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MacKinnon to Myles

MacKinnon Ann (Green)

b. abt 1872 Bulli Pass? d. 8/9/1955 Bulli 23765/1955 br. Bulli General

m. Neil James McKinnon ( 1864 Bulli - 16/1/1935 Woonona Son of Donald McKinnon & Harriet Gange * ) 1893 Woonona

f. William Boland Green m. Mary Hunter *

  1. (f) Ethel M MacKinnon b. 1896 Woonona ( Rhys H Bevan 1919)
  2. (m) Claude L MacKinnon b. 1898 Woonona
  3. (f) Doris C MacKinnon b. 1900 Woonona (Arthur E W R Woods 1927 )
  4. (m) Albert N MacKinnon b. 1902 Woonona
  5. (f) Flora J MacKinnon b. 1905 Woonona (Wilfred H J Hutton 1925 )
  6. (m) William Dougald MacKinnon b. 1908 Woonona
  7. (f) Mary MacKinnon b. 1909 Woonona
  8. (f) Bessie MacKinnon b. 1912 Woonona
  9. (f) Nancy MacKinnon b. abt 1914 Woonona

Living Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a labourer.

MacKinnon Annie (Northfield)

b. 1865 Wollongong d. 14/3/1918 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. George Napier MacKinnon ( 1868 Shoalhaven - 31/7/1947 Wollongong Son of John McKinnon & Esther) 1894 Woonona

f. William Northfield m. Emma Manning *

  1. (m) William John MacKinnon b. 1895 Woonona 18589/1895 d. 1959 Wollongong
  2. (m) George C MacKinnon b. 1896 Wollongong 18063/1896
  3. (m) Kenneth M MacKinnon b. 1898 Wollongong 17445/1898 d. 1899 Wollongong
  4. (f) Florence Ada MacKinnon b. 1900 Wollongong 18244/1900 d. 1978
  5. (m) Arthur M MacKinnon b. 1902 Wollongong 18263/1902
  6. (m) Alexander V MacKinnon b. 1906 Wollongong 19841/1906
  7. (f) Jessie May MacKinnon b. 1911 Wollongong 35719/1911 (Oliver Wendell O’Neill 1937 )

Living Mount Kembla in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties.

Husband was a surviver of the Mt Keira mine disaster

MacKinnon/McKinnon Alice (Brown)

b. abt 1856 d. 29/7/1929 Lismore br. Lismore

m. Thomas McKinnon (- 31/1/1934 Lismore Son of John McKinnon & Elizabeth *) 1884 Inverell 5451/1884

f. David Brown m. Ellen

  1. (m) John McKinnon b. 1885 Woonona 23765/1885 (Clara Elizabeth McKinnon 1911)
  2. (m) David McKinnon b. 1888 Woonona 25876/1888
  3. (f) Helen M McKinnon b. 1890 Woonona 38554/1890 d. 1890 Woonona
  4. (m) Peter S McKinnon b. 1892 Woonona 39473/1892 d. France
  5. (m) Rev. Robert D McKinnon b. 1894 Woonona 38268/1894
  6. (m) Thomas Dougald McKinnon b. 1896 Woonona 36284/1896 d. 25/5/1921 Lismore

Moved from the Woonona area to Lismore in 1898


Mrs. Alice Mackinnon, aged 73, wife of Mr. Thomas Mackinnon, of Lismore, has died after a long illness. The late Mrs. Mackinnon with her husband resided in Lismore for a number of years since retiring from farming. Deceased leaves a widower and three sons, Mr. Jack Mackinnon (Grafton), Mr. David Mackinnon (Dunoon road, Lismore), and the Rev. Robert Mackinnon (Brisbane, a Methodist minister). The funeral will leave the residence in Keen-street at 11 a.m. today for the Presbyterian cemetery. Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954) Monday 29 July 1929 p 6

McKinnon Catherine

Living Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

McKinnon Clara (Bird)

b. 1867 Young d. 18/8/1956 br. Lismore

m. Dugald McKinnon (1855 -7/10/1936 Lismore Son of John McKinnon & Elizabeth *) 1884 Sydney

f. William Bird m. Charlotte

  1. (f) Alice C McKinnon b. 1885 Wollongong
  2. (f) Ethel M McKinnon b. 1886 Wollongong
  3. (f) Mabel V McKinnon b. 1888 Wollongong
  4. (f) Clara Elizabeth McKinnon b. 1890 Wollongong d. 1957 Hurstville (John McKinnon 1911)
  5. (m) Cecil C McKinnon b. 1892 Wollongong d. 1894 Woonona
  6. (f) Jessie McKinnon b. 1895 Woonona
  7. (f) Janetta McKinnon b. 1899 Lismore (David M Missingham 1920)

Lived at Balgownie

McKinnon Elizabeth

b. abt 1830 Lanarkshire Scotland

m. John McKinnon (abt 1826 Isle of Tyree Argyleshire -? 1896 Woonona Son of Lachlan McKinnon & )

Ship: Rattler 1853

  1. (m) Lachlan McKinnon b. 1853 at sea 18524628 45B/1852
  2. (m) Thomas McKinnon b. 1854 V18544664 45B/1854 d. 31/1/1934 Lismore (Alice Brown * 1884)
  3. (m) Lachlan McKinnon b. 1855 V18554696 45B/1855 d. 14/7/1886 Mt Corrimal/ Brookers Nose ( Harriet Jane Bird * 1881 )
  4. (m) John McKinnon b. 1857 Wollongong 12288/1857 d. 1924 Weston (Violet Margaret A C Mitchell * 1890)
  5. (m) Peter M’Kinnon b. 1859 Wollongong 14125/1859 d. 1860 Wollongong
  6. (m) Dugald McKinnon b. 1861 Ulladulla 13611/1861 d. 7/10/1836 Lismore (Clara Bird * 1884)
  7. (f) Mary J McKinnon b. 1863 Wollongong 15062/1863 d. 1899 Canterbury
  8. (f) Isabella McKinnon b. 1865 Wollongong 16949/1865
  9. (f) Catherine Elizabeth McKinnon * b. 1867 Balgownie 18003/1867 d. 6/5/1946 Dapto (George Duncan 1887)
  10. (m) Peter Sinclair McKinnon b. 1870 Wollongong 18907/1870 d. 1891 Bellambi aged 21
  11. (f) Margaret McKinnon b. 1872 Wollongong 19637/1872 d. 1951 Balmain (William Laurie 1913)
  12. (f) Jessie McKinnon b. 1875 Wollongong 21773/1875

Lived at ‘Seven Oaks’ farm at Plunkett’s Hill (now Corrimal where Church of St Columbkille stands) also lived Fairy Meadow

MacKinnon Eugenie Camille (Saint Bertin)

b. abt 1836 Rouen France d. 1919 St Leonards br. Gore Hill

m. Rev. Roger MacKinnon (- 11/11/1903 Manse St Peter’s North Sydney Son of Michael MacKinnon & Anne) 3/4/1863 Govan Lanark Scotland

f. Alexandre Saint Bertin m. Marianne

  1. (f) Ann C G Mackinnon b. 1865 Penrith 13748/1865 (Robert Kirkpatrick 1896 )
  2. (m) Roger Robert Steel MacKinnon b. 1868 Penrith 15095/1868 d. 1935 Mosman (Eleanor V I Addison 1896 )  
  3. (f) Blanche Fanny MacKinnon b. 1871 Wollongong 19569/1871 d. 1927 Sydney (Arthur Styles Vallack 1898)


An interesting link with the past has been broken by the death, at the age of 83 years, of Mrs. Mackinnon, widow of the Rev. Roger Mackinnon, who was for a quarter of a century the pastor at St. Peter's Church, North Sydney. Mrs. Mackinnon passed away in her sleep yesterday at the residence of her son, Dr. Mackinnon, North Sydney. , She was a Frenchwoman, with a passionate love and faith in her country, which carried her through the blackest moments of the war secure in the ultimate triumph of France and the Allies. Her father, Captain St Bertin, fought in the Egyptian and Russian campaigns under Napoleon, and her mother was kin to the old Huguenot family of de Rosny.

Perhaps the most interesting period of the deceased lady's life was the 16 years of her girlhood and young womanhood spent at Newbury Port, Mass. Here she became the intimate friend of the Emersons (Ralph Waldo was then about 19), Whittlers, and the Tafts, she kept up a correspondence with her many years after her departure from America. Hers was the America of the pre-Civil war, and her reminiscences of the fine company of thinkers-of their simple and sincere lives, among whom it was her good fortune to live-were of deep interest.

Later, Miss St Berlin went with friends to Malta, where many Crimean troops were stationed, and where she met Mr. Mackinnon, who had been Invalided there. After he joined the ministry he came with his bride to New South Wales. Throughout his strenuous pioneering work for the Presbyterian Church Mrs Mackinnon was his devoted helpmate. She leaves one son. Dr. Mackinnon, and two daughters-Mrs. A. S. Vallack and Mrs. R. Kirkpatrick. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Friday 20 June 1919 p 9

In 1872 “the Presbyterian congregation at Hill End has unanimously called the Rev. Roger Mackinnon, of Wollongong, to become their minister.”

McKinnon Harriet

b. abt 1799

m. ?McKinnon

An unfortunate accident befell Mrs. Harriet M'Kinnon, of Bulli Pass, last Sunday ; she fell and broke a leg. She is 72 years of age Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 9 June 1871 p

McKinnon/McInnon Harriet (Gange)

b. abt 1828 Dowlinkmake Somerset d. 1915 Bulli

m. Donald McKinnon ( abt 1832 Scotland 1/1/1904 Bulli Pass Son of Lachlan McKinnon & Isabella McPhee *) 10/12/1851 St Peter’s Campbelltown

f. George Gange m. Hannah Adams * see Knight

Ship: John Bright 1849

  1. (f) Isabella Catherine McKinnon b. 1853 V18534635 45B/1853 d. 1939 (John Murdock)
  2. (m) Norman MacKinnon b. 1854 V18544678 45B/1854 d. 1939
  3. (f) Georgiana Sarah McKinnon * b. 1858 Wollongong 13352/1858 d. 2/7/1932 Liverpool (Allan Alexander Murdock 1880)
  4. (f) Harriet Emma McKinnon b. 1859 Wollongong 14276/1859 d. 1945 (Charles Joseph Vincent )
  5. (f) Jane Elizabeth MacKinnon * b. 1862 Wollongong 15001/1862 d. 1904
  6. (m) Neil James McKinnon nb. 1864 Bulli 16391/1864 d. 16/1/1935 Woonona (Ann Green * 1893)
  7. (f) Frances Eva McKinnon * b. 1866 Woollongong 16562/1866 d. 1954 Goulburn (John Kenneth McK McDonald 1890)

Living Bulli Pass in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties.

McKinnon Harriet Jane (Bird)

b. 1861 Chippendale d.

m. Lachlan McKinnon (1855- 14/7/1886 Mt Corrmal/ Brookers Nose Son of John McKinnon & Elizabeth) 12/5/1881 Cootamundra

f. William Bird m. Charlotte

  1. (f) Charlotte M McKinnon b. 1883 Wollongong d. 1913 Marrickville (Leonard W Atwill 1903)
  2. (m) William John McKinnon b. 1884 Wollongong d. 1946 Bulli
  3. (f) Florence A McKinnon b. 1886 Wollongong

MARRIAGE. McKINNON'— BIRD.— May 12, Cootamundra,   at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. S. R. Holt, Lachlan, second eldest son of John McKinnon, Fairy Meadow. Wollongong, to Harriet Jane, eldest daughter of William C. Bird, of Cootamundra.

Husband was killed in a tree felling accident

GRAND CONCERT! ORPHEUS HALL, CRAMSVILLE. Wednesday, 18th August. In aid of the Wife and Family of the late LACHLAN M'KINNON. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 17 August 1886 p 3

McKinnon Isabella (McPhee)

b. abt 1803 Belamore Scotland d. 16/5/ 1886 Woonona br. Wollongong

m. Lachlan McKinnon (abt 1792 – 23/12/1853 Fairy Meadow ) abt 1823 Talicker Scotland

f. Norman McPhee m. Barbara McKinnon

Ship: William Nicole 1837

  1. (m) Charles McKinnon b. abt 1827 Scotland d. 1904
  2. (m) Donald McKinnon b. abt 1832 Scotland d. /1/1/1904 Bulli Pass ( Harriet Gange * 1851)
  3. (m) Neil McKinnon b. abt 1830 Scotland d. 6/12/1861 Bulli
  4. (f) Catherine McKinnon b. abt 1834 Scotland d. 1917 (Charles Morton Olliver )
  5. (m) Norman McKinnon b. abt 1834 Scotland
  6. (f) Ann McKinnon b. abt 1836 Scotland d. 1902
  7. (f) Daughter McKinnon b. & d. before 1837
  8. (f) Daughter McKinnon b. & d. before 1837

She was listed as a farmer in Woonona -Grevilles Post Office Directory 1872

McKinnon Jane

b. 1862 Wollongong 15001/1862 d. 1904

f. Donald McKinnon m. Harriet Gange *

Living Bulli Pass in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties.

McKinnon Jane (Shepherd)

b. 1860 Darling Point Sydney d. 10/10/1935 Kiama br. Kiama General

m. John Alexander McKinnon (1859 Shoalhaven – 1900 Nowra Son of George Napier McKinnon & Marion McLean) 1887 Shoalhaven

f. Alexander Shepherd m. Maria *

  1. (m) George S McKinnon b. 1888 Nowra d. 1903 Nowra
  2. (m) Aubrey B McKinnon b. 1890 Nowra
  3. (f) Grace M McKinnon b. 1893 Berry d. after 1935
  4. (m) Roy B McKinnon b. 1895 Berry
  5. (f) Jessie McKinnon b. 1898 Nowra d. 1898 Nowra
  6. (m) Percy L McKinnon b. 1900 Berry

MRS. JANE McKINNON-75 Y-EARS As briefly reported in last issue, the death occuired on Thursday night of MIrs. Jane McKinnon, at her residence, .'Glenroyal,“. Eddy: Street., The late Mrs. McKinnon had beel in somewhat indifferent health for some time past, but the end wae quite unexpected and came as a great shook to her family. She was born at Darling PointSydney, the eldest daughter of the late Mr. And Mrs. Alexander Shepherd, who for some years had been residing at Jamberoo, where the family was very well-known and highly respected. She married Mr. John Alexander MeKinnon, who predeceaseid her 35 years ago. He had carried on farming at Belong and at Cambewarra, and after his death, Mrs. McKinnon went to reside with her son at Albion Park, continuing there until some three years ago. While there, she took a great interest in church affairs, and was an splendid worker for the Presbyterian Church, of which she was a devoted adherent During the past two years, Mrs. Mc Kinnon suffered greatly with arthritis, and in this she was nursed by her daughter, Miss Grace McKinnon, with loving care and attention. She is survived by three sons, Messrs. A. B. Mc Kinnon (Kiama), R. B. McKinnon (Albion Park) and P. L. McKinnon, who is Deputy Town Clerk of Drummoyne, and to the members of the family sincere district sympathy:is extended.

The funeral took place at the Kiama Presbyterian cemetery on Saturday af ternoon, the Revs. W. Beck and G. M. Torbett officiating. Mr. Beck gave a sympathetic address at the graveside. The Kiama Reporter and Illawarra Journal (NSW : 1899 - 1947) Wednesday 16 October 1935 p 2

MacKinnon Mary (McKenzie)

b. abt 1815 Scotland d. 13/8/1888 Picton br. Picton Anglican

m. Donald MacKinnon (abt 1804 Isle of Skye Scotland – 17/5/1892 Picton Son of Hugh McKinnon & Kate ) 1833 Isle of Skye Scotland

f. Angus or Alexander McKenzie m. Mary McIntosh *

Ship: William Nicole 1837

  1. (f) Catherine McKinnon b. 1834 d. 1852 Spring Hill
  2. (m) Hugh McKinnon b. 1836 (Susan Blanche Gaudry 1864 )
  3. (m) John MacKinnon b. 1836 bp. Presbyterian Wollongong
  4. (f) Flora McKinnon b. 1840 Berkeley bp. Presbyterian Wollongong (William Inglis 1858 )
  5. (m) Angus McKinnon b. 1841 Charcoal bp. Presbyterian Wollongong (Winifred Cusack 1868)
  6. (m) Donald McKinnon b. 17/3/1844 Berkeley Estate bp. Presbytrian Wollongong d. 14/1/1919 Picton (Mary Margaret Gaudry 1872, Annie Mulholland)
  7. (m) John McKinnon b. 1845 bp. Presbyterian Wollongong d. 1946 Charcoal
  8. (f) Mary McKinnon b. 1847 Charcoal d. 1847 Charcoal
  9. (m) Charles McKinnon b. 1848 Berkeley
  10. (f) Mary McKinnon b. 1850 Charcoal (Robert H Inglis 1872)
  11. (m) John McKinnon b. 1852 Spring Hill d. 1852 Spring Hill
  12. (f) Catherine McKinnon b. 1853 Spring Hill (Nicholson)
  13. (f) Annie McKinnon b. 1856 Montpelliar (Samuel J Stewart 1888)

McKinnon Sarah (Robinson)

b. abt 1819

m. John McKinnon (1811-)

f. Alexander Robinson m. Catherine

Ship: Joseph Somes 1852

  1. (m) Donald McKinnon b. abt 1843
  2. (m) Hugh McKinnon abt 1846

Husband’s brother Donald in Wollongong

McKinnon Violet Margaret A C (Mitchell)

b. 1867 Berrima d. 23/10/1923 Weston br. Kurri Kurri

m. John McKinnon (1857 Wollongong-1924 Weston Son of John McKinnon & Elizabeth *) 1890 Wollongong

f. Joseph Earl Cherry Mitchell m. Charlotte Harrison *

  1. (m) Joseph E McKinnon b. 1891 Wollongong d. WW1
  2. (m) John D McKinnon b. 1892 Woonona
  3. (m) Harold Tennyson McKinnon b. 1893 Woonona
  4. (f) Florence McKinnon b. 1896 Woonona (John R Pitt 1922)

McKINNON.–October 31, at Weston, Violet Margaret, dearly beloved wife of John McKinnon, and mother of the late Sergeant J, E. McKinnon, 55th A patient sufferer at rest, John and Harold McKinnon, and Mrs. Florence Pitt, Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate (NSW : 1876 - 1954) Wednesday 28 November 1923 p 6

McKitten Bridget (Madden)

b. 1853 Berkeley d. 8/5/1931 Corrimal br. Corrimal Catholic

m. Michael McKitten ( abt 1851 Whitehaven England - 3/11/1935 Corrimal Son of Peter McKitten & Elizabeth) 1892 Bulli

f. John Madden m. Mary Hillard *

  1. (m) Arthur Joseph McKitten b. 1893 Woonona d. 1962 Auburn
  2. (f) Mary McKitten b. 1896 Woonona

Mrs. Bridget. McKitten, beloved wife of Michael McKitten, of Corrimal, and mother of Arthur and Mary McKitten, died on Friday of last week. Born at Berkeley 77 years ago the late Mrs McKitten had resided in the district practically all her life. Her maiden name was Madden and she was the last surviving member of that family. Her marriage with Mr. Michael McKitten took place at Bulli, where the couple re sided for many years, subsequently taking up residence at Corrimal some 25 years ago. The deceased was a good neighbour and a friend to all in time of sickness or trouble. The funeral on Sunday was a large and representative one, the mortal remains being laid to rest in the Catholic cemetery, Corrimal. Rev. Father Power administered the last sad rites. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 15 May 1931 p 12

McLachlan Alice (James)

b. abt 1884 d. 28/10/1959 Concord

m. Nathaniel Thomas McLachlan (1882- 9/7/1934 Concord Son of Charles McLachlan & Elizabeth ) 1902 Sydney

f. Edward James m. Elizabeth Charlotte

  1. (f) Irene M McLachlan b. 1902 Woonona
  2. (f) Clarice E McLachlan b. 1904 Woonona
  3. (m) Conrad E McLachlan b. 1907 Woonona
  4. (f) Kathleen McLachlan b. 1908 Woonona
  5. (f) Ivy B McLachlan b. 1910 Woonona
  6. (m) Charles Edward McLachlan b. 1905 Woonona d. 13/7/1978 Canly Vale
  7. (m) John Charles McLachlan d. 1947 Concord

MacLachlan Janet/Jane Elizabeth

b. abt 1859 Fife Scotland d. 4/4/1925 Burwood br. Rookwood

m. Archibald John David McLachlan (abt 1859 Fife Scotland- 18/5/1951 Burwood Son of Donald McLachlan & Jane)

f. Alexander m. Eslpeth

Ship: Stirlingshire 1884

  1. (f) Elspeth McLachlan b. abt 1882 Fife Scotland (Frederick Sharpe 1920)
  2. (f) Janet McLachlan b. abt 1884 d. 1884 on voyage
  3. (f) Janet Elizabeth McLachlan b. 1885 Wollongong d. 1969 Newtown (W Haugaard 1911)
  4. (f) Florence MacLachlan b. 1887 Wollongong (Douglas Tosh 1917)
  5. (f) Mary J McLachlan b. 1889 Wollongong (John Finlay 1917)
  6. (f) Violet McLachlan b. 1891 Wollongong (William F Ward 1917)
  7. (f) Annie McLachlan b. 1893 Wollongong (Clayden)

Husband a labourer on ships indent

McLACHLAN.—The Relatives and Friends of Mr. and Mrs. SHARPE, Mr. and Mrs. TOSH, Mrs. HANGUARD, Mr. and Mrs. FINLAY, Mr. and Mrs. WARD, and Mr. and Mrs. CLAYDEN, are invited to attend the Funeral of their late beloved MOTHER, Janet Elizabeth McLachlan; to leave the residence of her daughter (Mrs. Tosh), 165 Burwood-road, Burwood, THIS DAY, at 2.30 p.m., for Presbyterian Cemetery, Rookwood. By road, per motor funeral. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 6 April 1925 p 9

McLachlan Mary (Day)

m. William Arthur McLachlan (1871 Queanbeyan – 1903 Son of Allan McLachlan & Mary) 1892 Paddington

  1. (m) Wilfred L McLachlan b. 1894 Paddington
  2. (f) Eileen O McLachlan b. 1896 Paddington
  3. (m) William Arthur McLachlan b. 1897 Paddington d. 1957 Sydney
  4. (u) McLachlan
  5. (m) John Francis McLachlan b. 2/7/1902 Dapto 28009/1902 d. 1964 Rockdale

Husband committed suicide His youngest brother William McLachlan, a clerk, living at Dapto, visited Sydney in connection with his brother's death. He was very much depressed, and on Tuesday evening of of last week, while at his sister-in-law's place went into an upstairs room and shot himself with a revolver, death being instantaneous. He was 32 years of age, and leaves a wife and five young children. At the inquest a verdict of suicide while suffering from mental depression was entered. The Wyalong Star and Temora and Barmedman Advertiser (West Wyalong, NSW : 1894 - 1895; 1899 - 1906) Tuesday 28 July 1903 p 4

McLane/McLean Mary (Walise)

m. McLane

  1. (f) Winifred Agnes McLane 2/6/1868 Wollongong

Researcher cannot find a birth registration for this birth on the BDM’s

McLaren Juliet/ Julia (Waddell)

b. 14/1855 Nowra d. 1929

m. Robert McLaren ( 1855 Shoalhaven – 27/2/1917 Petersham Son of Alexander McLaren & Jane) 1878 Glebe

f. David Waddell m. Elizabeth McTavish

  1. (m) Peter Esrom McLaren b. 1879 Shoalhaven
  2. (f) Elizabeth M McLaren b. 1881 Shoalhaven
  3. (m) Robert S McLaren b. 1883 Shoalhaven
  4. (m) David A McLaren b. 1885 Kiama
  5. (f) Janet M McLaren b. 1888 Nowra
  6. (f) Ruby J McLaren b. 1885 Nowra
  7. (f) Mathuna McLaren b. 1892 Shoalhaven

McLaren Martha (Logan)

m. Thomas McLauren 1892 Sydney

  1. (m) Francis L McLaren b. 1893 Joadja Creek
  2. (f) Elizabeth T McLaren b. 1897 Helensburgh 12795/1897
  3. (m) Thomas McLaren b. 1899 Helensburgh 21562/1899

Husband was a colliery engineer at Helensburgh whom in 1900 left the town on the “Gera” with his wife and family to ’proceed to Scotland.’

McLaren Phyllis (Moss)

b. abt 1840 d. 26/9/1929 Darlinghurst

m. Robert McLaren

  1. (m) William McLaren b. 1933 Granville
  2. (m) Charles McLaren b. 1863 Wollongong 15008/1863 d. 1916 Sydney
  3. (m) George McLaren b. 1867 St George 4646/1867 d. 1867 St George
  4. (m) Edward J McLaren b. 1869 St George 5063/1869
  5. (f) Emily McLaren b. 1875 Glebe

McLAREN. —September 26, 1929, at Sacred Heart Hospice, Darlinghurst, Phyllis McLaren, dearly beloved mother of William and Edward, aged 89 years. Private interment. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Friday 27 September 1929 p 12

McLaren Sarah

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

MacLaren Sarah Ann (Lindsay)

b.1856 Wollongong d. 1964 Bathurst 26018/1964

m. Walter MacLaren (abt 1858 Tumut-3/9/1934 Son of Thomas McLaren &) 24/6/1885 Clifton 5525/1885

f. William Lindsay m. Sarah Bryen * see Matthews

  1. (f) Mabel McLaren b. 1886 Woonona (James G Gibson 1928)
  2. (f) Marion McLaren b. 1889 Woonona (Morgan H Simon 1914)
  3. (f) Sarah M McLaren b. 1891 Woonona d. 1893 Woonona
  4. (m) Walter Thomas McLaren b. 1893 Clifton d. 27/7/1917 Coast hospital Sydney
  5. (m) George L McLaren b. 1896 Woonona
  6. (m) S D McLaren
  7. (f) Annie McLaren b. 1903 Stockton ( Charles G Smart 1932)

Father living in Ashfield when their son enlisted in 1917. Husband a teacher at Tumut, Clifton, Stockton, Botany, Maitland and Ashfield. The family left Clifton in 1895

McLAREN — LINDSAY. — On the 24th June, at St. Emmanuel's Church, Clifton, by the Rev H.W.Taylor, M.A., Walter, only son of Thomas McLaren, of Tumut, to Sarah Ann, eldest daughter of the late William Lindsay, of Unanderra. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Saturday 18 July 1885 p 2

McLauchlan Catherine

d. 13/12/1898 near Jamberoo

m. Lachlan McLachlan

f. John m. Catherine

Cause of Death: fall from cliff

  1. (f) Jennette McLauchlan b. 1885 Kiama
  2. (f) Annie McLauchlan b. 1890 Kiama
  3. (m) David McLauchlan b. 1892 Kiama
  4. (f) Grace McLauchlan b. 1895 Kiama
  5. (m) William McLauchlan b. 1897 Kiama
  6. (u) Unknown McLaughlan b. d. abt 13/12/1898 near Jamberoo

A Woman Wanders from Home AND IS FOUND DEAD IN THE BUSH- A TERRIBLE TALE, Mrs . McLachan an Industrious woman well known in Kiama, wife of Lachlan McLachlan, quarryman, of Kiama wandered away from her home near the old toll bar on Tuesday last, and met with a terrible end in one of the wildest spots in the vicinity of Saddleback, She was seen at 6 a.m on Tuesday morning passing the Pioneer Factory, going in the direction of Jamberoo. Later on in the same day she was seen by two persons, Messrs. Herbert and Johnston in the vicinity of Mount Brandon, travelling up Saddleback, but was not afterwards seen alive. She is reported to have been rather strange in ther manner, and is stated to have said several times prevlous to leaving home that she was going away into the bush, to die, She was the mother of a very large family, seven of whom are now living. The local police , in charge of Senior Sergaeant Brayne, with a blacktracker and a number of civilans, diligently searched for traces of this missing woman on Wednesday and Thursday without success, and with faint hope of finding the unfortutanate Woman alive, Yesterday the party of searchers were successful, through the instrumentality of the black tracker, in discovering the body of the missing woman at the foot of a waterfall; about 80 feet high, just below Mr. Johnston's house. The deceased had apparently jumped over the falls, The body presented a horrible sight, The woman had been pregnant, and a new born babe, apparently fully developed, was discoverd lying as if having been born at the time of the terrible leap from above. It is surmised that the suicide, or accident, as the ease may be, took place on Tunesday. The place where the bodies were found was almost inaccessible, and a track two chainss in length had to be cut to convey them out, The remains were brought to Klama last night. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Saturday 17 December 1898 p 2

McLaughlan Florence (Peters then Hester)

d. 1935 Wollongong 15664/1935

m. Edward Hester (- 1923 Wollongong Son of William A Hester & Sarah McNally *) 1895 Woonona 4094/1895

m. Alexander J C McLaughlan (-) 1924 Wollongong

f. Walter Peters m. Ann

  1. (m) William Edward Hester b. 1895 Woonona d. 13/7/1897 Tarrawanna (drowned)
  2. (m) George Frederick Hester b. 1897 Woonona d. 1951 Wollongong (Myrtle E Elliott 1922)
  3. (f) Victoria M McLaughln b. 1898 Woonona d. 1898 Woonona
  4. (f) Victoria M Hester b. 1898 Woonona d. 1900 Woonona
  5. (f) Emily M Hester b. 1900 Woonona

Living at Rixon’s Pass in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties.

Florence Hestor deposed : I am the wife of Edward Hester, and reside at Tarrawanna. My husband is a laborer. The child, W. E. Hester, whose body the jury has seen, was my son. He was 1 year and 9 months old. I last saw my child alive by himself in the fowl-house about half-past 12 o'clock yesterday. He was playing by himself in the backyard. I was in the yard doing some washing. My sister-in-law, Mary Hester, was in the yard with us, but left us about 20 minutes before I discovered the body of the child. I was washing with my back towards the child.

About a quarter of an hour after I saw him in the fowl-house I missed him. I went to look for him, calling his name. I went to the hole in the yard and saw the child lying on his back, with his head under water. The whole body was under the water, but the lighter clothes were floating. The hole is about 2ft. deep where his head was. I cannot account for the child getting in the hole,- I pulled him out, and called out for assistance, and my sister-in-law and come neighbors came in. We did everything possible to restore him, but the efforts were of no use. The child's life was not insured in any way. John Hester, my husband's brother, dug the hole to keep water in some time ago. I told my husband once that I considered the hole dangerous, for fear any of the children would fall in. I told him he ought to fill it up or put logs on it. He promised to do so, but never did it, and I forgot to remind him again.

Mary Alice Hester deposed ; Yesterday, about 12.30, I heard my sister-in-law screaming, and went to her as soon as possible. I saw her with the deceased child in her arms. I examined him and thought he was dead. I then went for some of the neighbors, but when we came back we saw the child was dead. Mrs. Payne, one of the neighbors, tried to restore it but failed.

I never considered whether it was dangerous to little ohildren running about the yard alone. The watarhole has been there for about 15 months. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Thursday 15 July 1897 p 2

McLaughlin Elizabeth ()

m. James McLaughlin

  1. (m) James McLaughlin b. 6/5/1841 Wollongong

McLean Ann (Anderson then Carberry)

b. 20/4/1826 Inverness d. 10/6/1906 Kiama br. Kiama General

m. Michael Carberry (abt 1804 Tyrone Ireland -1855 Kiama ) Did not marry ?

m. Allen McLean (13/6/1820 Tyree Argyleshire Scotland – 29/12/1888 Jerrara Creek Kiama ) Son of John McLean & Janet McLean ) 9/3/1857 Kiama 1915/1857

f. Donald Anderson m. Margaret *

Ship: Asia 1839

  1. (f) Elizabeth Carberry * b. 7/11/1844 Jamboroo d. 1873 Kiama (Johnstone Graham 1867)
  2. (f) Margaret Carberry * b. 3/2/1847 Jamboroo d. before 1906 (John Young 1870)
  3. (f) Francis May Carberry b. 10/6/1850 Jamboroo d. 3/3/1910 Kiama (Elizabeth Butler * 1875)
  4. (f) Catherine Carberry b. 5/4/1853 Jamberoo reg Kiama RC d. before 1906 (Hector McKinnon)
  5. (f) Mary Carbery b. after her father’s death in 1855/6 d. after 1906 New Zealand ( James McIlwrath Wallace 1879)
  6. (f) Jessie McLean b. 12/4/1858 Jamberoo d. before 1906 (William Chambers)
  7. (f) Annie McLean b. 31/3/1860 Jerrara Creek d. 1888 Redfern (William Hutt 1886)
  8. (m) John McLean b. 18 /8/1862 Jerrara Creek d. 1924 Rockdale
  9. (f) Esther McLean * b. 11/11/1863 Jamberoo d. 4/5/1933 Marrickville (James Walker 1894)
  10. (f) Flora McLean b. 1/8/1866 Jamberoo d. 1896 (Lees)
  11. (f) Louisa/Lilian McLean b. 11/11/1869 Jerrara Creek
  12. (f) Jane McLean * b. 1873 Jamberoo d. 23/3/1938 Corrimal (Hughie Morris 1900)

Jessie married the late Mr. William Charmers, he is since dead; Annie married Mr. William Hutt, she has since died Ettie married Mr. James Walker, he is dead ; Florrie married. Mr Lees, she is dead leaving behind; Mrs.Charmers, Mrs. Walker;, Mrs, Morris; and Mr. John M'Lean; the only survivors;

She remarried as an Anderson not a Carberry , cannot find a marriage for Michael and Anne, it is possible that he was already married and could not marry her.

Mrs. Allan McLean, of Kiama, died at the age of 80. Australian Town and Country Journal (NSW : 1870 - 1907) Wednesday 20 June 1906


Among the numerous families who were forced, as it were, to leave” their native heathn-owing to bad land laws-to seek out homes, if not fortunes, in a then almost unknown country during the late thirties and early forties was one which emigrated from the Parish of Croy, Inverneeshire, Scotland, to Australia in the year 1839.

This family was Donald Anderson, together with his wife and a family, comprising Ann, John, Sanmuel, Margaret and Mary. Mr. Donald Anderson remained in Sydney about twelve months, where Margaret died, and shortly afterwards Kate was born, Mr. Anderson then decided to come to Illawarra, and to due course landed at Wollongong. Shortly after their arrival in Wollongong, this family, in common with hundreds of other families in those primitive days of advancement, found themselves perched on a bullock waggon surrounded with a load of general merchandise en route for Jamberoo. The first night of this dreary journey was spent at John Terry Hughes' station on the banks of the Mancquarie Rivulet (now known as Albion Park). The next day .the journey was resumed, and concluded, which in all human probability was, hailed with delight by every member of the family, as it is said no pen could describe, nor the keenest imagination conceive the emigrants'. feelings of those days, with nothing to see on either side of. The lonely track but dense bush or gigantic forests of trees, and no idea of any monetary future in front. At that time there was no sign of a house or a home between John Terry.Hughes' station and Captain Hart's brewery at Woodslack,Jamberoo .No, nothing but chained gangs of humanity,,being driven like brute beasts to and from their wretched hovels to make roads, by men far more coarser than those in the chain.

Those of us who can remember some. thing of the -later, pioneerings days. Know full well that luxuries or refinements monopolies. .Everyone seemed to settle down to the stern realities of bush life. and bush habits. Many, of course; retained as much of the home customs and habits as was complatible with their surroundings, whilst others drifted away into all sorts of conditions; the few remained steadfast, working to at future, thus showing how difficult it is to drum the aboriginal nature out of some people, let visionaries say what they may.

Among. the emblems of Celtic natiolinlity not one is more cherilshed by the Scottish race than their homes, thereforo, Mr. Anderson soon.founded a home on Mr. John Ritchie's esteat adjoining the Cole properties of to-day. Here the .subject of my sketch, the late Mrs. Allan M'Lean ' was married to the late Michael Carberry, by whom she had five children, of whom, only two are living.' Betsey married Mr. Johnston Graham, both, being dead; Maggie married Mr. John Young, she is dead; Kate married Mr. Hector M'Kinton, she is dead ; leaving Mrs. Wallace (of New. Zealand) and Mr. Frank Carberry (of Jerrara) the only surviving, members of that very much respected pioneer family. Later on the lately deceased lady married the late Mr. Allan M'Lean, by whom she had a children, Jessie married the late Mr. William Charmers, he is since dead; Annie married Mr. William Hutt, she has since died Ettie married Mr. James Walker, he is dead ; Florrie married. Mr Lees, she is dead leaving behind; Mrs.Charmers, Mrs. Walker;, Mrs, Morris; and Mr. John M'Lean; the only survivors;' of the second marriage. Mr Allan M'Lean died about 18 years ago, `The only surviving member of the Anderson family is Mr John Anderson, of Sydney.:

In or about the year 1842 the late Mr. Donald Anderson and Mr. Michael Carberry, purchased adjourning farms on the banks of the Jerrara Creek, and passed through all the hardships and troubles of pioneering (cont. ) The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Tuesday 19 June 1906 p 2

McLean Augusta W (Berg)

b. 1870 Beenleigh Qld 1870 B11200 d. 1946 Opossum Creek br. Bangalow

m. William McLean (-1939 Lismore Son of James McLean & Anne) 1889 Qld

f. Friederick Berg m. Pauline Just

  1. (f) Annie McLean b. 1889 Qld d. ( Lenoard Sinclair 1908)
  2. (f) Amelia McLean b. 1893 Fox Ground

Husband a railway ganger


The death has occurred of Mrs. Augusta McLean, aged 76 years, at the residence of her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Len Sinclair, Opossum Creek, after a short illness. Mrs. McLean settled at Opossum Creek in 1895 and was one of the pioneers. Born at Beenleigh, Queensland, she went to the Fox Ground, South coast, while a young woman where her husband was a railway ganger. Her husband predeceased her in 1939. There are two children, Annie (Mrs. L. Sinclair) and Amelia, of Sydney, and two grandchildren. Although in failing health for some years she had full use of her faculties until near the end. The funeral left the Presbyterian church after a service by Rev. Fox for the Bangalow cemetery. Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954) Monday 1 July 1946 p 4

MacLean Clara (Green)

b. 1862 Shoalhaven d. 12/9/1942 Lindfield

m. John MacLean ( abt 1860- 25/8/1912 Crows Nest Son of Donald MacLean & Sarah MacIntyre * ) 6/6/1883 Woollahra

f. Jeremiah Green m. Marion Thompson

  1. (f) Jessie MacLean b. 1884 Shoalhaven d. before 1912
  2. (f) Amy MacLean d. 1963 North Sydney
  3. (f) Sarah Margaret MacLean d. 1969 St Leonards
  4. (f) Annie Cameron MacLean d.
  5. (f) Gertrude A C Maclean d. (William J Tidex 1915)
  6. (f) Petronella MacLean b. 1894 Nowra d. 1920 Chatswood
  7. (m) Walter S MacLean d. 1932 Paddington

MARRIAGE.   MACLEAN-GREEN. - June 6, at the residence of L. H. Tarcourt, Esq., Fortitude House, Woollahra, by the Rev. J.P. Sunderland, John, youngest son of  Donald Maclean, Kiama, to Clara, fourth daughter of Mr. J. Green, general storekeeper, Nowra.    The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Tuesday 12 June 1883

OBITUARY The death occurred at her home, Oban, Lindfield, on Saturday last, of Mrs. Clara Maclean, widow of the late John Maclean, who was brother of the late Mrs. Joseph Weston, of Kiama. She is survived by three daughters, Amy, Madge and Anne (Mrs. W. J. Tidex) -and three other children predeceased her. She was the daughter of the late J. Green, the first postmaster of Nowra. Her late husband, John Maclean founded the “Shoalhaven Telegraph” and continued as its proprietor for 22 years until 1900 The Kiama Reporter and Illawarra Journal (NSW : 1899 - 1947) Wednesday 16 September 1942 p 4

Husband was the newspaper proprietor of the Shoalhaven Telegraph and Berry Register

McLean Blanche Fanny (McPhail)

b. 3/1/1874 Stanedykes West Dapto d. 22/6/1939 Woollahra

m.Hugh Maclean 1919

f. George McPhail m. Elizabeth Smith *

Living at West Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

McLean Elizabeth

m. John McLean

  1. (f) Elizabeth McLean b. 1899 Helensburgh

McLean Ellen (Murray)

b. 8/9/1830 Kesh Ireland d. 4/8/ 1881 Ulladulla/ Yatte Yattah

m. Andrew McLean (1825 – 1899 Yatte Yattah Son of Walter Hunter McLean & Mary Morne) 22/11/1850 Kiama

f. Charles Murray m. Susan Shannon *

  1. (f) Mary McClean b. 1851 Milton bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven
  2. (m) Charles McClean b. 8/1/1853 Milton bp. Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven d. 13/11/1933 Milton
  3. (f) Ellen McLean b. 1854 d. (Edwin Seccombe 1901)
  4. (f) Susan Elizabeth McLean b. 1856 Milton d. 1945 North Sydney
  5. (m) Walter Andrew McLean b. 16/1/1874 Ulladulla d. 1943 North Sydney ( Ethel Cork 1909)

Both resident Ulladulla

McLean/McClane/McClein Mary (Ryan)

m. John McClane

  1. (m) John McClane b. 22/11/1842 Wollongong
  2. (f) Margaret McClein b. 1/9/1844 Wollongong

McLean Martha see Boyd

McLean Mary Jane Florence (Lackey)

b. 29/6/1861 Liverpool d. 1939 North Sydney

m. John Alexander McLean (abt 1862 - 23/5/1924 Ryde Son of Neil McLean & Flora Campbell ) 26/2/1886 Granville

f. William Lackey m. Amelia Elizabeth Ryan

  1. (f) Mary Amelia McLean b. 20/8/1889 Kiama/Sydney
  2. (m) John Lackey McLean b. 11/2/1892 Kiama d. 27/9/1917 France
  3. (m) Norman McNeil McLean b. 1895 Kiama (Margaret Carlisle 1923)
  4. (f) Flora May McLean b. 1900 Kiama
  5. (m) Bruce Campbell McLean b. 1903 Blayney

Living at Ryde then their son enlisted in 1915.

McLEAN. - August 20th, at her residence Kiama, the wife of J. A. McLean of a daughter. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Friday 30 August 1889 p 2

MacLean Sarah (MacIntyre)

b. abt 1809 Argleshire Scotland d. 14/1/1883 Gerringong br. Gerringong General

m. Donald MacLean (1805 Fort William Scotland – 18/8/1888 Kiama )

f. John MacIntyre m. Jessie MacDonald

Ship: Monica 1857

  1. (m) Hugh MacLean b. abt 1842
  2. (f) Jessie MacLean b. abt 1843 d. 1863 Kiama
  3. (f) Margaret Hope MacLean * b. abt 1848 Fort William Scotland d. 9/2/1903 Kiama (Joseph Weston 1871)
  4. (f) Agnes MacLean b. abt 1849
  5. (m) John Maclean b. abt 1853 Argylshire d. 1912 St Leonards ( Clara Green * 1883)

WE regret to record this week the decease, at her residence, Gerringong, on Sunday morning, the 14th instant, of Mrs. Sarah Maclean, in her 73rd year. The following has been communicated to us by a member of her family :-“ Mrs, Maclean was the youngest daughter of the late Mr. John Macintyre, sheepfarmer, of Argyleshire, Scotland, who with his wife (nee Jessie Macdonald) were well known for their sterling qualities of character in their private family life and in their unassuming social relations of life; which were calculated to exercise a strong influence on the character of their children, respecting the death of one of whom-the Rev. D. Macintyre, of Kincardine–the ' London Scotsman ' said : -' No one who knew the man-so warm hearted, impulsive, and cheerful, so kindly in all his acts-can fail to lament in his death the loss of a personal friend. The Highlands can ill spare men like Donald Macintyre.' Though Mrs. Maclean's sphere of energy and influence was confined chiefly to her family circle she inherited to a high degree the strong, good sense and the kindly disposition which marked the character of her parents. Others besides those who were immediately within the pale of her family circle know the cheerful fortitude of her nature under a more than ordinary share of domestic afflictions. But her unwavering devotedness to the interests of her family under heavy disadvantages, that rendered her life almost heroic, wae N s chief feature of her character. Even increasing years, beyond the alloted period     of human life, relaxed not her constancy   to maternal duties. The repose and retire- ment from active family attentions to which her years entitled her, independently of   what filial affections would proscribe, were rejected in order that some member of her family whom the troubles of life had endeared to her might have her kindly counsel and attention to the last moment. But these traits of character rested on, and were supported by, a strong yet simple and confiding faith in the helper of the helpless.' Her Saviour was a personal deity, her faith that which throws a halo of brightness around the deathbed and emits the rays of hope from the darkness of the grave; for it was not that of creeds and abstruce doctrines which creates sects and separates communities and even families by barriers more impenetrable than the edifices in which they separately worship. Though she severed the ancient landmarks of Presbyterianism, her simple church was the temple of the heart, and her altar of daily inspiration The Book, whose simple   pages were to her ever radiant with the re- generating and invigorating light of divine truth and love. Physically, Mrs. Maclean was blessed with an uncommon health. For the last twenty-five years of her life, until a few days prior to her decease, a doctor was not required to prescribe, and when Dr. Lacey was called soon after her prostrationt he failed to discover a trace of malady of any kind, but pronounced her weakness to arise simply from natural decay. A few hours prior to her death she walked as she was wont to do to her old arm chair, and was in full possession of all her mental faculties and senses unimpaired, till she fell into the pulseless sleep. She brought up a family of sons and daughters respectably, and left them in the influence of her character a legacy, in its far-reaching results incomparably superior to ' the treasures which the moth and rust do corrupt.' ” Her remains were interred in the Congregational portion of the public Cemetery, Gerringong, on Monday afternoon, the Rev. W. Riding officiating.

McLeay Annie

Living at Bong Bong St Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

McLennan/McLennon Jessie Ochiltree (Bell)

b. abt 1819 Edinburgh Scotland d. 28/5/1886 Brunswick Vic

m. John McLennan ( Scotland-) 8/12/1842 Woodville V 18424385 74B

f. William Bell

  1. (f) Johanna Jessie Ochiltree McLennan b. 1844 bp. Scotts Church Sydney d. 21/1/ 1875 Toorak Vic
  2. (m) John W McLennan b. 21/2/1847 Glenville Dapto bp. Presbytrian Wollongong
  3. (m) Charles Archibald Ochiltree McLennan b. abt 1848 Morpeth d. 20/1/1852 Fort St Sydney
  4. (f) Marion D McLennon b. 1851 Morpeth
  5. (f) Jessie Ochiltree McLennon b. d. (Thomas Toldie Smith 1882)

Father a teacher- husband a storekeeper at Dapto who was insolvent in 1847.

Married, At Woodville, near Wollongong, Illawarra, on the 8th instant, by the Rev. Cunningham Atchison, Mr. John M'Lennan of Inverness, Scotland, to Miss Jessie Ochiltree, eldest daughter of Mr William Bell, late of Edinburgh. The Colonial Observer (Sydney, NSW : 1841 - 1844) Wednesday 14 December 1842 p 5

“M'Lennan, Mrs. John, of a son, at Glenville, Dapto, Illawarra, on the 21st ultimo.” The Australian 6 March 1847

M'LENNAN.—On the 23rd inst., at Barkly-street west,  Brunswick, Jessie Ochiltree, beloved wife of John  M'Lennan, in her 68th year. The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Tuesday 25 May 1886 p 1

McLeod Annie

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll- Storekeeper

McLeod Catherine

m. Donald McLeod

  1. (f) Mary McLeod b. 1838 Sydney
  2. (f) Christina A McLeod b. 1839 bp. Presbyterian Wollongong
  3. (m) John McLeod b. 1842 Sydney
  4. (f) Elizabeth McLeod b. 1845 Portland Head
  5. (f) Margaret McLeod b. 1847 Portland Head

McLeod Catherine (McCrimmon)

b. 1806 Portree Scotland b. 25/2/1899 Nowra br. Nowra

m. Alexander McLeod (Isle of Skye, Scotland-before 1859 Possible at a gold field Son of Donald McLeod & Sarah) Portree Isle of Skye Scotland

Ship: Midlothian 1837

  1. (m) Donald McLeod b. 1834 Skye
  2. (m) John McLeod b. 1836 Skye
  3. (m) Neil McLeod b. 1838 Dunmore d. 1910 Tingha
  4. (m) Cornelius McLeod b. 1841 Wollongong
  5. (m) Hector McLeod b. 1842 Jamberoo bp. Presbyterian Wollongong d. 1934 Petersham
  6. (m) Alexander McLeod b. 1845 bp. Presbytrian Wollongong
  7. (f) Jane Alexander McLeod b. 1847 Kiama
  8. (f) Sarah Alexander McLeod b. 1849 Kiama
  9. (f) Flora(ence) Alexander McLeod b. 1851 Kiama

Husband a Farmer, Miner. Both Alexander McLeod and his wife Catherine are believed to have spoken Scots Gaelic.

Occupation: house servant.

McLeod Elizabeth Cordelia

b. 18/1/1863 Brownlow Hill Camden 6528/1863 d. 26/12/1904 Balgownie

m. Neil McLeod m. Maria Rann *

Living at Mount Keira in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

McLeod Elizabeth Ellen (Hall)

d. 1878 d. 24/5/1954 Cessnock

m. Alexander William McLeod (1864 Camden -1944 Cessnock Son of Neil McLeod & Maria Renn *) 1897 Sydney

f. Thomas Woollett Hall m. Ann McDade *

  1. (f) Elsie Esther McLeod b. 1898 Helensburgh d. 1987 (Hulyrick James Henry Easton 1914)
  2. (f) Reta A McLeod b. 1901 Wollongong d. 1974 (Amos Godfrey 1923)

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.

McLEOD, Elizabeth Ellen, passed away May 24th, 1954, dearly loved mother and mother-in-law of Elsie, Reta, Neil, Jean and Amos, and loving grand mother of Carolyn, Colyn and Paul. 'Resting, where no shadows fall' The Cessnock Eagle and South Maitland Recorder (NSW : 1913 - 1954) Friday 11 June 1954 p 3

McLeod Hannah

m. Alexander McLeod

  1. (m) Charles A McLeod b. 1878 Wollongong

McLeod Jessie Matilda (Petrie)

b. 1836 Montrose Tayside Scotland d. 7/3/1878 Kiama br. Kiama

m. Duncan McLeod ()Melville Lane Montrose Tayside Scotland

f. William Petrie m. Mary Stephen

  1. (m) James Duncan McLeod b. 1859 d. 1928 Balmain South
  2. (m) Daniel McLeod b. 1861 d. 1939
  3. (m) Alexander Anderson McLeod b. 1864 d. 1939
  4. (m) William Petery McLeod b. 1866 Sydney d. 1939 Marrickville
  5. (f) Jessie M.P. McLeod b. 1869 Sydney d. 1939

McLeod Lily Maude (Neville)

b. 1881 Wollongong d. 11/9/1966 Wollongong

m. John D McLeod 1930

f. James Neville m. Margaret Graham *

Living at Avondale in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic duties

McLeod Maria (Rann/ Renn)

b. 7/5/1838 Lewisham Kent UK d. 22/11/1906 Mt Keira br. Wollongong

m. Neil McLeod ( abt 1840 - 11/5/1878 ) 1862 Campbelltown 1729/1862

f. William Rann m. Mary Wallace

Ship: Edward Oliver 1856

  1. (f) Elizabeth Cordeila McLeod * b. 18/1/1863 Brownlow Hill Camden 6528/1863 d. 26/12/1904 Balgownie
  2. (m) Alexander William McLeod b. 1/11/1864 Brownlow Hill Camden 7339/1864 d. 29/7/1944 Cessnock  (Elizabeth Ellen Hall * 1897)
  3. (f) Margaret Rose McLeod * b. 7/2/1867 Brownlow Hill Camden 7890/1867 d. 24/7/1909 Mt Keira (James Emery 1885)
  4. (m) Neil Malcom McLeod b. 3/5/1869 Camden 9243/1869  d. 19/5/1904 Mt Keira
  5. (m) John Dugald McLeod b. 3/6/1871 Crossroads Wollongong 19578/1871 d. 24/6/1908 Mt Keira
  6. (m) Frederick Kenneth McLeod b. 1874 Mt Keira Wollongong 21596/1874  d. 26/4/1902 Mt Keira Consumption
  7. (f) Mary Caroline MacLeod * b. 6/9/1877 Mt Keira Wollongong 23169/1877 d. 4/4/1903 or 4 Wollongong   ( John J Hughes 1901)

Living at Mount Keira in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Probate Jurisdiction. In the will of MARIA M'LEOD, late of Wollongong, in the State of New South Wales, Widow deceased. Application will be made after four teen days from the publication hereof that Probate of the last Will of the abovenamed deceased may be granted to William Rann, of Balgiownie, … Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 30 November 1906 p 2

McMa Bridget (Egan)

m. Lewis McMa 1860 Wollongong 2862/1860

McMahon Anne (Moony)

m. Cullagh McMahon

  1. (f) Alice McMahon b. 26/8/1859 Ulladulla bp Kiama RC
  2. (m) Bernard Joseph McMahon b. 1862 Ulladulla d. 21/10/1934 Lismore (Margaret Jordan * 1893)

Husband a farmer lived at Ulladulla

McMahon Annie

m. John R McMahon

  1. (m) William J McMahon b. 1894 Helensburgh 16215/1894 

McMahon Annie (Abbott)

m. Michael McMahon 1880 Newtown

  1. (m) Henry McMahon b. 26/10/1880 Wollongong/ St George
  2. (f) Ethel Marie McMahon b. 19/11/1881 Wollongong 38319/1891 

McMahon Arabella MacIntosh (Fraser)

d. 17/1/1908 Balmain South

m. Henry Stephen McMahon (- 2/1/1943 Earlwood Son of ? & Margaret )

f. James Frazer m. Eliza

  1. (f) Claribel McMahon b. 1884 Talbot Vic
  2. (m) Henry James McMahon b. 1886 Swan Hill Vic d. 8/7/1954 Mt Coolo Cook Qld
  3. (f) Mary Etta McMahon b. 1891 Balranald d. 1970 Kogarah (James J L Quinn 1921)
  4. (m) John H McMahon b. 1893 Balranald
  5. (f) Lillian May McMahon b. 1895 Lithgow d. 1980 (Arthur Henry Drew 1918)
  6. (m) Ernest Patrick McMahon b. 1898 Burwood d. 1955 Burwood
  7. (m) Francis McMahon b. 1901 Wollongong d. 11/2/1942 Kranji Singapore
  8. (f) Margaret McMahon b. 1903 Wollongong

Living at Marr St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Husband a plumber, Inspector of Public Works and storekeeper.

Return Thanks.

WE wish to tender our sincere thanks to Mr. Mowle, of the E.S. and A. Bank, who rescued our three children from drowning in the Gentlemen's Baths last Sunday afternoon.

MK. and MRS. H. S. M'MAHON,


15th July, 1902. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Wednesday 16 July 1902

McMAHON.— January 17, 1908, at the residence of her Sister-in-law, Sydney, Arabella McMahon, wife of H. S. McMahon, Marr-st., Wollongong. The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930) Tuesday 18 February 1908 p 6

McMahon Bridget (Connors/O’Connor)

b. abt 1824 Kilfinour Clare Ireland d. 1904 Wollongong

m. Patrick McMahon (abt 1821 Kilfinour Clare Ireland- 20/9/1875 Fairy Meadow )

f. Nicholas m. Ellen

Ship: 1849 Emma Eugenia

  1. (m) Michael McMahon b. abt 1846 Kilfinour Clare Ireland
  2. (m) Patrick McMahon b. 1851
  3. (f) Catherine McMahon * b. 24/10/1852 Ferry Meadow (John Copas 1875 )
  4. (m) Patrick McMahon b. 14/2/1855 Fairy Meadow d. 1941 Wollongong ( Mary McGeary * 1882)

Husband died from a fall from a horse.

Her son describes his father’s movements when he first arrived in NSW which could also apply to her. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 28 November 1924 p 1

McMahon Bridget (O’Loughlan)

m. Bryan McMahon

  1. (f) Annie McMahon * b. abt 1850 Bulli (John ONeil 1878)

McMahon Catherine Elizabeth

m. William Hugh McMahon (-3/8/1923 Leichhardt)

  1. (m) Victor William J McMahon b. 1887 Sydney d. 28/7/1951 St Peters
  2. (m) Robert Thomas McMahon b. 1893 Helensburgh d. 18/2/1939 Leichjardt
  3. (m) John James McMahon b. 1896 Sydney d. 11/12/1953 Auburn
  4. (m) Francis M McMahon b. 1899 Helensburgh d. 1900 Helensburgh
  5. (f) Irene M McMahon b. 1901 Helensburgh

McMahon Catherine (Maloney)

m. James McMahon

  1. (m) John McMahon b. 3/2/1852 Shoalhaven
  2. (m) Martin Dan McMahon b. 20/8/1856 Shoalhaven bp Kiama RC
  3. (f) Ellen McMahon b. 9/1/1859 Shoalhaven bp Kiama RC

Husband a settler

McMahon Catherine Mary

1903 Electoral roll –living at Fairy Meadow Domestic Duties

McMahon Christine (Stynes)

b. 1866 Orange d. 14/6/1939 Leichhardt

m. Charles Edward MacMahon (1865-1927) 1897 Sydney

  1. (f) Christine H M MacMahon b. 30/7/1906 Stanmore

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties Husband an accountant

MACMAHON.—July 30, at her residence, Newington- road, Stanmore, the wife ot Charles Edward MacMahon—a daughter. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 4 August 1906 p 10

MacMAHON.—June 14th, 1939. at her residence. Leichhardt. CHRISTINE MacMAHON, relict of the late Charles Edward MacMahon, and greatly loved mother of Dr. Nell McMahon. R.I. P. The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954) Wednesday 14 June 1939 p 9

McMahon Elizabeth

m. James McMahon

  1. (m) Thomas McMahon b. 1/8/1860 Kiama bp Kiama RC 7889/1860 

McMahon Ellen (Murphy)

b. abt 1849 d. 5/8/1914 Woonona br. Bulli General

m. James McMahon 16/7/1876 Mudgee 3361/1876

  1. (f) Hannah McMahon b. 1877 Gulgong 15924/1877 (Chambers)
  2. (m) Joseph McMahon b. 19/4/1878 Mt Keira 24722/1878 d. 1945 Kingsford
  3. (f) Mary McMahon * b. 19/4/1878 Mt Keira 24723/1878 d. 8/12/1946 Killara (John Veigel 1896)
  4. (f) Ellen McMahon b. 1880 Campbelltown 11938/1880 d. 25/4/1945  (Richard G Kirby 1901)
  5. (f) Sarah McMahon * b. abt 1882 Mudgee d. 20/9/1950 Bulli Hospital ( George James Spinks 1901, Denis Sharples 1943 )
  6. (f) Margaret McMahon b. 1884 Liverpool 17877/1884 d. 1884 Liverpool
  7. (m) Unamed Male McMahon b. 1884 Liverpool 17878/1884 d. 1884 Liverpool
  8. (m) Unamed MaleMcMahon b. 1884 Liverpool 17879/1884 d. 1884 Liverpool
  9. (f) Theresa McMahon b. 20/5/1885 Clifton 23728/1885 d. 1886 Woonona

When her daughter Hannah died she left an estate to her siblings or father if he survived her. This implies that her husband left her and the family did not know if they had any further brothers or sisters or when and where their father died.

McMahon Fanny (Hards then Weller)

m. John Weller (-1894 Wollongong ) 1882 Wollongong

m. William McMahon 1897 Wollongong

  1. Harriet Weller /Ellis b. abt 1871 adopted

When looking at the adopted daughters behaviour and the married of the above couple maybe inked.

When her first husband died she carried on her husband’s cart business.

Harriett Weller, or Ellis, 11 years of age, in custody, was charged with stealing the Missionary box, containing £2 or £3, from the Church of England Sunday school. A. considerable amount of evidence was taken, from which it appeared that the box was left in a press in the school ; that the key was left in the door from Saturday morning till Sunday morning, and the girl, finding the door thus accessible, went in and took the box, and having broken it open with a stone, hid it under the play-shed at the Public school, where it was found with about 16s in coppers still left in it, the police traced where she had spent 10s or 11s, but she declined to point out where the balance (more than she had spent) was hid. It also transpired that she was the adopted child of John Weller, who said he had received her when 24 days old from a woman calling herself Mrs. Ellis, and that she had take the habit of sleeping out of doors. She had been live nights away during the last three weeks. Ordered to be sent to the Shaftesbury Reformatory for 4 years. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 19 December 1882 p 2

McMahon Hannah (Devine))

b. abt 1832 Tyrone Ireland

m. William Hugh McMahon (abt 1832 Donegal Ireland- 1908 Rookwood Asylum ) abt 1852 Lanarkshire

Ship: 1860

  1. (m) James McMahon b. abt 1852 Lanarckshire
  2. (f) Ann McMahon b, 1857 Donegal Ireland
  3. (f) Hannah McMahon b. 1859 Donegal Ireland (Thomas G Green 1882)
  4. (f) Margaret McMahon b. 6/6/1860 Keira Vale 13915/1860 d. 1860
  5. (f) Mary Lucy McMahon b. 26/9/1861 Bulli 14482/1861 
  6. (m) Hugh McMahon b. 2/9/1863 Bulli
  7. (f) Rose McMahon b. 8/6/1866 Bulli
  8. (m) John Ross McMahon b. 20/6/1868 Bulli 18193/1868 
  9. (m) Maurus McMahon b. 27/3/1871 Bulli 19528/1871 
  10. (m) Joseph Edward McMahon b. 5/1/1873 Bulli 20737/1873

McMahon Louisa

Living at Marshall Mount in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

McMahon Margaret

Living at Church St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

McMahon Margaret (Jordan)

d. 27/8/1943 Lismore

m. Bernard Joseph McMahon (1862 Ulladulla -21/10/1934 Lismore Son of Cullagh McMahon & Annie Mooney *) 1893 Kiama 4176/1893 

f. Charles Jordan m. Catherine McCabe *

  1. (f) Catherine McMahon b. 8/1/1894 Albion Park 37759/1894 
  2. (f) Annie M McMahon b. 1896 Sydney (Thomas Borton 1925)
  3. (f) Margaret A McMahon b. 1899 Kiama 12918/1899 (Leo Lack 1926)
  4. (m) Cullagh Vincent McMahon b. 1901 Kiama 32604/1901 d. 1951 Ballina
  5. (f) Bernice R McMahon b. 1908 Kiama (Eric F Collins 1933)

Living at Gerringong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husbnad a barber.


Mrs. Margaret McMahon, of 19 Hunter-street, Lismore, widow of the late Bernard Joseph McMahon, who died in the Lismore Base Hospital on Friday morning, was buried on Saturday afternoon in the Roman Catholic portion of the Lismore cemetery.A service was conducted in St. Cartilage's Cathedral by the Rev. Monsignor Magurr::, who also officiated at the graveside. The pall bearers were Callagh McMahon (son). T. Borton and E. J. Collins (sons-in-law), E. Fisher, J. Maroney and W. Hurley. Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954) Monday 30 August 1943 p 4

McMahon Margaret (Mallon/Mellon)

m. Hugh McMahon

  1. (m) John McMahon b. 25/2/1843 Broulee
  2. (m) Joseph McMahon b. 24/12/1844 Broulee

McMahon Mary

Living at Bourke St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

McMahon Mary

Living Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. With John McMahon a miner.

McMahon Mary

R. v. Doyle [1840] NSWSupC 5
Supreme Court of New South Wales
Dowling C.J., 1 February 1840

John Doyle was indicted for ravishing Mary McMahon, at Wollongong, on the 9th July.

The prosecutrix, a girl about fourteen years of age, swore positively to the offence having been committed by the prisoner.  The girl’s uncle swore that he found a hat at the place where she alleged that the offence was committed, and in the hat was a certificate of the prisoner’s character, which he produced.  Dr. Osborne swore that on the day, on the evening of which the offence was committed, the prisoner shewed him the certificate: he also swore that he examined the prosecutrix, and was confident she had been recently violated, and there were several bruises on different parts of her person, which showed that there had been considerable violence.  After she was served with a subpoena, the prosecutrix was told that if she prosecuted the prisoner he would be hanged, and then his ghost would haunt her; and she was persuaded to go out of the way to Campbelltown, where she resided three weeks, co-habiting with a sawyer.  There were some slight discrepancies between the evidence given by the prosecutrix in Court, and before the Magistrate, but not on any material point.

Mr. Purifoy addressed the Jury at considerable length, dwelling with great force upon the discrepancies of the evidence, and the character of the prosecutrix.

The Chief Justice summed up at some length, recapitulating the whole evidence, and the Jury, after a few minutes’ absence, returned a verdict of Not Guilty.Sydney Herald 3 February 1840

SATURDAY. FEB. 8, 1840.

Edward;Woollhan, Michael Woollahan, Ann Woollahan (their aunt) and Francis Darling, all of Wollongong, who had on the 6th instant, had been convicted of seducing and enticing away from her home on pretence that Darling would marry her, Mary M'Mahon, a girl of thirteen years of age, with the intent to prevent her from giving evidence on his trial, against a man named Doyle, who had commited a rape upon her, were now brought up for judgment.

The clerk of the court having read a petition from the prisoners praying for a lenient sentence His Honor after perusing and considering the same, proceeded to pass judgment on the prisoners; observing that he could give no credence to their assertions in the petition, in opposition to the evidence on oath,, and the verdict of twelve, respectable men against them ; that their crime was one of great atrocity, and the guilt of the old woman, herself a mother; peculiarly aggravated. His Honor than sentenced Anne Woollahan to two years imprisonment in Parramatta Gaol, Edward and Michael Woollahan to two years imprisonment in Sydney Gaol, and Francis Darling to two years hard labour on the roads. The two young Woollahan* then with some difficulty withdrew their aunt from the bar, where she stood wringing her hands crying bitterly, and supplicating mercy. The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser 11 February 1840

McMahon Mary Agnes (McGeary)

b. abt 1855 Newcastle on Tyne England d. 1940 Wollongong

m. Patrick McMahon ( 14/2/1855 Fairy Meadow - 1941 Wollongong Son of Patrick McMahon & Bridget Connors *) 17/7/1882 St Francis Xavier’s 5011/1882

f. Terence McGeary m. Rosanna Rafferty *

  1. (m) Charles McMahon b. 18/1/1884 Fairy Meadow
  2. (f) Catherine Mary McMahon b. 11/4/1886 Fairy Meadow
  3. (m) Frederick McMahon b. 28/7/1888 Fairy Meadow d. 16/6/1916 France
  4. (m) Patrick Francis McMahon b. 27/8/1890 Fairy Meadow d. 30/4/1919 Calais
  5. (m) Francis Bede McMahon b. 21/8/1892 Fairy Meadow
  6. (m) Joseph McMahon b. 21/9/1894 Fairy Meadow
  7. (m) Thomas Reginald McMahon b. 24/12/1896 Fairy Meadow
  8. (m) Stanley McMahon b. 16/11/1898 Fairy Meadow d. July 1932 Prince Alfred Hospital Sydney
  9. (m) Arthur McMahon b. 3/10/1900 Fairy Meadow

1903 Electoral roll –living at Fariy Meadow Domestic Duties. Husband a labourers


Profound regret was expressed among her wide circle of friends in the Fairy Meadow and Balgownie centres when it became known on Saturday last that Mrs. Mary Mc Mahon, wife of Mr. Patrick McMahon of Balgownie, had passed away at the Wollongong . District Hospital at tho advanced age of 85 years. The deceased lady had been in indifferent health for some time, but this; combined with her great weight of years, did not prevent Mrs. McMahon from maintaining the bright and cheerful disposition that had characterised her throughout her long sojourn on this 'earth. Arriving in Australia from Ireland at a very early age, the deceased lady settled down with her parents in the Illawarra district, in which ceritre she had resided coritinuisly till the time, of her death. After her marriage she resided at Fairy Meadow for a great number of years, and subsequently removed to Balgownie, in which center by her kindly disposition and noble neighbourly qualities, she became respected by all with whom she came in contact.

Of her large family of seven Sons and one daughter, three sons and a daughter survive her, while two sons made the supreme sacrifice in the Great War, another son dying in West Australia, and the youngest passing away in this district some few years ago. The high esteem in Which Mr. Mc .Mahon and, his family are held in this district was amply demonstrated by the huge number of persons who followed the remains to their last resting place in the Roman Catholic cometery at Wollongong. At the church, in which for many years the deceased lady had. been a devout worshipper, a short service was conducted by the Rev.Father Callaghan, who subseluently performed the last sad rites at the graveside.; The pall bearers vvere representatives of the North Illawarra Council, the Mayor of which (Ald. McMahon) is a son of the deceased. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 2 August 1940 p 6

McMahon Mary (Waldron)

b. abt 1819 Wicklow, Ireland d. 13/12/1893 Jamberoo br. Jamberoo

m. John McMahon (abt 1816 Tyrone, Ireland -) abt 1840 Dublin Ireland

f. ? Waldron m. Mary

Ship: Theresa 18/8/1840

  1. (m) James McMahon b. 1/5/1841 Melbourne Vic
  2. (f) Henrietta Caroline McMahon * b. 22/10/1842 Melbourne Vic d. 10/12/1935 Lismore (Edward Johnston 1860)
  3. (m) John McMahon b. 12/6/1845 Sydney
  4. (f) Margaret Ann McMahon * b. 30/5/1847 Riversdale Kiama d 5/1/ 1902 Arncliffe (George Johnson 1868 )
  5. (f) Elizabeth Jane McMahon * b. 19/10/1848 Riversdale Kiama d. 24/12/1928 Campsie ( John Curtis 1877)
  6. (m) William John McMahon b. 10/5/1849 Riversdale Kiama d. 11/6/1900 Sydney
  7. (f) Mary Ann McMahon b. 16/9/1852 Riversdale Kiama d. 21/1/1936 Burwood
  8. (f) Louisa McMahon b. 10/4/1854 Riversdale Kiama d. 2/1/1936 Sydney
  9. (m) Frederick Waldron McMahon b. 30/9/1855 Riversdale Kiama d. 29/9/1952 Maroubra ( Elizabeth Ann Sarah Williams 1889)
  10. (f) Sophia Dunbar McMahon * b. 27 /9/1857 Riversdale Kiama 7563/1875 d. 31/8/ 1906 Woolloomooloo (John Nelson 1881)
  11. (f) Letitia McMahon * b. 17/2/1859 Riversdale Kiama 8340/1859 d. 13/7/ 1944 Ashfield (Robert Barron 1891)

Husband a Groom and Horse dealer

On Monday, the 10th instant, Mrs. John McMahon, of Spring Hill, Kiama, of a daughter. The Sydney Morning Herald 18 April 1854

Mary Waldron McMahon set up a store – Jubilee Store, Robertson – for her son Frederick. They lived at Jamberoo, the home called Rose Cottage. John McMahon, Sen. left the home c.1859. When Hnerietta was married 19 June 1860, Mary gave permission to marry as John had left home twelve months before and was last heard of in Melbourne. He had no contact with his family after 1859. Mary took up nursing to provide for her family. She had been left with several youngsters – two boys and five females plus baby only just born – the eldest girl being only twelve years old. Mary was a true pioneer woman. Apart from the young family she had to provide for she loved her church and brought her children up with these ideals. Mary died from paralysis which she endured for three weeks - aged 74 years and surrounded by her family.

McMahon Rebecca (Fitzgerald)

b. abt 1823 Antrim Ireland

m. Terence McMahon 16/11/1845 Shoalhaven

Both resident Shoalhaven

Convict Permission to Marry Index 1845 Wollongong

Ship: Wilson 1842

McMahon Winifred (Flood)

b. 1815 Ireland d. 20/11/1881 Waterloo

m. Patrick McMahon (1814 Ireland- 30/4/1868 Bulli Son of Ross McMahon & Rose Crane) abt 1831 Ireland

f. Denis Flood m.

  1. (m) Hugh McMahon b. abt 1831 Ireland d. 1862
  2. (f) Margaret McMahon * b. 1834 (George Bennet 1862, George Albert Burrowes 1872)
  3. (f) Rose McMahon b. 1836 Ireland d. 1894 (William Manning Cook 1855)
  4. (f) Bridget McMahon * b. 1841 Pettigo Donegal Ireland (Edward Thomas Handley 1859)
  5. (m) James McMahon b. 1844 Ireland d. 1886 (Mary Sheldon)
  6. (f) Anne Teresa McMahon * b. 1845 Ireland d. 9/7/1908 Wollongong (Robert Cook)
  7. (f) Jane Elizabeth McMahon b 1848 Fermanagh Ireland d. 28/12/1887 Sydney
  8. (m) Sydney McMahon b 1852 Ireland

McManus Bridget

b. abt 1838 d. 10/4/1906 Kiama br. Wollongong General

m. Terence McManus (abt 1838 -10/11/1906 Kiama )

Living at Lakelands in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Mrs. Terence McManus, a respected resident of Foxground for over 30 years, died on Saturday. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 23 April 1906 p 8 A

McManus Elizabeth (Murphy)

b. abt 1860 Fermanagh Ireland d. 15/1/1914 br. Wollongong General

m. Patrick McManus (abt 1856 -4/6/1924 Coffs Habrour Son of Terence McManus & Mary A ) 1880 Sydney

f. James Murphy m. Ann

  1. (m) Francis Edward McManus b. 4/8/1881
  2. (m) John James McManus b. 23/7/1882 Fairy Meadow
  3. (m) James McManus b. 22/2/1884 Wollongong
  4. (f) Mary Ann McManus b. 17/5/1885 Wollongong
  5. (u) Unnamed McManus b. 1887 Wollongong
  6. (m)? Frederick Reginald McManus b. 19/4/1889 Wollongong
  7. (m)? William Frederick McManus ? b. 19/4/1889 Wollongong
  8. (f) Eileen F McManus b. 1889 Wollongong

1903 Electoral roll –living at Fairy Meadow Domestic Duties

McMANUS.—January 15, 1914, at her late residence, Bourke-street, Wollongong, Elizabeth, beloved wife of Patrick McManus, aged 54 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Friday 16 January 1914 p 8

McManus Elizabeth (O’Hara)

m. Thomas McManus 10/1/1847 Wollongong

Both resident Wollongong

  1. (f) Mary Elizabeth McMan’s b. 17/11/1847 Wollongong
  2. (f) Ann Jane McMannus b. 31/3/1849 Wollongong
  3. (m) James McManus b. 30/9/1851 Fairy Meadow
  4. (m) Thomas William McManus b. 23/6/1853 Wollongong

McManus Mary (Callaghan/Colligan)

m. Patrick McManus

  1. (m) Alfred McManus b. 3/4/1853 Shoalhaven Reg Kiama RC
  2. (f) Cecilia MacManus b. 7/11/1854 Shoalhaven reg Kiama RC
  3. (f) Ellen McManus b. 3/1/1856 Shoalhaven reg Kiama RC

Husband a Settler

McManus Mary (Egan)

m. Patrick McManus

  1. (f) Sarah Ann McManus b. 5/6/1868 Fox Ground bp Kiama RC

Husband a labourer

McManus Mary (Fitzsimmons)

m. Patrick McManus

  1. (m) Charles McManus b. 26/4/1843 Shoalhaven
  2. (m) Charles McManus b. 12/4/1845 Shoalhaven
  3. (f) Frances McManus b. 19/12/1846 Shoalhaven

McManus Mary (Goodwin)

m. Patrick McManus 20/7/1851 Shoalhaven

McManus Roseanne (McConnell)

m. Patrick McManus

  1. Mary McManus * b. abt 1845 Wollongong (Peter Connor 1867)

McMeekan Jessie Keddie (Ballantyne)

b. abt 1857 d. 36/3/1935 Mayfield br. Sandgate

m. John McKeekan (abt 1859 Scotland-14/2/1931 Mayfield Son of Thomas McMeekan & Mary) 7/3/1884 Troqueer Banks Dumfries Scotland

f. Thomas Ballantyne m. Eliza

  1. (f) Mary McClymont McKeekan b. d. 1971 St Leonards ( Herbert R Wicks 1922)

Living at Bellambi in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a coke burner, later he was the manager of the coke works at Bellambi and was later in a management position at the BHP steelworks at Newcastle.

McMEEKAN — BALLANTYNE. — March 7, 1884, at Troqueer Banks, Dumfries, Scotland, by the Rev. J. D. McKinnon, John, son of Thomas McMeekan, sculptor, to Jessie Keddie, youngest daughter of Thomas Ballantyne, Troqueer Banks. Present address, Teviotdale, Bellambi, N.S.W. The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930) Saturday 6 March 1909 p 8


Mrs. Jessie Keddie MeMeckan, relict of Mr. James McMeekan, for many years associated with the Broken Hill Proprietary Co. Ltd.,. died yesterday afternoon at her residence in Faweett-street, Mayfield. Mrs. MccMeekan had been in illhealth for about a year. She was 78 years of age, and was highly esteemed among wide circle of friends. .Though not actively associated with public organisations,she was known as a very generous-hearted woman, who responded unfailingly to calls for assistance on the part of those in need.

In her active years a she was a valued helper in the work of the Presbyterian Church at Hamilton.

The funeral will. take place this afternoon. Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate (NSW : 1876 - 1954) Wednesday 27 March 1935 p 6

McMeeking Catherine

m. Peter McMeeking

  1. (f) Ruth McMeek9 ing b. 1843 bp. Presbyterian Wollongong

McMillian Caroline (Lovett then Bate)

b. 1823 England d. 1888 Hobart Tas

m. Richard Elliston Bate (1811 Hobart Tas -19/12/1849 Dapto/Wollongong Son of Samuel Bate & Matilda King) 6/8/1839 Hobart Tas

m. Donald McMillan (1820-) 7/8/1855 Hobart Tas

f. George Artis Lovett m. Esther Thurgate

  1. (m) George Archibald McMillian b. 7/3/1858 Port Cygnet Tas
  2. (f) Marion Louisa McMillian b. 26/1/1860 Port Cygnet Tas
  3. (f) Alice Ann McMillian b. 31/1/1862 Port Cygnet Tas

MARRIED. —By special license, on the 6th instant, at St. David's Church Hobart Town, by the Rev. W. Bedford, senior Chaplain, Richard Ellison Bate, Esq., late Surveyor General of Distilleries in New South Wales, and eldest son of Samuel Bate, Esq., of Belvoir House, Sydney, formerly Judge Advocate of this Colony, to Caroline, second daughter of Mr. George Lovett, of Murray-street, Hobart Town. Australasian Chronicle (Sydney, NSW : 1839 - 1843) Friday 16 August 1839 p 4

ON 7th August, at St. George's Church, Hobart Town, by the Rev. Dr. Fry, Mr DONALD McMILLAN, of Port Cygnet, to CAROLINE, second daughter of Mr. George Lovett, Montpelier Retreat, Hobart Town, and relict of the late Mr. Richard E. Bate, Illawarra, New South Wales. Colonial Times (Hobart) 8 August 1855

McMonnies Edith Achsah (Saunders)

b. 1881 Nundle d. 1969 St Leonards

m. William David McMonnies (1887- 8/11/1948 Manly) 1907

f. John Saunders m. Margaret Smith *

  1. (f) Lillian G McMonnies b. 1908 Woollahra
  2. (m) John D McMonnies b. 1909 Woolllahra
  3. (m) William M McMonnies b. 1911 Woollahra
  4. (m) Charles McMonnies b. 1920 Chatswood b. 1920

1903 Electoral roll –living at Church St Smith’s Hill Wollongong No occupation listed

McMullen Catherine Harriet (Lucas)

b. . 25/10/1869 Camperdown Vic

m. Wingfield McMullen ( - 13/11/1927 Perth WA Son of Edward McMullen & Susan ) 20/12/1888 Healsville Victoria

f. Thomas Lucas m. Catherine Kenny

  1. (f) Elsie McMullen b. 1891 Kiama (Walters)
  2. (f) Irene Gladys McMullen b. 1901 Roelands WA ( Richards)

MARRIED. McMULLEN-LUCAS-On the 20th December. 1888, at the Presbytery, Healesville by the Rev. J. Green. WINGFIELD McMULLEN, fourth son of Edward McMullen, of Portland, to CATHERINE HARRIET LUCAS.     second daughter of Thomas Lucas, late of Colac. Portland Guardian (Vic. : 1876 - 1953) Wednesday 6 February 1889 p 2

Went to Western Australian goldfields

McMullen Margaret

m. Henry McMullen

  1. (m) John McMullen b. 1869 Woonona 11522/1911

McMullen Roseanne (Collins)

b. 17/6/1838 Omagh, County Tyrone, Ireland d. 11/6/ 1914 Coffs Harbour br. Coffs Harbour

m. Henry McMullen (25/5/1834 Belfast Ireland -27/9/1924 Coffs Harbour Son of Henry McMullen & Rose) 17/9/1861 Wollongong

f. Patrick Collins m. Rachel Woods

  1. (m) Daniel J Collins b. 19/6/1862 Bulli 15101/1862 d. 1919 Gulgong
  2. (m) Patrick Collons Joseph McMullen b. 30/11/1863 Bulli 16436/1864 d. 1944 (Margaret Smith)
  3. (m) Henry McMullen b. 7/4/1865 Bulli d. 1928 Inverell
  4. (m) Thomas McMullen b. d. 1867 Berrima
  5. (f) Rachel McMullen b. 1868 Berrima d. 1932 Bellingen
  6. (m) John McMullen 1869 Berrima d. 1871 Sydney
  7. (m) James McMullen b. d. 1871 Hartley.
  8. (f) Rose McMullen 1872 Hartley d. 1960 Campsie
  9. (m) Joseph McMullen 1874 Hartley d. 1951 Grafton
  10. (m) Peter McMullen 1876 Hartley
  11. (m) Nicholas James 1878 Cowra d. 1954 Bellingen (Catherine Daley)
  12. (m) Phillip McMullen b 1880 Corwa d. 1939 Bellingen (Evelyn Mary Ann Dillon)

BIRTH. On the 30th November, Mrs. Henry   McMullen, of a son.  Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 4 December 1863 p 2

McMullen Sarah Ann (Kerns/Kearns/Kearnes)

b. 3/2/1844 Charcoal d. 1916 Tacoma Pierce Co Washington USA

m. Daniel McMullen ( 1830 Glasgow Scotland- 1889 Carbonado Washington Son of Henry McMillen & Rosane Fitzsimmons) 1859 Wollongong

f. Micheal Kearnes m. Sarah Ann Russell *

  1. (f) Rose Mcmullen b. 12/11/1860 Bulli 14036/1860 d. 1937 Enumclaw Washington USA (George Merritt 1877)
  2. (m) Henry McNullen b. 1862 San Francisco d. 1864 San Francisco
  3. (m) Francis McMullen b. 1865 San Francisco d. 1951 Tacoma Washington
  4. (m) Henry Thomas McMullen b. 1867 San Francisco d. 1890 Carbonado Washington USA
  5. (m) John George McMullen b. Soladad Canyon, Mojave Desert, Calafornia d. 1916 Mendota Washington USA
  6. (f) Sarah Jane McMullen b. 1871 San Francisco d. 1951 Tacoma Washington USA
  7. (m) Daniel McMullen b. 1874 Plymouth California d. 1938 Tacoma Washington USA
  8. (m) William Edward McMullen b. 1876 Plymouth Calafornia d. Lakeview Washington USA
  9. (m) Peter McMullen b. 1878 Hollister California d. Auburn Washington USA
  10. (m) Albert McMullen b. 1881 San Gregorio California d. 1920 Butte Montana USA
  11. (m) Edward McMullen b. 1885 Pomeroy Washington d. 1932 Veronia Oregon USA

McMurtrie Agnes (Brown)

b. 1879 Kiama 15875/1879 d. 1958

m. William A McMurtrie 1911 Kiama

f. Thomas Brown m. Jemima Blow *

Living at Holly Mount in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

McNabb Annie

1903 Electoral roll –living at Brighton Hotel Kiama Domestic Duties

McNabb Catherine

Living at Dunmore in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

McNab Catherine (Maloney)

m. James McNab

  1. (m) Richard McNab b. 11/1/1854 Shoalhaven reg Kiama RC

McNabb Eleanor Ellen (Emery/ Quinlan)

b. 1822 Omagh Tyrone d. 26/2/1884 Darkes Rd West Dapto br. West Dapto RC Cem

m. Phillip McNabb (abt 1818 Omagh Ireland – 15/3/1893 Dapto Son of George McNab & Catherine ) 1841 Omagh Tyrone Ireland

f. James Emery m. Catherine

Ship: 1840 Argyleshire

  1. (f) Margaret McNabb * b. 14/9/1841 Fairy Meadow RC Illawarra Wollongong ( John Collins 1867)
  2. (m) George McNabb b. 24/8/1843 Wollongong RC Illawarra Wollongong d. 22/3/1919 Dapto (Mary Murphy * )
  3. (m) James Mc Nabb b. 2/12/1845 Gardenhill RC Illawarra Wollongong d. 8/10/1919 Dapto
  4. (f) Ellen McNab b. 21/1/1848 Fairy Meadow RC Illawarra Wollongong
  5. (m) Thomas Mc Nab b. 29/1/1850 Wollongong RC Illawarra Wollongong (Mary Ann Dunn/Adam)
  6. (f) Mary McNabb b. 13/4/1854 Fairy Meadow RC Illawarra Wollongong d. 28/12/1919 Dapto
  7. (m) Henry Mc Nab b. 18/8/1854 Fairy Meadow RC Illawarra Wollongong (Maria E Kelly 1893)
  8. (f) Catherine McNab * b. 24/12/1856 Fairy Meadow RC Illawarra Wollongong d. 23/7/1931 Rockdale (James Burgess 1880)
  9. (m) William McNab b. 12/11/1859 Fairy Meadow 14277/1859

Phillip and Eleanor McNabb were bounty migrants engaged by A.B.Smith Esq. Later they acquired a dairy farm on Darke's Rd. along Robins Ck., Dapto where they remained for the rest of their lives.

M'NABB. —February 20th, at her residence, West Dapto, Eleanor, the beloved wife of Phillip M'Nabb, aged 65 years. May she rest in peace. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 29 February 1884 p 2

McNab Ellen (Magettigan/Gelligan/McGettigan)

b. abt 1839 d. 6/2/1900 Dunmore br. Albion Park Catholic

m. James McNab (abt 1834- 13/7/1899 Shellharbour Son of George McNab & Ellen) 1859

  1. (f) Bridget McNabb b. 24/3/1860 Shellharbour bp Kiama RC
  2. (m) George McNab b. 1861 Kiama
  3. (m) John McNab b. 1863 Kiama
  4. (m) Thomas McNab b. 1864 Kiama
  5. (f) Catherine McNab b. 11/9/1865 Stony Creek bp Kiama RC
  6. (m) Philip McNab b. 1/8/1867 Shellharbor
  7. (m) James McNabb b. 22/7/1869 Dunmore/Stony Creek bp Kiama RC d. 8/10/1941 Kiama
  8. (f) Lucy McNabb b. 5/10/1870 Shellharbour bp Kiama RC (John D Rankin 1897 )
  9. (f) Margaret McNab * b. 21/4/1872 Kiama d. 12/11/1955 Wollongong (John T Gleeson 1901)
  10. (m) McNabb b. 25/11/
  11. (f) Sarah Maria McNabb b. 28/6/1883 Dunmore d. 11/8/1951

Husband a settler who arrived in the Kiama district in about 1859.

AT her residence, Toolejooa Cottage, on the 21st April, Mrs. JAMES McNAB of a daughter. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 16 May 1872 p 2

On the 25th November, at her residence, Toolejooa Cottage, Gerringong, Mrs. McNAB of a son. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 18 December 1873 p 2

MRS. J. McNABB As announced In last issue Mrs Jns. McNabb, of Dumore, died on Tuesday last. Her remains were consigned to their last resting place on Wednesday     the Rev. Father F Hayden reading the prayers at the grave side. Mrs. McNabb was 61 years af age, and it is only a few months since the husband of the deceased was buried at the same place. The funeral was largely attended, and the family, berift of mother and father, In such a short period, have heartfelt sympathy. The Kiama Reporter and Illawarra Journal (NSW : 1899 - 1947) Saturday 10 February 1900 p 2

McNab Mary

Living at West Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

McNab Mary

Living at West Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

McNab Mary

Living at South Coast Rd Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll – House Keeper

McNab Mary (Healey)

m. William McNab 1892 Newtown

  1. (f) Ivy Mary McNab b. 22/9/1892 Unanderra

McNabb Mary (McCann)

b. Tyrone Ireland d. 30/7/1908 Brogher’s Creek br. Kangaroo Valley

McNab Mary

m. Edward

McNabb (-26/3/1897 Brodgers Creek) 1866 Kiama

f. Michael McCann m.

  1. (m) Thomas J McNabb b. 1867 Berry
  2. (f) Mary J McNabb b. 29/7/1868 Broughton Creek bp Kiama RC
  3. (f) Annie McNab b. 20/12/1870 Broughton Creek bp Kiama RC
  4. (f) Eliza McNabb b. 1871 Kiama
  5. (f) McNabb
  6. (m) Edward John McNabb b. 1875 Kiama

Husband a farmer.

Mrs. Mary M'Nab, died in her residence, Wattamolla. on Sunday, from nervous exhaustion. Sho was a native of Tyrone, Ireland, and for 46 years had been a resident of Brogher's Creek, She leaves two sons and four daughters. The Australian Star (Sydney, NSW : 1887 - 1909) Tuesday 4 August 1908 p 4

McNab Mary (Murphy)

b. 1852 d. 22/1/1935 br. West Dapto Catholic Cemetery

m. George McNab (24/8/1843 Wollongong - 22/3/1919 Dapto Son of Philip McNab & Eleanor Emery *)

f. Peter Murphy m. Eliza Lacey *

Death claimed on Monday a fine old Jady in the person of Mrs. Mary , McNab, relict of the late George Mc Nab, of Dapto. Deceased, who was 83 years of age resided at Wollongong* and was a devout adherent of the Catholic Church, and was a regular and daily attendant there. She was a sister to Mr. Mick Murphy, of Mt. Keira. where she resided as a girl. Her husband followed farming at Dapto for very many years. There is no family. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 25 January 1935 p 13

McNab Mary (Ryan)

m. Philip McNab

  1. (f) Ellen McNab b. abt 1850 Wollongong (John Ryan 1873)

McNabbs Ann

m. James McNabbs

  1. (m) James McNabbs b. 1835 CofE Dapto

McNally Charlotte ( Belby)

m. William McNally unmarried

f. Belby

  1. (m) Adam McNally/Belby b. 16/11/1839 Wollongong

McNally Judith (Kilfroy McDermott)

d. after 1839 possibly in Campbelltown

m. Patrick McNally( abt 1788 Roscommon Ireland- abt 1858) 1808 Canada

Shop: Broxbornebury 1814

  1. (f) Mary McNally * b. abt 1807 Canada b. abt 1857 (James Martin)
  2. (m) William McNally b. Canada
  3. (f) Eliza McNally b. abt 1813 England or USA d. 10/8/1875 Goulburn
  4. (f) Melinda Olivia L McNally * b. 1815 Pitt Town d. (Basil Kendall 1839)
  5. (f) Sarah McNally * b. 1820 Sydney d. 1892 Wollongong (Henry Walker unmarried, William Damon Hester )

Husband Patrick McNally was absent from his Regiment from 1810-1812 and his court martial resulted in his transportation to New South Wales sentenced to Life. He was a tenant of Dr Cox in the northern Illawarra. He was granted a Ticket of exemption from Government labour, to reside with his wife Judith

McNally/McAnally Martha (Savage)

b. abt 1819 d. 10/1/1916 Ashfield br. Rookwood

m. Robert McNally ( 3/1819 Lurgan Armagh-5/2/1904 Ashfiield Son of John McAnally & Mary Taylor) 26/12/1842 St Anne’s Church of Ireland Belfast Ireland

Ship: 1854

  1. (m) Henry McNally b. Dublin d. 1926 Sydney
  2. (m) John George Joseph McNally b. Dublin d. 1948 Sydney
  3. (f) Mary Ann McNally b. Dublin d. 1890 Sydney m 1879.
  4. (f) Margaret McNally b. Ireland d. c1857 ?Kiama.
  5. (m) John McNally b. Ireland d. c1857 ?Kiama.
  6. (f) Sarah Elizabeth McNally b. 1854 Sussex St Sydney d. 1854 Sydney.
  7. (f) Sarah Aballa McNally b. 1855 Kent St Sydney d. 1855 Sydney.
  8. (m) Jonathon McNally b. 1856 Kiama d. 1943 Sydney
  9. (m) William Thomas McNally b. 1859 Mt Salem Kiama d. Sydney
  10. (f) Margaret Elizabeth McNally b. 1861 Gerringong d. 1894 Sydney
  11. (u) 2 or 3 more Children McNally

McANALLY. - January 10, 1916, at her residence, Carshalton-street, Ashfield, Martha, the relict of late Robert McAnally, formerly of Milton-street,  Ashfield, in her 93rd year. By request, no flowers. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 12 January 1916 p 12

Her Husband’s brother George and his wife Sarah Waugh were also lived in the Illawarra

McNally Matilda

m. William McNally

  1. (f) Julia McNally b. 1848 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong
  2. (f) Eliza McNally b. 1850 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong
  3. (f) Matilda McNally b. 1852 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong

MacNally Sarah (Waugh)

b. abt 1817 Ballmarrenly Ireland d. 16/6/1880 Paddington br. Balmain

m. George McNally (Lurgan Armagh- 30/5/1896 Paddington Son of John McAnally & Mary Taylor) abt 1839 Ireland

f. William Waugh m. Elizabeth

Ship: 1842 “Wilson”

  1. (m) William John McNally b. 12/2/1842 Surry Hills d. Surry Hills
  2. (m) John George McNally b. 17/1/1844 Castlereagh St Sydney d. 29/3/1898 Paddington ( Annie George abt 1884)
  3. (f) Mary Jane Waugh McNally b. 17/1/1844 Castlereagh St Sydney d. 30/3/1921 Gladesville ( John Rundle 1872)
  4. (f) Helena McNally b. 30/3/1846 Pitt St Sydney d. Sydney ( James Fitzgerald 1875)
  5. (m) Joseph William McNally b. abt 1850 Illawarra d. 18/7/1879 Paddington
  6. (f) Catherine McNally b. 17/2/1851 Sussex St Sydney d. 23/3/1883 Botany ( Henry Bunce 1877)
  7. (m) Thomas Henry McNally b. 17/2/1852 Sussex St Sydney

Her husband George was the first of four brothers to arrive in Australia, his brother Robert and his wife Martha nee Savage also lived in the Illawarra. They were brought out by John Miller, George being listed as a farm labourer. However, the baptismal details of several children born to George and Sarah in Sydney between 1842 and 1846 describe him as a baker while in Ford's Commercial Directory of Sydney 1851 he is described as a commission agent. Sarah, at least, must have been in Illawarra in 1850 as it is known that a son was born to them at Wollongong that year. It is possible that George was carrying on a bakery business in Sydney until he leased land at Jamberoo from Henry Gray in 1857. Due to cattle destroying his crops and his cattle dying and other misfortunes George was declared bankrupt in 1857/8. By 1875 George and Sarah were living in Paddington where he is listed again as a baker.

McNamara Annie

m. Thomas McNamara

  1. (m) John McNamara b. 1868 Wollongong 18163/1868 

McNamara Bridget

Living Cordeaux River in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

McNamara Bridget (Connors)

b. 1805 d. 11/2/1863 Mt Pleasant br. Jamberoo

m. Francis McNamara ( 1807 Crusheen Clare- 11/9/1884 Mount Pleasant Son of Thomas McNamara & Mary Mitchell) abt 1828 Crusheen Clare Ireland

f. Bartholmew Connors m. Catherine Markham

Ship: 1841 “Gilbert Henderson”

  1. (m) Henry McNamara b. 7/7/1829 Doon d. 6/12/1914 (1853)
  2. (m) Unnamed McNamara b. 1831 d. 1831
  3. (f) Ann McNamara * b. October 1832 d. 1928 Haberfield (Patrick Larkin 1853)

McNAMARA -At his residence, MountPleasant, on the 11th ultimo, Francis McNamara, of County Clare, Ireland. He was husband of Catherine (nee O'Keefe.) He was buried beside his first wife at Jamberoo, on the 13th September. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Friday 3 October 1884 p 2

McNamara Catherine

m. Andrew McNamara

  1. (m) Unnamed McNamara b. 1891 Wollongong 38396/1891 

McNamara Catherine (Dyer)

b. abt 1851 Shoalhaven d. 12/4/1926 Lismore br. Lismore

m. Michael McNamara 1876 Berrima

f. George Dyer m. Ann

Mrs. Catherine McNamara.

There passed away at Cathcart-Btreet, Lismore, on the 12th inst., Mrs. Catherine McNamara, wife of Mr. Michael McNamara, at the age of 75 years. Born in the Shoalhaven district, she married Mr. McNamara 50 years ago, and went to Robertson, where they lived for a quarter of a century. Mr McNamara then bought an area of 640 acres at Goolmangar, Richmond Eiver, and, with his wife and family went to live on it.

After many years of hard work and self denial, this property is now one of the finest in the district. Deceased was a well known and highly-respected resident of Goolmangar and Lismore, as well as a devoted Catholic, and her home was noted for its generous hospitality. Deceased and her husband retired to Lismore some seven years ago to spend the eve of their lives alongside Lismore 's beautiful Cathedral.

During her illness of two months she was attended by the Rev. Father O 'Byrne, and was visited by his Lordship Bishop Carroll, Right Rev. Monsignor McGuire, V.G., and the Sisters of St. Vincent's Hospital. Besides a sorrowing husband she leaves two sisters — Mrs. Hanrahan (Gympie), and Mrs. Nesbitt (Waverley), and one brother, Mr. Con. Dwyer (Windsor) ; six sons — Messrs. Michael (Maleny, Q.), Patrick (Kyogle), John, Herbert,. Con, and William (Goolmangar), and four daughters — Mrs. J. B. Synott (Goolmangar), Mrs. P. Fields (Keerong), and Misses Ellen and Mary (Lismore. The funeral left St. Carthage's Cathedral, which she loved so well, for the Catholic portion of the Lismore Cemetery, and was attended by a large number of relatives and friends. The Catholic Press (Sydney, NSW : 1895 - 1942) Thursday 29 April 1926 p 35

McNamara Catherine (O’Keefe)

m. Francis McNamara ( 1807 Crusheen Clare- 11/9/1884 Mount Pleasant Son of Thomas McNamara & Mary Mitchell)

McNAMARA -At his residence, Mount Pleasant, on the 11th ultimo, Francis McNamara, of County Clare, Ireland. He was husband of Catherine (nee O'Keefe.) He was buried beside his first wife at Jamberoo, on the 13th September. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Friday 3 October 1884 p 2

McNamara Catherine (O’Keeffe then Timbs )

b. abt 1858 d. 26/12/1936 Wollongong br Jamberoo

m. James Timbs (4/12/1854 Jamberoo – Son of Gabriel Timbs & Elizabeth Fogarty *)1880 Kiama

m. Martin McNamara ( abt 1841 -4/2/1927) 1883 Kiama

  1. (m) Gabriel James Timbs
  2. (m) Michael Patrick McNamara b. abt 1871 d. 11/11/1933
  3. (m) Francis Ernest McNamara b. abt 1885 Jamberoo d. 10/5/1937 (Mabel Veronica Laurence 1910)

Living at Osbourne St Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a labourer

McNAMARA. - December 26, 1936, at a private hospital, Wollongong, Catherine McNamara, of Dapto, aged 77 years. Interred in Catholic Ceme- tery, Jamberoo, December 27. R.I.P. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 30 December 1936 p 10

McNamara Ellen

Living Cordeaux River in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

McNamara Ellen (O’Brien)

b. 1817 Ireland d. 12/12/1883 Lismore

m. James McNamarra ( abt 1820 Ireland -25/6/1852 Gundagai Son of Brian/Bryan McNamara & Mary Ready *) 12/5/1839 Wollongong

m. Thomas Francis McNamara ( abt 1823 Co. Mayo Ireland – 8/6/1893 South Lismore son of Brian/Bryan McNamara & Mary Ready *) 28/7/1855 Petersham

f. Thomas O’Brien m. Abigail Powell

She and First husband both resident Charcoal

  1. (m) Brian McNamara b. 7/2/1840 Charcoal
  2. (m) Thomas McNamara b. 10/7/1841 Wollongong
  3. (f) Mary McNaramar b. 1843
  4. (m) Patrick McNamara b. 1846
  5. (f) Elizabeth H McNamara b. 8/12/1848 Richomnd Vic d. Sydney (Lott Bruggy 1866)
  6. (m) Unnamed McNamara before 1853
  7. (m) Michael Francis McNamra b. 1853
  8. (m) Mattias McNamara b. 1855
  9. (f) Ellen McNamera b. 1855

McNamara Ellen (Nunan)

b. 7/12/1831 Limerick Ireland d. 26/12/1915 Barmedman br. Barmedman

m. Michael McNamara (1813 Murrisk County Mayo Ireland- 8/5/1882 Wyalong) 3/11/1847 Wollongong

f. John Nunan m. Elizabeth Donovan *

  1. (f) Margaret McNamara (Thomas)
  2. (m) Thomas Michael Clancy McNamara
  3. (m) James Michael McNarama
  4. (f) Elizabeth McNamara
  5. (m) John McNamara
  6. (m) Michael Jospeh McNamara
  7. (m) Stephen McNamara
  8. (f) Mary McNamara

He resident Argyle she of Dapto


The death occured on on Boxing Day of Mrs Ellen McNamara, of “ The Meadows,” Barmedman, at the grand old age ot 84. Deceased had not been seriously ill for long, the cause of death being senile decay.

The late Mrs McNamara was one of the best known and highly respected residents of the district, having resided there for a long time. The remains were interred in the in the R. C. Portion of the Barmedman cemetery, The Wyalong Advocate and Mining, Agricultural and Pastoral Gazette (NSW : 1900 - 1928) Wednesday 5 January 1916 p 2

The death is announced from Barmedman of Mrs. Ellen McNamara, at the residence of her son, Mr. Louis McNamara, “The Meadows” aged 84 years. The deceased lady was one of the first white people on the Bland, and had resided in the district for over 50 years. Young Witness (NSW : 1915 - 1923) Tuesday 25 January 1916 p 1

McNamara Honora (McKar/ McNamara)

b. abt 1837 Ballyline Co Clare Ireland d. 17/4/1887 South Grafton br. South Grafton

m. Patrick McNamara (-1913 South Grafton) 1863 Kiama

f. Michael McNamara m. Johanna Gorman*

  1. (f) Joanna McNamara b. 1866 Kiama 9551/1866
  2. (m) Daniel McNamara b. 1868 Kiama 10594/1868
  3. (m) Michael McNamara b. 1869 Kiama 12353/1869
  4. (m) Patrick McNamara b. 1871 Grafton
  5. (f) Bridget McNamara b. 1875 Grafton
  6. (m) James McNamara b. 1876 Grafton
  7. (f) Catherine McNamara b. 1877 Grafton
  8. (f) Ablam Jane McNamara b. 1880 Grafton

McNAMARA.- On Sunday, 17th April, HONORA, the beloved wife of Patrick McNamara; of South Grafton, leaving a large family and a large circle of friends. Clarence and Richmond Examiner and New England Advertiser (Grafton, NSW : 1859 - 1889) Saturday 23 April 1887 p 4

McNamara Hanora/Annie Nora (St Laurence/Lawrence/ Laurence)

b. abt 1840 d. 27/7/1903 br. Wollongong General

m. Thomas McNamara (abt 1835 Knockahollow Taumgraney Clare Ireland - 8/2/1919 Cordeaux River Son of Patrick McNamara & Nora Fennessey ) 30/7/1865 Bodyke Clare Ireland

  1. (f) Bridget McNamara b. 8/4/1866 Dapto d. 17/8/1938 (John Murphy 1908, Edwin Loosemore 1930)
  2. (m) John McNama b. 10/6/1868 Cattadore River
  3. (m) Thomas McNamara b. 19/2/1870 Coradore River d. 28/6/1959 (Sarah Thornton 1914)
  4. (m) Patrick McNamara b. 14/9/1871 Main Road Wollongong d. 24/1/1943 (Mary Ellen Dooley 1903 , Mary Sanders 1911)
  5. (m) Edward Bede McNamara b. 19/1/1874 Mount Keira d. 22/9/1940 Wollongong (Mary Ann O’Halloran * 1900)
  6. (m) James McNamara b. 5/10/1875 Cordeaduex River Wollongong d. 13/5/1961 (Julia Emma Pearle Walker 1911)

Living Cordeaux River in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

After selling the family farm in Ireland Thomas gave up his original idea of going to America and followed his mother and siblings, John, James, Sarah and Bridget to Sydney.

Unable to locate his family, John and his wife purchased land on the Cordeaux River where they successfully established apple orchards.

McNamara Johanna (Gorman)

b. abt 1808 Ballyline Co Clare Ireland d. 25/5/1874 br Jamberoo Catholic

m. Michael McNamara (abt 1800 Ballyline Co Clare Ireland- 1/9/1881)

Ship: Chowringhee 1855

  1. (f) Mary McNamara * b. abt 1835 Ballyline Co Clare Ireland d. 11/4/1918 Jamberoo ( John Brennan 1858)
  2. (f) Honora McNamara *b. abt 1837 Ballyline Co Clare Ireland d. 17/4/1887 South Grafton (Patrick McNamara 1863)
  3. (m) Martin McNamara b. abt 1841 d. 4/2/1927 (Catherine O’Keeffe *)
  4. (f) Hannah MacNamara * b. abt 1842 Ballyline Co Clare Ireland d. 1881 Robertson ( Laurence Egan 1864)
  5. (m) James McNamara b. 9/10/1856 Jamberoo bp Kiama RC 5274/1856

Husband a settler

McNamara Mary (Ready/Reddy)

b. abt 1793 Ireland

m. Brian/Bryan McNamara (abt 1788 Ireland -)

Ship: Caroline 1833

  1. (m) Michael McNamara b. Murrisk Ireland
  2. (m) John McNamara b. Murrisk Ireland
  3. (m) James McNamara b. abt 1820 Murrisk Ireland d 1852 Gundagai m 12.06.1839 Ellen O'Brien *
  4. (f) Honoria McNamara * b. abt 1822 Murrisk Ireland d. 1882 (Thomas Organ 1840 , Arthur McConnell)
  5. (m) Thomas McNamara b. abt 1823 Murrisk Ireland d 1893 Lismore ( Ellen O'Brien * 1885)
  6. (f) Mary McNamara b. abt 1825 Murrisk Ireland
  7. (f) Ann McNamara b. 1834 bp. 3/12/1834 Appin

Husband a convict

McNamara Mary Anne (O’Halloran)

b. 127/6/1880 Mt Kembla d. 12/11/1911 Sydney br. Wollongong General

m. Edward/Edmund Bede McNamara (1874- 22/9/1940 Wollongong Son of Thomas McNamara & Honorah St Lawrence * ) 26/12/1900 St Francis Xavier’s

f. John O’Halloran m. Mary Murphy *

  1. (f) Mary A T McNamara b. 1902 Wollongong
  2. (f) Honorah McNamara b. 1909 Wollongong (James Brownlee 1928)

Living Mount Kembla in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a baker.

The death occurred at a private hospital in Sydney on Sunday of Mrs. Edward McNamara, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O'Halloran, of Mount Kembla Hotel. The remains were conveyed to Wollongong yesterday, and interred in the local cemetery.Rev. Father Lonergan performing the last sad rites. The funeral was largely attended by relatives and friends ofthe deceased. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 14 November 1911 p 2

McNamara Mary Ellen (Dooley)

b. 20/10/1870 Gerringong/Toolijooa d. 1/12/1909 Petersham

m. Patrick McNamara 1903

f. Thomas Dooley m. Margaret Matilda Daly *

Living at Toolijooa in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

McNamara Teresa

Living at Port Kembla in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.

McNamee Bridget Agnes (Frost)

b. 1846 Co Clare Ireland d. October 1889 Sydney br. Waverley

m. Thomas McNamee (1841- 31/7/1889 Paddington Son of Matthew McNamee & Bridget) 17/5/1865 Dapto

f. William Frost m. Mary Galagher *

  1. (m) Mathew William MacNamee b. 22/4/1866 Wollongong
  2. (m) Thomas E McNamee b. 1868 Sydney
  3. (m) James Hubert McNamee b. 1870 Sydney
  4. (m) John Joseph McNamee b. 1874 Sydney
  5. (f) Marion McNamee b. 1876 Sydney
  6. (m) Charles B McNamee b. 1878 Sydney
  7. (f) Gertrude May McNamee b. 1881 Sydney
  8. (m) Herbert L McNamee b. 1883 Sydney
  9. (f) Kathleen M McNamee b. 1884 Paddington
  10. (f) Veronica McNamee b. 1887 Paddington

McNaughton Martha (Thornton)

b. 1868 Wollongong d. 17/10/1942 Georgetown br. Sandgate

m. John Daniel McNaughton (abt 1872 Hamilton -10/1/1926 Newcastle Son of Thomas McNaughton & Elizabeth) 1899 Wollongong

f. John Thornton m. Susan Shipp *

  1. (m) Henry Stamford McNaughton b. 1900 Hamilton d. 1981
  2. (m) Jack H McNaughton 1906 d. 1907 Albury

McNauly Isabella (Moss)

m. Owen McNauly 1/5/1842 Wollongong

  1. (f) Mary McHanly b. 26/1/1843 Shoalhaven

Both resident Shoalhaven

McNaulty Sarah (Dwyer)

m. James McNaulty

  1. (m) James McNaulty b. 19/3/1859 Shoalhaven bp Kiama RC

Husband a farmer

McNeely/McNeilly/Macpeely Johanna (Dunne)

d. 1920 Richmond

m. John McNeilly (-1911 Richmond Son of James MacNeely & Mary) 17/10/1860 Kiama

f. Michael Dunn m. Mary

  1. (f) Mary MacNeely b. 1861 Parramatta
  2. (f) Ellen MacNeely b. 1863 Windsor
  3. (f) Teressa M Macneely b. 1864 Windsor
  4. (f) Johanna MacNeely b. 1866 Windsor
  5. (m) James M C MacNeely b. 1868 Windsor
  6. (f) Catherine Agnes MacNeely b. 1871 Windsor
  7. (m) John Herbert MacNeely b. 1874 Windsor
  8. (m) Thomas Andrew MacNeely b. 1876 Richmond

On the 17th instant, by special license, by the Rev. Mr. Flanagan, at the Roman Catholic Church, Kiama, Mr. John McNeilly, to Miss Johana Dunn. Examiner (Kiama, NSW : 1859 - 1862) Saturday 27 October 1860 p 2

McNeil Abigail (Connell)

b. abt 1817 Cork Ireland d. 26/7/1894 Summer Hill br. Petersham

m. James Benidict McNeill (abt 1802 Ayrshire Scotland- 8/12/1874 Sussex St Sydney Son of Alexander McNeill & Margaret Kirkwood) 31/7/1833 Sydney

f. Maurice Connel m. Ellen Spillon

  1. (m) James McNeill b. 13/7/1836 Wollongong
  2. (f) Emma McNeill b. 1838 Wollongong
  3. (m) Alexander McNeil b. 17/3/1839 Wollongong
  4. (m) James McNeil b. 16/5/1841 Wollongong
  5. (f) Elizabeth Isabella McNeil b. 9/3/1843 Wollongong
  6. (m) William John McNeil b. 30/11/1845 Wollongong
  7. (f) Margaret McNeal b. 1/11/1847 Wollongong

McNeilly/McNellee Mary (Lees)

d. 1920 Nowra

m. James McNeilly ( abt 1838 USA or Parramatta-1920 Berry ) 20/2/1854 Terrara

f. Joseph Lees m. Mary

  1. (f) Maria McNeilly b. 1855 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven (Henry Thomas Carter)
  2. (m) John McNeilly b. 1/1/1859 Burrier
  3. (m) Job McNeilly b. 1865 Shoalhaven
  4. (m) Adam McNelle b. abt 1867 d. 14/7/1950 West Camewarra
  5. (m) Samuel Thomas McNellee b. 1873 Shoalhaven
  6. (f) Kate Selena McNellee b. 1875 Shoalhaven
  7. (f) Rosetta McNellee b. 1880 Shoalhaven
  8. (m) Joseph West MvNellee b. 1882 Shoalhaven (Annie Elizabeth Abernethy)
  9. (m) Shadrach McNeillie b. 1886 Shoalhaven d. WW1
  10. (m) Sayers Malcom McNeillie b. 1884 Shoalhaven
  11. (m) Thomas McNeilly
  12. (f) Mary McNellee (Edwin Knight )
  13. (m) Heenan McNellee b. d. 1957 Nowra
  14. (u) McNellee
  15. (u) McNellee
  16. (u) McNellee
  17. (u) McNellee

Her husband was noted to be a ‘Black American’

McNiven Margaret (McGill)

b. 14/4/1829 Muasdale d. 4/3/1883 Brighton Vic

m. James McNiven () 6/11/1862 Albion Park

f. Andrew McGill m. Jean McNiven *

  1. (m) Unnamed McNiven b. 1864 Vic d. 1864 Vic

On the 6th instant, by special license, by the Rev. Robert Wilson, of Gerrengong, at the residence of the bride's father, James McNiven, Esq., of H. M. Customs, Williamstown, Victoria, to Margaret, daughter of Andrew McGill, Esq., Albion Park, Kiama district. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 11 November 1862

M'NIVEN.—On the 4th Inst, at New street, Middle Brighton, Margaret, the beloved wife of James M’Niven The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Tuesday 6 March 1883 p 1

McNulty/McNalty Mary (Keogh)

m. John McNulty

  1. (f) Catherine McNulty b. 13/4/1852 Shoalhaven
  2. (f) May McNulty b. 3/5/1855 Shoalhaven reg Kiama RC
  3. (m) Charles McNulty b. 6/4/1857 Shoalhaven bp Kiama RC
  4. (f) Ellen McNalty b. 13/1/1859 Shoalhaven bp Kiama RC

Husband a settler

McNulty/McAnulty/McInnulty Mary Ann (Carroll)

b. abt 1857 d. 12/2/1925 Bulli br. Corrimal Catholic

m. Michael McAnulty (abt 1851 Tyrone Ireland - 1/2/1901 Bulli Son of James McAnulty & Susan)

f. Lawrence Carroll m. Mary

  1. (m) James Laurence McInnulty b. 21/11/1880 Bulli 27573/1880
  2. (f) Mary Anne McAnulty b. 16/6/1882 Bulli 19731/1882
  3. (f) Florence McNulty b. 31/12/1883 Bulli 22950/1884 d. 1969 St Leonards
  4. (f) Lilly McAnulty b. 1887 Woonona 25187/1887
  5. (f) Susannah/ Susan McNulty b. 1890 Woonona 38501/1890 (Patrick Vaughan 1922)
  6. (f) Margaret McAnulty b. 1893 Lismore 19890/1893
  7. (m) Daniel McAnulty b. 1894 Murwillumbah 22936/1894

Living Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

The death occurred at Bulli yesterday, of Mrs McNulty, senr aged 68. An esteemed resident. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 13 February 1925 p 18

McPaul Margaret (Adams)

b. ?/10/1840 Terara near Nowra d. 12/2/1901 Bega br. Bega Cemetery

m. Robert McPaul (10/1/1839 Kilmacrenan, Donegal, Ireland- 4/4/1904 Bega Son of George McPaul & Mary Miller *) 31/10/1860 Scots Church, “Rosehill” Cambewarra

f. William Adams m. Mary Anne McIntyre

  1. (f) Mary Ann McPaul b. 28/5/1862 Berkeley 15072/1862 d. 13/10/1901 in Buckajo near Bega (Thomas Keys 1896)
  2. (m) George McPaul b. 21/4/1864 Charcoal Creek, Wollongong 16483/1864 d. 18/5/1946 “Orange Grove” Unanderra (Ada Britten 1902)
  3. (m) William McPaul b. 1866 Wollongong 16577/1866 d. 1868 Wollongong
  4. (f) Margaret J McPaul b. 1868 Wollongong 18275/1868
  5. (m) John William McPaul b. 1870 Wollongong 19082/1870 d. 7/11/1948 Hurstville (Frances Evelyn Mason 1893)
  6. (f) Rebecca McPaul b. 29/10/1872 Wollongong 21571/1874 d. 11/3/1942 Dapto (Edward James Simpson 1895)
  7. (f) Amelia Isabella McPaul b. 2/11/1874 Wollongong 21589/1874 d. 1936 Bega (Albert Edward Britten 1901, John Went 1909)
  8. (m) Robert John McPaul b. 15/9/1876 Dapto 22630/1876 d. 1958 Murwillumbah (Jane Lewis 1899)
  9. (m) Albert Edward McPaul b. 1879 Wollongong 26090/1879 d. 11/8/1948 Brisbane Qld (Alice Eden Britten 1901)
  10. (f) Sarah Jane McPaul b. 1880 Shoalhaven 24309/1880d. 1939 Bega (Joseph Walter Beresford 1899)
  11. (m) Ernest McPaul b. 1881 Wollongong 18813/1881 d. 1936 Granville (Agnes E. Kendall 1925 )

IM Issue: 6 Nov 1860

To Robert McPaul, son of George McPaul, Canterbury, Charcoal Creek. She was the youngest daughter of William Adams, Rosehill.

McPAUL.— On the 15th instant, at her residence, Canterbury, Dapto, the wife of Mr. R. McPaul, of a son. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 29 September 1876 p 2

McPaul Margaret (Driver)

b. 1821 Mavon County Donegal, Ireland d. 1/10/1876 Yass

m. James McPaul (1822 Kilmacrenan, Donegal, Ireland - 29/12/1890 Crookwell Son of James McPaul & Rebecca Campbell ) 1844 Ireland

f. Samuel Driver m. Mary

Ship: “Royal Saxon” 1848

  1. (f) Margaret McPaul * b. 1844 Kilmacrenan, Donegal, Ireland d. 20/10/1885 Crookwell (John Gibson 1862)
  2. (m) John McPaul b. 1847 Kilmacrenan, Donegal, Ireland d. 12/4/1897 Ryde (Ellen A Mitchell 1889)
  3. (f) Rebecca McPaul b. 10/4/1849 Charcoal Forest, Unanderra d. 3/11/1945 Crookwell (Alfred Hills 1873)
  4. (m) George McPaul b. 20/5/1850 Berkeley d. 8/11/1918 Crookwell ( Edith Elizabeth Hills 1884)
  5. (f) Catherine McPaul b. 18/6/ 1851 Wollongong d. 17/6/1896 Crookwell (William G Hills 1888)
  6. (m) Samuel McPaul b. 24/7/1853 Wollongong d. 1/11/1933 Crookwell (Sarah Ann Hills 1881)
  7. (f) Mary Ann Mc Paul b. 22/4/1858 Berkeley d. 1942 Wagga Wagga (William James Dennis 1881)
  8. (f) Eliza Jane McPaul b. 26/4/1863 Wollongong 15027/1863 d. 2/7/1941 Stockton (Henry James Adams 1883)
  9. (f) Sarah Mc Paul b. 4/1/1868 Wollongong d. 18/6/1939 Crookwell (James Gray 1889) Illawarra Pioneers

McPaul Margaret (Buchanan)

b. abt 1845 d. 1912 Nowra

m. Robert McPaul (-1913 Newtown) 1870 Wollongong 3754/1870

f. Henry Buchanan

  1. (f) Mary Jane McPaul b. 1871 Wollongong 19640/1871
  2. (f) Margaret McPaul b. 1873 Wollongong 20736/1873
  3. (m) Robert McPaul b. 1877 Wollongong 22998/1877

The death is announced of Mrs. McPaul, wife of Mr Robert McPaul of Nowra, at the age of 70 years. Deceased was an old resident of the District. Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954)Wednesday 21 August 1912 - Page 5

McPaul Mary (Diver)

b. 1821 Mavon Donegal Ireland d. 1876 Yass

m. James McPaul (abt 1822 Kilmacrennan Donegal Ireland – 1890 Crookwell)

f. Samuel Diver m. Mary

Ship: Royal Saxon 1948

  1. (f) Margaret McPaul b. abt 1845 Kilmacrennan Donegal Ireland (Gibson)
  2. (m) John McPaul b. abt 1848 Kilmacrennan Donegal Ireland
  3. (f) Rebecca McPaul b. 1849 V18491250 34A/1849 CofE Dapto: Wollongong
  4. (f) Catherine McPaul b. 1851 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong V18511871 37A/1851
  5. (m) George McPaul b. 1850 bp. CofE Dapto; Wollongong V1850983 35/1850 d. 1918 (Edith Hills 1888 )
  6. (m) Samuel McPaul b. 1853 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong V18531208 39A/1853 (Sarah Ann Hills 1881)
  7. (f) Mary Ann McPaul b. 22/4/1858 Wollongong 13392/1858 d. 6/6/1942 Wagga Wagga (William Dennis 1881)
  8. (f) Sarah Margaret McPaul b. 1868 Wollongong

McPaul Mary (Miller)

b. 1816 Ramelton, Donegal County, Ireland d. 20/2/1886 Unanderra br. Berkeley

m. George McPaul (abt 1811-6/6/1885 Berkeley Son of James McPaul & Rebecca Campbell) 1836 Donegal Ireland

f. Samuel Miller m. Mary

Ship: Herald 1844

  1. (m) John McPaul b. 1837 Donegal d. 25/1/1916 Haryey Creek Cairns QLD ( Catherine Walsh 1873)
  2. (m) Robert McPaul b. 10/1/1839 Donegal d. 4/5/1904 Wolumla (Margaret Adams * 1860)
  3. (m) George McPaul b. 18/9/1841 Donegal d. 15/5/1929 Wollongong
  4. (m) Joshua McPaul b. 20/6/1844 Charcoal bp. CofE Dapto/Wollongong d. 1846 Unanderra
  5. (f) Mary Jane McPaul * b. 26/2/1847 Charcoal bp. CofE Dapto:Wollongong d. 10/4/1913 Gulgong (Allan Hamilton 1866)
  6. (f) Rebecca McPaul *b. 14/6/1849 Charcoal bp. CofE Dapto:Wollongong d. 21/4/1919 Wollongong ( Robert Fackender)
  7. (f) Sarah Ann McPaul b. 8/10/1851 Charcoal ( Frederick M Rankin 1878)
  8. (m) William James McPaul b. 5/8/1855 Charcoal d. infancy
  9. (f) Catherine ‘Kate’ McPaul * b. 1/4/1860 Charcoal 13867/1860 d. 1936 ( William Augustus Comer 1869)

George and his brothers Robert and James (with his wife, Margaret Diver, and children), Margaret and John arrived together in 1848. They were joined in 1865 by their widowed brother John and his fifteen year old son Robert. The brothers all settled in the Unanderra area and remained there until the early 1860s when Robert and John moved to the Bega district and James to Crookwell.

McPAUL. — On February 20th, at her residence, Unanderra, Mary, relict of the late George McPaul, aged 70 years. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Thursday 25 February 1886 p 2 Illawarra Pioneers

McPaul Sarah (White)

b. 12/8/1824 Faulien, Londonderry, Ireland, d. 20/12/1910 Wolumla br. Wolumla

m. Robert McPaul ( 1819 Donegal -5/9/1902 Wolumla Son of James McPaul & Rebecca Campbell) 9/9/1847 Donegal

Ship:1848 “Hyderabad”

f. James White m. Sarah Nelson

  1. (m) James McPaul b. 28/6/1848 d. 6/11/1929 m Mary Ann Bower
  2. (m) George McPaul b. 25/3/1850 d. 1913 Bega (Mary Hanscombe 1871)
  3. (f) Sarah Anne McPaul b. 13/4/1852 (Joseph Smith)
  4. (m) Robert McPaul b. 25/1/1854
  5. (f) Catherine McPaul b. 28/2/1856 d. 1943 (William Bower)
  6. (m) John McPaul b. 19/12/1857 Wollongong 13299/1858 ( Emma Blacker)
  7. (f) Rebecca McPaul b. 14/9/1859 14214/1859 d. 28/2/1943 m William Pheeny
  8. (m) Robert McPaul b. 5/8/1861 Wollongong 14431/1861 d. 1947 ( Catherine Osborne)
  9. (m) Thomas Henry McPaul b. 17/7/1863 d. 1940 ( Annie Bennett)
  10. (f) Mary Jane McPaul b. 13/2/1866 d. 1949 ( James Williams)
  11. (f) Elizabeth McPaul b. 22/10/1867 d. 1957

Settled in the Unanderra area and remained there until the early 1860s when Robert moved to the Bega district. Sister of Catherine Gordon * Illawarra Pioneers

McPhail/MacPhail Elizabeth/Eliza (Smith)

b. 2/2/1840 Barrett Creek, Camden or Figtree d. 19/10/ 1923 Dapto br. Wollongong General

m. George McPhail (abt 1832 Inverness Scotland -17/7/1905 Dapto Son of John McPhail & Margaret McKenzie * ) 8/5/1856 West Dapto 

f. Corporal James Smith m. Mary Gamble

  1. (f) Mary McPhail b. 12/4/ 1858 Stanedykes West Dapto d. 22/5/1858 Wollongong
  2. (f) Margaret McPhail *b. 1 /6/ 1859 Stanedykes West Dapto 14124/1859 (William Mackenzie 1883)
  3. (f) Grace McPhail b. 6/1/1861 Stanedykes West Dapto 14320/1861 d. 26/7/1862 Stanedykes West Dapto
  4. (m) John McPhail b. 20/1/1863 Stanedykes West Dapto 14960/1863 d. 2/11/1948 West Dapto (Mary Elizabeth Waples * 1897)
  5. (f) Ellen McPhail * b. 29/10/1864 Stanedykes West Dapto 16644/1864 d. 2/10/1930 Ashfield (Henry Reid 1899)
  6. (f) Elizabeth Jane McPhail * b. 9/9/1866 Stanedykes West Dapto d. 22/9/1947 Coffs Harbour (William H Sharp 1889)
  7. (f) Sarah Ann McPhail *b. 15/5/1868 Stanedykes West Dapto d. 11/1/1955 (Robert Hay 1890)
  8. (f) Catherine Grace McPhail * b. 6/3/1870 Stanedykes West Dapto d. 8/7/1962 Ashfield (Neil Livingstone 1907)
  9. (f) Mary Jane MCPhail * b. 26/10/1871 Stanedykes West Dapto d. 6/8/1955 Burwood
  10. (f) Blanche Fanny McPhail * b. 3/1/1874 Stanedykes West Dapto d. 22/6/1939 Woollahra (Hugh Maclean 1919)
  11. (f) Eugine Camilla McPhail b. 19/5/1876 Stanedykes West Dapto 22559/1876 d. 26/6/1971
  12. (f) Isabella McPhail b. 6/7/1878 Stanedykes West Dapto d. 26/1/1956 (James Rowan 1909)
  13. (f) Jessie McPhail * b. 18/12/1880 Stanedykes West Dapto d. 1/9/1966 Ashfield (Joseph C Ramsay 1931)
  14. (m) George Alexander McPhail b. 26/10/1883 Stanedykes West Dapto d. 13/9/1923 (Catherine Denmeade 1907)

Living at West Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties


The year 1923 has seen the hand of Death claim many of the oldest pioneers of the district, and the passing of Mrs. George McPhail, senr., at her home at West Dapto on Friday last removes one who, together with her largo family of 12 children, have been closely associated with the history and progress of the Illawarra. The death of Mrs McPhail caused quite a shock, as the deceased despite her 83 years, was hale and hearty until a couple of weeks ago, when she fell at her home and sustained injuries which brought about her death.

The late Mrs. McPhail was married while still in her teens, and for 65 years lived at West Dapto. Prior to the funeral on Saturday last a service was conducted at the late home of Mrs. McPhail, and at the interment which took place in the Presbyterian portion of the Wollongong cemetery… Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 26 October 1923 p 9

McPhail Janet (Low/Lowe)

b. 1826 Dundee Angus Scotland d. 15/6/1901 Petersham

m. Samuel McPhail ( abt 1826 Scotland – 5/3/1883 Bergalia Son of Thomas McPhail & Kissock Rae) 9/6/1851 Presbyterian Sydney, Scots Church (Pitt Street)V1851112 80/1851

f. Francis Lowe m. Ann

  1. (m) Francis Lowe McPhail b. abt 1854 d. 1923 Waverley (Kate Abernethy 1878 )
  2. (f) Kissock Rae McPhail b. 1856 Sydney d. 11/9/1931 Cronulla (Joseph Clarke Anderson 1880)
  3. (m) Thomas McPhail b. 1859 Wollongong d. 1909 Picton
  4. (f) Anne McPhail b. 1862 Wollongong

M'PHAIL.— June 15. at 93 Albany-road, Petersham, Janet M'Phail, aged 75 years 11 months. The Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser (NSW : 1871 - 1912) Saturday 22 June 1901 p 1588

McPhail Margaret (McKenzie)

b. abt 1793 d. 12/2/1877 br. Wollongong General

m. John McPhail ( 1774 Scotland - 25/2/1856 ) 1830 Scotland

f. ? McKenzie m. Jane

Ship: Henry Porcher 1840

  1. (f) Jane McKenzie * b. 1818 Rosshire Scotland d. 1/2/1903 (Elias Merchant 1843 )
  2. (f) Margaret McPhail * b. 7/3/1831 Scotland d. 13/8/1925 Guyra (Joseph Youman 1857)
  3. (m) George McPhail b. 16/8/1833 Isle of Skye d. 17/7/1905 Stanedykes Dapto (Elizabeth Smith * 1856)
  4. (m) William McPhail b. 20/10/1834 Scotland
  5. (m) Alexander McPhail b. 20/4/1837 Scotland d. 19/8/1880 Parramatta Asylum

Husband a school teacher? or gardener until he became a tenant farmer in the Dapto area. On the dispersal record of the ship it is stated that the family went to Wollongong

In the 1841 census the family was living in the Jenkins property at Berkeley.

Her step-daughters Helen Campbell * and Ann Anderson * are also listed

John MacPhail born 1774 was first married to Flora Anderson 15th June 1801, she died 20th May 1829 had 6 children with John, then he married Margaret McKenzie who had the above children with him.

McPhail Mary Elizabeth (Waples)

b. 17/11/1874 Unanderra d. 23/6/1931 Wollongong

m. John McPhail (20/1/1863 West Dapto - 2/11/1948 West Dapto Son of George McPhail & Elizabeth Smith *) 14/4/1897 St Lukes Brownsville

f. James Waples m. Catherine Axam *

  1. (m) George Colin McPhail b. 1898 Wollongong
  2. (f) Lorna F McPhail b. 1900 Wollongong (Cecil A Watchorn 1929)
  3. (m) James Lachlan McPhail b. 1901 Wollongong
  4. (m) John Alexander McPhail b. 1903 Wollongong
  5. (f) Catherine E McPhail b. 1906 Wollongong (Allan C Fredericks 1927)
  6. (f) Edna B McPhail b. 1904 Dapto d. 1910 Wollongong
  7. (f) Jessie Mary McPhail b. 1907 Dapto (Selwyn Francis Greig 1936)
  8. (m) Donald Tullock McPhail b. 1915 Dapto
  9. (f) Gweneth Carlyle McPhail (Evan Alexander Steel-Wilson 1939)

Living at West Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a farmer.


The sympathy of the community goes out to Mr. J. McPhail, of Dapto, and the members of his family in the very great loss they have sustained by the death of his wife and their mother, which occurred at Valeseo Private Hospital, Wollongong, on Tuesday morning, after an illness of about ten days. The late Mrs. McPhail was a woman of kindly disposition and Christian character, and she was held in high esteem by a wide circle of friends who to-day mourn the loss of a good friend and neighbour. The late Mrs. McPhail was born 57 years ago at Unanderra, and was the daughter of the late Mr and Mrs. James Waples, 'Canterbury,' Unanderra. In her early days she was a Sunday School teacher in Brownsville C. of E., and held that position up to the time of her marriage, and thus instructed many of the men and women who now are in homes of their own. In 1897 she married Mr. J. McPhail, of West Dapto, and since her marriage has been associated with various activities, of Dapto Presbyterian Church, chiefly the Women's Missionary Association. She at all times has taken a keen interest in the Church. She is survived by a family of four sons and four daughters, viz., Messrs. Colin, Lachlan, Alexander and Tullock McPhail, and Mrs. Cecil Watchhorn, Wollongong, Mrs. Allan Fredericks, South Brisbane, and Misses Jessie and Gwen McPhail. One daughter, Edna, predeceased her mother. Her brothers and sisters are: Mr. Frank Waples and Mr. Joseph Waples, 'Canterbury,' Unanderra; Mrs. J. W. Gorrell, of Berkeley; Mrs. W. Thompson, of Burwood; Mrs. C. H. Smith, Wollongong, and Mrs. Robson, wife of Segt. Robson, of Inverell. The respect and esteem in which the late Mrs. McPhail was-held was abundantly evidenced by the large and representative gathering at the funeral, the cortege reaching right from the cemetery to the homestead, and was attended by people from many outlying centres, including Sydney and Nowra. Prior to the funeral, a short service was held at the homestead by the Rev. Wm. Beck, who also officiated at the graveside. In the course of an address by Mr. Gibson, of Unanderra, who had been closely connected with the family during the Albion Park-Dapto vacancy, mention was made of the sterling qualities of the deceased, and of the way in which her quiet unassuming life had endeared her to all with whom she came in contact. Though the voice has been stilled, her influence will remain in the home, and will be felt for good in many homes in the district Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 26 June 1931 p 7

McPhail Mary Jane

b. 26/10/1871 Stanedykes West Dapto d. 6/8/1955 Burwood

f. George McPhail m. Elizabeth Smith *

Living at West Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

McPhee Ann (Gillis)

m. James McPhee

  1. (f) Ann McPhee b. 13/11/1856 West Dapto 8481/1856

McPhee Christina (Houslar)

b. 5/1/ 1862 Kent Street, Sydney d. 29/7/1909 346 Liverpool St. Darlinghurst

 m. Duncan Robertson McPhee (1/1/1858 Bulli- 18/11/1929 Belmore Park, Bowral Son of Donald McPhee & Margaret Robertson *) 4/11/ 1885 Wollongong

f. Robert Houslar m. Janet Anderson *

Cause of Death: Bronchitis

  1. (m) Robert Stanley McPhee b. 1886 Wollongong (Edith A Smith 1916)
  2. (m) Percival A McPhee b. 1887 Wollongong d. 1940 Sydney (Gertrude M Evans 1914 )
  3. (f) Agnes McPhee b. 1889 Wollongong d. 1889 Wollongong
  4. (m) John McPhee b. 1890 Wollongong d. 1890 Wollongong
  5. (f) Jessie McPhee b. 1895 Woonona d. 1896 Wollongong
  6. (m) Herbert W McPhee b. 1898 Manilla d. 1898 Manilla
  7. (f) Ethel McPhee b. 1900 Manilla d. 1901 Manilla
  8. (f) Christina Irene McPhee b. 14/3/ 1906 Taree d. 15/12/1998 Parramatta (Owen ?, John Letham McCubbray)
  9. (f) Florence McPhee b. 4/12/1907 Rouchel Brook d. 29/11/1979 (Louis Bernard Hales)

McPhee Evangeline (Howard)

b. 1868 Wollongong 18056/1868 d. 11/8/1935 Wollongong 15648/1935 br. Wollongong General

m. Hugh McPhee (1865 Bulli – 26/2/1951 Wollongong Son of Donald McPhee & Margaret Robertson *) 1885 Wollongong 5470/1885

f. James Howard m. Jane Spinks *

  1. (m) John R McPhee b. 1887 St Leonards 12715/1887
  2. (f) Lilly McPhee b. 1888 Woonona 25885/1888 d. 13/12/1906
  3. (f) Ethel J McPhee b. 1894 Wollongong 37828/1894
  4. (m) Donald James McPhee b. 1898 Wollongong 27100/1898 d. 12/12/1928
  5. (m) Alexander McPhee b. 1907 Wollongong 9351/1907
  6. (m) Norman McPhee b.

McPhee Margaret (Robertson)

b. abt 1821 d. 30/5/1905 br. Wollongong General

m. Donald McPhee ( abt 1829 -5/9/1881) 1855 Sydney Scots Church Presbyterian 129/1855 V1855129 82

f. Malcolm Robertson m. ?

  1. (m) John McPhee b. 1856 Wollongong 8440/1856
  2. (m) Duncan Robertson McPhee 1/1/1858 Bulli 13305/1858- 18/11/1929 Belmore Park, Bowral (Christina Houslar * 1885, Elizabeth Crerar 1914, Eliza Margaret Creasey 1923)
  3. (m) Alexander McPhee b. 1860 Wollongong 13829/1860 (Sarah A Barnes 1885)
  4. (m) Donald McPhee b. 1861 Wollongong 14452/1861 (Rhoda Edwards * 1884)
  5. (m) Hugh McPhee b. 1865 Wollongong 17031/1865 d. 1951 Wollongong (Evangeline Howard * 1885)

Living at Corrimal St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Mrs. Donald M'Phee, an old resident of Wollongong, has died at the age of 84 years. Australian Town and Country Journal (NSW : 1870 - 1907) Wednesday 5 April 1905

McPhee Maria Lillian (Lindsay)

b. 1866 Kiama 9577/1866 d. 1933 South Strathfield br. Rookwood

m. Donald McPhee (- 25/4/1931 Strathfield Son of Alexander R McPhee & Mary ) 1889 Kiama

f. David Lindsay m. Maria M Murphy *

MCPHEE-The Funeral of the late MARIA LILLIAN McPHEE will leave her late residence Colonsay, 2 High-street, South Strathfield, THIS DAY at 2 30 p m by road, for the Presbyterian Cemetery, Rookwood Friends travelling by Funeral Train alight at No 1 Mortuary and proceed to Section 4C. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Friday 8 December 1933 p 9

McPhee Rhoda (Edwards)

b. abt 1862 d. 16/8/1967 br. Wollongong General

m. Donald McPhee (abt 1861 - 21/11/1935 Son of Donald McPhee & Margaret Robertson *) 1884 Sydney

f. Henry Edwards m. Rhoda Tatch *

  1. (m) Robert Colin McPhee b. 1885 d. 10/7/1963
  2. (f) Margaret R McPhee b. 1887 Wollongong (Albert J Newson 1911 )
  3. (f) Janet McPhee b. 1889 Wollongong (Walter Ford 1916)
  4. (f) Ann McPhee b. 1893 Wollongong (William G Smith 1924)

Living at Corrimal St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

McPherson Catherine (Gunn)

b. 21/7/1808 Freshwater Isle of Wright England d. 1893 Christchurch New Zealand

m. Lieutenant-Colonel Ewen McPherson (15/10/1794 Ardersier Inverness Scotland – 2/11/1859 Christchurch New Zealand Son of James McPherson & Margaret Loggie) 30/8/1827 Columbo Ceylon

Ship: Isabella Watson

  1. (f) Annie Campbell Brodie McPherson b. 6/6/1828 ( Robert Hamilton 1845)
  2. (f) Mary McPherson b. 18/5/1830 Kandy Colombo Ceylon d. 2/8/1899 Christchurch New Zealand (Alfred Cox 1849)
  3. (f) Margaret McPherson b. 1/4/1832 Kandy Colombo Ceylon d. 12/11/1922 Winchester Canterbury New Zealand (Ernest Gray 1863)
  4. (m) Ewen Fergus McPherson b. 19/7/1834 Kurunagalla or Trincomalee Ceylon ( Lilla Stacy 1856 )
  5. (m) William Gunn McPherson b. 18/7/1836 Kurunagalla Ceylon d. 4/2/1874 Somo Somo Fiji (Sophia Clifford 1860)
  6. (m) James John McPherson b. 10/2/1839 Fort George Ardersier Inverness-Shire Scotland d. 1881 Vuna Selia Leuv Fiji
  7. (m) David Grant McPherson b. 18/7/1842 at sea near Hobart Tasmania d. 23/8/1902 Wainunu Buca Fiji
  8. (m) Charles Edward McPherson b. 9/12/1844 Norfolk Island d. 15/9/1850 Pemberton Grange Parramatta

Husband was the superintendent of the iron gangs and assistant engineer at the Wollongong Stockade from September 1842 until February 1844, her husband was in the Maori wars in New Zealand and the left for Tasmania in 1849, he left Newcastle for a final time in 1855. I cannot prove she was resident but it does seem most likely as she did follow him to Norfolk Island.

In 1848 the family went to Norfolk Island again with 6 children

McPherson Christina/Christy/Christiana Henerson (McKenzie)

b. abt 1807 Scotland d. 3/7/1893 Tucki br.

m. Donald McPherson ( abt 1801 Roshire Scotland- Son of John McPherson & Jessie )1829 Scotland

f. Duncan McKenzie m. Isabella

Ship: James Moran 1838

  1. (m) John McPherson b. 25/12/1830 Gairlock Scotland d. 26/10/1927 (Helen Lyle Richardson 1856)
  2. (f) Isabella McPherson d. 1910 Lismore
  3. (f) Jessie McPherson b. abt 1837 Scotland d. 28/1/1910 Tucki
  4. (m) Duncan McPherson d. 1913 Lismore
  5. (m) William McPherson d. 1910 Lismore
  6. (m) Donald F McPherson d. 1914 Lismore
  7. (m) Hector McPherson b. 1841 Jamberoo bp. Presbyterian Wollongong d. 7/1/1900 Lismore
  8. (m) Kenneth McPherson b. 1843 Jamberoo bp. Presbyterian Wollongong d.
  9. (m) Alexander McPherson b. 1845 Jamberoo bp. Presbyterian Wollongong d. 1930 Wyrallah

Husband a blacksmith

On Monday morning last another old resident, Mrs. D. McPherson, died at the residence of her son at Tucki. The deceased was the widow of the late Donald McPherson, and mother of Messrs. Duncan, John, D. F., H., K., Alex, and W. McPherson, and two daughters, besides numerous grand children and great grand children. The late Mrs. McPherson was much esteemed for her hospitality. She was 86 years of age. The funeral on Tuesday was largely attended. The Richmond River Herald and Northern Districts Advertiser (NSW : 1886 - 1942) Friday 7 July 1893 p 7

McPherson Elizabeth (Beaven)

m. James McPherson 1877 Sydney

  1. (m) Thomas William McPherson b. 1877 Kiama /Nowra
  2. (f) Elizabeth McPherson b. 1879 Shoalhaven
  3. (f) Jessie Helen McPherson b. 1880 Shoalhaven
  4. (f) Ethel McPherson b. 1882 Shoalhaven
  5. (m) John Edward McPherson b. 1884 Nowra
  6. (m) Harold James McPherson b. 1886 Nowra d. 21/3/1926 Northgate Junction Brisbane Qld (Ruth)
  7. (f) Elsie F McPherson b. 1888 Shoalhaven
  8. (m) Francis Malcolm MacPherson b. 1896 Nowra

Living Sydney when sons enlisted. Four of her sons enlisted in WW1

McPherson Mary (Wilson then McClelland)

b. 12 /2/1871 Saddleback Kiama d. 21/6/1938 Lismore

m. William Oscar McClelland (6/8/1869 Crookhaven- 9/10/1897 Kiama Son of William McClelland & Mary Jane Armstrong Accidently drowned ) 23/11/1892 Berry

m. William T McPherson 28 /12/1904 Kiama

f. Robert Wilson m. Mary Ann Armstrong *

  1. (f) Myrtle M McClelland b. 1893 Berry 7038/1893
  2. (m) Oswald Oscar McClelland b. 1894 Berry 6563/1894 d. 9/2/1965 Berry
  3. (m) Cecil C McClelland b. 1896 Kiama 4265/1896 d. 1896
  4. (f) Elsie Irene McClelland b. 1897 Kiama 13219/1897 d. 1980 Lismore (Leslie McDonald 1922)
  5. (m) Robert Bruce McPherson b. 1906 Nowra d. 1965 Lismore
  6. (m) Lauchlan R McPherson b. 1908 Nowra
  7. (m) Thomas G McPherson b. 1914 Nowra
  8. (m) Lewis McPherson


Mrs Mary MPcherson, 66 years, wife of Mr W. T. McPherson, of 50 Hunter Street, Lismore, died at, her home last week. She had been ill-health for many years, but her sudden death was unexpected.

Mrs, McPherson, who was formerly Miss Mary. Wilson, was a native of the South Coast. Born at Saddleback Kiama, she went to the North Coast in 1918 with her husband and family and settled at Goraki. they remained there for about six years and then moved to Ballina. In 1926 they went to Lismore where they had since resided, Deceased was twice married.

Sho is survived by her husband, two daughters ,and a son by her first marriage and four sons of the second marriage,.The sons are Oswald, McClelland (Nowra), Bruce McPherson (South Gurdurimba),“ Ray McPherson (Mirwillumbah), Alan McPherson (Lismore) and Lewis McPherson (Lismore), and the daughters are Mrs, R, J, Risk (Syd ney),and Mrs.,Les McDonald (Boatharbour) Mr,. W :Wilson,Jerrare, and Mrs, J. E, Noble, Jamberoo are brother and sister. respectively of the late Mrs McPherson The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Saturday 2 July 1938 p 2

McRae Agnes (Robertson)

m. John McRae 24/10/1853 Presbyterian Wollongong V18534512 74B

f. Robert Robertson m. Agnes *

Father listed as a resident on John Osborn’s estate in 1841 Census

On the 24th ult., at the Scotch Church, Wollongong,   by the Rev. C. Atchison, John McRae, Esq., store- keeper, Seventh White Hill, Bendigo, to Agnes, eldest daughter of Robert Robertson, Esq., Lake Bank, Illawarra. The Argus 1 November 1853

McRae Anne ()

m. Bernard McRae

  1. (f) Mary Anne McRea b. 12/10/1852 Lake

McRae Elizabeth (Moore)

b. 1874 d. 12/8/1941 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. William John McRae (1869 Wollongong - 19/3/1948 Wollongong Son of Duncan McRae & Jane McFarlane * ) 1903 Mosman

f. Joseph Moore m. Ruth

  1. (m) McRae b. d. 1903 Wollongong
  2. (f) Ivy J McRae b. 1904 Wollongong
  3. (f) Effie C McRae b. 1907 Wollongong

Living First St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties Husband a blacksmith.

McRAE-MOORE.-April 15, by the Rev. R. H. Waugh, Neutral Bay, William J., son of Duncan McRae, late of Wollongong, to Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph Moore, late of Bowral. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Friday 17 April 1903 Page 4

McRAE. — August 12, 1941, at her residence, 36 Campbell-st, Wollongong, Elizabeth, beloved wife of William John McRae and dear mother of Ivy and Effie, in her 68th year. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 15 August 1941 Page 10

McRae Jane (McFarlane)

b. d.

m. Duncan McRae (abt 1826 – 1901 Western Australia )

f. McFarlane

  1. (f) Helen J McRae * b. 1857 Gabo Island 998/1857 d. 1929 Bexley (William Blow 1879, Robert Jervis 1910
  2. (f) Elizabeth McRae * b. 17/9/1859 Dapto 13493/1858 d. 14/8/1934 Warwick Qld (Daniel McIlvride 1885)
  3. (f) Anne McRae * b. 1861 Wollongong 14336/1861 d. 1922 Burwood (John P Roberts 1885)
  4. (f) Catherine Reid MacRae * b. 1862 Wollongong 15169/1862 d. 28/8/1942 Pennant Hills (Henry Lasselles Traveller 1884)
  5. (f) Euphemia McRae b. 1864 Wollongong 16487/1864 d. 25/8/1882
  6. (f) Margaret Cameron McRae * b. 1867 Wollongong 17887/1867 d. 1/8/1896 Wollongong (brain tumor)
  7. (m) William J McRae b. 1869 Wollongong 19939/1869 d. d. 12/8/1941 Wollongong (Elizabeth Moore * 1903)

Husband a blacksmith in Dapto in 1872

The family were still living in Wollongong in 1885.

Husband and son went to Western Australia and established a business there. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 23 April 1901 p 2

McRae Lucy Ann (Griffiths)

b. 1866 Berrima d. 7/2/1934 Eastwood br. Field of Mars

m. John McRae (1861 Berrima-29/7/1932 Ryde Son of Ewen MacRae & Susannah) 1889 Berrima

f. John Griffiths m. Sarah

  1. (f) Ellen M M MacRae b. 1890 Hillston
  2. (m) Ernest J MacRae b. 1894 Hillston
  3. (m) William Macrae
  4. (f) Ita M B Macrae b. 1899 Millthorpe

Living South Coast Rd Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a labourer.

MCRAE-February 7 1934 at her residence, 6 First avenue Eastwood Lucy Ann McRae widow of John McRae aged 67 years Interred Catholic Cemetery Field of Mars Thursday 8th February 1934 The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 12 February 1934 Page 8

McRae Margaret Cameron

b. 1867 Wollongong 17887/1867 d. 1/8/1896 Wollongong

f. Duncan McRae m. Jane McFarlane *

Cause of Death: Brain Tumor

McRAE. — On 1st August, at her Parents' Residence, Market Square, Wollongong, of tumor on the brain, MARGARET CAMERON, youngest daughter of Duncan and Jane McRae ; aged 29 years.

McShane Mary

m. Charles McShane

  1. (f) Rosana McShane b. 12/9/1839 Wollongong

Macwaters or Bird or Siddington Anne

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (m) Charles McWaters b. 1845 bp. CofE Dapto;Wollongong
  2. (f) Sophia Bird or Macwaters b. 1857 Wollongong 12325/1857
  3. (m) Samuel Bird or McWaters or Siddington b. 1861 Wollongong 14386/1861

Mead Anne (Bird)

b. abt 1820 Bedfordshire d. 13/5/1891 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. James Mead (abt 1813 Tadlow Cambridgeshire -21/1/1894 Wollongong Son of Joseph Mead & Keziah Speed)

f. James Bird m. Ann

Ship: Templar 1844

  1. (f) Mary Ann Mead * b. 15/2/1844 Westlingworth Bedfordshire ( James Burrell 1863)
  2. (m) George Mead bp. 1848 AA Co Dungog V18482511 33A/1848
  3. (f) Jane Sarah Mead * bp. 1850 Wesleyan Methodist Hunter V18502176 55/1850 (George King 1881)
  4. (m) George Mead bp. 1852 AA Co Dungog V18523091 38A/1852
  5. (m) Saul Mead b. 1855 bp. AA Co Dungog V18551806 42/1855
  6. (m) Roderick Mead b. 1856 Raymond Terrace
  7. (m) Arthur Mead b. 1860 Wollongong d. 1932 Sydney (Elizabeth Forster * 1887)
  8. (m) William Mead b. 1853 NSW d. 1923 Wollongong
  9. (m) Male Mead b. 1857 Wollongong d. 1857 Wollongong
  10. (m) Alfred Mead b. 1859 Wollongong
  11. (m) Frank Mead b. 1863 Wollongong d. 1864 Wollongong
  12. (m) Herbert Mead b. 1865 Wollongong d. (Caroline Zeims * 1895)

She was an invalid for many years.


On the 13th instant, one of the most worthy of women, though little known to the community, passed away in the person of the late Mrs. Mead, of Keira-street north. She and her husband, who survives her, arrived in 1857 at Wollongong, which locality continued their place of abode ever afterwards. As a wife, mother, and member of the community she was an example of devotion and unassuming worth, rarely equalled, as only those who knew her best can truly testify. A subject of sore distress for many years by an afflicted partner in life, she suffered and bore the trying ordeal as few could do, and as fortunately few are called upon to endure. In the exceeding kindness of her son (Mr. Arthur Mead, of Mr. F. Wood ward's office), however, she had an enduring and reliable earthly stay that never failed her to the end, he and his wife having attended to her devotedly as long as such was required and could be rendered. At the age of 71 years she passed away quietly as she had lived, and her remains found a last resting-place in the Congregational burial ground. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Thursday 28 May 1891 p 2

MEAD. — January 21st, at the residence of his son, Arthur Mead, Keira-street, Wollongong, James Mead, in his 81st year ; also 13th May, 1891, Ann Mead, wife of the above, aged 71 years. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 30 January 1894 p 2

Mead Caroline (Ziems)

b. 1865 Wollongong 6897/1865 d. 7/9/1952 Sydney

m. Herbert Mead ( 1865 Wollongong –4/2/1942 Burwood Son of James Mead & Anne Bird *) 18/2/1895 Fremantle WA

f. Fritz Ziems m. Johanna Cassell *

MEAD-ZIEMS.-February 18, at the Wesleyan Church, Fremantle, W.A., by the Rev. A. J. Barclay, Herbert, youngest son of late James Mead, to Caroline (Lena),eldest daughter of Fritz Ziems, of Wollongong, N.S.W. The Sydney Morning Herald 12 March 1895

Living at Burwood in 1944 when her sister Augusta Street died

Mead Elizabeth (Foster)

b. 1862 Kiama d. 12/11/1942 Waverley

m. Arthur Mead (1860 Wollongong- 1932 Sydney Son of James Mead & Ann Bird *) 1887 Kiama

f. William Foster m. Elizabeth *

  1. (f) Olive Irene Mead b. 1889 Wollongong d. 1959 Sydney
  2. (m) Arthur Leslie Maxwell Mead b. 1906 St Leonards d. 28/6/1948 Bondi

MEAD.—November 12, 1942, at her residence, Elizabeth Mead, beloved mother of Max and Olive, aged 80 years. Privately interred November 13, 1942. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 14 November 1942 p 16

Meade Isabel Eden (Tolhurst)

b. 1878 Port Stephens d. 27/7/1962 Lakemba

m. Thomas Meade (1869 Macleay River- 28/11/1928 Lakemba Son of Patrick Meade & Margaret ) 1899 Sydney

f. Edwin Tolhurst m. Harriett Blanch

  1. (f) Eileen M Meade b. 1900 Sydney
  2. (m) Joseph Meade b. 1901 Wollongong
  3. (m) Thomas Meade b. 1902 Canterbury d. 1983
  4. (f) Ada A Meade b. 1904 Canterbury
  5. (f) Noreen M Meade b. 1907 Canterbury
  6. (f) Winifred Meade
  7. (f) Isabel Meade
  8. (m) Ronald Edwin Meade b. d. 1975
  9. (f) Kathleen J Meade b. d. 1920 Canterbury

Meade Mary Josephine (Malone)

d. 17/7/1919 Parramatta

m. John Meade (1853 Miltown Malbay County Clare Ireland- 14/8/1914 Campbelltown Son of John Meade & Mary) 1888 Sydney

f. Patrick Malone m. Catherine

  1. (f) Catherine Mary Meade b. 26/10/1889 Shellharbour d. 1964 Sydney
  2. (m) John Thomas Meade b. 15/8/1891 Shellharbour
  3. (f) Mary Meade b. 1894 Woonona

On 1901 the family moved to Campbelltown, her husband was a ganger on the railway.

MEADE.— July 17, 1919.Mary Josephine. widow of the late John Meade of Milford, Campbelltown, aged 67 years. The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954) Friday 18 July 1919 p 5

Meaney Catherine

b. 1867 d. 11/10/1926 Dapto br. West Dapto Catholic

m. Patrick J Meaney (abt 1862- 9/2/1929 Dapto Son of Thomas Meaney & Mary )

f. William m. Catherine

  1. (m) Patrick John Meaney b. abt 1885 d. 3/3/1947 Dapto
  2. (m) Francis J Meaney b. 1891 Kiama d. 3/12/1979 Dapto
  3. (m) Michael T Meaney b. 1892 Kiama d. 5/4/1971 Dapto

Living at Illawarra Lake in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a labourer.

“My Beloved Wife and Our Dear Mother “ on headstone .

Meany Elizabeth Teresa (Collaery)

b. 18/7/1845 Fairy Meadow d. 20/10/1932 Randwick br. Rookwood

m. Patrick Joseph Meany (1848- 15/6/1911 Ashfield Son of William Maney) 17/6/1873 St Francis Xavier’s Wollongong

f. Thomas Collaery m. Elizabeth Clough *

  1. Arthur Patrick Meany b. 1874 Sydney
  2. Mary Teresa Meany 1876 Sydney ( Robert D Corbett 1905)
  3. Mabel Frances Meany 1880 Sydney (John E Corbett 1906)
  4. Elizabeth C Meany b. 1882 Sydney Sister M. Clare
  5. Annie W M Meany b. 1885 Ashfield (Patrick J. Ryan 1917)

MANEY—COLLAERY.— On the 17th June, by special license, at St. Francis Xavier's Church, Wollongong, by the Rev. Dean Flanagan, Patrick Joseph, eldest son of Mr. William Maney, of Bourke-street, Woolloomooloo, Sydney, to Elizabeth Teresa, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Collaery, Branchfield, Illawarra. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 27 June 1873 p 2


The death of Mrs. Elizabeth Teresa Meany, relict of the late Patrick Joseph Meany, of Ashfield, occurred on the 20th ult., at the residence of her daughter (Mrs. P. J. Ryan), 31 Arthur-street, Randwick, after a brief illness. The news of her death was received by her many friends with the greatest of regret, for she possessed the most sterling qualities, and endeared herself to all with whom she came in contact. The late Mrs. Meany, who was born at Bellambi, .near Wollongong, was married by the late Dean Flanagan, to Mr. P. J. Meany, of the Harbors and Rivers' Department. Her husband predeceased her many years ago. Mrs. Meany spent the greater part of her life at Ashfield, where she had many old and valued friends. Her latter years were spent at Merewether, and in the eastern suburbs. During her late illness, which only extended over ten days, she was. constantly attended by the Rev. Father Smith, M.S.C., who brought her all the convolutions of her holy religion. She was also frequently visited by the Sisters of the Good Samaritan Order, of which community one of her daughters, is a member. The Sis ters of Charity also visited her during her illness. One son, Mr. Arthur Meany (Coramba) and four daughters — Mrs. R. Corbett (Lithgow), Mrs. J. Corbett (Lithgow), Sister M. Clare (Rozelle) and Mrs. P. J. Ryan (Randwick) mourn the loss of a loving mother. On Friday morning, 31st ult., a Requiem Mass was celebrated by the Rev. Father Campbell, M.S.C., for the repose of her soul, and in the afternoon the funeral left the Church of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Randwick, for Rookwood Cemetery. Catholic Freeman's Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1932 - 1942) Thursday 24 November 1932 p 31

Meares Catherine Butler (Tooth)

b. 31/12/ 1835 Sydney d. 28/3/ 1906 Maryborough Qld

m. Henry Devenish Douglas Meares (1827 CofE Wilberforce -25/9/1885 Maryborough, Qld Son of Rev. Matthew Devenish Meares & Georgina Augusta Devenish *)1863 Kiama

f. John Tooth m. Elizabeth Newnham

  1. (m) John Henry Devenish Meares b. 23/7/1863 Newtown d. 19/12/1870 Qld
  2. (f) Janet Meares b. 22/6/1865 Springsure Qld d. 28/6/1865 Springsure Qld
  3. (m) Samuel Meares b. 22/6/1865 Springsure Qld
  4. (f) Augusta Agnes Meares   b. 22/5/1866 Qld (Gilbert W Bates 1910)
  5. (m) Alfred Ernest Meares b. 17/2/1868 Cawarral Qld d. 20/5/1869 Qld
  6. (f) Amy Devenish Meares b. 23/2/1870 Qld d. 13/10/1950 Brisbane Qld
  7. (m) John Herbert D. Meares   b. 14/10/1871 Qld d. 18/6/1937 Qld ( Isabel M McKean 1898)
  8. (m) Thomas Devenish Meares   b. 14/9/1873 Qld d. 23/6/1958 Brisbane Qld (Matilda M Whitaker 1900)
  9. (f) Katie Elizabeth Devenish Meares   b. 21/7/1875 Qld d. 11/9/1963 Brisbane Qld (Andrew C Blanchard 1903)
  10. (f) Isabel Maria Devenish Meares b. 9/12/1876 Qld d. 3/8/1951 Brisbane Qld (George A M Harrap 1899)

Children all born outside the Illawarra

MEARES.—On 28th March, 1906, at the residence of her son-in-law (Mr. A. Harrap), corner of Albert street and Adeaide lane, Maryborough, Catherine Butler, relict of the late Henry Devenish Meares, aged 70 years Maryborough Chronicle, Wide Bay and Burnett Advertiser (Qld. : 1860 - 1947) Thursday 29 March 1906 p 2

Meares Georgina Augusta (Devenish)

b. abt 1800 d. 28/6/ 1881 Sydney 1111/1881

m. Rev. Matthew Devenish Meares (1800- 5/12/1878 Surrey Hills) 23/6/1822 St Anne’s Dublin

f. Charles Devenish m. ? Douglas

Ship: The Mariner 19/7/1825

  1. (m) William Devenish Meares b. 1823 d. 12/7/1903 Sydney (Jane Osborne * 1846)
  2. (f) Elizabeth Devenish Meares b. 1825 d. 10/3/1877 (Knox Ellis 1847)
  3. (m) Henry Devenish Douglas Meares b. 1827 CofE Wilberforce d. 25/9/ 1885 Maryborough, Qld (Catherine Butler Tooth * 1863)
  4. (m) John Devenish Meares b. 1828 CofE Pitt Town d. 1899 Petersham (Rebecca Martha Marr * 1861)
  5. (m) Alfred Devenish Meares b. 1830 CofE Pitt Town d. 1891 Petersham (Maria Louisa A. Tooth * 1861)
  6. (f) Catherine Ann Devenish Meares b. 1832 CofE Pitt Town d. 1869 St Leonards ( Henry Ellis 1856)
  7. (f) Augusta Annie Devenish Meares * b. 1834 CofE Pitt Town d. 17/7/1892 (Alick Osborne 1856)
  8. (f) Frederica Devenish Meares b. 30/6/ 1837 either Pitt Town or Wollongong (John Baker 1855)
  9. (m) Alexander Spark Devenish Meares b. 1839 CofE Dapto Wollongong d. 1918 Katoomba (Emily Bennett 1871)
  10. (m) Frederick Potter Devenish Meares b. 1841 CofE Dapto Wollongong (Elizabeth Ann Tooth 1863, Louisa Fanny Drake 1882)
  11. (m) Thomas Barker Devenish Meares b. 1843 CofE Illawarra Jervis Bay d. 1914 Marrickville

MEARES. - June 28, at 520, Bourke-street, Georgina Augusta, relict of the late Rev. M. D. Meares, in her 82nd year. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Thursday 30 June 1881

Note; Alexander Spark Meares was committed to trial 5 Jun 1867 at Braidwood for horse stealing. Matthew Devenish Meares was bankrupted in 30/07/1860 occupation clerk

Moved to Sydney about 1858

Meares Jane (Osborne)

b. abt 1821 d. 20/3/1905 North Sydney 2937/1905

m. William Devenish Meares (1823 -12/7/1903 North Sydney Son of Matthew D Meares & Georgina Augusta Devenish * ) 14/7/1846 Wollongong

f. Dr John Osborne m. Mary Clark *

  1. (m) William Devenish Meares b. 1847 CofE Dapto Wollongong (Louisa Augusta Smith 1873) moved to New Zealand
  2. (f) Mary Devenish Meares b. 1848 CofE Dapto Wollongong d. 1905 St Leonards
  3. (f) Emma Meares b. 1848 CofE Mulgoa, St Thomas
  4. (m) Matthew C. Meares b. 1850 CofE Dapto Wollongong
  5. (f) Fanny A. Meares b. 1852 CofE Dapto Wollongong
  6. (f) Florence J. Meares b. 1854 CofE Jamberoo Kiama Shoalhaven
  7. (m) Archibald L D Meares b. 1857 Kiama CofE Jamberoo Kiama Shoalhaven d. 1929 Parramatta
  8. (m) Henry O. Meares b. 1860 Kiama
  9. (f) Edith Louisa Devenish Meares b. 1862 Kiama bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven d. 1939 Woollahra

“MARRIED. At Wollongong, on Tuesday, the 14th instant, by his father, William, eldest son of the Rev. M. D. Meares, to Jane, second daughter of John Osborne, Esq, R.N., of Garden Hill.” The Sydney Morning Herald Saturday 18 July 1846

MEARES-March 20, at Kilmore, North Sydney, Jane, widow of the late William Devenish Meares, aged 84 years.  The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 21 March 1905 p 4

Meares Maria Louisa Antoinette (Tooth)

b. 14/1/1831 Hobart Tasmania d. 11/9/1889 Stanmore

m. Alfred Devenish Meares (1830 CofE Pitt Town- 1891 Petersham Son of Matthew D Meares & Georgina Augusta Devenish * ) 30/1/1861 Glebe

f. John Tooth m. Elizabeth Newnham

  1. (m) Charles Edward Meares b. 19/11/1861 Kiama d. 1940 Chatswood (Annie Ellen Pechey 1899, Mary Anna Brown 1908)
  2. (f) Laura Devenish Meares b. 1863 Kiama bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven
  3. (f) Annie Elizabeth Devenish Meares b. 1864 Redfern d. 1949 Chatswood
  4. (m) Frederick Meares d. 1870 Sydney
  5. (f) Alice Meares b. 1872 Sydney d. 1872 Sydney
  6. (m) Frank W. Devenish Meares b. 1873 Sydney d. 1952 Sydney

MEARES-TOOTH-On the 30th January, at St. John's, Bishopthorpe, by the Rey. W. Drake, M.A., Alfred Devenish Meares,  of Kiama, fourth son of the Rev. M. D. Meares, M.A., to Maria Louisa Antoinette Tooth, of St Germains, Glebe,  eldest daughter of the late John Tooth.  Empire (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1875) Friday 1 February 1861

On the 19th instant, at Kiama, Mrs. A. D. Meares, of a son. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 23 November 1861

On the Oth January at her residence Marsden Hill Kiama, the wife of A.D. Meares. Esq. of a daughter, Empire (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1875) Thursday 15 January 1863

MEARES.—September 11, at her residence, Liberty-street, Stanmore, Maria Louisa Antionette, wife of Alfred Devenish Meares, and eldest daughter of the late John Tooth, suddenly, aged 58 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Friday 13 September 1889 p 1

Meares Rebecca Martha (Marr)

b. 2/7/ 1832 Sydney d. 18/1/1907 Stanmore 2500/1907 br.

m. John Devenish Meares (1828 Pitt Town- 11/10/1899 Stanmore Son of Matthew D Meares & Georgina Augusta Devenish *) 19/2/1861 St. John's Church, Bishopthorpe

f. Henry Marr m. Ann Robinson

  1. (m) Ernest Frederick Devenish Meares b. 10/1/1862 Wollongong 14963/1862 d. 14/2/1909 Kiama
  2. (m) Ashley John Devenish Meares b. 1868 Wagga Wagga d. 1957 Sydney
  3. (m) Reginald Milton Meares b. 15/5/1877 Wagga Wagga d. 1877 Young

MEARES-MARR-On the 19th February, at St. John's Church, Bishopthorpe, by the Rev. W. Drake. B.A., John Devonish, third son of the Rev. M .D. Meares, M. A., to Rebecca Martha, youngest daughter of the late Henry Marr, Esq. Empire (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1875) Monday 25 February 1861

On the 10th instant, at her residence, Wollongong, Mrs. J. D.Meares, of a son. The Sydney Morning Herald 14 January 1862

MEARES.-January 18, at Winona, Cambridge-street, Stanmore, Rebecca, widow of the late John Devenish Meares, in her 75th year.  The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 19 January 1907 p 12

The late Mrs Meares' Estate.

Probate has been granted in respect of the will of Mrs Rebecca Martha Meares, widow, of “Winora,” Cambridge street, Stanmore, who died on January 18 last. By her last, will, dated May 12, 1904, she appointed Mr Walter Mullens Vindin, solicitor, and her nephew, Harry Frank Marr, executors and trustees of bee estate. After giving certain directions with respect to the trusts under her marriage settlement, dated February 2, 1861, the testator bequeathed the whole of her real and personal estate to her trustees upon trust for her two sons, Ernest Frederick Devenish Metres and Ashley John Devenish Meares. By a codicil, executed on May 1 last, the deceased appointed her son Ernest Devenish Meares a trustee in place of Mr H. F. Marr. The net value of the estate for probate purposes was stated at £52,218 16s of which amount £47,804 3$ 4d represented real estate. Western Champion (Parkes, NSW : 1898 - 1934) Friday 22 March 1907 p 12

Medcalf Annie (Phypers)

b. abt 1850 d. 29/5/1936 Bathurst br. Caloola

m. Benjamin Medcalf (1842- 16/5/1917 Summer Hill Son of Joseph Benjamin Medcalf & Ruth Unthank) 25/10/1871 Redfern

f. James Phypers m. Jane Bradley

  1. (f) Amy Spencer Medcalf b. 1872 Waterloo (H Cooke)
  2. (m) Herbert Medcalf b. 2/1/1875 Kiama d. 1934 Auburn
  3. (f) Edith Lillian Medcalf b. 1877 Kiama (E Woods)
  4. (m) Harold Norman Medcalf d. 1942 Taree
  5. (m) Percy Caird Medcalf b. 1879 Kiama d. 1879 Concord
  6. (m) Walter Roland Medcalf b. 1883 Kiama d. 1942 Wellington
  7. (f) Alice Ada Medcalf b. 1885 Ashfield d. 1956 Bathurst

Husband a cabinetmaker

AT her residence, Terralong-street, Kiama, on the 2nd instant, Mrs. B. MEDCALF of a son. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 14 January 1875 p 2

The death occurred in the Bathurst District Hospital of Mrs. Annie Medcalf, of Caloola, at the advanced age of 86 years. She was the widow of the late Mr Benjamin Medcalf, of Guildford and Caloola. Deceased had been ailing for a considerable time. Wellington Times (NSW : 1899 - 1954) Thursday 4 June 1936 p 13

MEDCALF. - May 29, 1936, at Bathurst District Hospital, Annie Medcalf, widow of the late Benjamin Medcalf, late of Guildford and Caloola, and beloved mother of Amy (Mrs. H. Cooke), Edie (Mrs. E. Woods), Herbert (deceased), Harold, Walter, and Alice, aged 86 years. At rest.

MEDCALF. - May 29, 1936, at Bathurst Hospital, Annie, loved, wife of Benjamin Medcalf, of Ashfield and Kiama, loved mother of Amy, Herbert (deceased), Edie, Harold, Walter, Alice, in her 87th year. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 30 May 1936 p 16

Medlyn Elizabeth Mary (Robinson)

b. 3/3/1856 Tredegar Blaenau Gwent Wales d. 8/5/1898 Woonona br. Bulli

m. James Medlyn (abt 1855 Constantine Cornwall -8/5/1910 Coledale Son of James Medlyn & Phillipa Bishop ) 17/8/1878 Rockhampton Qld

f. Thomas Robinson m. Mary Hamond

  1. (m) Edwin Henry Medlyn b. 1/5/1879 Rockhampton d. 1958 Petersham (Emma)
  2. (m) William Medlyn b. 1881 Hartley d. 27/3/1945 South Gundurimba (Mary Ann Mott * 1904)
  3. (m) James Medlyn b. 1882 Lithgow d. 1884 Lithgow
  4. (f) Phillipa Medlyn b. 1885 Wollongong (Herbert W Mott 1906)
  5. (f) Emily Medlyn b. 1887 Wollongong (Horace E Welsh 1922)
  6. (m) James Medlyn b. 1889 Woonona d. 3/1/1972 Newtown
  7. (m) Thomas Medlyn b. 1890 Woonona d. 1892 Woonona
  8. (f) Elizabeth Medlyn b. 1892 Woonona (Albert E Williams 1911)
  9. (m) Thomas Medlyn b. 1894 Woonona d. 5/5/1965 Bulli (Emily E Napper 1926)

The remains of Mrs. J. Medlyn, wife of a well-known miner employed at the Bulli colliery, were interred on Thursday in the new cemetery, the Rev. F. E. Fletcher officiating at the grave. There was a large number of friends at the funeral. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Saturday 3 December 1898 p 2

Medlyn Mary Ann M G (Mott)

b. 1878 Wollongong 24669/1878 d. 1963

m. William Medlyn(1881 Hartley-27/3/1945 South Gundurimba Son of James medlyn & Elizabeth Mary Robinson *) 1904

f. Richard James Mottm. Susan Burkenshaw *

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.

Meehan Isabella (Phillips)

b. 14/3/1857 Cockpen Midlothian Scotland d. 23/12/1913 Woonona br. Corrimal Catholic

m. Mark Meehan ( abt 1846 Co Tyrone Ireland -5/12/1925 Son of Mark Meehan & Isabella) 25/7/1878 Kiama 3488/1878

f. David Phillips m. Grace Hare *

Ship: Herald of the Morning 1858

  1. (m) James Andrew Meehan b. 29/6/1879 Bulli 26098/1879 d. 21/5/1935 (Marjory Florence Woods)
  2. (m) David Joseph Meehan b. 2/9/1880 Bulli 27539/1880 (Mildred Hobbs 1903)
  3. (m) Isabella Grace Meehan b. 3/9/1882 or 4/8/1882 Woonona Bulli 19745/1882 d. 15/1/1883
  4. (m) Mark Meehan b. 20/6/1884 Woonona 23010/1884 (Jean Watson 1911)
  5. (f) Ethel Maria Meehan b. 17/4/1886 Bulli 24555/1886 (George Woods 1908)
  6. (f) Lucella Gratia Meehan b. 1/9/1887 Woonona 25248/1887
  7. (m) William Leslie Sturt Meehan b. 1889 Woonona 24646/1889
  8. (f) Mary G Meehan b. 1890 Woonona 38549/1890 (James A Duggan 1912)
  9. (m) Hugh Stanley Meehan b. 1895 Woonona 28673/1895
  10. (f) Stella V Meehan b. 1898 Woonona 36151/1898

1903 Electoral roll –living at Woonona Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.

Funeral Notice. MEEHAN. — The friends of Mr. Mark Meehan are respectfully invited to attend the funeral of his late beloved wife, Isabella, to leave his residence, Main Road, Woonona, this Wednesday afternoon at 4. P.m. for the R.C. Cemetery, Corrimal.

MEEHAN.— The friends of Messrs. David, Mark, William, Stanley and Misses Jane, Ethel, Mary and Stella, sons , and daughters of the late Mrs. Mark Meehan; Woonona, are kindly invited to attend the funeral of their late beloved mother, Isabella Meehan, to leave their residence, Main Road, Woonona, this Wednesday afternoon at 4 p.m. for the R.C. Cemetery, Corrimal.

MEEHAN;— The friends of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Woods, Woonona, are kindly invited to attend the funeral of their beloved mother-in-law, Isabella Meehan, to leave her late residence, Main Road, Woonona, this Wednesday afternoon at 4 p.m. for the R.C. Cemetery, Corrimal.

MEEHAN— The friends of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Duggan, Woonona, are kindly invited to attend the funeral of their late beloved mother-in-law, Isabella Meehan, to leave her late residence, Main road, Woonona, this Wednesday afternoon at 4 p.m. for the R-C. Cemetery, Corrimal. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 23 December 1913 p 2

Meek Emma Lavinia (Chapman)

b. 1857 Maitland d. 8/6/1939 Strathfield br. Rookwood

m. Rev. Benjamin John Meek (abt 1848 Wolverhampton Staffordshire England - 14/5/1923 Strathfield Son of Richard Meek & Esther) 26/3/1879 Stanmore

f. Rev. Benjamin Chapman m. Emma Jane Partridge

  1. (m) Norman Stevenson Meek b. 1880 Tenterfield d. 1958 Blayney (Irene Bailey 1906)
  2. (m) Herbert A Meek b. 1881 Tenterfield
  3. (m) Richard Stanley Meek b. 1883 Armidale d. 2/5/1915 Gallipoli
  4. (m) Benjamin Chapman Meek b. 1882 Tenterfield d. 1974 Sydney (Olivet Elma Morrissey )
  5. (f) Ellen Hilda Meek b. 1884 Armidale d. 1971 Sydney
  6. (m) Mortimer Meek b. 1885 Canterbury d. 1965 Bathurst
  7. (m) Herbert K Meek b. 1887 Canterbury (Methodist missionary to London)
  8. (m) Rupert Wallace Meek b. 22/2/1890 Wollongong d. 1915 Blayney

MEEK-CHAPMAN.-March 26, at Stanmore Wesleyan Church,by the Rev. W. B. Boyce, the Rev. B. J. Meek, to Emma Lavinia, daughter of the Rev. B. Chapman. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 9 April 1879 p 1

MEEK. -February 22, 1890, at the Wesleyan Patronage, Wollongong, the wife of B. J. Meek, of a son. The Sydney Morning Herald 18 March 1890

MEEK -The friends of the late Mrs EMMA LAVINIA MEEK widow of Rev B J Meek late of 4 Alviston Street Strathfield are informed that her Funeral took place YESTERDAY MORNING in the Methodist Cemetery Rookwood Private interment The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 10 June 1939 p 15

Late Mrs. B. J. Meek

There passed away last week at her home in Strathfield, Mrs. B. J. Meek, widow of one of our old and successful ministers, and at one time President of the Conference. She was a tower of strength to her husband in all his ciruits, and after his death at Strathfield, still con tinued in service of that circuit, and was in affectionate esteem of her fellow-members. She died in the faith which had sustained her spiritual life in all the years. We express our sympathy with Miss Meek, who so devotedly looked after her mother, and also to the other members of the family. The Methodist (Sydney, NSW : 1892 - 1954) Saturday 17 June 1939 p 4

Meek Susannah (Wallace)

d. 9/1/1897 Lambton br. Sandgate

m. Adolphus Henry Meek (abt 1822 - 16/10/1892 Adamstown Son of ? ) 1851 Presbyterian Wollongong V18514493 74B

f. William Wallace m. ?

  1. (m) James Meek
  2. (f) Amanda Susannah Meek b. 1855 Newcastle d. 1917 (Samuel Blanch 1873)
  3. (m) Sydney Meek b. 1860 d. 1860 Newcastle
  4. (m) Vincent Meek b. d. 1860 Newcastle
  5. (m) Vincent Meek b. 1862 Newcastle d. 1929 Burwood (Flora E Cameron 1888)
  6. (f) Agnes R Meek b. 1868 Newcastle d. 1932 Parramatta (Enoch Heath 1887)

Megarvy/Megarvey Jane (Morgan)

b. abt 1843 Crolin Roscommon d. 12/4/1910 Parramatta br. Rookwood

m. Robert Megarvy (abt 1839 Ireland- 19/5/1903 Parramatta Son of William Megarvey & Sarah )

f. John Morgan m. Mary

Ship: Wallasea 1865

  1. (f) Jane Elizabeth Megarvy b. 1866 Sydney 1750/1866 d. 10/4/1937 Parramatta
  2. (m) William Morgan Megarvy b. 1871 Wollongong 19679/1871
  3. (f) Alice Megarvy b. 1873 Wollongong 20849/1873
  4. (m) Robert Alexander Megarvy b. 1875 Wollongong 21887/1875
  5. (m) James Pavey Megarvy b. 1877 Wollongong 23059/1877 d. 26/8/1877 Wollongong
  6. (f) Florence Isabel Megarvy b. 1879 Penrith 21609/1879
  7. (m) Thomas Frederick Megarvey b. 1883 Parramatta d. 24/11/1916 Harris Park

MEGARVY.—August 26, at Harbour-street, Wollongong, James Pavey, infant son of Robert and Jane Megarvy, aged 4 months and 15 days. The Sydney Morning Herald 1 September 1877

MEGARVY.-April 12, 1010, at her late residence, High-street, Parramatta South, Jane, relict of late Robert Mcgarvy, sen., sergeant police, Parramatta, aged 68 years.

When she arrived she was listed as the wife of someone already in the colony and she was a house maid. Her husband was a Senior-sergeant of Police, he was appointed in 1864. He paid a deposit for her transportation, he also paid a deposit for Maria Morgan- her sister?

Meharg Margaret

b. abt 1808 d. 22/1/1864 br Wollongong

m. Robert Meharg ( abt 1800- 31/8/1867 Wollongong)

  1. (m) John Meharg b. abt 1836 d. 4/12/ 1887 Wollongong (Pheobe Anderson * 1872)
  2. (f) Catherine Meharg * b. abt 1859? d. 12/3/1895 ( Hugh Dobbie 1875?)

Her daughter’s birth date could be incorrect as this would have made her mother in her 50’s when she was born and 15 when she married Hugh Dobbie who was a widower.

Meharg Phoebe (Anderson)

b. 10/9/1849 Fairy Meadow bp. 28/4/1850 Church of England Dapto; Wollongong d. 12/2/ 1910 Wollongong br Wollongong CofE

m. John Meharg (abt 1836 Northern Ireland- 4/12/1887 Wollongong Son of Robert Meharg & Margaret *) 26/1/1872 St Andrew’s Cathedral Sydney

f. Gerald Anderson m. Mary Ann Smiles *

  1. (m) Gerald Meharg b. 1872 Wollongong 19746/1872 d. 1878
  2. (f) Margaret Meharg * b. 22/3/1874 Wollongong 21459/1874 d. 1942 Meadow Bank (Robert Frew 1893)
  3. (m) Unnamed Meharg b. d. 1876 Wollongong 22595/1876
  4. (f) Mary Emily Meharg * b. 1878 Wollongong 24739/1878 d. 1/6/1952 Enmore (Jack Murphy)
  5. (m) Robert Henry Meharg b. 22/3/1880 Wollongong 27363/1880 d. 4/7/1967 Wollongong (Florence Shipp)
  6. (m) William John Meharg b. 12/7/1882 Wollongong 19600/1882 d. 4/101/1960 Wollongong (Annie Georgina Miller)
  7. (m) George Anderson Meharg b. 1884 Wollongong 22869/1884 d. 25/7/1944 Wollongong
  8. (f) Catherine Meharg b. 1886 Wollongong 24345/1886 d. 15/1/1898 aged 11years & 8 months

Living at Crown St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

On the 26th instant, by special license, by the Very Reverend   the Dean of Sydney, at St. Andrew's Cathedral, JOHN MEHARG, of Wollongong, to PHOEBE, second daughter of GERALD ANDERSON, Esq., of Fairy Meadow, near Wollongong. The Sydney Morning Herald 29 January 1872


Early on Saturday morning the death of Mrs. Phoebe Meharg occurred at her residence at Garden Hill, after a short illness. The deceased, who was 60 years of age, had resided in the district for a large number of years, and was well known and greatly respected. At one time she conducted a business in Crown Street, -opposite the Town Hall, and only recently disposed of her property there to Mr. W. J. Fimister, on which the new additions of the Wollongong are erected. She leaves a grown-up family to mourn her loss, and to whom we extend our sympathy. The funeral took place on Sunday afternoon, and was largely attended, the interment being in the Church of England cemetery. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 15 February 1910 p 2

Meiklejohn Mary Cullen (Black)

b. 1816 Glasgow Scotland d. 5/7/1875 Maryborough Qld

m. John Meeklejohn (1815 Glasgow Scotland-6/4/1879 Maryborough Qld Son of John Meilkejohn & Isabella) 1838

f. Gavin Black m. Margaret Cullen

  1. (f) Isabella Meeklejohn b. 1841 bp. Presbyterian Wollongong d. 1842 Sydney Scots church
  2. (m) John Meiklejohn b. 1843 d. 1843 Sydney Scots Church
  3. (m) John Meikljohn b. 1844 d. 1921 Bundaberg Qld
  4. (f) Isabella Turnbull Meiklejohn b. 1846 d. 2/12/1847 Pyrmont
  5. (f) Mary Meiklejohn b. 1848 (Knipe)
  6. (m) Gavin Black Meiklejohn b. 1853 d. 1905 Qld
  7. (m) Robert Graig Meiklejohn d. 1893 Qld
  8. (m) Andrew Walker Meiklejohn b. 1857 d. 1895 Qld
  9. (f) Margaret Willmot Meiklejohn
  10. (m) James Speer Meiklejohn b. d. 1932
  11. (m) William Meiklejohn b. d. 1889

On the 5th inst., Mrs. Meiklejohn, of acute dysentery.

THE Friends of the late MRS. MEIKLEJOHN are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral, to reach the Victoria Ferry at Four o'clock p m. THIS DAY. Maryborough Chronicle, Wide Bay and Burnett Advertiser (Qld. : 1860 - 1947) Tuesday 6 July 1875 p 2

Meldrum Agnes Wright (Anderson)

b. 1876 Newtown d. 22/7/1937 Manly br. Rookwood

m. William Meldrum (abt 1869 -25/11/1945 Manly) 1898 Annandale

f. Alexander Anderson m. Sarah

  1. (f) Nellie Hazel Meldrum b. 1899 Petersham
  2. (f) Lillian J Meldrum b. 1903 Helensburgh
  3. (m) Robert W Meldrum b. 1905 Helensburgh
  4. (f) Violet M Meldrum b. 1910 Camperdown ( R. Healey)

Living Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a miner.

MELDRUM.-The Relatives and Friends of Mr. WILLIAM MELDRUM and FAMILY arc kindly invited to attend the Funeral of his dearly beloved WIFE and their loving MOTHER. Agnes W. to leave her late residence, 5 George-street, Manly, THIS (Saturday) MORNING, ? o'clock, for Presbyterian Cemetery, Rookwood, arriving at cemetery at about 11.15 a.m. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 24 July 1937 p 15

Mellett/Millet/Millett/Mullet Catherine (Lane/Lamb/Larn/Sein)

b. abt 1818 Shanagolden Ireland

m. Martin Mellett (abt 1810 Mayo Ireland-) 1842 Wollongong

Convict Permission to Marry Index 1842 Wollongong

Ship: Aliquis 1839

Occupation: Dairy Maid

  1. (m) John Millett b. 25/5/1843 Wollongong
  2. (m) Thomas Millett b. 23/12/1845 Wollongong
  3. (m) Michael Mellett b. 16/12/1847 Wollongong
  4. (f) Margaret Mellot b. 3/7/1851 Shellharbour
  5. (m) Martin Millett b. 2/10/1853 Shellharbour reg Kiama

Mellon/Mellan (Slattery) Mary

m. Thomas Mellon (-1933) 27/1/1891 Qld

  1. (f) Jane Melon b. 1893 Murwillumbah (Richard Cook 1914)
  2. (m) Thomas Mellon b. 1895 Murwillumbah d. 1896 Wollongong
  3. (f) Johanna Mellon b. 1901 Maclean
  4. (f) Mary A Mellon b. 1906 Maclean


John Marlan, on remand, was charged with indecently assaulting Mary Mellon, at Dapto, on the night of the 17th instant.

Mr. Russell for accused. Mary Mellon produced the night-dress worn by her on the night in question ; it had a mark upon the back of it, which she said was caused by her being knocked down on the earth near the fire-place.

Elizabeth Hamilton deposed that she resided with her husband in a tent near Mrs. Mellon, who on Tuesday night came to her abode trembling like a leaf and with the perspiration dripping off her, and made a complaint ; she had, only a skirt on over her night-dress, and seemed very much excited ; witness returned to her house with her, when she noticed a broken match-box on the floor, and matches strewn about ; also a box knocked over, and the fastening of the front door broken and lying on the floor ; the back of Mrs. Mellon's night-dress was marked with dirt from the floor.

William Mant lived in a tent close to Mrs. Mellon ; he heard a noise in her home on Tuesday night, and heard her call out “Geordie, Geordie,” and “Mrs. Geordie,” and also “Oh, Mant ;” his dog was running backwards and forwards barking between his tent and Mrs. Mellon's, and thinking the animal was annoying her he called out to it ; he also heard Mrs. Mellon say, “You are a dirty low scoundrel, I'll give you in charge in the morning, I'm a decent married woman” ; this was said in a loud and angry tone of voice ; he after-wards heard her go to Hamilton's, and asked what was the matter ; she replied that there had been a man in her tent ; he heard her strike her dog for not barking.

Jacob Greener, living in a tent near by, heard Mrs. Mellon calling out to the Hamilton's, and say, “Get out, you scoundrel, I'm a decent married woman.”

This concluded the evidence for the prosecution.

Accused having been formally charged, said he reserved his defence. He was then committed for trial at the Quarter Sessions on the 9th April ; bail allowed, himself in £100, and two sureties in £50 each. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Thursday 26 March 1896 Page 2

The parties live at the camp at the smelting works ; Mrs. Mellon lives in a bag house of two rooms ; her husband went away on Saturday night, taking a boy with him, and leaving a little girl with her ; he suffered from heart disease and was not able to do hard work ; there were a good many tents in the vicinity. Mary Mellon deposed: I am the wife ofmThomas Mellon, and have two ohildren Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Saturday 21 March 1896 Page 2


At Maclean Court on Friday, before Messrs….Mary Mellon sued her husband,- Thomas Mellon, for the maintenance of a child… The Court was adjourned for a few minutes to see if a settlement could be arrived at between the parties,… said his client would consent to an order of 2s 6cl per week and £l Is legal expenses. An order was made accordingly. The Grafton Argus and Clarence River General Advertiser (NSW : 1874 - 1875; 1879 - 1882; 1888; 1892; 1899 - 1922) Monday 22 November 1909 Page 3

Mary Mellon deposed that she was a married woman, living in Diver Street, Maclean ; was living apart, from her husband. The Grafton Argus and Clarence River General Advertiser (NSW : 1874 - 1875; 1879 - 1882; 1888; 1892; 1899 - 1922) Monday 24 January 1910 Page 4

Mellor Margaret (Cameron)

b. abt 1854 Argyle d. 29/5/1891 Blayney

m. John Mellor (1844 Goulburn -21/1/1905 Sydney Son of George Mellor & Frances Mary) 3/12/1873 Goulburn (registered Gunnedah)

f. Lachlan Maclean Cameron m. Christina

  1. (f) Florence Christina Mellor b. 14/9/1874 Wollongong (Ferdinando N Stumillo 1904)
  2. (m) William Gladstone Mellor b. 1876 Wollongong d. 1942 Warren
  3. (u) Mellor
  4. (f) Violet C Mellor b. 1878 Gunning
  5. (f) Lilian May Mellor b. 1883 Carcoar d. 1951 Hurstville
  6. (f) Ruby S C Mellor b. 1886 Carcoar d. (Colin C Crane 1910)
  7. (m) Granville Mellor b. 1888 Blayney

MARRIAGE  MELLOR CAMERON.-On 3rd December, 1873, by the Rev. S. F. Mackenzie, at the residence of the bride's uncle, Glendonnell; near Goulburn, JOHN, only son of the late Mr George Mellor, of Queenbeyan, to MARGARET, eldest daughter of the late Mr Lachlan Cameron, of Greenwich Park. Queanbeyan Age (NSW : 1867 - 1904) Friday 16 January 1874 p 2

MELLOR.—September 14, at her residence, Crown-street, Wollongong, Mrs. John Mellor, Melville of a daughter. The Sydney Morning Herald 29 October 1874

Obituary. The Carcoar Chronicle of last Saturday reports the death on Friday last at the age of thirty-seven, of Mrs. Mellor, wife of Mr. John Mellor, editor of the Blayney Advocate. The deceased was Miss Cameron, a native of Argyle. Mr. Mellor   was formerly proprietor of thee Gunning Leader, now incorporated with this paper, and was at one time a compositor in this   office. We are sure that he has the sympathy     of his friends in that part of of the colony in his bereavement. Goulburn Herald (NSW : 1881 - 1907) Wednesday 3 June 1891 p 3

MELLOR. — At her residence, Advocate Office, Blayney, on the 29th May, 1891, MARGARET, the beloved wife of Alderman John Mellor, aged 37 years, leaving a husband and seven children to mourn their loss. Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal (NSW : 1851 - 1904) Saturday 30 May 1891 p 2

Melton Eleanor Louisa (Featherstone-Haugh/Featherkonchaugh)

b. 1871 Scone d. 18/9/1954 Chippendale

m. Thomas James Melton (abt 1860 - 29/4/1942 Woy Woy Son of Henry Melton of Bathurst) 10/12/1892 Sydney 1783/1892

f. William Lancaster Featherstone-Haugh m. Priscilla Clevenden *

  1. (f) Grace E Melton b. 1894 Quirindi
  2. (m) William Melton b. 1895 Quirindi
  3. (f) Kathleen Hilda Melton b. 1898 Gunnedah
  4. (m) Victor B Melton b. 1901 Gunnedah
  5. (m) Thomas John Melton b. 1907 Armidale
  6. (f) Lenore M Melton b. 1911 Manilla d. 1911 Manilla

MARRIAGE. MELTON— FETHERSTONHAUGH. — On December 10, at Pymont, by the Rev. Furlong, Thomas James MELTON (second son of Henry Melton, Bathurst, N.S.W.) to Eleanor Louisa FETHERSTONHAUGH (only daughter of the late William Fetherstonhaugh, of Wollongong.) Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 20 December 1892 p 2

MELTON, Eleanor Louisa.–September l8 1954 at hospital late of 62 Myrtle Street Chippendale relict of Thomas Melton loved mother of Grace William Hilda Victor and John RIP The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 20 September 1954 p 18

Melville Sarah (Slater)

b. abt 1852 Durham d. 24/3/1894 Woonona br. Bulli CofE

m. Thomas Melville (-23/3/1887 Bulli Mine disaster) 1873 Durham

f. Thomas Slater m. Johanna

Ship: Clyde 1880

  1. (f) Jane Anne Melville* b. 13/7/1874 Birtley Durham d. 20/7/1927 Bulli (John Robert James 1895)
  2. (f) Emma Melville b. abt 1877 Durham
  3. (f) Johanna Melville b. abt 1879 Durham (James H Parker 1903)
  4. (m) John Thomas Melville b. 1881 Woonona 18995/1881 d. 1916 Bulli
  5. (m) William Melville b. 1883 Woonona 21157/1883 d. 1883 Woonona 8807/1883
  6. (f) Isabella Melville b. 1885 Woonona23666/1885 d. 1939 Rockdale

Her husband, Thomas Melville, was killed in the Bulli Mine Disaster leaving her a widow with five children aged from 5 to 12. When her husband was killed it was said of him that he was easily recognised because he was ‘a man of immense stature’.

DEATH OF MRS. SARAH MELVILLE. Another of the widows by the Bulli colliery explosion of 1887 has passed away. Just seven years and a day between the death of husband and wife, for the latter died on Saturday night, the 24th instant, after a long and painful illness. At the time of the disaster she was left with five children. Three of these have gone off the relief fund, being over 15 years of age, and two are still recipients. Mrs. Melville was a quiet, industrious, good-natured woman, and the high respect in which she was hold was shown by the large funeral profession on Monday afternoon. She was interred in the Church of England cemetery, the Rev. H. W. Taylor officiating and delivering an impressive and suitable address. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Wednesday 28 March 1894 p 2

Melvin/Melven Maria see Valley

Menzies Annie (Gilmore)

m. Robert Menzies 1890 Wollongong

  1. (f) Jane E A Menzies b. 1891 Wollongong

Menzies Lavinia (Gower)

b. 1869 Wollongong d. 1955 Armidale br. Armidale

m. Daniel Menzies (1866 Berrima – 20/11/1949 Armidale Son of Andrew Menzies & Elizabeth McGregor ) 27/1/1892 All Saints’ CofE Macquarie River

f. Charles Gower m. Lavinia Pearson *

  1. (m) Donald Clyde Menzies b. 1894 Armidale
  2. (m) Vivian Maxted Menzies b. 1897 Armidale d. 1963
  3. (f) Rita A Menzies b. 1899 Armidale
  4. (m) Rex D Menzies b. 1902 Armidale
  5. (f) Una B F Menzies b. 1905 Armidale (Allen Bell 1930)
  6. (f) Winifred G L Menzies b. 1907 Armidale
  7. (f) Delma Beryl Menzies b. 1912 Armidale
  8. (m) Andrew Charles Menzies b. ? d. 1965 Armidale

Husband a carpenter, father a farmer. She was a resident of Macquarie River, he of Bowral. Family lived at ‘Dalkeith’ Black Mountain, near Guyra.

Menzies Margaret (Tindell)

b. 24/1/ 1817 Perth Scotland d. 20/3/1861 'Minnamurra' House Jamberoo

m. Dr Robert Menzies (25/4/1811- 1860) 5/6/1838 Perth Scotland

f. William Tindell m. Elizabeth Stewart *

Ship: 1838 'Earl Durham'

  1. (f) Elizabeth Johanna Menzies * b. 29/9/1839 Minnamurra bp. Presbyterian Wollongong d. 1895 Newtown (Rev James Kinross 1859)
  2. (m) Robert Archibald Menzies b. 31/12/1840 Minnamurra bp. Presbyterian Wollongong d. 20/3/1841
  3. (f) Mary Alexandrina Campbell Menzies * b. 13/3/ 1842 Minnamurra bp. Presbyterian Wollongong d. 1923 Chatswood (John Waugh Dymock 1861)
  4. (f) Grace Maria Menzies * b. 9 /9/1843 Minnamurra bp. Presbyterian Wollongong d. 17/5/1919 (David Lindsay Dymock 1864)
  5. (f) Phyllis/Phillis/Willis Menzies * b. 3/3/1845 bp. Presbyterian Wollongong d. 1926 Wollongong (George Tindell 1973)
  6. (m) Archibald Menzies b. 4/10/1846 d. 15/10/1846
  7. (f) Unnamed Menzies b. 15/12/1847 d. 4/2/1848

At Minamurra, Illawarra, on the 31st instant, the Lady of Robert Menzies, Esq. of a son. The Sydney Herald 28 January 1841

At Minumurra, Illawarra, on the 20th instant, Robert Archibald, the infant son of Robert Menzies, Esq. The Sydney Herald 25 March 1841

At Minamurra, Illawarra, on the 13th inst., the lady of Robert Menzies, Esq., of a daughter. The Sydney Herald 17 March 1842

At Minamurra, Illawarra, on the 9th inst., Mrs. Menzies, of a daughter. The Sydney Morning Herald 16 September 1843

At Minumurra, Illawarra, on Monday, the 3rd instant, the lady of Robert Menzies, Esq., J.P., of a daughter.  The Sydney Morning Herald 8 March 1845

At Minumurra, Illawarra, on the 4th instant,   the lady of Robert Menzies, Esq., J.P., of a son. The Sydney Morning Herald 8 October 1846

Death On the 5th instant, at Minamurra, Illawarra, the infant son of Robert Menzies, Esq. The Sydney Morning Herald 22 October 1846

At Minamurra, Illawarra, on Wednesday, the 15th instant, Mrs. Robert Menzies, of a daughter. The Sydney Morning Herald 20 December 1847

At Minamurra, Illawarra, on the 4th of February, the infant daughter of Robert   Menzies, Esq. The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser 12 February 1848

MENZIES-On the 20th March, at Minnamurra, Illawarra, Margaret, relict of the late Robert Menzies, Esq., aged 44. Empire 27 March 1861 Includes Margaret’s journal and letters while on her voyage out to NSW etc.

Mercer Jane (Connors)

b. abt 1813 d. 21/4/1889 Kiama br. Albion Park Pioneer

m. Campbell Mercer (1820- 4/4/1869 Wollongong Hospital Son of Michael Mercer & Martha)

  1. (m) James Mercer b. 1839 Ireland d. 13/2/1905 Newtown (Jessie Fleming *1860)
  2. (f) Margaret Mercer b. 1844 d. 27/6/1888 Kiama 10574/1888 br. Albion Park Pioneer
  3. (f) Martha Mercer b. 1846 d. 14/9/1851 Dapto br. Albion Park Pioneer
  4. (m) George Mercer b. 1849 bp. Presbyterian Illawarra District Kiama V18491426 51/1849
  5. (m) William Mercer b. 1851 bp. Presbyterian Illawarra District Kiama V18511427 51/1851 d. 1935 Qld

Lived Shellharbour and at Mt Terry Albion Park. Husband built the Steam Packet Hotel in 1855. Her husband was thrown from a cart which caused him to be paralyzed. He died shortly after.

ANOTHER of the old residents of the district in the person of Mrs. Mercer, of Albion Park, has passed away. She died on Sunday last, 76 years of age. Reporter and Illawarra Journal (Kiama, NSW : 1887 - 1894) Saturday 27 April 1889 p 2

Mercer Jessie (Fleming)

b. 1838 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland d. 10/6/1913 Bingie br. Moruya Cemetery

m. James Mercer (1839 Ireland- 13/2/ 1905 Newtown Son of Campbell Mercer & Jane Connors * ) 8/1/1860 Wollongong

f. Thomas Fleming m. Margaret McFarlane *

  1. (f) Margaret Mercer b. 1860 Kiama
  2. (m) George Campbell Mercer b. 28/3/1863 Broulee d. 1942 Moruya
  3. (m) Thomas James Mercer b. 10/6/1866 “Meringo” Moruya
  4. (m) William Alexander Mercer b. 8/9/1868 Bingie
  5. (m) John Fleming Mercer b. 22/3/1871 “Meringo” Moruya
  6. (m) Henry Charles Mercer b. 17/5/1873 Bingie
  7. (m) Campbell Mercer b. 23/11/1875 Bergalia
  8. (f) Martha Jane Mercer b. 30/6/1878 “Meringo” Moruya
  9. (f) Jessie Agnes Mercer b. 19/11/1880 Bingie (Albert Pattimore 1902)
  10. (m) James Alfred Mercer b. 23/3/1883 Bergalia

MARRIED By Special Licence, at Wollongong, On the 6th instant by the Rev. C. Atchison, James, oldest son of Mr Campbell Mercer, of Shellharbor, to Jessie, eldest daughter of the late Mr Thomas Flemming, of Shellharbor. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 10 January 1860 p 2

Merchant Anne

m. James Merchant

  1. (f) Hannah Merchant b. 1841 Garden Hill bp. CofE Dapto; Wollongong d. 2/8/1906 Ulladulla (Stephen Joseph Knapp 1858)
  2. (f) Charlotte Merchant b. 1844 CofE Sydney St Lawrence’s d. 1914 Sydney (William Ward 1862)

Living at Garden Hill on the Osborne Estate in 1841 census

Merchant/Marchant Hannah

m. Henry Merchant

  1. (m) Robert A Marchant b. 1843 bp. CofE Illawarra; Jervis Bay
  2. (f) Sarah Marchant b. 1845 bp. CofE Dapto; Wollongong
  3. (f) Hannah Marchant b. 1849 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven

Merchant Jane (McKenzie)

b. abt 1818 Strathpiper Rosshire Scotland d. 1/2/1903 Wollongong br. Presbyterian Wollongong

m. Elias Merchant (- 1883 Wollongong Son of James Merchant & ?) 6/6/1843 Berkeley Presbyterian Wollongong V 18434395 74B

f. James ? m. Margaret McKenzie *

Ship: Henry Porcher 1840

  1. (m) James Merchant b. 1844 bp. Presbyterian Wollongong d. 8/11/1903 Wollongong
  2. (f) Mary Merchant * b. 1846 bp. Presbyterian Wollongong V18464419 45B/1846 d. 1926 Canterbury ( John Graham 1869)
  3. (m) William Merchant b. 1849 bp. Presbyterian Wollongong V18491293 50/1849
  4. (f) Margaret Merchant b. 19/2/1852 Wollongong V18524613 45B/1852  
  5. (f) Jane Merchant b. 1854/1855 bp. Presbyterian Wollongong V1854598 53/1854
  6. (m) John Merchant b. 1857 Wollongong 12200/1857
  7. (m) Unknown Merchant b. 1859 Wollongong 14132/1859
  8. (m) Alfred Merchant b. 1862 Wollongong 14961/1862 d. 1932 Hornsby
  9. (m) Elias Merchant b. 1864 Wollongong 16404/1864

Living Coombes St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties.

Her son Alfred was considered ‘naturally of weak intellect and of unsound mind, that if excited by passion he would be likely to commit some deed of violence’ he had frequently assaulted his parents. He ‘also assaulted his mother, by beating her with his fists; sometimes he was very kind, and at other times very cruel’ Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 3 February 1880 p 2

In 1879 Alfred was before the Court having previously charged with being of unsound mind. Elias Merchant said he was blind, and while in bed had been struck by prisoner of whom he was afraid. Mrs. Merchant also gave evidence to the same effect.’ Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 21 October 1879 p 2

Alfred was finally sent to an mental asylum.

The death of a very old resident in the person of Mrs. Jane Marchant (widow of the late E. Marchant) took place at her residence, Coombe-street, early on Sunday morning, after an illness extending over a few days. The old lady who was of a very retiring disposition, lived quietly with her son and daughter until the time of her demise at the age of 85. The funeral took place on Monday afternoon, the old lady being laid in her last resting place in the Presbyterian cemetery. Rev. C. A. White, B.A., officiated at the grave. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Wednesday 4 February 1903 p 2

Meredith Amy Mary (Parsons)

1877 Wollongong 23100/1877 d. 4/9/1947 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. Charles Devenport Meredith ( 1878 Wollongong-19/10/1942 Son of Leslie Evans Meredith & Emily Susannah Moon *) 1903

f. Alfred Parsons m. Mary Farrell *

Living at Campbell St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties


A native and resident of Wollongong, since her birth 70 years ago, passed away at the Wollongong Hospital yesterday, following a stroke which she suffered several days ago. She was Mrs. Amy Mary Meredith, of Osborne st., Wollongong, widow of the late Mr. Charles Meredith who was well known in lodge circles in the district, having held the position of District Grand Master of the Wollongong Odd Fellows' Lodge for many years prior to his death.

The late Mrs. Meredith, who had suffered ill health for a number of years, was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Parsons, early residents of Wollongong. She was the last surviving member of that family.

Her father was at one time captain. Of the Wollongong Fire Brigade.

Mrs. Meredith was a hard worker for the Wollongong Hospital Auxiliary for many years.

The surviving members of her family are Kathleen (Mrs. G. Rowles Wollongong), Leonard, Herb, Mildred (Mrs. D. Stewart, Woonona) and Jack.

A service, conducted by the Rev. R. C. M. Long, will be held to-day a tParsons' funeral parlours, Wollongong, and the cortege will proceed to the Wollongong Church of England cemetery, where the remains will be interred. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 5 September 1947 p 9

Meredith Amy Susan (Annesley)

b. 30/6/1867 Hartley d. 11/2/1911 Bulli

m. Joseph Meredith (abt 1860 North Wales - 22/11/1940 Lithgow) 1884 Lithgow 5135/1884

f. James Annesley m. Mary Jane Collison

Cause of death: Typhoid

  1. (f) Emily Meredith b. 1885 Woonona 23718/1885
  2. (f) Margaret Mary Meredith b. 1887 Berrima 17529/1887 d. 1936 Wollongong (William F Clarke 1905)
  3. (m) Albert Joseph Meredith b. 1889 Lithgow 22692/1889 d. 1962 Bulli
  4. (m) Sinclare A Meredith b. 1890 Lithgow 19610/1890
  5. (f) Amy Meredith b. 1892 Lithgow 20043/1892 (Alexander Potter 1908)
  6. (f) Rosalie Meredith b. 1894 Katoomba 17255/1894 (Charles Roach 1912)
  7. (m) Amos Clement Meredith b. 1896 Hartley Vale 22780/1896 d.  11/10/1917 Passchendaele Belgium
  8. (m) Evan Meredith b. 24/11/1897 Hartley Vale d. 1977
  9. (m) Thiven Meredith b. 1901 Lithgow 4544/1901
  10. (f) Elizabeth A Meredith b. 1905 Helensburgh 4047/1905 (Cecil Ogilvie 1923)
  11. (f) Irene Meredith b. 1907 Helensburgh 13946/1907
  12. (f) Ivy L Meredith b. 1909 Woonona 32408/1909 (William J Reichart 1933)

Living Clifton in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a miner.

Four Cases in One Family

Mrs Meredith, aged 45, wife of Joseph Meredith, miner, died in the Bulli Hospital on Saturday, from typhoid fever. She leaves a large family of young children, the youngest about 18 months old. Two sons and a daughter of Mrs Meredith are inmates of the hospital, suffering from typhoid. The daughter, aged 20, had only been admitted to the institution about an hour prior to her mother's death Three of these cases, including the fatal one, come from a house in Clifton, which stands on the main road leading to Clifton Railway Station and public school. This is the house referred to by the Board of Health some weeks ago, to the effect that when Dr. Willis visited the district he found many of the places hopelessly overcrowded. One was sheltering a family of ten persons, including a fever patient, who was being nursed in the same room in which the family lived, and in which meals were taken. The report continued that the danger of contagion could, therefore, be easily understood. The unfortunate woman who died on Saturday was the mother of the typhoid patient referred to above, and on the date of Dr. Willis' visit she was in the best of health. Her daughter, who was assisting to nurse her brother, was taken to the hospital on Saturday, suffering from typhoid, and the remainder of the family are still residing in the fever stricken house.  The authorities have been asked time after time to take some steps towards safeguarding public health, and also to assist miners to obtain house accommodation, but nothing appears to have been done. Feeling in Clifton is very acute, and residents are demanding that the structure in which so many cases of fever have occurred be destroyed by fire, and a temporary residence provided for the family until something can be done by way of another home being provided for them. Mr Nicholson, M.L.A. for the district, has been urged for some weeks past to arrange for a deputation to interview the Minister for Lands and Minister for Mines on the question, but so far he has not done so. He replied that he had seen the Minister, who stated the matter would be attended to as soon as possible, and that an officer would be sent to Clifton to report. Singleton Argus (NSW : 1880 - 1954) Thursday 16 February 1911 p 4

The typhoid epidemic at Clifton is causing some stir amongst the residents. The case of the Meredith family is indeed a sad one. The mother passed away on Saturday last rather suddenly; her child died some little time previously, while three more children, are at present inmates of the Bulli Hospital. The father had just returned from taking one child to the hospital when he was informed of his wife's death. The husband is left with a large family of young children. On Tuesday last Messrs. G. B. Vickery, A. A. Atkinson, (chief inspector of- mines'), and Hiles (shire sanitary inspector) inspected the infected house, and subsequently Mr. Hiles notified that he had made arrangements to remove the remainder of the family to a vacant allotment at Coledale, where tents and conveniences would be provided. The not taking prompt action. Under the authorities are being cavilled at for circumstances, it is pointed out, the case in question is a rather difficult one for such action to be taken. There are no houses available, and the authorities could not very well turn the family out in the street. ; Neither are there any Crown lands in the vicinity on which to pitch tents, and naturally people strongly object to these being pitched close to their premises. The course adopted, it is thought, is the best that possibly could be taken, and the people of Clifton will feel more at ease when they learn that the hovels where the epidemic was most pronounced are to be demolished. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 17 February 1911 p 9

On Saturday last the cottage occupied by the Meredith family, in which a case of typhoid recently occurred, was burnt down, under orders from Mr. P. J. Carrick, surface manager at the Coalcliff colliery. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 17 February 1911 p 9

House in Clifton, in which typhoid patient Evan Meredith was found: This house contains two rooms, each about 9ft. by 10ft. by 8ft. high, and two lean-to rooms at the back, each about 10ft. by 5 ½ ft. by an average of 61/2/ft. It is built partly of wood and partly of iron, with a shingle roof. The house is in a disgraceful state of repair, and numerous holes as big as the palms of the hand exist in the roof, which must leak like a sieve when it rains. In this house there are living five adults and six children. At time of my visit the members of the family were having their midday meal, and the typhoid patient was lying on a bed almost alongside the meal table. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 17 February 1911 p 8

The inspector reported that the Meredith family had now been in possession of the council's tent at Coledale for five weeks. He asked for instructions as to the length of time they are to be allowed to remain. Decided on the motion of Cr. Dove that one month's notice to quit be given. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 31 March 1911 p 2

MERDITH CASE. Cr. Nicholson moved a motion, notice of which had been given, providing for the payment of a sum of money to Mr. Meredith, Clifton, as compensation for furniture and bedding claimed to have been burnt under instructions from the sanitary inspector. Cr. Tresidder seconded the motion pro forma. There was a list put in of the-goods said to have been so destroyed, the total valuation of which was set down at £13 4s ?d. The sanitary inspector furnished a report denying having given orders at any time for bedding or furniture to be destroyed. The motion was not carried. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 14 April 1911 p 8

Husban was saved from the Mt Kembla disaster

Meredith Annie (Fleet)

b. 5/12/1876 Jamberoo d. 10/4/1945 Central Park Kiama br. Kiama General

m. Ernest Albert Meredith (5/8/1863 Shellharbour - 2/9/1944 Kiama Son of Leslie Evan Meredith & Emily Susanna Moon *) 8/12/1896 St. Michael’s Wollongong

f. John Fleet m. Annie Slusher *

  1. (f) Ivy Ethel Meredith b. 27/9/1897 Kiama d. 22/7/1874 (Leslie Holz 1920)
  2. (f) Gladys Meredith b. 2/5/1899 d. 1987
  3. (m) Leslie Ernest Meredith b. 6/8/1903 Kiama d. 13/12/1995 (Florence Munn 1928)
  4. (m) Alfred Evans Meredith b. 27/12/1907 Kiama d. 23/1/1993

Living Terralong St Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a Quarryman


An old and respected resident of Kiama in the person of' Mrs. Annie Meredith passed away at her home, Central Park, on Tuesday last in her 69th year. She had not been seriously ill for very long, but the passing of her husband in September last and the severance of their long and happy partnership was a shock from which she never really recovered. The late Mrs. Meredith was Miss Annie Fleet, and was born at Jamberoo. She married Mr. Ernest Meredith, who spent a- long and useful life here, being for many years engaged in the quarrying industry, and also taking part in the civic affairs of the town as an Alderman of the Kiama Council. Mrs. Meredith was devoted to her home and family, and was known and respected as a very kindly neighbour and friend, always ready to assist in cases of sickness and distress.

Mrs. Meredith is survived by two sons, Leslie (Kiama) and Alfred (A.IF.) and two daughters, Ivy Mrs. L. Holz, (Kiama) and Gladys (Kiama) to whom sympathy is extended in their bereavement.

The funeral took place at the Church of England cemetery, Kiama, on Thursday afternoon, the Rector The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Saturday 14 April 1945 p 3

Meredith Elizabeth

1903 Electoral roll –living at Towradgi Domestic Duties

Meredith Emily Susannah (Moon)

b. 6/2/1842 Dapto b. 6/9/1906 Cessnock br. Cessnock

m. Leslie Evans Meredith (abt 1839 Liverpool Lancashire England - 20/9/1898 Wollongong Son of Evans Meredith & Emily Clerk) 24/2/1862 Shellharbour 2085/1862

f. Thomas Moon m. Harriett Watson *

  1. (m) Alfred James Meredith b. 6/6/ 1862 Shellharbour d. 15/5/1895
  2. (m) Ernest Albert Meredith d. 5/8/1863 Shellharbour d. 2/9/1944 Kiama (Annie Fleet * 1896)
  3. (m) Evan John Meredith b. 1865 Shellharbour d. 8/9/1935 Berry
  4. (m) Walter Leslie Meredith b. 1868 Shellharbour d. 5/1/1947
  5. (m) James Theodor Meredith b. 1870 Shellharbour d. 21/9/1934 Coffs Harbour (Daisy Edwards 1899)
  6. (m) Thomas Frederick Meredith b. 3/10/1873 Shellharbour d. 23/7/1922 ( Christina Day 1903)
  7. (f) Emily Harriett Meredith * b. 1876 Shellharbour 22564/1876d. 1962 Chatswood 32707/1962 (John Bede Dennis 1896, James T Fleetwood 1914)
  8. (m) Charles Devenport Meredith b. 1878 Wollongong d. 19/10/1942 ( Amy Mary Parsons * 1903)
  9. (f) Ethel Kate Meredith * b. 1880 Wollongong d. 1955 (John Newton Vidler 1896)
  10. (f) Rose Meredith b. 29/9/1882 Kiama d. 1886 Murphy’s Lane Wollongong
  11. (m) Frederick Clarke Meredith b. 17/9/1885 Kiama d. 24/8/1947
  12. (m) Cuthbert Meredith b. 1889 Wollongong d. 18/1/1911

Living at Crown St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Husband a Farmer, Painter

Mrs. Meredith, mother of Mr. T. Meredith, died at Cessnock last week, at the age of 67 years. She was a native of Kiama, and lived for many years in Wollongong where her family were reared. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 16 October 1906 p 1

Meredith Harriet Sophia (Stanley)

b. d. 20/2/1951 Qld

m. Joseph Meredith 1901 Helensburgh

f. Thomas Stanley m. Harriett Frost

  1. (m) William T Meredith b. 1902 Helensburgh
  2. (f) Ruby Meredith b. 1904 Helensburgh d. 4/6/1985 Qld (Harold Lewins 1928)
  3. (m) Joseph Meredith b. 1906 Helensburgh d. 1/5/1910
  4. (f) Harriet A Meredith b. 1908 Woonona d. 1932 Bulli
  5. (f) Hannah Meredith b. 1911 Woonona
  6. (f) Alice Blanche Meredith b. 1913 Woonona d. 30/11/1966 Qld (James Hunter Strophair1933)
  7. (m) Edward James Meredith b. 9/11/1917 Helensburgh d. 14/3/1973 Qld
  8. (m) Evan Benajmain Meredith b. 1919 Helensburgh d. 21/2/1965 Qld

1903 Electoral roll –living at Helensburgh Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.

In 1943 she was Next of Kin for her grandson Joseph John Meredith born 1922 in Brisbane, son of Ruby, when he enlisted- she was living in South Brisbane.

Meredith Johanna

b. abt 1852 d. 7/9/1920 Campbell St Woonona br. Scarborough

m. Stephen Meredith (abt 1857- 29/3/1937 Bulli Son of Joseph Meredith & Ellen)

f. Robert m. Margaret

  1. (m) Joseph Meredith b. 1878 Wallsend d. 1956 Lithgow
  2. (f) Margaret Meredith b. 1880 Berrima
  3. (m) Stephen Meredith b. 1882 Hartley d. 28/3/1949 Bulli (Ana Potter 1907)
  4. (m) Walter Meredith d. 1954 Bulli
  5. (m) Robert Meredith b. 1884 Lithgow
  6. (f) Ellen Meredith * b. 1885 Lithgow d. 1924 Bulli (Charles Potter 1900)
  7. (m) Robert Meredith b. 1887 Lithgow d. 1928 Rylstone
  8. (f) Elizabeth Meredith b. 1889 Woonona
  9. (m) John Meredith b. 1891 Katoomba d. 21/5/1910 South Clifton Tunnel Mine
  10. (m) Evan Thomas Meredith b. 1894 Katoomba d. 9/6/1917 France

The death, of Mrs. Johanna Meredith, 68 years of age, occurred on Monday at Woonona. Deceased was an old resident of the district. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 10 September 1920 p 2

Meredith Kate see Lobb

Merrick Ellen

b. abt 1864 d. 15/8/1945 Naremburn

m. William Merrick (abt 1859-16/9/1901 North Kiama Son of Ralph Merrick )

f. William m. Ann

  1. (m) Percy Roy Merrick b. 1895 St Leonards/Brooklyn d. 27/7/1916 France
  2. (m) John Merrick b. 1897 Ryde d. 24/9/1950 North Sydney
  3. (m) William L Merrick b. d. 1930 Sydney
  4. (f) Olive May Merrick b. 1902 Kiama d. 1990 (Edwin W Chandler 1936)

Living Bong Bong St Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband was a railway fettler.

FREDERICK WATSON, and his wife (May Watson) were charged withl stealing a silver watch chain, the property of Mrs. Ellen Merrick. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Tuesday 24 March 1903 Page 2

Frederick Watson, picture frame maker, on remand, was charged with stealing a silver watch chain, the property of Mrs. Ellen Merrick, of Borg Bong-street. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Friday 27 March 1903 Page 3

Signaller Percy Roy Merrick has been home on final leave and left last Thursday to join his. regiment which it is expected sails next Tuesday. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Saturday 20 November 1915 Page 2

MERRICK.-August 15, 1945, at her residence, 57 Northcote Street, Naremburn, Ellen, widow of the late William Merrick and dearly loved mother of Jack, Percy (deceased), William (deceased), and Olive May (Mrs. Chandler, of West Wyalong), and dear foster-mother of Norman Smith, aged 81 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Thursday 16 August 1945 Page 16

Merrick Emily (Tratt)

b. 1875 Wollongong 21772/1875 d. 17/5/1959 RPH Hospital late of Mascot and Alexandria

m. John Samuel Merrick 1897 Wollongong

f. John Tratt m. Mary Barker *

  1. (f) Alice B Merrick b. 1898 Sydney 27879/1898
  2. (m) George A Merrick b. 1902 Sydney 9475/1902
  3. (m) Roy R Merrick b. 1904 Sydney 9341/1904
  4. (f) Doris M Merrick b. 1906 Redfern
  5. (f) Grace M Merrick b. 1909 Waterloo 9607/1909
  6. (f) Olga E Merrick b. 1913 Redfern 9967/1913

Merrill Ann Maria (Hawkens)

b. abt 1881 d. 24/5/1911 br. Bulli General

m. George James Merrill (abt 1876 -27/12/1950 Towradgi ) 1899 Lithgow

f. William Henry Merrill m. Mary Knight Champion *

  1. (f) Ilma M Merrill b. 1900 Lithgow (Robert Cook 1925)
  2. (m) William Stanley Merrill b. 1902 Woonona d. 1973 Bulli
  3. (m) Alfred George Merrill b. 1904 Woonona d. 1967 Bulli
  4. (f) Mary Merrill b. 1905 Woonona d. 1905 Woonona
  5. (f) Sarah Merrill b. 190-5 Woonona d. 1905 Woonona
  6. (f) Lillian G Merrill b. 1907 Woonona (William Potter 1931)
  7. (f) Mabel I Merrill b. 1909 Woonona
  8. (f) Myra Constance Merrill b. 1911 Woonona (Frederick W Sewell 1944)

Living at Bellambi in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband an iron worker.

A very sad death occurred in Bellambi on Wednesday last, when Mrs. George Merrill passed away after a short illness. Deceased was a daughter of Mrs. W.H. Hawkens, sen. of Bellambi, making the second daughter Mrs Hawkens has lost within a short time, and also a son by drowning a few years back. A husband and a large family of little ones are left to mourn the loss of mother and wife. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 26 May 1911 p 5

Messingham see Missingham

Metcalf Catherine (Akers)

b. 30/11/1827 Airds d. 17/2/1917 Washpool Harden

m. Henry Metcalf 1848 Roman Catholic Illawarra; Wollongong V18481311 95

f. Thomas Akers m. Lucy Day *

  1. (f) Lucy Ann Melcalfe b. 21/2/1849 Dapto
  2. (m) Henry Thomas Metcalf b. 1/9/1850 Dapto d. 1915 Young (Bridget Hogan)
  3. (m) John Metcalf b. 20/7/1854 Shellharbour reg Kiama RC
  4. (m) Michael Metclaf b. 15/8/1856 Shellhabrour bp Kiama RC
  5. (m) William Medcalf b. 14/10/1858 Shellharbour bp Kiama RC
  6. (f) Charlotte Metcalf b. 3/4/1861 Shellharbour bp Kiama RC (note no mother listed and recorded as McCow)

Husband a settler.

Both she and her husband were witnesses to Charlotte Akers and Christopher Dillon’s wedding

Metcalfe Alice Ann

b. abt 1857 d. 21/10/1910 Bellingen

m. Thomas B Metcalfe (-)

f. John m. Alice

  1. (m) John D Metcalfe b. 1888 Woonona 25850/1888 d. 1899 Woonona
  2. (f) Alice Ann Metcalfe b. 1890 Woonona 38557/1890
  3. (m) Ernest Metcalfe b. 1892 Woonona 39634/1892 d. 1959 Gosford

Living at Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

1903 Electoral roll –living at Woonona Domestic Duties.

Metcalfe Jane Ann (Bollings then Walker)

b. abt 1852 d. 20/10/1920 Woonona br. Bulli General

m. William Walker

m. James Metcalf (abt 1853- 3/3/1923 Thirroul ) 1878 Auckland Co Durham England

f. William Bollings m. Jane A

Ship: Northbrook 1879

  1. (m) John Michael Walker b. abt 1872 d. 1938 Wollongong (Margaret Newton *)
  2. (f) Margaret Ann Walker * b. abt 1873 d. 1936 Bulli (Charles Birch 1891)
  3. (f) Mary Elizabeth Walker *b. abt 1874 Durham England d. 5/10/1915 (Thomas Sydney Casley 1898)
  4. (m) William George Walker b. 1877 Durham England d. 1963 (Selina Fry Reeks * 1901)
  5. (m) Bartholomew Metcalfe b. 9/1/1880 Bulli 27354/1880 d. 11/11/1904 South Bulli Colliery (Emma Sarah Reeks 1904)
  6. (f) Hannah Miriah Metcalfe * b. 1881 Bulli 19046/1881 d. 1957 Bulli (James Maggs 1898)
  7. (m) James A Metcalfe b. 1884 Bulli 22962/1884 d. 1944 Woonona
  8. (m) Thomas W Metcalfe b. 1885 Bulli 23815/1885 d. 1886 Woonona
  9. (f) Frances Alice Metcalfe b. 1887 Bulli 25257/1887 (Vivian J Mott 1905)
  10. (f) Amelia J Metcalfe b. 1889 Bulli 24763/1889 (Norman Mann 1907 )
  11. (m) Alfred J Metcalfe b. 1891 Bulli 39063/1891 d. 1895 burnt to death

1903 Electoral roll –living at Woonona Domestic Duties.

Husband a miner, became bankrupt in 1891

METCALFE — October 20th, 1920, at Woonona, Jane Ann, beloved wife of J. Metcalfe, in her 69th year. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 29 October 1920 p 11

Metcalfe Mary (? then Lewis)

b. abt 1835 Somersetshire d. 28/10/1921 br. Bulli General

m. William Lewis (abt 1833 Monmothshire -25/3/1876 Bulli)

m. Thomas Bartholomew Metcalfe (abt 1833- 8/8/1905 ) 1879 Wollongong

Shi: Annie Wilson 1959

  1. (f) Mary Lewis b. abt 1862 d. 1944 Waverley (Dan Osborne 1882, Henry Chadwick 1891)
  2. (m) William Lewis b. 1863 Wollongong 14961/1863 d. before 1867
  3. (f) Anne Elizabeth Lewis * b. 1864 Mt Pleasant 16541/1864 d. 29/5/1892 Bulli (Stephen Adey 1888)
  4. (m) William Arthur Lewis b. 1867 Wollongong 18113/1867 d. 1938 Bulli (Alma Louise James 1935)
  5. (f) Elina Lewis * b. 1870 Wollongong 19005/1870 d. 11/5/1946 Marrickville (John Crowther 1897)
  6. (f) Ellen Lewis b. 1871 Hartley ( William A Heard 1896)
  7. (f) Alice Lewis b. 1874 Wollongong 21540/1874 ( George Henry Knight 1900 )

Living Thirroul in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

First husband worked at the Bulli Colliery for about 12 years before his death.

He leaves a widow and six children to mourn their irreparable lose. His age being 43 years. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Friday 31 March 1876 p 2

Window dedicated to her in the Bulli Methodist Church by her son Mr W A Lewis

IN THE SUPREME COURT OF NEW SOUTH WALES. Probate Jurisdiction. In the will of Mary Metcalfe, late of Thirroul in the state of New South Wales widow; deceased. Application will be made after fourteen days from the publication here of that probate of the last will of the above named deceased may be granted to William Arthur Lewis the sole executor in the said will South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 13 October 1922 p 11

Mettam Ann (Tombs)

b. 1830 d. 27/9/1887 Wollongong 9598/1887 br. Pioneer Park Cemetery Wollongong

m. William Mettam (4/4/1834 England - 4/9/1888 Wollongong) 1854 CofE Sydney, Holy Trinity (Garrison Church) V1854501 41B/1854

f. James Tombs m. Ann Adams

  1. (f) Emma Ann Mettam b. 1855 V18553601 42B/1855 d. 1936 Rockdale (John Dowling 1878)
  2. (f) Louisa E Mettam * b. 1856 Maitland 5687/1856d. 1884 Sydney (William Harmon 1883)
  3. (m) Arthur Mettam b. 1858 Maitland 8669/1858 (Margaret Duckworth * 1884)
  4. (m) Henry Mettam b. 1860 Maitland 8396/1860 d. 1861 Maitland 3346/1861 died of burns
  5. (m) Frank W Mettam b. 1862 Sydney 293/1862 (Catherine Reid * 1888)
  6. (f) Clara Mettam b. 1863 Morpeth 10186/1863 d. 1864 Morpeth 4540/1864
  7. (m) William G Mettam b. 1864 Newcastle 12195/1864 d. 1888 Copeland 9466/1888
  8. (m) Walter Mettam b. 1866 Newcastle 12052/1866 d. 1866 Newcastle
  9. (m) Alfred Mettam b. 1867 Patricks Plain 14520/1867 d. 1960 Perth WA (Mary Isabella Halpin * 1889)
  10. (m) Andrew Mettam b. 1869 Patricks Plain 16407/1869 d. 1870 Newcastle 4853/1870
  11. (f) Grace Edith Mettam b. 1871 Newcastle 14636/1871 d. 1873 Sydney 569/1873

METTAM- On the 26th September at her residence, Wollongong, New South Wales, Ann, the wife of William Mettam, aged 57 years. Sister of George Tombs, of Brisbane. The Brisbane Courier 27 September 1887

Death From Burning.-An Inquest was held before the Coroner on Saturday, in a tent situated on Anvil Crock, beyond the Lochinvar Railway station, on the body of an infant eleven months old, the son of William Mettam, a navvy employed on the railway. It appeared that on the morning of Wednesday week the mother of the child set it down on the ground outside her tent, to amuse itself. There was a fire outside; but as the child could only crawl, she was not afraid of accident, Hearing a scream, however, she ran out, and saw that the child had crawled to the fire, and that its clothes were in part in flames. She quickly extinguished them, and found what she thought but a slight burn under the left arm In the afternoon she and her husband proceeded with the child to Maitland, and called at the druggist's shop of Mr. Hallam, who gave her some burn oil to apply to the arm, directing her to look in again in four or five days. On Use following Monday she again called on Mr. Hallam, who gave her some ointment to apply, and told her if the inflammation In the shoulder increased she ought to take the child to medical man. Not considering the child in danger, she merely applied the ointment but the child gradually became weaker, ate nothing, and died on Thursday evening. Dr. Wigan, having seen the body, bad no doubt that the burn was the cause of death; but at the same time believed that death had been accelerated by the absence of medical treatment, he added that the treatment of such cases I by a druggist was highly objectionable; It was presumption on the part of the druggist, and betrayed gross Ignorance or neglect on the part or the parents. The verdict was-” burnt accidentally.” The Maitland Mercury and Hunter River General Advertiser (NSW : 1843 - 1893) Tuesday 26 February 1861 p 3

Mettam Catherine (Reid)

b. 1870 Binda d. 1899 WA

m. Frank William Mettam (1862 Sydney- 1932 Leederville WA Son of William Mettam & Ann Tombs *) 1888 St Leonards

f. Joseph Reid m. Mary Ann Marks

  1. (m) Frank W Mettam b. 1890 Kiama
  2. (m) Albert J Mettam b. 1892 Ryde
  3. (m) George H Mettam b. 1894 Marrickville
  4. (m) Charles Mettam b. 1896 St Leonards

Her husband Frank was a contractor for ballast on the railways around Wollongong. He was instrumental in the construction of some of the Western Australian Railways.

Mettam Margaret (Duckworth)

b. 1867 Muswellbrook d. 1/9/1950 Belmont WA cr. Karrakatta WA

m. Arthur Mettam (1858 Maitland- 1901 Menzies WA Son of William Mettam & Ann Tombs *) 1884 Armidale 6551/1884

f. William Duckworth m. Mary Spencer

  1. (m) Arthur William Mettam b. 1886 North Sydney
  2. (f) Clara A Mettam b. 1887 Wollongong 24958/1887 (Alexander Zoppetti 1907)
  3. (m) Alfred Mettam b. 1888 Baccus Marsh Vic
  4. (f) Alice Mettam (Andrews)
  5. (f) Eva Mettam b. 1892 Wollongong 38884/1892 (Harry Smith 1918, Gardon)
  6. (m) Clarence George Mettam b. 1893 Berry 7025/1893 d. 1971 Perth WA (May E Crawford 1927)
  7. (m) Harold William Mettam b. 1897 Fremantle WA
  8. (m) Walter George Henry Mettam b. 1900 Perth WA

A benefit social and dance will be given in the Mechanics' Institute, Hay-street, Perth, on Friday, October 25th, in aid of the widow and children of the late Arthur Mettam, of the Railway Construction Department. Family unprovided for. West Australian Sunday Times (Perth, WA : 1897 - 1902) Sunday 20 October 1901 p 1

METTAM: On September 1, 1950, at St. John of God Hospital, Belmont, Margaret, devoted wife of the late Arthur Mettam, loving mother of Arthur, Clara (deceased), Alfred. Alice (Mrs. Andrews), Eva (Mrs. Gardon). Clarence, Harold (deceased) and Walter; aged 83 years. A Church of England Service will be privately conducted in the Crematorium Chapel, Karrakatta, this (Monday) morning. The West Australian (Perth, WA : 1879 - 1954) Monday 4 September 1950 p 29

Mettam Mary Isabella (Halpin)b.

b. 9/2/1869 Dublin d. 17/11/1954 Mt Lawley WA cr. Karrakatta WA

m. Alfred Mettam (1867 Patricks Plain-1960 Perth WA Son of William Mettam & Ann Tombs *) 1889 Wollongong 5225/1889

f. George Halpin m. Ann Watters *

  1. (f) Frances A Mettam b. 1890 Wollongong 37811/1890 d.   (James Gibson 1918)
  2. (m) George H Mettam b. 1891 Wollongong 38415/1891
  3. (m) Alfred Henry Mettam b. 1893 Wollongong 39168/1893 d. 1952 (Kathleen Coffey 1926)  
  4. (m) Frank Mettam 1895 Wollongong 9131/1895
  5. (f) Grace Fernside Mettam b. 1901 Perth (Jamieson )
  6. (f) Norma May Mettam b. 1901 Perth (Millard)
  7. (f) Jessie P Mettam b. 1910 Perth (Melrose)

Her husband Alfred was a type setter and a member of the Illawarra Mercury staff who moved to Western Australia before 1898 and was working for the Western Australian. Two of her sons went to WW1 and the third was rejected on medical grounds.

METTAM: On Nov. 17, at Mt. Lawley, Mary Isabella, dearly beloved wife of Alfred Mettam of 64 Clotilde st. Mt. Lawley, loving mother of Fan (Mrs. Gibson), George, Harry (deceased), Frank, Grace (Mrs. Jamieson, of N.S.W.) Norma (Mrs. Millard), Jessie (Mrs. Melrose. Flinders Isle, Tasmania). A Private Service was held in the Crematorium Chapel Karrakatta. The West Australian (Perth, WA : 1879 - 1954) Friday 19 November 1954 p 43

Metz Catherine (Ihlein)

b. abt 1852 Germany d. 2/4/1876 br. Berrima

m. Robert Metz (abt abt 1847 Germany- 9/6/1901 Berrima ) 22/6/1875 Albion Park RC

f. Charles Ihlein m. Magdalena Vezar

  1. (f) Mary Ann Metz b. 30/3/1876 Berrima d. 2/4/1876 Berrima

Husband a widower whose occupation was stonemason He lived at Berrima; she was resident of Albion Park.

Witness was her sister.

Gravestone see

Meurant Ada see Bissell

Meurant Ethel May (Filby)

b. 1881 Mt Kembla d. 25/4/1952 Wollongong cr. Woronora

m. Edward Meurant (1879 Hartley-1960 Singleton Son of Albert Meurant & Mary Jane) 1902 Wollongong

f. Daniel Filby m. Ann Burling *

  1. (m) William H Meurant b. 1902 Wollongong 37541/1902
  2. (f) Annie E A Meurantb. 1904 Wollongong 18277/1904 (P Shearer)

Living Mount Kembla in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties


A well known Wollongong.woman, Mrs. Ethel May Meurant died in the Wollongong Hospital on Friday.

Mrs. Meurant was aged 71 years and was the wife of Mr. Edward Meurant, of 117a Church Street, Wollongong She is also survived by Anne (Mrs. P. Shearer), of Singleton; and William (Abbotsford) .

Mrs. Meurant was a member of the well known Filby family and was born at Mt. Kembla.

The funeral will leave for the Woronora Crematorium today South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Monday 28 April 1952

Mewburn Emma (Fensom)

b. abt 1822 England d. 12/4/1890 Forest Lodge

m. Augustus William Mewburn (25/9/1820 Finsbury Middlesex- 18/10/1894 Paddington Son of Henry John Mewburn & Jane Ramsey) 28/1860 Sydney

f. William Fensom m. Ann

  1. (m) Henry William Mewburn b. 25/2/1862 Surrey Hills d. 26/4/1862 Surrey Hills
  2. (f) Emma Jane Mewburn b. 27/3/1864 Kiama d. 3/7/1941 Kiama

Husband initially ran a boarding house but them returned to being a silversmith and watchmaker.

On the 28th ultimo, at 275, George-street, Sydney, by the Rev. W. Cuthbertson, Augustus William Mewburn, jeweller, son of the late Henry John Mewburn, of the Goldsmiths' Hall, city of London, to Emma, daughter of William Fensom, of Bushey, Herts. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 4 August 1860 p 1

On the 25th instant, at her residence, Campbell-street, Surry Hills, Mrs. A. W. Mewburn, of a son. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Thursday 27 February 1862 p 1

On the 26th instant, at 144, Campbell-street, Surry Hills, Henry William, infant son of Augustus William and Emma Mewburn, aged nine weeks. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 28 April 1862 p 1

On Sunday, 27th inst., at Waratah House, Kiama, the wife of Mr. A. W. Mewburn, of a daughter The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Tuesday 29 March 1864 p 2

MEWBURN.-April 12, at her residence, 14, Old Parramatta-road, Forest Lodge, Emma, the beloved wife of A. W. Mewburn, lately of Kiama, in her 69th year. Australian Town and Country Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1870 - 1907) Saturday 19 April 1890 p 35

Meyer Dorathea see Rauch

Meyer Harriet (McCloskie)

b. 5/4/1864 Queens Ireland d. 10/3/1954 Sydney br. Rookwood

m. Herman William Henry Meyer (25/1/1854 Westphalia Germany- 28/2/1929 Tempe Son of Herman Meyer & Mary Schmidt) 27/4/1880 Sydney

f. Oswald McCloskie m. Mary Frew

  1. (f) Hermina Louisa b. 2/6/1881 Newtown d. Sydney m Sydney (Charles W R Lowe 1912)
  2. (m) Herman William Henry Meyer b. 4/7/1884 Newtown d. Sydney (Ivy M Saunders 1910)
  3. (f) Harriett Matilda Medora Meyer b. 13/1/1886 Tempe d. Sydney (George F Smith 1906)
  4. (m) Oswald William Meyer b. 23/4/1889 Bellambi d. 4/1/1964 Wollongong (Kathleen A Gallen 1921)
  5. (f) Medora Florence Eleanor Meyer b. 24/3/1891 Bellambi d. Sydney
  6. (f) Lizzetta Eloise Meyer b. 27/10/1893 Bomaderry (Henry L G Ashe 1917)
  7. (m) Albert Edward Meyer b. 14/5/1897 Bomaderry d. Sydney
  8. (f) Ena Christmas Mary Meyer b. 25/12/1899 Bomaderry
  9. (m) Baden Powell Meyer b. 7/2/1902 Bomaderry d. 16/9/1915 Sydney

Husband a surveyor and Railway Station Master. The Meyer family lived in the Bellambi Station house from 1887-1893.

Meyers Anne

m. Andrew Meyers

  1. (m) Andrew Meyers b. 1848 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven

Michaelsen/Mechalsen/Mechelsen/Nicholson Emma (Duley)

b. 22/3/1850 Church of England Dapto Wollongong V1850974 35 d. 25/6/1931 Pymble br. Gore Hill

m. Herman Adolphe Mechalsen (abt 1842 -12/4/1918 RNS hospital St Leonards Son of Leon Mechaelsen & Christie ) 16/8/1879 Mariner’s Church Sydney

f. James Duley m. Lucy Lambourne *

  1. (f) Clara Christina Mechaelsen b. 1880 Paddington (William H Granter 1902)
  2. (m) Adolph James Mechaelsen b. 1883 Sydney 1245/1883 (Beatrice N Helmore 1907)
  3. (f) Lucy Lambourne Mechaelsen b. 1887 St Leonards
  4. (m) Herman L Mechaelsen b. 1889 St Leonards 10203/1889 (Lily E )

“MICHALSEN-DULEY.-August 16, at Mariner's Church, by the Rev. Thomas Gainsford, Herman Adolphe, eldest son of the late Leon Michalsen, Hamburgh, Denmark, to Emma, eldest daughter of the late James Duley, Dapto, Illawarra, N. S. W.” SMH 16 September 1879

MECHAELSEN -June 25, 1931, at 8 Station-street, Pymble, Emma, widow of the late Herman Mechaelsen and loved mother of Clara (Mrs Granter), Adolph, and Herman. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Friday 26 June 1931 p 10

MECHAELSEN -The Funeral of the late Mrs. EMMA MECHAELSEN will leave Wood Coffill's Funeral Home corner Miller and Falcon streets, North Sydney THIS FRIDAY at 11.15 a. m. for   Church of England Cemetery Gore Hill. Motor funeral. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Friday 26 June 1931 p 9

Michalsen Sophia Jane (Hare)

d. 15/8/1897 Wollongong br. Wollongong General

m. Rev. Johan Oscar Michalsen (4/12/1844 Norway-12/8/1936 Auckland NZ ) 1883 London

Cause of Death: Brain Tumour

Husband was a Presbyterian missionary to the New Hebrides (Tonga and Vanuatu) he was living in Otago New Zealand circa 1880.

Michelson/Mikkelson Margaret Bridget (Tait)

b. 1849 Sydney d. 1874 Tighes Hill Newcastle

m. Neils Senoir Michelson (1842 Copenhaden Denmark- 16/1/1918) 1870 Wollongong

f. John James Tate m. Jane Guy

Cause of Death: Child birth

  1. (f) Jane Margaret Michleson b. 20/4/ 1871 Glebe d. 23/12/1945 (George Andrew Kellner 1888)
  2. (m) Neils Christian Mikkleson b. 1872 Wollongong d. 1894 Raymond Terrace
  3. (f) Maggie Taitilda Mikkleson b. 4/11/1874 Tighes Hill Newcastle d. 1874 Tighes Hill

MIKKELSON.—November 4, at her residence, Tighe's-hill, Newcastle, aged 26, Margaret, the beloved wife of Neil Mikkelson, after giving birth to a child, leaving an affectionate husband and three helpless children to mourn their loss ; niece to Mrs. William Hickey, Government House, Parramatta, and of Mrs. Sarah Newell, Newtown. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Thursday 12 November 1874 p 1

Husband a sea Captain

Middleton Annie

b. abt 1868 d. 22/4/1892 Shellharbour br. All Saints’ CofE Albion Park

m. Thomas Middleton

Parents are unknown

Middleton Annie Florence (Anderson )

b. 1879 Wollongong 26116/1879 d. 21/8/1958 Wollongong

m. Saville Middleton (-1958 Liverpool Son of Thomas Middleton & Catherine ) 4/2/1903 Wollongong

f. Andrew Anderson m. Maria Watts *

  1. Alma F Middleton b. 1909 Wollongong
  2. Thomas C Middleton b. 1911 Woonona
  3. Ethel J Middleton b. 1914 Bulli
  4. Edward Anderson Middleton b. 1917 Bulli d. 1978
  5. Valry M Middleton d. 1926 Bulli

Electoral Roll 1903 resident Mt Keira –Domestic Duties Husband a miner.

A very pretty though quiet wedding, was celebrated at St. Michael's Church, on Wednesday, the 4th inst., when Miss Florence Anderson, youngest daughter of Mr. A. Anderson, of Mt. Keira, was united in the holy bonds of matrimony to Mr. Saville Middleton. The bride was given away by her brother, Mr. E. Anderson, and was attended as bridesmaid by Miss May Jarman. The bride- groom was attended as groomsman by Mr. E. Anderson. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Saturday 14 February 1903 p 8

Middleton Janet Thomson (McIntosh)

b. abt 1833 d. 14/12/1915 Rozelle br. Waverley

m. William Brown Middleton (abt 1827 - 4/7/1900 Redfern) 1855 Sydney

f. William McIntosh m. Janet Thomson *

  1. (f) Janet Middleton b. 1855 bp. Butterton; Hinton; Middlehope; Seaham
  2. (f) Margaret Middleton b. 1858 Chippendale
  3. (m) William J Middleton b. 1863 Kiama d. 1886 Sydney
  4. (m) Robert Middleton b. 1865 Glebe d. 1947 Granville (Carrie)
  5. (m) Alfred Middleton b. 1867 Sydney
  6. (f) Amy Middleton b. 1870 Sydney d. 27/7/1902 (Catren)
  7. (m) Charles Percy Middleton b. 1874 Sydney d. 1938 Manly

MIDDLETON.-December 14, 1915, at her son's residence, 51 Lawson-street, Rozelle, in her 83rd year, and 72 years a member of St. Andrew's Church, Sydney, Janet, relict of the late William B. Middleton, of the A.S.N. Co. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 15 December 1915 p 12

Middleton Louisa Ann see Anderson

Middleton Sarah Jane Peace (Ritchie)

b. 1852 St Johns Newfoundland Canada d. 13/6/1944 Moruya 10683/1944

m. Wilmot Jones Middleton (22/10/1851 Birmingham Warwickshire England- 1/6/1934 Five Dock Son of William Edward Middleton & Mary Ann Jones ) 30/3/1877 Geelong Victoria

f. Peter Ritchie m. Sarah Jane Moore

  1. (f) Ethel Lillias Middleton b. 1878 Geelong
  2. (m) Percy R M Middleton b. 1879 Albury 8123/1879
  3. (f) Avoca E Middleton b. 1880 Albury 8697/1880
  4. (m) Wilmot Sedgwick Middleton b. 1882 Albury 10076/1882 (Ella Brooker)
  5. (m) Malcolm Sydney Middleton b. 1883 Grafton/Cootamundra 7130/1883 (Mary Maria McKeahnie 1920)
  6. (f) Margaret K Middleton b. 1885 Woonona 23682/1885
  7. (m) Victor Ritchie Middleton b. 1886 Bulli 24589/1886
  8. (m) Archibald R Middleton b. 1888 Lismore 34996/1888
  9. (m) Frederick G Middleton b. 1890 Lismore 19203/1890
  10. (f) Teresa A Middleton b. 1892 Grafton 14925/1892
  11. (m) William E C Middleton b. 1894 Grafton 14378/1894
  12. (f) Evaline Selina Middleton b. 1897 Grafton 12455/1897

Husband a school teacher at Sherbrook

Midgley Mary Doncaster (Cox)

b. b. 4/8/1857 Fairy Meadow 12277/1857 d. 1934 Saffron Walden Essex

m. Arthur Midgley (1852 Saffron Walden Essex – 1919 Son of James H Midgley & ) 5/4/1876 Summerhill Wollongong

f. George Cox m. Mary Joyce/Lambert *

  1. (f) Mary Elizabeth Midgley b. 1879 Saffron Walden Essex
  2. (f) Irene Midgley b. 1881 Saffron Walden Essex
  3. (f) Rosalie Midgley b. 1883 Saffron Walden Essex
  4. (f) Marjorie Susanna Midgley b. 1884 Saffron Walden Essex

MIDGLEY—COX.—April 5, at Summerhill, Wollongong , Arthur Midgley, second son of James H. Midgley, Esq., of Saffron-Walden, Essex, England, to Mary Doncaster Cox, youngest daughter of George Cox, Esq., M.D., of Wollongong. The Sydney Morning Herald 7 April 1876

There is a family story that Mary married Arthur on the condition that they would remain in Australia. Mary had already seen her sister whisked off to England never to return. However the family legend relates that Arthur received medical advice from his doctor that he had to return to England for his health. So the pair returned to England and lived in Saffron Walden where they raised a family of four daughters. The family has always suspected that the doctor may have been bribed to recommend Arthur's return to England, after all, who was ever sent from Australia to England “for their health”. Family photograph

Milham Nellie Maria (Coleman then Abbott)

b. abt 1873 d. 7/9/1937 Fairfield br. Rookwood

m. Nicholas Percival Abbott (abt 1874 - 28/5/1912 Minnamurra Son of Nicholas N Abbott & Harriet) 1897 Paddington

m. William Alfred Milham (abt 1870-1951 Liverpool) 1921 Paddington

f. George Miles Coleman m. Mary Louisa

  1. (m) George Nicholas Ernest Abbott b. 1898 Woollahra d. 1975
  2. (f) Unity M Abbott b. 1901 Woollahra (Edward G Dawson 1921)
  3. (f) Alice L Abbott b. 1903 Kiama (Matthew S Menzies 1935)
  4. (f) Nellie H L Abbott b. 1906 Dapto (Christopher B P Asquith 1925)
  5. (m) Henry M Abbott b. 1910 Wollongong

Electoral Roll 1903 resident Kiama–Domestic Duties

Mr. Nicholas Percival Abbott, married, residing at Wollongong. He left a widow and five children. Barrier Miner (Broken Hill, NSW : 1888 - 1954) Friday 31 May 1912 p 4

Husband a police constable who had been charged with discharging a firearm with intent at a fellow officer then became a driller and was killed in a blasting accident.

MILHAM.—The Relatives and Friends of Mr. W. MILHAM, Mr. and Mrs. E. ABBOT, Mr. and Mrs. E. DAWSON, Mr. and Mrs. M. MENZIES, Mr. and Mrs. B. ASQUITH, Mr. and Mrs. H. ABBOTT, Mr. and Mrs. H. SIMON, and FAMILIES, are invited to kindly attend the Funeral of his dearly loved WIFE, their MOTHER, and GRANDMOTHER, Nellie, which will leave her late residence, Delamere Street, Fairfield, THIS (Thursday) AFTERNOON, at 2 o'clock, for Church of England Cemetery, Rookwood. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Thursday 9 September 1937 Page 9

Mikkalson Mary Jane (Yabsley)

d. 1913 Rozelle br. Rookwood

m. Carl Oscar Mikkalson (-1935 Liverpool) 1902 Granville

f,. William E Yabsley m. Irene

  1. (f) Alfreda B Mikkalson b. 1905 Helensburgh
  2. (m) Carl Oscar Mikkalson b. 1906 Balmain South d. 26/8/1924 Liverpool
  3. (m) Francis C Mikkalson b. 1909 Parramatta
  4. (m) Albert E Mikkalson b. 1912 Petersham
  5. (f) Doris E Mikkelson b. 1913 Balmain South

Electoral Roll 1903 resident Helensburgh–Domestic Duties Husband a miner.

Milan Anastasia

Living at South Coast Rd Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Milburn Margaret Jane (Jennings)

b. abt 1857 Coundon Durham d. 19/11/1928 Balgownie br. Wollongong General

m. George Milburn ( abt 1860 – 12/5/1920 Mt Pleasant Son of John Milburn & Margaret ) 1883 Stockton Durham

f. John Jennings m. Margaret

  1. (f) Ethel Milburn ( Harry Martin 1911)
  2. (f) Edith May Milburn b. 1892 Merewether d. 1966 Bulli ( John A Harris 1913)

Mrs. Margaret Milburn passed away at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. J. A Harris, School Lane, Balgownie, last Monday, aged 71 years. There are two daughters left to mourn their loss. The internment took place in the Wollongong Methodist Cemetery, the Rev. G. Ingram Pearson officiating. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Friday 23 November 1928 p 9

Brother John Thomas Jennings and his wife Jane Ann * also resident in the Illawarra

Milburn Susannah (Turner)

b. abt 1872 Northumberland d. 10/1/1932 Keiraville br. Wollongong General

m. James Milburn ( abt 1861 – 26/8/1931 Keiraville Son of James R Milburn & Eliza ) 1895 Wollongong

f. Thomas Turner m. Barbara Richardson *

  1. (f) Barbara Milburn b. 1896 Wollongong
  2. (m) John Milburn b. 1898 Wollongong (Lily Timmiss 1924)
  3. (m) Thomas Milburn b. 1901 Wollongong
  4. (m) James Clifford Milburn b. 1910 Wollongong d. 14/6/1931 Wollongong

Living at Keiraville in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Husband an engine driver

RETURN THANKS. We desire to express our sincere thanks to all those who so willingly assisted to beat back and eventually gain control of the fire which threatened to destroy our homo on Friday last — Mr. and Mrs. J. MILBURN. Northcote Street, Wollongong Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW: 1856 - 1950) Friday 17 December 1926 p 19


Mrs. James Milburn, of Parsons St. Keiraville, passed away rather, unexpectedly on Sunday, after a brief illness. She was greatly respected by a wide circle of friends, and much sympathy is felt for the bereaved family; who have suffered three bereavements in. a short period. During the last football season her son, Mr. C. Milburn, died as the result of injuries received on the football field, and subsequently her husband, Mr. James Milburn, passed away. Her remains were interred the Wollongong cemetery on Monday. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 15 January 1932 p 5

DEATH MILBURN— January 10th, 1932, at her residence, Parsons street, Keiraville, Susanah, widow of the late James Milburn, and dearly loved mother of Barbara, Jack, Tom and the late Cliff Milburn; aged 60 years. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 15 January 1932 p 11

Miles Ellen Rundell (Marshall)

b. abt 1849 d. 24/10/1937 Chatswood cr. Northern Suburbs

m. Rev. Edward Thomas Miles (abt 1843-2/3/1907 Chatswood)

  1. (f) Elizabeth Bessie Maud Miles d. 10/4/1949 Newtown
  2. (m) Vivian James Rundle Miles d. 1942 Orange
  3. (f) Lucy Edith Miles (Alexander J Grant 1909 )
  4. (f) Annie Gwenellen E Miles b. 1877 Melbourne Vic (William J Grant 1904 )
  5. (f) Beatrice Evelyn Eva Miles ( Brian Innes-de-Clare Cavanough)
  6. (f) Muriel Gladys Miles b. abt 1886 d. 11/5/1908 Chatswood appendicitis
  7. (m) Edward Ivor Gwesyn Miles b. 19/5/1891 Wollongong d. 1974 Chatswood

Husband a Presbyterian minister . When their eldest daughter died she was listed as being late of Wollongong

BIRTH. MILES- May 19th, 1891, at the Congregational Manse, Wollongong, the wife of the Rev. E. T. Miles, of a son Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Thursday 21 May 1891 p 2

Miles Jane

Living at Queens Parade Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Miles Margaret Jane (Beatus)

b. 1859 Wollongong d. 10/8/1936 RPA Hospital

m. William Sandford Miles (1858 Goulburn – 8/3/1905 Wollongong Son of Daniel S Miles & Maria E Timbrell ) 1886 Wollongong

f. Phineas Beatus m. Julia Alger *

  1. (m) Vere Perth Miles b. 19/7/1898 Wollongong d. 1970 Sydney

Living at Market St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- storekeeper Husband a compositor.

MILES. — July 19th, at her parents' residence, Keira-street, Wollongong, the wife of W. S. Miles, of a son. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Saturday 23 July 1898 p 2

Suicide at Wollongong. At the Wollongong railway station on Wednesday morning, a man named William Sandford Miles jumped in front of the engine of the train, arriving from Sydney at 10.40. He was terribly mangled. An inquiry was held in the afternoon of the same day before Mr. J. Hart, deputy-coroner. Deviance was given J.M. Spence,   station-master, to the effect that he saw the deceased and his wife on the platform just before the arrival of the train from Sydney. When the engine was within 20ft, of the deceased, he deliberately jumped on to the line between the rails, and faced the engine, He called out to him to get off the line, but he took no notice, and was struck by the engine, add terribly mutilated, death being almost instantaneous. -It was impossible to stop the train before the deceased was struck, The man's wife deposed that he was a compositor, and had for some months been employed at the Government Printing Office She accompanied him to the station that morning ,and purchased his ticket for Sydney. The train for Sydney was in the siding, waiting for the train from Sydney to arrive. She asked an official of the train if it would back into the platform to take in passengers, and was informed that it would do so. When she turned round, she saw her husband on the line, and the train nearly upon him. She called out, “My God, save him !” and then fainted. Her husband told her that he had left a letter for her which she could read on her return home. She found the letter, in which he bade her goodbye. He seemed more than usually affectionate when he left home that morning. He had no reason to do what he had done. A railway porter deposed that he saw the deceased jump on to the line and stand with one leg in front of the other, and his hands clenched, facing the engine. A finding of suicide was recorded . The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Friday 10 March 1905 p 2

Mrs. Miles, late of Keira street, Wollongong, received a cable from Egypt stating that her son, Bugler Vere Miles, had been taken to Heleopolis Hospital suffering from influenza. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 31 March 1916 p 2

An old resident of Wollongong, Mrs. Margaret Jane Miles, died at Prince Henry Hospital, Sydney on Monday last, aged 77 years. Her husband worked as a compositor in this office, 37 years ago, while the deceased conducted a store at the corner of Market and Keira street.

Prior to her marriage she was a Miss Beatus. One son survives her. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 14 August 1936 Page 9

Miles Mary A

m. Miles Miles ()

  1. (m) William Miles b. 1851 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven

Millar see Miller

Millard Anne (Radler)

b. abt 1814 Bisley Gloucestershire England d. 24/12/1866 Ulladulla 6872/1866 br. Greenmount Milton

m. Richard Millard (abt 1814 Bisley Gloucestershire England-1873 Ulladulla Son of George Millard )

f. William Radler m. Elizabeth

Ship: Layton 18/1/1838

Cause of death: Cancer

  1. (m) Henry Millard b. abt 1833 Gloucestershire England d. 1905 Milton (Margaret Power * 1855)
  2. (m) Millard d. on voyage 1838
  3. (m) Millard d. on voyage 1838
  4. (m) William Millard b. 11/1/1844 Wollongong bp. CofE Dapto; Wollongong d. 8/10/1921 Bondi (Mary Walter * 1866, )
  5. (m) George Millard b. 1845 CofE Dapto d. 1928 Milton (Jane Cork 1867)
  6. (m) Andy Millard b. 1852 CofE Dapto d. 1854
  7. (m) Samuel Millard

Husband was listed in 1841 census as living on J Osborne’s property Garden Hill near Wollongong.

A Richard Millard and his wife (unnamed) arrived on the Layton 18/1/1838 he was a ‘rough carpenter’.

On the 24th instant, at her residence, Ulladulla, of cancer, ANN, the beloved wife of Mr. RICHARD MILLARD, in her fifty-third year, deeply regretted by a large circle of friends. The Sydney Morning Herald 27 December 1866

Her son’s death nolice has the following information about the family

The voyage proved a disastrous one. An epidemic of measles broke out on board the crowded ship, and of 70 families that formed her living freight only one arrived at the end of the voyage intact, no less than 72 of the number that embarked being consigned to the deep, among them being the two brothers of Henry Millard. At that time things were dull in Sydney, and the family with a number of shipmates proceeded to the place then known as Cowpasture, the estate of the late Sir William and James McArthur. Here they hired themselves to the owners of the Estate; but after two years stay in the locality favourable reports of the Illawarra district reached them, and a trek across the mountains to Wollongong was made. At the age of 14 years Henry was apprenticed to the trade of Courier, and at the expiration of his time, in conjunction with his father, the late Richard Millard, they started for Ulladulla. This was in the year 1854, and the old tannery was established. This establishment proved a most important factor in the progress of the district, giving Continual employment to, comparatively speaking, a large number of hands inside and out Hide, as well as the great assistance a local market for bark must have proved to the struggling settlers. The Ulladulla and Milton Times (NSW : 1891 - 1917) Saturday 21 October 1905 p 5

Millard Eleanor Ellen (Patterson then Alcorn)

b. 1817 Ireland d. 25/5/1901 Morton near Milton br. Greenmount Cemetery Woodburn Milton
m. Joseph Alcorn (1809 Tyrone Ireland- 23/5/1867 Greenmount Milton Son of Andrew Alcorn & Margaret McCormack) 1839 Ireland
m. Richard Millard (abt 1814 Bisley Gloucestershire England-1873 Ulladulla Son of George Millard & ?) 1873 Wesleyan Rites Milton 4084/1873

f. Andrew Paterson m. Agnes

  1. (f) Mary Simpson Alcorn b. 1842 Tyrone Ireland (George Knight 1861)
  2. (f) Hannah Anne Alcorn b. 1844 (Robert Faulks 1865)
  3. (f) Margaret Jane Alcorn b. 1845 Tyrone Ireland d. 3/2/1919 Duntoon Hurlstone Park (Thomas Johnstone)
  4. (f) Rebecca Alcorn b. 1850 Ireland (Nathaniel Nettlefield 1875)
  5. (f) Letitia Ellen Alcorn b. 1852 Tyrone Ireland d. 1937 Milton (W Condie )
  6. (m) Joseph Armer Alcorn b. 4/7/1852 d. 1926 Byron Bay (Jane McDonald 1877)
  7. (f) Eleanor Alcorn b. 8/7/1854 Tyrone Ireland (Roderick McDonald 1883 )
  8. (f) Sarah Elizabeth Alcorn b. 1855 Tyrone Ireland (Robert Fowler )
  9. (f) Charlotte Alcorn b. 1860 Wollongong 13819/1860 (William Rixon 1880)
  10. (m) Robert James Alcorn b. 1863 Ulladulla 14180/1863 d. 3/5/1927 Milton (Betsy Gardner 1885 )

Millard Emma (Gould)

b. 6/10/1876 Little Forest d. 3/5/1942 Cooks Hill br. Sandgate

m. Arthur James Millard (21/8/1871 Ulladulla – 10/9/1951 Cooks Hill Son of George Millard & Jane) 1894 Braidwood

f. Thomas Gould m. Swindoniah Stevens

  1. (m) Arthur Millard b. 1896 Milton d. 1896 Milton
  2. (f) Clarice Millard b. 2/12/1896 Newcastle d. 2/7/1980 Sydney (Walter Albert Fay 1922
  3. (m) Ross Millard b. 22/9/1898 Newcastle d. 21/7/1980 Riverside California USA
  4. (m) Aubrey Millard b. 30/8/1900 Dapto d. 13/7/1980 Adamstown (Gwendolene Glenisla Embleton 1929)
  5. (m) Frederick Millard b. 1902 Wollongong d. 1902 Wollongong
  6. (f) Vilda Jane Millard b. 19/4/1904 Woonona d: 13/7/1986 (William Sutherland Alder 1926).
  7. (m) Malcolm Cooper Millard b. 17/3/1911 Newcastle d:. 22/5/1975 Sydney (Mabel Florence Power 1931)
  8. (f) Ilma Joan Millard b. 1916 Newcastle d. 1918 Newcastle
  9. (f) Rona Florence Millard b. 4/6/1921 Newcastle d. 3/7/2006 Newcastle (Cyril James Barnes 1942 )

Living at South Coast Rd Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.

Millard Johannah (Lismore)

b. abt 1868 d. 31/12/1958 Wahroonga 3755/1959

m. John Millard (abt 1865 Stafford- 19/11/1915 Son of Thomas Millard & Nancy Oakley * ) 1885 Woonona 5520/1885

  1. (f) Florence Sarah Millard b. 1886 Woonona 24519/1886 d. 1886 Woonona
  2. (f) Ethel Maud I Millard b. 1887 Woonona 25204/1887
  3. (m) Thomas Charles Millard b. 1889 Woonona 24754/1889 d. 1915 Glebe (Ethel Large)
  4. (f) Mary Ann Millard b. 1892 Woonona 39532/1892 d. 1955 Sydney

Late of Kensington

Millard Kate Helen (Collie)

b. 1847 V18474484 45B/1847 bp. Presbyterian Wollongong d. 12/7/1931 Lewisham 17021/1931

m. Samuel Ridlar Millard (1856 Shoalhaven – 19/4/1915 Bulli Son of Henry Millard & Margaret Power *) 25/2/1882 Kembla House Wollongong 4999/1882

f. John Collie m. Mary Jane Waldron *

  1. (m) Norman Harold Millard b. 1882 Rylstone 22467/1882 d. 21/1/1962 Regent’s Park
  2. (f) Laura B Millard b. 1887 Rylstone 28188/1887
  3. (f) Madeline M Millard b. 1889 Rylstone 27562/1889

MILLARD-COLLIE -February 25, at the residence of the bride's father Kembla House, by the Rev. Henry Spalding, Samuel K Millard eldest son of Mr Henry Millard. Ulladulla, to Kate Helen, youngest daughter of Mr John Collie Wollongong The Sydney Morning Herald 11 March 1882

Both he and she were late of Bulli.

Millard Margaret (Power)

b. abt 1835  d. 7/2/ 1914 Milton

m. Henry Millard (January 1833 Gloucestershire England- 8/10/1905 Milton Son of Richard Millard & Ann Radler *) 1855 CofE Dapto; Wollongong V1855210 43B/1855

f. Power? m. Monora

  1. (m) Samuel Ridlar Millard b. 1856 Shoalhaven 7696/1856 d. 19/4/1915 (Kate Helen Collie * 1882 )
  2. (f) Frances Millard b. 1857 Shoalhaven 11159/1857 d. 1924 Qld (Captain James Cork 1879)  
  3. (m) Henry Millard b. 1858 Ulladulla 12628/1858 d. 1858 Ulladulla
  4. (f) Eady Millard b. 1862 Ulladulla 14143/1862 d. 1941 Five Dock
  5. (f) Constance Millard b. 1863 Ulladulla 14237/1863 d. 1942 Lismore
  6. (m) Sydney Millard b. 1865 Ulladulla 15922/1865 d. 1866 Ulladulla
  7. (f) Ann Millard b. 1867 Ulladulla 16916/1867
  8. (m) George Millard b. 1869 Ulladulla 18839/1869
  9. (f) Mary Jane Elizabeth Millard b. 1871 Ulladulla 18422/1871 (Arthur Henry Cork)
  10. (m) Harding Albert Millard b. 1874 Ulladulla 20243/1874 d. 1878 Ulladulla diphtheria
  11. (f) Ellen Millard b. 1876 Ulladulla 21270/1876 d. 1878 Ulladulla diphtheria
  12. (f) Amy Millard b. 1876 Ulladulla 21271/1876 d. 1878 Ulladulla diphtheria

Mrs. Millard, relict of the late Mr. Henry Millard, passed away on Wednesday night, at the ripe age of 79 years . Deceased had been in failing health for some time past. She leaves a large circle of relatives and friends. The Shoalhaven Telegraph (NSW : 1879 - 1937) Wednesday 11 February 1914 p 7

Millard Mary (Walter)

b. 1844 d. 7/2/ 1883 Church St Ulladulla br. Ulladulla Cemetery

m. William Millard (11/1/1844 Wollongong - 8/10/1921 Bondi Son of Richard Millard & Ann Radler *) 1866 Kiama 2190/1866

f. William Walter m. Agnes

  1. (f) Ann Ridler Millard b. 19/2/1867 d. 26/6/ 1885 18 years
  2. (f) Agnes S Millard b. 1868 Ulladulla
  3. (m) Archie Walter millard b. 1870 Ulladulla
  4. (f) Helen May Millard b. 1872 d. 1876 3 years
  5. (f) Mary Millard b. 1875 d. 2/8/ 1875 7 months
  6. (f) Lena Millard b. 1878 Ulladulla

MILLARD.—February 7, at her residence, Church-street, Ulladulla, Mary, the beloved wife of W. Millard, aged 39 years. Sydney Morning Herald 16 March 1883

Millard Nancy (Oakley)

b. abt 1840 d. 1891 Woonona br. CofE Bulli

m. Thomas Millard (abt 1842-1921 Corrimal Son of Thomas Millard & Elizabeth)

f. William Oakley m. Mary

Ship: Samuel Plimsoll 1879

  1. (m) John Millard b. abt 1865 Stafford b. 19/11/1915 (Johanna Lismore * 1885)
  2. (f) Mary Hannah Millard * b. abt 1867 Stafford d. 1942 Bulli (Thomas W Kimbrey 1891 )
  3. (f) Elizabeth Millard * b. abt 1872 Stafford. 9/5/1947 Rozelle d. (Thomas Tindale 1891)
  4. (f) Sarah Millard *b. abt 1875 Stafford d. 12/5/1946 Bulli ( Francis C Creighton 1892)
  5. (f) Prudence Millard * b. abt 1877 Stafford d. 25/5/1938 Coledale ( John T Anderson 1905)
  6. (f) Esther Millard b. abt 1879 Stafford (William J Corney 1901)
  7. (f) Agnes A Millard * b. 1880 Wollongong 27577/1880 d. 1927 Bulli (Richard Gane Unmarried, Edward Miller 1910)
  8. (f) Ethel M Millard b. 1884 Woonona 22983/1884

Husband a coal miner of Balgownie who became insolvent in 1891; about the time of her death.

Miller Agnes (Harvey then Brown)

b. abt 1840 d. 28/4/1888 Gerringong br. Gerringong General

m. Brown

m. James Miller (Paisley, Scotland- 3/9/1894 Gerringong Son of Robert Miller & Elizabeth Muir * ) 22/3/1860 Paddington 1013/1860

f. Robert Harvey m. Agnes

  1. (m) Robert Miller b. 26/12/1860 Gerringong d. 4/2/1883
  2. (f) Eva Miller * b. 9/1/1863 Rose Valley d. 26/6/1946 Robertson (William Rutter Hindmarsh 1884)
  3. (m) James Muir Miller b. 1864 d. 7/9/1866 Gerringong
  4. (m) William Richard Miller b. 20/11/1865 Gerringong d. 10/7/1920 Kiama
  5. (m) James Muir Miller b. 8/4/1866 Gerringong d. 8/5/1866 Gerringong
  6. (m) James Muir Miller b. 20/7/1867 Gerringong d. 12/4/1950 (Madella Jane )
  7. (m) John Miller b. 1/3/1869 Gerringong d. 13/4/1956
  8. (f) Elizabeth Mary Miller * b. 25/12/1870 Gerringong d. 15/10/1904 Brisbane Qld
  9. (f) Sarah Agnes Miller b. 22/10/1872 Gerringong d. 15/3/1876 Gerringong
  10. (m) George Miller b. 18/9/1874 Gerringong d. 26/2/1875 Gerringong
  11. (m) George Alfred Miller b. 11/4/1876 Gerringong
  12. (m) Charles Norman Miller b. 4/7/1878 Gerringong d. 20/10/1961
  13. (f) Agnes Daisy Miller * b. 6/3/1880 Gerringong (Henry Edwin Sharpe 1903)
  14. (f) Mabel Stella Miller b. 28/11/1882 Gerringong d. 16/12/1912

MILLER — BROWN —On the 22nd March, by special license, at Paddington, by the Rev. James Milne, of St. John's Church, Paddington, James Miller, of Illawarra, to Agnes Brown, of Sydney.  Empire (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1875) Saturday 31 March 1860 Page 4

On the 8th instant, at the residence of his father, Renfrew Park, Gerringong, James Muir, second son of Mr. James Miller, aged 1 year 1 month. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 10 May 1866 p 2

ON the 22nd instant, at her residence, Renfrew Park, Gerringong, the wife of JAMES MILLER, Esq., of a daughter. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 24 October 1872 p 2

ON September 18th, at her residence, Renfrew Park, Gerringong, Mrs. WILLIAM MILLER of a son. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 24 September 1874 p 2

ON Friday, 26th ult.. at Renfrew Park, the residence of his father, GEORGE, youngest son of James and Agnes MILLER, aged three months and fourteen days.— the cause of death being inflammation of the lungs. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 4 March 1875 p 2

MILLER.–July 4, at her residence, Willow Cottage, Renfrew Park, Mrs. James Miller of a son. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Tuesday 9 July 1878 p 2

MILLER -November 28, at Willow Cottage Gerringong, the wife of James Miller of a daughter: The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Friday 1 December 1882 p 2

DIED at her residence, Willow Farm, Gerringong, Agnes, the beloved wife of Mr. James Miller, aged 48, on Friday, 28th April, 1888 The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Tuesday 8 May 1888 p 2

Miller Agnes Amelia (Millard)

b. 1880 Wollongong 27577/1880 d. 18/8/1927 Woonona

Unmarried Richard Gane

m. Edward Miller 1910

f. Thomas Millard m. Nancy Oakley *

  1. (m) Richard T Millard b. 1898 Woonona
  2. (m) Charles W Millard b. 1901 Woonona
  3. (f) Ruby M Millard b. 1904 Woonona
  4. (m) Vincent C H A Millard b. 1907 Woonona

1903 Electoral roll –living at Woonona Domestic Duties.


Agnes Millard, of Woonona, was, awarded £500 damages, today, against Richard Gane, a miner of Woonona for alleged breach of promise. Defendant did not appear. The plaintiff's evidence showed that she and defendant began keeping company in 1897. Improper relations took place under the premise of marriage, and she had three children, the defendant being the father of them. Daily Telegraph (Launceston, Tas. : 1883 - 1928) Thursday 14 June 1906 p 5

Mrs. Agnes Amelia Miller, wife of Mr. Edward Miller, of Campbell street, Woonona died this week. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 19 August 1927 Page 18

Miller/Millar Alice (Halsey)

b. 14/12/1864 Bulli 16836/1865 d. 30/5/1915 Corrimal

m. John Swan Miller (abt 1856 Scotland - 28/10/1911 Corrimal Son of Thomas Miller & Jane) 13/9/1880 Bulli

f. Charles Richard Halsey m. Susan Bessel *

  1. (f) Jane Swan Miller * b. 1881 Woonona 19036/1881 d. 1923 Wollongong (Frederick Henry Douglas 1901, Frank T Trivett 1908)
  2. (f) Alice Halsey Miller b. 7/8/1883 Woonona 21226/1883 d. 14/7/1915 Corrimal (William R Herrington 1904)
  3. (m) Thomas Miller b. 1886 Wollongong 24303/1886 (Jane ) went to New Zealand
  4. (f) Susan Bessel Miller b. 1888 Woonona 25804/1888 d. 1959 Balmain (Joseph A Becker 1907)
  5. (f) Caroline Miller b. 1890 Woonona 38537/1890
  6. (m) Henry H Miller b. 1892 Woonona 39675/1892
  7. (f) Emma H Miller b. 1895 Woonona 9237/1895 (Frederick John George Tall 1915)
  8. (m) Robert S Miller b. 1897 Woonona 18054/1897

Husband a miner of Corrimal

Electoral Roll 1903 resident Tarrawanna–Domestic Duties

MILLAR—HALSEY.—September 13, at Bulli, by the Rev. R. H. Waugh, M.A., John Swan Millar, to Alice, eldest daughter of the late Charles Halsey. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Friday 17 September 1880 p 1

Her daughter Alice aged 12, accused John Williamson of assault at Tarrawanna in 1895, her mother was called to give evidence; see Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Saturday 14 September 1895 p 2

Miller Alice Maud

b. 1868 Kiama 10679/1868 d. 6/3/1933 Gerringong

f. Robert Miller m. Mary Ellen Taylor *

Living at Sandy Wha in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Miller Anne (Flaven)

m. Frederick Miller

  1. (m) Alfred John Miller b. 18/9/1867 Wollongong

Miller Annie Georgina

Living at Church St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- General servant

Miller Arabella Lucinda (Morrow)

b. 1878 Shoalhaven d. 3/4/1905 Kiama br. Gerringong General

m. James George Miller (1867 Omega- 22/7/1966 Gerringong Son of William Miller & Jane Miller *) 15/10/1902 Gerringong

f. William Henry Morrow m. Elizabeth Louisa Gray *

  1. (f) Elizabeth A M Miller b. 28/3/1905 Kiama

Living at Omega in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a farmer.

MILLER- MORROW. - October 15th at Gerringong, by Rev. G E Gibbes James G Miller, fourth surviving son of Wm. Miller, Esq., Renfrew Park, Gerringong, to Arabella Lucinda, eldest daughter of Wm. H. Morrow Esq., Omega Gerringong. The Kiama Reporter and Illawarra Journal (NSW : 1899 - 1947) Wednesday 12 November 1902 p 2

Miller Catherine Anastasia (Reedy)

b. 1845 d. 1882 Bega

m. Joshua Miller (1824 Leck Co Donegal Ireland – 1902 Nowra Son of John Miller & Jane Miller ) 1863 Wollongong 3200/1863

f. Patrick Reedy m. Catherine Daly *

  1. (m) John Miller b. 12/7/1864 Wollongong 16539/1864
  2. (f) Margaret J Miller b. 1866 Eden 8229/1866
  3. (m) Joseph Miller b. 1868 Eden 9000/1868
  4. (m) Maurice Miller b. 1872 Bega 6793/1872
  5. (f) Catherine Miller b. 1875 Bega 7887/1875
  6. (f) Mary A Miller b. 1878 Bega 9124/1878
  7. (f) Julia Hannah Miller b. 1880 Bega 10443/1880

Miller Elizabeth


  1. (f) Mary Ann Miller b. 20/12 1855 Jamberoo reg Kiama RC

Miller Elizabeth (Muir)

b. 5/5/1799 Renfrew Scotland d. 22/4/1883 Gerringong br. Gerringong General

m. Robert Miller ( abt 1796 Erskine Scotland– 20/6/1869 “Renfrew Park” Gerringong Son of William Miller & Elizabeth Cunningham ) abt 1819 Paisley Scotland

f. James Muir m. Mary White

Ship: 1834 Othello

  1. (f) Mary White Miller b. abt 1821 Paisley Scotland d. 8/2/1898 Raymond Terrace (Thomas Dun 1837)
  2. (m) William Miller b. abt 1822 Paisley d. 12/8/1907 Omega Gerringong (Jane Miller * 1857)
  3. (m) James Miller b. abt 1824 Paisley d. 5/9/1894 Gerringong ( Agnes Harvey * 1854)
  4. (m) Robert Miller b. 5/3/1828 Paisley d. 22/7/1905 Gerringong (Mary Ellen Taylor * 1853,
  5. (m) John Miller b. abt 1830 Paisley d. 20/1/1905 ( Lucy Ann Garrad 1865)
  6. (f) Elizabeth Miller b. abt 1832 Paisley d. 12/7/1921 ( John T Williams 1854)
  7. (f) Anne Miller b. 18/4/1835 Sydney d. 12/5/1917 (William Miller 1856)
  8. (m) George Muir Miller b. 31/7/1837 Sydney d. 2/12/1919 ( Julia Elizabeth Achison *1865)
  9. (f) Sarah Cunningham Miller * b. 7/11/1841 Renfrew Park Gerringong d. 28/5/1913 Dunmore (George Laurence Fuller 1859)

Husband a carpenter and dairy farmer

MILLER.— April 22, at her residence, Willow Cottage, Renfrew Park, Gerringong, Elizabeth, relict of the late Robert Miller, aged 83 years, leaving upwards of one hundred children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, and a large circle of friends to mourn their loss. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 8 May 1883 p 2

Robert and Elizabeth and their family of six left Liverpool on Tuesday 27 August 1833. The cost of the passage was £112.19.0 for the family and £3.19.0 for the luggage. On the passage to Rio de Janeiro they endured rough seas and broken masts, food was in short supply and of poor quality. After Rio things improved and they eventually reached Sydney after calling at Hobart. Robert was a carpenter and opened a shop at Brickfield Hill alongside Anthony Horderns but Elizabeth did not like city life. She insisted that Robert apply to the Governor for a grant. An offer of 32 acres at Woolloomooloo was declared by Elizabeth to be too close to Sydney so Robert bought 640 acres at Gerringong from William Smith at 5/- an acre. He named this `Renfrew Park' after his home county. He later owned other properties at Foxground and Cambewarra.

The very religious family held monthly Presbyterian Services at “Renfrew Park” and Robert was appointed trustee for establishment of a Presbyterian Church in Kiama.

Miller Elizabeth Mary

b. b. 25/12/1870 Gerringong d. 15/10/1904 Brisbane Qld br. Gerringong

f. James Miller m. Agnes Harvey *

Living at Rose Valley in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

MILLER. —October 15, 1904, at the Victoria Private Hospital, Brisbane, Elizabeth Mary, second daughter of the late James and Agnes Miller, of Willow Cottage, Gerringong, aged 33 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 26 October 1904 p 8

Miller Ellen (Mortley)

b. 1845 d. 27/1/1924 Burwood br. Rookwood

m. George Miller 1867 Glebe

f. Joseph Mortley m. Sarah Wilson

  1. (f) Lilly M Miller b. 10/6/1868 Wollongong 18174/1868 (Thomas Ryan 1897)
  2. (f) Clara Martha Miller b. 27/6/1869 Wollongong 19876/1869 d. 1957 Petersham
  3. (f) Laura Mabel Miller b. 29/10/1871 Wollongong 19661/1871 d. 29/12/1905 Darlinghurst
  4. (f) Gertrude Ellen Miller b. 1875 Goulburn (Edward J C Gibson 1913)
  5. (m) George Frederick Miller b. 1878 Goulburn d. 1879 Goulburn
  6. (f) Ethel F Miller b. 1882 Goulburn d. 1913 Burwood
  7. (f) Evelyn Elsie M Miller b. 1884 Goulburn d. 1955 Auburn (Herbert James Rogers 1911)
  8. (m) Sid B Miller b. 1887 Goulburn
  9. (m) Gus Mortley Miller b. 1889 Sydney d. 1972 ( Myra E Scott 1912)

On the 10th instant, at her residence, Crown-street, Wollongong, Mrs. GEORGE MILLER, of a daughter. The Sydney Morning Herald 15 June 1868

On the 27th instant, Mrs. GEORGE MILLER, Crown-street, Wollongong, of a daughter.  The Sydney Morning Herald 30 June 1869

On the 29th September, at her residence, Crown-street, Wollongong, Mrs. GEORGE MILLER, of a daughter The Sydney Morning Herald 5 October 1871

MILLER.-January 27, 1924, at her residence, Clairmore, Cross-street, South Strathfield, Ellen, beloved wife of George Miller, aged 78 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 28 January 1924

Miller Ellen Mary (Williams)

d. 26/9/1944 Marrickville cr.

m. Rev Richard Miller (abt 1862- 2/11/1944 Marrickville) 1890 Waverley

Electoral Roll 1903 resident Albion Park –Domestic Duties Husband a Presbyterian/Methodist minister

MILLER.-September 26, 1944, at a private hospital, Marrickville, Ellen Mary, beloved wife of the Rev. Richard Miller, B.A., of 7 Balfour Street, Dulwich Hill. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 27 September 1944 p 14


BANGALOW. Tuesday.-Word has been received in Bangalow of the death of Mrs. E. M. Miller, wife of Rev. Richard Miller of Dulwich Hill, and former minister of the Presbyterian Church. Bangalow. Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954) Wednesday 27 September 1944 p 5

Miller/Millar Emily (James)

b. 1881 Mt Kembla 18841/1881 d. 1911 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. Job Carpenter Millar 1902 Sydney

f. Robert Munro James m. Julia Ann Rixon *

Living at Fig Tree in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a music teacher.

Before their marriage her brothers tried to intimidate her husband into not marrying her. They threatened him and he fired a pistol at one to protect himself.

MILLER.-The friend, of Professor J. C. Miller are kindly invited to attend the FUNERAL of his late beloved Wife, Emily, to leave his residence. Crown Street West, Wollongong, on SATURDAY AFTERNOON, at 2.45 p.m. for Presbyterian Cemetery, Wollongong. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 13 October 1911 Page 2

Miller Elsie (Poppitt)

b. 1878 Lilleshall Shropshire d. 1/4/1968 Bulli 25107/1968 br. Bulli General

m. William James Miller (abt 1883 – 16/7/1966 Helensburgh Son of Robert Miller & Ann) 1901 Woonona

f. Dennis Poppitt m. Adeline Inskip *

  1. (f) Annie A Miller b. 1902 Woonona
  2. (f) Emily I Miller b. 1904 Woonona
  3. (f) Daisy F Miller b. 1910 Woonona
  4. (f) Myrtle M Miller b. 1914 Bulli

Living at Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Miller Florence (Campbell)

b. 12/7/1880 Gerringong 16766/1880 d. 1/11/1968 Gerringong

m. John R M Miller 1914

f. Alexander Campbell d. Margaret Sharpe *

Living at Gerringong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Miller Frances Maria

Living at Campbell St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.

Possibly was seeking a divorce from Joseph John Miller at about this time- if this is the correct woman she was married 1883, maiden name Tighe and had three children in their teens. Eldest child, daughter Lurline. There was a Lurline Miller at school in 1901 in Wollongong but she may have been to old for school.

Miller Gertrude Mary see Dwyer

Miller Helen Agnes (Hendry)

b. abt 1879 Middlesex d. 17/4/1974 Mortdale

m. William Robert Miller (abt 1875 Durham- 1955 Hurstville Son of Anthony Miller & Margaret Noble *) 1897 Sydney

f. George Albert Hendry m. Mary Elizabeth Day *

Ship: Ellora 1879

  1. (m) William A Miller b. 1898 Helensburgh
  2. (m) George E Miller b. 1902 Helensburgh
  3. (m) David Miller b. 1906 Helensburgh

Electoral Roll 1903 resident Helensburgh–Domestic Duties Husband a news agent

Miller Isabella (Kennedy)

b. abt 1879 d. 1946 Kurri Kurri cr. Beresford

m. Alexander Miller (abt 1877- 9/2/1950 Son of John Miller & Janet) 1898 Newcastle

f. John Kennedy m. Isabella

  1. (f) Isabella Maidie Miller b. 1899 West Maitland (Thomas Morgan 1918)
  2. (m) Alexander J Miller b. 1902 Helensburgh
  3. (f) Phyllis F Miller b. 1905 West Maitland (Arthur J Bristow 1927)
  4. (m) Richard Clyde Miller b. 1906 Helensburgh
  5. (f) Ruby W Miller b. 1909 Kurri Kurri (Joseph Reed 1928)
  6. (f) Thora Pearl Simpson d. 1918 Ashfield ( Edward V Mead 1941)

Electoral Roll 1903 resident Helensburgh–Domestic Duties Husband a miner.


Mrs Isabella Miller, who died after a long illness, was well known in the Kurri Kurri district to which she went 45 years ago. She was treasurer of Pelaw Main branch of the Orange Lodge for many years.

Mrs, Miller was 67. She is survived by her husband, Mr. Alec. Miller, two sons, Jack and Clyde, four daughters, Mrs. T. Morgan (Belmont), Mrs. A. Bristow (Heddon Greta) Mrs. J. Reed (Kurri Kurri), Mrs. T. Mead (PelawMain), 16 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate (NSW : 1876 – 1954 ) Saturday 1 June 1946 Page 4

Miller Jane

m. John Miller

  1. (m) Henry Miller b. 1836 CofE Dapto/Wollongong
  2. (f) Elizabeth J Miller b. 1836 CofE Dapto/Wollongong
  3. (f) Lucy Miller b. 1841 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong
  4. (m) Frederick Miller b. 1843 bp. CofE Illawarra; Jervis Bay

Miller Jane Elizabeth (Dunster)

b. 1867 “The Hill” Shellharbour d. 1926 Unanderra b. Shellharbour

m. Robert Muir Miller (1861 Gerringong – 5/6/1901 “Woodbine” Shellharbour Son of Robert Miller & Mary Taylor *) 1886 St Paul's Shellharbour

f. Joseph Dunster m. Elizabeth Stratford *

  1. (m) Alan Miller b. 1889 Toolijooa d. 1940 Unanderra ( Jane Millicent Lindsay 1923)
  2. (f) Lorna Evelyn Miller b. 1890 Toolijooa d. 6/6/1956 Dapto (John Hessell Lindsay 1918)
  3. (f) Netta Muir Miller b. 1896 Shellharbour d. 1/6/1973 Dapto (Evan Lindsay Thompson Evans 1934)
  4. (m) Colin Dunster Miller b. 1898 Shellharbour d. 24/3/1962 Shellharbour (Helena Grace Lindsay 1927)

Electoral Roll 1903 resident Shellharbour–Domestic Duties

She carried on working the farm after her husband accidentally killed himself while getting through a fence with a loaded gun.

Obituary. On Saturday Mrs. Jane Elizabeth Miller (widow of the late Robert Muir Miller) Shellharbour, passed away at the residence of her son, Unanderra, aged 63 years. She was in her usual health on leaving to pay a short visit   and a stroke was the cause of death. Many fine attributes belonged to the late Mrs. Miller. A splendid wife and mother, a true friend and one whose  Christian character, generous and charitable nature was a pattern to all who knew her, and she was a tower of   strength, with the members of her family, in the church work at Shell harbour. The internment took place at Shellharbour on Sunday leaving Unanderra shortly before noon. At the grave side the Rev. A. H. Gallop delivered a very sympathetic address. The funeral had a large district attendance and many beautiful wreaths were received. Sincere district sympathy is extended to the bereaved family.  The Kiama Reporter and Illawarra Journal (NSW : 1899 - 1947) Wednesday 18 August 1926 p 2

Miller Jane (Hill)

m. John Miller

  1. (m) John Ritchie Miller b. 1859 Omega d. 14/5/1940 Gerringong (Margaret Bailey * 1880)

Miller Jane (Miller)

b. 21/4/1832 Paisley Renfrew Scotland d. 23/5/1879 Sydney br. Gerringong

m. William Miller (abt 1822 Paisley - 12/8/1907 Omega Gerringong Son of Robert Miller & Elizabeth Muir *) 1857

f. John Miller m. Jane Hill

  1. (m) Robert Miller b. 1856 Omega d. 18/5/1928 Gerringong (Mary Anne Lee * 1886)
  2. (m) John Ritchie Miller b. 1859 Omega d. 14/5/1940 Gerringong ( Margaret Bailey * 1880)
  3. (f) Anna M M Miller b. 1860 Omega d. 1860 Omega
  4. (m) William Hill Miller b. 1862 Omega d. 14/7/1873 aged 11
  5. (m) Henry Miller b. 1865 Omega d. 30/9/1950 Kiama (Florence Elizabeth Margaret Morrow 1915)
  6. (m) James George Miller b. 1867 Omega d. 22/7/1966 Gerringong ( Arabella Lucinda Morrow * 1902, Alice Maria Gray 1908)
  7. (m) George Miller b. 1869 Omega
  8. (f) Jane Elizabeth Miller b. 12/7/1872 Gerringong (Henry E McDonald 1925)
  9. (m) Thomas Alexander Miller b. 12/7/1872 Gerrinong d. 28/7/1934 Kempsey (Margaret Waynss Dun 1900)
  10. (m) William Hill Miller b. 1874 Omega d. 1937 Goulburn (Mary Bennie 1904)

MILLER —On the 22nd inst., at her residence, West Dapto, the wife of Mr William Miller, of a son. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 27 January 1871 p 2

MILLER. — On the 12th instant, at her residence, Renfrew Park, Gerringong, the wife of Wm. Miller, Esq., of twins, son and daughter. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 23 July 1872 p 2

ON the 11th instant, at the residence of his parents, Renfrew Park, Gerringong, WILLIAM HILL, the third and dearly beloved son of William and Jane MILLER, in the 11th year of his age. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 17 July 1873 p 2

MILLER.-On the 23rd instant, at the   residence of her cousin, Mr. John   Ritchie, jun. Goulburn-street, Sydney, Jane, the beloved wife of Mr. William   Miller, Renfrew Park, Gerringong, aged 47 years. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Friday 30 May 1879 p 2

OBITUARY.–We have on the present occasion a melancholy event to record in the death of Mrs. W. Miller of Gerringong. Mrs. Miller who was the mother of seven sons and a daughter surviving her, had been suffering, from time to time, from a painful disorder, regarding the treatment of which she had special confidence in Dr. H. J. Tarrant, who had repeatedly succeeded in relieving her. On this account she had visited Sydney in order to be within reach of that skilful practitioner, but the time had come when care and skill were to be for her unavailing. Mrs. Miller continued during her stay in Sydney to grow weaker and weaker, and at length, on Friday last we believe, expired. Her remains were coffined without delay, and placed on board the steamer, which left Sydney on Friday evening, and arrived as usual at Kiama on Saturday morning. Having been conveyed during the day to Gerringong, the coffin was on Sunday committed to the earth in the Public Cemetery of that township, a concourse, which we understand to have amounted to nearly four hundred persons being present on the occasion. Mrs. Miller was a native of Scotland, and was a daughter of Mr. John Miller, engineer, and sister of Mr. W. Miller, late of Jamberoo, and was a member of the Presbyterian Church. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947)Tuesday 27 May 1879 - Page 2

Miller Jane (Turnbull)

b. 17/2/1853 Wollongong d.

m. Henry Miller 30/10/1872 Sydney

f. Robert Turnbull m. Elizabeth Wilson *

  1. (f) Harriett Maude Miller b. 1874 Sydney
  2. (m) Harry F T Miller b. 1881

On the 30th October, by the Rev. R. McKinnon, Presbyterian minister, of Wollongong, at the residence of Mr. Thomas Morris, Sydney, uncle of the bride, HENRY MILLER, to JANE, eldest daughter of Mr. ROBERT TURNBULL, Illawarra. The Sydney Morning Herald 2 November 1872

Miller Jane H

b. abt 1804 Paisley Renfrewshire

m. John Miller (abt 1802 Dunoona Argyleshire-)

Ship: Castle Eden 1848

  1. (m) William Miller b. 1832 Paisley Renfrewshire
  2. (f) Jane Miller b. 1832 Paisley Renfrewshire
  3. (f) Susan Miller b. 1835 Paisley Renfrewshire
  4. (m) John Miller b. 1844 Glasgow Scotland
  5. (f) Mary Miller * b. 1846 Glasgow Scotland d. 8/5/1929 Renfrew Park Gerringong

Miller Johanna (McAuliffe)

b. 1844 d. 24/8/1886 Dapto br. West Dapto Catholic

m. Francis Miller (-) 1874 Wollongong

f. Timothy McAuliffe

  1. (f) Elizabeth Miller/McAuliffe b. 1866 Wollongong d. 31/10/1881 Dapto aged 16
  2. (f) Johanna Miller b. 1876 Wollongong
  3. (m) John Miller b. 1874 Avondale bp. 24/6/1882 Albion Park RC
  4. (f) Amelia Maud Miller * b. 1878 bp. 24/6/1882 Albion Park RC d. 25/4/1966 Bulli (Frederick Bowes 1898)

Miller Julia Elizabeth (Achison/Acheson/Atcheson )

b. 1847 bp. RC Sydney St James d. 9/7/1906 Moore Park br. Rookwood

m. George Muir Miller (31/7/1837 Sydney- 2/12/1919 Cremorne Son of Robert Miller & Elizabeth Muir *) 7/3/1865 Gerringong

f. John Acheson m. Monica

  1. (m) George Muir Miller b. 6/3/1866 Gerringong d. 1935 Mosman
  2. (m) Robert A Miller b. 9/8/1867 Kiama d. 1924 North Sydney
  3. (m) Charles Edward Miller b. 10/4/1870 Kiama d. 5/2/1896 Ashfield
  4. (m) Albert Miller b. 20/12/1871 Bush Bank d. 1941 Sutherland
  5. (f) Edith Anna Miller b. 22/9/1873 Kiama
  6. (f) Sarah Louisa Miller b. 8/10/1875 Crookwell d. 1921 St Leonards
  7. (m) Frederick A Miller d. 1877 Sydney
  8. (m) Alfred Leslie Miller b. 1879 Sydney d. 1945 Ashfield (Isabel Paterson Miller 1911)
  9. (m) Arthur Edgar Miller b. 1881 Sydney d. 1938 Marrickville
  10. (f) Julia L Miller b. 1883 Sydney d. 1897 Newcastle
  11. (f) Ethel Miller b. 1885 Ashfield
  12. (m) Allan Rupert Miller b. 1888 Ashfield d. 1939 Newtown

MARRIED. ON the 7th instant, at Gerringong, by special license, by the Rev. Robert Wilson, George Muir Miller, Esq., youngest son of Robert Miller, Esq., to Julia Elizabeth Achison, both of Gerringong. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 9 March 1865 p 2

MARRIED. ON the 7th instant, at Gerringong, by special license, by the Rev. Robert Wilson, George Muir, youngest son of R. Miller, Esq., of Renfrew Park, Gerringong, to Julia Elizabeth, third daughter of the late John Acheson, Esq., of Sydney.  The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 16 March 1865 p 2

ON the 6th instant, at Renfrew Park, Gerringong, Mrs. G. M. Miller, of a son. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 8 March 1866 p 2

August 9th, at Bush Bank, Mrs. G. M. MILLER, of a son The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 15 August 1867 p 2

ON the 10th April, at her residence, Bushbank, Mrs. George MILLER, of a son. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 14 April 1870 p 2

MILLER. - ON the 20th December, at her residence, Bush Bank, Mrs. GEORGE M. MILLER of a son. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 4 January 1872 p 2

ON the 22nd instant, at her residence, Bushbank, Kiama, Mrs.G. M. MILLER of a daughter. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 25 September 1873 p 2

October 8th, at her residence, Netherton Park, Crookwell, Mrs. G. M. MILLER of a daughter. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 4 November 1875 p 2

MILLER.- The Fríends of Mr. GEORGE MUIR MILLER, Sen., and FAMILY are respectfully invited   to attend the Funeral of his beloved WIFE and their   beloved MOTHER, Julia E. Miller; to move from their residence, Kenrich, 22 Park-road, Moore Park, THIS     DAY, WEDNESDAY, at 8.15 a.m., for C. of E. Cemetery, Rookwood. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 11 July 1906 p 16

MILLER. — July 9, at Kenrich, 22 Park-road, Moore Park, Julia Elizabeth Miller, aged 58. The Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser (NSW : 1871 - 1912) Wednesday 11 July 1906 p 125

Miller Katherine/Kathleen/Catherine

m. Frederick William H Miller (-1955 Chatswood)

  1. (m) Frederick John Miller b. 1894 Lithgow d. 30/11/1970 Wollongong
  2. (f) Margaret Bridget E Miller b. 1895 Woonona d. 1971 Gosford (Leslie J Readett 1920)

Miller Letitia (Markham)

b. 1836 Waterbeach Cambridgeshire d. 2/11/1910 Orange

m. Thomas Miller (1831 Newtown Abbot Devon – 4/4/1891 Orange ) 14/9/1855 Scots Church Sydney

f. Henry Markham m. Elizabeth Keates

Ship: Kate 1851

  1. (m) William Richard Miller b. 1856 Wollongong 8445/1856 d. 1942 Orange
  2. (m) John Alfred Miller b. 1858 Wollongong 13439/1858 d. 1923 Orange
  3. (m) George Henry Miller b. 1860 Wollongong 13971/1860 d. 1890 Orange
  4. (m) Arthur Miller b. 1862 Wollongong 15206/1862 d. 1951 Rockdale
  5. (m) Frederick Charles Miller b. 1868 Wollongong 18257/1868 d. 25/1/1956 Warren
  6. (f) Annie Elizabeth Miller b. 1870 Wollongong 19049/1870 d. 1954 Hurstville

Miller Louisa (O’Neill)

b. abt 1879 d. 4/7/1946 Hurstville

m. Wilfred Miller (-14/7/1954 Hurstville Son of Francis Miller & Maria ) 1901 Sydney

f. Daniel O’Neill m. Mary

  1. (m) Wilfred T Miller b. 1904 Dapto
  2. (m) Reginald Claude Miller b. 1907 Kogarah d. 22/6/1954 Helensburgh
  3. (m) Stanley A Miller b. 1912 Hurstville

Living at Lakelands in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

MILLER,- July 4, 1946, at a private hospital, Louisa Miller, of 123 Wolds Avenue, Hurstville, dearly beloved wife of Wilfred Miller, and dear mother of Bill, Reg and Stanley, aged 67 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Friday 5 July 1946 p 16

Miller Margaret (Noble)

b. abt 1856 Durham d. 13/1/1937 Penshurst br. Woronora

m. Anthony Miller (αβτ 1848 Χυμβερλανδ − 24/10/1926 Penshurst) 1874 Durham

Ship: Texan 1884

  1. (m) William Robert Miller b. abt 1875 Durham d. 1955 Hurstville (Helen Agnes Hendry * 1897)
  2. (f) Sarah Ann Miller * b. abt 1877 Durham d. 16/6/1954 Hurstville (Samuel W Barnaby 1897)
  3. (m) David Miller b. abt 1879 Durham d. 29/6/1949 Penshurst

Electoral Roll 1903 resident Helensburgh–Domestic Duties. Husband a miner. Eldest son a newsagent.

MILLER.— January 13. 1937, at her son's residence. 78 Penshurst Street, Penshurst, Margaret, beloved mother of William, Sadie and David. Aged 81 years.

MILLER. — The Relatives and friends of the late MRS. MARGARET MILLER formerly of Helensburgh, are invited to attend her funeral, to leave our Chapel 4 Carrington-Avenue, Hurstville, TOMORROW (FRIDAY), after service commencing at 2 p.m., for Church of England Cemetery, Woronora. The Labor Daily (Sydney, NSW : 1924 - 1938) Thursday 14 January 1937 Page 6

Miller Margaret (Bailey)

b. 25/1/1863 Gerringong d. 15/1/1946 br. Gerringong General

m. John Ritchie Miller (1859 Omega – 14/5/1940 Gerringong Son of John Miller & Jane Hill *) 17/11/1880 Gerringong

f. William Bailey m. Susannah Lee *

  1. (m) William Miller b. 1882 Robertson (Nellie Gwen A Chisholm)
  2. (m) John Ritchie McKellar Miller b. 1884 Robertson d. 10/3/1973 Gerringong (Florence Campbell 1914)
  3. (m) George M Miller b. 1886 Robertson
  4. (f) Janet Susan Miller b. 1888 Robertson ( George Wallace Campbell)
  5. (m) Henry Gordon Miller b. 1893 Robertson d. 21/8/1975 Gerringong (Elsie Isobel Nelson 1924)
  6. (m) Edgar James Miller b. 1896 Kiama d. 7/6/1956 Gerringong (Vera Eileen Weir 1932)
  7. (m) David Leslie Miller b. 1896 Kiama d. 21/2/1913 Gerringong
  8. (m) Raymond Thomas Hill Miller b. 1898 Robertson d. 19/6/1990 ( Mary Agnes Tomlins 1934)
  9. (m) Robert Hedley Miller b. 17/12/1902 Gerringong d. 12/10/1994 Berry (Marjorie Sharpe1930)

MILLER—BAILEY.—At the residence of the bride's parents, Gerringong, on Wednesday, November 17th, by the Rev. Robert Wilson (Congregational Minister), John Ritchie, second son of Mr. William Miller and the late Jane Miller, Renfrey Park, Gerringong, to Maggie, fourth daughter of Mr. William Bailey, Gerringong. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Tuesday 23 November 1880 p 2

In 1880 the couple went to live in the Robertson district but in 1906 returned to Gerringong, driving their herd of 80 head via Jamberoo.

Miller Mary

b. abt 1846 Argyllshire Scotland d. 8/5/1929 Gerringong br. Gerringong

f. John Miller m. Jane H *

Ship: Castle Eden 1848

MISS M. MILLER. The death occurred at Renfrew Park, Gerringong of Miss Mary Miller, one the oldest residents of the South Coast, at the age of 83. The late Miss Miller was born in Scotland in 1846, and emigrated with her parents (the late Mr and John Miller) in 1847 to Sydney, where the family took up residence, but later took a grant of land at Jamberoo. Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW : 1881 - 1940) Tuesday 28 May 1929 p 4

She cared for the home and children of her nephew Robert and in his obituary it stated “In his home Mr. Miller was beloved, and there his kindly care was centred upon Miss Mary Miller, his aunt, who has kept house for him since his wife died leaving a family of three small children. An accident has left her an invalid for years, and his kindness, with that of Mr. Reginald Miller, has surrounded her for a very long time.” The Kiama Reporter and Illawarra Journal (NSW : 1899 - 1947) Wednesday 23 May 1928 p 2

Miller Mary (Miller)

b. feb 1802 Leck Co Donegal Ireland d. 4/7/1869 Spring Hill br. Wollongong

m. Samuel Miller ( -18/8/1861 Spring Hill Son of John Miller & Mary Hunter) Co Donegal Ireland her first cousin?

f. Joshua Miller m. Mary Stewart

Ship: Parland 1838

  1. (f) Catherine Miller * b. 1819 Leck, County Donegal, Ireland d. 12/6/1911 Brownlow Hill Camden ( William Thomas Blow 1840, John Cook 1873)
  2. (f) Mary Miller * b. 1816 Ramelton, Donegal, Ireland ( George McPaul 1836 )
  3. (f) Anne b. 1823 Leck, County Donegal, Ireland
  4. (m) Joshua b. 1825 Leck, County Donegal, Ireland d. 1904 Sydney
  5. (m) William b. 1828 Leck, County Donegal, Ireland
  6. (f) Sarah Miller *b. 1831 Leck, County Donegal, Ireland ( Thomas Hall James 1862 )
  7. (f) Jane Miller b. 1833 Leck, County Donegal, Ireland
  8. (f) Susan Miller *b. 1836 Leck, County Donegal, Ireland d. 3/6/1909 Wollongong ( Edward Gibson 1861 )

MILLER. — On the 4th instant, at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. T. H. James, Spring hill, near Wollongong, Mary Miller, relict of the late Samuel Miller, and native of Donegal, Ireland, aged 78 years. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 6 July 1869 p 2

Miller Mary Ann (Lee)

b. abt 1859 Gerringong d. 25/11/1894 Omega br. Gerringong

m. Robert Miller (abt 1857 - 1928 Son of William Miller & Jane Miller *) 1886 Kiama

f. George Lee m. Ann Waugh Robertson *

  1. (f) Florence J Miller b. 1887 Kiama (Patrick J Fields 1911)
  2. (m) Stanley George William Miller b. 1888 Kiama d. 1962 Kiama
  3. (m) Reginald Muir Miller b. 1889 Kiama d. 1962 Kiama

Living at Renfrew Park in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a farmer.

Mrs, Robert Miller, junr, of Renfrew Park, Omega, died on Sunday last. The deceased was a daughter of Mr. Geo. Lee, late of Gerringong, and was very highly esteemed throughout the district. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Tuesday 27 November 1894 p 2

Robert’s aunt Mary Miller * cared for him, his children and their home after her death.

Miller Mary Ann (Noble)

m. William Miller 1860 Wollongong 2865/1860

Ship: Himalaya 1855 ?

  1. (m) William Miller b. 1861 Wollongong 14316/1861
  2. (f) Mary Jane Miller * b. 1862 Wollongong 15003/1862 d. 11/1/1927 Sydney (William Chi 1883)
  3. (m) Samuel Miller b. 1863 Wollongong 15125/1863
  4. (f) Susan Miller b. 1/12/1864 Spring Hill 16635/1864
  5. (m) John Miller b. 1866 Wollongong 16474/1866
  6. (f) Anne E Miller b. 1867 Wollongong 18080/1867
  7. (m) Robert Miller b. 1869 Wollongong 19857/1869
  8. (m) George Miller b. 22/1/1871 West Dapto 19464/1871
  9. (f) Rebecca Miller b. 1873 Wollongong 20726/1873
  10. (f) Catherine Miller b. 1874 Wollongong 21547/1874
  11. (f) Eleanor Miller b. 1876 Wollongong 22547/1876 d. 14/7/1934 Ryde (William Thorn Tuckwell 1901)
  12. (m) Charles Thomas Miller b. 1877 Wollongong 23124/1877

Sister Jane married Gorrell ?

At Spring Hill, on Thursday, the 1st instant, Mrs. William Miller, of a daughter Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 6 December 1864 p 2

MILLER —On the 22nd inst., at her residence, West Dapto, the wife of Mr William Miller, of a son. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 27 January 1871 p 2

Miller Mary Ellen (Taylor)

b. abt 1831 Belfast Ireland d. 24/12/1919 Braeside Gerringong br. Gerringong General

m. Robert Miller (5/3/1828 Paisley Scotland- 22/7/1905 Gerringong Son of Robert Miller & Elizabeth Muir *) 30/3/1853 “Renfrew Park” Omega reg. Sydney, St Andrew's Scots Church

  1. (f) Mary Miller b. registered 1862 V1862431 52/1862 d. 9/4/1931 Chatswood (James Trevor 1872)
  2. (f) Elizabeth Parkinson Miller * b. 1855 V1855458 53/1855 d. 22/12/1936 Artarmon (George Frederick Davis 1878)
  3. (m) Robert Miller b. 1857 Kiama 7399/1857 d. 1857 Kiama
  4. (f) Matilda Miller * b. 1858 Kiama 7981/1858 ( Robert W Dunster 1887)
  5. (f) Sarah Ann Miller * b. 18/8/1860 Gerringong 7718/1860 d. 18/10/1914 Gerringong
  6. (m) Robert Muir Miller b. 1862 Kiama 8513/1862 d. 5/6/1901 “Woodbine” Shellharbour (Jane E Dunster * 1887)
  7. (f) Ellen Ritchie Miller * b. 2/4/1864 Sandywha d. 22/4/1890 Dapto ( Joseph Dunster 1885)
  8. (m) John Sydney Miller b. 18/8/1866 Sandywha 9593/1866 (Alice E Bate 1910)
  9. (f) Alice Maud Miller * b. 5/8/1868 Kiama 10679/1868 d. 6/3/1933 Gerringong
  10. (f) Stillborn Miller b. 5/8/1868 Kiama
  11. (m) William Ernest Miller b. 28/6/1870 Sandywha 11340/1870 d. 1947 Kiama (Muriel Nisbet * 1903)
  12. (m) James Walter Miller b. 27/2/1873 Sandywha 12299/1873 (Jessie Middleton 1908)

Living at Sandy Wha in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

At Sandywha, on the 18th instant, Mrs. Robert Miller, jun., of a daughter Examiner (Kiama, NSW : 1859 - 1862) Wednesday 25 January 1860 p 2

At Sandywha, on the 2nd instant, Mrs. R. Miller, junior, of a daughter. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Tuesday 5 April 1864 p 2

AT Sandawha on the. 18th instant, the wife of R Miller, jun., of a son. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 23 August 1866 p 2

MILLER.—At Sandywha, Gerringong, on the 5th instant, Mrs. R. Miller, junr., of twin daughters, one still born. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 11 August 1868 p 2

At Sandywha, on the 28th instant, Mrs. R. MILLER of a son. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 30 June 1870 p 2

AT her residence, Sandywha, Gerringong, on the 27th ultimo, Mrs. R. MILLER of a son The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 13 March 1873 p 2

Miller Mary Jane

Living at South Coast Rd Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.

Miller Mary Jane

m. William John Miller

  1. (u) unknown Miller b.

Mary Jane Miller was charged with being a person deemed to be insane.

William John Miller deposed that he was a fisherman, residing in Crown street. The patient before the Court; was his wife. She has one child alive, and is subject to fits. She seemed very delirious, and threatened to chop ears off different people, and was creating a disturbance. Was afraid she would do harm to the child or herself. She had been in Gladesville Asylum about two years ago. He wished her to be remanded for medical treatment.

Constable Neville gave evidence of arrest. He found her wandering about in Crown-street, and she refused to go home. She resisted violently when arrested,

The patient, was again brought before the court, this morning, when Drs. Wade and H. H. Lee deposed that they examined her, and certified that from her deneanour, conversation, and facial expression, they believed her to be a fit subject for admission to the Hospital for Insane,.

The Bench ordered her to Gladesville Asylum for treatment. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 19 March 1907 p 2

Miller Mary Jane (Plucknett)

b. 1871 Wollongong d. 30/6/1954 North Bondi br. Berkeley

m. John Alexander Miller (-1947 Unanderra) 1899 Woonona

f. Elijah Plucknett m. Susan Jolliffe *

  1. (f) Irene M Miller b. 1901 Wollongong d. 1970 North Bondi (Robert Swaysland 1926)

Late of Unanderra


Mrs. Mary Jane Miller, who died at her daughter's home at 13 Nancy street, Bondi, last Friday, was a former resident of Berkeley Avenue, Unanderra.

The late Mrs. Miller, who was in her 82nd year, was the widow of John Alexander Miller, and mother of Irene (Mrs. R. Ewaysland).

Last Saturday afternoon the funeral left H. Parsons' Wollongong chapel for the Berkeley cemetery.

Miller Medella/Madella Jane (Sharpe)

b. 5/2/ 1879 Broughton Creek d. 14/3/1931 br. Gerringong General

m. James Muir Miller ( ?/7/1867 Gerringong – 12/4/1950 Gerringong Son of James Miller & Agnes Brown *) 22/8/1900 Gerringong

f. William Sharpe m. Mary Gray *

  1. (m) Jack Miller b. 2 /7/1901 Gerringong d. 1980
  2. (m) Kenneth William Miller b. 24/12/1902 Gerringong d. 11/2/ 1906 Gerringong
  3. (m) Colin Muir Miller b. 16/9/1905 Gerringong d. 3/1/1998
  4. (m) Geoffrey James Miller b. 15/8/ 1908 Gerringong d. 1996
  5. (m) Malcolm Frederick Miller b. 2/8/1910 Gerringong
  6. (m) Brian Charles Miller b. 3/2/1914 Gerringong
  7. (m) Donald Lloyd Miller b. 26/8/1915 Gerringong d. 1984

Living at Omega in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a farmer.

The Kiama Reporter and Illawarra Journal (NSW : 1899 - 1947) Wednesday 18 March 1931 p 2

Miller Muriel (Nesbit)

b. 1883 Young d. 13/10/1963 Kiama late of Gerringong

m William Ernest Miller ( 28/6/1870 Sandy-Wha- 18/10/1947 Kiama Son of Robert Miller & Mary Ellen Taylor *) 1903 Kiama

f. John Nisbet m. Agnes Frances Robb *

  1. (m) Douglas Ernest Miller b. 1904 Kiama d. 1987 Gerringong
  2. (m) Robert Gordon Miller b. 1906 Kiama d. 1990 Kiama Downs
  3. (m) Hugh N Miller b. 1919 Kiama

Miller Ruth (Banks)

b. abt 1865 d. 5/9/1932 br. Helensburgh

m. James Miller (abt 1864 – 25/11/1937 Helensburgh Son of James Miller & Janet ) 1885 Lithgow

f. Peter Banks m. Elizabeth

  1. (f) Jessie Miller b. 1886 Lithgow d. 1886 Lithgow
  2. (f) Elizabeth Miller b. 1886 Lithgow
  3. (m) William Miller b. 1888 Lithgow
  4. (f) Blanche Miller b. 1891 Lithgow d. 1955 Helensburgh (Robert E Bryson 1911)
  5. (f) Annie Miller b. 1894 Lithgow
  6. (m) James Miller b. 1897 Helensburgh d. 1961 Burwood
  7. (f) Christina Miller b. 1899 Helensburgh d. 1964 Helensburgh (Albert Luck 1920)
  8. (f) Mabel Miller b. 1902 Helensburgh
  9. (f) Ivy Miller b. 1906 Helensburgh
  10. (f) Janet Miller b. 1908 Helensburgh
  11. (m) Frederick Miller b. 1911 Helensburgh

Electoral Roll 1903 resident Helensburgh–Domestic Duties

An old and esteemed resident of Helensburgh; Mrs. Ruth Miller, wife of Mr, James Miller, died at her residence -Cameo street, on Sunday, aged 62 years. She leaves a husband and adult family, all of whom are favourably known. The funeral on Monday to the Methodist cemetery was a very representative one. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 9 September 1932 p 8

Miller Ruth (Langford)

m. Thomas Miller 19/2/1855 CofE Dapto; Wollongong

  1. (f) Mary Jane King Miller b. 1855 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong

Miller Sarah

m. John Miller (-)

  1. (m) William Miller b. 1892 Helensburgh
  2. (m) George Miller b. 1895 Helensburgh
  3. (m) John Miller b. 1895 Helensburgh d. 1960
  4. (f) Christina Miller b. 1899 Helensburgh

Electoral Roll 1903 resident Helensburgh–Domestic Duties Husband a miner. When son George enlisted in 1915 her husband was living in Surry Hills.

Miller Sarah Ann Annie

b. abt 1860 d. 18/10/1914 br. Gerringong General

f. Robert Miller m. Mary Ellen Taylor *

Living at Sandy Wha in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

OBITUARY. - MISS ANNIE MILLER. With deep regret we mention the death of Miss Annie Miller, who passed away at “Braeside”, Gerringong, on Sunday last. With the other members of the well-known district family,   and a daughter of Mrs. Robert Miller and the late Robert Miller, Esq., of “Sandywha,' Gerringong, she was highly esteemed; but much personal regard and deep affection was hers from a   large circle of friends and admirers who recognised her fine spirit, beauty of soul, and the attributes of a truly Christian nature. In all things musical in the community, Miss Miller took a deep interest, for she was a finished musician, and the training of the choir for many years was to her a great delight, and the earnest attention to her instruction was given in deep appreciative affection, which was her reward with the proficiency attained. From early girlhood she took a keen interest in Church work and never spared her- self in the work she found to do in it, and from the membership of the Congregational Church she will be long and deeply mourned. In the home her loving helpfulness in sickness or trouble, her unselfishness and the sustaining grace and comfort of her presence will be sorely missed, and wide- spread sympathy is felt throughout the district for those who will so deeply feel her loss and knew best the beauty of her character. Until about a year ago, Miss Miller enjoyed splendid health, when she was struck by an insidious complaint, which cut off at life in its prime and precious in its usefulness to others. The end was expected, as health failed rapidly during the last few months, and the great change was faced with Christian fortitude and courage. The funeral took place on Tuesday and was very largely attended. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Wednesday 21 October 1914 p 2

Miller Sarah Isabella (Jones)

b. 1840 Combing Park, Carcoar d. 20/2/1925 Vaucluse

m. Samuel King Miller 1857 Carcoar 1627/1857

f. Thomas L Jones m. Margaret

  1. (f) Henrietta S H Miller b. 1858 Carcoar 6270/1858 (Charles H Pinhey 1879)
  2. (m) Sir Denison Samuel King Miller b. 8/3/1860 Fairy Meadow 13844/1860 d. 6/6/1923 Coogee (Maud Eveline Dean 1885, Laura Constance Heeley 1895)
  3. (m) Henry Ernest A Miller b. 1862 Wollongong 15074/1862
  4. (m) John A Miller b. 1864 Albury 4495/1864 d. 1864 Albury  
  5. (f) Gertrude E H Miller b. 1867 Deniliquin 8657/1867
  6. (f) Blanch A E L Miller b. 1872 Deniliquin 9289/1872
  7. (m) Aubery Clarence Y Miller b. 1876 Deniliquin 10622/1876
  8. (m) Leslie H C Miller b. 1879 Deniliquin 12369/1879 d. 1880 Burrawang  
  9. (f) Beatrice Tennyson Miller b. 1882 Robertson 13451/1882

On Thursday, 8th instant, at the National School House, Fairy Meadow, Wollongong, Mrs. S. K. Miller, of a son. The Sydney Morning Herald 12 March 1860


The death occurred yesterday morning, at her residence, Corner Hall, New South Head road, Vaucluse, of, Mrs. Sarah Isabel Miller, widow of the late Samuel King Miller, who for many years was a school teacher in the State service, and later a newspaper proprietor at Moss Vale. Mrs. Miller, who was born at Combing Park, in the Carcoar district, in 1840, was the mother of the late Sir Denison Miller and the late Mr. Ernest Miller (mining engineer), of Sydney, and is survived by one son, Mr. Clarence .A. Y. Miller, of the Bank of New South Wales, and three daughters-Mrs. C. H. T. Pinhey (London), and the Misses Blanche and Tennyson Miller. For some time Mrs. Miller had been in feeble health, and only last month had removed from Glenmore-road, Paddington, where she had resided for over 25 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 21 February 1925 p 21

Miller Sarah Margaret (James)

b. 1867 Newcastle d. 1929 New Lambton

m. Alexander Miller 1899 Lambton

f. David James m. Jane Lewis

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a clerk.

Executor was Benjamin Milton James (her brother ? ) she was “formerly of Coledale”. NB she was a “divorce petioner’ on her will record and her parents may be incorrect on the death record.

Miller Selina (Cummerford)

b. 1972 Menindee d. 27/9/1935 Randwick cr. Northern Suburbs

m. Robert Miller (abt 1864 -27/9/1939 Randwick Son of Francis Danks Miller & Mary) 1888 Wilcannia

f. James Cummerford m. Maria Rosina Katherine Wecker

  1. (f) Nita M Miller b. 1891 Wentworth
  2. (m) Roy Miller b. 1895 Helensurgh / Sutherland
  3. (m) Stanley Robert Miller b. 1903 Tenterfield d. 1976
  4. (m) Unknown Miller
  5. (m) Unknown Miller

Living at the Public School Narrabri West in 1915 when son Roy enlisted- he enlisted under John Murray and said he was born in Sydney/Sutherland. Husband a teacher in Sutherland.

Miller Sophia (Gambell)

b. 1862 d. 1926 Qld

m. John Hill Miller (1857 Kiama – 30/12/1941 Sunnybank Qld Son of William Miller & Anne Miller *) 4/3/1885 Ulladulla 7187/1885

f. William Gambell m. Mary Ann Broughton Bagnall

  1. (m) William J Miller b. 31/1/1886 Bulli 24518/1886
  2. (m) Harold James Miller b. 1887 Glebe 8127/1887
  3. (f) Melanie Muir Miller b. 1890 Sydney 21241/1890 d. 9/1/1931 Melbourne Vic (Allan Duncan Ballard 1921)
  4. (m) Maurice H Miller b. 1892 Marrickville 21951/1892
  5. (f) Effie Mary Gambell Miller b. 1894 Marrickville 20576/1894 d. 1967 Qld

Husband was the Post and Telegraph Officer at Bulli

MILLER.-January 31, at her residence, Bulli, the wife of John Hill Miller, post and telegraph master, of a son. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 2 February 1886 p 1

Living at Nambour Qld in 1916 and Beerwah in 1921

Milligan Catherine (Milligan)

b. 3/2/1832 Kilskeery Tyrone Ireland d. 25/7/1911

m. James Milligan (3/8/1841 Sydney -16/3/1878 Broughton Creek Son of James Milligan & Sydney Barton) 2/2/1864 Sydney

f. William Milligan m. Ellen

  1. (f) Mary Ann Milligan b. 1/12/1864 Gerringong d. 11/7/1945 Otford (William G Green )
  2. (f) Rebecca Jane Milligan b. 29/6/1866 Kiama d. 15/9/1866 Redfern
  3. (m) Sydney A Milligan b. 1871 Redfern
  4. (m) James Milligan b. 1875 Waterloo d. 1950 Lilyvale

Father remarried see Mary Ann Sweeney *

Milligan Elizabeth Julia Ann (Anderson)

b. 1854 CofE Wollongong d. 16/6/1914 Oxley Island

m. John Thomas Milligan (22/3/1852 Gerringong -12/5/1946 Browns Creek Son of John Milligan & Mary Ann Sweeney *) 1870 Redfern

f. George Anderson m. Mary Kell Tate *

  1. (m) John James Milligan b. 1871 Berrima
  2. (m) George Anderson Milligan b. 1873 Berrima
  3. (m) Herbert Edward Milligan 1874 Kiama
  4. (f) Florence Milligan b. 1877 Berrima (Sambell)
  5. (m) Ernest William Milligan b. 1883 Shoalhaven
  6. (m) Percival Milligan b. 1886 Perth WA

Mrs. J. T. Milligan, of Oxley Island (Manning), aged 60 died last week The Raleigh Sun (Bellingen, NSW : 1898 - 1918) Friday 26 June 1914 p 3

The late Mr. Milligan married Miss Elizabeth Anderson who predeceased him 32 years ago. The Manning River Times and Advocate for the Northern Coast Districts of New South Wales (Taree, NSW : 1898 - 1954) Wednesday 15 May 1946 p 4

Milligan Mary Anne (Sweeney/Swyny)

d. 1886 Shoalhaven br. Kanagroo Valley

m. John Milligan (abt 1814 Fermanagh Ireland- 9/9/1884 Kangaroo Valley Son of James Milligan & Annie Musgrove) 1850 V18501898 73C/1850 Sydney, St Andrew's Scots Church Presbyterian

f. Charles Sweeney m. Mary Anne Fullerton

  1. (m) John Thomas Milligan b. 22/3/1852 Gerringong bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven d. 12/5/1946 Browns Creek (Elizabeth Anderson * 1870)
  2. (f) Mary E Milligan b. 4/3/1855 Gerringong bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven d. 22/4/1932 Berry (John Rutledge 1873, John Irwin 1884)
  3. (f) Rebecca Milligan b. 22/3/1857 Gerringong bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama ; Shoalhaven (Thomas Tate 1881)

I have again to record the death of a very old resident of this neighbouthood in Mrs. Milligan. The husband of the deceased lady, was many years ago owner of the Bendeela Estate, on the Kangaroo River. Lately she has resided at Broughton Creek, being here only on occasional visits to her married daughters' or son. The remains were brought over here on Saturday,

and laid beside her husbaud, who died littlo more than a year ago. Her family are all married, thoio being three daughters and one son, Mr. J. T. Milligan, who lately went to settle in Western Australia. The Shoalhaven Telegraph (NSW : 1881 - 1937) Thursday 28 January 1886 Page 2

Milling Ellen (Llewellyn ? )

b. abt 1852 d. 13/12/1913 Drummoyne br. Waverley

m. Thomas Milling (-1915 Woollahra Son of Samuel E Milling & Harriett)

f. Thomas

Living at Boing Bong St Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties Husband a publican

MILLING.- On December 3, In her 62nd year, Ellen, beloved wife of Thos. Milling, late of Dapto. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Friday 5 December 1913 p 10.

When her husband died the invitation to his funeral was from his brother-in-law John Llewellyn

Millington Annie Ellen (Draper)

b. 21/10/1856 East Collingwood d. 18/4/1939 New Lambton br. Sandgate

m. John Thomas Millington (27/10/1847 Morpeth – 14/3/1912 New Lambton Son of Thomas Millington & Jane Ellen Cross ) 1876 Lambton 3695/1876

f. Frederick Draper m. Elizabeth Smedley

  1. (f) Florence Maud Millington b. 30/9/1879 Gunnedah d. 16/11/1950 Hamilton Ontario Canada (Benjamin J Oliver )
  2. (m) Frederick Thomas Millington b. 21/6/1878 Boggabri 22812/1878 d. 28/8/1961 New Lambton ( Catherine A Worth)
  3. (f) Ellen Elizabeth Millington b. 12/3/1880 Boggabri 25122/1880 d. 20/6/1944 New Lambton
  4. (m) Clarence Gerian Millington b. 28/2/1882 Dubbo 12010/1882 d. 22/12/1968 Dudley (Daisy Gail Murphy 1903)
  5. (f) Blanche Evely Millington b. 31/10/1884 Clifton 23078/1884 d. 2/2/1976 New Lambton (William Bennett)  
  6. (m) Herbert Arthur Millington b. 28/1/1890 Greta d. 28/8/1980 Wallsend (Elizabeth J Jones Orr)
  7. (f) Grace Millington b. 20/7/1892 Bulli 39598/1892 d. 20/12/1948 Newcastle  
  8. (m) Thomas Ernest Millington b. 23/3/1897 Greta 12598/1897 d. 8/7/1963 Newcastle

Mills Amelia

b. 13/9/1819 Lancashire England d. 15/9/1899 Lithgow br. Lithgow

m. William Mills (16/12/1816 Lancashire England – 20/7/1888 Lithgow )

f. Charles m. Ellen

  1. (m) William James Mills b. 1850 d. 1912 Hartley/Wallerawang (Louisa)
  2. (f) Emily Mills b. 1854 V18541951 56/1854 d. 1934 Burwood (Isaac Thomas Mullard 1874)
  3. (m) John J C Mills b. 1858 Wollongong 13498/1858
  4. (f) Female Mills b. 1856 Wollongong 8404/1856
  5. (f) Devina Agnes Mills b. 1860 Wollongong d. 23/5/1926 Lithgow (Stephen Kelly 1880)
  6. (f) Matilda Mills b. abt 1861 d. 12/4/1957 Centennial Park (Henry Mortlock 1880)
  7. (m) Alfred Charles Butterworth Mills b. 25/10/1864 Woonona 16640/1864 d. 1931 Goulburn
  8. (f) daughter Mills died before 1931
  9. (f) daughter Mills died before 1931
  10. (f) daughter Mills died before 1931

At Woonona, on the 25th instant, the wife of Mr. W. Mills, storekeeper, of a son. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 22 November 1864 p 2

On September 12, one of the oldest residents of Lithgow, in the per son of Mrs. Amelia Mills, relict of Mr. William Mills, died at the age of 80 years and two days. The deceased lady, with her husband, came to Lithgow Valley over twenty years ago, when the present township was little other than a trackless bush. By thrift and lucky speculations they acquired considerable property in the town. Mr. Mills predeceased his wife by about ten years. The deceased lady on September 10 attained her 80th birthday, which was celebrated by members of the family by a birthday dinner at her son-in law's hotel (the Imperial), when the heartiest congratulations were extended to the old lady. She had, however, been very feeble of late, though the end was not expected so suddenly. Australian Town and Country Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1870 - 1907) Saturday 23 September 1899 p 15

Mrs. Mills, an old resident of Lithgow, died during the week, just after the celebration of her 80th birthday. A dinner was given to celebrate the birthday, and was attended by some 38 of the family and the relatives of the deceased. The group was afterwards photographed, and a few hours later the old lady was put to bed. She slept all through that night and next day and night. She never spoke after retiring, and quietly slept her life away within 36 hours. Mudgee Guardian and North-Western Representative (NSW : 1890 - 1954) Friday 22 September 1899 p 8

Mills Catherine

m. William Mills

  1. (m) Frederick Mills b. 1855 V18552405 56/1855
  2. (f) Emma Mills b. 1857 Wollongong 12360/1857

Mills Eliza


  1. (f) Female Mills b. 1860 Wollongong 13935/1860
  2. (m) William Mills b. 1862 Kiama

Mills Esther (Gerrett)

b. 1847 Sydney St Phillips d. 1888 Auburn

m. John Beaumont Mills (1847 Glasgow Scotland -6/6/1933 Lindfield) 1869 Camden

f. James William Gerrett m. Henrietta Dobito Simperingham

  1. (m) John Arthur Mills b. 1870 St George (Helen Reid Clarke 1900)
  2. (f) Ethel Mills b. 1873 Shoalhaven
  3. (f) Lillian Mary Mills b. 1875 Shoalhaven (John G Lockley 1896)
  4. (m) Percy W Mills b. 1878 Shoalhaven
  5. (m) Cecil Beaumont Mills b. 1881 Kiama (Effie Burne 1913)
  6. (f) Perle I Mills b. 1887 Central Cumberland

Husband a teacher at Shellharbour, later at Auburn.

THE Friends of Mr. JOHN B. MILLS are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of his belored WIFE. Esther; to move from his residence, Public School, Auburn, at 2.15, TOMORROW (Sunday) Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931) Saturday 11 August 1888 p 5

Mills Rosabella (Lewis)

m. William Mills 1881 Patricks Plain 5728/1881

  1. (m) Sydney Mills b. 1884 Woonona 22979/1884 d. 1944 Lambton
  2. (f) Ellen A Mills b. 1883 Campbelltown 13821/1883
  3. (f) Jane Mills b. 1885 Ryde 18343/1885
  4. (f) Rose A Mills b. 1886 Campbelltown 17238/1887

Mills Sarah Ellen (Nelson)

b. abt 1867 d. 29/11/1930 Five Dock br. Field of Mars

m. William Mills (abt 1861-28/3/1931 Fivedock Son of James Mills & Annie) 1884 Lithgow

f. John Nelson m. Catherine

  1. (f) Augusta S Mills b. 1885 Lithgow
  2. (m) Frederick J Mills b. 1896 Helensburgh d. 1897 Helensburgh
  3. (f) Dorothy A Mills b. 1899 Helensburgh d. 1900 Helensburgh
  4. (m) William James Mills b. 1901 Helensburgh d. 1973 Sydney
  5. (f) Doris L Mills b. 1903 Helensburgh
  6. (m) Eric Horace Mills b. 21/4/1905 Helensburgh d. 1955
  7. (f) Stella M Mills b. 1908 Helensburgh
  8. (f) Nita Mills b. 1910 Helensburgh
  9. (f) Rita Mills b. 1910 Helensburgh d. 1911 Helensburgh

Electoral Roll 1903 resident Helensburgh–Domestic Duties Husband a groom

MILLS-The friends of Mr William Mills and FAMILY (late of Helensburgh), are respectfully advised that the remains or his dear WIFE and their MOTHER. Sarah Ellen Mills, will be laid to rest in the Church of England Cemetery, Field of Mars, THIS AFTERNOON The Funeral Is appointed to leave 47 Bouvardia-street, Fivedock, at 2 45 o clock per motor service The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 29 November 1930 p 14

Millward Isabella (Morrow)

b. 29/10/1827 Magheraculmoney, Fermanagh d. 7/8/1890 Woonona br Bulli

m. Robert Millward (abt 1830 -26/3/1887 Bulli Mine Disaster) 1867 Newcastle

f. John Morrow m. Isabella Johnson

  1. (m) John Morrow Millward b. 1868 Newcastle 13731/1868 d. 1958 Marrickville (Fairlence Laughlan 1894)

The friends of the late Mrs. IRABELLA MILWARD are respectfully informed that her FUNERAL will leave her late residence, Woonona, for Church of England. Cemetery, Bulli, THIS DAY (Tuesday), at half-past 2 o'clock. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 9 September 1890 p 3

Milne Annie Jane (Atkinson)

b. b. 22/12/1868 Cambewarra d. 25/2/1930 br. Kiama General

m. William Petrie Milne ( 1861 Kiama – 23/2/1945 Kiama Son of Charles Milne & Elizabeth Smith Petrie *) 1899 Kiama

f. Thomas Atkinson m. Catherine Amelia L Prott *

Cause of Death: complications of a broken leg

  1. (m) Clarence Raymond Milne b. 5/8/1900 Moruya d. 25/1/1978 Kiama ( Eileen Hickey 1944)
  2. (f) Grace E Milne b. 1902 Moruya ( William R Cooper 1946 , Keith Garrad)
  3. (m) Charles Arthur Milne b. 13/2/1906 Kiama d. 2/7/1996 Nowra (Mary Robertson 1933)
  4. (m) Kenneth William Milne b. 28/6/1908 Kiama d. 10/2/1992 Wollongong (Florence Y Nicole 1935)

Leg Broken.. . Mrs. W. P. Milne of “Eurania,” Jamboroo Road, met with a most unfortunate accident on Thursday afternoon as she was watering her bush house. A big hose coiled tip, tripped her and the fall brought about a serious fracture above the knee. After Mrs. Milne was brought by Ambulance, to Dr. Corner's to be X-rayed, her removal, to the Kama District Hospital was recommended. Her many friends are very sorry to hear of the occurrence, The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Saturday 27 April 1929 p 2

MRS. W. P. MILNE- 61 YEARS. It. was with widespread regret the sad news of Mrs. W. P. Milne's death became known on Wednesday morning for though she had been practically an invalid since she broke her leg some eight months ago, and passed through great suffering, the sad end was not expected, until the last few days of her illness. Previous to her marriage with Mr. William P. Milne, she was Miss Annie Atkinson, of “Fernleigh,” the eldest daughter of Mrs. Atkinson and the late Thomas Atkinson, and leaves besides her sorrowing husband three sons, Clarence, Kenneth and Charles, and one daughter, Grace, to deeply mourn the loss of a splendid wife and mother. The late Mrs. Milne had a beautiful nature, kindness itself, never so happy as when doing some thoughtful, generous thing for a friend or neighbour, and was beloved by all those who had the privilege of her friendship. She was greatly blessed in the devotion of her family, for in her months of ill less in the hospital, following her accident, their attention never wearied and their loving care surrounded and sustained her. After being taken home with a trained nurse still in attendance, it continued the same, and was a great comfort to her. A specialist was brought by Mr. Milne and family, from Sydney on Monday last, who pronounced the case hopeless, and the end at hand, which was a terrible shock to them. Deep sympathy is felt for her invalid mother, Mrs. Atkinson, to whom, advanced iln years, the sad news will come as a great shock. Misses Minnie and Lillian Atkinson and Mrs. R. W. Kendall, of Kiama, are also sisters, and to them sympathy is also extended with other members of the Atkinson family in Mrs. R. Angus, Sydney, Mrs. F. Johnston, Adelaide, Mrs. R. Christie, Drummoyne, Mr. George Atkinson, Works Department, Moss Vale Railway Construction, Mr. Thomas Atkinson, Katoomba. The funeral took place on Thursday, and had a large attendance. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Saturday 1 March 1930 p 2

Milne Elizabeth Smith (Petrie)

b. abt 1831 Montrose Forfarshire d. 7/5/1896 Kiama br. Kiama General

m. Charles Milne (abt 1825 Montrose Forfarshire- 10/3/1909 Hurstville Son of David/Charles Milne & Mary )

f. Captain William Petrie m. Mary

Ship: Fortune 1853

  1. (f) Mary Eliza Milne * b. abt 1851 Montrose Forfarshire d. 1885 (Robert Wilney 1879)
  2. (f) Grace E Milne * b. Kiama d. 27/6/1947 Wollongong (George E Blanchard 1892 )
  3. (m) John Moon Milne b. abt 1854 d. 18/6/1884
  4. (f) Elizabeth Milne * b. 1856 4489/1856 V18564489 121B d. 1931 Kiama (Philip Keeling 1892)
  5. (m) David Milne b. 1859 Kiama d. 1925 Parramatta (Rosa Priscilla Tester * 1899)
  6. (m) William Petrie Milne b. 1861 Kiama d. 23/2/1945 Kiama (Annie Jane Atkinson * 1899)
  7. (m) James Robb Milne b. 1863 Kiama d. 1936 Moruya
  8. (m) Ernest C Milne b. 1866 Kiama (Mary M Prott 1896 *)

OBITUARY. – MRS C MILNE The above lady departed this life on Thursday evening last at twenty minutes past six, at the age of 63 years The deceased lady suffered for some days previous to her demise from ailments originating with an attack of influenza, Dr. Anderson attending the sufferer; but despite skilful attention and diligent nursing, succumbed at last to the hand of the leveller of all men, leaving a husband, four sons (single) and two married daughters to mourn their loss, The funeral of deceased will leave her late residence at 10 p.m. today for Porter's Garden cemetery. We join with many friends in the sympathy felt for the bereaved members of the family and relatives of the deceased lady. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Saturday 9 May 1896 p 2

Husband was a warehouseman on the immigration record.

Milne Julia Ann (Beahan/Behan)

b. 1818 Dublin Ireland d. 31/7/1887

m. Alexander Milne (abt 1816 Aberdeen Scotland- 21/3/1869 Sydney Son of Alexander Milne ) 31/10/1842 Scots Church Sydney

f. James Beahan m. Ann

Ship: Nabob 1842

  1. (f) Anne B Milne b. 1843
  2. (m) James Beahen Milne b. 1844 bp. Presbyterian Wollongong (Elizabeth Ann Trevarthen 1866)
  3. (f) Elizabeth Milne b. 1850 d. 1895 (Stephen Asprey)
  4. (m) Charles A Milne b. 1851 d. 1921 Bankstown
  5. (f) Julia B Milne b. 1854 d. 1891 St Leonards (George Shepherd 1874)
  6. (f) Jane J Milne b. 1856 Sydney d. 1857 Sydney

MILNE. — In loving remembrance of my dear mother, Julia Milne, who departed this life July 31, 1887. Inserted by her loving son, Charles A. Milne. Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931) Saturday 20 August 1887 Page 5

Milne Louisa ( then Fisher)

b. abt 1838 d. 2/5/1914 Annandale

m. Thomas Fisher (abt 1824 Herefordshire-27/11/1895 Strawberry Hills Son of William Fisher & Frances)

m. Charles Milne (abt 1825 Montrose Forfarshire- 10/3/1909 Hurstville Son of David/Charles Milne & Mary ) 4/7/1898 Sydney

f. Richard m. Louisa

MILNE-FISHER.-July 4, 1898, at the residence of the bride's friends, by the Rev. J. Burgess, M.A., Kiama, Charles Milne, Kiama, to Louisa Fisher, widow of the late Thomas Fisher, Belvoir-street, Strawberry Hills. Australian Town and Country Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1870 - 1919) Saturday 16 July 1898 Page 18

MILNE.—May 2, at the residence of her niece, Louisa Sewell, 104 Young-street, Annandale, Louisa, widow of the late Charles Milne, Montrose, Bellevue-parade, Hurstville, aged 76 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 4 May 1914 Page 8

Milne Margaret (Brown)

d. 25/2/1842 Kirkoswald Ayreshire Scotland. d. 24/10/1911 Balmain

m. Robert Milne (S1/9/1841 Coalford of Drum Aberdeen Scotland- 11/1/1909 Balmain Son of James Milne & Helen) 1870 Cambewarra

f. Thomas Brown m. Agnes Muir *

Ship: abt 1857

  1. (f) Eleanor Milne b. 1873 Sydney d. 1958 Orange (adopted –born Winter)

Milne Mary Magdalene (Prott)

b. 12/11/1865 Kiama d. 1920 Ryde

m. Ernest C Milne (1866 Kiama- Son of Charles Milne & Elizabeth Smith Petrie *) 7/10/1896 Prott residence Kiama

f. Johann George Prott m. Anna Margarethe Magdalena Klein *

  1. (m) Harold Ernest Milne b. 1897 Smithfield d. 1915 Liverpool

Milne Rosa Priscilla /Rose (Tester then Roby)

b. 1874 Salehust Sussex d. 2/9/19461946 Ryde br. Rookwood

m. William Ely Roby (1863 Newcastle- 23/6/1897 RPA Hospital Son of James Roby & Rachel Latham) 1897 Newtown

m. David Milne (1859 Kiama – 16/3/1925 Old Toongabbie Son of Charles Milne & Elizabeth Smith * ) 24/4/1899 Kiama

f. James Tester m. Mary

  1. (m) Clement William Ryland Roby b. 20/6/1897 Ashfield d. 1968 WA (Emily E Ward 1918)
  2. (f) Olive E S Milne b. 14/2/1900 Kiama (Clement Hollands 1917, Guthrie Long 1922)
  3. (m) Douglas D S Milne b. 1901 Kiama d. 1901 Kiama
  4. (m) Douglas D S Milne b. 1902 Kiama d. 1902 Kiama
  5. (f) Iris E P Milne b. 1903 Kiama

Living Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a farmer.

Weddings On Monday night last one of our well known townsmen, in the person of Mr. David Milne, went over to the ranks of the Benedicts, being united in the holy bonds of matrimony to Mrs Roby (late of Sydney) by the Rev. John Burgess, M A Presbyterian minister. We wish the newly wedded couple a prosperous life. Last night, we learn, Mr. and Mrs. Milne entertained a large number of well-wishers at their residence. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 27 April 1899 p 2

MILNE.—February 14th, at her residence, “Milden Cottage”, Kiama, the wife of David Milne, of a daughter. The Kiama Reporter and Illawarra Journal (NSW : 1899 - 1947) Saturday 17 February 1900 p 2

Her death notice is hard to read but it asks Canadian and English papers to please copy.

Minnett Elizabeth Sarah (Tompson)

b. 1859 Wagga Wagga d. 15/2/1931 North Sydney

m. Charles Baldwin Minnett (-23/6/1940 Neutral Bay) 10/2/1881 Wagga Wagga

f. Edwin H Tompson m. Ann

  1. (m) Edwin Villiers minnett b. 1881 Wagga Wagga
  2. (m) Gertrude E Minnett b. 1883 Narrandera d. 1883
  3. (m) Toler Francis W R Minnett b. 1886 Narrandera
  4. (m) Ernest Duncan Minnett d. 1964 St Leonards
  5. (f) Mary M L Minnett b. 1889 Kempsey (Rose)
  6. (f) Unnamed Minnett b. 1890 Kempsey
  7. (m) Charles Thomson Minnett b. 1893 Kempsey
  8. (f) Lelia Doris Minnett b. 1895 Bourke
  9. (m) Jack Kingsley Minnett b. 1899 Kiama

Living Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a bank manager.

Her sister Louise died in Kiama in 1902 at her residence.

MINNETT—THOMPSON—Feb. 10, by the Venerable Archdeacon Pownall, Charles Baldwin Minnett to Bessie Thompson The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Thursday 24 March 1881 p 8


The death occurred on Sunday last at Rangoon, Ben Boyd-road, Neutral Bay, of Mrs. Minnett, wife of Mr. C. B. Minnett, formerly manager of the Commercial Bank at Kiama. She was the daughter of the late Mr. Edwin H Tompson, first clerk of petty sessions and Crown lands agent at Wagga Wagga, and a member of the old pioneer family of that name, which settled in Wagga Wagga in 1843. She was also a grand-daughter of the late Mr. Charles Tompson, who acquired property known as Clydsdale, near Windsor, and built his residence there in 1806 (now owned by Mr. Buckland). Mrs. Minnett was born in Wagga Wagga in 1859, and was married in 1881. The golden wedding was celebrated three days before her death. There are five sons, Mr. Ted Minnett, manager. Commercial Bank, Dalby, Queensland; Mr. Ernest Minnett, manager, Commercial Bank, Murrurundi; Mr. Charles Minnett, of Wollongong; Mr. Jack Minnett, Neutral Bay; Mr. Toler Minnett, Neutral Bay; and two daughters, Mrs. H. Rose, Warren, and Miss Goo Minnett, Neutral Bay. The interment took place on Monday, at the Northern Suburbs Cemetery. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 18 February 1931 p 17

Minns/Munns Phoebe (Neve)

b. abt 1813 Deaton Norfolk d. 24/10/1893 Newcastle

m. Thomas Minns (1809-1892 Son of Levi Minns & Martha ) abt 1831

f. Samuel Neve m. Phoebe

Ship: Kate 1852

  1. (m) Reubin Minns b. 12/3/1832 (Mary Ann Webster 1855, Margaret Gook)
  2. (f) Charlotte Minns * b. 1834 (Henry H Gilbert 1855, George Peachey unm)
  3. (m) Samuel Minns b. 1837 ( Hannah Sewell )
  4. (f) Elizabeth Minns b. 1840 (Robert Carey 1885)
  5. (f) Diana Minns b. 8/2/1843 (John Burling )
  6. (f) Martha Minns * b. abt 1846 Ponte Island Buteshire Scotland (James Ball 1864 recorded as Edward Plant )
  7. (m) Thomas Minns b. 1847 d. 22/10/1913 Hamilton (Mary Ann Turnbull 1871)
  8. (f) Mary Ann Minns b. 1850
  9. (f) Ellen Ruth Minns b. 1853 (Charles Pickard 1871)

On the 7th instant, at Newtown, by the Rev. J. Langford, James W. Ball, (of) Mount Keira National School, Wollongong , son of Mr. James Ball, Claremont Cottage, Botany Road, Redfern, to Martha, fourth daughter of Mrs. Thomas Munns, Wollongong. The Sydney Morning Herald 16 May 1864

Mintorn Julia (Gilberthorpe)

b. 1867 Paddington d. 9/10/1928 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. William Mintorn (abt 1857 England - 14/11/1940 Wollongong Son of Horatio Mintorn & Mary Elizabeth) 19/2/1887 Wollongong

f. William Gilberthorpe m. Margaret

  1. (m) William Victor Mintorn 25620/1888 Wollongong d. 1979 (Ida Skidmore 1916, Charlotte F Corderoy 1927) )
  2. (f) Lilian Mary Mintorn 39240/1893 Wollongong d. 1952 Wyong
  3. (m) Arthur Franklin Mintorn39241/1893 Wollongong d. 1979
  4. (m) Norman Franklin Mintorn 8966/1896 Wollongong d. 30/6/ 1915 Gherzra Egypt
  5. (m) Ernest G Mintorn 38554/1904 Wollongong
  6. (m) Frederick Baden Mintorn 18249/1900 Wollongong d. 1972 Bulli

Living Gipps St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a warder in the Wollongong Gaol

MINTORN–GILBERTHORPE.-February 19, at Wesleyan Parsonage, Wollongong, by the Ker. J. W. Dawson, William, only son of Horatio Mintorn of London, to Julia youngest daughter of William Gilberthorpe, Darlinghurst, Sydney. The Sydney Morning Herald 4 March 1887


Much sympathy is felt for Mr. W. Mintorn, of Church Street, Wollongong, in the bereavement he has sustained by the death of his wife. She was a woman of very fine qualities, and during the war period worked very hard for many of the patriotic funds. She suffered a great bereavement by the death of her youngest son whilst on active service in Egypt. To the bereaved husband and the members of his family the sympathy of a wide circle of friend goes out. The remains were interred in the Wollongong cemetery on Wednesday. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 5 October 1928 p 17

Her mother lived at Surry Hills in 1897 and said her daughter Julia was a music teacher and living at Wollongong Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931) Monday 23 August 1897 p 4

Mison Ann (Bloomfield )

b. abt 1828 Springfield Essex d. 11/7/1910 Glebe

m. Ephraim Mison (abt 1824 Springfield Essex-30/7/1898 Milton Son of Reuben & Susanna) 1848 West London

f. Joseph Bloomfield

Ship: Meteor 1853

  1. (m) Reuben Mison b. abt 1850 Wakworth Surrey
  2. (f) Matilda Ann Mison * b. abt 1851 Newington Surrey d. 1873 Berrima (Francis Wenham 1873)
  3. (f) Alice Mison b. 1858 Kiama 8005/1858 (Charles Martin 1884)
  4. (m) Manassa Mison d. 1917 Milton
  5. (m) Abraham Mison b. 1860 Kiama 7803/1860
  6. (m) Isaac Mison b. 1862 Kiama 8511/1862
  7. (m) Jacob Mison b. 1864 Kiama 9373/1864
  8. (m) Joseph Mison b. 1866 Kiama 9581/1866
  9. (f) Adeline Mison b. 1868 Kiama 10725/1868 (John Thurgate 1892)
  10. (m) John Mison b. 1870 Kiama 11396/1870
  11. (m) Ernest Mison b. 1873 Ulladulla
  12. (m) Moses Mison b. 1876 Ulladulla

In 1851 Census husband was a stoker at the London gas works

A somewhat sudden death was that of Mrs. E. Mison, wife of the late Ephraim Mison, late of Milton, which occurred early on Monday morning, July 11th, 1910, at her son's residence, Glebe Sydney. She was the mother of a very large family, nine sons and four daughters, namely, Reuben, Manasseh, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, John, Moses, and Ernest (truly the tribe of Ephraim). Also two surviving daughters, Mrs. H. Thurgate, Nowra, and Mrs. C. Martin, Little Forest. Her remains were interred in the Rookwood cemetery on 12th July. Mrs. Mison was a very old resident of this district, and enjoyed the utmost respect and esteem of all. The Ulladulla and Milton Times (NSW : 1891 - 1917) Saturday 23 July 1910 p 1

Missingham Mary (Turner)

b. 24/4/1855 Jamberoo reg Kiama RC V18553551 72/1855 d. 18/9/1938 Robertson br. Robertson

m. John Noble Missingham (24/7/1859 Jamberoo- 16/4/1949 Robertson Son of David Missingham & Priscilla Ellen Noble * ) 1880 Jamberoo

f. Robert Turner m. Catherine Needham *

  1. (m) John Missingham b. 1880 Jamberoo
  2. (m) Robert Missingham b. 1882 Jamberoo
  3. (m) David Missingham b. 1884 Jamberoo
  4. (m) Henry Missingham b. 1886 Jamberoo
  5. (m) George Missingham b. 1887 Jamberoo
  6. (m) William Missingham b. 1890 Jamberoo
  7. (m) James Missingham b. 1893 Jamberoo
  8. (f) Mary Missingham b. 1898 Robertson

MISSINGHAM-September l8 1938 at the District Hospital Bowral Mary beloved wife of John Missingham of Robertson and dearly loved mother of John, Robert,Henry, George, William Junior and Mary aged 82 years Funeral Service at St john's church Robertson at 2 pm this day. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 19 September 1938 p 10

Missingham Priscilla Ellen (Noble)

b. abt 1839 d. 29/9/1907 Albion Park br. Albion Park

m. David Missingham ( 1804 Headley Hampshire England- 3/3/1874 Jamberoo) 1855

  1. (m) David Alexander Missingham b. 3/4/1857 Kiama d. 17/10/1920 Cue WA (Annie Florence Summers 1888)
  2. (m) John Noble Missingham b. 24/7/1859 Jamberoo (Mary Turner * 1880)
  3. (m) James Missingham b. 16/8/1861 Kiama d. (Sarah Ann Badans * 1882)
  4. (f) Priscilla Mary Missingham b. 28/1/1864 Kiama d. 5/6/1944 (Henry Alfred Fitzhugh 1888)
  5. (m) George Henry Missingham b. 1866 Kiama (Rebecca Sarah Jacobs Waldren * 1890)
  6. (m) William Thomas Missingham b. 15/5/1868 Jamberoo d. 1/2/1933 Croydon (Margaret Elizabeth Dorrough 1891)
  7. (f) Jane Missingham b. 1871 Kiama
  8. (f) Mary May M. Missingham b. 1872 Kiama d. 11/8/1875 Jamberoo
  9. (m) Robert Walter Munroe Missingham b. 1874 Kiama d. 27/5/1953

Living at Albion Park in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.

DEATHS. ON the 11th August, at her mother's residence, Hillside, Jamberoo, MAY MESSINGHAM aged 2 years and 9 months. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 19 August 1875 p 2

MISSINGHAM -September 29, at her residence, Albion Park, Mrs David Missingham, aged 68. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Thursday 3 October 1907 p 6

The death of Mrs. P. E. Missingham took place at the residence of her son, Mr. James Missingham, of Albion Park, on Sunday last, The deceased lady, who was 68 years of age, was highly respected by all who knew her, and many followed her remains to their last resting place in the Albion Park cemetery on Monday afternoon, The cause of death was heart trouble. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Wednesday 2 October 1907 p 2

Missingham Rebecca Sarah Jacobs (Waldren)

b. abt 1871 d. 1942 Lakemba br. Rookwood

m. George Henry Missingham (1866 Kiama- 17/9/1928 Sydney Son of David Missingham & Priscilla Ellen Noble *) 1890 Kiama

f. m. Rebecca

  1. (f) Priscilla M. Missingham b. 1890 Kiama
  2. (m) David William Missingham b. 1892 Ballina d. 29/3/1936 Davistown
  3. (m) George C. Missingham b. 1895 Kiama
  4. (m) Frederick J. Missingham b. 1897 Bowral
  5. (m) Walter C Missingham b. 1901 St Peter's
  6. (m) John Albert Missingham b. 1908 Penshurst

Missingham Sarah Ann (Badans)

b. 1859 Kiama d. 7/6/1942 Kingaroy Qld br. Kumbia Qld

m. James Missingham (16/8/1861 Kiama- 1947 Qld Son of David Missingham & Priscilla Ellen Noble *) abt 1882

f. John Badans m. Ann Watts *

  1. (m) John David Missingham b. 1886 Penrith
  2. (m) William Stanley Missingham b. 1890 Kiama
  3. (f) Annie Priscilla Missingham b. 1893 Kiama
  4. (f) Jane Missingham b. 1896 Albion Park
  5. (m) James Hercules Missingham b. 1899 Albion Park

Living at Albion Park in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a currier.

Mitcham Mary Jane (Noble then Cambridge)

b. 1837 Lowthestown Fermanagh Ireland d. 17/10/1909 Quambone br. Quambone

m. Alexander Cambridge (1837 Tyrone Ireland -611/1891 Cootamundra Son of John Cambridge & Catherine Ivers) 2/9/1857 CofE Kiama

m. Isaac Mitcham (- 22/5/1891 Quambone ) 31/12/1885 Coonamble

f. James Noble m. Isabella MacKnight

  1. (m) Alexander Cambridge b. 7/7/1858 Gerringong d. 6/1/1893
  2. (f) Sarah Ann Cambridge b. 6/10/1860 Kiama d 31/3/1919 (John Libbesson 1879)
  3. (f) Mary Jane Cambridge b. 1862 Braidwood d 21/8/1950 ( William Mitcham 1885)
  4. (f) Catherine Cambridge b. 1864 Braidwood d 14/6/1943 ( John Young 1893)
  5. (m) John Cambridge b. 1866 Araluen d. 1866 Araluen
  6. (f) Isabella Cambridge b. 1867 Araluen d. 2/11/1954 ( Robert Westcomb Garnsey 1893)
  7. (f) Ellenor Cambridge b. 1871 Araluen d. 29/5/1951 ( Edward Sidney Wildie 1890)

The death occurred at Quambone on the 17th instant, of Mrs. Mary Jane Mitcham, sen., at the age of 74 years. Deceased was a native of Ireland and had been a resident of Quambone for ,25 years, but has latterly resided in Sydney. She was on a visit to the members of her family at Quambone, when she expired.

The cause of death was senile decay and heart failure. Amongst the bereaved relatives are five daughters, viz., Mesdames Jas. Libberson (Sydney), W. Mitcham (Sydney), J.Young (Carinda), R. W. Garnsey (Quambone), and S. Wilder (Sydney).

The remains were interred in the Church of England cemetery Quambone, the Rev. John Parr officiating at the graveside. Mudgee Guardian and North-Western Representative (NSW : 1890 - 1954) Thursday 28 October 1909 p 2

Mitchell Agnes

m. David Mitchell

  1. (f) Isabella Mitchell b. 1861 Wollongong 14473/1861
  2. (m) David Mitchell b. 1864 Wollongong 16637/1864
  3. (f) Agnes Mitchell b. 1867 Wollongong 17925/1867
  4. (f) Margaret Mitchell b. 1870 Wollongong 18890/1870
  5. (m) John Mitchell b. 1872 Wollongong 19658/1872

Mitchell Agnes

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (m) John Mitchell b. 1858 Wollongong

Mitchell Agnes Hannah (Spinks)

b. 1853 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama ; Shoalhaven V18533984 39A/1853 d. 1931 Marrickville

m. James Mitchell (1855 Rose Valley- 1912 Moruya Son of Hugh Mitchell & Annie Dick Young *) 1905 Nowra

f. James Spinks m. Louisa Clarke Fredericks *

Living at Figtree in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Mrs. Agnes Hannah Mitchell, widow of the late James Mitchell, of Queensland, died at the residence of her neice, Mrs. Geo. H. Willett, Edgeware Road, Marrickville, recently, at the age of 78 years. Deceased was born on the South Coast and educated at Jerrara Public School.

Her maiden name was Spinks, a sister to Messrs Harry, Alf, Tom, Fred, and the late James Spinks. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 23 October 1931 p 9

Mitchell Annie Ethel (Wenham)

b. 1880 Kiama 16813/1880 d. 25/6/1961 Coffs Habour

m. Donald Ernest Mitchell (1881 Kiama -1962 Coffs Harbour Son of William Mitchell & Catherine Reynolds * ) 1906

f. Francis Wenham m. Ann Izzard *

  1. (m) Francis Donald Mitchell b. 1907 Kiama d. 1990
  2. (f) Dulcie E Mitchell b. 1908 Bellingen
  3. (f) Lorna E Mitchell b. 1911 Bellingen
  4. (f) Phyllis K Mitchell b. 1912 Bellingen
  5. (f) Gwendoline M Mitchell b. 1916 Bellingen d. 1917 Bellingen
  6. (f) Iva P Mitchell b. 1919 Newtown

Living at Gerringong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Mitchell Ann Dick (Young )

b. 23/11/1823 d. 15/2/1910 Inverleigh Cowper street Randwick br. 24/2/1910 Kiama

m. Hugh Mitchell (11/6/ 1817 Kennoul Perthshire - 2/11/1875 Mount Mitchell Kiama Son of Hugh Mitchell & Janetta ) 1/2/1843 Presbyterian Sydney, St Andrew's Scots Church V18431641 76/1843

Ship: Anne Milne 1842

  1. (m) Hugh R Mitchell b. 1844 Sydney V18445436 45B/1844 d. 6.3.1920 Tyalgum (Frances Letitia Nugent * 1870)
  2. (f) Janet Lamb Mitchell * b. 1846 Sydney V18461384 48/1846 d. 21/12/1890 Forest Lodge ( Joseph Edward Vance 1872 )
  3. (m) John Mitchell b. 1848 Sydney V184833 46/1848 d. 1878
  4. (f) Ellen Hunter Mitchell * b. 1851 Sydney V185180 46/1851 d. 13/2/1883 Enmore (George Stephen Rigg 1875)
  5. (m) William Wallace Young Mitchell b. 5/7/1853 Sydney V1853137 46/1853 d. 29/7/1942 Kiama (Catherine Johnson Reynolds * 1877, Mary Reynold 1916)
  6. (m) James Mitchell b. 1855 Rose Valley V18554482 121B/1855 d. 1912 Moruya (Lavinia Anne Spinks * 1879, Agnes Hannah Spinks 1906)
  7. (f) Julia Anna Mitchell * b. 15/8/1857 Mt Mitchell d. 13/3/1934 Chatswood (William McKenzie 1880)
  8. (f) Jeanette Breackenridge Mitchell * b. 15/8/1857 Kiama 7558/1857 d. 6/2/1948 Mosman (Josiah Samuel Vance 1884)
  9. (f) Annie Elizabeth Mitchell * b. 1859 Rose Valley 8460/1859 d. 21/11/1934 Kiama (Henry Spinks 1885)
  10. (m) Robert Bruce Mitchell b. 1864 Kiama
  11. (f) Florence M Mitchell b. 1866 Rose Valley d. 1937 (Henry L Fredericks 1912)

District sympathy is extended to Mrs. H. Spinks, Mrs. H. L. Fredericks, Mr. W. Mitchell and Mr. R. B. Mitchell, in their bereavement through the death of their sister,

On the 15th instant, at her residence, Mount Mitchell, Illawarra, Mrs. Hugh Mitchell, of a son. The Sydney Morning Herald 24 August 1857

AT Mount Mitchell, on the 2nd November, from dieanse of the heart, Mr. HUGH MITCHELL, aged 58, regretted by a large circle of friends. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 11 November 1875

McKENZIE-MITCHELL.-July 1, at the residence of the bride's mother, Montrose, Pyrmont Bridge Road, Glebe, by the Rev. Andrew Gardiner. M.A., William, fifth son of the late James McKenzie, Lettoch, Banffshire, Scotland, to Julia Anna, third daughter of the late Hugh Mitchell, of Mount Mitchell, Kiama The Sydney Morning Herald 10 July 1880

MITCHELL -February 22, 1910 at her residence, Inverleigh Cowper street, Randwick Ann Dick, relict of the late Hugh Mitchell Mount Mitchell, Kiama, aged 89 Funeral per train to Kiama, Thursday morning The Sydney Morning Herald 23 February 1910

Mitchell Annie (Shones/Thons)

m. John T Mitchell 1895 Wollongong

Married at Wellington is a BDM page recording movement (Page for town is full so they move to the next town with space)

Mitchell Caroline Jane (Goldsworthy)

b. 1860 Breage, Cornwall, England d. 26/5/1895 br. Bulli Anglican Cemetery

m. James Hopewell Mitchell (1855-15/3/1918 Newtown Son of Charles H Mitchell & Kate) 1879 Wollongong 5222/1879

f. Edward Hosking m. Harriett Goldsworthy

  1. (m) Charles Hopewell Mitchell b. 1880 Wollongong 27272/1880 (Margaret A Molloy * 1900)
  2. (m) John Mitchell b. 1882 Wollongong 19525/1882
  3. (m) Edward Mitchell b. 1884 Woonona 22984/1884
  4. (f) Kate Mitchell b. 1890 Woonona 38450/1890

In her husband’s obituary he was said to be an old resident of Bulli.

Mitchell Caroline May (Rathmell)

b. 1881 Wollongong d. 3/12/1965 Sydney

m. Charles Albert Mitchell 1900 Wollongong

f. James Rathmell m. Henrietta Collins *

  1. (m) Robert Arthur Mitchell b. 1901 Wollongong d. 1984
  2. (f) Amy C Mitchell b. 1903 Wollongong
  3. (m) Charles A Mitchell b. 1904 Newcastle
  4. (f) Annie H Mitchell b. 1905 Paddington
  5. (m) George Coyle Mitchell b. 1908 Wollongong d. 1979
  6. (f) Alma Mitchell b. 1910 Wollongong
  7. (f) Ruth Mitchell b. 1913 Paddington
  8. (m) Thomas J Mitchell b. 1914 Paddington


On Thursday Dec 6 1900 at St Michael's Church, Wollongong (says the “Mercury”) by the Rev. D'Arcy Irvine, a very quiet wedding took place, when Mr. C. A. Mitchell (Sergeant at the fort) and Miss Caroline May Rathmell, of Corrimal street, were united in the holy bonds of matrimony. The bride was attended by sister-in-law (Mrs. T. Rathmell), and Mr. T. Rathmell acted as best man. The newly married couple left, by the afternoon train for Sydney. The Shoalhaven News and South Coast Districts Advertiser (NSW : 1891 - 1937) Saturday 15 December 1900 p 1

Mitchell Catherine/Kathleen (Reynolds)

b. 1855 Crawleys Forest d. 3/12/1914 br. Kiama General

m. William Wallace Young Mitchell (5/7/1853 Sydney - 29/7/1942 Kiama Son of Hugh Mitchell & Ann Dick Young *) Kiama 1877 Kiama

f. Thomas Reynolds m. Catherine Johnston *

  1. (m) William Mitchell b. 1878 Kiama
  2. (m) Harman Reynolds Mitchell b. 1879 Kiama d. 10/1/1952 Qld (Elizabeth Morrison * 1904 )
  3. (m) Wallace Young Mitchell b. 1881 Kiama d. 1964 Kiama (Mabel Matilda Johnson * 1912)
  4. (m) Donald Ernest Mitchell b. 1881 Kiama d. 1962 Coffs Harbour (Annie Ethel Wenham * 1906)
  5. (m) Hugh Leslie Mitchell b. 1883 Kiama d. 9/4/1956 (Dora Vera Moore 1913)
  6. (f) Iva Muriel Mitchell b. 1888 Kiama d. 1983 (Thomas W Morrison 1909)

Living at Rose Valley in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a farmer.

OBITUARY. MRS. WM. MITCHELL. On Thursday last there passed away a greatly esteemed resident of Rose Valley, in Mrs. Wm. Mitchell, who for over 30 years was known and beloved by friends and neighbours there, and   all her life she has lived in this district. Previous to her marriage she was Miss Catherine Reynolds, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Reynolds, who may worthily be included in the fine old pioneer folk of Illawarra. Her father, whose honesty and integrity was a household word, by all who knew him, and the loyalty of his friendship valued by those who had the privilege of it, passed away some years ago, but her aged mother still lives in Kiama, having passed her 94th year. Mrs. Mitchell was a daughter worthy of her parents, and born at Crawley Forest, the family homestead. Since the early fifties, and after her marriage with Mr. William Mitchell, she went to live in beautiful Rose Valley, where was spent the rest of her days, and where as devoted wife and mother, kindly and hospitable neighbour and friend, she nobly fulfilled the highest, duties of womanhood. She leaves to mourn her, beside her sorrowing husband, four sons in the Messrs. H. R. Mitchell (Bellinger River), D. E. Mitchell (Coff's Harbour), W. Y. Mitchell (“Yellay Esor,” Kiama), and H. L. Mitchell (Rose Valley), with one daughter, Mrs. Thos. Morrison, of “Holly Mount.” Mrs. H. Love and Miss Reynolds also mourn an affectionate sister. For a number of years Mrs. Mitchell has been far from strong, but the change that brought the severance of earthly ties was sudden and unexpected, peritonitis, being the immediate cause of death, and in her last illness she was devotedly nursed by her daughter, Mrs. Morrison, and neighbours, who came to assist in friendly feeling and affection, and whose kindness was much appreciated. The funeral, a large and representative one, was an evidence of the deep respect in which the family are held, and took place on Friday afternoon, the cortege leaving the homestead for the North Kiama Cemetery. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Wednesday 9 December 1914 p 2

Mitchell Charlotte (Harrison)

b. Norfolk England d. 13/3/1919 Bellambi br. Rookwood

m. Joseph Earl Cherry Mitchell (22/7/1840 Cheshire England -22/10/1897 Milton House Bellambi Son of Richard Mitchell & Margaret Cherry ) 1866

f. David Harrison m. Martha

  1. (f) Violet M A C Mitchell * b. 1867 Berrima d. 1923 Kurri Kurri (John McKinnon 1890 )
  2. (m) David Percival Mitchell b. 1869 Berrima d. 25/10/1947 Wollongong Hospital (Hannah Cantrill * 1890)
  3. (f) Martha May Mitchell b. 1870 Bathurst
  4. (m) Richard Milton Mitchell b. 1872 Penrith d. 1872 Sydney
  5. (m) Joseph Cecil Mitchell b. 1875 Sydney d. 1875 Sydney
  6. (m) John Joseph Mitchell b. 1876 Sydney d. 1877 Newtown
  7. (f) Florence Emma Mitchell * b. 1877 Newtown (Horace Moore-Jones 1905)
  8. (f) Alice Maud Mary Mitchell * b. 1879 Newtown d. 1942 Wollongong (James Marshall 1919)
  9. (m) George Alfred Mitchell b. 1882 Newtown d. 1966 Manly
  10. (m) Gordon Earl Mitchell b. 1885 Newtown d. 1952 Lismore
  11. (f) Charlotte L Mitchell b. 1889 Woonona

Living at Bellambi in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties


The death occurred at Bellambi yesterday of Mrs. Mitchell, an old and highly respected resident, and relict of the late Mr. Joseph Mitchell and mother of Mr. D. Mitchell, of Mt Keira. The remains will be interred in Rookwood cemetery tomorrow. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 14 March 1919 p 2

See also The Methodist (Sydney, NSW : 1892 - 1954) Saturday 12 April 1919 p 10

Mitchell Eliza (Lye)

b. 1873 Camden d.

m. William Mitchell 1897 Helensburgh

f. Henry Lye m. Mary Ann Cable

Mitchell Elizabeth

m. William Porter Mitchell (-14/7/1915 Petersham )

  1. (m) Hugh A Mitchell b. 1904 Helensburgh

Living at Helensburg in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a fireman. When he died he was buried at Rookwood Methodist but no record of the burial. Husband was president of the local Workers Club, ran for parliament for Labor and was the first president of the Bulli Shire Council.

Mitchell Elizabeth

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (m) Albert Mitchell b. 1902 Helensburgh

Mitchell Elizabeth

b. abt 1813 d. 13/6/1876 Mount Mitchell Kiama

f. Hugh Mitchell m. Jannetta

MITCHELL. —June 13, at Mount Mitchell, Kiama, Miss Elizabeth Mitchell, sister of John Mitchell, Esq., of Sydney, and the late Hugh Mitchell, Kiama, aged 60 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 19 June 1876

DEATHS. ON the 13th June, at Mount Mitchell, Gerringong, Elizabeth, sister of the late Hugh Mitchell, aged 63 years. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Friday 23 June 1876 p 2

Mitchell Elizabeth (Morrison)

b. 1878 Kiama d. 31/7/1965 Brisbane Qld

m. Harman Reynolds Mitchell (1879 Kiama -10/1/1952 Qld Son of William Mitchell & Catherine Reynolds *) 1904

f. Alexander Morrison m. Mary Jane Phillips *

Electoral Roll 1903 resident Muskfield Kiama –Domestic Duties

Mitchell Ellen (Donlin/Donlan/Donnellan/Connelins)

b. abt 1838 Cork Ireland

m. Henry Mitchell (15/1/1832 Wolomibi Son of Sharles Mitchell & Sarah) 11/1/1854 St. Francis Xavier's Church Wollongong V1854112 123/1854

  1. (m) Edwin James Mitchell b. 11/10/1854 Wollongong V18511901 121A/1851
  2. (f) Mary Jane Mitchell b. 8/5/1856 Wollongong 8368/1856
  3. (f) Caroline Ann Mitchell b. 1/5/1858 Wollongong
  4. (f) Eva Australia Mitchell b. 7/1/1860 Ulladulla bp Kiama RC
  5. (m) Alfred E Mitchell b. 1869 Ulladulla
  6. (m) George Hugh Mitchell b. 1872 Ulladulla
  7. (m) John Basil Mitchell b. 1874 Ulladulla
  8. (f) Lillian Esther Sarah Mitchell b. 1876 Ulladulla
  9. (u) Unknown Mitchell
  10. (u) Unknown Mitchell
  11. (u) Unknown Mitchell

At wedding both resident Wollongong. Witness Mary Donlin

Mitchell Florence Victoria (Waldron)

b. 1866 Wollongong 16555/1866 d. 27/7/1948 Mosman cr. Northern Suburbs

m. George Mitchell 1890 Wollongong

f. Adolphus Waldron m. Lucy Sarah Lovett *

  1. (f) Hazel Jessie Mitchell b. 1891 Paddington d. 1972 Armidale (Edmund M Filleul 1914)

(Before Mr. Justice Simpson.) MITCHELL v MITCHELL

Florence Victoria Mitchell, formerly Waldron, sued for divorce from George Mitchell, a clerk, on the ground of desertion. Mr. Whitfeld, instructed by Mr. A. W. Weaver, appeared for the petitioner; and Mr. Hammond, instructed by Mr. Aitken, for the respondent, who denied the allegation. The parties were married in December, 1890, at Wollongong, according to the rites of the Congregational Church. They lived at Bulli, and afterwards at Sydney. Eventually, said the petitioner, she was told by the respondent that he could not keep her any longer, and she went to her father's place. After hearing the evidence of the respondent, his Honor said he was not satisfied that desertion had been made out, and dismissed the petition. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 15 December 1903 p 4

MITCHELL Florence Victoria.-July 27 1948 dearly beloved mother of Hazel Filleul, Nan of Tony privately cremated at the Northern Suburbs Crematorium July 29 1948 The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 31 July 1948 p 26

Mitchell Frances Letitia (Nugent)

b. 1852 bp. CofE Jamberoo Kiama Shoalhaven d. 21/8/1942 Eastwood

m. Hugh Mitchell 3/11/1870 Shoalhaven 3398/1870

f. Walter Arthur Nugent m. Eliza Jane *

  1. (f) Florence Maud Mitchell b. 1872 Berrima 6939/1872
  2. (f) Edith Alice Mitchell b. 1873 Shoalhaven 18537/1873
  3. (f) Gertrude Mitchell b. 1875 Kiama 13192/1875
  4. (m) Hugh Charles Mitchell b. 1877 Kiama 13800/1877
  5. (m) Arthur Mitchell b. 1879 Kiama 15765/1879
  6. (m) Kenneth St C Mitchell b. 1883 Berrima 14087/1883
  7. (f) Janey L Mitchell b. 1886 Shoalhaven 33689/1886
  8. (f) Grace J Mitchell b. 1888 Kiama 26376/1888
  9. (m) Roy Mitchell b. 1891 Wollongong 38385/1891

On the 3rd November, by the Rev. W. Hough, of Shoalhaven, Hugh, eldest son of Hugh Mitchell, Esq., of Mount Mitchell, Gerringong, to Frances Letitia, second daughter of Mr. W. A. Nugent, of Sans Souci, Kangaroo Valley, Illawarra. Empire 12 November 1870

MITCHELL-August 21 1942 at the residence of her daughter 16 Rutledge Street Eastwood Frances Letitia beloved mother of Maud, Edith, Gertrude, Charles, Arthur, Kenneth (deceased) Jean, Grace (deceased) and Roy Privately cremated The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 25 August 1942 p 10

Mitchell Grace (Reed)

m. Samuel Mitchell 1887 Woonona

There is a family who live at Hillgrove in about 1895- as this was a gold mining town it is likely that this is the correct couple. However this researcher cannot find further references to this family .

Mitchell Hannah (Cantrill)

b. abt 1871 Staffordshire d. 10/7/1958 Mt Keira br. Methodist Rookwood

m. David Percival Mitchell (1869 Berrima - 25/10/1947 Wollongong Hospital Son of Joseph Earl Cherry Mitchell & Charlotte Harrison * ) 28/10/1890 Bellambi

f. William Cantrill m. Mary

Ship: Euterpe 1883

  1. (f) Eva Mitchell b. 1891 Woonona
  2. (f) Pearl Mitchell b. 1895 Woonona
  3. (m) Joseph E Mitchell b. 1897 Woonona
  4. (m) William Mitchell b. 1902 Woonona

Living at Mount Keira in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.

Golden Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Mitchell, of Mount Keira, celebrated their golden wedding on the 28th October. The old couple were married at Bellambi on October 28, 1890. Mrs. Marshall and Miss E. Cantrill, who were bridesmaids at the marriage 50 years ago, were present to participate in the happy occasion.

The celebrations were held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mitchell, of Mount Keira. The sons — Joseph, William, together with wife and grand-daughters were also present. Included amongst the guests were Mr. and Mrs. G. Mitchell and son; Mrs. Marshall and daughter; Mrs. H. Walker; Mrs. J. Connolly and daughter Mr. Joseph Mitchell proposed the toast of his parents and spoke of their good influence on his life and those, of other members of the family. Mr. Mitchell senr. responded and thanked all for their attendance and kindly sentiments. Mr. George Mitchell proposed the toast of the bridesmaids. Mr. W. Mitchell responding on their behalf. Much admired was the beautiful cake decorated with 50 candles. The repast was an excellent one and the happy proceedings concluded with the singing of Auld Lang Syne. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 8 November 1940 p 15

Mitchell Isabella (Stedworthy)

m. William H Mitchell 1879 Wollongong

Possible this family was only connected with Wagga Wagga.

Mitchell Jane (Ford then Cope)

b. abt 1827 d. 22/5/1901 Woonona 7661/1901 br. Bulli Anglican Cemetery

m. William Cope (-after 1894

m. John Mitchell 1897 Sydney

  1. (f) Annie J Cope b. 1850
  2. (m) George Cope b. 1852
  3. (m) David Cope b. 1853 d. 12/7/1895 Bulli
  4. (m) William Cope b. 1855
  5. (m) Sydney Alfred Cope b. 1860 Parramatta d. 10/7/1895 Bulli (Agnes Clara Nicols * 1880)
  6. (f) Alice E Cope b. 1861 Parramatta
  7. (f) Ada Jane Cope * b. 1863 Glebe d. 1/8/1946 Glebe ( Gustav Sandstrom 1888 )
  8. (m) Herbert Cope b. 1869 Redfern d. 9/11/1953 Hurstville (Ann P Parsons * 1894)

MITCHELL. — In loving remembrance of our dear mother, Jane Mitchell, who departed this life at Woonona on May 22, 1901. There was no last word of love, ' So suddenly on us our sorrow fell ; Our dear mother passed to her last home , Without bidding her family farewell. . Inserted by her loving son and daughter in-law, Herbert and Annie Cope, Bellambi.

MITCHELL. — In loving memory of my dear mother, Jane Mitchell, who died 22nd May, 1901, aged 74 years, at Woonona. I miss thee, I mourn thee, in silence unseen, But yet in my memory dwells days that have been. AT REST. [Inserted by her loving daughter, Ada Landstroom, Glebe, Sydney.] South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Saturday 24 May 1902 p 10

Mitchell Jane Elizabeth (Coulson)

b. 1878 Sydney d.

m. James Buchanan Mitchell (- 3/5/1925) 1903

f. Thomas William Coulson m. Esther Thompson Horsley *

  1. (f) Bessie Mitchell b. 1905 Camperdown

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

When husband died there was no reference to her.

Mitchell Jessie (Whitehair)

b. 1862 Yass d. before 1939

m. Alexander Anderson Mitchell (13/1/1858 Peterhead Aberdeenshire Scotland- 5/6/1939 Hornsby Son of John Gilchrist Mitchell & Grace Bunton Anderson) 5/2/1890 Sydney 180/1890

f. William R Whitehair m. Jane

  1. (m) Frederick G Mitchell b. 1890 Sydney 3398/1890
  2. (f) Jessie Mitchell b. 7/7/1892 Mt Kembla 39033/1892 d. 1894 Wollongong
  3. (m) Francis Mitchell b. 16/7/1894 Mount Kembla 37878/1894
  4. (m) William R Mitchell b. 1898 Glebe 21063/1898
  5. (m) Henry Benjamin Mitchell b. 1902 Bathurst 20085/1902 d. 8/7/1961

MITCHELL—WHITEHAIR.—February 5, at St. Francis' Church, Sydney, by the Rev. Father Ryan, Alexander Anderson Mitchell, of Mount Kembla, to Jessie, third daughter of the late William R. Whitehair, of Yass, New South Wales. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 11 February 1890 Page 1

The below web sites has her death incorrectly in 1920- however this is for a Miss Jessie Mitchell of Dubbo. It is possible she died in 1904 at Hill End.

She probable was with her sister Emily Mary Cawley *

Mitchell Julia (Kennedy)

b. abt 1842 d. 27/8/1908 Surry Hills br. Waverley

m. George Alexander Mitchell 1862 Wollongong

f. Daniel Kennedy m. Mary

  1. (m) Daniel Richard Mitchell b. 1862 Sydney d. 1938 Paddington
  2. (f) Mary Catherine Mitchell b. 1868 Sydney d. 1957 Stdney (Robert Jenkins 1892)
  3. (m) Peter Alexander Mitchell b. 1870 Sydney d. 1946 Newtown
  4. (f) Margaret Agnes Mitchell b. 1872 Sydney d. 1949 Parramatta (George Towler 1909)

MITCHELL.—The Friends of the late Mrs. JULIA MITCHELL are kindly invited to attend her Funeral to leave her late residence, 719 Bourke-street, Surry Hills, THIS (Saturday) AFTERNOON, at 2.45, for R.C. Cemetery, Waverley.

MITCHELL.-The friends of Mr. and Mrs. DANIEL R. Mitchell (of the Tramway Dept.) are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved MOTHER, Julia; …

MITCHELL.-The Friends of Mr. and Mrs. PETER A. MITCHELL (of the Railway Dept.) are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved ….

MITCHELL. -The Friends of Miss M. KENNEDY (late of Armagh House), also Miss. M. A. MITCHELL, are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved SISTER and MOTHER, Julia Mitchell;…

MITCHELL. -The friends of Mr. and Mrs. R. B. JENKINS (late of Chatswood) are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved MOTHER,… The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 29 August 1908 Page 24

Mitchell Lavinia Ann (Spinks)

b. 1859 Kiama d. 3/7/1903 Lewisham Hospital br. Kiama General

m. James Mitchell (1855 Rose Valley- 1912 Moruya Son of Hugh Mitchell & Annie Dick Young *) 1879 Kiama

f. James Spinks m. Louisa Clarke Fredericks *

  1. (f) Evelyn Louisa Mitchell b. 1880 Kiama
  2. (m) Frederick Leslie Hargrave Mitchell b. 1881 Kiama d. 7/3/1971 Qld
  3. (f) Ethel Violet Florence Mitchell b. 10/6/1883 Kiama d. 1952 Dulwich Hill (George H Willett 1903)
  4. (m) Stanley James Hugh Mitchell b. 1884 Kiama d. 10/1/1961 Qld
  5. (m) Cecil Bruce Harrington Mitchell b. 1888 Kiama d. 27/4/1949 Rosenthal near Warwick Qld

OBITUARY. Mrs. Mitchell (nee Spinks) , wife of Mr James Mitchell, of Coolangatta. The deceased lady, who was well-known and highly esteemed; especially in the Kiama district, where she was born, had suffered for some time from an internal complaint, for the removal of which she underwent an operation in the Sydney Hospital on Thursday but died immediately afterwards of heart failure. Mr Mitchell is left with a family of young children, and much sympathy must be felt for him in his sad bereavement. The remains of the deceased were interred at North Kiama on Saturday last. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Friday 10 July 1903 p 2

Mitchell Mabel Matilda (Johnson)

b. 17/4/1878 Rose Valley 14871/1878 d. 7/9/1947 Gerringong

m. Wallace Young Mitchell (1881 Kiama- 1964 Kiama Son of William W Y Mitchell & Catherine Reynolds *) 1912

f. James Christopher Johnson m. Mary Johnston *

  1. (f) Mabel M Mitchell b. 1916 Dapto
  2. (m) Hylton J Mitchell b. 1919 Dapto

Living Rose Valley Gerringong in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Mitchell Manie Christian Louise (Ramsay)

b. 1875 Glebe d. 17/12/1969 Castle Hill

m. Robert W Mitchell 1902 Woonona

f. Edward Ramsay m. Louisa Jane Jones *

  1. (f) Nelen L Mitchell b. 1903 Tumut
  2. (m) Athol Edward W Mitchell b. 1905 Tumut d. 1971 St Leonard
  3. (m) Robert Edgar R Mitchell b. 1909 Woonona d. 1978
  4. (m) Harold A Mitchell b. 1911 Woonona
  5. (f) Kathleen M Mitchell b. 1911 Woonona

The Ryerson index lists her age as 4- this is an error

Mitchell Margaret (Davies)

d. 24/9/1925 North Sydney br. Northern Suburbs

m. Albert George Mitchell 1890 Parkes

f. Richard Davis m. Margaret

  1. (f) Alberta B R Mitchell b. 1892 Peak Hill
  2. (m) Dr. Richard S Roy Mitchell b. 1893 Peak Hill
  3. (m) Jack Lancelot M Mitchell b. 1895 Parkes
  4. (m) Allan L S Mitchell b. 1897 Peak Hill
  5. (f) Morfudd M Nerida Mitchell b. 1899 Peak Hill

Electoral Roll 1903 resident Corrimal –Domestic Duties

Husband a miner then the headmaster of Corrimal Public

MITCHELL.— A tribute of loving remembrance to my dear wife Margaret, and our beloved mother, who  passed away on the 24th September, 1925. A. G. Mitchell and family, 5 Wootalibah Road, Northbridge, and formerly of Corrimal. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 23 September 1927 p 15

Arrived from Peak Hill about 1901

Mitchell Margaret (Howe then Hicks then White)

b. abt 1791 d. 1837

um. James Hicks (1785- 1852)

m. Thomas White (1775-1829)

m. Thomas Mitchell 1834 CofE Dapto Wollongong 1343/1834 V18341343 18

Convict Permission to Marry Index 1834 Illawarra

Ship: Experiment 1 1804

Sentence: 7 Years

  1. (m) John Hicks b. 1808
  2. (m) James Hicks b. 1/3/1810 Windsor d. 15/6/1895 Bulli (Margaret Brain * 1834)
  3. (f) Ann Hicks b. 1816
  4. (m) Thomas White b. 1818 d. 1864 Glebe
  5. (f) Elizabeth White b. 1821 d. 1875
  6. (m) John White b. 1826 d. 1859

Mitchell Margaret (Griffiths/Griffin)

b. 20/3/1846 Shellharbour d. 5/11/1937 Arcadia br. Dural

m. Alexander Mitchell (-21/1/1896 March near Orange Son of John Mitchell & Jane ) 27/7/1865 Marshall Mount

f. James Griffiths m. Mary Warrington *

  1. (f) Mary J Mitchell b. 1867 Orange
  2. (m) John Mitchell b. 1868 Orange d. 1868 Orange
  3. (f) Eliza Mitchell b 1869 Orange d. 1889 Orange thyphoid
  4. (m) James Mitchell b. 1871 Orange d. 1889 Orange thyphoid
  5. (f) Jessie Mitchell b. 1872 Orange d. 1873 Orange
  6. (m) Alexander Mitchell b. 1873 Orange
  7. (m) George Mitchell b. 1875 Orange
  8. (f) Charlotte Mitchell b. 1877 Orange d. 1878 Orange
  9. (m) Herbert Mitchell b. 1879 Orange
  10. (f) Agnes Mitchell b. 1879 Orange d. 1880 Orange
  11. (m) Harold Mitchell b. 1883 Orange
  12. (m) Donald Mitchell b. 1885 Orange
  13. (m) Colin N Mitchell b. 1888 Orange

AN AFFLICTED FAMILY.— The ravages of typhoid have left many homes desolate, as perhaps too many of our readers can tell with sadness, and in one case at least, that of Mr. Alexander Mitchell, of March, two children have succumbed, and a third one is now suffering. Lizzie, aged 19, was buried on Easter Monday, and the mourners were again joined

in sad procession on Thursday last, James, aged 17, having died on the previous day. Herbert, 10 years, is now in the hospital from which, however, if kind and thoughtful attention can avail, he will soon be restored to his sorrowing relatives. The mother of the children is prostrate from the anxiety occasioned, and to mark their sympathy the people of March have decided to raise a sum of money by subscription for presentation to Mr. Mitchell, who is in reduced circumstances, not having recovered from the effects of a disastrous fire, by which he was a heavy loser, a short time ago. Mitchell is well known as a fencer, and it is satisfactory to note that those for whom he has worked are to the fore with donations,Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal (NSW : 1851 - 1904) Thursday 9 May 1889 Page 3

Mr. Alexander Mitchell, farmer, near March, was married and had eight children, seven sons and one daughter. On Tuesday most of the members of the family were at home when the heavy thunderstorm came on. At about 7 p.m. Mr. Mitchell, his wife, and one son were in one room and two other boys, the elder named Harold, aged 12, were in another room. A flash of lightning struck the corner post of the cottage, smashing it to splinters and passing through the room in which the boys were, filling the place with smoke. Mrs. Mitchell ran to the boys' room and with the aid of her son Herbert got the boys outside. It was at first thought they were dead. Mrs. Mitchell called to her husband that the children were killed and going into the house to see why he did not answer found that the unfortunate man had been struck by lightning and killed. The two boys received considarable injuries and a severe shock. One is, however, now recovered, while the other is getting over it. The burial of Mr. Mitchell's remains took place on Thursday. Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal (NSW : 1851 - 1904) Saturday 25 January 1896 Page 2

Mrs. Margaret Mitchell (91), died at her residence, Arcadia on Friday. Her husband pre-deceased her. Of a family of 15 children, 7 sons and one daughter are living. Deceased was born at Wollongong. The interment took place in the Methodist Cemetery, Dural on Saturday morning, the Rev. Mr. Rolph officiating. The Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers Advocate (Parramatta, NSW : 1888 - 1950) Thursday 11 November 1937 p 4

Mitchell Margaret Anne (Molloy)

b. abt 1877 Lancashire d. 22/4/1958 Earlwood

m. Charles H Mitchell (1880 Wollongong – 1960 Earlwood Son of James Hopewell Mitchell & Caroline Jane Goldsworthy *) 1900 Woonona

f. James Molloy m. Mary *

  1. (m) James Hopewell Mitchell b. 1900 Woonona d. 5/10/1959 Earlwood
  2. (m) Charles Thomas Hopewell Mitchell b. 1902 Woonona d. 24/6/1959 Earlwood

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Mitchell Mary (Reynolds)

b. abt 1857 d. 29/7/1942 Kiama br. Kiama

m. William Wallace Young Mitchell (5/7/1853 Sydney - 29/7/1942 Kiama Son of Hugh Mitchell & Ann Dick Young *)

f. Thomas Reynolds m. Catherine Johnston *

Living at Barney St Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties


On Wednesday afternoon last, the sad news was received of the passing of a very old and esteemed couple in the persons of Mr. William Wallace Young Mitchell, and his wife, Mrs. Mary Mitchell, of Barney Street, Kiama, their deaths occurring practically within the hour.

Mr Mitchell had taken a bad turn about a week previously, and his wife, with the devotion she has displayed for so long, insisted on caring for him until she too became ill and shortly after midday on Wednesday she passed away, her husband's death occurring just about an hour later.

The late Mr. Mitchell had celebrated his 90th birthday a little more than three weeks ago, and his wife was in her 86th year. Practically the whole of their long lives had been spent in this district. Mr. Mitchell was the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Mitchell, and although born in Sydney, came with his parents to Rose Valley when only 12 months old, and he lived there until the year 1916, when he retired and came to reside in Kiama.

While in the Gerringong district, he had taken a very keen and helpful interest in municipal affairs and was for many years an Alderman of the Gerringong Council. He was a great lover of horses, his knowledge of which made his services much sought after as a judge at the various Shows.. In his young days he did much of the breaking-in of horses in the district, and so good a rider was he that it was said of him that no horse could ever throw him.

Mr. Mitchell always enjoyed remarkably good health and in this respect he created what is considered to be something of a record. For sixty years he was a member of the Manchester Unity Order of Oddfellows, and during that long period he was never obliged to draw any sick benefit.

Mrs. Mitchell was also a member of a very old district family, a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Reynolds, of. Crawley Forest. The old couple had a great fund of reminiscences of the early days of the district, and, the hard and exacting life of the farming pioneers, for they had been members of that community since childhood, brought up to love and understand life on the land.

Although he retained all his faculties until the last, Mr. Mitchell had not been out and about much during the last few years, but his wife, with her sister, Mrs. Fanny Love, was often to be met with, her very bright personality and charm making it hard to believe that she too had passed the fourscore years.

The sisters were very devoted, and special sympathy goes out to Mrs. Love in her bereavement.

The late Mr. Mitchell was twice married, his first wife being Miss Katherine Reynolds, also a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Reynolds. He is survived by four sons and a daughter of the first marriage, Harmon (Queensland), Wallace (Gerringong), Donald (Sydney) and Leslie Hugh, (Holly Mount, Kiama), and Mrs. T. W. Morrison, (Holly Mount, Kiama) also a 'brother, Mr. Robert B. Mitchell (Sydney) and sister, Mrs, S, Vance (Manly) to all of whom sympathy is extended in their sad double bereavement.

Mrs. Love is the only surviving member of the Reynolds family.

The funeral took place yesterday (Friday) afternoon at the Kiama, Cemetery. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Saturday 1 August 1942 p 4

Mitchell Millie Jane

b. 1869 Pitt Town d. 10/7/1929 Haberfield

f. Robert Mitchell m. Mary Ann Phillips

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Mitchell Rose Edith Gertrude

b. 1878 Hartley d. 21/3/1936 Woonona br. Bulli

f. John Alexander Mitchell m. Sarah Stoney *

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties


Since August of last year Miss Edith Gertrude Rose Mitchell, who resided with her sister, Mrs. Otto Dietze, at 'Seaview,' Mitchell Estate, Woonona, had been confined to the home, and a month ago her illness became so serious she was transferred to a private hospital in Sydney, but all without avail and she returned home to Woonona about a fortnight ago, to eventually pass quietly and peacefully away at about 9 o'clock last Saturday night.

The funeral left Seaview at 11.15 a.m. on Monday, for Bulli cemetery, where the body was placed to rest in the Methodist section in a grave adjoining that of her late parents, late John and late Sarah Mitchell, Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 27 March 1936 p 6

Mitchell Sarah (Stoney)

b. abt 1833 d. 29/4/1905 Woonona br. Bulli General

m. John Alexander Mitchell ( abt 1837Armagh Ireland - 8/3/1920 Woonona Son of Robert Mitchell & Rose ) 14/5/1863 Sea View

f. Daniel Storey m. Sarah

  1. (m) Stewart G Mitchell b. 23/3/1864 Bulli 16452/1864
  2. (m) Albert G Mitchell b. 10/9/1865 Sea View 17041/1865
  3. (f) Ada Sarah Mary Mitchell * b. 1876 Redfern d. 1957 Bulli (Franz O Deitz 1913)
  4. (f) Rose Edith Gerty Mitchell * b. 1878 Hartley d. 21/3/1936 Woonona

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

MARRIAGES.     On the 14th May, at the residence of Mr. George Salter, Sea View, Illawarra, by special license, by the Rev. W. Kelynack, Mr. John Mitchell, to Miss Sarah Stoney, both of Sydney. The Sydney Morning Herald 11 July 1863

MITCHELL-On the 23rd instant, at her residence, Bulli, Illawarra, Mrs John Mitchell, of a son. Empire 31 March 1864

On the 10th instant, at her residence, Sea View, Illawarra, Mrs. John Mitchell, of a son. The Sydney Morning Herald 23 September 1865

Mitchison Mary Ann (Davison)

b. abt 1848 Durham d. 1914 Helensburgh

m. David Mitchison (abt 1845 Northumberland - ) 1868 Morpeth Durham

f. John Davison m. Margaret

Ship: Corana 1879

  1. (f) Hannah Mitchison b. abt 1871 Nothumberland
  2. (f) Margaret Mitchison b. abt 1873 Nothumberland (William Drinkwater 1890)
  3. (m) George Mitchison b. abt 1875 Nothumberland (Mary E Evans 1897)
  4. (m) David Mitchison b. abt 1878 Nothumberland d. 1933 Kogarah (Rebecca Currey * 1901)
  5. (m) John Walter Mitchison b. 1880 Wollongong d. 1906 Wallsend
  6. (f) Isabella Mitchison b. 1881 Wollongong
  7. (f) Beatrice Mary Mitchison * b. 1883 Wollongong (Sydney William Owen 1902)
  8. (f) Kate L Mitchison b. 1886 Wollongong d. 1886 Lambton
  9. (m) James Mitchison b. 1889 Wallsend
  10. (m) Harry R Mitchison b. 1894 Wallsend d. 1894 Wallsend

Electoral Roll 1903 resident Helensburgh –Domestic Duties

Husband a miner who was bankrupted in 1896 at Carrington

Mitchison Rebecca (Currey)

b. 10/1/1882 Campbelltown d. 23/8/1947 Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Sydney

m. David Mitchison ( abt 1878- 4/1/1933 St George Hospital Kogarah Son of David Michison & Mary Ann Davidson *) 1901 Helensburgh

f. John Currey m. Mary Ann *

  1. (f) Rebecca Currey b. 1899 Helensburgh (unmarried or no father listed )
  2. (f) Jane A Mitcheson b. 1901 Helensburgh
  3. (m) John A Mitcheson b. 1903 Helensburgh
  4. (m) David William Mitchison b. 12/12/1905 d. 14/2/1998
  5. (f) Margaret E Mitcheson b. 1908 Helensburgh (Frederick Watson 1928)
  6. (f) Nancy May Mitchison b. 1917 Helensburgh d. 24/12/1935 Helensburgh

Electoral Roll 1903 resident Helensburgh –Domestic Duties

Husband died due to being hit with a cricket ball.

Moat Elizabeth (Perry)

b. abt 1836 d. 6 /6/1925 Balmain

m. William Henry Moat ( abt 1830 – 25//6/1882 Balmain Son of William H Moat & ?) 1856 CofE Sydney, St James'V1856110 149/1856

  1. (f) Annie Moat b. 1858 Tabulam 12358/1858
  2. (f) Jane Moat b. 1860 Sydney 1908/1860
  3. (f) Clara Elizabeth Moat b. 1862 Wollongong 15135/1862 d, 1947 Rockdale
  4. (m) William F Moat b. 1864 Balmain 2613/1864 d. 1867 Balmain
  5. (f) Matilda A Moat b. 1866 Balmain 2710/1866
  6. (f) Elizabeth C Moat b. 1869 Balmain 2846/1869
  7. (m) Walter Percy Moat b. 1871 Balmain 3045/1871 d. 22/10/1934 Rozelle  
  8. (m) Charles Edwin Moat b. 1873 Balmain 3134/1873 d. 7/3/1896 Balmain  
  9. (f) Florence M Moat b. 1874 Balmain 3496/1874 d. 1875 Balmain
  10. (f) Ethel Moat b. 1876 Balmain 3438/1876 d. 2/2/1906 Balmain  
  11. (m) James Albert Moat b. 1878 Balmain 3610/1878 d. 15/1/1920 Kogarah
  12. (m) Reginald Francis Moat b. 1881 Balmain 4489/1881 d. 24/1/1942 Balmain

Moffatt Agnes (Hayes)

b. d.

m. Peter Moffatt 17/4/ 1865 Sydney

f. James Hayes m.

Agnes Hayes was a Catholic school teacher at Charcoal in the early 1860’s.

On the 17th April, by special license, at St. Mary's Cathedral, by the Rev. Father Ford, Agnes, eldest surviving daughter of James Hayes, formerly Catholic teacher of North Sydney, after at Parramatta, and last at Charcoal, Illawarra, to Peter Moffatt, both natives of the colony. The Sydney Morning Herald 13 May 1865

Moffit Agnes (Higgins)

m. William Moffit

  1. (m) Robert James Moffit b. 28/4/1859 Ulladulla bp Kiama RC

Husband a blacksmith

Moffitt Alice Maud (Byrne)

b. abt 1864 d. 7/12/1947 Penrith

m. William James Esau Moffitt (1869 Shellharbour – 15/3/1949 Penrith Son of Thomas Moffitt & Elizabeth Morrow *) 1891 Kiama

f. James Byrne m. ?

  1. (m) Thomas William Francis Moffit b. 1892 Kiama d. 1974
  2. (m) Robert Morrow Moffitt b. 1894 Kiama d. 1981
  3. (f) Elizabeth K Moffitt b. 1896 Kiama
  4. (f) Alice May Moffitt b. 1899 Kiama (Oswald R Smith 1922)
  5. (f) Hilda A Moffitt b. 1902 Kiama
  6. (m) Frederick C Moffitt b. 1905 Berry

Living at Crooked River in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

MOFFITT Alice Maud -December 7, 1947 at her residence Castlereagh Road Penrith beloved wife of William James Moffitt and dear mother of Thomas, Robert, Frederick, May (Mrs R Smith) Bessie (Mrs F Gray) and Hilda, (deceased) aged 83 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 8 December 1947 p 18

Moffit Annas/Anias/Agnes (Elliott)

b. abt 1812 Fermanagh Ireland d. 11/8/1900 Cambewarra br. Cambewarra

m. Charles Moffit (1812 Ireland- 3/9/1873 Cambewarra, Shoalhaven Son of Charles Moffitt & Mary Williamson ) 14/8/1838 Trory, Co. Fermanagh, Ireland

f. William Elliott m. Ann

Ship: Susan 1839

  1. (m) Charles Moffit b. 16/1/1843 Dungog d. 26/3/ 1918 Goulburn
  2. (m) William Moffit b. abt 1844 d. 1918 Nowra
  3. (f) Mary A Moffit b. 1847 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven (T Allan)

Family owned land in the Kiama area

Mrs C Moffitt, of Cambewarra, died on Saturday night last at the advanced age of 98 years. Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954) Wednesday 22 August 1900 p 8

Moffitt Annie (Rutledge)

b. 1854 Tyrone Ireland d. 28/12/1926 Bowral br. Kangaroo Valley

m. Thomas Moffitt (- 24/2/1916 Kangaroo Valley) 1882 Kiama

f. William Rutledge m. ?

Ship: 1859 Palmyra

  1. (f) Mary E M Moffitt b. 1884 Shoalhaven (Herbert J Bryen 1912)
  2. (f) Catherine A Moffitt b. 1886 Berrima
  3. (f) Ethel Moffitt b. d. 27/1/1896 Kangaroo Valley

Her mother was supposed to have died on the voyage to Australia; however her death is not recorded. Her father William, brother John and sister Mary settled at Gerringong


There passed away at Bowral on Wednesday last one of the pioneers of Kangaroo Valley in the person of Mrs. Annie Moffitt, relict of the late Mr. Moffitt. The deceased lady had passed the 73rd milestone of life and for the past ten years had resided with her two daughters at Bowral. Born in Ireland she came with her parents to Australia when she was but five years old and upon her marriage the young couple took up their residence at Kangaroo Valley, where they won the respect and esteem of a wide circle. Mrs. Moffitt was a member of the, Rutledge family, so well known in the South Coast. The surviving children are Mrs. Bryen, of Moss Vale, and the Misses Moffitt, of Bowral. The funeral, which took place at Kangaroo Valley, was largely attended. The Southern Mail (Bowral, NSW : 1889 - 1954) Tuesday 4 January 1927 p 2

Moffitt Annie Emery

m. William Moffitt

  1. (m) James C L Moffitt b. 1883 Kiama d. 1883 Kiama

Moffatt/Moffet Catherine (Laren)

m. George Moffet

  1. (f) Louisa Moffet b. 29/9/1855 Shellharbour reg Kiama RC

Husband a settler

Moffitt Caroline Jane (Johnston)

b. 1/3/1835 Drumcurren Fermanagh Ireland d. 31/12/1865 Gerringong

m. John Moffitt (1831 Drumkeerin Fermanagh- 26/7/1907 Lismore Son of James Moffitt & Sarah Turner *) 29/5/1860 Jamberoo

f. John Alexander Johnston m. Mary Crawford

Ship: 1860

Cause of Death: Childbirth?

  1. (f) Sarah Jane Moffitt b. 30/3/1861 Kiama d. 19/7/1887 Gerringong
  2. (f) Mary Jane Moffitt * b. 1862 Kiama d. 27/6/1954 (Walter Parrish 1886)
  3. (f) Sussanah Moffitt * b. 1864 Kiama d. 20/5/ 1898 (Thomas Parrish 1885
  4. (f) Caroline Ethel Moffitt * b. 31/12/1865 Gerringong d. 10/12/1906 Myocum (Oliver Parrish 1888)

Moffitt Catherine Anne (Keys)

b. 9/3/1843 Drumbulcan Fermanagh d. 17/12/1916 Nowra br. Kangaroo Valley

m. Andrew Moffitt (abt 1841- 11/6/1883 Son of John Moffitt & Mary Irvine ) 28/8/1879 Wesleyan Parsonage Kiama

f. James Keys m. Mary Fletcher

Ship: 1865 Trebolgan

Occupation: Dressmaker

  1. (m) John James Moffitt b. 1882 Kiama d. 30/5/1927 Kangaroo Valley

Sister Isabella Keys * also in Kiama

MOFFIT —KEYS. —On the 28th August, at the Wesleyan Parsonage, Kiama, by the Rev. Henry Woodhouse, Andrew Moffit, farmer, son of Mr. John Moffit, to Catherine Ann Keys. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Friday 29 August 1879 p 2

Moffit Eliza (Faulks)

b. 1880 Grafton d. 1972 Bankstown

m. David Samuel Moffitt (abt 1875 - 7/7/1950 Cobbity Son of John Moffitt & Jane) 1903 Bowral

f. John Faulks m. Jane

  1. (m) Lennice Henry Moffitt b. 1904 Kiama d. 1947 Gosford
  2. (m) Hugh L Moffitt b. 1906 Kiama
  3. (m) Donald E Moffitt b. 1908 Kiama
  4. (m) Clifton W Moffitt b. 1911 Kiama
  5. (m) Gordon Moffitt b. 1912 Kiama
  6. (m) Raymond James Moffitt b. 1914 Kiama
  7. (f) Auriel M Moffitt b. 1915 Kiama (Glode)
  8. (f) Hazel V Moffitt b. 1917 Campbelltown ( Klages)
  9. (f) Leila M Moffitt b. 1918 Campbellton
  10. (f) Marjorie Moffitt
  11. (m) Norman Moffitt
  12. (m) Percy Moffitt

Living at Jamberoo in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a farmer

Moffitt Elizabeth (Montgomery)

d. 29/12/1930 Burrier br. Nowra

m. William Moffitt ( -21/4/1918 Nowra Son of Charles Moffitt & Alice A) 1869 Shoalhaven

f. William Montgomery m. Ellen

  1. (f) Alice Agnes Moffit b. 1874 Kiama
  2. (f) Ellen Jane Moffitt b. 1875 Kiama (Thomas Kennedy 1892)
  3. (m) Charles Moffitt b. 1878 Kiama d. 1960 Nowra
  4. (m) William Herbert Moffitt b. 1879 Kiama d. 1949 Wollongong
  5. (m) Thomas Allen Moffitt b. 1879 Kiama d. 1957 Ballina
  6. (m) Ernest Henry Christopher Allen Moffitt b. 1885 Kiama d. 1952 Nowra

Friday. Jan. 4
(Before the Police Magistrate.)

William Moffitt, of Burrier, was charged at the instance of his wife with being of unsound mind and unfit to be at large. Mr Trench appeared for Moffitt. John Gill, police constable, of Nowra, deposed to arresting defendant on the 2nd instant of virtue of the warrant produced ; he read ttie warrant to accused, who in reply said he was not insane, and that he never threatened to murder his wife, and never used threatening language to her ; he brought defendant to the lock-up ; since then he had had him under observation; accused was rational and behaved quietly, and he had not seen the slightest sign of insanity about him. To Mr Trench,: Accused was surprised when he read the warrant to him, and said 'It has come to something ' ; he was very quiet ; had been to defendant's house about twelve months ago, and had seen him in Nowra; but never detected any sign of in sanity ; it had never been suggested to him by anyone that defendant was insane. Elizabeth Moffitt deposed she was the wife of William Moffitt then before the court; she remembered coming to Nowra on the 27th November last and making a statement .to Sergeant Crawley regarding her husband ; she informed him that she believed her husband was mad, and she was afraid to live in the place with him ; on the following day Constable Solomon went to their place, and had a conversation with her husband, remaining about an hour ; about three weeks ago she again spoke to Sergeant Crawley, and made a similar complaint about her husband, Sergeant Crawley went to her place, and remained about three-quarters of an hour talking to her husband ; about a week ago her husband chased her round the yard with a hoe, and threatened to kill her with an axe ; he took a bucket of milk, threw the milk out, kicked the bucket, and threw it over a fence ; he said he would murder her now her mother was dead and she had no one to take her part ; that occurred on the 26th December ; he went to the drawers, took her clothes, and threw them outside on the grass ; he kicked her hat in the yard after he had taken it off her head ; he also threw the dishes from the kitchen outside ; he knocked a horn off a heifer with a stick ; it was because of his actions that she considered him insane ; she considered her life was in danger, and was afraid he would carry-out his threat and murder her; she did not consider he was under proper care and control at his house ; there was no one there who could manage him ; she had to go to James Smith's place for protection.

To Mr Trench : This conduct had been going on for five or six weeks, but was worse the last week ; she considered he had been mad for five or six weeks; about six years ago she had her husband up similarly, and he was discharged : twenty years ago she was in a receiving house for a fortnight; she did not break any windows then; she forgot about twenty years ago; she did not remember pulling palings off a fence; her husband went and took her out of the receiving house ; about a week ago he knocked her down with his fist; she could not say whether that was before or after she saw Sergeant Crawley; he hit her on the side of the head with his fist ; there was a mark, but it had gone off ; his temper made him hit her ; nearly every day he threatened to kill her ; she did not remember her husband remonstrating with her for having Mrs Clarke in her house, as she had kept a disorderly house heard Mrs Clarke had kept one; did not remember her sons wanting to clear Mrs Clarke out; she was never in Mrs Clarke's house before she got into trouble ; she had called at Mrs Clarke's door ; she generally wore a new hat when milking the cows; she bought it out of her own money, also her clothes; her husband had not bought clothes for twelve months or so; her boy was not present when her husband struck her; her husband was a dairy farmer, and she believed, was doing well ; she did not remember the date he hit Hkf with a hoe ; it was not a month ago ; she did not remember the date he hit her with the hoe ;; it was not a month ago; her son did not see him hit her with the hoe; her mother lived in Nowra, and used to protect her; she had not stopped out of the house at night after he threatened her with an. axe; she did not remember if she stopped away; she stopped away at night about three weeks ago ; she stopped at Mrs Smith's to be away from her husband; she bought her clothes from money left her by her mother; she did work about the house and milk; her husband did not wash his own clothes; she did not know that she swore her life was unsafe the previous time she had her husband up ; she did not occupy the same room as her husband , she bolted the door and kept a box against it to keep him out ; there was a peg in the door and a hole in the post ; she pegged the door all last week and every night until three nights ago.

To the Bench: She had been married 30 years; she had a quiet temper; for the last 5 or 6 weeks her husband had been very bad tempered ; she had not provoked her husband ; he dined with her and the family ; they had not been living happily during most of their married life, her husband made £25 per month : she was in the kitchen when her husband hit her; she did not call him bad names; he called her bad names.

Sarah Clarke deposed she was a married woman, and knew Mr and Mrs Moffitt; she sometimes stayed at their place, and had stayed there, six or seven months at a time ; she was there about six months ago ; she had heard Moffitt and his wife rowing ; they did not assasit each other ; she saw Moffitt pull his wife off the steps and kneel on her ; she teld Moffitt to let his wife go ; they were always quarrelling ; Mrs Moffitt had a good temper.

To Mr Trench : She was at Moffitt's six months at a time; Moffitt did not object to her ; she served six months at one time for keeping a disorderly house, though she was innocent of the charge ; the Moffitt boys did not object to her staying ; she heard Mrs Moffitt tell her husband once to go to h— : never heard her call him bad names ; Mrs Moffitt kept the house well, and knew what she was doing; Moffitt never tried to hire her out ; Moffitt knelt on his wife's chest till her tongue came out ; sometimes the boys were about the place; it was about four years since Moffitt assaulted his wife as she had described.

Thomas Matthews deposed he was a duly qualified medical practitioner, and medical officer for the Shoalhaven district; he was asked that morning by Constable Gill to examine William Moffitt, who was charged with being insane ; he did so, and had a conversation with him, but could find no trace of insanity about him ; he was perfectly coherent in all his statements, and was in no way nervous or excited, and his whole conduct was that of a man in his senses.

To the Bench : To all appearances he was perfectly sane ; he did not consider defendant should be taken in charge to be taken care of and treated as an insane person ; he was quite capable of transacting any business ho may have ; he did not know Moffitt personally, but, so far as he could judge, there was no trace of insanity about him.

Richard Bindon Stoney, a duly qualified - medical practitioner, residing at Nowra, deposed to having examined William Moffitt and-found him perfectly consecutive in all his statements : his manner was quiet, and gave the impression that what he spoke about were facts ; he could find no sign of hallucination of delusion, and he did not consider him to be insane ; he did not consider it necessary to put him under restraint or to detain him for treatment for insanity ; he did not consider him dangerous if allowed to remain at large.

Thomas Moffitt a son of defendant's, deposed that he resided with his parents at Burrier, and had done so for the last nine months ; his father's conduct for the last month had been very good ; his mother only milked now and again, but his father milked every day, morning and evening ; he had heard them quarrel when his mother was in the yard ; the last time they quarrelled, his mother was in fault, and started the row ; his father never at that time, or any other time, struck her with a hoe, or attempted to strike her ; be had no recollection of his mother telling him that his father had struck her with a hoe ; he never saw his father take the milk and throw it out of the dish over the fence ; he never heard his father threaten his mother ; he was not aware of his mother being compelled to leave the house and go to Smith's for protection ; if she went there it was of her own accord, and simply for business ; his mother never complained to him ; he had not noticed anything peculiar about his father of late ; be went about his business just the same as usual; he was in no way afraid of his father, and had no fear of him doing him an injury..

To the Bench : His father was not a bad tempered man, nor was his mother; they quarrelled pretty often ; his mother never complained to him about his father, nor was she afraid of him.

To Mr Trench: His mother did not lock her room against her father ; the door had no lock to it; last Tuesday night the door was not closed ; his clothes were then hanging over it ; he did not see his father kicking the crown out of his mother's hat about a fortnight ago, nor throw her clothes out on the grass ; he heard his mother tell her father to go to h—, and call him a bald-headed old b- , and a rotten old b—; she often picked up a stone to his father, and last Thursday she picked up a stone and threatened to do for him ; his father was ordinarily a quiet, peaceable man, and was quite able to do his business; it was only when they had rows that there was trouble.

Defendant was discharged, the P.M. remarking that on the medical testimony he could not do anything else but discharge him. He suggested that the parties should come to some arrangement to live apart. The Shoalhaven Telegraph (NSW : 1879 - 1937) Wednesday 9 January 1901 p 2

Testator's Family Maintenance Act

A case of local interest engaged the attention of the Equity Court, in Sydney, on the 14th instant. Mrs. Elizabeth Moffitt, widow of the late Mr. William Moffitt, of Burrier, sought relief under the- Testators' Family Maintenance Act. By his will the deceased excluded his widow from any benefit in his estate, bequeathing two small legacies to his daughters, and the rest to his son, Ernest Henry Moffitt. The value of the estate was approximately £400. The son, who was also executor, opposed the widow's application, and sought to show she was rightly excluded from the will and possessed, means of her own. His Honor Justice Harvey ??? argument, upheld the claim of the widow and awarded her £100, ordering the executor to pay costs. The Shoalhaven News and South Coast Districts Advertiser (NSW : 1891 - 1937) Saturday 22 March 1919 p 3

The death occurred on Monday night of Mrs. Moffitt, an old and highly-respected resident of Burrier, aged 84 years. The funeral will take place this afternoon, leaving the Church of England, Nowra, at 2 p.m The Shoalhaven Telegraph (NSW : 1879 - 1937) Wednesday 31 December 1930 p 7

Moffitt Elizabeth (Morrow)

b. abt 1838 Fermanagh Ireland d. 16/3/1897 Crooked River br. Gerringong General

m. Thomas Moffitt (abt 1838 Tyrone Ireland - 5/6/1915 Kiama ) 1864 Kiama

f. Robert Morrow m. Arabella Armstrong *

  1. (m) Thomas Robert Morrow Moffitt b. 1864 Kiama d. 6/2/1939 Gerringong (Mary A Boyd * 1890, Margaret Jemima Maxwell *1901)
  2. (f) Elizabeth Arabella Louisa Moffitt * b. 1866 Kiama d. 8/8/1930 Dapto (Robert Black 1899)
  3. (m) William James Esau Moffit b. 1869 Shellharbour ( Alice Maud Byrne * 1891)

Sudden Death. –With very deep regret we record the demise of Mrs. Thomas Moffitt, who died very suddenly on Tuesday afternoon last, aged 59 years. The deceased lady became suddenly ill on Monday last from heat apoplexy, Dr. Terrey being called to her assistance immediately; but in spite of skilful and untiring attention on his part, the sufferer never rallied, passing away as stated above, Mr, T. Moffitt is a very old resident of the Gerringong district, carrying on the occupation of farming. The family are very widely connected in the district besides being well and favourably known to almost everyone in this district and numerous friends elsewhere. The deceased lady's remains will be interred in the Gerringong cemetery this afternoon, the funeral to move from her late residence at Crooked River at 1.30 p.m. We join most heartily in sympathy with the bereaved family and their friends, whose loss is all the more severe on account of the suddenness attending Mrs, Moffitt's death. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 18 March 1897 p 2

Moffitt /Moffatt Emma Crawford (Craig)

b. abt 1841 d. 10/8/1879 Wagga Wagga 9275/1879 br. Jamberoo Uniting

m. William Moffitt (1836 Drumkeeran Fermanagh Ireland – 27/4/1912 Kiama Son of James Moffitt & Sarah Turner *) 7/12/1859 Kiama 2128/1859

f. Nicholas Craig m. Jane Broad *

  1. (m) Male Moffit b. 1860 Kiama 7888/1860
  2. (m) William Crawford Craig Moffitt b. 1861 Gerringong d. 13/12/1911 Kiama (Margaret Nixon 1890)
  3. (f) Louisa Sarah Jane Broad Moffitt b. 10/4/1867 Gerringong 10459/1867
  4. (m) Alfred Nicholas Craig Moffitt b. 8/1/1870 Broughton Vale
  5. (f) Emma L T Moffatt b. 1872 Kiama
  6. (m) George David Moffitt b. 1874 Boorowa 8825/1874 d. 1942 Lismore
  7. (f) Jane Elizabeth Moffitt b. 1879 Wagga Wagga 24712/1879 d. 28/7/1942 Dapto

MOFFITT-CRAIG-On the 7th instant, by the Rev. H. Mack at the residence of the bride's father, near Kiama, Mr William Moffitt, to Emma Crawford, oldest daughter of Mr Nicholas Craig. Empire 13 December 1859

ON April 10th, at her residence, Gerringong, Mrs. W. Moffit, of a daughter. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 18 April 1867 p 2

MOFFITT.—At her residence, Wagga Wagga, on the 10th instant, Mrs. W. Moffitt, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Craig, of Jerrara, Kiama, aged 36 years, leaving a husband and six children to mourn their loss. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Tuesday 19 August 1879 p 2

When she died her daughter Jane was brought back to Gerringong by horse pack when only 3 weeks old, her daughter then lived with her aunt, Mrs Thomas Moffit (Elizabeth Morrow *).

Moffitt Georgina Rachel (Hetherington)

b. 25/12/1875 Gerringong d. 10/9/1909 Gerringong

m. Thomas Moffitt (1838 Tyrone Ireland- 5/7/1915 Kiama Son of James Moffitt & Sarah Turner *) 30/11/1898 Gerringong

f. George Hetherington m. Jane Rankin *

  1. (f) Georgina Frances Moffitt b. 1899 Kiama (Lindsay J Bannister 1925)
  2. (f) Doris Beryl Moffitt 1901 Kiama (John K Chandler)

Living at Gerringong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

The death occurred on Friday at her residence, Gerringong, of Mrs T. Moffitt, sen. The Shoalhaven Telegraph (NSW : 1879 - 1937) Wednesday 15 September 1909 p 10

Moffitt Jane

b. abt 1836 Tyrone Ireland d. 23/7/1909 br. Gerringong General

f. John Moffitt m. Mary Irvine


Living at Toolijoola in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

She came from Ireland to care for her younger sister’s Margaret Maynes * children after her death , her other siblings in the area are Rebecca Elliott*, Mary Nelson * David (Margaret Robinson *), Andrew (Catherine Ann Keys*) and Henry.

Moffitt Jane Elizabeth

Living at Gerringong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Moffitt Margaret (Nixon)

b. abt 1860 d. 28/7/1936 Chatswood br. Gerringong General

m. William Crawford Craig Moffitt (1861 Gerringong – 13/12/1911 Kiama Son of William Moffitt & Emma Crawford Craig *)24/12/1890 Kiama

f. James Nixon

  1. (f) Lily Emma Nixon Moffitt b. 25/9/1891 Gerringong
  2. (m) George Craig Moffitt b. 14/3/1893 Gerringong d. 14/3/1893 Gerringong
  3. (m) George William Moffitt b. 22/5/1894 Gerringong
  4. (f) Daisy Moffitt b. 22/9/1895 Gerringong
  5. (f) Margaret Pansy Moffitt b. 3/12/1896 Gerringong
  6. (f) Elsie Charlotte Moffitt b. 5/4/1898 Gerringong
  7. (f) Alice Craig Moffitt b. 21/11/1899 Gerringong d. 14/4/1901 Gerringong
  8. (f) Edith Moffitt b. 15/1/1901 Gerringong d. 12/4/1901 Gerringong
  9. (m) Hedley James Moffitt b. 24/6/1902 Gerringong

Living at Gerringong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a butcher.

Moffitt Margaret Jemima (Maxwell)

b. 3/12/1861 Foxground d. 7/10/1953 Wollongong br. Gerringong

m. Thomas Robert Morrow Moffitt (1864 Kiama- 6/2/1939 Gerringong Son of Thomas Moffitt & Elizabeth Morrow* ) 1901 Gerringong

f. John Maxwell m. Ann Jane McCauley *

  1. (f) Pearl Moffitt b. 1904 Kiama

Living at Gerringong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Moffitt Mary see Tindall

Moffitt Mary

Living at Crooked River in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Moffitt Mary (Weir)

b. 1865 Dapto d. 31/3/1942 Lismore br. Clunes

m. Alfred Nicholas Craig Moffitt (8/1/18710 Broughton Vale- 17/9/1933 Lismore Son of William Moffitt & Emma Crawford Craig *) 16/12/1891 Kiama

f. David Weir m. Elizabeth Clarke *

  1. (m) Alfred Leslie Roy Moffitt b. 1892 d. 1961 Chisholm
  2. (m) George Stanley Moffitt b. 15/4/1894 Gerringong d. 1966 Ballina
  3. (f) Laura May Moffitt b. 26/5/1896 Gerringong (Anderson
  4. (m) Victor William Craig Moffitt b. 13/3/1900 Kiama d. 1931 Lismore (Hilda M Clarke)
  5. (f) Ivy Elizabeth Moffitt b. 7/7/1902 Gerringong


There was a large attendance at the Methodist Church at Clunes yesterday afternoon at a funeral service prior to the burial of Mrs Mary Moffitt, widow of the late Alfred Moffitt, and a well known district resident. The Rev J W Spencer, of Dunoon, conducted the service and Mr R Strong was organist. Mrs Moffitt died in Lismore on Tuesday night. In an address Mr Spencer spoke of the Christian life lived by Mrs Moffitt and of his ministry to her. At the graveside in the Clunes cemetery, where Mr Spencer conducted the service, the deceased was buried beside the remains of her husband. The pall bearers were Stan and Leslie Moffitt (sons), C M Chisholm and R W Anderson (sons-in-law), C Weir and R E Walker. The wreaths were carried by V and R Weir Northern Star (Lismore, NSW: 1876 - 1954) Thursday 2 April 1942 p 4


The death occurred in a Lismore hospital last night of Mrs Mary Moffitt (77), a resident of Corndale, where she had lived for the past 10 years. Mrs Moffitt was born on the South Coast at Dapto, where she spent her early lifetime. She married, at Kiama, the late Alfred N C Moffitt and in 1908 they came to the Richmond River district and first settled at Rosebank. They lived in various parts of the district arid moved to Corndale in 1932. Mr Moffitt died a year later. All her lifetime the deceased had been an ardent worshipper and member of the Methodist Church. She had also been actively associated with Red Cross work. Two sons, Leslie (Sydney) and Stanley (Alstonville) and two daughters, Mrs C M Chisholm (The Channon) and Mrs R W Anderson (Eureka) survive. One son, Victor, died 10 years ago. Brothers of Mrs. Moffitt are W B Weir (Clunes) and H Weir (Bangalow), and Thomas, John and David Weir (South Coast). Mrs H Love, of Jamberoo, is the only surviving sister. The funeral will leave the Methodist Church at Clunes today, following a service commencing at 1.45 pm, for the Clunes cemetery Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954) Wednesday 1 April 1942 p 4

Moffitt Mary Ann (Boyd)

b. abt 1870 d. 2/7/1900 br. Gerringong General

m. Thomas Robert Morrow Moffitt ( abt 1864 – 6/92/1939) 1890 Berry

We regret to have to record the demise of Mrs. Moffitt, wife of Mr. T R. Moffitt, of Gerringong, which occurred on Monday last. The deceased had been a sufferer for a considerable period previous to her death. Her remains were interred in the Gerringong cemetery yesterday afternoon. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 5 July 1900 p 2

Moffit Mary Ann (Tate)

b. 1850 CofE Jamberoo: Kiama: Shoalhaven 456/1850 V1850456 35d. 12/1/1914 Kogarah br. Woronora

m. James Moffitt (1850 Fermanagh Ireland- 1927 Temora ? Son of James Moffitt & Sarah Turner * ) 11/4/1877 Sydney

f. John Kell Tate m. Sarah Ann Wood *

  1. (f) Ada Isobel Moffitt b. 20/7/1878 Dapto d. 7/5/1954
  2. (f) Violet Lillian Moffitt b. 1880 Glebe (A Bennett)
  3. (f) Winifred Florence Moffitt b. 1885 Kiama d. 1965 St Leonards (William R Melville 1902, James Sutherland 1937 )
  4. (f) Myrtle Rosalie Moffitt b. 1887 Kiama d. 1946 Kogarah (Walter Durbridge 1907)
  5. (f) Eveline S Moffitt b. 1889 Glebe

MARRIAGE MOFFITT-TATE- on April 11th, at the Cathedral, by Rev. J. C. Corlette,   James Moffitt, Commission Agent, youngest son of Mr. James Moffitt of Gerringong, to Mary Ann, second daughter of the late John K. Tate, Esq., of Jamberoo. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Friday 20 April 1877 p 2

“MOFFITT.—July 20, at her residence, Dapto Stores, Dapto, the wife of J. Moffitt, of a daughter.” SMH 27 July 1878

MOFFITT.—The Friends of Miss ADA I. and EVELINE S. MOFFITT, Mr. and Mrs. A. BENNETT,     Mr. and Mrs. W. MELVILLE, and Mr. and Mrs. W. DURBRIDGE are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their late dearly loved MOTHER; to leave Kellwood, Belgrave-street Kogarah THIS (Tuesday) AFTERNOON, at 2 o'clock for Church of England Cemetery, Woronora, via Kogarah station.  The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 13 January 1914 p 7

Moffitt Mary Anna (Emery then James )

b. 29/10/1844 Kiama d. 1/3/1921 Mosman

m. Henry James (-Wollongong ? ) 12/6/1873 Kiama

m. William Moffitt (abt 1836 Drumkeerin Fermanagh Ireland- 27/4/1912 Gerringong Son of James Moffitt & Sarah Turner *) 1882 Gerringong

f. James Emery m. Sarah Nethery *

  1. (m) Henry Charles James b. 1873 Kiama d. 22/6/1956 Meroo Meadow
  2. (f) Mabel Isabella James b. 11/3/1875 Wollongong d. 10/2/1951 Mosman (Alexander Grieve 1901)
  3. (m) James Leslie Charles Moffitt b. 1883 Gerringong d. 1883 Gerringong
  4. (m) Reginald Alexander Moffitt b. 1883 Gerringong d. 1884 Gerringong
  5. (m) Percival James Moffitt b. 25/5/1885 Gerringong d. 17/4/1917 Gerringong
  6. (m) John Oswald Moffitt b. 2/1/1887 Gerringong d. 30/8/1955 Nowra
  7. (m) Leslie Roy Moffitt b. 28/4/1888 Gerringong d. 1969 Nowra (Lillian L Deitz 1920)

When her son Percival died in 1917- he died at his mother’s residence.

Moffitt Mary Jane (Mulcahy/Mulchy)

b. Ireland d. 14/5/1921 Lismore br. Lismore

m. John Moffitt ( 1831 Drumkeerin Fermanagh Ireland - 26/7/1907 Lismore Son of James Moffitt & Sarah Turner *) 18/12/1867 Gerringong

f. James Mulcahy m. Florence Mary Grice

  1. (f) Florence M Moffitt b. 6/11/1867 Kiama d. 15/1/1937 Casino ( James Smith 1906)
  2. (m) James Moffitt b. 1869 Kiama ( Rebecca A Munro 1913)
  3. (f) Elizabeth Eleanor Moffitt b. 1871 Kiama
  4. (m) John George Moffitt b. 1872 Kiama d. 1935
  5. (m) William Moffitt b. 1873 Kiama d. 1958 Tweed Heads ( Frances S Willmot 1905)
  6. (m) David Samuel Moffitt b. 1/1/1875 Gerringong d. 7/7/1950 Campbelltown ( Eliza Faulks 1903)
  7. (m) Robert Turner Moffitt b. 1876 Kiama ( Ruby Lorraine Howard 1929)
  8. (m) Bowes Thomas Moffitt b. 1878 Kiama ( Eliza Anne Herne 1927, Margaret Blanch 1938)
  9. (f) Rose Ellen/Rosetta M Moffitt b. 1881 Kiama ( Alfred Olley 1911)
  10. (f) Annie Jane Moffitt b. 15/7/1883 Gerringong d. 6/11/1964 (George Barratt 1912)

A very old identity of the Richmond River passed away at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Jas. Smith, of Cannon Point, on Wednesday morning in the person of Mrs. Jane Moffitt, relict of the late John Moffitt, who died some 14 years ago. Mr. and Mrs. Moffitt came to the Mid Richmond from Kangaloon nearly a quarter of a century ago, and went on the land at Bora Ridge. After spending seven years there the old people removed to Goolmangar. Shortly afterwards old Mr. Moffitt passed away, and after a residence of seven years in that quarter, his widow came to the Mid Richmond to reside with her oldest daughter, and here she had lived ever since. The funeral took place in Lismore on Friday. The surviving members of the family are:—Mrs. Jas. Smith (Tuckurimba), Mrs. Geo. Barrett (Goolmangar), Mrs. Alfred Olley (Lismore), James (Tweed River), William (Georgiea), Richard (Sydney), John (Whian Whian), Thomas and Robert (Bora Ridge). Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954) Tuesday 17 May 1921 p 4

Moffitt Sarah (Turner)

b. abt 1812 Tyrone Ireland d. 31/7/1887 Gerringong br. Gerringong General

m. James Moffitt (1810 Drumkeerin Fermanagh Ireland 25/9/1890 Gerringong - Son of William Moffitt & Ann) abt 1830 Ireland

f. Samuel Turner m. Mary J Campbell

Ship: Eliza 1855

  1. (m) John Moffitt b. 1831 Drumkeerin d. 26/6/1907 Nth Lismore ( Caroline Jane Johnston * 1860, Mary Jane Mulcahy * 1867)
  2. (f) Mary Ann Moffitt *b. 1833 Drumkeerin d. Lismore (Charles Johnston 1852)
  3. (f) Elizabeth Moffitt b. 1834 Drumkeerin d. 20/11/1894 ( John Stone 1863)
  4. (m) William Moffitt b. 1836 Drumkeerin d. 27/4/1912 Kiama (Emma Crawford Graig * 1859)
  5. (m) Thomas Moffitt b. 1838 d. 5/7/1915 (Elizabeth Morrow * 1865, Georgina R Harrington* 1898)
  6. (f) Margaret b Moffitt b. 1841
  7. (f) Catherine Moffitt b. 1843 d. 20/7/1930 ( John Vandenburgh 1876)
  8. (f) Sarah Jane Moffitt * b. 1845 Fermanagh Ireland d. 23/6/1925 Wollongong ( James Johnston )
  9. (m) James Moffitt b. 1850 (Mary Ann Tate * 1877)
  10. (f) Susan/Susannah Moffitt b. 1852 d. 19/6/1933 Gerringong ( James Dundas 1875)
  11. (f) Moffitt b.

MOFFIT.—At her residence, Gerringong, after a lingering illness, borne with christian fortitude, Sarah, the beloved wife of James Moffit, senior, aged 73 years, leaving a husband and nine children to mourn the loss of an affectionate wife and a kind hearted loving mother. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Friday 12 August 1887 p 2

Moffitt Sarah Jane

b. 30/3/1861 Kiama d. 19/7/1887 Gerringong

f. John Moffitt m. Caroline Jane Johnston *

MOFFITT- at Gerringong on the 19th of July last, Sarah Jane the eldest and beloved daughter of Mr. John Moffitt, aged 26 years. Her end was peace. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Tuesday 9 August 1887 p 2

Moir Jane (Ballantyne)

b. abt 1854 Hawick Scotland d. 13/6/1927 Mayfield br. Sandgate

m. James Nairn Moir (abt 1854-4/5/1934 Mayfield Son of Willian Moir & Jean) 10/11/1886 Hobart Tas

f. Thomas Ballantyne m. Eliza

Ship: abt 1883 into Tasmania

  1. (f) Jessie Eliza Moir b. abt 1888 d. 28/10/1981 Northbridge (John L Cowie 1913)
  2. (f) Jane Moir b. 26/12/1889 Hobart Tas d. 1956 Katoomba (Philip Watterson 1921)
  3. (m) Tom Ballantyne Moir b. 28/3/1895 Hobart Tas d. 8/6/1933 Taree

Electoral Roll 1903 resident Mt Keira –Domestic Duties With James Moir a carpenter.

Brother also in area in 1903 see Eugine Louise Ballantyne

MOIR — At the residence of her daughter Mrs. J. L. Cowie, Fawcett street, Mayfield, Newcastle, June 13th, Jane Moir, beloved wife of James Moir, in her 75th year. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 17 June 1927 Page 18


Tho funeral of the late Mrs. Jane Moir, wife of Mr. James Moir, of Fawcett- street, whose death occurred at the age of 70 years, on Monday morning, left the residence of her daughter, Mrs. J. L. Cowie, Fawcett-street, Mayfield, yesterday for the Presbyterian cemetery, Sandgate. The deceased lady, who had been ill for nine months, was seized with an attack of pneumonia a fortnight ago, with fatal results. She was a native of Hawick, Scotland, and arrived in Tasmania 44 years ago, and had lived in New South Wales for 32 years. Rev. J. H. Somerville conducted service in thle house and also at the graveside. The chief mourners were Mrs. J. L. Cowie, Mrs. P. Matterson (Euchareena), daughters; Mr. T. B. Moir (E.S.A. Bank, Sydney), son;   Mrs. J. M'Meekin, sister; Mr. R. Ballantyne, brother; Mr. J. L. Cowie, son-in law; Mr. J. M'Meekin, brotlher-ln-law.

The pall-bearers were Messrs. A. Gardiner, O. Gavey, G. Silcock, J. Smith, W.T. Rudd, and – Harvey. Waratah Council was represented by the Mayor (Alderman Cowie), Aldermen A. J. Gardiner,Geo. Silcock, E. Hughes, F. W. Whyte, and Messrs. O. Gavey, town clerk, W. 'I'. Jackson, deputy town clerk, and W. T. Rudd, engineer. Many messages and cards of sympathy were received.

Moles Barbara

b.13/4/ 1861 Tongarra Albion Park 8139/1861 d. 26/1/1940

f. William Moles m. Mary McGill *

Living Tullimbar in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Moles Helen Kate (Fraser)

b. 1874 Kiama d. 12/10/1950 Clayfield Qld cr. Mt Thompson Qld

m. Andrew Moles (18/9/1866 Tongarra – 4/2/1923 Brisbane Qld Son of William Moles & Mary McGill *) 14/9/1898 Albion Park

f. Alexander Fraser m. Annie Campbell *

  1. (f) Kathleen Campbell Moles b. 10/5/ 1902 Eureka ( Angus McTavis Thorburn 1827, Thomas Joseph Kennelly 1934)
  2. (m) William Colin Fraser Moles b. 28 /1/1904 Lismore (Edythe Victoria Newton 1928)
  3. (f) Ailsa Helen Mary Moles b. 20/12/1907 Murwillumbah (George Girvan Gully 1933)

MOLES, Helen Kate.— On October 12th at 545 New Sandgate Road, Clayfield Widow of late Andrew Moles, and beloved Mother of Kathleen (Mrs. T. J. Kennelly, Colin and Ailsa (Mrs. G G Gully  The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Qld. : 1933 - 1954) Monday 23 October 1950 p 12

MOLES.— The Private Funeral of the late Mrs. Helen Kate Moles. of 545 Sandgate Road, Clayfield, beloved Mother, Mother-in-law, Grandmother, and Sister of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Kennelly, Mr and Mrs. W. C. F. Moles, Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Gully and Families, and Mrs. N. MacFarland, will move from Alex Gow's Funeral Chapel, Petrie Bight. This (Friday), Morning, at 10 o'clock for the Crematorium. Mt. Thompson. The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Qld. : 1933 - 1954) Friday 13 October 1950 p 16

Moles Jane (Douglas)

b. abt 1799 d. 13/5/1872 Tongarra

m. Alexander Moles (abt 1799- 4/11/1860 Tongarra Son of James Moles & ?)

f. John Douglas m. Jane

  1. (m) William Moles b. 18/3/1829 Monaghan Ireland d. 27/7/1911 Albion Park (Mary McGill * 1854)
  2. (f) Margaret Jane Moles * b. abt 1832 Ireland d. 26/2/1869 (James Colley 1853)

Living Tullimbar in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

MOLES.— May 13th, at the residence of her son William, Tongarra, Jane, relict of the late Alexander Moles, in her 73rd year. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 21 May 1872 p 2

Moles Marion Douglas

b. 8/4/1863 Tongarra Albion Park 8530/1863 d. 23/10/1932

f. William Moles m. Mary McGill *

Living Tullimbar in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Moles Mary

b. 1/4/1868 Tongarra Albion Park 10567/1868 d. 28/6/1952

f. William Moles m. Mary McGill *

Living Tullimbar in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Moles Mary (McGill)

b. 7/10/1825 Muasdale Argyll Ireland d. 6/2/1900 'Toongla' Tullimbar br. Albion Park Pioneer

m. William Moles (18/3/1829 Monaghan Ireland – 27/7/1911 Albion Park Son of Alexander Moles & Jane Douglas *) 25/1/1854 Albion Park

f. Andrew McGill m. Jane McNiven *

Ship: 1838 St. George

  1. (f) Jane Moles b. 17/11/1854 Moles Lagoon, Shellharbour d. 11/7/1926 br Albion Park Pioneer
  2. (f) Margaret Jane Moles * b. 12/6/1856 Moles Lagoon, Shellharbour 5196/1856 d. 18/6/1905 Albion Park (James Walker 1902)
  3. (f) Alexandina Moles b. 18/2/1858 Tongarra Albion Park 7995/1858 d. 14/4/1886 Tongarra Albion Park br. Albion Park Pioneer
  4. (f) Barbara Moles * b. 13/4/ 1861 Tongarra Albion Park 8139/1861 d. 26/1/1940
  5. (f) Marion Douglas Moles * b. 8/4/1863 Tongarra Albion Park 8530/1863 d. 23/10/1932
  6. (f) Louisa Moles * b. 16/4/1865 Tongarra Albion Park 9691/1865 d. 18/6/1907 Murwillumbah ( Andrew Paterson Johnston 1900)
  7. (m) Andrew Moles b. 18/9/1866 16/4/1865 Tongarra Albion Park 9691/1865 9587/1866 d. 4/2/1923 Brisbane Qld (Helen Kate Frazer * 1898)
  8. (f) Mary Moles * b. 1/4/1868 Tongarra Albion Park 10567/1868 d. 28/6/1952
  9. (f) Sarah Elizabeth Moles b. 12/2/1870 Tongarra Albion Park 11240/1870 d. 11/23/1901

On Friday last, by special license, by the Rev. George Mackie, at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. William Moles, of Shellharbour, to Mary, the eldest daughter of Mr. Andrew M'Gill, of Albion Park, Illawarra. Empire 1 February 1854

On the 12th instant, at Peterborough, /Mrs. William Moles, of a  daughter. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Monday 16 June 1856 p 6

At her residence, Torgarra, on the 13th instant, Mrs. William Moles, of a daughter. Examiner (Kiama, NSW : 1859 - 1862) Tuesday 16 April 1861 p 2

On the 16th instant, at Tongarra, Mrs William Moles, of a daughter. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 20 April 1865 p 2

AT Tongarra, on the 18th instant, the wife of William Moles, Esq., J.P., of a son. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 20 September 1866 p 2

At Tongarra, on the 12th instant, Mrs. WILLIAM MOLES of a daughter. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 17 February 1870 p 2

Her daughters, Barbara and Marion, inherited “Toongla” on her husband William’s death in 1911.

Moloney Margaret Catherine (Dunlop)

b. 30/6/1866 New Zealand d. 11/8/1940 Hurlstone Park br. Shellharbour

m. John Moloney (27/12/1856-12/12/1926 Shellharbour) 1884 Wollongong

f. Walter Alan Hind Dunlop m. Margaret Thompson *

  1. (f) Margaret C Moloney b. 1887 Kiama
  2. (m) John W Moloney b. 1889 St Leonards
  3. (m) James William Moloney b. 1891 Kiama
  4. (m) Thomas Moloney d. 10/5/1939 Kiama
  5. (m) William Joseph Moloney
  6. (f) Kathleen Moloney (Denis Finnegan 1924)
  7. (f) Mary E Moloney b. 1900 Albion Park (Hore)
  8. (m) Walter D Moloney b. 1905 Albion Park
  9. (f) Eileen V Moloney b. 1902 Albion Park
  10. (m) Bernard B V Moloney b. 1907 Albion Park
  11. (f) Ita Josephine Moloney b. 1909 Illawarra and Kiama (Joseph Caldwell 1936)

Electoral Roll 1903 resident Long Point–Domestic Duties

MOLONEY.—August 11, 1940, at her daughter's residence, Hurlstone Park, Margaret, widow of the late John Moloney and loving mother of Margaret, John, James, Thomas (deceased), William, Kathleen (Mrs. Finnegan), Mary (Mrs. Hore), Walter, Eileen, Bernard, and Ita (Mrs. Caldwell), aged 74 years. R.I.P. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 13 August 1940 Page 8

MOLONEY.-The Relatives and Friends of the late MARGARET CATHERINE MOLONEY are invited to attend her Funeral; to leave the Catholic Church Hurlstone Park. TO-MORROW (T'uesday) at 11 a.m., for the Catholic Cemetery. Shellharbour The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 12 August 1940 Page 6

Molloy Mary

b. abt 1850 Lancashire d. 23/7/1913 Marrickville br. Rookwood

m. James Molloy (abt 1851-1920 Marrickville)

Ship: Hawkesbury 1878 family joining husband.

  1. (f) Mary Molloy * b. abt 1871 Lancashire d. 12/10/1941 Enfield (Thomas Hardy 1889)
  2. (f) Catherine Molloy b. abt 1873 Lancashire
  3. (f) Margaret Anne Molloy * b. abt 1876 Lancashire d. 22/4/1958 Earlwood (Charles H Mitchell 1900)
  4. (m) James Molloy b. 1879 Lambton 26/12/1957 Bulli
  5. (m) Lewis Molloy b. New Lambton
  6. (m) Arthur Molloy b. New Lambton
  7. (f) Catherine Molloy b. 1886 Wollongong
  8. (m) John Molloy b. 1887 Wollongong
  9. (f) Alice M Molloy b. 1889 Wollongong d. 1890 Woonona
  10. (m) Hugh Molloy b. 1893 Woonona d. 11/1/1949 Bulli
  11. (f) Ellen Molloy d. 1965 Parramatta

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Husband the, founder of the Molloys Limited, timber merchants at Bulli

Family initially lived at Sherbrook were they planted a large orchard in 1892, the family walked to and from the Methodist Church at Bulli every weekend, which was quite a hike. Later they settled in Woonona opening a furniture shop on the main road and a saw mill. James (the owner of the saw mill) lost his right hand above the wrist in 1904. Mr James Molloy and family moved to Sydney in 1912, the family retained an interest in the family sawmills in Thirroul and Nowra. Thirroul, Corrimal, Woonona (SOUTH COAST LINE.)

Important Sale of Business and Residential Properties For and on behalf of the Executors of the estate of the late Mrs. Mary Molloy. H. F. Cotterell Will sell by auction at the CENTRAL SALE ROOMS, BULLI, SATURDAY, JUNE 9th, at 4 P.M. As under: —Lot 1 — Vacant Lot, next Veigel's shop, 41 feet frontage to Main South Coast Road, by 234 feet. A fine business site in the business centre of Woonona. Lot 2 — Block adjoining Polytechnic Stores, Woonona, 57 feet frontage to M.S.C. R6ad, by 171 feet, with well built w.b. lock-up shop and shop .with residence, 4 robins, w.b., etc., water and electric light service. Lot 3 — 3 Lots in Stanhope St., Woonona, with two cottages of w.b.,6 and 4 rooms.Lots 4, 5, and 6 — Coxton, Estate, Corrimal, on rising ground, land 40 x 3 42, with 4 rooms, w.b. cottage on each, water service. Lot 7 — Thirroul Park, 2nd Subdivision, section Z, lots 41 to 44, inc., with average frontage of 50 feet to The Outlook and Sea Foam Avenue, by 132 feet, elevated position, -natural drainage, handy to station and beach. The properties will be put up in lots, to suit purchasers. , The Buildings are in thorough state of repair and are well and strongly built. To be sold on very easy terms. The rapid growth of the above Mining and Tourist Centres, invites the confidence of speculators. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 1 June 1917 p 12

Molloy/Malloy Mary Theresa (McGlinchey)

b. 1873 Kiama d. 1939 Randwick br Rookwood

m. Michael Molloy (- 25/6/1927 Coast Hospital Sydney Son of Patrick Molloy & Catherine) 1893 Kiama

f. Charles McGlinchey m. Mary McGee *

  1. (f) Mary Molloy b. 1894 Marrickville
  2. (m) Patrick Joseph Molloy d. 1963 Sydney
  3. (m) Charles M Molloy b. 1897 Broken Hill
  4. (f) Theresa Molloy b. 29/12/1900 Lakelands d. 10/5/1911 Wollongong
  5. (m) John Edward Molloy b. 1907 Wollongong d. 1973 Sydney
  6. (m) Richard Murray Molloy b. 1909 Wollongong d. 1871 Kogarah
  7. (f) Kathleen L Molloy b. 1912 Wollongong (Albert H F Fitzgerald 1931)

Living Lakelands in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a labourer.

Husband worked at the Port Kembla stone quarry. When her husband died he was living in Kenny St Wollongong.

MOLLOY. — The Relatives and Friends of Mr. and Mrs. PATRICK MOLLOY, Mr. and Mr. CHARLES MOLLOY, Mr. and Mrs. JOHN MOLLOY, Mr. and Mrs. MURRAY MOLLOY.and Mr. and Mrs. FITZGERALD are invited to attend the Funeral of their dearly loved mother, Mary Theresa Molloy, to leave St. Joseph's Church, Newtown. THIS AFTERNOON, at -2 o'clock, for the Catholic Cemetery, Rookwood. Requiem Mass will be celebrated THIS MORNING at 7 o'clock. The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1931 - 1954) Wednesday 22 March 1939 p 13

Molloy Rose Eleanor Adeline (Casley)

b. 1881 Wollongong d. 4/3/1955 Bulli

m. James Molloy (abt 1879 -26/12/1957 Bulli Son of James Molloy & ) 1901 Woonona

f. Thomas Casley m. Jane Johns *

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a carpenter

Monaghan/Monaghin/Monagen Jane (Graham then May)

m. Thomas May

m. Patrick Monaghan 1830 Presbyterian Sydney, Sydney, Scots Church V1830145 73A/1830

  1. (f) Margaret May * b. 1827 d. 1882 Shoalhaven ( James McGuire 1849)
  2. (f) Mary Monaghan * b. d. 1916 Ballina ( William Gollan 1851)
  3. (f) Rebecca Monagen b. 1833 CofE Dapto d. 1919 Ballina (John Gollan 1859)
  4. (m) James Monaghan b. 1837 CofE Dapto/Wollongong
  5. (f) Roseana Monaghin b. 1841 bp. Presbyterian Wollongong
  6. (f) Amelia M Monaghan b. 1845 bp Presbyterian Wollongong

Monagle Clara

Living Clifton in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties.

She was sued for debt in 1904 while in the Helensburgh area.

Monat Sarah see Mouat

Monckton Emily

b. abt 1862 d. 8/9/1923 Wollongong

m. William Monckton (abt 1845-1925 Port Kembla)

f. John m. Caroline

  1. (f) Emily Monckton b. abt 1879 d. 12/6/1963 Ashfield (Charles Taylor 1903)
  2. (f) Lily May Monckton b. 1887 Adealide SA d. 26/1/1973 Warrawong (Thomas Mulligan 1907)
  3. (f) Annie Monckton b. 1891 Broken Hill d. 1891 Broken Hill

Living Railway St Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

MONCKTON. — In fond and loving memory of my dear wife and our mother, who departed this life September 8, 1923. Inserted by her loving husband, William Monckton, sons and daughters. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 12 September 1924 Page 11

Monement Marietta/Mary Esther see Orphin

Monement Mary (Cleary)

b. abt 1855 d. 26/7/1908 Wollongong 11981/1908 br. Wollongong

m. John Francis Bolding Monement (abt 1849 Kings Lynn Norfolk – 22/12/1911 Son of William Monement & Esther Boulding)

f. Edward Cleary m. Margaret

  1. (m) William Edward Monement b. 1879 New Zealand
  2. (f) Mary Esther Monement * b. 1881 New Zealand d. 1961 Wollongong (Walter F Orphen 1905)
  3. (m) John Francis William Monement b. 1883 New Zealand d. 1959 Murwillumbah (Sarah Avonia Bennett * 1906)
  4. (f) Maude Beatrice Monement b. 1887 Tokomairiro Otago New Zealand d. 1853 Kurri Kurri (John Burrell 1910)

Living Harbour St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties.

DEATH. MONEMENT. — At her residence, Campbell Street, on Sunday, July 26th, Mary, beloved wife of John Francis Bolding Monement, aged 53 Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 28 July 1908 p 2

WOLLONGONG, Monday Mrs, Monement, an old resident of Wollongong, died last night The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 28 July 1908

Monement Sarah Avonia (Bennett)

b. 1874 Wollongong d. 7/8/1948 Murwillumbah

m. John Francis William Monement (-1959 Murwillumbah Son of John F Monement & Mary Cleary *) 1906 Woonona

f. Alexander Bennett m. Elizabeth Agnes Makin *

  1. Avonia Monement b. 1907 Wollongong d. 1907 Wollongong
  2. Brenda M Monement b. 1908 Wollongong
  3. Francis Alexander Nevill Monement b. 1909 Wollongong d. 1977
  4. John William Bruce Monement b. 1911 Wollongong d. 1986
  5. Edith R Monement b. 1912 Murwillumbah
  6. Mary E Monement b. 1916 Murwillumbah

Living at Church St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Money Mary (Poulter)

b. d. 24/1/1921 br. Wollongong General

m. Francis Joseph Money (abt 1856 Oxford England -13/8/1949 Church St Wollongong Son of Henry Money & Caroline)

f. John Poulter m. Elizabeth

Ship: abt 1884

  1. (f) Agnes Ethel Money * b. abt 1883 d. 1962 Sydney (Gilbert Price 1906)
  2. (f) Peninah Caroline P Money b. 1885 Wollongong d. 1970 Bulli
  3. (m) William John Henry Money b. 1887 Wollongong d. 1978

Living at Church St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Brother William John Poulter came to Wollongong a few years before the family’s arrival.

Monie Ada Elizabeth (Guy)

b. 1862 Sydney d. 23/9/1927 Randwick

m. Samuel James Monie (-1939 Sydney Son of William Monie & Mary) 1885 Sydney

f. Francis Guy m. Elizabeth

  1. William F Monie b. 1886 Sydney
  2. Myrtle E Monie b. 25/3/1888 Avoca Kiama
  3. Doris E Monie b. 1894 Burwood
  4. Ivy H Monie b. 1896 Burwood

MONIE.—March 25th, at her residence, Avoca, the wife of S. J. Monie, Esq., of a daughter The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Tuesday 3 April 1888 p 2

MONIE.– September 23rd, 1929, at a private hospital, Ada Elizabeth Monie, beloved wife of Samuel James Monie, of “Tara,” Beach Street, Coogee, and loving mother of Myrtle Dimmick, Melbourne, Doris Cooke, Svdneyv, William Monie, Scone, aged 67 years. Interred privately.

MONIE.— September 23, 1929, at a private hospital, Ada Elizabeth Monie, loving sister of Mrs. Eva Boot. Aged 67 years. Interred privately. The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930) Wednesday 25 September 1929 p 7

Monk Sarah (Coles then Satchell)

b. 4/4/1802 Gretton Northamptonshire d. 11/12/1866 Jamberoo br. Jamberoo

m. Thomas Satchell (10/8/1802Gretton Northumberland – 1847 Gretton Northumberland) 15/11/1826 St James the Great, Gretton, Northamptonshire

m. Isaac Monk (abt 1812 -1/6/1896 Jamberoo) 7/10/1849 Gretton Northamptonshire

f. James Coles m. Mary Knight

Ship Lloyds 1855

  1. (f) Betsy Satchell *b. 8/11/1828 Gretton Northamptonshire d/ 11/9/1909 Jamberoo (Jonas Jones 1854)
  2. (f) Mary Ann Satchell * b. 8/8/1830 Gretton Northamptonshire d. 8/8/1913 Jamberoo (William A Wright 1864)
  3. (f) Jane Satchell b. 4/3/1832 Gretton Northamptonshire d. pos. 1842
  4. (f) Sarah Satchell * b. 9/2/1834 Gretton Northamptonshire (William Harris 1854)
  5. (f) Rhoda Satchell * b. 9/8/1835 Gretton Northamptonshire d. 27/9/1929 Wollongong (Henry Edwards 1859)
  6. (f) Lois Brown Satchell * b. 2/10/1836 Gretton Northumberland d. 9/2/1926 Berry ( John Cole Knight 1860)
  7. (m) John Satchell b. 5/4/1837 Gretton Northumberland d. 29/4/1837 Gretton Northumberland

Also on ship were daughters Betsy with husband Jonas Jones, Sarah with husband William Harris and family , Mary Ann , Rhoda and Lois Brown. Step-children Jane Monk, William Monk and Thomas Monk also on board.

Monks Elizabeth (Garbutt)

b. 1847 Rosby Yorkshire d. 6/8/1932 Haberfield br. Rookwood

m. William Monks (1840-28/7/1925 Haberfield Son of Bennett? & Ann Hanlon) 1866 Wollongong

f. Stephen Garbutt m. Hannah /Anna

Ship: Sovereign of the Seas 1861

  1. (f) Matilda J Monk b. 1866 Wollongong (Alfred Haylor 1891)
  2. (m) Ernest A Monks b. 1868 Bathurst
  3. (f) Lucy Ann Monks b. 1870 Bathurst
  4. (m) William Monks b. 1872 Bathurst
  5. (m) Edwin Monks b. 1874 Bathurst
  6. (m) George Francis Monks b. 1876 Bathurst
  7. (f) Elsie Maude Monks b. 1879 Parramatta
  8. (m) Sydney Charles Monks b. 1881 Parramatta
  9. (f) Annie M Monks b. 1883 Parramatta
  10. (f) Jessie M Monks b. 1886 Parramatta

Husband a stationmaster at Harris Park

MONKS -The Relatives and Friends of Mr and Mrs A HAYLOR and FAMILY Mr and Mrs W MONKS and FAMILY Mr and Mrs A MONKS and FAMILY Mr and Mrs E A MONKS and FAMILY Mr and Mrs S MONKS and FAMILY, Mr and Mrs L MONKS and FAMILY Miss ELSIE MONKS Mrs G MONKS and Mr and Mrs O W ELLIS and FAMILY are Invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved MOTHER and GRAND MOTHER Elizabeth Monks to leave the Private Mortuary Chapel of Motor Funerals Limited 30 City road city THIS AFTERNOON after service commencing at 2 o clock for Church of England Cemetery Rookwood Section 7 The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 8 August 1932 p 7

Montgomery Isabella (Hammond /Crammond)

b. abt 1875 Staffordshire England d. 28/4/1931 Kurri Kurri br. Kurri Kurri

m. James Montgomery 1893 Hamilton

f. James Hammond m. Isabella *

  1. (m) Wilfred H Montgomery b. 1895 Kiama
  2. (f) Isabel Montgomery b. 1896 Woonona (Henry G Clarkson 1915)
  3. (f) Dorothy M Montgomery b. 1897 Kiama
  4. (f) Ivy P Montgomery b. 1898 Woonona
  5. (f) Alice Montgomery b. 1899 Kiama
  6. (f) Lora I Montgomery b. 1899 Kiama
  7. (f) Euphemia Montgomery (William Johnstone 1921)
  8. (f) Stella Montgomery ( John Naismith 1923)
  9. (f) Olive Montgomery b. 1912 Kurri Kurri
  10. (f) Jane Montgomery b. 1918 Kurri Kurri

Living Jamberoo in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

OBITUARY. .MRS. J. MONTGOMERY. Mrs. Isabella Montgomery, wife of Mr; James Montgomery, of Brunker-street, Kurri Kurri, died on April 28, aged 56 years. She was born in Staffordshire, England, and came to Australia with her parents in her infancy. The family settled at Bulli, where her parents resided for 50 years. Shortly after her marriage. about 30 years ago, she arrived in the Pelaw Main district, and with her husband, was among the first to settle in Kurri Kurri 28 years ago. She was esteemed by a large number of friends for her many fine qualities, and was a devoted wife and mother. Her funeral on Thursday was one of the largest seen for years in the district. The interment was made in the Methodist portion of Kurri Kurri cemetery. Rev. A. G. Manefield officiating at the home and at the grave. The chief mourners were Mr. James Montgomery (husband), Mesdames W. Johnstone, H. G. Clarkson and J. Naismith (sons-in-law) Misses Ivy, Olive, and Jean Montgomery (daughters), Mrs. Millard (Sydney, sister). Mr. and Mrs. Alex Price (Cessnock), Mr. and Mrs. J. Flemings (Helensburgh), Mr. and Mrs. E. Green (Coledale), Mr and Mrs. R. Dent (Blakehurst), Mr. J. Phillips. Mr. and Mrs. John Hassan, Mr. and Mrs. James Hassan. The pallbearers were Messrs. L. Smith. J. Martin, II. Smith, J. Brownlee. R. Shaw and A. Ferguson. Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate (NSW : 1876 - 1954) Monday 4 May 1931 p 7

Montgomery Jane (Moore)

b. abt 1856 Northern Ireland d. 14/2/1939 Kurri Kurri br. Kurri Kurri

m. William Montgomery (abt 1855 Ireland- 27/6/1907 Stanford-Merthyr Colliery)

Ship: Duke of Buccleuch 1887 into Qld

  1. (m) Robert Montgomery b. abt 1879 d. 1/8/1935 (Emma J Johnson 1909)
  2. (f) Eliza Jane Montgomery b. abt 1882 (Andrew Waugh 1902)
  3. (f) Alice Montgomery b. abt 1886 (George D Oakes 1912)
  4. (m) Samuel Henry Montgomery b. 21/7/1888 Charters Towers Qld d. 22/11/1916 France
  5. (f) Ellen Montgomery b. 2/5/1891 Charters Towers Qld ( John Knott 1916)

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.

When her son was killed in France she repeatedly. wrote trying to get something returned to her of his- as he was buried she eventually received his dogtags, but nothing else. She also requested as soon as she heard about them his memorial plaque and photographs of his grave.


The funeral of the late Mrs. Jane Montegomery of Rawson-street, Kurri Kurri, who passed away on Tuesday, 14th February, at the great age of 83 years, left her late residence for the interment which was made in the Baptist portion of Kurri kurri Cemetery on Wednesday.

A fine service was conducted at the home by the Rev. W. R. Skee, who spoke of the fine influence which the life of the late Mrs. Montgomery had had in the community due to the high christion ideals which were hers. Mr. Skee also officiated at the graveside and appropriate hymns, 'Safe In the Arms of Jesus' and '“In the Sweet Bye and Bye' were sung.

The late Mrs. Montgomery, despite her great age, retained her faculties to the last, and also remained very active. She was of a quiet and retiring disposition, though a woman of many deep and sincere frienlships, and devoted all her life to the Baptist Church which she attended for 32 years and was the oldest member. She was also a life Deaconess of the church.

Accompanied by her late husband and their family, the late Mrs. Montgomery came to Australia from the North of Ireland fifty-one years ago. The family resided twelve years in Charters Towers, Queensland before moving to Woonona, N.S.W., in 1900, and then came to Kurri Kurri in rather tragic circumstances in 1907.

The family had arranged to follow the late Mr. Montgomery to Kurri Kurri where he had secured employment in Stanford Merthyr Colliery, and only a few days before they were to arrive he was fatally injured in an accident in the mine. Since coming to Kurri Kurri, the late Mrs. Montgomery and her family have won the respect and esteem or the entire community. She is survived by three daughters, Mrs. E.. Waugh (Woonona), Mrs. A. Oakes (Kurri Kurri) and Mrs. J. Knott (Aberdare). Her two sons are also deceased. The pall-bearers were her four grandsons, Robert and Sam Waugh, W. Montgomery and J. Knott. The Cessnock Eagle and South Maitland Recorder (NSW : 1913 - 1954) Friday 17 February 1939 p 3

Montgomery Margaret (Grady)

m. Henry Montgomery 1873 Kiama

  1. (m) James Montgomery b. 1873 Shoalhaven
  2. (m) Henry Montgomery b. 1876 Cassilis
  3. (m) Arthur Montgomery b. 1877 Walgett d. 1879 Walgett
  4. (m) Alfred Montgomery b. 1879 Walgett d. 1879 Walgett
  5. (f) Alice Montgomery b. 1880 Walgett
  6. (m) Ernest Montgomery b. 1883 Bourke d. 1884 Glebe

Montgomery Mary

m. William Montgomery

  1. (m) James Henry Montgomery b. 1901 Woonona d. 1907 Wollongong
  2. (f) Winnifred Montgomery b. 1907 Wollongong

Living at Fairy Meadow in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Montgomery Phoebe (Swan)

b. 30/8/1841 Rosehill Dapto d. 17/11/1908 Balgownie br. Wollongong General

m. Matthew Montgomery ( abt 1844 Leitrim Ireland - 12/6/1911 Balgownie Son of Armstrong Montgomery & Susan Hetherington) 2/1/1872 Brownsville

f. William Henry Swan m. Caroline Conway *

  1. (f) Caroline Montgomery b. 20/10/1872 Wollongong d. 1939 Hurstville (John A Hunter 1916)
  2. (f) Susannah Agnes Emma Montgomery b. 1874 Goulburn d. 1874
  3. (f) Susannah Agnes Emma Montgomery * b. 1875 Goulburn d. 5/1/1921 Mortdale
  4. (f) Phoebe E.A. Montgomery b. 1878 Goulburn d. 1941 Kogarah (Alfred D Westwood 1912)
  5. (f) Edith Louisa Beatrice Montgomery * b. 1880 Goulburn d. 1952 Wollongong ( James Chapman)
  6. (m) John Armstrong Montgomery b. 22/12/1883 Kangaroo Valley d. 14/3/1940 (Hilda Florence Anne Carr)

Living at Mount Pleasant in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties . Husband a gardener.

Mrs. Matthew Montgomery passed away on Tuesday at the age of 67. Much sympathy is expressed for the family. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Saturday 21 November 1908 p 9

Husband became a gardener but had been a public school teacher in the Goulburn district and her son was a miner. She left a will. When her husband died it was said he had remarried but this researcher cannot find any record of this marriage.

Montgomery Susannah Agnes Emma

b. 1875 Goulburn d. 5/1/1921 Mortdale

f. Matthew Montgomery m. Phoebe Swan *

Living at Balgownie in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Mood Elizabeth (Brown)

d. 24/7/1909 Lismore br. Lismore

m. Henry Frederick Mood (abt 1848 Germany- 31/5/1921 Lismore Son of Muth & Anna Margareta * see Deitz) 15/10/1872 Kiama

f. William J Brown m.

ON Tuesday the 15th instant, by the Rev. John Kinross, Mr. HENRY FREDERICK MOOD, eldest step-son of Mr. P. Deitz, Kiama, to ELIZABETH BROWN, only daughter of the late W. Brown, and sister of Mr. W. Brown, Kangaloon. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 17 October 1872 p 2

MOOD. — Died July 24th, 1909, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Henry F. Mood, of Lismore, only sister of William Brown, Esq., Robertson. Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954) Tuesday 31 August 1909 p 3

Mood Louisa Eva

b. 1879 Kiama d. 1964 Bulli

f. Louis Robert Mood m. Martha Tomlins *

Living Albion Park in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Mood Margaret Galvin

b. 1875 Kiama d. 1945 Wollongong

f. Louis Robert Mood m. Martha Tomlins *

Living Albion Park in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Mood/Muth Martha (Tomlins)

b. abt 1850 Dalgety d. 18/3/1922 Albion Park br. Kiama General

m. Louis Robert Mood (abt 1850 Germany-20/4/1920 Albion Park Son of Muth & Anna Margareta * see Deitz) 1874 Kiama

f. William Tomlins m. Martha *

  1. (f) Margaret Galvin Mood * b. 1875 Kiama d. 1945 Wollongong
  2. (f) Elizabeth Amelia Mood b. 1877 Kiama d. 1966 Balmain
  3. (f) Louisa Eva Mood * b. 1879 Kiama d. 1964 Bulli
  4. (f) Alice May Mood * b. 1880 Kiama d. 1956 Sydney (Vincent Wallace 1921)
  5. (m) William Henry Mood/Wood b. 1882 Kiama d. 1956 Kiama
  6. (m) Charles Louis Mood b. 1884 Kiama d. 1968 Newtown
  7. (f) Edith Ethel Mood/Moore b. 1887 Kiama d. 1946 Kiama

Living Albion Park in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties Husband a blacksmith

OBITUARY. MRS. MARTHA MOOD. We regret to chronicle the death, of Mrs. Mood, relict of the late Mr. L. R. Mood, Albion Park, which sad event took place at her residence on Saturday night last. The deceased lady was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. W. Tomlins, of Gerringong, and was much esteemed by those with whom she came in contact.- A short tit ago she had a severe illness from which she recovered, but took bad again on Thursday last, and succumbed at the time stated. The remains were interred beside her late husband, in the Presbyterian portion of the Kiama cemetery, on Monday last. The Kiama Reporter and Illawarra Journal (NSW : 1899 - 1947) Wednesday 22 March 1922 p 2

Moody Margaret Hannah (Tratt)

b. 7/12/1863 Fairy Meadow d. 18/8/1933 Darlinghust br. Woronora

m. George Boon Moody (abt 1856 -1932 Mater Sydney Son of George Boor Moody & Elizabeth) 28/9/1889 Pyrmont

f. John Tratt m. Mary Barker *

  1. Blanche I Moody b. 1890 Sydney 1482/1890  (Richards)

MOODY—TRATT.—Sept 28th, at Bartholomew's Church, Pyrmont, by the Rev. Mr. Dalrymple, GEORGE, eldest son of GEORGE MOODY, Wisbeach, Cambridgeshire, England, to Margaret, eldest daughter of JOHN TRATT, Fairy Meadow, Wollongong.


The death occurred on Friday, at Darlinghurst, Sydney, of Mrs Moody, wife of the late Mr. George B. Moody, who was marshall of the Eight Hour Procession, Sydney, for many years.

He was a faminar figure at the head if the processions on a white horse.

The late Mrs. Moody, was the eldest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Tratt, of Fairy Meadow, and sister of Mr. George Tratt, of Corriinal, Mrs. Fairlie of. Fairy Meadowy, Mrs. Jeffrey, of Leichhardt, Mrs. Merrick, of Mascot, and the late Mrs. Higgins, of Market. St., Wollongong. She is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Richards. The remains were interred in the Woron ora cemetery on Saturday, the funeral being a very lengthy one. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 25 August 1933 p 9

Moon Anne (Holder)

b. abt 1834 Bristol d. 3/1/1922 Paddington br. Waverley

m. David Moon (9/11/1828 Rolvenden Kent England – 1/1/1901 Paddington Son of William Moon & Mary ) 1853 Sydney, St Lawrence's V1853632 39C/1853

f. Joseph Holder m. Elizabeth

Ship: Emigrant 1849

  1. (f) Elizabeth Moon b. 1855 V18551078 42A/1855
  2. (f) Mary E Moon b. 1857 Kiama 7447/1857
  3. (m) Male Moon b. 1858 Kiama 8193/1858
  4. (f) Clara G Moon b. 8/9/1860 Jamberoo 7916/1860
  5. (f) Emily Moon b. 28/6/1862 Dapto 15116/1862 d. 1926 Chatswood (William Randle Woods )
  6. (m) David Moon b. 26/11/1863 Dapto 16383/1864 d. 24/3/1916 Paddington
  7. (m) Henry A Moon b. 21/10/1865 Dapto 17073/1865 d. 1896 Paddington
  8. (m) Samuel G Moon b. 13/10/1867 Dapto 18090/1867

On the 8th instant, at her residence, Jamberoo, Illawarra, the wife of Mr. David Moon, of a daughter. The Sydney Morning Herald 13 September 1860

At her residence, , Illawarra Hotel, Dapto, on Thursday, the 26th instant, Mrs. David Moon, of a son. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 27 November 1863 p 2

MOON-On the 21st October, at her residence, Illawarra Hotel, Dapto, Mrs. David Moon, of a son. Empire (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1875) Monday 20 November 1865 p 1

“On the 13th instant, at her residence, Illawarra Hotel, Dapto, Mrs. DAVID MOON, of a son.” The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 16 October 1867 p 1

DEATHS. MOON.—March 24th, at his mother's residence, “Westbury,” Cambridge-street, Paddington, David, third son of the late David Moon, aged 52 years. Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931) Friday 24 March 1916 p 5 Family Notices

MOON-January 3, 1922, at her residence, Westbury, Cambridge-street, Paddington, Anne, relict of the late David Moon, in her 90th year No flowers.

MOON. - The Funeral of the late ANNE, relict of the late DAVID MOON, will leave Westbury, Cambridge-street, Paddington,THIS (Wednesday) AFTERNOON at 2.30, for St. George's Church, Glenmore-road, lnterment Waverley Cemetery 3.45. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 4 January 1922 Page 9

Moon Catherine (Akroyd)

b. abt 1836 Yorkshire England d. 1898 Hurstville

m. Josephus Moon (20/12/1825 Rolvenden Kent England -14/4/1910 Hurstville Son of William Moon & Hannah Crown *) 1851 Church of England Appin/Bathurst?

f. John Akroyd m. Hannah Spence

  1. (m) Francis Moon b. 16/8/1852 V18521650 38A/1852 d. 28/9/1879 Molong
  2. (m) Allgasson William Moon b. 2 /11/1853 Gerringong bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama ; Shoalhaven V18533979 39A/1853 d. 1874 Sofala
  3. (m) Edward Caher Moon b. 1855 Gerringong V1855853 155/1855 d. 1932 Kogarah  
  4. (f) Thyrza Ann Moon b. 1856 Gerringong 5175/1856 d. 5/4/1925 Hurstville (James Reilly 1878)
  5. (m) Cephus Andrew Moon b. 4/3/1858 Gerringong 7993/1858 d. 2/9/1915 Sydney
  6. (m) Adolphus B Moon b. 1859 Gerringong 8484/1859 d. 1934 Orange
  7. (m) John Thomas Moon b. 1862 Gerringong 8474/1862 d. 1930 Parramatta  
  8. (f) Emma Moon b. 1863 Gerringong 8564/1863 d. 1882 Waterloo
  9. (f) Mary J Moon b. 1865 Gerringong 734/1865 d. 29/11/1940 Bathurst  
  10. (m) Joseph Moon b. 1866 Gerringong 9590/1866 d. 1919 Sydney  
  11. (f) Catherine Moon b. 1868 Gerringong 10711/1868
  12. (f) Christina Moon b. 1870 Gerringong 11312/1870 d. 1945 Newtown
  13. (m) Alfred Moon b. 1872 Gerringong 1556/1872 d. 1921 Glebe  
  14. (f) Sarah Hannah Moon b. 17/6/1874 Kiama 12680/1874 d.
  15. (f) Georgina Amelia Moon b. 1877 Sofala 20664/1877 d. 1967 Balmain
  16. (f) Maude Matilda Moon b. 1879 Sofala 23347/1879

On the 5?th instant, at her residence, Kiama, the wife of Mr. Moon, surgeon, of a son Empire 8 December 1855

At Gerringong, Kiama, on the 2nd instant, Mrs Josephus Moon, of a son. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 14 November 1853

An accident of a rather singular character is reported by the Kiama Independent as having occurred to the wife of Mr. Josephus Moon, of Gerrigong, by which she had the misfortune to lose a portion of the first finger of her right hand. She was riding on horseback, on a man's saddle, in the offside of which a staple was fastened with a ring attached. Through this ring she put three of the fingers of her right hand for the purpose of securing her equilibrium upon the saddle. In passing Mr. Perkins's store, where the animal, a very quiet one, was in tbe habit of frequently turning off the road, and while in the act of doing so at this time his feet slipped and he fell, the rider falling on the nearside with such force as to cause the complete severance of the fore finger, and also a severe bruising of the second and third fingers, which were also through the ring at the same time. The severance was so complete that not a vestige of skin remained connecting the detached part with the rest of the finger. The haemorrhage was speedily arrested by means of ligatures, and the sufferer is doing as well as can be expected under the circumstances. Empire 17 April 1869

MOON.— At Moonbeam Villa, Gerringong, on the 17th June inst. , the wife of Mr Josephus Moon, of a daughter Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 26 June 1874 p 2

Moon Eliza (Torode/Torade)

b. 1864 Campbells Creek Vic d. 18/3/1951 Castlemaine Vic

m. Thomas Moon (1864 Strathlodden Vic-30/10/1949 Castlemaine Vic Son of John Moon & Mary Ann Littleton) 1885 Vic

f. George Torode m. Betsy Quiripel

  1. (m) Thomas H Moon b. 1886 Kiama d. USA
  2. (f) Mary Ann Moon b. 1889 Northcote Vic 6086/1889 (Knight)
  3. (m) Albert Ernest Moon b. 1891 Northcote Vic 15624/1891
  4. (m) George Moon b. 1893 Steiglitz Vic 35444/1893 d. 1893 aged 1 day
  5. (m) William John Moon b. 1895 Steiglitz Vic 16118/1895
  6. (m) Frederick Moon b. 1898 Castlemaine Vic 25195/1898 d. 1899 aged 4 months
  7. (m) Charles Roy Moon b. 1903 Castlemaine Vic 24465/1903 d. 29/10/1991

MOON.—On March 18, at Strathearn, Castlemaine, Eliza, beloved wife of the late Thomas Moon, of 112 Graham street Castlemaine, and loving mother of Thomas (America), Annie (Mrs. Knight, Croydon), Albert (Rochester), George (deceased), William (Melbourne), Fred (deceased), and Roy, aged 87 years. The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Monday 19 March 1951 Page 19

Moon Emma Elizabeth (Hall/Hael)

b. abt 1871 d. 8/2/1959 Bulli cr. Woronora

m. William Henry Moon (1869 Wollongong -26/3/1944 Bellambi Son of William Moon & Susan Graydon *) 1898 Wollongong

f. John Hall m. Bridget/Bridgett

  1. (m) Robert Hael/Moon b. 1898 Albion Park 732/1898
  2. (f) Clara Elizabeth Moon b. 1899 Albion Park (Robert E Turner 1920)
  3. (f) Annie May Moon b. 1901 Woonona (Wilfred J Maggs 1930)
  4. (f) Lily Isabelle Moon b. 1903 Woonona (Albert S Welsh 1924)
  5. (m) John Ernest Moon b. 1905 Woonona
  6. (m) Allan M W Moon b. 1907 Woonona
  7. (m) Joseph Edward Moon b. 1909 Woonona
  8. (m) Walter Moon (Edith Gilroy 1938 )

Living Corrimal in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic. Husband a brakesman

Moon Hannah/Anna (Crown/Care)

b. 1/12/1804 Rolvenden Kent England d. 13/9/1888 Sydney

m. William Moon (23/6/1804 Benenden Kent England – 23/4/1890 Sydney Son of John Moon & Ann Button) 19/10/1823 Rolvenden Kent England

f. William Crown/Care m. Anne Brown

Ship: 1838 Maitland

  1. (m) William Moon b. 25/1/1824 Rolvenden Kent England d. 13/5/1887 Bulli (Susan Graydon * 1864)
  2. (m) Josephus Moon b. 20/12/1826 Rolvenden Kent England d. 1910 Hurstville (Catherine Akroyd * 1851)
  3. (m) Allgason Moon b. 1830 Rolvenden Kent England d. 3/3/1897 Milton (Christina Sheppard)
  4. (m) Frank/Francis Moon b. 9/11/1836 bp. CofE Dapto; Wollongong d. 1924 Canterbury (Matilda Kershaw 1857, Eliza Gregory 1861 )
  5. (m) John Reuben Moon b. 2/1/1840 Camden d. 18/8/1882 Gullen (Frances Windley 1865)
  6. (f) Eliza Jane Moon b. 30/4/1842 (Thomas Booth 1861)
  7. (m) Henry Moon b. 17/9/1844 Gerringong bp. CofE Dapto; Wollongong d. 1903 Milton (Fanny Hubbard 1873, Lucy Hannah Bennet 1875)
  8. (f) Mary Ann Moon b. 1848 Sydney ? bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven d. (Henry John Baker 1873)

Moon Harriet (Watson)

b. 24/3/1804 d. 15/8/1877 Macquarie River, Jamberoo br. Jamberoo old Cemetery

m. Thomas Moon (2/5/1802 Rolvenden, Kent, England – abt 1909 ? Son of Edmund Moon & Amy Lawrence/Laurence ) 7/9/1823 Rolvenden Kent

m. Thomas Watson m. Sarah

Ship: 1839 Cornwall

  1. (m) Samuel James Moon b. 28/10/1824 Rolvenden Kent d. before 1877
  2. (f) Maria Moon * b. 2/7/1825 Rolvenden Kent d. 19/12/1870 Jamberoo ( Henry Carter 1840 )
  3. (f) Elizabeth Moon * b. 24/5/1827 Rolvenden Kent (James P Brown 1869)
  4. (f) Hannah Moon* b. 28/2/1831 Rolvenden Kent (William Evans)
  5. (f) Harriett Moon * b. 24/5/1832 Rolvenden Kent d. 19/2/1870 Jamberoo (William Smith)
  6. (m) John Moon b. d. before 1839
  7. (f) Ann Moon b. 13/5/1839 at sea d. 1859
  8. (f) Emily Susannah Moon * b. 6/2/1842 Dapto d. 29/7/1902 ( Leslie Meredith 1862)
  9. (f) Louisa Jane Moon * b. 17/7/1847 Kiama bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven (Henry Keevers)

Husband in 1841 Census is at Dunlop Vale District Illawarra, do not know if she is also there yet.

Moon Margaret Emily (Bradley)

m. Walter Moon (1876 Wollongong –6/9/1945 Wollongong Hospital Son of William Moon & Susan Graydon *) 1899 Sydney

  1. (m) Clarence William Moon b. 1899 Wollongong d. 27/7/1974 Umina
  2. (f) Irene Emily Moon b. 1901 Wollongong d. 1993 Guildford (Edgar Winfield 1920)
  3. (f) Edna Matilda Moon b. 1904 Wollongong b. 1974 Leichhardt (Meredith)
  4. (m) Walter H Moon b. 1909 Petersham d. 1909 Petersham
  5. (f) Hazel Moon b. 1912 Woollahra

Living Mount Kembla in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a miner.

Husband a bankrupt 1908 I think site is incorrect as she would even as a married woman would not have been allowed to vote unter the age of 21.

Moon Margaret Ellis (Findley)

b. abt 1878 Northumberland d. 12/12/1947 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. Frank Moon (1873 Wollongong-19/10/1928 Wollongong Son of William Moon & Susan Graydon *) 1900 Wollongong

f. Robert Ellis Findley m. Mary Jane *

  1. (m) George William Robert Moon b. 1901 Wollongong d. 14/5/1944 Wollongong
  2. (f) Ellen Margaret Moon b. 1903 Wollongong d. 26/9/1980 Wollongong
  3. (m) Frank Alexander Moon b. 1905 Woonona d. 17/5/1954 Wollongong

Moon Sarah Martha (Weatherley)

b. 1874 Maffra Vic d. 20/11/1933 Ferny Creek Vic

m. Edward James Moon (1867 Wollongong -23/9/1919 Corrimal Son of William Moon & Susan Graydon *) 1897 Vic

f. John Weatherley m. Matilda Hadley

Cause of Death: Motor vehicle accident

  1. Eileen Moon b. Vic d. 1951 St George Hospital (Robert Hails 1927)
  2. Annie Isabel Moon b. 1898 Vic d. 1981 NSW (Arthur W Rosetta 1925)
  3. Florence Lorne Moon b. 1898 Vic (Charles P Rosetta 1927)
  4. Clara Mabel Moon b. 1899 Vic
  5. Elsie May Moon b. 1901 Vic
  6. Susan M Moon b. 1903 Woonona
  7. Walter J Moon b. 1904 Woonona
  8. Maggie E Moon b. 1906 Woonona
  9. Edward George Moon b. 1911 Corrimal d. 1987 Heidelberg West Vic
  10. Dulcie M Moon b. 1912 Woonona
  11. Muriel A Moon b. 1915 Wollongong d. 1915 Chatswood

Living Corrimal in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a miner.

MOON- September 23rd, 1919, at his residence, Princess -street, Corrimal, Edward James (Jim), dearly beloved husband of Sarah Moon, aged 52 South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 3 October 1919 Page 9

MOON— Mrs. Sarah Martha Moon, late of 264 Barkly street, North Fizroy, Melbourne; aged 55 years, widow of the late James Moon of Corrimal. (motor accident) South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 15 December 1933 Page 13

Woman Accidentally Killed

The City Coroner (Mr., D: Grant, P.M.) held an inquiry yesterday . into the death of Sarah Martha Moon. 58 years, widow, of Barkly-strcct, North Fitzroy, who was killed on the night of Sunday, when a large motor bus in which she was one of about thirty passengers, overturned at the spot, known as the Devil's Elbow, between Sassafras and Fern Tree Gully.

Evidence was given that as the motor bus was making the long descent, the driver, Frederick Albert E. Lee, threw out the clutch but was unable, for some unknown reason, to engage the second gear.

He made several strenuous efforts to engage the second gear but failed to do so.

In the way down the bus struck an object and went on to overturn.

The coroner, found that death was due to misadventure. The Age (Melbourne, Vic. : 1854 - 1954) Tuesday 19 December 1933 Page 11

MOON.—On the 20th November (result of incident). Sarah Martha Moon, of 204 Barkley-strect. North Fitzroy, N.T, widow the late James, loving mother of Eileen, Annie, Florrie, Mabel, Elsie, Susan, Walter, Maggie, George and Dulcie, aged 59

Moon Sarah Ann (Young)

b. abt 1827 d. 11/2/1908 Erskinville br. Rookwood

m. Thomas Moon (abt 1929-23/9/1898 Newtown Son of Henry Moon & ) 1856 Sydney

f. George Young m. Ann

  1. (f) Louisa M Moon b. 1857 St George d. 1858 St George
  2. (f) Ellen Elizabeth Moon b. 1858 St George (John Lutton 1882)
  3. (m) Henry E Moon b. 1860 Kiama d. 1862 Kiama
  4. (f) Annie Moon b. 1863 Kiama (Francis L Carter 1890)
  5. (m) Ernest E Moon b. 1865 Newtown d. 1865 Newtown
  6. (m) Thomas A Moon b. 1867 Newtown
  7. (m) Robert A Moon b. 1869 Newtown

MOON.-February 11, 1908, at her son's residence, 38 Malcolm-street, Erskineville, Sarah Ann, widow of the late Thomas Moon, builder, formerly of Newtown, aged 81 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 12 February 1908 p 8

Moon Susan (Graydon)

b. 1838 Enneskillen Ireland d. 17/7/1911 Wollongong

m. William Francis Moon ( 25/1/1824 Rolvenden Kent England – 13/5/1887 Bulli Son of William Moon & Hannah Crown/Care *) 1864 Ulladulla 3230/1864

f. Edward Graydon m. Catherine Wallace

  1. (f) Louisa Jane Moon * b. 1865 Ulladulla 15867/1865 d. 22/7/1919 Wollongong (Walter Booth 1883 )
  2. (f) Clara S Moon b. 1866 Wollongong 16648/1866 d. 1934 Chatswood
  3. (m) Edward James Moon b. 1867 Wollongong 18040/1867 d. 23/9/1919 Corrimal (Sarah Martha Weatherley * 1897 )
  4. (m) William Henry Moon b. 1869 Wollongong 19951/1869 d. 26/3/1944 Bellambi (Emma Elizabeth Hall * 1898)  
  5. (f) Mary Ann Moon * b. 1871 Wollongong 19584/1871 d. 1954 Parramatta (Samuel J Blackwell 1891)
  6. (m) Frank Moon b. 1873 Wollongong 20762/1873 d. 20/10/1928 Wollongong ( Margaret Ellis Findley* 1900)  
  7. (m) Walter Moon b. 1876 Wollongong 22469/1876 d. 6/9/1945 Wollongong Hospital (Margaret E C Bradley * 1899)

Death MOON— On July 17th, 1911, at the residence of her daughter Mrs. W. Booth, Hercules-street, Wollongong, Susan, relict of the late William Moon, of Bulli, aged 73. Inserted by her sorrowing family. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 28 July 1911 p 12

Mooney Adlia see McIntyre

Mooney Charlotte Louisa (Barrett)

b. abt 1842 d. 9/11/1920 Coolgardie WA br. Kalgoorlie Cemetery WA

m. Thomas Mooney (-26/11/1906 Trafalgar WA)

  1. (m) Thomas Mooney
  2. (m) Albert Mooney
  3. (m) James Mooney
  4. (m) Percival H S Mooney d. 1917 Fremantle WA
  5. (f) Florence Charlotte Mooney b. 1880 Sydney
  6. (f) Maude Rebecca Mooney b. 27/3/1882 Fairy Meadow (Albert Schwann 1904))
  7. (m) Frederick Mooney b. b. 9/11/1883 Fairy Meadow d. 1918 Fremantle WA
  8. (f) Alma Ann Mooney b. 3/4/1885 Wollongong (John Olson 1915)
  9. (m) Russell Patrick Mooney b. 31/3/1887 Fairy Meadow d. 1927 Fremantle WA

Moved to Western Australia, when her son Russell enlisted in WA for WW1, she was living at Blackboy Hill.

Mooney Ellen (Connerton/Connaughton)

b. abt 1837 Tunm County Galway Ireland d. 15/6/1925 Wollongong br. Wollongong General

m. John Mooney (abt 1835 -20/3/ 1906 Son of John Mooney & Sarah) 1859 Sydney

f. John Connaughton m. Mary Crampton *

Ship: abt 1850

  1. (f) Esther Mooney b. d. 1862 Wollongong
  2. (f) Sarah Mooney b. 29/6/1862 Wollongong 15103/1862 d. 1871 Wollongong
  3. (f) Esther Mooney b. 18/2/1864 Wollongong 6471/1864 d. 1871 Wollongong
  4. (f) Mary Mooney b. 4/1/1866 Figtree Wollongong 16516/1866 d. 1871 Wollongong
  5. (m) John Mooney b. 8/10/1867 Keloge Wollongong 18060/1867
  6. (m) David Mooney b. 4/9/1869 Keeloge Wollongong 19920/1869 d. 1871 Wollongong
  7. (f) Rosanna Mooney * b. 12/10/1871 Fig Tree 19647/1871 d. 25/12/1964 (William Madden 1894)
  8. (m) David Mooney b. 15/4/1873 Keelogues 20770/1873
  9. (f) Ellen Mooney b. 26/2/1875 Kilougs Wollongong 21815/1875 (James S Fitzgerald 1908)
  10. (f) Julia Mooney * b. 29/9/1877 Fig Tree Wollongong 23173/1877 (Charles H Biggers 1900)
  11. (f) Sarah Mooney b. 22/4/1881 Keelogues Wollongong 18868/1881
  12. (m) Frederick Thomas Mooney b. 19/12/1884 Keelogues Fig Tree 23423/1885


Death has claimed another of the grand old pioneers of the district in the person of .Mrs. Mooney, relict of the late Mr. John Mooney, of Keelogues, who passed away on Monday at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Jim Fitzgerald, of Crown Street West, Wollongong. She was born at Tunm, County Galway, Ireland, and when 13 years of age came to Australia with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Connaughton, who settled in this district. When a young woman she, married Mr. John Mooney, and the issue of the marriage was a family of viz. Messrs. John, David and Frederick Mooney, and Mesdames W. Madden, J. Fitzgerald,, and C. Biggers. The remains were interred in the Wollongong E.C. cemetery on Tuesday, the Rev. Father Sheehan officiating at the graveside. The late Mrs. Mooney was predeceased by her husband 19 years ago. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 19 June 1925 p 4

Four of her children died in 1871 which implies that the family had an outbreak of disease such as diphtheria. When her husband died her eldest son John had been living ‘in the wilds of Northern Australia and New Guinea’ for 8 years, he arrived home the day after his father’s death.

Mooney Honora

d. 1874 Kiama

f. John

  1. Mary Mooney * b. abt 1837 Ireland d. 13/5/1916 Sydney (John O’Meara 1850)

Mooney Mary

b. abt 1834 Temple Toohy, Tipperary

f. John Mooney m. Honorah

Ship: Lady Peel 1849

Irish Orphan employed by F W Pettigrew, Wollongong at £9 for 3 yrs. Register 1 No 965 22 Oct 1849 indentures cancelled Wollongong Police Office; no. 984 1 Nov 1849 resides Drue Wolla, Kiama, re balance of wages from WF Pettigrew. Register 2 No 151 5 Feb 1850 balance of wages and no. 260.

Her father was dead and her mother living in Thurles Ireland

Mooney Mary Anne (Larkin/Larkins)

m. John Mooney 1868 Sydney

  1. (f) Bridget Mooney b. 14/11/1874 Kiama bp Kiama RC 12807/1874

Husband a labourer

There are a number of births which may be for this couple in Sydney, Concord, Redfern and Goulburn.


m. Robert Moore (abt 1860 Tyrone Ireland- 5/9/1889 Woonona)

  1. (u) Moore
  2. (u) Moore
  3. (u) Moore

a man named Robert Moore, who sustained severe bodily injuries from a fall of stone in the Woonona Colliery on Wednesday last, and who died early on Thursday morning….The deceased man was a miner, 29 years of age, and a native of County Tyrone, Ireland. He was a married man, and leaves a family of three children. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Saturday 7 September 1889 Page 2

Moore Anna M

m. Henry A Moore

  1. (m) Robert L Moore b. 1847 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong d. 1912 Gunnedah (Martha Minnie Baxter 1887)

Moore Anne see Moore Ellen

Moore Ann E

m. Henry C Moore

  1. (m) Herbert G H Moore b. 1891 Kiama

Moore Bertha (East)

b. abt 1878 d. 3/10/1969 Sydney br. Wollongong

m. Thomas Moore (abt 1857 – 26/9/1947 Wollongong Hospital ) 1902 Sydney

f. John East m. Mary Ann

  1. (m) Thomas Moore b. 1903 Woonona
  2. (f) Beatrice Mary Moore b. 1905 Woonona ( Ernest Giles Vickery 1940)

Living at Balgownie in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband an engine driver.

Moore Eliza (Taylor)

b. abt 1857 d. 6/10/1922 br. Wollongong General

m. Christopher Moore ( abt 1855 Durham England - 1/7/1922 Son of John Moore & Isabel) 1882 Glebe

f. Robert Taylor m. Margaret Bourke *

  1. (f) Margaret Moore b. 1883 Woollahra
  2. (m) Robert J Moore b. 1885 Wollongong
  3. (m) Christopher George Moore b. 1886 Wollongong d. 3/10/1917 Belguim
  4. (f) Harriett Edith Moore b. 1890 Wollongong (Morton Lamrock Ledsam 1918)
  5. (f) Florence E Moore b. 1893 Wollongong
  6. (m) John W Moore b. 1896 Wollongong
  7. (f) Lilian J Moore b. 1901 Wollongong

Living at Keira St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a labourer

When her husband died she was in hospital in a ‘precarious state of health’. They had 7 children one who died in WW1 the rest survived their parents.

Moore Elizabeth (?)

b. abt 1791 d. 1/4/1863 Fairy Meadow

m. James Moore

  1. (f) Martha Ann Moore * b. abt 1826 d. 3/11/1920 Marrickville (Charles Hookins 1854 )

On the 1st April, at the residence of her son-in-law, Charles Hookins, Fairy Meadow, Wollongong, Elizabeth Moore, aged 72years. The Sydney Morning Herald 14 April 1863

Moore Elizabeth

m. William Moore

  1. (f) Elizabeth Moore b. 1857 Kiama
  2. (f) Sarah A Moore b. 1859 Kiama
  3. (f) Mary J S Moore b. 1862 Kiama

Moore Elizabeth (Lowe)

m. John Moore 1851 CofE Dapto; Wollongong

Moore Ellen (Daley)

m. John Moore 1859 Wollongong

  1. (f) Mary Moore b. 1860 Dapto
  2. (m) Thomas Moore b. 1861 West Dapto 14507/1861
  3. (m) John Moore b. 12/1/1866 Wingecarribee
  4. (f) Bridget Moore b. 1867
  5. (m) Patrick Moore b. 15/11/1868 McQuarie
  6. (f) Ellen Moore b. 16/10/1871 McQuarie River

Husband a farmer

Moore Ellen Mary Nellie (Woolston)

b. abt 1863 Camden Town England d. 22/11/1892 Campbelltown br.

m. Charles Moore (abt 1851 Croydon Surrey- 20/6/1913 Little Bay Son of John Moore & Mary Rebecca Unknown ) 1882 New Zealand

f. George Woolston m. Mary Susanna Soly

  1. (m) Charles Harry Moore b 1882 New Zealand. d. 1884 Newcastle
  2. (f) Minnie Eleanor Moore b. 1884 Woonona 23033/1884 d. 1971 Penrith (Robert M Higgs 1904)
  3. (m) George W Moore b. 1885 Newcastle 29207/1885
  4. (f) Mary Alice Moore b. 1887 Newcastle 30333/1887
  5. (m) Herbert Ambrose Moore b. 1889 Wallsend 32022/1889 d. 1969 Ashfield
  6. (m) Frederick Arthur Moore b. 1891 Balmain 5440/1891

MOORE. - November 22, 1892, at her residence, Queen- street, Campbelltown, N.S.W., Ellen Mary, the dearly-beloved wife of Charles Moore, aged 30 years, leaving a sorrowing husband and five children to mourn their loss. Respected by all who knew her. Newcastle and New Zealand papers please copy. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 29 November 1892 Page 1

Moore Euphemia Rhymer (Laing)

b. abt 1850 d. 23/10/1907 Yarra Glen Vic

m. Henry Moore 1869 Vic

f. Thomas

  1. (m) Henry Edward Moore b. 1870 Avoca Vic d. 1870 Avoca Vic
  2. (m) John Alexander Moore b. 22/4/1871 Avoca Vic d. 1915 Fitzroy South
  3. (m) George Moore b. 1873 Bung Bong Vic
  4. (m) Archibald Henry Moore b. 1875 Avoca Vic d. 1929 Prahan Vic
  5. (f) Matilda Elizabeth Moore b. 1878 (Ellis)
  6. (m) Henry Clifton Moore b. 1886 Clifton 24577/1886 d. 1958 Werribee Vic

MOORE.— On the 23rd October, at her residence, Yarra Glen, the beloved wife of Henry Moore, and mother of John, George, Archibald, Henry and Mrs. Ellis, aged 57. The Age (Melbourne, Vic. : 1854 - 1954) Friday 25 October 1907 Page 1

Moore Jane (Maidens)

b. 18/5/1845 Laguna Wollombi d. 23/5/1936 Strathfield br. Gordon

m. Albert Moore (1844 Wollombi- 6/8/1913 Chatswood Son of William Moore & Sarah Rogan) 1868 Wollombi 3652/1868

f. Elijah Maidens m. Bridget Muldowney

  1. (m) Walter Albert Moore b. 30/9/1869 West Dapto 19938/1869 d. 1940 Newtown
  2. (m) William Herbert Moore b. 21/6/1871 Dapto 19574/1871
  3. (m) Ernest Henry Moore b. 1874 Wollombi 21344/1874
  4. (f) Amy Jane Moore b. 1876 Maitland 14363/1876
  5. (f) Ada Moore b. 1878 Maitland 15604/1878
  6. (f) Florence May Moore b. 1879 Maitland 16569/1879
  7. (f) Minnie E Moore b. 1882 Patricks Plains 26499/1882
  8. (f) Jessie M Moore b. 1886 Dungog 19706/1886

Husband a school teacher.

Moore Jane

m. George Moore ( abt 1820 Northern Ireland - 18/4/1904 Woonona)

  1. (m) Robert Moore b. abt 1860 d. 5/9/1889 Woonona as a result of a mine accident
  2. (f) Elizabeth Moore b. 1868 Ireland d. 5/12/1939 Woonona (Robert Sheppard 1889)

Moore Jane Elizabeth see Byrne

Moore Kate (Kemish)

b. 1859 Knockholt Kent England d. 6/6/1946 Glenmore br. Glenmore

m. Arthur Valentine Moore (5/9/1858 – 25/11/1935 Glenmore Son of Robert Moore & Ellen McKilleget) 20/1/1887 Wollongong

f. Samuel Benjamin Kemish m. Jane Millard *

Ship: Queen of the East 1864

  1. (m) Robert Valentine Moore b. 1887 Glenmore d. 1985
  2. (m) Sydney Millard Moore b. 1889 Glenmore d. 1981
  3. (f) Clara Muriel Moore b. 1891 Glenmore d. 1963
  4. (f) Stella Moore b. 1893 Glenmore
  5. (m) Harold Gordon Moore b. 1897 Glenmore
  6. (f) Aubrey Kemish Moore b. 1899 Glenmore d. 1915
  7. (f) Edna Kate Moore b. 1906 Glenmore d. 1987

MOORE -KEMISH.-January 20, 1887, at the Wesleyan Church, Wollongong, by the Rev. J. W. Dowson, Arthur V., eldest son of Mr. Robert Moore, of Glenmore Oaks, to Kate, eldest daughter of Mr. S. B. Kemish, Berkeley Public School. The Sydney Morning Herald 11 February 1887

Moore Lucy Jane (Small)

b. 1853 d. 1935 Ashfield br. Rookwood

m. Rev John William Moore (1851 Liverpool -8/12/1935 Ashfield Son of Joseph Moore & Matilda Drake) 23/3/1875 Surry Hills

  1. (m) William Wellington Moore b. 1876 d. 1943
  2. (u) Unknown Moore b. 1877 d. 1877
  3. (m) Leslie Robert Moore b. 1878
  4. (f) Lucy Ethel Moore b. 1879 d. 1962 (Sydney Worrell 1901)
  5. (m) Edgar Joseph Moore b. 1880 d. 1971
  6. (f) Edith Agatha Moore b. 182 d. 1966
  7. (m) Arthur Ernest Moore b. 1883 d. 1950
  8. (m) Horace Reginald Moore b. 1884
  9. (f) Ada Mary Moore b. 1886 d. 1914
  10. (m) Victor Gordon Moore b. 1887 d. 1972
  11. (m) Alfred Ethelbert Moore b. 1889 d. 1925
  12. (m) Harold Hamilton Moore b. 1890 d. 1978
  13. (f) Alethea G Moore b. 1892 d. 1892
  14. (f) Mabel Irene Moore b. 1893 d. 1941
  15. (m) Cyril Charles Moore b. 1894

In her husband’s obituary it states that he was Methodist minister in Wellington, Bathurst, Lower Clarence, Moruya, Ulladulla, Berry, East Maitland, Yass, Wallsend, Young, York St Sydney, Parkes, Windsor, Ryde, Kiama, Rockdale, Balmain, Botany and Merewether.

Moore Lydia (Chin)

b. 21/9/1854 Newtown d. 1948 Berry

m. Robert Ross Moore (1852 Jamberoo- 10/2/1944 Berry Son of James Moore & Maria Reid *) 1/7/1877 Kiama

f. John Chin m. Emma Crooks *

  1. (f) Maria May Moore b. 1879 Kiama
  2. (m) John R R Moore b. 1885 Shoalhaven
  3. (m) James B Moore b. 1886 Shoalhaven
  4. (m) Wesley J Moore b. 1887 Shoalhaven
  5. (m) Albert W Moore b. 1889 Broughton Creek
  6. (m) Cecil E W Moore b. 1895 Berry

JULY 1st, by the Rev. W. Moore, Wesleyan minister, at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. R. R. MOORE, of, Gerringong, to LYDIA, second daughter of Mr. John Chin, of Kiama. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Tuesday 4 July 1876 p 2

Moore Makeda Jane

Living at Tongarra in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Moore Margaret A

m. John Moore

  1. (m) William Moore b. 1857 Kiama
  2. (m) George A Moore b. 14/8/1859 Kiama
  3. (f) Mary Moore b. 1862 Kiama
  4. (m) Edwin Moore b. 1862 Kiama
  5. (f) Jane L Moore b. 1864 Kiama

On the 24 instant, at Kiama, Mrs. John Moore of a son. Kiama Examiner (NSW : 1858 - 1859) Saturday 27 August 1859 p 2

Moore Margaret (Moran)

b. 26/2/1862 Macquarie River or Marshall Mount 14995/1862 d. 11/3/1938 Murwillumbah br. Murwillumbah Catholic

m. Philip James Moore (1857 Wollongong 122230/1857- 1938 Qld Son of James Moore & Mary O’Dea * ) 22/7/1885 St Pauls RC Albion Park

f. John Moran m. Mary O’Gorman *

  1. (f) Florence Mary Moore b. 27/6/1886 Marshall Mount
  2. (m) John Joseph Moore b. abt 1887 d. 14/7/1956 Murwillumbah
  3. (m) James Moran Joseph Moore b. 13/2/1888 Albion Park d. 1946 Murwillumbah
  4. (m) Philip Moore b. 14/7/1889 Dapto d. 10/10/1946 Murwillumbah
  5. (m) Thomas Patrick Moore b. 30/11/1890 Dapto d. 1960 Qld
  6. (m) William Moore b. 23/5/1892 Dapto Edward Joseph Moore b. 1902 Murwillumbah d. 1981
  7. (f) Bessie B Moore b. 1899 Murwillumbah
  8. (f) Loretto M H Moore b. 1904 Murwillumbah

Moore Margaret Jane (McCaughey)

b. 10/11/1831 Port Glenone Antrim Ireland d. 3/9/1894 Burrawang

m. John Moore (1/1/1826 Lisnafillon County Antrim Ireland - 1919 Rookwood Asylum Sydney Son of William Moore & Mary Ann Russell) 8/6/1852 Port Glenone Antrim Ireland

f. William McCaughley m. Margaret Forsythe

Ship: Bermondsey 1855

  1. (m) William John Moore b. 6/11/1852 Antrim Ireland d. 29/11/1889 Clunes
  2. (f) Margaret Jane Moore b. 6/9/1854 Port Glenone Antrim Ireland d. 16/10/1901 Newrybar (William Rice 1871)
  3. (f) Agnes Moore b. 1/1/1857 Ulladulla d. 8/2/1938 Rockdale (Frederick Hawkins 1876)
  4. (f) Isabella Ellen Kinross Moore b. 28/11/1859 Jamberoo d. 1949 North Sydney (Matthew Gay 1892)
  5. (f) Mary Ann Moore b. 5/3/1862 Wildes Meadow d. 8/9/1932 Kingaroy (Gustaf William Semgreen 1888)
  6. (m) Matthew Moore b. 25/6/1864 Wildes Meadow d. 31/7/1956 Strathfield (Lucinda Rachel Barber 1895)
  7. (m) Henry Moore b. 20/1/1867 Wildes Meadow d. 11/12/1948 Newrybar (Eliza Jane Moses 1893)
  8. (f) Elizabeth Moore b. 30/10/1871 Wildes Meadow d. 12/9/1955 Kirribilli ( Robert Steele Gay 1897)

Moore Maria

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (f) Alice L Moore b. 1858 Kiama

Moore Maria see Campbell

Moore Maria Mary (Dwyer)

m. James Moore 1856 Sydney 705/1856

  1. (m) John Moore b. 1860 Wollongong 13845/1860
  2. (m) James Moore b. 2/10/1861 West Dapto 14484/1861
  3. (m) Henry Moore abt 1861 Dapto (Jane Elizabeth Cooke * 1884)
  4. (f) Eliza Moore b. 26/1/1865 Dapto
  5. (m) Robert Moore b. 29/12/1865 Dapto 16494/1866
  6. (m) Thomas Moore b. 5/9/1867 Dapto 18057/1867
  7. (m) William Moore b. 27/1/1870 Dapto
  8. (m) Andrew J Moore b. 1871 Wollongong 19637/1871

Moore Maria Josephine (?)

b. abt 1780 d. 30/12/1865 William St Sydney br.

m. Joseph Moore (- before 1866)

On the 30th December, 1865, at her residence, Premier-terrace, MARIA JOSEPHINE, relict of the late JOSEPH MOORE, Esq., of St. John's Wollongong, aged 86. The Sydney Morning Herald 2 January 1866

Moore Martha see Mood

Moore Mary

m. John Moore

  1. (f) Isabella E Moore b. 1859 Kiama
  2. (m) John Moore b. 1861 Kiama

Moore Mary (Carroll)

m. Thomas Moore

  1. (m) Henry Thomas Moore b. 12/9/1864 Wollongong 16566/1864
  2. (f) Catherine Elizabeth Moore b. 19/12/1867 Wollongong 18075/1868

Husband a catholic teacher

Moore/Moor/More Mary (Coughrien/Coughlan/Coghlan alias Smith)

b. abt 1800 Dublin

m. Simon Moore (abt 1794- 1857 Sydney ?) 6/3/1843 Presbyterian Wollongong V 18434391 74B

Ship: Woodman 1823

Occupation: Housemaid

Tried: City of Dublin

Tried 1822

Sentence: 7 years

Crime: Felony of Lace and Corduroy

  1. (m) John James More b. 2/4/1844 Jamberoo d. 1908 Nowra (Mercy Eilden Vidler 1871)
  2. (f) Mary Jane Moore b. 5/11/1854 Shoalhaven reg Kiama RC d. 1860 Shoalhaven
  3. (f) Susanna Moore b. 9/1/1857 Shoalhaven bp Kiama RC

Husband a settler. He was appointed bailiff at Wollongong court in 1852 and was a constable in 1846. It is possible she remarried in 1857 Joseph Hemstead/Hamstead/Istead at Shoalhaven. If this is the right woman she died in 1880.

MRS. SIMON MOORE, of SHOALHAVEN, begs thus publicly to express her thanks to CHARLES . JENKINS, Esq.,of Wollongong, for THE WOODEN LEG he has so kindly .presented her, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged. ' He that giveth to the poor lendeth unto the Lord’ Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Monday 1 September 1856 p 7

Moore Mary (Daley)

m. James Moore

  1. (m) John Moore b. 24/11/1861 West Dapto
  2. (m) Andrew Moore b. 12/9/1871 West Dapto

Moore Mary (King)

b. 1864 Kiama d. 1/12/1931 Sprent Tas br. Ulverstone General Tas

m. William Moore (27/12/1859 New Norfolk Tas- 28/6/1936 Latrobe Tas (William Moore & Jane Mapley) 19/3/1885 Jamberoo

f. James King m. Julia Scandell *

  1. (f) Charlotte May Moore b. 7/1/1886 Kiama d. 19/4/1959
  2. (f) Evelyn Maud Moore b. 4 /8/1887 Kiama d . 23/1/1959
  3. (f) Ruby Alice Moore b. 12/1/1891 Sprent, Tasmania d 2/12/ 1961 Victoria
  4. (m) Clarence Thomas Moore b. 26/11/1894 Sprent, Tasmania d 1970 Victoria
  5. (m) Frederick Moore b. 11/5/1896 Sprent, Tasmania
  6. (m) Mark Edward Moore b. 11/2/1898 Sprent, Tasmania d . 1968
  7. (m) Anthony Wilfred Moore b. 31/8/1902 Sprent, Tasmania
  8. (f) Jessie Winifred Moore b. 2/9 1905 Sprent, Tasmania

Moore Mary (Murphy)

m. James Moore

  1. (f) Elizabeth Moore b. 18/8/1844 Jamboroo

Moore Mary (O’Day/O’Dye/O’Dae/ O’Dee/O’Day/O’Dea)

b. 1834 Kilrush Co Clare Ireland bp. 29/3/1834 d. 13/2/1895 Wollongong br. Albion Park Pioneer

m. James Moore (1830Murroe Co Limerick Ireland - 29/11/1893) 27/7/1856 Kiama

f. John or Philip O’Dea m.

Ship: Samuel Boddington 1855

  1. (f) Catherine Moore b. 7/7/1840 Jamboroo
  2. (m) Philip James Moore b. 26/5/1857 Dapto 122230/1857 d. 1938 Qld (Margaret Moran * 1885)
  3. (f) Mary E Moore b. 1858 Wollongong 14039/1858
  4. (f) Ellen Moore * b. 8/1/1859 Dapto d. 24/12/1882 Wollongong ( Duncan McArthur )
  5. (f) Mary Ann Moore * b. 1860 Dapto 13950/1860 bp. 19/8/1860 West Dapto (Henry Taylor 1890)
  6. (m) John Moore b. 1861 Wollongong 14525/1861
  7. (f) Bridget Moore b. 25/7/1863 Dapto
  8. (f) Sarah Jane Moore b. 26/10/1866 Dapto
  9. (f) Elizabeth Moore * b. abt 1866 Dapto (Thomas J Moran 1889)
  10. (m) Thomas Moore b. 12/1/1868 Calderwood/ Tullinbar d. 1929 Qld (Matilda Jane Keevers * 1891)
  11. (m) Edward James Moore b. 9/8/1870 Macquarie River bp Kiama RC
  12. (m) William Moore b. 12/5/1871 near Albion Park
  13. (f) Katherina Moore b. 1874 Wollongong
  14. (f) Isabella/Maria Jane Moore b. 25/9/1876 Albion Park

She Lived at Albion Park, Dapto, Tongarra, Kiama and Macquarie Rivulet. When she arrived her mother was dead and her father was living in New York. USA according to

Moore Mary Ann (Rutledge)

b. 1827 Trillick, Ireland d. 1887 Bega

m. Robert Moore (1834 Trillick Tyrone Ireland- 1918 Wyndham ) 1857 Wollongong 2843/1857

f. George Rutledge m. Catherine McGregor *

Ship: Rodney 1854

  1. (m) George Moore b. 1859 Wollongong 14240/1859
  2. (f) Elizabeth R Moore b. 1859 Wollongong 14241/1859
  3. (m) Joseph M Moore b. 1861 Wollongong 14413/1861 d. 1922
  4. (m) Robert J Moore b. 1863 Wollongong 15007/1863
  5. (f) Mary J Moore b. 1865 Wollongong 16993/1865 d. 1952 Qld (John Robinson 1887)
  6. (m) Thomas Moore b. 1871 Wollongong 19473/1871 d. 1942

She was the first of this family to embark on the voyage to Australia, some three years before the rest of the family came over. She paid having paid 1 pound towards her fare. Upon arrival, she worked for Joseph Ritchie at the “Daisy Bank” estate in Dapto.

Moore Matilda Jane (Keevers)

b. 1868 Jamberoo d. 5/6/1951 Qld

m. Thomas Moore (12/1/1868 Calderwood/ Tullinbar – 28/8/1929 Qld Son of James Moore & Mary O’Dea *) 15/7/1891 St Paul‘s Albion Park

f. Henry Keevers m. Louisa Jane Moon *

  1. (m) Thomas Leslie Moore b. 14/12/1891 Tongarra
  2. (f) Annie Olivette Moore b. 14/5/1894 Tongarra
  3. (m) Clement L Moore b. 1906 Kiama

Moore Sarah see Charlton

Moore Sarah

m. Robert Moore (-before 1900)

  1. (f) Sarah Moore * d. 16/10/1960 Dapto (William Hamilton Charlton 1904)
  2. (f) Hanna Moore

Living South Coast Rd Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

DAPTO POLICE COURT Sarah Moore, a widow, deposed she gave accused a threepenny piece and three coppers. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Saturday 3 March 1900 Page 4

Moore Teresa

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (m) John Joseph Moore b. 14/6/1902 Brownsville

Living Hore St Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Moore-Jones Florence Emma (Mitchell)

b. 2/6/1877 Newtown d. 3/12/1944 Auckland New Zealand

m. Horace Moore-Jones (3/2/1868 Malvern Wells Worcestershire – 3/4/1922 Hamilton NZ Son of David Jones & Sarah Ann Garner) 29/11/1905 Bellambi

f. Joseph Earl Cherry Mitchell m. Charlotte Harrison *

  1. (f) Puti Amy Josephine Moore-Jones b. 27/8/1906 Mosman (Edgar Kingdon 1930)
  2. (m) Paul Moore-Jones b. 12/1/1909 Bellambi
  3. (f) Sara Chloe Moore-Jones b. 1919

Living at Bellambi in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. She was living at Bellambi when her enlisted in the UK into the NZ Army. He served at Gallipoli and became a war artist.

Moore-Jones—Mitchell. The marriage of Mr. Horace Moore-Jones, the well-known Sydney artist, with Miss Florence E. Mitchell, third daughter of the late Mr. Joseph E. Mitchell, ex-M.L.A., of Milton House, Bellambi, took place recently at the Methodist Church, Bellambi, the building being prettily decorated for the occasion. The Rev. T. B. Holmes, of Wollongong, officiated at the ceremony.

The bride, who was attended by the Misses M. and D. Mitchell and Miss D. .Adelt as bridesmaids, looked extremely pretty, and was given away by her brother, Mr. George Mitchell. Mr. Brown, of Sydney, acted as best man. After the ceremony refreshments were served at Milton House, which was decorated with flags, bunting, and flowers. Mr. and Mrs. Horace Moore-Jones left by the evening train for Kiama. The guests included Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Jaques, Mrs. Spring, Dr. and Mrs. O'Connor (Woonona), Mr. and Mrs. J. McMeekan (Bellambi), Mr. and the Misses Wiseman (Wollongong), Mrs. and Miss Adelt (Killara), and several students from Mr. Moore-Jones' Sydney art class. Some very handsome wedding gifts were received. The Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser (NSW : 1871 - 1912) Wednesday 20 December 1905 p 1592

MOORE-JONES.— At Aston, Upper Avenue-road, Mosman August 27, the wife of Horace Moore-Jones of a daughter. The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930) Monday 3 September 1906 p 1

MOORE-JONES. — January 12, at Milton House, Bellambi, N.S.W., the wife of H. Moore-Jones — a son. The Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser (NSW : 1871 - 1912) Wednesday 27 January 1909 p 60

(He was said to be of Remuera, Auckland NZ at this time).

MOORE-JONES.-November 3, 1944, at Auckland, Florence, widow of the late Horace Moore-Jones, of Sydney and Auckland, daughter of the late Joseph and Charlotte Mitchell, Bellambi, much loved sister of Violet (deceased), May (Mrs. Thompson, Hurstville), Maud (deceased), Lillian (Mrs. Walker, Woodford), David (Mount Keira), George (Clontarf), and Gordon (Numulgi) The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 11 November 1944 p 24

Photo at

Moores Martha

m. Thomas Moores

  1. (f) Sarah Eliza Moores b. 1856 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong

Mora Maria (Barrett)

b. abt 1859

m. Alexander Mora (abt 1851 Italy - 1900 Leichhardt Son of Andrew Mora & Ellen ) 1880 Sydney 978/1880

  1. (m) Andrew Mora b. 10/1/1883 Newcastle bp. St Francis Xavier’s 7/10/1883 27952/1883
  2. (f) Ellen Mora b. 1885 Sydney 3689/1885 d. 1885 Sydney

Maria Mora, 29, and Mary Brown, 26, both described as married women, were charged with, stealing a brooch, value 9s. Cd., the property of Mark Moody. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 14 January 1888 p 7

Assault on a Wife.

At the Central Police Court to-day Alexander Mora, 40, laborer, was charged with having assaulted his wife, Maria-, in view of a constable, by striking her with his fist. He was fined 40s, levy and distress, or 21 days. Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931) Monday 2 March 1891 p 3

Alexander Mora, 43, coal lumper, was remanded on a charge of having assaulted Maria Mora, Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931) Thursday 27 July 1893 p 3

A Violent Husband.

At the Central Police Court to-day, before Captain Fisher, S.M., Alexander Mora, 44, laborer, was charged by warrant with having violently and maliciously threatened Maria Mora. It appeared that accused reached his home in a drunken state last night and threatened to cut her throat. Accused was bound over to keep the peace for six months and to find sureties for the same, in default to go to gaol for two months. Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931) Wednesday 5 September 1894 p 6


Information was received by the police last night that Mr. Alexander Mora was beating Mrs. Mora to death at their residence, Harris-street, Ultimo, and Constable Jordan, of No. 1 Station, went down to see about it, so to speak. Mr. Mora is an Italian person, of the laboring persuasion, and when not engaged in stamping on the face of the lady he has sworn to cherish he used to amuse himself with a little lumping and other light exercise on wharves and places. However, on the present occasion he was too busily engaged in an industrious effort to boost the senses out of Mrs. M. to notice at first the approach of the constable, but when he did observe the presence of Jordan he hit him hard and twice on the nose, producing to the vision of the gentleman in blue three new and expensive kinds of catherine-wheels and some golden, rain of an improved pattern. He further more launched a pair of dainty elevens with a 1in. sole .at the officer, bruising him badly, and when Robert M'Kirdy arrived with the idea of helping the policeman tho Roman tough landed him promptly on the left eye, which made Mac wink the other one and go astern. Before, however, he could got out of range of the ruffian the latter caught hint by the body with his hand, causing him intense agony.

Now in consideration of this eccentric conduct Mr. Johnson, S.M., at the Central to-day, sentenced Mr. Mora to three months on each charge of assault (cumulative), and fined him 40s., with the option of a fortnight, for an observation he made under the influence of excitement and fluids. The Australian Star (Sydney, NSW : 1887 - 1909) Wednesday 18 November 1891 p 6

Moran Alice/Ally (Besting/Beston)

b. abt 1833 Limerick Ireland d. 24/2/1892 Cordeaux River

m. William Moran (abt 1829 Ballynakill Galway Ireland - 1/8/1904 Mt Kembla Son of Martian Moran & Catherine Gleeson *) 1858 Wollongong

Parents unknown on death certificate

Ship: Cressy 1856

Cause of Death: drowned after having a fit

  1. (m) John Moran b. 24/4/1865 Dapto 16946/1865 d. 6/5/1945 Wollongong
  2. (m) William Michael Moran b. 7/12/1868 Lake d. 14/8/1941 Wollongong (Mary Jane Moran * 1900)

The family lived in the Cordeaux area.


An inquest was held on Thursday before the district coroner (Mr. B. Lipscomb) and a jury of seven, at the residence of Martin Moran, Cordeaux River, touching the death of Alice Moran, wife of William Moran. Dr. Lee gave evidence that he had viewed the body, and was of opinion that death was caused from suffocation, and that Mrs. Moran must have been insensible when she fell into the water. John Hayes deposed that between 7 and 8 o'clock on Wednesday morning he went with William Moran to look for the latter's wife ; in the creek near the road he found the body of the deceased lying in the water ; she was dead at the time ; the water was about seven inches deep ; there was a slight bruise on the forehead ; there was no appearance of any struggle having taken place ; she was lying face downwards with her arms underneath ; the back of her head was exposed and out of the water. William Moran deposed that the deceased was his wife ; she got up from her bed the previous morning about 5 o'clock ; lit the fire and made some tea for her son and got him his breakfast ; about six o'clock was the last time he saw her alive ; he got up between 6 and 7, and found his wife was missing from the house ; he sent a message to his next-door neighbor Thomas Hayes to come and help him look for his wife, and he sent his son John Hayes ; had no quarrel of any kind with his wife, and had no reason for believing that she   intended destroying herself ; she had been suffering from asthma lately, and for some years past had been complaining of pains in her head ; heard some persons near the creek calling out and went over to them, and saw his wife lying in the creek ; she was then dead, and he helped to lift her out ; the creek was about 4ft wide, and about seven inches deep ; there was no trace of any struggle ; his wife had a touch of sunstroke about three years ago ; his servant boy had called Mrs. Moran before he got out of bed, and when he found she did not answer he got up and sent to the neighbors to tell them she was missing ; she complained the evening before of being annoyed by the servant boy, Cecil Egan, and it caused her great pain. Cecil Egan deposed to seeing Mrs. Moran early the previous morning ; saw her leave the house and go towards the dam, in the direction of the creek ; that was the last time he saw her alive ; Mr. Moran asked him to look for his wife ; he did so, but could not find her : he then sent him to Mr. Hayes to see if she was there, and, said if she was not there he expected she had gone to drown herself ; he told this to Mr. Hayes, and afterwards went to Mr. Prior's to tell them of Mrs.   Moran's absence ; he told Prior that she had gone away to drown herself ; afterwards saw the body taken from the creek   to the house ; when he saw Mrs. Moran going to the dairy she told him to go on milking ; the afternoon before she struck him, and he went out to the garden and she followed him ; he heard her tell her husband that witness had tormented her, and that she would do away with herself ; that was about 3 o'clock in the afternoon ; witness had frequently tormented her during the last three months : she often told him that he would be sorry for tormenting her ; had heard her complain of having a bad head ; she had asked him to be a better boy and not annoy her so much. John Moran (son of deceased) and Alfred Prior also gave evidence. The jury returned the following verdict : — “We find that the said Alice Moran, on   the morning of the 24th instant, died from suffocation, being insensible at the time she fell into the water.” The prevailing opinion amongst those best qualified to judge is that the unfortunate woman did not commit suicide, as was erroneously reported in town on Wednesday,   but that she took a fit when near   the creek, falling in face downwards. This supposition is supported by the evidence of Dr. Lee. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Saturday 27 February 1892 p 2

Moran Anne (Kelley)

m. Martin Moran

  1. (m) Michael Moran b. 25/11/1864 Mount Kembla 2347 VOL 121A/1864

Moran Ann (McNabb)

b. abt 1834 d. 27/8/1884 Mt Kembla br. West Dapto Catholic

m. Martin Moran (abt 1831 or 1836 Ballynakill Galway Ireland -16/1/1908 Mt Kembla Son of Martin Moran & Catherine Gleeson *)

f. McNabb m. Unknown

  1. (f) Ann Maria Moran * b. 25/6/1874 Mount Kembla 21522/1874 d. 1/2/1963 (Edward Gallagher 1806)
  2. (u) Unnamed Moran b. 1876 Wollongong 22592/1876

Moran Anne (Riley)

b.abt 1838 Innisfail Co Tyrone Ireland d. 27/8/1884 Mt Kembla br. West Dapto Catholic

m. Martin Moran (abt 1831 or 1836 Ballynakill Galway Ireland - 16/1/1908 Mt Kembla Son of Martin Moran & Catherine Gleeson *)3/2/1864 St Francis Xavier’s

f. Bernard Reilly

  1. (f) Eliza Jane Moran b. 2/1/1866 Mount Kembla
  2. (m) Francis Edward Moran b. 13/9/1867 Mount Kembla Wollongong
  3. (m) Martin Moran b. 20/11/1869 Mount Kembla Wollongong
  4. (u) Unnamed Moran b. 1872 Wollongong 19594/1872

It is possible that this Anne, Ann McNabb and Ann Kelley are the same person as there are no marriages of Ann McNabb and Martin and there is no other death for an Ann Moran in the correct timeframe.

MORAN. — At her residence, Mount Kembla, on the 27th instant, Ann, the beloved wife of Martin Moran, aged 50 years. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Thursday 28 August 1884 p 2

Moran Bridget (Carey/Casy/Keary/Kearey/Kerry)

m. Michael Moran

  1. (f) Mary Gertrud Moran b. 7/11/1849 Wollongong
  2. (f) Elizabeth Moran b. 6/3/1852 Wollongong V18521715 121A/1852
  3. (m) Michael Basil Moran b. 14/6/1854 Wollongong V18541870 121A/1854 d. 1920 Granville
  4. (m) William Henry Moran b. 25/10/1856 Wollongong 8460/1856 d. 1912 Sydney
  5. (m) James Moran b. 15/6/1860 Wollongong 13934/1860

Moran Bridget Ellen (Moore)

m. Thomas Moran (abt 1863 -26/12/1889 Calderwood Son of John Moran & Mary Gorman *) 187 Kiama

  1. (f) Robina P E Moran b. 1889 Wollongong

MORAN.—In loving memory of THOMAS MORAN , who died on the 26th Dec., 1889 ; aged 26 years.

Fare thee well, my husband dear ;
We little thought your time so near ;
We tried to save you, but all in vain;
God took you from your weary pain.
Gone a sunbeam from the household
To the land of love and rest,
Where the storms that round us gather,
Can no more disturb my breast.
Calm thy brow my gentle husband :
Over which we bend and weep :
Darling, can we fear to follow thee
In such a gentle sleep.
What is left of thee, dear husband,
For my love and tender care ;
Only a mound of earth, dear husband,
And a lock of silken hair.
'Tis hard to part, but husband dear,
We know you are at rest ;
No pain to hear, no sorrow there,
But happy with the blest.
Above thy lowly grave I kneel,
With heart all crushed and sore ;
So will, through the gloom these sweet words steal,

“Not lost, but gone before.”

Inserted by his loving wife, Bridget Moran. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 29 December 1891 p 2

Moran Catherine (Gleeson)

b. abt 1793 or 1799 Ballynakill Galway Ireland d. 24/6/1868 br. West Dapto Catholic

m. Martin Moran (abt 1776 Galway- 18/7/1872 American Creek Son of Andrew Moran & ?) 1809 Ireland

Ship: 1854 Rodney

  1. (m) Thomas Moran b. 1818 Ireland d 26.04.1892 Mt Kembla (Catherine Gorman * 1865)
  2. (f) Mary Moran b. Ireland
  3. (m) Andrew Moran b. abt 1820 Ireland d. 14/9/1911 Wollongong ( Mary Sheedy *1858)
  4. (m) William Moran b. abt 1829 Ballynakill Galway Ireland d. 1/8/1904 Mt Kembla ( Alice Beston * 1858)
  5. (m) Michael Moran b. abt 1831 Ballynakill Galway Ireland d. 27/11/ 1915 Mt Kembla (Elizabeth O'Rourke * 1857)
  6. (f) Margaret Moran * b. Ireland d. 17/12/1914 Unanderra ( Peter Carr 1857)
  7. (m) Martin Moran b. abt 1836 Ballynakill Galway Ireland 1830 d. 16/1/1908 Mt Kembla (Ann Reilly * 1864 , Ann McNabb* )
  8. (m) John Moran b. abt 1839 Ballynakill Galway Ireland d. 2/6/1887 Marshall Mount ( Mary Gorman * 1861)

Lived at Lake Illawarra at an area known as Moran's Swamp On her death, was carried on a brier by her 6 sons to the Cemetery. Her gravestone was erected by Their Youngest Son John Moran

Moran Catherine (Gorman)

b. abt 1837 Co Tiperary Ireland d. 3/5/1898 Cordeaux River br. Wollongong

m. Thomas Moran (1818 Ireland – 26/4/1892 Mt Kembla Son of Martin Moran & Catherine Gleeson *) 12/8/1865 Wollongong

f. Timothy Gorman

  1. (m) Thomas Moran b. 6/6/1866 Cordoo River Wollongong 16612/1866 d. 14/2/1929 Sydney (Elizabeth Jane Moore * 1889)
  2. (f) Ellen Moran b. 23/1/1869 Coradore River

She left a will 20/12/1898

Moran Catherine (O’Neill/O’Brien)

b. 22/12/1860 West Dapto/Lake Illawarra/Calderwood 14297/1861 d. 20/3//1942 Dapto br. West Dapto

m. John Moran ( 28/1/1860 Illawarra Lake-1946 Wollongong hospital Son of Michael Moran & Elizabeth Rourke *) 21/7/1886 St Paul’s Albion Park

f. Michael O’Neill m. Margaret Leydon *

  1. (f) Loretto Blanche Moran b. 28/7/1887 Cordeaux River 25024/1887 d. 15/6/1973 (Timothy Condon 1919)
  2. (f) Anne Eloise Moran b. 21/4/1891Mt Kembla 38418/1891 d. 23/8/1931 Dapto ( Peter Dolan 1920)
  3. (f) Elizabeth Margaret Ethel Moran b. 6/1/1897 Dapto 8653/1897 d. 6/11/1903 Dapto
  4. (f) Kathleen Mary Moran b. 17/11/1899 Dapto 8863/1900 d. 7/1/1972 Wollongong (William George 1925)
  5. (f) Agnes Eileen Moran b. 15/1/1902 Dapto d. 23/12/1983 Wollongong (Patrick Irwin 1940)
  6. (m) Francis Moran b. 7/6/1904 Dapto d. 4/3/1905 Dapto

Living South Coast Rd Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a farmer.


A Friend writes: As briefly reported in a recent issue, the passing   of the late Mrs. Catherine Mary Moran, beloved wife of Mr. John Moran, of Dapto, removes a highly respected member of the Illawarra District. A daughter of the late Michael and Margaret O'Neill, she was born at Calderwood, where she spent her early years. After her marriage she resided for some time at Cordeaux, where she endeared herself to the early pioneers of that district.

Removing to Dapto, the couple secured the farming property known as 'Fairfield', where she resided till her death. The late Mrs. Moran was a lady of remarkable activity, and retained her faculties to the end. Though of reserved disposition, her charity knew no bounds, and many a homeless one received comfort and hospitality from her hands. During her last illness she was lovingly cared for by her daughters, in whose presence she passed peacefully away.    South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 10 April 1942 p 2

Moran Eliza (Rourke/Rouark)

b. abt 1834 d. 6/11/1917 Mt Kembla 16552/1917  br. Wollongong General

m. Michael Moran ( abt 1823- 26/11/1915) 1857 Wollongong

f. John Rourke m. Margaret

  1. (f) Margaret Moran * b. 22/5/1858 Wollongong 13415/1858 d. 7/11/1950 Wollongong (Patrick Purcell 1884)
  2. (m) John Moran b. 28/1/1860 b. Illawarra Lake 13823/1860 d. 1946 Wollongong (Catherine O’Neill * 1886)
  3. (f) Catherine Moran b. 30/11/1861 Yellow Lake 14960/1862
  4. (m) William Moran b. March 1864 Dapto Lake 16491/1864 d. 1891 Wollongong
  5. (m) Alexander Michael Moran b. 6/10/1866 Lake Macquarie River V18662424 121A/1866 d. 10/9/1934 Wollongong
  6. (f) Mary Jane Moran b. 3/10/1868 Lake d. 1941 Wollongong (William Moran 1900)
  7. (f) Elizabeth Moran b. 1877 Wollongong 22982/1877 (William Moran

Living Mount Kembla in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

A very old and highly respected resident passed away on Tuesday night in the person of Mrs. M. Moran, of Mount Kembla. This old lady was one of the last of the pioneers of this place. She had been a great sufferer from rheumatism for many years. She leaves a large number of grand- children, and great grandchildren to mourn their loss. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 9 November 1917 p 5

Moran Elizabeth Jane Lizzie (Moore)

b. 26/1/1866 Dapto b. 10/7/1954 Bondi br.

m. Thomas John Moran (6/6/1866 Cordeaux River - 14/2/1929 Sydney Son of Thomas Moran & Catherine Gorman * ) 16/1/1889 St Paul’s Albion Park

f. James Moore m. Mary O’Day *

  1. (f) Ellen Elsie Moran b. 3/12/1889 Wollongong 24556/1889 d. before 1954
  2. (m) Charles Walter James Moore b. 24/3/1891 38388/1891 d. 31/7/1900 aged 9 years & 4 months
  3. (f) Irene Mary Moran b. 13/11/1893 Mount Kembla 37721/1894 (Keatinge)
  4. (m) Clement T Moran b. 1902 Wollongong d. 9/7/1903 aged 1 ½ years
  5. (m) Thomas Terance Moran b. 1906 Wollongong
  6. (m) Roy Silverous Moran b. 1908 Wollongong 31393/1908 

Living Mount Kembla in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties Husband a club manager.

MORAN Elizabeth Jane-July 10, 1954 at a private hospital Bondi. of 33 Liverpool Street Rose Bay, widow of the late Thomas John Moran dearly loved mother of Charles (deceased), Elsie Ellen (deceased) Irene Mary (Mrs. Keatinge), Clement (deceased) Thomas Terence, and Roy Silverous and loving grandmother of Kathleen (Mrs. D. S.  McAllister) Ngaire Keatinge and  Irene Terrie (Mrs J. Brennan) aged   89 years Reqiuescat in pace.  The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 12 July 1954 p 16

Moran Ellen (Baron)

m. William Moran 1868 Kiama

Moran Frances (Feltham)

b. abt 1820

m. Daniel Moran Place of Worship CofE Dapto; Wollongong

Convict Permission to Marry Index 1840 Wollongong

Ship: Planter 1839

Sentence: 10 years

Tried: Wiltshire

While on ship she had pneumonia; put on sick list 13 November 1838, discharged 27 November 1838

Moran Harriet Henrietta

b. 30/5/1863 Mount Kembla d. 1/11/1936

f. Andrew Moran m. Mary Sheedy *

Living Crown St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –Dressmaker

Moran Lydia (Lloyd)

m. Martin Moran () 1883 Sydney

  1. (f) Mary Amy Florence Moran b. 31/1/1886 Mount Kembla 24274/1886 
  2. (m) Andrew J Moran b. 1889 Wollongong

Some sites claim that she married Martin Moran the husband of Ann Riley or McNabb- if so it was a bigamous marriage as his first wife did not die until a year after this marriage and she is not buried with or near her husband.

Moran Mary

Living Mount Kembla in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Moran Mary

b. 1848 Alleen Co. Tipperary, Ireland d. 8/4/1930 Dapto br. West Dapto Catholic

m. Michael Moran (abt 1844- 4/5/1933 Dapto Son of ? Moran & Bridget)

f. Daniel m. Kate

Living Bong Bong St Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a carpenter.


The death occurred on Monday evening- after a protracted illness of Mrs. Moran, aged 82 years, wife of Mr. Michael Moran, of Dapto. Deceased was a native of Tipperary, Ireland, and had resided nearly 40 years in Dapto, where the couple were highly respected. The funeral to West Dapto Catholic Cemetery on Wednesday was largely attended. Deceased is survived by her husband. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 11 April 1930 p 26

Moran Mary (Gorman/O’Gorman)

b. 1839

m. John Moran ( abt 1839 Co Clare Ireland -2/6/1887 Marshall Mount Creek Son of John Moran & Catherine McAnnery) 1861 Wollongong

f. Patrick Gorman m. Eliza Saunders *

  1. (f) Margaret Moran * b. 26/2/1862 Macquarie River 14995/1862 (Philip James Moore 1885)
  2. (m) Thomas J Moran b. 30/8/1863 Dapto W. 15108/1863 d. 26/12/1889 Calderwood (Bridget Ellen Moore * 1889)
  3. (m) William Moran b. 5/3/1866 Yallah near Dapto 16666/1866
  4. (m) Patrick Charles Moran b. 24/5/1868 Lake
  5. (m) John Moran b. 29/10/1870 Marshal Mount 19448/1871 d. 18/2/1894 br. Albion Park Catholic
  6. (m) Martin Moran b. 15/11/1873 Marshall Mount 21414/1874
  7. (m) Andrew Moran b. 15/1/1876 Marshall Mount 22471/1876
  8. (f) Mary J Moran b. 1878 Wollongong
  9. (f) Mary Ann Moran * b. 24/11/1877 Marshal Mount 24644/1878 (William McDonogh 1896)
  10. (f) Catherine Florence Ellen Moran b. 6/6/1881 Calderwood 18900/1881 d. 1978 Gladesville (Arthur James Newson)
  11. (m) Michael Edward Moran b. 11/12/1883 Calderwood 22738/1884
  12. (f) Ellen Elisha Moran b. 11/12/1883 Calderwood 22739/1884

Her husband died while crossing the creek on his way home from a cattle sale at Figtree- they lived at Calderwood She was still living there in 1889 when one of her sons died at her home.

Moran Mary (O’Brien)

m. James Moran 1860 Wollongong

Moran Mary (Sheedy)

b. abt 1829 d. 19/6/1888 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. Andrew Moran (abt 1820 Ireland – 14/9/1911 Lower Crown St Wollongong )

  1. (f) Mary Ann Moran * b. 5/11/1856 American Creek 8485/1856 d. 19/5/1942 Wollongong br. Wollongong
  2. (f) Winifred Moran * b. 5/12/1858 Dapto 14028/1859 (Alfred F M Male 1883)
  3. (f) Catherine Moran b. 5/9/1860 Wollongong 14010/1860
  4. (f) Harriet Henrietta Moran * b. 30/5/1863 Mount Kembla d. 1/11/1936
  5. (m) Andrew Moran b. 2/1/1866 Mount Kembla

MORAN. -June 19, at her residence, Crown-street, Wollongong, of bronchitis, Mary, the beloved wife of Andrew Moran, aged 57 years.    The Sydney Morning Herald 27 June 1888

Husband a bootmaker.

Moran Mary Ann

b. 5/11/1856 American Creek 8485/1856 d. 19/5/1942 Wollongong

f. Andrew Moran m. Mary Sheedy *

Living Crown St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –Machine agent

Moran Mary Jane (Moran)

b. 3/10/1868 Lake d. 9/3/1941 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. William Michael Moran (abt 1869- 14/8/1941 Wollongong Son of William Moran & Alice Beston * ) 1900 Wollongong

f. Michael Moran m. Eliza Rourke *

  1. (f) Alice E Moran b. 1902 Wollongong (Arnold L Harrigan 1925)
  2. (m) Patrick W Moran b. 1906 Wollongong

At the age of 71 years, the death occurred at Wollongong Hospital on Sunday last of Mrs. Mary Jane Moran, of Kembla Heights. She was the wife of William and dear mother of Patrick, of Kembla Heights, and Alice (Mrs. A. Harrigan) of Tongarra. On Monday the funeral cortege   left St. Francis Xavier's Church,   Wollongong, for the Catholic cemetery. She was a member of pioneer family and was highly respected.  South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 14 March 1941 p 12

Moran Sarah

b. abt 1833 Newport, Mayo Ireland

f. Patrick Moran m. Mary

Ship: Panama 1850

She was an Irish orphan whose parents were both dead when she arrived

When she arrived she was employed by W Moran, Jamberoo for £8 per year. (Was this employer a relative? )

More Mary see Moore

Morell Frances Helen (Hopkins)

b. 1858 Sydney d. 26/1/1934 Manly

m. James Harris Morell (abt 1856 Dungannon Tyrone Ireland -3/5/1938 North Sydney Son of Charles Lucas Morell & Anna Brown) 12/1/1882 Bong Bong

f. Richard J Hopkins m. Harriet Armstrong Prittchett *

  1. (f) Annie Constance Morell b. 1882 Wollongong 19645/1882 d. 1960 Chatswood (Edward Cortis 1910)
  2. (m) Charles Leslie Morell b. 16/7/1884 Umgela, Armagh, Ireland d. 1974
  3. (f) Louise Millicent Morell b. 25/3/1886 Umgola, Armagh, Ireland d. 1967 Sydney (Sir Charles Norman Paul 1913)
  4. (f) Kathleen I Morell (Stanley H Rae 1913)
  5. (m) Roy Morell b. 28/5/1889 Wollongong 24408/1889 d. 1960 Chatswood
  6. (m) James Francis Morell b. 25/9/1891 Wollongong 38545/1891 d. 1969 St Leonards
  7. (m) Henry Herbert Morell b. 1893 Wollongong 39368/1893 d. 20-3-1981 Qld
  8. (m) Throsby S Morell b. 1895 Kempsey 13632/1895 d. 27/2/1819 France suicide or influenza

MORELL-HOPKINS.-January 12, at Christ Church, Bong Bong, by the Rev. Stanley Howard, M.A., James H., second son of the Rev. Charles L. Morell. Dungannon, Ireland, to Fannie,  youngest daughter of the late R. J. Hopkins, Benares, Illawarra.   The Sydney Morning Herald 21 January 1882

MORELL. - July 16, at Umgela, Armagh, Ireland, the -wife of J.H. Morell, of a son The Sydney Morning Herald 5 September 1884

MORELL.-March 25,1886, at Umgola, Armagh, Ireland, the wife of J. H. Morell, of a daughter. The Sydney Morning Herald 28 May 1886

MORELL.-May 28, at Wollongong , the wife of J. H. Morell, The Sydney Morning Herald 3 June 1889

MORELL -September 25, at Wollongong, the wife of J. H. Morell, A. J. S. Bank, of a son The Sydney Morning Herald 30 September 1891

MORELL-January 26 1934 at a private hospital Manly ,Frances Helen Morell wife of J H Morell aged 75 . Privately interred The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 30 January 1934 Page 8

Moresby Edith Estella (Gunning)

b. 1874 Bourke d. 22/7/1975 Mosman

m. John Garland Moresby (14/6/1868 Falmouth Cornwall - 24/12/1938 Dee Why)

f. Alfred Phillip Gunning m. Harriet Ann

  1. (m) Fairfax Philip Moresby b. 1898 Brewarrina d. 1984 (Emily Isabelle Hunt 1926)
  2. (f) Joyce Moresby b. 1905 Wollongong (Evelyn B Phillips 1935)
  3. (f) Enid E Moresby b. 1907 Wollongong (Adrian S W Wilson 1930)

Living Kembla St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Morey Bridget (Kelly)

d. 1869 Sydney

m. Thomas R Morey (- 1868 Glebe Son of William Morey & Mary )

f. William Kelly

  1. (m) Thomas Morey b. 1857 Sydney
  2. (f) Mary Morey b. 30/9/1860 West Dapto 14027/1860

Morley Elizabeth Ann (Graham)

b. 1872 Jamberoo d. 6/11/1932 br. Brownsville Anglican

m. William Morley ( 1863 Picton – 27/2/1942 Wollongong hospital Son of Robert Morley & Mary Ann Pryke ) 1897 Kiama

f. Charles Graham m. Rebecca Pugh Nichols *

  1. (m) William C Morley b. 1897 Wollongong d. 1902 Wollongong
  2. (m) Robert G Morley b. 1899 Wollongong
  3. (f) Lillian F M Morley b. 1900 Wollongong (Vivian T A Smith 1929)
  4. (f) Elizabeth P Morley b. 1903 Wollongong (William H Waples 1930)
  5. (m) John H Morley b. 1905 Dapto d. 18/8/1911 aged 5
  6. (f) Thelma M Morley b. 1909 Wollongong (Noel F Townsend 1932)

Living Lakelands in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a labourer.

Death of Mrs. Morley

Death has claimed still another estimable lady citizen of Wollongong. Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Morley, of Atchison-street, joyously participated in the marriage of her younger daughter, Thelma, on Saturday afternoon, died at 9 o'clock on Sunday morning. It was a tragic occurrence -one that stirred the community to express profound regret and sympathy for the bereaved ones. The late Mrs. Morley was within two months of reaching the age of 60 years. She had resided in Wollongong 24 years, during which period her husband, Mr. William Morley, has been employed by the Public Works Department. She was born at Jamberoo, and as Miss Elizabeth Graham she married Mr. Morley, at Kiama, 36 years ago. The issue of the union was a family of six - three daughters and three sons. Two sons died early in life and Robert is now the only surviving son. The daughters are Lilian (Mrs. Smith, Casino), Elizabeth (Mrs. Waples, Dapto) and Thelma (Mrs. Townsend, Wollongong, who was married on Saturday last.) Deceased had not enjoyed robust health for some months. Occasionally she took bad turns, but her sudden end was totally unexpected. As a neighbor and friend she was one of the very best, while as an industrious woman her equal would be hard to find. The remains were interred in the C. of E. cemetery, Brownsville, on Monday, alongside those of her two sons. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 11 November 1932 p 21

Morley Elizabeth Flora (Cameron)

b. 1870 Hartley d. 23/9/1945 Wongarbon br. Woronora

m. Alfred Fuller Morley (abt 1865 Bathurst – 23/6/1927 Darlinghurst Son of W H Morley & ) 1889 Lithgow

f. Alexander Cameron m. Jane

  1. (f) Josephine C Morley b. 1890 Lithgow (W S Player)
  2. (m) Armand Victor Morley b. 1891 Burwood
  3. (f) Vera L Morley b. 1894 Hurstville ( H V Thorby)
  4. (m) Alfred H Morley b. 1896 Woonona
  5. (m) Arthur C Morley b. 1902 Narrandera
  6. (m) Sydney A Morley b. 1910 Dubbo

Husband employed on the railways.


The death occurred at her residence, 'Maben,' Wongarbon, at noon on Sunday, of an old and respected resident of the Dubbo district, in Mrs. Elizabeth Flora Morley, in her 75th   year. Deceased was the widow of the late Alfred Fuller Morley, who predeceased her in 1927;and had resided in the Wongarbon district at 'Maben, for 41 years; where with her husband she carried on farming and grazing pursuits. A lady, of a kindly disposition her demise will be regretted by all who had the privilege of knowing her. She is survived by, a family of two sons and two daughters (Mr. John H Morley Armidale, . Sidney Morley; Jandowie Queensland Mrs W S Player Dubbo; and Mrs. H.V.C Thorby Maben Wongarbon. The Dubbo Liberal and Macquarie Advocate (NSW : 1894 - 1954) Tuesday 25 September 1945 p 4

Morley Emily

m. William Morley

  1. (f) Ada Morley b. 1893 Kiama

Morley Mary Anne Agnes (McGee)

b. 13/10/1853 Dapto d. 27/3/1909 Waterloo br. Rookwood independent

m. Walter Morley (abt 1847 – 9/10/1925 Ashfield Son of ? Morley & Sarah) 1872 Wollongong

f. John McGee m. Jane D’Arcy *

  1. (m) Walter Frederick Ernest Morley b. 1/8/1873 Charcoal
  2. (f) Florence Lillian St A Maley b. 16/9/1874 Charcoal
  3. (f) Ellen Ethel Moolee b. 7/10/1875 Farie Meadow Wollongong (Henry W P W Wilson 1906)
  4. (m) Arthur Stanley Morley b. 1/4/1877 Farie Meadow Wollongong d. 1907 Waterloo
  5. (m) Henry L Morley b. 1878 Redfern
  6. (m) Alfred Morley b. 1880 Waterloo
  7. (f) Margaret J Morley b. 1883 Waterloo (Jonah Mawson 1909)
  8. (m) Sidney Morley b. 1885 Redfern
  9. (f) Edith Morley b. 1888 Redfern
  10. (f) Kathleen Morley b. 1891 Waterloo (Philip Cavanagh 1909)

Husband a farmer

Buried as W A Morley with husband.

Morgan Amelia E M (Francis)

b. 1865 Wollongong d. before 1933

m. Charles Percival Morgan (abt 1858 Glamorganshire Wales- 4/9/1933 Mittagong Son of Samuel Morgan & Elizabeth ) 1884 Wollongong

f. Emanuel Francis m. Eliza Organ *

  1. (f) Frances Angelina Morgan b. 1885 Wollongong d. 1969 Wyong (William Chalker 1910)
  2. (f) Lilly E Morgan b. 1887 Wollongong
  3. (m) Percival Charles Morgan b. 1890 Wollongong d. 1941 Liverpool
  4. (f) Elizabeth S Morgan b. 1893 Wollongong
  5. (m) Albert Emanuel Morgan b. 1896 Wollongong d. 1968 Parramatta
  6. (f) Mabel E Morgan (Ernest G Stewart 1921)

Husband a veterinary surgeon, he worked at Rosehill and Wollongong and went to Mittagong about 1897.

In Meomorium in 1898 for her mother Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Saturday 30 April 1898 Page 2

Morgan Ann Elizabeth (Barton)

m. William Cameron Morgan (28/7/1861 Tamworth- 1924 Lithgow Son of William Morgan & Catherine Cameron) 13/3/1886 Bowenfels

f. James Barton m. Ann Healey

  1. (m) Angus David Morgan b. 1887 Lithgow d. 1942 Lithgow
  2. (f) Eveline M Morgan b. 1890 Lithgow
  3. (f) Millicent M Morgan b. 1891 Lithgow
  4. (m) Arthur L Morgan b. 1893 Lithgow
  5. (f) Katherine A Morgan b. 1895 Lithgow
  6. (f) Sarah J Morgan b. 1896 Lithgow
  7. (m) George L Morgan b. 1897 Lithgow
  8. (m) Stanley Morgan b. 1900 Woonona d. 1952 Lithgow
  9. (m) James Robert Morgan b. 1902 Woonona d. 1960 Wollongong
  10. (f) Gertrude M Morgan b. 1904 Woonona
  11. (m) Edward John Morgan b. 9/7/1905 Corrimal d. 16/4/1978 Wollongong
  12. (f) Margaret E Morgan b. 1906 Woonona
  13. (m) William Henry Morgan d. 1919 Lithgow

Living at Balgownie in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.

It is possible she became a ‘drunkard’ and as several times in the 1920’s she was charged with having been drunk in public places while living in Lithgow, and prohibited from drinking in 1917.

She had a brother who was lost in snow storms in 1900 at Lithgow.

Morgan Annie

b. 20/10/1869 Kiama bp Kiama RC 12342/1869 d. 13/5/1957 Kiama

f. James Morgan m. Mary Murphy *

Electoral Roll 1903 resident Seaview St Kiama –Music teacher

Morgan Annie (Bell)

b. abt 1880 d. 17/11/1958 Thirroul

m. William Aaron Morgan (abt 1879 Wollongong - 2/10/1933 Illawarra Cottage Hospital Son of Aaron Morgan & Emma Bateman *) 1901 Woonona

f. John Bell m. Cecilia

  1. (m) William James Morgan b. 1903 Woonona d. 29/12/1924 Kiama (Nina Annie 1924) accident with shotgun
  2. (f) Doris H Morgan b. 1904 Woonona
  3. (f) Olga M Morgan b. 1907 Catherine Hill Bay
  4. (m) David H Morgan b. Woonona
  5. (m) John B Morgan b. 1914 Woonona

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.

Family of 5 when her husband died

Morgan Annie (Moore)

m. Thomas Nicholas Morgan 1877 Wollongong

A Thomas Nicholas Morgan died 1890 of Mittagong – a storekeeper.

Morgan Barbara Jane (Summerson)

b. abt 1880 d. 5/10/1954 ‘The Stockyard’ Coledale

m. David Benjamin Morgan ( - 31/8/1961 Coledale Son of Aaron Morgan & Emma Bateman *) 1901 Sydney

f. James Summerson m. Elizabeth Thompson (?)*

  1. (m) Henry S M Morgan b. 1902 Helensburgh
  2. (f) Ruperta May Morgan b. 1904 Helensburgh (Joseph Cartwright 1924)
  3. (m) Aaron James Morgan b. 1907 Woonona d. 1980
  4. (m) James Leslie Morgan b. 1909 Woonona d. 1954
  5. (m) David B Morgan b. 1911 Woonona
  6. (m) Arthur E Morgan b. 1913 Woonona
  7. (m) Herbert S Morgan b. 1916 Bulli

Electoral Roll 1903 resident Helensburgh –Domestic Duties


The death occurred on Tuesday evening of Mrs. Barbara Jane Morgan of 'The Stockyard', Coledale, aged 74 years. Deceased was the wife of David Benjamin Morgan and the mother of Harry (deceased), May (Mrs. Cartwright of Inverell), Aaron, James (deceased), David, Arthur of Fairy Meadow and Herbert. The funeral will leave W. J. Williams' Chapel, Bulli, for the Woronora Crematorium today. Illawarra Daily Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1950 - 1954) Thursday 7 October 1954 p 8

Morgan Catherine (Butler)

b. abt 1810

m 1839 James Morgan

Convict Permission to Marry Index 1839 Wollongong

Ship Elizabeth II 1828

Sentence 7 Years

Tried: Kilkenny

Marriage was also recorded to have been Newcastle.

Morgan Catherine (Woolley)

b. abt 1855 d. 23/3/1911 br. Corrimal Catholic

m. William D Morgan (1857- 21/6/1918) 1892 St Peters

  1. (f) Morgan (Gain )
  2. (m) John Morgan b. abt 1884 Edinburgh Scotland d. 11/7/1917 Wollongong
  3. (m) Robert Morgan b. 1894 Woonona
  4. (m) Charles Morgan b. 1896 Corrimal
  5. (m) Arthur Morgan b. 1901 Woonona

Living Corrimal in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a miner.

She left a will


The sudden death took place on Thursday evening of last week, of Mrs. W. Morgan, through the bursting of a blood vessel in the head, death resulting in less than half an hour. The deceased performed her customary household duties to within, a few minutes of the unfortunate occurrence, and made no complaint, of feeling unwell through the day. The funeral look place on Friday, the remains being interred in the R.C. cemetery, the Rev. Father Dunne officiating. The deceased left a husband and large family of sons, the youngest being ten years, and one daughter (Mrs. W. Gain, of Woonona.) to mourn their loss. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 31 March 1911 p 5

Morgan Clara Ann see Gay

Morgan Clara Ann (Welch)

b. abt 1836 Axminster Devon d. 26/8/1908 Helensburgh

m. John Morgan (abt 1840 Panteg Monmouthshire-1892 Darkes Forest Son of ? & Miriam ) 1874 Pontypool Monmouthshire

f. Robert m. Ann

Ship: Port Pirie 1886

  1. (m) Arthur Morgan b. abt 1868 Panteg Monmouthshire
  2. (m) Sidney Morgan b. abt 1876 Monkswood Monmouthshire
  3. (f) Clara Ann Morgan * b. abt 1877 Monkswood Monmouthshire
  4. (m) John Reader Morgan b. 1879 Monkswood Monmouthshire d. 1945 Bankstown (Minnie Short 1910)

Electoral Roll 1903 resident Helensburgh Darke’s Forest –Domestic Duties

Mrs Morgan, the teacher of the provisional school, Darkes Forest Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Saturday 26 June 1897 Page 2

MORGAN.— Aug; 26th 1908, at her . residence, Main-rd. Darkes Forest, Clara Ann, widow of the late John Morgan,. in her 74th year. The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930) Friday 28 August 1908 Page 6

Morgan Elizabeth

d. 13/10/1905 Woonona

m. John Morgan

f. John m. Elizabeth

  1. (f) Vida Morgan b. 1891 Sydney d. 1893 Woonona
  2. (m) John L Morgan b. 1894 Woonona
  3. (m) Pritchard Llewellyn Morgan b. 1899 Bulli d. 25/5/1918 Wollongong
  4. (m) David Morgan b. 1900 Woonona d. 1903 Woonona

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a newsagent/miner.

When her son Pritchard enlisted in WW1 his next of kin was his brother John who was living in Grafton.

Mrs. Morgan, wife of Mr. Jno, Morgan, the newsagent, who has been away for six months, being treated in Sydney Hospital, has now returned much improved in health. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Saturday 2 July 1904 p 2

Mrs. J. Morgan, wife of Mr J.Morgan, newsagent, died last -weekend, after a long illness. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Saturday 21 October 1905 p 11

Morgan Ellen (Sweeney)

b. 1876 Campbelltown d. 1973

m. Thomas Richard Morgan (abt 1872 – 4/2/1936 Lewisham Son of Aaron Morgan & Emma Bateman *)

f. Michael Sweeney m. Mary Ann Rudd *

  1. (m) Charles Albert A Morgan b. 1897 Woonona d. 1967 Sydney
  2. (m) Harold D Morgan b. 1898 Woonona d. Qld?
  3. (m) Thomas W Morgan b. 1900 Woonona
  4. (m) Raymond H Morgan b. 1903 Woonona
  5. (f) Nellie Morgan b. 1904 Woonona (Garrard)
  6. (m) Eric Carrington James Morgan b. 1909 Woonona d. 1983

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.

Husband a miner who was accused of libel in 1909. He was a well known entity in the mines and Assistant Secretary for the Southern Coal Owners' Association. He witnessed both the Bulli mine disaster and was a rescuer at Mt Kembla mine disaster.

Morgan Emma/Amelia Jane see Smith Emma

Morgan Gwendoline/Gwenllian/ Gwen/ Gwenllien/Gwenllien

b. abt 1864 d. 2/4/1937 Hurstville br. Woronora

m. Thomas Morgan (abt 1859 - 8/6/1939 Hurstville)

f. William m. Elizabeth

  1. (f) Martha Morgan b. abt 1886 d. 9/6/1950 Hurstville (George A Standen 1913)
  2. (m) Samuel Morgan b. abt 1889 d. 21/12/1950 Helensburgh
  3. (m) ? Thomas Morgan d. 1929 Newtown
  4. (m) William Llewellan Morgan b. 1899 Helensburgh d. 1974
  5. (m) Albert Edward Augustus Morgan b. 1904 Helensburgh d. 1983
  6. (f) Bronwyn Morgan b. 1892 Helensburgh d. 1966 Hurstville (James H Weir 1913)
  7. (m) David John Morgan b. 1894 Helensburgh d. 24/4/1918 France

Electoral Roll 1903 resident Helensburgh–Domestic Duties Husband a miner.

MORGAN -April 2 1937 at her residence 1 Park road Hurstville Gwendoline Morgan (late of Helensburgh) dearly loved wife of Thomas and loving mother of Samuel, Martha, Bonnie, William and Albert aged 73 years

Morgan Hannah

b. abt 1842 Tyrone Ireland d. 1/7/1924 Corrimal br. Bulli General

m. James Morgan (abt 1838- 21/8/1923)

f. Hugh

  1. (f) Morgan

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.

Left a will her executor was Samuel Robert Moore. Husband a dairyman

The death occurred at Corrimal on Monday last of Mrs. Hannah Morgan at the residence of her grand daughter (Mrs. G. Cartwright). The deceased was 82 years of age, and had for many years lived in the district. She leaves a grown-up family to mourn the loss of a grand old lady and mother. The remains were interred in the Bulli cemetery on Monday, a large concourse following the remains to their last resting place. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 4 July 1924 p 2

Morgan Hannah (Bower)

b. 13/8/1858 Silkstone Yorkshire d. 6/3/1935 Helensburgh br. Helensburgh

m. James Morgan ( abt 1858 Barnsley Yorkshire- 2/12/1921 Helensburgh Son of John Morgan & Hannah W) 1881 Barnsley Yorkshire

f. ? m. Ellen Bower

Ship: 1888 Cusco

  1. (m) Walter Morgan b. 30/8/1881 Barnsley Yorkshire d. 1954 Helensburgh (Gladys Harding 1918)
  2. (m) George Morgan b. abt 1883 (Ivy James 1908)
  3. (m) Henry Morgan b. 1889 Newcastle d. 1957 Helensburgh
  4. (m) John Morgan b. abt 1899 d. 7/6/1940 Newtown
  5. (f) Mary E Morgan (Joseph Barsby 1914)
  6. (f) Emma Morgan

Electoral Roll 1903 resident Helensburgh–Domestic Duties

MORGAN.-The Relatives and Friends of the late Mrs. HANNAH MORGAN are Invited to attend her Funeral, to leave her late residence. Maidstone Street, North Helensburgh, THIS THURSDAY, at 4 p.m. for Church of England Cemetery Helensburgh. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Thursday 7 March 1935 p 9

Morgan Jane (Davis)

b. abt 1856 Adelaide SA d. 17/10/1938 br. Sandgate

m. David Morgan (-abt 1910) 1878 Newcastle

  1. (f) Mary J Morgan ( Sydney Oliffe 1894 )
  2. (m) Edmund Morgan b. 1879 Lambton d. 1949 Newcastle
  3. (f) Emily Morgan b. 1881 East Maitland (W McGregor)
  4. (f) Jane A Morgan b. 1885 Lambton
  5. (m) David Morgan b. 1886 Wollongong d. 1896 Newcastle
  6. (f) Beatrice M Morgan b. 1888 Lithgow ( Walter Grayson 1905)
  7. (f) Selina May Morgan b. 1891 Newcastled. 1969 Newcastle (Arthur G Boyle 1917, A Leigh )
  8. (m) Aubrey V Morgan b. 1893 Newcastle d. 1894 Wickham
  9. (m) Bertie Morgan b. 1895 Wickham
  10. (f) Hermione Morgan b. 1897 Wickham (Wilfred Slarks 1914)

MORGAN-October .17, 1938, Jane Morgan, late of Charlestown, in her 83rd year, beloved mother of Mary, Emily,Ted, Horry, ,Beatrice, Lena, Burt, Rest in peace. Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate (NSW : 1876 - 1954) Thursday 20 October 1938 Page 10

Morgan Jane

m. Robert Morgan

  1. (m) Evan Morgan b. 1863 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven
  2. (f) Ann Morgan b. 1865 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven
  3. (m) Robert Morgan b. 1867 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven
  4. (m) Mary Morgan b. 1869 Kiama
  5. (m) David Morgan b. 1871 Kiama
  6. (m) John Morgan b. 1873 Kiama

Husband a labourer

Morgan Jane

b. abt 1862 Snedshill England d. 7/8/1933 Bulli br. Bulli General

m. Joseph Morgan (abt 1862- 27/10/1948)

f. Thomas m. Eliza

  1. (m) Elizabeth Jane Morgan b. abt 1885 d. 1961 Burwood (William A T Fawcett 1909)
  2. (m) William Thomas Morgan b. abt 1897 d. 25/5/1939 Belmore
  3. (m) Joseph Ernest Morgan b. 1896 Woonona d. 1982
  4. (m) Frederick Charles Trevor Morgan b. abt 1899 d. 17/12/1976 Bulli
  5. (f) Bertha M Morgan b. 1901 Wollongong (William E Downie 1923)
  6. (f) Ethel K Morgan b. 1903 Wollongong (Henry Hill 1924)
  7. (f) Nellie G Morgan b. 1907 Wollongong (Leslie Strachan 1928)

Living at Port Kembla in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a coke burner.

Left a will.


Death came as quite a release to Mrs. Jane Morgan on Monday night, and she passed away peacefully at her residence in Beattie Avenue, Old Bulli, at about 11-.30 o'clock. All of her family were around the bedside, but the one sad feature was that the husband, Mr. Joseph Morgan, was necessarily absent, because of being a patient in Bulli Hospital. The funeral left the- residence at 31 p.m. on Wednesday, the hearse being covered with beautiful floral tributes,; and the large cortege included representatives of all walks of life. The body was first taken into the Methodist Church at Bulli, where a. service was conducted by Rev. P. M. Waterhouse, and then on to Bulli cemetery for interment in the Methodist section,

The late Mrs. Morgan had been a sufferer for several years. About six months ago she had a brief term as a patient in Prince Alfred Hospital (Sydney), and on returning to her home she was nursed continuously by members of her family right up to death; and it can be Written of her that she was indeed a' patient and' noble sufferer, never complaining oven when feeling exceptionally ill; She was advanced in age, being within a few months of 71 years of age. Born in Snedshill (England), she came to Australia with, her husband and two eldest children about 42 years ago. Settling first at Bulli, for a few years, they then travelled across to West Australia-, later returning and taking up residence at Port Kembla, but finally settling down again at Bulli; where they have remained for the past 20 years. - In addition to the husband, there is a family of seven — Elizabeth (Mrs. Fawcett, Wollongong), William (Belmore), Ernest (Bulli), Frederick (Bulli), Bertha (Mrs. W. Downie (Bulli), Ethel (Mrs. H. Hill, Woonona), Nellie (Mrs. L .Strachan, Woonona). Deceased was a constant worshipper in her church, but her life was devoted to the care and welfare of her family, the members of which are a credit to her, and intimate friends know what a sad separation this death has caused, the sympathy of all going out to the widower ,and family in their time of extreme sadness. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 11 August 1933 p 9

Morgan Margaret

b. 21/3/1877 Kiama bp Kiama RC 13853/1877 d. 13/1/1952 Kiama

f. James Morgan m. Mary Murphy *

Electoral Roll 1903 resident Seaview St Kiama –Domestic Duties

Morgan Martha Ann (Squires)

b. 26/9/1870 Newcastle d. 17/4/1936 Auburn br. Rookwood

m. George Morgan (19/12/1855 Gawber South Yorkshire-27/11/1934 Blacktown Son of John Morgan & Hannah Walker Rhodes) 20/2/1886

f. Josiah Squires m. Esther King

  1. (m) Leslie Leo Maurice Morgan b. 1887 d. 1945
  2. (f) Esther Rhodes Morgan b. 1892 Adamstown d. 1922 Sydney
  3. (f) Lieta L Maurice Morgan b. 1893 Adamstown d. 1900 Blaney
  4. (m) Hartley George Morgan b. 1910 Parramatta d. 1966

Electoral Roll 1903 resident Helensburgh –Domestic Duties

In 1902 she bought 1 acre at Helensburgh for 6 pounds.

A Case of Abduction

George Morgan, a miner, was fully committed for trial at Plattsburg on Wednesday for the abduction of MarthaAnn Squires, under 14 years of age. The prisoner lodged in the house of the girl's father, and went away with the girl in May last to Ipswich, Queensland, where they lived as man and wife. A short time ago a woman, claiming to be Morgan's wife, arrived from England. The police were put on Morgan's track, and he was arrested by Constable Buller, and was brought back and charged with abduction. His alleged wife has not legally put forward her claim yet, else Morgan would be prosecuted for bigamy. Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW : 1881 - 1940) Thursday 28 July 1887 Page 2


George Morgan was charged, on committal from the Wallsend Bench, with marrying a minor Mary Ann Squires, on February 20th, 1886, who was under the age of 21 years, without the consent of her parents.

The Crown Prosecutor stated his intention of withdrawing the charges of abduction and forgery which arose out of the case. Accused pleaded guilty, and stated that at the time of the marriage he did not know he was doing wrong. They went away because they thought the parents would not be pleased.

Mr. J. A. Gorrick said that in the police court the accused's wife had expressed her great affection for him, and had not wished to proceed with the case.

Sergeant Grennan said he had known nothing of accused until the initiation of the case, but had heard a complaint from a woman, who represented herself to be his wife, two years since. Josiah Squires said he had seen another woman, who said she was accused's wife, having been married in England.

Accused admitted to witness his marriage with the first Woman, who had now gone back to England with her two children.

Accused was remanded for sentence until next morning. Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate (NSW : 1876 - 1954) Friday 2 September 1887 Page 5

Morgan Martha A

d. 1885 Clifton

m. Morgan

f. John W

Morgan Martha Eleanor (Davis)

b. 1878 Queanbeyan d. 1/4/1947 br. Bulli General

m. Joseph E Morgan ( abt 1868 Concord- 15/2/1941 Bulli Pass) 1896 Nowra

f. William Davis m. Martha

  1. (m) Henry E Morgan b. 1897 Nowra
  2. (m) Joseph W Morgan b. 1900 Nowra
  3. (f) Thelma M L Morgan b. 1904 Nowra (Teal)
  4. (m) Elliott Lawrence Morgan b. 1906 Nowra
  5. (m) Lemington J Morgan b. 1908 Wollongong

Husband worked for the Shire Council

Morgan Martha M (Markham)

m. Aaron Morgan 1868 Wollongong

Morgan Mary

b. 21/3/1877 Kiama d. 23/9/1931 Kiama br. North Kiama

f. James Morgan m. Mary Murphy *

Electoral Roll 1903 resident Seaview St Kiama –Domestic Duties

Left a will –affidavit only


The death occurred at her residence Seaview Street, Kiama on Wednesday morning of Miss Mary Morgan after a long illness in which she was tenderly cared for by her sister

Miss Morgan was born and resided in Kiama all her life. She was the youngest daughter of the late James Morgan, who was from early manhood a member of the Imperial Army attached to the 68th foot Regiment He enlisted at1 Belfast, Ireland, at the age of 17 and saw service in the Indian Mutiny, Crimea War, and the Maori Wars in New Zealand, He, with his wife, died and were buried in Kiama, where they were well known by the earlier generation, She is survived by two sisters, Misses Annie and Maggie Morgan, and a brother Mr James Morgan. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Saturday 26 September 1931 p 2

Morgan Mary

b. abt 1865 d. 2/12/1931 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. John Morgan (abt 1853 -20/1/1932 Mt Pleasant )

  1. (m) Richard Morgan
  2. (m) Joseph Morgan
  3. (m) Harry Morgan

Left a will –affidavit only

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.

MORGAN.—December 2, 1931, at Wollongong Distrlct Hospital, Mary, beloved wife of John Morgan, of Mount Pleasant, aged 66 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Thursday 3 December 1931 Page 8

Morgan Mary (Murphy)

b. abt 1835 Thurles, Tipperary Ireland d. 20/10/1916 Kiama br. North Kiama

m. James Morgan (abt 1837 Ireland -10/2/1901 Kiama) 1869 Kiama

Ship: Qld in 1860’s

  1. (f) Annie Morgan * b. 20/10/1869 Kiama bp Kiama RC 12342/1869 d. 1957 Kiama
  2. (m) James Morgan b. 19/3/1872 Kiama bp Kiama RC 11492/1872 d. 10/3/1940 Kiama
  3. (m) Michael Morgan b. 21/6/1874 Kiama bp Kiama RC 12698/1874
  4. (f) Margaret Morgan * b. 21/3/1877 Kiama bp Kiama RC 13853/1877 d. 13/1/1952 Kiama
  5. (f) Mary Morgan * b. 21/3/1877 Kiama bp Kiama RC 13854/1877 d. 23/9/1931 Kiama

Electoral Roll 1903 resident Seaview St Kiama –Domestic Duties

Husband a labourer. He had previously served in the English Army in India, Crimea and New Zealand according to her daughter Mary’s obituary.


Mrs. Mary Morgan, nee Murphy, a resdient of this town for nearly half a century; passed peacefully away on Friday last at the ripe old age of 81 years, and on the following day her remains were laid to rest beside those of her husband who died in 1901.

Mrs. Morgan was born near Thurles, County of Tipperary, Ireland, in 1835, and in the sixties of last century emigrated to Queensland where she remained for a short time. From there she was attracted by the fame of “Fair Illawarra,”and in it she finds her final resting place– “God's Acre,” North Kiama.

Left a widow with a young family to support, nearly 16 years ago, the deceased bravely faced the situation and by dint of well directed energy, honestly applied, provided for those dependent upon her. The testimony of the late Mrs. Morgan's immediate neighbours is that by her death they have lost one in whose kindly acts of sympathy and benevolence they could always rely. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Wednesday 25 October 1916 p 2

Morgan Sarah Ann (Walsh)

b. 1881 Bathurst d. 17/1/1945 Bulli

m. Aaron Morgan (1881 Wollongong- 9/10/1935 Woonona Son of Aaron Morgan & Emma Bateman 1906

f. Patrick Walsh m. Margarte McCormack *

  1. (m) Athol Morgan

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a fireman.

Morgan Rose Ann (Lynch)

b. 1878 Lambton 18593/1878 d. 1946 Concord br. 16/9/1946 Rookwood

m. Robert Edwin Morgan 1896 Sydney

f. Lewis Lynch m. Susan Clayton *

  1. (m) Donald A Morgan b. 1898 Woonona
  2. (f) Susan C Morgan b. 1899 Woonona

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.

Morgan Susannah Maria (Perry)

b. 1813 Sydney d. 28/6/1913 Arncliffe br. Woronora

m. Michael Thomas Morgan ( 1839 Willsbridge – 1931 Strathfield ) 1863 Sydney 82/1863

f. John Perry m. Susannah Boulton

  1. (m) William M Morgan b. 1863 Wollongong 15041/1863
  2. (m) Harold T Morgan b. 1864 Wollongong 16567/1864
  3. (m) Charles J Morgan b. 1867 Hartley 10170/1867
  4. (m) Ernest J Morgan b. 1869 Hartley 11854/1869
  5. (m) Alfred Joseph Lewton Morgan b. 1874 Goulburn 11062/1874
  6. (m) Roland P Morgan b. 1877 Murrumburrah 23780/1877
  7. (f) Morgan (Frederick Moore)


Mrs. Susannah Maria Morgan, a descendant of one of the oldest Sydney families, died at her residence. Teluba. Arncliffe, on Saturday morning, after a long illness, at the age of 80 years. Deceased was born in a house at the corner of King and Castlereagh streets, where Cordingle's Hotel now stands. Both her mother and grandmother were natives of Sydney. Deceased leaves a husband (Mr. Micheal Thomas Morgan), six sons, and a daughter. Mr. Harold T. Morgan, of the firm of Messrs. H. T. Morgan and Morgan,- solicitors, is a son.

MORGAN-The Friends of Mr. MICHAEL THOMAS MORGAN and FAMILY are requested to attend the Funeral of his dearly loved WIFE and their MOTHER, Susannah Maria; to leave her late residence, Teluba, Segenhoe-street, Arncliffe, THIS AFTERNOON, at 2 o'clock, for Church of England Cemetery, Woronora, via Arncliffe Station. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 30 June 1913 p 10

Moriarty Annie (Hannon/Hannah)

b. b. 1/11/1859 Wollongong d. 9/6/1927 Arncliffe br. Woronora

m. Edward John Moriarty (abt 1858-26/7/1928 Arncliffe Son of Thaddeus Moriarty & Jane) 1882 Sydney

f. John Hannon m. Ann Cunneen *

  1. (m) John T Moriarty b. 1884 Wollongong
  2. (m) Edward Patrick Moriarty b. 2/3/1888 Harbour St Wollongong
  3. (m) Hardress Moriatry b. 21/3/1893 Keiraville d. 1949 Arncliffe (Grace H )

The death took place yesterday of Mrs. E. J. Moriarty, of Mount Street, Arncliffe. The Propeller (Hurstville, NSW : 1911 - 1954) Friday 10 June 1927 p 4

Moriarty Catherine Agnes (Collaery)

b. 11/3/1879 Bulli 26046/1879 d. 4/9/1976 Pennant Hills

m. Olivier Moriarty 1907

f. Edward Collaery m. Eleanor Kenny *

Living at Bellambi in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Moriarty Harriet (Perrott)

b. 25/5/1843 Jamberoo d. 16/2/1893 Scone

m. Merion Herbert Moriarty (19/3/1843 - 15/4/1905 Scone Son of Merion Marshall Moriarty & Anne Orpen) 1865 Gundagai

f. Thomas Montgomery Perrott m. Mary Johanna Issell *

  1. (m) stillborn Moriarty

On the 9th May, at Meadow Bank, Kiama, the wife of Merion H. Moriarty, of a son, stillborn. Empire (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1875) Thursday 19 May 1870 p 1

In the will of Harriet Perrott Moriarty (wife of Merion Herbert Moriarty), Scone formerly of Wollongong, in the Colony of New South Wales, married woman, deceased. New South Wales Government Gazette (Sydney, NSW : 1832 - 1900) Tuesday 28 March 1893 Page 2562

Moriarty Jemima Wyndham (Curran)

b. 24/8/1858 Dungog

m. Merion Herbert Moriarty (19/3/1843 - 15/4/1905 Scone Son of Merion Marshall Moriarty & Anne Orpen)

f. Thomas Curvey Curran m. Ann C Fitzsimmons

  1. (m) Merion H Moriarty b. 1881 Kiama 19418/1881

Moriarty Mary (Harrington)

b. abt 1860 Faha Bantry Bay, Co Cork Ireland d. 14/11/1913 Ariah Park br. Ariah Park

m. Jeremiah Moriarty (abt 1853 - 1940 Enfield ) 1885 Woollahra

f. Timothy Harrington m. Margaret

Ship: Pericles 1878

  1. (m) John Moriarty b. 1886 Woonona 24646/1886
  2. (m) Daniel Ferris Moriarty b. 1888 Campbelltown 17640/1888 d. 1968 Sydney
  3. (m) Jeremiah R Moriarty b. 1891 Albury 16911/1891 d. 1893 Sydney
  4. (m) Cornelius E Moriarty b. 1894 Murwillumbah 22739/1894 d. 1896 Wyalong
  5. (f) Mary C Moriarty b. 1897 Wyalong 37091/1897 (Mann)
  6. (f) Kathleen A Moriarty b. 1902 Wyalong 8755/1902

Husband was a candidate for election 1887 in Wollongong Bot

Mrs Mary Moriarty, who died, at her residence, at Ariah Park, aged 53 years, on the 14th inst. after a. long illness, was the wife of Jeremiah Moriarty, storekeeper of that town. Born at Faha near Bantry Bay, Ireland, and daughter of Timothy Harrington she came to New South Wales 35 years ago. She leaves a family of five -John Moriarty, storekeeper, Mirrool ; Daniel Moriarty, storekeeper, Moombooldool ; Denis Moriarty, manager of his father's business at Ariah Park; and Mona and Kathleen Moriarty, aged 16 and 11 years, pupils of the Convent of Mercy, Yass. Deceased and her husband went to Wyalong in the early days of the gold rush, and they lived in that town for eleven years, her husband being elected first Mayor of that town. Seven years ago they settled in Ariah Park and established a business there. Her great popularity was borne out by the fact that hers was by far the longest funeral ever seen in these parts, there being 112 vehicles exclusive of motor cars, horsemen and footmen who followed deceased to the grave, where the last rites were carried out by Rev. Father Mullins. Three sons predeceased her. All sections of the community vied with each other in paying their last respects, telegrams and floral tributes pouring in to her sorrowing husband and family.

Morphett Catherine Dowell (Lording)

b. 31/3/1823 Kent d. 21/12/1906 Towrang br. Towrang

m. George Morphett (abt 1826 Lydd Kent-1908 Goulburn ) 5/10/1847 Wittersham Kent

f. Thomas Dowle m. Jane Lording

Ship: Java 1853

  1. (f) Mary Jane Morphett/Lording b. abt 1845 New Romney Kent
  2. (m) Robert Morphett b. abt 1849 Lydd Kent d. 1929 Goulburn
  3. (f) Eleanor Morphett b. abt 1851 Lydd Kent
  4. (f) Elizabeth Morphett b. abt 1852 Lydd Kent d. 1938 (Samuel Harris 1882)
  5. (m) William Morphett b. 1854 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong d. 1945 Goulburn
  6. (f) Louisa Morphett b. 1855 d. 1933 (William Markwick 1878)
  7. (f) Catherine Morphett b. 1857 Kiama d. 1925 (John Carter 1873)
  8. (m) Charles Morphett b. 1858 Kiama d. 1929
  9. (f) Sarah Ann Morphett b. 1860 Kiama d. 1943 (Philip Phillips 1880)
  10. (m) George Morphett b. 1863 Kiama d. 1929 Goulburn
  11. (f) Esther Morphett b. 1864 Berrima d. 1952 (James Beer 1883)
  12. (f) Harriet Morphett b. 1866 Goulburn d. 1903 Yass (William J Evans 1892)

Husband insolvent in 1859 while living at Shellharbour, a leasehold farmer.

Morris Ada Victoria (Miles)

b. abt 1882 Vic ? d. 1936 Bulli

m. Albert Edward Morris (. 31/12/1880 Bulli -1/11/1959 Earlwood Son of Edward Morris & Margaret Carroll *) 1904 Wollongong

f. Edward Miles m. Mary Ann

  1. (m) Albert E Morris b. 1906 Wollongong
  2. (m) Joseph Morris b. 1908 Wollongong
  3. (f) Margaret M Morris b. 1910 Woonona
  4. (m) Peter Morris b. 1912 Woonona
  5. (f) Florence M Morris b. 1914 Wollongong
  6. (f) May/Alice Morris b. 1916 Bulli (James Leo Ford 1943)
  7. (f) Ada Morris b. 1918 Bulli

Living at Mount Keira in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties


After ailing for an extended period Mrs. Morris became very ill about one month, ago; and at about 6 p.m. last Tuesday she breathed her last, after being confined to her bed for a couple of days. The end came quietly and peacefully, with her husband and members of her family at me bedside.

The funeral cortege, which left the residence at Main Road, Bulli, yesterday, afternoon, at 4 p.m. was largely attended, and there were many beautiful floral tributes. The body was placed to rest in the Catholic section of Bulli cemetery, Rev. Father O'Farrell officiating at the graveside.

The late Ada Victoria Morris, who was 53 years of age, was a native of Victoria, and came to this State when a girl.. About 35 years ago she came to Wollongong, and it was in that town she met and married Mr. Albert Edward Morris about three years later. At first the young couple settled in Corrimal, remaining there about ten years, and then moving, to Bulli, where they have been residing ever since, Mr. Morris being a well-known employee of Woonona Co-operative Society. Mrs. Morris gave her life unselfishly for her home and family, where all work to her was a pleasure, even to flower gardening, of which she made quite a hobby. Of quiet manner, yet she made many friends, all of whom held her in high esteem.

In addition to the sorrowing husband, there is also a family of three sons and daughters to mourn the loss of a splendid mother — Albert (Bro. Morris, Christian Brothers College, Brisbane), Joseph, Peter, Florence, May, Ada. Two daughters died when very young. The sympathy of all who knew, them will go out to Mr. Morris and his respected family in their extremely sad bereavement. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 7 February 1936 p 11

Morris Amelia (Howard)

m. Joseph T Morris 1888 Wollongong

Morris Annie (Bannin/Bannan/Banne)

m. Patrick /Peter Morris 1888 Wollongong

  1. (m) William Joseph Morris b. 12/9/1889 Mt Kembla
  2. (f) Josephine Cecilia Morris b. 2/3/1897 Lakelands

Living Lakelands in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a labourer.

Morris Anne (Yeates)

m. Dudley Morris 5/10/1838 Wollongong

  1. (m) John Morris b. 12/4 1839 RC Wollongong
  2. (m) William Morris b. 14/4/1841 Shoalhaven RC Wollongong

Both resident Shoalhaven

Morris Anne Underwood see Combellack

Morris Catherine

Living at Keelouges in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Morris Catherine (Carroll)

b. abt 1852 Durham England d. 15/9/1927 Bulli br. Bulli General

m. Thomas Morris ( abt 1848- 4/12/1922) abt 1877

Ship: abt 1880

  1. (m) William Morris b. 31/3/1880 at sea/Bulli
  2. (m) Edward Morris b. 24/12/1881 Bulli 19524/1882
  3. (m) Catherine Morris b. 19/1/1884 Bulli 22955/1884
  4. (m) John Thomas Morris b. 3/1/1886 Bulli 24504/1886
  5. (f) Mary A Morris b. 1890 Woonona 38433/1890

Living at Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.


At the age of 75 years there passed away, at her late residence, Main-road, Bulli, Catherine Morris, wife of the late Thomas Morris, on the 15th inst. The remains were interred alongside those of her late husband in Bulli General Cemetery. Born, in the County Durham, England, and coming to Australia some fifty years ago, she resided at Bulli till the day of her death. A more faithful wife and loving and kind mother it would be hard to find. She leaves a grown-up family of three sons and two daughters to mourn their loss. She passed away fortified by all the rites of Holy Church. Rev. Father Power read the last prayers at the grave. Freeman's Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1932) Thursday 29 September 1927 p 47


In the early hours of yesterday (Thursday) death removed another of the old residents of Bulli in the person of Mrs. Catherine Morris, relict of the late Thomas Morris (died at Bulli on 4th December, 1922). Mrs. Morris had been a victim to Diabetes for several years, being confined to her room for the last fortnight, and the end came in peaceful manner with her sons and daughters around the bedside. Deceased is being buried this afternoon, in Bulli cemetery, alongside the grave of her late husband, The late Mrs. Morris, 75 years of age, was born at Durham (England) Mr. and Mrs. Morris came to Australia nearly half a century ago and settled almost immediately in the Bulli district, where the family have been born, with the exception of William (Denny) who was born at sea. Latter is the eldest, the others being Kate, Mary, Jack and Edward, last named being married and the other four reside at home. Deceased was of quiet but very friendly nature, being liked by all who knew her. In former years she identified herself with Catholic affairs, being much attached to her Church. There is sympathy for the bereaved. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 16 September 1927 p 2

Morris/ Morriss Catherine (Saunders/Sanders)

b. abt 1858 Dapto/Kembla d. 18/12/1916 br. Wollongong General

m. Walter Joseph Morris ( abt 1850 Wollongong - 31/7/1902 Mt Kembla Mine Disaster Son of Walter Morris & Margaret *) 7/4/1875 St Francis Xavier’s

f. Patrick Saunders m. Catherine Allen *

  1. (m) Thomas Patrick Morriss b. 1876 Wollongong d. 31/7/1902 Mt Kembla Mine disaster
  2. (f) Margaret Elizabeth Morris * b. 22/6/1878 Mt Kembla b. (Patrick James Brownlee 1899)
  3. (f) Catherine Agnes Morris * b. 7/11/1880 Mt Kembla Wollongong d. 1977 (Francis P Brownlee 1902)
  4. (m) Joseph Walter Morris b. 29/12/1882 Wollongong d. 13/10/1969
  5. (f) Mary Ann Morris b. 19/3/1885 American Creek
  6. (m) John T Morris b. 1886 Woonona
  7. (f) Frances Morris b. 4/4/1887 Mount Kembla d. 16/5/1961 (Sister Cuthbert of the LCM)
  8. (f) Sarah Jane Maurice b. 28/1/1889 Wollongong
  9. (f) Mary A Morris b. 1890 Woonona
  10. (f) Blanche Helena Morris b. 7/7/1891
  11. (m) John William Morris b. 31/3/1893 Mount Kembla
  12. (f) Teresa Maria Morris b. 24/5/1895 Mount Kembla
  13. (m) Francis Pater Morris b. 20/7/1898 Mount Kembla

Lost both her husband and son in the Mt Kembla Mine Disaster.


We regret to have to report the death of one of Mount Kembla' s best and most appreciated citizens— Mrs. Catherine Morris. Of a strictly honest, and charitable disposition; going along the path of life unobtrusively, but firm in honor and principle, she gained and retained the respect of all her neighbours and many friends. Mrs Morris will be missed in many ways visible and manifest. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 19 December 1916 p 2


DEATH.— As briefly reported in the last issue Mrs. Catherine Morris, passed peacefully away on Sunday night last. Her death was not altogether unexpected as she had been ill for some considerable time. The deceased leaves a family of ten to mourn their loss. The remains were interred in the R.C. portion of the Wollongong cemetery Tuesday afternoon. A M ass was conducted at the R C , Mount Kembla, prior to the funeral by the Very Rev. J P Dunn, P.P., who also officiated at the graveside. The funeral was largely attended. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 22 December 1916 p 2

Mrs. Catherine Morris, whose death occurred on the 18th at the age of 58 years, was a native of Kembla, a daughter of the late Mr. P. Sanders. She was at the time in occupation of the farm of which her father had long been tenant, Her husband and a son were killed in the colliery disaster. She reared a family of ten and these are represented by 17 children. The interment took place on Tuesday in the R C cemetery, Wollongong, many of the older residents being in the cortege. Mrs. Morris passed away after a life time of hard work and good neighborship. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 22 December 1916 p 16

Parents unlisted on Marriage certificate however the witness was Margaret Sanders. (Also Husband born Wollongong)

Morris Eliza Jane (Fowler)

b. 1873 Bathurst d. 14/5/1962 Earlwood

m. Henry Morris (1873 Wollongong -. 7/12/1944 Lakemba Son of Thomas Morris & Martha Hill *) 1897 Wollongong

f. George Fowler m. Margaret Lebrook

  1. (f) Elsie Margaret M Morris b. 1899 Lithgow (Henry W A Ferguson 1922)

Lived at Lithgow for many years.

Morris Elizabeth

m. Robert Morris

  1. (m) John G Morris b. 1842 CofE Dapto/Wollongong

Morris Elizabeth (Vidler)

b. 1863 Jamberoo d. 16/3/1900

m. Victor Morris (1856 Newtown – 20/10/1922 Newtown - Morris & Welsh) 16/9/1885 Jamberoo divorced 25/2/1896

f. Samuel Vidler m. Martha Wright *

Morris Emily (Griffin)

b. 17/8/1846 Murrunbige d. 25/1/1908 Stanwell Park br. Wollongong General

m. Charles Morris (- 31/10/1876 Richmond Son of Charles Morris & Jane A ) 15/11/1865 Wollongong

f. Daniel Griffin m. Sophia Lowe *

Cause of Death: Railway accident

  1. (m) Charles H T Morris b. 1866 Campbelltown d. 1867 Campbelltown
  2. (m) George H Morris b. 1868 Wollongong
  3. (f) Emily Lowe Morris * b. 1870 Richmond d. 29/3/1919 Wollongong (John Brook Tozer 1890)
  4. (m) Alfred Edgar Morris b. 1872 Richmond
  5. (f) Lila Shepherdess Morris b. 1874 Richmond d. 1957 Chatswood (Alfred E Grange 1907)
  6. (f) Mildred Sophia Morris * b. 1876 Wollongong d. 1961 Burwood (Charles H W West 1896)

On the 15th instant, by special license, by the Rev. T. C. Ewing, Wollongong, Charles, eldest son of Mr. Charles Morris, Forbes Hotel, Campbelltown, to Emily, eldest daughter of Mr. Daniel Griffin, Woonona. (No cards.) The Sydney Morning Herald 18 November 1865

Husband a station master

Living at Campbell St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Dressmaker.

Stanwell Railway Accident.


WOLLONGONG, Monday Afternoon. The inquest concerning the death of Emily Morris, who was killed in the railway accident at Stanwell Park, was resumed this morning. Mr. Booth, of the Railway Traffic Department, and Mr. Close, Locomotive Department, represented the Railway Commissioners. Mr. H. Cox, solicitor, represented the friends of deceased.

Dr. Sheeny deposed that he had examined the body in Wollongong on. Saturday evening. He judged that she had then been dead six hours. The injuries to the head were, sufficient to cause instantaneous death. It was possible that deceased had been thrown forward. William Smith, permanent way inspector, said that he traversed the line almost daily. The line was in good order on Saturday prior to the accident. Witness described the marks of broken fish bolts, indicating that the wheels of the car ran off the line. The car was termed a first-class American. The train was a special one. Witness did not understand the construction of cars. There had been no accident there within witness knowledge previously. He could not account for the accident. Thomas Hardy, ganger, deposed that the line was in good order. He could not explain how the engine driver did not see the car after it left the rails. He could not account for the accident, ~ and knew nothing about the construction of cars. Mr. Close, on behalf of the Commissioners, expressed sympathy with the friends of deceased and with those injured. Edward Thompson, locomotive inspector, said that he made an examination of the line and the bogey car derailed. He found one front wheel shifted on the axle about one and seven eighths inch. Probably the wheel got loose before coming to the joint of derailment. In the curve of the line the pressure forced it inwards and caused it to drop off the rails. The train wheels were examined every trip with great care. The jury desired to inspect the car and the place of the accident. The inquest was adjourned till next Monday, and the jury went by the afternoon's train to Stanwell Park. Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931) Monday 27 January 1908 p 3

Railway Accident. - Through the overturning of a railway carriage at Stanwell Park, South Coast line, on Saturday afternoon last, Mrs. Emily Morris, a resident of Wollongong, was killed, and several persons injured-one of them seriously. It appears that the 1.40 p.m. passenger train from Nowra to Sydney, being late, the special train, timed to leave Wollongong at 3.45 p m. , took up the running, taking passengers from Wollongong, Stanwell Park being the first advertised stopping place. All went well until nearing this station, when from some cause then unknown the second carriage from the engine left the rails and turned over on its side, throwing Mrs. Morris out and pinioning her beneath the wreckage, and hurling, the remaining passengers against, each other…. Mrs. Morris was dead when the rescue party extricated her, and it is believed that she was killed instantly. What caused the carriage to overturn cannot be ascertained, for although it wass at a curve, both rails and the permanent way, on examination, were found to be in perfect order; The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Wednesday 29 January 1908 p 2

Morris Euphemia McDonald see Norris

Morris Grace (Bushell)

b. 1864 Mount Kembla d. 17/12/1940 Lismore br. Lismore

m. James Morris (1858 Kembla - 2/9/1934 Corndale Son of Thomas Morris & Martha Hill *) 1885 Wollongong

f. James Bushell m. Grace Callaway *

  1. (f) Rebecca I Morris b. 1888 Wollongong (George Butler 1922)
  2. (f) Martha A Morris b. 1889 Wollongong
  3. (m) James Thomas Morris b. 1893 Wollongong d.
  4. (f) Grace E b. 1894 Wollongong d. 1928 Lismore (John T Restall 1917)
  5. (f) Elizabeth M b. 1891 Wollongong (George B Restall 1917)
  6. (f) Sarah A Morris b. 1887 Wollongong (William J Hunter 1906)
  7. (f) Ivy Isabel Morris b. 1897 Lismore (Ellis Lyell Grebert 1920)
  8. (f) Evelyn Morris b. 1901 Lismore (William G McKenny 1925)


Mrs. Grace Morris, of 55 Dalley- street, Lismore, and formerly of Corndale, who died in hospital at Lismore on Tuesday night, was buried yesterday morning in the Church of England portion of the Lismore cemetery. Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954) Friday 20 December 1940 p 4

Morris Jane (McLean )

b. 1873 Jamberoo d. 23/3/1938 Corrimal

m. Hughie Morris 1900 Nowra

f. Allen McLean m. Ann Anderson *

  1. (m) John Morris b. 1902 Nowra
  2. (f) Florence Morris b. 1908 Wollongong


The death occurred yesterday at her residence, Albron street, Corrimal, of Mrs. Jane Morris, relict of the late 'Hugh Morris, and mother of John and Florrie. The late Mrs.

Morris was 66 years of age. This afternoon at 4.30 the funeral will leave her late residence for the General Cemetery, Bulli.

Morris Jane (Owen)

b. abt 1842 Wales ? d. 1884 Qld ?

m. David Morris 1860 Wollongong

f. John Owen m. ?

Ship: Golden Era 1855

  1. (m) John Morris b. 1861 Kiama
  2. (f) Ann Morris b. 1863 Kiama
  3. (m) Hugh Morris b. 1865 Qld d. 1912 Qld ?
  4. (m) Owen Morris b. 1867 Qld d. 1868 Qld ?
  5. (f) Ruth Morris b. 1869 Qld ?
  6. (m) Owen Morris b. 1871 Qld ?
  7. (f) Elizabeth Morris b. 1873 Qld ?
  8. (f) Mary Jane Morris b. 1877 Qld ?

Possible is in the book From Wales to Cooktown: the Family of David Morris & Jane Owen author Don Morris 1999 no ISBN number

Morris Jane M

m. Thomas Morris

  1. (m) David Morris b. 1891 Woonona
  2. (m) Thomas Morris b. 1892 Woonona

Morris Louisa see Sheather

Morris Margaret

m. Walter Morris

  1. (m) Walter Morris b. 1846 RC Sydney St James
  2. (m) John Morris b. 1848 RC Sydney St James
  3. (m) Walter Morris b. abt 1850 Wollongong d. 31/7/1902 Mt Kembla mine ( Catherine Saunders * 1875)

Morris Margaret

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (m) Charles Morris b. 1881 Wollongong

Morris Margaret (Carroll)

b. abt 1856 d. 2/11/1941 Sutherland br. Bulli General

m. Edward Morris (abt 1856- 6/10/1952 Sutherland Son of Patrick Morris & Rose ) 1877 Lanchester Co Durham England

f. Laurence Carroll m. Mary

  1. (m) Thomas Morris b. 19/7/1878 Woonona 24782/1878
  2. (m) Albert Edward Morris b. 31/12/1880 Bulli 18789/1881 d. 1/11/1959 (Ada Victoria Miles * 1904)
  3. (m) Arthur Patrick Morris b. 17/5/1884 Bulli 23001/1884
  4. (f) Mary Morris b. 1892 Woonona 39578/1892

Living Corrimal in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a miner.

MORRIS. - The Funeral of MARGARET MORRIS beloved wife of Edward Morris and mother of ALBERT and ARTHUR MORRIS will leave our Chapel 810 George Street Sydney THIS TUESDAY at 11 am for Catholic Cemetery Bulli arriving there at 1 o’clock The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 4 November 1941 p 15

Morris Martha (Hill)

b 1838 CofE Dapto/Wollongong d. 17/8/1902 Mt Kembla

m. Thomas Morris (- 5/7/1902 American Creek Son of William Morris & Sarah) 1853 CofE Dapto; Wollongong

f. William Whiffen Hill m. Catherine Coffey *

  1. (f) female Morris b. 1856 Wollongong 8356/1856
  2. (m) James Morris b. 1858 Kembla 13435/1858 d. 2/9/1934 Corndale (Grace Bushell * 1885)
  3. (m) William J Morris b. 1860 Wollongong 14039/1860
  4. (f) Margaret Morris * b. 1863 Wollongong 14979/1863 (John Robert Smith 1884)
  5. (m) Thomas Morris b. 1865 Wollongong 16859/1865 d. 24/8/1949 Corrimal (Mary Ann Little * 1888)
  6. (m) George Morris b. 1867 Wollongong 17950/1867 d. 31/7/1902 Mine Kembla mine
  7. (f) Mary Jane Morris * b. 1869 Wollongong 19831/1869 d. 1947 Wollongong (Alexander Stevenson 1887)
  8. (f) Hannah Maria Morris * b. 1871 Wollongong 19557/1871 (Andrew A Duncan 1889)
  9. (m) Henry Morris b. 1873 Wollongong 20715/1873 d. 7/12/1944 Lakemba (Eliza Fowler * 1896)
  10. (f) Susan Morris b. abt 1873 d. 1929 Kembla Heights
  11. (f) Rebecca Morris b. 1878 Wollongong 24701/1878


An old and esteemed resident of Mount Kembla, in the person of Mrs. Thomas Morris, passed over to the great majority on Sunday last, Only two months ago, her husband died, while a son and a grandson perished in the Kembla explosion, a few weeks back. The blow was a crushing one, and surrounded by many loving friends and relatives, she passed quietly away on the day named. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Saturday 23 August 1902 p 11

Morris Martha (Rodway)

b. abt 1861 Monmouthshire Wales d. 27/2/1929 br. Bulli General

m. James Watkin Morris (abt 1862 Nanty Clo South Wales - 10/11/1938) 24/12/1881 Monmouthshire Wales

f. Hezikia Rodway m. Ann

Ship: abt 1889

  1. (f) Sarah Annie Morris b. 1884 Monmouthshire Wales (James Dew 1903)
  2. (f) Provillia Morris b. 1886 Monmouthshire Wales (Thomas Evans 1909)
  3. (m) John Morris b. 1888 Monmouthshire Wales
  4. (m) William J Morris b. 1890 Woonona
  5. (f) Mamie Morris b. 1893 Woonona (Frederick Yates 1912)
  6. (m) Edwin H Morris b. 1894 Woonona
  7. (f) Melba E Morris b. 1898 Woonona
  8. (m) Alfred C Morris b. 1904 Woonona d. 1929 Bulli

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.

Husband a coal miner.

Morris Mary (Whitaker)

m. William Morris 1853 Presbyterian Wollongong V18534509 74B

Morris Mary A

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (f) Julia Morris b. 1860 Wollongong 13793/1860

Morris Mary Ann (Little)

b. abt 1871 Durham d. 12/12/1943 Wollongong hospital br. Bulli General

m. Thomas Morris ( abt 1865- 24/8/1949 Corrimal Son of Thomas Morris & Martha Hill *) 26/12/1888 Mt Kembla

f. John Little m. Mary Ann Wallace *

Ship: Clyde 1879

  1. (f) Henrietta E M Morris b. 1889 Corrimal (Arthur Playford 1915)
  2. (f) Wilhelmina V M Morris b. 1896 Corrimal (Griffiths)
  3. (f) Mary E Wallace Morris b. 1899 Corrimal (Arthur G W Lowe 1923)
  4. (m) John T L Morris b. 1906 Corrimal
  5. (f) Thelma Dorothy Mary L Morris b. 1909 Corrimal (Henry Charles Hamblin 1936)

Living Corrimal in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a miner.


One of Corrimal's best known residents, Mrs. Mary Ann Morris, of 51 Collins street, died at the district hospital on Sunday after an illness of some months.

Aged 72 years, the late Mrs. Morris, was born in Durham, England and came to N.S.W, 65 years ago.

She married Mr. Thomas Morris, at Mt. Kembla C. of E. on Dec. 26th, 55 years ago and they have resided in the one house in Collins street for the past 54 years.

To her husband and family of five the sincere sympathy of the community is extended. The family comprises four daughter, Mrs. Playford (Newcastle), Mrs. J. Griffiths (Francis st., Corrimal)! Mrs Lowe (Marrickville), Mrs. H. Hamblin, (Collins street, Corimal) and Jack (Tarrawanna). Her brother Mr. George (Mick) j Little resides in Sydney. ' On Monday a service was held at St Albans, Corrimal prior to cortege leaving for the Bulli C of E cemetery. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 17 December 1943 Page 10

Morris Sarah Ann ( Myers then Wickham)

b. 23/12/1841 Burroowa d. 16/8/1894 Shellharbour

m. Ebenezer Wickham (abt 1840 Margate Kent England - 8/5/1870 Gouldburn)

m. John George Morris (16/1/1842 Marshall Mount Dapto-11/11/1891 Bowral)

f. Jacob Myers m. Ann Clegg

  1. Edward Myers Wickham b. 1863 d. 1942 Manly (Emily Beatrice Ellison)
  2. Anne Rachel Wickham * b. 1865 d. 1940 Shellharbour (Joseph Dunster Allen 1892)
  3. Henry Ebenezer Wickham b. 1867 Goulburn d. 1943 (Ethyl Blaxland )

Morrison Agnes Campbell (Mc Murray)

b. 29/8/1860 Scotland d. 5/2/1938 Cessnock br. Kurri Kurri

m. John Morrison (Renfrew Scotland - 1925 Cessnock Son of John Morrison & Margaret)

f. William McMurray m. Isabella

Ship: abt 1889

  1. (m) John Morrison b. abt 1881 Renfrew Scotland
  2. (m) Walter Morrison b. abt 1883 Renfrew Scotland
  3. (m) Henry Morrison b. abt 1885 Renfrew Scotland d. 31/7/1902 Mine Kembla mine
  4. (m) Alexander Morrison b. abt 1887 Renfrew Scotland d. 31/7/1902 Mine Kembla mine
  5. (m) James b. 1890 Wollongong d. 1949 Cessnock
  6. (m) Thomas Morrison b. 1892 Wollongong d. 23/7/1916 Pozieres France
  7. (m) Sydney Kembla Morrison b. 1898 Wollongong d. 1949 Newcastle
  8. (f) Jessie M b. 1901 Wollongong
  9. (m) Gordon G Morrison b. 1903 Wollongong d. 1918 Newtown

Living Mount Kembla in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

In WW1 when son Thomas enlisted living at Kurri Kurri. Two sons were killed in the Mt Kembla disaster. Husband was the night deputy manager and her brother William McMurray was also killed in the rescue attempt at Mt Kembla mine.

MORRISON.— The relatives and friends of the late AGNES CAMPBELL MORRISON, relict of the late John Morrison, are kindly invited to attend her funeral, to move from her late residence, corner of King and Hall streets, Cessnock. TOMORROW . (Sunday) AFTERNOON, at 3 o'clock, for Presbyterian Cemetery, Kurri. Kurri. The Newcastle Sun (NSW : 1918 - 1954) Saturday 5 February 1938 p 3

Morrison Amelia (Adams)

d. 1906 Susan Street Auburn br. Rookwood

m. William Morrison (-before 1913)1886 Sydney

f. William m. Caroline

  1. (m) William Edward Morrison b. 1890 Wollongong d. 1965 Rockdale

Will settled in 1913 husband deceased and a labourer.

Morrison Eliza (Scott)

d. br. Sydney

m. Hugh Morrison (abt 1847 Ireland-12/7/1906 Mt Kembla) 1883 Wollongong

f. James Scott

  1. (m) James McDonald Morrison b. 1885 Wollongong d. 1926 Auburn
  2. (m) Edward Morrison b. ? d. 1918
  3. (m) Hugh Morrison b. ? d. 1946
  4. (m) Robert Morrison b. ? d. 1949

Living Central Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Her husband was the engine smith at Mt Kembla colliery


An inquest was held to-day by Mr. J. Hart, deputy coroner, concerning the death of Hugh Morrison, engine-smith, 59, who had been employed by the Mount Kembla Company, and resided at Central Kembla. Deceased's wife left home at about 5 p.m. yesterday, and proceeded to Unanderra, about half a mile distant, leaving her husband alone at home. She returned in about half an hour with one of her sons, and went to a bedroom, and found the door closed with a chair against it. She pushed the door open, and smelt powder. She saw her husband lying on the bed. There was a gash across his throat. A blood-stained razor and a revolver containing four cartridges and one shell were on the bed. For some time deceased had been despondent and queer in his manner, and had an idea that people wanted to get him into a madhouse. Annie Wallace, a neighbour, heard a shot fired about 5 p.m. Upwards of £50 was found in deceased's pockets. Dr. T. W. Lee deposed that the incised wound in the throat was evidently self-inflicted, and would cause death in a few minutes. He had attended deceased for dyspepsia and melancholia. A verdict that death was caused by the wound in the throat, self-inflicted whilst temporarily insane, was returned. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Friday 13 July 1906 p 11

Morrison Esther (Dunn)

m. John Morrison

  1. (f) Ellen Morrison b. 27/10/1858 Kiama bp Kiama RC
  2. (f) Esther Morrison b. 1862 Kiama
  3. (m) John Morrison b. 1864 Kiama
  4. (m) James Morrison b. 1867 Qld
  5. (f) Lucy Morrison b. 1869 Qld

Husband a sawyer.

There is a family in Qld who maybe the correct family, however the last child was born in 1880 which would have Esther having children for 22 years. Also there are ‘holes’ with child birth so more children may have to be found. This Esther Dunn died in 1926 aged 85 so it is possible that this is the correct Esther, more research would have to be done.

Morrison Mary Ann

b. 1870 Kiama d. 22/9/1953 Kiama

f. Alexander Morrison m. Mary Jane Phillips *

Electoral Roll 1903 resident Muskfield Kiama –Domestic Duties

Morrison Mary Elizabeth (Clowes/Clows)

b. 6/3/1882 Woonona 19709/1882 d. 29/8/1975 Canberra ACT

m. John Morrison 2/4/1902 Woonona

f. John Clowes m. Elizabeth Grey Jefferson *

On Wednesday, in the Roman Catholic Church, Mr. John Morrison and Miss Mary Elizabeth Clows, both of Queanbeyan, were wedded, Rev. Father Dunne celebrant. The bride was attended by her sister, Miss Clara Clows, and Miss M: Morrison, while Mr. J. Clows acted as best man. Mr. W. Schwarer, brother-in law of the bride, gave her away. The dress of the bride was of fawn, trimmed with cream silk, and toque to match. She carried a very pretty bouquet. After the wedding a party assembled round the festal board at Mr. W. Schwarer's, which was very daintily spread The health of the young couple, proposed in the happiest terms by the Rev. Father Dunne, was duly honored. Mr. and Mrs. Morrison left for Queanbeyan. A number of pretty and valuable presents were received. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Saturday 5 April 1902 p 11

Morrison Mary Jane (Phillips)

d. 13/7/1911 Corndale br. Lismore

m. Alexander Morrison (1835 Co Monaghan Ireland- 12/1/1917 Clunes) 1869 Kiama

f. John Phillips m. Ann

  1. (f) Mary Ann Morrison * b. 1870 Kiama d. 22/9/1953 Kiama
  2. (f) Sarah Morrison b. abt 1874 d. 1899 Kiama
  3. (f) Margaret Morrison * b. 1874 Kangaroo Valley ( Alfred A King 1916)
  4. (m) Thomas William Morrison b. 1875 Kangaroo Valley
  5. (f) Elizabeth Morrison * b. 1878 Kiama (Harman A Mitchell 1904)
  6. (m) David Alexander Morrison b. 1880 Kiama

Electoral Roll 1903 resident Muskfield Kiama –Domestic Duties

In 1873 the family moved to Kangaroo Valley but for their childrens education they returned to Kiama in 1879. In 1905 the family moved to the Alstonville area.

also from the Richmond River of the demise of Mrs. Morrison, wife of. Mr. Alex. Morrison, late of Longbrush Road, Kiama. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Saturday 15 July 1911 p 2

Morrison Sarah (McDermott)

b. 1836 Fermanagh Ireland d. 2/8/1918 Barrenagrry br. Kangaroo Valley

m. Alexander Milne Morrison (abt 1831 England- 17/6/1897 Barrongarry Son of William Morrison & Jane Keigh) 17/2/1860 Parramatta

f. William McDermott m. Elizabeth Johnson

Ship: 1855

  1. (m) Alexander Morrison b. 29/1/1865 Kiama bp Kiama RC
  2. (f) Jane Morrisson b. 22/10/1868 Kiama bp Kiama RC
  3. (m) William Morrison b. 1861
  4. (m) Henry Morrison b. 1862
  5. (m) Alexander Morrison b. 1865
  6. (f) Jane Camellia Morrison * b. 3/2/1867 Kiama d. 3/2/1959 Unanderra ( Laurence Carr 1892)
  7. (m) James Morrison b. 1870
  8. (f) Mary Ellen Morrison b. 1873 (William Cox 1913)
  9. (m) William H. Morrison b. 1875
  10. (f) Sarah Morrison b. 1877 (John J Moffitt 1912)

Family legend says that Alexander left England to work on the construction of railways in America before coming to Australia. Settled in Kiama and was said to be one of the first men in Australia to make an iron plough. Husband a blacksmith



‘One by one the old pioneers are leaving us, one by one they are being laid to rest.' Such a thought was doubtless in the minds of many of our residents when the sad fact was made known on Friday that Mrs. Sarah Morrison had passed away at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. J J Moffitt of Barrengarry. The deceased lady had reached the ripe age of 82 years, and was a native of County Fermanagh, Ireland. She was married in Parramatta to the late Mr. Alex. Morrison, and went to reside at Kiama, where her husband was in business for a number of years and where all the children were born. With her husband and family, the late Mrs. Morrison arrived in the Valley in 1880— 38 years ago— so that she was indeed one of the pioneers of the district. Her husband predeceased her 21 years ago. She leaves a family of two sons and three daughters to mourn their loss, and for whom the keenest sympathy is felt. The sons are Messrs. Alex (K.V.) and William (Sydney), and the daughters Mrs. L. Carr (Unanderra), Mrs. Wm. Cox and Mrs J. Moffitt, of Barrengarry. Three other sons predeceased her. Of a kindly, cheerful disposition, a good neighbour, a true friend, a loving mother, the late Mrs. Morrison endeared herself, to all with whom she came in contact, and she bore with a fortitude worthy of emulation the suffering entailed by a long and painful illness, extending over fully three years. The funeral on Sunday afternoon was one of the largest this district has seen, being an evidence of the high regard in which the deceased lady was held in the district. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 16 August 1918 p 6

Morrissey/Morrissy Ellen (Fitzgerald)

b. abt 1853 Kilcoran Co Limerick d. 1916 Lismore

m. John Morrissey (abt 1852 Co Kerry Ireland-1927 Lismore Son of Michael Morrissey & Mary ?) 15/1/1873 Dapto RC

f. James Fitzgerald m. Catherine Fitzgerald

  1. (f) Mary Morrissey b. 22/10/1873 Kiama bp Kiama RC d. 10/6/1935 Lismore ( William Carroll)
  2. (m) Michael Morrissey b. 27/10/1874 Shellharbor d. 16/12/1958 Lismore (Margaret Thompson)
  3. (m) James Morrisey b. 4/4/1876 Shellharbour d. 18/9/1942 Lismore (Elizabeth Ann Umstatter)
  4. (m) John Morrissey b. 4/4/1877 Shellharbor d. 1964 Lismore (Catherine Casey)
  5. (f) Catherine Morrissey b. 25/4/1879 Kiama d. before 1949 (Henry Stevens)
  6. (f) Ellen Morrissey b. 25/11/1880 Kiama d. 1963 Lismore (Walter Henry Shepherd)
  7. (m) Edmund Morrissey b. 11/5/1882 Kiama d. 10/3/1952 Lismore (Mary A Lally)
  8. (f) Johanna Morrissey b. 9/8/1884 Jamberoo d. 29/3/1954 Lismore (Charles David Loadsman)
  9. (m) William P Morrissey b. 11/3/1886 Kiama d. 23/4/1952 Tamworth (Dorothy Hart)
  10. (m) Thomas Gregory Morrissey b. 12/5/1887 Kiama d. 28/8/1949 Lismore (Elizabeth Jane Maher)
  11. (m) Denis Patrick Morrissey b. 11/7/1889 Kiama d. 11/8/1918 France
  12. (f) Cecily/Julia Morrissey b. 25/2/1891 Kiama (Michael J Buckett)
  13. (f) Annie Theresa Morrissey b. 188/10/93 Kiama d. 1973 Grafton (William Alfred Wunderlich)

Husband a labourer. Father remarried Mary Malone

Morrissey Honora (Lane)

b. abt 1937 d. 26/3/1921 Paddington br. Waverley

m. Edward/Edmund Morrissey (-1907 Waverley)

f. John Lane m. Kate

  1. (f) Mary Morrissey b. abt 1867 d. 1927 Burwood (Augustine J H Courbarron 1893 )
  2. (f) Kate Morrissey * b. abt 1868 d. 1935 Berry (Philip Dunne 1884)
  3. (m) John Morrissey b. abt 1871 d. 1949 Paddington
  4. (f) Ellen Morrissey d. 1952 Auburn (Edward Carpenter 1908, Frederick Hill 1929)
  5. (m) Edward Morrissey b. abt 1876 d. 1952 Paddington
  6. (f) Julia Morrisey b. d. 1939 Balmain (Louis Collings 1896)
  7. (f) Norah Morrissey b. abt 1881 d. 1952 Paddington(Sydney Fletcher 1905)
  8. (f) Margaret Morrissey d. 1949 Bondi Junction (Thomas Donohoe 1909)
  9. (f) Johanna Morrissey b. 1882 Kiama d. 1942 Auburn (Joseph Philip Ronan 1908, Frederick Scales 1916)

MORRISEY. -March 26 1921 at the residence of her daughter Mrs Fletcher 21 Union street Paddington Honorah beloved mother of M. Courbarron aged 84 years. R.I.P. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 28 March 1921 Page 4

MORRISSEY.-The Friend» of Mrs. M. COURBAHRON and FAMILY, Mrs. K. DUNNE and FAMILY, Mr. and Mrs. L COLLINS and FAMILY, Mrs. E. CARPENTER, Mr. and Mrs. S. FLETCHER and FAMILY, Mr and Mrs, JOHN MORRISSEY and FAMILY, Mr. and Mrs. E. MORRISSEY and FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs, T. DONOHOE and FAMILY, and Mr. and Mrs. F. SCALES and FAMILY are kindly Invited to attend the funeral of their beloved MOTHER. Honorah; to leave her late residence, 21 Union-street, Paddington, THIS MORNING, at 9.45, for Catholic Cemetery, Waverley, By request, no flowers. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 28 March 1921 Page 3

Morrissey Louisa (Taylor then Young)

b. 1866 Kiama 9541/1866 d. 25/8/1944 Sans Souci cr. Woronora

m. George Henry Young (1863 Kiama -17/10/1901 Sydney Son of James Young & Ann *) 1884 Kiama

m. Edward Morrissey 13/6/1902 Waverley div 1908

f. Benjamin Taylor m. Caroline *

  1. (m) Ernest A K Young b. 1886 Kiama 24981/1886  d. 1886 St Peters
  2. (f) Gertrude Young b. 1887 Kiama 25745/1887 d. 1923 Berry (Frederick Parrish 1904)
  3. (m) Albert Henry Young b. 1889 Gerringong 25110/1889 d. 7/5/1952 Sutherland
  4. (m) Victor Harold Young b. 1891 Kiama 18160/1891d. 1976
  5. (f) Elsie Alice Young 1894 Kiama 17580/1894 d. 1947 Bulli (Sydney C Kitt 1912)
  6. (m) George Young b. 1896 Kiama 13388/1896 d. 1960 Kiama
  7. (f) Vera Ellen Morrissey b. 1903 Kiama d. 1971 Bankstown (Frank Luxton 1922)

Electoral Roll 1903 resident Farmer St Kiama –Domestic Duties


.. might be termed a terrible accident happened to a young girl (Elsie), daughter of Mr. Geo. Young, at Jamberoo on Thursday lost. From the meagre particulars to hand, we learn that the poor child, who is between 7 and 8 years of age, had her arm caught in the cogwheels of a hand separator, and before she could be released the flesh was torn off from the elbow to the wrist, Dr. Terrey, we believe, was sent for, and did all that was possible to relieve the unfortunate child, who is in a precarious condition, To make matters more sad, it need only be mentioned that the father (Mr, Geo. Young) died in Sydney on the 17th instant, Leaving a widow and six children to mourn their sad loss The Kiama Reporter and Illawarra Journal (NSW : 1899 - 1947) Saturday 26 October 1901 p 2

Edward Morrissey, for using insulting language to his step-daughter. (Gertrude Young) was at Kiama last week fined £3 j and costs or two months hard labour in Wollongong gaol. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Wednesday 1 July 1903 Page 1


Mr. Fraser appeared for the petitioner, Louisa Morrissey, In the suit for dissolutionmof her marriage with Edward Morrissey, on the ground of wilful desertion for three years and upwards.' The parties were married on June 13, 1902, and petitioner gave evidence that respondent had deserted her since 1903, and previously to that had never supported her. His Honor granted a decree nisi, returnable in six months, petitioner to have the custody of the child. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 4 December 1907 Page 6

Mrs. Louisa Young died on August 25, at her home in Ida Street, Sans Souci, aged 78 years. She is survived by three sons and two daughters.

Morrissey Mary (Ryan)

m. Thomas Morrissey 1867 Kiama

  1. (m) Denis Morrissey b. 29/5/1868 Shellharbor (reg Sydney)

Morrow Ann (Archer)

b. abt 1828 d. 3/12/1900 Cootamundra br. Cootamundra

m. James Morrow (abt 1826 Co Fermanagh Ireland-1901 Cootamundra Son of George Morrow & Rebecca Funston) 1858 Kiama

f. Thomas Archer m. Elizabeth

  1. (f) Anne Elizabeth Morrow b. 1859 Kiama d. 1895 Cullinga
  2. (m) George Morrow b. 1861 Kiama d. 30/8/1923 Lindfield (Elizabeth Black * 1887)
  3. (f) Rebecca J Morrow b. 1862 Kiama (Robert Burgess 1898)
  4. (m) Allen Harry Morrow b. 1864 Kiama d. 1932 Sydney
  5. (f) Margaret Morrow b. 1866 Kiama (William J Gordon 1888)
  6. (m) James Morrow b. 1868 Kiama
  7. (m) David Thomas Morrow b. 1871 Kiama d. 1935
  8. (m) John Morrow d. Perth WA

Moved to Cullinga in early 1871.

Death of Mrs. Jas. Morrow.— We have to record the death of a pioneer settler in the person of Mrs. Morrow, wife of Mr. James Morrow of this town. She had been ailing seriously about one month, though she had been a sufferer to some extent for a few years.

A nurse was in attendance upon her, and on Sunday she recovered her strength sufficiently to be able to walk about the house and grounds at Kiera. On Monday she was being dressed as usual when she complained of a pain in the head, and lay back, and she became unconscious and never rallied, dying on Monday at 1 o'clock. Her age was 72 years and her survivors are her husband, four sons, and two daughters— Messrs. George Morrow, Mimosa ; A. H. Morrow, Condobolin ; James Morrow on the farm at Cullinga ; and D. T. Morrow, architect, Newtown, Sydney ; Mrs. R. Burgess; Cootamundra ; and Mrs. Gordon, Fairfield. It will be remembered that her son, John Morrow, died of fever at Perth (W.A.), and her eldest daughter died at Cullinga. Mr. Morrow and his family came to the Cullinga district, and he and Mr. Irwin Smith were the first selectors under the Robertson Land Act of 1861, 29 years ago. The funeral yesterday afternoon, was largely attended, a solemn service being conducted by the Rev. B. Dinning at the Wesleyan Church, of which the deceased lady had been always a strong pillar. She always expressed a desire to die before her husband did, and her wish was gratified. We extend our kindly sympathy to Mr. Morrow and the family. Cootamundra Herald (NSW : 1877 - 1954) Wednesday 5 December 1900 Page 2

Morrow Arabella (Armstrong)

b 1815 Correlaugh Fermanagh d. 20/2/1889 Broughton Vale br. Gerringong.

m. Robert Morrow (abt 1801 Fermanagh Ireland – 17/5/1887 Gerringong Son of Henry Morrow & Mary Johnson) 9/5/1836 Templemaghery Ireland

f. Christopher Armstrong m. Susan Morrow (Sister of Elizabeth Armstrong /Barton)

Ship: 1841 “Orestes” into Sydney

Occupation: Dairy woman in Ireland

  1. (f) Elizabeth Morrow * b. 1837 Fermanagh Ireland d. 16/3/1897 Gerringong (Thomas Moffitt 1864)
  2. (m) Christopher Morrow b. 16/12/1839 Crevenish d. 12/10/1882 Brogers Creek (Margaret Jane Irvine * 1864)
  3. (f) Magdalen Morrow * b. 1843 Sydney d. 19/10/1880 Foxground ( Thomas Henry Davey 1866)
  4. (m) William Henry Morrow b. 1844 Sydney d. 20/1/1930 Kiama ( Elizabeth Louise Gray * 1874)
  5. (f) Louisa Morrow * b. 1/11/1846 Sydney d. 17/4/1927 Wauchope ( James Matthew Wilson 1871)
  6. (f) Arabella Jane Morrow b. 4/6/1848 Sydney d. 18/3/1853
  7. (f) Caroline Sophia Morrow * b. 24/3/1850 Sydney d. 30/10/1929 Murwillumbah ( William Cooke 1869)
  8. (m) James John Morrow b. 1852 Sydney d. 20/6/1922 Keiraville (Jane Annie Bryson 1876, Lucy Holland 1884, Rebecca Holland 1898, 1906 Mary Ann Thompson 1906)
  9. (m) Richard Irwin b Morrow b. 20/8/1856 Gerringong d. 4/10/1903 Clunes ( Margaret Ann Tindall 1883)

Morrow Elizabeth (Black)

b. 26/4/1864 Gerringong d. 27/4/1939 Hornsby cr. Core Hill

m. George Morrow (1861 Kiama - 30/8/1923 Lindfield Son of James Morrow & Ann Archer *) 1887 Kiama

f. Thomas Black m. Charlotte Alice Hindmarsh *

  1. (m) Thomas C Morrow b. 1888 Kiama
  2. (f) Stella MA Morrow b. 1889 Cullinga ( Charles M Northcote)
  3. (f) Ula Heath Alice Morrow b. 1895 Cullinga ( Eric Priestly Lee)
  4. (m) John G Morrow b. 1899 Cullinga ( May Yates)
  5. (f) Essie M Morrow b. 1900 Cullinga ( Arthur Grainger)
  6. (f) Myra M Morrow b. 1903 Cullinga


One of God's faithful followers in the person of Mrs. Elizabeth Morrow, received her home-call on Thursday, April 37th, and on Friday, a large congregation gathered at the Lindfield Church to engage in the last solemn service in connection with the death. The casket was hidden by the beautiful floral tributes that were sent, and there was a feeling of victory, and not defeated as the service proceeded. The hymns chosen were two that had been on her lips only a few hours before her passing, namely, 'Eternal Light' and 'Jesus, Lover of My Soul.' The Rev. G. E. Johnson, her minister, spoke feelingly of her beautiful life. Born into a Christian home at Kiama, Elizabeth Black received those lasting spiritual influences that moulded her life; Early she gave herself to her Master, Jesus Christ, and rejoiced in a happy experience of the Christian life. In 1887 she was married to George Morrow, and the home at Mimosa, near Temora, was formed. The marriage was one of exceeding happiness, and through the many years they were spared to each other, they were in complete agreement in their love for God and His Church. Mrs Morrow, soon after her arrival at Mimosa, commenced a Sunday School in her own home, and then later arranged for a church service. She was the soul of hospitality, and opened her home to many lonely folk, thus helping them by the gracious spiritual environment. She was a splendid housewife, and organised, in the interests of the Temora Church, for many years the Tea Tent at the Annual Show, often doing the major part of the preparation of the food. In 1908 to 1914 the home was at Scone, and there, as at Temora, she was actively interested in the church work. From 1914 to 1920, at Hornsby, and from 1920 to 1939 in the Lindfield Circuit, Miss Morrow continued her good work for God. Under the most distressing pains of sickness, she showed a very beautiful trust in God. She realised the presence of the Master with her, and He was her crowned King. The day before her death she quietly said, 'Safe into the haven guide, oh, receive my soul at last and ready for the home call,' she answered it quietly, and her poor body had rest. After cremation her ashes were placed in the grave, where her husband's body lies, in the Gore Hill cemetery. Her children, four daughters and two sons, have a wonderful memory of a faithful mother who poured out her affection most fully upon them, and the Church on earth has lost one of her loyal members. But the hope of a blessed reunion cheers all who remain. The Methodist (Sydney, NSW : 1892 - 1954) Saturday 24 June 1939 p 14

Morrow Elizabeth Louisa (Gray)

b. 13/3/1848 Gerringong d. 27/6/1925 br. Kiama General

m. William Henry Morrow (1844 Sydney -20/1/1930 Kiama Son of Robert Morrow & Arabella Armstrong *) 23/9/1874 Kiama

f. Henry Gray m. Maria Walmsley *

  1. (m) William Henry Morrow b. 1877 Rose Valley d. 23/1/1951 Lismore (Laura Matilda Gray 1908)
  2. (f) Arabella Lucinda Morrow * b. 1878 Broughton Village d. 3/4/1905 Gerringong ( James George Miller 1902)
  3. (f) Maria Emma Adeline Morrow * b. 1880 Broughton Vale d. (Alfred Francis Gray 1909)
  4. (f) Florence Elizabeth Margaret Morrow b. 1885 Berry d. 17/12/1947 Gerringong (Henry Miller 1915)
  5. (f) Elsie Lilian Jane Morrow b. 23/1/1894 Omega d. 23/8/1963

ON the 23rd September, at Hawthorn Glen, Fountaindale, near Kiama, by the Rev. J. H. L. Zillman, WILLIAM HENRY, fourth son of Robert MORROW, Esq., Clareview, Broughton Creek, to ELIZABETH, fifth daughter of Henry GRAY, Esq., of the above place. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 15 October 1874 p 2

Living at Omega in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties


Mrs. W. H. Morrow, sister of Messrs. W. H. Gray (Lismore), J. J. Gray (Alstonville),   and mother of Mesdames A. P. Grey   (Eltham) and W. H. Morrow (Pearce's Creek), whose death took place on the South Coast, is the subject of an obituary in the “Kiama Reporter” as follows :—

“On Saturday, June 27th, after a few days' illness, Mrs. W. H. Morrow passed away at her home, “Salopia,” Shoalhaven-street, Kiama, aged 77 years, and sincere sympathy is felt for Mr. Morrow and his daughters, Miss Lilian Morrow and Mrs. H. Miller, Mrs. A. F. Grey and Mr. W. H. Morrow, in their bereavement.    

'The late Mrs. Morrow was Miss Elizabeth Grey, one of a highly respected family in Gerringong in earlier days. For a number of years she has been an invalid, tenderly cared for in the home by her husband, daughter, Miss Morrow, and granddaughter, Miss Miller. She developed a bad cold   which turned into bronchitis and then pneumonia, and the end quickly followed. The interment took place at North Kiama, the Rev. H. G. Chivers officiating at the grave. There was a large attendance, many representative district people being present, and a beautiful lot of floral emblems and wreaths were sent, expressive of sympathy,  … Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954) Saturday 1 August 1925 p 15

Morrow Johanna (O’Brien)

b. 24/8/1948 d. 24/8/1948 br. Gerringong General

m. Johnston Morrow (1860 Kiama - 19/10/1931 Son of Johnston Morrow & Mary Ann Johnston *) 1885 Kiama

m. Laurence O’Brien m. Mary Carney *

  1. (m) William H Morrow b. 1886 Kiama
  2. (m) Herbert Auckland Morrow b. 1887 Gerringong d. 12/3/1956 Kiama (Catherine Graham 1923)
  3. (m) Ernest Morrow b. 1889 Kiama
  4. (f) Violet M Morrow b. 1890 Kiama ‘
  5. (f) Ivy M Morrow b. 1892 Kiama
  6. (m) Harold J Morrow b. 1894 Kiama ‘
  7. (f) Lilla Morrow b. 1896 Kiama
  8. (f) Eva Morrow b. 1899 Kiama
  9. (f) Hilda Morrow b. 1900 Kiama

Living at Gerringong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

MRS. JOHANNA MORROW The oldest resident of the Gerringong district in the person ,of. Mrs. Johanna Morrow died at her home “Vileh,” Gerringong, early on Tuesday morning last at the age of 88 years. She had been in declining health for some time during which she received the devoted care of her daughters, Eva and Lilla. The late Mrs. Morrow who was born at Gerringong, was the daughter of the late Mr and Mrs Lawrence O'Brien. At the age four years she moved to Ulladulla with her parents and after a period of residence there, they returned to Gerringong towork on the, “Alne Bank' farm of the Hindmarsh family. She later married the late Johnston Morrow and the early part of their, married life was spent at Boatharbour after which they moved to the residence where she passed away. The late Mrs. Morrow had lived at this residence for 40 years. A very well-known and respected resident of the district, she was one of the old pioneers who had so much to do with the establishment of the district and had to endure the many early hardships of life. Her husband, who was a successful and well-known contractor: predeceased her some 17 years ago. The late Mrs. Morrow is y a devoted family of four sons, Herbert, Ernest,, William (all of Gerringong) and Harold, (Sydney) and five daughters Violet (Mrs. Donaldson, Sydney), Ivy (Mrs. Leahy, Sydney), Lilla (Mrs. Chittick, Gerringong), Eva (Gerringong and Hilda (Mrs. K. Wilson, Sydney). One sister, Mrs. Sarah Barker also survives. The funeral took place in the Church of England portion , of the Gerringong Cemetery on Wednesday afternoon, following a service at the homestead. Kiama Independent (NSW : 1947 - 1954) Wednesday 1 September 1948 p 3

Morrow Lucinda (Keys)

b. 21/3/1845 Drumbulcan Fermanagh d. 23/10/1919 Cambewarra br. Nowra

m. John Morrow (1841 Ireland – 7/1/1922 Lidcombe Son of George Morrow & Rebecca Funston ) 4/4/1878 Broughton Creek

f. James Keys m. Mary Fletcher

Ship: Trebolgan 1865

Occupation: Domestic servant

  1. (m) James George Morrow b. 18/2/1879 Kangaroo Valley d. 19/2/1940 Sydney (Edith Jane Roach 1909)
  2. (m) John William Morrow b. 23/5/1880 Kangaroo Valley d. 18/9/1914 Peeramon Qld
  3. (f) Unnamed Morrow b. 30/7/1883 Kangaroo Valleyn d. 1883 Shoalhaven
  4. (m) Henry Morrow b. 30/7/1883 Kangaroo Valley d. 28/10/1906 Lismore

MORROW.—On February 18th, at Kangaroo Valley, Mrs. Morrow of a son. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Friday 14 March 1879 p 2

MORROW.-May 23, at her residence, Kangaroo Valley, Mrs. John Morrow, of a son. Australian Town and Country Journal (NSW : 1870 - 1907) Saturday 5 June 1880

MORROW.—July 30, at her residence, Kangaroo Valley, Mrs. John Morrow of twins, son and daughter.

Morrow Margaret (Irvine)

b. 1841 Magheraculmoney Fermanagh Ireland d. 27/10/1933 Wattamolla

m. Christopher Morrow (16/12/1839 Crevenish Fermanagh – 12/10/1882 Brogers Creek Son of Robert Morrow & Arabella Armstrong *) 1864 Kiama

f. James Irvine m. Jane Walmsley *

  1. (m) Irvine James Morrow b. 6/8/1865 Gerringong d. 31/12/1894 Wattamolla
  2. (m) Christopher Morrow b. 5/1/1868 Kangaroo Valley d. 11/7/1940 Berry (Mary Hannah Abbot )
  3. (f) Margaret Jane Morrow b. 1870 Kiama d. 21/7/1950 (Thomas James Priddle)
  4. (m) Robert John Morrow b. 1872 Wattamolla d. 16/12/1926 Alstonville (Elizabeth Jane Irvine 1896)
  5. (m) William Charles Morrow b. 12/10/1874 Wattamolla d. 5/12/1942 Lismore (Clara Rosina)

Morrow Mary Ann (Johnston)

d. 1879 br. Gerringong

m. Johnston Morrow (abt 1828 Fermanagh Ireland -10/7/1883 Gerringong Son of John Morrow & Isabella Johnston) 25/11/1856 Kiama

  1. (f) Isabella Jane Morrow * b. 1/10/1857 Gerringong d. 8/10/1911 Kiama (Henry Tidmarsh 1881)
  2. (m) Robert John Morrow b. 1/10/1857 Gerringong
  3. (f) Emily Morrow b. 8/3/1859 Gerringong d. 1943 Manly (Donald Matheson 1887)
  4. (m) Johnston Morrow b. 26/10/1860 Gerringong d. 19/10/1931 Gerringong (Johanna O’Brien * 1885)
  5. (f) Elizabeth Morrow b. 8/12/1862 Gerringong
  6. (m) William Henry Morrow b. 1/10/1864 Gerringong 1/4/1879 aged 12
  7. (f) Mary Ann Moorw b. abt 1866 d. 1/4/1879 Gerringong
  8. (f) Louisa Morrow b. 28/2/1869 Gerringong (Ernest James Wilson 1892)
  9. (f) Catherine Kate Morrow * b. 1/6/1872 Gerringong d. 1946 Hurstville 9954/1946 ( Ernest Falson 1898)

Morschel Esther Frances (Gilligan)

b. 1884 Moruya d. 1958 Casino

m. Peter Augustus Morschel (abt 1878 - 1970 Murwillumbah Son of Peter Morschel & ?) 1904 Nowra

f. John Gilligan m. Frances

  1. (f) Patricia M Gilligan b. 1902 Kiama 32551/1902
  2. (fm) Francis K Morschel b. 1904 Nowra
  3. (f) Meta M Morschel b. 1906 Nowra
  4. (f) Hazeldene P Morschel b. 1908 Lismore
  5. (f) Eileen A Morschel b. 1912 Lismore

Morse Margaret Matilda (Holden)

b. 13/11/1859 Parramatta d. 1/4/1941 Rockdale

m. James Morse (-1924 Rockdale) 16/4/1879 Kiama

f. Richard Holden m. Susanna Walton *

  1. (m) Percy James Morse b. 1880 Newtown
  2. (m) Arthur G Morse b. 1882 Newtown
  3. (m) Thomas Walton Morse b. 1885 St Peters
  4. (m) William Henry Morse b. 1884 Newtown
  5. (f) Alma M Morse b. 1890 Rockdale (Stanley MacPherson 1911)
  6. (m) Cecil E Morse b. 1893 Rockdale
  7. (m) Alfred John Morse b. 1896 Rockdale
  8. (f) Doreen Morse Sinclair b. 1905 St Peters (Wallace Kershler 1936)

The death occurred yesterday (Tuesday) morning at her residence at Rockdale of Mrs. Margaret Morse, in her 8lst year. She was the relict of the late James Morse and sister of the late Thomas Holden, of Kiama. The Kiama Reporter and Illawarra Journal (NSW : 1899 - 1947) Wednesday 2 April 1941 p 4

MORSE - April 1, 1941, at her residence, 11 Gloucester Street, Rockdale, Margaret Matilda Morse, relict of the late James Morse and dearly loved mother of Percy (deceased), Arthur, Walton, (deceased), Harry (deceased), Alma (Mrs. MacPherson), Cecil, John and Doreen (Mrs Kershler)   aged 82 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 2 April 1941 p 10

Morson Maria (McKenzie)

d. 24/12/1917 Dapto br. Gore Hill

m. Alexander Kinnear Morson (- 1902 St Leonards Son of Walter S Morson & Jane )9/2/1875 Waverley

f. Francis McKenzie m. Maria Edwards *

  1. (m) Walter Jamison Morson b. 1876 Maitland
  2. (m) Alexander J Morson b. 1879 Maitland
  3. (m) Charles T Morson b. 1881 Maitland

MORSON—MACKENZIE.—February 9, at St. Mary's, Waverley,  by the Rev. Stanley Mitchell, Alexander Kinnear Morson, M.D., of West Maitland, to Maria, second daughter of the late Francis Mackenzie, Wigan, Lancashire, England. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 10 February 1875 p 1

The death occurred on December 24th 1917, at her late residence, 'Arden' Dapto, of Mrs. Maria Morson, widow of the late Dr. A. K. Morson, formerly of West Maitland and North Sydney. Mrs. Morson was a well known and respected resident of the Dapto district. The interment took place in the Gore Hill Cemetery on Wednesday last South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 28 December 1917 p 8

Morton Eliza Ann (Bunyan)

b. 1870 Bathurst d. 25/06/1939 Glebe cr. Woronora

m. Thomas Morton (-20/9/1946 Son of Thomas Morton & Harriett) 1889 Glebe

f. Reuben Bunyan m. Sarah Ann

  1. (f) Gladys Lillian Morton b. 1890 Redfern
  2. (f) Ida M Morton b. 1892 Redfern (James J Bray 1921)

Electoral Roll 1903 resident Helensburgh –Domestic Duties With Thomas Morton a miner.

Morton Minnie Cunningham (Fuller)

b. 1879 Kiama 15895/1879 d. 24/6/1911 Nowra br. Nowra

m. Mark Fairles Morton (28/9/1865 Numbaa-28/9/1938 Nowra Son of Henry Gordon Morton & Jane Fairlies) 1907 Kiama

f. George Lawrence Fuller m. Sarah Cunningham Miller *

  1. (m) Mark Faires Morton b. 1910 Nowra d. 1994 Bowral

Living at Dunmore in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Death of Mrs. Mark Morton.

The death occurred at Nowra on Saturday morning of Mrs. Morton, wife of Mr. Mark F. Morton, M.L. A. Deceased had only been ill for a few weeks, so her death was unexpected by a large circle of friends, among whom she was highly esteemed. She was a daughter of Mr. G. L. Fuller, of Dunmore, Kiama, and a sister of Mr. G. W. Fuller, M.P. for Illawarra. She was only 31 years of age, and leaves an infant son, aged 13 months. The funeral took place on Monday afternoon at Nowra. People from all parts of the district attended. The Scrutineer and Berrima District Press (NSW : 1892 - 1948) Wednesday 28 June 1911 Page 2

Morton Sarah Emily (Fuller then Anderson)

b. 6/4/1873 Kiama d. 9/12/1935 Nowra

m. Dr Thomas Primrose Anderson ( 1869 Glasgow Scotland -2/8/1894 Dunmore Son of William Anderson & Jane ) 19/9/1894 Kiama

m. Mark Fairles Morton (28/9/1865 Numbaa-28/9/1938 Nowra Son of Henry Gordon Morton & Jane Fairlies)

f. George Lawrence Fuller m. Sarah Cunningham Miller *

  1. (m) Kenneth Primrose Anderson b. 1896 Kiama 22492/1896 d. 16/3/1988 Latham ACT

ANDERSON-FULLER.-September 19, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. John Burgess. M.A.. T. Primrose Anderson. M.B., C.M. (Glas. Univ.), Kiama, to Sarah Emily, third daughter of Geo. L. Fuller, Esq., J.P., Dunmore. Kiama.  The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 29 September 1894

First husband died of TB

Late Mrs. M. F. Morton

The announcement of the death on Monday morning of Mrs. Morton, wife of Mr. Mark Morton, M.L.A., was responsible for sincere regret being expressed throughout the South Coast and the State.

A native of Kiama, her first, marriage was to Dr. T. P. Anderson, of Kiama, and Mr. Kenneth Anderson, of Canberra, is her only son.

Some years ago she married the popular Member for Wollondilly, Mr M. F. Morton, and was a wonderful help-meet, both socially and politically.

Deceased was a sister of Sir George Fuller, Colonel Col. Fuller, and Mr. A. D. Fuller, and there is one sister surviving.

She was loved by all for her kindly and sympathetic nature. Her great and active interest in the C.W.A., Girl Guides and Boy Scout Movements is well and favourably known throughout the South Coast and Tablelands. She was always sympathetic to calls of illness or distress and her practical assistance could always be relied upon.

The funeral on Tuesday last was the largest and most representative ever seen in the Nowra district. Among the chief mourners were Colonel and Mr. A. D. Fuller, and all parts of the State were represented. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 13 December 1935 p 16

Electoral Roll 1903 resident Dunmore –Domestic Duties

Mose see Longmore

Mosby Alice (Riding)

d. 15/8/1925 Homeville 13957/1925

m. David A Mosby (-12/6/1936 Homesby) 1877 Rotherham Yorkshire

f. William pos Butterworth m.

  1. (m) William Mosby d. 1964
  2. (f) Horace Mosby b. 1881 Rotherham Yorkshire d. 1945
  3. (m) Rose Mosby b. 1884 Woonona 23052/1884
  4. (m) Ernest Mosby b. 1887 188703163/1887 d. 1953

Husband was a mine manager- he was bankrupted in 1894 while living in Thirroul

Death of Mrs Mosby

Mrs. Alice Mosby, wife of Mr. David Mosby, of George-street, Homeville, died rather suddenly on Saturday night. She was 72 years of age. She was in her usual health when she returned home on Saturday afternoon, but after having retired, did not feel well, and went to a neighbour's place to ask that a doctor be summoned. She was on her way home when she collapsed. Her moaning attracted, the attention of her neighbours. The ambulance conveyed her to her residence, where Dr. Alcorn pronounced life extinct. She had, it is understood, been suffering from heart trouble. The Maitland Daily Mercury (NSW : 1894 - 1939) Monday 17 August 1925 p 4

Moses Anne

b. abt 1812 d. 26/8/1894 Burrawang ( reg. Kiama) br. Burrawang

m. Edward Moses (abt 1812 - 25/8/1882 Burrawang Son of Robert Moses & Agnes or John Moses & Catherine )

f. James m. Eliza

  1. (m) Edward Moses b. 1843 bp. CofE Brisbane Water d. 1919 Lismore
  2. (f) Catherine Moses * b. 1845 bp. CofE Gosford d. 4/8/1915 Kiama ( John Love )
  3. (m) Thomas J Moses b. 1848 bp. CofE AA Co Dungog d. 1920 Lismore
  4. (m) Robert Moses b. 1849 bp. CofE AA Co Dungog
  5. (m) Robert Wilson Moses 1854 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama ; Shoalhaven d. 3/10/1938 Burrawang (Agnes)
  6. (m) William M Moses b. 1856 Kiama d. 1935 Mosman

This family were one of the original settlers in Burrawang.

Moses Ellen (Izzard)

b. 1963 Berrima d. 24/5/1943 Belmore

m. Moses Abraham Moses (1859 Campbelltown - 1/12/1929 Bondi Son of Joseph Moses & Emma) 1885 Berrima

f. John Izzard m. Jane

  1. (f) Pearl M Moses b. 1886 Berrima
  2. (m) Pricie M Cyril Moses b. 1891 Berrima
  3. (f) Clarice M Moses b. 1893 Berrima
  4. (f) Sarah L Moses b. 1896 Bowral
  5. (m) Moses J Moses b. 1898 Robertson
  6. (m) John D B Moses b. 1901 Wollongong
  7. (f) Nellie M Moses b. 1904 Sydney

MOSES - May 24, 1943, at her daughter's residence, 63 Knox Street, Belmore, Ellen   Moses, dearly loved mother of Pearl, Cyril, Grace, Clarice, Glennie, Jack, John and Nellie, aged 81 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 25 May 1943 p 8

Moses/Moss Georgina Eliza (Rutty)

b. abt 1872 Highworth Wiltshire d. 1943 Leichhardt br. Rookwood

m. David Moses (abt 1869- 1/2/1950 Leichhardt) 1892 Kiama

f. Henry Rutty m. Selina Wiltshire *

  1. (m) Henry James Moses b. 1893 Brewarrina d. 1946 Randwick
  2. (f) Clytie Selina E Moses b. 1895 Kiama d. 1968 Burwood (George Hampton 1920)
  3. (f) Rhoda L F Moses b. 1897 Brewarrina (john G Page 1928)
  4. (f) Dorothy L Moses b. 1902 Sydney d. 1902 Glebe
  5. (m) Arthur Percial David Moses b. 1903 Glebe d. 1974
  6. (m) David Oliver Moses b. 1907 Glebe d. 1990
  7. (f) Eunice M Moses b. 1910 Glebe (Horace C Johnston 1930)
  8. (m) Frederick Ernest Moses b. 1910 Glebe d. 1990
  9. (m) Reginald Maurice Moses b. 1913 Glebe d. 1980
  10. (f) Nellie M Moses b. 1915 Glebe

MOSS.-The Relatives and Friends of Mr. David Moss, senr., and Family are invited to attend the Funeral of his dearly beloved Wife, their dear Mother and Grandmother, Georgina Eliza; to leave her late residence, 6 Emily Street, Leichhardt, This Afternoon, at 3.15 o'clock, for Church of England Cemetery, Rookwood. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Thursday 8 April 1943 Page 10

Moss Celina (Connolly)

b. abt 1838 d. 22/5/1908 Redfern

m. Patrick Moss 1864 Sydney

f. James Connolly m. Ellen

  1. (m) James Moss b. 1866 Sydney d. 1939 Newtown
  2. (f) Sarah Moss b. 1867 Kiama d. 1885 Sydney
  3. (m) John J Moss b. 1872 Tambaroora d. 1924 Sydney
  4. (m) Edward Moss b. 1873 Hill End
  5. (f) Mary Moss b. 1875 Sydney
  6. (m) Patrick Arthur Moss b. 1879 Sydney d. 1938 Rockdale

Moss Elizabeth (Moss)

m. Henry Moss

  1. (f) Catherine Moss b. 7/4/1869 Broughton Creek bp Kiama RC

Husband a storekeeper. It is possible that this woman’s name was Sarah.

Moss Fanny (Knowles)

b. abt 1865 d. 10/7/1936 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. Walter Moss (abt 1861 Sheffield England – 28/12/1935 Wollongong Son of Joseph Moss & Jane) 1885 Canterbury

f. John Knowles m. Jane

Ship: abt 1884

  1. (m) William Joseph Moss b. 1887 Berrima
  2. (f) Ivy Moss b. 1890 Bowral
  3. (m) Walter H Moss b. 1900 Wollongong

Living Market St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

MOSS.-July 10, 1936, at her residence, Church-street, Wollongong, Fanny Moss, widow of the late Walter Moss and beloved mother William and Walter, aged 71 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 11 July 1936 p 16

Moss Hannah / Hanorah (Lynch)

b. abt 1829 Tyrone Ireland d. 11/5/1907

m. Hugh Moss ( abt 1832 Termonmamon Tyrone Ireland - before 1907 Son of Bryan Moss & Susan) 1854 Termonmamon Tyrone Ireland

f. Dennis Lynch m. Bridget

Ship: 1856

  1. (f) Mary Ann Moss b. 5/12/1854 Jamberoo reg Kiama RC
  2. (m) Bernard Moss b. 10/6/1856 Jamberoo reg Kiama RC
  3. (f) Susan Ross b. 17/7/1858 Jamberoo d. 1873 Kiama
  4. (m) John Moss b. 1860 Kiama (Mary A O’Connor 1886)
  5. (m) Hugh Moss b. 1862 Kiama
  6. (f) Bridget Moss b. 1864 Kiama
  7. (f) Gracey Moss b. 1866 Kiama
  8. (m) Edward Moss b. 1/7/1868 Broughton Creek bp Kiama RC
  9. (f) Ellen Moss * b. 1870 Kiama d. 6/7/1950 Kingsford (John Ettingshausen 1896)

Electoral Roll 1903 resident Bong Bong St Kiama –Domestic Duties Husband a settler

MRS. HANNAH MOSS. We have to record with regret the death on May 11 at the residence of her son (Hugh), Ninth Avenue, Campsie, one of the pioneers of the Berry district, South Coast, in the person of Mrs. Hannah Moss, at the age of 83 years. She leaves a family of four daughters, four sons, thirty-two grand children and six great grand children to mourn their loss. She was born in the County of Tyrone, and came to New South Wales in 1856. The greater part of her life here was spent in Broger's Creek, near Berry. She also resided at Newtown and Prahran (Vic). She was widely known .and respected by all classes of the community. The funeral took place on the 13 ult., the remains being laid to rest in the new portion of the Catholic cemetery, Rookwood, in the presence of a large number of relative; and friends. The Rev. Father Kirby officiated-.— R.I.P. Freeman's Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1932) Thursday 6 June 1907 p 15

Moss Margaret (English)

b. 17/11/1831 Rosegreen Co Tipperary Ireland d. 5/3/1905 Newbridge br. Newbridge

m. Michael Moss ( abt 1830- after 1905) 1861 Kiama

f. John English m. Johanna Sinnett *

Ship: Hope 1842

  1. (f) Johanna Moss b. 1862 Kiama d. 1945 Tenterfield (Stephen Healey)

Mrs Michael Moss, Newbridge.

On Sunday, March 5, at 2 o'clock a.m., there passed away an old and highly respected Newbridge In the person of Mrs Michael Moss, Deceased was a native of Rosegreen, County Tipperary, Ireland, and was 71 years of age. Sho arrived in New South Wales on the ship Hope with her parents in 1842, They took up there residence at Jamboroo, where her father was most successful in farming pursuits, Sho was married to Mr . Moss at Jamberoo in 1861 There they carried on farming pursuits, but eventually Mr. Moss obtained a , situation on the railway— which he held for over 30years— being located In Sydney, Newbridge and Hornsby. At the latter place he met with an accident, resulting in the amputation of his leg, which necessitated his resigning his position on the rail way. They then resided, at Thornleigh, where they carried on dairying, and while there Mrs. Moss had charge of the altar in the local church, a duty which she faithfully performed. At Moorilda, too, for years she had the same charge, and took delight in supplying the decorations, and was always ready to help or do anything she possibly could for the church. She was a most devout Catholic, and led a very edifying life, which was rewarded and crowned by a very happy death. Very Rev. Father M'Grath (Rockley) administered the last Sacraments, and he also read the prayers for the departing soul. The Sisters, too, frequently visited her during her short illness. She was of a most kind and genial disposition, and consequently made a host of friends, who all vied with each other in their watchings and attentions during her illness, and did all that was possible to relieve her sufferings, She was attended, too, by Dr. Mitchell, Blayney, but the fatal disease (bronchitis) battled all their skill. Mrs. Moss leaves a husband and an only child (Mrs. Stephen Healy, Moorilda) to mourn their loss. Many expressions of condolence were received by Mr. Moss and Mrs. Healy in their sad bereavement. The funeral took place on Monday afternoon in the local cemetery, and was very largely attended, relatives and friends from the surrounding districts being present in great numbers. — ? R.I. P. The Catholic Press (Sydney, NSW : 1895 - 1942) Thursday 16 March 1905 p 20

Moss Mary

m. Joseph Moss

  1. (f) Ellen Moss b. 1862 Kiama
  2. (m) James Moss b. 1864 Kiama

Moss Sarah

b. 1820 Cawlindge Suffolk d. 9/7/1904 Rylstone br. Rylstone

m. Abraham Moss (1820 Lidgate, Suffolk, England- 1904) 7/4/1844 Cawlindge Suffolk

  1. (m) Walter Thomas Moss b. 1845 Suffolk (Elizabeth Betsy Black)
  2. (f) Mary Ann Moss b. 1849 d. 1875 (Samuel Fenton)
  3. (m) Edward Moss b. c 1852 Suffolk
  4. (m) William Moss b. 1856 Kiama 1856 (Mary Ann Baker )
  5. (m) David Moss b. c1858 Campbelltown
  6. (m) Alfred Moss b. c1861 Rylstone
  7. (m) Ebenezer Moss b. c1863 Rylstone (Charlotte Ferguson)
  8. (f) Elizabeth A Moss b. c1865 Rylstone (G Smith ),+Abraham+%281820-1904%29

Mott Mary (Crowther)

b. abt 1870 Leasingham Durham England d. 1949 Hydes Creek br. Bellingen

m. Frederick James Mott (1869 Sydney - 3/12/1934 Bellingen Son of Richard James Mott & Susan Burkenshaw *) 1894

f. John Frederick Crowther m. Jane

Ship: 1887

  1. (f) Mary E J Mott b. 1894 Woonona d. 1916 Sydney
  2. (f) Susan E A Mott b. 1896 Woonona (Ernest Hacking 1916)
  3. (m) John Crowther Mott b. 1898 Woonona d. 1985
  4. (m) Richard James Mott b. 1900 Woonona d. 1979
  5. (f) Fredericka Mott b. 1903 Woonona (Alfred Glyde 1923)
  6. (m) Frederick J Mott b. 1907 Woonona

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.\


A well known resident of the Bellingen, Mrs. Mary Mott, wife of the late Mr. Frederick J Mott, of Hydes Creek, died at the age of 77 years- The late Mrs. Mott was born at Leasingthorn. Durham, England, in 1870, and arrived in Australia with her family, the Crowthers, in 1887.

Mary Crowther was married at Bulli to the late Mr. Frederick J. Mott, who predeceased her in 1934. From 1906 to 1917 they lived on the Richmond River, moving to the Bellingen in 1917, where Mrs Mott spent the remainder of her life with the exception of visits to members of her family. Her death followed a short period of only two days in hospital.

Like her father, the late Mrs. Mott was of a charitable and kindly nature, and she loved her church. Over the years, her home at Hydes Creek was used by succeeding Church of England ministers- Rev. Sydney Smith, Rev. (now Canon) Madden, Rev. (now Canon) Manny, and Rev. P. F. Tilghman-as a place of worship where district residents congregated for regular services.1949

At the funeral service in St Margaret's Church of England Bellingen, Rev. P. P, Tilghman spoke of the great help that Mrs. Mott had been to the church.

The only surviving member of the Crowther family-Mr. Freud Crowther, of Lismore, was present at the funeral. Another brother died three weeks ago- Also at the funeral were the late Mrs. Mott's daughters, Susan (Mrs. E. Hacking, of Mullumbimby), and Rita (Mrs. A. Glyde, of North Bank, Bellingen) and sons John (Bellingen) and Fred (Coogee), as well as grandsons and granddaughters. The only other surviving member of the family, Richard, who is a patient at Lismore Base Hospital, was unable to attend One daughter, Polly, was killed in a tram accident and a son died at three weeks.

The remains were interred in the Anglican portion of Bellingen cemetery. Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954) Thursday 24 February 1949 p 7

Mott Selina (Shipp)

b. 13/4/1883 Wollongong d. 10/10/1958 Legume

m. Victor George Albert Mott (1876 Sydney - 7/5/1943 Killarney Son of Richard James Mott & Susan Burkenshaw *) 1902 Wollongong

f. Nathan Shipp m. Emma Parsons *

  1. (m) Richard George Albert Mott b. 1902 d. 13/7/1904 Woonona
  2. (f) Susan A Mott b. 1904 Woonona
  3. (m) Victor George Birkenshaw Mott b. 1906 Woonona d. 1978
  4. (m) Thomas William Mott b. 1908 Woonona d. 13/11/1984 Lismore
  5. (f) Emma Alfreda Mott
  6. (m) Vivian James Mott

Mott Susan (Burkenshaw)

b. 1848 CofE Araluen; Braidwood d. 3/8/1919 Lismore b. Bulli Anglican

m. Richard James Mott (1845- 14/10/1900 Son of Abraham Mott & Mary ) 814/1868 Sydney

f. James N Burkenshaw m. Eliza Jane Gates

  1. (m) Frederick James Mott b. 1869 Sydney 2011/1869 d. 3/12/1934 Bellingen (Mary Crowther * 1894)
  2. (f) Emma G Mott b. 1871 Ulladulla 18401/1871 d. 1894 (Faulder Proud 1889)
  3. (f) Martha Elizabeth Mott * b. 1873 Sydney 212/1873 d. 1946 Bulli (Robert Davies 1892, Benjamin Purnell 1908)
  4. (m) Richard James b. 1874 Sydney 2574/1874
  5. (m) Victor George Albert Mott b. 1876 Sydney 2341/1876 d. 7/5/1943 Killarney (Selina Shipp * 1902)
  6. (f) Mary A M G Mott * b. 1878 Wollongong 24669/1878 d. 1963 (William Medlyn 1904)
  7. (m) Albert Ernest Mott b. 1880 Wollongong 27309/1880 d. 24 Jul 1880
  8. (m) Herbert William Mott b. 1881 Woonona 18997/1881 d. 1948 (Phillipa Medlyn 1906)
  9. (m) James Vivian Mott b. 1882 Woonona 19768/1882 d. 13/4/1939 Bulli (Frances Alice Metcalfe 1905)
  10. (f) Sarah J Mott b. 1885 Woonona 23737/1885 (William H Scott 1914)
  11. (m) Walter Gordon Mott b. 1887 Woonona 25140/1887 d. 1939 (accident) (Ruby E C Williams 1915)
  12. (m) Thomas Melville Mott b. 1890 Woonona 189038578/1890 d. 1960
  13. (f) Emma Jane Mott b. 1894 Woonona 38369/1894 d. 1958 Rockdale (Mervyn Atkins 1919, Herbert Hayes 1932)

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.

Mrs R Mott is referred to in the Sydney Morning Herald article about the Mt Kembla mine disaster in 1902 see Charlotte Hobbs

Mouat/Mouatt Sarah (Keith)

b. Highlands Scotland d. 1895 Crookwell br. Crookwell

m. John Mouat (5/8/1832 Gourdon Bervie Kincardineshire Scotland-19/11/1931 Manly Son of James Mouat & Margaret Duncan) 1857 Wollongong 2848/1857

f. John Keith m. Christina

  1. (m) John Mouat b. 1858 Wollongong 13437/1858
  2. (f) Margaret Mouat b. 1859 Wollongong 14175/1859
  3. (m) William J Mouat b. 1860 Wollongong 14002/1860
  4. (f) Mary Mouat b. 1862 Wollongong 14950/1862
  5. (m) Edward Mouat b. 1863 Wollongong 14962/1863 d. 1895 Taralga (Mary Ann Long)
  6. (f) Christina Mouat b. 1864 Wollongong 16638/1864
  7. (m) George H Mouat b. 1866 Wollongong 16624/1866
  8. (m) Andrew J Mouat b. 1868 Wollongong 18161/1868
  9. (f) Sarah Ann Mouat b. 1870 Wollongong 18969/1870
  10. (f) Mary Jane Mouat b. 1872 Yass 19868/1872
  11. (m) Graham Buchanan Mouat b. 1874 Goulburn 10921/1874 d. Qld

In her sons obituary it stated that he died 5 weeks after his mother’s funeral.

Moulin Agnes A (Sandford)

m. John Moulin 1885 Kiama

Mount Ada

b. abt 1858 d. 14/1/1877 Parramatta

f. Thomas Mount m. Mary A

On January 14, at Parramatta, peacefully, after a painful illness, ADA MOUNT, aged 19 years, recently living at Kiama. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Friday 19 January 1877 p 2

Mountain Ellen/Eleanor (Howard)

b. abt 1821 d. 3/6/1888 Redfern br. Rookwood

m. George Mountain (-before 1888)

f. Isaac Howard m. Phoebe

  1. (f) Mary A Mountain b. abt 1844 d. 24/11/1861 Glebe
  2. (f) Leah Mountain b. 1849 d. 1910 Waterloo
  3. (f) Louisa Mountain d. 26/7/1857 Sydney
  4. (f) Ellen Mountain b. 1858 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong d. 26/12/1858 Camperdown
  5. (m) Francis Mountain b. 1859 Chippendale
  6. (m) Joseph Mountain b. 1865 Redfern
  7. (m) Francis Mountain b. 1859 Chippendale d. 1940 Rockdale
  8. (m) Joseph Mountain b. 1865 Redfern d. 1866 Redfern


An inquest was held before the City Coroner at the South Sydney Morgue yesterday on the remains of a woman named Ellen Mountain, who was found on Saturday last dead by her granddaughter at her residence, 96 Bullanaming-street, Redfern. The deceased was 67 years of age and a widow. Emma Mountain, the deceased's granddaughter, stated' that she left the home shortly beforo 9 p.m. on the day in question, her grandmother being then apparently in good health. She was sitting on the staircase talking to a friend named Emily Porter. Tbe granddaughter, on returning home a few minutes later, discovered the deceased lying on her back, with her. head on the floor and her feet resting on the fourth step of the stairs. Dr. Parser was immediately called in and on examining the woman pronounced life extinct. From a subsequent examination the doctor concluded that death had resulted from concussion of the brain. The jury found that the deceased died from the effects of injuries received through having fallen downstairs. The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930) Wednesday 6 June 1888 p 5

On the 26th December, Ellenor, Infant daughter or Mr. George Mountain, of Camperdown, aged 10 months. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 28 December 1858 p 1

Ellen Howard alias Ellen Mountain, brought up, charged with stealing two turkeys, the property of Mrs. Hughes, was sent, by their Worships, to gaol for a couple of months. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Friday 27 August 1869 p 5

There is a photo of an Ellen Mountain on the NSW State Records in the Goal Photographs taken in 1871- she is the right age. She lived at Redfern and had several convictions of theft.

Mountcastle Annie Louisa (Russell)

b. 1854 Church of England Dapto; Wollongong V18541065 40/1854 d. 1936 Bangalow

m. Frank Mountcastle (11/11/1855 Sydney -30/12/1925 Bangalow Son of Benjamin Mountcastle & Margaret Cochran) 10/3/1881 Sydney, 332/1881

f. Samuel Russell m. Mary Croaker *

  1. (f) Elsie Mountcastle 9251/1882 St Leonards
  2. (f) Leila Mary Mountcastle 11739/1884 St Leonards
  3. (f) Stella Mountcastle 12670/1886 St Leonards
  4. (f) Cora Alice Mountcastle 13549/1888 St Leonards
  5. (m) Frank Benjamin Mountcastle 4724/1892 Ashfield
  6. (m) Roy Harman Mountcastle 4172/1894 Ashfield

MOUNTCASTLE-RUSSELL.-March 10, at 121, Phillip-street, by Rev. Dr. Steel, Frank, eldest son of B. Mountcastle, hatter, George-street, to Annie Louisa, youngest daughter of the late S. Russell, Wollongong.  The Sydney Morning Herald 24 March 1881

Mourant Lilian Emma (Ashby)

b. 22/10/1868 Luton Bedfordshire d. 14/3/1924 Hobart Tas

m. John Francis Mourant (1870 Hamilton Vic.-8/11/1929 Hobart Tas Son of Joshua Mourant & Elizabeth Booth) 1899 Vic

f. George Thomas Ashby m. Lydia Trussell

  1. (m) Harold Victor Mourant b. 1900 Daylesford Vic d. 16/10/1913 Hobart Tas
  2. (f) Florence May Mourant b. 1901 Warnambool Vic
  3. (f) Irene May Mourant b. 1903 Woonona d. 1905 Hamilton Vic
  4. (f) Ivy Dorothy Ashby Mourant b. 1904 Ashfield
  5. (f) Violet Maud Mourant b. 1906 Hamilton Vic.
  6. (f) Ivy Cornelie Mourant b. 1906 Creswick Vic
  7. (m) Stanley Gordon Mourant b. 1910 Hamilton Vic

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties Husband a Salvation Army Officer.

SALVATION ARMY FUNERAL — A funeral procession passed through some of the Hamilton streets this week on its way to the cemetery, such as is seldom seen. The funeral was that of a baby named Irene May Mourant, aged 1 year 8 months, daughter of Mr. John Mourant. The little white coffin, instead of being taken out in the hearse, was carried by four army lasses, wearing white sashes, and a cab containing the friends of the bereaved family brought up the rear. It had at first been intended that the girls should carry the coffin only as far as the Academy, but they insisted upon taking it right out to the grave. Ensign Ede officiated and delivered a short impressive address, the main feature of the ceremony consisting in the singing of appropriate hymns. Hamilton Spectator (Vic. : 1870 - 1918) Saturday 14 January 1905 p 2

MOURANT. — Passed peacefully away on March 14, 1924, at her residence, 109 Bathurst-street, Hobart, Lillian Emma, the dearly beloved wife of John F. Mourant, aged 53 years, after a long and painful illness The Mercury (Hobart, Tas. : 1860 - 1954) Saturday 15 March 1924 p 1

Mowle Sophia Margaret (Simpson)

b. 1/1/ 1835 South Hackney London d. 25/5/1917 Woollahra br. 26/5/1917 Waverley Cemetery

m. Stewart Marjoribanks Mowle (17/3/1822 Kingsdown Deal Kent- 20/11/1908 Woollahra Son of Richard Mowle & Sarah Ralph) 3/6/1865 St Luke’s Dapto

f. Rev. William West Simpson m. Jane Leake *

Ship: Earl Gray 1840

  1. (f) Mary Sophia Mowle b. 17/3/1866 d. 26/12/1866 aged 0
  2. (m) William Stewart Mowle b. 16/6/1867 Sydney d. 26/10/1935 Summer Hill
  3. (m) Charles Edward Mowle b. 9/5/1869 Millers Point d. 21/8/1869 Millers Point
  4. (f) Agnes Isobel Douglad Mowle b. 30/4/1871 Millers Point d. 10/9/1961 Woollahra
  5. (f) Amy Henrietta Macdouall Mowle b. 15/3/1873 Randwick d. 17/9/1943 Sydney

“On the 3rd instant, by special license, at St. Luke's Church, Dapto, by the Rev. W. F. B. Uzzell, Stewart Marjoribanks Mowle, of the Legislative Council Department, to Sophia Margaret, daughter of the Rev. W. West Simpson, M.A., of Dapto.” SMH 10 June 1865


Mrs. Sophia Margaret Mowle, widow of Mr. Stewart M. Mowle, whose death was announced on Saturday at the age of 82 years, was the sixth daughter of the late Rev. William West Simpson, M.A. She arrived in the colony with her family in 1840, at the age of 6 years, the voyage being made in the ship Earl Gray, and occupied many weary months. She lived for about two years at The King's School, Parramatta, where her father was acting as headmaster during the absence in England of the Rev. Dr. Forrest. Subsequently, in 1843, the family moved to Wiseman's Ferry, were Mr. Simpson was rector of the parish for about 10 years. Upon Mr. Simpson finding the work beyond him the family was transferred in the old King William IV. to Dapto. Here the late Mrs. Mowle was associated with the work of her father's parish. She was married in 1865, and in the early Seventies found opportunity for philanthropic labours amongst the sick and poor at Randwick, where she resided. Doctors were few and far between, and trained nurses almost unknown. Up to the day before her death she was engaged on garments for the Children's Hospital. She was in full possession of every faculty, and read and sewed without glasses, and she took an active interest in everything around her. She leaves behind her one son, two daughters, and a large circle of friends. The Sydney Morning Herald 28 May 1917

Child Mary Sophia was buried at Brownsville Anglican cemetery

Moxam Isabella

m. Francis Moxam

  1. (m) William Moxam b. 1840 bp. Presbyterian Wollongong

Muffin Sarah

m. Daniel Muffin

  1. (m) Daniel Muffin b. 1864 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama ; Shoalhaven

Muir Agnes (Fleming)

b. 1867 Morningside Lanarkshire Scotland d. 1931 br. West Wallsend

m. John Muir (22/12/1861 Cambusnethan Lanarkshire Scotland- 1948 West Wallsend Son of James Muir & Jane) 1885 Morningside Lanarkshire Scotland

f. John Fleming m. Elizabeth

  1. (m) James Muir b. 1886 Scotland d. 8/3/1972 Maroba House Waratah (Annie Beecham Wordsworth)
  2. (f) Elizabeth F Muir b. 1889 Wollongong
  3. (f) Jane Muir b. 1892 Wollongong
  4. (f) Agnes Muir b. 1894 Wollongong
  5. (f) Christina Muir b. 1896 Wollongong d. 1981 (John H Catling 1915)
  6. (f) Jane Muir b. 1899 Wollongong
  7. (f) Annie Muir b. 1902 Wollongong

Muir Alice Blanche Chester see O’Donnell

Muir Christina

b. abt 1859 Larkhill Scotland d. 27/12/1940 br. Bulli General

m. John Muir (abt 1864 Scotland - 11/11/1922 Son of John Muir & Janet)

f. John m. Isabella

  1. (m) John Muir b. d. 18/10/1926 Coalcliff colliery (Naomi Chilby 1908)
  2. (f) Janet Muir b. 1889 Woonona d. 1956 Bulli
  3. (f) Grace Muir b. 1890 Woonona d. 1890 Woonona
  4. (m) William Muir b. 1891 Woonona d. 1971 Campbelltown (Rosetta Hosken 1916 )
  5. (m) James Muir b. 1894 Woonona d. 1962 Balmain
  6. (f) Agnes Muir b. 1896 Woonona (William Tonge 1916)
  7. (f) Mary Muir b. 1896 Woonona (Charles Baker 1918)

Living at Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties


Mrs. Christina Muir passed away on December 27th at the age of 81 years. A native of Larkhill, Scotland, she arrived in Australia with her husband and young family 53 years ago, and most of her time in N.S.W. has been spent on the South Coast. Her husband died some years ago. A grown-up family of four daughters and two sons survive her. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 3 January 1941 p 10

Muir Eva L (Smith)

b. abt 1870 d. 11/10/1892 Narrabri

m. William Muir 1889 Sydney

f. John Smith m. Adeline

  1. (m) John Muir b. 26/7/1890 Wollongong bp. 20/1/1891 St Francis Xavier’s

MUIR.— -October 11, at her residence, Dangar-street, Narrabri, Eva, the beloved wife of William Muir, aged 22 years. R.I.P. Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931) Saturday 15 October 1892 p 4

Muir Isabella

b. abt 1864 Scotland d. 1949 cr. Beresford

m. Peter Muir (abt 1861- 4/8/1902 Wollongong Son of John Muir & Jane)

f. William m. Jane

Ship: abt 1889

  1. (m) John Muir b. abt 1884 d. 31/7/1902 Mt Kembla
  2. (m) James Muir b. 1890 Wollongong d. 1966 Wallsend
  3. (f) Elizabeth Muir b. 1892 Wollongong (Charles L Adams 1915)
  4. (m) Peter Muir b. 1894 Wollongong d. 1961 Wallsend
  5. (f) Jane Y Muir b. 1897 Wollongong (Harold C Beatty 1914)
  6. (m) Thomas Muir b. 1898 Wollongong d. 1955 Paddington (Annie Howden 1921)
  7. (f) Isabella Muir b. 1901 Wollongong (William Timmins 1920)

Her husband died after the Mt Kembla mine disaster having never regaining consciousness after being taken from the mine, her son was killed outright.

OBITUARY MRS. I. MUIR. Mrs. Isabella Muir, of Wallace street, West Wallsend; who died aged 85, was born at Scotland. She came to Australia 60 years ago and had lived at West Wallsend for the past 47 years. Her husband,  Mr. Peter Muir, died 47 years ago. He was a victim of Kembla mine disaster.  She is survived by three sons and three daughters-Mr. James Muir, Mr. Peter Muir, Mrs. Elizabeth Adams, Mrs. Jean Beatty (West Wallsend), Mr. Thomas Muir (Sydney), Mrs. Isabella Timmins (Belmont), 24 grandchildren and 24 great-grandchildren. Rev. F. E. Ezzy, of West Wallsend Presbyterian Church, and Mr. Penman, of Belmont Presbyterian Church, conducted a service at the home. Mr. Penman officiated at Beresfield Crematorium. Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate (NSW : 1876 - 1954) Tuesday 20 September 1949 p 4