
  4. (m) Charles Hazelton b. 1845 d. 5/1/1927 Shellharbour ( Margaret Jordan * 1870)
  5. (m) Samuel Hazleton b. 1848 bp. CofE Dapto:Wollongong V18482420 33A/1848 (Emma Clarke * 1867)
  6. (f) Henrietta Hazelton b. 1850 d. 1855
  7. (m) William Hazleton b. 1852 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong V18521811 38A/1852 (Catherine Foster * 1883)
  8. (f) Hannah Hazelton * b. 1854 Macquarie River d. 20/12/1881 (Edward Sawtell 1881 )
  9. (f) Henrietta Hazelton * b. 12/10/1856 Albion Park 5246/1856 d. 2/1/1936 Stanmore (George J Prott 1881)
  10. (f) Mary Hazelton * b. 6/9/1858 Albion Park 8142/1858 d. 18/9/1888 Albion Park (James Haddin 1881)
  11. (m) Ellen Hazelton * b. 1860 Stockyard Mountain Yellow Rock 7905/1860 d. 14/5/1937 Albion Park (Henry Prior 1878 )

Living at Tullimbar in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic duties

Hazelton Mabel Irvine (Clifford)

9/12/1881 Sunray Farm Mullet Creek Unanderra19509/1882 d. 1965 Wollongong

m. John Hazelton (26/8/1869 Albion Park- 25/7/1940 Port Kembla Son of Edward Hazelton & Anne Green *) 1901 Wollongong 5243/1901

f. Thomas Clifford m. Mary Jane McKinley * see Massey

  1. (m) Thomas Hazelton b. 1903 Wollongong
  2. (f) Annie Hazelton b. 1905 Dapto
  3. (m) John E Hazelton b. 1908 Wollongong
  4. (f) Ellen Hazelton b. 1910 Wollongong

Living at Muller Creek Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Hazelton Margaret (Jordan then Cooper)

b. 9/2/1842 West Dapto d. 1910 Shellharbour

m. Denis Cooper ( abt 1834 Dublin Ireland – 1867 Berrima Son of Bryant Cooper & Bridget ) 27/9/1858 Wollongong 2926/1858

m. Charles Hazelton ( 1845 - 5/1/1927 Shellharbour Son of Edward Hazelton & Hannah Herring *) 1870 Wollongong 3724/1870

f. John Jordan m. Mary Nagle *

  1. (f) Mary Cooper b. 7/11/1859 Shellharbour 8422/1862 d. 3/10/1934 (Henry Webster, Peter W Gustafson 1899)
  2. (m) Benjamin Cooper b. 10/4/1864 West Dapto 9342/1864
  3. (f) Margaret Cooper b. 24/7/1866 Shellharbour 7678/1860
  4. (m) Edward Hazelton b. 1872 Kiama 11441/1872 d. 7/8/1941 Shellharbour (Frances Caroline Bushell * 1898)
  5. (f) Henrietta Hazelton * b. 1875 Kiama 13180/1875 d. 1949 Kingsford (George W. McAndrew 1899)
  6. (m) William Hazelton b. 1878 Kiama 14833/1878 d. 1944 Kiama (Catherine Martin * 1904)
  7. (f) Margaret Lavinia Hazelton b. 1880 Kiama 16715/1880 (George H Hockry 1907)
  8. (f) Louisa Ellen Hazelton b. 1883 Kiama d. 1944 Kiama.
  9. (m) Charles Hazelton b. 1886 Kiama 25029/1886 d. 1963 Newtown

First husband a sawyer

Living at Shellharbour in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a butcher.

The death is announced of Mrs. Margaret Hazelton, wife of Mr. Chas. Hazleton, of Shellharbor, aged 68 years. The deceased lady had been a resident of Shellharhor for over fifty years, and was very highly respected. Mr. Ted. Hazleton, of Coff's Harbor is one of the sons, and travelled down with his wife by steamer to see his mother before she passed away. Coffs Harbour Advocate (NSW: 1907 - 1942; 1946 - 1954) Friday 10 June 1910 p 6

Head Agnes (Leaney/Leheaney/Leheany/Leaheney/Laney)

b. 23/8/1868 America Creek Wollongong d. 1934 Stockton Mental Hospital

m. John Head (-) 1890 Woonona

f. Henry Leaney m. Mary Rodgers *

  1. (m) Henry Stanley Head b. 10/11/1891 Mount Kembla 38518/1891 d. 1945 Bulli
  2. (m) James Patrick Head b. 9/6/1893 Mount Kembla 39293/1893
  3. (f) Mary Catherine Head b. 7/8/1895 St Peters (bp 24/6/1897 St Francis Xavier’s) d. 1898 Wollongong
  4. (m) John L Head b. 1899 Sydney

It is unknown why she was admitted to the hospital, but commonly people with postpartum psychosis, other mental disorders or dementia were admitted mental hospital and some were never released.

Head Anne see Jekyll

Head Bridget (Freeney/Frainey)

m. Michael Head

  1. (f) Mary Ann Head b. 3/11/1854 Charcole
  2. (m) Thomas Head b. 11/3/1856 Wollongong 8350/1856
  3. (m) Patrick Head b. 30/8/1857 Mount Kembla 12309/1857
  4. (f) Margaret Head b. 1/4/1859 Kembla 14092/1859 d. 31/5/1861
  5. (m) Michael Head b. 6/8/1860 Wollongong 13954/1860 d. 18/9/1860 br. Old Catholic Wollongong
  6. (f) Louisa Head b. 30/11/1861 Wollongong 14941/1862

Head Bridget (Power)

b. 1815 Killinor Galway Ireland d. 8/1/1855 Mt Kembla br. 8/1/1855 Old Catholic Wollongong

m. John Head (abt 1821 Killinor Galway Ireland -22/11/1886 Mt Kembla ) 2/12/1841 Sydney St Mary’s

f. John Power m. Nancy

  1. (f) Mary Head * b. 9/2/1844 Wollongong (William McKenzie 1864)
  2. (m) Michael Head b. 13/8/1846 Charcoal d. 13/8/1923 Wagga Wagga (Emma Rixon * abt 1867 ?)
  3. (f) Ann Head b. 10/9/1849 Wollongong

Head Emma (Rixon then Murray)

b. 10/9/1834 Airds d. 15/11/1911 Wagga Wagga br. Wagga Wagga

m. William Murray (abt 1829 -) 3/6/1852 Wollongong

m. Michael Head (1846 Charcoal – 13/8/1923 Wagga Wagga Son of John Head & Bridget Power *) abt 1867 ?

f. Benjamin Rixon m. Margaret Finnamore *

He resident Appin she of Charcoal

Witness John Smith and Ann Rixon

  1. (f) Mary A Murray b. 27/2/1855 Charcole Creek (James Cashman 1879)
  2. (m) William Benjamin Murray b. 18/4/1857 Spring Creek 12247/1857 d. after 1923
  3. (f) Margaret Lucinda Jemima Murray * b. 9/11/1859 Tambaroora d. 14/3/1928 Bulli (John Salisbury 1880)
  4. (m) Michael Murray b. 16/2/1862 Dapto V18622311 121A/1862
  5. (f) Mary Elizabeth Murray b. 6/11/1864 Gerringong
  6. (m) Benjamin Murray b. 10/9/1865 near Charcoal 6604/1864 d. after 1923
  7. (f) Isabella Murray b. 14/3/1866 Mount Kembla Wollongong 16566/1866 (Franz Neiberding 1887)
  8. (f) Annie Head b. 1868 Gundagai (Christian Juppenlatz 1889)
  9. (m) John Head b. 1870 Gundagai
  10. (f) Emma Matilda Head b. 1874 Adelong (Frederick Powell 1900)
  11. (f) Bridget E Head b. 1876 Gundagai (Ashley Angel 1903)

First husband a blacksmith.

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties.


Another of the district pioneers passed away yesterday when Mrs. Emma Head, wife of Mr. Michael Head, died at the residence of their daughter, Mrs. A. Juppenlatz, Wagga Hotel. The late Mrs. Head was born at Campbelltown in 1834, and spent the early part of her life in the Wollongong district. Coming to the Southern districts about 44 years ago she resided in the Corowa, Gundagai and Wagga districts ever since. Married twice, the late Mrs. Head was the mother of 13 children, 10 of whom are still living and actively engaged in the agricultural and commercial life of the State. She was a woman of broad sympathies and kindly and charitable disposition and possessed in a marked degree the faculty of endearing herself to all with whom she became associated. Although ailing for a couple of years, until a few months ago the late Mrs. Head enjoyed fairly good health, but since then has failed rapidly and died at 5 o'clock a.m. yesterday surrounded by the members of her family. The children of the first marriage were: — Mrs. Cashman, Wagga; Mr. W. Murray, Gundagai; Mrs. Salisbury, Woonona, South Coast; Mr. J. Murray, Newcastle; Mrs. Neiberding, Adelong Crossing; Mr. B. Murray, Borambola, Wagga.

The children of the second marriage are: — Mrs. A. Juppenlatz, Wagga; Mr J. Head; Mrs. F. Powell, Wagga; Mrs A. Angel, Gregadoo. There are 34 grandchildren and 17 great grand-children. Since the death of his wife Mr. Head and family have received telegrams, letters and messages of sympathy from friends in various parts of the States. The funeral will leave the late residence of the deceased, 'The Cottage,' next the Wagga Hotel, this morning at 11 o'clock, andwill move to the Catholic portion of the Wagga Cemetery. Daily Advertiser (Wagga Wagga, NSW : 1911 - 1954) Thursday 16 November 1911 p 3

Head Emma Louise (Edwards then Woodroof)

d. 1946 Petersham

m. William Charles Woodroof (16/12/1868 Wollongong- 8/9/1902 Mt Keira mine disaster Son of David Woodroof & Emmeline Buckle *) 1897 Wollongong

m. William Nicholas Head (abt 1877- 29/7/1951 Dulwich Hill Son of William Henry Head & Frances Faith) 1903 Sydney

f. George Edwards m. Emma Elizabeth

  1. Dorothy M Woodroof b. 1898 Woonona 27208/1898 
  2. William H Head b. 1904 Redfern
  3. George Head b. d. 1929 Marrickville
  4. Ethel F Head b. 1910 Hurstville d. before 1951
  5. Ivy L Head b. 1912 Hurstville

Living at Market St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties as Woodroof

Her second husband was a railway worker who arrested and convicted of stealing from the railways in 1929. He was arrested ½ hour after his son George died.

Head Jane

Living at Corrimal in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Head Letitia Letty (Ryan)

b. abt 1876 Brownsville d. 2/8/1901 Wollongong br. West Dapto

m. James Alfred Head (7/11/1872 Mt Kembla -31/7/1902 Mt Kembla Disaster Son of John Head & Lucy Rixon *) 11/5/1898 St John’s Dapto 4421/1898

f. Peter Ryan m. Mary Condon *

  1. (m) James William Head b. 7/7/1898 South Kembla 27124/1898 d. 1899 Wollongong
  2. (m) Peter Frederick Head b. 12/12/1899 Central Kembla 8879/1900 d. 7/2/1968 Bulli

Mrs. Jas. Head, Mount Kembla.

After a long sickness, extending over several months, Mrs. James Head (nee Letty Ryan) was called to her reward on Friday of last week at her residence at Kembla. During her illness she was visited frequently by Rev. Father Byrne, P.P., of Wollongong, who administered the last Sacraments. The funeral took place at the West Dapto Cemetery on Saturday, and was largely attended. Deceased was quite young, being only 25 at the time of her death. She leaves one little child. The greatest sympathy is felt for the friends of the deceased, as within about seven years five deaths have occurred in the family. Three sisters and two brothers have been called away so rapidly that Mr. Ryan and his family have been in mourning for years. But ' the good die young,' and this is some consolation to the much afflicted family.— RIP. The Catholic Press (Sydney, NSW : 1895 - 1942) Saturday 10 August 1901 p 20

Head Lucy see Griffin

Head Mary (O’Toole)

b. abt 1842 d. 29/6/1875 Sydney

m. William Hunery Head

f. Michael O’Toole m.

Cause of Death: Short but painfull

HEAD.—June 29, after a short and painful illness, Mrs. William Hunery Head, of Sydney, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Michael O'Toole, late of Wollongong, New South Wales. Her end seemed peace.  The Sydney Morning Herald 10 July 1875

Headcroft Mary

m. Samuel Headcroft

  1. (f) Eliza Headcroft b. 1846 bp. CofE Braidwood
  2. (f) Henrietta Headcroft b. 1849 CofE Braidwood
  3. (f) Jessie M Headcroft b. 1851 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven

Heal see Hale

Healey Agnes Elizabeth

b. 1866 Braidwood d. 12/9/1951 Wollongong

f. John Healey m. Mary Theresa Murphy *

Living at Crown St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

HEALEY, Agnes Elizabeth.—September 12, 1951, of 325 Crown Street, Wollongong, sister of Catherine, William and John (all deceased), aged 85 years Requiescat in pace. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Friday 14 September 1951 p 22

Healey/Healy Annie

m. John Healey

  1. (f) Elsie Maria Healey b. 22/8/1882 Albion Park 21650/1883
  2. (m) Frederick August John Healey b. 22/11/1883 Albion Park

Healey Annie (Jekyll)

b. 2/1/1845 Fairymeadow d. 23/11/1875 Dapto 10550/1875 br. Sec. Old Grave Yard West Dapto Catholic Cemetery

m. Edward Healey (abt 1838 - 24/9/1924 Unanderra Son of Daniel Healey & Rose H) 1864 Sydney 1021/1864

f. Edward Jekyll m. Ann Head *

  1. (f) Mary Healey b. 7/9/1868 Dapto 18216/1868 d. 1939 Wollongong ( William McNab 1892, John H Nutland 1915)
  2. (f) Julia Francis Healey b. 23/11/1865 Dapto 17077/1865 (listed as Jeremiah)
  3. (m) Daniel Healey b. 23/4/1870 Dapto 18950/1870 d. 1902 Wollongong
  4. (f) Rosanna Healey * b. 1871 Wollongong 19536/1871 d. 1959 Rydalmere ( William Kennedy 1906 )
  5. (m) Edward Healey b. 11/9/1872 Charcoal 19712/1872 d. 1908 Dapto
  6. (m) John James Healey b. 13/2/1874 Charcoal 21451/1874
  7. (m) Alfred George Healy b. 11/11/1875 Dapto 21943/1875 d. 1946 Wollongong

Husband a farmer

JEKYLL-HEALY-June 18, Edward Jekyll, aged 59 years, for many years a resident of Wollongong; also, Annie, beloved wife of E. Healy, Dapto, and eldest daughter of the above, both deeply regretted.” SMH 8 July 1876

Healey Catherine Theresa

b. 1860 Braidwood d. 1/12/1937 Wollongong br. Wollongong

f. John Healey m. Mary Theresa Murphy *

The death occurred on Wednesday at her resldehce, Crown-street, Wollongong, of Miss Catherine Theresa Healey, an old resident of the town, who had a wide circle of friends, who mourn her passing. She was of a kindly nature, and her good deeds were kept to herself. She is .survived by a sister (Miss Agnes Healey) and two brothers (Messrs. William and Jack Healey). The funeral will leave St. Francis Xavier's Church at 3 p.m. to-day for Wollongong Catholic cemetery. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 3 December 1937 p 7

Healey Elizabeth (Mulcahy)

b. abt 1867 d. 27/11/1918 St Peters

m. Joseph Henry Healey 1885 Lambton 6748/1885

f. Timothy Mulcahy m. Elizabeth

  1. (m) John J Healey b. 1887 Armidale d. 1888 Armidale
  2. (m) Francis Healey b. 1889 Newtown d. 1962 Newtown
  3. (m) Florance Alfred Healey b. 1891 Cooma d. 1956 Liverpool
  4. (m) Henry Healey b. 1896 Cooma d. 1896 Cooma
  5. (f) Elizbaeth Healey b. 30/5/1897 Brownsville 27673/1897 d. 1898 Glebe
  6. (f) Mary Healey b. 30/5/1897 Brownsville 27674/1897 d. 1898 Glebe

Living at Brownsville in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

HEALEY.-November 27, 1918, at her residence, 7 King street, St Peters, Elizabeth, beloved wife of Joseph Henry Healey, aged 51 years. R.l.P. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Friday 29 November 1918 p 6

Healey/Healy Isabella Bella (Garrety/Geraghty)

b. 25/2/1847 Macquarie Farm or Bulli d. 28/7/1933 Camden br. Camden

m. Thomas Patrick Healey (-5/1/1924 Camden Son of James Healey & Mary) 1869 Kiama 2527/1869

f. Patrick Geraghty m. Martha Foley *

  1. (f) Mary Healy b. 14/8/1870 Gerringong
  2. (f) Josephine Healy b. 7/10/1871 Gerringong
  3. (f) Martha Louisa Healey b. 5/7/1873 Gerringong 12353/1873
  4. (f) Georgina Maud Healy b. 9/10/1874 Gerringong 12772/1874
  5. (f) Agnes Bella/Mellia Healey b. 10/2/1876 Gerringong bp Kiama RC 20073/1876
  6. (f) Anna B Healey b. 1876 Gerringong 20074/1876
  7. (m) John Thomas Healey b. 1877 Shoalhaven 20591/1877
  8. (f) Annie Mariea Healey b. 1879 Kiama 15831/1879
  9. (m) James Michael Healy b. 1881 Shoalhaven 26447/1881
  10. (f) Margaret Ellen Healey b. 1883 Shoalhaven 30066/1883
  11. (f) Caroline M Healey b. 1884 Shoalhaven 31607/1884
  12. (f) Stella R Healy b. 1886 Broughton Creek 33825/1886
  13. (m) Leo Geraghty Healey b. 1888 Kiama 26238/1888 d. 22/1/1920 Mullumbimby

Husband a farmer. She was living in Mullumbimby when her son Leo committed suicide.


The funeral of Mrs. Isabel Healey, an old and respected resident of Mitchell Street, Camden, was largely attended on Friday, 28th ult. The Rev M. O'Dea conducted services at the church, later, at the Catholic cemetery. Many beautiful floral tributes covered the casket. Deceased, who was 86 years of age, was a daughter of the late Patrick and Mary Geraghty. She was born at Bulli. In 1869 she married the late Mr. Thomas Patrick Healey, and in 1888 the family made their home at Camden. Her husband passed away on January 5th, 1924. Eight children survive. They are Mrs J. Petre, of Mount Hunter; Mrs Foley and Mrs Rice, both of whom reside at Brisbane; Mrs J. Baldwin and Mrs M., Baldwin, of Dorrigo; Miss Martha Healey and Miss Annie Healey, of Camden and Mr. James Healy of Murwillumbah. The Picton Post (NSW : 1907 - 1954) Wednesday 9 August 1933 p 4

Healey Kate Marion

Living at Crown St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Healey Margaret

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (f) Mary Healey b. 1865 Kiama 9711/1865

Healey Mary

b. abt 1810 d. 17/2/1890 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. Healey

  1. (f) Mary Ann Healey * (John Lahiff 1878)

Yesterday there also died at the residence of Mr John Laliff, Campbell-street, Mrs. Healey, the mother of Mrs. Lahiff. The deceased lady, who was about 80 years of ago and a very old colonist, had been confined to her bed for the last four years, during the whole of which time she had the patient and unremitting attention of her daughter, but the vital spark became weaker and weaker until the spirit fled, as stated, yesterday, through sheer decay of nature. The funeral will take place to day, as advertised Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 18 February 1890 p 2

THE Friends of MR. JOHN LAHIFF are requested to attend the FUNERAL of his deceased Mother-in-Law, MARY HEALY : To move from his residence, Campbell-street THIS DAY, at 3 o'clock, for the R. C. Cemetery. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 18 February 1890 p 3

Healey Mary

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (f) Lilly May Healy b. 26/4/1888 West Dapto 5591/1888

Healey Mary

m. John Healey

  1. (m) William Healey b. 1862 Wollongong 14983/1862
  2. (m) John R Healey b. 1871 Wolllongong 19509/1871

Healey Mary (Donavon)

m. Michael Healey 18/1/1870

f. Daniel Donovan m. Mary

Sister of Horona Ahern * of Wollongong.

  1. (m) Phillip P Healey d. 20/8/1979

Healy Mary (McCarthy)

m. James Healy

  1. (f) Margaret Healy b. 8/5/1844 Jamboro

Healey Mary (McKay)

d. before 1918

m. Thomas Healey (- before 1918) 1882 Sydney 483/1882

  1. (f) Annie Healey b. 1883 Sydney
  2. (f) Elizabeth Healey b. 1884 Sydney (Alban L Duffy 1905 )
  3. (m) Frederick Healey b. 28/6/1889 Unanderra 24442/1889
  4. (m) Leslie Thomas Healey b. 22/9/1896 Shellharbour 31514/1896

Living at Dunmore in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a fettler.

When their second daughter married they were living at Shellharbour. When their son Leslie enlisted in 1918 his next of kin was his sister Elizabeth.

Healey Mary Anne (Anderson)

m. John Healey

  1. (m) Robert Leonard Healey b. 1/7/1875 Kiama 13207/1875

Healy Mary Ann (Rogan)

m. Edward Healy

  1. (m) Daniel Healy b. 12/6/1863 West Dapto

Healey/Healy Mary Theresa (Murphy)

b. abt 1840 Garden Hill d. 11/11/1926 Wollongong br. Wollongong General

m. John Rocheford Healey (abt 1821 -10/8/1901 Wollongong) 1859 Wollongong 3261/1859

f. Richard Murphy m. Catherine Ayers *

  1. (f) Catherine Theresa Healey b. 1860 Braidwood d. 1/12/1937
  2. (m) William J Healy b. 11/2/1862 Braidwood 14983/1862d. 31/5/1939 (Eva McCoy 1887)
  3. (f) Agnes Elizabeth Healey * b. 1866 Braidwood d. 12/9/1951
  4. (m) John Richard Healey b. 6/4/1871 Wollongong 19509/1871 d. 22/11/1942

Living at Crown St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

The death occurred yesterday at Upper Crown Street, Wollongong, of Mrs. Mary Healey, aged 86 years. She had been an invalid for many years, and was carefully nursed by her loving and devoted daughters. The late Mrs. Healey was born at Garden Hill, and her late father, Mr. Richard Murphy, at one time conducted a dairy farm where part of the village of Keiraville now stands. He was also a builder, and constructed many important buildings in old Wollongong. The late Mrs. Healey had resided at Wollongong practically all her life, with the exeption of a period spent with her husband at Braidwood, where he had an interest in mining in the gold rush days. She was married at an early age to Mr. John Healey, and her husband predeceased her by about 25 years. She is survived by two sons and two daughters, viz., Misses K. and A. Healey, of Wollongong, and Mr. W.J. Healey (Albion Park), and Mr. John Healey (Wollongong). The surviving member of her family is Mrs. John Douglas, of Wollongong. The remains will be interred in the Wollongong Cemetery this afternoon. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 12 November 1926 p 2

Healey Rose (Murray)

b. 1804 Dublin d. 1/4/1893 br. Sec. Old Grave Yard West Dapto Catholic Cemetery

m. Daniel Healey (1792 Cork Ireland 1792 -28/7/1878)

f. Darby/Jeremiah Murray m.

  1. (m) Edward Healey b. 1838 d. 24/9/1924 Dapto (Annie Jekyll *1864)
  2. (m) Jeremiah Francis Healey b. abt 1839
  3. (f) Mary Ann Healey * b. 28/7/1840 Wollongong d. 1891 ( James Farraher 1866)
  4. (m) Daniel Healey b. abt 1849

(Buried with grandchildren see Mary Ann Farraher *)

Her father Darby [Jeremiah] Murray, a convict, was sentenced in County Dublin in 1803 and transported for life.

Healey Rose Ann

b. abt 1858 Ireland d. before 1902

m. Rev. Henry Percival Healey (abt 1856 Hammersmith Middlesex- 1916 Dudley)

  1. (f) Kate Selina Healey b. 1878 Hythe Kent (Allan Lumsdaine 1903)
  2. (f) Alice Silva Healey b. abt 1880 Hammersmith Middlesex
  3. (f) Margaret D Healey (Dr Donald Stewart McKenzie 1911)
  4. (m) Henry Percival Healey b. abt 1883 Birmingham d. 3/5/1915 HMS Devanah off Gallipoli
  5. (m) Ernest Francis Healey b. abt 1885 Oxford England d. 1928 Chatswood
  6. (m) Stephen William Healey b. 1887 Sydney d. 1941 Manly
  7. (m) Reginald Alfred Charles Healey b. 1890 Clifton 38448/1890 d. 19/7/1916 France (Irene Kennedy 1911)

Husband became a Presbyterian minister but was a paper hanger and painter in 1881 census.

Heard Eliza

m. Andrew Heard

  1. (f) Elizabeth Heard b. 1856 Wollongong 8380/1856

Heard Emma (Lewis)

b. 1871 Hartley d. 17/9/1957 Woonona br.

m. William Albert Heard (1869 Bulli -11/8/1941 Bulli Son of Roger Heard & Sarah Elizabeth Cavill *)1896 Woonona 8456/1896

f. William Lewis m. Mary *

  1. (m) Roger Heard b. 1897 Woonona 8785/1897 d. 22/8/1979 Avalon Beach
  2. (m) William Albert Heard b. 1901 Woonona 9122/1901 d. 1969 Sutherland
  3. (m) John C Heard b. 1903 Woonona 35977/1903 d. 1904 Woonona
  4. (m) George Leslie Heard b. 1905 Woonona 29817/1905 d. 2/3/1991 Carlingford
  5. (f) Emeline L Heard b. 1908 Woonona (Mathew Gay 1925)
  6. (f) Mildred Heard b. 1912 Woonona (Edward Wainwight 1930)

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.

Heard/Herd Sarah Elizabeth (Cavill)

b. 1852 Sofala d. 4/12/1927 Bulli

m. Roger Heard (1838 Devon England -22/6/1911 Bulli Son of William Heard & ? Holmes) 1868 Wollongong 3668/1868

f. Albert Cavill m. Harriet Oliver *

  1. (m) William Albert Heard b. 1869 Wollongong 19953/1869 d. 1941 ( Emma Lewis * 1896 )
  2. (m) Roger Herd b. 1872 Wollongong 19586/1872d. 21/7/1947 Croydon Park (Ellen C Gray 1903)
  3. (m) Albert Heard b. 1875 Cadia 16930/1875 d. 1954 Woonona (Minnie Morcom 1903)
  4. (f) Elizabeth Heard * b. 1879 Wollongong 26107/1879 ( Archibald G Gray 1903 )
  5. (m) John Henry Heard b. 1881 Woonona 19040/1881
  6. (f) Mary M Heard b. 1884 Woonona 23009/1884 (John George Mitchell 1911 )
  7. (m) Oliver Holmes Heard b. 1894 Woonona 38276/1894 d. 1969 (Elvera Wakeford 1919)

Living at Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.

Sarah was a smart dresser, able to sew from the materials she purchased. She had long dark curls down her back and wore a bonnet with a bow under the chin. It was said that she could make a meal out of scotch thistles. Sarah was also said to sing like a lark

Another old resident of Bulli passed away on Sunday at the age of 75. We refer to Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Heard. She had resided in the district for many years, and was very highly esteemed. She had been ailing for a considerable time, and died at her daughter's (Mrs. G. Mitchell) residence in Campbell Street. Her husband predeceased her by many years. Two daughters and five sons survive. The deceased was born at Sofala (near Bathurst), and was a sister of Mr. J. Cavil, senior, of Coalcliff. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 9 December 1927 p 15

Mrs Sarah Heard

Again it is our sad duty to record the passing away of another of the identities associated with Bulli-Woonona, for such a considerable period. We refer to Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth heard, widow of the late Roger Heard, who predeceased his wife 16 years ago. Mrs. Heard had been in failing health for a couple of years, receiving every care and attention at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. George Mitchell, Campbell Street, Woonona, at which place she passed peacefully away last Sunday, and whence the funeral moved off at 4pm on Monday. A large number of relatives and friends, some of the latter being of many years' standing, were included in the sad cortege, the remains being placed to rest in the Methodist section of Bulli cemetery, Reverend William Evans officiating at the graveside, and he made nice reference to the deceased. There were a number of nice wreaths.

The late Mrs. Heard, who had passed her 75th milestone in life, was a native of Sofala, near Bathurst. She had resided in the Bulli-Woonona district for about 60 years. Together with her husband, the couple were known to everybody in the early days, paerticularly by reason of the fact that they conducted a small boarding-house in Railway Street, Bulli, near the railway station, and later on, in 1887 - when the railway line was being extended through - erected on that site the modern two storey building which today bears the sign “Railway Boarding House.”

Deceased was a faithful adherent of the Methodist Church. She was noted for her commendable actions in various ways, and reference was often made to her very kindly disposition. Members of the family remaining are - William (Woonona), Roger (Mt. Kembla), Albert (Woonona), Elizabeth (Mrs. A.C. Gray, Enfield), John (Mt. Kembla), May (Mrs. George Mitchell), Oliver (Wollongong). Sisters and a brother of deceased are Mrs. A. Mackey (Corrimal), Mrs. M. Graham (Wollongong), Mrs. J. Sedger (Bulli) and Mr. J. Cavil, senior (Coledale). There are many grandchildren, all commanding respect, and to the sorrowing relatives we extend our sympathy.

Hearne see also Herrin

Hearne Emma Pugh Nicols (Bradney then Wildman)

b. 25/12/1871 Wollongong d. 17/2/1915 Newtown br. Rookwood

m. John Robert Wildman (12/1/1851 Glebe- 16/8/1915 Son of Robert James Wildman & Mary Anne Vidler * ) 25/12/1871 Wollongong

m. William Hearne 1890 Ashfield

f. John Bradney m. Ann Louisa Pugh Nichols *

  1. (m) John Robert Wildman b. 1873 Kiama 12233/1873 d. 9/8/1946 Marrickville (Nellie Jackson * 1896)
  2. (m) Frederick W Wildman b. 1875 Kiama 13137/1875 (Sarah A Porter 1902)
  3. (m) George N Wildman b. 1877 Kiama 13905/1877  
  4. (m) Ernest Vane Wildman b. 1880 Kiama 16743/1880 
  5. (f) Ivy M Hearne b. 1891 Kiama 18074/1891
  6. (m) Sydney Claude Hearne b. 1894 Kiama 17661/1894
  7. (m) James Hearne b. 1898 Kiama 4135/1898 d. 3/8/1914 Newtown

Heath Ada Mary (Grey)

b. 1882 Kiama 20080/1882 d. 1974

m. Walter John Heath 1945 Kiama

f. William Grey m. Emily Agnes Elizabeth Edwards *

Living at Mount Salem in 1903 Electoral Roll- House keeper

Heath Agnes R (Meek)

b. 1868 Newcastle d. 2/11/1932 Glenorie br. Dural

m. Enoch Heath (1865 Boxwich Staffordshire - 9/9/1947 Dundas Son of Charles Heath & Catherine Cooper *) 1887 Newcastle

f. Henry Meek m. Susanna

  1. (f) Alice M Heath b. 1892 Greta (Henry Wickert 1918)
  2. (m) Charles E Heath b. 1894 Greta d. 1897 Greta
  3. (f) Agnes Millicent Heath b. 1899 Singleton (Theodore R R Smith 1919)
  4. (f) Catherine N V Heath b. 1901 Woonona 28283/1901 d. 1901 Woonona

Heath Catherine (Cooper)

b. abt 1848 Westbourne Staffordshire d. 7/11/1921 South Kensington br. Bulli Anglican Cemetery

m. Charles Heath (abt 1846 Ogley Hay Staffordshire - 7/10/1901 Woonona Son of Enoch Heath & Violetta Arblaster ) 1864 Dudley Staffordshire

f. Robert m. Hannah

  1. (m) Enoch Heath b. 1865 Bloxwich Staffordshire (Agnes R Meek * 1887)
  2. (m) Charles Heath b. abt 1867 Bloxwich Staffordshire
  3. (f) Mary H Heath b. abt 1870 Boxwich Staffordshire (Robert Rogers 1887)
  4. (m) Samuel Edward Heath b. d. 1951 Kingsford
  5. (f) Violetta Emily Heath b. 1876 Wallsend (John Wandlass William Searle 1896)
  6. (m) Harry Heath b. 1878 Newcastle d. 1959 Ashfield
  7. (f) Catherine A Heath * b. 1880 Newcastle (Henry Richards 1901)
  8. (f) Elizabeth E Heath b. 1882 Newcastle
  9. (f) Alice M Heath b. 1883 Newcastle d. 1883 Newcastle
  10. (f) Florence G Heath b. 1885 Newcastle d. 1885 Newcastle

Charles Heath, overman of the Woonona mine, who was taken ill about three weeks ago of the prevailing epidemic — influenza — died of bronchial pneumonia yesterday, aged 65 years.

HEATH.—November 7, 1921, at her residence, Boronia, Anzac-parade, South Kensington, Catherine Heath, widow of the late Charles Heath, and mother of Enoch, Mary, Samuel, Violetta, Harry, Catherine, and Nellie, aged 73 years. At rest. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 8 November 1921 p 8

Heath Eleanor Jane (Garrett then Stafford)

b. abt 1836 Liverpool England d. 31/8/1920 Wyoming br. Point Clare

m. John Stafford (9/8/1834 Caunpore India - 30/12/1887 Sydney Son of William Stafford & Elizabeth Goodall *) 18/7/1853 John and Eleanor were cousins

m. David Heath 1888 Sydney

f. John Garrett m. Sarah Stafford

  1. Alfred W.G. Stafford b 1853 1800/1853 V18531800 56
  2. Sarah E Stafford b 1855 2332/1855 V18552332 56 (John Francis Graham 1880)
  3. John G. Stafford b 30/1/1857 American Creek 12179/1857
  4. Arthur R. Stafford b 26/10/1858 Wollongong 13517/1858
  5. Florence E. Stafford b 27/8/1860 Cordeaux River 13994/1860
  6. Eleanor J G Stafford b. 15/3/1862 Cordeaux River 15021/1861 d. 1914 Randwick (William J Cox 1890)
  7. Henry J. Stafford b 1864 Wollongong 16415/1864
  8. William R. Stafford b 1865 Wollongong 17000/1865
  9. Adeline Stafford b 1867 Campbelltown 8083/1867 (Withelm J Christiansen 1887)
  10. Thomas G. Stafford b 1870 Picton 15798/1870 
  11. Jessie Mary Stafford b 1872 Picton 16229/1872 (Warwick Aberdein 1892)
  12. Eva May Stafford b 1873 Picton 17251/1873 
  13. Malcolm A. Stafford b 1877 Picton 19150/1877 
  14. Elsie M. Stafford b 1882 Liverpool 15040/1882 

On the 30th ultimo, at her residence, Runnymede American Creek, Mrs. John Stafford, of a son. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Monday 2 February 1857 p 3

On the 26th October, at her residence, American Creek. Mrs John Stafford of a son Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Monday 1 November 1858 p 3

On the 27th August, at her residence, at the Cordeaux River, Mrs. John Stafford of a daughter. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 4 September 1860 p 2

On the 15th instant, at her residence Cordeaux River, Mrs. John Stafford, of a daughter. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 18 March 1862 p 2


Mrs. Ellenor Jane Heath, aged 84, died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Neil Anderson, Wyoming, on Tuesday last. Deceased, who was a native of Liverpool (England), was the mother of a large family, including Messrs. Alfred, John, William, Harry, Thomas, and Malcolm Stafford, Mrs. Graham, Mrs. Neil Anderson, Mrs. Christiansen, and Mrs. Aberdeen,

The remains were interred in the Presbyterian portion of Point Clare cemetery to-day, Mr. John M. McDonald reading the burial service. The late Mrs. Heath was a daughter of Mr. Garrett, one time Police Magistrate in the Western district. The Gosford Times and Wyong District Advocate (NSW : 1906 - 1954) Thursday 2 September 1920 p 9

It is possible that her step-daughter accused her husband of molesting her in 1891- she was informed and supported the girl. The case was dismissed and I can find no evidence of David Heath’s death in NSW- the lack of trust between the couple may have lead to a break up.

Heaton Elizabeth

Living at RC Convent Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Cook

Heaton Frances Mary (Clarke)

d. 1938 Cronulla br. Woronora

m. Samuel Heaton (-1926 Sutherland Son of Willian Heaton & Elizabeth) 1891 Burwood

f. William Robert Clarke m. Ellen Louise

  1. (m) William Heaton b. 1891 Newtown
  2. (f) Annie Heaton b. 1894 Helensurgh 16162/1894 (W Shepherd
  3. (f) Alice Heaton b. 1896 Helensburgh 13045/1896 (R Sparkes)
  4. (m) Stanley Heaton b. 1898 Helensburgh 31160/1898

Children registered at Helensburgh but likely to be residents of the Shire.

Hebbs Ann C (Timms)

m. William Hebbs 1858 Kiama

  1. (f) Sarah Hebbs b. 1860 Kiama 7716/1860
  2. (f) Annie Hebbs b. 1860 Kiama 7717/1860
  3. (f) Susan Hebbs b. 1862 Kiama 8538/1862 d. 1864 Kiama
  4. (m) William J Hebbs b. 1864 Kiama 9492/1864

It is possible she was the daughter of William Timms and Martha Pittan *. There are deaths for Hebbs in Kiama but none of the fit with her.

Heberley see Haberley

Hedden Ellen M

m. George C Hedden

  1. (f) Emma Hedden b. 1856 Wollongong 8437/1856

Hedges Beatrice Ida (Billyard)

b. 1857 Sydney d. 1935 North Sydney

m. John Richard Hedges (abt 1844-1903 Mosman Son of John Hedges & May) 1878 Kensington London

f. William Whaley Billyard m. Elizabeth Cooke

  1. (m) William Whaley Hedges MLA for Monaro b. 3/4/1881 Elizabeth Farm Parramatta d. 9/5/1962 Moruya
  2. (m) Richard D Hedges b. 1889 Burwood d. 1903 Albion Park
  3. (m) John H Hedges b. 1893 Wollongong 39140/1893 d. 1933 Sydney

In 1886 her husband was insolvent. He was listed as being a merchant, now of 22, Macquarie-street, Sydney, lately residing at Taviuni, Fiji, formerly of Colombo, Ceylon. Her husband was rather inept manager of a coffee plantion in Celyon and a sugar mill in Fiji see the following article on her parents.

In 1893 they were renting Avondale House at Dapto with 132 acres of land when it was sold to E R Evans when the Osborne Estate was sold up.

In 1914 she was running a boarding house in Stanmore.

Hedley Ellen (Wiley then Looney)

b. 1865 Wollongong d. 1927 Newton

m. John Looney (17/12/1863 Wollongong -16/4/1908 Mount Pleasant Son of Jeremiah Looney & Catherine Carrick *) 19/7/1884 St Francis Xavier’s 5396/1884 divorced 1891

m. Gideon Hedley 1891 Sydney

f. Edward Wiley m. Mary Mannix *

In the Divorce Court, on Wednesday, Ellen Looney sought a dissolution of her marriage with John Looney on the ground of adultery. Petitioner stated that she was married to respondent in July, 1884 at Wollongong, and afterwards they went to live at Newcastle, They removed again to Wollongong, and in consequence of his behaviour she refused to live with him.

Respondent was at the present time an inmate of Parramatta Gaol on a conviction of assault with intent upon a woman. A police constable gave evidence as to respondent's adultery. The decree nisi was granted. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Thursday 4 June 1891 p 2

Hedley Sarah Ann (Morgan)

b. abt 1860 Newsham Northumberland d. 24/9/1930 Cessnock br. Cessnock

m. Benjamin Hedley (1858 Newcastle Tyne Northumberland -4/2/1936 Cessnock)

1879 Tynemouth Northumberland

f. Thomas Morgan m. Anne

Ship: Austral 1889

  1. Thomas Hedley b. abt 1883 Northumberland d. 1953 Newcastle (Bella Wellham 1908)
  2. Annie Hedley b. abt 1887 Northumberland d. 1972 Hornsby (William J Barrett 1905)
  3. Isabel Hedley b. 1890 Wollongong 37859/1890 (Allan Crossley 1916)
  4. Alice Hedley b. 1895 West Wallsend d. 1900 West Wallsend
  5. Margaret E Hedley b. 1899 Hamilton d. 1900 West Wallsend
  6. Benjamin Hedley b. 1901 West Wallsend d. 1958 Cessnock

Heesch Elizabeth A

m. Albert Heesch

  1. (f) Daisy A Heesch b. 1886 Kiama 25135/1886

Heffernan Ann (A’Herne/ Herrin)

b. 1831 d.

m. Patrick Heferan (- 1873 Wollongong Son of John Heffernan & Margaret ) 3/5/1852 Wollongong

He resident Figtree she of Fairy Meadow

  1. (f) Daughter Heffernan
  2. (f) Teresia Margaret Heffernan b. 12/8/1854 Berkley Estate (William O’Keeffe 1879)
  3. (f) Catherine Mary Hefferan b. 16/10/1855 Berkley Estate ( Joseph W McDonall 1876)
  4. (m) John Heffernan b. 23/7/1857 Jamberoo 7512/1857 d. 1877 Orange
  5. (m) William S Hefferman b. 24/2/1859 Jamberoo 8372/1859 
  6. (m) Thomas Edward Heffernan b. 10/11/1860
  7. (m) James P Heffernan b. 1862 Kiama 8582/1862  d. 24/3/1876 Lucknow (result of being thrown from a horse -13 years and 8 months)
  8. (m) Julian Hepherlan b. 27/6/1864 Wollongong
  9. (m) Alfred Hefferan b. 8/12/1865 Birkley Wollongong (Eva A Delaney 1901)
  10. (f) Jane Elizabeth Hefferen b. 13/12/1867 Barkley Wollongong 18069/1868 
  11. (m) Edmond Hefferan b. 6/8/1869 Bulli
  12. (f) Angelina Hefferen b. 24/4/1871 Wollongong 19545/1871

Husband a settler, insolvent in 1871.

She may have died in 1886 in Orange.

Heffernan Annie

m. William Heffernan

  1. (m) Stephan Heffernan b. 1890 Campbelltown
  2. (m) William Heffernan b. 1892 Helensburgh 16754/1892
  3. (f) Ellen Heffernan b. 1895 Helensburgh 23004/1895
  4. (m) Manus Heffernan b. 1897 Helensburgh 331863/1897 d. 1967 Katoomba
  5. (m) William R Heffernan b. 1900 Sydney

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.

Heffernan Mary (Neal)

m. William Heffernan

  1. (f) Hanora Heffernan b. 10/9/1846 Shoalhaven
  2. (f) Jane Heffernan b. 10/7/1855 Shoalhaven

Husband a settler

Hegarty Catherine Ellen (Hughes)

b. 1869 Beechworth Vic d. 24/11/1937 Ashfield

m. Thomas Hagarty (3/8/1867 American Creek Wollongong - 4/5/1951 Ashfield Son of Charles Richard Hegarty & Margaret Bowan *) 1894 Bulli

f. Edward Hughes m. Honora Dane

  1. Mary I Hegarty b. 1895 Helensburgh 32973/1895
  2. Josephine A Hegarty b. 1897 Helensburgh 12804/1897
  3. Nora G Hegarty b. 1898 Helensburgh 31178/1898 (D Sheehan)
  4. Kathleen C Hegarty b. 1901 Helensburgh 3915/1901 (G Ryan)
  5. Edward C Hegarty b. 1902 Helensburgh 22546/1902
  6. Margaret M Hegarty b. 1904 Helensburgh 12783/1904 Sister M Fulgentius
  7. Thomas R Hegarty b. 1905 Helensburgh 23721/1905
  8. William J Hegarty b. 1907 Helensburgh 13937/1907
  9. Bernadette A Hegarty b. 1909 Helensburgh 14942/1909 (K Malone)
  10. Veronica I Hegarty b. 1911 Helensburgh 16452/1911

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.


On Friday, 24th ult., the death occurred of Mrs. Catherine Ellen Hegarty, of Wallace-street, Ashfield. During her illness she was attended by the Vincentian Fathers of the parish. The late Mrs. Hegarty was born at Beechworth, Victoria, but most of her early associations were with the people of the South Coast of N.S.W. At Bulli she married Thomas Hegarty, the Very Rev. Father T. Barlow being the officiating priest. For many years she and her family were very well known in the Catholic life of Helensburg, but of recent years she had been residing in Ashfleld. Very Rev. Dr. J. Souter, CM., administered the Last Sacraments. A Requiem Mass was celebrated at St. Vincent's Church, Ashfield, and the funeral left immediately after Mass for Rookwood Cemetery, where Dr Souter again officiated. Among the large concourse of people present at the graveside were many priests and nuns who hadknown Mrs. Hegarty for many years. Mrs Hegarty is survived by her husband and nine children — Mary, Josephine, Norah (Mrs. Sheehan), Kathleen, Edward, Margaret (Sister M. Fulgentius), Thomas, Bernadetto (Mrs. Malone) and Veronica. The Catholic Press (Sydney, NSW : 1895 - 1942) Thursday 2 December 1937 p 27

Hegarty Catherine (Gleeson)

m. Michael Hegarty

  1. (m) John Hegarty b. 17/1/1855 Shellharbour

Husband a Groom

Hegarty Catherine (Kelly)

m. William Hegarty

  1. (f) Mary Hegarty * d. 9/2/1923 Waverley ( Alexander Hutchison 1878)
  2. (m) Patrick Egarty b. 27/2/1857 Wollongong
  3. (f) Catherine Egarty b. 19/1/1860 Berkley
  4. (f) Bridget Haggarty b. 23/10/1861 Berkly d. 27/2/1937 ( Sullivan )
  5. (m) William Hegarty b. 11/9/1864 Berkeley Illawarra 16575/1864
  6. (m)? James Hegarty d. 8/4/1889 (accidental gunshot wound)

Hegerty/Hegherty Eliza (Crowley then Calvert)

b. 1834 Co. Tyrone Ireland (1846 and NSW on marriage record) d. 16/11/1926 br. Wollongong General

m. Mathew Calvert (abt 1834 Co Tyrone Ire-6/6/1884 Dapto) 30/10/1883 Albion Park RC 5431/1883

m2. Fergal/Feugle Hegherty (abt 1846- 27/9/1891 Son of Bernard Hegerty & Catherine Doogan *) 1885 Sydney 894/1885

f. Timothy Crowley m. Anne McDermott *

  1. (f) Catherine Hegerty b. 1885 Balmain
  2. (m) Michael Hegarty b. 16/6/1887 Wollongong 24992/1887

Living at Crown St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Hegarty/Heggarty Emily Lucy (Stephens)

d. 1934 Wollongong

m. Joseph Hegarty (abt 1861- 9/3/1931 Wollongong ) 1881 Sydney 153/1881

f. William Stephens m. Christina

  1. (m) Arthur J Heggarty b. 1884 Waterloo
  2. (m) Alfred Hegarty b. 1886 Newtown
  3. (m) Joseph Hegarty b. 1888 Balmain
  4. (f) Stella M Heggarty b. 1894 Leichhardt ( Edward J Harkins 1920 )
  5. (f) Pearl Emily Hegarty b. 28/12/1896 Dapto (Harold J Clarke 1923)
  6. (m) Sydney Clarence Hegarty b. 28/12/1896 Dapto
  7. (m) William George Hegarty b. 28/5/1899 Dapto 26743/1899
  8. (m) Charles H Heggarty b. 1903 Wollongong 17604/1903
  9. (m) Roy S Heggarty b. 1905 Dapto
  10. (m) John Heggarty b. 1907 Dapto

Living at Lakelands in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a labourer.

Hegarty Lilian Maud

b. 30/4/1882 Bulli 19716/1882 d. 1951 Bulli

f. Charles Hegart m. Margaret Bowan *

Living at Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.

Hegarty Margaret (Bowan /Roan/ Rouan/Rowan)

b. abt 1848 Derry Ireland d. 1924 Bulli 1939/1924

m. Charles Richard Hegarty (abt 1848 – 20/5/1930 Bulli ) 18/10/1866 St Francis Xavier’s

f John Bowan m. Margaret Breaden

  1. (m) Thomas Hegarty b. 3/8/1867 American Creek Wollongong 18017/1867 d. 1951 Ashfield
  2. (f) Mary Ellen Hegarty b. 24/7/1870 Bulli 19011/1870
  3. (f) Florence May Heggerty * b. 25/10/1873 Bulli 20894/1873 d. 5/11/1950 Woonona (William Alfred Gleeson 1900)
  4. (m) Charles Richard Hegarty b. 11/11/1876 Bulli 22645/1876 d. 15/5/1956 Bulli (Ada M )
  5. (m) William John Hegarty b. 10/12/1879 Bulli 27288/1880 d. 1880 Wollongong
  6. (f) Lillian Maude Hegarty * b. 30/4/1882 Bulli 19716/1882 d. 1951 Bulli
  7. (m) Arthur James Hegarty b. 13/5/1885 Bulli 23722/1885 d. 1957 Bulli
  8. (f) Alice E Hegearty b. 1889 Woonona 24627/1889 d. 1912

Living at Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.

Heggie Annie Elizabeth (Holl)

d. 12/8/1933 Concord West br. Rookwood

m. Robert Andrew George Heggie (- 1942 Concord West Son of Robert Heggie &) 6/1/1886 North Goulburn

f. Robert Holl m. Annie

  1. (m) Leslie M Heggie b. 1887 Sydney
  2. (m) Robert J C A Heggie b. 1888 Sydney
  3. (m) Jack T Heggie b. 1896 Parramatta
  4. (f) Doris P Heggie b. 1901 Wollongong 18312/1901
  5. (f) Annie M Heggie b. 1904 Hurstville
  6. (m) Sidney G Heggie b. 1904 Hurstville

HEGGIE—HOLL.—January m. 6, at St. Nicholas's Church, North Goulburn by the Rev. Canon Darcy Irvine, Robert George, eldest son of Robert Heggie, produce merchant, Sydney, to Annie Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Robert Holl, of Royal Oak Hotel, Macquarie-street, Dubbo. Evening News (Sydney, NSW: 1869 - 1931) Saturday 16 January 1886 p 4

Husband a baker.

Heighway Lucy

b. abt 1860 d. 1925 New Zealand

m. Rev George Heighway (1859 Sydney -1946 Auckland NZ)

  1. (f) Lucy Eleanor Heighway b. 1883 West Maitland (Loxley Meggit 1933)
  2. (f) Katie E Heighway b. 1884 West Maitland
  3. (m) George G Heighway b. 1885 Kiama 24237/1885
  4. (m) William Heighway b. 1887 Kiama 25613/1887
  5. (m) Arthur James Heighway b. 1888 Gerringong 26406/1888
  6. (m) Hedley A Heighway b. 1893 Kiama 1857/1893

Family arrived in Dunedin NZ in 1897.

Heininger Blanche Therese (Condon)

b. 21/10/1868 Albion Park d. 25/9/1895 Albion Park 10714/1868 br. Wollongong General

m. George Adam Heininger (9/8/1866 Dapto-4/4/1922 Son of Conrad Heininger & Margaret Howes *) 25/9/1895 St Paul’s Albion Park 7955/1895

f. Thomas Condon m. Margaret McCorth *

  1. (m) Sylvester Augustine Heininger b. 3/7/1896 Albion Park 27228/1896
  2. (m) George Oswald Heininger b. 1899 Albion Park 766/1899 d. 27/2/1937
  3. (f) Margaret M Heininger b. 1901 Wollongong 18303/1901
  4. (f) Cicily V Heininger b. 1903 Wollongong 35877/1903
  5. (f) Martha M Heininger b. 1906 Wollongong 19873/1906
  6. (m) Thomas A Heininger b. 1906 Wollongong 19874/1906
  7. (m) Francis J Heininger b. 1909 Wollongong 43604/1909

Living at Figtree in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Heininger Horatia Violet Hannah (Hoskins registered as Gibbons)

b. 1879 Sydney 384/1879 d. 14/10/1916 Bulli 17017/1916 br. Corrimal

m. John Heininger (13/8/1870 Dapto- 4/7/1936 Son of Conrad Heininger & Margaret Howes *) 20/12/1894 St John’s West Dapto 7511/1894

f. Samuel Hoskins? m. Margaret Gibbons * see Yarvell

  1. (m) Edward J Heininger b. 1896 Wollongong 8991/1896
  2. (m) Cyril Patrick Heininger b. 26/9/1898 Dapto 36056/1898 d. 24/1/1923 accidently killed


Ths death occurred in the Bulli Hospital on Saturday night of Mrs. John Heninger, of Bulli. The deceased lady had been ailing for several months, and was removed to the hospital for the purpose of undergoing an operation. The operation was successfully performed on Saturday afternoon, but the patient died some time afterwards. The deceased was a well-known resident of the lllawarra district and for a number of years had resided with her husband and family at Dapto. About five years ago they removed to Bulli. The late Mrs. Heininger took a keen interest in the welfare of the R.C. Church, and was always one of the foremost workers for the Churches at Dapto, Corrimal, and Bulli. She was 37 years of age. The funeral took place on Monday afternoon, and was very largely attended. The Rev. Father Dunne conducted the last sad rites in the Corrimal cemetery. The late Mrs Heininger leaves a husband and five children to mourn their loss. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Friday 20 October 1916 p 2

Heininger Margaret (Howes)

b. abt 1840 Tarry’s Meadow d. 5/6/1919 Dapto br. Albion Park General

m. Conrad Heininger (21/12/1840 Hemsbach Bavaria Germany -7/3/1906 Dapto Son of Conrad Adam Heininger & Barbara Hoffmann) 5/4/1864 St Francis Xavier’s 3391/1864

f. John Howes m. Bridget Bourke *

  1. (f) Mary Herringar * b. 2/2/1865 Dapto d. 1924 New Zealand (Thomas Rock 1887, David Liston 1914)
  2. (m) George Adam Hieninge b. 9/8/1866 Dapto16645/1866 d. 1922 Dapto (Blanche Condon * 1895)
  3. (f) Martha Heininger * b. 15/9/1868 Dapto 18244/1868 d. 29/8/1942 Dapto (Jay Joseph Vining 1907)
  4. (m) John Heinninger b. 13/8/1870 Dapto 19038/1870 d. 4/7/1936
  5. (m) Charles Albert Heininger b. 19/6/1872 Dapto 19652/1872 d. 1929 Granville (Mary Jane Madden * 1901)
  6. (f) Julia Margaret Heininger b. 16/7/1876 Dapto 22577/1876 d. 23/11/1877 Asthiton Vale dapto aged 1 year and 3 months
  7. (f) Bridget Isabel Heininger b. 1879 Wollongong 26023/1879 ( James Vereker 1902)
  8. (m) Conrad Heininger b. 18/11/1874 Dapto 216060/1874 d. 1957 Wollongong ( Nellie Fitzgerald 1906)
  9. (m) Joseph Aloysius Heininger b. 13/3/1881 Dapto 18849/1881 d. 31/3/1955 Wollongong
  10. (m) David Heininger b. 1883 Wollongong 21107/1883 d. 11/1/1934

Living at Marshall Mount in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Mrs. Heininger died rather suddenly at Dapto on Friday last. She was 78 years of age and was born at Marshall Mount. The deceased lady was well-known through out the district, and was over ready to assist in the cause of charity. A large grown-up family service. The remains were laid to rest in the Croome cemetery on Saturday. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 13 June 1919 p 4

Heininger Maria (Carrigan)

m. Walter Heininger

  1. (f) Maria Lorna Heininger b. 22/1/1899 Wollongong No record BDM

Heininger Mary Jane (Madden)

b. 7/8/1880 Balgownie/Mount Keira d. 25/6/1917 br Wollongong General

m. Charles Heininger (19/6/1872 Dapto- 1929 Granville Son of Conrad Heininger & Margaret Howes * 7/12/1901 St Paul’s Albion Park 8632/1901

f. William Madden m. Mary Fahey

  1. (f) Eileen A Heininger b. 1903 Wollongong 26679/1903
  2. (m) Conrad J Heininger b. 1905 Wollongong
  3. (f) Tabolia M Heininger b. 1907 Wollongong 9369/1907
  4. (f) Vera M Heininger b. 1911 Wollongong

Living at Marshall St Dapto/Keelogues in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties


Mr. Charles Heininger (son of Alderman C. Heininger, Marshall Mount) and Miss Mary Madden (daughter of Mr. W. Madden, Avondale) were married at the R.C. Church, on Tuesday last, by the   Rev. Fr. W. Hayden. Mr. John Madden attended as best man, and Miss Bella Heininger as bridesmaid. After the usual ceremonies, the newly married couple left by down-south train, on a honey-moon trip.

Heilon/Helen see Ilhein/ Ihlem

Heller Rebecca (Harris then Turnbull then Roddom)

d. 1912 Kurri Kurri

m. Cuthbert Turnbull (- 29/6/1888 Helensburgh) 1886 Sydney 1336/1886

m. Thomas Roddom 1891 Newcastle (Divorced 1911)

m. Frederick Heller 1911 Kurri Kurri

f. Timothy Harris m. Amelia

  1. John Thomas Turnbull (Lily Atchison 1910)
  2. Hamilton Turnbull b. 1884 Newcastle 28083/1884 (Florence Stanmore 1905)
  3. Cuthbert Turnbull b. 1888 Woonona 25881/1888 (Elizabeth Gunther 1909)
  4. Elizabeth Jane Turnbull (Joe H Hinchcliffe 1903)
  5. Thomas Roddom b. 1892 Hamilton 16380/1892 (Mary A S Dederer 1915)
  6. Amos William Roddom b. 1895 Newcastle 34909/1895 (Edith Sandiford 1916)
  7. Rebecca Olive Roddom b. 1900 Newcastle 5600/1900 d. 1919 (Walter Baldock )


HELENBURG This day a fatal accident occurred here on Wednesday evening at 4 o'clock, by which a much respected resident named MR. Cuthbert Turnbull lost his life. The deceased was charge man in the Metropolitan Coal Company shaft. He was engaged at his work as usual in the bottom of the shaft, when a stone fell on him, killing him on the spot. The deceased was well known at Newcastle. He leaves a wife and three children. The Australian Star (Sydney, NSW : 1887 - 1909) Friday 29 June 1888 p 5


Mr. Flynn appeared for the petitioner, Rebecca Roddom (formerly Turnbull), who sought for a divorce from Thomas Roddom, a miner, on the ground of desertion. The parties were married at Newcastle in 1891. There was no appearance of the respondent. The decree nisi was granted, returnable in six months. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Friday 2 December 1910 p 5

She was charged with Sly Grog Selling 1903 in Newcastle and was fined £100, in default six mouths' imprisonment

Hellier Sarah

b. abt 1826 Somerset d. 1881 Wallendbeen

m. Joseph Hellier (abt 1826 Somerset – 1881 Wallendbeen Son of Jospeh Hellier & Mary)

f. Simeon

Ship: Tartar 1857

Cause of Death: inflammation of the lungs

  1. (m) George Hellier b. abt 1848 Somerset (Eliza Atkinson 1871)
  2. (f) Mary Hellier b. abt 1850 Somerset (John Gibson 1870)
  3. (f) Sarah Ann Hellier b. abt 1854 Somerset (John Worner 1878)
  4. (m) Joseph Hellier b. 1858 Penrith (Catherine Bartholomew 1883)
  5. (m) James Hellier b. 1861 Kiama 8111/1861
  6. (f) Elizabeth F Hellier b. 1864 Kiama 9291/1864 (Francis Hendy-Pooley 1888)
  7. (m) John R Hellier b. 1868 Berrima

The Two-mile Creek epidemic, it would seem, has not yet finished its work of destruction among the inhabitants of this place. Another victim has succumbed to its fatal power since I last wrote- Mrs Hellier, who died on Wednesday morning last, the day after her husband was buried. Cootamundra Herald (NSW: 1877 - 1954) Saturday 23 July 1881 p 6

Hellyer Martha Ann (Dare then Cromack)

b. 17/9/1873 Marshall Mount 20847/1873 d. 3/11/1951 Wollongong br.

m. Richard Cromack (1870 Redfern -1903 Waterloo Son of Richard Cromack & Matilda Parker *) 1893 Wollongong

m. Michael Hellyer (abt 1880 -20/3/1961 Wollongong ) 1904 Sydney

f. George Dare m. Louisa Thorn *

  1. (f) Gladys May Cromack b. 1894 Wollongong 37726/1894 d. 23/8/1966 Byron Bay (Clarence E J Littlechild 1915)
  2. (f) Lilian L Cromack b. 1895 Ryde (George H S Bradford 1920)
  3. (m) Ernest George Cromack b. 1898 Wollongong 8636/1898 d 1969 Lismore
  4. (f) Ethel M Hellyer b. 1905 Dapto 12666/1905
  5. (m) Frederick J Hellyer b. 1909 Lismore
  6. (f) Kathleen H Hallyer b. 1909 Lismore d. 1910 Lismore
  7. (m) Edward Ashton Hellyer b. 1/3/1911 Lismore d. 1969 Wollongong
  8. (m) Arthur John Hellyer b. 1915 Lismore d. 1983


Mrs. Martha Ann Hellyer died in the Wollongong Hospital on Saturday. She was 78. She resided at her home in Market Street, Wollongong.

Mrs. Hellyer is survived by her husband, Mr. Frederick Michael Hellyer. Members of her family are Gladys (Mrs. C. Littlechild) of Byron Bay; Ernie, of Woodenbong; Lillian (Mrs. G. Bradford) of Coledale Heights; Ethel (Mrs. Coster), James Edwin, of Gwynneville; and Arthur, of Port Kembla; Illawarra Daily Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1950 - 1954) Monday 5 November 1951 p 2

Helmes Johanna/Anna

m. Henry Helmes

  1. (m) Henry Helmes b. 1888 Kiama 26312/1888

Helsey Susan

m. Charles Helsey

  1. (m) William C Helsey b. 1863 Wollongong 14939/1863

Helson Maria (Maloney)

b. abt 1858 d. 23/3/1923 Peakhurst br. Woronora

m. Thomas Charles Bluett (9/4/1866 Adelong- Son of Francis William Anstruther Bluett & Jessie Tresilian) 25/5/1888 Sydney div 1905

m. James Helson 1905 Glebe

  1. (f) Florence M Bluett b. 1888 Sydney
  2. (f) Jessie Maria Bluett b. 1889 Wollongong 24521/1889
  3. (f) Sybella Margaret Bluett b. 1890 Wollongong 38113/1890
  4. (m) Stephen A Bluett b. 1892 Wollongong 38963/1892
  5. (m) Thomas Charles S A Bluett b. 1893 Wollongong 39322/1893
  6. (f) Maretta Bluett b. 1895 St Peters

Story of a Man and a Half-Caste Woman.

Desertion was the one issue, upon which Maria Bluett, formerly Maloney, relied in her suit yesterday for a divorce from Thomas Charles Bluett.

Mr. Hammond appeared for the petitioner, who said she was, married to the respondent, a clerk, on May 25, 1888, at Redfern. They lived in several places until 1898, when she noticed that her husband was keeping bad hours. Seeing him one night in Castlerengh-street with a half-caste woman witness spoke to her, but she replied she did not know the man was married. Her husband did not go home again, and petitioner heard nothing until she received a letter asking her to come down to a solicitor's office, and there sign a judicial separation. She did not sign it, but was herself about to take steps to be judicially separated from her husband. He, however, persuaded her to desist, saying he would come home, as he feared he would lose his position. She afterwards took out a warrant, but had never seen him since. Even though she suspected that her husband was carrying on with the half-caste woman, she wanted him back for the sake of the five children.

A decree nisi, returnable in six months, was granted. The Australian Star (Sydney, NSW: 1887 - 1909) Tuesday 30 August 1904 p 3


HELSON- March 28 1922, at her residence, Helsonville, Lilian-road, Peakhurst, Maria, beloved wife of James Helson, aged 64 years (late of 10 Rowe-street, city). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 29 March 1922 p 12

Hely see Healy

Hely Annie Grace (Horning)

b. 1870 St George d. 1940 Woollahra

m. Frederick C Hely 1915 Woollahra

f. John William Horning m. Margaret

Living Fairy Meadow in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Brother Frederick Arnold also resident.

Heminger see Heininger

Hemming Annie H

m. William Henning

  1. (f) Rosetta J Hemming b. 1899 Woonona 26884/1899

Hemmingsen/Hemmingson Hanora (Herlihen /Harlehan)

b. abt 1869 Tipperary Ireland d. 18/12/1944 Wombarah Cremated Woronorah

m. Hans Andreason Hemmingsen ( 22/3/1846 Ringsted Denmark -30/4/1914 Son of Hans A & ?) 21/11/1885 Charters Towers Qld

f. Timothy m. Anne

  1. (f) Hanora Hemmingsen b. 26/1/1886 Qld b. 1/2/1886 Qld
  2. (f) Marian E Hemmingsen ( Donald Brisbane 1906)
  3. (f) Annie Sophia Hemmingsen ( John Wark 1907, Frank C Matthews 1943 )
  4. (m) Jacob Hemmingsen b. 1891 Qld d. 1891 Qld
  5. (m) John James Hemmingsen b. 1891 Qld ( Lily Mary Campbell 1936)
  6. (m) Timothy Kelso Hemmingsen b. 1893 Liverpool d. 1932 Balmain South
  7. (m) Percy August Hemmingsen b. 1897 Wyalong d. 1936 Auburn Suicide
  8. (m) Hans Andresen Hemmingsen b. 1899 Qld d. 1965 Bulli ( Edith Gladys Redman 1912)

HEMMINGSON - December 18 1944 at her daughter's (Mrs F. Matthews) residence 154 Main Road Wombarra, Honora relict of the late Hans Hemmingson, aged 83 years.


Hemphill Margaret (MacRae)

b. abt 1827 Sutherland, Scotland d. 30/6/1913 South Yarra, Melbourne br. Melbourne General Cemetery

m. James Hemphill (25/8/1822 Co Tyrone, Ireland- 12/8/1862 Yarra River) 11/8/1848 St Andrew’s Scots Church Sydney

f. John McRae m. Margaret McKenzie

  1. (f) Margaret Hemphill b. 1849 Presbyterian Wollongong V18491286 50/1849 d. 1852
  2. (f) Elizabeth Jane Hemphill b. 1851 Sydney Scots Church V18511119 45A/1851 d. 1920 Eltham Vic (John Francis Rutter 1877)
  3. (f) Margaret Anna Hemphill b. 18/12/1854 Melbourne d. 25/7/1917 South Yarra (William Lyall 1884)
  4. (m) Charles Sproul hemphill b. 1855 Vic d. 1937 Melbourne Vic (Emma A Bruse )
  5. (m) John Alexander Hemphill b. 1857 Melbourne d. 20/6/1938 Lindfiels (Alice S Parkinson 1882)
  6. (m) Leitch Hemphill b. 28/12/1858 Melbourne d. 10/9/1919 Nerim South Vic ( Garbielle E D’Arlot 1897)
  7. (m) James Johnstone Hemphill b. 23/11/1859 Melbourne d. 29/12/1927 Camberwell Vic (Agnes A Scott 1889, Ethel M M Scott )
  8. (f) Mary Hemphill b. 1861 Melbourne d. 20/8/1928 Melbourne

On the 11th instant, by the Rev. John  McGarvie, D.D., Mr. James Hemphill, of Dapto, to Miss Margaret McRae, of George street, Sydney.SMH 12 August 1848

Hempton Margaret (McAuliffe)

b. abt 1840 d. 1920 Dapto br. Old Catholic Dapto

m. George Hempton (Northern Ireland-7/1/1907 Dapto Son of James Hempton) 1858 Wollongong

f. James McAuliffe m.

Living Lakelands in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties.

Husband a farmer who owned a farm at Calderwood.

Mrs. Margaret Hempton, 80 years of age, passed away on Friday after a lengthy illness. Deceased came to the district in 1865, and: lived here ever since. The funeral took place on Friday, the interment being made in the Roman Catholic cemetery at West Dapto. The Rev. Father O'Sullivan officiated at the grave side. Deceased was the aunt of Mr D. J. McAuliffe. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 10 September 1920 p 2

HEMPTON. — The funeral of the late Mrs. Margaret Hempton, of Dapto, are kindly invited to attend her funeral, to leave her late residence, Dapto, To-morrow (Saturday), at 2.30 p.m. for the Catholic Cemetery, West Dapto (old ground) Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 3 September 1920 p 2

Henderson Christina Charlotte Priscilla (Blackwood)

b. 1856 Jamberoo? d. 1914 Kiama

m. John Wilson Henderson ( abt 1856 - ) 1882 Kiama

f. John Blackwood m. Mary Brown *

  1. (m) John Blackwood b. 1876 Kiama 13509/1876
  2. (m) Charles Henderson b. 1883
  3. (f) Margaret A J Henderson b. 1886 Kiama 24993/1886 d. 1891 Kiama
  4. (f) Annie Henderson b. 1888 d. 1953 Kiama
  5. (m) Richard Henderson b. 1891 18008/1891 d. 1963 Kiama
  6. (m) Albert Henderson b. 1894 Kiama 17551/1894
  7. (m) William H Henderson b. 1896 Kiama 4263/1896 d. 1898 Kiama
  8. (f) Christina Henderson b. 1899 Kiama 31390/1899 d. 1899 Kiama

Living at Terralong St Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

We regret to record the death of Mrs, Christina Henderson, who died suddenly at her residence, Collins-st, in consequence of cerebral hemorage,

The attack came on Tuesday morning without previous indisposition, and she passed away at, the close of the day without regaining consciousness. A native of Jamberoo, and in this district all her life, she was well known–honest and kindly ever willing to help in sickness or trouble, and a devoted mother to the children, who deeply mourn her loss. Sincere sympathy is specially felt for Miss Annie Henderson, who will sorely miss a mother's affection and her companionship in their home; also for the Messrs. Henderson in the loss they have sustained. The funeral took place on Thursday afternoon the interment taking place in North Kiama Cemetery, the Rev. Tulloch Yuille officiating. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW: 1863 - 1947) Saturday 19 September 1914 p 2

Henderson Elizabeth Maria (Brown then Burling)

b. 1860 Wollongong d. 1/11/1943 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. Isaac Morgan Burling/Henderson (abt 1858-30 /11/1903 Wollongong Son of Henry Burling & Mary Morgan * ) 27/10/1880 Goondarrin Creek

m. Thomas Henderson 1904 Sydney

f. James Brown m. Elizabeth Sarah Shaw *

  1. (f) Florence May Burling b. 1881 Wollongong 18909/1881
  2. (m) Arthur H Burling b. 1890 Wollongong 38020/1890
  3. (f) Emily M Burling b. 1892 Wollongong 38897/1892
  4. (f) Elsie M Burlingb. 1894 Wollongong 37719/1894
  5. (f) Alice A Burling b. 1896 Wollongong 8965/1896
  6. (m) Lewis G Burling b. 1897 Wollongong 36935/1897
  7. (f) Dorothy M Burling b. 1903 Wollongong 17602/1903

Living Crown St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. First husband a hotelkeeper.

BURLING— BROWN— At the residence of the bride's parents, Goondarrin Creek, on the 27th of October, by the Rev. H. W. T. Pincombe, Isaac Morgan, youngest son of Henry Burling, Kembla Creek, to Elizabeth Maria, second daughter of James Brown, Goondarrin Creek Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 5 November 1880 p 2

Mrs Elizabeth M. Henderson

Mrs. Elizabeth M. Henderson, of Mt. Murray, but formerly of Wollongong, passed away at the Wollongong district Hospital on Sunday at the age of 83 years. She was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs., James Brown, of Goondarin Creek, and was the last surviving daughter. There were eight daughters and seven sons in the family. With her late husband (Mr. Isaac Burling Henderson) she conducted the Old Terminus (now Tattersall's) Hotel for about 40 years, and, then moved to Garden Hill, later going to Strove and Mt. Ousley, and about 18 months ago she went to Mount Murray. Surviving members of the family are Charles, Isaac, Albert, Arthur and Louie Burling, Emily (Mrs. McCray), Elsie (Mrs Reynolds) and Dorothy (Mrs.Pugh). Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 5 November 1943 p 6

Henderson Fanny Maria (Oxenbridge)

b. 1862 Picton d. 17/4/1899 Wilton

m. William Henderson 1884 Picton 4223/1884

f. Edward Oxenbridge m. Ann Elliott

  1. (f) Margaret Henderson b. 1886 Picton
  2. (f) Emily B Henderson b. 1888 Wollongong 25523/1888
  3. (f) Annie M Henderson b. 1890 Picton

Henderson Louisa Edith (Honner then Phillips)

b. 23/7/1879 New Bristol d. 23/6/1958 br. Toowong

m. David Phillips (1873 - 1/7/1901 at sea on the ‘Prospector’ near Ballina Son of William Phillips & Rosina Greenhalgh *) 1895 Berry

m. Francis A Henderson (- 11/5/1951 Brisbane Qld) 1902 Sydney

f. Edward Honner b. Fanny Kemp

  1. David Phillips b. 1896 Kiama
  2. Harold W Phillips b. 1898 Berry
  3. James A Phillips b. 1901 Ballina
  4. Francis A Henderson b. 1903 Ballina
  5. Hilary N Henderson b. 1905 Murwillumbah
  6. Oliver V Henderson b. 1909 Murwillumbah
  7. Unita Henderson b. 1911 Lismore
  8. Raymond John Henderson b. 1914 Lismore

Henderson Margaret (Dunsmore)

b. 23/9/1827 County Derry, Ireland d. 19/9/1901 br. Goulburn Old General

m. John Henderson ( abt 1803 - 6/5/1870 Goulburn Son of John Henderson & Marion Waterson) 30/1/ 1843 Wollongong

f. Samuel Dunsmore m. Catherine Cunningham *

Ship : Parland 1838

  1. (f) Marion Henderson b. 1843  Wollongong V18434314 45B/1843
  2. (m) Robert Henderson b. 1845 bp. Presbyterian Wollongong V18454390 45B/1845
  3. (m) John C Henderson b. 1848 Wollongong V18484479 45B/1848
  4. (m) William Henderson b. 1850 Wollongong V18504552 45B/1850
  5. (m) James D Henderson b. 1851 Kiama V18511425 51/1851
  6. (m) Joseph L. Henderson b. 13/10/1856 Figtree Cottage 8453/1856
  7. (m) Eleonard A Henderson b. 27/9/1858 Figtree Cottage 13487/1858
  8. (u) Child Henderson b. 13/6/1860 Ulladulla
  9. (m) Samuel B Henderson b. 25/12/1861 Cundle Park Appin 12499/1862
  10. (u) Child Henderson b. 27/6/1863 Oat-awalla near Goulburn
  11. (f) Margaret Henderson b. 30/12/1866 Cotta Walla Goulburn  9160/1867
  12. (m) Walter George Henderson b. 1870 Goulburn 10131/1870

At Charcoal, Illawarra, on the 5th instant, Mrs. Henderson, of a son. The Sydney Morning Herald 8 February 1850

At Charcoal Creek, Illawarra, on the 23rd instant, Mrs. Henderson, of a son. The Sydney Morning Herald 26 November 1851

At Charcoal, Illawarra, on the 9th instant, Mrs. John Henderson, of a son. The Sydney Morning Herald 15 July 1854</cite>

On the 27th instant, at her residence, Fig-tree Cotage, Illawarra, Mrs J. Henderson of her seventh son. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Thursday 30 September 1858 p 3

On Christmas Day, at her residence, Condle Park, near Appin,   the wife of John Henderson, late of Illawarra, of her ninth son. The Sydney Morning Herald 28 December 1861

On the 27th ultimo, at her residence, ? near Goulburn, the wife of John Henderson, Esq., (late of Illawarra) of a tenth son. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 7 July 1863 p 2

Husband resident of the Illawarra for 20 years

Henderson Mary

m. Joseph Henderson

  1. (f) Julia A Henderson b. 1863 Wollongong 15055/1863
  2. (f) Jane Henderson b. 1865 Wollongong 17020/1865

Henderson Sarah Ann (Ward)

b. abt 1839 d. 24/7/1922 Mullumbimby br. Mullumbimby

m. Archibald Henderson (abt 1831 -1919 Muwillumbah) 1872 Wollongong 3821/1872

f. James Ward

  1. (f) Mary Ann Henderson b. 1873 Wollongong 20785/1873
  2. (m) William James Henderson b. 1875 Wollongong 21854/1875 d. 1943 Murwillumbah (Minnie A L Harris)
  3. (m) Samuel P Henderson b. 1878 Wollongong 24678/1878 d. 1878 Wollongong
  4. (m) Frederick Arthur Henderson b. 1879 Wollongong 26028/1879 d. 1879 Wollongong
  5. (m) Archibald Henderson b. 1879 Wollongong 26029/1879 d. 1943 Murwillumbah
  6. (m) Arthur Burton Henderson b. 1881 Woonona 19063/1881 d. 1957 Byron Bay


Mrs. Sarah Henderson, a very old resident, of Mullumbimby, residing on the Brunswick Road, was buried in the Mullumbimby Methodist cemetery on Tuesday, having passed away the previous day. She was 83 years of age. Her husband died three years ago, but three sons are living— two at Crabbe's Creek and one at Brunswick Road. Tweed Daily (Murwillumbah, NSW: 1914 - 1949) Friday 28 July 1922 p 2

Henderson Sarah M (McCabe)

b. 14/5/1860 Russell Vale 13897/1860

m. William K Henderson 1884 Wollongong 5399/1884

f. Francis P McCabe m. Jane Osbourne *

Henderson Vera

Living at Keira St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

With David Henderson a labourer.

Hendry Catherine Mary C see le Breton Catherine Mary C

Hendry Mary Elizabeth (Day)

b. abt 1855 Middlesex d.

m. George Albert Hendry (abt 1855 Middlesex- 10/10/1899 Helensburgh) 1873 Pancras Middlesex

Ship: Ellora 1879

  1. (f) Catherine Mary A Hendry * b. abt 1874 Middlesex d. 1965 St Leonards (Francis J le Breton 1897)
  2. (f) Reginald Alfred Arthur Hendry b. abt 1877 Westminster Middlesex
  3. (f) Helen A Hendry b. abt 1879
  4. (f) Mabel Hendry b. d. 1887 Newtown
  5. (f) Rebecca Carrington Hendry b. 1881 Newtown
  6. (f) Jessie R Handry b. 1882 Newtown d. 1884 Newtown
  7. (f) Ianthe A Hendry b. 1884 Newtown d. 1887 Newtown
  8. (f) Ida M Hendry b. 1888 Waterloo
  9. (f) Violet Hendry b. 1894 Helensburgh 16139/1894
  10. (m) Albert Armstrong S Hendry b. 1901 Helensburgh 32245/1901 d. 1972 Dubbo

Husband a painter and listed as an old resident of Helensburgh

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Hendry Minnie Eliza Jane (Barker)

b. abt 1872 d. 19/1/1944 Sydney

m. William Phillip Hendry (- 1922 Bondi Son of James Henry & Margaret ) 1893 Mudgee

f. James Barker m. Emma

  1. (f) Gladys E Hendry b. 1893 Kiama 18728/1893 (J L Vincent)
  2. (f) Vera M Hendry b. 1895 Woollahra (H C Schachtel)

HENDRY.—February 19, 1944, Millie, relict of the late William Philip Hendry and dearly loved mother of Gladys (Mrs. Vincent, Cottesloe, W.A.), Vera (Mrs. Schachtel, Bellevue Hill), and loved grandmother of Philip, Betty, Gladys, and Ron, aged 72 years. At rest. (Private cremation.)

HENDRY.—February 19, 1944, Millie Hendry (nee Barker), late of Mudgee, dearly loved sister of Amy (Mrs. Underwood), May (Mrs. Thomas), Charles, Clarrie, and Elsie, aged 72 years. At rest. (Private cremation.) The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 21 February 1944 p 8

Hendry Sarah (Grover/Crove then Dent)

b. 1877 Sydney d. 15/6/1962 Campsie

m. Sidney Charles Dent (1876 St George-29/8/1927 Helensburgh Son of Henry Dent & Jessie *) 1899 Woonona

m. Charles Hendry (abt 1884 -11/12/1954 Coledale Son of William Hendry & Justina) 1931 Sydney

f. William Peter Grover m. Susan

Living Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties.

Famaily living in Adelaide in 1899.

Henis Epha (Keible)

m. Henry Henis

  1. (f) Mary Henis b. 28/4/1858 Dapto

Henness/Hennesy/Hennes/Innes/Hinchy Catherine (McManamen)

b. abt 1853 d. 26/5/1939 Bulli br. Corrimal Catholic

m. William Hennesy (abt 1846 -30/4/1918 Son of Nicholas Henness & Wynn Watkin) abt 1868


  1. (m) John James Henness b. 1871 d. 2/5/1944 Bulli (Olive Mary McGarry * 1897)
  2. (m) William Henness b. d. 1944 Campbelltown
  3. (m) Nicholas Hennessy b. 1872 Hill End d. 1944 Wollongong (Catherine Wood * 1894)
  4. (m) Henry Henness b. d. 1941 Bankstown
  5. (f) Catherine Henesy b. 6/67/1878 Bulli 24750/1878
  6. (f) Hannah Henacy b. 17/7/1880 Bulli
  7. (f) Mary Ann Hennessy b. 24/8/1882 Bulli
  8. (f) Martha Hennes b. 30/3/1885 Bulli 23701/1885
  9. (m) Joseph Hennes b. 30/3/1885 Bulli 23702/1885 d. 1929 Bulli
  10. (m) Charles Hennes b. 1888 Woonona 25843/1888

Mrs W. Henness, a very old resident of Bulli, passed away at her residence on Wednesday, and the remains were interred on Thursday. She was 71 years of age, and had a wide circle of friends in the district, who mourn the loss of a woman of many excellent qualities. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Friday 30 May 1924 p 9

Henness/Hennessy Catherine (Wood)

b. 1875 Lancaster England d. 1952 Redfern br. Woronora

m. Nicholas Henness (1872 Hill End – 7/8/ 1944 Wollongong Hospital Son of William Henness & Catherine McMenamin *) 1894 Woonona 7585/1894

f. James Wood m. Mary

  1. (f) Catherine Henness b. 1895 Helensburgh 329969/1895 (G Chinnock)
  2. (m) William Henness b. 1898 Helensburgh 3762/1898 d. 19/7/1947 Stanmore
  3. (m) Thomas Henness b. 1900 Helensburgh 13186/1900 d. 1900 Woonona
  4. (m) John Henness b. 1901 Woonona 18462/1901 d. 1901 Woonona
  5. (m) Charles Henness b. 1902 Helensburgh 12772/1902
  6. (m) Joseph Henness b. 1906 Wollongong 40887/1906
  7. (f) Martha Henness b. 1908 Wollongong 42447/1908 (C Mulholland)
  8. (f) Mary Henness b. 1911 Wollongong 11346/1911 (Mansour)
  9. (f) Grace Henness b. 1912 Wollongong 52104/1912 d. 1913 Wollongong
  10. (m) James Henness b. 1914 Wollongong 38580/1914
  11. (f) Rose Henness b. 1917 Wollongong 7529/1917
  12. (m) Nicholas Henness

Living Bulli/Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Husband backrupt in 1897, a miner of Helensburgh. Lived at Fairy Meadow.

HENNESS, Catherine.—October 28, 1952, at her daughter's residence, 155 Pitt Street, Redfern, dearly beloved wife of the late Nicholas, loving mother of Catherine (Mrs. G. Chinnock), William (deceased), Charles, Dorothy (Mrs. F. Geoffrey), Joseph, Martha, (Mrs. C. Mulholland), Mary (Mrs. Mansour), James, Rose (deceased), and Nicholas, aged 78 years. R.I.P. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 29 October 1952 p 24

Henness Olive Mary (MacGarry)

b. 1877 Lismore d. 21/2/1956 br. Bulli General

m. John James Henness ( abt 1871 – 2/5/1944 Bulli Hospital Son of William Henness & Catherine McManamen *) 1897 Woonona

f. Michael McGarry m. Sarah Collimore *

  1. (f) Olive Henness b. 1898 Helensburgh 12598/1898
  2. (f) Madaleen Henness b. 1900 Woonona 18392/1900
  3. (f) John W Henness b. 1911 Woonona 47951/1911

Henness Rose (Taylor then Clarke)

b. abt 1851 d. 28/5/1924 Bulli br. Bulli General

m. George Clarke (11/2/1836 Sutton Forest -22/7/ 1897 Corrimal) 1873 Wollongong 4275/1873

m. William Henness 1897 Wollongong

f. Joseph Taylor m. Ellen

  1. (m) William Thomas Clarke b. 1874 Wollongong 21500/1874
  2. (m) Ernest Albert Clarke b. 1876 Wollongong 22515/1876 d. 18/6/1951 Wollongong (Margaret Ellen Haining * 1897, Beatrice M A Ainsworth 1918)
  3. (m) Harold Albert Clarke b. 20/4/1878 Dapto 24741/1878 d. 1/12/1964 Lane Cove (Jane Casely * 1901)
  4. (m) Percy Leopold Clarke b. 1880 Wollongong 7494/1880
  5. (m) Eustace Ernest Clarke b. 1883 Woonona 21174/1883
  6. (m) Leslie George Clarke b. 1886 Woonona 24503/1886 (Florence Ellen Salisbury 1905)
  7. (m) Aubrey James Clarke b. 1892 Woonona 39659/1892 d. 1944 under Henness

Living Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Damage to Property and Loss of Health.

Rose Henness, or Bulli, sued the Bulli Shire Council before the Wollongong (N.S.W.), District Court on Thursday, for (?) damages, in respect of damage alleged to have been caused to her property, two cottages at Bulli, by the over flow of water from Park Road into Farrell’s Lane near the Bulli Railway station, as a result of a drain having become silted up. It was further alleged that through the damp conditions, plaintiff's health had been seriously injured, and that she had suffered much inconvenience and monetary loss. A verdict was entered for the defendant shire. The Farmer and Settler (NSW : 1906 - 1957) Tuesday 23 February 1915 p 4 Article

HENNESS - May 28, 1924, at her residence. Station Street Bulli, Rose, beloved wife of William Henness, and mother of John, William, Ernest, Harold, Percy, Charles, Leslie, and Aubrey in her 71st year The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Thursday 29 May 1924 p 8 Family Notices

Hennessy Catherine (Cavanagh/Kavanagh)

m. William/James Hennessy

  1. (m) Michael John Hennessy b. 21/1/1881 Mount Pleasant 18803/1881
  2. (m) Patrick Joseph Hennessy b. 19/9/1882 Wollongong 19641/1882

Hennessy Lucinda (Nolan)

b. 9/9/1882 Mt Pleasant 19642/1882 d. 22/12/1951 Wollongong

m. Michael John Hennessy 1901 Sydney

f. Andrew Nolan m. Sarah Campbell *

  1. (m) Andrew E Hennessy b. 1901 Woonona 28310/1901
  2. (f) Sarah E Hennessy b. 1903 Wollongong 17638/1903 (Chinnock)
  3. (f) Catherine M Hennessy b. 1905 Wollongong 29639/1905 (McGoldrick)
  4. (m) Raymond J Hennessy b. 1906 Wollongong 40928/1906
  5. (f) Margaret E Hennessy b. 1909 Wollongong 43544/1909 (Wilson)
  6. (m) Vincent Hennessy b.


The death occurred at her residence Keira Road, West Wollongong, on Saturday of Mrs. Lucina Hennessy. She was 69.

She is survived by her husband Michael John Hennessy, and Andy, Siss (Mrs. Chinnock), Kate (Mrs. McGoldrick), Ray, Margaret (Mrs. Wilson) and Vincent. Illawarra Daily Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1950 - 1954) Monday 24 December 1951 p 4

Hennessy Selina (Power)

m. Ernest Hennesy 1895 Sherbrooke

This place could be in Western Sydney near Prospect as seems to be no connection to Illawarra.

Henney see Hayes

Henningsen Mary (Lenahan/Learhinan)

b. abt 1842 Ireland d. 11/8/1923 Qld br. Atherton Pioneer Qld

m. John/Jens Henningsen (abt 1852 Denmark -28/3/1915 Kureen Qld)

  1. (m) John James Henningsen b. 1880 Wollongong 27468/1880 d. 1929 Qld (Minerva Gertrude Standen 1903 div 1911)

Moved from Woonona before 1915.

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a farmer.

Henry Ademia see Bradney

Henry Annie

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (m) Charles D C Henry b. 1876 Kiama 13521/1876

Henry Annie (McClelland)

b. 5/7/1845 Riversdale Kiama d. 1928 Qld

m. James Henry (17/8/1834 Ardlochan Hill, Scotland- 28/11/1907 Murrigal Qld Son of John Henry & Margaret McSevney *) 1870 Kiama 2487/1870

f. John McClelland m. Jane Fitzgerald *

  1. (f) Annia A Henry b. 1872 Braidwood
  2. (m) Arthur James Henry b. 1874 Braidwood
  3. (f) Alice H Henry b. 1876 Braidwood
  4. (m) John W Henry b. 1878 Braidwood
  5. (m) Ernest George Henry b. 1889 Braidwood

Henry Bridget M (Rush)

b. 1873 Young d. ?/11/1939 Rockdale br. Rookwood

m. Christopher James Henry (abt 1873 -18/7/1959 Dulwich Hill Son of Christopher James Henry & Martha Elizabeth) 1899 Young

f. Patrick Rush m. Elizabeth

  1. (f) Myrtle E Henry b. 1901 Kiama 4267/1901
  2. (m) Christopher Hedley Henry b. 1902 Kiama 13131/1902 d. 1961 Marrickville
  3. (m) Harold William Henry b. 1905 Kiama 24108/1905 d. 1953 Petersham
  4. (f) Ursula B B Henry b. 1908 Young 31704/1908
  5. (f) Muriel M Henry b. 1911 Young 23435/1911

Living at Minnamurra St Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a labourer.

Henry Edith Sarah (Evans)

b. 22/8/1871 “Penrose” Dapto 19622/1871 d. 1957 Chatswood

m. William Henry 1919 Dapto

d. Evan Robert Evans m. Catherine Thompson *

Living at Avondale in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Henry Eliza (Brown/Browne)

b. abt 1849 CofE Gordon Sydney d. 1899 North Sydney

m. Aldridge John Henry (abt 1848 Sydney-) 1875 Cassilis

f. Gordon Brown m. Sarah Hilton

  1. (m) Arthur F Henry b. 1876 Sydney d. 1878 Mudgee
  2. (m) Aldridge John Henry b. 1878 Mudgee d. 1952 Chatswood
  3. (f) Millecent Eliza Henry b. 1879 Waterloo d. 1960 Chatswood
  4. (m) Richard Field Henry b. 1881 Parramatta
  5. (f) Mabel Henry b. 1883 Picton
  6. (m) Archie Ernest Henry b. 1884 Picton d. 1946 Chatswood
  7. (m) William B Henry b. 1886 Woonona 24650/1886
  8. (m) Gertrude Henry b. 1888 Woonona 25872/1888
  9. (m) Walter Henry b. 1894 St Leonards d. 1963 Wyong

Husband a butcher on Lane Cove Road in 1898.

Henry Eliza Ann (Browne)

b. 1850 V18502205 35/1850 d. 1900 Marrickville 9546/1900

m. James Henry 16/12/1875 Mt Nebo 4487/1875

f. William Browne m. Mary Montgomery

  1. (m) Robert A Henry b. 8/1/1878 George St South Sydney 520/1878
  2. (m) Bruce Henry b. 1880 St George 7715/1880
  3. (f) Beatric Henry b. 1882 Petersham 5351/1882
  4. (m) George M Henry b. 1885 Petersham 6096/1885
  5. (f) Stella M Henry b. 1887 Petersham 6579/1887

HENRY—BROWNE.—December 16, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. William Moore, Wesleyan minister,  James Henry, chemist, Sydney, to Eliza Ann, youngest daughter of William Browne, Esq., Mount Nebo,Wollongong. The Sydney Morning Herald 29 December 1875

HENRY.—On the 8th instant, at her residence, 754, George-street, South Sydney, the wife of James Henry, chemist, of a son. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 15 January 1878 p 2

Henry Elizabeth (Rush)

b. 1880 Young

m. Hugh Henry (1879 Young - 14/2/1926 Erskinville Son of Christopher James Henry & Martha Elizabeth) 1901 Kiama 6829/1901

f. Patrick Rush m. Elizabeth

  1. (f) Muriel G P Henry b. 1900 Kiama 32332/1900 (Leslie G McLannan 1925)
  2. (m) Reginald A C Henry b. 1902 Kiama 13136/1902 d. 1931 Burwood

Husband a ganger on the railway who was killed in a railway accident.

Living at Minnamurra St Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a labourer.

Henry Elizabeth J

m. William J Henry

  1. (f) Margaret E Henry b. 1893 Kiama 18663/1893

Henry Emma (Crane)

b. 1847 Histon Cambridgeshire d. 14/8/ 1935 Woonona br. St Augustines CofE Bulli

m. John Henry (1844 Lane Cove- 10/5/1931 Woonona) 15/3/1865 St Michael’s Wollongong

f. James Crane m. Lydia Pettit *

Cause of Death: Senility

  1. (f) Emma E Henry b. 1865 Wollongong 16998/1865 d. 1869
  2. (f) Mary Anne Henry b. 1867 Kiama 10482/1867 d. 3/10/ 1867
  3. (f) Lydia Henry * b. 25/11/ 1868 Wollongong 18277/1868 d. 10 /5/1942 Bulli (Michael Duggan 1900)
  4. (f) Jane Matilda Henry * b. 20/11/ 1871 Brisbane Water 7978/1872 d. 16 /6/1966 (Jacob Doel 1892)
  5. (f) Emily Anne Henry b. 1874 Brisbane Water 8549/1874 d. 7 /7/1968 (George Brett 1913)
  6. (f) Sarah Maria Henry b. 1877 Wollongong 23004/1877 (Dennis Sharples 1903)
  7. (f) Elizabeth Henry * b. 1879 Wollongong 26213/1879 d. 2/2/1953 Bulli (John Jones 1901)
  8. (m) James Henry b. 1882 Woonona 19721/1882 (Jenny ? )
  9. (f) Edith M Henry b. 1885 Woonona 23697/1885 (Walter Reid 1908)
  10. (m) John William Henry b. 1888 Woonona 25798/1888 (Harriet Larkin 1915)
  11. (m) George Henry b. 1890 Wonoona 38536/1890 d. 21/11/1897 aged 7 years

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.

Henry Hannah ()

b. abt 1842 d. 20/12/1880 Dapto

f. Edward B m. Margaret

HENRY.-December 20, at the residence of her brother-in-law, Rev. James Stack, Dapto, Hannah, the beloved wife of James Henry, Sydney, aged 38.SMH 27 December 1880</cite>

Sister of Isabel Stack

Henry Jane Cooper (Endesor)

b. 1830 Birmingham England d. 7/3/1924 Parramatta

m. Thomas Arthur Henry ( 31/1/1826 Kirkoswald Ayrshire Scotland - 11/9/1909 Tomerong Son of John Henry & Margaret McSevney *) 13/2/1850 Presbyterian Wollongong V18504485 74B

f. George Endesor m. Ann

  1. (f) Jane Henry b. 1852 Kiama d. 5/10/1909
  2. (f) Ann Henry b. 1854 Kiama d. 14/9/1938
  3. (f) Margaret Henry b. 26/6/1856 Kiama 5199/1856 d. 22/2/1928
  4. (f) Unnamed Henry b. 1858 Kiama 7959/1858
  5. (m) Brice Henry b. 11/11/1859 Kiama 7677/1860 d. 23/3/1899
  6. (f) Elizabeth Henry b. 6/4/1862 Kiama 8470/1862 d. 26/6/1962
  7. (m) William John Henry b. 17/1/1866 Kiama 9432/1866 d. 30/12/1932
  8. (f) Sarah Henry b. 27/11/1868 Kiama 12127/1869 d. 27/8/1951

Henry/Henery Margaret Jemima (McSevney)

b. 25/12/1807 Argyle Scotland, Argyle or Co Down Northern Ireland d. 29/8/1873 Kiama or 29/10/1873 Nerriga br. Nerriga

m. John Henry (abt 1804 Co Down Ireland – 18/7/ 1849 Sydney) 18/12/1824 Ayr Scotland

f. William McSeveny m. Adams Ewart

  1. (f) Agnes Henry * b. 1824 Kirkoswald Ayreshire d. 12/11/1865 Bush Hut Creek Bulli (Edward Spinks 1840)
  2. (m) Thomas Arthur Henry b. 31/1/1826 Kirkswald Ayrshire d. 11/9/1909 Nowra (Jane Cooper Endesor * 1850)
  3. (f) Ademia Henry b. 29/3/1828 Kirkoswald Scotland d. 17/3/1863 (John Bradney 1843)
  4. (m) John Nelson Henry b. 26/2/1830 Kirkoswald Scotland d. 11/2/1902 (Mary Ann Graham *1852)
  5. (m) Bryce Henry b. 8/7/1832 Kirkoswald Scotland d. 29/5/1859 Jamberoo
  6. (m) James Henry b. 17/8/1834 Ardlochan Hill, Scotland d. 28/11/1907 Murrigal Qld (Annie McClelland *1870)
  7. (m) William Henry b. 26/10/1836 Ardlochan Hill, Scotland d. 2/7/1859 Kiama
  8. (m) Isaac Henry b. 3/12/1838 Quarantine Station Sydney d. 21/3/1922 Tully Qld (Barbara Hewitts 1869)
  9. (m) Hugh Henry b. 27/11/1840 ‘Riversdale’ Jamberoo bp. Presbyterian Wollongong d. 20/10/1910 Cobargo (Bridget Whelan 1866)
  10. (f) Margaret Henry * b. 7/8/1842‘Riversdale’ Jamberoo bp. Presbyterian Wollongong d. 25/11/1917 (George Sinclair 1860)
  11. (m) David Henery b. 16/8/1844 ‘Riversdale’ Jamberoo bp. Presbytrian Wollongong d. 9/8/1905 Cobargo (Catherine Hollands 1871)
  12. (m) Jacob Henry b. 25/5/1846 ‘Riversdale’ Jamberoo d. 1/5/1929 Cobargo ( Elizabeth Hibel 1877)
  13. (f) Agnes Henry b. 11/10/1848 ‘Riversdale’ Jamberoo d. 3/5/1919 Nowra (Edward Rolfe 1868)

Henry Mary (Emery)

b. abt 1816 Maghia Coolmoney Kilkenny Fermanaugh

m.William Henry (1815-1856 at sea)

f. William Emery m. Isabella Nethery

Ship: 6/1/1856 “Bee”

  1. (f) Matilda Henry *b. abt 1836 Dromore Tyrone d. 27/5/1922 Jamberoo ( Robert Booth 1860)
  2. (f) Isabella Henry * b. abt 1838 Dromore Tyrone
  3. (f) Anne Henry b. abt 1842 Dromore Tyrone ( William Irvine , James Johnston )
  4. (f) Anne Henry b. 1842 Dromore Tyrone d. 1871 Wollongong
  5. (m) John James Henry b. abt 1844 Dromore Tyrone b. 18/11/1925 Foxground (Sarah Ann Williams * 1875 )
  6. (f) Margaret Jemima Henry * b. abt 1846 Machia Colomoney Kilkenney Fermanagh (Edward McClelland 1871)
  7. (m) William Henry b. abt 1848 Machia Colomoney Kilkenny Fermanagh (Sarah Ann Cooper * 1884)
  8. (f) Mary Jane Henry * b. 1851 Machia Colomoney Kilkenny Fermanagh (William H Couch 1872)

Mary already had 2 brothers, James and Alexander Emery, living in Kiama when she arrived with her family. Her sister Sarah Armstrong also came to live in Kiama. The Remittance Regulation Fees for the family was paid by her brother James Emery of Kiama.

Her husband Captain William Henry was killed as the ship “Bee” was entering into Sydney, a pulley block fell and hit him on the head. He was holding his three year old daughter Mary Jane Henry by the hand at the moment he was killed.

(Sister of Alexander, James, Jane Nethery *, Isabella Irvine *, Sarah Emily Armstrong *, Sydney Johnston *, William and Alexander Emery

Henry Mary Ann (Graham)

b. 1832 Ireland d. 30/11/1914 Nowra

m. John Nelson Henry (26/2/1830 Kirkoswald Scotland – 11/2/1902 Nowra Son of John Henry & Margaret McSeveny *) 3/4/1852 Sydney

f. John Graham

  1. John H Henry b. 5/2/1852 Kiama d. 6/4/1937
  2. Mary Jane Henry b. 1/7/1854 Kiama
  3. (f) Letitia Henry b. 1856 Kiama 5181/1856 d. 1942
  4. (m) David Nelson Henry b. 25/1/1859 Kiama 8301/1859 d. 1930
  5. (f) Amelia Henry b. 7/6/1862 Kiama 8510/1862 d. 1862 Kiama
  6. (f) Agnes Henry * b. 17/11/1864 Jamberoo 9491/1864 (John Mornington 1884 (div) , Sydney B Orr 1900 (div) )
  7. (m) Robert William Henry b. 23/7/1869 Kiama 12235/1869 d. 29/6/1932
  8. (m) James Alfred Henry b. 1872 Kiama

Daughter Agnes ‘living with her parent’s’ after both of her divorces- however she was having children in many different areas while she was doing so.

Henry Sarah

Living Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Henry Sarah

Living at Kembla St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties.

Henry Sarah

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (f) Minnie Henry b. 1901 Wollongong 28147/1901

Henry Sarah (Robinson)

b.? d. ?

m. John Henry 5513/1885 Wollongong

  1. (m) John Arthur Henry b. 1887 Wollongong 24837/1887 d. 22/3/1887 Pioneer Park Cemetery Wollongong
  2. (f) Elizabeth Henry b. 1888 Wollongong 25550/1888 d. 29/9/1889 Pioneer Park Cemetery Wollongong
  3. (f) Jane Henry b. 1889 Wollongong 24376/1889
  4. (m) Edward R Henry b. 1891 Wollongong 38321/1891
  5. (m) Arthur Henry b. 1892 Wollongong 39014/1892 d. 1892
  6. (f) Sarah A Henry b. 1893 Wollongong 39370/1893
  7. (m) William T Henry d. 1899 Wollongong d. 10/10/1898

Henry Sarah Ann (Cooper)

b. 10/3/1862 Jamberoo d. 23/10/1920 Gerringong br. Gerringong General

m. William Henry (1848 Magheraculmoney, Fermanagh, Ireland- 2/10/1939 Son of William Cooper & Mary Emery *) 30/1/1884 Kiama 5479/1884

f. Stephen Cooper m. Sarah Ann Cooper *

  1. (f) Florence E. Henry b. 11/1/1885 Kiama 24153/1885
  2. (m) Herbert Stephen Henry b. 17/2/ 1886 Kiama 25025/1886 d. 1957 Burwood
  3. (m) Ernest Oswald Henry b. 25/8/1887 Kiama 25739/1887 d. 30/1/1966 Gerringong ( Elsie Frances Wilkie )
  4. (m) William John Henry b. 15/8/1889 Kiama 25175/1889
  5. (f) Elizabeth Emily Gertrude Henry b. 4/7/1891 Kiama 18103/1891
  6. (m) Albert John Henry b. 29/5/1893 Kiama 18676/1893 d. 1952 Sydney
  7. (f) Lillian May Henry b. 8/3/ 1895 Gerringong 13659/1895
  8. (f) Ivy Winifred Henry b. 29/11/1899 Kiama 4178/1900

Living Gerringong in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a labourer.

HENRY-COOPER. January 30th, at the temporary residence of the bride, Terralong-street, Kiama, by the Rev. J. Wilson, M.A., William Henry, son of the late William Henry, of Kiama, to Sarah Ann Cooper, daughter of Stephen Cooper, of Kangaroo Valley. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Tuesday 26 February 1884 p 2

Henry Sarah Ann (Williams)

b. 1856 Kiama 5125/1856  d. 11/1/1843 Newington Hospital

m. John James Henry ( 1844 Dromore, Tyrone, Ireland- 18/11/1925 Foxground Son of William Henry & Mary Emery *) 10/6/ 1875 Kiama 2872/1875

f. William Williams m. Ann Grey *

  1. (f) Annie Matilda Henry b. 16/3/1889 Mt Keira

Living at Foxground in 1918 when her mother died.

ON Thursday, 10th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Zillman, JOHN JAMES, eldest son of Mrs. Henry, Kiama, to SARAH ANN, eldest daughter of Mr. Alderman Williams, of Foxground. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 17 June 1875 p 2

Mrs. J. J. Henry, of Foxground, one of .the oldest residents of the district, went to Sydney on Thursday last, to undergo an operation for removal of a cataract from her eye, and her many friends wish for her a speedy recovery. The Kiama Reporter and Illawarra Journal (NSW : 1899 - 1947) Wednesday 8 May 1940 p 3

Henry Victoria Augusta (Bailey)

b. 1872 Wollongong d. 1946 Chatswood

m. Gilbert Stanley Henry 1889 Wollongong 5272/1889

f. George Henry Bailey m. Jane Shapter *

  1. (u) Children born in Redfern, St Leonards, Annanadale and Waterloo

Hensen Elizabeth Harriet (Ashton)

b. 24/8/1874 Gerringong d. 30/12/1944 Nimbin br. Lismore

m. Wilhelm Johannes Adolph Hensen (-6/7/1950 Lismore Son of Gurgenn Hensen & Maria) 1897 Wollongong

f. Robert Lloyd Ashton m. Alice Jemima Waldron *

  1. (m) Robert R Hensen b. 1898 Wollongong 17470/1898
  2. (m) William H Hensen b. 1900 Wollongong 8885/1900 d. 1900 Wollongong
  3. (m) Alfred W Hensen b. 1901 Lismore
  4. (f) Alice C M Hensen b. 1903 Lismore
  5. (f) Lilly N Hensen b. 1908 Lismore
  6. (f) Sophie M Hensen b. 1914 Lismore


Mrs. Elizabeth Harriett Hensen (70), wife of Mr. William Hensen, well known resident of Crofton's Road, Nimbin died at her home on Saturday afternoon, after an illness of several weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Hensen had resided at Crofton's Road for the past 41 years. Born at Gerringong, she was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Ashton. The family moved to Wollongong when Mrs. Hensen was a child, and she spent her early life there. Mr. and Mrs. Hensen were married at Wollongong and come to the North Coast shortly afterwards, and settled at Nimbin, where they had since resided. Mrs. Hensen was ever ready to assist those in need and to go to the home of any neighbour in trouble. She will be greatly missed in the district in which she resided. In addition to her husband, two sons and three daughters survive. The sons are Robert and Alfred (Nimbin) and the daughters are Mesdames A. Jacobs (Wollongong), Roy Anderson and L. Barnes (Nimbin). Mrs. J. Oliver (Nowra), Mrs. J. Wingate (Wollongong), and Mrs. L. B. Crane (Nimbin) are sisters of Mrs. Hensen.

Her funeral will leave St. Andrew's Church of England, Lismore, today following a service, commencing at 11 a.m. for the Lismore cemetery. Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954) Monday 1 January 1945

Henwood Janet Louisa (Lawson then Vogan)

m. Walter Vogan (Yapton England - 14/7/1892 Wollongong Son of Thomas S L Vogan & Eugenie F) 1881 Sydney 1881/704

m Richard Henwood 1899 Sydney 2313/1899

  1. (f) Nettie Francoise Vogan 1882 Newtown 1882/6807 d. 1967 St Leonards
  2. (m) Thomas Stuart L Vogan 1886 Petersham 1886/6660 d. 1954 Sydney (Mary Rhodes)

VOGAN.-July 14, at Wollongong, Walter Vogan, beloved husband of Janet Vogan and son of the late T. S. L. Vogan, of Yapton, England, and Sydney, The Sydney Morning Herald 30 July 1892

Walter Vogan was a Wollongong iron monger.

Her husband, Walter Vogan, dropped dead while the couple were at a dancing lesson.

As might readily be imagined, the awfully sudden death of her husband right before her eyes was a terrible shock to Mrs. Vogan, as indeed to all those present. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Saturday 16 July 1892 p 2

Hepper Amelia (Oxenbridge)

b. 1857 Picton d.

m. Joseph Hepper (abt 1854- 1915 Clifton Son of Joseph Hepper & Mary A Griffith) 1873 Picton 3670/1873

f. Henry H Oxenbridge m. Frances Joseph

  1. (m) Henry Walter Hepper b. 1874
  2. (f) Jane Hepper b. 1876 Picton
  3. (m) William Hepper b. 1880 Murrumburrah
  4. (f) Frances A M Hepper b. 1882 Picton
  5. (f) Mary A Hepper b. 1884 Albury (J S Clarke 1911)
  6. (m) John Hepper b. 1886 Wollongong
  7. (f) Lena Hepper b. 1889 Picton
  8. (f) Maude E Hepper b. 1890 Campbelltown

Husband insolvent in 1886 of Keira Village near Wollongong lately of Gerogery

Herahty /Heraghty/Heraty Catherine (Doogan)

b. abt 1824 Donegal d. 11/10/1885 br. Wollongong General

m. Bryan/Bernard Heraghty (abt 1819 Donegal-)

f. Ferigle Doogan m. Ellen

Ship: Lady Elina Bruce 14/7/1859

  1. (m) Michael Heraghty b. abt 1839 Donegal
  2. (m) Ferigle/Fergal Hegarhty b. abt 1845 Donegal (Eliza Crowley * 1885)
  3. (f) Hannah Heraghty b. abt 1847 Donegal
  4. (f) Mary Heraghty * b. abt 1850 Donegal Ireland d. 11/9/1886 Crown Street ollongong ( John Brennan 1871)

F Hegharty son erected tombstone.

THE Friends of Mr. F. Hegherty are invited to attend the funeral of his beloved mother, Catherine. To move from the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. John Brennan, jun, Crown-street, This day, at 4 o'clockIllawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 13 October 1885 p 2

Herbert Amy Irene Josephine Barnett (Nixon)

b. 1884 Armidale d. 31/3/1936 Kiama br. Kiama General

m. Frederick Alfred Augustus Herbert (30/7/1873 Foxground – 11/6/1950 Kiama Son of Henry Herbert & Susan West *) 23/5/1901 Kiama

f. John Graham Nixon m. Lillian /Leila/Lilia Barnet

  1. (m) Augustus Barnett West Herbert b. 22/6/1902 Kiama 22860/1902 d. 9/7/1971 Kiama
  2. (f) Ruth Josephine Herbert b. 1903 Lismore (Herbert L King 1923)
  3. (m) Frank West Herbert b. 16/8/1905 Kiama 24119/1905 d. 25/1/1982 NSW (Lillian May)
  4. (f) Constance Irene Herbert b. 8/10/1906 Kiama 35347/1906
  5. (m) Roy Henry Herbert b. 7/5/1909 Kiama 15332/1909 d. 1981 NSW
  6. (f) Winifred Lilian Herbert b. 1910 Kiama 39477/1910 ( Lyle King 1930)
  7. (f) Irene E Dorothy Herbert b. 17/4/1912 Kiama
  8. (m) Ronald Frederick Herbert b. 27/1/1920 d. 22/4/1994


The death occurred, as previously reported, on Monday last, in the Kiama District Hospital, of Mrs. Amy Irene Herbert, after a lengthy illness. For some two years Mrs. Herbert had been suffering from heart trouble, and had previously been an inmate of the hospital. Following another bad turn, she was removed to the hospital on Saturday last.

The late Mrs. Herbert was the daughter of, Mr. J. G.Nixon, and was born at Armidale. Since coming to Kiama she had live with her husband and faimly at Saddleback. She married Mr., Fred Herbert, with whom district sympathy is expressed. .

A most devoted mother, she gave her whole time and affection to the rearing of her large family and the care of her home and garden, and had not taken and active part in the public life In cases of sickness she was also a splendid neighbour and friend. Mrs. Herbert is survived by her husband four sons and six daughters.

The funeral took place on Wednesday at the Church of England cemetery. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Saturday 4 April 1936 p 2

Herbert Caroline (Godfrey)

b. abt 1822 ? d. 12/4/1905 Pyrmont

m. Richard Herbert (-before 1905 ) 1860 Kiama

f. Frank Godfrey m. Elizabeth

  1. (m) Richard Herbert b. 1861 Kiama 8126/1861 d. 1929 Randwick

Aunt of Mrs Hannah Tressider of Spring Hill near Orange

HERBERT— April 12, 1905, at her son's residence, No. 29 Church-street, Pyrmont, Caroline, relict of the late Richard Herbert, late of Pyrmont, in her 84th year. By Bpecial request, no flowers. The Australian Star (Sydney, NSW: 1887 - 1909) Thursday 13 April 1905 p 4

Herbert Frances Adelaide (James then Ball)

b. 6/10/1866 Spring Creek 16710/1866 d. 1958 Hurstville

m. William Ball ( abt 1865 Parramatta- 1887 Waterloo) 28/5/1885 Wollongong

m. Charles N Herbert (1866 Newcastle- 1931 Mayfield ) 1892 Sydney

f. Robert Munro James m. Julia Ann Rixon

  1. (f) Ada M Ball b. 1886 Petersham d. 1887 Wollongong
  2. (f) Amy Ball b. 1887 Petersham d. 1984
  3. (f) Ivy Herbert b. 1893 Sydney
  4. (m) Frederick Herbert b. 1903 Sydney (Jean G Pearson 1933)

BALL— JAMES. — May 28, 1885, by the Rev. Mr. Waugh, W. Ball, of Marrickville, Sydney, to the eldest daughter of Robert James, of Mount Kembla. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Thursday 11 June 1885 p 2

Herbert Martha Jane (Craig then Harvey)

b. 1870 Wollongong d. 21/6/1949 Junee br. Wollongong

m. James Thomas Harvey ( 11/7/1865 – 30/3/1902 Dapto Son of John B Harvey & Louisa Allen *) 1896 Wollongong 2066/1896

m. Holdsworth Herbert ( 1859 Braidwood- 21/5/1929 Lithgow Son of William Herbert & Ann) 1906 Wollongong

f. John Craig m. Susan

  1. (m) Gordon T Harvey b. 1900 Wollongong 18253/1900 (Violet)
  2. (f) Dell H Herbert (William E Hodder 1919)

Living at Marshall Rd Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Second husband was killed by falling into a vat of boiling water at the Lithgow steelworks.

HERBERT Martha Jane.—June 21, 1949 at Junee, widow of Holdsworth (Harry) Herbert and dear mother of Dell (Mrs. W. E. Hodder, Junee) and Gordon (Balgownie) mother-in-law of Will and Violet, loving grandma of Gordon, Dell and Kenneth, Joan and Gloria and great grandma of Garry Funeral at Wollongong. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 22 June 1949 p 24

Herbert Mary

b. abt 1803 d. 1859 Kiama

Herbert Mary Jane (Dawes)

b. 1855 St Albans d. 17/1/1939 Kempsey br. West Kempsey

m. Francis W Herbert ( -19/9/1933 Kempsey Son of Henry Herbert & Susan West *) 25/9/1877 Kiama

f. William Dawes m. Isabella Reilly *

  1. (m) Wessie William George Herbert b. 1878 Kiama 14904/1878 d. 1951 Kempsey
  2. (f) Mary Eliza J Herbert b. 1880 Kiama 16698/1880
  3. (m) Ernest B W Herbert b. 1883 Kiama 21651/1883
  4. (f) Edith S M Herbert b. 1884 Kiama 23368/1884
  5. (m) George D Herbert b. 1885 Kiama 24287/1885 d. 1935 Kempsey
  6. (m) Christopher Charles Herbert b. 1888 Kempsey d. 1967 Taree
  7. (f) Isabella M Herbert b. 1889 Kempsey


There passed away in hospital at Kempsey on Saturday, at the grand old age of 84 years, Mrs. Mary Jane Herbert, of Washington-street, East Kempsey. A daughter of the late Captain and Mrs. William Dawes, deceased was born: at St. Albans, Sydney, and married to the late Mr. Herbert, who died in 1933, on 25th September, 1877. Just on fifty years ago Mrs. Herbert accompanied here husband to the Macleay, settling at Frederickton. After several years of residence there they went to Port Macquarie. The late Mr. Herbert retired about 26 years ago, and in 1914 they returned to the Macleay and took up residence in East Kempsey. Deceased is survived by a family of two daughters, Mesdames M. J. Fry (East Kempsey) and E. Noonan (Kempsey), and three sons, Messrs. Wessie Herbert (Austral Eden), Ernest Herbert (Port Macquarie) and Christopher Herbert (Glenoak, Maitland). The funeral, under the direction of Mr. J. R. Garland, took place on Sunday last from All Saints' Church of England, where Ven. Archdeacon Tress, assisted by Rev. Lawrence, conducted a service. The cortege then proceeded to the West Kempsey Church of England cemetery, where the remains were interred. Macleay Argus (Kempsey, NSW: 1885 - 1907; 1909 - 1910; 1912 - 1913; 1915 - 1916; 1918 - 1954) Tuesday 17 January 1939 p 4

Herbert Rosannah (Scott)

b. 15/1/1868 Jamberoo d. 27/10/1941 Port Macquarie

m. George Henry Nathaniel Herbert ( - 1943 Port Macquarie Son of Henry Herbert & Susan West *)1885 Kiama

f. Robert Scott m. Isabella Flemming *

  1. (f) Georgina/Georgianna West Herbert b. 1886 Kiama 25102/1886 ( Harold W J MacLeod 1917)
  2. (f) Susannah West Herbert b. 1888 Kiama 26351/1888 d. 1937 Ryde( Harrie S Bransdon 1915)
  3. (f) Isabella Esther Maudie Herbert b. 1890 Kiama 17802/1890 d. 1949 Port Macquarie ( Norman Bransdon 1916)
  4. (m) Aubrey George W Herbert b. 1893 Kiama 18567/1893 d. 1968 Port Maquari
  5. (f) Eva M W Herbert b. 1894 Kiama 17627/1894 d. 1924 Port Maquarie
  6. (m) Oriel R Herbert b. 1896 Kiama 13399/1896
  7. (f) Amy G Herbert b. 1898 Kiama 22270/1898
  8. (f) Gladys A W Herbert b. 1899 Kiama 313838/1899

Mrs .G. Herbert.

We regret, says 'The Port Macquarie News,' to record the death on Monday morning 27th ultimo, of an old and highly respected resident of Rollands Plains, in the person of Mrs. Rose Ann Herbert, wife of Mr. Geo. Herbert, at the age of 73 years. The late Mrs. Herbert passed peacefully to rest in tne Hastings hospital. Deceased was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. R. Scott, and was born at Brandon Hill, Jamberoo, on the South Coast. It was in this district where Mr. Herbert, pursuing farming interests at the time, met and married the good lady who was to be his be loved wife for some 57 years. There they settled for a time before moving north, for Mr. Herbert to take up property on The Plains about 37 years ago, and here they had happily lived, enjoying the respect and friendship of all who were privileged to know them, until the Creator had deemed it necessary for them to part. A devoted wifc and loving mother has passed on to her last resting place. There were nine children of the union, six of whom survive, viz., Mrs. H. McLeod (Rollands Plains), Aubrey H. (Ballengarra), Miss Grace (at home), Mrs. W. Thompson (Wauchope), Mrs. J. Degardoti (Wauchope). Three daughters predeceased their mother, viz. Mrs. H. Bransdon and Misses E. and O . Herbert. There also surviving are ten grandchildren and two great grandchildren. Of recent years, owing to advancing years and failing health, the late Mrs. Herbert had not been active in affairs outside her home, but during the last war she was an ardent worker for the Red Cross. All her life she was a devoted churchwoman, and gave much of her time in the cause of her religion and for church work. For the past 13 years she had endured indifferent health, and about six weeks ago her condition became worse. On Wednesday last she was brought to Hastings District Hospital, where, despite every care and attention, she passed peacefully to rest as stated. One sister, Mrs Ingram, of Coff's Harbour, survives the deceased lady. Following a service in St.Thomas' Church of England on Wednesday morning, the funeral cortege moved for the Port Macquarie Cemetery, where the remains were laid to rest in the Church of England portion. Archdeacon Tress officiating at the Church and at the graveside. The funeral arrangements were carried out by Mr. F. V. Hay ward. The funeral was largely attended, particularly by up-river people, the chief mourners being Mr. Geo. Herbert, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Herbert. Mr. and Mrs. McLeod, Mr. and Mrs. Degardoti, Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, Miss Grace Herbert, Mr. H. Bransdon, Mr. and Mrs. S. Myhill, Mr. W. Ingham (Coff's Harbour), Miss I- Scott (Nana Glen), Mr. J. Bransdon. Pallbearers were Messrs. H. McLeod, D. Wilson, J. Degardoti. H. Bransdon, assistance being given by Messrs. S. and A. Myhill. Mr. Herbert, who has not completely recovered from his recent serious operation, will have the sympathy of a wide circle of friends from all over the Hastings River, in his sad bereavement.

Macleay River relatives present were Mrs. M. Fry of Sherwood, (niece) together with her son Mr. Reg. Fry and daughter Mrs. P. Kemp. The Macleay Chronicle (Kempsey, NSW: 1899 - 1952) Wednesday 5 November 1941 p 7

Herbert Sarah Mary (Hicks then Hurst then Bristow)

b. abt 1806 NSW

f. Richard James Hicks m. Margaret Howe see White *

Living with William Bristow in Illawarra in 1828 Census as Hust.

Herbert Susan/Susannah (West)

b. abt July 1837 d. 26/9/1927 Bong Bong Street Kiama br. Kiama General

m. Henry Herbert 1856 Parramatta

f. Barnet West m. Georgina

  1. (m) Francis B W Herbert b. 1860 Gosford d. 19/9/1933 Kempsey ( Mary Jane Dawes * 1877)
  2. (m) George Henry Nathaniel Herbert b. 1864 Kiama 9470/1864 ( Rosannah Scott * 1885)
  3. (f) Georgina Herbert * b. 1868 Kiama 10691/1868 d. Kiama (Robert Walthour 1891)
  4. (m) Frederick Alfred Augustus Herbert b. 1873 Kiama 12368/1873 d. 1950 Kiama ( Amy Irene Nixon * 1901)

Living at Bong Bong St Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties.

MY Husband, Mr. Henry Herbert, having left his home, I hereby give notice to all storekeepers and tradesmen that I will not be responsible for any debts he may contract. SUSAN HERBERT. Foxground, August 16, 1879. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW: 1863 - 1947) Friday 22 August 1879 p 2

This from the ' Kiama Independent, — ' My husband, Mr. Herbert, having left his home, I will not be responsible for any debts he maycontract. — Susan Herbert, Foxground, Aug. 16th.This is certainly turning the tables; stole away from the foxground. Oh ! Henry, how could you? Now, the conclusion I draw is that Susan has been paying reynard's debts, but will do so no longer, because Henry has 'hooked it,' and I am afraid Henry is non compos mentis, for who in his right senses would think of levanting from a Susan who paid his debts, and apparently ran the matrimonial concern individually, and probably wore the b___s too? Ah me! the strong-minded women are fast becoming an institution, and, if they are all like Susan, and pay the debts, they are a very useful one, too. The Gundagai Times and Tumut, Adelong and Murrumbidgee District Advertiser (NSW : 1868 - 1931) Friday 10 October 1879 p 2

Herd Charlotte (Carmichael)

b. 16/6/1866 Gosport England d. 2/9/1944 Wollongong br. Wollongong General

m. Edward Herd (27/10/1859 Wollongong- 18/1/1931 Wollongong Son of Andrew Herd & Eliza Orphin *) 14/8/1888 Wollongong

f. James Carmichael m. Anna Kitchener Pigott *

Ship: abt 1876

  1. (f) Charlotte Elsie Herd b. 21/2/1890 Wollongong 37875/1890 d. 5/4/1978 Wollongong (George Fishlock 1928)
  2. (m) Herbert Edward James Herd b. 16/5/1892 Wollongong 38981/1892 d. 14/11/1980 Wollongong
  3. (m) Albert Arthur Herd b. 30/4/1897 Wollongong 17938/1897 d. 8/9/1981 Wollongong
  4. (f) Thelma Herd b. 2/12/1900 Wollongong 8975/1901 d. 10/9/1982 Wollongong ( Cyril Robert Randall 1927)
  5. (m) Norman Herd b. 11/1/1904 Wollongong 8648/1904 d. 26/4/1970 Wollongong (Ethel Nethery )

Living at Loftus St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties.

Husband was an alderman on Wollongong Council and an auditor of the Illawarra Mutual Building Society.


One of the City’s oldest residents, Mrs. Charlotte Herd, died at her home in Loftus street, Wollongong, last Friday night, after an illness of some months.

Aged 78 years, she was born in Gosport, England, and came to Wollongong at the age of 8. She had resided here ever since and for the last 45 years had lived in the one home in Loftus street.

Her father, the late James Edward Carmicnael, was the first staff sergeant appointed to the 1st Garrison Battalion stationed at Wollongong.

She was married to the late Mr. Edward Herd at St. Michael's C. of E. by Rev. T. C. Ewing in 1888, and leaves a family of five, Charlotte Elsie (Mrs. G. Fishlock, Mayfield), Thelma (Mrs. R. Randall, Wollongong). Herbert, Albert (Dick) and Norman.

The late Mrs. Herd was a quiet home-loving woman who took a keen interest in her family and was never happier than when they were around her in the old home.

The remains were interred in the Wollongong C. of E. cemetery on Saturday afternoon. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 8 September 1944 p 12

Herd Clara

b. 4/1/1862 Wollogong 14968/1862 d. 10/12/1931 Wollongong

f. Andrew Herd m. Eliza Orphin *

Living at Kembla Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Music teacher.

Herd Edith Eliza

b. 27/10/1869 Wollongong 19963/1869 d. 7/12/1950 Wollongong

f. Andrew Herd m. Eliza Orphin *

Living at Kembla Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Music teacher.

Herd Eliza (Orphin)

b. 11/6/1834 Stroud Gloustershire d. 27/1/1918 Wollongong br. Wollongong General

m. Andrew Herd (23/8/1829 Manchester or Dumfries England – 13/1/1901 Wollongong Son of Edward Herd & Elizabeth Barrett) 26/7/1854 Chippendale

f. James Orphin m. Harriet Pegler

Ship: 1838 Layton

  1. (f) Hepzibah Herd b. 4/5/1855 Wollongong d. abt 4/5/1855 Wollongong
  2. (f) Elizabeth Herd b. 4/6/1856 Wollongong 8380/1856
  3. (m) Andrew Herd b. 26/2/1858 Wollongong 13341/1858 d. 25/11/1907 Arncliffe (Agnes Gorman 1886)
  4. (m) Edward Herd b. 27/10/1859 Wollongong 14263/1859 d. 18/1/1931 Wollongong ( Charlotte Carmichael * 1888)
  5. (f) Clara Herd * b. 4/1/1862 Wollogong 14968/1862 d. 10/12/1931 Wollongong
  6. (m) William Harold Herd b. 10/8/1863 Wollongong 15100/1863 d. 1865 Corrimal St
  7. (m) Herbert Wesley Herd b. 30/8/1865 Wollongong 17018/1865 d. 17/5/1891 Grafton drowned aged 25
  8. (f) Harriet Ann Herd b. 22/7/1867 Wollongong 18019/1867 d. 1868 Wollongong
  9. (f) Edith Eliza Herd * b. 27/10/1869 Wollongong 19963/1869 d. 7/12/1950 Wollongong
  10. (m) Arthur James Herd b. 14/7/1872 Wollongong 19581/1872 d. 1876 Wollongong
  11. (m) Henry Charles Herd b. 1/9/1874Wollongong 21558/1874 d. 24/7/1950 Wollongong

Living at Kembla St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties.

At the Wesleyan Chapel, Chippendale, by special license, on the   26th ultimo, by the Rev. B. Chapman, Mr. Andrew Hurd, of Wollongong, Illawarra, to Miss Mary Eliza Orphan, of Camden, New South Wales. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842-1954) Saturday 5 August 1854

HERD.— Corrimal-street, Wollongong, on the 27th ult , the wife of Andrew Herd, of a daughter. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 2 November 1869 p 2

The Misses Clara and Edith Herd taught school and music from the family home, on the south west corner of Kembla & Market Sts, Wollongong for most of their lives.

Herd see also Heard

Herlihy /Herlihey Annie (Ellis)

b. abt 1857 d. abt 20/12/1924 br. Rookwood Catholic

m. Thomas Herlihey ( abt 1859- 13/12/1928 Summer Hill ) 1883 Balmain 2096/1883

f. Hugh Ellis m. Bridget

  1. (m) Francis Joseph Herlihy b. 2/3/1884 Bulli 22969/1884 (Doyle 1912 )
  2. (m) Thomas Clarence Herlihy b. 17/2/1885 Bulli 23677/1885 d. 1886 Woonona
  3. (m) Rev. George Ellis Herlihy 4202/1886 d. 1929 RC Priest
  4. (f) Constance E Herlihy b. 1887 Balmain 4361/1887
  5. (f) Josephine Herlihy b. 1889 Wallsend 32027/1889
  6. (f) Irne M Herlihy b. 1892 Wallsend 36326/1892
  7. (m) Harold H Herlihy b. 1894 Wallsend 34750/1894 d. 1894 Wallsend
  8. (f) Clarice C Herlihy b. 1894 Wallsend 34751/1894 d. 1895 Ashfield
  9. (m) Frederick B Herlihy b. 1896 Ashfield 10479/1896 d. 1896 Ashfield
  10. (f) Patricia C Herlihy b. 1898 Ashfield 9895/1898 d. 1915 Petersham

HERLIHY. - March 2, at her residence, Bulli, the wife of Thomas A. Herlihy, of a son. Freeman's Journal (Sydney, NSW: 1850 - 1932) Saturday 26 April 1884

Husband was a school teacher who became the headmaster of schools in the Hunter and Sydney

Hernan Margaret (Russell)

b. abt 1859 NSW

m. William Hernan (1841 Ireland - 1915 Wollongong) 1879 Calderwood Residnece of the bride 5465/1880

f. William Russell m. Mary McInnery

  1. (m) Henry Hernan b. 17/5/1881 Albion Park 18896/1881
  2. (m) William Hernan b. 17/3/1883 Marshall Mount 21037/1883 d. 1883 Wollongong
  3. (m) Hugh Hernan b. 21/9/1884 Albion Park 22924/1884 d. 1967 Sydney
  4. (f) Mary E Hernan b. 31/8/1887 Albion Park 25050/1887 d. 1888 Wollongong
  5. (m) James Hernan b. 26/12/1889 Marshal Mount 37850/1890
  6. (m) Leonard P Harnan b. b. 22/8/1891 bp. 17/9/1891 Albion Park RC
  7. (m) Thomas Patrick Arnold b. 10/3/1894 Marshall mount

Last three children christened as Arnold and the youngest was christened and registered as Arnold. Could there have been a change from her husband to another man?

Herne see also Herrin

Herne Elizabeth

m. John Herne

  1. (m) Thomas F Herne b. 1851 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama ; Shoalhaven V18513966 39A/1851
  2. (m) John H Herne b. 1853 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama ; Shoalhaven V18533967 39A/1853
  3. (m) Charles Herne b. 1859 Shoalhaven
  4. (f) Susan J Herne b. 1863 Shoalhaven

Herne Catherine (Smyth)

m. William Herne

  1. (m) Patrick Herne b. 12/8/1853 Lamby V18531809 121A/1853

Herneman Elizabeth A (Gregory)

m. William Herneman ( Victoria?- Son of W Herneman) 1880 Camden 2933/1880

f. J Gregory

  1. (f) Elizabeth Maud Herneman b. 1882 Berrima
  2. (f) Blanche Lillian Herneman b. 1884 Berrima d. 1941 Waverley
  3. (f) Cordelia Edith Herneman b. 1887 Woonona 25208/1887 d. 1971
  4. (m) William R G Herneman b. 1891 Campbelltown d. 1892 Liverpool
  5. (m) Adrian Gregory Herneman b. 1894 Liverpool d. 1935 Balmain
  6. (f) Myrtle Mary Herneman b. 1896 Liverpool d. 1963
  7. (m) Lionel Seymour Herneman b. 1899 Liverpool d. 1959 Burwood

HERNEMAN-GREGORY.-August 4, at St. John's Church, Camden, by the Rey. J. Moran, B.A., William, second son of W. Herneman, Esq., Victoria, to Elizabeth Annie, third daughter of J. Gregory, Esq., Argyle-street, Camden. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Monday 30 August 1880

Husband an engine driver

Henlen/Hernlen/Heulen Mary (Brandon)

b. abt 1843 d. 6/5/1914 br. Bathrust

m. Frederick Hernlen 2/4/1862 Bathurst 1386/1862

f. James Brandon m. Isabella

  1. (m) George Henlen b. d. 1900 Bathurst
  2. (m) Walter Henlen d. 10/6/1942

On the 2nd of April, by special license, at the Wesleyan Chapel, Bathurst, by the Rev. W. H. Piddington, Mr. Frederick Heulen, Bathurst, to Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. James Brandon, late of Illawarra. Illawarra papers please copy. The Sydney Morning Herald 5 May 1862

Hearne Bridget (Garvin)

m. Martin Hearne

  1. (f) Harriet Hearne b. 12/7/1855 Jamberoo V18553567 72/1855

Husband a settler

Herrin/Hearne Julia (Murphy)

d. 19/2/1915 Balmain

m. John Herrin ( -1874 Wollongong Son of John Herrin & Sarah) 3/6/1858 Wollongong

f. Denis Murphy m. Mary

  1. (f) Henrietta Herrin b. 1859 Wollongong 14111/1859 (John J Durning 1881)
  2. (m) William John Herring b. 9/9/1860 West Dapto 14004/1860 d. 1861 Wollongong
  3. (f) Sarah Julia Herring b. 13/11/1862 Dapto 14918/1863 (William Durning 1883)
  4. (f) Selina Hearne b. 3/11/1864 Dapto 2345 VOL 121A/1864 (John M Jacobson 1886)
  5. (m) Male Herrin b. 1864 Wollongong 16634/1864
  6. (f) Priscilla Agatha Herrin b. 30/1/1867 Dapto 17947/1867 (George Hardwick 1886)

By license, at Wollongong, on the 3rd inst., by the Rev. C. Atchison, Mr John Herrin, of West Dapto, to Miss Julia Murphy, of Wollongong Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Monday 7 June 1858 p 3

HERRIN.-February 19, 1915, at the residence of her son-in-law John Durning, 103 Darling-street Balmain, Julia, relict of the late John Herrin, of Dapto. R.I.P. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Saturday 20 February 1915 p 14 Family Notices

Herring Fanny (Yeomans)

b. 15/8/1853 Bathurst d. 3/7/1932 Canterbury br. Woronora

m. Frederick James Herring (abt 1856-26/7/1929) 1875 Sofala

f. George Yeomans m. Sarah Sales

  1. (f) Mary A Herring b. 1876 Bathurst
  2. (m) William Herring b. 1878 Wellington
  3. (m) Alfred Herbert Herring b. 1880 Bathurst
  4. (m) Frederick J Herring b. 1882 Narrandera
  5. (m) Thomas E Herring b. 1884 Narrandera
  6. (f) Ethel May Herring b. 1886 Cootamundra d. 30/11/1944 (Charles Alfred Heath)
  7. (m) Richard A Herring b. 1888 Cootamundra
  8. (f) Phoebe E Herring b. 1890 Cowra
  9. (f) Christina E Herring b. 1891 Cooma
  10. (m) George H Herring b. 1893 Cooma
  11. (m) Walter H Herring b. 1896 Cooma

Living at Yallah in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Herring Mary Ann (Clarke)

b. abt 1787

m. John Herring 1835 no record of marriage

Convict Permission to Marry Index 1835 Wollongong

Ship: Mary 1823

Sentence 14 Years

Herron/Herring Janet (Young)

b. abt 1840 d. 17/5/1917 Drummoyne br. Waverley

m. Captain James Herron

  1. (m) Henry Herron b. 1866 Sydney
  2. (m) James A Herron b. 1868 Kiama 10681/1868
  3. (m) William J Herron b. 1870 Kiama 11274/1870 d. 1917 Drummoyne
  4. (f) Mary Downey Herring b. 1872 Kiama 11514/1872
  5. (m) Alexander Thomas Herron b. 1875 Sydney d. 8/6/1952
  6. (m) Andrew J Herron b. 1876 Sydney
  7. (m) Albert Herron b. 1879 Sydney

Heslop Jane Ann (Armstrong)

b. abt 1854 Ledgate Durham d. 29/5/1913 Balgownie br. Wollongong

m. George Heslop (abt 1847 Auckland Durham -1908 Bulli) 1873 Durham

Ship: Port Pirie 1886

  1. (f) Mary Heslop b. abt 1874 Spennymoor Durham
  2. (f) Annie Heslop b. abt Hedley Hill 1877 Durham
  3. (m) John Heslop b. abt 1878 Hedley Hill Durham
  4. (m) Alexander Heslop b. abt 1880 Hedley Hill Durham d. 1943 Granville
  5. (m) George Heslop b. abt 1884 Durham d. 1953 Wollongong
  6. (f) Ada Heslop (Robinson)
  7. (f) Pirie Hepworth Heslop b. 1886 at sea d. 1949 Wollongong (William E Green 1907)
  8. (f) Emily Florence Heslop b. 1889 Wollongong 24437/1889 (John Simpson 1910)
  9. (f) Maud E Heslop b. 1891 Wollongong 38487/1891

Husband a coalminer of Balgownie.

Hession Bridget (Concannon)

b. 1817 Tuam Galway Ireland d. 1871 Ulladualla

m. Thomas Hession ( abt 1800 Tuam Galway Ireland -1883 Ulladulla ) abt 1833 Tuam Galway Ireland

Ship: Hero of Malown 1839

  1. (m) Patrick Hession b. 1832 Co Mayo Ireland d. 1884 Milton (Hannah Daley 1856)
  2. (m) John Grundy Hession b. 1838 Tuam Galway Ireland d. 14/6/1895 Redfern (Ellen Maloney 1861)
  3. (m) Thomas Hession b. 20/3/1841 Merremorang d. 1904 Milton ( Elizabeth Elvin 1864)
  4. (m) Stephen Hession b. 14/12/1843 Merremorang d. 1886 Milton
  5. (f) Bridget Hession b. 30/11/1845 Merremerang

Hestee Mary

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (f) Burnice Hestee b. 1885 Woonona 23715/1885

Hester Mary Alice see Jones

Hester Florence see McLaughlan

Hester Sarah (McNally)

b. 1820 RC Sydney; St Mary’s d. 1892 Wollongong

Unmarried Henry Walker

m. William Damod/Damon Hester 1847 CofE Dapto; Wollongong

f. Patrick McNally m. Judith Kilfroy McDermott *

Convict Permission to Marry Index 1847 Wollongong

  1. (m) Henry McNally b. 1840 Appin (father Henry Walker)
  2. (f) Mary A Hester b. 1851 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong V18511860 37A/1851
  3. (m) John Damond Hester b. 1852 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong V18521753 39A/1852 d. 27/5/1929 Fairy Meadow
  4. (f) Phillis Hester b. 1855 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong V1855941 42A/ d. 1856 CofE Dapto; Wollongong
  5. (f) Christina Hester b. 1857 Wollongong 12209/1857 d. 1892 Fairy Meadow
  6. (f) Elizabeth Hester b. 1861 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong d. 1862 Wollongong d. 1862
  7. (m) Edward Hester d. 1923 Wollongong (Florence Peters * 1895)

Lived at Bellambi from 1871

Hetherington Catherine (Duffy)

b. abt 1840 Fermanagh Ireland d. 11/12/1920 Adelong br. Adelong

m. Christopher Hetherington ( abt 1818 -25/8/1885 Adaminaby Son of Roger Hetherington & Catherine Grey/Gales) 18/12/1860 Shellharbour

f. Alexander Duffy m. Mary McGee *

Ship: 1855

  1. (m) William James Duffy/Hetherington b. abt 1858 Kiama d. 5/10/1903
  2. (f) Catherine Hetherington b. 10/9/1861 Braidwood
  3. (m) Christopher Hetherington b. 29/8/1863 Braidwood
  4. (f) Sarah Ann Hetherington b. 4/4/1865 Braidwood
  5. (m) George Hetherington b. 3/2/1867 Currowan d. 29/10/1892
  6. (f) Maria Ellen Hetherington b. 10/10/1868 Taylor's Creek
  7. (f) Mary Eliza Hetherington b. 26/6/1870 Taylor's Creek
  8. (m) Roderick Hetherington b. 25/7/1872 Cooma
  9. (f) Rebecca Priscilla Hetherington b. 5/9/1874 Cooma
  10. (f) Rachel Jane Hetherington b. 5/5/1876 Bolaro near Adaminaby

Hetherington Eleanor (Hamilton)

b. 1817 Ireland d. 1868 Dapto

m. John Hetherington (1798 – 2/9/1872 West Dapto)

f. John Hamilton m. Elizabeth Grey

Ship: Crescent 1840

  1. (f) Jane Hetherington b. 1818 Co. Tyrone Ireland d. 1891 Cowlong
  2. (m) John Hetherington b. 1820 Ferney KilskerryFermanagh Ireland d. 25/3/1857 Broughton's Pass (drowning whilst swimming horses over a flooded creek) (Jane Gray *)
  3. (m) James Hetherington b. 1823 Co Tyrone, Ireland d. 1883 Paddington (Mary Anne Grahame * 1842)
  4. (m) Christopher Hetherington b. 27/5/1826 Irwinstown Tyron Ireland d. 27/5/1897 Orange (Elizabeth Stewart * 1843)
  5. (f) Elizabeth Hetherington b. 25/6/1826 Ferney Kilskerry Tyrone Ireland d. 4/9/1886 Emu Swamp
  6. (f) Mary Hetherington * b. abt 1828 Co, Tyrone, Ireland (David Paine 1844)
  7. (f) Margaret Hetherington b. 18/7/1830 Ferney Kilskerry Tyrone Ireland

Hetherington Eliza

m. Christopher Hetherington

  1. (m) James Hetherington b. 1862 Kiama 8502/1862

Hetherington Elizabeth (Ramsay)

b. Ireland d. 29/3/1845 Riversdale Kiama

m. Christopher Hethington (abt 1815 Ireland – 25/8/1885 Adaminaby Son of Roger Hetherington & Catherine Grey/Gales) abt 1839 Ireland

Cause of Death: Childbirth complications

  1. (f) Susanna Hetherington b. 25/3/1845 Riversdale d. 31/7/1898
  2. (f) Elizabeth Hetherington * b. 25/3/1845 Riversdale d. 26/1/1912 (William Cowan 1862)

Hetherington Elizabeth (Stewart)

b. 1827 Ireland d. 4/9/1885 Emu Swamp Orange br. Orange

m. Christopher Hetherington(27.05.1826 Irvinestown Tyrone -27/5/1897 Orange Son of John Hetherington & Ellen Hamilton) 28/8/1843 Presbyterian Wollongong V 18434399 74B

  1. (f) Anne Jane Hetherington b. 25/9/1844 Riversdale Kiama d. 4/9/1914 Orange ( James Wright 1862)
  2. (f) Susanna Hetherington b. 1845 bp. CofE Dapto;Wollongong
  3. (f) Elizabeth Hetherington b. 1845 bp. CofE Dapto;Wollongong
  4. (m) William Hetherington b. 5/9/1846 Orange d. 13/10/1924 Parkes (Emma Masling 1870, Mary Buckley 1884)
  5. (f) Margaret Hetherington b. 9/3/1849 Emu Swamp ( Cornelius Wright 1871)
  6. (f) Matilda Hetherington b. 7/8/1851 Emu Swamp d. 1895 (John Fowler 1873, Alexander Cheney 1882)
  7. (m) Christopher Hetherington b. 4/10/1854 Emu Swamp d. 24/12/1933 Orange ( Orange Ellen White 1880)
  8. (f) Elizabeth Hetherington b. 22/1/1857 Orange d. 1903 Orange ( Archibald McConnell 1878)
  9. (m) John Hetherington b. 22/7/1859 Orange d. 19/8/1938 Orange ( Victoria Spicer 1887)
  10. (f) Ellenor Hetherington b. 11/12/1863 d. 11/6/1916 Mundooran
  11. (f) Mary Hetherington b. 27/4/1865 d. 1900 Orange (Orange Robert Spicer 1863)
  12. (f) Emily Ada Hetherington b. 16/4/1868 Orange d. 27/6/1868 ( Charles Morgan 1886)

Hetherington Isabella/Isabel (Phillips)

b. 1875 Macleay River d. 29/6/1958 Five Dock

m. George Hetherington (1866 Gerringong-14/7/1944 Five Dock Son of George Hetherington & Jane Rankin * ) 1895 Berry

f. William Phillips m. Rosina Greenhalgh *

  1. (f) Myrtle M Hetherington b. 1896 Kiama 13379/1896
  2. (f) Roseina J G Hetherington b. 1900 Annandale
  3. (m) Francis David Hetherington b. 1904 Nowra d. 1941
  4. (f) Thelma M Hetherington b. 1912 Canterbury

She was Miss Isabel Phillips of Willow Vale Gerringong.

Hetherington Jane see Crozier

Hetherington Jane (Johnston)

b. 1850 Fermanagh Ireland d. 24/4/1924 Bora Ridge 6893/1924 br. Coraki

m. Christopher Hetherington (21/1/1844 Wollongong -14/7/1919 Goraki Son of John Hetherington & Jane Gray *) 19/12/1866 Gerringong

f. John Johnston m. Jane Wilson *

  1. (f) Mary Jane Hetherington b. 10/2/1867 Kiama 10413/1867
  2. (f) Margaret Hetherington b. 26/5/1868 Kiama d. 5/6/1867 Kiama 10621/1868
  3. (m) John Hetherington b. 1869 Kiama 12259/1869
  4. (m) Christopher Hetherington b. 23/3/1871 Kiama 11633/1871
  5. (f) Edith Annie Hetherington b. 28/3/1873 Kiama
  6. (f) Emily Adeline Hetherington b. 25/6/1875 Kiama
  7. (m) George Theodore Hetherington b. 8/5/1877 Kiama
  8. (m) Edward Herbert Hetherington b. 1881 Lismore
  9. (f) Christina Mabel Hetherington b. 1882 Lismore
  10. (m) Albert Victor Hetherington b. 1883 Lismore
  11. (m) Alfred Allen Hetherington b. 1887 Lismore
  12. (f) Ellen Alice Hetherington b. 1889 Lismore
  13. (f) Gertrude L Hetherington b. 1891 Lismore
  14. (m) Harold Frederick Johnston Hetherington b. 1893 Lismore

Hetherington Jane (Rankin)

b. abt 1833 Fermanagh Ireland d. 26/10/1906 Gerringong br. Gerringong

m. George Hetherington ( abt Sept 1839 Drumsara Co Fermanagh Ireland- 21/7/1881 Gerringong Son of Noble Hetherington & Jane Denning ) 1862 Irvinestown Ireland

f. Unknown m. Unknown

Ship: Spitfire 1863

  1. (m) John Hetherington b. 1862, Kilskeery Tyrone Ireland d. 1940 Kyogle
  2. (f) Mary Jane Hetherington b. 2/8/1864 Gerringong 9425/1864  (John Peacock)
  3. (m) George Hetherington b. 1866 Gerringong 9534/1866 d. 1944 Five Dock (Isabella Phillips * 1895 )
  4. (f) Francis Hetherington b. 25/5/1868 Gerringong 10602/1868 
  5. (m) Jeremiah Hetherington b. 18/12/1870 Gerringong 11564/1871 d. 1930 Granville
  6. (f) Elizabeth Ann Hetherington b. 23/4/1873 Gerringong d. 1939 Five Dock ( Dennis Donovan 1889)
  7. (f) Georgina Rachel Hetherington b. 25/12/1875 Gerringong (Thomas Moffitt 1898 )
  8. (m) Isaiah Hetherington b. 20/1/1878 Gerringong d. 1937 Grafton (Margaret A Williamson)

Living Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Mrs Jane Hetherington, aged 73 died at Gerringong on Thursday. She had resided fifty years in the district. The Shoalhaven News and South Coast Districts Advertiser (NSW : 1891 - 1937) Saturday 27 October 1906 p 4

Hetherington Margaret McAlister (Shannon)

b. 2/4/1816 Scotland d. 20/12/1870 Melbourne Vic

m. Rev. Irving Hetherington (1809-1875) 26/4/1841 Presbyterian Wollongong V18414370 74B

f. Charles McAlister Shannon m. Elizabeth Campbell

  1. (m) Richard Hetherington b. 1844 V18444623 47/1844
  2. (f) Jessie C Hetherington b. 1842 V18428114 121C/1842
  3. (m) Charles Shannon Hetherington b. 1846 NSW
  4. (m) John Keys Hetherington b. 1848 Melbourne
  5. (m) Charles Hetherington b. 1850
  6. (f) Elizabeth Hetherington b. 1853 Melbourne
  7. (f) Louisa Carruthers Hetherington b. 1855 Melbourne
  8. (f) Margaret Hetherington b. 1857 Melbourne
  9. (u) Unknown Hetherington d. before mother

On the 26th instant, at Mount Keira, Illawarra, by the Rev. John Tait, the Reverend Irwin Hetherington, of Patrick's Plains, to Margaret Macalister, eldest daughter of Charles Macalister Shannon, Esq., late of Leapinstrath and Wigli, Cantire, Argyleshire. The Sydney Herald 28 April 1841

Hetherington Mary

Unmarried/no father listed

  1. (m) Henry Hetherington b. 1842 bp. CofE Dapto;Wollongong

Hetherington Mary (Ackroyd)

b. 29/4/1850 Appin Hill d. 10/10/1907 Berry

m. Thomas Hetherington ( 1833 Maracross Fermanagh Ireland- 24/4/1917 Berry Son of Noble Hetherington and Jane Denning) 21/7/1865 Gerringong

  1. (f) Mary Jane Hetherington b. 17/3/ 1868 Gerringong 10612/1868 d. 16 /6/1905 Berry
  2. (m) Thomas Hetherington b. 20/3/1870 Gerringong d. 1907 Newcastle ( Margaret Walton 1893)
  3. (f) Hannah Hetherington b. 1874 Shoalhaven 11448/1872 d. 1928 Burringbar ( Danile Harrison)
  4. (m) James Wallace Hetherington b. 10/10/ 1873 Gerringong 12407/1873 d. 1924 Hornsby ( Frances?)
  5. (f) Martha Hetherington b. 17 /6/1875 Gerringong 13184/1875 (Francis Martin Walton)
  6. (m) Joseph Hetherington b. 1877 Shoalhaven (Elizabeth Mary Ann Tolmie)
  7. (f) Emma S Hetherington b. 1879 Shoalhaven d. 10/7/ 1935 Hurstville (Charles Edward Chamberlain 1911
  8. (f) Annie Hetherington b. 1880 Shoalhaven d. 22 /4/1938 Kiama (George William Lockett 1904)
  9. (m) George Noble Hetherington b. 1882 Berry d. 1919 Murwillumbah
  10. (m) John Wesley Hetherington b. 1883 Shoalhaven d. 1918 Murwillumbah, (Mary Ann Turner 1906 )
  11. (f) Ethel Maud Hetherington b. 11/11/1884 Berry d. 10/3/1951 (John Daniel Turner)
  12. (m) Ernest Francis Hetherington b. 12/3/ 1886 Shoalhaven d. 5/3/ 1942 (Margaret Isabel Cooke)
  13. (m) David Lindsay Hetherington b. 1889 Berry d. 30 /10/ 1919 Kiama

Hetherington Mary Anne (Grahame)

b. abt 1820 Ireland d. 30/12/1869 Paddington br. Balmain Cemetery

m. James Hetherington (abt 1826 Fermanagh Ireland- 9/3/1884 North Rocks Son of John Hetherington & Eleanor Hamilton *) 8/2/1842 St Michael’s Wollongong

f. James Grahame m. Mary

HETHERINGTON.—On Thursday, December 30, at her residence, Sydney, Mrs Hetherington, wife of Mr James Hetherington, formerly of Wollongong. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 4 January 1870 p 2

THE FRIENDS of Mr. JAMES HETHERINGTON,  late of Wollongong, are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of his WIFE ; to move from his residence, No. 11, Comber-street, Paddington, at quarter- past 2 o'clock, THIS AFTERNOON. The Sydney Morning Herald 1 January 1870

Nephews William and Richard Graham arrived 1852 on the David McIver

Hetherington Mary Goyld

Living Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Maybe with William Hetherington a miner.

Hewen Jane (Kearns)

b. abt 1846 Wollongong d. 1915 Newtown

m. John Melville Hewen (1835 Canada -1897) 29/11/1862 Wollongong 3289/1862

f. Michael Kearns m. Sarah Russell *

Both resident Woonona

  1. (m) John Michael Hewen b. d. 1954 Petersham (Minnie)
  2. (f) Mary Sarah Hewen b. 11/1/1864 Wollongong 16392/1864
  3. (m) Joseph Meville Eughan b. 13/101/1865 Woonona Bulli 17062/1865 d. 6/11/1931 Campsie
  4. (f) Louisa Isabel Hewen b. 1868 Forbes 12218/1868
  5. (m) William Henry Hewen b. 1875 Gulgong 15040/1875 d. 1875
  6. (f) Barbara Hewen b. 1879 Grenfell 11130/1879
  7. (m) Herbert Edward Hewen d. 1887 Grenfell

Husband a carpenter, builder and undertaker. Husband and brother-in-laws were the first to find gold at Quandong creek near Grenfell and put up a puddling machine to help extract it.

Hewitson Annie see McGuffie

Hewitt Agnes

b. abt 1852 d. 20/9/1892 Dapto

f. John Hewitt m. Maria *

HEWITT -September 20, at her mother’s residence, Dapto, Agnes Hewitt, aged 37.SMH 3 October 1892

Hewitt Agnes (Maguire)

m. James Hewitt 1861 Wollongong

  1. (u) Children born in Sydney and Redfern?

Hewitt Catherine


  1. (m) James A Hewitt b. 1859 Wollongong 4227/1859

Hewitt Elizabeth (Burke/Bourke)

b. abt 1836 d. 10/10/1912 br. Corrimal Catholic

m. John Hewitt 14/7/1855 Wollongong

f. Edmund Bourke m. Henrietta

  1. (m) James Hewitt b. 8/5/1856 Wollongong 8362/1856 d. 1856 Wollongong 3474/1856

Both resident Bulli

Hewitt/Hewett Janet (Robb)

b. Perth Perthshire Scotland d. 21/4/1924 Meerschaum Vale br. Wardell Cemetery

m. James Hewitt (1830 Norwich Norfolk -9/7/1904 Parramatta) 1858 Sydney 475/1858

f. William Robb m. Mary Easton

  1. (f) Mary A Hewitt b. 1859 Parramtta
  2. (m) Wallace Hewitt b. 1861 Penrith d. 1931 Granville
  3. (f) Jane Hewett b. 1865 Hartley
  4. (m) William Hewett b. 1867 Lithgow d. 17/3/1867 Lithgow
  5. (m) Charles M Hewitt b. 1868 Kiama 10591/1868 d. 31/7/1922 Milton
  6. (m) James Hewitt b. 1872 Ulladulla
  7. (f) Jessie E Hewitt b. 1874 Ulladulla
  8. (m) George Hewitt b. 1876 Ulladulla
  9. (f) Cecila Rose Hewitt b. 1880 Ulladulla d. 1968 Ballina (Charles Jones 1905)
  10. (m) Thomas W Hewitt d. 1931 Milton error on children’s marriages

Hewitt Louisa

b. 1867 Wollongong d. 14/2/1899 Sydney br. Brownsville

m. Sarah Hewitt * see Boot

Miss Louisa Hewitt was of Dapto. Her will left her property to John Hewitt wheelwright at Dapto.


Sincere regret is expressed generally through the district at the death of Miss Louie Hewitt, which occurred in Sydney on Tuesday last. The deceased had been suffering for some considerable time, and, on the advice of her medical attendants, was conveyed a few weeks ago to St. Vincent's Hospital, but all efforts to restore her to health were unavailing. The remains were brought by train and arrived at Dapto station on Wednesday evening at five o'clock, and, followed by a number of old friends, were conveyed to the Church of England cemetery at Brownsville. Heart felt sympathy is extended by all to the bereaved relatives, the loss to whom, as to all who knew the deceased, is a most severe one. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Saturday 18 February 1899 p 2

Hewitt Maria ()

b. abt 1816 d. 22/8/1898 Dapto 12074/1898 br. Brownsville

m. John Hewitt ( abt 1815- October 1898 Dapto)

  1. (m) William Hewitt b. 1840 CofE Dapto/Wollongong V18401369 26A/1840 d. 27/12/1890 Dapto
  2. (f) Elizabeth Hewitt b. 1842 CofE Dapto/Wollongong V18421370 26A/1842 d. 11/9/1901 Dapto
  3. (f) Mary Hewitt b. 1844 V1844748 50/1844
  4. (f) Maria Hewitt * b. 1846 V1846749 50/1846 d. 15/4/1927 Plumpton(Henry Atkinson)
  5. (f) Sarah Hewitt * b. 1848 V1848750 50/1848 d. 1878 Broulee (Edward Boot 1869)
  6. (m) John Hewitt b. abt 1850 d. 11/3/1917 Dapto
  7. (f) Agnes Hewitt b. abt 1852 d. 1892
  8. (f) Catherine Hewitt b. 21/2/1857 Dapto 12205/1857d. 1905 Canterbury (John Thrush 1885)
  9. (f) Anna Hewitt b. 1860 Wollongong 13778/1860

Lived at Dapto at time of daughter Agnes’ death.

At Dapto, on the 21st February, Mrs. John Hewitt, of a daughter. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Monday 2 March 1857 p 3

Mrs. John Hewitt, of Dapto, died on Monday at the ripe age of 82. . She was a resident of the, district for 57 years. Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954) Wednesday 24 August 1898


ONE of the oldest and most highly respected residents of Dapto, in the person of Mrs. John Hewitt, passed away on Monday at the ripe age of 82. It is 67 years since Mrs Hewit arrived in this district with her husband, who erected the engine and machinery in the Brownsville mill. Soon after that Mr. and Mrs. Hewitt removed to Wollongong, where Mr. Hewitt conducted the mill, and after a few years residence in this town they returned to Brownsville, subsequently settling at Dapto, where Mr Hewitt entered into business as a wheels wright. The deceased lady had a large circle of friends, by whom her many sterling qualities were highly appreciated-a fact of which evidence was given on Tuesday, when many of the leading residents of the district followed her remains to the grave, where the service was conducted by Rev. J. Stick, Mrs. Hewitt is survived by her husband (who, although in his 84th year, enjoys fairly good health,) one son, and five or six daughters, who are married and settled in various parts of the colony The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Saturday 20 August 1898

Hewitt Maria (Hackett)

b. abt 1860 Hasbury Worcestershire d. 26/9/1924 Woonona br. Bulli General

m. Charles Joseph Hewitt ( abt 1857 Halesowen Worcestershire – 30/4/1899 Woonona Son of Joseph Hewitt & ?) 1881 Stourbridge Worcestershire

f. Charles Hackett m. Elizabeth

  1. (f) Elizabeth Hewitt b. 1884 Woonona 22966/1884 d. 13/11/1964 Bulli  (Arthur Edwin Brodie 1907)
  2. (f) Martha A Hewitt b. 1885 Woonona 23777/1885
  3. (m) Joseph Hewitt b. 1887 Woonona 25230/1887
  4. (f) Susannah Hewitt b. 1889 Woonona 24634/1889
  5. (f) Mary Hewitt b. 1891 Woonona 38974/1891
  6. (f) Alice Maud Hewitt b. 1893 Woonona 39728/1893 (Algernon G Keen 1914 div 1930)
  7. (f) Catherine Hewitt b. 18/11/1894 Woonona 38465/1894 d. 11/5/1981   (? McBeath)
  8. (f) Florence May Hewitt b. 1896 Woonona 27353/1896 d. 18/2/1923
  9. (m) Charles Alfred Hewitt b. 1900 Woonona 9014/1900 d. 1959 Balmain

Living Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

HEWITT.—September 26, 1924, at her residence, Kiaora, Nicholson's-lane, Woonona, Maria Hewitt, aged 64 years. Interred Bulli General Cemetery, September 28. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Monday 29 September 1924 p 8

Hewitt Martha

Living Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

With Thomas William Hewitt a farmer

Hewitt Martha (Woods)

b. 1878 Wollongong 24733/1878 d. 13/9/1953 Sutherland br. Woronora

m. Edward Hewitt (1871 Campbelltown -7/8/1951 Kogarah Son of Stephen Hewitt & Emma) 17/9/1902 Wollongong

f. John Woods m. Theresa Jane *

  1. (f) Dorothy A M Hewitt b. 1905 Woonona 9541/1905

Hewitt Mary (Charlesworth )

m. William Hewitt

  1. (f) Elizabeth Hewitt b. 16/7/1860 Dapto 2176 VOL 121A/1860

Husband a blacksmith.

Hewitt Mary A (Bradley)

b. 1849 Sydney? d. 1903 Sydney

m. John Hewitt 1886 Woonona 5675/1886

Parents unknown on death record

  1. (m) Edward John Hewitt b. 1887 Woonona 25117/1887 d. 1959 Sydney
  2. (m) Ralph Hewitt b. 1888 Woonona 25810/1888 d. 1891 Woonona  
  3. (f) Elizabeth Hewitt b. 1890 Woonona 38505/1890
  4. (f) Elizabeth A Hewitt b. 1892 Woonona 39518/189

Hewitt Minnie May S (Witton)

b. 1870 Paddington d. Lithgow br. Waverley

m. Edward Hewitt 1889 Newtown

f. Charles Henry Witton m. Charlotte Ellen Thomas

  1. (f) Alice C Hewitt b. 1891 Kiama 18011/1891 (Hoad)
  2. (f) Emily M Hewitt b. 1893 Hurstville (Reid)
  3. (m) Edward John Hewitt b. 1895 Hurstville
  4. (f) Minnie May Hewitt b. 1899 Hurstville (James T Bowden 1925)
  5. (m) George Hewitt
  6. (m) Harry P Hewitt b. 1903 Hurstville
  7. (f) Violet Hewitt b. 1907 Hurstville
  8. (m) Albert W Hewitt b. 1910 Hurstville
  9. (m) Alan L Hewitt b. 1912 Hurstville


Mrs. Minnie May Hewitt, who died recently at Lithgow, was a well-known worker for charitable causes. She was the widow of Mr.

Edward Hewitt, who for 20 years was caretaker of the Chief Secretary's office, Macquarie Street, Sydney. The funeral to the Waverley Cemetery was preceded by a service at St. Stephen's Presbyterian Church, of which Mrs. Hewitt was a member for over 30 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 27 November 1939 p 4

Hewitt Sarah see Boot

Hewitt Sarah

m. David Hewitt

  1. (f) May Hewitt b. 1891 Woonona 39095/1891


The usual monthly meeting of the State Children's Relief Board was hold at the Central Home, Begg street, Paddington, yesterday afternoon Present-The Hon Dr. Renwick, M L C, Lady Allen, Mrs Windeyer, Mrs Goodlet, Mrs Garran, Mrs Austen.The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed Accounts, amounting to £564 10s , were passed for payment The resignation of Mrs Hewlett, as lady visitor of Wollongong, was accepted, The following lady visitors were appointed -Mrs. Finlayson, of Wollongong , The Sydney Morning Herald 25 February 1890

Hewlett Amelia Jane (Hobbs)

b. abt 1846 CofE Sydney; St Phillip’s d. 1902 Katoomba

m. Alfred Charles Hewlitt (1844- 30/10/1912 Grafton Son of George Hewlett & Rachel Moore White *) 29/12/1868 St Francis Xavier’s

f.William Hobbs m. Mary A *

She resident of Wollongong he of Brisbane Qld.

  1. (m) Harold G Hewlett b. 17/1/1876 Sydney d. 1934 Wollongong (Flora A Begg 1911)
  2. (f) Effie C M Hewlett b. 1878 Sydney (William A Barlow 1901)
  3. (m) Stanley C Hewlett b. 1882 Waverley
  4. (f) Clarice E Hewlett b. 1885 Waverley (Thomas G Grice 1911)
  5. (f) Minnie M W Hewlett b. 1889 Springwood (Harold E Van Hemert 1909)
  6. (m) Alfred Edward Hewlett b. 1892 Springwood d. 1960 Chatswood

On the 29th December, 1868, by special license, at St. Xavier's Church,Wollongong, by the Very Rev. Daan Flanagan, ALFRED  CHARLES, eldest son of GEORGE HEWLETT, Esq., Manager of the E. S. and A. C. Bank,Wollongong, to AMELIA JANE, eldest daughter of Mr. WILLIAM HOBBS, Governor of H.M. Gaol, Wollongong.  The Sydney Morning Herald 5 January 1869

Hewlett Catherine (Creech)

b. 1799 England d. 26/2/1847 Hobart br. New Town Baptist Hobart

m. Rev Samuel Hewlett (16/6/1796 Sherbourne Dorset England -11/8/1874 Geelong Vic Son of James Hewlett & Ann ) 22/3/1819 St. Bride, Fleet St., London


  1. (m) George H Hewlett b. 3/3/1820 Middlesex d. 24/3/1894 Burwood (Rachel Moore White *, Emily Sarah Johnson Hayman * 1853)
  2. (f) Mary Ann E Hewlett b. 29/5/1823 d. 1873
  3. (m) William Hewlett b. 1825 d. 14/12/1899 Wollongong (Martha Evans *)
  4. (m) Reuben Hewlett b. 1827 d. 15/5/1862 Geelong Vic.
  5. (f) Dorcas Kate Hewlett * b. 1830 d. 1874 (William Percy Hayles 1859)
  6. (f) Hepzibah Catherine Hewlett * b. 1832 Hobart Tas d. 1912 Wollongong (John Judd)
  7. (f) Phoebe Hewlett b. 1834 d. 4/8/1858 Gellong Vic (Thomas Jenner 1857)
  8. (m) Samuel Mark Hewlett b. 1836 d. 1886 Colac Vic (Annie Louisa Alexander)
  9. (f) Sarah Hewlett b. 1838
  10. (m) Frederick Hewlett b. 1840 d. 1859

Samuel was the Congregational Minister of Wollongong for the period from about 1839 to 1844. The family lived in a small cottage at the rear of the chapel, they left Wollongong due to a decline in the population and economic progress of the town.

Hewlett Elizabeth see Wilkinson

Hewlett Emily F (Spence)

b. 1856 Mt Keira d. 22/3/1934 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. Frederick William Hewlett (December 1852 Wollongong - 4/2/1895 Lawson Son of William Hewlett & Martha Evans *) 23/8/1876 ‘Rose Vale’

f. William Spence m. Agnes Gordon *

  1. (f) Selina Alice M Hewlett * b. 14/7/1877 Rose Cottage Kembla St 23119/1877 (Norman S Caldwell 1940)
  2. (m) Hector Frederick Hewlett b. 1879 Wollongong 26230/1879 d. 1919 Balmain
  3. (m) Alvin Russel S Hewlett b. 1880 Wollongong 27522/1880 d. 1901 Wollongong
  4. (m) Victor Garnet C Hewlett b. 1882 Wollongong 19661/1882 d. 1935 Newtown
  5. (m) Frederick William Hewlett b. 1884 Wollongong 22868/1884 d. 1980 NSW
  6. (m) Robert Autumn Hewlett b. 1886 Wollongong 24308/1886 d. 1971 St Leonards
  7. (f) Alfreda E E Hewlett b. 1888 Wollongong
  8. (f) Gertrude E Hewlett b. 1889 Wollongong
  9. (f) Clarissa Agnes Hewlett b. 10/3/1893 Wollongong 39224/1893 d. 22/3/1900 ‘The Strand’ aged 7 years NSW births

Living at Kembla St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Storekeeper.

HEWLETT—SPENCE.—August 23rd, at the Congregational Church, Wollongong, by the Rev. G. Charter, Frederick William, oldest son of William Hewlett, to Emily, seventh daughter of Mr. William Spence, of Rose Vale, Figtree. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 12 September 1876 p 2

HEWLETT.—On the 14th instant, at her resdence, Rose Cottage, Kembla-street, the wife of F. W. Hewlett, of a daughter. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 17 July 1877 p 2

HEWLETT. —March 10, at her residence, Hecalvie, Smith-street, Wollongong, the wife of F. W. Hewlett, of a daughter. The Sydney Morning Herald 13 March 1893

Her husband started giving Christmas orders to the poor before his death and she continued to give 12 poor people significant Christmas gifts until at least 1900.


Following the good example of her late lamented husband, Mrs F. W. Hewlett (Hewlett Bros., of 'The Strand') has donated twelve orders on her store for twelve poor persons to the value of five shillings in each instance, or a total amount of £ 3. This praiseworthy action on the part of Mrs. Hewlett embraces a threefold blessing— on the memory of her late husband, on the receivers of her gifts, and on herself. The gifts are being distributed through the Wollongong Benevolent Society. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Thursday 24 December 1896 p 2

HEWLETT-March 22 1034 at Wollongong Emily Hewlett of Dickenson avenue Croydon relict of the late F W Hewlett and mother of May Freda Gertie Garnet Frederick and Robert aged 79 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Friday 23 March 1934 p 10

IM Issue: 12 Sep 1876 seventh daughter of William Spence.


Hewlett Emily Sarah Johnson (Hayman)

b. 5/3/1826 ch. 2 /4/1826   Old Church, Saint Pancras, London London d. 5/9/1898 Burwood 8998/1898 br. Wollongong General

m. George Hewlett (3/3/1820 Middlesex - 24/3/1894 Burwood Son of Samuel Hewlett & Catherine Creech * ) 1853

f. Henry Hayman m. Phoebe

  1. (m) Stillborn son Hewlett b. 12/5/1855 Wollongong
  2. (m) Samuel George Herbert Hewlett b. 1863 Wollongong 15021/1863 (Linda Louisa Elminger 1892)
  3. (f) Jessie Hewlett b. 17/6/1857 Wollongong 12250/1857 d. 1928

On Tuesday, August 30, at St. James' Church, Sydney, by the Venerable Archdeacon Cowper, D.D., Mr. George Hewlett, of Wollongong, to Emily Sarah Johnson, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Henry Hayman, of London. The Sydney Morning Herald September 1853

On the 12th instant, at her residence, Tilkah Cottage, Wollongong, Mrs. George Hewlett, of a son stillborn.  The Sydney Morning Herald 15 May 1855

BIRTHS.On the 17th instant, at Wollongong, Mrs. George Hewlett, of a daughter. The Sydney Morning Herald 23 June 1857

On the 6th instant, at Alma Cottage, Wollongong, Mrs. George Hewlett, of a son.  The Sydney Morning Herald 11 April 1863

Sister-in-law of Mr G Somerville Kiama

Hewlett Martha (Evans)

d. 31/12/1897 Wollongong 3899/1898 br. Wollongong

m. William Hewlett (27/5/1824 London England – 14/12/1899 Leichhardt Son of Samuel Hewlett & Catherine Creech *) 1845 Presbyterian Wollongong

f. Daniel Evans m. Mary

  1. (f) Hettie Hewlett b. 1846 d. 19/10/1846 aged 4 weeks
  2. (f) Jemima Henrietta Hewlett * b. 1847 Sydney V1847408 59/1847 d. 1918 Burwood (Edward Hogben 1871)
  3. (f) Martha Louie Hewlett b. 1850 V1850409 59/1850 d. 28/9/1913 Wollongong
  4. (m) Frederick William Hewlett b. 1852 Sydney V1852410 59/1852 d. 1895 Katoomba (Emily Spence *1876)
  5. (m) Edwin Charles Hewlett b. 1855 V1855411 59/1855 d. 1910 Nowra (Sophia Reynold Cole *1876)
  6. (m) William Henry Hewlett b. 1858 Wollongong 13510/1858 d. 24/5/1884 Wollongong ( Elizabeth M Osborne *1879)
  7. (f) Topsy Emmeline Hewlett b. 1861 Wollongong 14373/1861 d. 18/5/1870 aged 9 years diphtheria
  8. (f) Alice Maud M Hewlett * b. 1866 Wollongong 16512/1866 (William J Spence 1901)

HEWLETT.- December 31,1897, at her residence, Market street, Wollongong , Martha, beloved wife of Wm.  Hewlett The Sydney Morning Herald 8 January 1898

Her daughters the Misses Hewlett were living in Market St in 1899

In the 18th instant, at Wollongong, of diphtheria, EMMELINE, aged nine years, the beloved child of Mr. WILLIAM HEWLETT. The Sydney Morning Herald 27 May 1870

Hewlett Rachel Moore (White)

b. 13/12/ 1818 CofE St Phillip’s Sydney d. 29/4/1852 Wollongong br. Wollongong General

m. George Hewlett (1819-23/3/1894 Son of Samuel Hewlett & Catherine Creech *)1840

f. William White m. Maria Batman

Owned 280 acres south of John Osborne’s grant, now part of Coniston (granted 17 May 1838)

  1. (f) Catherine Maria Hewlett * b. 1841 V1841239 59/1841 Baptist Sydney d. 1914 Burwood (Thomas Lewis m. 1881)
  2. (m) Alfred Charles Hewlett b. 1845 V1845240 59/1845 Baptist Sydney d. 30/10/1912 Grafton (Amelia Jane Hobbs *)
  3. (f) Emily Elizabeth Hewlett * b. 1848 V1848292 59/1848 Baptist Sydney d. 1922  (Alfred Barling 1878)

By Special License, at Parramatta, on the   1st of September, by the Rev. Mr. Boabart, Mr. George Hewlett, of the Firm of Hewlett and Co., Manchester House, Liverpool, to Miss Rachel Moore White, second daughter of Mr. White, of Parramatta. The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser 5 September 1840

At her residence, Wollongong, on Thursday, 29th April, Rachael Moore, the beloved wife of Mr George Hewlett. In the thirty-fifth year of her age. Bell’s Life in Sydney and Sporting Reviewer 8 May 1852

Hewlett Sophia Reynolds (Cole)

b. 1854 Wollongong d. 24/8/1945 Ashfield br. Nowra

m. Edwin Charles Hewlett ( 1855 NSW- 1910 Nowra Son of William Hewlett & Martha Evans * ) 9/8/1876 Wollongong

f. Frederick Reynold Cole m. Eliza Clarissa Smith *

  1. (f) Ethel Lilian Hewlett b. 14/10/1877 Smith St Wollongong 23179/1877 d. 17/7/1948 Ashfield
  2. (m) Leslie Edwin Hewlett b. 1879 Wollongong 26223/1879 d. 1947
  3. (f) Alice C Hewlett b. 1882 Shoalhaven
  4. (m) Claude Osmond Hewlett b. 1884 Shoalhaven d. 1950 Ashfield
  5. (m) Horace W Hewlett b. 1886 Shoalhaven
  6. (f) Aileen E Hewlett b. 1890 Nowra
  7. (m) Broughton G Hewlett b. 1892 Nowra
  8. (m) Langdon E Hewlett b. 1898 Nowra

HEWLETT-COLE – August 9 at the Congregational Church, Wollongong by the Rev George Charter, Edwin Charles second son of William Hewlett, to Sophia Reynolds, second daughter of F.R Cole Esq The Sydney Morning Herald 24 August 1876

HEWLETT.—On the 14th inst., at her residence, Smith-street, Mrs. Edwin C. Hewlett, of a daughter. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 23 October 1877 p 2

HEWLETT.-August 24, 1945, at her home, a'Beckett Avenue, Ashfield, Sophia Reynolds, loved wife of the late Edward Charles Hewlet. Interred at Nowra. Aged 91 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Friday 31 August 1945 p 14

Heycott/Heifcott Mary Jane (Smith)

b. abt 1870 d. 2/8/1940 br. Wollongong General

m. Charles Heycott (1853 NSW – 11/8/1935 Wollongong Son of Charles Heycott & Annie ) 1895 Braidwood 4735/1895

f. Joseph Smith m. Mary Jane *

  1. (m) Charles J Heycott b. 1896 Braidwood d. 1898 Braidwood
  2. (f) Mary E M Heycott b. 1898 Braidwood (William W Buchanan 1919)
  3. (m) George Alfred David Heycott b. 26/7/1900 Bulli 28042/1900 d. 1956 Wollongong (Edith N Logan 1927)
  4. (m) Herbert E H Heycott b. 1903 Woonona 17740/1903
  5. (m) William Bert Heycott b. 1904 Wollongong 18319/1904  ( Doris M Parker 1928)
  6. (f) Ethel E Heycot (Walter Bailey 1924)
  7. (f) Eva H J Heycott b. 1909 Wollongong 10232/1909 (Leonard Jackson 1928)
  8. (m) Ernest E Heycott b. 1911 Wollongong

Living Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

In 1936 she was bedridden and she was rescued from her burning home at Port Kembla by her daughters. The furniture and all her belongings were destroyed in the fire.

The death occurred last Friday of Mrs. Mary Jane Heycott, of Bass street,, Port Kembla. She was 66 years of age and was the widow of the late Charles Heycott and mother of Emma (Mrs Buchanan), Alfred, William, Ethel (Mrs. Barclay) and Eva (Mrs. Jackson)

Heydon see Haydon

Heyland see Hyland

Heyman see von Heyman

Heys Julia see Hayes

Hibberd Marion (Penman)

b. abt 1856 Edinburgh Scotland d. 1933 Dolls Point cr. Rookwood

m. Thomas Hibberd 1874 Lambton

f. John Penman m. Margaret Robertson

  1. (f) Mary Elizabeth Hibberd b. 1875 Lambton (Arthur J Newton 1896)
  2. (m) Mungo Hibberd b. 1877 Lambton
  3. (f) Margaret Hibberd b. 1878 Lambton d. 29/6/1917 Paddington (Ernest Wigzell 1898)
  4. (m) Thomas Hibberd b. 1881 Lambton
  5. (f) Marion Amelia Hibberd * b. 1888 Lambton (Charles E Nutt 1901)
  6. (f) Maud Hibberd b. 1884 Petersham (Charles S Bones 1907)
  7. (f) Elsie M M Hibberd (Sydney J J Winstanley 1907)
  8. (f) Florence P Hibberd b. 1882 Newtown
  9. (f) Sarah Hibberd b. 1886 St Peters
  10. (f) P Hibberd b. 1888 St Peters (Frederick Foster 1913)
  11. (f) Lillian Alma Hibberd b. 1890 Liverpool ( Albert E Beaver 1911)
  12. (m) Thomas George Hibberd b. 1892 Heathcote
  13. (f) Vida Hilda Hibberd b. 1894 Helensburgh 16149/1894d. 1963 Rockdale (McWaide)
  14. (m) John Alfred E Hibberd b. 1896 Helensburgh 13042/1896

Sister Elizabeth Blanksby * also in Illawarra

Lived in Marrickville when daughter Margaret died.

Likely that they lived in Heathcote outside the Illawarra but the children were registered in Helensburgh.

Hickey Bridget A

m. Thomas Hickey

  1. (m) James Hickey b. 1892 Kiama 18393/1892

Hickey Catherine (Donnelly)

m. Michael Hickey 1875 Kiama 2864/1875

Hickey Johanna (English)

d. 18/8/1950 Wollongong

m. John Hickey (28/2/1869 Mount Keiria- 25/10/1941 Wollongon Son of Timothy Hickey & Mary Gleeson *) 1897 Kogarah 5594/1897

f. John English m. Mary

  1. (f) Mary Evelyn Hickey b. 22/2/1898 Mount Keira 17578/1898 (John W O’Connor 1921)

Living Belmore St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties


The death took place at the Wollongong District Hospital on Friday afternoon of Mrs. Johanna Hickey, of 1 Robinson Street, Wollongong.

She was the widow of the late Mr. John Hickey, who for many years, had a blacksmith shop in Dennison Street in Wollongong

The late Mrs. Hickey is survived by a daughter—May, son in-law Jack and grandson Jack O'Connor, of Cronulla.

The funeral on Saturday afternoon left St. Francis Xaxier's Church, Wollongong, for the Wollongong Catholic cemetery. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW: 1900 - 1954) Monday 21 August 1950 p 4

Hickey Margaret see Hockey

Hickey Mary (Gleeson)

b. abt 1848 Co Tipperary Ireland d. 26/10/1926 Wollongong br. Wollongong general

m. Timothy Hickey (1845 Tipperary Ireland – 8/1/1904 Wollongong ) 8/2/1868 Wollongong 3655/1868

f. James Gleeson m. Mary Gleeson

He resident in Mt Keira, she Wollongong

  1. (m) John Hikey b. 28/2/1869 Mount Keira 19794/1869 d. 25/10/1941 Wollongong (Johanna English * 1897)
  2. (f) Mary Hickie * b. 4/9/1870 Mount Keira 19027/1870 d. 6/4/1946 Kogarah (Edward Sloan 1889)
  3. (m) Daniel Hickey b. 1/5/1872 Mt Keira Wollongong 19632/1872 d. 1873 Wollongong
  4. (m) James Hickey b. 30/10/1873 Mt Keira 7428/1873 d. 11/7/1892 Wollongong
  5. (f) Johanna Hickey b. 1876 Wollongong 10882/1876 d. 1876 Wollongong
  6. (f) Selina/ Eleaner Hickey b. 8/8/1877 Mt Keira Wollongong 23116/1877 d. 1878 Wollongong
  7. (m) Edward Hickey b. 4/1/1879 Mt Keira Wollongong 26037/1879 d. 1946 Hurstville (Minnie Marshall * 1899)
  8. (f) Margaret Hickey * b. 21/4/1881 Mt Keira 18877/1881 (John Parker 1907)
  9. (f) Catherine Hickey b. 27/9/1884 Mt Keira 229900/1884 (Charles Wood 1905)
  10. (m) Daniel Hickey b. 12/7/1886 Mount Kembla 24403/1886 d. 1902 Wollongong
  11. (m) William/John Charles Hickey b. 24/2/1889 Mt Keira 10675/1889 d. 1889 Wollongong
  12. (m) James Hickey b. 1892 Newtown 9635/1892 d. 1892 Newtown

Living Atchison St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

HICKEY.-October 23, 1926 at her residence Atchison Street Wollongong, Mary, relect of the late Timothy Hickey, aged 82 years. RIP. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 25 October 1926 p 10 Family Notices

Hickey Minnie (Marshall)

b. abt 1872 d. 19/2/1957 Darlinghurst br. Woronora Cemetery

m. Edward Hickey (4/1/1879 Mt Keira Wollongong - 30/6/1946 Hurstville Son of Timothy Hickey & Mary Gleeson *) 1899 Woonona 9251/1899

  1. (m) Edward James Hickey b. 8/4/1900 Wollongong 18252/1900 d. 1963 Auburn
  2. (m) Francis Daniel Hickey b. 1903 Wollongong 17652/1903 d. 1965 Hurstville
  3. (f) Mary Hickey b. 1904 Wollongong 38559/1904
  4. (f) Ethel M Hickey b. 1906 Wollongong 30521/1906
  5. (m) William J Hickey b. 1908 Wollongong 10175/1908 d. 1908 Wollongong
  6. (m) Daniel Hickey b. 1909 Wollongong 20877/1909 d. 1910 Wollongong
  7. (m) Albert Ernest Hickey b. 1911 Wollongong 23080/1911 d. 1960 Parramatta
  8. (m) Leo E Hickey b. 1912 Wollongong 37380/1912 

Living Kenny St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Hickling Agnes Anne (Kelly/Kelley)

b. 1866 Kiama d. 1944 Perth WA

m. Thomas Hickling (Lincolnshire -Son of John Hickling & ?) 11/11/1885 Kiama 5625/1885

f. Archibald Kelly m. Agnes Mudie Hancock *

  1. (f) Mary G Hicking b. 1888 Kiama 26258/1888 ( Thomas J Troy 1910)
  2. (m) Charles Robert Hickling b. 26/9/1889 Jamberoo 25213/1889 d. 1961 Perth (Matilda Montgomery 1919)
  3. (m) Ernest Archie Hickling b. 14/5/1895 Jamberoo 18075/1891 d. 1965 Perth (Ivy Fisher 1919)  
  4. (m) William H Hickling b. 1893 Kiama 18719/1893 d. 1952 Perth  
  5. (f) Winifred Agnes Hickling b. 1901 Perth d. 21/3/1923 Perth (burnt to death- a nurse)
  6. (m) John Francis Hickling b. 1905 Perth

Husband a builder at Kiama who became insolvent 1887

MARRIAGE. HICKLING-KELLY - November the 11th, at St. Peter's Church, Kiama, by the Rev. Father Riordan, Thomas Hickling, fifth son of John Hickling, Lincolnshire, England, to Annie, eldest daughter of Archibald Kelly, Sunny- side, Jamberoo The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Tuesday 17 November 1885 p 2 Family Notices

She separated from her husband in 1908 after repeated abuse.

Hickman Agnes Amelia (Wynn)

b. 1883 Woonona d. 19/12/1907 br. Bulli General

m. William Hickman 1904 Wollongong

f. John Wynn m. Elizabeth *

Hickman Annie Isabel (Frew)

b. 1880 Newtown d. 1974

m. Albert Hickman 1912 Sydney

f. George Frew m. Mary Hopston *

Living Crown St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic dutie

Hickman Emma Jane (McKay)

b. 1858 Sydney d. 22/9/1898 br. Wollongong General

m. John Hickman (abt 1852 -25/9/1916 Figtree Son of William Hickman & Barsabina ) 1879 Newtown

f. Donald McKay m. Emma

  1. (m) Frederick Charles Hickman b. 1880 St George d. 1955 Wollongong
  2. (m) Robert J Hickman b. 1882 Petersham
  3. (m) Albert William Hickman b. 1883 Petersham d. 1958 Wyong (Annie Frew 1912)
  4. (m) Bertie Hickman b. 1885 NSW d. 1960 Rockdale
  5. (f) Mary E Hickman b. 1887 Wollongong 25019/1887
  6. (f) Ada Hickman b. 1897 Wollongong 17956/1897

Hickman Mary Matilda see Wood

Hickman Minnie Jane (Graham)

b. 1873 Paddington d. 1958 Bulli

m. John Hickman (abt 1852 -25/9/1916 Figtree Son of William Hickman & Barsabina ) 1901 Wollongong

f. George Graham m. Elizabeth

  1. (m) Thomas G Hickman b. 1902 Wollongong 18238/1902 d. 1903 Wollongong
  2. (m) Colin Jack Hickman b. 1911 Wollongong d. 1966 Wollongong

Hickmott Mary (Power)

b. 22/77/1867 Condamine Qld d. 26/1/1901 Roma Qld br. Roma Monumental Cemetery

m. William Hickmott ( 22/5/1859 Clunes Vic- 27/11/1948 Helidon Qld Son of Harry Hickmott & Harriett) 1/11/1885 Brisbane Qld or 25/9/1896 Roma Qld

f. John Bernard Power m. Maria Jane

  1. (f) Mary Ann Hickmott b. 1886 Woonona 24627/1886 d. 1990 Labrador Qld
  2. (f) Alice Maude Hickmott b. 1888 Liverpool (Frank R Palmer 1908) 1/11/1885 Brisbane Qld or 25/9/1896 Roma Qld
  3. vEmily Victoria Hickmott b. 12/6/1890 Murrindale Vic d. 16/4/1944 Cairns Qld
  4. (m) John Hickmott b. 1893 Bruthven Vic d. 4/6/1894 Roma Qld
  5. (m) William James Hickmott b. 15/12/1892 Bruthven Vic d. 26/5/194 Roma Qld
  6. (m) William Henry Hickmott b. 3/11/1894 Bruthven Vic d. 27/11/1899 Roma Vic
  7. (f) Maria Harriet Lillian Hickmott b. 20/6/1897 Roma Qld d. 8/10/1977 Brisbane

She met up and lived with William Hickmott initially in NSW had children with him in NSW and Vic

Hicks Ann

b. abt 1816 NSW

Working for William Bristow as a servant in 1828 Census – Her sister Sarah who was married at this time to Hurst. Was in a relationship with William Bristow.

Hicks Catherine

m. John Hicks

  1. (f) Mary J Hicks b. 1890 Woonona 38454/1890

Hicks Catherine Ann (Murphy)

b.16/10/1856 Fig Tree Brandy Water Creek Wollongong d. 12/9/1938 Lismore

m. George Hicks (5/4/1846 Para Meadow Wollongong -4/12/1930 Lismore Son of James Hicks & Margaret Brayn *) 20/5/1880 Broulee

f. John Murphy m. Bridget McKay *

  1. (m) Henry E Hicks b. 1874
  2. (m) George Thomas Hicks b. 9/12/1876 Brogo Bega d. 13 /8/1948
  3. vHerbert J Hicks, b. 1878 Bega
  4. (f) Mary Jane Hicks b. 1880 Bega
  5. (m) Charles Joseph Hicks b. 27/7/ 1882 Tathra d. 1 /1/1952 Surfers Paradise, Qld
  6. (f) Catherine Alice Hicks b. 22 /7/1884, Tanja Bega d. 1966 Lismore
  7. (f) Elizabeth Ann Hicks b. 26/10/ 1886 Tanja Bega d. 16/6/ 1969 Mullumbimby
  8. (m) William Hicks b. Feb 1889
  9. (f) Ada M Hicks b. 20/2/1892 Lismore
  10. (m) Albert Frederick Hicks b. 1893 Ballina d. 1967 Lismore
  11. (f) Minnie Deborah Hicks b. 8/9/1896 Brooklet d. 27/1/1968 Sydney

Hicks Caroline Elizabeth (Polly/Polley)

b. 1858 Berkeley 13361/1858 d. 22/7/1897 St Leonards 9679/1897 br. Shellharbour

m. Henry Hicks (1849 Bath Somerset England- 18/11/1929 Manly Son of Henry Hicks & Mary A *) 19/5/1875 Wollongong

f. Ira Polly m. Elizabeth Moon *

  1. (m) Henry Hicks b. 1877 Kiama 13831/1877 d. 1877 Kiama
  2. (m) William Henry Hicks b. 1878 Kiama 14915/1878 d. 1950 Chatswood  
  3. (m) Arthur Gordon Hicks b. 1881 Kiama 19440/1881 d. 1909 Katoomba
  4. (m) Percy Hicks b. 1883 Kiama 21736/1883 d. 1883 Kiama  
  5. (f) Edith M Hicks b. 1885 Kiama 24157/1885 (James H Jockel 1912)
  6. (f) Winifred Hicks b. 1887 Kiama 25615/1887 d. 1918 Katoomba
  7. (f) Stella Hicks b. 1890 Kiama 17876/1890
  8. (m) John G Hicks b. 1894 Wollongong 37779/1894 d. 1923 Katoomba
  9. (f) Grace Hicks b. 1895 Wollongong 38429/1895

The remains of Mrs. H. Hicks were interred at Shellharbour on Saturday last, the grave being dug to sufficient depth to allow of the burial taking place about 11 a.m. The Rev. W. F. Oakes, Wesleyan Minister, conducted the burial service, numerous friends of the family and sympathisers being present at the grave. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW: 1863 - 1947) Tuesday 27 July 1897

Probate Jurisdiction.-In the Estate of CAROLINE ELIZABETH HICKS, late of Shellharbour, in the colony of New South Wales, deceased, intestate. - APPILCATION will be made after fourteen days from the publication hereof that Administration of the Estate of the abovenamed deceased may be granted to HENRY HICKS, the Widower of the said deceased. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Thursday 5 August 1897 p 1

Hicks Dorothy Ann (James)

b 21/2/1858 Shellharbour 8009/1858 d. 22/7/1948 Ashfield br. Northern Suburbs

m. Henry Hicks (1849 Bath Somerset England- 18/11/1929 Manly Son of Henry Hicks & Mary A *) 1901 Kiama

f. William James m. Maria Kernick *

Living at Shellharbour in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a bacon curer

Hicks— James.

On Tuesday, 30th at Rose Valley, the residence of the bride's brother (Mr John James, J. P.), Mr Henry Hicks was united In marriage with Miss Dorothy Ann James, Mr Hicks is well known as the manager of the famous bacon factory at Shellharbor, Hicks Brothers, and Miss James is one of a family much respected and long resident at Gerringong. Need it- be said that the bride looked well dressed. She wore a handsome costume of steel grey, - trimmed with white silk, white hat, trimmed with white silk and feathers. The brides maids were Miss E. James, and her sisters, the Misses R. and F. James, who wore cloth coats and skirts, and black velvet picture hats. The bride wore a gold muff chain, and the bridesmaids gold bangles, the gifts of the bridegroom. The ceremony took place at 11 a.m., the Rev. J. A. Waddell being the celebrant. The wedding party afterwards sat down to a wedding lunch, when the toasts of the ' Bride and Bride groom,' 'The Bridesmaids,' and the ' Host and Hostess,' were enthusiastically proposed and suitably acknowledged. The Wedding presents were numerous -and valuable, and chosen with a view to usefulness. The wedding pair took the train at Omega station in the afternoon, to spend the honey moon in Melbourne, and left amidst showers of rose leaves and rice, and the warm good, wishes of all who knew them. The bride's travelling dress was a fawn cloth coat, skirt, pale blue silk vest, and fawn hat, trimmed with pale blue. The Shoalhaven Telegraph (NSW: 1879 - 1937) Wednesday 15 May 1901 p 12

She was evicted from her home in Manly because of a clause in her husband’s will which granted her step daughter the right to evict her. However when she died her three step-daughters were mentioned as surviving her.

Hicks Edith (Jones)

b. 1865 Wollongong d. 8/1/1939 Croydon cr. Rookwood

m. James Alexander Hicks (4/8/1863 Wollongong – 9/1/1939 Burwood Son of Henry T Hicks & Mary Anne McKenzie *) 1890 Woonona 7829/1890

f. Richard Jones m. Eliza Ring *

  1. (f) Leila Mary Eliza Hicks b. 1891 Woonona 39027/1891 d. 18/11/1932 RPA hospital (Cecil Lock 1927 )

HICKS -January 8 and 9 1939 (as results of accidents) at Western Suburbs Hospital Edith and James Alexander Hicks of 10 Acton Street Croydon aged 73 and 78 years. She was instantly killed by being knocked down by a car, her husband died the day after and her sister Mrs Elizabeth Plunkett suffered broken bones and shock. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842 - 1954) Monday 9 January 1939 p 12 Article

Hicks Emma (Payne)

b. 18/1/1848 Kangaroo Point Qld d. 2/10/ 1925 Lismore br. Wollongbar

m. Richard Hicks (11/4/1840- 1/12/1921 Richmond Hill Son of James Hicks & Margaret Brayn *) 28/11/1867 Wollongong

f. John Payne m. Frances Ann Ross *

  1. (f) Frances Hicks b. 1868 Wollongong 18199/1868
  2. (f) Annie Hicks b. 1868 Wollongong 18200/1868
  3. (m) John C Hicks b. 1870 Wollongong 18880/1870
  4. (f) Ada M Hicks b. 1871 Wollongong 19655/1871
  5. (m) Benjamin Hicks b. 1873 Wollongong 20735/1873
  6. (f) Jane Hicks b. 1875 Wollongong 21823/1875
  7. (f) Margaret Hicks b. 1877 Wollongong 23065/1877
  8. (f) Alice Emma Hicks b. 1879 Wollongong 26198/1879
  9. (m) Henry Hicks b. 1881 Woonona 19055/1881
  10. (m) Arthur Hicks b. 1884 Lismore 31023/1884
  11. (f) Mary J Hicks b. 1887 Lismore 34260/1887



The death occurred on October 2 of Mrs. Emma Hicks, relict of the late Richard Hicks. Deceased with her husband and family came from the Illawarra district about 44 years ago, and settled 0n the property known as Richmond Hill. The district at that time was practically virgin scrub, and deceased of late years often related how on arriving at their destination she sat on a log in the bush while her husband built a temporary house, which was completed in a few hours.

The late Mrs. Hicks was of a kind and generous disposition fact, any appeal in the cause of charity was never known to be met with a refusal. She is survived by a family of three sons and five daughters, all of whom were present at her bedside.

Deceased was buried by the side of her husband in the Church of England portion of the Wollongbar cemetery. Northern Star (Lismore, NSW: 1876 - 1954) Wednesday 14 October 1925 p 4

Hicks Esther Mary (Armstrong)

b.abt 1862 d. 6/12/1918 Wollongong 18208/1918 br. Wollongong

m. Alexander Hicks (14/8/1866 Wollongong- 30/7/1957 Wollongong Son of Henry T Hicks & Mary Anne McKenzie *) 23/2/1884

f. Thomas Armstrong m. Mary

  1. (m) George Alexander Hicks b. d. 1965 Sutherland
  2. (m) Henry Thomas Hicks b. 1888 d. 1951 Rockdale
  3. (f) Ida Hicks b. 1891 Wollongong 38430/1891 d. 1966 Wollongong (James H Truscott 1914)
  4. (f) Mary Elsie Hicks b. 1893 Wollongong 39251/1893 d. 1969 Bulli (Thomas C Bell 1915)
  5. (m) William Hector Hicks b. 1900 Woonona 28009/1900 d. 1969 Burwood

Living Balgownie in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Hicks Eva Kate (Bottomley)

b. before 1887 d. 16/11/1944 Cronulla cr. Woronora

m. Henry Thomas Hicks (28/4/1877 North Bulli -17/12/1946 St George Hospital Son of Henry Thomas Hicks & Mary Ann McKenzie * ) 1898 Newtown

f. Thomas Bottomley m. Emma (remarried Wheatley)

  1. (f) Elsie E Hicks b. 1898 Joadja Creek (Rankin)
  2. (f) Unnamed female Hicks b 1900 Woonona 18425/1900 d. 1900 Woonona
  3. (m) Harry Hicks

Living Thirroul in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Another former Thirroul resident who passed away last week was Mrs. Eva Kate Hicks, of Cronulla, who had also been an active worker for patriotic efforts in the last war. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Friday 24 November 1944 p 5

Hicks Evangeline (Oke)

b. 17 /7/1857 Bolong near Crookwell d. 15/10/1918 Berry

m. Henry Hicks (6/2/1852 Suffolk- 4/12/1918 Berry Son of John Hicks & Mary Neild *) 1879 Shoalhaven

f. William Soady Gardiner Oke m. Elizabeth

  1. (m) George Henry Hicks b. 1880 Kiama 16825/1880 d. 1892 Berry
  2. (m) Sydney L J Hicks b. 1882 Shoalhaven
  3. (f) Alice L E Hicks b. 1884 Shoalhaven
  4. (m) John S Hicks b. 1888 Broughton Creek
  5. (m) Stanley Ivor Hicks b. 21/8/ 1890 Berry d. 21/2/1963 Casino (Elizabeth Frances Gladys Garrett 1911)

Hicks Jane

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (m)Albert Hicks b. 1875 Kiama 13174/1875

Hicks Jane see Overy

Hicks Lucinda Lucy (McFarland then Graham)

b. abt 1837 d. 3/11/1893 Hurstville

m. William Graham 1860 Kiama 1832/1860

m. Henry Hicks snr (abt 1828 -22/4/1902 Hurstville Son of Henry Hicks & ?) 1875 Wollongong

f. Archibald McFarland m. Elizabeth

OBITUARY. Saturday, November 3rd, at Hurstville the wife of Mr. Henry Hicks, sen., lately of Shellharbour and Illawarra, passed peacefully to rest to that bourne from whence no traveller returns. Deceased had for a number of years been suffering from a lingering illness, which she cheerfully bore, being consoled with the words of her Great Master-” Take up the cross daily, and follow me.“ Mrs.Hicks was greatly enteemed by those with whom she became acquainted for her very genial disposition and quiet manner. She was a faithful and devoted member of the Wesleyan church. The deceased lady was a sister of Mrs. E. Barber, of Yatteyattah, to whom she was very greatly attached. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW: 1863 - 1947) Tuesday 14 November 1893

Sister Isabella Barber *

Hicks Margaret see Mitchell

Hicks Margaret (Brayn/Brain/Breen)

b. abt 1820 Sydney d. 18/11/1905 br. Bulli Anglican Cemetery

m. James Hicks (1/3/1810 Windsor - 15/6/1895 Bulli Son of James Hicks & Margaret Howe *) 10/11/1834 Castlereagh

f. Thomas Brayn m. Ann Daly

  1. (m) Henry Thomas Hicks b. 8/8/1836 Castlereagh d. 28 /3/1909 Bulli (Mary Ann Mackenzie *1861)
  2. (m) William Hicks b. 18/8/1839 NSW d. 1885 Moruya ( Margaret Southam 1868)
  3. (m) Richard Hicks b. 11/9/1840 Bincullen d. 1921 Lismore (Emma Payne *1867)
  4. (f) Annie Hicks * b. 15/10/1843 Para Meadow d. 28/2/1924 South Murwillumbah (Benjamin Broadhead 1864)
  5. (m) George Hicks b. 5/4/1846 Para Meadow, Wollongong V18462987 31A/1846 d. 4/12/1930 Lismore (Catherine Ann Murphy *1880)
  6. (f) Deborah Hicks * b. 12/6/1848 CofE Dapto Wollongong V18482366 33A/1848 d. 12/6/1934 Tyagarah (William Woodford 1871)
  7. (m) James Hicks b. 22/9/1850 bp. CofE Dapto;Wollongong V1850963 35/1850 d. 27/9/1910 Murwillumbah
  8. (f) Alice Hicks b. 1/11/1852 Wollongong d. 19/2/1919 Bulli (William McEwen 1871)
  9. (f) Mary Jane Hicks b. 12/2/1855 Parra Meadow bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong V1855936 42A/1855 d. 1886 Lismore (James Collings 1879)
  10. (m) Thomas Hicks b. 22/6/1857 Wollongong 12268/1857 d. 1894 Lismore  
  11. (m) Charles Hicks b. 22/6/1857 Wollongong 12269/1857 d. 23/10/1925 Murwillumbah  
  12. (m) Hambleton Herbert Hicks b. 24/12/1859 Bulli 13795/1860 (Eliza Jane Withers 1885)
  13. (f) Margaret Minnie Hicks * b. 3/4/1862 Bulli 15031/1862 d. 15/2/1922 Sydney (Archibald Blundell 1899)

Hicks Mary (Neild/Neale)

b. abt 1822 Suffolk d.

m. John Hicks (abt 1823 Suffolk- 2/5/1897 Berry Son of Robert Hicks & Hannah)

Ship: Washington Irvine 1857

  1. (f) Delilah Hicks * b. abt 1842 Milden Hall Suffolk d. 1914 Berry (William Henry Williams 1861)
  2. (m) George Hicks b. abt 1848 d. 16/3/1860 Gerringong wood cutting accident
  3. (f) Susan Hicks * b. abt 1851 Suffolk d. 29/6/1933 Woonona (John Charlesworth 1882)
  4. (m) Henry Hicks b. abt 1852 Suffolk d. 4/12/1918 Berry (Evangeline Oke * 1879)
  5. (f) Fanny Hicks * b. 5/11/1857 Berry 7560/1857 d. 10/4/1923 Kiama (Henry Stokes 1882, George Brown 1885)
  6. (m) David Hicks b. 1859 Broughton Village 8337/1859 d. 20/8/1937 Gerringong (Mary J Davis 1884)
  7. (f) Elizabeth O’Brien * b. 1862 Kiama 8461/1862 (Thomas O’Brien 1888)
  8. (f) Jane Eliza Melinda Hicks b. 1868 Kiama 10509/1868 d. 1946 Toronto (David Hicks 1890)

Hicks Mary Ann

b. abt 1825 Bath d. 13/5/1873 Mudgee br. Mudgee

m. Henry Hicks (abt 1828 -22/4/1902 Hurstville Son of Henry Hicks & ?)

Ship: Australia 1853

Cause of Death: Fatigue and exhaustion from travelling to and caring for her son Henry during his serious illness

  1. (m) Henry Hicks b. 1849 Bath d. 18/11/1929 Manly ( Catherine A Polly 1875, Sarah A W Harbron 1898, Dorothy James * 1901)
  2. (m) James R Hicks b. abt 1852
  3. (m) John Gordon Hicks d. 1939 Lismore
  4. (f) Jane Hicks * b. 1858 Shellharbour 7973/1858 d. 21/10/1933 Sydney (Francis Falson 1881)
  5. (m) James Hicks d. 1857 Shoalhaven
  6. (f) Mary Hicks b. 1856 Shoalhaven d. 19/3/1861 Shellharbour Bronchitis
  7. (f) Amelia Hicks b. 1860 Kiama 7944/1860 d. 1/2/1881

Lived Shellharbour 1861

ON the 13th instant, at Mudgee, MARY ANN, beloved wife of Henry HICKS, of Shellharbour, of diarrhœa, native of Bath, England. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 22 May 1873 p 2

Hicks Mary Ann (McKenzie)

b. abt 1839 Fairy Meadow d. 23/2/1930 Thirroul br. Bulli Anglican

m. Henry Thomas Hicks (abt 1836 -28/3/1909 Son of James Hicks & Margaret Brayn * ) 5/11/1861 Woonona 3149/1861

f. Alexander Mackenzie Jnr m. Ann MacLean *

  1. (f) Anne Hicks b. 8/6/1862 Bulli 15065/1862 d. 1862
  2. (f) Catherine Hicks b. 8/6/1862 Bulli 15066/1862 d. 1862
  3. (m) James Alexander Hicks b. 4/8/1863 Bulli 15073/1863 (Edith Jones * 1890)
  4. (f) Margaret Minnie Hicks * b. 3/1/1865 Bulli 16846/1865 (Alfred Cook 1899)
  5. (m) Alexander Hicks b. 14/8/1866 Bulli 16659/1866 (Esther Mary Armstrong * 1884)
  6. (m) Henry Hicks b. 22/5/1868 Bulli 18156/1868 d. 1873 Wollongong
  7. (m) Male Hicks b. 18/12/1869 North Bulli 19969/1869 d. 1869 Wollongong
  8. (f) Mary Alice Hicks * b. 9/1/1871 North Bulli 19480/1871 (Alexander Cook 1929)
  9. (m) George Hicks b. 19/1/1873 North Bulli 20716/1873 (Lucy Anne Keene 1899)
  10. (f) Christina Ann Hicks * b. 4/2/1875 North Bulli 21809/1875 d. 1951 Lismore (Edward R Woolley 1903)
  11. (m) Henry Thomas Hicks b. 28/4/1877 North Bulli 23063/1877 d. 17/12/1946 St George Hospital (Eva Kate Bottomley * 1898)
  12. (f) Edith Florence Hicks * b. 25/3/1880 North Bulli 27362/1880 d. 9/4/1958 (John Charles Joy 1901)
  13. (f) Ida McKenzie Hicks * b. 10/9/1883 North Bulli 21238/1883 (Arthur F Webb 1912)
  14. (m) Richard Ernest Hicks b. 4/9/1887 North Bulli 25065/1887 (Teresa Creevey 1913)

Living Thirroul in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Hicks Mary Jane (Davis)

b. abt 1862 d. 1924 Junee

m. David Hicks (1859 Broughton Village- 20/8/1937 Gerringong Son of John Hicks & Mary Neild *) 1884 Shoalhaven

  1. (f) Daisy M Hicks b. 1885 Shoalhaven d. 1946 Junee
  2. (m) William J Hicks b. 1889 Broughton Creek
  3. (f) Edith M Hicks b. 1893 Kiama 18706/1893 (Matthew Wilson 1913)
  4. (m) George Alfred Percy Hicks b. 1896 Kiama 13380/1896 d. 1955 Albury
  5. (m) Stanley Hicks

When her daughter died in Junee she was said to have moved ther in about 1915. It is possible that the couple separated.

Hicks Sarah Ann Wilkinson (Harbron)

b. 1863 Wellington or Ironbark (later Stewart Town) d. 4/3/1900 Albion Park br. Shellharbour

m. Henry Hicks (1849 Bath Somerset England- 18/11/1929 Manly Son of Henry Hicks & Mary A *) 1898 Sydney

f. Edwin Wilkinson Harbron m. Arabella Victoria Andrew

Cause of Death: Complications of birth of twins

  1. (f) Nellie V Hicks b. 1899 Shellharbour 760/1899 (John Shaw)
  2. (m) Henry Hicks b. 4/3/1900 Shellharbour 769/1900
  3. (f) Anne Hicks b. 4/3/1900 Shellharbour 770/1900 ( Arthur Shoebridge)

HICKS.—March 4, at her residence, Mary-street, Shellharbour, the wife of H. Hicks, J.P., of twins, son and daughter. 

HICKS.—March 4, at her residence, Mary-street, Shellharbour, the wife of H. Hicks, J.P., and third daughter  of E. Wilkinson (late of) 544 Crown-street, Surry Hills, in her 36th year. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 10 March 1900 p 1 Family Notices


On Sunday morning last at about 10 o'clock Mrs. H. Hicks, wife of Mr. Henry Hicks, J.P., Shellharbor, died suddenly at her residence, the lamented occurrence causing wide-spread grief and sympathy. Mrs Hicks was held in especial esteem by all who knew her, and she was only a little over thirty years of age. The remains of the deceased lady were interred at the Shellharbor cemetery on Monday, amid the sorrow of many. On the morning of the sad (?) two children wore born to Mrs Hicks. The bereaved family have austained a heavy loss in this very sudden and sad calamity and they have the heart felt sympathy of all, … - The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Saturday 10 March 1900 p 2

Hicks Susan see Charlesworth

Hickson Elizabeth A

m. William S Hickson

  1. (m) Robert F Hickson b. 1887 Wollongong 24977/1887
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