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P Surnames

Page Julia

Living Bollins St Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Page Mary Ann (Lefley )

b. abt 1829 d. 23/1/1896 Glebe br. Rookwood

m. Alfred Page (1825 Maidstone Kent -22/4/1872 Sydney Son of James Smith Page & Mary Ann May) 25/8/1850 St John’s Church Lambeth London

f. William Lefley m. Caroline

  1. (m) Alfred William Page b. 15/12/1850 Kentish Town, Middlesex d. 4/8/1930 Epping (Laura Leeman Pendered 1877)
  2. (f) Mary Anne Burnette Page b. 1853 Clarence River d. 18/11/1902 Coogee (John Hunter 1875)
  3. (m) James Smith Page b. 1855 Clarence River
  4. (m) Male Page b. 1857 Grafton
  5. (f) Female Page b. 1859 Grafton
  6. (m) Thomas Page b. 1861 Wollongong 14400/1861 d. 1863 Sydney
  7. (f) Ellen C Page b. 1863 Hill End
  8. (f) Elizabeth H Page b. 1865 Hill End
  9. (m) Ernest Edward Page b. 1868 Hill End d. 1942 Manly

PAGE - January 23 at her late residence, “ Bouquet de Flore ' 79 Glebe-road, Glebe, Mary Ann Page relict of the late Alfred Page, teacher, of Sofala and Hill End Public Schools aged 67 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Friday 24 January 1896 p 1

Paine Elizabeth (Scott)

b. 1861 Morpeth Northumberland d. 12/9/1919 Keiraville

m. John Robson Paine (abt 1859 Northumberland- 21/11/1928 Seven Hills Son of John Paine & Elizabeth Scott ) 15/3/1879 Northumberland

f. James Scott m. Elizabeth

  1. (m) Matthew Paine b. 1881 England d. 1952 Parramatta ( Mary Ramsay * 1901)
  2. (f) Mary Isabella Paine b. 1883 Morpeth Northumberland ( Jack Crick)
  3. (m) James Paine b. 1885 England ( Elizabeth Souter 1919)
  4. (f) Martha Paine b. 18/5/1889 Mt Keira d. 20/1/1921 Stockton ( Sidney George Denham 1907)
  5. (m) John Paine b. 1890 Mt Keira (Agnes)
  6. (f) Elizabeth Paine b. 1894 Mt Keira d West Wollongong (William Dobing 1914)
  7. (f) Female Paine b. d.
  8. (f) Ivy Paine b. 9/8/1905 Mt Keira

Living at Mount Keira in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Living at Mt Keira in 1914

On Friday last the death of Mrs. J. Paine took place at her late residence, Keira road. For over 30 years she had been a resident of this part, coming here from Northumberland (Eng.). She had been ailing for some time, and died at the age of 57, leaving a family of seven to mourn the loss of a devoted wife and mother. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 19 September 1919

Paine Elizabeth Jane (Simpson)

b. 1/3/1863 Northumberland d. 9/10/1951 Mt Keira

m. Matthew Paine (17/12/1861 Bedlington England – 17/5/1916 Mt Keira Son of John Paine & Martha Robson ) 29/8/1886 Cambois England

Ship: Cuzco 1888

  1. (m) Robert Simpson Paine b. 1888 Mt Keira
  2. (f) Margaret Paine b. 1889 Mt Keira (K Ring)
  3. (f) Mary Paine b. 1892 Mt Keira (Bissell)
  4. (f) Gertrude Paine b. 1897 Mt Keira (Jenkins)

Living at Mount Keira in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Husband a Mine Lamp Cabin Attendant at Mt Keira


Mrs. Elizabeth Jane Paine of Allan Street, Mt. Keira, died at her home yesterday morning aged 89. Mrs. Paine came to this country from Northumberland, England, in her twentieth year, and married Mr. Matthew Paine in Australia. She was mother of Robert (of Port Kembla), Margaret (Mrs. K. Ring) , Mamie. ('Mrs. M. Bissell) and Gertie (Mrs.Jenkin). Mrs. Paine attended the Methodist Church at Mt. Keira regularly, and until recent years was an energetic worker at church functions. The Methodist minister, Rev. Davidson, will conduct the funeral service at Parsons' Chapel this morning, after which cremation will take place at Woronora Crematorium. Illawarra Daily Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1950 - 1954) Wednesday 10 October 1951 p 8

Paine Mary (Hetherington)

b. between 1828- 1830 Co. Tyrone Ireland d. 20/2/1908 Laureldale br. North Lismore

m. David Paine (abt 1822 Kent England -30/4/1909 Laureldale) V1844378 29/1844 Church of England Camden, St John's, Oaks Picton Stonequarry

f. John Hetherington m. Eleanor Hamilton *

  1. (m) John James Paine b. 1851 Kiama V1851436 56/1851 d. October 1894 Lismore (accidentally shot himself)
  2. (m) David Paine b. abt 1853 d. 1934 Lismore ( Rosanna Griffin * 1880)
  3. (f) Margaret Elizabeth Paine

On the 2nd September, at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Paine, West Dapto, Illawarra, Mr. JOHN HETHERINGTON, aged 85 years, father of Mr. James Hetherington, of Sydney, and grandfather of Mrs. McCara, of Maitland House, Balmain.” SMH 2 October 1872

Noted as having moved to the Lismore area in The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser 28 October 1897 it stated that Those gentlemen resided at Dapto many years ago’

Paine/Payne Mary (Ramsay)

b. 1883 Wollongong d. 1955 Parramatta br. Dural ?

m. Matthew Paine ( 1881 England – 1952 Parramatta Son of John Robson Paine & Elizabeth Scott *) 1901 Wollongong

f. William Smith Ramsay m. Mary Nellie *

  1. (f) Essie Paine b. 1902 Woonona 37756/1902
  2. (f) Mary Paine b. 1905 Wollongong 9391/1905
  3. (m) James Paine b. 1906 Wollongong 30516/1906
  4. (f) Martha Paine b. 1909 Wollongong 10245/1909
  5. (m) Matthew Paine b. 1910 Wollongong 33968/1910
  6. (f) Ellen Paine b. 1913 Wollongong 18177/1913 
  7. (m) John Paine b. 1914 Wollongong 25731/1914
  8. (m) William C Paine b. 1916 Wollongong 7247/1916
  9. (m) Keith L Paine b. 1917 Wollongong 35383/1917

Scarborough On Saturday night a very pleasant time was spent at Mrs, Ramsay's residence by the many friends invited to welcome her brother, Private Syd, Paine, who has just returned, being away for nearly four years. A marquee was erected on the grounds, where supper was served. A concert party from Sydney, conducted by Mr. W. Ramsay, senr, gave an excellent programme of musical and vocal items.. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 21 March 1919 p 7

Paine Rosanna Rose (Griffin)

b. 1854 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong V1854769 40/1854 d. 14/7/1948 Lismore br. East Lismore Methodist

m. David Paine (abt 1853 -6/11/1934 Lismore Son of David Paine & Mary Hetherington *) 21/10/1880 Kembla Grange

f. James Franch Griffin m. Leah Willis *

  1. (f) Leah Paine b. 1881 Wollongong
  2. (m) Ernest Paine b. 1885 Lismore 31948/1885 d. 1974 NSW
  3. (m) John Stanley Paine b. 1894 Lismore 18885/1894 d. 1980 NSW

PAINE-GRIFFIN,-October 21, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. James Stack, David, youngest son of David Paine, West Dapto, to Rose, third daughter of J. P. Griffin, Kembla Grange, Illawarra, native of Wolverton, Buckinghamshire, England Australian Town and Country Journal (NSW : 1870 - 1907) Saturday 6 November 1880

Palfreyman Clara

b. 1874 Thurgoland Yorkshire d. 19/9/1936 Corrimal

f. John Palfreyman m. Sarah Elizabeth *

Living Corrimal in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.

A life-long resident of the district in Mrs. Clara Palfreyman died at her residence in Railway street, last Saturday morning, following on an illness of many months. The funeral took place on Sunday. Messrs Fred and Herbert Palfreyman are brothers of deceased and Miss Ada Palfreyman, a sister. Deceased was a fine old lady and one who was held in the highest esteem by all. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 25 September 1936 Page 15

Palfreyman Lily (Pullin)

b. abt 1882 d. 15/1/1968 Lithgow

m. Colin Palfreyman (1878- 25/12/1957 Lithgow Son of Tom Palfreyman & Sarah Mount *) 1906 Woonona

f. Charles Henry Pullin m. Sarah *

Ship: abt 1889

  1. Charles E Palfreyman b. 1907 Woonona
  2. Thomas Palfreyman b. 1910 Woonona
  3. Sarah Palfreyman b. 1913 Woonona d. 3/6/1934 RPA Hospital

Living Corrimal in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

On Wednesday, Mr. Colin Palfreyman and Miss Lily. Pullen were wedded in the Methodist Church. This is the first ceremony of the kind which has been performed in that Church. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Saturday 3 March 1906 p 11

PALFREYMAN.—June 3, 1934, at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sarah, the beloved daughter of Colin and Lily Palfreyman, and sister of Charlie and Tom, age 20 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 4 June 1934 p 8

Palfreyman Sarah (Mount)

b. abt 1853 York d. 4/6/1916 Corrimal br. Wollongong

m. Tom Palfreyman (abt 1850 York -1932 Son of George Palfreyman & Elizabeth Ryder) 1872 Barnsley

f. John Mount m. Lydia

Ship: Orient 1888

  1. (m) Colin Palfreyman b. 1878 York (Lily Pullin * 1905)
  2. (m) Clifford Palfreyman b. abt 1879 York (Margaret Walker 1905 )
  3. (f) Norah Palfreyman * b. abt 1880 York (Richard Gaskell 1929)
  4. (m) Austin Palfreyman b. 1882 (Ethel May Scarborough 1908)

Living Corrimal in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.


On June 4th, Mrs. T. Palfreyman died at her home at Corrimal after nine weary weeks of illness. Gentle in disposition and kind in spirit, and generous in her hospitality to our ministers, she will be missed by her family and the church.

The high regard and deep respect in which she was held were seen in the large number of people who gathered sympathetically at her funeral. Loved in her lifetime, she is greatly lamented in her death; especially did her devotion to her family call forth admirable qualities of true womanhood, so that her children and her children's children arise and call her blessed. Born at Wortley, York shire, England, and coming to Corrimal, New South Wales, in .the year 1888, she spent 28 years of happiness with her husband and family. As a member of the church, she made few pretensions, and her profession of religion was always of the sincere and unostentatious kind; but her faith in her Saviour was of a very real character. A short service was conducted at her home, and then at the grave by the circuit ministers, Revs. Frank Duesbury and Ambrose Fletcher. ' Jesu, Lover of My Soul, ' ' and ' ' Rock of Ages, ' ' being sung at each of the services. Our deepest sympathy goes out to the devoted daughter who nursed her, and the faithful husband who cared for her, and the other members of the family, because of their sad loss. The eternal God was her refuge. Her dying, like her life, was' peaceful. She was laid to rest in the Wollongong cemetery The Methodist (Sydney, NSW : 1892 - 1954) Saturday 29 July 1916 p 11

Palfreyman Sarah Elizabeth

b. abt 1849 Worsbro Yorkshire d. 28/11/1913 Corrimal

m. John Palfreyman (abt 1852 Thurgoland Yorkshire- 8/10/1926 Corrimal Son of George Palfreyman & Elizabeth Ryder)

Ship: Oroya 1889

  1. (f) Clara Palfreyman * b. 1874 Wortley Yorkshire d. 1936 Corrimal
  2. (f) Lilias Palfreyman * b. 1876 Thurgoland Yorkshire (Joseph Eagles 1905)
  3. (m) Walter Palfreyman b. abt 1878 Thurgoland Yorkshire d. 1933 Woonona
  4. (m) Herbert Palfreyman b. abt 1881 Thurgoland Yorkshire d. 1945 Woonona
  5. (m) Fred Palfreyman b. abt 1883 d. 1948
  6. (f) Ada Palfreyman b. abt 1885 d. 1942 Wollongong

Living Corrimal in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.

The news of the death of Mrs. John Palfreyman, who passed away rather suddenly on Friday night last, came as a distinct shock . to the community as very few knew that she had been ailing. The deceased, who was sixty four years of age, had been ill for a couple of days previously, but serious results were not anticipated. The late Mrs. Palfreyman and family are among the oldest residents of Corrimal and most highly respected. therefore the funeral, which took place on Sunday afternoon, was very largely attended. The remains were interred in the Methodist cemetery, Wollongong, … A husband and grown-up family of three sons and three daughters,, and several grandchildren are left to mourn their loss. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 5 December 1913

Pallier Lucy Ann (Head)

b. 1869 Wollongong. d. 9/3/1937 Bulli br. 10/3/1937 Bulli Cemetery

m. John Thomas Pallier (abt 1847 -11/9/1907 South Bulli Mine Son of Joseph Pallier & Sophia Rouse) 1888 Woonona 5593/1888

f. John Head m. Lucy Rixon *

  1. (f) Amelia A Pallier b. 1888 Woonona 25871/1888 (James R Tresidder)
  2. (m) Stanley Pallier b. 1890 Woonona 38596/1890 d. 1890
  3. (m) Charles Joseph Pallier d. 1940 Burwood

Living Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. PALLIER ~The Funeral of the late LUCY ANN PALLIER (late nurse) will leave St. Joseph's Catholic Church. Park-road, Bulli, THIS WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, at 4 o'clock, for the General Cemetery, Bulli. The Sydney Morning Herald 10 March 1937

From South Coast Times 6th August 1915


In addition to carrying out her professional duties as ladies nurse for the past 20 years at Woonona, Nurse Pallier has by her kindness, charitable actions, and help in the time of sickness and trouble, endeared herself to the whole of the community. To in a small way demonstrate the esteem and respect in which she is held, occasion was taken before commencing the performance at the Princess Theatre last night to present her with a wallet of notes In doing so Councillor Southern referred in eulogistic terms to the nurse's many kindly and charitable actions, and her willingness to help in all cases of sickness and distress. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 30 November 1923 p 2

Pallier Matilda Jane (Rixon)

b. abt 1851 bp .CofE Dapto: Wollongong d. 15/8/1886 Woonona br. Bulli Anglican Cemetery

m. John Thomas Pallier (abt 1847 Goulburn -11/9/1907 South Bulli Mine Son of Joseph Pallier & Sophia Rouse) 12/10/1872 Wollongong 3833/1872

f. Benjamin Rixon m. Margaret Finnamore *

  1. (f) Ada Ellen Pallier *b. 1873 Wollongong 20782/1873 (William Henry Lindsay 1890)
  2. (m) John Thomas Pallier b. 1875 Wollongong 21869/1875
  3. (m) Joseph Pallier b. 1878 Wollongong 24743/1878
  4. (m) George Arthur Pallier b. 1880 Wollongong 27400/1880 d. 1881
  5. (m) William Arthur Pallier b. 1882 Woonona 19691/1882
  6. (f) Florence Matilda Pallier b. 1884 Woonona 22998/1884
  7. (m) Benjamin Pallier b. 1886 Woonona 24620/1886 d. 1886
  8. (m) James Pallier b. 1886 Woonona 24621/1886 d. 1892

PALLIER RIXON.— On the 12th inst., at St. Michael's Church, Wollongong, by the Rev. T. C. Ewing (Rural Dean), John Pallier, native of Goulburn, to Matilda, sixth daughter of Mr Benjamin Rixon of American Creek, Illawarra. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 25 October 1872 p 2

Pallister Eliza (Lock)

b. 1857 Durham d. 1902 Helensburgh

m. Richard Pallister (1845 Houghton Le Spring Durham -27/12/1913 Glebe Son of Richard Pallister & Sarah Elliott ) 1876 Durham

f. Henry Lock m. Emily

Ship: Erato 1878

  1. (f) Sarah Pallister * b. abt 1878 Durham d. 1958 Bulli (Henry Deane 1922)
  2. (m) George Henry Pallister b. 1879 Wollongong
  3. (m) John William Pallister b. 1881 Woonona
  4. (f) Florence L Pallister b. 1885 Lismore
  5. (m) Alfred P Pallister b. 1888 Lismore
  6. (f) Essie L Pallister b. 1893 Glebe

Husband a miner

Pallister Esther Ann (Ralph)

b. 1865 Wollongong 17038/1865 d. 1938 Cessnock br. Cessnock

m. John Robert Pallister (15/8/1865 West Auckland Durham -1/8/1947 Morisset Son of Thomas Pallister & Jane Forsyth Coward) 1888 Woonona

f. Thomas Ralph m. Caroline Howard *

  1. (m) Thomas W Pallister b. 1889 Woonona d. 1890 Woonona
  2. (f) Isabella J Pallister b. 1890 Woonona d. 1965 Newcastle (John Stewart 1908)
  3. (f) Alice May Pallister b. 1892 Woonona d. 1962 (James Webb 1912)
  4. (m) William J Pallister b. 1894 Woonona d. 1900 West Wallsend

PALLISTER.–The relatives and friends of Mr. J. R. PALLISTER and FAMILY (late of West Wallsend), are invited to attend the funeral of his beloved Wife and their Mother, ESTHER ANN PALLISTER, to, more from the residence of her daughter, Mrs, Stewart, Maitland-road. Cessnock, This Afternoon, at 4 o'clock, for Methodist Cemetery, Cessnock. Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate (NSW : 1876 - 1954) Monday 19 December 1938 p 6

Palmer Anna Maria (Acheson)

b. abt 1837 d. 17/7/1900 Kiama br. Kiama

m. Henry George Palmer 1863 Sydney

  1. (m) Henry Palmer b. 1865 Sydney d. 1867 Sydney
  2. (f) Florence M Palmer b. 1867 Sydney
  3. (m) William Henry Palmer b. 1870 Shoalhaven d. 3/5/1902 Canley Vale
  4. (f) Julia Elizabeth Palmer b. 1872 Shoalhaven d. 1934 Redfern
  5. (f) Mary Jane Palmer b. 1874 Shoalhaven

Formerly of Clarence River District

Funeral Notice.

THE friends of Mr. W. H. Palmer and the Misses Palmer are invited to attend the funeral of their late MOTHER, to move from her late residence, Thompson street, Kiama, at 2.30 p.m. TO-DAY (THURSDAY), for the North Kiama Cemetery. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 19 July 1900 p 3

Palmer Anne (Franey/ Feney then Boulger)

b. abt 1815

m. Boulger

m. William Palmer 24/4/1843 Wollongong

Convict Permission to Marry Index 1843 Wollongong

Ship: Hope 1842

Both resident Dapto

  1. (m) William Palmer b. 6/3/1844 Appin
  2. (m) Thomas Palmer b. 29/7/1846 Upper Minto
  3. (f) Mary Ann Palmer b. 27/2/1847 Cippellow
  4. (m) Edward Palmer b. 24/7/1849 Mummell

Palmer Charlotte

m. Joseph Palmer

  1. (f) Harriet R Palmer b. 1860 Wollongong 14017/1860

Palmer Christina Ann (Hammer then Wilson )

b. 27/2/1858 Jamberoo d. 4/9/1945 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. William Wilson ( - Son of John Wilson & ) 15/3/1876 Kiama

m. Charles Palmer (abt 1859 London – 14/1/1932 Son of Charles Palmer & Lydia L) 14/4/1884 Wollongong

f. John Valentine Hammer m. Marie Eva Blese *

  1. (f) Marion C Wilson b. 18/5/1877 Wollongong 23081/1877 (Wilson)
  2. (m) William Franklin Wilson b. 1878 Wollongong 24713/1878
  3. (m) Reginald A H Palmer b. d. 1895 Wollongong
  4. (f) Lydia F E Palmer b. 1885 Wollongong (Isaac Tubman 1910)
  5. (f) Eve V Palmer b. 1887 Wollongong (Norman Gietz 1921)
  6. (f) Ada F Palmer b. 1891 Wollongong (Bernard Nash 1912)
  7. (m) Herbert A Palmer b. 1893 Wollongong
  8. (f) Marie Palmer b. 1899 Wollongong (John North 1921)

Living Market St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a bricklayer.

WILSON— HAMMER; —On the 15th March, by the Rev. Mr. Bailey, Jamberoo, William, the second son of Mr. John Wilson, Albion Park, to Christina, the second daughter of Mr. John Hammer, Wollongong. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 28 March 1876 p 2

WILSON.— At her residence, William-street, Wollongong, on the 18th instant, the wife of Mr. William Wilson, of a daughter. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 22 May 1877 p 2

William Harrison appeared charged with having, on the 2nd instant, violently assaulted, ravished, and carnally known Christina Wilson, wife of William Wilson, of Crown-street, Wollongong.

Mr. Owen appeared for defendant.

Senior-Sergeant Sheridan having stated the case, called Proseoutrix, who deposed as follows: I am a married woman, being the wife of William Wilson, tailor, of Crown-street ; I know defendant, who is a hairdresser, also in Crown-street ; on the evening of Tuesday, the 1st instant, defendant was at my place ; my husband was then present ; my husband then asked him if he would mind to come up and dress my hair for the ball on the following evening ; he said he would my husband then told him not to come unless he (my husband) was present ; about 10 in the forenoon of the following day defendant came to my house ; my husband was not with him; my door was open at the time ; the house is in Upper Crown-street when he entered he said, ' Good morning,' and I replied in the same words; he asked me how I was, and I said I was well ; he closed the door in the meanwhile, and turned the key locking the door ; before he locked the door he asked me if I was ready for him to dress my hair ; I said I was ; he then did my hair, standing before me ; and when he had done my hair he had me in such a position that I could not move ; I told him to stop, and he said it was too late ; I went to scream, but he put his hand on my mouth. Until he had done what he wanted; I was in such a state afterwards that I did not know whether he spoke, or not. I struggled a few moments when he assaulted me, but I could not scream out, as he had his hand on my mouth ; he committed the assault against my will; my husband came home to dinner the same day at 1 o'clock; I then informed him of what had taken place ; I laid the information at the Police Office on Friday, and should have done so on Thursday had it not been on account of illness,

Cross-examined by Mr. Owen: I informed my husband of the occurrence when he came home to dinner ; defendant did not have dinner with us that day ; he was not at our house when my husband returned at dinner time . He left as soon as he had done the deed. I did go to the ball that night ; I am not aware whether or not my husband knew that Harrison was to be there also ; it was not the ball that caused me to be sick on Thursday ; my husband was not sick on the same day ; when defendant arrived at the house he came in at the side door; he did not enter by the front door, which was locked all the forenoon ; he locked the door before he did my hair he was about half hour or three-quarters doing my hair ; I did not notice him locking the door first ; I did not at first take any notice of his rudeness ; I did not ask him whether he would like to curl my hair in the front room or the bed-room ; I was not lying on the sofa when he came in ; I did not put my arms round him ; I could not make a noise to alarm the neighbours ; I could not give alarm after he left, as he left me senseless ; I was not senseless when my husband came home, nor too senseless to go to the ball that night ; I cannot say how long I remained senseless ; defendant did not go out into the street with my husband at dinner time the same day ; I saw defendant at the ball that night ; I did not go to defendant's shop that evening, nor near it ; I did not ask him to dance with me that evening ; I never sent defendant any letter or poetry ; I don't know that my husband has asked defendant for any verses of mine and got them back from him ; there are people living all round my house; the nearest lives across Cutcher's Lane ; that is a house that is not more than ten or twelve yards from our house ; defendant was in the habit of going frequently to our house when my husband was present ; I was not in the habit of going almost every night to his shop ; I did not scream ; I told him to be quiet; I know what he intended to do, but I raised no alarm ; I never was alone with defendant before then ; I was not alone with defendant on Sunday night week when my husband Went across to Osborne's ; I don't know whether or not my husband went to defendant's shop and got shaved by him on the night in question ; I never walked on the beach with him ; I was dressed in my usual clothes on the occasion of the assault, but I don't think any of them were injured; I heard the arrangement made between defendant and my husband to the effect that my husband should be present when he (defendant) should do my hair ; I did not object to defendant coming to do it in my husband's absence, as I thought he was decent and safe. I cannot give a reason for not having given alarm after defendant had committed the offence ; defendant did not ask me to dance with him at the ball. I did dance at the ball with my brother and ot hers. My illness on Thursday was not caused by defendant. I have no scratches or bruises whatever after my struggle with defendant. I have had no conversation with defendant since then, but cannot say whether or not my husband has had a conversation with him.

I prepared my husband's dinner between the time the offence was committed and my husband's return at 1 o'clock- ; defendant was playing some instrument on the platform at the ball on the evening in question. There were two other's also playing the fiddle ; it was a public ball given by the Dean and at which we paid to go in ; I was speaking to the defendant about several things while he was doing my hair j I cannot give a reason for not giving alarm before he put his hand on my mouth. I did not go to defendant's shop on the morning mentioned, and ask him to come at once and curl my hair. (Several portions of prosecutrix statement have been omitted in the foregoing, being unfit for publication.)

William Wilson deposed: I am the husband of the last Witness, and a tailor by trade ; on Tuesday evening I had a conversation with defendant at his own house about doing my wife's hair; I asked him if he would mind dressing my wife’s hair for the ball, and he said ' Yes, he would” I told him not to go to my house unless I was with him ; he said he would not ; on the following day, when I went m home to dinner as usual, my wife informed me of something that had taken place in consequence of what she told me, requested her to take proceedings against Mr. Harrison she was laid upon the following day (Thursday), otherwise she would have taken proceedings on that day ; she did soon Friday ; she was so upset about the matter that she said she could not lay the information on the the offence was committed ; defendant was in the habit of going to my house with me, but not alone ; we used to have a game of cards together in the evening I don't know that my wife ever sent him any poetry ; never called on him for any such ; I am four months married ; myself and wife went to the ball at the Temperance Hall on the same night; defendant did not ask my wife to dance at the bail, and she did not dance.

Cross-examined by Mr. Owen I will not swear that my wife did not ask defendant to dance with. her at the ball ; I take her word, however, that she did not ; I did not ask him to return me a letter he had from my wife. He said he had a letter written by my wife, and I said it was false ; he gave me a printed piece of poetry, which he said he got from my wife, but I did not own it it had not written on it the words, ' From one who loves you dearly ; ' Peter Hammer was present when defendant gave me the printed piece of poetry ; he asked me if I knew the poetry, and I said 'No ;' George Cochrane was also present at the time.

For the defence,— George Cochrane deposed on Wednesday last, the 2nd August, I recollect seeing prosecutrix at defendant's shop ; she was about half in and half out of his door, and spoke to defendant she asked him could he go up to her house then to curl her hair, and he replied he was just going, or something to that effect, and he went right straight up; that was about 11 o'clock in the forenoon ; I was present when some poetry was returned by defendant he had two pieces of poetry, and showed them to Wilson, and asked him if he ever saw them before ; Wilson said, ' Yes, but I can't help that that is not my fault.'

William Macdonnell said : On Wednesday last I saw William Wilson and defendant together on the street between Wilson's residences and the Caledonian Hotel ; they were then walking from Wilson's residence to the Caledonian Hotel, and I saw them afterwards in the billiard-room of that hotel ; I met Wilson coming out of the billiard- room, and we then spoke to each other ; on the evening of the same day I saw prosecutrix in defendant's shop that was between 7 and 8 o'clock, it being the night of the ball ; I have frequently seen her in defendant's shop in the evening time; on the night in question she was not purchasing anything to the best of my belief ; she was talking to defendant.

Frederick Macdonnell deposed I saw William Wilson and Harrison together ;it the Caledonian Hotel, on Wednesday last, between 1 and 2 o'clock in the afternoon ; they were then playing billiards, but I cannot say that they were playing together I am certain I saw them speaking together on that occasion ; I have seen them drink together since I believe Harrison and Wilson came into the billiard-room together.

John Buckley said: I was at the Caledonian Hotel, on Wednesday last, about 1 o'clock; I saw

Wilson and Harrison come in there together; they remained there about twenty minutes; Wilson left first, saying, ' I must go to work;' he and defendant seemed friendly then there was a bet between Harrison and me, and Wilson held the stakes, and handed the money over to Harrison at the end of the game.

Peter Hammer gave evidence, which was in- material)

William Wilson, re-called, said: If William M Macdonnell states that my wife was at Harrison’s shop between 7 and 8 o'clock on Wednesday night last, it is not true we were in the same room from half-past 6 until we went to the ball, which was about half past 8 o'clock I escorted to the ball, and I am quite sure she could not have gone to Harrison's without my being aware of it.

After hearing the whole of the evidence, which occupied the Bench from 1 o'clock until past 7 in the the evening, their Worships dismissed the case. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 11 August 1876 p 2

PALMER— WILSON.— On the 14th April instant, at the Presbyterian Manse, by the Rev. R. H. Waugh, M.A., Charles Palmer, of London, England, to Christina Ann Wilson, of Wollongong. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 22 April 1884 p 2


Mrs. Christina Palmer, who died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Jack North, Auburn St. Wollongong, on Monday, aged 88 years, had seen the first train to enter Wollongong   station;- the construction of Belmore Basin at the Wollongong Harbour, and could remember the time when Crown street was practically a bullock track with the teams pulling loads of farm produce for shipment by boat to Sydney. Born at Jamberoo, she had resided in Wollongong for over 80 years, her parents being Mr. and Mrs. Hammer, the former conducting a tailoring business in the town. She married Mr. Charles Palmer, who was a bricklayer   by occupation, and who predeceased his wife by some years. The late Mrs. Palmer was surprisingly active until a short time before   her death. She was in full possession of her faculties and had only lost one   tooth in her life, that being extracted by a chemist in the days before a dentist was established in the town.   She was of a particularly happy disposition, friendly with everyone, and in turn all who came in contact with her could not help but admire her. She had a fund of reminiscences of the early days of Wollongong and district, and had seen the town grow, from one of several hundred inhabitants to the present population of over 20,000. She could remember the Port Kembla tribe of aborigines camping on Peacock Hill, near where the Christian Brothers College now stands, while they received an issue of blankets. She is survived by five daughters, Mrs. Hammond (Echuca), Mrs. I. Tubman (Wollongong), Mrs. N. Gietz (Sydney), Mrs. A. Nash (Punchbowl), Mrs. Jack North (Wollongong). Two sons predeceased their mother. There are 14 grandchildren and five great grand children. After a service held in Parsons' funeral parlours, the remains were interred in the Church of England section of the Wollongong cemetery on Tuesday.   Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 7 September 1945 p 6


Palmer Emily

b. abt 1855 d. 1916 Helensburgh

m. Laurence John Palmer (abt 1846- 6/9/1911 Helensburgh)

f. William

  1. (f) Mary Florence Palmer b. 1883 Campbelltown
  2. (f) Bertha Matilda Palmer b. 1884 Campbelltown
  3. (m) Laurence G Palmer b. 1888 Campbelltown
  4. (m) John Palmer b. 1887 Campbelltown d. 1894 Helensburgh
  5. (m) Richard H G Palmer b. 1889 Campbelltown
  6. (f) Emily H Palmer b. 1890 Campbelltown d. 1891 Helensburgh
  7. (f) Ella Palmer b. 1892 Picton d. 1892 Helensburgh
  8. (f) Isabella Palmer b. 1892 Picton
  9. (m) John Palmer b. 1894 Helensburgh
  10. (m) Louis Palmer b. 1896 Helensburgh d. 1897 Helensburgh
  11. (f) Cicerene Palmer b. 1898 Helensburgh d. 1898 Helensburgh

Living Helensburgh in 1903 Husband a miner. Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.

The death has occurred of Mrs. Emily Palmer, an old Helensburgh identity, aged 61. The Land (Sydney, NSW : 1911 - 1954) Friday 2 June 1916 p 9

The death occurred on Friday last of Mrs. Palmer, sixty-one years of age. She was the widow of the late Lawrence Palmer, and had been resident of the district for many years. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 26 May 1916 p 13

Palmer Emily (Baldwin)

b. abt 1861 d. 11/8/1944 Burwood cr. Rookwood

m. John Henry Palmer ( 1867 Wollongong – 28/5/1937 Burwood Son of David Palmer & Mary Ann Thrower * ) 24/2/1890 Petersham

f. James Baldwin m. Sarah

  1. (m) Alan Eyre Palmer b. d. 1963 Balmain
  2. (m) Charles B Palmer b. 1891 Wollongong
  3. (f) George P Palmer b. b. 1893 Wollongong
  4. (f) Eda L Palmer b. 1895 Wollongong
  5. (f) Emily Palmer b. 1897 Wollongong
  6. (m) David Palmer b. 1898 Leichhardt d. 1966 Sydney
  7. (m) Edwin Gibson Palmer b. 1900 Leichhardt
  8. (m) Male Palmer b. 10/11/1909 Glebe

PALMER— BALDWIN.-At All Saint’s Church, Petersham, by tho Rev. C. Baber, John Henry, youngest son of David Palmer, of Wollongong, to Emily, youngest daughter of the late James Baldwin, of Manchester, England. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 18 March 1890 p 2

BALDWIN.-November 10, 1909, the wife of J. H.  Baldwin, St John's-road, Glebe, of a son.

PALMER. - August 11, 1944, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Howdin, 5 Britannia Avenue, Burwood, Emily, widow of John Henry Palmer and dear mother of Charles, George, Eda (Mrs. Roffey), Emily (Mrs. Howdin), David, Edwin, and Alan, aged 83 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 12 August 1944 p 22

Palmer Emily Ann (Cummins)

b. abt 1829 d. 19/9/1909 Port Macquarie

m. Thomas Wellington Palmer (22/5/1814 Offaly Leinster Ireland-25/7/1890 Port Macquarie Son of Thomas Palmer & Ann )13/9/1848 Wollongong CofE Dapto; Wollongong

f. James Cummins m. Anne Robinson *

  1. (f) Emily Ann Palmer 1856 Port Macquarie

Palmer, Thomas Wellington, to Emily Ann, eldest daughter of Mr. James Cummins, at Wollongong , on the 13th Instant, by the Rev. M. p. Meares.” The Australian 21 September 1848

Mrs. Palmer, relict of the late Mr. T. W. Palmer, of the Hastings, died last week, aged 80 years. She was a sister of the late Mr. J. R. Cummins, for many years post and telegraph master at Port Macquarie. The Richmond River Herald and Northern Districts Advertiser (NSW : 1886 - 1942) Friday 24 September 1909 p 4

Palmer Florence Elizabeth (Fuller)

b. 29/9/1868 Kiama d. 19/9/1954 Dubbo

m. Thomas Draper Palmer ( 8/3/1867 Bathurst – 28/5/1934 Holmwood near Dubbo Son of George Palmer & ) 20/4/1898 Dunmore

f. George Lawrence Fuller m. Sarah Cunningham Miller *

  1. (m) George T Bryan Palmer b. 1899 Dubbo
  2. (m) Norman A Palmer b. 1900 Dubbo
  3. (f) Florence A Palmer Palmer b. 1901 Dubbo (Mrs. J. Scott)
  4. (f) Marjorie Palmer b. 1903 Dubbo
  5. (f) Alison Palmer b. 1905 Dubbo
  6. (f) Ruth C Palmer b. 1910 Dubbo

PALMER—FULLER.—April 20, by the Rev. J. Burgess, M.A., at the residence of the bride's parents, Thomas D., seventh son of George Palmer, Esq., Ethelton, Bathurst, to Florence E., second daughter of George L. Fuller, Esq., Dunmore, Illawarra line. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 30 April 1898 p 1

Palmer Hannah Montgomery (Browne)

d. 14/5/1874 Gladstone Qld

m. Richard E Palmer 1855 Wesleyan Methodist Sydney

f. William Browne m. Mary Montgomery *

Cause of Death: Consumption

PALMER.—May 14, at the residence of her sister, Mrs. George Little, Gladstone, Queensland, of consumption, Hannah Montgomery, the beloved wife of R. E. Palmer, Esq., Millbank, Burnett River, Queensland, and eldest daughter of William Browne, Esq., Mount Nebo, Wollongong, New South Wales, The Sydney Morning Herald 30 May 1874

Palmer Jane

Living Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.

Palmer Jane Emily (Robinson)

b. 24/10/1819 d. 4/12/1900 Darling Point

m. Edward Thompson Palmer (31/3/1812 Offaly Leinster Ireland - 19/4/1879 Son of Thomas Palmer & Ann ) 1840 Presbyterian Wollongong 1840 V18404357 74B

  1. (f) Anne Palmer b. 1840 CofE Dapto; Wollongong
  2. (m) Edward Palmer b. 1842 CofE Dapto/Wollongong d. 1899 Rockhampton Qld
  3. (f) Jane Palmer b. 1843 bp. CofE Dapto;Wollongong
  4. (m) James Palmer b. 1845 bp. CofE Dapto;Wollongong
  5. (f) Hannah L Palmer b. 1847 bp. CofE Dapto:Wollongong (William C Royds 1874)
  6. (f) Maria E Palmer b. 1849 (poss) 1859 bp. CofE Dapto;Wollongong
  7. (f) Josephine Palmer b. 1852 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong

Died in Sydney on the 4th inst. Mrs. Palmer, aged 81. She was the widow of the late Mr. Edward Palmer, who was for many years an active member of our Bench of Magistrates. He had a flour mill at Fairy Meadow, Wollongong, which he sold to take up land at Elderslie, where he died. The property was sold by his widow, and is now occupied by Mr. Linton, Mr. Thurn and Mr. Todd. Since Mrs. Palmer left here one of their sons, a member of Parliament in Queensland, and one of their daughters have died. The deceased son was a pupil of Mr. Reeves, the late school master of Camden. Camden News (NSW : 1895 - 1954) Thursday 13 December 1900 p 4

Palmer Margaret

Living at Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Palmer Martha Augusta (Hutchinson)

b. abt 1878 d. 1963 Sydney

m. Anthony Worden Palmer (1867 Calstock Devonshire – 30/9/1928 Helensburgh Son of Anthony Palmer & Ann C ) 1897 Lithgow

  1. (f) Alice M W Palmer b. 1898 Randwick
  2. (m) George W A Palmer b. 1899 Lithgow
  3. (f) Annie C Palmer b. 1903 Helensburgh d. 1903 Hartley Vale
  4. (m) James Robert Palmer b. 1906 Helensburgh d. 1907 Helensburgh
  5. (m) Lennard T Palmer b. 1907 Helensburgh d. 1907 Helensburgh
  6. (f) Doris E Palmer b. 1909 Helensburgh
  7. (m) Harry H Palmer b. 1911 Helensburgh
  8. (f) Linda V Palmer b. 1913 Helensburgh
  9. (f) Ada M Palmer b. 1914 Helensburgh

Living Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.

I regret to report the death of Mrs. Anthony Palmer's baby, who was brought up here on Saturday last and died on Tuesday morning. Mrs. Palmer hails from Helensburgh, and is the daughter-in-law of Mr. Palmer, a very old and respected resident of this town.


The remains of the deceased infant of Mrs. Anthony Palmer were interred in the Mt. York cemetery on Thursday afternoon. Lithgow Mercury (NSW : 1898 - 1954) Friday 11 December 1903 p 4


By consent. Martha Augusta Palmer, widow of Anthony Worden Palmer, of Helensburgh, was awarded £200 compensation for the death of her husband. who died from a disease Incurred through stone-dusting on the lungs, to which his work as a miner was a contributing factor. While working for the Metropolitan Coal Co.Ltd.. at Helensburgh, the disease was contracted, and the company consented to the award in favor of the widow and three young children, who were wholly dependent upon him The Labor Daily (Sydney, NSW : 1924 - 1938) Saturday 15 December 1928 p 6

Palmer Mary Ann Matilda (Thrower)

b. 1831 Ipswich Suffolk England d. 9/11/1912 Ryde 17808/1912

m. David Palmer (24/9/1829 Sydney -24/9/1912 Petersham) 1855 CofE Sydney, St Lawrence's V1855675 43B/1855

f. Thomas Thrower m. Sarah Palmer

  1. (m) Charles J Palmer b. 1857 Wollongong 12244/1857 d. 1912 Bourke
  2. (m) Male Palmer b. 1859 Wollongong 4204/1859
  3. (m) George Thomas Palmer b. 1860 Wollongong 13826/1860 d. 1936 Rozelle
  4. (f) Alice Palmer b. 1862 Wollongong 14980/1862 d. 7/10/1943 Moree (Henry McFadden 1883)
  5. (m) John Henry Palmer b. 1864 Wollongong d. 1937 Burwood (Emily Baldwin * 1890)
  6. (f) Ada Maria Palmer b. 1866 Wollongong 16520/1866 d. 1937 North Sydney
  7. (f) Fanny Matilda Palmer * b. 1867 Wollongong 18024/1867 d. 1952 Chatswood (Clarence Gosper 1889)
  8. (f) Louisa Sarah Anne Palmer b. 1870 Wollongong 18910/1870 d. 1942 Newtown

PALMER.-At the residence of her Son in-law, Mr C. T. Gosper, “Wandilly,” Ryde, 9th November, 1912, M. A. Palmer, relict of the late D. Palmer, aged 81 years and 10 months. Singleton Argus (NSW : 1880 - 1954) Tuesday 12 November 1912 p 2

Papworth Selina/Serina/Lelina (Perry)

b. abt 1807

m. John Papworth 19/6/1835 CofE Dapto; Wollongong V18351321 19/1835

Convict Permission to Marry Index 1835 Illawarra

Ship: Burrell (2) 1832

Convict indent:

7 Years
Maid of all work
Old Bailey
Stealing blanket and pillow

In 1832 she was assigned to Sydney Stephens, Sydney

SERINA PERRY was indicted for stealing, on the 19th of August , 1 pillow, value 2s., and 1 blanket, value 4s. , the goods of Harriet Read .

HARRIET READ . I live in Suffolk-street, Battle-bridge - the prisoner hired a room of me for 3s. 6d. a week. On the 19th of August I missed an umbrella - I suspected her, as she had left my house; I got into the window of her room, and missed the articles stated; she never returned.
JOSEPH HALL . I am servant to a pawnbroker at Battle-bridge. I have a blanket, pawned by the prisoner.
JAMES BOURN . I am servant to a pawnbroker. I have a pillow, pawned by the prisoner.
JAMES PHILLIPS . I am an officer. I took the prisoner on the 26th of August, and found on her five duplicates, some of which relate to these things.
Prisoner. I did it from distress.

GUILTY . Aged 26. - Transported for Seven Years

Paramatta Maria ()

m. Thomas Paramatta

  1. (m) Thomas Henry Paramatta b. 8/12/1837 Wollongong

Husband was a black labourer. This was the first christening at St Francis Xavier’s.

Parke Frances Eleanor (Read)

b. abt 1829 Dublin Ireland d. 8/2/1913 Waverley br. Waverley

m. Samuel Parke (1819 Dublin-30/10/1882 Paddington Son of Samuel Parke & Jane Reid) 1848 Dublin Ireland

f. John Henty Read m. Frances Eleanor Molloy

Ship: abt 1850

  1. (f) Henrietta Jackson Parke b. 16/10/1850 Wollongong bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong V18501832 37A/1850 d. 12/5/1886 Darlinghurst
  2. (f) Elizabeth J Parke b. 1852 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong V18521791 38A/1852 (George W Robinson 1876)
  3. (f) Frances Eleanor Parke * b. 23/6/1855 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong V1855944 42A/1855 d. 1955 Roseville (Alfred Bray 1877)
  4. (m) Samuel John Parke b. 4/8/1857 Wollongong 12267/1857 d. 1889 Sydney (Grahude Norton 1889)
  5. (m) John Arthur Parke b. 1859 Wollongong 14193/1859 d. 1928 Berry (Laura Lambert 1888)
  6. (m) Arthur George Parke b. 1861 Wollongong14392/1861 d. 12/12/1887 Heathcote Vic
  7. (f) Hannah J Parke b. 1863 Wollongong 15030/1863 (Arthur E Kendall 1907)
  8. (m) Sydney Strong Parke b. 1865 Wollongong 16913/1865 d. 1934 Turramurra (Blanch Manton)

“BIRTH.  At Wollongong, on the 16th October, 1850, Mrs. Samuel Parke, of a daughter.” The Sydney Morning Herald 23 November 1850

At Wollongong, on the 23rd inst., Mrs. S. Parke, of a daughter. Bell’s Life in Sydney and Sporting Reviewer 30 June 1855

On the 4th instant, at her residence, Fairy Cottage, Wollongong, Mrs. Samuel Park, of a son. The Sydney Morning Herald 19 August 1857

PARKE.-March 12, at her mother's residence, 14, Womera Avenue. Darlinghurst, Henrietta Jackson, eldest daughter of the late Samuel Parke, formerly of Wollongong. The Sydney Morning Herald 13 March 1886

PARKE-February 8, 1913, at her late residence, Egerton, Porter St, Waverley, Frances Eleanor, relict of the late Samuel Parke and elder daughter of the late John Henty Read, surgeon RN Funeral this (Monday) afternoon at 2 30 for Waverley Cemetery The Sydney Morning Herald 10 February 1913

Parker Anne (Cowdray)

b. 1807 Plumstead, Kent d. 1879 Camden

m. Samuel Parker (1787-1872 Paddington)

f. Edward Cowdray m. Mary White

Ship: 1833? Prince Regent

  1. (f) Elizabeth Parker b. 1821 St Pancras England d. 23/2/1905 (Michael Gahan 1840)
  2. (f) Hannah Parker b. 1825 d. 1833
  3. (m) John James Parker b. 1828 d. 1903
  4. (f) Mary Ann Parker b. 1829 (Francis White 1867)
  5. (f) Isabella Parker b. 1841 bp. CofE Dapto; Wollongong
  6. (m) Robert Parker b. 1844 bp. CofE Dapto; Wollongong

Husband a carpenter and they lived at Goondarrin near Charcoal and Dapto

Parker Eliza

Living Lakelands in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Parker Eliza (Hartigan the Jourdan then Tyrie)

b. 30/6/1810 Parramatta d. 13/8/1873 Countegany near Cooma br. Cooma Cemetery

m. Joseph Jourdan ( 1799 Warwickshire- 3/2/1826 Castlereagh 12/9/1825 CofE Richmond

m. Thomas Tenant Tyrie (abt 1803-31/12/1855 Queanbeyan ) 1828 CofE Campbelltown St Peter’s

m. John Parker 26/9/1855 Cooma

f. Dudley Hartigan m. Mary Akers

  1. (f) Emma Jourdan b. 19/7/1826 Campbelltown d. 1827 Campbelltown
  2. (f) Louisa Tyrie b. 16/10/1829 Campbelltown d. 24/6/1878 Goulburn ( Webb Garradd 1848 )
  3. (f) Mary Tennent Tyrie b. 15/4/1831 Campbelltown d. 1908 Redfern (John Roy Hilton 1848)
  4. (m) Andrew Hartigan Tyrie b. 14/9/1833 St Peters d. 31/3/1907 Queanbeyan (Ann Sarah Parker 1854 )

Census 1841 Eliza Tyrie was the resident at Samuel Clarke’s property Crown Street, Wollongong, District Illawarra (Return # 4- 4/1243A]72508).

Parker Elizabeth see Dorothy Browne

Parker Hannah (Dunn)

b. 24/1/1876 Gateshead Durham d. 27/12/1947 Auburn

m. William James Parker (18/10/1872 Cooper’s Flat – 12/6/1952 Auburn Son of James Parker & Catherine ) 1892 Newcastle

f. Michael Dunn m. Elizabeth Jane

  1. (m) Henry Parker b. 1893 Hamilton d. 1977
  2. (f) Elizabeth Jane Parker b. 1895 Woonona (Campton)
  3. (f) Ivy Parker b. 1897 Helensburgh
  4. (m) William James Parker b. 1900 Woonona d. 12/5/1950 Ryde (Holda May)
  5. (f) Lorna Amy Parker b. 1911 St Leonards
  6. (f) Vera Parker b. 1903 Goulburn
  7. (f) Marjorie Parker b. 1905 Chatswood
  8. (f) Duncia Norma Parker b. 1908 Chatswood
  9. (f) Mavis Parker b. 1913 Chatswood

PARKER, Hannah -December 27 1947 at her residence 19B Park Road Auburn dearly beloved wife of William James Parker aged 72 years At rest The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 29 December 1947 p 10

Parker Harriet Melvina (Ralph)

b. 6/6/1855 Spring Hill d. 31/5/1901 Woonona br. Woonona Presbyterian

m. Hugh Parker (15/9/1841 Kilmarnock Ayrshire -24/8/1921 Son of Robert Parker & Elizabeth) 9/1/1877 Bulli 4771/1877

f. Frank /John Ralph m. Eliza*

  1. (m) James Henry Parker b. 1/11/1877 Bulli d. 20/3/1966 Bexley ( Joanne Melville * 1903)
  2. (f) Susan Ann Parker * b. 18/2/1879 d. 12/8/1967 Woonona (Joseph Buchanan 1903)
  3. (f) Emily May Parker b. 10/10/1880 d. 1880
  4. (m) Robert Parker b. 21/10/1881 St Peters d. 9/9/1949 The Entrance ( Margaret Orchard 1904)
  5. (f) Eliza Parker b. 14/11/1883 Sydney (John Ryan)
  6. (m) Walter Parker b. 5/8/1885 (Emma Hyde)
  7. (f) Sophy Parker b. 12/7/1887 Petersham d. 1968 Auburn (Frank Lawrence)
  8. (m) John H Parker b. 14/9/1889 d. 2/5/1960 (Annie Young)
  9. (f) Marian E Parker b. 1892 d. 1973 (Guy Walsh)
  10. (f) Florence M Parker b. 1/3/1894 Bulli d. 7/10/1966 Bulli (Joseph Salisbury)
  11. (m) William A Parker b. 25/2/1898 Bulli d. 14/11/1910 Bulli

Husband a miner

The deaths, during the week, of Mrs. Hugh Parker, Woonona,… South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Saturday 8 June 1901 Page 10

Parker Joanna (Melville)

b. abt 1879 Durham d. 25/9/1942 Rockdale cr. Woronora

m. James Henry Parker (1/11/1877 Bulli-20/3/1966 Bexley Son of Hugh Parker & Harriet Melvina Ralph *) 1903 Woonona

f. Thomas Melville m. Sarah Slater *

  1. (f) Doris M Parker b. 1904 Woonona (David Davies 1932)
  2. (f) Olga Ivy Parker b. 1907 Woonona (Randolph D Beverstock 1944 div 1954)

Living Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties.

PARKER.—September 25, 1942, at a private hospital, Joanna Parker, dearly beloved wife of James H. Parker and loving mother of Olga and Doris (Mrs. Davies), late of Lithgow, aged 64 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 26 September 1942 Page 16

Parker Lillian Kezia Jane (Manley)

d. 11/4/1955 Caringbah cr. Woronora

m. Erskine Leslie Parker (1878 Camden – 4/1/1943 Caringbah Son of Erskine Charles Pakenham Parker & Emily) 1899 Sydney

f. William Henry Manley m. Mary Jane

  1. (m) Vincent Charles Parker b. 28/8/1900 Dapto d. 1963 Raymond Terrance
  2. (f) Enid Parker b. 1906 Camden (Hutchins)

In 1900 her husband was an assayer for the Smelting Company of Australia. In 1938 he was the Lithgow Council's works overseer

Parker Margaret

m. Thomas Parker

  1. (f) Hannah Parker b. 1842 CofE Dapto/Wollongong

Parker Margaret (Hickey)

b. 21/4/1881 Mt Keira 18877/1881 d. 17/9/1967 Corrimal

m. John William Parker (1879 Wallsend -14/2/1962 Corrimal Son of Samson Parker & Louisa Ann Collins) 1907

f. Timothy Hickey m. Mary Gleeson *

  1. (m) Harold J Parker b. 1909 Wollongong
  2. (m) Robert E Parker b. 1912 Wollongong
  3. (f) Clarice E Parker b. 1915 Wollongong

Living Atchison St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –dressmaker.

Parker Mary

Living Central Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Parker Mary

m. James Parker

  1. (f) Margaret Parker b. 1895 Helensburgh

Parker Sarah

m. George Parker

  1. (f) Susanna M L Parker b. 1879 Kiama

Parker Sarah (Hayward)

b. 26/12/1860 Hastings Sussex d. 1935 Lismore

m. Edwin Albert Parker (abt 1863 Hastings Sussex- 19/2/1945 Lismore) 1883 Hastings England

f. William Hayward m. Susannah Cooke

Ship: Port Victor 1887

  1. (m) Edwin Parker b. abt 1886 Sussex
  2. (f) Emma S Parker b. 1887 Sydney
  3. (m) Albert Parker b. 1890 Sydney
  4. (f) Mary Parker b. 1893 Kiama
  5. (m) John Parker b. 1895 Kiama d. 20/7/1916 France
  6. (m) Frederick C Parker b. 1899 Kiama
  7. (f) Marjorie E Parker b. 1902 Kiama
  8. (f) Dorothy G Parker b. 1905 Lismore

Living Manning St Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a tinsmith.


Mrs Sarah Parker, aged 75 years, wife of Mr: Edwin Albert Parker, of Lismore died in a private hospital in Lismore recently after a long illness.

Born in Hastings (England) on December 26 1860 Mrs Parker came to Australia to join her husband in 1887, Mr. Parker having arrived in 1886 ..They. first settled in Windsor, and then moved to Sydney, then spent eleven years in Kiama and came to Lismore on December 23 1902. Mr. Parker eventually established his own plumbing business, and he and family have been ,well known throughout the district for many years.

In 1939 Mr and Mrs. Parker re-visited England. Mrs Parker's health com.menced to cause her family anxiety soon after. In earlier years Mrs. Parker was prominent in church work, and Mr Parker and family have been prominently associated with the Methodist Church for many years.

Her son are: Messrs E:. Parker (Sydney, mathematics master at Fort Street High School) and F Parker (in partnership with his father in Lismore); daughters are Misses Amy, Mary, Marjorie and Dorothy Parker (Lismore). One son, Mr. Jack Parker, was killed in action during the war. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Saturday 1 February 1936 p 2

Parker Tamer

Living Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.

Parker Theresa Jane (Amos)

b. 1875 Wollongong d. 13/9/1956 Newtown

m. Henry James Parker (-21/6/1936 Newtown Son of Henry James Parker & Emma) 1892 Woonona

f. George Amos m. Jane Barker *

  1. (m) Herbert V Parker b. 1893 Stockton
  2. (f) Hazel Parker b. 1898 Wollongong (Bernard le Hoffman 1922)

Parkes Annie (Moore)

b. abt 1835 d. 1917 Ashfield br. 10/10/1917 Rookwood

m. Thomas Anthony Parkes (abt 1829 Pontypool Monmouth-1907 Ashfield Son of Thomas Parkes & Annie ) 1855 Sydney St Lawrence’s

f. Isaac Moore m. Katherine

  1. (m) Thomas I W Parkes b. 1857 Chippendale
  2. (f) Henrietta Parkes b. 1860 Penrith
  3. (m) Charles Parkes b. 1862 Wollongong 15079/1862
  4. (m) Henry Parkes b. 1864 Wollongong 16552/1864
  5. (f) Annie M Parkes b. 1867 Concord
  6. (m) George Arthur Parkes b. 19/2/1868 Richmond d. 29/5/1943 Mosman
  7. (m) Edward John Parkes b. 1871 Goulburn
  8. (m) Alfred Herbert Parkes b. 1874 Berrima
  9. (f) Annie M Parkes b. 1879 Newtown (John McKimm 1905)

Husband a clerk within education. Husband was the nephew of Sir Henry Parkes.

DEATHS. PARKES.—At her residence, “Wynoonga,” Elizabeth-street, Ashfield, Annie, widow of the late Thomas Anthony Parkes, aged 82 years. At rest. Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931) Tuesday 9 October 1917 p 4

Parkes/Parks Elizabeth (Williams)

m. William Parkes 1873 Albury

  1. (u) Unnamed Parkes b. 1874 Hartley
  2. (f) Margaret Parkes b. 1876 Hartley
  3. (f) Mary Parkes b. 1878 Hartley
  4. (f) Elizabeth Parkes b. 1880 Wollongong 27409/1880
  5. (m) John Parkes b. 1884 Woonona 23050/1884

Living at Clifton in 1885 when her husband sold a horse and cart.

Parkes Elizabeth (Pope)

b. 1868 Wollongong d. 30/6/1963 Sydney br. Bulli

m. George Joseph Parkes (abt 1861 – 3/12/1944 Bulli Son of James Parkes & Matilda) 1891 Wollongong 8272/1891

f. Charles Pope m. Elizabeth Body *

  1. (f) Amelia Parkes b. 1892 Woonona 39645/1892 d. 13/8/1896 br. Woonona Presbyterian
  2. (f) Lily Parkes b. 1897 Woonona 8736/1897 d. 1897 Woonona 3235/1897
  3. (m) George Albert Parkes b. 1898 Woonona 27258/1898
  4. (f) Gertrude Parkes b. 1902 Woonona 37711/1902 d. 1939 Katoomba 9739/1939

Living at Corrimal in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.

Parkes Emily see Luttrell

Parkes Sarah (Thacker)

b. 1876 Five Ways Staffordshire d. 1959 Ryde

m. Reuben James Parkes (1869-1943 Ashfield Son of James Parkes & Matilda Frances) 1897 Wallsend

f. William Thacker m. Eliza

  1. (m) Alfred James Parkes b. 1898 Merewether
  2. (m) Joseph Harold Parkes b. 1899 Merewether
  3. (m) William Horace Henry Parkes b. 1902 Merewether
  4. (f) Alma Dora Minnie Parkes b. 1904 Woonona

Living at Tarrawanna in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.

Parkhill Harriet Jane (Livingstone )

b. 1873 Ulladulla d. 6/11/1958 Bondi br. Woronora

m. George Parkhill (- 3/2/1938 Sutherland Son of James Parkhill & Jane ) 1901 Marrickville

f. John Livingstone m. Rebecca Moore *

  1. (f) Jean L Parkhill b. 1902 Woonona
  2. (f) Edna Winifred Parkhill b. 1904 Woonona d. 1/7/1987
  3. (f) Vera L Parkhill b. 1906 Woonona
  4. (f) Rita E Parkhill b. 1910 Woonona

Living at Tarrawanna in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Parkhill Jane (Taylor)

b. 1844 Wollongong V18444691 47/1844 d. 25/2/1922 Milton

m. James Parkhill (abt 1834 - 2/2/1900 Milton Son of William Parkhill & Agnes Miller) 6/1/1863 Mount Pleasant

f. Nathan Taylor m. Davida McLaurin*

  1. (m) William Harold Parkhill b. 1876 Wollongong
  2. (f) Janet A Parkhill b. 1879 Wollongong
  3. (m) Percy Clement Parkhill b. 1882 Milton
  4. (f) Daisy May Parkhill b. 1884 Milton

On the 6th instant, by special license, at the residence of the bride's father, Mount Pleasant, by the Rev. C. Atchison, James Parkhill, son of Mr William Parkhill, of Sydney, to Jane Taylor, fourth daughter of the late Mr Nathan Taylor, of Wollongong . The Sydney Morning Herald 19 January 1863

PARKHILL- February 25. at her residence Milton, S. Coast, Jane Parkhill, relict, of the late James Parkhill. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 1 March 1922 p 12

Parkhill Ruth (Taylor)

d. 21/9/1914 Wollongong

m. John Parkhill (-19/3/1886 Balmain Son of William Parkhill & ) 1878 Wollongong

f. Nathan Taylor m. Davida McLaurin *

  1. (f) Lavinia Agnes Parkhill * b. 30/6/1880 Balmain d. 1959 Hurstville (Edward E Smith 1919, John Martin 1933)

Living at Young St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

PARKHILL. —June 30, at her residence, Darling Road, Balmain,Mrs. John Parkhill, of a daughter. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Friday 9 July 1880 Page 1

PARKHILL — September 21, at 'Thurso,' , Young -st, Wollongong, Ruth Parkhill, beloved mother of Cissie, and sister of Miss Janet Taylor, Mrs. M. Campbell and Mrs. J. Parkhill. Funeral to-day (Tuesday) at 3 p.m., Congregational Cemetery. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 22 September 1914 p 2

Parkins Ada

Living at Tarrawanna in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Parkins Ada Marie (Fuller)

b. 1863 Paddington England d. 26/12/1932 Auburn br. Rookwood

m. John Parkins (1842 Whitechapel Middlesex-1938) 1883 Sydney

f. Shephen Fuller m. Sophia Comley

  1. (m) William John Parkins b. 1884 Sydney d. 1924 Newtown
  2. (f) Ada Parkins b. 1887 Sydney
  3. (m) Thomas S Parkins b. 1888 Ryde
  4. (f) Rose L Parkins b. 1891 Wollongong d. 1891 Wollongong
  5. (m) Alfred James Parkins b. 1892 Waterloo d. 1960 Wyong
  6. (m) Henry Arthur Parkins b. 1895 St Peters d. 1895 Redfern
  7. (m) George D Parkins b. 1896 Redfern d. 1959 Sydney
  8. (f) Rosannah Parkins b. 1898 Redfern d. 1998 Redfern
  9. (f) Lillian May Parkins b. 1899 Redfern d. 1964 Hurstville
  10. (f) Rose A Parkins b. 1900 Newtown d. 1901 Newtown
  11. (f) Ada Parkins b. 1901 Newtown d. 1901 Newtown
  12. (f) Violet Ada Parkins b. 1904 St Peters d. 1954 Newtown
  13. (m) Albert Parkins b. 1906 St Peters d. 1906 St Peters

Parkinson Anne (McDonald)

b. abt 1830 Inverness Scotland d. 1/1/1903 Leichhardt

m. Henry William Parkinson (abt 1827 St Pancras London -1890 Redfern Son of Robert Parkinson & ?) 1852 St Pancras

f. John McDonald m. Mary

Ship: Tantivy 1854

  1. (f) Annie Elizabeth Parkinson * b. abt 1854 St Pancras London (Peter Cran 1873)
  2. (f) Julia Mary Parkinson * b. 1856 Muswellbrook d. 1/9/1931 Albany WA (Henry C Haberley 1877)
  3. (f) Louisa Jane Parkinson *b. 1858 Muswellbrook (George McGauley 1877)
  4. (m) Henry William Parkinson b. 1862 Muswellbrook ( Elizabeth A Roxby * 1891)
  5. (f) Amelia Parkinson b. 1864 Sydney
  6. (f) Rachel Parkinson b. 1867 Sydney d. 1870 Wollongong
  7. (m) John A Parkinson b. 1869 Wollongong 19894/1869 d. 1897 Leichhardt (Mary J Jones 1892)

Husband is living a Woonona at time of Julia’s marriage .

PARKINSON.— January 1, midnight, at the residence of her daughter-in-law, Mrs. John Parkinson, 59 Elswick-street, Leichhardt, Anne, relict of the late Henry William Parkinson, aged 73 years and 8 months. At rest. By request, no flowers. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 3 January 1903

Parkinson Catherine Agnes (Woods)

b. 13/12/1879 Woonona d. 6/5/1939 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. Edward Parkinson (1875 Bombala – 31/5/1951 Wollongong Son of James Parkinson & Margaret Ryan *) 1908

f. Edward Woods m. Mary Ann McBrien *

  1. (m) John W Parkinson b. 1909 Wollongong
  2. (f) Mary P Parkinson b. 1910 Wollongong
  3. (f) Laura L Parkinson b. 1913 Wollongong (E Naylor)
  4. (f) Gertrude Parkinson b. 1914 Wollongong
  5. (m) James W Parkinson b. 1917 Wollongong
  6. (m) Bernard Parkinson b. 1918 Wollongong
  7. (m) Henry A Parkinson b. 1920 Wollongong
  8. (m) Frederick Parkinson

Living at Aitcherson St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties with brothers Arthur Ernest and Edward


Widespread regret was expressed on Saturday last when the death was announced of Mrs. Catherine Agnes (Cassie) Parkinson, beloved wife of Mr. Edward Parkinson, and dear mother of Jack, Laura, Ger- trude, James, Bernard, Harry and Frederick, of 123 Keira street, Wollongong.

The late Mrs. Parkinson, who was 59 years of age, had not enjoyed the best of health for some months past.

On the previous Monday she had been removed to Wollongong Hospital, where the end came.

Mrs. Parkinson was a good neighbor and a wonderful mother to her well-known family, all of whom are a credit to her. As her husband was a member of the Wollongong Band for many years, Mrs. Parkinson with Mrs. Harry Jones, worked hard for the progress of the band, helping at socials and in many other ways.

The late Mrs. Parkinson was a member of the well-known Woods family. Sisters are Mrs. Tom Byron (Wollongong) and Mrs. M. Meehan (Russell Vale), while brothers are Ex Councillors John Woods (Rixons Pass (who is at present an inmate of Sydney Hospital), Arthur Woods (Kensington), G. Woods (Corrimal) and D. Woods (Redfern).

Prior to the funeral to the Catholic cemetery on Sunday afternoon,… South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 12 May 1939 p 19

Parkinson Elizabeth Ann (Roxby)

b. 1870 Newcastle d. 9/10/1941 Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

m. Henry William Parkinson (1862 Muswellbrook- 28/6/1949 Summer Hill Son of Henry W Parkinson & Anne McDonald *) 23/3/1891 Glebe Point

f. Peter Roxby m. Esther Smith *

  1. (m) Henry P Parkinson b. 1892 Kiama d. 22/8/1896 Albion Park
  2. (m) Robert R Parkinson b. 1894 Wollongong
  3. (m) Francis H Parkinson b. 1899 Albion Park
  4. (f) Ruth E Parkinson b. 1908 Wollongong (Newton)

Living Albion Park in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a tinsmith

PARKINSON. —October 9, 1941, at Royal   Prince Alfred Hospital, Elizabeth Ann Parkinson (late of 49 Smith Street, Summer Hill, and Albion Park), beloved wife of Henry and dear mother of Bob, Frank and Ruth, and grandmother of Arthur and Jack, aged 71 years. By request, no mourning. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Friday 10 October 1941 p 12

Parkinson Louise Emilie Allwine (Munchmeyer)

b. abt 1854 d. 23/5/1952 Clifton Gardens

m. Henry Waterworth Parkinson (14/2/1857 - 13/9/1942 Son of Henry W Parkinson & Jane Tubbs) 1885 Sydney

f. Wilhelm Hermann Munchmeyer m. Maria Bunnermann

  1. (m) Charles Esmond Parkinson b. 1886 Cooma d. 27/5/1959 Qld (Nancy Parkes 1916)
  2. (f) Kathleen Alvena Parkinson b. 1887 (Robert Craig Brydon-Brown 1938)
  3. (f) Elsa Winifred Parkinson b. 1888 Cooma d. 1981
  4. (f) Dorothy Clare Parkinson b. 1891 Kiama d. 29/12/1910 Qld

Husband a civil engineer. Father a theologian.

Parkinson Margaret (Ryan)

b. 1851 Cappawhite Co. Tipperary Ireland d. 23/7/1928 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. James Lemarie Parkinson (1845 London- 12/11/1903 Wollongong Son of William Parkinson & Elizabeth Lemarie) 25/7/1871 Cooma

f. Michael Ryan m. Margaret Raftery

Ship: 1861 The Hotspur

  1. (m) William Michael Parkinson b. 1872 Bombala d. 1961 Wollongong
  2. (m) Edward Parkinson b. 1875 Bombala d. 1951 Wollongong (Catherine Woods * 1908)
  3. (f) Mary Elizabeth Parkinson * b. 1877 Bombala d. 1960 Wollongong
  4. (f) Margaret Agnes Parkinson * b. 1879 Bombala d. 1953 Wollongong (Thomas Ryan)
  5. (m) Alfred Parkinson b. 1881 Bombala d 1918 Wollongong d. Port Kembla Power House (Mary Edwards)
  6. (m) James Parkinson b. 1883 Bombala d 1943 Sydney (Kathleen Doherty 1920)
  7. (m) Francis Joseph Parkinson b. 21/11/1884 Wollongong d. 1927 Port Kembla Power House
  8. (f) Gertrude Parkinson b. 24/6/1886 Fairy Meadow d. 1961 Wollongong
  9. (f) Cecelia Josephine Parkinson b. 28/2/1888 Fairy Meadow d. 1971 Wollongong
  10. (m) Vincent Parkinson b. 21/1/1890 Fairy Meadow d. 1967 Wollongong (Helena Dixon)
  11. (f) Theresa Parkinson b. 2/7/1891 d. 30/1/1895 Bulli Pass

Living at Keira St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties


On Monday death claimed a very old and highly respected resident of Wollongong, in the person of Mrs. Parkinson, relict of the late Mr. J. Parkinson, who for many years conducted a cordial factory. She was a woman of very high ideals and neighbourly instincts, and in her own quiet way was always a supporter of charitable movements.

She was a devoted adherent of her Church, and her deep religious convictions were reflected in her life. Twenty- five years ago the death occurred of her husband. Four members of her family of twelve also predeceased her, viz., Messrs. Alfred and Frank, both of whom were killed at the Port Kembla Power House, with a lapse of eight years, between each fatality. Joseph and Theresa, who died before reaching maturity. The surviving members of the family are Messrs. William (President Wollongong Hospital), Edward, Vincent, James, Misses Mary, Gertrude and Cecelia and Mrs. T. Ryan. The late Mrs. Parkinson was born 78 years ago at Cappawhite, Co. Tipperary, Ireland, her maiden name being   Ryan. When 12 years of age she came to this State with her mother and brother. They went to reside at Cooma, where the deceased remained until her marriage in 1871. With her husband she went to reside at Bombala, where her husband carried on a bakery and cordial factory. In 1882 the family moved to Wollongong, where Mr. Parkinson managed a cordial factory for the late Mr. W. Osborne. After a few   months, Mr. Parkinson opened a factory of his own in premises adjacent   to Bode's Hotel. It was carried on their until 1898, when it was moved   to premises in Crown Street, where it was carried on for 26 years. About   four years ago a move was made into the present up-to-date factory. On Wednesday the remains were taken to St. Francis Xavier's Church, where an impressive service was conducted by Very Rev. Father Doherty,     P.P., V.F. As the coffin was borne   from the Church, Miss Dwyer, who   presided at the organ, played the Dead   March. A large cortege followed the   remains to their last resting place in   the Wollongong cemetery, where the   last sad rites were performed by Father Doherty.   We extend our sympathy to the bereaved family. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 27 July 1928 p 2

Parkinson Mary

Living at Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Parkinson Mary Elizabeth

b. 1877 Bombala d. 1960 Wollongong

f. James Lemarie Parkinson m. Mary Ryan *

Living at Keira St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Sales Woman

Parks Mary

m. William Parks

  1. (m) Edward Parks b. 1882 Woonona

It is possible that Mary died in 1882 at Woonona.

Parkyns/Perkins Anne Emily (Lucas)

b. abt 1830 d. January 1917 Hawkesbury

m. Edward Terret Parkyns ( 8/6/1818 - 4/12/1886) V1849129 34C/1849 Church of England Sydney, Holy Trinity (Garrison Church)

f. James Lucas

  1. (m) Edward Parkyns V1851304 37A/1851 d. 1857
  2. (f) Frances Eliza Parkyns b. d. 1853
  3. (f) Frances August Parkyns b. 1854 d. 1855
  4. (m) Charles F Parkyns 1856 Wollongong 8482/1856
  5. (f) Alice Emily Parkyns 1858 Wollongong 13461/1858
  6. (f) Annie P Parkyns 1861 Wollongong 14265/1861
  7. (f) Agnes Parkyns 1963 Wollongong 14910/1863
  8. (m) Edwin Parkyns 1865 Wollongong 16922/1865
  9. (m) Henry G Parkyns 1867 Wollongong 17980/1867
  10. (f) Florence Augusta Parkyns 1870 Wollongong 19054/1870

Mr. Edward Parkyns has also been granted a lease … of a portion of the island nearest to Red Point, being the westernmost of the Five Islands, off Wollongong, for the purposes of a fishery. Empire 12 October 1868

To the right along the coast is seen the Five Islands on one of which, I am informed, that a retired sailor named Perkins, has taken up his abode, with his wife and family. He has a nice little garden, also keep cows and goats, but maintains himself principally by fishing. Sharks abound there, and the oil which he procures from this source, Perkins sells in Sydney. Empire 28 August 1871



The largest of the Five Islands (says the Illawarra Mercury) has been inhabited for some years past by Mr. Perkins and his family, who have lived thereon, pursuing fishing as a means of livelihood. Some time ago, however, Mr. Perkins, made a selection at Broken Bay, and frequently made trips between his “island home” and there in his fishing boat. About three weeks or a month since he left his family on one of his usual trips, intending to be absent only a few days, but so far as we are aware, has not returned up to the present time. On Thursday last, Mr. F. Jenkins, while fishing on the rocks opposite the island, saw Mrs. Perkins waving a cloth, and making other signals, which he concluded were an intimation of death or distress among the lonely family. He had no means of communicating with the island, however, and neither did Mrs. Perkins appear to have any facilities for reaching the mainland. As the only alternative, Mr, Jenkins did the very best he could under the circumstances, by acquainting senior-sergeant Sheridan of what he had noticed on the island During the whole of Thursday night a large fire was observed to be burning on the island, and that fact gave additional intensity to the anxiety of the townspeople and other to know what could be amiss there, On Friday forenoon the captain of the Illalong, which happened to be to the harbour, very kindly gave one of the steamer's lifeboats to the party. As it was supposed by some that want of provisions might be the cause of the strange signals seen, Mr. Jenkins, of Berkeley, and Mrs, Davis, of the Harp Inn, with praiseworthy forethought and generosity, sent a liberal supply of bread, bacon, tea and sugar, and other articles, to be taken by the boat for the benefit of Mrs Perkins and family, should it be found that they stood in need, of such. Messrs. Thomas, Joseph, and Richard Baxter, being well acquainted with the islands, and hearing of the circumstance, relinquished their work for the day, and volunteered their services in the boat. After being away nearly the whole of the day, the boat returned to the basin about 5 o'clock in the afternoon, when a considerable number of persons were on the wharf, anxiously awaiting tho news from the island. It was then ascertained that Mrs. Perkins and six children, the eldest of whom is only about 13 years, had been for ten days without any bread, meat, or tea and sugar, their only means of subsistence during that time being goats milk and the eggs of mutton birds, a large number of which inhabited the island. They also succeeded occasionally in catching some of the birds, and had killed a kid; but although there are other goats and a large number of rabbits on the island they could not be either caught or killed by the suffering and helpless family. Of course, it would not have suited them to have killed the goats that were being milked As may be imagined, the family were joyously glad to see the boat and its crew and provisions come to their relief and Mrs. Perkins said the bountiful supply of provisions obtained would last them a week, and in the meantime she hoped her husband would return; but she felt very anxious and uneasy lest some accident might have happened to him and her eldest son, who accompanied his father in the boat when he last left the island for Broken Bay. The Sydney Morning Herald 26 October 1871

The Perkins Family- We have been informed that Mr Perkins arrived at the Five Islands a few days ago, having made the trip from Broken Bay in his boat as usual. We understand Senior Sergeant Sheridan took immediate means of communicating with Mr Perkins about the critical position in which his family were situated on the island in consequence of his protracted absence, and that he returned to them at once on hearing that unpleasant news. Illawarra Mercury October 27 1871

In 1867 a house was built on Big Island by the Perkins family, who lived there until 1872, grazing cattle and catching sharks.

The largest island in the Five Islands group is Big Island, formerly known as “Perkins” Island. The name Perkins (Parkyns) was from a family who lived on the Island for some years, probably between 1868 and 1872. The original Perkins (Parkyns) established a home on the Island and made a living by catching sharks and selling oil.

On Monday, the 16th instant, by special license, at Trinity Church, by the Rev. Robert King, Mr. Edward Terrett Parkyns, to Ann Emily, daughter of the late Mr. James Lucas, of Fort-street, Sydney. The Sydney Morning Herald 30 April 1849

In Pitt-street North, Sydney, on Saturday,   the 9th instant, Mrs. Edward Parkyns, of a son. The Sydney Morning Herald 11 November 1850

BIRTH. On the 6th August, in McLeay-street, Woolloomooloo, Mrs. Edward Parkyns, of a daughter. The Sydney Morning Herald 8 August 1853

On Wednesday, the 23rd instant, in McLeay-street, Woolloomooloo, Sydney, of scarlatina, Frances Eliza, beloved infant daughter of Edward and Ann Parkyns, aged three months and seventeen days.  The Sydney Morning Herald 26 November 1853

At Wollongong, on Thursday, 28th October, Mrs. Edward Parkyns, of a daughter. The Sydney Morning Herald 28 October 1854

“At Wollongong, 19th December, 1855, Frances Augusta, only daughter of Edward and Anna Parkyns, aged 11 months.” Empire 22 December 1855

On the 5th instant, at Wollongong, Mrs. Parkyns, of a son. The Sydney Morning Herald 29 November 1856

ROSS - RARKYNS.—November 5, at the residence of Mr. Richard Lloyd, Peat's Ferry, Hawkesbury River, by the Rev. H. H. Britten, James, eldest son of the late Mr. John Ross, Wiseman's Ferry, to Alice Emily, eldest daughter of Mr. E. T. Parkyns, Potonga Creek, Broken Bay, late of Wollongong.  The Sydney Morning Herald 13 November 1875


Mrs. Annie Parkyns, who died recently in her 86th year at her late residence, Brooklyn, Hawkesbury River, saw Sydney in the early days. The granddaughter of the late Captain Anthony Fenn Kemp, of the New South Wales Regiment, and born in Cumberland-street, Sydney, the long-memoried woman was married in 1849 at Trinity Church, Miller's Point, to the late Captain Edward Territt Parkyns, son of the late Captain Parkyns, of Bunny Park, Nottinghamshire, England. Mrs. Parkyns spent some years at Five Islands Point, Wollongong, and she had lived on the Hawkesbury for the past 45 years. Deceased was the mother of ten children, six of whom survive her. Her grandchildren number 19, and her great-grandchildren 16.  The Sydney Morning Herald 27 January 1917

Parnell Harriett (Smith)

b. 1820 Windsor d. 14 Mar 1908 Gladesville br. Field of Mars

m. John Parnell (1805 Plymouth Devon – 15/6/1896 Tomerong ) 20/8/1849 Kiama V18484466 74B

f. William Smith m. Harriet

  1. (f) Sarah A Parnell b. 1854 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama ; Shoalhaven V18544513 40/1854 d. 1942 Chatswood
  2. (m) John Henry Parnell b. 1856 Shoalhaven 7757/1856
  3. (m) Augustus Parnell b. 1961 Shoalhaven d. 1862 Shoalhaven
  4. (m) Thomas A Parnell b. 1864 Shoalhaven 14791/1864 d. 1941 Granville
  5. (m) Henry Charles Parnell b. 1867 Shoalhaven 16097/1867 d. 1955 Rockdale

Parnell see also Purnell

Parrish Amelia (Smith)

b. 3/3/1866 Toolijooa d. 5/7/1961 Gerringong br. Gerringong

m. Thomas Parrish ( 2/4/1860 Foxground- 2/8/1939 Son of Edward Parrish & Ann Wilby *) 1900 Kiama

f. James Smith m. Rebecca Wells *

  1. (f) Amelia Ellen Parrish b. 1902 Kiama

Living Foxground in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties.

Parrish/Parish Ann (Wilby/Wilbee)

b. 3/8/1828 Foleshill Warwickshire England d. 12/4/1907 Foxground br. Foxground

m. Edwin/Edward Parrish (13/11/1826 Foleshill Warwickshire England -21/11/1870 Foxground Son of Jeremiah Parrish & Jane Bate) 31/3/1849 Paddington Middlesex

f. Francis Wilbee

Ship: Phoenician abt 1850

  1. (m) William Henry Parrish b. 9/3/1851 Wollongong bp. Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven d. 13/1/1933 Sydney (Mary Frances A Moore * 1873)
  2. (f) Clara Jane Parrish * b. 15/6/1851 Kiama bp. Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven d. 1931 Auburn (Frederick I Dowse 1874)
  3. (f) Elizabeth Parrish b. 14/2/1853 bp. Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven d. 16/5/1853
  4. (m) John Parrish b. 10/7/1854 bp. Jamberoo; Kiama ; Shoalhaven d. 30/6/1856 Foxground
  5. (m) Frederick Parrish b. 13/3/1854 Omega bp. Jamberoo; Kiama ; Shoalhaven d. 9/8/1949 Berry (Augusta W M Berg * 1874)
  6. (m) George Parrish b. 1857 Foxground bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama ; Shoalhaven d. 20/8/1857 Foxground
  7. (m) Edward Parrish b. 26/1/1858 Foxground bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama ; Shoalhaven d. 17/8/1939 Nowra (Mary Graham)
  8. (m) Thomas Parrish b. 2/4/1860 Foxground d. 2/8/1939 (Susannah Moffit * 1885, Amelia Smith * 1900)
  9. (m) Charles Jeremiah Parish b. 18/7/1861 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven d. 20/9/1905 Bangalow (Sarah Jane Smith * 1885, Harriet Smith * 1900)
  10. (m) Walter Parish b. 27/8/1863 Foxground bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven d. 20/1/1896 Gerringong (Mary Jane Moffitt * 1886)
  11. (m) James Parish b. 26/4/1864 Foxground bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama ; Shoalhaven d. 21/10/1910 Lismore (Lily Elizabeth Dawes * 1905)
  12. (m) Oliver Parish b. 5/11/1865 Foxground d. 26/8/1937 Mullumbimby (Ethel Caroline Moffit 1888)
  13. (f) Alice Ann Parrish b. 10/10/1967 Foxground d. 1/3/1899 Berry (Albert White)
  14. (m) Arthur Parrish b. 9/6/1869 Foxground d. 4/1/1871 Foxground
  15. (f) Elizabeth Parrish b. 7/11/1870 Foxground d. 7/11/1870 Foxground
  16. (m) George Parrish b. 7/11/1870 Foxground d. 7/11/1870 Foxground

Living Foxground in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties.

When husband died aged 44 she was left with 11 children.

Parrish Augusta Wilhelmina Maria (Berg)

b. 18/9/1857 Arnsdorf Prussia d. 27/5/1937 Berry br. Berry

m. Frederick Parrish ( 13/3/1854 Omega - 9/8/1949 Berry Son of Edward Parrish & Ann Wilby *) 12/4/1874 Nerang Qld

f. Christan Friedrich Berg m. Maria Frederike Dorthea Mueller

Ship: The San Francisco 1863 into Moreton Bay Qld

  1. (f) Mary Parrish b. 1876 Kiama d. 1876 Kiama
  2. (f) Matilda Parrish b. 13/7/1878 Foxground d. 17/4/1944 Berry (Herbert J Cooper 1899)
  3. (m) Frederick Lewis Parrish b. 25/11/1880 Foxground d. 4/4/1918 Berry (Gertrude Myrtle Young)
  4. (m) George Albert Parrish b. 15/7/1883 Foxground d. 14/7/1959 Nowra (Emily Cooper)
  5. (f) Annie Augusta Maria Parrish b. 6/7/1885 Foxground d. 20/51974 Wollongong (Frederick E Hartup 1913)
  6. (m) John Thomas Parrish b. 11/8/1887 Foxground d. 16/9/1938 Berry (Sarah Ann Watson 1909)
  7. (f) Louisa Jane Parrish b. 9/10/1889 Foxground (John Walker)
  8. (m) Benjamin Ernest Parrish b. 2/9/1891 Foxground (Vera H Falls)
  9. (f) Adelina Parrish b. 29/3/1894 d. 10/8/1976 (Edward H Bennett 1916)
  10. (m) Frank Alexander Parrish b. 10/10/1896 Foxground d. 10/1/1900 Foxground

Living Foxground in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Parrish Caroline Ethal (Moffitt)

b. 31/12/1865 Gerringong d. 26/8/1937 Nambour Qld br. Mullumbimby

m. Oliver Parrish (16/6/1865 Kiama- 10/12/1906 Mycum Son of Edward Parrish & Anne Wilby *) 21/6/1888 Kiama

f. John Moffitt m. Caroline Johnstone *

  1. (m) Oliver James Wesley Parrish b. 30/6/1889 Foxground d. 20/4/1959 ( Jane Logan Smith 1928)
  2. (m) Percy Jack Parrish b. 18/11/1890 Foxground d. 25/5/1967
  3. (m) Edward Stanley Parrish b. 23/3/1892 Foxground d. 2/7/1982 (Eva Jane Lancaster)
  4. (f) Florence Daisy Parrish b. 18/8/1893 Foxground
  5. (m) Ernest Parrish b. 9/11/1895 Foxground (Minnie Jess Berg)
  6. (m) Bertie Parrish b. 20/10/1897 Foxground d. 28/9/1961 (Hilda Bernice)
  7. (f) Caroline Parrish b. 9/5/1899 Bangalow d. 1976 (Rolland Perkins)
  8. (m) Archie Parrish b. 1/12/1901 Bangalow d. 16/9/1972 (Adeline Hunter 1926)
  9. (m) Lindsay Parrish b. 1/11/1902 Lismore ( Ann Eliza Robinson 1945)
  10. (f) Alice Parrish b. 1904 Lismore d. 1904 Lismore
  11. (f) Ethel Parrish b. 10/9/1906 Myocum (Les Emil Rossow)

Parrish Harriet (Smith)

b. 23/7/1877 Kiama d. 12/6/1968 St Leonards

m. Charles Jeremiah Parrish (18/7/1861 Foxground -20/9/1905 Bangalow Son of Edward Parrish & Anne Wilby *) 13/7/1900 Kiama

f. James Smith m. Rebecca Wells *

  1. (f) Harriet Rose Vera Parrish b. 25/11/ 1901 Tintenbar d. 4/1/ 1979 Neutral Bay (Archibald James Higgins)

Parrish Lily/Lillie Elizabeth (Dawes)

b.1877 Albion Park d. 27/9/1913 Mullumbimy br. Mullumbimby

m. James Parrish ( 26/4/1864 Foxground- 21/12/1910 Lismore Son of Edward Parrish & Ann Wilby *) 1905 Albion Park

f. James Dawes m. Charlotte Peck *

  1. (f) Freda M Parrish b. 1906 Murwillumbah
  2. (f) Alma L Parrish b. 1908 Murwillumbah
  3. (f) Stella W Parrish b. 1910 Murwillumbah

Living at Weston’s Meadows in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

MRS. JAMES PARRISH. On Saturday evening at about 10 o'clock there passed away, after a long illness, Mrs. James Parrish, wife of the late Mr. James Parrish, auctioneer, of this town. Mrs Parrish was a comparatively young woman, being 36 years of age. What makes the case particularly sad is the fact that three little girls, the youngest only 3 years of age, are left without mother or father to do that which parents alone can extend to the fullest. The funeral took-place on Sunday afternoon to the Anglican portion of the, Mullumbimby cemetery, where Rev. H. J. Velvin conducted the burial service. At the conclusion of the service at the graveside he spoke of the friends who had helped so materially to lighten the burden, of sickness — mentioning especially, Mr. and Mrs.. F. Hattersley. Mrs Parrish was born at Albion Park. Her family, Dawes, are well known-on the South Coast. Mullumbimby Star (NSW : 1906 - 1936) Thursday 2 October 1913 Page 4

Parrish Mary Frances Adeline (Moore)

b. 5/6/1855 Bathurst d. 6/1/1927 Parramatta br. Rookwood

m. William Henry ( 9/5/1850 Wollongong – 13/6/1933 Lidcombe Son of Edward Parrish & Anne Wilby *) 12/11/1873

  1. (m) William George Parrish b. 26/8/1874 Bathurst
  2. (m) David Edward Parrish b. 22/8/1876 Foxground
  3. (m) Ernest Wilby Parrish b. 11/9/1878 Foxground
  4. (m) Albert John Parrish b. 16/1/1881 Wellington
  5. (m) Charles Alex Parrish b. 20/1/1883 Ashley
  6. (f) Lucy May Parrish b. 10/11/1884 Mudgee
  7. (f) Mary Frances Adelaide Parrish b. 26/8/1886 Foxground
  8. (m) Warren Garnette Parrish b. 15/10/1888 Foxground
  9. (f) Evelyn Gertrude Parrish b. 13/10/1891 Moonbi
  10. (f) Alice Mildred Parrish b. 5/9/1893 Moonbi
  11. (f) Phoebe Eleanor Parrish b. 15/2/1896 Moonbi
  12. (f) Myrtle Teresa Parrish b. 15/3/1900 Narrabri

Parrish Mary Jane (Moffitt )

b. 17/7/1862 Gerringong d. 27/6/1954 Lismore, br. Lismore

m. Walter Parish ( 27/8/1862 Foxground-20/1/1896 Gerringong Son of Edward Parrish & Anne Wilby *) 1886 Shoalhaven

f. John Moffitt m. Caroline Jane Johnston *

  1. (f) Sarah Letitia Parrish b. 13/1/1887 Broger's Creek d. 1/1/ 1976 Lismore (McPhail Ward)
  2. (f) Ada Elizabeth Parrish b. 8/3/1889 Foxground d. 18/5/1955 (William T Chubsey)
  3. (f) Lilly Ann Parrish b. 1890 Kiama d. 14/7/ 1894 age 4 years
  4. (m) Ernest Parrish b. 1892 Kiama (Margaret F Goodfellow 1916)
  5. (m) Walter J Parrish b. 9/8/ 1894 Brogers Creek d. 19 Sep/9/ 1979 Lismore (Theresa Evelyn Ferris 1917)

Parrish Sarah Jane (Smith)

b. 3/12/1860 Toolijooa d. 22/2/1899 Wallerawang

m. Charles Jeremiah Parrish (18/7/1861 Foxground -20/9/1905 Bangalow Son of Edward Parrish & Anne Wilby *) 1885 Kiama

f. James Smith m. Rebecca Wells *

  1. (m) Charles J Parrish b. 23/1/ 1886 Gerringong d. 24/6/1968 Lismore (Ethel Mary AULIFF)
  2. (m) Edward James Parrish b. 1887 Kiama d. 28/3/1918 France

Parrish Susannah (Moffitt)

b. 1864 Jamberoo d. 20/5/1898 Kiama br. Gerringong

m. Thomas Parrish ( 2/4/1860 Foxground - 2/8/1939 Son of Edward Parrish & Ann Wilby *) 16/12/1885 Kiama

f. John Moffitt m. Caroline Jane Johnston *

  1. (f) Florence Anna May Parrish b. 24/5/1886 Kiama d. 20/9/1961 (George Smith 1906)
  2. (m) Albert Parrish b. 7/1/ 1888 Foxground d. 27/5/1918 France
  3. (f) Emily Jane Parris b. 21/6/1889 Foxground d. 20/10/1957 (Charles Glover)
  4. (f) Susannah Myrtle Parrish b. 15/9/1890 Kiama d. 28/7/1976 (Herbert R Johnstone)
  5. (f) Daisy Parrish b. 1892 Kiama d. 1892 Kiama
  6. (f) Ivy Y Parrish b. 28/7/1976 d. 7/6/1987 Gerringong
  7. (m) Thomas Lindsay Parrish b. 10/9/1895 Gerringong d. 25/9/1917 Ypres Belgium
  8. (m) Sydney Edgar Moffit Parrish b. 20/5/1898 Foxground d. /8/1978 Ballina (Irene B Boorman)

Parrott Ann (Martin)-

m. William Parrott (abt 1801 Arnold Nottinghamshire-11/4/1860 Sydney) 3/6/1850 Wollongong bigamous

BIGAMY.-A man named William Parrott yesterday appeared before the police bench to answer a charge of bigamy, preferred against him by Mary Parrott, who alleged she was married to defendant by the Rev. Richard Hill, in November, 1822, by whom she has had thirteen children, three of whom are yet living. The information alleged a second marriage, to a young woman named (Anne) Martin, on the 3rd of the present month. The whole of the case for the prosecution was gone into, except that of Mr. Kerrison James, of the Registry Office, to prove the first marriage. The case was postponed till Monday, for his evidence The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser (NSW : 1843 - 1893) Wednesday 26 June 1850 p 4

May have been married in Chippendale instead. See

Parry Elizabeth see Aston

Parry Fanny (Hughes)

b. abt 1824 Hollywell Flintshire d. 1878 Sydney br. Rookwood

m. Edward Parry (abt 1824 Montgomeryshire- ) 1848 Liverpool Lancashire

f. Edward Hughes m. Fanny

Ship: Emperor 1848

  1. (m) Richard Parry b. 1848 d. 31/7/1925 Riverstone
  2. (m) Edward Parry b. 1850 d. 1888 Paddington
  3. (f) Fanny Maria Parry b. 1854 d. 1935 Ryde (William Henry Gant 1882)
  4. (m) William B Parry b. 1856 Sydney
  5. (m) Llewellyn Parry b. 1862 d. 30/9/1910 Petersham
  6. (m) Elijah Parry b. 1862 Wollongong d. 1896 Leichhardt

THE FRIENDS of Mr. EDWARD PARRY, Coachbuilder, are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of his late beloved WIFE, Fanny : to m ove from his residence, 20, Regent-street, THIS (Tuesday) AFTERNOON, at half-past 2 o'clock, to Necropolis. G. PRIMROSE and CO., Undertakers, Regent-street. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 4 June 1878 p 8

Parry Hannah (Wynn)

b. abt 1861 Sedgley Staffordshire d. 23/3/1927 br. Bulli

m. William Parry (1850 Stafford -3/4/1942 Bulli Son of Richard Parry & Prudence) 1878 Lichfield Staffordshire

f. William Wynn m. Mary Ann Hassan *

Ship: Pericles 1879

  1. (m) William James Parry b. abt 1878 Stafford d. 1954 Bulli (Elizabeth Bridget Hill 1904)
  2. (f) Prudence Parry * b. 1881 Woonona 19031/1881 d. 25/11/1925 Bulli (John Murphy 1900)
  3. (m) Albert Parry b. 1884 Woonona 22949/1884 (Mary)
  4. (f) Edith Alice Parry b. 1887 Woonona 25116/1887 d. 17/10/1920 Bulli (James Walsh 1906)
  5. (f) Miriam A Parry b. 1895 Woonona 18577/1895 (Edgar Dando 1916. Olsen) )

A memorial notice was from her sister Alice Newton.

Living Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. With William Perry a miner.

Parsons Alice Mary Jane (Darcy)

b. 1874 Yass d. 19/1/1934 Wollongong

m. Percy Eden Parsons (1872 Wollongong -4/1/1938 Prince Henry Hospital Sydney Son of Ira Parsons & Elizabeth Eaden *) 1894 Wollongong 7462/1894

f. Thomas Darcy m. Alice Mary Theresa McCloy *

  1. (m) Percy Reginald Parsons b. 26/1/1894 Wollongong
  2. (f) Elizabeth E Parsons b. 4/2/1895 Wollongong 9129/1895 (Brownlee)
  3. (m) Thomas Matthew Parsons b. 4/8/1897 Crown St 27234/1896 d. 1961 Wollongong
  4. (m) Albert E Parsons b. 1902 Wollongong 18247/1902 d. 1902 Wollongong
  5. (f) Alice Mary Parsons b. 1904 Wollongong 28524/1904 (Baker)
  6. (m) Ivan D Parsons b. 1912 Wollongong 37167/1912 d. 1975 Sydney

Living Victoria St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties


Widespread regret is expressed for Mr. Percy E Parsons, of 81 Smith, street, Wollongong, whose wife, Alice May, died on Friday evening last The late Mrs. Parsons was a member of the well-known Darcy family and was a devoted wife and mother, her home and her family was her chief care, but she found time to assist her neighbours and friends in their hour of need. Fifty nine years of age, the deceased leaves a husband and family of three sons and two daughters. The daughters are Liz (Mrs. Brownlee) and Alice (Mrs. .Baker). Sons are Reg, Tom and Ivan. The remains were laid to rest in the C. of E. cemetery on Saturday evening. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 26 January 1934 p 13

Parsons Anne Elizabeth (Chinnock)

b. 6/11/1856 Fairy Meadow d. 26/4/1943 Fairy Meadow br. Wollongong

m. George Parsons (16/5/1854 Bulli – 1918 Fairy Meadow Son of Joseph Parsons & Louisa Walkey * ) 5/10/1881 Jamberoo

f. James Chinnock m. Ann Elizabeth Dennis *

Occupation: Servant before marriage

  1. (f) Mabel Jane Parsons b. 1886 Jamberoo (Alexander Stevenson)
  2. (f) Edith Ann Parsons b. 13.11.1891 Jamberoo (Arthur Oxenbridge)
  3. (f) Nellie Muriel Parsons b. 04.10.1895 Jamberoo d. Fairy Meadow ( Alan Caldwell)


Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Parsons, who died at the home of her daughter (Mrs. Alan Caldwell),. in Main road, Fairy Meadow on Mon day, was 87 years of age, and was born at Payne's Lane. She was the eldest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. James Chinnock. For many years the family resided at Jamberoo and following her mother's death, which took place when Mrs. Parsons was a girl of only 13, she reared the family of seven She married the late Mr. Geo. Parsons at Jamberoo, and then went with her husband to Mt. Kembla where they carried on farming. The farm was at the crest of the mountain and their only access was by a bridle path. they later moved to Collaery's farm at Fairy Meadow and Mr. Parsons retired a few years prior to his death in 1918. About 5 five years ago, the late Mrs. Parsons had a fall in which she broke her leg and she had been bed-ridden ever since. A wonderful neighbour, Mrs Parsons was always a friend in need and no call on her services was ever made in vain. She leaves a family of three daughter, Mabel (Mrs. A. Stevenson), Edith (Mrs. A. Oxenbridge) and Nellie (Mrs. A. Caldwell) all residents at Fairy Meadow. The remains were interred at Wollongong C. of E. cemetery on Tuesday. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 30 April 1943 p 8

Parsons Annie see Beck

Parsons Caroline Jane (Collins)

β. b. abt 1844 Birmingham d. 23/2/1902 Bondi

m. Rev Adin Parsons (1843 Parramatta - 19/12/1928 Bondi Son of Reuben Parsons & Hannah Pacey *) 10/3/1869 Wollongong

f. Thomas Collins m. Sophia Atkins *

  1. (m) Adin Thomas Parsons b. 6/4/1872 Wollongong

On the 30th March, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. J. G. Turner, the Rev. ADIN PARSONS, Wesleyan minister, eldest son of Mr. Reuben Parsons, Crown-street, Wollongong, to CAROLINE JANE, eldest daughter of Mr. THOMAS COLLINS, Crown-street, Wollongong, late of Parramatta.  The Sydney Morning Herald 20 April 1869

On the 6th instant, at the residence of her parents, Crown- street, Wollongong, the wife of the rev. ADIN PARSONS, of a son.  The Sydney Morning Herald 10 April 1872


A saintly woman passed to her eternal rest when, on Sunday, death removed Mrs. Caroline Jane Parsons, wife of the Rev. Adin Parsons, of Bennett-street, Bondi, and aunt of Mr. J. H. Parsons. The deceased at one time resided at Wollongong, when her kindly nature won for her hosts of friends, who to-day mourn the loss of a good woman. llawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 25 February 1913 p 2

Parsons Dorcas (Stumbles)

b. 1/3/1857 Wollongong d. 25/6/1928 66 Keira St Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. Henry Matthew Parsons (4/2/1849 Fairy Meadow – 2/6/1933 Wollongong Son of Matthew Parsons & Puah Gardiner * ) 21/12/1873 Wollongong

f. Samuel Stumbles m. Annie Byrnes *

  1. (m) Henry Matthew Parsons b. 10/10/1877 Bellambi d. 18/8/1955 Wollongong (Mary Ellen Hissett * 1900)
  2. (f) Dorcas Annie Parsons * b. 17/8/1879 Bellambi d. 5/9/1967 Wollongong (John W Innes 1904 )
  3. (m) Arthur William Parsons b. 8/8/1881 Wollongong d. 3/8/1945 Wollongong (Jane Ellen Frost * 1906)
  4. (m) Frank Edwin Parsons b. 3/6/1883 Wollongong d. 14/11/1959 Wollongong (Maud Margaret Waite * 1909)
  5. (m) Archibald Samuel Parsons b. 25/5/1885 Wollongong d. 19/5/1942 Petersham (Elsie Otford Blackburn 1906)
  6. (f) Milfred Mabel Parsons b. 7/7/1887 Wollongong d. 13/8/1978 Wollongong, (Edward Staff 1914)
  7. (m) Ira Leonard Parsons b. 13/10/1889 Wollongong d. 8/3/1981 Wollongong (Eva Jane Winley 1915)
  8. (m) Rev Leland Percy Parsons b. 15/5/1892 Wollongong d. 8/7/1980 Castle Hill (Olive Reay 1922)
  9. (f) May Emily Parsons b. 23/6/1894 Wollongong d. 2/3/1906 Wollongong,
  10. (m) Alfred Reuben Parsons b. 20/8/1896 Wollongong d. 12/2/1990 Unanderra (Dorothy Allsep 1922)
  11. (m) Eric Raymond Parsons b. 23/8/1898 Wollongong d. 6/3/1901 Wollongong

Living at Keira St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties.

PARSONS— STUMBLES. -On the 21th instant, at the Church of England, Fairy Meadow, by the Rev. T. 0. Ewing, Henry, youngest son of : Matthew Parsons, to Dorcas, third daughter of Samuel Stumbles, both of Illawarra. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 26 December 1873 p 2

PARSONS.— On June 25th, 1928, at her residence, 66 Keira Street, Wollongong, Dorcas, dearly beloved wife of Henry Parsons. Aged 71 years. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 29 June 1928 p 15

Parsons Edith (Shipp)

b. 1881 d. 2/11/1929 Wollongong

m. James Hill Parsons (abt 1879 -28/8/1971 Mosman ) 1903 Glebe

f. Nathan Shipp m. Emma Parsons *

  1. (f) Edith Maud Parsons b. 1903 Wollongong (Hay)

Living at Flinders St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a fireman.

PARSONS. — At Hercules. Street, Wollongong, on November 2nd, 1929, Edith Parsons, beloved wife of J. H. (Jim) Parsons, and mother of Mrs. Hay (Maud). Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 8 November 1929 p 10

Parsons Eliza Beatrice (Cartwright)

b. 1879 Queanbeyan d. 1/5/1935 Maroubra br. Rookwood

m. Frank Parsons (- 22/3/1930 Maroubra Son of Charles Parsons & Mary E) 1909 Sydney

f. James Cartwright m. Anna Jessie Cantor *

Living at Corrimal North in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. With James Cartwright and Thomas Cartwright miners.

Parsons Elizabeth

Living at Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Parson Elizabeth (Eaden/ Eden)

b. 1841 Cambridgeshire d. 1876 Wollongong

m. Ira Parsons (5/4/1865 Camden Park- 4/2/1893 Wollongong Son of Matthew Parsons & Puah Gardiner *) 5/4/1865 Wollongong 3519/1865

f. James Eaden m. Mary Langham or Randall

Ship: Parsee 1859

  1. (m) William Henry Parsons b. 1866 Wollongong 16479/1866 d. 1886
  2. (m) John James Parsons b. 1867 Wollongong 18107/1867 d. 1949 Wollongong (Jane Elizabeth Davis * )
  3. (m) Frederick Parsons b. 1869 Wollongong 19896/1869 (Mary Hislop * 1891 )
  4. (m) Percy Eden Parsons b. 1872 Wollongong 19636/1872 d. 1938 Redfern (Alice M J Darcy * 1894)
  5. (f) Emma Amelia Parsons * b. 1873 Wollongong 20843/1873 d. 1940 Wollongong (William David 1893)  

On the 5th instant., by Rev v. G. Charter, Irah Parsons, eldest son of Mr. Irah Parsons, Fairy Meadow, to Elizabeth Eaden, daughter of Mr. James Eaden of, Stow-Cum-Qay, Cambridgeshire, England Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 7 April 1865 p 2

THE friends of Mr. IRA PARSONS are requested to attend the FUNERAL of his deceased WIFE, which will move from his residence, Coombe-street, at 10 o'clock a.m. THIS DAY. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 26 September 1876 p 3

Parsons Elizabeth (Elliott)

b. abt 1858 d. 15/8/1903 Fairy Meadow br. Wollongong.

m. Lewis Parsons (21/5/1856 Bulli – 8/10/1942 Fairy Meadow Son of Joseph Parsons & Louisa Walkley *) 24/12/1878 Wollongong

f. John Elliott m. Ann Miller *

  1. (f) Louisa Ann Parsons * b. 1880 Wollongong d. 1974 (Stuart Webb)
  2. (f) Mable Parsons b. 1883 d. 1905
  3. (f) Lillian Parsons b. 1885 (George Goss)
  4. (m) Archibald Lewis Parsons b. 1888 Woonona d. World War 1 (Rhoda Smith 1915)
  5. (m) Frederick Parsons b. 1891 d. 1968 (Edith Quelch 1924)
  6. (f) Beatrice Parsons b. 1893 (Leslie Dargin)
  7. (f) Florence Parsons b. 1896 (Wesley Dobinson)
  8. (m) Joseph James Parsons b. 1899 Woonona d. 18/5/1971 (Gladys Evans 1927)
  9. (m) George W Parsons b. 1902 Woonona d. 1902

Living Fairy Meadow in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a miner.

DEATHS. PARSONS — August 15th, at Para Meadow, Elizabeth, beloved Wife of Lewis Parsons ; aged 45 years.

Return Thanks. LEWIS PARSONS and FAMILY desire to convey their sincere thanks to their relatives and many kind friends who, by their personal calls, letters and cards, telegrams and floral tributes, expressed sympathy with them in their recent sad bereavement. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Saturday 22 August 1903 p 2

Parson Elizabeth Annie

Living Fairy Meadow in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties.

Parsons Elizabeth Eliza (Ford)

b. 1854 London d. 30/6/1945 Bulli br. Bulli

m. Frederick Harcourt Parsons ( 8/11/1852 Fairy Meadow -28/7/1937 Bulli Son of Joseph Parsons & Louisa Walkey * ) 1877 Wollongong 4774/1877

Ship: abt 1859

  1. (f) Louise Florence Parsons b. 1878 Wollongong 24694/1878 d. 1878 Wollongong
  2. (f) Emma May Parsons b. 1878 Wollongong 24695/1878 d. 1878 Wollongong
  3. (f) Edith Emily Parsons * b. 1880 Wollongong 27281/1880 d. 1942 (Archie J Crane 1905)
  4. (f) Ethel May Parsons b. 1882 Woonona 19735/1882 (Herbert J Organ 1915)
  5. (f) Annie Florence Parsons b. 1884 Woonona 23066/1884 (Henry C Williams 1913)
  6. (m) Frederick J Parsons b. 1891 Wollongong 38461/1891


After having lived most of her life at Bulli, the death occurred on Friday of Mrs. Elizabeth E. Parsons, at her home, 238 Main rd. Bulli. Born in London in 1854, the deceased came to Australia at the age of five years. Eight years of her life was spent at Penrith before she settled permanently at Bulli. Her husband, the late Mr. Fred Parsons predeceased her by eight years, and a daughter, Edith (Mrs. Crane) passed away in 1942. The deceased had been in failing health for two and a half years following a broken leg, which she sustained when she fell at her home, and later a stroke which eventually caused her death. She Is survived by two daughters, Ethel (Mrs. Organ, Main road. Bulli) and Annie (Mrs. Williams, of Woonona). A service was held at the home on Saturday and the funeral proceeded to the Bulli general cemetery, where the remains were laid to rest in the Church of England portion. The Rev. Hobden officiated. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 6 July 1945 p 7

Parsons Emma (Parker)

b. abt 1869 d. 5/10/1896 Darlinghurst

m. Alfred Thomas Parsons (1868 Wollongong – 16/9/1931 Bathurst Son of Alfred Parsons & Mary Farrell *) 18/7/1890 Waverley

f. John Parker m. Rebecca B

  1. (f) Emily Rebecca M Parsons b. 1891 Woollahra (William J Matthews 1922)
  2. (f) Doris E Parsons b. 1895 Woollahra (Frederick J Dwyer 1913)
  3. (m) Clarence T F Parsons b. 1895 Sydney

PARSONS-PARKER-June 18 at St Mary’ s Waverley by the Rev. R.A. Woodthorpe MA Alfred Thomas son of Alfred Parsons Esq of Wollongong to Emma eldest daughter of the late John Parker Esq , of Wollongong. The Sydney Morning Herald 8 July 1890

PARSONS.—October 5, at 108 Womerah-avenue, Darlinghurst, Emma Parsons, aged 27 years. The Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser (NSW : 1871 - 1912) Saturday 10 October 1896 p 780

Parsons Emma Winifred (Dawes)

b. 24/4/1847 Glebe d. 15/7/1914 Marrickville br. Rookwood

m. Enos William Parsons (18/2/1847 Camden- 25/12/1908 Enmore Son of Reuben Parsons & Hannah Pacey *) 1868 Newtown

f. George John Dawes m. Louisa Wratten

  1. (m) George Reuben Parsons b. 16/2/1871 Wollongong d. 1939 (Mary R Goetz 1895)
  2. (m) Enos William Parsons b. 1872 Redfern d. 1950 (Maria Smith 1895)
  3. (m) Arthur Parsons b. 1874, Newcastle d. 1927 Redfern (Amy Henrietta Couch 1896)
  4. (f) Hannah Louisa Parsons b. 1876 Newcastle (William A. Roper 1905)
  5. (m) Jason Stanley Parsons b. 1878 Bega d. 1963 (Isabel Maude Free 1906)
  6. (f) Bertha Emma Parsons b. 1878 Newcastle d. 1965 (William A. Sim 1906, Frederick Oliver)
  7. (m) Adin Ernest Parsons b. 1879Newcastle d. 1942 Kensington (Ethel Mildred Anderson 1904)
  8. (m) Sidney Leslie Parsons b. 1884 Bega d. 1949 (Elizabeth Agnes Anderson Mitchell 1910)
  9. (m) Naasson Parsons b. 1881 Bega
  10. (m) Harold Claude Dawes Parsons b. 1888 Newcastle d. 1970 (Ethel May Lymer 1914, Bessie L. Banfield 1927)

On the 16th instant, at her residence, Buralla-street, Wollongong, Mrs. ENOS PARSONS, of a son. The Sydney Morning Herald 28 February 1871

Parsons Florence Amy

b. 1878 Wollongong

m. William Webb ?

f. Aquila Parsons m. Sarah Murphy *

Living Corrimal St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties.

Parsons Florence May (Buckland)

b. 1880 Wollongong 27346/1880 d. 18/7/1958 Wollongong

m. John Mathew Parsons (1878 Wollongong- 1963 Armidale Son of William Parsons & Margaret Jane Elliott*) 1905

f. John Elias Buckland m. Mercy Stumbles *

  1. (f) Gladys M Parsons b. 1906 Wollongong
  2. (m) Stanley J W Parsons b. 1908 Wollongong
  3. (f) Doris L Parsons b. 1911 Wollongong
  4. (f) Irene F Parsons b. 1915 Wollongong
  5. (m) Norman K Parsons b. 1916 Wollongong

Living Keiraville in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Parsons Hannah (Pacey)

b. 1813 Bisley Gloucestershire d. 6/3/1903 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. Reuben Parsons (25/12/1805 Parish of Bisley Gloucestershire -1/10/1879 Wollongong Son of John Parsons & Grace Gardiner) 1/10/1833 Bisley Gloucestershire England

f. John Pacey m. ?

Ship: Layton 1838

  1. (m) Obadiah Parson b. 1836 Bisley Gloucestershire England d. 1837 at sea
  2. (m) Seth Parsons b. 1838 Camden Park d. 1839 Camden Park
  3. (f) Peninah Parsons * β. 26/11/1839 Parramatta d. 16/8/1923 Wollongong (William John Poulter 1862)
  4. (m) Adin Parsons β. 1843 Parramatta d. 19/12/1928 Waverley (Caroline Jane Collins * 1869)
  5. (m) Aquina Parsons β.1/4/1846 Wollongong d. 31/1/1893 Wollongong (Sarah Murphy * 1867)
  6. (m) Enos William Parsons β. 18/2/1847 Camden d. 25/12/1908 Enmore (Emma Winifred Dawes * 1868)
  7. (f) Eunice Parsons * β. 5/11/1849 Wollongong d. 14/10/1937 Wollongong (William Paris Tate 1873)
  8. (f) Johanna Parsons * β. 8/11/1851 Wollongong d. 2/6/1897 Orange (Jason Johnston Graham 1877)

Living Crown St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

The Late Mrs. Reuben Parsons!

The late Mrs. Reuben Parsons whose funeral took place on Sunday afternoon was perhaps the oldest resident, in the Illawarra district at the time of her death She was in her 91 st year, an age rarely reached among the human family. About two-thirds of her lifetime was spent in Wollongong, where she and her late husband arrived in the early forties.

On reaching the colony a les years before, they went to Parramatta, but eventually came to Wollongong when stated. There they brought up a family and established by degrees the business; now known as that, of Messrs. A. Parsons and Co ironmongers.

The family consisted of three sons and three daughters — Rev. Adin Parsons late Mr. Aquida Parsons, Mr Enos Parsons. Mrs. W .J Poulter, Mrs. W. P Tate and Mrs. Johnstone Graham. Like parents like children, all were models of probity and propriety. The deceased lady was able to move about, until within a very few days of her death, her faculties also remaining almost wholly unimpaired a the last. A considerable number attended the funeral, the remains being interred in the Methodist cemetery within the family enclosure there. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Wednesday 11 March 1903 p 2

Parsons Helen Millar (Cook)

b. abt 1877 d. 27/9/1954 Five Dock cr.

m. Joseph H Parsons (1875 Wollongong-11/12/1923 Wollongong Son of Aqullia Parsons & Sarah Murphy * ) 1904 Wollongong

f. Thomas Cook m. Janet *

Living at Mount Ousley in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties


Mrs. Helen Millar Parsons, whose death occurred at a Sydney hospital last week lived the greater part of her life on the South Coast before moving to Sydney some 15 years ago.

The late Mrs. Parsons, who was in her 77th year, was the former Nellie Cook, member of the well known Cook family of Mount Ousley.

She married the late Mr. Joseph H. Parsons, of Wollongong, who conducted a timber yard in Wollongong prior to his death 30 years ago.

A private cremation took place last week. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Thursday 7 October 1954 p 4

Parsons Jane

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (f) Emily Parsons b. 1869 Wollongong

Parsons Jane Elizabeth (David/ Davis )

b. 1867 Ballarat Vic d. 21/11/1925 Wollongong

m. John James Parsons (16/11/1867 Fairy Meadow – 1/8/1949 Wollongong Son of Ira Parsons & Elizabeth Eaden *) 22/1/1890 Wollongong

f. William Thomas David m. Elizabeth Llewewllan *

  1. (m) William Henry Parsons b. 1890 Wollongong d. 3/12/1979 Katoomba (Ethel V. Jenkins)
  2. (f) Jane Elizabeth Parsons b. 1893 Wollongong d. 11/12/1894 Wollongong
  3. (m) John James Parsons b. 24/6/1895 Wollongong d. 8/8/1970 Wollongong (Thelma Beatrice Plummer 1917)
  4. (m) Aquila Parsons b. 25/12/1898 Wollongong d. 30/9/1982 (Josephine Woods 1925, Alma 1952)
  5. (f) Mary Jane Parsons b. 14/8/1899 Wollongong d. 12/9/1892 Wollongong (John Young 1921)
  6. (f) Elizabeth E Parsons b. 1902 Wollongong
  7. (f) Martha Priscilla Parsons b. 9/7/1905 Wollongong d. 12/9/1986 Wollongong (Ernest Roy Coombs 1930)
  8. (m) Stanley Llewellyn Parsons d. 5/1/1909 d. 14/2/1963 Wollongong (Phyllis Haslett Crawford)

Living Mount Ousley or Young St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a plumber.

PARSONS.— On November 21, 1925. her residence, Young. Street, Wollongong, Jane Elizabeth, beloved wife of J. J. Parsons, aged 58 years. The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930) Monday 23 November 1925 p 4

Parsons Jane Ellen (Frost)

b. abt 1882 Shropshire d. 8/4/1956 Lawson

m. Arthur William Parson (8/8/1881 Wollongong - 3/8/1945 Wollongong Son of Henry Matthew Parsons & Dorcas Stumbles *) 1906

f. Richard Frost m. Fanny Elizabeth Clayton *

Ship: Dallam Tower 1883

  1. (f) May A Parsons b. 1907 Wollongong
  2. (f) Gladys n Parsons b. 1912 Wollongong

Living Market St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Parsons Jane Emyline

b. 1870 Wollongong 18970/1870 d. 16/5/1945 Wollongong br. Wollongogn

f. Alfred Parsons m. Mary Farrell *

Living Campbell St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties


Aged 75 years the death took place at a private hospital in Wollongong on Wednesday, of Miss Jane Emyline (Lene) Parsons, of 90 Market street. She was the eldest daughter of the late Mr and Mrs Alfred Parsons and was a sister to Mrs. Amy Meredith. The funeral leaves Parsons' Parlours this (Friday) afternoon for the C. of E. cemetery. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 18 May 1945 Page 7

Parsons Laura Lizetta (McCloskie then Dalby)

b. 1880 Newtown d. 26/6/1927 Bellambi br. Bulli

m. Charles Dalby (abt 1835-22/11/1898 Bellambi Son of John Dalby & Jane) 1896 Woonona

m. William Ernest Parsons (1876- 27/8/1939 Wollongong Son of William Parsons & Margaret Jane Elliott *) 1902 Woonona

f. Oswald McCloskie m. Mary Frew *

  1. (f) Lizetta Dalby b. 1897 Woonona 18035/1897
  2. (m) Charles Montague Dalby b. 1899 Woonona 8630/1899 d. 1977
  3. (m) William Ernest Frederick Parsons b. 1903 Woonona 8705/1903 d. 1980 NSW
  4. (m) Oswald S Parsons b. 1904 Woonona 18433/1904
  5. (m) Hilton C Parsons b. 1905 Woonona 29797/1905 d. 1905 Wollongong
  6. (f) Ethel D Parsons b. 1908 Woonona 20606/1908
  7. (f) Thelma G Parsons b. 1914 Bulli 16756/1914 d. 1916 Bulli

Living Bellambi in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

The death occurred at Bellambi on Sunday last of Mrs. William Parsons, junr, aged 46 years. Deceased, who had lived almost of her life at Bellambi, leaves a husband and five children to mourn their loss. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 1 July 1927 p 2

Parsons Lavinia see Cornford

Parsons Lena (Chapple)

m. Herbert Matthew Parsons (1874 Wollongong- 1924 Granville Son of Alfred Parsons & Mary Farrell *) 1902 Paddington

m. Charles Simpson 1935 Rockdale

Living Church St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Parsons Louisa Ann (Walkley)

b. 7/7/1817 Stroud Glostershire England d. 5/9/1898 Figtree br. Pioneer Park Cemetery Wollongong

m. Joseph Parsons (1820 Wotton-under-Edge Gloucestershire- 19/8/1904 Jamberoo Son of Thomas Parsons & Sarah Organ *) 12/12/1842 Sydney

f. Joseph Walkley m. Mary Bowley

Ship: Bussorah Merchant 1839

  1. (f) Elizabeth Parsons b. 12/9/1843 Tabulain d. 1846
  2. (f) Jane Parsons * b. 6/5/1845 Duck Creek Clarence River d. 26/3/1895 Bulli (William Henry Organ Snr 1865)
  3. (f) Catherine Parsons * b. 14/12/1846 Presbyterian Wollongong d. 3/1/1938 Fairy Meadow (Joseph Rutledge 1871)
  4. (f) Lavinia Parsons b. 23/11/1848 Wollongong (Spencer Cornford 1871)
  5. (f) Emily Parsons * b. 4/4/1851 Bulli d. 1/1/1933 Wollongong (James Buckland 1874)
  6. (m) Frederick J Parsons b. 8/11/1852 Fairy Meadow V18524629 45B/1852 d. 28/3/1937 Bulli (Elizabeth Eliza Ford * 1879)
  7. (m) George Parsons b. 6/5/1854 Bulli V18544666 45B/1854 d. 16/12/1928 Fairy Meadow (Ann Elizabeth Chinnock * 1881)
  8. (m) Lewis Parsons b. 21/5/1856 Bulli 8388/1856 d. 8/10/1942 Fairy Meadow ( Elizabeth Elliott * 1878)
  9. (m) Archibald Parsons b. 1858 Wollongong 13378/1858 d. 14/4/1888 Mount Kembla (Ann Purcell * 1883)

Parsons Margaret Jane (Elliott)

b. 1851 Wollongong V1851684 51/1851 d. 19/1/1910 Bellambi 3935/1910

m. William Parsons (1946 Fairy Meadow – 1933 Bellambi Son of Matthew Parsons & Puah Gardiner * ) 25/7/1872 Wollongong 3828/1872

f. John Elliott m. Anne Miller *

  1. (f) Ann Puah Parsons * b. 1874 Wollongong 21494/1874 d. d. 19/7/1970 Hurstville (Herbert Cope 1894)
  2. (m) William Ernest Parsons b. 1876 Wollongong 22525/1876 d. 27/8/1939 Wollongong (Laura L McCloskie * 1902)
  3. (m) John Mathew Parsons b. 1878 Wollongong 24726/1878 d. 1963 Armidale ( Florence May Buckland *1905)
  4. (m) Herbert Stuart Parsons b. 1880 Wollongong 27438/1880 d. 18/5/1959 (Florence E Nelson 1905)
  5. (f) Margaret J M Parsons b. 1882 Woonona 19754/1882 (Frank A Spinks 1907)
  6. (m) Alfred Henry Parsons b. 1886 Woonona 24556/1886 (Ethel Constant Hill 1910)
  7. (m) Robert E Parsons b. 1888 Woonona 25826/1888
  8. (f) Alice E E B Parsons b. 1890 Woonona 38526/1890
  9. (m) Franklin Arthur Augustine Parsons b. 1892 Woonona 39622/1892 d. 8/12/1893 Bellambi
  10. (f) Frances L Parson b. 1896 Woonona 18153/1896 (George W Nicholls 1916)

Living Bellambi in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

PARSONS— ELLIOTT.— On the 25th July, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. R. M'Kinnon, William, third son of Mr M. Parsons, Para Meadow, to Margaret Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. J. Elliott, farmer, Para Meadow. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 9 August 1872 p 2

Death. PARSONS — January 19th. at her residence, ' Lavender Cottage,'.' Bellambi, Margaret Jane, beloved wife of William Parsons, sen. aged 68 years.

Return Thanks. MR, W. PARSONS and family desire to return thanks to their friends and relations, also to Dr, Lee, Dr. Edwards, Mrs. Mannix, Mrs. Oxman, and Mrs. McCloskie, Sen. for their kind expressions of sympathy, letters, cards, and floral tributes received during their sad bereavement in the great loss of a dear wife and mother. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 28 January 1910 p 11

Left a will

Parsons Maria (Hill)

b. 22/12/1853 Flagstaff Hill Berkeley d. 14/7/1936 Wollongong

m. Ira Parsons (5/4/1865 Camden Park- 4/2/1893 Wollongong Son of Matthew Parsons & Puah Gardiner *) 20/2/1878 Wollongong 5204/1878

f. William Whiffen Hill m. Catherine Coffey *

  1. (m) James Hill Parsons b. 1879 Wollongong (Edith Shipp 1903)
  2. (m) George Edward Parsons b. 1880 Wollongong (Alice J Hutchinson 1905)
  3. (m) Frank A Parsons b. 1884 Wollongong

Living Flinders St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties


On Tuesday another of the grand old pioneers of the district passed on to her great reward, in the person of Mrs. Maria Parsons. At the time of her death she was residing with her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. George Parsons, 15 Robinson Street, Wollongong. The late Mrs. Parsons Was born 82 years ago, at Flagstaff Hill, Berkeley, and was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs Hill, who were well known in that district. She married her late husband, Mr. Ira Parsons, who predeceased her by 43 years, in 1878, at the C. of E., Wollongong, and had lived all her life in and about Wollongong. She had lived to see many changes and had vivid recollections of the days of bushrangers, and when the mode of transport was by bullock waggon. She was of a kindly nature, and those who are left to mourn the loss or a fond mother are Jim, George, Jack, Perce and Emma (Mrs. W. David), while Edward Hill, Frank and Fred predeceased their mother. Mrs, S. Williamson, of Sydney, who is a sister, is the only surviving member of the Hill family. We extend our sympathy to the bereaved. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 17 July 1936 p 5

NOTE: some of the children are from her husband’s first marriage.

Parsons Martha

b. abt 1824 d. 18/6/1899 Wollongong

m. John Parsons (abt 1823 -29/7/1883 Parramatta)

f. John

  1. (m) John Parsons b. 1851 Sydney St Phillips
  2. (f) Sarah Parsons * b. 1852 Sydney St James d. 19/8/1914 Wollongong (Carl William Prott 1876)
  3. (m) William James Parsons b. 1855 Sydney St James (Elizabeth Frewin Emblin 1878)
  4. (m) Edward Parsons b. 1858 Parramatta (Sarah Ann)
  5. (m) Henry Parsons b. 1861 Parramatta (Jane Smith 1883)

PARSONS. — On June 18, at the residence of her son-in-law (Mr. C. W. Prott, Post Office, Wollongong), Martha, relict of the late John Parsons, of the 11th Regiment ; aged 75 years. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 20 June 1899 p 2

Parsons Mary (Hislop/Heslop)

m. Frederick Parsons (1869 Wollongong- 14/4/1935 Wollongong Son of Ira Parsons & Elizabeth Eaden* ) 1891 Sydney

  1. (f) Maude E Parsons b. 1894 Woonona (J Hunt)
  2. (f) Pansy E Parson b. 1897 Wallsend (Andrew Brown 1921)
  3. (f) Fredericka A Parsons b. 1900 Wallsend d. 7/9/1919 Wollongong
  4. (f) Myrtle M Parsons b. 1903 Wallsend ( Prince E A Knowles 1932)

Parsons Mary (Farrell)

b. 1843 d. 10/10/1919 Wollongong

m. Alfred Parsons (1844 Wollongong - 1919 Wollongong Son of Matthew Parsons & Puah Gardiner * ) 6/11/1867 Fairy Meadow 3317/1867

f. Thomas Farrell m. Jane Pickering *

  1. (m) Alfred Thomas Parsons b. 1868 Wollongong (Emma Parker * 1890)
  2. (f) Jane Emmaline Parsons * b. 1870 Wollongong 18970/1870 d. 1945 Wollongong
  3. (f) Ethel Puah Parsons * b. 1872 Wollongong 19590/1872 (Edward A. Aucher 1897)
  4. (m) Herbert Matthew Parsons b. 1874 Wollongong 21503/1874 d. 1924 Granville (Lena Chapple * 1902)
  5. (f) Amy Mary Parsons * b. 1877 Wollongong 23100/1877 d. 4/9/1947 Wollongong (Charles D Meredith 1903)

Living Campbell St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

PARSONS— FARRELL — On November 6th, at Fairy Meadow by the Rev. T. C. Ewing, Alfred second son of Mr Matthew Parsons, of Fairy Meadow, Wollongong, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late Thomas Farrell, of Wollongong. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 15 November 1867 p 2

The death took place at her residence, Campbell-street, Wollongong, on Thursday, of Mrs. Parsons, wife of Capt. A. Parsons, aged 76 years. The late Mrs. Parsons was a native of Fairy Meadow, her late father, Mr. Farrell, being a well-known resident of that locality. We extend our sympathy to the relatives and bereaved husband. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 11 July 1919 p 2

Parsons Mary Ellen (Hissett)

b. abt 1880 Lithgow d. 23/3/1942 br. Wollongong

m. Henry Matthew Parsons (10/10/1877 Bellambi - 18/8/1955 Wollongong Son of Henry Matthew Parsons & Dorcas Stumbles *) 17/12/1900

f. John Hissett m. Christiana Perry *

  1. (f) Ethel M Parsons b. 1902 Wollongong d. 1902 Wollongong
  2. (m) Henry Leland Parsons b. 1903 Wollongong d. 1968 Sutherland

Living Keira St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Sudden Death of Mrs. M. E. Parsons

The Scripture tells us that in the midst of life we are in death That quotation aptly applies to the sudden and unexpected death of, Mrs. Mary Ellen Parsons, wife of Ald. Henry M. Parsons, and an ex Mayoress of Wollongong.

On Monday morning last the late Mrs Parsons went about her house hold dunes as usual. At 9 a.m. she complained of a headache and a little later she was seized with a sudden illness which necessitated her immediate removal to the District Hospital, where the end came about 3.30 p.m. Such a sudden shock to her devoted husband, their only son Harry, and relatives generally, may be more vividly imagined than described, and when the news of her passing became circulated, it was responsible for casting a curtain of gloom over the whole community. Mrs. Parsons, who was 62 years of age, had by her quiet and unassuming nature, endeared herself to a very wide circle of friends and during her term as Mayoress of Wollongong her very many duties brought her into contact with so many people that additional and lasting friendships were established on sound foundations. Mrs. Parsons carried out her civic duties faithfully and well and public gatherings appreciated her presence at all times. Before her marriage the late Mrs Parsons was a Miss Hissett, of Woonona. Her only sister (Mrs. B. Hawkens) predeceased her, but the latter 's husband was present at the funeral. In their home life, Ald. Parsons, and his late wife were always real pals. After their son Harry joined the ranks of the Benedict’s, they became — in the Australian vernacular — 'inseparable cobbers.' It would be a very boisterous Wednesday or Saturday if Mr. and Mrs. Parsons did not visit the Pictures - and the same applied to other public functions they attended together - eisteddfods, concerts, etc. It is of interest to note that the late Mrs. Parsons was a native of Lithgow and came to the South Coast when a small girl. She received her education at Bulli-Woonona. The couple were married at St. Michael's Church of England, Wollongong, by the late Bishop D'Arcy Irvine, and have since resided on the one site in Keira street. The issue of the union was a son, and daughter but the latter died some years ago. Mrs. Parsons never tired of knitting something for soldiers. THE FUNERAL The funeral left Parsons' funeral parlor in Keira street for the C. of E. cemetery on Tuesday afternoon, the cortege being a lengthy one and representative of all sections of the community. The chief mourners included the husband, son Harry and wife and son; Rev. Leland Parsons, Frank, Alf Arthur and Son (brothers-in-law) Mesdames Inness and Staff (sisters in-law) and other relatives. Another brother-in-law, Mr. Archie Parsons, was too ill to attend. The chapel was thronged with sympathisers, including the Mayor of Wollongong (Ald. Pryor) Alder men Lang, Dawson, Hanley, Davies, and other aldermen; the town clerk (Mr. R. B. Bell) , Mr John Shipp (over 80 years of age) and daughter, together with many persons prominent in the business life; of the town. The impressive service was conducted by Rev. R. C. M. Long, JC. of E. Rector and Rural Dean. It was a very fine gesture on his part to invite the Rev. Leland Parsons to read the Lesson, and it was also fitting that the wife of Mr. Son Parsons should preside at the organ for the singing of that beautiful hymn 'Lead Kindly Light' a favourite hymn of the deceased. The profusion of beautiful wreaths bore silent testimony to the esteem in which deceased, and relatives are held. The eulogistic reference made by Rev. R. C. M. Long, at the grave side was well-merited and appropriately phrased. He spoke of her devotion to her home to her family and to her church, and of the Christian life she had led. Rev. Gordon Robertson (Congregational) and Major Gibson (Salvation Army) were present. Other clergymen to call and offer sympathy or attend the funeral included Rev. S. T. Knight (Woonona), Rev. A. Davies (Corrimal), Rev. H. H. Childs (Corrimal) and Rev. Father Callaghan, Parish Priest of Wollongong, Before the grave was filled in the little grandson of the deceased stepped forward and dropped a beautiful bunch of roses on the casket. Meanwhile his eyes were dimmed with tears at the passing of his grandma. Pall-bearers were Aldermen Lang, Dawson, Davies, Messrs Frank Williams, D. Mclnnes and J. Parsons. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 27 March 1942 p 8

Niece of Mr Perry

Parsons Maud Margaret (Waite)

b. 1881 Newcastle d. 1964 Wollongong

m. Frank Edwin Parsons (. 3/6/1883 Wollongong- 14/11/1959 Wollongong Son of Henry Matthew Parsons & Dorcas Stumbles *) 1909 Wollongong

f. James Waite m. Isabel Somerville *

  1. (f) Audrey B Parsons b. 1910 Wollongong
  2. (m) Frank E Parsons b. 1913 Wollongong
  3. (f) Irene M Parsons b. 1918 Wollongong

Living at Church St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Servant

Parsons Puah/Pure (Gardiner)

b. 1808 Chalford Lynch Gloustershire d. 20/3/1901 Wollongong

m. Matthew Parsons (1810 Chalford Lynch Gloustershire-20/2/1902 Son of John Parsons & Grace or Ann) 3/3/1830 Gloustershire

f. John or Mark Gardiner m. Sarah

Ship: Layton 1938

  1. (m) Noah Parsons b. 23/12/1831 Gloustershire d. 6/1/1832 Gloustershire
  2. (m) George Parsons b. 18/5/1834 Gloustershire d. 1837 at sea
  3. (f) Cara Layton Parsons b. .1837 at sea d. 3/2/1838 “Camden Park” Menangle
  4. (m) Ira Parsons b. 17/3/1839 “Camden Park” d. 4/2/1893 Wollongong ( Elizabeth Eaden * 1865, Marie Hill * 1878)
  5. (f) Elizabeth Parsons b. 1843 Garden Hill d. 2/9/1849 Fairy Meadow
  6. (m) Alfred Parsons b. 5/2/1844 Garden Hill d. 17/9/1919 Wollongong (Mary Farrell * 1867)
  7. (m) William Parsons b. 5/1/1847 Garden Hill d. 26/8/1932 Bellambi ( Margaret Elliott * 1872)
  8. (m) Henry Parsons b. 4/2/1849 Fairy Meadow d. 2/6/1933 Wollongong ( Dorcas Stumbles * 1873)
  9. (f) Emily Parsons * b. 10/3/1851 Fairy Meadow d. 31/7/1932 Wollongong ( John Shipp 1875)
  10. (f) Emma Parsons * b. 19/1/1854 Fairy Meadow d. 17/9/1930 Keiraville ( Nathan Shipp 1876)

Husband brought out with his brother, Reuben, by H.W. Macarthur of Camden. Settled in the Illawarra about 1844 where he was the first shingler.

PARSONS. — At her residence, Keira-street on March 20th, Mrs. Matthew Parsons aged 94 years and 8 months. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Saturday 23 March 1901

Parsons Sarah

Living Corrimal St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –Ironmonger

Parsons Sarah (Murphy)

b. 1848 V1848784 33A/1848 d. 15/12/1902 Wollongong

m. Aquila Parsons (1/9/1846 Wollongong - 31/1/1893 Wollongong Son of Reuben Parsons & Hannah Pacey *) 1867 Wollongong

f. James William Murphy m. Sarah Mayo *

  1. (m) Arthur William Parsons b. 16/10/1867 Wollongong d. 21/1/1894
  2. (f) Edith S Parsons * b. 1869 Wollongong 19815/1869 (William Morton 1892)
  3. (f) Hannah Mabel Parsons * b. 1871 Wollongong 19534/1871 d. WA (James A. Miles 1898)
  4. (f) Johanna Maud Parsons b. 1873 Wollongong 20745/1873 d. 27/2/1879 Wollongong
  5. (m) Joseph Henry Parsons b. 1875 Wollongong 21864/1875 d. 1923 Wollongong (Helen Millar Cook * 1904)
  6. (m) John Edgar Parsons b. 1877 Wollongong 23088/1877 d. 8/9/1893 Mount Ousley
  7. (f) Florence Amy Parsons * b. 1878 Wollongong 24849/1878 (William Webb)
  8. (m) Kembla George Parsons b. 1880 Wollongong 27413/1880 d. 1882 Wollongong
  9. (f) Winifred E Parsons b. abt 1891

PARSONS.— -At her residence at Kembla street, on the 16th inst., the wife of Mr. Aquilla Parsons, of a son. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 18 October 1867 p 2

…entering the premises of Mrs. Sarah Parsons, ironmonger, at Wollongong, and stealing… The Shoalhaven News and South Coast Districts Advertiser (NSW : 1891 - 1937) Saturday 16 March 1901 p 2

The Late Mrs. Aquila Parsons.

The sad news of the sudden death of Mrs. Aquila Parsons, of the firm of Messrs. A. Parsons and Co., caused a severe shock of melancholy feeling in Wollongong on Monday morning last. And that with very few exceptions people were unaware of the almost lightning-like attack that carried her off, made the occurrence all the more regretful. The deceased was held in high estimation as she was widely known. Indeed she was quite a foremost figure in the business ranks of the town for more than half her lifetime. And while she was deservedly popular on account of her open handed and large-hearted generosity of disposition, as well as for her splendid business qualities, her cup of sorrow frequently overflowed during the last ten or twelve years of her life. Within this time she lost her husband, her oldest son, who had become a solicitor, also a second son, and narrowly escaped losing also her now only surviving son (Mr Joseph Parsons) whoso life hung in the balance for a considerable period in the course of a severe attack of illness. And throughout the whole of these trying ordeals she was harassed with business difficulties that oven of themselves would have crushed many a less-buoyant and brave spirit than hers. Fortunately she lived to overcome all the latter troubles, and therefore, humanly speaking, her removal from the sphere of her well-deserved success in that respect appears all the more painful. But such are the uncertainties of life with all its concerns. In the midst of the gloom cast by the death of the worthy deceased it is pleasing to know that the son whom she practically literally rescued from the jaws of death only a few years ago succeeds her in the business that she managed so well under varied and adverse Circumstances.

The passing away of one so beloved by all classes of the community was awfully sudden, only on Saturday night Mrs. Parsons was at business up to the usual closing hour of ten o'clock. She said she felt slightly unwell, but walked home During the night she became slightly worse, end in the morning it was deemed advisable to send for a medical man. Dr. T. W. Lee was summoned in the morning, and Dr. H.H. Lee was also in attendance in the afternoon Notwithstanding the unremitting attention of the medical gentlemen, the patient seemed to gradually get worse, passing away at 2 a.m. on Monday morning. The cause of death was intestinal stoppage, supervening collapse. The funeral look place yesterday after noon— prior to which a service was hold at the house -and was one of the largest funerals seen in this district for some time. … Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Wednesday 17 December 1902 p 2

Partridge Charlotte Ann (Reeve)

b. 1876 Wollongong d. 6/3/1964 Bulli br. Bulli

m. Alfred Partridge ( 1866 - 25/6/1919 Woonona Son of Charles Partridge & Ann ) 1902 Sydney

f. John Reeve m. Grace Johnson *

  1. (f) Olive I Partridge b. 1902 Woonona
  2. (m) Ernest Albert Partridge b. 1903 d. 21/7/1967
  3. (f) Linda A Partridge b. 1906 Woonona

Living Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Partridge Hannah

Living Bellambi in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Partridge Maria

b. abt 1858 d. 11/5/1927 Bulli 9677/1927 br. Bulli

m. Benjamin Daniel Partridge (abt 1858 – 8/6/1941 Woonona Son of Charles Partridge & Ann)

f. William m. Jane

  1. (m) Son Partridge
  2. (m) Walter Harris Partridge b. abt 1883 d. 1955 Wellington WA
  3. (f) Maria Partridge b. 1885 Woonona d. 1885 Woonaona
  4. (f) Jane Partridge b. 1888 Woonona d. 1890 Woonona

Mrs. B. Partridge, of Woonona, and one of the district's oldest residents died on Wednesday morning, after a few weeks illness. The interment took place on Thursday afternoon in the Bulli cemetery. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 13 May 1927 p 10

Partridge Mary

m. Benjamin Partridge

  1. (m) Thomas Partridge b. 5/11/1839 Wollongong

Pascoe Elizabeth (Cox)

d. 7/12/1942 Coniston br. Wollongong

m. Alexander Pascoe (abt 1867-10/12/1941 Wollongong Son of Michael Pascoe & Caroline) 1894 Sydney

f. John Cox

  1. (f) Hilda May Pascoe b. 1894 Sydney (George Giles)
  2. (m) Alexander Roland Pascoe b. 25/7/1898 Sydney d. 29/12/1958 Primbee
  3. (f) Rae Pascoe b. 1902 Wollongong (Edward Pearce 1923)
  4. (m) Frank Keith Pascoe b. 1909 Wollongong d. 1986 Port Kembla (Frances Jackson 1935)
  5. (f) Jean E Pascoe b. 1912 Wollongong d. 1915 Wollongong
  6. (f) Kathleen Elizabeth Pascoe b. 1912 Wollongong (Ronald Mackerras 1938)

Living at Port Kembla in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.

Mrs. Elizabeth Pascoe died at the residence of . her daughter (Mrs. E. Pearce) 16 Simpson Avenue, Coniston on Monday last.

She was the relict of the late Alexander Pascoe, who died 12 months ago, and the , mother of three sons and three daughters, the family being well known and highly respected at Port Kembla. Mr. Alex Pascoe is well known in Rugby League circles- On Tuesday .the remains were interred in the Methodist cemetery, Wollongong. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 11 December 1942 p 7

Pascoe Mary Ann

Living at Port Kembla in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.

Pasfield Elizabeth

b. 1865 St George d. 28/8/1956 Petersham

f. Charles Pasfield m. Elizabeth Pearce *

Living Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties With brother Charles

Miss PASFIELD of Helensburgh, sincerely THANKS relatives and all kind friends for their expressions of sympathy in her sad bereavement. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 9 July 1932 p 10

Pasfield Elizabeth (Pearce)

b. abt 1826 Islington London d. 7/8/1894 Helensburgh

m. Charles Pasfield (14/5/1825 Sydney- 1876 Son of Samuel Pasfield & Jane Pierce) 24/2/1852 Sydney

f. Henry Pearce

  1. (m) Charles H Pasfield b. 1852 d. 1932 Helensburgh
  2. (m) Alfred Pasfield b. 1855
  3. (f) Jane B Pasfield b. 1857
  4. (f) Henrietta L Pasfield b. 1859 Sydney
  5. (f) Adelaide Pasfield b. 1861 St George
  6. (f) Alice Pasfield b. 1863 St George .
  7. (f) Elizabeth Pasfield * b. 1865 St George d. 28/8/1956 Petersham

On the 24th instant, at Christ's Church, Sydney, by the Rev. A. H. Stephen B.A., Mr. Charles Pasfield, of Sydney, to Miss Elizabeth Pearce, of Islington. London. The People's Advocate and New South Wales Vindicator (Sydney, NSW : 1848-1856) Saturday 28 February 1852 p 14

PASFIELD.—August 7, at Helensburgh, Elizabeth, relict of Charles Pasfield, aged 68. Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931) Thursday 9 August 1894 p 4

Passmore Winnifred see Northey

Pate Marion (Miller)

b. abt 1849 Scotland d. 17/6/1930 Cessnock

m. Robert Logan Pate (abt 1850- 1924 Cessnock )

f. George Miller m. Margaret

Ship: Dacca 1886 into Qld

  1. (f) Margaret Pate b. abt 1872 Scotland d. 1929 Minmi (William Mullen 1890)
  2. (f) Mary Pate b. abt 1876 Scotland
  3. (f) Marion Miller Pate b. abt 1878 Scotland (John Cook 1896)
  4. (m) George Miller Pate b. abt 1880 Scotland d. 1953 Auburn
  5. (f) Janet Pate b. abt 1882 Scotland (Samuel Wells 1901)
  6. (f) Grace Pate b. abt 1885 Scotland (Robert M Gracie 1903)
  7. (f) Elizabeth Pate b. 1886 Scotland d. 21/10/1943 (Alfred H McLennan 1908)
  8. (m) Robert Pate d. 1889 Wollongong d. 1959 Cessnock
  9. (m) William Miller Pate b. 1891 Wollongong d. 1959 Cessnock
  10. (f) Rachel Miller Pate b. abt 1894 Wollongong (Norval M Shaw 1913)

Husband a coal miner

Mrs Marion Pate

The death took place in the Cessnock District Hospital on Tuesday night of Mrs Marion Pate, relict of the late Mr Robert Pate, at the ripe age of 81 years.

The deceased resided in Cessnock for almost a quarter of a century having resided with her family in Cumberland-street in the early days of modern Cessnock.

The deceased is survived by a grown up family. Three daughters-Mrs Clarrie McLennan, Mrs. Nowal Shaw and Mrs. A. Gracie-reside in Cessnock. The Cessnock Eagle and South Maitland Recorder (NSW : 1913 - 1954) Friday 20 June 1930 p 6

Pate Mary

Living Unanderra in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Patrick Mary Anne (Murphy)

d. before 1897

m. John Richard Patrick (abt 1820 Windsor-13/9/1897 East Maitland Son of John R Patrick ) 1/7/1847 Dapto

f. Hugh Murphy m. Mary

  1. (m) John R Patrick b. 1849 Gundagai
  2. (f) Charlotte Patrick b. 1850 Campbelltown
  3. (m) Michael Patrick b. 1852 Campbelltown
  4. (f) Mary A Patrick b. 1853 Sydney
  5. (m) William Patrick b. 1855 Black Creek, Maitland, Morpeth
  6. (f) Emma Patrick b. 1857 Maitland
  7. (f) Catherine E Patrick b. 1858 Maitland
  8. (f) Monica Patrick b. 1860 Maitland
  9. (f) Monica Patrick b. 1863 Maitland
  10. (m) Charles W Patrick b. 1866 Sydney
  11. (f) Susannah Patrick b. 1869 Maitland

He resident Campbelltown she of Sydney


m. James Patterson

PERSONAL. — Mrs. Patterson, wife of Mr. James Patterson, one time night officer at Bulli railway station, is seriously ill at her home in Sydney. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 16 May 1913 Page 2

Patterson Anne (Godfrey then Griffin)

b. abt 1821 Caslon Ireland

m. Thomas Griffin 1844 Wollongong

m. William Patterson 1855 CofE Jamberoo, Kiama, Shoalhaven V18551202 43B/1855

f. Stephen J Godfrey m. Elizabeth

Convict Permission to Marry Index 1844 Wollongong

Ship: Champion 1840

Occupation Dressmaker

  1. (f) Elizabeth Griffin b. 18/11/1945 Shoalhaven
  2. (m) William Griffin b. 23/4/1847 Shoalhaven
  3. (m) Thomas Griffin b. 8/11/1848 Shoalhaven
  4. (f) Sarah Jane Griffin b. 1/5/1850 Shoalhaven (Carl H Ibels 1878, James Henry Gazeley)
  5. (m) Henry Griffin b. 12/4/1852 Shoalhaven
  6. (m) Robert Patterson b. 14/1/1856 Shoalhaven reg Kiama RC
  7. (m) Andrew Patterson b. 1/5/1858 Shoalhaven bp Kiama RC
  8. (f) Mary A Patterson b. 1858

Sister Elizabeth Godfrey married Stephen Kerrison

Husband a baker

Paterson/Patterson Catherine

d. 14/1/1946 Sydney

m. James Patterson (abt 1868 Irvin Scotland -8/1/1936 Casino )

  1. (f) Patterson d. Johannesburg South African (W Jeanes)
  2. (m) Thomas Ivie Paterson b. 1892 Helensburgh /Lilyvale d. 1963 Nowra (Mary Ann Senior 1925)
  3. (f) Esther Jean Hamilton Paterson b. 1894 Helensburgh d. 8/11/1977 Doubtful Creek Casino (Christopher Berry 1917)

Husband a farrier- he served in the Boar war

PATERSON.–Passed away at the King George Hospital, Sydney, on January 14, 1946, Catherine Paterson, relic of the late James Paterson, Rosebank, via Lismore, dearly beloved mother of Mrs. W. Jeanes, Johannesburg. South Africa; Thomas, Nowra. South Coast; Mrs. E. J. Berry, Mayfair, Doubtful Creek, Casino. Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954) Wednesday 30 January 1946 p 4

Patterson Catherine (Murphy)

m. James Patterson

  1. (f) Isabella Patterson b. 26/11/1854 Shoalhaven reg. Kiama RC

Husband a cook.

Paterson Elizabeth

Living Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Patterson Elizabeth

m. James Patterson

  1. (f) Janet M Patterson b. 1898 Woonona
  2. (m) George Bert Patterson b. 1899 Woonona d. 1973 St Leonards

Living Balgownie in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.

Mrs. James Patterson his recovered from her recent illness, and a large circle of friends are pleased to see her about again. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 11 October 1912 p 2

Paterson/Patterson Ellenor

m. James Paterson

  1. (f) Christian A Paterson b. 1844 bp. Presbyterian Wollongong

Patterson Henrietta Maud (Plunkett)

b. 1879 Wollongong d. 30/3/1957 Kings Cross br.

m. James Gerald Patterson (abt 1880-20/6/1924 Surrey Hills Son of Joseph J Patterson & Catherine ) 1900 Woonona

f. Thomas Plunkett m. Matilda Nichols * see Trivett

  1. (f) Eileen M Patterson b. 1901 Woonona
  2. (m) John Patrick Plunkett Patterson b. 1905 Glebe

Living at Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a night station master.

Publican at a number of Sydney hotels after her husband died. Including Austral Club Hotel, Darlinghurst; New Zealand Hotel, Darlinghurst; Flinders. Hotel Flinders Street; Royal Arms Hotel, Devonshire Street, City; Piccadilly Hotel, King's Cross and Victoria Hotel, Darlinghurst. Images of the hotels are available on the Archives Program, Australian National University

Patterson Johanna (McCarthy)

b. 1857 Queanbeyan d. 28/1/1887 Mt Kembla br. Berkeley

m. John Patterson Junior (2/7/1848 Macquarie Field – 26/6/1919 Wollongong Son of John Patterson & Margaret *) 1877 Cooma

f. Michael McCarthy m. Mary Ryan

  1. (f) Margaret Isabella Jane Patterson * b. 1878 Cooma d. 1950 Wollongong (Harry Roberts 1908)
  2. (m) John Patterson b. 1880 Cooma ( Mary Lough 1906, Florence Jackson 1928)
  3. (m) Robert Alexander Todd Patterson b. 1882 Berkeley d. 5/1/1949 Wollongong (Frances )
  4. (f) Martha Love Patterson * b. 12/9/1884 Port Kembla d. 9/10/1958 ( Robert Hockey 1904)
  5. (m) Thomas A Patterson b. 14/1/1887 Mt Kembla d. 31/8/1890

Patterson Margaret see Maxwell

Patterson Margaret (Pattinson)

b. 1867 Grafton d. 28/7/1919 Campsie

m. Thomas Patterson (-1947 Hornsby)

f. Andrew Pattinson m. Mary

  1. (m) Robert William Patterson b. 1890 Wollongong d. 1969 Ryde
  2. (m) Thomas Edward Patterson b. 1892 Wollongong d. 1952 Burwood
  3. (m) John Charles Patterson b. 1895 Balmain North d. 1945 Canterbury
  4. (f) Dorothy P Patterson b. 1900 Balmain South( Harold M Bell 1920)
  5. (m) Allan H Patterson b. 1907 Balmain North

PATTERSON.-July 28, 1919 at her residence. Dorothy, Melvern street, Campsie, Margaret, dearly beloved wife of Mr. Thomas Patterson, aged 51 years And 11 months The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 29 July 1919 p 6

Patterson Martha Love see Hockey

Paterson Mary

m. James Paterson

  1. (f) Alice M Paterson b. 1884 Picton
  2. (f) Euphemia M Paterson b. 1886 Picton
  3. (f) Elizabeth M Paterson b. 1889 Picton
  4. (f) Mary C Paterson b. 1890 Woonona

Pattison Mary A

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (f) Betsy Pattison b. 1846 bp. CofE Dapto; Wollongong

Patton Edith Jane (Chapman)

d. 1879 Belington Northumberland d. 7/2/1950 Wollongong cr. Woronora

m. William Jackson Patton ( abt 1869 -24/6/1941 Wollongong Son of John Patton & Euphemia) 1901 Wollongong

f. Samuel Chapman m. Lydia Caroline Alice Giles *

  1. (f) Alice May Patton b. 1902 Wollongong
  2. (f) Ellen Edna Patton b. 1904 Wollongong
  3. (f) Edith Jessie Patton b. 1906 Wollongong
  4. (f) Edna D Patton b. 1908 Wollongong
  5. (f) Ethel Giles Patton b. 1910 Wollongong d. 17/6/1946 Wollongong
  6. (m) Harry J Patton b. 1915 Wollongong
  7. (m) Arthur W Patton b. 1915 Wollongong
  8. (f) Lina Patton
  9. (m) Bert Patton

Living Figtree in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a butcher.


Mrs. Edith Jane Patton, late of 55 Bligh Street, Wollongong, who   died on Tuesday, aged 70 years was the widow of the late Mr. W. J. Patton, formerly of Fig-tree   and mother of May, Famie,  Jessie, Edna, Ethel (deceased), Harry, Arthur, Lina and Bert. The funeral yesterday left Parsons' Chapel for Woronora. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Thursday 9 February 1950 p 9

Paul Agnes

b. abt 1870 d. 1955 Naremburn

m. James Paul (abt 1863- 21/10/1941 North Sydney Son of William Beckett Paul & Mary)

f. Unknown at time of death m. Mary

  1. (f) Edith Mary Paul d. 1975 Mosman (Frederick Charles Bodimeade 1913)
  2. (f) Dora Paul d. 1976 ( Frank Wood 1915)
  3. (f) Jean Paul b. 1899 Newtown d. 1935 North Sydney
  4. (f) Marion Paul d. 1966 St Leonards
  5. (f) Vera Paul b. 1902 Wollongong
  6. (f) Marjorie Paul b. 1904 Dapto
  7. (f) Thelma Paul b. 1909 Wollongong

Living South Coast Rd Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a labourer.

Mr. James Paul, who died in Sydney on Tuesday, aged 78 years, resided in Wollongong for many years.

About 15 years ago he suffered severe burns to both eyes while employed at the Tank house the E.R. and S. Coy. Shortly afterwards the family moved to Sydney. He leaves a widow and family of six daughters — Edith, Dora, Martan, Vera, May and Thelma. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 24 October 1941

Paul Ann

m. Edward Paul

  1. (m) Oliver Paul b. 1866 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama ; Shoalhaven

Pauley Elizabeth

Living Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Paull Anne

m. John Paull

  1. (m) Charles Paull b. 1844 bp. CofE Dapto; Wollongong

Paull Mary Elizabeth (Freebody)

b. 1861 Cooma d. 1944 Brisbane Qld

m. George Simon Paull (8/1/1855 Windsor -7/10/1900 Walcha Son of James Paull & Elizabeth Freebody) 1880 Cooma

f. William Freebody m. Ellen Mary McEvoy

  1. (m) George William Paull b. 1881 Bega d. 1881
  2. (f) Eva Elizabeth Paull b. 1882 Cooma
  3. (m) James Paull b. 1884 Cooma d. 1884
  4. (m) Amos Andrew Paull b. 1888 Broughton Creek
  5. (f) Mary T Paull b. 1890 Kiama d. 1891 Kiama
  6. (m) Nathaniel Paull b. 1891 Nowra

Husband a school teacher at Broughton Creek in 1887

Payne Dora/Dorothy (Hetherington)

b. abt 1823 County Leitrim Ireland d. 19/10/1890 Burrawang

m. John Payne (abt 1809 County Leitrim Ireland- 14/11/1884 Burrawang) 1840 Killarney Kerry Ireland

f. Christopher Hetherington m. Dorothy Atchinson

  1. (f) Jane Payne b. 1840 Ireland
  2. (f) Margaret b. 5/10/1842 Maitland d. 1/1/1859 Gerringong
  3. (m) Robert Payne b. 1844 West Maitland (Ann Cullen)
  4. (f) Mary Ann Payne b. 1847 (Samuel Cains)
  5. (u) Unknown Payne b. abt 1848
  6. (f) Eliza Payne b. 16/12/1851 Waughhope Jamberoo bp. Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven (William Payne)
  7. (m) William Frederick Payne b. 13/10/1853 Fountaindale Jamberoo bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama ; Shoalhaven (Maria Noble 1882)
  8. (m) John James Payne b. 19/7/1856 Gerringong (Martha Lamour)
  9. (m) Christopher Payne b. 20/7/1858 Gerringong (Mary Ann Blinkinsop * 1881)
  10. (m) Alexander Payne b. 1861 Kiama
  11. (m) George H Payne b. 1864 Kiama

Payne Elizabeth

Living at Mount Keira in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Payne Elizabeth

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (m) Eddy Braham Payne b. 1881 Kiama

Edward Braham and his wife Mary Ann lived in the region during this time- perhaps an illegitimate child?

Payne Elizabeth (Rea)

b. 1858 Wollongong d. 19/6/1947 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. George William Payne ( 4/11/1855 Tarrawanna- 26/12/1928 Wollongong Son of John Payne & Frances Ross *) 24/2/1887 Sydney

f. John Rea m. Margaret *

  1. (m) George William Ross Payne b. 1890 Wollongong d. 1950 North Sydney
  2. (f) Charlotte Elizabeth Payne b. 1891 Wollongong (Walter Buckland 1915)
  3. (f) Beatrice Payne b. 1893 Wollongong (J Harris)
  4. (m) Frank John Payne b. 1898 Woonona d. 1971 Wollongong

Living Balgownie in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a blacksmith.

PAYNE – REA.- February 24,1887, at St. Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney, by the Rev. A. R. Rivers, M A., George W. Payne, to Elizabeth Rea, both of Fairy Meadow, Wollongong. The Sydney Morning Herald 9 March 1887

DEATH PAYNE — June 19, 1947. at her daughter's (Mrs. W. E. Buckland's) residence. 15 Rosemont Street, Wollongong: Elizabeth Payne, relict of the late George Win. Payne and dear mother of George, Charlotte (Mrs. W. E Buckland), Beatrice (Mrs J. Harris, Nowra) and Frank. In her 90th year.

FUNERAL NOTICES. PAYNE — The funeral of the late Mrs. Elizabeth Payne, of Crown Street, West Wollongong, relict of the late George W. Payne, will, leave her daughter's 'Mrs. W. E. Buckland's) residence, 15 Rosemont street, Wollongong;. THIS SATURDAY at 2.30 p.m. for the Church of England cemetery, Wollongong. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 20 June 1947 p 15

Payne Elizabeth Jane

Living Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Payne Ellen (Smith)

m. Alfred Payne 1880 Kiama

Payne Frances Anne (Ross)

b. 1827 Cavan Ireland d. 1904 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. John Payne (16/6/822 Hugglescote Leicestershire-2/1/1909 Tarrawanna) 6/12/1845 Brisbane Qld V1845698 30B/1845

f. William Ross m. Margaret

  1. (f) Mary Ann Payne * b. 26/9/1846 Kangaroo Point Qld V18463023 33A/1846 d. 24/11/1923 Wollongong (George Neaves 1874)
  2. (f) Emma Payne * b. 18/1/1848 Kangaroo Point Qld V18483024 33A/1848 CofE Brisbane d. 2/10/ 1925 Lismore (Richard Hicks 1867)
  3. (f) Margret Amelia Payne * b. 20/7/1849 Kangaroo Point Qld V18492906 34A/1849 CofE Brisbane d. 15 /7/1919 Wollongong (David James 1870)
  4. (m) Charles John Payne b. 10/11/1851 Kangaroo Point Qld V1851459 38A/1851 CofE Sydney d. 9/9/1924 Mullumbimby (Mary Jane Elliott *)
  5. (f) Fanny Sarah Payne * b. 25/2/1854 Sussex St Sydney V18543804 40/1854 CofE Sydney (William Richardson 1874)
  6. (m) George William Payne b. 4/11/1855 Tarrawanna V1855332 159/1855 (Elizabeth Rea * 1887)
  7. (f) Hannah Mary Payne * b. 26/9/1857 Tarrawanna 12312/1857 (John Henry Grimshaw 1882)
  8. (f) Sarah Jane Payne * b. 22/10/1859 Tarrawanna 14280/1859 (William Henry Chapman 1882)
  9. (f) Mary Payne * b. 31/10/1861 Tarrawanna 14512/1861 d. 1928 Marrickville (Walter Bedwell 1885)
  10. (f) Florence Selina Payne * b. 21/6/1863 Tarrawanna 15072/1863 d. 1946 Marrickville (Allan Ford 1883)
  11. (m) John Dean Payne b. 9/8/1865 Tarrawanna 17011/1865 d. 12/5/1919 (Phoebe Armstrong * 1888)
  12. (f) Susan Ross Payne b. 3/8/1867 Tarrawanna 18014/1867 d. 9/4/1933 Epping (Albert Edward Robertson 1892)
  13. (m) Goodman David Payne b. 5/8/1869 Tarrawanna 19910/1869 d. 1935 Wollongong (Julia Ann Hansen 1904)

Living at Tarrawanna in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Alderman and Mrs. Payne, of Tarrawanna, near Wollongong, celebrated their golden wedding yesterday. The couple have 13 children, 73 grand-children, and 6 great grand children, and including sons and daughters-in-law the family numbers 108. Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal (NSW : 1851 - 1904) Tuesday 10 December 1895

Her husband worked for 55 years in the Illawarra, both as a tradesman and public citizen. In 1871 he was elected to the Council of North Illawarra for eventually a period of 50 odd years, being first elected Mayor in 1872 and holding that position on a number of occasions. Was also a member of Wollongong Council, the Illawarra Railway League, Wollongong Harbour Trust and trustee of the Mt Keira Road and Bottle Forrest Road. He was instrumental in having the first Public School built at Fairy Meadow and was the “father” of the Illawarra Building Society.

Payne Mary see Paine Mary

Payne Mary Ann (Blinkinsop)

b. 1865 Burrawang d. 1910 Newtown

m. Christopher Payne (20/7/1858 Gerringong- 8/7/1932 Lidcombe Son of John Payne & Dora Hetherington * ) 1881 Wollongong

f. Anthony Latt Blinkinsop m. Sarah Cullen

  1. (f) John Latt Payne b. 1882 Robertson
  2. (m) Christopher H. Payne b. 1883 Sydney
  3. (m) Christopher H. Payne b. 1884 Waterloo
  4. (f) Ada Winifred H. Payne b. 1890 Paddington
  5. (m) George Henry K. Payne b. 1892 Randwick
  6. (m) Leslie Royal Payne b. 1893 Randwick
  7. (m) Robert Stanley G. Payne b. 1896 Randwick

Payne Mary Jane (Elliott)

b. 12/10/1848 Omega d. 26/1/1931 Mullumbimby br. Mullumbimby

m. Charles John Payne (10/11/1851 Kangaroo Point Qld - 9/9/1924 Mullumbimby Son of John Payne & Frances Ann Ross *) 14/8/1877 Broughton Village

f. William Elliott m. Ann Blow *

  1. (m) Alfred Charles Payne b. 5/6/1878 Gerringong
  2. (m) Percival John Payne b. 1880 Kiama
  3. (m) William James Payne b. 1881 Shoalhaven
  4. (m) Ernest Claude Payne b. 1883 Shoalhaven d. 25/4/1885 Broughton Village
  5. (f) Florence Payne b. 1885 Shoalhaven
  6. (f) Eva Payne b. 1887 Shoalhaven
  7. (f) Annie Payne b. 1888 Nowra
  8. (f) Alice Payne b. 1892 Milton

PAYNE —ELLIOTT. — August 14th, at the residence of the bride's mother, Broughton Village, by the Rev. J, Elkin, Charles John, eldest son of Mr. John Payne, of Tarrawanna, near Wollongong, to Mary Jane, eldest daughter of the late Mr. William Elliott, of Broughton Village. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 31 August 1877 p 2

PAYNE. — At her residence, Gerringong, on the 5th instant, the wife of Mr. Charles Payne, of a son. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 11 June 1878 p 2

PAYNE.–On the 25th April, at the residence of his Grandmother, Broughton Village, Earnest Claude, dearly be loved son of Charles John and Mary Jane Payne, aged one year and ten months. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Friday 1 May 1885 p 2


The funeral of Mrs. Mary Jane Payne, relict of the late Mr. Charles John Payne, took place at Mullumbimby yesterday. Rev. Gerry, of. Byron Bay, officiated, and the remains were interred in the Church of England cemetery at Mullumbimby. The late Mrs. Payne and her husband, who died about five years, ago, were well known and respected in the Mullumbimby district, where they lived for many years. An adult family survives, and one of the sons is Mr. P. Payne of Lismore, the late Mrs. Payne having lived in Lismore in a house next to that of her son for several years past. The deceased was 86 years of age. Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954) Tuesday 27 January 1931 p 4

Payne Phoebe (Armstrong)

b. abt 1870 Tow Law Durham d. 22/2/1942 Kingsford

m. John Dean Payne (9/8/1865 Tarrawanna - 12/5/1919 Wollongong Son of John Payne & Frances Anne Ross *) 1888 Wollongong

f. Thomas Armstrong m. Mary Wilson *

Ship: La Hogue 1878

  1. (m) John T Payne b. 1889 Wollongong
  2. (f) Florence May Payne b. 1891 Wollongong d. 2/6/1930 Sydney Hospital (William Ireland 1911)
  3. (m) Charles W Payne b. 1893 Wollongong
  4. (f) Evelyn Mary Payne b. 1898 Woonona (Aubrey J Wearin 1927)
  5. (m) Henry R Payne b. 1908 Lismore

Living at Corrimal in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties


Mrs. Phoebe Payne, mother of Messrs. J. T. and C. W. Payne, of Modanville, died at her home, Doncaster Avenue, Kingsford, on Sunday night. Deceased lived for many years at Modanville before leaving for Wollongong, where her husband, Mr. J. D. Payne, died 24 years ago. Other members of the family are Mrs. A. Wearing and Mr. H. R. Payne, both of Kingsford. Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954) Tuesday 24 February 1942 p 4

Payne Sarah

Living Balgownie in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Payne Sarah Alice (Warren)

b. abt 1837 Mildenhall Suffolk d. 12/6/1928 Catherine Hill Bay br. Minmi

m. Jonathan Payne (abt 1833-3/1/1900 Minmi Son of Thomas Payne & Mary) 1856 Mildenhall Suffolk

f. James Warren m. Mary

  1. (m) Rev George Warren Payne b. 12/08/1859 d. 1952 Wyong
  2. (m) Rev Thomas James Pleasant Payne 16/07/1857 Qld
  3. (f) Clara Louisa Payne b. 1861 Qld d. 1942 Newcastle (Alexander Gillon 1881)
  4. (m) Joseph Alfred Payne b. 1863 Qld d. 1975 Newcastle
  5. (m) Robert E Payne b. 1865 Maitland d. 1866 Scone
  6. (m) William D Payne b. 1867 Newcastle d. 1869 Newcastle
  7. (f) Mary A Payne b. 1869 Newcastle (Henry Hawkes 1893)
  8. (m) Frederick Payne b. 1872 Newcastle
  9. (f) Elizabeth Payne b. 1874 Newcastle d. 1964 Marrickville
  10. (m) Jonathan Payne b. 1876 Newcastle d. 1932 Newtown
  11. (f) Lilian Payne b. 1877 Wollongong d. 1878 Wollongong

Husband managed the coke ovens at Minmi

Payne Sarah Jane (Swan)

b. 26/12/1868 Macquarie River d. 26/5/1932 Nowra br. Nowra

m. William Payne 1884 Wollongong

f. James Swan m. Edith Hudson *

  1. (f) Edith Ann Payne b. 1888 d. 1942 (George W Moore 1906)
  2. (f) Annie Payne b. 1889 Kiama
  3. (m) William Charles Payne b. 1891 Braidwood
  4. (m) Albert Payne b. 1899 Berry
  5. (f) Lavinia A P Payne b. 1904 Berry
  6. (m) George A O Payne b. 1906 Nowra
  7. (f) Ruby V Payne b. 1910 Nowra

Peace Caroline see Holland

Peace Catherine (Griffin)

b. b. 28/9/1863 Farie Meadow 15129/1863 d. 1952 Randwick br. Rookwood

m. Matthew Peace (- 31/7/1902 Mt Kembla mine disaster Son of Jonathan Peace & Jane Foster *) 25/2/1897 St Francis Xavier’s

f. Thomas Griffin m. Maryanne Boyen *

  1. (f) Maria Veronica Peace b. 12/7/1898 Mt Kembla d. 1923 Redfern

Living at Mount Kembla in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.

Husband a miner

IN the Supreme Court of New South Wales, Probate Jurisdiction — In the Estate of Matthew Peace, late of Mount Kembla, in the State of New South Wales, miner, deceased intestate, Application will be made after fourteen days from the publication here of that administration of the Estate of the above named deceased may be granted to Catherine Peace, the widow of the said deceased, and all notices may be served at Mount Kembla. CATHERINE PEACE. IN the Supreme Court of New South Wales, Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Wednesday 13 August 1902 p 5

PEACE -The Funeral of the late, CATHERINE PEACE will leave the Little Sisters of the Poor Convent Chapel Market Street Randwick This (Saturday) Morning at 9 30 o clock for Catholic Cemetery Rookwood The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 26 January 1952 p 38

Peace Emma (Elston)

b. abt 1869 Haworth Yorkshire d. 18/5/1949 Kembla Heights br. Kembla Heights

m. Jonathan Peace (5/1/1869 American Creek -1931 Wollongong Son of Jonathan Peace & Jane Foster *) 1893 Wollongong 7574/1893

f. Joseph Elston m. Mary Ann

Ship: abt 1887

  1. (m) William H Peace b. 1894 Wollongong
  2. (m) Alfred Peace b. 1895 Wollongong
  3. (m) Frederick Peace b. 1897 Wollongong
  4. (f) Lily Peace b. 1898 Wollongong (William J Nelson 1922)
  5. (m) Percival Peace b. 1900 Wollongong
  6. (f) Florence Peace b. 1901 Wollongong
  7. (f) Emma Peace b. 1902 Wollongong (Robert W Rapley 1924)

MRS. E.. PEACE. An old identity, and well-known resident of Kembla Heights passed away yesterday in her 81st year.- She was Mrs Emma Peace; widow of the- late Mr. Jonathan Peace who was born at Kembla Heights. The late Mrs. Peace came to Australia from Yorkshire, England, when 18 years of age. The surviving members of her family are , Bill (Sydney) Lil (Mrs W. Nelson, Wollongong); Alf, Florrie, Percy and Emma ( Mrs Rapley) ; . all of Kembla Heights, Rev;: Smith (Methodist) will officiate for the interment which is to take place in the Kembla Heights cemetery to-day (Thursday). Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Thursday 19 May 1949 p 2

Peace Helen /Ellen (Muir)

d. 1952 Swansea br. Belmont

m. Nathaniel Peace (19/3/1870 American Creek - 1950 Belmont Son of Jonathan Peace & Jane Foster *) 1891 Wollongong

f. John Muir m. Jane

  1. (f) Jane Peace b. 1892 Wollongong
  2. (m) Jonathan Peace b. 1894 Wollongong
  3. (m) John Peace b. 1899 Wollongong
  4. (m) James Peace b. 1905 West Wallsend
  5. (m) George Peace b. 1908 West Wallsend
  6. (f) Ellen Peace b. 1911 West Wallsend
  7. (f) Christina Peace b. 1912 West Wallsend

Peace/ Peirce/Pec/Pice Jane (Foster/Forster)

b. abt 1842 Colville Leicestershire d. 1911 Waterloo 7966/1911 br. Rookwood

m. Jonathan Peace (June 1835 Newhall Derbyshire- 13/5/1904 Waterloo) 1860 Ashby de la Zouch Derbyshire

f. James Foster m. Jane S

Ship: Himalaya 1865

  1. (f) Mary Ann Jane Peace * b. abt 1861 Colville Leicestershire d. 1931 Byron Bay (Richard J Banks 1882)
  2. (m) James Peace b. abt 1862 Newton Heath Leicestershire d. 1907 Wollongong (Susannah J Benjamin * 1883)
  3. (m) Emanuel Peace b. abt 1865 Leicestershire
  4. (f) Sarah Jane Peace * b. 11/2/1867 American Creek 17918/1867 d. 16/10/1942 Corrimal (Richard Walker 1885)
  5. (m) Jonathan Peace b. 5/1/1869 American Creek d. 1931 Wollongong 8105/1931 19773/1869 (Emma Elston * 1893 )
  6. (m) Nathaniel Peace b. 19/3/1870 American Creek 18939/1870 d. 1950 Belmont (Ellen Muir * 1891)
  7. (f) Caroline Peace * b. 28/2/1873 American Creek 20761/1873 d. 15/9/1939 Cessnock  (John T Holland 1890)
  8. (f) Elizabeth Peace * b. 12/7/1874 Mount Kembla 21523/1874 (Henry R James 1892)
  9. (m) John Peace b. 1876 Wollongong 22557/1876
  10. (m) George Peace b. 20/7/1878 Mt Kembla 24766/1878 d. 1906 Wollongong
  11. (m) Isaac Robert Peace b. 5/3/1881 Mt Kembla Wollongong 18856/1881
  12. (m) Elijah Peace b. 1883 Wollongong 21034/1883 d. 1883 Wollongong
  13. (m) Matthew Peace d. 31/7/1902 Mt Kembla mine disaster (Catherine Griffin * 1897)

PEACE -The Funeral of the late JANE PEACE, relict of the late Jonathan Peace, will leave the Rose   of Alexandria Hotel corner of Wyndham and Buckland streets, Alexandria, THIS DAY THURSDAY, at 1.30,   for Catholic Cemetery Rookwood. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Thursday 4 May 1911 p 14

Peace Mary J

Unmarried or on father listed

  1. (m) Daniel Peace b. 1879 Wollongong d. 1879 Wollongong ?

Death of child Daniel said that her husband was Daniel?

Peace Susannah J (Benjamin)

b. 7/10/1865 Wollongong 17005/1865 d. 8/8/1912 Wollongong br. Mt Kembla

m. James Peace (abt 1862 Newton Heath Leicestershire – 13/5/1907 Kembla Son of Jonathan Peace & Jane Foster * ) 1883 Wollongong 5308/1883

f. Robert Benjamin m. Susannah Stanbridge *

  1. (f) Susan Ann Jane Peace b. 1883 Wollongong d. 13/11/1891
  2. (m) James Peace b. 1889 Wollongong d. 1946 Wollongong
  3. (f) Elsie May Peace b. 1894 Wollongong d. 2/8/1896 Mt Kembla
  4. (m) George Peace b. 1886 Wollongong
  5. (m) Albert Peace b. 1887 Wollongong
  6. (m) John Peace b. 1892 Wollongong
  7. (f) Beatrice M Peace b. 1897 Wollongong
  8. (m) Robert Peace b. 1901 Wollongong
  9. (f) Dorothy Peace b. 1904 Wollongong

The death has to be recorded of Mrs. James Peace, which took place after a lingering illness on Wednesday night. She was a member of an old and respected Kembla family. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 9 August 1912 p 9

Peachnalley/Pinchnelley Elizabeth/ Eva

m. Guilberto/John Pinchnally

  1. (f) May Peachnalley b. 1898 Helensburgh
  2. (m) John L Peachnalley b. 1900 Helensburgh
  3. (m) Arthur D Peachnalley b. 1902 Helensburgh
  4. (m) Albert Piceineali b. 1904 Helensburgh

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Peacock Charlotte (Williams)

m. Thomas Peacock 1883 Middlesbrough Yorkshire

  1. (f) Lillie Peacock b. 1886 Lambton
  2. (m) William Thomas Peacock b. 1888 Glebeland d. 1954 Petersham
  3. (f) Mary J Peacock b. 1891 Merewether
  4. (m) Joseph Peacock b. 19/8/1894 Beaconsfield Tas
  5. (m) George Peacock b. 22/10/1896 Beaconsfield Tas

I THOMAS PEACOCK, will not be responsible for any, DEBTS contracted in my name by my WIFE, Charlotte Peacock. THOMAS PEACOCK, Woonona, near Bulli, New South Wales. Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931) Wednesday 24 July 1889 Page 1

Peacock Elizabeth

b. abt 1824 d. 6/11/1909 Kembla Heights

m. Thomas Peacock

f. Thomas m. Jane

  1. (f) Mary Peacock * b. abt 1862 d. 19/11/1926 Kurri Kurri (Henry Taylor 1883)

PEACOCK— In sad but loving memory of our dear, mother, Elizabeth Peacock, who died at Kembla Heights, November 6th, 1909 ; age, 65 years and 7 months. I

We loved her in life, she is dear to us still, ' :
But in grief we must bow' to God's Holy will
Only those who have lost her are able to tell
Of the pain at the heart in saying farewell.

Inserted by her loving daughter and son-in-law, Mary and Henry Taylor. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 4 November 1910 p 10

Husband lived at Glebe Newcastle and Coal Cliff about 1883.

Peak/Peek Ann (Watkins)

b. 1828 Gloucester d. 30/8/1918 Merrylands

m. Joseph Peak 15/2/1847 Wollongong

f. William Watkins

  1. (m) Joseph W Peek b. 1847 bp. CofE Dapto Wollongong d. 1908
  2. (f) Mary Peak b. 1849 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven
  3. (m) James Peak b. 1851 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven
  4. (m) John Peak b. 1854 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven
  5. (f) Harriet Peak b. 1858 Kiama
  6. (f) Emily E Peak b. 1860 Kiama
  7. (m) George F Peak b. 1862 Kiama
  8. (f) Anna M Peak b. 1865 Berrima
  9. (f) Maria Peak b. 1868 Berrima d. 18/7/1870 Terrara
  10. (m) Arthur Henry Peak b. 1870 Shoalhaven
  11. (m) William Peak b. 1873 Shoalhaven

Husband a carpenter – living at Greenwell Point in 1870 when her husband and son were charged with theft.

The following evidence was taken at an inquest, held at the Temperance Hall, on the body of an infant named Maria Peak, before .T. Morton Richards, coroner, on the 19th instant:

Ann Peak, being duly sworn, states: I am the wife of Joseph Peak, carpenter, living at Greenwell Point; the body viewed by the coroner is that of my child, Maria Peak, aged two years and nine months; on Sunday, 17th July, my child was quite well ; she was playing with calabash seeds, and took a fit of coughing, as if she had swallowed one; she commenced to breath heavily, coughed occasionally, and vomited several times; I took her to a doctor us soon as I could; I saw Dr. Pickburn, and he said another medical man should be consulted, and on the Monday I begged him to do what he could as the child was becoming exhausted; about two o'clock on Monday Drs, Reid and Pickburn had a consultation; Dr. Pickburn told me it was a serious case, and the child could not live;

I saw that myself; I begged that they would do what they could; they then determined to perform an operation; I went away from the room, and in about ten minutes I was told the child was dead; she died at the residence of Dr. Pickburn, at Terrara, on Monday, 18th July, 1870. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 28 July 1870 p 4

PEAK.-August 30. at the residence of Mrs. Anderson, Rubina street, Merrylands, Ann. widow of the late Joseph Peak, of Ruth Street Merrylands, and late of Wollongong and Milton, South Coast, aged 90 years and 4 months. After life's fitful fever she sleeps peacefully and well. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 7 September 1918 Page 12

Peace see also Pierce

Pearce Agnes Lavinia (Broers)

b. 1868 Shoalhaven d. 27/2/1954 Terrigal br. Wamberal

m. Charles L Pearce ( - 29/4/1943 Terrigal Son of Thomas Pearce & Esther) 1886 Kiama

f. Johan Henry Broers m. Elizabeth Kinsley

  1. (m) Charles Pearce b. 1886 Kiama d. 1887 Shoalhaven
  2. (m) William Pearce b. 1887 Shoalhaven d. 1967 Gosford
  3. (f) Esther Pearce b. 1890 Raymond Terrace d. 1965 Gosford
  4. (m) Andrew Pearce b. 1892 Newcastle d. 1954 Gosford
  5. (m) Thomas Pearce b. 1895 Wickham

Death of Mrs. Agnes Pearce

A well-known Terrigal woman, Mrs. Agnes Lavinia Pearce, died at her Beaufort Road home on Sunday. Mrs. Pearce was 86 years old and had lived at Terrigal for the last 50 years of her life. She was formerly of Nowra, Mr. Pearce died in 1943. Mrs. Pearce is survived by her daughter, Esther (Terrigal), and sons. William (Sydney), Andrew (Terrigal) and Tom (Canberra). The funeral left her late residence yesterday after noon, for the Wamberal General Cemetery. Rev. J. Neville conducted the service. The Gosford Times and Wyong District Advocate (NSW : 1906 - 1954) Friday 5 March 1954 p 5

Pearce Catherine

m. Henry Pearce (1836 Parramatta-) 1857 Sydney

  1. (f) Johanna Pearce b. 1861 Kiama

Pearce Elizabeth Ann (Cleasby)

b. 26/1/1869 Braidwood d. 3/4/1951 Croydon Park

m. James Pearce (-20/1/1949 Croydon Park Son of Samuel Pearce & Rebecca) 1894 Helensburgh

f. James Cleasby m. Annie Boodle *

  1. (m) William Henry Pearce b. 1895 Lilyvale (Myrtle Stephen 1928)

Living Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a miner. Living in Dawson St Mascot when son enlisted in WW1 then moved to Croydon.

Pearce Grace (Curnow)

b. abt 1859 Camborne? Cornwall d. 1909 Ryde

m. Thomas Pearce 1883 Lismore

f. William Curnow m. Grace

Ship: 1883 Euterpe

Occupation: Domestic servant (in 1871 census she was listed as a mine girl at age 14)

  1. (m) William J Pearce b. 1885 Wollongong d. 1905 Redfern
  2. (m) Arthur Pearce b. 1886 Wollongong d. 1905 Sydney

Living Stewart St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties.

Pearce Margaret

m. George Pearce

  1. (m) George H Pearce b. 1896 Helensburgh

Pearce Mary Elizabeth (Guest)

21 /5/1870 Barrow in Furness d. 13/9/1960 Woonona br. Brownsville

m. William John Pearce ( 1865- 2/6/1935 Bulli Son of Edward Pearce & Mary A) 1896 St Peters

f. Joseph Guest m. Mary Ann Fieldhouse *

  1. (m) William J S Pearce b. 1897 Wollongong
  2. (m) John E Pearce b. 1899 Wollongong
  3. (f) Maude E Pearce b. 1901 Wollongong
  4. (f) Hilda F M Pearce b. 1903 Wollongong
  5. (f) Hannah A Pearce b. 1905 Dapto
  6. (f) Lillian E S Pearce b. 1908 Dapto
  7. (m) Alfred T Pearce b. 1910 Dapto

Living Brownsville in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Pears Elizabeth see Butterworth


Mrs. E. Pearson Lodging house Corrimal Street Wollongong Bailliere’s Post Office Directory 1867

Pearson Anne

m. Samuel Pearson

  1. (f) Ellen Pearson b. 1852 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama ; Shoalhaven
  2. (m) William Pearson b. 1854 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven

Pearson Annie (Barker)

β. 8/11/1857 Log Bridge Dapto d. 4/7/1925 Marshall Mount br. Marshall Mount Methodist

μ.  John Pearson (15/7/1850 Marshall Mount- 13/3/1932 Calderwood Son of James Pearson & Zilpa Andrews *) 29/11/1876 All Saints CofE Macquarie River

f. Robert Barker m. Mary Draper *

  1. (m) Henry Pearson b. 1877 Wollongong (Blanche E Bushell)
  2. (m) George Pearson b. 1878 Marshall Mount d. 30/12/1965 Clunes (Ethel M Bushell)
  3. (m) David Pearson b. 1879 Marshall Mount d. 5/5/1967 Bowral (Edith M Kay)
  4. (m) Alfred Pearson b. 1/9/1881 Avondale d. 22/6/1971 Murwillumbah ( Margaret M Granny)
  5. (m) Walter Pearson b. 1883 Wollongong d. 1958 Murwillumbah
  6. (f) Annie May Pearson b. 1885 Wollongong d. 20/8/1969 (Frank Simpson 1906)
  7. (m) Ernest Pearson b. 1886 Wollongong (Ethel Dawes)
  8. (m) Leonard John Pearson b. 22/12/1888 Marshall Mount d. 19/8/1980 Albion Park (Lily Thomas )
  9. (f) Ethel May Pearson b. 16/10/1890 Albion Park d. 28/10/1952 Albion Park (Albert W Ball)
  10. (m) Felix Pearson b. 21/1/1893 Marshall Mount d. 9/7/1969 Albion Park Rail (Kate Armstrong)
  11. (f) Elsie Beatrice Pearson b. 1895 Marshall Mount d. 11/7/1973 Bowral (Barnabas G Norman 1916)
  12. (m) Wilfred J Pearson b. 1896 Wollongong
  13. (m) Herbert Leslie Pearson b. 23/7/1898 Marshall Mount d. 19/12/1979 Bowral (Lucy A Whatman)
  14. (m) Joseph Pearson b. 1898 Albion Park
  15. (m) Oliver Pearson b. 15/9/1901 Albion Park d. 1/12/1980 (Violet Pearson)

Living at Marshall Mount in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a farmer.

Marriage record says she was born in England


A well known and highly respected resident of Marshall Mount in the per son of Mrs. John Pearson passed away last Saturday. She had been ailing for some time past yet her end came quite unexpectedly. The late Mrs. Pearson was born in the district 68 years ago and for the past 10 years had been living with her husband at Marshall Mount. She had a family of 12 sons and three daughters, all of whom are living. Five of the sons are on the North Coast, three sons and a daughter live at Kangaloon, while four sons and two daughters are still in the district. The late Mrs. Pearson also had 41 grand-children. The internment took place on Monday in the Marshall Mount Methodist Cemetery, the Rev. Whiteman officiating at the graveside. The large attendance at the graveside clearly showed with what respect tho late Mrs. Pearson was held in the district. In an address at the graveside tho Rev. Whiteman said that she was a faithful wife, a loving mother and a splendid neighbour. Mrs. Sawtell, of Albion Park is a sister of the late Mrs. Pearson, and there are two brothers, Mr. D. Barker (Cootamundra), and Mr. Robert Barker (Sydney). Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 10 July 1925 p 2


Yet another old identity has passed away in the person of Mrs. Annie Pearson, wife of Mr. John Pearson, who at the age of 68 years died on Saturday last and although ailing for a considerable period the end was sudden. Deceased was one of the well-known Barker family, who were associated with the district in earlier times and of whom now only three members remain, namely, Messrs. D. Barker (Cootamundra), R. Barker (Sydney), who were brothers of deceased, and Mrs. Edward Sawtell (Albion Park), a sister. Deceased is survived by her husband and a large family of twelve sons and three daughters. The sons Henry, George, Walter, Ernest and Frederick reside on the North Coast, William, David, and Herbert, at Kangaloon, while Ollie and Felix reside at Marshall Mount, and Leonard and Joseph at Albion Park. The three daughters are Miss Pearson (Marshall Mount), Mrs. F. Simpson (Albion Park), and Mrs. B. Norman (Kangaloon). A tribute of general respect was the large funeral on Monday, Portion of the service was held in the Methodist Church, Rev. Whiteman officiating. At the graveside, where the favourite hymn of deceased, There is a land that is fairer than day was sung. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 10 July 1925 p 7

Pearson Ann (Plumb then Hazelgrove)

b. abt 1803 Saffron Walden Essex d. 5/12/1875 Wollongong

m. William Hazelgrove (- before 1825) 1822 Essex

m. Robert Pearson (abt 1796- after 1859 Son of William Pearson & Alice Prike) 1825 Saxham Suffolk

f. Robert Plumb m. Elizabeth

Ship: Wellington 1859

  1. (m) Robert Hazelgrove d. before 1875
  2. (f) Female Hazelgrove d. before 1875
  3. (f) Female Pearson d. before 1875
  4. (f) Female Pearson d. before 1875
  5. (m) Male Pearson d. before 1875
  6. (m) Male Pearson d. before 1875
  7. (m) William Pearson b. 1830 Bury St Edmonds Suffolk d. 8/9/1891 Wollongong (Susannah Adelaide Dawes * 1863)
  8. (f) Lavinia Pearson * b. 1839 Bury St Edmonds Suffolk d. 10/7/1919 Albion Park (Charles Gower 1860)
  9. (m) Isaac Pearson b. 1842 Bury St Edmonds Suffolk d. 1911 Balmain South (Rose Jane McKinny * 1870, Amelia Sinclair * 1876)
  10. (f) Alice Pearson b. 1845 Bury St Edmonds Suffolk d.

Pearson Catherine

Living Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. John Pearson a pensioner also resident in Helensburgh in 1903

Pearson Elizabeth (Smith)

b. 1871 Kiama d. 15/11/1952 br. Marshall Mount Methodist

m. Godfrey Pearson ( 26/9/1866 Marshall Mount -21/6/1925 Son of William Pearson & Susannah Dawes *) 27/10/1897 Kiama

f. James B Smith m. Rebecca Wells *

  1. (m) William J Pearson b. 1898 Albion Park
  2. (m) Frederick G Pearson b. 1899 Albion Park
  3. (f) Leslie T Pearson b. 1901 Albion Park d. 1937
  4. (m) Hercules C Pearson b. 1903 Albion Park
  5. (f) Violet E R Pearson b. 1905 Albion Park (Oliver Pearson 1927)
  6. (f) Winifred Pearl Pearson b. 1906 (Albert Stanley Thomas 1936)

Living Tongarra in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

MRS. E. PEARSON The death occurred on Saturday of Mrs. Elizabeth Pearson, 81, of Marshall Mount, one of the oldest residents of the district and a member of a well known pioneering family. Mrs. Pearson was the widow of Mr. Godfrey Pearson, and mother of William, Hercules,. Violet (Mrs. O. Pearson), Pearl (Mrs. Stan Thomas), Fred, (deceased) and Lesley (deceased). Burial will take place in the Methodist Cemetery at Marshall Mount after a service at the residence, Illawarra Daily Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1950 - 1954) Monday 17 November 1952 p 4

Pearson Elizabeth A (Williams)

b. abt 1808 Lower Winchendon Buckinghamshire England d. 27/12/1896 Jamberoo

m. John Pearson (1802 Ashendon Buckinghamshire-28/3/1862 Jamberoo Son of John Pearson & Jane Small) 15/2/1829 Lower Winchendon Buckinghamshire

  1. (f) Mary Anne Pearson * b. 1830 Lower Winchendon Buckinghamshire (Matthew Elliott 1848)
  2. (m) James Pearson b. 4/11/1832 Ashendon Buckinghamshire d. abt 1839
  3. (f) Emma Pearson b. 30/8/1835 Ashendon Buckinghamshire d. 1939
  4. (m) Thomas Pearson b. 15/8/1838 Ashendon Buckinghamshire d. 1902 Wellington
  5. (f) Frances Pearson b. abt 1840 Jamberoo (Dennis Hockey 1868)
  6. (f) Emma Pearson b. 1842 Jamberoo d. 1913 Marrickville (David Graham 1862)
  7. (f) Rebecca Pearson b. abt 1843 Jamberoo d. 1906 Hukanui Wairarapa New Zealand (George Gardiner 1860)
  8. (f) Harriet Sophia Jane Pearson b. abt 1845 Jamberoo
  9. (f) Jane Pearson * b. 14/10/1847 Jamberoo d. 16/7/1924 Marshall Mount (William Thomas 1876)
  10. (m) Edward Pearson b. abt 1849 Jamberoo

Pearson Gertrude Ethel (Barham)

b. 1874 Gunnedah d. 21/7/1966 Kogarah cr. Woronora

m. James Pearson (abt 1878-27/11/1942) 1899 Balmain North

f. Sidney M Barham m. Elizabeth

  1. (f) Elizabeth Barham Pearson b. 1900 Balmain North d. 1983
  2. (m) Andrew Pearson b. 1901 Wollongong
  3. (f) Helen M Pearson b. 1902 Bathurst d. 1902 Burwood
  4. (m) James S Pearson b. 1903 Bombala
  5. (f) Gertrude Pearson b. 1907 Burwood

Pearson Hannah (Bodycote)

b. 1853 Wibtofy Warwickshire d. 1884 Bega

m. Thomas Henry Pearson ( 1853 Claybrook Leicestershire- 1884 Bega ) 4/6/ 1869 Mount Johnston, Jamberoo

f. John Bodycote m. Eliza Farmer *

Ship: “Anna Maria” 1857

  1. (m) **John Henry Pearson** b. 19/8/1870 Macquarie River d. 1945 Bega
  2. (f) Sophia Jane Pearson b. 16/6/1873 Albion Park d. 1875 Camden.
  3. (f) **Harriet Sophia Jane Pearson** b. 7/10/1880 Brown Mountain near Bega d. 1947 Casino
  4. (m) Edward Thomas Pearson b. 1884 Bega d. 1944 Bega

Pearson Isabella Campbell (Jackson then Pratt)

b. abt 1833 d. 29/9/1910 Parramatta br. Parramatta

m. Percy Pratt (18/7/1819-17/8/1854 Son of John Pratt & Elizabeth) 22/4/1853 Wollongong

m. Stephen John Pearson (- 1901 Parramatta ) 20/2/1861 Wollongong

f. Peter Jackson m. Isabella Campbell Stewart

Ship: Margaret Graham 1834

  1. (m) John Charles Pratt b. 1854 d. 21/5/1856 Wollongong aged 2 years and 3 months

On the 22nd instant, at Wollongong, by the Rev. M. D. Meares, Percy Pratt, to Isabella Campbell, only daughter of the late P. Jackson, Esq. Bell’s Life in Sydney and Sporting Reviewer 30 April 1853

Death. At Wollongong, on the 21st instant, at the residence of his grandfather, C. Smith, John Charles, the only son of the late Percy Pratt, aged two years and three months. The Sydney Morning Herald 22 May 1856

On the 20th instant, at St. Michael's Church, Wollongong, by the Rev. T. C. Ewing, Stephen John, youngest son of the late John Pearson, Esq., to Isabella Campbell Pratt, only daughter of the late P. Jackson, Esq., and stepdaughter of C. J. Smith, Esq., Wollongong. The Sydney Morning Herald 23 February 1861

PEARSON. -The Funeral of the late ISABELLA PEARSON will leave her late residence Kemiworth O Connell street for St John’s Church and thence to the Cemetery Parramatta, THIS DAY at 3.15. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Friday 30 September 1910 p 12

Pearson Mary Ann (Savell/Savelle/Savel)

b. 19/3/1853 d. 18/6/1945 Kangaloon

m. Joseph Pearson (2/11/1854 Avondale– 28/7/1920 Kangaloon Son of James Pearson & Zilpa Andrews *) 14/11/1877 Mittagong

f. William Savell m. Matilda Cupitt

  1. (f) Emily Pearson b. 13/8/1878 Wollongong, d. 20/11/1964 Lismore (Wilfred Porter 1900)
  2. (m) Herbert Pearson b. 1879 Wollongong (Alice Carroll)
  3. (f) Annie May Pearson b. 1880 Wollongong d. 1966, Sydney,(Robert Nobel 1907)
  4. (f) Zilpa Matilda Pearson b. 1882 Wollongong d. 1961 Murwillumbah (Charles Gawler)
  5. (m) James William Pearson b. 1882 Wollongong (Annie Higgs)
  6. (m) Joseph Ernest Pearson b. 1883 Wollongong (Lily M Chadwick)
  7. (m) George Alfred Pearson b. 1884 Wollongong d. 1971 Lismore (Florence Porter)
  8. (m) William Augustus Pearson b. 1885 Wollongong d. 1949 Murwillumbah ( Charlotte Lucas)
  9. (f) Ada Maude Pearson b. 1887 Wollongong d. 1974 (William S Keys)
  10. (f) Lucy E Pearson b. 1888 Bowral (George Gibson)
  11. (f) Ethel M Pearson b. 1890 Bowral
  12. (m) Walter W Pearson b. 1895 Bowral d. 30/1/1982 Marshall Mount
  13. (f) Alice T Pearson b. 1895 Bowral (Alexander Gibson)
  14. (m) Percival Lloyd Pearson b. 1897 Robertson d. 1958 Newcastle (Linda Gertrude Randall)

PEARSON — SAVILL. — At Mittagong, on the 14th November, by the Rev. Mr. Kemp, Joseph, youngest son of Mr. James Pearson, of Marshall Mount, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of Mrs. Savill, of Kangaloon.

Pearson Matilda Victoria (Dawes)

b. 13/11/1882 Tongarra 19506/1882 d. 9/1/1963 br. Marshall Mount Methodist

m. Melmoth Pearson ( 25/8/1868 Marshall Mount – 26/3/1934 Son of William Pearson & Susannah Dawes *) 28/2/1900 All Saints’ CofE Macquarie River

f. Joseph Dawes m. Harriet Barker *

  1. (f) Mabel May Pearson b. 14/8/1900 Marshall Mount d. 1967
  2. (m) Herbert Leslie Pearson b. 21/1/1902 Marshall Mount d. 26/12/1971
  3. (m) Edward Mark Pearson b. 7/8/1904 Marshall Mount d. 7/4/1957
  4. (f) Amuel Adelaide Pearson b. 8/10/1906 Marshall Mount
  5. (m) Melmoth Stanley Pearson b. 15/2/1908 Marshall Mount d. 19/10/1975
  6. (m) Oliver J Pearson b. 1910 Wollongong
  7. (f) Alice Florence Pearson b. 14/1/1912 Marshall Mount d. 1963

Living at Weston’s Meadows in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a farmer.

Pearson Naomi (Dawes)

b. 26/3/1852 d. 18/10/1934 Lismore br. Lismore

m. George Pearson ( 1848 – 1918 Lismore Son of James Pearson & Zilpa Andrews *) 31/12/1874 Marshall Mount 4456/1875

f. Edward Dawes m. Elizabeth Hukins *

  1. (f) Emily Pearson b. 1875 Wollongong d. 1877 Wollongong
  2. (m) Edward Pearson b. 1876 Wollongong d. 1951 Lismore
  3. (f) Amy Pearson b. 1878 Wollongong
  4. (f) Naomi Pearson b. 1880 Wollongong d. 1883 Wollongong
  5. (m) James Pearson b. 1881 Wollongong d. 1960 Lismore
  6. (f) May Pearson b. 1883 Wollongong
  7. (m) Fred Pearson b. 1886 Wollongong d. 1947 Lismore
  8. (f) Effie Pearson b. 1887 Lismore
  9. (f) Prudence Pearson b. 1889 Lismore
  10. (f) Alice Pearson b. 1891 Lismore
  11. (f) Emma Pearson b. 1892 Lismore
  12. (m) George Henry Pearson b. 1895 Lismore d. 1965 Auburn
  13. (f) Cassie M Pearson b. 1896 Lismore

PEARSON— DAWES.— December 31st, 1874, at the Wesleyan Church, Marshall Mount, by the Rev. W. Moore, George, son of Mr. James Pearson, Marshall Mount, to Naomi, daughter of Mr. Edward Dawes, of the same place. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 5 January 1875 p 2

Pearson Rosina/Roseina (Coxall)

b. 1854 Tottenham Middlesex d. 10/7/1899 Surrey Hills

m. James Pearson (1852 Camden- 24/2/1936 Ashfield Son of James Pearson & Rebecca Boothby Boardman) 1878 Tenterfield

f. John Coxall m. Susan

Ship: Euphrates 1855

  1. (f) Alma R Pearson b. 1878 Armidale
  2. (f) Millicent G Pearson b. 1881 Armidale
  3. (m) James Pearson b. 1883 Glen Innes
  4. (m) John Cecil Pearson b. 1885 Wollongong d. 1961 Sydney
  5. (m) Hubert C Pearson b. 1888 Wollongong d. 1915 Armidale
  6. (f) Nina L Pearson b. 1894 Tenterfield d. 1895 Tenterfield

Pearson Susannah Adelaide (Dawes)

b. 14/5/1841 Albion Park d. 19/10/1908 Wollongong 16018/1908

m. William Pearson ( 1830- 8/9/1891 Son of Robert Pearson & Ann Plumb *) 1863 Wollongong 3211/1863

f. Edward Dawes m. Elizabeth Hukins *

  1. (f) Alice Adelaide Pearson * b. 1864 Marshall Mount 16485/1864 d. 1904 (Richard Ball 1886)
  2. (m) Godfrey Pearson b. 26/9/1866 Marshall Mount d. 21/6/1925 ( Elizabeth Smith * 1897)
  3. (m) Melmoth Pearson b. 25/8/1868 Marshall Mount d. 1934 Kiama (Matilda Dawes * 1900)
  4. (f) Elizabeth Ann Pearson b. 1/8/1869 d. 10/12/1888 aged 19
  5. (f) Mabel Banister Pearsons * b. 14/8/1876 Marshall Mount 22589/1876 d. 21/2/1906 Albion Park (George Gear 1899)

Living at Weston’s Meadows in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.

Pearson Zilpa (Andrews)

b. 23/7/1812 Upper Whinchendon Buckinghamshire d. 4/11/1891 Marshall Mount br. Marshall Mount Methodist

m. James Pearson (18/7/1813 Ashendon Buckinghamshire-17/7/1881 Marshall Mount Son of John Pearson & Jane Small) 22/5/1837 Ashendon Buckinghamshire, England.

f. Thomas Andrews m. Ann

Ship: Formosa 1839

  1. (f) Sarah Pearson b. 1838 Pollycott Buckinghamshire England d. 14/6/1915 Bexhill (William Gregory 1860 Half brother of John Knight ) 
  2. (f) Ann Pearson * b. 1840 Marshall Mount d. 1926 Bellingen (William Piper 1862)
  3. (f) Jane Pearson b. 1842 Marshall Mount d. 1921 Tingha (James Piper 1865)
  4. (f) Mary Pearson b. 8/10/1843 Avondale d. 2/1/1931 Lismore (Richard Dawes 1868 )
  5. (f) Ellen Pearson b. 1845 Avondale d. 26/5/1928 Lismore (John Knight 1865 half brother of William Gregory)
  6. (m) George Pearson b. 1848 Marshall Mount, Wollongong d. 6/4/1918 Cowlong (Naomi Dawes 1874)
  7. (m) John Pearson b. 1850 Avondale d. 13/3/1932 (Ann Barker )
  8. (f) Emma Pearson b. 1853 Avondale d. 7/1/1934 Murwillumbah (Aaron Dawes 1872)
  9. (m) Joseph Pearson b. 2/11/1854 Avondale

Her husband worked as a stable hand for Queen Victoria. Prior to his leaving England, Queen Victoria is believed to have given James 100 sovereigns for his return fare back to England if he was disappointed with things in the colony. James, together with his wife and family contributed much to the Marshall Mount area through their farming pursuits.

Pearsons/Pearson Amelia (Sinclair)

b. 1853 CofE Jamberoo d. ?

m. Isaac Pearsons (1842 Bury St Edmonds Suffolk - 1911 Rozelle Son of Robert Pearson & Ann) 29/3/1876 All Saints CofE Albion Park (divorced 1901)

f. Samuel Sinclair m. Rebecca Dunbar * see Wilson

  1. (f) Rebecca F Pearson b. 1877 Wollongong
  2. (f) Ada Maud Pearsons b. 1879 Wollongong 26016/1879 (Richard H R Carter 1898)
  3. (f) Ethel Beatrice M Pearsons b. 1880 Wollongong 27429/1880
  4. (f) Lilian A S Pearsons b. 1883 Wollongong 20964/1883 d. 1889 Bega
  5. (m) Ambrose Claude Pearsons b. 1889 Pambula d. 1943 West Maitland

Husband a farmer at Tullimbah


Isaacs Pearsons, a farmer, petitioned for a dissolution of his marriage with Amelia Pearsons, formerly Sinclair, on the ground of desertion. The parties were married in March, 1876, at Albion Park, according to the rites of the Church of England. Petitioner said that about 16 years ago they were living at the diggings near Pambula, where they kept a boarding-house. He returned home one day, and found that his wife had gone. She never said she was going; as a matter of fact, “it came to him as a surprise.” A decree nisi was granted, to be moved absolute in a month. Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931) Saturday 23 November 1901 p 3

Pearsons Rose Jane (McKinny)

d. 1875 Wollongong 10534/1875

m. Isaac Pearsons (1842 Bury St Edmonds Suffolk - 1911 Roselle Son of Robert Pearson & Ann Plumb *) 1870 Wollongong

f. Daniel McKinny m. Rose

  1. (f) Alice Maria Pearsons b. 1871 Kiama 11707/1871 (Frederick Milton 1894)
  2. (m) Archibald Pearsons b, 1872 Wollongong 19721/1872 d. 1934 Balmain South
  3. (m) Robert Pearsons b. 1875 Wollongong 21840/1875 d. 1896 Newtown

Husband remarried Amelia Sinclair *

Peberdy Mary (Ferry)

b. 1817 d. before 1857 when husband remarried

m. William Peberdy (1811-31/8/1889 Halls Creek) 28/3/1836 Wollongong CofE Wollongong Dapto

  1. (m) James Peberdy b. 1837 CofE Dapto; Wollongong V18371002 21/1837 d. 1920 Muswellbrook (Emma Sten 1862)
  2. (f) Emma Jane Peberdy b. 1839 CofE Althorpe, Brougham V18391526 23A/1839 (Frederick Morris 1865)
  3. (f) Anna M Peberdy b. 1843 CofE Althorpe, Brougham V18432095 27A/1843
  4. (f) Eva Maria Peberdy b. abt 1847 d. 15/10/1868 (William Glass McAlpin 1867)
  5. (m) William Peberdy b. 1848 CofE Althorpe Brougham V18482999 30A/1848

Husband ran a hotel at Merton (near Denman) called the Bush Inn.

Peck Amelia (Aldous)

b. 3/1/1818 Old Buckenham Norfolk England d. 12/8/1895 br. Rookwood

m. James Peck (13/8/1820 Old Buckenham Norfolk-15/7/1886 Rookwood Son of Robert Peck & Anne Anderson/Andrews) 22/11/1838 Staxford Guiltcross Old Buckenham Norfolk

f. Zef Aldous m. Alice

Ship: Alfred 1857

  1. (m) Charles Peck b. abt 1839 Old Buckenham Norfolk d. Old Buckenham Norfolk
  2. (f) Elizabeth Peck * b. 21/11/1841 Old Buckenham Norfolk d. 13/6/1910 Rookwood ( James Ridley 1860)
  3. (f) Charlotte Peck * b. 26/11/1843 Old Buckenham Norfolk ( James Dawes 1866)
  4. (m) Robert Peck b. abt 1846 Old Buckenham Norfolk d. abt 1870 Maffra Vic
  5. (m) James Peck b. abt 1848 Norwich Norfolk (Sarah A. Smith * 1872)
  6. (m) Charles Peck b. 12/4/1851 Old Buckenham Norfolk d. 10/4/1930 Pymble ( Jane Ann Booth 1874)
  7. (f) Emma Peck b. abt 1855 Old Buckenham Norfolk ( Charles Powell 1886)
  8. (f) Amelia Peck b. abt 1857 d. 1857
  9. (m) Henry Peck b. 21/12/1859 Mt Keira d. 7/9/1939 Parramatta (Charlotte Hitchcock * 1877, Ann Maria Hitchcock * 1898)

Late of Robbinsville near Bulli

Peck Ann Maria (Hitchcock)

b. 1870 Shoalhaven d. 25/6/1958 Bulli cr. Woronora

m. Henry Peck (21/12/1859 Mt Keira- 7/9/1939 Parramatta Son of James Peck & Amelia Aldous *) 21/12/1898 Rookwood

f. John Hitchcock m. Maria Ison

Husband a schoolteacher and principal

  1. (m) Albert Ernest William Peck b. 25/10/1899 Stuarts Point d. 17/12/1967 Kempsey (Alma Jane 1928
  2. (m) Alfred James Peck b. 18/5/1902 Kempsey d. 1/12/1966 Wagga Wagga ( Elsie May Morton 1925)
  3. (m) Stanley Victor Peck b. 6/8/1904 Pelican Island d. 23/11/1967 Parramatta (Edith May Appleton)
  4. (m) Frederick Leo Peck b. 12/9/1906 Pelican Island d. 28/5/1983 Wagga Wagga
  5. (m) Arthur Macleay Peck b. 17/3/1911 Kempsey d. 4/3/1974 ( Marcia Jean Myers 1934)

Peck Charlotte (Hitchcock)

b. /8/1865 Burrier d. 13/6/1897 The Rock br. Wagga Wagga

m. Henry Peck (21/12/1859 Mt Keira-7/9/1939 Parramatta Son of James Peck & Amelia Aldous *) 27/6/1877 Kangaroo Valley

f. John Hitchcock m. Maria Ison

  1. (f) Annie Florence Peck b. 14/10/1889 d. 10/12/1957 Kempsey (Stuart Judd)
  2. (m) Charles Peck b. 31/1/1891 Budgong d. 25/1/1974 Sydney
  3. (f) Violet Miles Lillian Peck b. 12/3/1893 Euralie d. 22/6/1950 NZ (James Robert Hill 1923)
  4. (m) Cecil Bertram Valentine Peck b. 31/12/1896 d. 11/5/1917 France

Peck Phoebe Elizabeth

b. 1876 Wollongong

f. James Peck m. Sarah Ann Smith *

Living Thirroul in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Peck Sarah Ann (Smith)

b. 1855 Windsor d. 12/3/1938 Haberfield br. Rookwood

m. James Peck (abt 1848 Norwich Norfolk – Son of James Peck & Amelia Aldous *) 1872 Wollongong 3823/1872

f. William Smith m. Julia *

  1. (m) Charles W Peck b. 1875 Wollongong 21831/1875
  2. (f) Phoebe Elizabeth Peck * b. 1876 Wollongong 22594/1876
  3. (m) James R Peck b. 1877 Wollongong 23204/1877
  4. (f) Amelia Ellen Peck b. 1880 Wollongong 27311/1880
  5. (m) Henry Herbert Peck b. 1883 Woonona 21186/1883 d. 1932 Macquarie Fields (Eva)
  6. (m) Frederick S Peek b. 1885 Woonona 23804/1885
  7. (f) Daisy E Peck b. 1887 Woonona 25150/1887
  8. (m) Linley K Peck b. 1887 West Maitland 26489/1887
  9. (f) Hilda A Peck b. 1891 Woonona 38964/1891

Living Thirroul in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Mrs. Sarah Ann Peck, widow of the late James Peck, former residents of Thirroul, died at Haberfield last Saturday, aged 82 years. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 18 March 1938 p 9

Peckham Fanny Clara (Smith)

b. abt 1869 d. 9/11/1918 Huntly New Zealand br. Huntly New Zealand

m. Henry William Peckham (1869 New Zealand - 12 /9/1914 Ralph Mine Disaster Huntly New Zealand Son of Henry Peckham & Margaret Hinsley) 1888 New Zealand

  1. (f) Kate Peckham b. 1888 New Zealand (Edward Buchanan 1910)
  2. (m) Harry Peckham b. 1889 New Zealand d. 1/10/1918 Le Cateau France (Ethel Caroline Evans 1916)
  3. (f) Eliza Peckham b. 1892 Helensburgh (Andrew Couper 1914)
  4. (m) Alfred George Peckham b. 1894 Helensburgh d. 1966 New Zealand
  5. (m) Berdt Peckham b. 1896 New Zealand
  6. (m) Joseph Peckham b. 1899 New Zealand
  7. (m) William Frederick Peckham b. 1901 New Zealand
  8. (m) John Ashby Peckham b. 1903 New Zealand
  9. (f) Ivy May Peckham b. 1905 New Zealand
  10. (f) Lillian Mary Peckham b. 1906 New Zealand
  11. (m) Kenneth Peckham b. 1907 New Zealand
  12. (f) Edith Myrtle Peckham b. 1909 New Zealand
  13. (f) Marjory Peckham b. 1911 New Zealand

Peckham Mary Ann Elizabeth (James)

b. 1870 Wollongong 18962/1870 d. 6/5/1949 Corrimal br. Bulli

m. Joseph Peckham (1872 New Zealand- 22/5/1935 Corrimal Son of Henry Peckham & Margaret Hinsley) 5/11/1898 Otford

f. Thomas Hall James m. Sarah Miller *

  1. (m) George J Peckham b. 1899 Helensburgh
  2. (f) Daisy Irene Peckham b. 1903 Helensburgh (Alfred C Bramsen 1923)
  3. (m) Clarence I Peckham b. 1904 Helensburgh

Living Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.


Our correspondent writes : — On 5th ult., Miss James, the only daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Hall James, was married to. Mr. Joseph Peckham of New Zealand. The happy event took place at the residence of the bride's mother, “Riverview” , Otford the officiating Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 15 November 1898 p 2


Our correspondent writes : — On 5th ult., Miss James, the only daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Hall James, was married to. Mr. Joseph Peckham of New Zealand. The happy event took place at the residence of the bride's mother, “Riverview” , Otford the officiating minister being the Rev. A. Mackay, of Wollongong. The bride, dressed in bronze brown corded silk, with white silk trimmings, veil and orange blossoms, looked charming. She carried an exquisite bouquet and wore a lovely gold brooch, both being the gifts of the bride groom. Mr. T. H. James gave the bride   away, and the, bridesmaids were Miss Shirley, Miss Lucas and the Misses Olive and Elsie James, the last two being little dots, who looked charming in buttercup and. cream. Mr. S. H. James acted as best man. On the conclusion of the marriage ceremony the guests, to the number of sixty, adjourned to James Hall, where a most sumptuous repast had been prepared. After the breakfast congratulatory speeches were made by Rev. A. Mackay, Mr. A. G. Gilchrist, Mr. King, Mr. Scharffe, Mr. Ryan and others. Dancing was kept up by the merry company till early   morn. The wedding presents were extremely numerous, and many young ladies, after viewing the handsome gifts, envied the young bride's start in matrimonial life. Among the many guests, besides those above mentioned, were: Mrs. James, sen., Mr. and Mr. T. H. James, Mr. and Mrs. W. James, Mr. G. James, Mr. and Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Frew, Mr. Ryan, Mr., Mrs. and Master Scharffe, Mrs. and Miss Hamilton, Mr. Allen Hamilton, Mrs. Shirley, Miss. F. Shirley, Mrs. and the Misses Gillis, Mr. and Mrs. Bennett, Mr. A. G. Gilchrist; Mr. and Mrs. King, the Misses Fritz, Mrs. Bragge, Mr. Cooke, Mrs, Miggins, Mrs. Welch, Mr. W. Davidson, Mr. M. Gardiner and many others. Loud were the praises showered upon the worthy hostess for the untiring efforts which she made to secure the comfort and enjoyment of her guests. That she succeeded in doing so is beyond a doubt, for everyone came away well pleased and wishing many happy returns of the day. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 15 November 1898 p 2

Mrs. M. A. E. PECKHAM At her home, Beach Road, Bellambi, on Friday, the death took place of Mrs. Mary A. E. Peckham relict of the late Mr. Joseph Peckham, at the age of 79 years. On Saturday a service was held at the Corrimal Presbyterian Church prior to the interment at Bulli cemetery. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Thursday 12 May 1949 p 7

Husband a shiftman at the South Bulli Colliery

Peech Mary Ann (Duffy)

m. William Henry Peech

  1. (f) Winifred Irene Peech b. 24/10/1900 Church St Wollongong 36894/1900 (George Laird 1921)
  2. (m) Frederick Henry Peech b. 1902 Glebe 31463/1902 d. 1958 Hurstville (Edith Pearl)

Peel Cecilia/Cecily (O’Hara/O’Hare)

b. abt 1827 Co Down

m. William Peel 1856 Newcastle on Tyne Northumberland

Ship: Palmyra 1859

  1. (m) William Peel b. 23/2/1860 Mount Keira d. 1916 Wallsend
  2. (m) Robert Peel b. 1862 Newcastle d. 1938 Wallsend (Dorothy J )

Husband had a prior family- his sons John and George who came with her to NSW. Her husband had come out prior.

See Ann Hutchinson *

Peel Sarah Hannah (Toogood)

m. Edward Peel 1860 Newcastle

  1. (m) Edward Peel b. 1861 Binalong
  2. (f) Margaret A Peel b. 1863 Newcastle d. 1933 (Mungo Brown)
  3. (f) Ada M Peel b. 1865 Bathurst
  4. (f) Isabella Peel b. 1868 Wollongong d. 1869
  5. (m) John William Peel b. 1871 d. 1872
  6. (m) John Peel b. 1873
  7. (m) Robert William Peel b. 1875
  8. (f) Hannah Peel b. 1877 Lambton d. 1877 aged 1 day
  9. (f) Hannah Peel b. 1879 Lambton
  10. (f) Isabella Peel b. 1881 d. 1881 aged 3 months
  11. (m) Ralph Peel b. 1881 d. 1881 aged 3 months

Pelham Josephine Harriet (Billyard then Delvers-Broughton)

b. 6/1/1848 Nottingham England d. 23/2/1935 England

m. Commander Francis Sullivan Delvers Broughton ( abt 1839 – 23/2/1878 Ilfracombe North  Devon Son of Rev. Thomas Delves Broughton & Frances Corkran) 14/8/1872 Belgravia

m. Cressett Thursby Pelham ( -21/12/1884 Steelfield Hall Cumberland Son of Rev Henry Thursby Pelham & ) 1881 Parramatta (1881/3541)

f. William W Billyard m. Elizabeth Cooke

  1. (m) Leigh Delves Broughton b. 17/11/1875 Hillview Malahide Ireland d. 8/5/1880 Elizabeth Farm Parramatta aged 5 years
  2. (f) Daughter Delves Broughton b. 25/2/1876 Ilfracombe North  Devon
  3. (f) Marion Ida Broughton d. 7/9/1941 England
  4. (m) Henry C Pelham b. 11/12/1881 Dapto

On the 14th August, at the Church of St. Michael's, Belgravia, Francis Sullivan Delves Broughton, Lieutenant, R.N., to Josephine Harriet, eldest daughter of W. Whaley Billyard, Esq. of Kirketon, Darlinghurst ,N.S.W. Empire (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1875) Thursday 24 October 1872 p 1

On November 17, at Hillview, Malahide, Ireland, the wife of Commander Francis S. Delves Broughton, R.N. of a son.  Empire (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1875) Friday 15 January 1875 p 1

DELVES-BROUGHTON. —February 25, at Ilfracombe, North Devon, England, the wife of Commander Francis S. Delves-Broughton, of a daughter. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Thursday 27 April 1876 p 1

PELHAM—DELVES-BROUGHTON.-February 17, at St. John's Church, Parramatta, by the Rev. Canon Gunther, Cressett Thursby Pelham, son of the late Rev. Henry Thursby Pelham, of Cound Hall, Shrewsbury, to Josephine Harriet, widow of Commander Francis Sullivan Delves-Broughton, R.N.  The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Friday 18 February 1881 p 1

“THURSBY PELHAM.—December 11, at Avondale, Dapto, the wife of Cressett Thursby Pelham, of a son.” The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 13 December 1881 p 1

Pell Eliza M A

b. abt 1853 d. 27/8/1933 Helensburgh

m. Walton Pell (abt 1836 -1892 Auburn Son of George Pell & Mary)

f. John m. Eliza

  1. (m) Thomas Pell
  2. (m) Walton George Pell b. 1/10/1882 Woollahra d. 1948 Newtown (Beatrice Helena Edmondson 1905)
  3. (f) Flora Julia Pell b. 27/12/1885 Darling Point d. 1972 Katoomba (Henry Herbert Gowing 1909)

Living Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.

PELL.— August 27th, 1933, suddenly at her residence, Hay Street, Helensburgh, Eliza Pell, loving mother of Tom, George, and Flora (Mrs. Gowing of 42 Cliff Street, Manly). Aged 80 years.

Pelling Annie Taylor (Williams then Barratt/Barrett)

Unmarried Samuel Verge Barrett (20/6/1881 Cooktown Qld- 11/8/1916 France Son of Othello Barratt & Martha Morris)

m. Walter Pelling (27/8/1885 Maryborough Qld- ) 9/10/1915 Townsville Qld

  1. (f) Helen R Barrett b. 1905 Helensburgh
  2. (m) William Byron Barratt b. 13/9/1906 Helensburgh
  3. (m) Samuel Verg Barratt b. 18/9/1908
  4. (m) Maurice Barratt b. 1/10/1912 Qld d. 12/1/1914 Cairns Qld
  5. (m) Othello Napoleon Barratt b. 18/4/1911 Qld

Living Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Living Newtown in 1922

PELLING—WILLIAMS.—On the 9th October, 1915, at St. James's Cathedral, Townsville, by the Rev. M. H. Stone, Walter Pelling, of S.S. Nelson, Townsville, to Annie Williams, of Townsville (widow). Townsville Daily Bulletin (Qld. : 1907 - 1954) Tuesday 12 October 1915 Page 4

Pembroke Elizabeth (Clarke)

b. 1865 Yallah d. 11/6/1908 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. Thomas Pembroke (1868- 28/2/1943 Port Macquarie Son of William Pembroke & Sarah Forde *) 1891 Newtown/Nowra

f. Benjamin Clarke m. Mary Ann Swan *

  1. (m) Thomas Reginald Pembroke b. 16/7/1892 Wollongong d. 1954 Kyogle
  2. (m) Roy Pembroke b. 1893 Wollongong d. 17/1/1894 Wollongong
  3. (f) Linda Lillian Pembroke b. 10/12/1895 Wollongong d. 17/12/1895 Wollongong
  4. (f) Jessie Myree Pembroke b. 1897 Wollongong
  5. (m) William B Pembroke b. 1898 Wollongong d. 1899 Wollongong
  6. (m) Alfred Edward Pembroke b. 11/1/1902 Woonona
  7. (f) Thelma E Pembroke b. 1904 Woonona
  8. (m) William Selwyn Pembroke b. 1905 Woonona d. 1915 Taree

The death occurred on Friday of Mrs. Pembroke, a highly respected resident of Wollongong. The deceased lady was a daughter of the late Mr. B. Clarke, of Albion Park, and leaves a sorrowing husband and five young children to mourn their loss. The remains were interred in the Church of England cemetery on Sunday afternoon, Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 16 June 1908 p 2

Pembroke Sarah (Forde)

b. 1842 Moree d. 2/3/1922 Moree br. Moree

m. William Pembroke (13/4/1844 Bathurst- 5/1/1922 Wollongong Son of William Pembroke & Sophia Scott) 1879 Forbes

  1. (f) Mary F Pembroke b. 1866 (William H Hughes 1903)
  2. (m) Thomas Pembroke b. 1868 d. 1943 Port Macquarie (Elizabeth Clarke * 1891)
  3. (f) Catherine Pembroke * b. 1871 (William H Markham 1890)
  4. (f) James Pembroke b. 1875
  5. (f) Sophia Pembroke b. 1877 d. 1882 Cobar
  6. (f) Frances Pembroke b. 1879 Forbes 13114/1879 d. 1879 Forbes
  7. (f) Amelia Frances Pembroke * b. 1885 (Henry Saunders 1899 div)
  8. (f) Edith B Pembroke b. 1887 Kogarah 7433/1887 (Arthur C Smith 1906)
  9. (m) Percival W Pembroke b. 1891 Wollongong 38405/1891 bp. 20/4/1891 38405/1891
  10. (m) Henry Pembroke b. 1893
  11. (m) William Pembroke b. 1907 d. 1907 Moree
  12. (f) Madeline Pembroke b. 1908 d. 1908 West Wallsend


The death occurred in the Moree District Hospital on Thursday of Mrs. Sarah Pembroke. The deceased, who reached the advanced age of 80 years, had been a resident of Moree for about 31 years. She leaves eight children — Mrs. Saunders (Wollongong), Mrs. Markham, Mrs. Wilson (Sydney), Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Hughes (Moree), and Messrs. James, Thomas and Percy— to mourn their loss. The funeral took place on Friday, the remains being interred in the R.C. portion of the cemetery, the Rev. Father Lloyd officiating at the graveside. Her husband predeceased her about six weeks ago. Moree Gwydir Examiner and General Advertiser (NSW : 1901 - 1940) Monday 6 March 1922 p 2

Pendlebury Haidee Giro (Procter)

b. 1853 Lancashire, England d. 8/9/1926 Woonona br. Bulli

m. Thomas Pendlebury (1847- 13/8/1927 Bulli) 1875 Prestwich Lancashire

f. George Procter m. Alice L .

  1. (f) Alice Louise Pendlebury b. 1876 Prestwich Lancashire d. 1951 Burwood (Herbert Partington 1901)
  2. (m) Joseph Chadwick Pendlebury b. 1881 Hamilton d. 1945 Bulli

Living Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a tile maker

DEATH AT WOONONA. Mrs. T. Pendlebury.  

The death of Mrs. Thomas Pendlebury means the separation of a couple long resident and much respected at Woonona, also known of throughout the State, as Mr Pendlebury, by means of his brickworks, has become widely known. Mrs. Pendlebury was extremely unfortunate in that her eyesight had been very defective for an extended period, and this caused all who knew her to have much sympathy. Of advanced age, being 73 years, her general health also failed a couple of months ago, having a nurse in attendance for the intervening period. A week prior to her death, which occurred at 11.30 a.m. on Wednesday, her health was of such a pronounced serious nature that the daughter, Mrs. H. Partington, who had been making repeated visits from her home in the city, decided to remain permanently with her mother -the old lady lapsing into unconsciousness a couple of days immediately preceding the death- and the husband, son and daughter were present when the end finally occurred. The funeral left the home at Woonona at 2.30 yesterday (Thursday) afternoon for the cemetery at Bulli, where the remains were interred in the Presbyterian section, Rev. A. Wood conducting the service at the graveside. The funeral was very largely attended. There is much sympathy for Mr. Pendlebury, also in advanced years, who will miss his wife, the couple being greatly attached, and the sympathy applies also to Mr. Joseph Pendlebury (son) and Mrs. Partington (daughter). Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 10 September 1926 p 2

Family came to Woonona about 1893, husband’s brickworks supplied bricks ‘throughout the Commonwealth’. The brickworks were established in 1901.

Penner Julia (Ettingshausen then Lunge)

b. 2/2/1863 Shoalhaven d. 3/4/1941 San Francisco

m. Christian Lunge 1884 Kiama 5497/1884 div. 1889

m. Henry Otto Penner ( Germany-1/10/1917 San Francisco USA) 1890 Sydney 1583/1890

f. Anton Ettinghausen m. Anna Christina Baumann *

  1. (f) Christina Lunge b. 1885 Sydney 1211/1885


This was an application on behalf of petitioner, Julia Lunge, in the suit for dissolution of her marriage with Christian Lunge to settle issues as marriage, cruelty, desertion, and adultery with various women unknown. The issues were settled as asked, and the case was set down for hearing on the 25th February, without a jury The Sydney Morning Herald 21 December 1889


Mr. Ralston appeared for the petitioner, Julia Lunge, and upon his application the decree nisi of the 25th February last for the dissolution of petitioner's marriage with Christian Lunge was made absolute, with costs, and the marriage declared dissolved ; petitioner to have the custody of the child. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 21 December 1889

Second husband was a tug master

In the 1920 US census she was an employee living at Burlingame, San Mateo County, California

Penny Catherine (Rutherford)

b. 3/1/1871 Bolong d. 19/1/1937 Sydney

m. John J Penny (1866 Kiama - Son of Edward Penny & Juliette Smith * )1890 Kiama

f. Daniel Rutherford m. Mary Ann Upton

  1. (f) Emily Penny b. 1891 Kiama
  2. (m) Edward C Penny b. 1896 Nowra
  3. (f) Iris L Penny b. 1898 Nowra
  4. (m) Evener G Penny b. 1900 Nowra

Died in hospital, in Sydney, on Tuesday, Mrs. Kate Penny, wife of John Penny, of Parramatta, and one time of Nowra, aged 65 years. The Shoalhaven News and South Coast Districts Advertiser (NSW : 1891 - 1937) Saturday 23 January 1937

Penny Jane

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (m) William Penny b. 1860 Wollongong 13978/1860

Penny Juliette/Julia (Smith)

b. 2/7/1844 Knocklofty Hobart Tas d. 6/10/1903 Nowra

m. Edward Penny (Bath Somerset- 1925 Sydney) 1865 Shoalhaven

f. John Smith m. Jane Eliza Smith or Warner

  1. (m) John J Penny b. 1866 Kiama (Catherine Rutherford * 1890)
  2. (m) Abraham Penny b. 1868 Kiama d. 1941 Parramatta
  3. (f) Mary Eliza Penny b. 1870 Kiama (Henry B Joseph 1896)
  4. (m) Charles Edward Penny b.
  5. 1872 Kiama d. 15/4/1917 France
  6. (f) Juliette Emma L Penny b. 1877 Shoalhaven (Arthur Lambkin 1918)
  7. (f) Emilie Florence Penny b. 1884 Shoalhaven ( Albert Miller 1908)
  8. (f) Sarah E Penny ( William Cockerill 1905)

The death occurred, on Tuesday morning of last week, of Mrs, E. Penny, a well-known and respected resident of the Berry district, She resided, with her husband, for a number of years at Jasper's Brush, but latterly in the Nowra Park direction. Deceased had been in failing health for some time past. The Kiama Reporter and Illawarra Journal (NSW : 1899 - 1947) Wednesday 14 October 1903 p 2

Her husband’s obituary stated that she died owing to being injured while removing their furniture from. Gerringong. to Broughton Vale.

Penton Ann Isabel (Kenning)

b. 1878 Northumberland d. 19/10/1956 Burwood

m. Charles Russell Penton (abt 1865 - 16/2/1935 Bankstown Son of David R Penton & Elizabeth J) 1898 Woonona

f. Abraham Kenning m. Elizabeth Thompson *

  1. (f) Elizabeth Stella D Penton b. 1899 Woollahra d. 1982

Living at Fairfield in 1928

Pepper Rachel (Aldous)

b. 9/5/1825 Norwich Norfolk d. 23/1/1909 Tomerong

m. John Pepper (abt 1824 England – 1909 Tomerong Son of John Pepper & Eliza) 1849 Presbyterian Wollongong V18484469 74B

f. John Aldous m. Eliza

Ship: Walmer Castle 1848

  1. (m) Thomas E Pepper b. 4/3/1850 Shoalhaven d. 1909 Sydney
  2. (f) Emma pepper b. 1852 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven
  3. (f) Louisa E pepper b. 1853 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama ; Shoalhaven
  4. (m) Charles Pepper b. 30/5/1855 Shoalhaven d. 1924 Berry
  5. (m) Samuel Pepper b. 19/7/1857 Shoalhaven d. 1888 Nowra
  6. (m) George Pepper b. 27/12/1859 Shoalhaven d. 1944 Newtown
  7. (m) Edward Pepper b. 17/3/1862 Shoalhaven d. 1921 Redfern
  8. (m) Alfred Pepper b. 9/4/1865 d. 1924 Berry

The late Mrs John Pepper, whose death at Tomerong was mentioned in our Wednesday's issue, was a native of England, and came to Shoalhaven when a child with her father, the late John Aldous, who was for some time an engineer in the employ of the Berry Estate. The Shoalhaven News and South Coast Districts Advertiser (NSW : 1891 - 1937) Saturday 30 January 1909 Page 4

Pepper Rose (Loewenthal )

b. 17/7/1872 Grafton d. 11/11/1951 Randwick

m. Edmund Knox Pepper (25/11/1867 Sydney -18/6/1946 Coogee Son of William Pepper & Louisa Caroline Arnold) 23/9/1896 St Leonards

f. Lewis Samuel Loewenthal m. Matilda Lyons

  1. (f) Doris L Pepper b. 1897 Woollahra (E Wearne)
  2. (f) Madge G Pepper b. 1901 St Leonards (M Horne)
  3. (m) Harry Edmund Knox Pepper b. 1905 Wollongong d. 31/5/1949 Coogee
  4. (f) Joyce M Pepper b. 1911 Inverell (J Rich)

Living Crown St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties.

PEPPER, Rose.—November 11, 1951, at a private hospital, Randwick, late of 69 Malabar Road, Coogee, relict of the late Edmund Knox Pepper and dear mother of Doris (Mrs. E. Wearne), Madge (Mrs. M. Horne), Harry (deceased), and Joyce (Mrs. J. Rich) The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 12 November 1951 p 14

Perkins Bridget see Donnelly Bridget

Perkins Catherine (Nestor)

b. abt 1840 Buck Galway d. 12/3/1895 Granville br. Rookwood

m. Joseph Perkins (abt 1837 Warwickshire – 20/10/1883 Prince Alfred Hospital Sydney Son of Joseph Perkins & Catherine Weston *) 1857 Sydney

f. Thomas Nestor m. Anne

Ship: 1848 Canton

  1. (m) George Edward Perkins b. 30/8/1865 Gerringong bp Kiama RC
  2. (f) Ann Cecily Perkins b. 5/5/1868 Gerringong bp Kiama RC d. 1876 Kiama
  3. (m) Linus Sydney Perkins b. 22/8/1870 Gerringong bp Kiama RC d. 1871 Kiama
  4. (f) Catherine Mary Perkins b. 19/9/1871 Gerringong bp Kiama RC
  5. (m) Henry Frederick Perkins b. 5/101/1874 Gerringong bp Kiama RC

Husband a farmer and shop keeper, who was died due to a tram accident, it was noted that she was with him when he died.

In July 1872 Joseph Perkins’ dwelling-house and general store was totally destroyed by a large fire in Gerringong , and uninsured.

PERKINS.-March 12, 1895, at her residence, Trongate-street, Granville, Catherine Perkins, relict of the late Joseph Perkins, aged 54. R.I.P. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Thursday 14 March 1895 p 1

Perkins Catherine (Weston)

b. 1805 Killshandra Cavan Ireland d. 1867 Kiama

m. Joseph Perkins (abt 1809 Priors Hardwick Warwickshire England – 29/12/1882 Gerringong Son of Abraham Perkins & Sarah)

f. Patrick Weston m. Mary Ann O’Hare

Ship: Royal Saxon 1844

  1. (f) Elizabeth Weston b. abt 1825 Warwickshire
  2. (m) James Perkins b. abt 1834 Warwickshire (Mary Anne Marceau 1867)
  3. (m) Linus Perkins b. 18/5/1836 Warwick England d. 1908 Parramatta (Sarah Madeline Rousell * 1861)
  4. (m) Joseph Perkins b. abt 1837 Warwickshire d. 20/10/1883 Sydney (Catherine Nester * 1857)
  5. (m) Michael Perkins b. abt 1835 Warwickshire

Perkins Charlotte (Isaacs)

b. abt 1810 Gloucestershire

m. Isaacs

m. William Perkins 1/9/1841 RC Wollongong

Convict Permission to Marry Index 1841 Wollongong

Ship: Surrey 1 1840

Convict indent:

7 Years
could read and write
Marital status
Housemaid and washes
Shop lifting
Oxford Assizes 27/2/1840
7 years

Isaacs Charlotte, alias Perkins, Surry (9), 33, Gloucestershire, housemaid, and washes 5 feet 1 inch, ruddy comp., brown hair, blue grey eyes, scar over left eye brow, another near left nostril, mole on right cheek two small moles on upper, tattoo one on lower right arm, same on left arm, scar on left thumb, from Female Factory Parramatta, since 2nd October, 1843 Government Gazette Private Notices - New South Wales Government Gazette (Sydney, NSW : 1832 - 1900) Friday 8 December 1843 Page 1618

Absconded and date captured - Isaacs Charlotte or Perkins, Surry, from her husband, Perkins, on 28th ultimo. Government Gazette Private Notices - New South Wales Government Gazette (Sydney, NSW : 1832 - 1900) Friday 5 January 1844 Page 35

Charlotte Isaacs, a prisoner of the Crown, was charged with absconding, she having left her assigned service in 1846. She was ordered to be returned to Government. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 28 October 1851 p 2

Perkins Elizabeth Emma

b. abt 1857 d. 25/12/1921 Wollongong

m. William Lloyd Perkins (abt 1850- 29/4/1940 Arncliffe Son of James Perkins & )

f. John m. Katherine

  1. (m) Malcolm Wemyss Perkins b. 1887 Petersham d. 1970 Arncliffe
  2. (f) Elizabeth Ruby Perkins b. 1889 Sydney d. 1962 Helensburgh (Carl O N Groll 1913)
  3. (m) Sylvester William Perkins b. 1891 Kiama 18082/1891 (Fannie Beatrice Williams 1915 div)

PERKINS. — In loving memory of my dear wife, Elizabeth Emma Perkins, who departed this life December 25, 1921: aged 64 years.

I miss you most: I loved you best.

Inserted by her loving husband, William L. Perkins. The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930) Tuesday 26 December 1922 p 4

Perkins Emma

b. 1871 d. 24/9/1953 br. Bulli

m. Edward Perkins ( 1870- 21/6/1955 Son of George Perkins & Mary Ann)

f. John m. Emma

  1. (f) Lilian May Perkins b. 1892 d. 5/7/1952 Bulli (Thomas Bourne 1915)
  2. (f) Evelyn Emma Perkins b. 1894 Liverpool d. 1955 Bulli (Clarence Liggett 1917)
  3. (m) Edward Arthur Perkins b. 1896 Liverpool d. 1963 Bulli
  4. (m) Ernest A Perkins b. 1901 Liverpool


Mrs. Emma Perkins, of 23 Alfred Street, Woonona, passed away at her home on Thursday night at the age of eighty- two years. The late Mrs. Perkins, who was well known in the Woonona area, was the wife of Mr. Edmund Perkins, and the mother of Lillian (Mrs. Bourne dec.). Eva (Mrs. C. Liggett), Edward, and Ernest. Rev. H. Hobden officiated at the funeral on Saturday afternoon, which moved from St. Paul's Church of England, Woonona, to the Bulli cemetery. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Monday 28 September 1953 p 2

Perkins Hannah (Flynn)

b. 1867 Shoalhaven d. 11/3/1917 Byron Bay br. Casino

m. William Charles Perkins 1892 Kiama

f. James Flynn m. Hannah

  1. (f) Agnes L Perkins b. 1893 Robertson
  2. (m) James William Perkins b. 1894 Burrawang d. 2/3/1917 France
  3. (f) Catherine H Perkins b. 1896 Nowra
  4. (f) Mary T Perkins b. 1897 Nowra
  5. (m) Joseph F Perkins b. 1900 Nowra
  6. (m) Stanley Charles Perkins b. 1902 Murwillumbah d. 1961 Port Macquarie
  7. (f) Rosey A Perkins b. 1903 Murwillumbah
  8. (m) Aubrey Edmund Perkins b. 1907 Murwillumbah d. 1982 Croydon Park


The death of Mrs. W Perkins, late of Greenridge, was a sad one. Deceased who was only 49 years of age, had been unwell for some time, and had gone to Byron Bay for her health's sake. It was of no avail, and she died on Sunday. Mrs. Perkins left a husband and seven children, four sons and three daughters . The eldest son is now at the front. The family formerly resided at Mullumbimby, removing to Greenridge about 10 years ago.

The remains were interred at the Roman Catholic portion of the Casino cemetery, Casino and Kyogle Courier and North Coast Advertiser (NSW : 1904 - 1932) Wednesday 14 March 1917 p 5

Perkins Mary Anne (Marceau)

b. 1847 NSW d. 26/8/1936 Lakemba br. CofE Rookwood

m. James Perkins (abt 1834 Warwickshire - 4/6/1908 Royal Prince Alfred Hospital/ Newtown Son of Joseph Perkins & Catherine Weston * ) 20/2/1867 St Francis Xavier’s Wollongong

f. Joseph Marceau m. Mary Barrett *

  1. (f) Ellen Catherine Perkins b. 3/3/1868 Gerringong bp Kiama RC
  2. (f) Emily M Perkins b. 3/4/1869 Gerringong bp Kiama RC
  3. (m) Frederick Hammond Perkins b. 6/4/1871 Gerringong bp Kiama RC d. 1945 Waverley
  4. (m) Frances Michael S Perkins b. 1873 Tambaroora
  5. (u) Unnamed Perkins b. 1876 Wellington d. 1876 Wellington
  6. (m) Clarence James Perkins b. 1880 Wellington d. 1962 Lidcombe
  7. (m) Leslie Joseph Perkins b. 18/11/1888 Albion Park /Hill End. 17/12/1897 Albion Park RC

“On the 20th instant, by special license, at St. Francis Xavier, Wollongong, by the Rev. Dean Flanagan, JAMES, eldest son of   JOSEPH PERKINS, Esq., Gerringong, Illawarra, to MARY, eldest daughter of JOSEPH MARCEAU, Esq., Dapto, Illawarra.”SMH 23 February 1867

They seem to have changed religion.

Perkins Mary Jane Shearer (Frazer)

b. 1827 Dundee Scotland d. 14/6/1898 Newybar

m. Peter Perkins (3/4/1826 Sydney-5/6/1913 Uki Son of Peter Perkins ) 1845 Presbyterian Wollongong V18454413 74B

f. William Frazer m. Jane Craig

  1. (f) Jane Perkins b. 1845 bp. Presbyterian Wollongong
  2. (f) Mary Perkins * b. 1847 d. 1934 Qld (John Hockey 1865)
  3. (f) Elizabeth Perkins b. 11/8/1849 Albion Park d. 1/1/1939 Brisbane Qld (Charles Kemp)
  4. (m) William Perkins b. 18/8/1851 Wollongong d. 19/8/1928 Elizabeth Hamilton 1875, Margaret Ann Knilands)
  5. (m) James Perkins b. 1853 bp. Presbyterian Wollongong
  6. (m) John Perkins b. 13/11/1855 Terry’s Meadows (Sarah Ann Hamilton)
  7. (f) Ann Perkins b. 1862 Kiama
  8. (f) Fanny Perkins b. 1865 Kiama
  9. (f) Harriet Perkins b. 1868 Shoalhaven
  10. (f) Emily Perkins b. 1871 Shoalhaven

In 1962 her husband was working as a labourer for Samuel Marks at Terry's Meadows

Perkins Sarah (Bishop)

m. James Perkins 1872 Patricks Plain

  1. (f) Amelia Perkins b. 27/4/1877

Perkins Sarah Jane (Gamble)

b. abt 1876 Danesmoor Derbyshire d. 1942 Newcastle cr.

m. David Perkins (1877 Kiama - 1/6/1939 Newcastle Son of Joseph Perkins & Bridget Kennedy * see Donnelly ) 1899 Hamilton

f. Richard Gamble m. Eliz

  1. (f) Millicent Muriel Perkins b. 1900 Kiama (George W Thomas 1922)
  2. (m) Lionel Joseph Perkins b. 1903 Wickham d. 1952 Boolaroo
  3. (m) Henry Clayton Perkins b. 1912 Uralla

Perkins Sarah Madeline (Rousell)

b. 23/4/1841 Kissing Point d. 1907 Parramatta

m. Linus Perkins (b. 18/5/1836 Warwick England - 1908 Parramatta Son of Joseph Perkins & Catherine Weston *) 19/10/1861 Parramatta

f. Moise Roussel m. Sarah

  1. (m) Frederick E Perkins b. 1862 Kiama
  2. (f) Catherine S H Perkins b. 1865 Penrith
  3. (m) Arthur R Perkins b. 1867 Penrith
  4. (m) Horace W Perkins b. 1869 Penrith
  5. (m) Joseph Abraham R Perkins b. 1871 Penrith
  6. (f) Mary Emily Adelaide Perkins b. 1873 Penrith
  7. (m) Stanley Henderson D Perkins b. 1878 Penrith
  8. (f) Jessie Grace Perkins b. 1880 Penrith

On the 19th instant, by special license, at Parramatta, by the Rev. J. A. Manton Linus, third son of Mr. Joseph Perkins, of Gerringong, Illawarra, to Sarah Madeline, only daughter of Moise Roussel[?], Esq., of Mount Capicure, Eastern Creek, Western Road.  The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 22 October 1861 p 1

Perkins Theresa

b. 1873 Kiama

Unmarried or no father listed

f. Joseph Perkins m. Bridget Kennedy * see Donnelly

  1. (f) Louisa A Perkins b. 1893 Kiama

Perrott Alice Emma (Kemp )

b. 1857 Shoalhaven d. 31/10/1921 Petersham br. St Thomas North Sydney

m. Thomas Montgomery Perrott (1839 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven -18/3/1918 Petersham Son of Dr Thomas Montgomery Perrott & Mary Joanna Issell *) 17/5/1883 Sydney

f. Richard Hinde Fox Kemp m. Sarah Sophia Hyland

  1. (m) Arthur Kemp Perrott b. 24/3/1884 St Leonards
  2. (m) Herbert A Perrott b. 4/9/1885 St Leonards
  3. (m) Frederick G Perrott b. 1887 St Leonards d. 1887 St Leonards
  4. (m) Cecil Hubert Perrott b. 29/9/1888 Newton Brownsville
  5. (f) Ethel S Perrott b. 30/1/1891 Burradale Jamberoo
  6. (m) John Beatty Perrott b. 23/11/1893 Burradale Jamberoo
  7. (f) Alice M Perrott b. 15/5/1895 Burradale Jamberoo
  8. (m) Harold Edward Perrott b. 1897 Kiama d. 1978

PERROTT—KEMP.— May 17, at Holy Trinity Church, Sydney, by the Rev. R. E. Kemp, M.A., brother of the bride, assisted by the Ven. Archdeacon King, B.A., Thomas Montgomery, youngest son of the late Dr. Perrott, of H. M.'s 41st Regiment, to Alice Emma, second daughter of R. H. F. Kemp, Esq., of Currumbene, St. Leonards. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Thursday 24 May 1883 p 1

PERROTT.– Mar. 24 at her residence, Myrtle-street, St. Leonards, the wife of T. M. Perrott, of a son.The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 29 March 1884 p 1

PERROTT.—September 4, at her residence, St. Leonards, the wife of T. M. Perrott, of a son. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 12 September 1885 p 1

PERROTT.-September 29, at her residence, Newton, Brownsville, Illawarra, the wife of T. M. Perrott, of a son. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 8 October 1888 p 1

PERROTT - January 30 at her residence Burradale, Jamberoo the wife of T. M. Perrott., Esq. of a daughter. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 9 February 1891 p 7

PERROTT.-November 23, at her residence, Burra Dale, Jamberoo, the wife of T. M. Perrott, of a son. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 13 December 1893 p 1

PERROTT.-May 15, at her residence, Burra Dale, Jamberoo, the wife of T. M. Perrott, of a daughter. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 4 June 1895 p 1

PERROTT - October 31 at Roslyn Belgrave Street Petersham Alice Emma, widow of the late T Perrott, dearly beloved mother of Arthur K., Herbert A., John B., Mabel A., and Harold E Perrott, Mrs F. McDowell and the late Cecil H. Perrott (18th Batt. A.I.F.) dearly beloved sister of Miss L. V. Kemp and Mrs H L. Barrington Private interment St Thomas Cemetery North Sydney By request no mourning. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 5 November 1921 p 12

Perrott Fanny Marianne (Raine)

b. 16/12/1828 Sydney V18288993 1C/1828 d. 12/12/1919 Armidale br. Kelly’s Plains

m. Robert Issell Perrott (1822 Plymouth -1895 Uralla Son of William M Perrott & Mary Joanna Issell *) 1855 V185568 43B/1855

f. Thomas Raine m. Fanny E Worsley

  1. (f) Fanny M T M Perrott b. 1/9/1855 Meadow Bank, Kiama V18554693 42B/1855
  2. (f) Isabel Cornish Montgomery Perrott b. 17/1/1857 Meadow Park Kiama 8046/1858 ( Thomas G Wilson 1881)
  3. (m) Robert T Perrott b. 14/12/1859 Meadow Bank Kiama 8515/1859
  4. (f) Ellen L Perrott b. 9/8/1861 Meadow Bank Kiama bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama ; Shoalhaven V1861935 155/1861
  5. (m) Alfred H Perrott b. 1863 Armidale 4452/1863
  6. (m) Edward m Perrott b. 1865 4902/1865
  7. (f) Mary I O Perrott b. 1866 Armidale 5058/1866
  8. Thomas M TT Perrott b. 5/11/1868 Haroldston Armidale 5527/1868
  9. (f) Elizabeth T Perrott b. 1870 Armidale 5891/1870
  10. (m) Harold Athelstan Perrott b. 1872 Armidale 5917/1872

On the 24th instant, by special license, at St. Paul's Church, Carcoar, by the Rev. P. P. Agnew, Robert Issell Perrott, Esq., of Meadow Bank, Illawarra, to Fanny Marianne, eldest daughter of Thomas Raine, Esq., of Frederick's Valley. The Sydney Morning Herald 30 January 1855

On the 1st instant, at Meadow Bank, Kiama, Illawarra, the wife of Robert Issell Perrott, Esq., of a daughter. The Sydney Morning Herald 6 September 1855

On the 17th Instant, at Meadow Park, near Kiama, Illawarra, the wife of R. J. Perrott, Esq, of a daughter. Bell’s Life in Sydney and Sporting Reviewer 24 January 1857

At Meadow Bank, near Kiama, on the 8th instant, the wife of Robert Issell Perrott, Esq., of a daughter. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Monday 14 June 1858 p 3

On the 14th instant, at Meadow Bank, near Kiama, the wife of Robert Issell Perrott, Esq., of a son. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 17 December 1859

On the 9th instant, at Meadow Bank, Kiama, the wife of Robert Issell Perrott, Esq., of a daughter. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 14 August 1861

Death of Mrs. Perrott.

We regret to have to record the death of Mrs. Perrott, of Haroldston, daughter of the late Captain Thomas Raine, of Rainham, Frederick's Valley, Bathurst, and widow of the late Robert Issel Perrott, on Thursday night, at her residence, Haroldston, after several months illness. In 1861 the deceased lady came to this district with her husband. She was born in Sydney on 16th December, 1828, and was therefore within a few days of her 91st birthday at the time of her death. She was married in the year 1854, and the result of the union was eleven children, of whom all are living except a married daughter (Mrs. Wilson). The surviving family included Messrs, Robert Perrott (Herberton, Q-), Alfred Haroldston (Chevy Chase, Armidale), Edward Montgomery (Sydney), Thomas Issell (London), Harold Athelston (Haroldston, Armidale), Mrs. Roger Wilson (Warwick), Misses Emily, Nellie, Mary, and Elizabeth (all of Haroldston). Deceased's husband, who died in 1895, at Haroldston, was for many years a police magistrate, and was stationed, amongst other towns, at Waratah, Port Macquarie, and Hay. He purchased Haroldston from the Crown in 1861, and subsequently took advantage of Sir John Robertson's Land Act to select an added area. The late Mr. Perrott laid out and developed the property during his lifetime, and. made it one of the finest in the district. By The death of Mrs. Perrott, the district loses one of the early pioneers of the district who, throughout a long residence, has held the respect of all. When she and her husband first ascended the slopes of the plateau they had to journey by bullock dray. There was no rail communication in those days, and the journey was an undertaking to try the courage of the most intrepid. Since that time there have been many developments in the district, and in its progress the Perrott family have played no unimportant part. The funeral took place on Saturday afternoon in the Kelly's Plains churchyard, the remains being interred beside those of her late husband,The Armidale Express and New England General Advertiser (NSW : 1856 - 1861; 1863 - 1889; 1891 - 1954) Tuesday 16 December 1919 p 2

Had a stained glass window at the CofE church at Kelly’s Plains near Armidale.

Perrott Mary Joanna (Issell)

b. 1803 Plymouth Devon d. 21/7/1879 The Crow’s Nest Lane Cove Road St Leonards br. Jamberoo

m. Dr. Thomas Montgomery Perrott (28/3/1786 Petworth Sussex England - 12/2/1853 Meadow Bank Jamberoo Son of Benjamin Goddard Perrott & Mary Barnes) 1/7/1819 St. Dunstan’s Stepney London

f. Robert Issell m. Elizabeth Matthews

Ship: Duncan 1839

  1. (m) Mary Elizabeth Montgomery Perrott * b. 1825 Plymouth d. 25/9/1878 Woodside Jamberoo ( James Hukins 1842)
  2. (m) Robert Issell Perrott b. 1822 Plymouth d. 1895 Uralla (Fanny M Raine * 1855 )
  3. (m) Leopoldine Georgina Perrott b. 1832 Plymouth d. 2/9/1904 St Leonards
  4. (m) Emily Harriet Perrott * b. abt 1833 d. 6/2/1869 South Gundagai (George R H Stuckey 1859)
  5. (m) Josephine Octavia Ellen Perrott b. 1838 Plymouth d. 21/7/1904 St Leonards
  6. (m) Augusta Emma Ernestine Perrott * b. 1836 Plymouth d. 24/5/1907 St Leonards ( James Macartney Beaty 1864)
  7. (m) Isabel Bremer Perrott * b. 1834 Plymouth d. 1914 St Leonards ( John James Macartney Beatty 1870)
  8. (m) Thomas Montgomery Perrott b. 1839 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven d. 18/3/1918 Petersham (Alice Emma Kemp * 1883)
  9. (m) Alfred Perrott b. 1842 d. 1846
  10. (m) Frances Perrott b. 1842 d. 1847
  11. (m) Harriett P Perrott * b. 1843 Jamberoo bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven d. 1893 Scone ( Merion H Moriarty 1867)

PERROTT–July 21, at the house of her son-in-law, Dr. Beatty, St. Leonards, Mary Joanna, widow of the late Dr. Perrott, of Meadow Bank, Kiama. Australian Town and Country Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1870 - 1907) Saturday 26 July 1879 p 42

Perry Caroline Elizabeth (Johnson)

d. 14/12/1853 Kiama br. Kendall’s Kiama

m. Captain Samuel Augustus Perry (14/3/1787 London - 15/1/1854 Kiama Son of Jabez Perry & Ann) 12/4/1817 Hammersmith London

f. James Johnson m.

Ship: Sovereign 1929

  1. (m) Thomas Augustus Perry b. 18/2/1818 Hammersmith London d. 9/6/1872 Bendemeer (Selina Rose Marlay 1840)
  2. (f) Ellen Elizabeth Sally Perry b. abt 1820 d. 8/2/1895 Toowoomba Qld
  3. (m) Frederick William Perry b. 9/6/1823 Belgium d. 29/5/1883 Liverpool (Julia Marie Weston 1858)
  4. (f) Emma Caroline Perry b. before 1829 d. 2/11/1844 Regents Park London (Henry Charles Rawnsley 1842)
  5. (f) Mary Russell Perry b. abt 1825 Dominica d. 8/7/1914 Toowoomba Qld ( Richard Marlay 1854)
  6. (m) John James Perry b. abt 1827 Dominica d. 1859 Brisbane Moreton Bay Qld
  7. (m) George Murray Perry b. 1829 Sydney d. 25/3/1904 Kensington London (Elizabeth Styleman Fletcher 1856)
  8. (m) Henry Mair Perry b. 1832 Sydney d. 11/1/1916 Goondiwindi Qld
  9. (m) Alexander Todd Perry b. 1834 d. 1910 Moree
  10. (f) Jane Eliza Perry b. 1836 Sydney d. 20/3/1899 Warwick Qld (Julius Selke 1859 )

Her husband was reputed to be a friend of the Irish poet Sir Thomas Moore.

Husband served in the Peninsular Wars under Sir George Murray who later aided in securing the post of Deputy-Surveyor- General. This is likely to be why their fourth son has the middle name Murray.

At Kiama, on the 14th instant, Caroline Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Captain Perry. Empire 16 December 1853

At Kiama, on Sunday, the 15th instant, Samuel Augustus Perry, Esq., for many years Deputy-Surveyor- General of this colony Empire 18 January 1854

Perry Elizabeth Jane (Markham)

b. 11/1/1862 Marshall Mount 15177/1862 d. 20/8/1942 Randwick br. Botany

m. Frederick Weston Perry ( abt 1859 St George -16/8/1919 Mascot Son of Frederick William Perry & Julia Maria Weston ) 18/12/1883 Residence of James Markham Marshal Mount

f. James Markham m. Margaret Thompson *

  1. (f) May Perry b. 26/9/1885 Marshall Mount d. before 1942 (Peter MacKey 1902)
  2. (f) Ada Perry b. 26/3/1887 Marshall Mount d. before 1942
  3. (f) Eva Perry b. 22/8/1888 Marshall Mount
  4. (m) Frederick William Perry b. 28/6/1890 Marshall Mount d. 9/9/1954
  5. (m) Francis Perry b. 10/7/1892 Albion Park
  6. (m) Eric Perry b. 1896 Wollongong

Living South Coast Rd Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a labourer.

PERRY.-August 20. 1942. in a private hospital Randwick Elizabeth Jane Perry, of 533 Gardeners Road. Mascot, widow of Frederick Weston Perry and loving mother of May (deceased), Ada (deceased) Eva, Frederick, Eric, and beloved sister of Mrs. Judd. Mrs. Copis, Mrs. Bessell, Mrs. Ward, and Mr. John Markham, in her 80th year. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Friday 21 August 1942 p 10

Husband the great grandchild of Major George Johnston who arrested Governor Bligh, and grandparents were Samuel A Perry and Caroline Elizabeth Johnson *

Perry Ellen (Carne)

b. abt 1849 Durham England d. 1929 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. William Perry (abt 1852 Durham-31/1/1923 Bellambi) 1876 Auckland Durham

Ship: Dunbar Castle 1877

Living Bellambi in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband an engineer. William an uncle of Ruby Owen.

Mrs. Ellen Perry, of Market street, Wollongong, relict of the late William Perry, died on Sunday, aged 80. She was born in England, and came to Australia 52 years ago with her husband (who predeceased her seven years ago). Deceased was of a quiet disposition, and since her husband's death had resided with her cousin, Miss Wale. The remains were interred in the Methodist cemetery, Wollongong, Rev. R. H. Doust officiating. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 1 November 1929 p 16

PERRY.—The Friends of Mrs. ELLEN PERRY are kindly invited to attend her Funeral, to leave her residence, St. Day, Market-street, Wollongong, TO-MORROW, TUESDAY, at 2 p.m, for the Methodist Cemetery, Wollongong.

Perry Hannah see Parry

Perry Mary (Murphy)

m. William Perry 12/10/1851 RC Dapto

  1. (f) Mary M Perry b. 23/9/1856 Jamberoo bp Kiama RC

He resident Jamberoo she of Kiama. Husband a labourer. A William Perry was resident at Jamberoo in the 1860’s –he was known as ‘Lying Will’.

Perry Phoebe Ann (Parkes)

b. from 1865 Staffordshire d. 1/2/1962 Wollongong br. Wollongong Methodist

m. Samuel Perry (abt 1862 Staffordshire- 1/11/1933 Kembla Heights) 1884 West Bromwich

f. William Parkes m. Mary Ellen

Ship: abt 1893

  1. (m) John Henry Perry b. 1888 Staffordshire d. 1976 (Daisy)
  2. (m) Matthew Perry b. abt 1890 Staffordshire d. 1961 Bulli (Elizabeth Beecham 1911)
  3. (m) Edward Perry b. abt 1892 d. 1973 Wollongong (Agnes May Kirkwood 1922)

Living at Kembla Heights in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties Samuel Perry a miner.

Peters Mary

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (m) John A Peters b. 1902 Woonona

Peters Mary A

m. Ferdinand Peters

  1. (f) Mary A Peters b. 1860 Wollongong 13822/1860
  2. (f) Matilda Peters b. 1862 Maitland 9670/1862
  3. (m) Ferdinand Peters b. 1865 Morpeth 11261/1865

Peterson Abigail

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (m) James E Peterson b. 1890 Wollongong

Peterson Emma (Pickering)

b. abt 1861 Hull d. 20/9/1940 br. Wollongong

m. John Thomas Peterson (- 24/11/1937) 1881 Hull England

f. George Pickering m. Jane

  1. (m) Arthur Thomas Peterson b. abt 1882 Hull England d. 19/7/1929 Wollongong
  2. (f) Alma Peterson b. 1886 Wollongong d. 1966 Kogarah
  3. (f) Gertrude M Peterson b. 1888 Wollongong (William J Chaseling 1910)
  4. (f) Olive E Peterson b. 1890 Wollongong (Norman E C Cupit 1923)
  5. (f) Emma Peterson b. 1897 Wollongong (Edwin A Cupit 1924)

Living at Smith St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties


We regret to announce the death of Mrs. Emma Peterson, widow of the late John Thomas Peterson, who was a well-known resident of Wollongong to a number of years. She had resided for 45 years in the one home. The late Mrs. Peterson did not take Part in public affairs but she had a circle of friends who admired her good neighbourly qualities. She was devoutly attached to the Methodist Church. One son, Arthur, who fought in the last war, predeceased his mother. The other members of the family are Mrs. W. J. Chaseling, Mrs. N. E. Cupid, Mrs. E. A. Cupid and Miss Peterson. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 20 September 1940 p 11

Petersen Harriett (Thomas then Rutledge)

b. 8/1/1878 Kiama d. 19/4/1951 Woonona br. Bulli

Unmarried or no father listed

m. Archibald Rutledge (abt 1879-1906 Oak Flats Son of David Rutledge & Elspeth James * )1902 Bowral

m. Arthur W Peterson ( 1874- 16/5/1931 Woonona Son of John Petersen & Laura) 1907 Wollongong

f. James Thomas m. Jane Piper *

  1. (m) Albert Rutledge/Thomas b. 1900 Albion Park
  2. (f) Elspeth M Rutledge b. 1904 Albion Park (Campbell J Martin 1921)
  3. (f) Alma E Petersen b. 1907 Woonona (George W Ratley 1924)
  4. (m) Alfred Kenneth Petersen b. 1909 Woonona d. 1974
  5. (f) Lorna I Petersen b. 1911 Woonona (Francis J Quinn 1930)
  6. (m) Ronald J Petersen b. 1913 Woonona d. 1913 Woonona
  7. (m) Alan C Petersen b. d. 1918 Bulli

Living Albion Park in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties


Mrs. Harriett Petersen died at her residence, Main Road, Woonona, yesterday. She was aged 53. Her husband, Mr. Arthur Petersen, died about 20 years ago. Mrs. Petersen, who had resided in Woonona for over 30 years, is survived by a grown-up family. The funeral will be to the Methodist Cemetery, Bulli, today. Illawarra Daily Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1950 - 1954) Friday 20 April 1951 p 3

Petersen Jane Anne see Hunt

Petersen Maria

m. Soren Petersen

  1. (m) James P Petersen b. 1861 Kiama
  2. (m) Alfred Emilus Petersen b. 1878 Waterloo

Peterson Maria E M (Rogers)

d. 12/12/1943 Hurstville

m. Peter John Peterson 1891 Lismore

  1. (m) Rupert J P Peterson 1891 Lismore
  2. (f) Muriel G Peterson b. 1893 Lismore
  3. (m) John Peter Peterson b. 1895 Casino
  4. (f) Florence M Peterson b. 1897 Casino
  5. (m) Frank S Peterson b. 1903 Wollongong
  6. (f) Mildred R Peterson b. 1911 Wollongong
  7. (f) Ivy Peterson

Living at Port Kembla in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband an engine driver.


A tremendous blaze was responsible for completing destroying the building and contents, of the seven-roomed residence in Wentworth Road, Port Kembla, owned and occupied by Mr. Peter John Peterson, and used as a residence and maternity hospital. Fortunately there were no patients present at the time. The fire was discovered by Miss Mildred Peterson, who was awakened by the smoke, pouring into her room. She rushed immediately in to the passage, and found the centre of the building alight. She roused the rest of the household, who escaped in their night attire. The building consisted of seven rooms with kitchen, and was constructed of weatherboard. The house and contents were insured for £850 in the South British Assurance Company, and the Australian Mutual Assurance Company. Good work was done by the Fire Brigade, which was on the scene in good time, and soon had the flames in hand. The Brigade was handicapped by the low pressure in the water mains. Mrs. Butterworth and Mr. Cliff Lindsay provided refreshments for the firemen. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 2 September 1927 p 11

PETERSON- December 12, 1943, at 3 Denman Street, Hurstville, Maria Peterson(Nurse) late of Port Kembla, beloved wife of Peter and loving mother of Rupert, Muriel, Florrie, Jack, Frank, Mildred and Ivy, aged 70 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 13 December 1943 p 8

Peterson Mary Ann

Living at Port Kembla in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Peterson Mary Ann (Lindsay)

b. 1869 d. 1/3/1944 Lindfield br. Northern Suburbs

m. Carl Peterson (abt 1862 -23/10/1924 Killara) 13/11/1889 Dapto

f. George Lindsay m. Eliza Little *

  1. (m) George Lindsay Peterson b. 11/10/1890 Clifton d. 6/11/1974 Killara (Muriel Bertha Forsyth 1924)
  2. (f) Hilda E Peterson b. 1897 Albion Park (Syd Denmark)

Living South Coast Rd Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband of independent means.

PETERSON— LINDSAY - November 13th, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. J. Stack, Carl Peterson, of Clifton, to Mary Ann, second daughter of George Lindsay, Sunny Side, Dapto. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Saturday 7 December 1889 p 2

PETERSON —March 1, 1944, Mary Ann   of 39 Bayswater Road, Lindfield (late of Pymble) widow of the late Carl Peterson and dearly loved mother of George and Hulda (Mrs. Denmark) and mother-in-law of Muriel Peterson and the late Syd. Denmark and nana of Judith and David aged 74 years. Privately interred March 3 at Northern Suburbs Cemetery. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Friday 3 March 1944 p 10

Petersen Mary Anne (Nunan)

b. 28/7/1857 Dapto d. 24/12/1910 Wollongong

m. Hans Henry Petersen (Norway - 12/5/1925 Mt Pleasant Son of Peter Hensen & Tarin Jacobs) 14/5/1894 St Francis Xavier’s

f. John Nunan m. Mary Healey *

  1. (m) Albert Henry Francis Petersen b. 9/5/1895 Port Kembla d. 1960 Cootamundra
  2. (m) Richard Stanley Petersen b. 5/4/1897 Port Kembla
  3. (f) Maria Adelaide Petersen b. 22/9/1899 Port Kembla d. 15/3/1983 Wollongong (John Arthur Stanbridge )
  4. (m) George Victor Petersen b. 5/11/1901 Port Kembla

PETERSON— NUNAN. — May 14, at St. Francis Xavier's Church, Wollongong, by Rev. Father Byrne, Hans Peterson, of Norway, to Mary, third daughter of the late Mr. J. Nunan, Dapto. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Thursday 14 June 1894 p 2

Petersen Stella see Stoker Estella

Pettersen Ellen (Gibbons then Geraghty)

b. 27/4/1841 Sydney V18411385 133/1841 d. 23/11/1929 Woodlawn Lismore br. Lismore

m. James Geraghty (11/8/1832 Illawarra – 17/9/1886 Lismore Son of Patrick Geraghty & Martha Foley *) 1858 Wollongong 2925/1858

m. Willyams Petterson ( abt 1850- 1935 Lismore) 1892 Lismore

f. Edward Gibbons m. Catherine McQuirk *

  1. (m) Edward J Geraghty b. 1859 Wollongong 14043/1859
  2. (f) Josephine Mary Geraghty b. 20/4/1861 Richmond River 12585/1861 d. 1902 St Marys
  3. (f) Horatia Mary Geraghty b. 27/123/1862 5540/1863 d. 1895
  4. (m) Walter Patrick Geraghty b. 8/9/1864 Berowra 6023/1864 d. 1941 Lismore
  5. (f) Teresa Ann Geraghty b. 19/3/1866 Richmond River 14445/1866 d. 1940 Nundah Qld
  6. (m) James William Geraghty b. 28/1/1868 Richmond River 15944/1868 d. 1885 Lismore
  7. (m) Charles Joseph Geraghty b. 5/6/1870 Richmond River 16585/1870 d. 1949 Nundah Qld
  8. (f) Letitia Frances Geraghty b. 17/4/1873 Richmond River 17971/1873 d. 1952 Sydney
  9. (f) Florence Helena Geraghty b. 2/8/1875 Richmond River 19004/1875 d. 1875
  10. (f) Ethel Maud Geraghty b. 1/3/1877 Richmond River 19921/1877 d. 1973 Leura
  11. (f) Agnes Gertrude Geraghty b. 19/4/1879 Lismore 22629/1879

On the 14th instant, by special license, at St Francis Xavier Church, Wollongong, by the Rev. Father Johnson, James, eldest son of Mr P. Geraghty Bulli, to Ellen, eldest daughter of the late Mr E. Gibbon, Fairy Meadow; both natives of the colony. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Monday 20 September 1858 p 3


The death occurred at Woodlawn on Saturday last of Mrs. Ellen Petterson. The late Mrs. Petterson was born in Sydney in 1841 and at the age of 17 years married at Wollongong, James Geraghty. There are six children surviving, Theresa and Charles with whom Mrs. Petterson was residing at the time of her death. Mrs. Carmichel (Homebush), Mrs. Chie (Parramatta) Mrs. Woods (Parramatta), and Walter Geraghty (of Glebe, Sydney) Mrs. Petterson removed to Woodlawn in 1865 and resided there almost continually until the time of her death. She later married Mr. William Petterson of Dunoon Road. The funeral cortege left St. Carthages Cathedral, Lismore, on Sunday afternoon and the remains were buried in the old Roman Catholic cemetery, the Rev. Father McGrath officiating. Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954) Wednesday 27 November 1929 p 8

Pettingell Clara Eliza (Brayne)

b. 1858 d. 4/4/1953 Croydon

m. Joseph John Pettingell (-22/2/1938 Western Suburbs Hospital) 26/5/1880 Wagga Wagga

f. Alfred Cecil Brayne m. Eliza

  1. (f) Ruby Ann Eliza Pettingell * b. 1881 Wagga Wagga (Augustus Wallace 1904)
  2. (m) Bertie William John Pettingell b. 1886 Queanbeyan d. 12/8/1960 Croydon
  3. (m) Joseph C Pettingell b. 1889 Yass (Lila M Scanes 1914)

Living Manning St Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a station master.

PETTINGELL — BRAYNE. — On 26th May, at St. John's Church, Wagga Wagga, by Archdeacon Pownall, Joseph John, eldest son of William Thomas Pettingell, of Goulburn, to Clara Eliza, eldest daughter of Alfred Cecil Brayne, Inspector of Government Works, Wagga Wagga.

Petty Anne (Colquhoun)

b. Killmallie Scotland d. 1911 East Milton br. Milton

m. Joseph Petty ( 1831 Higham Somerset- 30/3/1900 Milton Son of Joseph Petty & Sarah Satchell) 22/12/1857 Rocklea Kiama

m. John Colquhoun f. Sarah McPherson

Ship: Stamboul 1854

  1. (m) Joseph Petty b. 18/11/1858 Jerrara Creek
  2. (f) Christina Petty b. 1860 Ulladulla d. 1/7/1943
  3. (m) Sarah Petty b. 1863 Ulladulla
  4. (m) John Petty b. 1865 Ulladulla
  5. (f) Mary A Petty b. 1867 Ulladulla
  6. (f) Flora Jane Petty b. 1873 Ulladulla

On the 22nd December, 1857, by special license, by the Rev. Hugh M'Kail, at Mr. John Colley's residence, Mr. Joseph Petty, of Kiama,, to Anne, second daughter of Mr. John Colquhoum, of Kiama. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Monday 28 December 1857 p 3

Peugh Lucy Dorothy

Living at Corrimal in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Phelan Elizabeth

Living Lakelands in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Phelps Hannah (Etherington)

b. 2/2/1828 Kensington London bp. 28/12/1842 d. 6/5/1906 Paddington br. Rookwood

m. James Phelps ( 14/2/1825 Landshipping Pembrokeshire- 23/2/1894 Newtown Son of John Phelps & Elizabeth Murphy) 11/4/1847 Sydney V184798 84/1847 Wesleyan Methodist Sydney

f. James Etherington

  1. (f) Hannah Jane Phelps b. 1847 Sydney V1847312 59/1847 d. 16/10/1915 Sydney (William Cleland 1868)
  2. (f) Elizabeth Phelps b. 1849 Sydney V1849314 59/1849 (Joseph Service 1869, Henry Bridges 1883)
  3. (m) John J Phelps b. 1851 Sydney V185196 56/1851
  4. (m) James Phelps b. 1854 Sydney (Elizabeth M Wilson 1875)
  5. (m) Albert Phelps b. 1858 Sydney 65/1858
  6. (f) Ellen Phelps b. 1856 Wollongong d. 1886 Sydney
  7. (m) Alfred Phelps b. 1858 Wollongong d. 1941 Sydney (Mary J Toomey 1880)
  8. (m) Joseph Phelps b. 1860 Wollongong 13856/1860 (Ann Piggott 1882)
  9. (m) William Phelps b. 12/8/1862 Wollongong 15125/1862 d. 1925 Sydney (Martha J Campbell 1884)
  10. (m) Thomas Phelps b. 1864 Sydney 2029/1864 d. 1926 Sydney  
  11. (m) Frederick Phelps b. 1867 Sydney 580/1867 d. 1875 Sydney  
  12. (f) Martha Phelps b. 1869 Glebe 3578/1869 d. 1931 Sydney (Humphrey Gainey 1898)  
  13. (f) Ada Emily Phelps b. 1872 Sydney 1603/1872 d. 1937 Sydney

On the 12th inst. at her residence, Crown-street, Wollongong, Mrs. Phelps of a son. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 15 August 1862 p 2

PHELPS.—May 6, 1906, at her son's residence, 160 Windsor-street, Paddington, Hannah Phelps, relict of the late James Phelps, plasterer and contractor, aged 79 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 7 May 1906 p 6

Phillips Adeline

b. 1878 Kiama d. 1933 Drummoyne

f. Frederick Phillips m. Mary Jane Moore *

Living at Gerringong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Phillips Beatrice Mary

b. 1880 Wollongong d. 1968 Punchbowl

f. Jonathan Phillips m. Mary Ann Cox *

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (m) James Phillips b. 1899 Woonona

Living at Tarrawanna in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Phillips Catherine

m. William Phillips

  1. (m) William Phillips b. 1840 bp. Presbyterian Wollongong
  2. (f) Catherine Phillips b. 1840 bp. Presbyterian Wollongong

Phillips Catherine Letitia (Smith)

b. abt 1856 d. 1932 Canterbury br. Rookwood

m. James William Phillips (abt 1860- 9/2/1909 Marrickville James Phillips & Eliza J) 17/11/1877 Kiama

f. John H Smith m. Jane *

  1. (m) James William Phillips b. 1878 Glebe
  2. (f) Florence May Phillips b. 1880 Glebe
  3. (m) William John Phillips b. 1882 Petersham
  4. (f) Amy L Phillips b. 1884 Petersham
  5. (m) Charles H Phillips b. 1887 Newtown
  6. (f) Ivy I Phillips b. 1889 St Peters
  7. (m) Arthur H Phillips b. 1892 Marrickville
  8. (m) Francis A Phillips b. 1896 St Peters
  9. (m) Alfred E Phillips b. 1899 St Peters

PHILLIPS—SMITH.—November 17, at Christ Church, Kiama, by the Rev. Richard Hugh Dickson Kelly, Church of England minister, James William Phillips, eldest son of James Phillips, of Glebe-street, Glebe, to Catherine Letitia, eldest daughter of John H. Smith, of Kiama. Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931) Wednesday 21 November 1877 p 2

Phillips Catherine Mary (Rutledge)

b. 18/8/1875 Mt Kembla 21892/1875 d. 5/7/1972 Guildford

m. Harry L Phillips 1922

f. Joseph Rutledge m. Catherine Parsons *

Living at Stony Creek in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Phillips Christina (Blake)

b. abt 1880 d. 23/5/1963 Wollongong

m. Dempster Phillips (1873 Mt Keira- 23/3/1951 Wollongong Son of Michael Phillips & Mary Robson *) 1907

f. Alexander Baird Blake m. Christina Galbraith *

  1. (f) Mary Phillips b. 1909 Wollongong
  2. (m) Dempster A Phillips b. 1912 Wollongong
  3. (m) David B Phillips b. 1917 Wollongong

Living Mount Keira in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Phillips Christina ( then Taylor)

b. abt 1828 Birse Aberdeen d. 2/2/1903 Gosford

m. William Taylor ()

m. Thomas Phillips (- abt 1872 Kiama ) 1859 Kiama 2121/1859

f. David m.

Ship: Kate 1855

  1. (f) Margaret Wright Taylor b. abt 1854 Montrose Scotland d. 1948 Boatharbour (Henry Cullen 1884)
  2. (m) John William Phillips b. 1860 Kiama 7842/1860 d. 24/9/1893 Carcoar ( Bank manager who was killed in an attempted robbery)
  3. (f) Christina Phillips b. 7/7/1865 Kiama 9731/1865 d. 1926 Goulburn (John D Simon 1897)
  4. (f) Mary J Phillips b. 1867 Kiama 10457/1867
  5. (f) Agnes A Phillips b. 1869 Kiama 12337/1869 (Matthew Walker 1899)

Husband killed while out fishing with his son, who accidently hit him on the head with a lead sinker which knocked him out and he fell in the water- his body not recovered.

On the 7th instant, at her residence, Ayr Park, Kiama, Mrs. Thomas Phillips, of a daughter. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 13 July 1865 p 2

WORD reached Cobargo early in the week that Mrs. Phillips had died at her son-in-laws' (Rev. M. Walker) residence, Gosford, on Saturday. Deceased, who was 75 years of age, had resided in Cobargo for about 20 years, and was for a long time caretaker of the School of Arts. There was only one son, who was brutally murdered at Carcoar, where he was manager of the City Bank. Three daughters are left: Mrs. Simon, Mrs. Henry Cullen, and Mrs. Walker. Deceased was one of the good conscientious old type, of whom there are all too few now. The Cobargo Chronicle (NSW : 1898 - 1944) Friday 6 February 1903 Page 2

PHILLIPS. — February 2, at her daughter's residence, Gosford, Christina (late of Cobargo, N.S.W.), aged 75. The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930) Wednesday 11 February 1903 Page 1

Phillips Elizabeth (Hasson)

b. 1878 Wollongong d. 1929 Cessnock br. Cessnock Methodist

m. John/Jonathan Phillips 1897 Woonona

f. James Hasson f. Isabella Lissimore *

  1. (m) James A Phillips b. 1898 Woonona
  2. (m) Jonathan E Phillips b. 1916 Bulli

Living Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.

PHILLIPS.— The Relative and Friends of MR. JOHN PHILLIPS and FAMILY are kindly Invited to attend the funeral of his late beloved WIFE and their MOTHER. Elizabeth Phillips, to move from his residence, 31 David Street. Cessnock, THIS (Wednesday) AFTERNOON, at 3.30 o'clock, for Methodist Cemetery. The Labor Daily (Sydney, NSW : 1924 - 1938) Tuesday 11 June 1929 p 4

Phillips Ellen (Crawford)

b. abt 1858 Ayrshire Scotland d. 1/7/1942 Ryde

m. George Henry Phillips (Manchester-) 1/5/1879 Wollongong 5233/1879

f. James Crawford m. Ellen Simpson *

  1. (f) Mary Ellen Phillips b. 1880 Wollongong 27359/1880
  2. (f) Ethel May Phillips b. 1881 Central Cumberland 13999/1881
  3. (m) George Alexander Phillips b. 1883 Lithgow 19542/1883
  4. (m) William H Phillips b. 1884 Penrith 27632/1884
  5. (f) Elizabeth Phillips b. 1887 Woonona 25207/1887
  6. (m) James H Phillips b. 1890 Newtown 24962/1890
  7. (m) Sydney H Phillips b. 1896 Redfern 34154/1896
  8. (m) Raymond W C Phillips b. 1902 Granville 31840/1902

Living in Waverley in 1933 when he sister Elizabeth died.

PHILLIPS—CRAWFORD.—At St. Michael's Church, Wollongong, May 1st. by the Rev. Dean Ewing, G. H. Phillips, of Manchester, to Ellen, second daughter of James Crawford, native of Ayrshire, Scotland. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 16 May 1879 p 2

PHILLIPS.-July 1, 1942 at Ryde, Ellen Phillips, relict of the late Harry Phillips, and loving mother of James. Sydney, and Raymond, aged 84 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Thursday 2 July 1942 p 10

Phillips Grace (Hare)

b. 18/1/1817 Newbattle Midlothian Scotland d. 3/7/1895 Gerringong br. Gerringong

m. David Phillips (5/8/1815 Inveresk, Midlothian - 10/2/1901 Gerringong Son of David Phillips & Isabella Sawers) 3/2/1839 Borthwick Midlothia Scotland

Ship: Herald of the Morning 1858

  1. (f) Margaret Phillips b. 7/5/1842 Borthwick Midlothian d. 20/12/1919 Newcastle (Archibald Black, James Joseph Bramston)
  2. (m) Andrew Phillips b. 27/11/1843 Newlandburn d. 25/9/1881 Kiama
  3. (m) David Phillips b. 7/9/1845 Newlandburn d. 21/7/1925 Lismore (Ellen Greenhalgh * 1867 )
  4. (m) William Phillips b. 3/2/1849 Cockpen Midlothian d. 26/8/1940 Coraki ( Rosina Greenhalgh * 1869)
  5. (f) Eliza Phillips * b. 9/2/1853 Cockpen Midlothian d. 28/11/1884 Gerringong ( Thomas Edward Blachford 1871, James Johnston 1881)
  6. (m) Alexander Phillips b. 20/12/1854 Cockpen Midlothian d. before1858
  7. (f) Isabella Phillips b. 14/3/1857 Cockpen Midlothian d. 1913 Woonona ( Mark Meehan 1878)

Mrs. David Phillips. A very genuine shock was felt through Gerringong on Wednesday afternoon last     when news of the somewhat sudden death  of the above named was whispered from  one to another. Six weeks ago the deceased was unexpectedly stricken down but with careful nursing notwithstanding her great age, 78, seemed to slowly pull round and for several days preceding her death had been able to sit up for several hours and on even the very day of her death managed   to walk from room to room through the house and then to outside door and quite gaily attended to several little changes that had been effected round the old home but which her relatives had kept from her intending a glad surprise. Shortly after returning to her room with strong voice she called to her eldest daughter who by the way was rejoicing at the happy issue of all her days and nights of devoted nursing, and was on the eve of returning to her own home and complained of a strange feeling of faintness but ere she could be replaced in bed her spirit had fled to Him who gave it. Mrs Phillips was generally admitted to be a most conscientious woman, and as such deserved and secured general   esteem. Checkered had been the life, but with all the bravery of a typical Scotch woman of the middle class and a tremendous genius for work, nobly had she aided her husband in his early efforts to redeem from gloomy forest the quiet and picturesque spot at the head of “The Gully,” in   addition to all the ordinary household cares of a large family. And then later on a duty demanding gifts and graces with which even the best of women are sometime but saintly endowed was thrown upon her, the upbringing of a second family of young grandchildren but here the   motherly instinct linked to a strong sense of duty and an intense desire to do justly, fairly overcame all difficulties. The great age has already been noted, 78; of course there is a vast difference between a blossom falling prematurely from the tree of life and the gathering of the ripened fruit. The two things are as different as when the sun in darkened at noonday and when it sets in the crimson twilight of evening   splendour. And so we bid farewell, not to, one young, strong vigorous, who has withdrawn from the sphere of activity, but to a worker worn with trials and who lays her burden down; still God forbid that we should consign to speedy forgetfulness our aged ; certainly he cannot who has for 58 long years enjoyed her fellowship, To him we extend all proper Christian sympathy. “The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord,” may he the flippant utterance of shallow grief, but, too, it may be the devout submission of a breaking heart. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Saturday 6 July 1895 p 2

Phillips/Phillip Hannah (Stokes)

b. 2/7/1842 Kaipara New Zealand d. 11/5/1922 Parkes

m. Peter Phillips 1861 Kiama

f. Henry Stokes m. Catherine Ryan *

  1. (m) Henry Phillips b. 1862 Kiama
  2. (f) Rebecca Phillips b. 1863 Kiama
  3. (f) Harriet Phillips b. 1870 Goulburn
  4. (f) Louisa Phillips b. 1869 Berrima
  5. (m) John Phillips b. 1871 Goulburn
  6. (m) Isaac Phillips b. 1872 Goulburn
  7. (m) Joseph Phillips b. 1876 Goulburn
  8. (f) Elizabeth Phillips b. 1883 Goulburn

Phillips Jane

b. 1880 Wollongong d. 1903 Wollongong

f. Michael Phillips m. Mary Robson *

Living at Mount Keira in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Miss Jane Phillips, aged 23 years, a daughter of Mr. Michael Phillips, of Mt. Keira, who has been seriously ill for the past four or five weeks, died on Saturday afternoon. The illness from which the young lady succumbed was typhoid fever, and although her medical advisor, Dr. Kerr, regarded the case as serious, fatal results were not anticipated by him until a day or two before the dissolution took place. The deceased young lady was of a very bright and happy disposition, and was loved by all.

To be cut down at such an early age is indeed very sad, and the father, mother, and family have the sincere sympathy of all. The funeral took place on Sunday afternoon, and was the largest seen in the district for some time. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Wednesday 16 September 1903 p 2

Phillips Laura

b. 1877 Kiama

f. Frederick Phillips m. Mary Jane Moore *

Living at Gerringong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Phillips Letitia (Taylor then Hallam)

b. abt 1804 d. 27/10/1894 Gerringong br. Gerringong

m. John Hallam (abt 1800 -1945) abt 1826

m. Thomas Phillips (-1856 Wollongong) abt 1837

Ship: Magnet 1828

  1. (m) John Hallam b. 1827 d. 1906 Qld
  2. (m) William Hallam b. 1830 Hexham d. 1913 Inverell
  3. (f) Emma Hallam b. 1832 Hunter Valley d. 1910 Marrickville (William H Horton 1847)
  4. (f) Maria Louisa Hallam b. 1833 Hunter Valley d. 1908 Parramatta (John G Weekes 1852)
  5. (m) Henry Hallam b. 1834 d. 1918 Inverell
  6. (m) Thomas Hallam b. 1839 d. 1862 Forbes
  7. (m) Thomas Frederick Phillips b. 1839 d. 1908 Warialda (Mary Jane Moore * 1873)
  8. (m) Frederick Phillips b. 1842 d. 14/3/1919 Kogarah
  9. (f) Sarah Phillips * b. 1843 CofE Dapto Wollongong V18431800 28/1843 d. 1905 Unanderra (Thomas Francis Lindsay 1864)
  10. (f) Elizabeth Phillips * b. 1848 CofE Dapto Wollongong V18482424 33A/1848 d. 9/1/1911 Homebush (Henry Harris 1887)
  11. (f) Selina Phillips b. 1848 CofE Dapto Wollongong V18482423 33A/1848 d. 17/1/1896 Kiama 2371/1896

Phillips Louisa Edith see Henderson

Phillips Margaret

b. 1875 Wollongong d. 1965 Wollongong

f. Michael Phillips m. Mary Robson *

Living at Mount Keira in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties.

Phillips Margaret (Anderson)

b. abt 1830 Roscommon d. 11/4/1906 Newington Asylum br. C/E Rookwood

m. Isaac John Phillips (abt 1830 London- after 1877) 9/7/1855 Woolloomooloo

f. George Anderson m. Mary

Ship: 1853 Earl of Elgin

Occupation: Lady's maid in Ireland

  1. (m) Samuel Hall Phillips b. 16/6/1856 Kiama d. 5/7/1936 Cronulla (Eleanor Jane Payne 1878)
  2. (m) John George Phillips b. 27/12/1857 Kiama d. 17/7/1930 Petersham ( Elizabeth Margaret Flanders 1882)
  3. (m) Robert Bruce Phillips b. 5/10/1860 Chippendale d. 28/10/1904 Leichhardt (Elizabeth Ann O'Brien 1882)
  4. (m) Charles Percy Phillips b. 1863 d. 1863
  5. (f) Emma Rosetta Mary Phillips b. 8/7/1867 Redfern d. 15/7/1876 Sydney

On the 16th instant, at the Bee-hive Cottage, Kiama, Mrs. J. Phillips, of a son. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Monday 23 June 1856 p 7

On Sunday, December 27th, 1857, at Harbor View Cottage, Kiama, Mrs. T. Phillips, of a son. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Thursday 7 January 1858 p 3

Margaret Phillips v R Ewing. Plaintiff in this case, was the wife of the plaintiff in the last case. She swore that Ewing had hold of her husband by the necktie and held him until he was black in the face ; that she went to release her husband, and that Ewing drew his fist and hit her in the eye ; Constable Himes Swore that he did not see Ewing hit Mrs Phillips; he might have hit her without his seeing him. Mary Anderson, Mrs Phillips' sister, confirmed the statement made by Mrs Phillips Ewing denied the assault. The magistrates, however, thought it was proved, and as, under any circumstances, there could be no justification for a blow given in that way to a woman, fined him 10s and 1s 6d costs. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Monday 22 November 1858

On the 6th instant, at Rose Cottage, Rose-street, Chippendale, the wife of John Phillips (late of Kiama), of a third son. London papers please copy. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 8 October 1860

Husband was a watchmaker at Kiama who became insolvent in 1858.

Phillips Mary

b. abt 1763 d.

Ship: Charles 1811

Sentence 7 years

Servant to James Farmer in 1828 census

(Note No such ship, need to check this entry)

Phillips Mary (Robson)

b. 1838 Wallsend Northumberland England d. 27/11/1908

m. Michael Phillips (3/2/1837 Cramlington Northampton -25/11/1918) 1863 Newcastle upon Tyne

f. George Robson m. Hannah Hornsby

Ship: Queen of the East 1864

  1. (f) Mary Ann Phillips * b. 1865 Newcastle d. 1914 Wollongong
  2. (m) John Phillips b. 1868 Wollongong d. 1940 Wollongong (Mary Ann Carberry * 1896, Lillian Seymour 1915)
  3. (m) George Phillips b. 1870 Wollongong d. 1936 Wollongong
  4. (m) Dempster Phillips b. 1873 Mt Keira d. 23/3/1951 (Christina Blake * 1907)
  5. (f) Margaret Phillips * b. 1875 Wollongong d. after 1952
  6. (f) Hannah Phillips * b. 1877 Wollongong d. 1965 Wollongong (John Collins 1908)
  7. (f) Jane Phillips * b. 1880 Wollongong d. 1903 Wollongong
  8. (f) Frances Phillips b. 1882 Wollongong d. 1941 Wollongong (Frederick A Ring 1908)

Living at Mount Keira in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties.

Phillips Mary (Wilson)

b. abt 1864 d. 6/8/1935 Ryde br. Northern Suburbs

m. William G Phillips (-10/9/1928 Cobar Son of John Phillips & Margaret) 1884 Ryde

f. Francis Wilson m. Annie

  1. (m) Harold W Phillips b. 1885 Ryde d. 1886 Ryde
  2. (f) Annie J Phillips b. 1886 Ryde (William Carroll 1908)
  3. (f) Ada E Phillips b. 1887 Ryde
  4. (f) Linda Phillips b. 1889 Woonona
  5. (f) Stella M Phillips b. 1891 Helensburgh (Gordon Schapira 1913)
  6. (f) Alice Phillips b. 1893 Helensburgh d. 1894 Helensburgh

Mr. J. Bradshaw, coach proprietor, met with a serious accident on Thursday last. , He was driving to the station to catch the milk train, having as passengers Mrs. W. G. Phillips and her three children, and when going down the hill near the station the horse bolted, with the result that the coach was capsized and the occupants precipitated on to the road.

Fortunately no serious injury was sustained. Mrs. Phillips and her children escaped with a somewhat severe shaking and a few bruises, while the driver sustained a nasty cut on the head. Helensburgh Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Thursday 20 February 1896

Husband was in business in Helensburgh with J H Leake until 1897 when he parted company with Leake and the family moved to Cobar where they ran a general store.

PHILLIPS -August 6 suddenly at her daughter's residence 13 Church street Ryde Mary widow of W G Phillips late Bradley-street Cobar beloved mother of Annie, Ada, Linda and Stella in her 72st year The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 7 August 1935 p 12

Phillips Mary Ann

b. 1865 Newcastle d. 1914 Wollongong

f. Michael Phillips m. Mary Robson *

Living at Mount Keira in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties.

Phillips Mary Ann ()

d. 3/11/1843 Soldier’s Point Sydney

m. Phillips

“DEATHS. On the 3rd instant, at her sister's residence, Union-street, Soldiers' Point, Mrs. Mary Ann Phillips, of Wollongong, late of Sydney, in her thirty-fifth year, after a lingering and painful illness, deeply regretted by her relatives and friends.” The Sydney Morning Herald 8 November 1843

Phillips Mary Ann (Carberry)

b. 1863 Kiama d. 16/7/1914 Mount Keira

m. John Phillips (1868 Wollongong- 1940 Wollongong Son of Michael Phillips & Mary Robson *) 1896

f. Michael Carberry m. Mary O’Gorman *

  1. (f) Daphne Mary Phillips b. 30/4/1898 Mount Keira (O’Donnell)
  2. (f) Margaret A Phillips b. 1901 Woonona
  3. (m) Michael John Phillips b. 1903 Woonona
  4. (m) Frederick Keith Phillips b. 1905 Wollongong

Living at Mount Keira in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties.


The death occurred yesterday morning of Mrs. John Phillips, of Mt Keira; many were the expressions of sympathy for, Mr. Phillips and the family. Mrs. Phillips was in her day an equestrienne of note and won a great many honours in the show ring.

The deceased who was forty-seven years of age, only took ill about 8 days ago with an attack of tonsillitis, but subsequently pleurisy and pneumonia set in, hastening the end.

Mrs. Phillips was the second daughter of Mr. Michael Carberry, at one time a resident or the Albion Park district, but now of Campbelltown.

She leaves a family of four children, two girls and two boys. The eldest girl is sixteen years of age, while the youngest had had just turned eight years. All day yesterday, friends travelled from all parts of the district to express their sympathy with the bereaved husband and children. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 17 July 1914 p 11

Phillips Mary Ann (Cox)

b. abt 1853 Cornwall d. 4/2/1925 Canterbury br. Rookwood

m. Jonathan Phillips (abt 1852 Cornwall-5/4/1936 Canterbury) 1874 Bodmin Cornwall

Ship: Smyrna 1878

f. John Cox m. Susan

  1. (m) Willie Samson Rundle Phillips b. abt 1876 Cornwall d. 1968 Punchbowl
  2. (f) Maude C Phillips b. abt 1878 Cornwall (Leonard Fletcher 1910)
  3. (f) Beatrice Mary Phillip * b. 1880 Wollongong d. 1968 Punchbowl
  4. (m) Arthur Ernest Phillips b. 1881 Wollongong d. 1974
  5. (f) Georgina Phillips b. 1883 Wollongong d. 1885 Wollongong

Living at Tarrawanna in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.

Husband a quarryman on immigration

PHILLIPS.-March 4, at her residence, Howard-street, Canterbury, Mary Ann, beloved wife of Jonathan Phillips (late of Tarrawanna, South Coast), and mother of Willie, Maude, Beatrice, and Arthur, aged 72. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 14 March 1925 p 16

Phillips Mary Jane (Moore)

b. May 1841 Appin d. 13/5/1927 Banksia br. Woronora

m. Frederick Phillips (1842- 14/3/1919 Kogarah Son of Thomas Phillips & Letitia Taylor *) 1873 Wollongong 4264/1873

f. James Moore m. Maria Reid * see Campbell

  1. (m) Herbert W Phillips b. 1874 Kiama 12649/1874 d. 1874 Wollongong
  2. (f) Melinda Phillips * b. 1875 Kiama 13152/1875 d. 1937 Kogarah
  3. (f) Laura Phillips * b. 1877 Kiama 13811/1877
  4. (f) Adeline Phillips * b. 1878 Kiama 14853/1878 d. 1933 Rockdale
  5. (f) Zettellia Phillips * b. 1881 Kiama 19353/1881 d. 1961 Rockdale
  6. (f) Ethel Phillips b. 1882 Kiama 20159/1882
  7. (f) Amanda Phillips b. 1883 Kiama 21773/1883 d. 1958 Rockdale

Living at Gerringong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a hotel keeper


The death took place on Friday, May 13th at her residence. Railway Crescent, Banksia, of Mary Jane Phillips, aged 86 years. She was the wife of the late Frederick Phillips who for many years was proprietor of Ocean View Inn, Gerringong. The burial took place at Woronora cemetery on Saturday, May 14th, 1927, beside her husband who predeceased her some years ago. Deceased leaves a family of six grown daughters. and as sister of the late Mrs. Frank Brown, was aunt of Mrs. Martin Ettingshausen, Mrs. Sullivan and Mr. Frank Brown, of this town.

Friends and relatives from all parts followed her remains and this, with the beautiful wreaths, telegrams and cards of sympathy was evidence of the esteem in which she was held as a good wife and mother, a staunch friend, one whose kindly disposition made her loved by all who knew her. The Kiama Reporter and Illawarra Journal (NSW : 1899 - 1947) Wednesday 18 May 1927 p 2

Phillips Mary Scholastica Agnes

Living Brownsville in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Phillips Melinda

b. 1875 Kiama 13152/1875 d. 18/5/1937 St George Hospital br. Woronora

f. Frederick Phillips m. Mary Jane Moore *

Living at Gerringong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Phillips Rosina (Greenhalgh)

b. 18/9/1851 Berry d. 22/6/1928 Kiama br. Kiama

m. William Phillips (23/2/1849 Cockpen Midlothian Scotland- 26/8/1940 Lismore Son of David Phillips & Grace Hare) 30/8/1869 Nowra

f. Thomas Greenhalgh m. Mary

  1. (f) Mary Phillips b. 1869
  2. (f) Grace Phillips * b. 1871 Shoalhaven d. 1976 Kiama (Patrick King 1897)
  3. (f) Margaret Phillips * b. 4/4/1872 Berry bp. 2/7/1901 Albion Park (John Hanrahan 1889)
  4. (m) David Phillips b. 1873 d. 1/7/1901 at sea on the ‘Prospector’ near Ballina (Louisa Honner *)
  5. (f) Isabella Phillips * b. 1875 Macleay River d. 1958 Five Dock (George Hetherington 1895)
  6. (m) William Phillips b. 1877 Macleay River d. 17/7/ 1918
  7. (f) Eliza Phillips b. 28/12/1878 Gerringong
  8. (f) Grace Phillips b. 1880 d. 17/10/1967
  9. (f) Sophia Phillips * b. 1883 Shoalhaven d. 1957 Burwood (Alfred Hammond 1899)
  10. (m) Andrew Phillips b. 1885
  11. (m) Thomas H Phillips b. 1886
  12. (f) Jessie Phillips b. 1887
  13. (f) James Phillips * b. 1889
  14. (m) James Alexander Phillips b. 1891

Living at Terralong St Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a labourer.

Phillips Sarah (Kennedy)

m. David Phillips 1844 Presbyterian Wollongong V18444403 74B

  1. (m) Charles W Phillips b. 1844 bp. CofE Dapto; Wollongong

Phillips Sarah Elizabeth

m. William Phillips (-30/8/1890 Kiama)

  1. (m) William Blyth Phillips b. 1883 Kiama d. 1954 Uranquinty
  2. (f) Elizabeth Phillips b. 1884 Kiama (Charles Gray 1903)
  3. (m) George H Phillips b. 1887 Kiama
  4. (f) Sarah Phillips b. 1890 Kiama

Husband a gardener. She, her children and a few friends followed her husband’s coffin to his burial at Kiama. A few of his friends had been supporting the family while he had been suffering from ‘partial paralysis’.

Phillips Sarah Elizabeth see Smith

Phillips Zettellia

b. 1881 Kiama d. 1961 Rockdale

f. Frederick Phillips m. Mary Jane Moore *

Living at Gerringong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Philpott Mary Jane (Fairbairn)

b. 1861 Kiama 8199/1861 d. 1933 Alstonville br. Alstonville

m. Samuel Philpott (Ireland-3/4/1936 Alstonville) 1882 Kiama

f. George Fairbairn m. Sarah Scoles *

  1. (f) Ada Martha M Philpott b. 1883 Robertson
  2. (m) Samuel George Philpott b. 1886 Robertson d. 1936 Casino
  3. (f) Emily S Philpott b. 1888 Robertson
  4. (f) Maria J Philpott b. 1889 Lismore
  5. (m) William H Philpott b. 1889 Lismore
  6. (m) John Philpott b. 1891 Lismore
  7. (f) Ethel F Philpott b. 1892 Lismore
  8. (m) James E Philpott b. 1894 Ballina
  9. (f) Alice R Philpott b. 1895 Ballina
  10. (f) Daisy E Philpott b. 1897 Ballina
  11. (f) Lily M Philpott b. 1899 Ballina
  12. (m) Francis R Philpott b. 1900 Lismore

She was mentioned in a case for unpaid wages her mother bought in 1891.


The funeral of Mrs. Mary Jane Philpott, wife of Mr. Samuel Philpott, was largely attended at Alstonville yesterday. Deceased was born at Kiama in 1861, and was married there 21 years later. Mr. and Mrs. Philpott came to the Richmond River district 44 years ago. Mr. Philpott was engaged in carpentry work for some years, being employed at the Wollongbar Experimental Farm, where he built the first silo on the property. Both deceased and her husband were greatly interested in the Church of England, Mr. Philpott being the builder of the church now used as a Parish Hall. This church was dedicated free of debt, being situated at Ocean View, and the original beech seats are still in use.

As with other early residents of the district, the late Mrs. Philpott was often called to the sick and injured, and she is gratefully remembered by many for her kind offices. Although in late years her illness practically confined her to her home, she was always cheery and helpful to those with whom she came in contact.

In addition to a widower, she is survived by a grown up family: George (Woodenbong), John (Alstonville), James (Queensland), Frank (Lismore), Clarence (Alstonville), Mesdames Sauer (Dungarubba), Lacey (Brisbane), Gibson (Alstonville), Day (Lismore), Burns (Sydney).

Three daughters and one son predeceased Mrs. Philpott. Messrs Thomas Fairbairn (Ballina), William and Alfred Fairbairn (Alstonville) are brothers. Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954) Saturday 3 June 1933 p 4

Philpotts Rebecca (Murphy)

b. 1855 V18557335 121C/1855 d. 5/2/1951 Haberfield 3329/1951

m. Frederick Wing Philpott (abt 1861 -2/2/1947 Haberfield Son of Henry James Philpotts & Sarah) 1885 Wollongong 5457/1885

f. James William Murphy m. Sarah Mayo *

  1. (m) Hotham Henry Philpotts b. 3/7/1886 Market St Wollongong 24384/1886 d. 27/7/1963 Ashfield
  2. (f) Lily Philpotts b. 1888 Wollongong 25639/1888
  3. (f) Florence Philpotts b. 6/6/1890 Wollongong 37983/1890
  4. (m) Jack Philpotts b. 1892 Wollongong 38984/1892 d. 19/9/1954 Haberfield

Living at Crown St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

PHILPOTTS.—July 3, at her residence, Market-street, Wollongong, the wife of F. W. Philpotts, of a son. The Sydney Morning Herald 7 July 1886

Pick Catherine (Dixon)

b. Newry Armagh Ireland d. 23/8/1860 br. West Maitland

m. George Pick (1814 France- 30/1/1887West Maitland Son of William Peck & Jean Kennoway) abt 1839 Athlone Ireland

f. George Dixon/Dickson m. Ann Connors

Ship: Marquis of Hastings 1842

  1. (m) James Pick b. 3/4/1840 Newry Armagh Ireland (Sarah Bolton)
  2. (m) George Pick b. 14/1/1843 Wollongong bp. Presbyterian Wollongong (Sarah Pallett)
  3. (f) Ann Jane Pick b. 4/8/1844 Sydney bp. CofE Sydney St Phillip’s (William Yeates)
  4. (m) William John Pick b. 17/11/1846 Newcastle bp. 20/12/1844 CofE Newcastle (Jeannie B Browne)
  5. (f) Maria Pick b. 19/11/1849 Melville bp. Wesleyan Methodist Maitland (William Tracey)
  6. (m) Robert Pick b. 1851 Melville d. 10/1/1853 Melville
  7. (m) Walter Pick b. 1854 Melville d. 27/9/1854 Melville
  8. (f) Catherine Pick b. 7/1/1856 Maitland bp. CofE Black Creek (William H Norman)
  9. (m) John Walter Pick b. 18/11/1858 Bishop’s Bridge Maitland d. 19/7/1877 Maitland
  10. (m) Gabriel Pick b. 21/8/1860 Bishop’s Bridge Maitland d. 2/10/1860 Bishop’s Bridge

Pickard Mary

b. abt 1829 d. 4/8/1906 Kiama

m. William Pickard

f. John

Living at Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a carter.

Mrs Pickard, wife of Mr W. Pickard, died on Saturday last. Deceased, who was 77 years of age, had resided in Kiama for many years past, and was well-known throughout the district. The Shoalhaven Telegraph (NSW : 1881 - 1937) Wednesday 8 August 1906 p 10

Pickeman Elizabeth Turnbull

b. 27/8/1876 Kiama d. 11/12/1947 R A Irvine’s residence Clover Hill Jamberoo

f. Henry Hyslop Pickeman m. Mary Ann Turnbull *

Living at Waughope in 1903 Electoral Roll – School teacher

She was a teacher in the Gerringong Jamberoo area, she started as a pupil teacher in about 1899 and was still teaching in the area in 1917.

Teacher Retirements Miss Elizabeth Turnbull Pickeman, Assistant Teacher, Public School, . Government Gazette Appointments And Employment - Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001)Thursday 24 December 1936 - Page 5284


The death occurred at Jamberoo (South Coast) on Thursday of Miss Elizabeth Pickeman. Miss Pickeman was well known on the Tweed, having managed the banana plantation at Carool owned by her nephew, Mr C Brown, during the war period. She will be remembered as an ardent CWA worker, her special activity being the making of camouflage nets. She is survived by one sister Mrs D. Sproule of Kogarah.

Pickeman Jane (Hobb)

b. 31/1/1810 Montrose Scotland d. 25/10/1891 Kiama br. Kiama General

m. John Pickeman ( abt 1812 Montrose Scotland - 23/8/1895 Kiama Son of Robert Pickeman & Jane Smith ) 3/4/1831 Montrose Scotland

f. William Hobb m. Ellen Smith

Ship: Golden Era 1855 listed as Peckman

  1. (m) Robert Pickeman b. abt 1832 Montrose Forfarshire d. 15/7/1898 Kiama ( Susan Findlay)
  2. (m) Henry Hyslop Pickman b. abt 1834 Montrose Forfarshire d. 22/10/1912 Kiama (Mary Ann Turnbull * 1859)
  3. (f) Hannah Pickeman b. abt 1837 Montrose Forfarshire d. 12/12/1911 Kiama ( Richard Beney 1869/1858)
  4. (f) Jane Pickeman * b. Montrose Forfarshire d. 27/11/1912 Newcastle ( William Wallace 1874/1869)
  5. (f) Jessie Pickeman * b. Montrose Forfarshire d. 1880 Newcastle (John Wright 1869, Anthony McKie 1879)
  6. (f) Juliet Spence Pickeman b. 17/2/1855 Montrose Forfarshire d. 1855 on voyage

Husband a farmer of Jamberoo in Grevilles PO directory 1872 in his will he is listed as a corn merchant of Kiama

Pickeman Maggie Downes (Aikman)

b. 1876 Mortlake Gippsland Vic d. 17/12/1931 Mosman br. Rookwood

m. Henry Hyslop Pickeman (19/2/1873 Kiama-12/6/1919 Mosman Son of Henry Hyslop Pickeman & Mary Ann Turnbull *) 6/10/1899 Warragul Vic

f. William Aikman & Agnes Grainger

  1. (f) Marion Joyce Pickeman b. 1900 Kiama d. 21/10/2000 ( Nelson W Smillie 1926)
  2. (m) Alan H Pickeman b. 1906 Kiama d. 17/10/1908 aged 2 years and 11 months

Living at Bong Bong St Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Obituary. MRS. M. D. PICKEMAN. The news yesterday morning of tile sudden death on Thursday in a private hospital at Mosman, of Mrs. M. D. Pickeman came as a shock to her wide circle of friends in Kiama and district. Leaving Kiama about 16 years ago, after a residence of more than ten years, Mrs; Pickeman had on many occasions renewed her many friendships here, she was in Kiama only about a month ago, when she was apparently in excellent health. Her husband Mr Harry Pickeman, who was at the Kiama Post Office, was well-known and deservedly popular, and his death in the influenza epidemic some twelve years ago, was widely lamented. Mrs. Pickeman, who was Miss Margaret Downs Aikman, of Gippsland, Victoria, is survived by one daughter (Joyce) Mrs. Nelson Smillie, Neutral Bay, to whom deep sympathy is extended by her Kiama friends, she too, being well known here. The funeral took place yesterday afternoon at the Rookwood cemetery, The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Saturday 19 December 1931 p 2

Pickeman/Pikeman/Pikernan Mary Ann ( Turnbull )

b. 26/11/1834 Innerliethen Peebles Scotland d. 24/10/1902 Kiama br. Kiama

m. Henry Hyslop Pickeman ( 1833 Montrose Scotland- 21/10/1912 Kiama Son of John Pickeman & Jane Hobb *) 27/9/1859 Kiama 2117/1859

f. William Turnbull m. Mary Telfer

  1. (f) Mary Jane Pickeman * b. 31/10/1860 Kiama d. 28/8/1937 Byron Bay (Peter Brown 1892)
  2. (f) Wilhelmina Pickeman * b. 29/3/1863 Kiama d. 21/5/1905 (Thomas Fredericks 1895 )
  3. (f) Henrietta Hannah Pickeman * b. 3/8/1865 Kiama d. 18/12/1913 (Peter Charles Davies 1888)
  4. (f) Jessie Margaret Pickeman * b. 2/7/1867 Kiama d. 7/8/1901 (William George Dawes 1900)
  5. (f) Rosina Elizabeth Pickeman b. 11/4/1870 Kiama d. 27/10/1873 Kiama
  6. (m) Henry Hyslop Pickeman b. 19/2/1873 Kiama d. 24/6/1919 Mosman (Maggie Downes Aikman * 1899)
  7. (f) Annie Robina Pickeman * b. 9/8/1874 Kiama d. 4/11/1934 Marrickville (Donald McLean Sproule 1903)
  8. (f) Elizabeth Turnbull Pickeman * b. 27/8/1876 Kiama d. 11/12/1947 R A Irvine’s residence Clover Hill Jamberoo

Husband shoemaker


Mrs H. Pickeman, sen., an old resident of Kiama, died on Friday morning, after a protracted illness; aged 67 years. She had resided in the Kiama district 46 years. The Shoalhaven Telegraph (NSW : 1881 - 1937) Wednesday 29 October 1902 p 5

Pickeman Susan (Findlay)

b. abt 1826 Montrose Forfarshire d. 28/1/1903 Kiama br. Kiama

m. Robert Pickeman (abt 1832 Montrose Forfarshire - 15/7/1898 Kiama Son of John Pickeman & Jane Hobb *) 15/6/1851 Montrose Forfarshire

f. John Findlay m. Elizabeth

Ship: Fortune 1853 as Pikeman

  1. (f) Barbara Smith Pickeman * b. 1852 Kiama V1852189 52/1852 d. 27/6/1935 (William Cockerill 1874) listed as born before parents arrived ? - is the only daughter of her parents
  2. (m) Male Pickeman b. d.

Living at Terralong St Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties


Once more, with feelings of deep regret, it devolves upon us to chronicle the death of one of the oldest, and a highly respected resident of the district, in the person of Mrs. Pickeman (relict of the late Mr. Robert Pickeman), who died at her residence in Terralong street during the early hours of Wednesday morning 1 st, at the age of 75 years; the Immediate cause of death being dropsy and senile decay. Deceased was born at Montrose, Scotland, in the year 1827, and immigrated (with her husband) to New South Wales early in the fifties, and has almost ever since (for a period of about, fifty years) been an inhabitant of the Kiama district, her late husband being one of the first to start a bakery business on the South Coast, Deceased, who seemed fairly well until a few days before her death, and was to be seen going about her ordinary duties as late as Saturday last, leaves one daughter (Mrs. J. W. Cockerill, of Berry), one brother (Mr. J. Findlay, sen., of Kiama), grand children, great-grand children and other relatives and friends to mourn their loss. Mrs. Pickeman was a staunch adherent of the Presbyterian Church, and her remains were interred yesterday afternoon in that portion of North Kiama cemetery set apart for that denomination, the funeral being largely attended. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Friday 30 January 1903 p 2

Pickering Mary/ Margaret (Carty)

b. abt 1845 d. 27/8/1931 Helensburgh

m. George Pickering (- 11/11/1919 Helensburgh Son of John Pickering)

  1. Matthew Lonsdale Pickering b. 1887 Lithgow d. 1976 (Ethel Oldham)
  2. Alice Pickering b. 1886 Lithgow d. 1887 Lithgow
  3. Elizabeth Violet Pickering b. 1892 Lithgow (Edwin Fraser 1913)
  4. Alice M Pickering 1889 Lithgow (Andrew Taylor 1909)

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll – Boarding House Keeper

PICKERING. — In loving memory of my dear husband, George Pickering, who departed this life December 11, 1919. aged 76 years,

Time changes many things.
But memory, like the ivy, clings.

Inserted by his loving wife, Mary Pickering, Helensburgh. The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930) *Monday 11 December 1922 Page 4

Mrs. Pickering died last Thursday, aged 86 years. She leaves a grown up family to whom the sympathy of the community is extended. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 4 September 1931 Page 6

PICKERING.—In loving memory of our dear mother and grandmother. Mary, who departed this life August 27. 1931. Also our dear father and grandfather. George, who died November 11, 1919.

We miss you most who loved you best.

Inserted by their loving daughters, Alice, Violet, sons-in-law, Andy and Ted, and grandchildren. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 27 August 1932

Pickering Mary Ann (Mitchell)

b. 1876 Bathurst d. 14/9/1940 Wagga Wagga

m. Richard Watson Pickering ( 1871 Oberon – 1/8/1962 Bankstown Son of Rev George F Pickering & Elizabeth Whalan ) 1901 Oberon

f. John Mitchell m. Eliza

  1. (f) Edna Elizabeth Pickering b. 10/4/1902 Kiama
  2. (f) Ruth Constance Pickering b. 31/1/1904 Kiama
  3. (m) Allen Pickering b. 7/1/1906 Kiama
  4. (m) Gordon John Pickering b. 1910 Wollongong
  5. (f) Edith A. Pickering b. 1914 Dapto

Living at Shoalhaven St Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties Husband a police constable

Pickin Mary (Newell)

b. abt 1844 d. 2/5/1924 Hamilton Newcastle br. Sandgate

m. William Pickin (-30/4/1907 Hamilton Newcastle Son of John Pickin) 1867 Hartley

f. John Newell m. Ann

  1. (f) Hannah C Pickin b. 1868 Hartley
  2. (f) Ellen Lydia Pickin b. 1870 Hartley
  3. (m) John William Pickin b. 1871 Hartley (Bridget McInerney 1894, Emily Griffin 1901)
  4. (m) James Henry Pickin b. 1872 (Edith Bridge 1896)
  5. (m) Paul N Pickin b. 1875 Scone (Lily Green 1901)
  6. (f) Mary Harriet Pickin * b. 1877 Scone d. 17/8/1952 Wollongong (John Stephen Gwynne 1897)
  7. (f) Alice Maud Pickin b. 1878 Scone (Francis P Murray 1905)
  8. (m) William Patrick Pickin b. 1880 Scone (Margaret Cameron 1904)
  9. (f) Emily Pickin b. 1882 Muswellbrook d. 1953
  10. (m) Joseph Charles Pickin b. 1884 Gunnedah d. 16/12/1838 (Jane)
  11. (f) Blanche A Pickin b. 1885 Gunnedah (James P Houlahan 1907)
  12. (m) George A Pickin b. 1888 Hamilton
  13. (f) Florence M Pickin b. 1890 Newcastle

In 1898 they memorialised their daughter-in-law Bridget while they were living in Wollongong. Husband a railway inspector on the Illawarra line for some years, he retired in 1900.

Pickles Margaret Catherine Mary ( Murphy then Ranalds/Runalds)

b. abt 1803 Ireland d. 1877 Bong Bong

m. Francis Ranalds 9/3/1836 CofE Dapto: Wollongong

m. John Pickles (abt 1807-1878 Bong Bong Son of John Pickles) 4/3/1837 CofE Dapto; Wollongong

f. David Murphy m. Catherine

Ship: Surrey 11 1833

  1. (u) Child Murphy
  2. (u) Child Murphy
  3. (u) Child Murphy b. abt 1833
  4. (m) John Pickles b. 26/11/1838 Dapto d. 1886 Berrima (Mary Ann Loseby * 1860)
  5. (f) Caroline Pickles b. 1840 d. 20/12/1842 Dapto

Sentence: 7 Years-

Tried: 1831 Dublin

Crime: stealing a hat

Prior Convictions 1 year

Is reported to have been a run away

Convict Permission to Marry note: This woman had permission to marry John James, and possibly John Innis.

Catherine alias Margaret Murphy, 30, could read and write, Protestant, single, 1 son and 2 daughters, native of Dublin, all on board, youngest 5 months old, a ribbon weaver, convicted of stealing a hat, at City of Dublin Jun 1831, 7 years sentence, a year former conviction, 4 feet 10 inches tall, fair ruddy complexion, sandy hair, light hazel eyes, nose thin, small lump back of little finger of left hand

Pickles/Piccles Mary Ann (Loseby)

b. 14/3/1834 Bong Bong d. 3/6/1924 Strathfield

m. John Pickles ( 26/11/1838 Dapto-. 29/10/1886 Berrima Son of John Pickles & Margaret Murphy *) 1860 Dapto

f. Thomas Loseby m. Margaret Carroll

  1. (f) Margaret L Pickles b. 1861 Berrima
  2. (f) Caroline I Pickles b. 1863 Berrima
  3. (m) Alfred J Pickles b. 1864 Berrima
  4. (f) Elizabeth A Pickles b. 1867 Berrima
  5. (m) John Thomas Pickles b. 1868 Berrima
  6. (f) Ada J Pickles b. 1871 Berrima
  7. (f) Sarah Pickles b. 1874 Berrima
  8. (f) Adelaide Mary Pickles b. 1876 Berrima
  9. (f) Ethel Emma Pickles b. 1878 Berrima

Father a police sergeant at Bong Bong.

PICCLES. - June 3, 1924, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Hockey, Roylands, 17 McKenzie-street, Strathfield North, Mary Ann, relict of the late John Piccles, aged 97 years. By request, no flowers. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)Thursday 5 June 1924 - Page 8

Pierce/Pearce Ruth (Anderson)

b. 1874 Wollongong d. 20/7/1958 Mt Keira br. Wollongong

m. William Pierce (-18/6/1950 Wollongong Son of Ernest John Pierce & Margaret Bowen) 1894 Wollongong

f. Andrew Anderson m. Maria Watts *

  1. (m) Ernest J Pierce b. 1894 Wollongong
  2. (m) William Roy Pierce b. 1895 Woonona
  3. (f) Margaret Maud Pierce b. 1897 Woonona (W Henderson)
  4. (m) Thomas Pierce b. 1898 Woonona
  5. (m) Robert Pierce b. 1900 Woonona
  6. (f) Ada Mary Pierce b. 1902 Woonona (W Townsend )
  7. (m) Edward Pierce b. 1905 Wollongong
  8. (m) James F Pierce b. 1904 Woonona
  9. (f) Irene May Pierce b. 1912 Wollongong (R Edwards)

Living at Mount Keira in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. With William Pearce a miner.

Listed as Emma Ruth on death certificate but it seems she used Ruth.

Pike Emily (Emmerson)

b. 15/9/1868 Armagh Ireland d. 19/3/1965 Hamilton NZ br. Hamilton NZ

m. Phill Pike (abt 1864 – 1938 Hamilton New Zealand) 28/12/1891Woodville NZ

f. William Emmerson m. Martha Elliott

  1. (m) Norman Heaton Pike b. 22/11/1893 Woodville NZ
  2. (m) Rupert Nikaw Vernon Pike b. 3/4/1894 New Zealand
  3. (m) Hartley Emmerson Pike b. 1897 Newtown
  4. (m) Keith Melrose Pike b. 1898 Parramatta
  5. (f) Nita Eileen Eva Pike b. 1900 Newtown
  6. (f) Ella Naomi Laurelle Pike b. 1906 New Zealand

Living South Coast Rd Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a draper.

Mr. Pike and family left for New, Zealand this week. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Saturday 4 November 1905 Page 11

Pike Jane (Ogden/Simpson then Peragomes)

b. abt 1826 England or 1930 Dapto d. 11/1/1908 West Wallsend br. Sandgate

m. John Harper ( abt 1810- ) No record of Marriage

m. Charles Peragomes (1814 Lisbon Portugal- 1870 Newcastle) 9/10/1870 Newcastle

m. William Pike 9/3/1872 Newcastle

f. Robert Simpson or Abraham Ogden m. Esther Barker *

Ship: came free with convict mother?

  1. (m) Edward James Harper b. 10/10/1857 Wollongong 12344/1857 d. 1923 Rockdale
  2. (f) Teresa Harper b. 1860 Wollongong 13966/1860 no father listed
  3. (f) Mary Jane Harper b. 1867
  4. (f) Esther Peragomes Harper b. 1871 Newcastle

Convict permission to Marry Index 1842 Wollongong

Pike Margaret Jane (Barron)

b. Scotland d. 18/11/1892 Kiama

m. James Pike (21/9/1856 Kiama – 22/5/1927 Son of Joseph Pike & Mary Talbot *) 8/1/1891 Sydney

f. George Barron

  1. (m) James Gordon Pike b. 23/11/1891 Kiama d. 22/8/1935 Royal Prince Alfred Hospital ( Sophie Adam 1921)

PIKE - BARRON. - At St. Phillip's Church, Sydney, on the 8th instant, by the Rev. J. Howell Price, James, the only surviving son of the late Joseph Pike, Esq., of Pike's Hill, Kiama, to Margaret Jane, the only daughter of the late George Barron, Esq., of Edinburgh, Scotland. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Friday 23 January 1891 p 2

PIKE.—At her residence, “Claremont”, Hethersall-street, on 23rd November, the wife of James Pike, of a son. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Friday 25 December 1891 p 2

Pike Maria

m. Henry Pike

  1. (f) Ellen A Pike b. 1847 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong

Pike Mary (Talbot)

b. 16/3/1814 Hanley Staffordshire d. 11/5/1891 Kiama br. Kiama

m. Joseph Pike (14/3/1810 Walmsbury Wiltshire- 5/12/1886 Kiama) 7/3/1838 Schoolhouse Kiama CofE Dapto Wollongong

f. John Talbot m. Elizabeth

Convict permission to Marry Index 1837 Wollongong

Ship: Buffalo 1833

  1. (f) Sarah Pike b. 21/3/1839 Kiama CofE Dapto/Wollongong d. 31/7/1841 Kiama
  2. (f) Charlotte Pike b. 14/9/1840 Kiama CofE Dapto/Wollongong d. 26/12/1893 Minnamurra
  3. (f) Caroline Pike b. 7/12/1842 Kiama d. 26/11/1875 Kiama (Samuel Turner 1863)
  4. (f) Emma Pike * b. 1/12/1844 Kiama d. 29/10/1896 (William Wilson 1864)
  5. (f) Elizabeth Pike * b. 10/11/1846 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong d. 26/12/1893 Minnamurra (Captain Thomas Honey 1872)
  6. (f) Mary Pike * b. 31/8/1849 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven d. 1932 (George Wood 1855)
  7. (m) Henry Pike b. 10/2/1852 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven d. 16/2/1877
  8. (m) Joseph Pike b. 9/6/1854 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven d. 18/7/1859
  9. (m) James Pike b. 21/9/1856 b. 22/5/1927 (Margaret Jane Barron * 1891, Sarah Louisa James * 1894)
  10. (m) William Pike b. 8/5/1860 Kiama d. 13/10/1860

On Monday, July 18th, at the residence of his parents, Joseph, the second eldest son of Joseph Pike, storekeeper, Kiama, aged 5 years one month and nine days. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 26 July 1859

Convict indent:

7 Years
Read only
House Maid
False pretences (obtained a cloak by deception)
Stafford 1833
Prior Convictions
5’ ½” Complexion Pale and pockmarked Hair Brown Eyes Hazel

On Tuesday morning the 8th May, at her residence, Pike's Hill, Kiama, Mary the wife of Alderman Joseph Pike, of a son, William. Examiner (Kiama, NSW : 1859 - 1862) Saturday 12 May 1860 p 3

PIKE.—May 11th, at her residence, Pike's Hill, Mary, relict of the late Joseph Pike, aged 77 years. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Friday 19 June 1891 p 2


Early this afternoon a shocking boating accident happened at the Minnamurra, by which seven persons lost their lives This river was to-day as usual the chief resort of pleasure seekers According to particulars to hand, it appears that Captain Honey, of the Kiama Volunteers, with Mrs Honey (formerly Miss Pike), his wife's sister, Mrs George Wood, jun (also a daughter of the late Mr J Pike), her husband (Mr I Wood), and three children-Elsie(aged 12years), Henry (aged l1), and Eliza (aged 10) , together with Miss Pike embarked on a hired boat, and, getting too near the mouth of the river, were carried out seaward, where the small craft capsized in the surf, and unfortunately Captain Honey, his wife, Mr Wood, his three children, and Miss Pike were drowned Mrs Wood clung to the boat and was rescued The accident was witnessed by some hundreds of people, and Mr Seymour (banker, from Berry), Mr Graham (of this town), and two or three other young men plunged into the water and tried to rescue the party, but the assistance came too late Mr Wood was alive when the rescuers reached him, but they were unable to bring him ashore When the news reached Kiama two or three boats wore despatched, but all the assistance they could render was to search for the bodies, four of which have been recovered, namely, Mr Wood, two of his children, and Miss Pike

Captain Honey, who was 46 years old, was a useful member of the community He was s magistrate and coroner for the district, and one of the vice-presidents of the Kiama Agricultural Association, besides being captain of the volunteers The greatest sympathy felt for Mrs Wood, who by this terrible calamity has boon bereaved of her husband, her three children, and two sisters The coast is being watched for the bodies of Captain Honey, his wife, and one of Mr Wood's children, which are expected to come ashore to- night Mr Alexander, police magistrate of Wollongong, comes here to-morrow morning for the purpose of holding an inquiry into the terrible fatality, which exceeds anything of the kind ever known in the district The boat in this case was a small flat-bottomed one The Sydney Morning Herald 27 December 1893

Pike Sarah Louise (James)

b. 1871 Kiama d. 27/3/1956 Kiama

m. James Pike (21/9/1856 Kiama – 22/5/1927 Kiama Son of Joseph Pike & Mary Talbot *) 25/4/1894 Eureka

f. Robert James Jones m. Mary Ann Vance *

  1. (f) Elsie Irene Pike b. 5/10/1895 Kiama (Stuart Lowe 1923)
  2. (f) Emma Lilian Pike b. 28/10/1896 Kiama (Arthur Wells 1923)
  3. (f) Florence Mary Pike b. 21/2/1898 Kiama
  4. (m) Henry Pike b. 9/4/1899 Kiama d. 5/10/1918 Kiama
  5. (f) Minnie Pike b. 26/9/1900 Kiama
  6. (f) Holly May Pike b. 19/5/1903 Kiama d. 15/3/1904 Kiama
  7. (m) Alfred William Pike b. 3/8/1904 Kiama
  8. (m) Robert Bruce Pike b. 19/9/1905 Kiama d. 16/9/1913 Kiama
  9. (f) Elizabeth Pike b. 6/10/1908 Kiama (Robert Fairley 1933)
  10. (m) Colin James Pike b. 27/2/1910 Kiama (Mary Adams 1940)
  11. (f) Ruby Charlotte Pike b. 1/1/1907 Kiama
  12. (f) Heather Jean Pike b. 3/5/1813 Kiama

Living at Claremont Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

ORANGE BLOSSOMS. The marriage of Miss Sarah Jones, daughter of Mr Robert Jones, of Eureka, with Mr Alderman James Pike, of “Claremont,” Kiama, was celebrated at the residence of the bride's parents on Wednesday last, the Rev. B. Stephens, of Jamberoo, performing the ceremony. The bride wore a very handsome and becoming dress of light fawn silk, trimmed with insertion, and carried a lovely bouquet of flowers, She was attended by her three sisters, the Misses Minnie, Emily and Lily Jones as bridesmaids, who were all attired in a very neat and handsome manner, and added quite a feature of attraction to the nuptial ceremony. The bride and bride-groom left by the evening train for Newcastle, from whence they were to go to Katoomba, and other places of note in the vicinity, receiving before their departure many expressions of good wishes from friends and relatives. Many will join with us in wishing the newly-wedded couple a long and prosperous career, surrounded by much happiness and comfort. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Tuesday 1 May 1894 p 2

Pilkington Mary

m. John Pilkington

  1. (f) Rachel Pilkington b. 1850 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong

Pillinger Leah (Leathwick)

b. 1880 NZ d. 1955 New Zealand

m. George Pillinger (abt 1875- 1959 NZ) 1902 NZ

f. Henry Joseph Leathwick m. Mary Ann Bird

  1. (m) Edgar George Pillinger b. 1903 Wollongong d. 1957 New Zealand

Living South Coast Rd Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a labourer

Pinder Mary Ann

m. James Pinder (abt 1803 Wakefield Yorkshire-17/2/1858 Ulladulla Son of Bartholomew Pinder & Jane) 18/12/1835 Braidwood

Ship: Free

  1. (f) Jane Pinder b. 1838
  2. (f) Mary A Pinder b. 1838
  3. (m) James Pinder b. 1840
  4. (f) Rachel Pindar b. 1843 bp. CofE Dapto; Wollongong 1769/1843 V18431769 30A
  5. (f) Eliza Pindar b. 1844 bp. CofE Dapto; Wollongong 1770/1844 V18441770 30A
  6. (f) Charlotte Pinder b. 1853

Pinch Alice (Winters)

b. 30/11/1859 Middlesex d. 27/7/1945 Bondi br. Waverley

m. George Arthur Pinch ( 1857 Malbyn Cornwell – 7/2/1925 Granville Son of Osbertus Pinch & Johanna) 22/11/1879 Deptford England

f. Henry Winters m. Sarah Nightingale

  1. (m) Osbertus Henry Kembla Pinch b. 23/6/1882 Port Kembla 19595/1882 d. 25/9/1942 Wollongong 23694/1942 (Maud Eleanor Guest * 1909)
  2. (f) Florence Mabel Pinch b. 4/6/1883 Port Kembla 21077/1883 d. 8/11/1956 (Allan Fred Johnson 1903)
  3. (f) Ethel Ernestine Pinch b. 5/8/1884 Ballina 31269/1884 d. 6/2/1949 Sydney (John Rochford 1905)
  4. (m) Robert George Valentine Pinch b. 14/2/1887 Thirroul d. 4/7/1969 Sydney 3843/1969 (Mary Elizabeth Sheridon 1911)
  5. (m) Walter Ernest Pinch b. 28/3/1889 Thirroul 24632/1889 d. 12/6/1970 NSW 23829/1970 (Elsie M Halsey 1917)
  6. (m) Arthur Gilbert Pinch b. 21/6/1891 Thirroul 39030/1891 d. 12/7/1924 West Dapto
  7. (m) Percy Pierre Pierce Pinch b. 17/10/1892 Brownsville 39137/1892 d. 5/11/1894 Brownsville
  8. (m) Frank Pinch b. 20/9/1896 Brownsville 36167/1896 d.  
  9. (m) Arthur George Pinch b. 24/3/1898 Brownsville 17451/1898 d. 4/5/1924 Brownsille 10962/1924
  10. (m) Harold Ammira Pinch b. 22/2/1903 Brownsville 17609/1903 d. 6/6/1930 (Eila Leonardine Clarke)

Living Brownsville in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a painter.

Pinch Maud Eleanor (Guest)

b. 15/1/1877 Barrow in Furness. d. 3/7/1953 Unanderra cr. Unanderra

m. Osbertus Henry Kembla Pinch (23/6/1882 Port Kembla-. 25/9/1942 Wollongong Son of George A Pinch & Alice Winters *) 1909

f. Joseph Guest m. Mary Ann Fieldhouse *

Ship: Duke of Buckingham 1884 into Rockhampton

  1. (f) Olive Pinch (W Herbert)
  2. (m) George Pinch
  3. (m) Allan Pinch

Living at Brownsville in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties


Mrs. Maude Eleanor Pinch, of Prince's Highway, Unanderra, passed away at her home last Friday at the age of seventy- six years.

Widow of the late Mr. Kembla Pinch, she was the mother of Olive, (Mrs. W. Herbert) , George and Allan.

She was the sister of Mesdames Pearce and Chie, and Mr. Guest.

Rev. Campbell, Unanderra Church of England, will officiate; at the funeral this (Monday) morning which will leave Parsons' Wollongong chapel for the Woronora crematorium. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Monday 6 July 1953 Page 2

Pinchin Elizabeth (Patient)

b. 1815 d. 15/2/1890 Wollongong br. Pioneer Park Cemetery Wollongong

m. George Pinchin ( 1812 - 20/11/1876 Wollongong Son of Samuel Pinchin & Harriet) 15/8/1838 Devizes Wiltshire

f. Ambrose Patient m. Sarah Long

  1. (f) Elizabeth Pinchin * d. 1914 Lismore (Charles Boyce 1860)
  2. (m) George Pinchin d. 1910 Lismore (Rhoda Priscilla Woolford 1873)
  3. (f) Mary Ellen Pinchin b. 1841 d. 23/9/1853 Pioneer Park Cemetery Wollongong
  4. (f) Harriett Pinchin * b. abt 1846 d. 1932 Summer Hill (Trueman Dakin 1882)
  5. (f) Louisa Pinchin b. abt 1846 d. 1917 Summer Hill
  6. (f) Sarah Jane Pinchin * b. abt 1850 d. 10/1/1898 Bondi
  7. (m) Harry Pinchin b. abt 1852 d. 1910 Singleton (Elizabeth ? then Mather 1877)
  8. (m) Percival/Perceval Pinchin b. 1855 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong V1855948 42A/1855 d. 31/5/1873 Pioneer Park Cemetery Wollongong
  9. (m) Samuel P Pinchin b. 26/6/1858 Wollongong 13426/1858 d. 1933 (Anne E Quilty 1887)

Husband had a publicans licence and was also a confectioner of Kembla Street, Wollongong. Husband died from the injuries he received when he was struck by the mail coach.

On the 26th instant, at her residence, Cooma-street, Wollongong, Mrs George Pinchin of a son Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Monday 28 June 1858 p 3

DEATH. PINCHIN. — At her residence, Coombe-street, Wollongong, on Saturday, February 15, 1890, Elizabeth, relict of the late George Pinchin, aged 76 years. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 18 February 1890 p 2

Pinchin Sarah Jane

b. . abt 1850 d. 10/1/1898 Bondi

f. George Pinchin m. Elizabeth Patient*

PINCHIN -January 10, at Latham, Penkivil-street, Bondi Sarah Jane, daughter of the late George Pinchin, of Wollongong, and aunt of Charles M Boyce, of Sydney, aged 48 years The Sydney Morning Herald 11 January 1898

Pinhey Fanny Thorn (Whittingham )

b. 1859 Maitland 9170/1859 d. 18/6/1947 Concord cr.

m. John Edmond Pinhey (1852 Maitland - 1927 Strathfield Son of William Townely Pinhey & Mary Bell ) 29/10/1884 Kiama

f. Henry Whittingham m. Eleanora Florence *

  1. (f) Vera T Pinhey b. 12/2/1886 Shellharbour 25028/1886  (Charles Minnett 1914)
  2. (m) Guy Townley Pinhey b. 1888 Kiama 26269/1888  d. 1981 Bellevue Hill

Husband the bank manager at Shellharbour for Commercial Banking Company of Sydney, Ltd.

PINHEY - WHITTINGHAM - On the 29th October, at Christ Church, Kiama, by the Rev. John Done, John Edmund Pinhey, manager of the Commercial Bank, Shelharbour, to Fanny Thorne Whittingham, daughter of Henry Whittingham, manager of the E. S. & A. C. Bank, Kiama. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Friday 14 November 1884 p 2

PINHEY February ?12th 1886 at her residence, Commercial Bank, Shellharbour the wife of J E Pinhey of a daughter. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Tuesday 23 February 1886 p 2

PINHEY, Fanny Thorne-June 18, 1947, at her home, 56 Sydney St., Concord, widow of John E. Pinhey, late manager of The Commercial Bank, Milton, Sth. Coast, and daughter of the late Henry Whittingham, of Kiama. Privately cremated, June 19, 1947. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 21 June 1947 p 40

Pinfold Sarah Harriett (Edwards)

b. 1866 Kiama d. 26/4/1951 Wollongong

m. William James Pinfold 1896 Wollongong

f. Henry Edwards m. Rhoda Tatch *

  1. (f) Rhoda Lavinia V Pinfold b. 1897 Wollongong d. 3/86/1987 (William Rees)

Living at Crown St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a hairdresser.

Husband a hairdresser, she was the sister-in-law of Mr Earl who was his employer in Wollongong. Her family lived opposite the old Kiama hospital.

PINFOLD, Sarah Harriet.— April 26, 1951. Beloved wife of William James Pinfold, of Geard's Hill; West Wollongong, dear mother, of Rhoda (Mrs. W. Rees) and fond mother-in-law of William. Aged 82 years. Illawarra Daily Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1950 - 1954) Friday 27 April 1951 p 4

Pinkerton Maggie (Potter)

b. abt 1861 d. 22/8/1924 South Ashfield br. Rookwood

m. John Pinkerton (abt 1856 -4/10/1932 South Ashfield Son of John Pinkerton )

f. James Potter m. Catherine

  1. (m) John Pinkerton
  2. (m) Robert Pinkerton
  3. (f) Bithia Pinkerton b. 1887 Wollongong 24932/1887
  4. (f) Jeanie Kerr Pinkerton b. 1889 Port Kembla 24346/1889 d. 8/7/1962 Wollongong (Robert Wilson 1911)
  5. (f) Maggie Dorothy Pinkerton b. 1892 Wollongong 38952/1892
  6. (f) Ethel C Pinkerton b. 1894 Wollongong 37839/1894
  7. (m) William Pinkerton b. 1896 Wollongong 27217/1896 d. 22/12/1953
  8. (m) Stanley C Pinkerton b. 1901 Wollongong 18337/1901

Living at Mount Kembla in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.

Family owned store at Port Kembla

In 1916 she was the next of kin for her son William, she was living at Ashfield.

PINKERTON.-August 22, 1924, at her residence, “Craigielea,” 3 Ashford-street, South Ashfield, Maggie, the beloved wife of John Pinkerton, and dear mother of John, Robert, Bithia, Jeanie, Dorothy, Ethel, William, and Stanley, aged 63 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 23 August 1924 p 14

Pinkerton Rhoda (Knight)

b. 1857 Vincent d. 12/12/1892 Bowral br. Bowral

m. Richard Millar Pinkerton (11/10/1844 London- 1926 Yandina Qld Son of Robert Campbell Pinkerton & Amelia Alice Davis) 17/8/1881 Wollongong

f. George Knight m. Rebecca Dearling *

  1. (m) Harold Richard Vicars Pinkerton b. 1882 St Leonards
  2. (m) Percy George Davis Pinkerton b. 1884 St Leonards
  3. (m) Walter Vincent Pinkerton b. 1886 Berrima
  4. (m) Unnamed Pinkerton b. 1892 Bowral d. aged under 6 hours

Mother and child buried on the same day.

Pinkis/Pinks Ellen (Gower)

m. Frederic G Pinkis

  1. (m) James Pinks b. 17/1/1856 Mount St Thomas
  2. (m) John Pinkis b. 1857 Wollongong 12302/1857

Pinkstone Henrietta (Wolstencroft)

b. 1847 Sydney d. 25/11/1880 Macdonaldtown br. Rookwood

m. Frederick Pinkstone (4/4/1847 Sydney –3/1/1922 Manly Son of Son of Charles Pinkstone & Sarah Fidden) 22/4/1871 Surrey Hills

f. William Wolstencroft m. Mary

  1. (f) Henrietta Pinkstone b. 5/9/1872 Kiama (Thomas K M Matthews 1896)
  2. (m) William Henry Pinkstone b. 14/4/1874 Kiama d. 1953 Cootamundra
  3. (m) Frederick Claude Pinkstone b. 26/2/1877 Surrey Hills d. 14/11/1880 Macdonaldtown
  4. (f) Eliza Ann Pinkstone b. 28/3/1879 Cootamundra (James E A Florance 1905, Joseph Jolland)

Husband a newspaper editor

On- the, 22nd instant, at Riley-street, Surry Hills, by the Rev. Dr. M'Gibbon, Frederick Pinkstone, of Kiama, sixth son of Mr. Charles Pinkstone, of Sydney, to Henrietta, second daughter of the late Mr. William Wolstencroft, of Sydney, formerly of Bolton, England. The Protestant Standard (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1895) Saturday 29 April 1871 p 4

ON the 5th instant, at her residence, Manning- street, Kiama, the wife of Mr. F. PINKSTONE of a daughter The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 12 September 1872 p 2

At her residence, Kiama, on the 14th April, Mrs. Frederick Pinkstone, of a son. Australian Town and Country Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1870 - 1907) Saturday 25 April 1874 p 35

On 26th instant, Cooper-street, Surry Hills, Sydney, Mrs. F. PINKSTONE of a son Cootamundra Herald (NSW : 1877 - 1954) Tuesday 27 February 1877 p 2

AT Caxton Cottage, on 28th March, 1879, Mrs. F. Pinkstone of a daughter. Cootamundra Herald Cootamundra Herald (NSW : 1877 - 1954) Saturday 12 April 1879 p 4

PINKSTONE.-November 14, at the residence of his aunt, Pinkstoneville, Macdonaldtown, Frederick Claude, the dearly beloved youngest son of Frederick and Henrietta Pinkstone, of Cootamundra, aged 3 years and 9 months.

PINKSTONE.-November 25, at the residence of her sister, Pinkstoneville, Macdonaldtown, Henrietta, the beloved wife of Frederick Pinkstone, of Cootamundra, aged 33 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 29 November 1880 p 1

Pinkstone/Pinkston Jane (Riddell)

b. abt 1838 d. 19/9/1924 Manly br. Rookwood

m. Joseph Pinkstone (abt 1836 – 22/4/1917 Paddington Son of Charles Pinkstone & Sarah Fidden) 2/2/1859 Sydney

f. James Riddell m. Rose A

  1. (m) Charles Pinkston b. 27/6/1859 Kiama 8400/1859
  2. (m) Joseph Pinkston b. 19/7/1860 Wollongong 13938/1860 d. 18/6/1863 Paddington aged 2 years 11months
  3. (f) Rose Ann Pinkston b. 30/3/1862 Wollongong 15014/1862 (Joseph Lipman 1883)
  4. (m) Arnold Pinkston b. 1866 Sydney 1494/1866
  5. (f) Gertrude Pinkstone b. 1868 Sydney 1901/1868
  6. (m) Claude Pinkstone 1871 Sydney 318/1871
  7. (f) Eva Pinkstone b. 1873 Sydney 782/1873 d. 1878
  8. (m) Arthur Pinkston b. 1875 Sydney 2024/1875
  9. (m) Sydney Joseph Pinkston b. 1877 Sydney 2884/1877 d. 22/8/1885
  10. (f) Etta Letitia Pinkstone b. 1880 Sydney 3535/1880
  11. (f) Ivy Estelle Pinkstone b. 1882 Sydney 3362/1882

On Monday 27th June, at her residence, Terragong-street, Kiama. Mrs Joseph Pinkston, of a son Kiama Examiner (NSW : 1858 - 1859) Saturday 2 July 1859 p 2

On the 19th July, at her residence, Wollongong, Mrs. Joseph Pinkston, of a son. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 20 July 1860 p 2

On the 30th ultimo, at her residence, Crown-street, Wollongong, Mrs. Joseph Pinkston of a daughter. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 1 April 1862 p 2

On the 6th instant, at her residence, Liverpool-street, Mrs. Joseph Pinkston, of a son. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 8 June 1864 p 1

PINKSTONE- RIDDELL. -February 2,1859, by the Rev. Dr. Fullerton, of Elizabeth-street, Joseph, second son of Charles Pinkstone, Sydney, to Jane, second daughter of the late James Riddell, of Sydney. Present address: Caloola, Glenmore-road, Paddington. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 2 February 1909 p 6

PINKSTONE- April 21 1917, at his residence Caloola, Glenmore road Paddington Joseph, beloved husband of Jane Pinkstone, aged 81 years (late compositor, “Herald” Office) The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 23 April 1917 p 6

PINKSTONE.-September 19, at her residence, 33 Margaret-street, Manly, Jane Pinkstone, relict of the late Joseph Pinkstone, aged 86. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 20 September 1924 p 16

Piper Ann (Thomas then Murphy)

b. 2/4/1839 Marshall Mount d. 1/3/1927 Albion Park br. Marshall Mount Methodist

m. Thomas Murphy ( Ireland- ) 13/12/1855

m. John Piper (1847 Tongarra – 5/6/1926 Wollongong Son of John Piper & Jane Reid Harmon * ) 1878 Wollongong

f. William Thomas m. Sarah Waller *

  1. (m) George Murphy b. 1858 Wollongong 13408/1858 d. 1912 Orara River (Henrietta Sizmur * 1890)
  2. (m) Frederic J Murphy b. 1862 Wollongong 14976/1862
  3. (f) Anne M Murphy b. 1865 Wollongong 16868/1865

Living Oak Flats in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a farmer.

“By special license, by the Rev. Dr. Lang, M.L.C., on Thursday, the 13th instant, Mr. Thomas Murphy, a native of the North of Ireland, to Miss Anne Thomas, both of Dapto, Illawarra.” SMH 15 December 1855

MRS. ANN PIPER. One of the oldest pioneers of this district, Mrs. Ann. Piper, aged 88 years, after a short illness passed away at-her residence, Albion Park, on Tuesday of last week. The Kiama Reporter and Illawarra Journal (NSW : 1899 - 1947) Wednesday 9 March 1927 p 3

Piper Ann (Pearson)

b. 1840 Avondale d. 6/7/1926 North Dorrigo 12522/1926 br. Dorrigo

m. William Piper (1844 Wesleyan Methodist Wollongong - 18/2/1912 Kangaloon Son of John Piper & ?) 1862 Wollongong

f. James Pearson m. Zilpah Andrews *

IM Issue 16 Jul 1926

  1. (m) James W Piper b. 1863 Wollongong 14906/1863
  2. (m) George William Piper b. 1864 Wollongong 16526/1864
  3. (m) Charles Henry Piper b. 1866 Wollongong 16671/1866
  4. (m) George P Piper b. 1868 Wollongong 18168/1868
  5. (f) Zilpah Jane Piper * b. 1870 Wollongong 18989/1870 d. 1955 Petersham (William J Young 1887)
  6. (f) Ada Elizabeth Piper b. 1872 Wollongong 19647/1872
  7. (f) Amelia Martha Piper b. 1874 Wollongong 21534/1874 (John M Porter 1897)
  8. (f) Ada L Piper b. 1877 Wollongong 23098/1877 (Sidney Cuppitt 1904)
  9. (m) Herbert E Piper b. 1877 Wollongong 23099/1877
  10. (f) Amy Caroline Piper b. 1880 Wollongong 27393/1880 (Thomas J Heffernan 1901)
  11. (f) Avis Maude Piper b. 1885 Wollongong 23472/1885 d. 1962 Bankstown (John J R Noble 1906)


Mrs. A. Piper passed away peacefully at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. R. Noble, North Dorrigo, on Tuesday last. The deceased lady, who had reached the ripe old age of 86, was the widow of Mr. William Piper, whose death occurred at Kangaloon about 14 years ago. The late Mrs. Piper was born at Dapto, where she continued to live for many years. She was married in that district, her late husband following the occupation of a farmer. Later they moved to Kangaloon, where Mr. Piper again engaged in farming pursuits. The deceased lady came to the Dorrigo district about eight years ago with her daughter with whom she had continued to reside up till the time of her death. She had a family of four sons and six daughters, of whom the following survive: Mr. James Piper (Hurstville), Mr. George Piper (Bowral), Mr. Charles Piper (Bowral), Mr. Herbert Piper (Dorrigo), Mrs. W. Young .(Stanmore), Mrs. F. Cubert (Bowral), Mrs. T. Heffernan (Hurstville), and Mrs. R. Noble (North Dorrigo). The funeral took place on Wednesday, the body being laid at rest in the Methodist portion of Dorrigo Cemetery. The Rev. L. R. Bensley conducted the service. The Don Dorrigo Gazette and Guy Fawkes Advocate (NSW : 1910 - 1954) Friday 9 July 1926 p 2

Piper Ann Parkinson (Gilbert)

b. abt 1842 d. 2/3/1919 Artarmon br. Gore Hill

m. William Piper (11/4/1843 Tongarra – 6/11/1927 Artarmon Son of John Piper & Jane Reid Harmon *) 1866 Berrima 1525/1866

  1. (f) Elizabeth Parkinson Piper b. 1866 Wollongong 16640/1866 d. 1942 Bowral ( Norman Dawes)
  2. (m) George Parkinson Piper b. 1868 18079/1868 d. 24/3/1877 Wollongong
  3. (m) William Parkinson Piper b. 1870 Wollongong 18884/1870 d. 25/1/1936 Strathfield (Elizabeth Caroline Ann Rogan * 1897)
  4. (m) John Parkinson Piper b. 1872 Wollongong 19548/1872 d. 1954 Rockdale
  5. (m) James Parkinson Piper b. 1873 Wollongong 20880/1873d. 1945 Sydney
  6. (f) Annie P Piper b. 1881 Wollongong 21950/1875
  7. (m) Edward Parkinson Piper b. 1877 22985/1877 d. 11/3/1877 Marshall Mount
  8. (m) Herbert Parkinson Piper b. 1878 Wollongong 24780/1878 d. 1960 North Sydney
  9. (m) Alfred Ernest Piper b. 1881 Wollongong 18872/1881
  10. (m) Edward P Piper IM Issue 27 Mar 1877
  11. (m) George P Piper IM Issue 27 Mar 1877

PIPER. — On the 24th inst., George Parkinson, aged 9 years ; on the 11th inst., Edward Parkinson, aged 2 months 18 days, eldest and infant sons of William and Ann Parkinson Piper, Marshall Mount. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 27 March 1877 p 2

PIPER -March 2, 1919 at her residence, Illawarra Broughton-road Artarmon, Ann Parkinson, beloved   wife of William Piper, late of Marshall Mount, aged 77 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 3 March 1919 p 6

Death of an Old Illawarra Identity. The death occurred on Sunday at Artarmon, Sydney, of Mrs Ann Parkinson Piper, wife of William Piper. The deceased, who suffered for many months from a lingering complaint, passed away at the advanced age of 77 years. Her maiden name was Gilbert, and prior to her marriage she resided with the Osborne family at Marshall Mount, and was therefore one of the earliest residents. After her marriage to Mr. Wm. Piper, who followed farming pursuits, she had continued her residence until a few years ago, when the family removed to the suburbs. Altogether, she had been identified with Marshall Mount for about half a century. The deceased leaves a husband, five sons and two daughters to mourn their loss, together with a large number of grandchildren. Numerous relatives reside in the Illawarra district. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 14 March 1919 p 5

Piper Elizabeth Caroline Ann (Rogan)

b. 1867 Tongarra 10536/1867 d. 1938 Punchbowl cr. Rookwood

m. William Parkinson Piper ( 1870 Wollongong – 25/1/1936 Strathfield Son of William Piper & Ann Parkinson Gilbert *) 21/4/1897 All Saints’ CofE Macquarie River

f. James Rogan m. Elizabeth Jane Sawtell *

  1. (m) Ernest A Piper b. 1897 Robertson d. before 1936
  2. (f) Lila M Piper b. 1900 Ballina (Alfred E J Edwards 1921)
  3. (m) Raymond A Piper b. 1903 Ballina
  4. (f) Elma M Piper b. 1909 Maclean

Mrs. Elizabeth Piper, relict of the late William Piper, of Albion Park, died last week end at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Edwards, of Punchbowl. The remains were cremated at Rookwood. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 7 October 1938 p 8

Piper Florence Maud (Reen)

b. 1880 Waterloo 7110/1880 d. 1951 Newport br. Gore Hill

m. John Parkinson Piper (1872 Marshall Mount – 13/7/1954 Hurstville Son of William Piper & Ann Parkinson Gilbert * ) 7/9/1898 RC Albion Park

f. Michael Reen m. Margaret O’Dowd *

  1. (f) Aileen Mary Piper b. 18/1/1898 Marshall Mount
  2. (m) Athol Roy Piper b. 25/9/1900 Marshall Mount
  3. (m) Alwyn Piper b. 1905 Rockdale
  4. (m) John E Piper b. 1908 Rockdale
  5. (m) Ronald Hilton Piper b. 1912 St Peters d. 1950 Rockdale
  6. (m) Mervyn Piper b.

Mrs. Florence Piper, wife of Mr. J. P. Piper, who died this week at Newport, aged 70, was a native of Marshall Mount Prior, to her marriage she was a Miss Reen, of that locality. Illawarra Daily Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1950 - 1954) Saturday 28 April 1951 p 6

Piper Jane (Pearson)

b. 1842 Marshall Mount d. 13/81921 Llangothlin 12742/1921

m. James Piper (19/1/1840 Dapto-6/1/1926 Glen Innes James Piper & Martha * see Browne) 1865 Wollongong 3536/1865

f. James Pearson m. Zilpah Andrews *

  1. (f) Martha J Piper b. 1867 Wollongong 17977/1867
  2. (m) Herbert Piper b. 1869 Wollongong 19855/1869
  3. (m) Alfred Piper b. 1871 Wollongong 19511/1871
  4. (m) James Pearson Piper b. 1873 Wollongong 20805/1873 d. 1944 Granville
  5. (m) Percy James Piper b. 1875 Wollongong 21836/1875
  6. (f) Ethel M Piper b. 1877 Wollongong 23072/1877
  7. (f) Lillias E Piper b. 1879 Wollongong 26087/1879
  8. (f) Mabel E Piper b. 1882 Wollongong 19568/1882
  9. (f) Annie O Piper b. 1885 Wollongong 23412/1885

Mrs. PIPER, Sen.

The death of Mrs. Piper, wife of Mr. James Piper, sen., occurred at Llangothlin on Saturday last, after an illness of about a fortnights do ration. She had been a resident of Llangothlin for about thirty-five years and was held in the highest esteem by all who knew her. The late Mrs. Piper was within a few months of her eightieth year, and, besides her husband, is survived by four son's — Messrs. Herbert, Alfred, James (Llangothlin), and Percy (Sydney), four daughters — Mrs. Geo. Hodder, Mrs. William Hodder, Mrs. W. S. Drysdale (Llangothlin), Mrs. James Starr (Guyra), thirty-four grandchildren, and one great grandchild. The funeral took place on Monday afternoon, the remains being interred in the Methodist portion of Guyra Cemetery. The large number of persons present, many coming long distances, was a striking proof of the great respect in which she was held. Guyra Argus (NSW : 1902 - 1954) Thursday 18 August 1921 p 2

The Church Triumphant

Mrs. Piper, a faithful member of our church at Llangothlin, recently passed away. The Piper family have been, the mainstay of the little Llangothlin Church in the Guyong Circuit. This is largely due to the splendid training of a large family by a devoted Christian mother she was born at Avondale, in the Illawarra district, in 1841. Her parents were earnest Christian people. Under, their careful training the deceased early learnt - the way of life. She was married to Mr. James Piper in 1865. After spending a few years in the Berrima district she came to Llangothlin. At the memorial service, the high esteem in which Mrs. Piper and Mrs. Sutcliffe were held was demonstrated in the large congregation that attended. It was with the greatest difficulty that friends Who came to pay their last respects could be accommodated. The tribute paid by the sorrowing family was summed up in one sentence: 'A de voted Christian ' mother. ' The Methodist (Sydney, NSW : 1892 - 1954) Saturday 5 November 1921 p 14

Piper Jane Reid (Harmon)

b. abt 1812 Sussex England d. 15/10/1888 br. Marshall Mount Methodist

m. John Piper (10/9/1810 Kent -12/4/1856 Wollongong)

Ship: Westminster 6/6/1838 Sydney

  1. (f) Elizabeth Piper * b. 1842 V1842664 54/1842 Wesleyan Methodist Sydney (William Reid 1867)
  2. (m) William Piper b. 11/4/1843 Tongarra bp. Wesleyan Methodist Wollongong V1844203 55/1844 d. 6/11/1927 Artarmon (Anne Pearson * 1862)
  3. (m) John Piper b. 1847 Tongarra bp. Wesleyan Methodist Wollongong V1847972 55/1847 d. 5/6/1926 Wollongong (Ann Murphy * 1878)
  4. (f) Jane Piper * b. 1849 Wesleyan Methodist Camden V18492461 55/1849 (James Thomas 1869)

THE LATE MRS. PIPER In last Thursday's issue there appeared an obituary notice of three old identities connected with this district. The list should have included a fourth departed worthy— the late Mrs. Piper, of Marshall Mount. Alluding again to the other three deaths, Mr. John Dingwall died on Thursday, Mr Walter Wilson and Mrs. Piper on Monday, and Mr. David Haworth on Tuesday. It will therefore be noticed that the death of these four old residents of the district occurred within less than a week, three being within two days, and two actually on one day. The late Mrs. Piper was a native of Sussex, England, where she was born in 1812. In the year 1838 she, in company with her husband (the late Mr. John Piper), reached this colony by the immigrant ship Westminster, and immediately on arrival they came to Marshall Mount, reaching Wollongong by the historic ' Old Billy ' In those days the road even through the town was little more than a bush-track, and that to Dapto and Marshall Mount was still more so. From that time to her death, Mrs. Piper continued a resident of Illawarra, her home, never being farther south than the Macquarie, nor more northward than Mullet Creek. In 1853 her husband died, and from that time she lived a quiet but useful life in the Marshall Mount locality. It was not until within the last fortnight of her existence that she ceased to occupy a house of her own, and became an inmate of her son's residence. The illness which carried her off resulted from a cold which first affected her about two years ago. Her family, to whom she was a kind and good mother, consisted of two sons and two daughters, all respected members of the com-munity. In her quiet life the deceased was respected by all who knew her, and in her last illness many persons to whom she had been kind in the days of her strength acted similarly towards her so far as they could. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Thursday 25 October 1888 p 2

Husband is perhaps listed in 1841 census living in the Illawarra on John Osborne’s land, when they arrived his occupation was sawyer and they were Wesleyan. Possible brother to husband James Piper see Martha Browne

Piper Martha see Browne

Piper Mary Eliza (Dowson)

b. 1862 Manning River d. 31/1/1954 Marrickville

m. Joseph James Piper (-1939 Wyong Son of James Piper & Elizabeth) 1885 Wollongong

f. Rev James William Dowson m. Mary Emma Walker *

  1. (m) Harold J Piper b. 1886 Narrabri
  2. (f) Edith M Piper b. 1887 Narrabri
  3. (f) Melissa A Piper b. 1889 Narrabri
  4. (m) Robert Carlingford Piper b. 1892 Narrabri
  5. (m) Ernest N Piper b. 1895 Narrabri
  6. (m) Reginald E N Piper b. 1895 Narrabri
  7. (f) Marjory H M Piper b. 1900 Narrabri
  8. (f) Muriel L Piper b. 1905 Narrabri
  9. (f) Effie W Piper b. 1905 Narrabri

PIPER Mary Eliza -January 31 1954 widow of the late Joseph James Piper mother of Harold Edith Nellie Carl Reginald Marjorie Muriel and Effie aged 91 years At rest The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Thursday 4 February 1954 p 32

Pitchford Eliza (Wardall)

b. abt 1850 Dawley Shropshire d. 7/7/1928 Bulli br. Bulli

m. Emanuel Pitchford (abt 1846 Dawley Shropshire- ) 1870 Shropshire

f. James Wardall

Ship: Corona 1877

  1. (m) Frederick Emanuel Pitchford b. 1871 Dawley Shropshire
  2. (f) Adelaide Pitchford * b. abt 1874 Mansfield Nottinghamshire d. 1966 Bulli (Henry Roberts 1893)
  3. (f) Martha Lois Pitchford * b. abt 1876 d. 1939 Sydney (Alexander Kirkwood 1895)
  4. (m) James A Pitchford b. 1877 Wallsend
  5. (f) Alice M Pitchford b. 1880 Newcastle
  6. (f) Sarah Annie Pitchford * b. 1881 Newcastle d. 24/3/1960 Canberra ACT (George Whittey 1903)
  7. (f) Eliza B Pitchford b. 1883 Newcastle
  8. (m) Frederick Emanuel Pitchford b. 1887 Newcastle d. 20/11/1887 Tighe’s Hill
  9. (m) James W Pitchford b. 1891 Woonona 39077/1891
  10. (f) Elizabeth May Pitchford d. 4/5/1925 Bulli (Charles Shaw 1907)
  11. (f) Bertha Pitchford (Jack Collins)

Husband a miner.


On Saturday last, at the resilience of her daughter, Mrs. H. Roberts, Stokes Avenue, Bulli, Mrs. Eliza Pitchford passed away, , at the advanced age of 78 years. The good lady, who bad resided at Helensburgh for about 24 years, was well known for her kindly disposition and strength of character.

About 12 months ago she took up her residence at Bulli, with her daughter, Adelaide Roberts, here she spent the rest of her days. Mrs. Pitchford was an adherent or the Church of England. She was born in Shropshire, England, and together with her husband, who predeceased her 30 years ago, came to Australia, settled at Newcastle, and afterwards to the South Coast. All the family were present at her death-bed.

She leaves the following sons and daughters to mourn their loss: — Adelaide (Bulli), Martha: (Kensington), James (Abermaine), Annie (Helensburgh), Bertha (Bulli), William (Abermaine), together with 30 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 6 July 1928 p 7

Pitman Mary Jane (Jones)

b. abt 1877 d. 3/3/1965 Austinmer

m. William Pitman (1869- 13/10/1925 Scarborough Mine Son of Charles Pitman & Jane ) 1899 Lithgow

f. John Jones m. Elizabeth

  1. (f) Ida J Pitman b. 1899 Lithgow
  2. (m) William Henry Charles Pitman b. 1902 West Wallsend
  3. (m) Albert George Pitman b. 1904 West Wallsend d. 1972 Bulli

Husband and father, living at Austinmer

Pitman Rachel (Evans)

b. 1858 Glamorgan d. 30/4/1930 Woonona br. Bulli

m. Henry Pitman ( 1857 Glamorgan -18/8/1935 Son of Charles Pitman & Jane) 1878 Merthyr Tydfil Glamorgan

f. William Evans m. Eliza

Ship: Clyde 1881

  1. (m) Henry C Pitman d. 1882 Lithgow
  2. (m) Herbert Pitman b. 1883 Lithgow d. 1957 Wollongong
  3. (m) Silas Percy Pitman b. 1884 Lithgow d. 1956 Bulli
  4. (m) William Austin Pitman b. 1886 Wollongong d. 1962 Bulli


On Wednesday night one of the very respected residents of Woonona. Mrs. Rachel Pitman, passed away, at the age of 72 years. The remains are to be interred in the Baptist section of Bulli cemetery, at 3.30 p.m. to-day. There is much sympathy for the husband, Mr. Henry Pitman, and the family and also the many relatives. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 2 May 1930 p 10

Pitt Ethel May see Foulstone

Pitt Jane

Living at Terralong St Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll – Dress maker

Platt Harriet (Brereton)

m. William Platt ( 1863 Newcastle – Son of Daniel Platt & Sophie) 1902 Sydney

Living Bombo in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a farmer

Brownsville.—A warrant has been issued by the Brownsville Bench for the arrest of William Platt, charged with unlawfully deserting his wife since the 9th May, 1903. He is about 40 years old, 5 feet 7 inches high, medium build, ginger complexion, ginger moustache and whiskers, blue eyes, scar over one eye ; generally dressed in dark serge suit, a labourer, a native of Newcastle District. Complainant, Harriett Platt, at Dapto. New South Wales Police Gazette and Weekly Record of Crime (Sydney : 1860 - 1930) Wednesday 25 May 1904 Page 218

Harriet Platt v William Platt.-Assault
Plea, not guilty.

Mr McDonald appeared for Mrs Platt. Harriet Platt, sworn, stated: I am the wife of defendant, at Glenbrook ; I have heard my information read ; last Wednesday evening my husband was agitating me, we had a few words, he struck me twice: my married daughter was present;: he struck me first in the eye with his fist; he did not hit me with a stick; I stopped at Mrs Waller's that night, and have stayed there since; he struck me a year ago, and has been ill-using me frequently the last four months; l am afraid of him, I ask that he be bound over to keep the peace; I keep a boarding-house ; defendant earns 10s a day, he is pretty sober; the daughter I mentioned is by a previous husband.

By defendant: You have never had to do the house work since my daughter has been with me; I did tell you that Mrs Waller was drinking beer at the Red Cow Hotel; I did not throw any knives at you ; I did cut your arm months ago with a knife.'

Harriett O'Neil, sworn, stated: I am the wife of Hamilton O'Neil, and reside at Glenbrook the daughter of complainant:

I was at my mother's last Wednesday, defendant was there ; he struck my mother on the face with his fist twice I'll came to live close to my mother to protect her; defendant is violent, and has assaulted my mother before

By defendant: I have had a few glasses I of stout, I have not had any this morning.

Lilian Waller, sworn, stated: I am the wife of George Waller, and reside at Glenbrook;

I know the parties before the court ; I live next door ; last Wednesday I heard a disturbance there ; I saw Mrs Platt between 11.30 and 12, she came to my place and has slept there ever since, she told me the reason ; I have seen defendant ill-use his wife, he struck me once,

By defendant: You have helped me with the housework sometimes when Mrs Platt has been lying in bed sick ; I don't assist to empty the bottle.

Defendant was bound over, in the sum of £10, to keep the peace towards his wife for twelve months; court costs 6s, witness' expenses 10s, professional costs 21s, In default of payment of costs, 14 days in Darlinghurst Gaol, with hard labor-14 days allowed to pay costs ; in default of entering into recognizance, three months Darlinghurst Gaol, with hard labor. Nepean Times (Penrith, NSW : 1882 - 1962) Saturday 20 July 1912 Page 4

Plimmer Emma (Tranter)

b. abt 1851 Donnington Shropshire d. 18/1/1911 Tighe’s Hill3865/1911

m. Aaron Plimmer (abt 1851 Wrockwardine Shropshire -1929 Tighe’s Hill Son of John Plimmer & Dinah) 30/4/1872 Normanton

f. John Tranter m. Emma

  1. (f) Polly Plimmer b. 25/4/1873 Altofts Yorkshire (John C Field 1916)
  2. (m) John R Plimmer b. 1885 Woonona 23687/1885
  3. (f) Selina M Plimmer b. 1893 Wickham 38738/1893 (Oswald Moor  1923)

PLIMMER - At her residence, Tighe's Hill, on February 18, Emma, the dearly beloved wife of Aaron Plimmer, aged, 60 years. Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate (NSW : 1876 - 1954) Tuesday 28 February 1911 p 4

Plimmer Sarah Ann (Cadman)

b. 1843 Dawley Shropshire d. 14/6/1921 br. Bulli

m. Charles William Plimmer ( 1848 Wrockwardine Wood Shropshire England - 5/2/1915 Son of John Plimmer & Dinah) 1870 Wellington Sal Shropshire

Ship: abt 1885

  1. (f) Dina Plimmer * b. 1872 Wrockwardine Wood d. 1959 Newtown (John T Wynn 1893)

Husband a puddler at an ironworks in 1881 census

Living at Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a coke burner.

In the Will of SARAH ANN PLIMMER, late of Bulli in the State of New South. Wales, Widow, do ceased. — Application will be made after fourteen days from the publication hereof that Probate of the last I Will of the above named deceased may be granted to John Wynn and Charles William Wynn the Executors in the said Will named. And all notices may be served at the office of the un- - designed to, whom all persons having claims against the said Estate are required to send particulars of the same I within the said fourteen days. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 5 August 1921 p 7

Plunkett Mary Jane

Living at Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Plucknett Susan/Susanah (Jolliffe)

b. 1834 Somerset England d. 31/1/1912 Bulli br. St Luke's Brownsville.

m. Elijah/Elisha Plucknett (1835-22/12/1907 Garden Hill Son of Frederick Plucknett & Sarah) 1863 St Michael's Wollongong 3210/1863 (brother of Selina Plucknett)

f. Thomas Jolliffe m. Elizabeth Shepherd /Curry *

Ship: Tartar 1857

  1. (f) Susannah Plucknett * b. 1864 Dapto 16412/1864 d. 1946 (Chester Edgar Smith 1881)
  2. (f) Sarah Jane Plucknett * b. 1866 Wollongong d. 1949 (John David Stone 1886)
  3. (f) Ellen Elizabeth Plucknett * b. 1869 Wollongong d. 1946 Wollongong (Percy Elson 1888)
  4. (f) Mary Jane Plucknett * b. 1871 Wollongong d. 1954 (John A Miller 1899)
  5. (f) Sofina Plucknett * b. 1874 Wollongong d. 1962 Wollongong (William Wilson 1894)
  6. (f) Christina Plucknett * b. 1876 Wollongong d. 1911 (James Bowra 1897)

Living at Figtree in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a labourer.

PLUCKNETT.— Jan. 31, at her daughter's residence, Bulli, Susan Plucknett, aged 78 years, interred at Church of England Cemetery, Dapto. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 9 February 1912 Page 12

Mrs, Susan Plucknett, an old and respected resident of Woollongong, died recently at her daughter's residence, Bulli, aged 78. She leaves a family of five daughters, 28 grand-children, and four greatgrandchildren South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 9 February 1912 Page 13

Plummer Grace Jane

Living Brownsville in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Plumridge/Plumbridge Elizabeth

b. abt 1812 Berkshire d. 1888 Newington

m. Thomas Plumridge (abt 1815 Berkshire-)

Ship: Elizabeth 1844

  1. (m) William Plumridge/Plurnridge b. abt 1837 Berkshire (Mary Jane Fagan * 1862)
  2. (m) John Plumridge b. abt 1839 Berkshire
  3. (f) Elizabeth Plumridge b. abt 1841 Berkshire (William Phillips 1863)
  4. (f) Harriet Plumridge b. 1844 born on Voyage
  5. (f) Amelia Plumridge b. 1848 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven (Francis Davison 1870)
  6. (m) George Plumbridge b. 1852 bp. Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven

In 1864 her eldest daughter Elizabeth married and they were living at Jamberoo.

In 1874 she became insolvent- she was a widow living at Shellharbour, however she had been living in Sydney and only moved to Shellharbour in May 1874, prior she was running the White Swan public house- her son was running a store at Kiama /Shellharbour

Elizabeth Plumridge, of Shellharbour, near Kiama, widow, late of George street, lately an innkeeper. Cause of sequestration : Losses in business. Liabilities, £230. Assets, £6. Deficiency, £224. Official assignee, Mr F. T. Humphrey. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 20 October 1874 p 2

Plumridge/ Plurnridge Mary Jane (Fagan)

m. William Plumridge (abt 1837 Berkshire – Son of Thomas Plumridge & Elizabeth *) 1862 Kiama

There was but one case for trial, and that of such a nature that a portion of the evidence must be necessarily be suppressed.

Thomas Evans was indicted for having on the 1st of June last at Kiama assaulted Jane Plumridge with intent to carnally know her. A second count charged the defendant with an indecent assault . …The Crown Prosecutor having briefly opened the case, and pointed out the difference in the two counts contained ill the indictment, called Jane Plumridge, the prosecutrix, who being sworn, deposed that she was the wife of William Plumridge, and lived about three miles from Kiama she knew the defendant ; about five in the evening on the first of June witness was alone in her house, a mail named James Alchorn who had been there, having gone into the bush to look for horses ; the defendant came up and said ' Who has been talking about Amelia.' (Although not given in evidence it appeared incidentally that Amelia was the name of a woman kept by defendant.) The defendant said that witness' husband was neither a man nor a boy, and he then caught hold of her and said he would try her; his words were, ?' Come on, I'll try you’ witness screamed, and defendant held her by the arm and gave her a good pull ; his person was exposed when he said this; witness screamed a good many times, and defendant went away ; she hit him with a bone before he went ; James Aldchorn came up just as the defendant went away; witness did not tell him exactly what had taken place.

Cross examined : Witness could not tell how long defendant remained, nor which arm he caught hold of; Alchorn came up just as the defendant went away, but she could not remember what she said to him'; when the defendant first arrived he took down the sliprail at the end of the house ; he first asked what, witness had been saying about Amelia, and she replied that she was a disgrace to her sex and all belonging to her ; it was when witness was looking round for her husband that defendant undid his trousers ; witness did not make any complaint to Alchorn of defendant's treatment, but she gave information to the sergeant of police at Kiama ; the case was initiated at the police- office at Kiama ; when the case was called on the first time witness was not present, she was ill with a cold; she said after wards in her evidence that she had pains in her back and legs through wading through the swamp after the defendant ; the woman Amelia that defendant spoke of is a sister of witness' husband; witness saw defendant on the day of the Shellharbor races ; he was riding with another man and Amelia; the defendant stopped, and she asked him ' What he would give to got out of this scratch?' defendant asked what would be enough, and she replied £10 ; defendant said he would see witness hung first before he would give her a penny ; there was no ill feeling on her part on account of the girl Amelia. William James Alchorn deposed that he knew the last witness, and was at her place on the 1st of June; he left to look for horses, and was away about a quarter of an hour ; when returning to the house he heard Mrs. Plumridge screaming and screeching ; he was in the paddock at the time; just as he reached the house he saw the defendant go out at the slip rail; the noise made be prosecutrix was one of distress ; when witness reached the house he asked what was the matter, and she replied that the old scoundrel (meaning the defendant) had been insulting her; the defendant rode briskly towards the house, but he rode quicker away ; defendant was not at the house more than five minutes ; he had a sliprail to take down before reaching the house ; the prosecutrix looked as if she had had a row, and looked angry. This completed the case for the Crown, For the defence. Mr. Rogers called Amelia Ferning, who deposed that she know both the prosecutrix and the defendant ; she remembered the day of the Shellharbor races : witness, the defendant, and another man on that day met prosecutrix on the Kiama road ; prosecutrix called defendant back and said, ' Is this the way you are going to serve me, dragging me to Kiama again ?' She then said, ' What will you give me to got you out of this scratch, will you give me £10 ?' Defendent replied, '£10! for what? I will see you hung before I give you a shilling ;' prosecutrix replied, ' If you won’t give me the money, you can go and got strung up.' Henry Weatherall corroborated a portion of the above conversation, but rode away before it was completed. Mr Rogers then addressed the jury in an able speech for the defendant, pointing …

The jury retired and after an absence of upwards of half an hour, returned into court with a verdict of ' Not guilty.' Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 23 July 1867 p 2

Plunckett Eliza (Jones)

b. 1876 Wollongong 22552/1876 d. 1958 Balmain br.

m. Thomas Plunkett (1870 Shoalhaven -10/8/1925 Balmain Son of Thomas Plunkett & Matilda Nicols * see Trivett) 1897

f. Richard Jones m. Eliza Ring *

Plunkett Frances Louise (Brown)

b. abt 1780 Co Roscommon Ireland d. 11/6/1852 Woolloomooloo br. Waverley

m. Patrick Plunkett (17/3/1784- 29 /4/1868 Ryde) 1816

Ship: Lloyds 1837

  1. (f) Mary Louisa Adelaide Plunkett * bap. 4/1/1817 Croghan, Co. Roscommon d. 26/10/1859 shipwreck of 'Royal Charter' 1859 (Robert Pitt Jenkins 1843)
  2. (m) George A Plunkett d. 22/12/1850 Boating accident off Wollongong
  3. (m) William Edmond Plunkett b. 1826 Garycastle County Westmeath d. 1894 (Sarah Martha Brook 1857)
  4. (f) Juliana Georgiana Plunkett b. 22/4/1835 d. 1899 Balmain North (Henry Osborne Ludlow Rich 1852)
  5. (m) Alfred Plunkett b. 1833 d. 22/12/1850 Boating accident off Wollongong

Mr Patrick Plunkett, who is a cousin to the Attorney General John Hubert Plunkett, has been here 1 1/2 years. He was last in the 80th Regiment, but gave it up to become Police Magistrate at Wollongong. He has 2 daughters and 3 sons- 2 of the latter are in Sydney. I saw Miss Plunkett, the 2nd daughter, and the little boy Alfred. The Plunkett’s live in a little government cottage. The drawing room is high, has a piano, and is crowded with nick-nacks. The dining room is tiny, with a sideboard under. There is also a verandah. Dinner was in pretty good style. THE ILLAWARRA DIARY OF LADY JANE FRANKLIN 10 - 17 May 1839

At her residence, Dowling-street, Woolloomooloo, on the 11th Instant, Frances Louisa, the beloved wife of Captain Plunkett, late of H.M. 80th Regiment. Bell’s Life in Sydney and Sporting Reviewer 19 June 1852

Plunkett Matilda see Trivett

Poffler Ellen (Tighe)

d. 26/3/1916 Newtown

m. John A Poffler (- 1928 Newtown Son of Yens C Poffler & Marie) 1885 Sydney 1917/1885

f. John Tighe

  1. (f) Cecily M Poffler ( John Wright 1911)
  2. (m) James S Poffler b. 1886 Sydney 3536/1886 d. 1915 Newtown
  3. (m) Archibald Patrick Poffler b. 24/5/1890 Shellharbour 17835/1890
  4. (m) Thomas M Poffler b. 1892 Liverpool 20507/1892
  5. (m) William C Poffler b. 1895 Liverpool 14053/18

POFFLER. -March 26, 1916, at her residence, 26 Wellington-street, Newtown, Ellen, the dearly beloved wife of J. A. Poffler, age 57 years.

POFFLER. -March 26, 1916, at her residence, 26 Wellington-street,, Newtown, the dearly-beloved mother of Mrs. J. Wright.

POFFLER. -March 26, 1916, at her residence, 26 Wellington-street, Newtown. the dearly-beloved mother of Arch., Tom, and Will Poffler. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 27 March 1916 p 8

Polley/Polly/Polby Elizabeth Ann (Liddle)

b. abt 1872 Durham d. 8/4/1927 Perth WA br. Pertha WA

m. John A Polley 1889 Wollongong

f. Samuel Liddle m. Elizabeth Ann Daglish *

  1. (f) Elizabeth M Polly b. 1890 Wollongong (David D Grant 1909)
  2. (f) Harriet L Polley b. 1891 Wollongong
  3. (m) Albert John Polley b. 1/10/1893 Wollongong d. 1967 Fremantle WA (Bertha Carter 1922)
  4. (f) Leila M Polley b. 1897 Wollongong

Pollack Rose Anna Agnes (Dwyer)

d. 13/10/1946 Cabramatta br. Bulli

m. John Pollack ( 1856 – 27/5/1928 Bulli) 1881 Campbelltown

f. James Dwyer m. Margaret

  1. (f) Stella Pollack ( John Dawson 1907)
  2. (f) Rose Pollack
  3. (f) Alice Gertrude Pollack b. 1881 Campbelltown (Samuel Dawson 1907)
  4. (f) Ida M Pollack b. 1883 Liverpool
  5. (m) Oliver Pollack b. 1887 Campbelltown
  6. (f) Ivy G Pollack b. 1889 Campbelltown
  7. (f) Samuel Pollack b. 1891 Woonona (Jessie Reid 1925)
  8. (m) Austin A Pollack b. 1896 Woonona
  9. (m) Francis R Pollack b. 1900 Woonona
  10. (f) Ruby Agnes Pollack (John Joseph Heath 1920 )

On Tuesday, Mrs. Pollack was taken to the Wollongong Hospital suffering from a poisoning, she having taken a draught of spirits of salts. She was attended by Dr. Kirkwood, and although a good deal burnt internally, is likely to recover. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Saturday 21 December 1907 p 13

POLLACK At Cabramatta, Oct. 13th. Rose Anna, Widow of the late John Pollack, of Underwood Street. Corrimal and dear mother of Stella, Ivy, Rose, Ruby and Samuel and Austin- Interred privately Bulli R.C. cemetery. Monday, 14th. October. At Rest. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 18 October 1946 p 14

Pollard Elizabeth

m. Octavius Pollard

  1. (f) Jane O Pollard b. 1858 Wollongong

Polley Clara May see Cooper Clara May

b. 1879 Wollongong 26010/1879 d. 9/5/1931 Marrickville

m. Charles E Cooper 1914 Annandale

f. Ira Polley m. Harriet Ralph *

Living at Young St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.

Polley/Poly/Polly Elizabeth (Moon)

b. abt 1832 d. 1862 Wollongong 6393/1862

m. Ira Polley (1816 Danbury Connecticut USA-1/1/1898 Dapto Son of John Polley & Lucy Parmerly) 1857 Sydney 1102/1857

m. Frances Moon * see Ralph

  1. (f) Constance Marion Polley * b. 1851 (Joseph Walker 1874)
  2. (f) Sarah Jane Polley b. 1853 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong (William Weban 1873)
  3. (f) Frances Melvina Polly b. 1855 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong V18551270 42A/1855
  4. (f) Lucy Ann Polley d. 1857 Wollongong
  5. (f) Caroline Elizabeth Polley * b. 1858 Wollongong 13361/1858 (Henry Hicks 1875)
  6. (f) Martha Polley b. 1859 Wollongong 14206/1859 (Frederick L Collins 1885)
  7. (m) George Abraham Polley b. 1861 Wollongong 14506/1861 d. 1861

Elizabeth Moon and Ira’s second wife, Harriet Ralph, have been called ‘half sisters’ I have been unable to ascertain the veracity of this claim.

Ira, her husband, was an American, who, in the company of Joseph Marceau and one other, came to Australia in the 1840s bringing American axes. They worked on “Avondale” clearing brush on the banks of a beautiful creek flowing through the property, hence the name `American Creek.' Family legend claims he planted the Figtree on the Princes Highway next to American Creek.

POLLEY.— July 7, 1916, at her daughter's residence Harriet, Widow of the late Ira Polley. of Wollongong, aged 77 years. At rest. The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954) Saturday 8 July 1916 p 6

Polley Harriet (Ralph)

b. 5/6/1836 Sussex bp. 56/1838 d. 1916 Marrickville

m. Ira Polley (1816 Danbury Connecticut USA-1/1/1898 Dapto) 19/5/1863 Berkeley 3183/1863

f. John Ralph m. Frances Moon *

Ship: 1839 Susan

  1. (m) John Abraham Polley b. 1865 Wollongong 16843/1865
  2. (m) Christopher Polley b. 1866 Wollongong 16646/1866 d. 1867
  3. (m) Dennis Lewis Polley b. 1868 Wollongong 18155/1868 d. 1890
  4. (m) George Arthur Polley b 16/5/1872 Wollongong 19630/1872 17/7/1959 Wollongong (Margaret Jane Liddle 1900)
  5. (f) Alice A Polley * b. 1870 Wollongong 19078/1870 d. 21/2/1903 Bellambi (Anthony Howard 1892)
  6. (m) Frederick Jesse Polley b. 1874 Wollongong 21415/1874 d. 22/10/1933 Burwood (Martha Louisa Hodges * 1899)
  7. (m) Arthur William Polley b. 1876 Wollongong 22464/1876 d. 1898 Dapto
  8. (f) Clara May Polley * b. 1879 Wollongong 26010/1879 (Charles E Cooper 1914)
  9. (f) Frances M Polley d. 1931 Wollongong

Living South Coast Rd Dapto or Young St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Harriet Ralph and Ira’s first wife Elizabeth Moon have been called ‘half sisters’ I have been unable to ascertain the veracity of this claim.

Ira, her husband, was an American, who, in the company of Joseph Marceau and one other, came to Australia in the 1840s bringing American axes. They worked on “Avondale” clearing brush on the banks of a beautiful creek flowing through the property, hence the name `American Creek.' Family legend claims he planted the Figtree on the Princes Highway next to American Creek.

Polley Margaret Jane (Liddle)

b. 25/5/1880 Newcastle d. 2/6/1951 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. George Arthur Polley (16/5/1872 Wollongong – 17/7/1959 Wollongong Dapto Son of Ira Polley & Harriet Ralph *) 25/12/1900 Dapto

f. Samuel Liddell m. Elizabeth Ann Dalgleish *

  1. (m) Arthur Gordon Polley b. 24/9/1901 Wollongong d. 4/3/1973 Wollongong
  2. (m) Jack Polley b. 29/4/1906 Wollongong d. 3/5/1943 Wollongong
  3. (f) Kathleen Polley b. 29/4/1906 Wollongong d. 26/7/1907 Wollongong
  4. (m) George William Verdi Polley b. 12/1/1912 Wollongong
  5. (m) Edward Abner Polley b. 18/4/1921 Wollongong d. 6/5/1959 Wollongong.

Polley Martha Louisa (Hodges)

b. abt 1880 d. 7/2/1944 Newtown

m. Frederick Jesse Polley (1874 Wollongong- 22/10/1933 Burwood Son of Ira Polley & Harriet Ralph *) 25/12/1899 Kogarah \

f. Frederick Hodges m.

  1. (f) Elsie L Polley b. 1901 Wollongong
  2. (f) Leah Edna Polley (Maurice Horton 1930)

POLLEY—HODGES.—December 25, 1899, at the residence of the bride, Connemara-street, Kogarah, by the Rev. J. Adamson, Frederick Jesse Polley, fifth son of the late Ira Polley, of Dapto, to Martha Louisa Hodges, third surviving daughter of the late Frederick Hodges, Esq., late Balmain. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 10 February 1900 p 1

POLLEY.—February 7, 1944, at Gloucester House, Martha Louise, wife of the late Frederick Polley, of 27 Woodside Avenue, Burwood, and loved mother of Miss Elsie Polley and Edna (Mrs. M. Horton), aged 64 years.

Pollack Roseanna Agnes (Dwyer)

b. 1856 Appin d. 13/10/1946 Cabramatta br. Bulli

m. John Pollack (1855-27/5/1928 Corrimal) 14/9/1881 Appin

f. Thomas Dwyer m. Margaret Clynch

  1. (f) Alice Gertrude Pollack b. 1881 Campbelltown (Samuel Dawson 1907)
  2. (f) Ida Mary Pollack b. 1883 Liverpool d. 25/4/1903 Fairfield
  3. (f) Stella B Pollock b. 1885 Campbelltown (John O Dawson 1906)
  4. (f) Olive Rose Pollack b. 1887 Campbelltown (Albert Charlton 1910)
  5. (f) Ivy G Pollack b. 1889 Campbelltown (Cecil Paine 1911)
  6. (m) Samuel John Pollack b. 1891 Woonona d. 1980
  7. (f) Ruby A Pollach b. 1893 Woonona (John J Heath 1920)
  8. (m) Austin Ashton Pollack 1896 Woonona d. 1963 Parramatta
  9. (m) Francis R Pollack b. 1900 Woonona d. 1900 Woonona
  10. (m) Leonard T Pollock b. 1902 Woonona d. 1903 Woonona

Living at Corrimal in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

POLLACK.—27th May, 1928, at his residence, Underwood Street, Corrimal, John, beloved husband of Rose Pollack, aged 72 years (suddenly) The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930) Monday 28 May 1928 p 22


Sunday, 13th October, saw the passing of the last survivor of the Dwyer Family, of Appin - the late Mrs. Rose Anna Pollock, aged 89 years.

She was the mother of Mrs. C. Paine (of Paine's butchery, Cabramatta). For the past two years the deceased lady had resided with her daughter in Cabramatta, and had unfortunately been in indifferent health during that period.

This fine old lady was a native of Appin, and had been a resident there for about 30 years, when she moved to Corrimal.

All her family were reared there. Her husband, John Pollock, predeceased her some years, ago. Surviving members of the family are Rose (Mrs. Charlton, Mortdale), Stella (Mrs. Dawson, Glebe), Ivy (Mrs. C. Paine, Cabramatta), Samuel (Windsor), Ruby (Mrs. Heath, Corrimal) and Austin (West Wyalong).

The funeral took place on Monday afternoon, the remains, being interred in the Catholic portion of Bulli Cemetery. The Biz (Fairfield, NSW : 1928 - 1972) Thursday 17 October 1946 p 6

Pollock Emily Alice

b. abt 1879 d. 3/7/1928 Tarrawanna br. Wollongong

m. Alexander Pollock (-1953 Wollongong Son of William Pollock & Caroline)

f. Frank m. Jane

  1. (m) Herbert J Pollock b. 1901 Woonona
  2. (f) Florence May Pollock b. 1904 Woonona
  3. (m) William A Pollock b. 1907 Woonona
  4. (m) Arthur Robert A Pollock b. 1908 Wollongong d. 1937 Wollongong
  5. (f) Elsie M Pollock b. 1911 Adamstown
  6. (f) Clara Pollock

Living Mount Pleasant in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a miner

Emily Alice Pollock was charged with the larceny of seven sovereigns and other articles at Balgownie, on December 17th, the property of Samuel Pollock. Mr. Lysaght for the defence.

Constable Grill deposed that on Wednesday he called at the residence of accused ; Mrs. Pollock, at witness' request, showed him the room where the robbery was supposed to have taken place; she said she did not know Samuel Pollock had any money in the box, she had often asked him, but he would never tell her accused also said that during the night, before her husband and nephew (complainant) returned from mine she , had heard someone in the yard, but was too frightened to go out and look ; she said she suspected someone, but would not tell, as she thought the constable was paid to find out.

Samuel Pollock deposed he was a nephew of accused, and lived with her and his uncle, her husband on returning home from work on Tuesday night he found his aunt and uncle at the door of his room; they said his box had been robbed, and that he better see the constable in the morning about it ; found that seven pounds, a deposit receipt for £2, a shirt, and a brown sweater were gone ; did not suspect accused till remains of the two latter were found at a fire in the yard ; it was possible to enter the room from the street.

Gladys Kelly deposed she had on Tuesday afternoon seen accused poking a fire in her yard ; by the smell she judged there were clothes burning.

Mary Wilks deposed that on Tuesday afternoon, the 17th, Mrs. Pollock told there had been a robbery in the house and that nine pounds of her nephew's had been taken; did not look at the calendar for the date but knew it was the 17th by the age of her baby.

Accused, in reply to the question as to whether she would submit to the jurisdiction of the Court said , she would have her case tried by a judge and jury.

Committed for trial at Wollongong on February 25th. Bail allowed. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Saturday 4 January 1908 p 11

POLLOCK.—July 3, 1928, at her residence Payne's Lane, Tarrawanna, Emily Alice Pollock, beloved Wife of Alexander Pollock : aged 49 years.


POLLOCK.—The Friends of MR. A. POLLOCK and FAMILY, HERBERT, MAY, WILLIAM, ROBERT, ELSIE and CLARA, are kindly invited to attend the funeral of his late dearly loved Wife and their Mother, to leave their residence, Payne's Lane, Tarrawanna, THIS DAY, Thursday, at 2 o'clock, for Church of England Cemetery, Wollongong. The Labor Daily (Sydney, NSW : 1924 - 1938) Thursday 5 July 1928 p 4

Pollock Lydia Blanche (Andrews)

b. 1877 Penrith d. 27/8/1959 Hurstville cr. Woronora

m. David Pollock (1876-1/10/1945 Arncliffe) 1895 Newtown

f. Thomas Andrews m. Cora Maskey

  1. (f) Cora M Pollock b. 1895 Newtown (Joseph Byron 1915)
  2. (m) Stanley David Pollock b. 1898 St Marys
  3. (m) Clyde Henry Pollock b. 1900 Leichhardt d. 26/7/1979 Port Kembla

Living at Corrimal in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a baker.

Pollyblank Emma Elizabeth (Kerley)

b. abt 1870 d. 6/7/1955 Normanhurst br. Rossmore with husband ?

m. George Thomas Pollyblank (abt 1854 - 1932 Rossmore) 1898 Parkes

f. James Kerley m. Lydia

  1. (f) Irene Pollyblank b. 1899 Redfern
  2. (f) Estella M Pollyblank b. 1901 Condobolin
  3. (f) Gladys J Pollyblank b. 1903 Camden
  4. (f) Pearl E Pollyblank b. 1905 Liverpool
  5. (f) Leila M Pollyblank b. 1908 Liverpool

Living at Otford in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties Husband a dairyman

Pomeroy Margaret Elizabeth (Weir)

b. 8/3/1878 Gerringong 14837/1878  d. 1963 Sydney \

m. Arthur S Pomeroy 1906

f. William Weir m. Mary Muldoon *

  1. (m) Ralph L Pomeroy b. 1907 Berry
  2. (f) Olive M Pomeroy b. 1910 Berry
  3. (f) Hazel C Pomeroy b. 1912 Berry
  4. (m) John W Pomeroy b. 1914 Berry

Living at Gerringong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Poole Julia Margaret Montgomerie (Chandler then Gurdon)

b. 1861 Yass 14627/1861 d. 1905 Randwick as Gurdon

m. Edward Barrett Gurdon (abt 1860 - 21/7/1885 Tempe Son of Edward Gurdon ) 9/8/1882 Wollongong

m. Charles Reginald Poole 30/3/1886 St Anne’s Strathfield

f. Lewis H Chandler m. Annie Anna A S Innes

  1. (m) Augustus Edward P Gurdon b. 1883 St Leonards 10056/1883 d. 1961

GURDON—CHANDLER—Aug. 9, Wollongong, by Rev. Dean Ewing, Edward Barrett Gurdon to Julia Margaret M. Chandler. The Sydney Morning Herald 5 October 1882

MARRIAGE. GURDON— CHANDLER.— August 9th, at St. Michael's, Wollongong, by the Rev. Dean Ewing, Edward Barrett, second son of the late Edward Gordon, Esq., of Essington Hall, Suffolk, England, to Julia Montgomery, second daughter of Mrs. Annie S. Chandler, and grand daughter of Mr. Charles Cumming Innes, late of Blackhills, Elgin, Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 18 August 1882 p 2

POOLE-GURDON.-March 30, at St. Anne's, Strathfield, by theRev. Herbert J. Rose (CE.), chaplain to the New South Wales Contingent to the Sondan, Charles Reginald Poole, eldest son of the late Charles James Poole, Esq., of St. Kilda, Brixton, London, to Julia Margaret Montgomerie Gurdon, second daughter of the late L. H. Chandler, Esq., of Gravesend, England. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 3 April 1886 p 1

Charles Reginald Poole and Julia, his wife, 36, Wynyard Square, sued Thomas H. Kelly, for the recovery of £21, amount due for board and residence for the defendant and his four children. A plea of never indebted was filed in defence. A verdict was given for the amount claimed, with costs of one witness. Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931) Saturday 22 August 1891 p 6

Poole Minnie see Jones

Poole Rachel (Andrews)

b. 9/2/1862 Mt Kembla 14989/1862 d.

m. Charles Poole ( Son of George Poole &) 7/4/1890 Wollongong

f. John Andrews m. Ann Smith *

  1. (f) Edith Poole b. 1892 Katoomba

MARRIAGE. POOLE—ANDREWS—April 7th, 1890, CHARLES POOLE, third son of Mr. George Poole, of Monksilver, England, to RACHEL, youngest daughter of the late Mr. John Andrews, Cordeaux River. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Thursday 24 April 1890 p 2

Pope Annie (Simpson)

b. 1877 Wollongong 23152/1877 d. 20/8/1916 Darlinghurst br. Rookwood

m. William Pope (1861 Wollongong - 1937 Burwood Son of Charles Pope & Elizabeth * ) 18/7/1894 Wollongong

f. James Simpson m. Margaret Smith *

  1. (m) William Pope b. 1895 Woonona
  2. (f) Jessie Pope b. 1897 Woonona
  3. (f) Elizabeth Pope b. 1898 Woonona
  4. (f) Margaret Pope b. 1900 Woonona
  5. (m) George James Pope b. 1901 Woonona d. 1988
  6. (f) Unnamed Female Pope b. 1903 Woonona
  7. (m) Charles Leslie Pope b. 1907 Woonona d. 1956 Burwood
  8. (m) James Pope

Living South Clifton in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.

POPE— SIMPSON.— At Wollongong, on 18th instant, by the Rev. Simpson Millar, William Pope, youngest son of Charles Pope, Woonona, to Annie Simpson, youngest daughter of James Simpson, of Burnside, South Clifton. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Saturday 21 July 1894 p 2

POPE- August 20th 1916 at a Private Hospital, Darlinghurst. Annie, dearly beloved wife of William Pope and dearly beloved mother of Jessie, Elizabeth, Margaret, William, George, Charles, and James Pope, and late of Scarborough, South Coast, in her 38th year. The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930) Monday 21 August 1916 p 4

Pope Elizabeth (Body)

b. abt 1827 Biddisham Somerset d. 15/7/1898 Woonona br. Bulli

m. Charles Pope (abt 1831 Somerset- 24/9/1918 Woonona) 1856 Gloustershire

f. William Body m. Elizabeth

Ship: Zemindar 1857

  1. (f) Anne Pope b. abt 1857 d. on voyage
  2. (f) Anne Pope b. 1857 Wollongong 12329/1857
  3. (f) Ann Pope * b. 5/11/1858 Balgownie 13527/1858 d. 26/2/1939 Petersham (Thomas Abel Jones 1887)
  4. (m) George Pope b. 1859 Wollongong 14242/1859
  5. (m) William Pope b. 1861 Wollongong 14307/1861 d. 1937 Burwood (Annie Simpson * 1894 )
  6. (m) James Pope b. 1863 Wollongong 14974/1863
  7. (f) Harriet Pope * b. 1864 Wollongong 16510/1864 d. 31/1/1950 Corrimal (George Nicholls 1889)
  8. (f) Caroline Pope * b. 1865 Wollongong 16951/1865 d. 15/1/1933 Sydney (David Jones 1889)
  9. (f) Mary Pope b. 1866 Wollongong 16658/1866
  10. (f) Elizabeth Pope * b. 1868 Wollongong 18274/1868 d. 30/6/1963 Sydney (George J Parkes 1891)


On Friday last the death of Mrs. Pope, Woonona, was announced, and the news was received with general regret by residents of the district. Deceased was a very old resident of the locality, and during her sojourn there made a host of friends. Much sympathy is expressed with Mr. Pope in his sad affliction. The funeral, which was largely attended, took place on Saturday. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 19 July 1898 p 2

Pope Leila Entwhistle (Watkin)

b. 1872 Sydney d. 14/1/1951 Eastwood

m. Charles Ernest Pope (abt 1873 -12/7/1939 Gosford Son of Joseph Pope & Jane ) 21/10/1899 Brisbane Qld

f. John Wesley Watkin m. Emma Iredale

Living Unanderra in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a farmer.

POPE-WATKIN.-On 21st instant, at the Presbyterian Church, Wooloowin, Brisbane, by the Rev. Mr. Barr, Charles Ernest Pope, youngest son of Mrs. Pope, Woodville, Eagle Junction, to Leila Entwistle Watkin, eldest daughter of Mr. J. W. Watkin, J.P., Wellesley, Albert Parade, Ashfield. Australian Town and Country Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1870 - 1907) Saturday 4 November 1899 p 20

Poppitt Adeline Ada (Inskip)

b. 1852 Lilleshall Shropshire d. 10/12/1885 br. Bulli Anglican Cemetery

m. Dennis Poppitt (abt 1851 Lilleshall Shropshire-31/1/1913) 1875 Newport Shopshire

f. George Inskip m. ?

Ship: Abergeldie 1884

  1. (f) Florence Louise Poppitt b. abt 1875 Lilleshall Shropshire d. 1883 Lilleshall Shropshire
  2. (f) Elsie Poppitt * b. 1878 Lilleshall Shropshire d. 1968 Bulli 25107/1968 (William J Miller 1901)

Gravestone has her age at 83 Husband a coal miner

Poppitt Emily see Burrows

Poppitt Margaret (Almaide)

b. 1878 Kiama 14965/1878 d. 20/3/1923 Bulli 3068/1923 br. Bulli

m. Walter Weddell Poppitt (1878 Brisbane-1957 Bulli Son of Isaiah Poppitt & Emily Plimmer *) 1902 Woonona 2579/1902

f. Louis Almaide m. Jane Akroyd *

  1. (f) Ivy M Poppitt b. 1902 Woonona
  2. (f) Florence J Poppitt b. 1906 Woonona
  3. (m) Ernest T C Poppitt b. 1909 Woonona
  4. (f) Doreen E Poppitt b. 1913 Woonona
  5. (f) Marie E Poppitt b. 1917 Bulli

Mrs. Walter Poppitt (46), died suddenly at her home, Woonona, on Tuesday last She leaves a husband and a family of five. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 23 March 1923 p 14

Poppitt Mary (Inskip)

b. abt 1855 d. 28/11/1930 br. Bulli

m. Dennis Poppitt (abt 1851 Lilleshall, Shropshire-31/1/1913) 1886 Wollongong 5629/1886

Ship: Parthia 1886

f. George Inskip m. ?

  1. (f) Mabel M Poppitt b. 1887 Woonona 25185/1887
  2. (f) Ethel D Poppitt b. 1889 Woonona 24713/1889
  3. (m) Cecil Stanley Poppitt b. 1892 Woonona 39575/1892 d. 18/7/1895 br. Bulli Anglican
  4. (f) Miriam S Poppitt b. 1896 Woonona 18155/1896

Living Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties Husband a coal miner


Another of the old and best known residents of Bulli district, Mrs. Mary Poppitt, has passed away. Although 78 years of age, she had maintained fairly good health and was able to get about very well, but a week prior to her death she was seized with a stroke, which necessitated her being taken to Bulli Hospital, and she never recovered, death taking place in the institution about midnight last Friday. The body was taken to the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Mark Graham, Tyrwhitt Avenue, Bulli, deceased being mother of Mrs. Graham. The funeral which was well attended by people representative of the district, left there at 2 p.m. last Sunday, the body being first taken into St. Augustine's Church of England, where a service was conducted, and afterwards interred in the Church yard, in a grave adjoining that of her husband, late Denis Poppitt, who predeceased her by 17 years. Rev. C. II. Tomlinson officiated in the Church, and. at the graveside. The late Mrs. Poppitt was born in Shropshire (England) and on coming to Australia 45 years ago, at once, settled in Bulli, being married there within a few months after her arrival, and she resided there continuously. Three daughters are left to mourn their loss— Mabel (Mrs. Mark Graham), Ethel (Mrs. H. Treharne, Burwood), Lalla (Mrs. A. A . Treharne (Werris Creek). Deceased was of a bright disposition, and of kindly nature, always ready to help in time of need, and she was of the homely type. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 5 December 1930 p 8

Popple Elizabeth Ann (Slater)

b. 1857 Monk Bretton, Yorkshire d. 15/6/1940 Auburn br. Wollongong

m. Richard Popple (11/9/1845 Ailsworth Northamptonshire 10/2/1921 Balgownie Son William Popple & Frances Burton) 4/7/1874 Barnsley Yorkshire

f. George Slater m. Jemima

Ship: Salisbury 1877

  1. (f) Fanny Popple b. 16/12/1875 England d. 4/6/1959 Chatswood
  2. (m) William S Popple b. 1877 at sea d. 1878 Wellington
  3. (m) Francis Popple b. 1879 Tamworth
  4. (f) Harriet Popple b. 1881 Walcha d. 22/6/1961 Sydney
  5. (f) Emily Popple b. 1883 Rylestone d. 1971 Hornsby
  6. (m) George Popple b. 1885 Ryde d. 13/10/19171 Ypres Belgium
  7. (f) Sarah Popple b. 1887 Ryde
  8. (f) Mary A Popple b. 1889 Wollongong
  9. (f) Elizabeth A Popple b. 1891 Wollongong
  10. (f) Jane Popple b. 1894 Woonona d. 20/12/1896 Woonona
  11. (f) Rose A Popple b. 1896 Woonona d. 10/12/1896 Woonona
  12. (f) Gladys M Popple b. 1900 Woonona

Living Balgownie in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a miner

In a Sydney hospital on Saturday last the death occurred of a highly respected resident of Balgownie in the person of Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Popple, widow of the late Richard Popple. She had reached the venerable age of 83 years. The remains were interred in the C. of E. cemetery, Wollongong, on Monday morning. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 21 June 1940 Page 10

Porter Amy Jane (Harris)

b. 24/11/1870 Wollongong d. 11/1/1939 Corstorphine Brownlow Hill br. Camden CofE

m. John Alexander Porter (1866 Wollongong - 9/12/1948 Brownlow Hill Son of George Alexander Porter & Catherine Blow * ) 25/5/1892 Dapto

f. William Harris m. Mary Smith *

  1. (f) Ruby A Porter b. 1894 Camden
  2. (f) Doris Porter b. 1896 Camden
  3. (f) Ethel M Porter b. 1899 Camden

PORTER—HARRIS.—May 25th, at the residence of the bride's parents, Dapto, by the Rev. J. Stack, John Alexander, eldest son of G.A. Porter, Esq., Coratorphine, Camden, to Amy Jane, second eldest daughter of William Harris, Streamhills, Dapto. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Thursday 9 June 1892 p 2

Mrs. J. A. Porter died early yesterday morning, Wednesday, at her home, 'Corstorphine,' Brownlow Hill. Camden News (NSW : 1895 - 1954) Thursday 12 January 1939 p 6

Porter Beatrice (Campbell)

b. 1877 Wollongong 23078/1877 d. 31/12/1945 Summer Hill

m. Henry Hill Porter (abt 1872 -9/8/1952 Burwood) 1909 Marrickville

f. Alexander Campbell m. Lydia Isabella Mason *

  1. (f) Mavis Porter b. 1910 Camden (Drylie)
  2. (m) Warren M Porter b. 1912 Camden

Living at West Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll- School Teacher

TEACHING STAFF CHANGES. Miss Beatrice Campbell of Dapto, to the Keiraville Public School ; Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Thursday 31 December 1896 Page 2

Beatrice Campbell, of the Dapto Public School, been placed prox-accessit for the Government medal for senior pupil teachers of New South Wales. Miss Campbell obtained 558 marks, and the medallist 565 marks. The Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser (NSW : 1871 - 1912) Saturday 9 February 1901 Page 332

Unanderra, Thursday.

Miss Beatrice Campbell has been appointed as assistant of the Public School in place of Miss M'Kay, absent for some months through sickness. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Saturday 18 July 1903 Page 2

Resignations of the Teachers- Beatrice Campbell, Assistant Teacher, Stanmore Public, from 31st March, 1909. Government Gazette Appointments And Employment - Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales (Sydney, NSW : 1901 - 2001) Wednesday 16 June 1909 Page 3287

Porter Catherine (Blow)

b. 15/11/1845 Mt Keira d. 7/12/1936 Brownlow Hill br. Camden

m. George Alexander Porter (abt 1836 Corstorphine Edinburgh Scotland- 1897 Camden Son of John A Porter & Grace) 1865 Shoalhaven 3199/1865

f. William Blow m. Catherine Miller * see Cook

  1. (m) John Alexander Porter b. 15/6/1866 Avondale d. 9/12/1948 Brownlow Hill (Amy Jane Harris * 1892)
  2. (f) Alice M Porter b. 1867 Wollongong
  3. (m) William J Porter b. 1869 Wollongong 19888/1869
  4. (m) Henry Hill Porter b. 1871 Wollongong 19669/1871
  5. (f) Annie Kate Porter b. 1872 Wollongong 19745/1872
  6. (m) George Porter b. 1874 Wollongong 21559/1874
  7. (m) Charles Edward Porter b. 1876 Wollongong 22455/1876
  8. (f) Isabella Margaret Porter b. 1878 Wollongong 24740/1878
  9. (f) Edith Grace Porter b. 1880 Wollongong 27561/1880
  10. (f) Amy Florence Porter b. 1883 Wollongong 21053/1883
  11. (m) Matthew S Porter b. 1885 Camden 15962/1885
  12. (m) Wilfred Samuel Porter b. 1885 Camden 15963/1885 d. 1960

PORTER - — On the 15th instant, at her residence, Avondale, the wife of Mr George Porter, of a son. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 22 June 1866 p 2

Death of Mrs, Porter, Senr.

On Monday last, 7th inst., Mrs. Porter Senior, passed peacefully away at her home,- 'Corstorphine,' Brownlow Hill, in her 90th year. A grand old lady, known by everyone in the district, mother of a large family, all of whom are equally well known and highly respected, not only in this immediate centre but far- and wide throughout the State. Over forty years ago Mrs. Porter, with her husband, the late George A. Porter, and family of twelve sons and daughters, came to the Camden district . from Avondale, near Dapto, and settled on their newly acquired property at Brownlow Hill, where the family has successfully carried on in the dairying. industry ever since. In 1897 Mrs. Porter lost her husband, who died in . February of that year, and it was the widow's guiding hand, coupled with hard work and capable administration on the part of the older members of the family, that led the estate to prosperity. The twelve sons and daughters survive, and are , Messrs. John, William, Henry, George, Charles, Sam and Mat, Mrs. Harris (Minnie), Richmond River; Mrs. James (Katie) Sydney; Mrs. Tupper (Edie) Kyogle; .and Misses Belle and Amy, living at home. There are a number of grand Children and two great grandchildren. The funeral at St. John's, Camden, on Wednesday morning was largely at tended by sympathising friends, and the service was conducted by the Rev. T. G. Paul, Rector of St. John's, and the Rural Dean, the Rev. A. F. Pain, of St. Paul's Cobbitty. The floral tributes were beautiful, and were for warded from all parts of the district. Camden News (NSW : 1895 - 1954) Thursday 10 December 1936 p 6

Porter Eliza (Wilson)

b. 9/9/1871 Foxground d. 20/8/1950 Mt Keira

m. James Porter (1860 Mt Keira-1944 Mt Keira Son of James Porter & Mary J Wilson *) 14/4/1894 Wollongong

f. Andrew Wilson m. Ann Maxwell *

  1. (f) Mary Porter b. 1895 Wollongong
  2. (f) Annie Porter b. 1896 Wollongong (Henry T Ring 1916)
  3. (f) Elizabeth M Porter b. 1898 Wollongong (Ernest J Pierce 1919)
  4. (f) Margaret J Porter b. 1901 Wollongong (Arthur Egan 1929)
  5. (m) James Porter b. 1903 Wollongong
  6. (f) Ivy May Porter b. 1907 Wollongong (Sawtell)
  7. (m) Andrew George b. 1909 Wollongong d. 15/2/1945 Sydney
  8. (f) Gladys M Porter b. 1911 Wollongong (Henry Brazier 1934)
  9. (f) Irene L Porter b. 1917 Wollongong

Living Kealogues in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a farmer.


A well-known resident of Mt. Keira, Mrs. Eliza Porter, of Keira Road, died at her residence on Sunday evening. Born at Foxground, near Gerringong 78 years ago, the late Mrs. Porter had lived 53 years in the Wollongong district. She was a tireless worker for the Methodist Church. She was the widow of the late James Porter, who was a Trustee of the church. The late Mrs. Porter is survived by a family of eight, Mary Ann (Mrs. H. Ring), Elizabeth (Mrs. E. Pierce), Margaret (Mrs. H. Egan), James, Ivy (Mrs. K. Sawtell), Gladys (Mrs. H. Brazier) and Irene. Another son, George, pre-deceased her. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Thursday 24 August 1950 p 13

Porter Margaret

m. George Porter

  1. (f) Mary Porter b. 1863 Wollongong

Porter Mary Anne (Whiffin)

b. 1839 CofE Dapto Wollongong d. 14/11/1900 North Sydney

m. Matthew Porter (1832 Edinburgh Scotland -6/6/1879 East Kangaloon ) 1860 Wollongong 2846/1860

f. John Whiffin m. Anne Fox *

  1. (m) George Whiffin Porter b. 1861 Wollongong 14361/1861 d. 1950 Lismore
  2. (f) Grace Porter b. 1862 Wollongong 15164/1862 d. 1949
  3. (f) Sarah A Porter b. 1865 Berrima 5914/1865
  4. (m) John Matthew Porter b. 1868 Berrima 6561/1868 d. 1934
  5. (f) Annie Porter b. 11/11/1870 East Kangaloon 7179/1871 d. 1961 (Joseph Wills )
  6. (m) Wilfred Porter b. 1872 Berrima 7070/1872
  7. (f) Isabella Jane Porter b. 1874 Berrima 7901/1874 d. 1954
  8. (f) Agnes Porter b. 1876 Burrawang 8487/1876
  9. (m) Matthew Porter b. 1879 Burrawang 10057/1879 d.

Court of Petty Sessions
Thursday, September 4th, 1862
(before the Mayor, J.W. Wilshire, and R Marshall, J.P’s)

Mrs. Mary Stewart was charged by Mrs. Mary Porter with having committed a violent assault.

By the evidence of the complainant it appeared that Mrs Stewart was a neighbour living on the Keelogues Estate, and on the 28th of August they both met at Mr. Casey’s on Crown-street.

She had been making some purchases, when she found that she was deficient by twopence of money enough to pay for them. The defendant made some remark to the effect that complainant should buy something worthwhile and pay for it. Defendant also gave complainant a kick, and expressed her determination to take the law into her own hands.. The complainant went to the opposite end of the shop, when the defendant followed her and gave her a drive which hurt her very much.

The blow was on the eye, which was blacked very much. Complainant given the defendant no provocation. In addition to the blow the defendant tore the complainants bonnet off her head.

In Cross-examination, the complainant denied having said that the defendant had borrowed money from her without repaying it, or that she had called her an insolvent strumpet. Had never had any quarrel with defendant. Mrs. Ann Casey corroborated the evidence of the complainant as to the assault, and also heard the language alleged by the defendant to have been used. There had been some wrangling between the parties before the assault was committed. The defendant called no witnesses, but in her defence stated that the complainant had been saying things about her of a highly provocative nature.

Fined 1 pound, and ordered to pay costs to Court. Mr. Jones conducted the complainant’s case.

In 1884 she lived at East Kangaloon and had 60 acres - 2 horses, 14 cattle, 1 sheep, 3 pigs. Her husband was not listed so it can be assumed he had died before 1884, however the gravestone of the Matthew Porter who died in 1879 says he was 10 years but the headstone is hard to read so it is assumed this is the correct Matthew Porter.

Porter Mary Jane (Montieth ?)

? d. 8/4/1897 Mt Keira br. Wollongong

m. John Porter (August 1856 at sea off the Cape of Good Hope – 23/4/1931 Mt Keira Son of James Porter & Mary J Wilson *) 1888 Sydney

f. James m. Isabella

  1. (m) David John Porter d. 17/11/1968 Mt Keira
  2. (m) James Porter b. 1892 Wollongong d. 1/5/1915 Mt Keira
  3. (u) Porter b. 8/4/1897 Mt Keira d. 8/4/1897 Mt Keira

Mrs. John Porter, wife of Mr. John Porter, of Mount Keira, died on Thursday last. The deceased had but recently given birth to a child, whom Death also claimed. The remains of mother and child were yesterday interred in the Wollongong Wesleyan cemetery, Rev. J. S. Austin conducting the service. Much sympathy is expressed for Mr. Porter in his sad bereavement. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Saturday 10 April 1897 p 2

Porter Mary J (Wilson then Wilson)

b. abt 1815 Ireland d. 5/3/1895 Wollongong br. Wollongong Methodist

m. Robert Wilson (- abt 1853 Ardstraw Ireland) abt 1837 Tyrone Ireland

m. James Porter (abt 1798 Northern Ireland- 1893 Keira Vale) 7/1/1856 Ardstraw Tyrone Ireland

f. Joseph Wilson m. Eliza Ross

Ship: Vocalist 1856

  1. (m) Joseph Wilson b. abt 1844 Ardstraw Ireland d. 8/9/1905 (Eliza Jane Irving)
  2. (m) William Arthur Wilson b. abt 1846 Ardstraw Tyrone Ireland d. 1914 (Annie Eliza Maxwell * 1884, Eleanor Jane Irving 1870)
  3. (m) Robert Wilson b. abt 1/1/1848 Ardstraw Tyrone Ireland d. 28/4/1921 Federal ( Margaret Ann Irving ,Susan Wilton)
  4. (m) David Wilson b. abt 1850 Ardstraw Tyrone Ireland d. 19/4/1924 Wolumla ( Ann Irving)
  5. (f) Eliza Wilson * b. 5/2/1853 Ardstraw Tyrone Ireland d. 31/7/1927 br. Gerringong ( John Graham 1879)
  6. (m) John Porter b. 1856 at sea d. 1931 Mt Keira ( Mary J * , Sarah J Thompson * 1902)
  7. (f) Mary Jane Porter * b. 1858 Mt Keira 13393/1858 d. 17/2/1934 Maizegrove   (Samuel Maxwell 1881)
  8. (m) James Porter b. 1860 Mt Keira d. 1944 Mt Keira 13789/1860 (Eliza Wilson *)

Porter Sarah Ann (Desett)

m. William Porter

  1. (f) Elizabeth Jane Porter b. 6/12/1857
  2. (m) William H Porter b. 1859 Wollongong 14048/1859
  3. (m) John Porter b. 1861 Wollongong 14329/1861
  4. (m) James Porter b. 1863 Wollongong 14965/1863
  5. (m) Robert Porter b. 1864 Wollongong 16627/1864

Both husband and wife worked as servants.

Not the William and Sarah who died in 1874 and 1870 respectively in Woolloomooloo. They were too old to have children in 1864.

Porter Sarah Jane (Thompson)

b. abt 1862 Tyrone Ireland d. 11/12/1926 Mt Keira

m. John Porter (August 1856 at sea - 1931 Mt Keira Son of James Porter & Mary J Wilson *) 14/5/1902 Figtree

f. Francis Thompson m. Bella

Living Mount Kembla in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.


At 'Rehull ' farm, Figtree, the house of the bride, Mr. John Porter, Mt. Keira, and Miss S. J Thompson were on Wednesday afternoon united in the bonds of wedlock. The sacred ceremony was celebrated by the Rev. J. Gardiner, who had come from Camden for the occasion. The bride was attired in a gown of white silk with chiffon trimmings, wreath and veil; she wore a gold watch and chain, and also brooch, the gift of the bridegroom. The bridesmaid was Miss Bella Clarke, whose dress was of electric blue, with cream trimmings; she also wore a gold brooch, the gift of the bridegroom. Mr. A. Wilson (Cross Roads), was best man, and the bride was given away by Mr. R. Gibson. Afterwards the company, which comprised many relatives and friends, had breakfast, which was laid out beautifully on the verandah. The Rev. J. Gardiner presided. The toast of 'The bride and Bridegroom' was given by Mr. J. Robinson, and supported by Mr. E. O'Neil, each speaking in terms of high appreciation of Mr. and Mrs. Porter. Other toasts were: 'The Bridesmaid' Messrs Alex Wilson and J. Porter; The Hostess, Mrs. E. Gibson by the chairman, 'Our Worthy Chairman' by Messrs. Jas. Porter and M. Robertson. The gathering at the pretty homestead was a very pleasant one in every way. Mr. and Mrs. Porter left during the day for Sydney. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Saturday 17 May 1902 p 13


Quite a gloom was cast over Mount Keira on Saturday when is became known that Mrs. John Porter had passed away that morning. She recently underwent an operation at Sydney, but returned home apparently on the road to recovery. On Thursday night she was chatting with some friends and appeared to be in her usual health, but on Friday her condition did not appear satisfactory and the doctor  was called in, and she sank rapidly and passed away as stated. The late Mrs. Porter was a woman of kindly, neighbourly instincts, and her death is mourned by a wide circle of friends. She was born 64 years ago in the county Tyrone, Ireland, and when 14 years of age came to Australia, with Mr. and Mrs. Keys, who took   up their residence in this district, Mrs.  Porter resided at Figtree with the late Mr. and Mrs. Gibson until her marriage. The funeral took place on Sunday, the remains being followed to their last resting place by a large cortege, including representatives from Moss Vale, Robertson and other distant centres. The Rev. Doust officiated at the graveside. We extend our sympathy to the bereaved husband and relatives.Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 17 December 1926 p 4

Portus Mary Ann (Williams)

m. William Portus 1901 Sydney

Living Kembla Heights in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.

A REWARD of £3 will be paid to the person who will inform me the name of the individual who has been scandalizing me by saying I am not married.


Kembla Heights. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Saturday 21 June 1902 Page 10

Potter Ann (Ivory)

b. 1856 d. 7/4/1933 Bulli br. Bulli

m. Isaac Potter (- 18/12/1912 Woonona Son of Thomas Potter & Christina) 1886 Chesterfield

f. George Ivory m. Sarah A

  1. (f) Hannah Potter b. 1889 Lithgow
  2. (f) Florence Potter b. 1891 Katoomba (Robert Barrie 1913)
  3. (f) Elizabeth Potter b. 1892 Katoomba (Benjamin Evans 1909)
  4. (f) Ethel Potter b. 1894 Helensburgh d. 1895 Helensburgh
  5. (m) Ernest Potter b. 1896 Helensburgh d. 1952 Wollongong
  6. (f) Gladys Potter b. 1898 Helensburgh (Richard E Roberts 1918)

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.

POTTER — 8th April. 1933, at her daughter's (Mrs. Richard Roberts) residence. Owen-street, Bulli, Ann Potter: aged 77 years. The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954) Sunday 9 April 1933 p 16

Potter Eleanor/Ellen (Meredith)

b. 1885 Lithgow d. 1924 Bulli

m. Charles Edward Potter (abt 1877-16/10/1955 Bulli Son of Isaac Potter & Annie ) 1900 Helensburgh

f. Stephen Meredith m. Johanna *

Religion: Salvation Army

  1. (f) Dorothy A Potter b. 1901 Helensburgh
  2. (f) Ethel M Potter b. 1902 Helensburgh
  3. (f) Elizabeth E Potter b. 1905 Helensburgh
  4. (m) Stephen E Potter b. 1907 Helensburgh
  5. (m) Charles W Potter b. 1908 Woonona
  6. (f) Joanna P Potter b. 1910 Woonona
  7. (m) Isaac E Potter b. 1912 Woonona
  8. (f) Gladys I Potter b. 1914 Bulli
  9. (m) Evan T Potter b. 1916 Bulli d. 1916 Bulli
  10. (m) Unknown Potter d. 1923 Bulli

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties Husband a miner.

Another death was that of Mrs. Potter, of Campbell-street. She leaves a husband and large family of young child. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 3 October 1924 p 15

Mrs. Charles Potter, of Woonona, after a short illness, died during the week and was buried in the general cemetery, Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950)Friday 3 October 1924 - Page 2

Husband a shiftman.

Potter Lilly (Taylor)

b. abt 1866 d. 13/09/1946 Parramatta cr. Woronora

m. Alexander Potter (abt 1865- 10/7/1952 Coledale) Son of Thomas Potter & Christina) 1896 West Derby

f. Edward Taylor m. Emily

  1. (f) Lily Potter b. 1898 Helensburgh d. 1898 Helensburgh
  2. (m) Laurence Corbett Potter b. 4/4/1899 Burwood

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.

POTTER -September 14 1946 at Parramatta Hospital Lilly beloved wife of Alec Potter In her 80th year The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 16 September 1946 p 16

POTTER Alexander.—July 10 1952, at Illawarra Cottage Hospital Coledale, late of 4 Postmans Track, Helensburg, dearly beloved husband of the late Lillie Potter, and dear father of Lawrence, aged 87 years.

Privately cremated July 12, 1952. Woronora.

Potters Annie see Davey

Pottie Jane Emma (Hindmarsh)

b. 19/6/1869 Kiama d. 9/12/1947 Berry br. Gerringong

m. Stuart Campbell Pottie (1867 Paddington- 5/9/1943 Berry Son of John Pottie & ) 30/10/1895 Gerringong

f. George John Hindmarsh m. Jane Potter *

  1. (m) John H Pottie b. 1897 Waverley
  2. (m) Stuart C H Pottie b. 1898 Waverley
  3. (f) Doris I Pottie b. 1900 Waverley
  4. (m) Bruce H Pottie b. 1901 Kiama
  5. (f) Jean A Pottie b. 1904 Waverley

Mr. Stuart Pottie, M.R.C.V.S., son of Mr. John Pottie, of Sydney, to Miss L. Hindmarsh, daughter of Mr. G. J. Hindmarsh, of Gerringong. The marriage was celebrated at Ivy Mount, the residence of the bride's parents, the ceremony being performed by the Rev. G. Heighway, Mr. Bert Pottie, brother of the bridegroom, acting as best man, and the Misses Sarah and Alice Hindmarsh, sisters of the bride, as bridesmaids. Even for a wedding, no brighter day could have been desired, so that as far as the weather was concerned, the most superstitious of Gerringong's foreboders of good and ill could have none but the most favourable predictions to announce. The joyful event brought together a large gathering of relations of the bride and bridegroom, of whom over 20 found their way from Sydney….. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Saturday 9 November 1895 p 2

Potts Esther Annie Lee (Dobinson then Bright)

b. abt 1864 Sydney d. 9/2/1936 Woollahra 5169/1936

m. John Bright (1832 Hayleigh Essex-14/5/1883 London England) 22/1/1883 Wollongong 5307/1883

m. Rev. Thomas Frederick Potts (abt 1863 Manchester-20/2/1934) 30/1/1889 Wollongong

f. Thomas Gilroy Dobinson m. Frances Elizabeth Jackson *

  1. (m) Theodore Kenneth Potts b. 17/12/1889 Dungog 19727/1889
  2. (f) Ellen Gladys Potts b. 1891 Dungog 12529/1891
  3. (m) Ewart H Potts b. 1892 Gunning 16213/1892
  4. (f) Thecla M Potts b. 1893 Gunning 16393/1893
  5. (m) Keith Faulkner Potts b. 1895 Lismore 33609/1895
  6. (m) Frederick Haddon Potts b. 1897 Lismore 22922/1897
  7. (m) Robert G Potts b. 1901 Manly 33204/1901

BRIGHT—DOBINSON.—January 22, at the residence of the bride's parents, Crown-street, Wollongong, by the Rev. Monahan, John Bright, of Hayleigh, Essex, England, to Esther Annie Lee, eldest daughter of Mr. T. G. Dobinson. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Friday 26 January 1883 p 1

About two months after her first marriage the couple went on the Liguria for a trip to Europe, her husband contracted typhoid in Naples and died in London. He was a wealth shop owner.

POTTS-BRIGHT.-.January 30, at the Wesleyan Church, Wollongong, by the Rev. H. J. Meek, the Rev. T. Frederick Potts to Esther Annie Lee Bright, relict of the late Mr, John Bright, of Wollongong. The Sydney Morning Herald 28 February 1889

POTTS. — At her residence, Wesleyan Parsonage, Dungog, on the 17th instant, the wife of the Rev. T. F. Potts, of a son ; both doing well. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Saturday 21 December 1889 p 2


The death occurred yesterday at her residence, Longworth Avenue, Woollahra Point, of Mrs. Esther Ann Potts, 72, widow of the Rev. T. F. Potts, principal of the Methodist Ladies' College, Burwood, who was killed in a motor accident two years ago. Mrs. Potts was born in Sydney, and spent her early days in Wollongong. She was married in 1889, and lived in several country towns, including Gunning, Lismore, Inverell, and Katoomba. Later she lived at Manly, Waverley, Gordon, and the Glebe. At Burwood aided by her daughters she was at the head of the domestic life of the college until her health failed. She leaves six children, Dr. Theo Potts (Glebe), Dr. Keith Potts (Stanthorpe, Queensland), Messrs. F. H. and R. G. Potts (Sydney), and Misses Ellen and Thecla Potts. Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW : 1881 - 1940) Monday 10 February 1936 p 2

Potts Margaret Sarah (Lockhead)

b. abt 1842 d. 12/7/1908 Mosman

m. Edmund Potts (abt 1832 – 29/6/1907 Mosman) 7/1/1863 Darlinghurst

f. James Lockhead m. Ann Rebecca Phillips

  1. (f) Catherine Alice Potts b. 25/10/1864 Grafton 8975/1864  d. 1899
  2. (f) Annie Jessie Potts b. 1866 Grafton 8888/1866 d. 1925
  3. (f) Margaret S Potts b. 1868 Grafton  9610/1868 
  4. (f) Edith Florence Potts * b. 1870 Grafton 10188/1870  d. 1939 Katoomba (Ernest Mason 1891)
  5. (m) Arthur Edmund Potts b. 15/9/1871 Grafton d. 1954 Sydney
  6. (u) Violet Ethel Potts b. 1873 Maclean 1426/1873  d. 1874
  7. (f) Marion Amy Potts . 1875 Paddington 4744/1875  d. 1942
  8. (f) Rhoda Elmhirst Potts * b. 19/6/1878 Murrurundi d. 19/9/1963 Mosman (Hugh Wallace 1900)
  9. (m) Harry Montague Potts b. 1881 d. 1960
  10. (m) William Edward Potts (?)
  11. (m) Philip Elmhirst Potts b. 1885 d. 1971

Husband in Customs in Wollongong up to 1904

On the 17th instant, by special license, at St. John's Church, Darlinghurst, by the Rev. J. Haydon, M.A., Edmund Potts, of Grafton, Clarence River, to Margaret Sarah, youngest daughter of the late James Lochhead, Esq., of London. The Maitland Mercury and Hunter River General Advertiser (NSW : 1843 - 1893) Thursday 22 January 1863 p 1

POTTS.—On the 15th instant, at her residence, Prince-street, Grafton, Mrs. EDMUND POTTS, of a son Clarence and Richmond Examiner and New England Advertiser (Grafton, NSW : 1859 - 1889) Tuesday 19 September 1871 p 2

POTTS.-July 12, 1908, at her residence, Craigton, Cowles Road, Mosman, Margaret Sarah, widow of the late Edmund Potts, aged 66 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 13 July 1908 p 6

Poulter Paninnah (Parsons)

β. 1839 Parramatta d. 16/8/1923 Wollongong

m. William John Poulter (1839 London-1922 Wollongong ) 12/11/1862 Darlinghurst

f. Reuben Parsons m. Hannah Pacey *

Living Church St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.

On the 12th instant, by the Rev. James Watkin, at his residence, Darlinghurst, William John Poulter to Paninnah Parsons, of Wollongong. The Sydney Morning Herald 15 November 1862

Husband a Lord Mayor of Wollongong.

The death occurred in Wollongong during the week of Mrs. Poulter, widow of W. J. Poulter. There are probably no older residents of Wollongong than was Mrs. Poulter. She was an aunt of Mr. J. H. Parsons South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 17 August 1923 p 10

Pow/Powe Mary Jane (Chin Chi)

b. 1855 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong d. 3/11/1918 Wollongong 15601/1918 br. 5/11/1918 Wollongong CofE

m. John Powe ( abt 1837 China- 13/10/1888 Albion Park ) 27/3/1877 Residence of the bridegroom Albion Park

f. John Chin Chi m. Lena Leslie *

  1. (m) Henry Pow b. 1879 Kiama 15758/1879 d. 1953 Wollongong
  2. (m) John Pow b. 1881 Kiama 19415/1881
  3. (f) Minnie (Mary Jane ?)Powe d. 1941 Wollongong (Hezekiah George 1916 )
  4. (m) Thomas W Pow b. 1889 Kiama 25076/1889

Husband was a ‘Chinaman’ who was a gardener

DEATHS.— An old lady named Mrs Pow, who was recently removed to the Wollongong Hospital, died in that institution on Sunday last, the burial took place on Monday. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 8 November 1918 p 5

POW.-The Friends of the late Mrs. JOHN POW, relict of the late JOHN POW and MOTHER of HENRY and JOHN POW, and Mr. and Mrs. HEZEKIAH GEORGE, Dapto, are kindly invited to attend her Funeral; to leave Simpson and Son's private funeral parlours, Crown-street, Wollongong, THIS DAY, at 2 p.m., for the Church of England Cemetery, Wollongong. SIMPSON and SON, Undertakers, Wollongong. The Sydney Morning Herald 5 November 1918

Powell Ada Elizabeth (Taylor)

b. 10/7/1865 Bulli d. 31/3/1910 Pilliga br. Pilliga

m. George Henry Powell (- ) 10/6/1889 Bulli Wesleyan

f. William Joseph Taylor m. Mary Donkin *

  1. (f) Ada Marie Powell b. 25/10/1890 Bulli ( William Fleming)
  2. (f) Eleanor M Powell b. 1892 Woonona ( Marskill)
  3. (f) Dorothy Delecia Powell b. 3/7/1897 Helensburgh d. 23/6/1940 Inverell ( George Salmon 1927)
  4. (f) Ellie Donkin Powell b. 1900 Helensburgh (Douglas Burns)

POWELL.—March 31, at her residence, Post Office, Pilliga, Ada Elizabeth Powell, aged 44 years. The Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser (NSW : 1871 - 1912) Wednesday 6 April 1910 Page 58

Powell Eliza see Adams

Powell Ella see Mary Ella

Powell Gertrude Frances see Farrer

Powell Hannah (Smith)

b. 1877 d. 11/8/1947 Corrimal br. Wollongong

m. James Powell (- 1953 Bulli Son of John James Powell & Margaret) 1898 Manly

f. Thomas Smith m. Sarah

  1. (f) Stella Powell b. 1900 Wollongong d. 1909 Kembla Heights
  2. (m) James Leslie Powell b. 1904 Wollongong d. 1970 Wollongong
  3. (f) Doris Powell b. 1907 Wollongong (Albert H Haddon 1930)
  4. (f) Gladys Powell b. 1911 Woonona (Raymond G Armstrong 1932)

Living at Kembla Heights in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

MRS. HANNAH POWELL Aged 70 years of age, Mrs. Hannah Powell, of 24 Robson Rd., Corrimal, passed away at her residence on Monday. She is survived by her husband, Mr. James Powell, and children, James, Doris (Mrs. A. H. Haddon), Gladys (Mrs. R. Armstrong, Sutherland). The remains were laid to rest in the Wollongong Methodist cemetery on Tuesday, following a service, conducted by Rev. Trathen, held at her late residence. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 15 August 1947 p 7

Powell Isabella (Rankin)

b. abt 1854 d. 7/8/1923 Tweed Heads br. Casino

m. William Henry Powell (- Son of Henry William Powell &) 26/5/1873 Shellharbour

f. George Rankin m. Elizabeth Murray *

  1. (f) Agnes Rose Powell b. 1874 Sydney
  2. (m) William H Powell b. 1877 Tweed River
  3. (m) Percy G Powell b. 1879 Tweed River
  4. (m) Charles F Powell b. 1881 Tweed River
  5. (f) Elizabeth Powell b. 1884 Tweed River
  6. (m) David Powell b. 1886 Tweed River
  7. (m) Ernest Powell b. 1889 Tweed River
  8. (m) Claude Powell b. 1891 Murwillumbah
  9. (m) Robert J Powell b. 1893 Murwillumbah
  10. (m) Stanley Powell b. 1895 Murwillumbah

ON 26th May, at the residence of the bride's parents, Shellharbour, by the Rev. J. Kinross, WILLIAM HENRY, only son of the late Henry William Powell, of London, to ISABELLA, second daughter of George Rankin, of Shellharbour. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 12 June 1873 p 2


Another well known pioneer of the Tweed Heads district died at Tweed Heads on Tuesday morning, in the person of Mrs. Isabella Powell, widow of the late Mr. W. H. Powell and mother of the well known Powell boys, of Barney's Point and Lower Tweed. Up to a few weeks ago the old lady had enjoyed a particularly healthy life, but fell a victim to an attack of influenza. Heart trouble developed, and she died at the residence of her daughter (Mrs. B. Clarke) at the age of 69. Tweed Daily (Murwillumbah, NSW : 1914 - 1949) Thursday 9 August 1923 p 2

Powell Mary Anne (Croft)

b. abt 1854 Wollongong

m. John Powell (1855-)16/7/1882 St Francis Xavier’s

f. William Croft m. Mary Brown *

POWELL-CROFT. —At St. Francis Xavier's Church, Wollongong, on the 17th July, by the Rev. E. Athy, John Powell, of Sydney, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of Mr. W. Croft, of Wollongong. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 8 August 1882 p 2

Powell Mary Anne (Waters)

b. 1875 Wollongong d. 7/1/1922 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. Thomas Powell (1872-4/3/1950 Corrimal Son of John Jones Powell & Margaret) 23/6/1902 St Francis Xavier’s

f. Martin Waters m. Mary Wade *

  1. (f) Margaret A Powell b. 1903 Wollongong
  2. (f) Mary O Powell b. 1907 Wollongong

Living Burelli St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.


We deeply sympathise with Mr. T. Powell, of Wollongong, in the loss he has sustained by the death of his wife, which occurred in the Wollongong Hospital on Sunday, after seven weeks of suffering.. The late Mrs, Powell was the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Martin Waters, of Wollongong, and was 47 years of age. She had been in indifferent health for some time. The remains were interred in the Wollongong R.C. cemetery. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 13 January 1922 p 6

Powell Mary Ella (Barron)

b. 1849 d. 4/7/1913 Cranbourne Vic br. Cranbourne Vic

m. Robert Bell Powell (1846- 5/9/1926 Cranbourne Vic Son of Robert Powell & Charlotte Bell)

f. James Barron

Religion: Methodist

  1. (m) Thomas George Powell d. 24/01/1965 Southport Hospital, Qld
  2. (f) Minnie Elizabeth Mary Powell * b. abt 1872 d. 21/10/1955 Zetland (Francis Carey 1896)
  3. (m) William James Powell b. abt 1874 York county Nebraska USA d. 15/4/1895 Parramatta Hospital
  4. (f) Emily Jane Powell b. abt 1876 d. 3/3/1942 Wollongong (John Thomas Fielder 1897)
  5. (m) Lambert Barron Powell b. abt 1886 d. 4/6/1948 Turramurra
  6. (m) Robert Charles Powell b. d. 1943 Vic

Coroner's Inquiry.

An inquiry was held at Curry's Hotel, Dapto, yesterday afternoon, into the origin of a fire which occurred on May 17th, in a grocer's shop situated on Main South Coast Road, Dapto, occupied by Mary Ella Powell. The building was one of a block of four, owned by Mr. J. Fielder, who resided at the rear of the premises, and who had the property; insured in the North Queensland office to the extent of £300. Mrs. Powell had her stock and furniture insured in the Australian Mutual Fire Office for £150, and the damage done by the fire amounted to about £15. The police had collected certain, evidence which led them to suspect that the fire was the work of an incendiarist ; hence the, inquiry Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Saturday 20 June 1896 p 2

She was committed for trial on the charge of arson with the shop owner.

Insolvent in May 1896


Mary Ella Powell, of Dapto, lately carrying on business as a grocer. Mr. Lloyd, official assignee.

In 1897 she had paid her debts and was applying to be released from bankruptcy.

Power Anne (Quinne)

m. William Power 9/1/1854 Wollongong

Religion: Roman Catholic

Both resident Dapto

  1. (f) Margaret Power b. 9/11/1854 Wollongong

Power Annie Helen

b. abt 1855 d. 14/9/1911 Wollongong br. Woronora

m. Patrick Power (abt 1844 -24/8/1917 Carlton Son of Michael Power & Margaret)

Living Gipps St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a gatekeeper for the railway.

POWER. —On the 14th inst. at her residence, Gipps street, Wollongong, Annie Helen Power, beloved wife of Patrick Power, aged 56 years. The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930) Friday 15 September 1911 p 8

Power Bridget

b. abt 1831 Kilkenny

f. William Power m. Ann (both dead)

Religion: Roman Catholic

Ship: Lismoyne 1849

Other : Empl. J Hewlett, Wollongong, £8, 1 yr.

Power Elizabeth (Crooks)

b. 1856 Kiama d. 9/1/1933 Kiama br. Kiama

m. Richard Power ( abt 1856- 4/10/1931 Kiama ) 1884 Kiama 5493/1884

m. Mary Ann Crooks * see Chin

gf. John Crooks gm. Betsy * NB She is the child of Mary A Crooks but she is claimed to be the daughter of her grandparents on her death

  1. (f) Elsie M Power b. 1886 Kiama (Josiah E Gibson 1909 )
  2. (f) Marion F Power b. 1887 Kiama (Charles E Swanbey 1915)
  3. (f) Olive Maud Power b. 1889 Kiama (Thomas W Dyer 1915 )

Living at Bong Bong St Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a blacksmith

Aunt of Percy Chin Kiama

MRS. ELIZABETH POWER-76 YEARS 1 The death occurred on Monday last, at her residence, Bong Bong Street, Mrs. Elizabeth Power widow of the late Richard Power, after a short illness. Formerly Miss Crooks, daughter of the late Mr. John Crooks,, a well-known Methodist church worker, Mrs Power spent practically, the whole of her life in Kiama, and was a devoted wife and mother; She married Mr. Richard Power who was very popular and respected the town, being for many years employed as blacksmith at the State Quarry. He was also one of the oldest members of the Loyal Star of the South, Lodge, M.UI OOF. His death fifteen months ago was the severance of a happy married partnership, and a great blow to Mrs Power. She is survived by three daughters; Elsie (Mrs J.E Gibson, Unanderra), Marion (Mrs. Swanbey, Belmore), and Maud (Mrs T. W. Dyer, Campsie), a step-brother; , Mr Samuel Wilcockson, and nephew, Mr. Percy Chin, of Kiama. The funeral took place on Wednesday afternoon at the Methodist Cemetery, The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Saturday 14 January 1933 p 2

Power Jane (Crotty)

b. abt 1815 Tipperary d. 18/3/1878 Eden

m. Michael Power (1793 Waterford Ireland – 10/2/1863 Eden) 16/1/1842 Dapto

f. Patrick C Crotty m. Anne

Religion: Roman Catholic

Ship: Jane Gifford 1841

  1. (m) Thomas Power b. 6/8/1844 Dapto d. 1893
  2. (m) John Power b. 1844 d. 1925
  3. (f) Mary Ann Power b. 1846 d. 1919
  4. (f) Catherine Power b. 1848
  5. (f) Jane Power b. 1850
  6. (m) Michael Power b. 1852 d. 1855

Both resident Dapto

Convict permission to Marry Index 1841 Wollongong

Power Julia R (Ryan)

m. David Power 1884 Sydney

  1. (m) David Power b. 1886 Kiama

Husband a storekeeper and was bankrupt in 1888 while living in Kiama

Power Mary

Living Gipps St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.

Power Mary Jane (Plunkett)

b. 1877 Kiama 13816/1877 d. 4/11/1937 Randwick cr. Rookwood

m. Edmund Power (-14/6/1941 Randwick Son of John Power & Ann) 1914

f. Thomas Plunkett m. Matilda Pugh Nichols * see Trivett

  1. (f) Marie Lorraine Power b. 1917 Bulli
  2. (m) Edmund Plunkett Power b. 1920 Redfern d. 1982

Living at Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

POWER.—November 4, 1937, at her residence, 11a Wansey Road, Randwick, Mary, beloved wife of Edmund Power, and dearly beloved mother of Lorraine and Edmund Power. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Friday 5 November 1937 Page 10

POWER. — The Relatives and Friends of Mr. EDMUND POWER and. LORRAINE and EDMUND POWER are invited to attend the Funeral of his late dearly loved wife and their fond mother, Mary Power, to leave her late residence, 11A Wansey Road, Randwick, THIS AFTERNOON, after a short service commencing at 2.15 o'clock, for the Rookwood Crematorium. The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1931 - 1954) Friday 5 November 1937 Page 22

Power Susannah (Clark)

b. abt 1844 d. 23/3/1932 West Ryde br. Field of Mars

m. Martin Power ( 1843- 29/9/1916 Bulli) 1874 Bathurst

f. John Clark m. Martha

  1. (f) Sophia M J Power b. 1875 Hartley
  2. (f) Elizabeth Ann Jane Power b. 1876 Hartley
  3. (f) Emily Eliza power b. 1878 Hartley (George W White 1898)
  4. (f) Florence Martha Sophia Power b. 1880 Lithgow d. 7/11/1921
  5. (f) Ada May Power b. 1883 Lithgow
  6. (m) Ernest J Power b. 1885 Lithgow
  7. (m) Henry E Power b. 1887 Lithgow

Husband a miner at Lithgow in 1899.

Miss Florence M. Power, of Bellambi died at her mother's residence, on Monday at the age of 41 years. She had been ailing long, and the end came rather suddenly. The remains were interred at Bulli on Wednesday. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 11 November 1921 p 11

POWER.–March 23. 1932, at her daughter's residence, Mrs. J. Rowe, No. 58 West-parade. West Ryde, Susannah Power, late of Lithgow and Bellambi, and beloved mother Charles, Mary, Alick, Elizabeth, Emma, and Ada, aged 88 years. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Thursday 24 March 1932 p 10

Pranter/Prayter/Prider/Pryder Christina

m. William Pranter

  1. (f) Sarah Prater b. 13/12/1841 Shoalhaven 1494/1841V18411494 121A
  2. (f) Mary Prayter b. 1844 RC East Maitland 2968/1844 V18442968 121B
  3. (f) John Pryder b. 1846 RC East Maitland
  4. (m) Eliza Prider b. 1851 RC Sydney St James
  5. (m) William Prider b. 1854 RC Parramatta

Pratt Annie A (Steele)

m. Thomas A Pratt 1884 Wollongong

Pratt Elizabeth (Brayne)

m. Alfred E Pratt 1893 Kiama

  1. (f) Myra Pratt b. 1897 Nowra

Pratt Elizabeth (Mitchell )

b. abt 1850 Old Hartley Northumberland d. 11/5/1915 Mt Keira br. Wollongong

m. George Pratt (abt 1844 Gosforth Northumberland - 21/7/1928 Sydney Son of William Pratt & Mary A) 1863 Buckingham Northamptonshire

f. John Mitchell m. Elizabeth

Ship: Northampton 1880

  1. (f) Mary Pratt * b. abt 1867 New Hartley Northumberland (George Stewart 1887 )
  2. (f) Margaret Pratt b. abt 1869 Camp Terrace Northumberland
  3. (f) Hannah Pratt b. abt 1873 Northumberland
  4. (f) Elizabeth Pratt b. abt 1875 Northumberland
  5. (f) Margaret Pratt b. abt 1877 Northumberland
  6. (f) Eleanor Pratt b. 1881 Wollongong
  7. (m) George William Pratt b. 1883 Wollongong
  8. (m) John Pratt b. 1885 Wollongong
  9. (f) Daughter Pratt
  10. (f) Annie G Pratt b. 1890 Wollongong

Living at Mount Keira in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

OBITUARY-. — We regret the chronicle the sad death of Mrs. Pratt, the wife of George Pratt, of Mount Keira, on Tuesday last, at the age of 65 years. The late Mrs. Pratt has been a resident of Mount Keira over 30 years, being an old identity. She had won the affection of the whole neighbourhood, as she had always given her very best assistance at all times to the sick and afflicted, and could always be relied upon to render help at any hour, day or night. She was of a kind, gentle, and loving disposition, and will be greatly missed, throughout the whole community. She leaves a husband, and grown-up family, consisting of seven daughters, and two sons, all of whom are married, with the exception of one son, to mourn the loss of a loving mother. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 14 May 1915 p 2

The death occurred here on Tues day morning last of Mrs. George Pratt, senr., at the age of sixty-six years. For the past thirty years, Mrs. Pratt has acted in the capacity of a nurse, and there is scarcely a house at Mount Keira which she, at one time or another, has not been into in the hour of trouble. Any hour of the day or night she never failed to respond to a call to the bedside of any resident who happened to be ill and by her kindness in that direction she was well known to the inhabitants as 'The 'Angel of Mercy.' She leaves a husband, seven daughters and two sons to mourn their loss, for all of whom widespread sympathy has been expressed. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 14 May 1915 p 9

Pratt Harriett (Markham)

b. abt 1828 d. 25/7/1913 Wollongong

m. Richard Pratt (abt 1824- 22/6/1900 Wollongong) 1848 Chesterton Cambridgeshire

f. Henry Markham m. Elizabeth

Ship: Kate 1851

  1. (m) John Pratt b. 1852 Wollongong V1852562 56/1852 d. 1938 Wollongong
  2. (f) Pratt * b. 1854 V18541817 56/1854 d. 1889 Wollongong (Frederick Coombs 1882)
  3. (f) Catherine Jane Pratt * b. 1857 Wollongong 12354/1857 d. 1/11/1939 Forbes (James G Osbourne 1879 div, John Alchin 1898)
  4. (f) Elizabeth A Pratt b. 1860 Wollongong 13943/1860 d. 1935 Wollongong ( Samuel Edwards)
  5. (m) Charles H Pratt b. 1862 Wollongong 15205/1862 d. 1885 Wollongong
  6. (m) Albert E Pratt b. 1865 Wollongong 16985/1865 d. 1935 Corrimal (Matilda Brown * )
  7. (m) Richard W Pratt b. 1869 Wollongong 19906/1869 d. 1957 Wollongong (Lydia Brown *)

Living at Mount Keira in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.

The sudden death occurred on Friday morning last of Mrs. Pratt, one of Mount Keira's oldest identities. She was 85 years of age, and was able to attend to her household duties up to the last. She complained of not feeling too well early in the morning, and about an hour afterwards she collapsed. Her husband and a son and daughter predeceased her, there remains three sons and two daughters to mourn their loss. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 29 July 1913 p 2

Pratt Isabella see Pearson

Pratt Louisa

b. abt 1863 d. 8/10/1907 Clifton br. Scarborough

m. Fred Pratt (abt 1863-3/4/1947 Sydney)

f. Emmanuel m. Sophia

  1. (f) Maud Pratt b. abt 1887 d. 3/8/1969 Sydney (Albert J Willis 1908)
  2. (f) Minnie Rebecca Pratt b. 1894 Woburn Bedfordshire d. 1976

Living Clifton in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties.

PRATT-— October 8th 1907, at her residence, Clifton, South Coast, Louisa Pratt, dearly loved wife of Fred Pratt, aged 44 years.

Pratt Lydia (Brown)

b. 1882 Wollongong d. 30/10/1927 Balmain South br. Wollongong

m. Richard Whayman Pratt (1869 Wollongong - 1957 Wollongong Son of Richard Pratt & Harriett Markham *) 1901 Wollongong

f. James Brown m. Elizabeth Sarah *

  1. (m) William R Pratt b. 1902 Woonona
  2. (f) Hilda M Pratt b. 1903 Woonona

Living at Mount Keira in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Pratt Mary

m. John Pratt

  1. (f) Margaret Pratt b. 1863 Wollongong

Pratt Mary Anne see Brown

Pratt Matilda (Brown)

b. 1876 Wollongong d. 3/2/1940 br. Wollongong

m. Albert Edward Pratt (1865 Wollongong – 30/3/1935 Son of Richard Pratt & Harriet Markham *) 1894 Wollongong

f. James Smith m. Elizabeth Sarah *

  1. (f) Annie M Pratt b. 1895 Wollongong (David Bradley 1912)
  2. (f) Esther E Pratt b. 1897 Wollongong (John J Graham 1915)
  3. (m) George H Pratt b. 1900 Wollongong d. 1900 Wollongong
  4. (f) Harriet Pratt b. 1902 Wollongong (Edward J Roberts 1922)
  5. (f) Alice M Pratt b. 1904 Woonona (Parsons 1922)
  6. (f) Lillian Pratt b. 1906 Wollongong (George T Watson 1926)
  7. (m) Albert Pratt

Living at Mount Keira in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.

Pratt Regina Sarah see Preece

Pratten Margaret (Murphy then Cramp)

b. abt 1814 Wexford Ireland d. 1891 Parramatta

m. Samuel Cramp (- 1844) 1833 Campbelltown

m. Isaac Pratten (abt 1821- 1887 Bourke) 13/9/1845

  1. (m) Samuel Cramp b. abt 1843 Sydney d. 5/8/1897 Binalong (Bridget Dougall 1857)
  2. (f) Emma Cramp/Pratten b. 7/10/1844 Crookwell d. 6/10/1918 Adelaide SA (James Sullivan 1864, John Seymour Sweet)
  3. (m) Richard Pratten b. 1846
  4. (m) Isaac Pratten b. 1948

LUNATIC. An unfortunate woman of the name of Margaret Pratton, whose husband is in the employ of J. T. Hughes, Esq., at Cotton Valley, has been confined in Goulburn Gaol as a dangerous lunatic, by order of the Bench. The poor woman is the mother of a large family. Upon her being removed to town, two of her children, of tender years, followed her, and missing their way, were lost in the bush. Several persons went in search of them, when they were found late the following evening, asleep in each other's arms The Goulburn Herald and County of Argyle Advertiser (NSW : 1848 - 1859) Saturday 28 October 1848 Page 3

Lunatic.–On Tuesday last an order arrived from the Colonial Secretary for the removal to the Sydney Asylum of Margaret Pratton, who was lately confined in the Town gaol as a dangerous lunatic. The Goulburn Herald and County of Argyle Advertiser (NSW : 1848 - 1859) Saturday 13 January 1849 Page 2

Convict Permission to Marry Index 1833 Illawarra

Ship: Surrey 1833

Convict indent:

7 Years
stealing bonnet
1831 Wexford
Prior Convictions
House Maid

Pratt Sarah Ann (Smith)

b. 17/6/1832 d. 12/1/1898 Woodstock

m. Matthew Thomas Pratt (4/3/1823 -1908 Woodstock Son of John Pratt & Elizabeth Owen) 29/11/1854 Oakville
f. Charles Throsby Smith m. Sarah Broughton *

  1. (m) William Frederick Pratt b. abt 1855 Bombala d. 1917 Cowra (Edith Isabella Pringle 1874)
  2. (f) Sarah Elizabeth Pratt b. 21/2/1858 Wollongong 13358/1858 d. 1896 (George Hulton Smythe King 1883) 
  3. (m) Charles Matthew Pratt b. 15/4/1860 Wollongong 13881/1860 d. 1926 Lithgow (Lavinia Ann Tucker 1900)
  4. (m) Arthur Cecil Pratt b. 1864 Orange d. 1943 Cowra

On the 29th ultimo, at Wollongong, by the Rev. M. D. Meares, .M.A., Matthew Thomas, youngest son of the late John Pratt, Esq., to Sarah Ann, fourth daughter of Charles Throsby Smith, Esq., Wollongong. Bell’s Life in Sydney and Sporting 2 December 1854

On the 21st instant, at Wollongong, the wife of Matthew Thomas Pratt, of a daughter. The Sydney Morning Herald 27 February 1858

On the 15th instant, at her residence, Wollongong, the wife of M. T. Pratt, of a son. The Sydney Morning Herald 28 April 1860

PRATT.-January 12, at her residence. Woodstock, Sarah Ann, wife of Matthew T Pratt, aged 65, fourth daughter of the late Charles Throsby Smith, Wollongong . The Sydney Morning Herald 18 January 1898

Named after her mother and grandmother, Sarah married Matthew Thomas Pratt in Wollongong in 1854. It was his second marriage. In the previous year, her stepsister Isabella Jackson * had married Percy Pratt elder brother of Matthew.

Preece Regina Sarah (Clinton)

b. 1878 Gundagai d. 15/7/1949 Sydney Hospital of Summer Hill.

m. William Robert Preece (abt 1881 -20/4/1958 Summer Hill) 1902 Wollongong

f. Arthur James Charles Noble Clinton m. Martha Jane Lanham

  1. (f) Albina E Preece b. 1903 Woonona (Albert Martin 1924)
  2. (f) Avril M Preece b. 1904 Woonona
  3. (m) Percy J Preece b. 1906 Woonona
  4. (f) Reta B Preece b. 1909 Wollongong
  5. (f) Myra G Preece b. 1911 Wollongong
  6. (f) Mavis A Preece b. 1916 Wollongong

Living at Keiraville in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Prentice Mary Isabella (Massey)

b. abt 1840 Tarraville Vic d. 10/4/1927 Auburn

m. Archibald Prentice (abt 1838-30/12/1917 Auburn Son of Archibald Prentice & Jane) 1867 Vic

f. Robert Massey m. Eliza

  1. (m) Archibald Elliott b. 1868 Vic
  2. (f) Eva Eliza Prentice b. 1873 Vic d. 1874 Vic
  3. (m) Robert Leslie Prentice b. 1872 Vic
  4. (f) Jessie Isabel Prentice b. 1878 Hay (George Challenger 1901)
  5. (f) Nina Mary Prentice b. 1885 East Macquarie (Arthur John Blandford1910)
  6. (f) Mary Prentice b. 1888 Wollongong d. 1888 Wollongong

PRENTICE.— April 10th 1927 at her late residence “Romsey,” Paul Street, Auburn, Mary, relict of the late Archibald Prentice. By her special request, no mourning The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930) Tuesday 12 April 1927 p 6

Preo/Prio/Piroo Bridget (Commins/Cummins)

d. 1916 Bega

m. John Prio (1832 - 1915 Bega)

f. John Cummins m. Catherine

  1. (m) Peter Piroo b. 11/12/1859 Shellharbour bp Kiama RC
  2. (m) Andrew Prio b. 14/11/1864 Shellharbour
  3. (f) Margaret Preoo b. 25/4/1866 Shellharbour bp Kiama RC
  4. (f) Catherine Preo b. 4/7/1868 Stoney Creek
  5. (m) James Preo b. 18/4/1873 Stoney Creek
  6. (f) Bridget Preo b. 11/9/1874 Shellharbor (Dan McGlinshey 1905
  7. (f) Elizabeth Preo b. 19/1/1876 Shellharbor
  8. (m) Patrick Preo b. 7/11/1877 Shellharbor
  9. (f) Annie Preo b. abt 1883 d. 1915 Bega

Husband a dairyman then farmer

Mrs. Bridget Preo, a worthy old resident of Bega, passed over to the great majority on Thursday, at the ripe age of 77 years. Deceased was a fine type of womanhood, and reared a large family of good citizens. Mr. John Preo, of Numba, is one of the sons. The Shoalhaven Telegraph (NSW : 1879 - 1937) Wednesday 2 August 1916 p 4

Prescott Mabel (McKenzie)

b. 24/12/1875 Kiama d. 26/3/1957 New Zealand br. Hamilton East New Zealand

m. James Winstanley Prescott (abt 1869-19/7/1933 New Zealand ) 1898 Kiama

f. Edward McKenzie m. Elizabeth Stokes *

  1. (m) Clyde James Prescott b. 1899 Kiama d. 1980 (Jane Anabella Knox 1930)
  2. (m) Alma Irene Prescott b. Sydney (Lester Dawson 1935)
  3. (f) Olga Pearl Elizabeth Prescott b. 1909 New Zealand (Brewer)
  4. (m) Athol Winstanley Prescott b. 1916 New Zealand

Living at Barney St Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties Husband a labourer.

Living in New Zealand in 1948 when her brother Henry George McKenzie died.

Presdee Edith Annie (Roberts)

b. 1869 Wollongong d. 13/1/1930 Balmain

m. William Henry Presdee (abt 1867 -22/1/1922 Leichhardt) 1888 Newtown

f. Thomas Roberts m. Frances Jane * see Howell

  1. (m) William Henry Presdee b. 1888 Newtown d. 1970 Ermington (Alice Clout 1912)
  2. (m) Leslie Clarence Presdee b. 1897 Wollongong d. 1970 Abbotsford

Living Kannahooka Rd Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a labourer.

Preston Hannah Maria (Edwards)

b 22/6/1853 Wollongong d. 17/11/1944 br. Rookwood.

m. Samuel Preston ( 1/4/1853- 19/7/1920 Son of Samuel Preston & Mary Dixon ) 6/11/1878 Sydney 1219/1878

f. William Edwards m. Margaret Thackster/Texter *

  1. (f) Mary Alice Preston b. 29/8/1879 Sydney 2699/1879
  2. (f) Margaret Maude Preston b. 9/5/1881 Wollongong 18891/1881 d. 28/7/1955
  3. (f) Esther Elizabeth Preston b. 9/8/1883 Sydney 2514/1883
  4. (f) Sarah A Preston b. 10/4/1886 Sydney 1222/1886 d. 22/10/1973 Auburn (Ernest Spencer Turner
  5. (m) Charles Thomas Preston b. 1891 Sydney 2910/1891
  6. (m) William George Preston b. 1895 Sydney 270/1895

Price Ada

Living Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Price Ada (Wood)

b. 1879 Carcoar d. 13/10/1942 Penshurst br. Woronora

m. Charles Thomas Price (-13/2/1938 Penshurst Son of William Price & Agnes) 1899 Cowra

f. Josiah Wood m. Jane

  1. (m) William E Price b. 1900 Blayney
  2. (f) Dorothy Price b. 1902 Sunny Corner
  3. (m) Harold E Price b. 1903 Helensburgh
  4. (m) Athol J Price b. 1905 Helensburgh
  5. (m) Athol C Price b. 1907 Helensburgh
  6. (f) Thelma I Price b. 1912 Helensburgh (Walter V Whitlock 1934)
  7. (f) Dorothy P Price b. 1915 Ryde
  8. (m) Jack Price b. 1915 Ryde
  9. (m) Kenneth G Price b. 1916 Ryde

Living Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Mrs. Ada Price died on Tuesday at her home in St. George's Road,. Penshurst. The deceased, who was 64 years of age, was the widow of the late Mr. C. T. Price. She leaves five sons and two daughters. One son, Charles, is at present serving with the A.I.F. abroad. The Propeller (Hurstville, NSW : 1911 - 1954) Thursday 15 October 1942 p 6

Price Angelina

Living Coledale in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Price Annie (Henry)

b. abt 1865 d. 19/11/1939 Cessnock br. Cessnock

m. Henry Price (- abt 1927) 1891 Wollongong

f. Thomas Henry m. Matilda

  1. (m) William Price b. abt 1887 d. 1936 Cessnock
  2. (m) Henry Price b. 1891 Wollongong
  3. (f) Norma G Price b. 1895 Wollongong (Robert C Ray 1924)
  4. (m) Edwin Victor Price b. 1897 Wollongong d. 1957 Cessnock
  5. (f) Edna M Price b. 1902 Wollongong (Bale ?)

Living Unanderra in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband an engine driver

THE DEATH occurred at Cessnock Hospital on Sunday night of Mrs. Annie Price, the age of 74 years. Deceased, whose husband predeceased her about 12 years ago, was the mother of Mr. Eddie Price, Harry Price and Bill Price (deceased), and was also the mother of Mrs. Ray, wife of Mr. Bob Ray. under-manager of Aberdare Colliery. She is also survived by another daughter, Mrs. Bale. The late Mrs. Price was very well known on the coalfields, having resided in Cessnock for many years. She was held in very high esteem throughout the district and news of her death was received with profound regret. The funeral will take place at 4 o'clock this afternoon in the Church of England Cemetery, Cessnock. The Cessnock Eagle and South Maitland Recorder (NSW : 1913 - 1954) Tuesday 21 November 1939 p 6

Price Elizabeth

m. Thomas Price

  1. (f) Elizabeth A Price b. 1884 Kiama

Price Elizabeth J

m. John Thomas Price

  1. (m) Frederick Price b. 1885 Kiama

Price Ellen/Helena (Ritchie/Morgan)

b. abt 1824 Sydney ? d. 16/7/1892 Kiama br. Jamberoo

m. Charles Price (abt 1813-3/1/1888 Kiama)

f. Morgan m. Euphemia

Religion: CofE

  1. (f) Jane Price * b. 1849 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven d. 1898 Lismore (David Rankin 1877)
  2. (m) Charles Price b. 1850 Kiama bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama ; Shoalhaven d. 24/2/1931 Wollongong (Margaret Condon * 1877)
  3. (f) Euphemia Price * b. 1853 bp. Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven d. 1918 Milton (James Clarke 1877)
  4. (f) Anne Price * b. 1855 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama; Shoalhaven d. 24/7/1915 Kiama (William Arnold 1888)
  5. (m) James Frederick Price b. 19/4/1857 Kiama d. 7/1/1865 Jamberoo drowned
  6. (m) John Thomas Price b. 1859 Jamberoo d. 1925 Austinmer (Susannah Loveday 1885 * Mary Elizabeth Alexander * 1898)
  7. (m) Jonas Price b. 1861 Jamberoo d. 30/5/1943 (Rachel Miriam Coleman * 1934)
  8. (m) William H Price b. 1863 Kiama

Her mother remarried John Ritchie and she married using her step father’s name.

On the 19th instant, at her residence, Kiama, Mrs. Charles Price, of a son. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Monday 27 April 1857 p 3

On last Saturday another was added to the number by the removal of Mrs Price, relict of the late Mr Charles Price, of Kiama, at the age of 68 years. The deceased was a native of Sydney. At the age of about 28 years she came to reside in this district with her husband. For several years they resided in Kiama, and then removed to Jamberoo.

Subsequently they returned to Kiama, where they spent the remaining years of life.

Some four years ago Mrs Price had the misfortune to lose her husband, who passed to his rest after a protracted period of illness. The deceased throughout life enjoyed what might be termed a characteristic of most of the old settlers — a strong constitution ; her health was always good. About a fortnight ago, however, she caught a cold, which developed into bronchitis. All that available medical skill could do with the best nursing, to prolong life was done, but it became evident, a few days before the end that her life was drawing to its close. On Saturday, shortly before morning broke, she passed to her rest. The deceased was a true friend, a devoted mother, and respected by all who was acquainted with her. She leaves behind three sons and three daughters to mourn their loss. The funeral, which took place on Sunday, was largely attended. Prior to the remains being removed from her late residence, service was conducted by the Rev. Herbert Guinness, of whose church the deceased was a member ; and at the grave, in the Church of England cemetery in Jamberoo by the Rev. B. Stevens, the remains being interred beside those of her husband and two sons. The deceased lady was the mother of Mrs James Clarke, of Milton. The Ulladulla and Milton Times (NSW : 1891 - 1917) Saturday 23 July 1892 p 4

Price Ellen (Moore)

b. abt 1839 Armagh d. 28/5/1908 Kialla near Crookwell

m. Henry Price (abt 1839 Armagh Ireland – 16/1/1919 Cowra Son of Henry Price & Mary Graham ) 15/8/1862 Keady Armagh Ireland

f. James Moore m. Jane

Ship: Sirocco (1) 1864

  1. (m) David Price b. abt 1862 d. 13/11/1920 Crookwell
  2. (m) Andrew Price b. 1864 Wollongong 16612/1864 d. 1940 Crookwell
  3. (m) William Price b. 1866 Goulburn d. 1866 Goulburn
  4. (m) Henry Price b. 1867 Goulburn
  5. (m) Thomas Price b. 1868.
  6. (f) Mary Jane Price b. 1870 Goulburn d. 1905 Goulburn
  7. (m) John Price b. 1871 Goulburn d. 1932 Goulburn
  8. (m) Arthur Price, b. 1873 Goulburn
  9. (f) Sarah Ellen Price b. 1874 Goulburn d. 1884 Goulburn
  10. (m) Francis Price b. 1876 Goulburn d. 1960
  11. (m) Edward F Price b. 1877
  12. (m) Alexander Price b. 1879 Goulburn d. 1879 Goulburn
  13. (f) Eliza B Price b. 1883 Crookwell
  14. (m) Joseph Price b. 9/3/1882 Crookwell d. 27/3/1882 Crookwell

Mrs. Price, wife of Mr. Henry Price, of Kialla, died on May 28 at the age of 69. The deceased was greatly respected. She is survived by her husband, eight sons, and two daughters. Mrs. John Sullivan, Goulburn, is a daughter. Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW : 1881 - 1940) Thursday 4 June 1908 Page 4

Price Ellen/Helen

m. William Price

  1. (m) John H Price b. 1857 Wollongong 12352/1857
  2. (f) Ellen Price b. 1861 Kiama 8154/1861
  3. (m) William J Price b. 1863 Kiama 8506/1863

Price Ellen Catherine (Perkins)

m. George Price 1888 Hill End

Religion: Roman Catholic

  1. (f) Stella Beatrice Price b. 9/4/1888 Hill End bp 17/12/1897 Albion Park (Horace Brown 1908)

A Peculiar Marriage.—George Price was charged in the Newtown Police Court on Wednesday with having deserted his wife. Mrs. Price gave evidence to the effect that they were married in her father's house, situated near Mudgee, over 12 months ago, and accused left her the same night. Mr. Wallace who appeared for the defence, contended that there was no desertion at all, as a letter was signed by both parties signifying their intention to separate at once. The marriage was rather a peculiar one. Mrs. Price stated that she did not know the contents of the letter when she signed it, and she was under her father's control. Mr. O'Malley Clarke said that under the circumstances he could not make an order. The Armidale Express and New England General Advertiser (NSW : 1856 - 1861; 1863 - 1889; 1891 - 1954)Friday 4 October 1889 Page 8

Price Flora

d. 1891 Adamstown

m. Thomas Price

m. Hugh Riddell

f. James m. Flora M

  1. (m) Thomas James Price b. 1886 Wollongong d. 1964 Hamilton

In the Estate of FLORA MARIA RIDDELL (otherwise known as Flora Price), formerly of Wollongong, in the colony of New South Wales, and late of Adamstown, in the said colony, married woman, deceased, intestate.

APPLICATION will be made after 14 days from the publication hereof that Administration of the Estate of the above named deceased may be granted to Hugh Riddell, of New Lambton, Miner, the husband of the said deceased. Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate (NSW : 1876 - 1954) Tuesday 9 February 1892 p 8

Price Frances (Robinson)

b. abt 1833

m. Andrew Price ( abt 1826 – 1897 Crookwell Son of Henry Price & Mary Graham ) 22/7/1852 Keady Co Armagh

f. Robert Robinson

Ship: Bolton 1853

  1. (m) William H Price b. 1853 at sea d. 1853 Dapto

Price/Howell-Price Isabel Virginia (Winchcombe)

b. 1859 Vic d. 16/7/1931 Adelaide SA

m. John Howell Price (abt 1853 Pembroke South Wales 12/3/1921 Potts Point Son of David Price ) 4/3/1880 Woollahra

f. John Phillimore Winchcombe m. Julia Sophia Earle

Religion: CofE

  1. (m) David Clayton W Price b. 1881 Wilcannia d. 1937 Burwood
  2. (f) Isabel B H Price b. 1882 East Macquarie (William Lindsay 1912)
  3. (f) Elfrida H Price b. 1885 Ashfield (Edward Lotze 1911)
  4. (m) Lieutenant Commander John Howell Price b. 16/9/1886 Five Dock d. 13/11/1937 Liverpool England
  5. (m) Major Frederick Phillmore Howell Price b. 1888 Kiama d. 1978
  6. (m) Lieutenant Colonel Owen Glendower Howell Price b. 1890 Kiama d 2/11/1916 Flers France
  7. (m) William G Price b. 1891 Redfern d. 1891 Redfern
  8. (f) Gwendolyn M Howell Price .b. 1892 Redfern (William J. Burnet 1915)
  9. (m) Major Philip Llewellyn Price b. 1894 Mt Wilson d. 4/10/1917 Broodseinde Belgium
  10. (m) Lieutenant Richmond Gordon Howell Price b. 1896 Richmond d. 4/5/1917 Bullecourt France
  11. (m) Benjamin P H Price d. 1903 Richmond

PRICE— WINCHCOMBE.— March 4. at Woollahra, by the Rev. Zachary Barry, LL.D., the Rev. John Howell Price, of Warren, second son of David Price, Esq., Waverley, to Isabel Virginia, second daughter of the late John Phillimore Winchcombe, barrister-at-law. The Sydney Daily Telegraph (NSW : 1879 -1883) Saturday 13 March 1880 p 4

The death occurred on July 16th at the Calvary Hospital, Adelaide, South Australia, of Mrs. Isabel Virginia Howell-Price, widow of the late Rev. John Howell -Price, who at one time resided in Kiama, being Rector of Christ Church of England. The Nowra Leader (NSW : 1909 - 1939) Friday 31 July 1931 p 4

Price Lily Ada (O’Brien)

b. 1870 Goulburn d. 12/3/1960 br. Woronora

m. John Price (-12/3/1943 Sutherland) 1896 Goulburn

f. Thomas O’Brien m. Anne

Religion: Roman Catholic

  1. (m) William Joseph Price b. 1897 Narrandera d. 1972 Sydney
  2. (f)Dorothy F Price b. 1900 Young
  3. (f) Lilly K Price b. 1902 Helensburgh
  4. (m) Thomas Bernard Price b. 1904 Helensburgh d. 1968 Kogarah
  5. (m) John Joseph Price b. 1906 Hurstville d. 1978
  6. (m) James Leo Price b. 1908 Sutherland d. 1962 Hurstville
  7. (f)Annie L Price b. 1911 Sutherland

When son William enlisted in 1916 was resident at Sutherland.

Price Louisa

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (m) Thomas H Price b. 1899 Helensburgh

Price Margaret (Condon)

b 12/5/1849 Charcoal d. 19/1/1917 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. Charles Price (1850 Kiama- 24/2/1931 Wollongong Son of Charles Price & Ellen Ritchie *) 11/7/1877 Kiama

f. James Condon m. Mary Murphy *

  1. (f) Mary Ellen Price b. 31/8/1878 Jamberoo (Charles Frayley 1916)
  2. (f) Euphemia Price * b. 24/7/1880 Jamberoo d. 11/10/1913 Wollongong ( James H G Ward 1902)
  3. (m) Charles Price b. 29/11/1883 Jamberoo d. 1934 Waterfall
  4. (f) Margaret Price b. 23/11/1885 Jamberoo
  5. (f) Grace Price b. 11/2/1887 Jamberoo d. 1938 Wollongong
  6. (m) James Frederick Price b. 5/4/1890 Jamberoo

Living Curramore in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties.


Mrs. Price, wife of Mr. Charles Price, for many years resident at Jamberoo, died at Wollongong on Friday last. Further reference will be made next issue. he Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Friday 26 January 1917 p 3

Price Mary

Living at Flinders St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Price Mary Ann (Hasson)

b. abt 1872 Worcestershire d. 10/1/1965 Burwood br. Cessnock

m. Alexander Brown Price John (-28/4/1954 Nelson’s Bay) 1896 Woonona

f. John Hasson m. Isabella Lissimore *

Religion: Wesleyan

  1. (f) Edith Price b. 1899 Merewether
  2. (m) Alexander Brown Price b. 1901 Merewether d. 22/12/1911 Cessnock
  3. (m) James Hasson Price b. 30/6/1905 Merewether d. 11/2/1996
  4. (m) David Price b. 1905 Merewether d. 1987
  5. (f) Gladys Price b. 1908 Kurri Kurri
  6. (f) Margaret Price b. 1912 Cessnock
  7. (f) Alexandra B Price b. 1912 Cessnock
  8. (f) Mary A Price b. 1913 Cessnock

Price Mary Elizabeth (Alexander)

b. 22/6/1870 Kangaroo Valley d. 5/10/1958 Austinmer

m. John Thomas Price (27/8/1859 Kiama – 25/10/1925 Austinmer Son of Charles Price & Ellen Ritchie *) 3/2/1898 St George Paddington

f. Francis Alexander m. Annie Milligan *

Religion: Roman Catholic

  1. (m) Jack Barden James Price b. 23/12/1901 Kiama
  2. (f) Annie Ellen Price b. 4/8/1902 Kiama d 24/11/1908 Wollongong
  3. (f) Dulcie Wilhelmina Price b. 15 /10/ 1903 Kiama
  4. (f) Loreen Lena Price b. 1/12/1909 Kiama

Living at Manning St Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a coach Proprietor

Husband a carter, mail contractor, livery stable, motor bus proprietor

On Tuesday last a little girl named Annie Price, aged six years, daughter of Mr. Thomas Price, of Kiama, died after undergoing an operation in Wollongong. The child was 'brought up from Kiama by her mother for medical treatment, and was attended by Drs. Kirkwood and D. G. Hunter. The utmost sympathy is felt for the sorrowing relatives, who are well-known residents of Kiama. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 27 November 1908 p 4

Price Mary Jane (Caldwell)

b. abt 1837 Shotts Lanarkshire d. 18/9/1923 Crookwell

m. David Price (abt 1834 Keady Armagh- 1/1/1882 Gullen Son of Henry Price & Mary Graham ) 26/11/1858 Dykehead Shotts Lanark

Ship: Sirocco (1) 1864

  1. (m) Henry Price b. 31/3/1860 Shotts Lanarkshire d. 9/1/1921 Tamworth
  2. (m) Matthew Caldwell Price b. 4-/9/1861 Shotts Lanarkshire d. 1945 Crookwell
  3. (f) Jane Price b. abt 1863 Shotts Lanarkshire
  4. (f) Emma Price b. 1865 Wollongong d. 1943 Crookwell
  5. (m) David Price b. 21/11/1867 West Dapto d. 15/11/1952
  6. (m) William J Price b. 1868 Wollongong d. 1929 Crookwell
  7. (m) Andrew Price b. 1869 Yass d. 1905 Young
  8. (f) Mary Price b. 1874 Yass
  9. (m) George price b. 1876 Yass d. 1917 Goulburn
  10. (m) Robert Price b. 1877 Yass d. 1906 Young
  11. (m) Samuel Price b. 1877 Yass

Price Rachel Mariam (Coleman)

b. 1873 Shoalhaven d. 1942 Kiama

m. Jonas Price (1861 Jamberoo – 30/5/1943 Kiama Son of Charles Price & Ellen Morgan * ) 1934 North Sydney

f. m. Deborah Mary Anne Coleman * see McAndrews

Adopted parents

f. William Dinning m. Priscilla Esther Coleman *

Living at Manning St Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll- Dressmaker

Price Susannah (Loveday)

b. 17/6/1868 Kiama d. 13/2/1890 Kiama br. Kiama

m. John Thomas Price ( 27/8/1859 Kiama – 25/10/1925 Austinmer Son of Charles Price & Ellen Ritchie *) 16/10/1885 St Peter’s Church Sydney

f. Thomas Loveday m. Jane Bessell *

  1. (m) Charles Thomas Price b. 13/8/1886 Kiama d. 15/6/1965
  2. (m) Frederick Price b. 28/5/1888 Kiama d. 9/9/1873 Croydon
  3. (m) George Ernest Price b. 21/1/1890 Kiama d 21/2/1891 Kiama

Husband a Carter, mail contractor, livery stable, motor bus proprietor

Prideaux Jessie Mercy (Jackson)

d. 2/3/1859 California Gully Vic d. 8/10/1942 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. Robert Prideaux (3/7/1856 Bendigo Vic – 9/10/1938 Wollongong Son of George Prideaux & Phillipa Simmons ) 9/3/1881 Bendigo Vic

f. Robert Jackson m. Candace Knight

Religion: Methodist

  1. (f) Phillipa Candace Prideaux b. /11/1882 Sandhurst Vic d. 15/8/1955 (Richard Edwards 1908)
  2. (f) Jessi Jackson Prideaux b. 1/4/1884 Mittagong d. 1969 ( Sidney Smith 1905)
  3. (f) Alice May Prideaux b. 3 /1/January 1886 Mittagong d. 6/6/1971
  4. (m) Robert George Jeffery Prideaux b. 22/2/1888 Mittagong d. 8/12/1958 (Lily Ethel Taylor 1915)
  5. (m) Leslie Stewart Prideaux b. 1891 Mittagong d. 25/8/1904 Bowral

Husband was enrolled to vote in Kiama in 1894.

Priddle/Preddle Sarah (Stothers).

b. 1838 Armagh Northern Ireland d. 22/8/1915 Wattamolla

m. George Preddle 6/2/1862 Kiama

f. David Stothers m. Sarah Reilly

  1. (f) Mary Priddle b. 26/8/1862 Kiama d. 26/7/1957 Geneva (Thomas Auliff 1879)
  2. (m) John Henry Priddle b. 1864 Kiama d. 16/1/1934 Pennant Hills (Isabella Kniland 1889)
  3. (m) George Priddle b. 1865 Kiama d. 1945 Ballina
  4. (f) Harriett Priddle b. 1867 Kiama d. 1945 (Alexander Duncan McPhee 1889)
  5. (m) David Priddle b. 1869 Kiama d. 1869 Kiama
  6. (f) Arabella Priddle b. 1870 Kiama (James Morrow)
  7. (m) Thomas James Priddle b. 1872 Kiama d. 1942 Berry (Margaret Jane Morrow 1893)
  8. (f) Sarah Priddle b. 1874 Kiama d. 8/6/1885 Brodgers Creek
  9. (m) William Joseph Priddle b. 1876 Shoalhaven
  10. (f) Elizabeth Lucinda Priddle b. 1880 Shoalhaven d. 1948 (William E Davey 1910)

Priestly Susannah

Living at Long Point in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties

Pringle Maude Alice (MacCabe)

b. 1871 Wollongong d. 1966 England

m. Henry Arthur Pringle (1864 Hope Canada- 1939 England Son of Rev Alexander St David Francis Pringle & Mary Louisa) 27/1/1892 St Michael’s Wollongong

f. Francis Peter MacCabe m. Jane Osborne *

PRINGLE-MACCABE-January 27 at ST. Michael’s Church Wollongong by the Rev. T.C. Ewing, Henry Arthur son of Rev. A. D. Pringle Gloucestershire England to Maude Alice seventh daughter of F P MacCabe Russell Vale Wollongong . The Sydney Morning Herald 9 February 1892

Wedding Favors

Wollongong-On January,27 Mr. H. A. Pringle, manager of the Southern Coal Company, was married in the Church of England by the Rev. Dean Ewing to Miss Maud M'Cabe youngest daughter of Mr. P. P. McCabe. The church was crowded on the occasion by that section which takes an interest in these affairs. On their way back the wedding party were escorted by a detachment of the B troop of the NSW cavalry, of which Mr. Pringle is now the captain, vice Mr. E. H. Weston. Sergeant-Major Baxter, on behalf of the men, presented Mr. Pringle with a casket of silver fruit knives. Another present was from the employees of the company, and consisted of handsome and valuable walnut furniture and a silver salver. Australian Town and Country Journal (NSW : 1870 - 1907) Saturday 6 February 1892

Prior Ada Ivy (Levy)

b. 18/9/1864 Ballarat Vic or New Zealand d. 22/11/1938 Smithtown br. Frederickton

m. William Prior ( 1855 Dapto -11/4/1922 Petersham Son of Benjamin Prior & Margaret ) 29/7/1880 St Luke’s Dapto 5463/1880

f. Davis Levy m. Thersia

Religion: CofE

  1. (m) Percival Benjamin Prior b. 2?/11/1881 Wollongong 18979/1881
  2. (f) Ivy Prior b. 1883 Wollongong 2814/1883 d. 20/4/1922 (Ernest R Eyles 1907)
  3. (m) Claude A Prior b. 1888 Wollongong 25682/1888

PRIOR. — At her residence, Dapto House, Nov. 2?th, the wife of W. Prior, of a son. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 29 November 1881 p 2

PRIOR-LEVY.-July 29, 1880, at St. Luke's Church, Dapto, by the late Rev. James Stack, William, eldest son of the late Ben. Prior, of Dapto, to Ada, youngest daughter of the late Davis Levy, of Auckland, N.Z. Present address, St. Elmo, Cannon-street, Stanmore.  The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 29 July 1905

Mrs. Ada I. Prior.

At the Smithtown residence of her son, Mr. Percy Prior, there passed away Tuesday morning, Mrs. Ada Ivy Prior, widow of the late William Prior, of Dapto, lllawarra. Youngest daughter of the late David and Thresia Levy, late of Auckland, New Zealand, Mrs. Prior was born at Ballarat, Victoria, on the 18th September, 1864. Mr. Claude Prior, of Picton, is also a son of deceased. The funeral this morning (Wednesday) will move at eleven o'clock from Smithtown Church of England, under conduct of Mr. J. R. Garland, to Frederickton cemetery, the Rev. J. W. Symonds officiating both at the church service and grave. The Macleay Chronicle (Kempsey, NSW : 1899 - 1952) Wednesday 23 November 1938 p 4

Prior Alice (Oxenbridge)

b. 1867 Picton d. 1954 Northmead Parramatta

m. Thomas Alfred Prior (1858 Wollongong 13481/1858 – 13/4/1938 Parramatta Son of James Prior & Rosanna Thompson *) 1885 Wollongong

f. John Oxenbridge m. Mary Ann Brasher * see Fishlock

Religion: Seventh Day Adventist

  1. (f) Rosannah Prior b. 1889 Wollongong
  2. (f) Violet M Prior b. 1893 Wollongong
  3. (f) Lillian E Prior b. 1896 Wollongong
  4. (m) Murray Victor Prior b. 1899 Wollongong d. 1978
  5. (f) Dorris A Prior b. 1902 Wollongong
  6. (m) Alfred Kembla Prior b. 1905 Wollongong d. 1961 Parramatta

Living at Kembla Heights in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a miner.

Former Resident's Death In Sydney

Well remembered as a resident of Hermitage Flat, where she lived in Stephenson-street, Mrs. Alice Prior died at the home of her daughter, Northmead, Parramatta, a few days ago.

The late Mrs. Prior, who was born at Milton, on the South Coast, was 87 years of age and had lived in Lithgow for 20 years.

Her husband, the late Mr. Tom Prior, predeceased her 15 years ago. He was a miner at Hermitage colliery. As a point of interest the late Mr. Prior, who had spent all his active life in the coal mines, was one of the few survivors of the Mt. Kembla colliery disaster in which up to 100 men lost their lives earlier this century.

The late Mrs. Prior, who was connected with the Seventh Day Adventist Church, was interred at Rookwood.

She is survived by three daughters and three sons to whom sympathy will be extended. They are Mrs. J. Marsland of Davey-street, Hermitage Flat, Mrs. A. Pearman, of McKellars Park, Mrs. L. Carter, Fletcher-street, Northmead, Messrs. Alf and Bill Prior, of Sydney, and Mr. Murray Prior, of Wollongong. Lithgow Mercury (NSW : 1898 - 1954) Thursday 14 October 1954 p 1

Prior Amy Jane see Walters

Prior Ann/Anne (Vaughan)

b. 1858 Eden d. 10/9/1943 West Kempsey br. East Kempsey

m. Richard Prior (12/7/1854 Macquarie River -13/6/1911 Smith's Town Son of William Prior & Mary Ann Swan *) 1880

f. William Vaughan m. Mary

Religion: CofE

  1. (m) Ernest Vaughan Prior b. 24/6/1881 Dapto d. 27/2/1946 Kempsey (Louise Reibel 1913)
  2. (f) Florence Eveline Prior b. 11/4/1883 West Dapto (Charles E Grant 1903)
  3. (f) Elizabeth M Prior b. 1885 Eden
  4. (f) Elsie M Prior b. 1886 Eden (Harry V Johnston 1915)
  5. (m) Leslie E Prior b. 1886 Eden
  6. (f) Caroline A Prior b. 1894 Eden (Harold Cheers 1928)
  7. (m) Charles Graves Prior b. 1897 Bega d. 10/1/1975 (Margaret Ellen Fisher)
  8. (f) Edith Ann Prior b. 1900 Kempsey d. 5/10/1963

Moved to Kempsey about 1900


As briefly reported in Friday's “Argus” the death occurred at her residence, Tozer Street, West Kempsey, on Thursday night of Mrs. Ann Prior, aged 85 years. This grand old lady, who had a legion of friends in Kempsey and in all parts of the Macleay district, was the wife of Mr. Richard Prior, who predeceased her in 1911. She was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. W. Vaughan, of Bega district, where deceased was born. She was married at that centre, and accompanied her husband to the Macleay over 40 years ago. The late Mr. Prior took up farming and dairying lands at Clybucca, and on his demise Mrs. Prior came to West Kempsey to reside, living here for the balance of her life, with the exception of one or two years in Sydney.

During the whole of her life she was a devout adherent of the Church of England, and was always active in its interests and activities. She is survived by a family of two sons and five daughters, one son, Mr. William Leslie Prior,- having predeceased her 13 years ago. The surviving members of the family are Messrs. Ern V. Prior (West Kempsey), and C. G. Prior (Glenrock), and the daughters Mesdames F. Grant (Bundaberg), E. Reid (Brisbane), H. Johnson (Clybucca), H. Cheers (Clybucca) and Miss Edith Prior ,(at home). The funeral under the direction of Mr. Jos. T. Walker, took place on Saturday from All Saints' Church of England. Macleay Argus (Kempsey, NSW : 1885 - 1907; 1909 - 1910; 1912 - 1913; 1915 - 1916; 1918 - 1954) Tuesday 21 September 1943 p 2

Prior Annabella (Timbs)

b. 16/10/1858 Jamberoo d. 27/10/1932 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. James Prior (1/12/1846 Dapto -4/4/1922 West Wollongong Son of James Prior & Rosanna Thompson *) 25/2/1879 Kiama

f. William Timbs m. Susanna Jane Frazer * see Hird

Religion: Methodist

  1. (m) William James Prior b. 5/1/1880 Jamberoo d. 14/10/1950 Parramatta ( Lily Ethel Gladys Stanbridge 1920)
  2. (m) Herbert Harold Prior b. 22/1/1882 Jamberoo d. 15/7/1959 Auburn (Jessie Baird 1921)
  3. (m) Alfred Wesley Prior b. 10/12/1883 Jamberoo d. 3/11/1945 Wollongong (Martha Annie Timbs 1907, Ida Stokes 1922)
  4. (m) Percy Timbs Prior b. 20/11/1885 Jamberoo d. 5/11/1949 Bexley (Sarah Elizabeth Shackle * 1912)
  5. (f) Ethel Annie Prior b. 10/7/1887 Jamberoo d. 17/10/1887 Jamberoo
  6. (m) Ernest Stanley Prior b. 23/7/1889 Jamberoo d. 1/9/1964 Wollongong ( Muriel Helen Jardine1918)
  7. (m) Clarence Lesley Prior b. 3/7/1892 Jamberoo d . 9/1/1952 Unanderra ( Vera Chin)
  8. (f) Ruby May Prior b. 29/5/1897 Jamberoo d. 30/8/1975 Wollongong (Henry Vivian Boniface 1918)

Living at Jerrara Vale in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties.

PRIOR- TIMBS.-On Tuesday, 25th ultimo, at the Wesleyan Church, Kiama. By the Rev. W Moore James, eldest son of James Prior, Shellharbour, to Anna Bella second daughter of William Timbs, of Meadow Bank, Jamberoo. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Friday 7 March 1879 p 2

PRIOR.—On the 5th January, at the residence of her parents, Meadow Bank, Jamberoo, the wife of James Prior, jun., of a son. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Friday 9 January 1880 p 2

PRIOR. - On Monday, October 17th, 1887, through burns accidentally received, Ethel Annie, only daughter of James and Annie Prior, of Jamberoo, aged 3 months and 8 days. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Tuesday 18 October 1887 p 2


Much sympathy is felt for the relatives of the late Mrs. Annabella Prior, who died at her residence, Crown St., West Wollongong, on Thursday. The deceased lady was 74 years of age, and leaves six sons and one daughter (Mrs. Boniface), to mourn their loss. The funeral will leave her late residence at 2.30 p.m. on Saturday for the Methodist portion of the Wollongong cemetery. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 28 October 1932 p 7

Prior Annie Elizabeth (Gray)

b. 27/4/1875 Oak Flats 13173/1875 d. 16/7/1962 Bangalow 28231/1962 br. Bangalow

m. Gustavus Thomas Prior (8/7/1863 Shellharbour-20/1/1944 Bangalow Son of James Prior & Rosanna Thompson *) 20/9/ 1893 Church Resurrection Jamberoo

f. George Gray m. Esther Smith *

  1. (f) Myrtle Elfrida Prior b. 14/7/1894 Wollongong d. 9/1/1896 Croome aged 18 months
  2. (f) Elvira Prior b. 19/6/1895 Shellharbour d. 14/2/1993 (Harry Young 1916)
  3. (f) Muriel Prior b. 19/6/1895 Shellharbour d. 6/2/1969 (John Graham Wood 1916)
  4. (m) Harold Raymond Prior b. 6/12/1896 Albion Park d. 9/10/1984 ( Jessie Norma Hinwood 1922)
  5. (f) Rita May Prior b. 16/10/1908 Murwillumbah d. 25/7/1970 Bangalow (Percival Charles Power 1929)

Prior Annie Maria (Gower)

b. 1877 Wollongong 23177/1877 d. 26/8/1961 Leichardt

m. Percy Prior (3/2/1881 Yellow Rock – Son of Edward Prior & Jane Smith *) 1904

f. Charles Gower m. Lavinia Pearson *

  1. Vivian Clyde Prior b. 1905 Albion Park d. 1964 Sydney
  2. Iris D Prior b. 1907 Grafton
  3. Urith D Prior b. 1909 Bellingen
  4. Hazel M Prior b. 1911 Bellingen

Living at Tongarra in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic duties

Prior Catherine (Thomson)

b. Co Tyrone Ireland d. 1844 V18442579 162B/1844 br. Dapto

m. James Prior (1/10/1817 Airds- 9/4/1902 Shellharbour Son of William Prior & Hannah Cooke * ) 16/3/1840 Dapto Presbyterian Wollongong V18404360 74B

  1. (f) Mary Jane Prior b. 1841 Dapto d. 1841 Dapto
  2. (f) Teresa Prior * b. 1843 Dapto d. 1920 Newcastle (Henry Lott 1864)

Prior Elizabeth /Julia Ella N E (Head)

b. 19/12/1870 Charcoal d. 1956 Sydney

m. Edwin Prior 1888 Wollongong

f. John Head m. Lucy Rixon *

  1. (f) Adelaide M Prior b. 1890 Wollongong d. 1890 Woonona
  2. (f) Lillian May Prior b. 1892 Woonona d. 1973 Bulli (O’Brien)
  3. (m) William Albert Prior b. 1895 Woonona d. 1963 Taree
  4. (m) Charles John Prior b. 1897 Woonona d. 1972 Bulli
  5. (f) Elizabeth Prior b. 1903 Woonona

Edward Prior, on the complaint of his wife, Elizabeth Prior, was ordered to pay 12s 6d a week to her support for 12 months, also costs South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Saturday 13 January 1906 p 11


In the Divorce Court, on Wednesday last, Elizabeth Prior, formerly, Head, petitioned for a judicial separation from Edwin Prior on the ground of cruelty Mr. E. A. Beeby appeared for petitioner. According to the petitioner's statement, the parties were married in December, 1888 at Wollongong, according to the rites of the Church of England. She was 17 years old at the time.

After the birth of their first child her husband commenced a course of cruelty, and would leave her for weeks at a time -while he went away shooting. Owing to his neglect the child died. There were four other children of the marriage. Respondent had threatened to shoot her, and had struck her and thrown things at her.

She left home later on account of a charge of misconduct which was made against her by respondent.— His Honor dismissed the petition, holding that the evidence of cruelty was insufficient. To grant the petition on such evidence as was given would be prejudicial to the public interest and tend to the relaxation of the marriage tie. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Saturday 9 June 1906 p 11

Elizabeth Prior, a widow and storekeeper at Bald Hill, deposed South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 2 October 1925 p 6

Mrs. Elizabeth Prior, of Stanwell Park, .was thrown from the horse she was riding, when it was struck by a motor car at Stanwell Park, and sustained a probable fractured right thigh. She was conveyed to Coledale Hospital. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 15 July 1938

Prior Elizabeth Ann (Raison)

b. abt 1851 Chiselbrough Somersetshire England d. 27/8/1929 Dulwich Hill br. Whittingham

m. George Prior (18/9/1844 “Rosehill” West Dapto- abt 1928 Son of William Prior & Mary Ann Swan *) 3/7/1878 All Saints’ CofE Macquarie River

f. Levi Raison m. Frances Parker *

  1. (m) William Parker Prior b. 4/4/1879 Jamberoo d 20/8/1944 Dulwich Hill ( Unknown , Kathleen Davis 1922, Agnes Pilmer 1942)
  2. (f) Lilian Jane Prior b. 1880 Kiama
  3. (m) George Baertram Prior b. 19/6/1881 Jamberoo d. 8/9/1930 ( Eveline Sarah Kannar)
  4. (m) Walter L. Prior b. 1882 Kiama
  5. (m) Melville Prior b. 1883 Kiama
  6. (m) Claude Prior b. 1884 Kiama d. France
  7. (f) Elsie F. Prior b. 1885 Kiama d. 1886
  8. (f) Clarice Evelyn Prior b. 14/2/1887 Albion Park
  9. (f) Ruby B. Prior b. 1888 Kiama
  10. (f) Pearl Prior b. 24/12/1889 Tullimbar d. 12/4/1890 Tullimbar aged 4 months
  11. (m) Roy Leslie Prior b. 23/11/1891 Tullimbar
  12. (f) Elizabeth Ann Prior b. 14/1/1893 Tullimbar

Living at Ayr Park in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties.

Prior-Raison.- On 3rd of July, at All Saints' Church, Macquarie River, by the Rev. James Stack, George, third son of the late W. Prior, to Elizabeth Ann eldest daughter of Levi Raison. Both of Albion Park The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Friday 12 July 1878 p 2


Mrs, Elizabeth Anne Prior, relict of the late George Prior, died on Tuesday at the residence of her son, Mr. William Parker Prior, Dulwich Hill, aged 78, The deceased was born in Somersetshire England, and on the death of her mother was bought out, with her baby sister, to New South Wales by her father to relatives in Maitland. Some years later, on the father's second marriage, the family removed to Albion Park, South Coast. Fifty one years ago she married Mr George Prior and 26 years later came to the Singleton district. Several years were spent at Dunelly, Mr Prior died about two years ago. The late Mrs Prior was a good neighbour and a devoted wife and mother. Four sons and four daughters survive, the sons being Messer, William Parker (Sydney), Bertram (Thirroul) Walter and Melville Prior (Richmond River),  and daughters Mesdames Radeliffe (Adamstown), E Harris (Byrock), W, Douglass(Singleton), and Z. Harris (Yamba). Two sons predeceased her, viz., Claude, killed in action in France, and Roy, who died in Sydney as the result of a tram accident. The remains were brought to Singleton, and the Interment was made in the Church of England cemetery at Whittingham. The Maitland Weekly Mercury (NSW : 1894 - 1931) Saturday 31 August 1929 p 4

Prior Elizabeth Johanna (Vidler)

b. 15/4/1871 Jamberoo d. 22/7/1951 West Wollongong br. Woronora

m. Alexander Prior ( 1870 Yellow Rock- 6/12/1952 Wollongong Son of William Prior & Ellen Duffy * ) 6/9/1893 Jamberoo

f. Joseph Vidler m. Elizabeth Sarah Dawes *

Religion: Methodist

  1. (m) George Lisle Prior b. 30/5/1895 Albion Park ( Pearl May Maher 1919)
  2. (m) Reginald Roy Alexander Prior b. 6/12/1897 Albion Park d. 12/5/1980 (Doris Goodenough 1925)
  3. (m) Ronald Hedley Prior b. 28/7/1900 Albion Park d. 25/6/1954 (Margaret Wilhelmina Brown 1926)
  4. (m) Eric Leonard Prior b. 2/10/1903 Jamberoo d. 1968
  5. (m) Mervyn Oswald Prior b. 11/5/1909 Jamberoo d. 25/8/1964 ( Winifred Mann 1927)
  6. (f) Ruby Muriel Prior b. 16/6/1912 Jamberoo d. 28/4/1987 Wollongong ( Ian Marshall, Kevin Shoesmith)

Living Linburn Jamberoo in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties


The death occurred on Sunday of Mrs. Elisabeth Joana Prior, at her residence in, Fisher Street, West Wollongong. She was the wife of Alexander and mother of Lisle, Reg, Ron (Jamberoo), Eric, Ruby (Mrs I. Marshall). Mrs. Prior had lived in Wollongong for the past 23 years. The funeral will be held today from her home for Woronora Crematorium. Reverend Davidson, of West Wollongong Methodist Church, will officiate. Illawarra Daily Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1950 - 1954) Tuesday 24 July 1951 p 7

Prior Ellen (Duffy)

b. 1855 d. 27/9/1918 Albion Park br. Albion Park

m. William Henry Prior (18/6/1841 Yellow Rock -3/4/1925 Albion Park Son of William Prior & Mary Ann Swan *) 1868 Ulladulla

  1. (m) William Prior b. 1869 Yellow Rock d. 5/8/1944 (Jane Fleming 1904).
  2. (m) Alexander Prior b. 1870 Yellow Rock d. 6/12/1952 Wollongong (Elizabeth Johanna Vidler * 1893)
  3. (m) Richard Prior b. 1872 Yellow Rock d. 24/7/1943 Albury (Hannah Hazelton * 1897)
  4. (m) Hiram Francis Prior b. 22/10/1874 Yellow Rock d. 1/9/1952 Leichhardt (Isabella Fleming 1900)
  5. (m) Edward Prior b. 7/2/1876 Albion Park d. 24/6/1969 Mullumbimby (Sarah Milward Gray 1899, Ruby Jeffreys1939)
  6. (f) Mary Ann Priscilla Prior b. 14/6/1877 Yellow Rock d. 19/6/1965 (William Fleming 1897)
  7. (f) Cassandra Jane Prior b. 27/4/1879 Yellow Rock d. 29/8/1937 Albion Park (Wilson Fleming 1899)
  8. (m) Cecil Oliver Prior b. 7/10/1882 Yellow Rock d. 27/2/1949 Roseville ( Lily May Cayzer 1916)
  9. (m) Oseley Prior b. 10/10/1884 Yellow Rock d. 1/5/1951 Katoomba (Muriel Brown)
  10. (m) Mark Ashley Prior b. 38/3/1890 Yellow Rock d. 8/1/1969 Croydon (Harriet Glover)

Living Albion Park or Yellow Rock in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a labourer.

MRS. W. H. PRIOR, On Friday, September 27th, at her residence, Albion Park, there passed away in her 71st year, Ellen, the beloved wife of Mr. W. H. Prior. Residents of many years in the district, as they occupied the farm, Yellow Rock, previous to retirement at Albion Park, Mr. and Mrs. Prior have had the esteem and respect of everyone who know them, and the sincere sympathy in the sickness that visited their home, recently ending fatally for one who had proved herself a good wife and devoted mother. Mrs. Prior was born in Ireland and came to this country 59 years ago. Beside her husband she leaves eight sons (three sons in Messrs. Cecil, Oswald. and Mark of Prior Bros), to mourn her loss and 2 daughters. The funeral took place on Saturday afternoon at the Church of England cemetery Albion Park, with a large and representative attendance as an evidence of the esteem in which the family is held. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Wednesday 2 October 1918 p 2

Prior Ellen (Gower)

b. 1871 Wollongong d. 5/8/1945 Ashfield

m. William Prior (1867 Yellow Rock- 17/10/1944 Hurlstone Park Son of Edward Prior & Jane Smith *) 18/10/1893 Brownsville

f. Charles Gower m. Lavinia Pearson *

  1. (m) Winifred May Prior b. 13/3/1894 Albion Park (Charles A Smith 1916)
  2. (f) Ida Eileen Prior b. 20/12/1895 Yellow Rock (Charles K Collett 1917)
  3. (f) Enid Alexina Prior b. 26/3/1904 Albion Park (James J Bergin 1920)
  4. (f) Lavinia Jane Prior b. 26/6/1909 Waterloo (Eric W Chamberlain 1930)

Living Yellow Rock in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties.

PRIOR -August 5 1945 at her daughter's residence 32 Armstrong Street Ashfield, Ellen, widow of the late William Prior (late of Albion Park) and dear mother of May (Mrs. C. Smith) Ida (Mrs C. Collett) Enid (Mrs J. Bergin) and Valda (Mrs E. Chamberlain) aged 74 years For funeral see Tuesday's Herald. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 6 August 1945 p 12

Prior Ellen (Hazelton)

b. 5/9/1860 Macquarie River d. 14/5/1937 Albion Park br. Albion Park

m. Henry Prior ( 26/1/1851 Tullimbar -14/3/1938 Camperdown Son of William Prior & Mary Ann Swan *) 7/9/1878 Jamberoo

f. Edward Hazelton m. Hannah Herron *

  1. (f) Amy Jane Prior * b. 24/5/1879 Yellow Rock d. 14/5/1963 Wollongong (James Walters 1904)
  2. (f) Ethel Mary Prior b. 12/7/1880 Yellow Rock d. 14/8/1880 Yellow Rock
  3. (f) Annie Leah Prior b. 14/4/1883 Yellow Rock d. 1971 (Duncan Adams 1913 , Arthur Reynolds 1920)
  4. (m) Charles Prior b. 5/8/1885 Tullimbar d. 12/7/1967 Liverpool (Clara Catherine Watson 1906, Minnie Burrows 1926)
  5. (f) Blanche Prior b. 25/7/1888 Yellow Rock d. 1973 Umina ( John Cooke Smith 1910)
  6. (f) Ella W Prior b. 1899 Kiama ( William Tomkins 1926) granddaughter- child of Amy Jane

ALBION PARK OBITUARY. With the passing of Mrs. Henry Prior last Saturday the district lost one of its few remaining pioneers. The late Mrs. Prior was a member of the Hazelton family, which is so well known and respected throughout the district. Her death came unexpectedly as she had been in excellent health and bestowed unfailing care upon her husband, who survives her and who has been in very bad health for some time. She leaves also five children in Charles, Amy (Mrs. Walters), Leah (Mrs. Reay); Blanche (Mrs. Smith) and Ella (Mrs. Tomkins). There was a large gathering at the funeral, which took place in the Church of England cemetery, Albion Park, The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Saturday 22 May 1937 p 3

Prior Esther Emma (Gray)

b. 4/5/1872 Shellharbour d. 13/10/ 1936 br. Branxton

m. William Henry Prior (7/10/1854 Avondale -14/10/1913 St Petrox Son of James Prior & Rosanna Thompson *) 4.01.1890 Oak Flats

f. George Gray m. Esther Smith *

Religion: Methodist

  1. (m) Herbert Leslie Prior b. 21/7/1890 Shellharbour d. 10/6/1917 France (Muriel Gertie Russell 1913).
  2. (m) James George Prior b. 6/3/1893 Kiama d. 1970 Newcastle (Vera Caroline Russell 1914).
  3. (m) William Oliver Prior b. 19/8/1894 Wollongong (Ethel May Keevers 1923)
  4. (m) Laurence Clive Prior b. 10/3/1893 d. 14/9/1962 Singleton (Lillias Amelia Louise Porter 1937).
  5. (f) Clarence Alton Prior b. 26/3/1899 Albion Park d. 1/5/1950 Singleton
  6. (f) Rosa Vivien Prior b. 22/8/1900 (Pendry Charles Shadlow 1923)
  7. (m) Roy Alfred Prior b. 11/2/1902 Albion Park (Ada Ellen May Beh 1951) d. 28/11/1990
  8. (m) Guy Uriel Prior b. 27/4/1905 Albion Park ( Dorothy Horadam 1937)
  9. (f) Daisy Irene Prior b. 2/9/1906 Albion Park (Eric Halliwell 1937)
  10. (m) Mervyn Ernst Prior b. 29/8/1912 d. 13/3/1964 (Veronica Pearl Horadam 1934)

Living Croome in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

FUNERAL, PRIOR.— The remains of the late ESTHER EMMA PRIOR will move from her late residence, Dalwood, TOMORROW (WEDNESDAY) AFTERNOON at 2.30 o'clock for the Methodist Cemetery, Branxton. The Maitland Daily Mercury (NSW : 1894 - 1939) Tuesday 13 October 1936 p 8

Prior Hannah (Cooke)

b. 1793 Stroud Gloucestershire or Bristol d. 14/2/1865 Avondale br. St Luke’s Dapto

m. William Prior (1780 Cambridgeshire -22/2/1855 Avondale Son of Benjamin Prior & Rachel Nunn) 29/7/1814 St John’s Parramatta

f. James Cooke m. Esther Portlock

Ship: Wanstead 9/1/1814

Religion: CofE

Sentence: Life for stealing

Convict: Arrested 17/9/1812 - Gloucester England

Sentence: Life

Occupation: Housemaid

  1. (f) Hannah Prior * b. 19/2/1815 Parramatta d. 26/5/1869 Dapto (Edward John Swan)
  2. (m) James Prior b. 1/10/1817 Airds d. 9/4/1902 Shellharbour (Catherine Thomson *1840, Rosanna Thompson * 1845)
  3. (m) William Prior b. 16/11/1818 Airds CofE Liverpool V18184849 1B/1818 d. 8/9/1860 Yellow Rock (Mary Ann Swann * 1840)
  4. (m) Benjamin Prior b. 5/10/1820 Airds CofE Liverpool V18205286 1B/1820 d. 10/2/1880 Avondale (Margaret Boyd * 1854)
  5. (f) Elizabeth Prior * b. 11/1/1823 Airds Campbelltown V18236156 1B/1823 d. 24/5/1878 Burrawang (Dr Mark Driver Howel 1844/5)
  6. (f) Rachel Prior * b. 10/10/1824 Airds CofE Campbelltown V18246835 1B/1824 d. 1/2/1879 West Dapto (Samuel Clarke 1839)
  7. (f) Mary Prior * b. 15/11/1826 Wollongong CofE Campbelltown V182610658 1C/1826 d. 28/9/1903 Wollongong
  8. (f) Matilda Prior b. 20/8/1828 Wollongong CofE Campbelltown V182810659 1C/1828

William Prior was a convict who arrived on the  Guildford in 1812. 30/453 Ticket of Leave was granted for the Illawarra . He was born in Cambridgeshire, was a Labourer. Was a member of the punitive expedition against natives who raided farms in the Bringelly and South Creek areas, Campbelltown. Arrived in Illawarra in 1823, being one of the earliest settlers at Dapto.

Owned land at Yellow Rock near Albion Park Illawarra

At Avondale on the 14th instant, at the residence of the deceased son. Mr Benjamin Prior, Hannah Prior aged 72 years, and relict of Mr William Prior. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 21 February 1865 p 2,%20William.pdf

Prior Hannah (Hazelton)

b. 1876 Kiama d. 23/4/1947 Albury

m. Richard Prior ( 1872 Kiama – 24/7/1943 Albury Son of William Henry Prior & Ellen Duffy *)1897 Wollongong

f. Edward Hazelton m. Anne Green *

  1. (f) Dairy M Prior b. 1898 Albury d. 1898 Albury
  2. (m) Jack Prior b. 1900 Albury d. 1900 Albury
  3. (f) Gladys H Prior b. 1901 Albury ( Sidney Wilson 1921 )
  4. (f) Hazel I Prior b. 1905 Albury
  5. (f) Heather Prior b. 1910 Albury (Mervyn King 1929)


The death occurred at her residence, David street, Albury, on April 23, of Mrs, Hannah Prior, wife of the late Richard Prior, at the age of 71 years. She is survived by two daughters, Gladys (Mrs. Sid Wilson), of Gossett street, Wagga, and Miss Hazel Prior, of Albury, and five grandchildren, Barry King of Albury, Coral (Mrs. H. Hazelton) of Dapto, Geoffrey, Leo and Robyn Wilson, of Wagga. One daughter Heather (Mrs. King) predeceased her. Daily Advertiser (Wagga Wagga, NSW : 1911 - 1954) Saturday 26 April 1947 p 2

Prior Henrietta (Bonser)

b. 1872 Kiama d. 13/8/1947 Combo br. Whittingham

m. Samuel George Prior (3/12/1856 Shellharbour -28/9/1942 Singleton Son of James Prior & Rosanna Thomson *) 4/1/1890 Oak Flats

f. George Bonser m. Kezia Gillard *

  1. (f) Ivy Pearl Prior b. 19/5/1894 Albion Park d. 22/4/1974 Beresfield ( Frank Watts)
  2. (f) Clarice Prior b. 13/2/1896 Albion Park d. 28/4/1975 Singleton ( Neville Dennis)
  3. (m) Albert Victor Prior b. 28/1/1899 Dapto d. 23/12/1977 Singleton ( Nellie Pitt)
  4. (m) Albion Richard Prior b. 26/4/1901 Dapto d. 1/1/1976 Singleton (Florence Wolfgang)
  5. (m) Ernest Arthur Prior b. 29/3/1903 Dapto d. 14/6/1978 Northmead
  6. (f) Anne Ethel Prior b. 8/4/1908 Dapto (Jack Bates 1933)
  7. (f) Venetia Prior b. 23/9/1909

Living Marshall St Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a labourer.


The passing of Mrs. Henrietta Prior in the early hours of this morning will be felt by the many friends she had made during her 37 years as a resident of this locality. The late Mrs. had reached the age of 74 years, and had lived at her residence at Combo for the past 21 years. She was pre-deceased by her husband by five years. The deceased had taken an active interest in the affairs of the Church of England during her long residence here, and was a member of the Women's Guild and the Mothers' Union, although her ailing during the past two years had kept her from being an active participant in these affairs. The late Mrs. Prior is survived by a family of four daughters and three sons, namely, Mesdames P. Watts (Newcastle) ,C. Dennis (Singleton), J. Bates (Singleton), Miss V. Prior (Singleton), Messrs. Albert (Singleton), Albion (Singleton), and Ernest (Parramatta). The funeral will leave for the Church of England cemetery at Whittingham tomorrow (Thursday) after a service at 3.30 p.m. at All Saints. Singleton Argus (NSW : 1880 - 1954) Wednesday 13 August 1947 p 2

Prior Isabella (Fleming)

b. 1873 Jamberoo d. 28/11/1950 Leichhardt

m. Hiram Francis Prior ( 22/10/1874 Yellow Rock – 1/9/1952 Leichhardt Son of William Prior & Ellen Duffy *)14/3/1900 Jamberoo

f. William Fleming m. Catherine Gibson *

  1. (m) Raymond Kelso Roy Prior b. 17/5/1902 Kiama (Myrtle Lillian Bowes)
  2. (f) Thelma Hazel Prior b. 20/4/1907 Kiama (Fred Hanson)
  3. (m) Selby Rawson Prior b. 12/12/1910 Kiama

Living Curramore in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties.

The death occurred on 28th November at her residence, Tebbutt St., Leichhardt, of Mrs. Isabella Prior, a former resident of Jamberoo. The late Mrs. Prior, who was 78 years of age, is survived by her husband and two sons, Roy and Rawson, and one daughter Thelma (Mrs. F. J. Hansen). Kiama Independent (NSW : 1947 - 1954) Saturday 9 December 1950 p 4

Prior Jane (Smith)

b. 4/12/1847 West Dapto d. 1/6/1935 St Peters

m. Edward Prior (1843- 14/3/1907 Yellow Rock Son of William Prior & Mary Ann Swan *) 20/4/1865 St. Michael’s Wollongong

f. James Smith m. Mary Gamble *

Religion: CofE

  1. (f) Mary Ann Prior * b. 17/2/1866 Yellow Rock d. 1/3/1933 Drummoyne (Caleb Dawes 1888)
  2. (m) William Prior b. 1867 Yellow Rock (Ellen Gower * 1893)
  3. (f) Emma Eliza Prior * b. 10/8/1870 Albion Park (George Thomas Tate 1892)
  4. (m) James Prior b. 1873 Yellow Rock (Winifred Campbell * 1898)
  5. (f) Ellen Prior b. 1875 Kiama d. 1875
  6. (f) Amy Jane Prior b. 8/1/1877 Yellow Rock
  7. (m) Edward Lesley Prior b. 16/5/1878 Yellow Rock d. 2/7/1939 Albion Park (Catherine Fleming 1904)
  8. (m) Percy Prior b. 3/2/1881 Yellow Rock (Annie Maria Gower * 1904)
  9. (f) Florence Jane Prior b. 20/4/1884 Yellow Rock d. 2/1/1956 ( Herbert James Gower 1912)
  10. (m) Harold Hornsby Prior b. 13/12/1887 Kiama d. 2/1/1956 Haberfield (Lena Fleming 1917)

Living Yellow rock in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties.

PRIOR— SMITH.— Married, on the 20th inst, at St. Michaels Church, Wollongong, by the Rev. T. C. Ewing, Edward, second son of the late Mr. William Prior, of Yellow Rock, to Jane, youngest daughter of Mr. James Smith, of West Dapto. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 25 April 1865 p 2

PRIOR —On the 17th February, at her residence, Yellow Rock, Macquarie River, the wife of Mr Edward Prior, of a daughter. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 2 March 1866 p 2


We regret to announce the death of Mrs. Jane Prior, relict of the late Mr, Edward Prior, of Yellow Rock, Albion Park. The sad news reached Albion Park last Saturday, and a gloom was cast over the residents, at the passing of one who was held in the highest respect throughout this district. The late Mrs. Prior was born at Dapto 88 , years ago, and was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. James Smith. Her husband predeceased her 28 years ago. With her husband she lived at Yellow Rock for over 50 years, and reared a large family. About 14 years ago she left Albion Park and lived with her daughter, Mrs. Herb Gower, of Sydney, and continued in apparently good health until she was seized with a stroke about nine days before her death. Her sisters were the late Mrs, McPhail and Mrs. Harris, and her brother, the late Mr. William Smith, all of Dapto. Mrs. Prior reared a large family, William (Sydney), James (Newcastle), Edward (Albion Park), Harold (Sydney), Percy (deceased), being sons, and her daughters were Mrs. I Gower (Coramba), Mrs. Herb Gower (Sydney), and Mrs Dawes (deceased). The remains were interred in the Albion Park Church of England Cemetery, on Sunday last, when a large number congregated to pay their last respects to a lady who was admired by all with whom she came into contact. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 7 June 1935 p 10

Prior Janette

Living Thirroul in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties With Wesley Prior a clerk

Prior Margaret (Boyd)

b. abt 1820 d. 26/1/1900 Dapto 4033/1900 br. 27/1/1900 Dapto

m. Benjamin Prior (5/10/1820 Airds - 10/2/1880 Avondale Son of William Prior & Hannah Cooke *) 10/11/1854 Presbyterian Wollongong V18544518 74B

f. Boyd m. ?

  1. (m) William Prior b. 1855 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong V18551276 42A/1855 d. 1922 Petersham (Ada Ivy Levy *1880)
  2. (f) Jemima Prior b. 1862 Wollongong 14988/1862 d. 1916 Newtown (Arthur J Davies 1885)
  3. (f) Anne Jane Prior * b. 12/8/1857 Wollongong 12191/1857 d. 12/8/1938 Meadow Bank (John Thomas Swan 1881)
  4. (m) Alexander Prior b. 1858 Wollongong 13542/1858 d. 1871 Wollongong

On Friday evening last week Mrs. Ben Prior, a resident of Dapto for 50 years, died aged 80. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Saturday 3 February 1900 p 9

Prior Margaret (Clavan)

b. 1857 d. 24/4/1946 Melbourne Vic br. Albury

m. Thomas Prior (9/6/1858 Yellow Rock-30/11/1924 Albury Son of William Prior & Mary Ann Swan *) 5/11/1877 Brownsville

f. Clavan m. Mary Ann Gilmore

  1. (f) Rose Jane Prior b. 1/5/1878 Yellow Rock d. 22/8/1878 Yellow Rock.
  2. (f) Mary Anne Prior b. 6/9/1879 Yellow Rock d. 23/1/1974 Albury (David Bruce McWilliam)
  3. (m) Albert Edward Prior b. 26/11/1881 d. 6/9/1971 (Ethel May Johnson 1905).
  4. (f) Caroline Amelia Prior b. 21/2/1884 Yellow Rock d. 25/8/1961 Dapto (William James Smith)
  5. (f) Ethel Prior b. 1/12/1885 Yellow Rock d. 21/7/1959 Albury (William Raymond Henshaw 1919)
  6. (f) Ivy Jane Prior b. 10/4/1892 Yellow Rock d. 15/1/1976 Chadstone Vic ( Frederick Walter Griffin 1920)

The death occurred at St Mary's Private Hospital. Melbourne, of Mrs Margaret Prior, relict of Thomas Prior, on Wednesday, April 24. Mrs Prior was aged 87 years, and had been a resident of Albury for about 50 years.

Her husband, Mr Thomas Prior, predeceased her in 1925. Surviving members of the family are one son, Mr Bert Prior, of Tangambalanga. and four daughters, Mrs D. B. McWilliams, and Mrs R. Henshaw, of Albury; Mrs W. Smith, of Dapto; and Mrs F. Griffin, of Melbourne. Her funeral took place yesterday at 2.311 p.m. from St Matthew's Church for private interment in the Albury cemetery. Border Morning Mail (Albury, NSW : 1938 - 1950) Friday 26 April 1946 Page 2

Prior Mary Minnie

b. 15/11/1826 Wollongong CofE Campbelltown V182610658 1C/1826 d. 28/9/1903 Wollongong

f. William Prior m. Hannah Cooke *

Album which contained photographs of well known Illawarra Identities. The bottom right contained a photograph of Miss Prior.

This mixing with the ‘upper crust’ of Illawarra society is interesting as she was the daughter of convicts and at least one sister married a convict.

Among recent deaths on the South Coast were the following : Miss Prior, a very old and highly respected resident of Wollongong. The deceased lady was 74 years of age, and was a native of Unanderra. Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954) Wednesday 14 October 1903

Prior Mary Ann see Brownlee

Prior Rosanna (Thompson)

b. abt 1827 Strabane Co Tyrone Ireland d. 30/10/1891 Shellharbour 7802/1891 br. Albion Park

m. James Prior (1/10/1817 Cowpastures- 9/4/1902 Shellharbour Son of William Prior & Hannah Cooke * ) 1/12/1845 or 27/8/1845 Presbyterian Dapto Wollongong Circuit V184549 77/1845

f. Gustavus Thompson m. Elizabeth Shaw *

Ship: 1842 Broom

Religion: Wesleyan

Cause of Death: Influenza

  1. (m) James Prior b. 1/12/1846 Dapto V18467247 121C/1846 d. 4/4/1922 Wollongong (Annabella Timbs * 1879)
  2. (f) Elizabeth Jane Prior b. 1848 V18481938 55/1848 (William King 1871)
  3. (f) 1850 V18502465 55/1850 (David Manson 1874)
  4. (m) Benjamin Prior b. 1852 V1852801 56/1852 d 1942 Westmead
  5. (m) William Henry Prior b. 1854 bp. CofE Dapto: Wollongong V18541257 42A/1854 d. 14/10/1913 (Esther Emma Gray * 1890)
  6. (m) Samuel George Prior b. 3/12/1856 Shellharbour Wollongong 12214/1857 d. Singleton (Henrietta Bonser * 1890)
  7. (m) Thomas Alfred Prior b. 1858 Wollongong 13481/1858 d. 1938 Parramatta (Alice Oxenbridge * 1885)
  8. (f) Rosanna Prior * b. 1860 ( Francis J. Read 1885)
  9. (m) Gustavus Thompson Prior b. 8/7/1863 Shellharbour 8556/1863 d. 20/1/1944 Bangalow (Annie Elizabeth Gray *)
  10. (m) Alexander John Prior b. 1866 Shellharbour d. 4/5/1876 Shellharbour

(Rosanna was the sister of Sarah Jane Steadman * nee Thompson)

ON Thursday, the 4th instant, at the residence of his parents, Shellharbour, of fever, after a short illness, ALEXANDER JOHN, the youngest and beloved son of James and Rosanna Prior, aged 10 years and 4 months. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Friday 12 May 1876 p 2

Obituary- Mrs Rosanna Prior

On Friday 30th October, 1891 a highly esteemed old resident of the district breathed her last at her residence Shellharbour, namely Rosanna, the beloved wife of Mr. James Prior, Senior aged 64. Her maiden name was Thompson, and she came with her father and mother and family from Strabane County Tyrone, Ireland to this Colony when only 12 years of age. The Family settling first at Dapto. Two years afterwards the head of the family, her father was lost in the Illawarra mountains and never again was he heard of or seen. At the age of 18 the deceased married to Mr James Prior, and for ten years they resided at Albion Park. Afterwards they removed to the home at Shellharbour where she died. She was the mother of 10 children-7sons and 3 daughters. Nine of the children survive her. One son having died 15 years ago. She lived an exemplary Christian life, was a devoted wife, an affectionate mother and to the sick and indigent a truly good Samaritan The cause of death was inflammation supervening a serious attack of the prevailing epidemic- influenza. Her remains were followed to their last resting place at Albion Park, the day after her death by a large number of friends and relatives. The Rev J Bryant, Minister of the Wesleyan church- of which the deceased was an earnest useful member- conducted the funeral service at the house and the grave.Kiama Independent November 10, 1891

Prior Sarah Elizabeth (Shackell)

b. 1881 Kangaroo Valley d. 24/11/1968 Bexley

m. Percy Timbs Prior (20/11/1885 Jamberoo–5/11/1949 Bexley Son of James Prior & Anabella Timbs *) 1910

m. Thomas Shackell m. Sarah Ann Sharman *

Living at Gerringong in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Prior Sarah Milward (Gray)

b. 1877 Oak Flats d. 11/8/1929 br. Bangalow

m. Edward Prior ( 7/2/1876 Yellow Rock – 24/6/1969 Mullumbimby Son of William Prior & Ellen Duffy *) 25/1/1899 Oak Flats

f. George Gray m. Esther Smith *

  1. (m) Ernest Edward Prior b. 1899 Albion Park (Emily Jackson)
  2. (m) Rupert Oseley Prior b. 29/1/1901 Albion Park d. 10/7/1959 Bangalow ( Catherine Callaghan)
  3. (f) Eileen Myrtle Prior b. 1903 d. 1987 (George Wallace Hedley Booth)
  4. (f) Gladys Doreen Prior b. 14/4/1904 Albion Park (Gabriel Meagher)
  5. (f) Margery Georgina b. 1905 (Phillip Jackson )
  6. (m) Kenneth Keith Prior b. 1907 (Beatrice Holden)
  7. (f) Una Millward Prior b. 1909 (Hector McKenzie, Keith Lindsay )
  8. (m) Mervyn Ivor Prior b. 15/9/1912 d. 1985 (Hazel Porter)
  9. (f) Iris Prior b. 1914


The death of Mrs. Sarah M. Prior which; occurred in a private hospital in Bangalow on. August 11, removed one of Fernleigh's most respected residents. She was the wife of Mr. Edward Prior and was 53 years of age. The cause of death was pneumonia and pleurisy. Mrs. Prior was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. Gray and was born at Oak Flat, Albion Park, South Coast, and came to the Richmond River with, her parents 27 years ago. The funeral was one of the largest ever seen in Bangalow. After an, impressive service in All Souls Church of England conducted by Canon C. P. Seymour, the long cortege moved off to the Church of England portion of the Bangalow cemetery.

The pallbearers were four sons Rupert, Ernest, Ken, and Mervin, and two sons-in-law, Messrs. H. Booth and P. Jackson. Surviving members of the family are the husband, Mr. E. Prior, and four sons and four daughters, ;Messrs Rupert, Ernest (Cooper's Shoot), Ken and Mervin, Mrs. H. Booth (Newrybar), Mrs. P. Jackson (Knoekrow) and Misses Gladys and Una (Fernleigh). The late Mrs. Prior's parents still survive and reside at Cooper's Shoot, and her five brothers are: Messrs. Ernie, Bert, James (Byron Bay), Oliver (Sydney), and Hubert (Newrybar). Six sisters are, Mrs. W. Prior (Branxton), Mrs. G Prior (Bangalow), Mrs. A. Hambly (Newrybar), Mrs. V. O'Meara (Gympie), Mrs. W. Murley (Brooklet), and Mrs. G. Thomas (Wollongong). Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954) Friday 13 September 1929 p 9

Prior Winifred (Campbell)

b. 1875 Wollongong d. 3/9/1962 Newcastle

m. James Prior ( 1873 Yellow Rock – 21/8/1952 Tighes Hill Son of Edward Prior & Jane Smith *) 15/6/1898 Brownsville

f. Alexander Campbell m. Lydia Isabella *

  1. (f) Myrtle W Prior b. 1899 Corowa
  2. (m) Lancelot James Prior b. 1902 Corowa d. 1987
  3. (m) Maxwell Campbell Prior b. 1914 Corowa d. 20/2/1991 Berkeley Vale

Late of Tighes Hill.

Pritchard Alice

b. abt 1878 d. 18/6/1928 Bulli

f. Ernest Edmund Pritchard m. Sarah Ann Pritchard *

Living Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Miss Alice Pritchard died on Monday in the Bulli Hospital. She was 50 years of age and was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Pritchard of Nicholson Street, Woonona. She was well known in the district and her death is a distinct loss. The family is a well-known one and the sympathy of all is extended them in their bereavement. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 22 June 1928 p 10

Pritchard Elizabeth (Veigel)

b. 1859 Wollongong d. 27/7/1942 Balmain br. Field of Mars

m. Alfred William Pritchard (1858 Maitland -17/3/1930 Balmain Son of John Pritchard & Bridget ) 1876 Wollongong

f. Jacob Veigel m. Katrine Holzwarth *

  1. (m) Henry Valentine Pritchard b. 1877 Wollongong 23132/1877 d. 25/7/1942 Parramatta
  2. (f) Elizabeth Pritchard * b. 1879 Wollongong 26179/1879 d. 8/12/1967 Campbelltown (Henry Greenwood Lewis 1901)
  3. (f) Matilda Hannah Pritchard * b. 1881 Woonona 19003/1881 d. 1962 Balmain (Henry C Coss 1905)
  4. (m) Alfred William Pritchard b. 1883 Woonona 21236/1883 d. 1960 Bulli
  5. (m) George E Pritchard b. 1885 Woonona 23781/1885
  6. (m) John F Pritchard n. 1887 Woonona 25174/1887
  7. (m) Joseph Veigel Pritchard b. 1890 Woonona 38424/1890 d. 1949 Manly
  8. (m) Charles Ernest Pritchard b. 1892 Bulli 39626/1892 d. 1964 Balmain
  9. (m) Arthur Thomas Pritchard b. 1895 Bulli 28640/1895
  10. (m) Stanley R Pritchard b. 1897 Woonona 27817/1897

Living Bulli in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a gardener

Within -48 hours of the death of one of her son Henry at Parramatta District Hospital on Saturday, Mrs Elizabeth Pritchard (82), died at Balmain on Monday morning. Her husband pre-deceased her. Five sons and two daughters survive. The interment took place in the Field of Mars Cemetery yesterday. The Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers Advocate (Parramatta, NSW : 1888 - 1950) Wednesday 29 July 1942 p 7

Pritchard Margaret (Brandon)

m. George Pritchard 1897 Kiama

Pritchard Nancy (Webster then Fleming then Jack )

b. abt 1866 Kirkenbright d. 3/6/1955 Woonona

m. Charles Flemming (-15/6/1896 Charters Towers Qld Son of John Fleming & Ann) 1885 Wollongong 5500/1885

m. William Jack (- 6/10/1901 Son of James Jack & Jane ) 1897 Sydney

m. John Pritchard (abt 1836 -1924 Bulli) 1904 Woonona

f. William Webster m. Ann

Ship: Aberdeen 1885

  1. (m) John William Charles Fleming b. 1886 Wollongong 24460/1886 d. 1969 Wollongong
  2. (f) Annie Middleton Fleming b. 1889 Wollongong 24439/1889 d. 1969 Kogarah (John B Nicholson 1918)
  3. (f) Elizabeth Hannah Webster Fleming b. 1891 Wollongong 38528/1891 d. 1981 Hurstville Grove (? Bate, Henry J Newland 1929)
  4. (m) James Jack b. 1901 Woonona d. 27/11/1956 Mascot

Living Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Charles Fleming, a married man with four children, was killed by a fall of rock, in the Brilliant Central mine at Charters Towers. Darling Downs Gazette (Qld. : 1881 - 1922) Wednesday 17 June 1896 p 1


The death has to be recorded of William Jack, who recently sustained terrible injuries by stone falling on him, in the Woonona pit, and who was taken to the hospital. An inquest was held at which a verdict of accidental death was returned. Mr. Jack had been some 11 years in the district, the earlier part at Kembla, and was much respected.

He was interred in the Presbyterian cemetery. He leaves a widow and a family of three. His widow had the sad experience of losing a first husband by an accident in a mine at Charters Towers. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Saturday 12 October 1901 p 11

Mrs. Pritchard, who has been married three times, sustained concussion of the spine, and no hopes are entertained of her recovery. Her late husband, Mr. William Jacks, died of a broken spine sustained in the Woonona mine about ten years ago, and her first husband, Mr. Fleming, was killed in an accident. Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW : 1881 - 1940) Saturday 9 May 1908 p 4

She and her husband John were awarded damages in 1908 for “a concussion of the spine’ received when a coach and there Bellambi Coal Company train collided. She had paralysis in her right leg after her back injury.

Pritchard Rachel (Christie then Ballantyne then Taylor then Kluss)

b. abt 1821 Fife d. 13/10/1901 Woonona 16132/1901 br. Woonona Presbyterian Cemetery

m. John Taylor

m. David Ballantyne 1855 Melbourne Vic

m. John Kluss ( about 1835 Russia– 29/9/1865 Bulli ) 1863 Wollongong 3179/1863

m. John Pritchard (abt 1836 -1924 Bulli) 1884 Wollongong 398/1884

f. Christie

Ship: abt 1855

  1. (f) Mary Taylor * b. 1841 Cupar Fifeshire Scotland d. ? 1913 Boulder WA (William Ottaway Bouren 1862)
  2. (f) Jessie Ballantine d. 1859 Wollongong 5598/1859
  3. (m) David T Ballantine b. 1860 Sydney 1268/1860 d. 5/10/1932 Bellambi (Agnes Howie Sangster * 1901)
  4. (m) James Ballantine b. 1862 Wollongong 15170/1862 d. 1945 Lambton (Mary Hubback 1888)
  5. (m) Frederick John Kluss b. 1865 Wollongong 16838/1865 d. 1937 Kogarah (Mary Jane Hall * 1892)


Shortly before 4 o'clock this morning a fire was discovered in a large two-story weatherboard building, containing 15 rooms, and known as the Black Diamond Hotel, situated in Old Bulli. The flames spread rapidly to an adjoining hall, used as an assembly room, and attached to the hotel. Both buildings are owned by Mr. C. H. Wilson, of Pyrmont. The hotel has for some time been un-occupied. All hope was abandoned of saving either of the properties, the flames soon having complete mastery of the buildings, and both were entirely consumed by the flames. Attention was at once directed to a row of cottages adjoining the burning buildings, and through the splendid efforts of the townspeople, aided by a good supply of water from an adjoining well, the cottages were saved, with the exception of one, occupied by a widow, Mrs. Kluss, which was considerably damaged, having the gable end completely burned out, and the roof damaged. Several sheds and out-buildings on the hotel premises were entirely consumed by the flames. An old sawmill, used by the Bulli Coal Company as a workshop, which contained a number of valuable coal-skips, caught fire several times, but, with the strenuous efforts of the crowd present, the flames were subdued. The origin of the fire is at present a mystery, but of late a number of men in search of work have passed through Bulli, and have been known to camp in the building. But the police state that when going through the building shortly before midnight the same night the place was empty. The buildings destroyed are supposed to be insured, but in what office or for what amount is not known. An inquest will be held.The Sydney Morning Herald 29 March 1893

Mrs Kluss was charged with violent assault, but due to witnesses she was charged with setting a fire in the bush without giving notice as required.Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 13 December 1870 p 2

Pritchard Sarah Ann (Pritchard)

b. abt 1854 d. 30/9/1941 br. Bulli

m. Ernest Edmund Pritchard (1853 England- 5/7/1940 Woonona ) 1875 Wellington Sal Shropshire

Ship: abt 1884

  1. (f) Alice Pritchard * b. abt 1878 d. 18/6/1928
  2. (f) Edith Pritchard * (Claudius Smith 1912 )
  3. (m) John Ernest Pritchard b. 1886 Woonona 24652/1886 d. 10/5/1965
  4. (f) Florence Pritchard b. 1891 Woonona 39020/1891 d. 1974 (Patmore)

Living Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Mrs. Sarah Pritchard, of 11 Nicholson road, Woonona, who died on Tuesday night, was 87 years of age and had been in this district for nearly 60 years. Her husband predeceased her and she leaves a family of three — Edith, Ern and Florence. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 3 October 1941 p 11

Pritchett Margaretta Louisa Hughes (Hart)

b. abt 1832 d. 14/4/1858 Woolloomooloo

m. Samuel Ashmore Pritchett (abt 1831-27/1/1862 Dapto) 30/9/1852 St James

f. James P Hart m. Augusta

  1. (m) Sydney A Pritchett b. 13/4/1856 Sydney d. 1856 Sydney

By special license, on the 30th ultimo, at St. James' Church, by the Rev. C. F. D. Priddle, Samuel Ashmore Pritchett, Esq , of Illawarra, to Margaret Louisa Hughes, eldest daughter of the late J. P. Hart, Esq., Liverpool, England. The Sydney Morning Herald 2 October 1852

At her residence, No. 23, Kent-street, on the 13th instant, Mrs. S. A. Pritchett, of a son. Empire (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1875) Friday 14 March 1856 p 4

On the 14th instant, at the residence of her mother, 22, Judge-street, Woolloomooloo, Mrs. S. A. Pritchett. Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal (NSW : 1851 - 1904) Wednesday 21 April 1858 p 2

It is possible that both she and her husband contracted TB as the both died at a young age and their only child also died soon after birth.

She was a ballet dancer, a ‘danseuse’, and played Don Giovanni in Launceston Tas. This is according to a younger sister in her memoirs. Sydney Sportsman (Surry Hills, NSW : 1900 - 1954) Wednesday 16 September 1908 p 7

Probyn Louisa Jane (Commens)

b. 1870 Wollongong d. 30/3/1953 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. John L Probyn (-1931 Wollongong Son of Edmund Probyn & Charlotte S) 1908 Wollongong

f. George William Commens m. Mary Ann Taylor *

Living at Fairy Meadow in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties


Mrs. Louisa Jane Probyn, of Campbell Street, Wollongong, died at her home on Monday at the age of 83 years.

Widow of the late Mr. Probyn, who predeceased her some 20 years ago, she was the sister of Mr. Arthur H. Commens.

Rev. Emmett officiated at the funeral yesterday (Wednesday) which left the Wollongong Baptist Church for the Wollongong cemetery. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Thursday 2 April 1953 p 3

Proctor Frances L

b. 1868 Sydney

Unmarried or no father listed

f. Thomas Proctor m. Mary Ann

  1. (m) John J Proctor b. 1897 Wollongong

Proctor Margaret F (Siddle)

b. abt 1847 Durham d. 25/7/1894 Stockton

m. Joseph Proctor (abt 1850 Durham -25/8/1901 Newcastle ) 1873 Durham

f. Henry Siddle m. Margaret

Religion: CofE

Ship: Samuel Plimsoll 1875

  1. (f) Elizabeth Proctor b. abt 1873 Durham (Alfred John Moate 1892)
  2. (m) George H Proctor b. 1879 Lambton d. 1901 Newcastle
  3. (f) Jane Proctor b. 1881 Wollongong d. 1881 Wollongong
  4. (f) Mary Jane Proctor b. 1882 Lambton

Husband a miner.

PROCTOR.-In loving remembrance of Margaret dearly beloved wife of Joseph Proctor, who died July 25, 1894, aged 47 years.

It's just one year ago to-day
Since my dear wife passed away;
The trial severe, we will not complain,
But trust in God to meet again.

Inserted by her husband, Joseph Proctor, late of Stockton. Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate (NSW : 1876 - 1954) Friday 26 July 1895 p 4

Procter Rhoda (Clarke)

b. 1871 Orange d. 29/12/1948 Waverley br. Waverley

m. John Procter (abt 1869-17/8/1919 Moore Park ) 1895 Molong

f. Richard Clarke m. Mary

  1. (m) Norman Tatham Procter b. 1896 Kiama d. 1977
  2. (m) Milton Tatham Procter b. 1898 Molong d. 1975

Living Jamberoo in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties. Husband a publican.

PROCTER, Rhoda.—December 29, 1948 at a private hospital Waverley dearly beloved wife of the late John Procter and loving mother of Norman and Milton and beloved sister of Wally Clarke of Orange aged 78 years

Prosser Ellen Maria (Clout)

b. 28/11/1845 d. 29/12/1912 Woollahra

m. George Prosser (abt 1840 Bristol England- 9/7/1899 Lilyvale ) 1865 Berrima

f. William Clout m. Jane Chantler

  1. (m) William John Prosser b. 1866 Berrima
  2. (m) James Henry Prosser b. 1868 Berrima d. NZ ( Margaret Gardner McDonald * 1892)
  3. (f) Elizabeth Jane Prosser * b. 1870 Goulburn d. 1941 Ashfield (William Gough1886)
  4. (f) Amelia Beatrice Prosser * b. 1873 Goulburn (Ambrose Sowter 1892)
  5. (m) George Ehelbert Prosser b. 1875 Goulburn (Ada L Emmett 1905)
  6. (m) Charles Henry Prosser b. 1877 Goulburn
  7. (m) Robert Hubert Prosser b. 1879 Berrima (Myrtle Adeline Scott 1909)
  8. (m) Albert Edward Prosser b. 1881 Berrima
  9. (m) Cecil Everet Prosser b. 14/9/1883 Berrima d. 2/7/1964 (Minnie Maude Walker 1911)
  10. (m) Percival Harold Prosser b. 1885 Berrima
  11. (m) Stanley Clifton Prosser b. 1889 Woonona

Prosser Margaret Gardner (McDonald)

b. abt 1873 Glasgow d. 1963 New Zealand

m. James Henry Prosser (1868 Sutton Forest- Son of George Prosser & Ellen Clout * ) 1892 Sydney

f. Angus McDonald m. Elizabeth

  1. (f) Eveline May Prosser b. 1890 Woonona (Thomas O’Connor 1911)
  2. (m) William James Prosser b. 1893 Woonona d. 20/4/1939 Randwick
  3. (f) Elizabeth Prosser b. 1894 Woonona
  4. (f) Ellen Prosser b. 1896 Woonona

During WW1 she and her husband were living in Auckland NZ

Protasio Martha (Greer then Baietto)

b. 10/5/1866 Porirua New Zealand d. 13/4/1931 Auburn

m. Giuseppe Baietto (24/5/1850 Turin Italy -13/5/1909 Wollongong) 10/5/1866 Porirua New Zealand

m. Guiseppe Protasio (Malaga Italy -1939 Auburn) 1909 Lismore

f. Hugh Greer m. Eliza Mudgaway

  1. (m) John Joseph Baietto b. 17/5/1888 Mt Pleasant d. 1923 Wollongong
  2. (f) Alma Baietto b. 28/2/1890 Mt Pleasant d. 20/10/1976 Guildford (Alexander Findlay 1906, Alexander Heslop 1921)
  3. (m) Louis Baietto b. 25/10/1891 Mt Pleasant d. 1891 Wollongong
  4. (m) William Albert Baietto b. 6/11/1893 Mt Pleasant d. 1949 Wollongong
  5. (f) Martha Baietto b. 9/3/1895 Mt Pleasant d. 1895 Wollongong

Living Keira St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

PROTASIO - April ,13. 1931 at Auburn District Hospital. Martha, dearly. wife of G, Protasio and mother of . Alma and William Baietlo. New Zealand papers please copy.

Prott/Brott Anna Margaretha (Klein)

b. 1825 Bad Vilbel Germany d. 24/2/1903 Jamberoo br. Kiama

m. Johann George Prott (1829 Bad Vilbel Germany – 3/6/1879 Kiama Son of Andreas Prott & Christina Bruck) 1845 Bad Vilbel Germany

f. Phillipp Klein m. Margarethe Krieger

Ship: 1855 Commodore Perry

  1. (f) Catherina Louisa Amelia Prott * b. 13/8/1846 Bad Vilbel Germany d. 8/6/1934 Kiama (Thomas Atkinson 1862)
  2. (f) Margarethe Prott b. 20/9/1848 Bad Vilbel Germany d. 1850 Bad Vilbel, Germany
  3. (m) Carl Wilhelm Prott b. 24/12/1850 Bad Vilbel Germany d. 23/8/1926 Nowra (Sarah Parsons * 1876)
  4. (f) Elizabeth Emilia Prott * b. 22/6/1853 Bad Vilbel Germany d. 14/6/1922 Kiama
  5. (m) George John Prott b. 10/3/1857 Kiama d. 18/3/1916 Kiama (Henrietta Hazelton * 1881)
  6. (m) Frederick John Prott b. 27/8/1858 Kiama d. 7/9/1919 Kiama ( Ellen Josephine Brayne * 1893)
  7. (m) Andrew Prott b. 15/12/1860 Kiama d. 1935 Sydney
  8. (m) Phillip Prott b. 10/9/1863 Kiama d. 1944 Canterbury (Alice R. James 1912)
  9. (f) Mary Magdalene Prott * b. 12/11/1865 Kiama d. 1920 Ryde ( Ernest C Milne 1896)
  10. (m) Alfred Ernest Prott b. 21/3/1869 Kiama d. 27/5/1949 Nowra (Elizabeth Brayne * 1893)

Obituary (part) “Kiama Independent” – “We refer to the demise of Mrs. G. Prott, Snr. which occurred on Friday last. Mrs. Prott had entered her 79th year being born in Germany in 1824. In 1855 with her husband and several children she journeyed to Australasian shores and reaching Sydney proceeded straight to the Kiama district where she has since resided. Strangers in a strange land, Mr. and Mrs. Prott had many difficulties to overcome, chief among which was the learning of the language, but before long the worthy couple overcame this and settled down to be honoured members of the community. Mrs. Prott was of a kind, motherly disposition and many will remember her skill in nursing the sick and distressed also her many acts of charity and assistance in a quiet way in church and other matters.

Obituary. Mrs Prott The Kiama Independent reports the death, . of an old and respected resident of nearly half a century's standing, in the person of Mrs G Prott,, sen. (relict of the late Mr G. Prott) The death occurred on Friday evening last, from senile decay. The Shoalhaven Telegraph (NSW : 1879 - 1937) Wednesday 25 February 1903 p 6

Ruth Langdon, a girl about fifteen years of age, appeared on summons, issued at the in- stance of James Matthew Nolan, M.D., whose information set forth that he had good reasons for, and did suspect, the defendant of stealing two gold shirt studs, set with rubies, his property, sometime between the 30th of September and the 7th of October last. Mr. Owenn, who conducted the case for defendant, submitted the information was invalid, inasmuch as it did not contain any definite charge; suspicion was not a recognised charge in such a case, and if the plaintiff suspected defendant of stealing his property, he should have taken out a search warrant; then, if the property had been found in her possession, the definite charge of stealing might have been laid. The Bench holding the information good, the case proceeded. Dr. Nolan being sworn, said the defendant had been in his service for about fifteen months and left at her father's wish the latter end of October last; on the 7th October; he missed two (of a set of three) gold studs with rubies in the centre, similar to the one produced which he valued at £2; he learned that Mrs, Prott, who was working at his house on the 30th September, took the missing studs from a shirt and gave them to defendant; he had made a strict search all over the house for them in vain; he had repeatedly questioned   defendant about them, who said she had no recollection of the circumstance, and if she said Mrs. Prott did not give to her she might be stating an untruth. Cross-examined by Mr. Owen: He did not, of his own knowledge, know that defendant stole them; he could not swear they were not in his own house, though he had searched and could not find them; he had missed other things, and suspected defendant of taking them; he wore the studs occasionally; the last time was the day after the Governor's visit; he once suspected defendant of stealing a brooch, which was afterwards found in a drawer that had been previously searched; his charge was based on report only; Mrs. Prott told him she gave the studs to defendant: she remained in his service three weeks afterwards; he did not get to search warrant. Mary M, Prott, wife of George Prott, deposed: On the 30th September last, she was washing at Dr. Nolan's; she observed two “pretty buttons ” on a shirt in the wash tub, and pointed them out to defendant, then a servant at Dr. Nolan's; defendant asked if they were gold, and she replied she did not know, they might, or they might only be washed: she took them from the wet shirt and gave them to defendant, who went toward the house with them; being in the shed she did not see her go into the house: a week afterwards she heard the studs were missing, and being inquired of she made the same statement to Dr. Nolan; defendant told Dr. Nolan in her presence that if she (witness) did give her the studs, she did not remember. To Mr, Owen: A servant boy was living in the house at the same time. The defendant electing to be summarily dealt with. Mr. Owen addressed the court, contending that not a little of evidence had been adduced calculated, in the slightest degree, to criminate his client. Employers ought to be very careful how they injure the reputation of their servants by such flimsy charges. According to Mrs. Prott's evidence, a week had elapsed from the time she gave the studs to defendant to the time when then they were missed, which might have happened in a hundred ways. It might be they were mislaid, or like the brooch still in the house. However, it ought to be proved that his client was the thief before they could convict her; and he was quite sure no such proof had been brought forward; consequently the charge should be dismissed. This view was held by Mr. Black, but Mr, Fry could not see his way clearly in dismissal, because the missing studs had been clearly traced to the possession of defendant, who failed to give a satisfactory account of what she did with them. The Bench being equally divided could not agree, and the defendant was discharged. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 12 November 1868

Prott Elkiza Amelia

b. 22/6/1853 Bad Vilbel Germany d. 14/6/1922 Kiama

f. George Prott m. Anna Margaretha Klein *)

Living at Barney St Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties.

Prott Elizabeth (Brayne)

b. 1871 Braidwood d. 15/7/1924 Nowra

m. Alfred Ernest Prott (21/3/1869 – 27/5/1949 Nowra Son of Johann George Prott & Anna Margaretha Klein *) 20/3/1893 Kiama

f. Charles W Brayne m. Harriett H Deane

  1. (m) Alfred Roy Prott b. 1894 Nowra d 1980 Nowra ( Lillian White 1928)
  2. (f) Myra M Prott b. 1897 Nowra d. 1898 Nowra
  3. (f) Olga M Prott b. 1902 Nowra (Edward Hughes 1922)
  4. (f) Sadie A Prott b. 1911 Nowra

Prott Ellen Josephine (Sullivan )

b. abt 1858 Ireland d. 27/12/1932 Kiama br. Kiama

m. Frederick Prott (27/8/1858 Kiama -7/9/1919 Kiama Son of Johann George Prott & Anna Margaretha Klein *) 20/7/1881 Kiama

f. Patrick Sullivan m. Hannah Harrigan

  1. (f) Violet Ethel Prott b. 23/7/1882 Kiama d. 12 May 1958 Kiama ( Patrick Joseph Davoren 1916 , George Wilson 1932)
  2. (m) Leonard Clyne Prott b. 8 /12/1883 Kiama d. 29/5/1903 South Africa
  3. (f) Edith Adelaide Prott b. 27/6/1885 Kiama d. 25/12/1964 Sydney ( Mark Dempsey 1926)
  4. (f) Muriel Ida May Prott b. 25/3/1887 Kiama d. 22/6/1959 Sydney ( Walter Sydney Booth 1915)
  5. (m) Frederick Gordon Prott b. 14/11/1888 Kiama d. 8/8/1961 Sydney ( Florence Parsons 1914)
  6. (f) Ellen Rosalie Prott b. 10/7/1891 Kiama d. 5/7/1986 Kiama (Walter John Smith 1922)
  7. (f) Myra Perth Prott b. 24/3/1893 Kiama d. 31/7/1970 Sydney
  8. (f) Mona Aroya Prott b. 24/3/1893 Kiama d. 19/3/1961 Sydney
  9. (m) Charles John Prott b. 10/6/1895 Kiama d. 7/1/1987 Sydney (Agnes Tinley 1920 )
  10. (m) Horace Lynton Prott b. 14 /11/ 1897 Kiama d. 1/2/1980 Wollongong ( Linda Muriel Sproule 1934 )
  11. (f) Gladys Madeline Prott b. 4/2/1902 Kiama d. 1/1/1961 Kiama ( Frederick H Carroll 1925, Basil E H Wood 1938)

Living at Minnamurra St Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a wheelwright

On December 27th, at her home, 'Len Lynton,' Collins-street, Kiama, Mrs. Ellen Josephine Prott , relict of the late Frederick passed to her rest The Shoalhaven News and South Coast Districts Advertiser (NSW : 1891 - 1937) Saturday 7 January 1933 p 3

Prott Henrietta (Hazelton)

b. 12/10/1856 Albion Park 5246/1856 d. 2/1/1936 Stanmore br. Kiama

m. George John Prott ( 10/3/1857 Kiama -18/3/1916 Kiama Son of Johann Goerg Prott & Anna Margarethe Klein * ) 10/3/1881 Albion Park

f. Edward Hazelton m. Hannah Herring *

Living at Terralong St Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties.

Prott Sarah (Parsons)

b. 1853 Sydney d. 19/8/1914 Wollongong

m. Carl William Prott (24/12/1850 Bad Vilbel Friedberg Germany -23/8/1926 Nowra Son of Johann Goerg Prott & Anna Margarethe Klein *) 7/6/ 1876 Parramatta

f. John Parsons m. Martha *

  1. (f) Sarah Minnie Prott * b. 1877 Parramatta d. 1953 Wallsend (George Frew 1912)
  2. (m) William Charles Prott b. 1885 Lithgow d. 1970 St. Leonards, Sydney (Alice E Maxwell 1922)

Living at Crown St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties.

Husband post master at Wollongong

On the 7th instant, at St. John's, Parramatta, by the Rev. W. J. Gunther, Charles William, eldest son of Mr George Prott, Kiama, to Sarah, only daughter of Mr. John Parsons, Parramatta. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Friday 16 June 1876 p 2

Proud Alice Jane (Davis)

d. 15/10/1936 Coledale br. Woronora

m. William John Proud (abt 1865 Dearham Cumberland England-1931 Kalgoorlie WA Son of Faulder Proud & Nancy Muckelroy *) 1889 Bulli div. 1920

f. ? Davis m. Alice J

Religion: CofE /Methodist

  1. (f) Ellen Proud b. 1890 Woonona
  2. (f) Margaret J Proud b. 1891 Merewether
  3. (f) Alice M Proud b. 1893 Merewether
  4. (m) William John Proud b. 29/10/1894 Newcastle d. 20/9/1917 Polygon Wood Belgium
  5. (m) Edwin C H Proud b. 1897 Merewether
  6. (f) Violet N Proud b. 1902 Helensburgh
  7. (m) Norman Proud b. 1905 Helensburgh
  8. (m) Ronald R Proud b. 1907 Helensburgh
  9. (m) Lionel A Proud b. 1909 Helensburgh

Living Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Her husband left her about 1917 and went to Western Australia-


Alice Jane Proud (formerly Davis) asked for a divorce from William John Proud, on the ground of desertion. The parties were married at Bulli in 1889, according to the rites of the Primitive Methodist Church. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 25 September 1920 p 9

His Honor granted a decree nisi, returnable in six months. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 25 September 1920 p 9

PROUD. — In memory of my eldest son Pte. William J. Proud, 20th Batt., who was killed

in action, 20th September, 1917.

My heart still aches with longing,
My eyes shed many a tear,
But God alone knows how I miss you,
As it dawns another year.

Mother, Helensburgh. The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930) Tuesday 20 September 1927 p 27

PROUD.— October 15, 1936, at Coledale Hospital, Alice Jane Proud, beloved mother of Nellie, Maggie, Will (deceased) Ted, Violet, Norman, Ronnie, and Lionel. The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1931 - 1954) Saturday 17 October 1936 p 4

PROUD.-The Funeral of the late Mrs. ALICE JANE PROUD, of Wilson's Creek. Helensburgh, will leave our Chapel, 4 Carrington-avenue, Hurstville. THIS SATURDAY, at 2 p.m., for Church of England Cemetery, Woronora. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 17 October 1936 p 15

It may be that she was the eldest daughter of Louisa Davis *.

Proud Emma Jane (Mott)

b. 1871 Ulladulla 18401/1871 d. 19/2/1894 Woonona 14953/1894 br. Bulli Anglican Cemetery

m. Faulder Proud (abt 1863 Dearham Cumberland England- Son of Faulder Proud & Nancy Muckelroy *) 1889 Woonona 5295/1889

f. Richard James Mott m. Susan Birkenshaw *

Cause of Death: Typhoid Fever

  1. (f) Martha E Proud Lizzie b. 1890 Woonona 38529/1890
  2. (m) Frederick J Proud b. 1893 Woonona 39800/1893

Emma Mott who was the daughter of the mining disaster heroine Mrs Mott (see Hobbs for the article about her actions during the Mt Kembla Mine disaster). Lizzie Proud, who was 3 years old when her mother died, had very little memory of growing up in the district other than touching her mother’s toes when she was brought into the room where she was lying on the bed. She remembered they were very cold and that was the only memory she had of her mother. She recalled the place where she was lying was like a hut, a basic shelter and not like a house. She was not sure if she was combining memories or that they had lived in this rough sawn timber hut.

After her mother’s death Lizzie’s father 'gave' her to a maiden aunt, Aunt Emma. Lizzie hated Aunt Emma, who lived in or around Sydney. Family oral history stated that Lizzie Proud seldom talked about her Aunt Emma but she did say that she was treated like a servant and often reminded she was fortunate to be provided with a roof over her head.

Proud Nancy (Muckelroy)

b. abt 1841 Ireland d. 1917 br. Sandgate

m. Faulder Proud (abt 1839 Dearham Cumberland -1898 Merewether)

  1. (f) Elenor Proud b. abt 1860 Dearham Cumberland d. 1898 Merewether (John Nichols 1880)
  2. (m) Faulder Proud b. abt 1863 Dearham Cumberland England d. 1939 Wyong (Emma Jane Mott * 1889)
  3. (m) William John Proud b. abt 1865 Dearham Cumberland England d. 1931 Kalgoorlie WA (Alice Jane Davis * 1889)
  4. (f) Margaret J Proud b. abt 1868 Benton Square Northumberland
  5. (f) Mary Proud b. abt 1870 Longbenton Northumberland d. 1944 Marrickville (Joseph Lamb 1886)
  6. (m) Thomas Proud b. abt 1872 Benton Square Northumberland d. 1940 Mayfield
  7. (f) Elizabeth Proud b. abt 1877 Backworth Northumberland d. 1950 Mayfield (George Hunter)
  8. (f) Annie Proud b. abt 1879 Backworth Northumberland d. 1899 Newcastle (Thomas Bainbridge)
  9. (m) Henry Proud b. abt 1882 d. 1952 Mayfield (Mary H Dresser 1905)

This is a possible as her two of her sons married and lived in the Illawarra.

Proudlock Isabella (Hall/Harle)

b. abt 1855 Wybron Durham d. 14/2/1938 Wallsend br. Wallsend

m. Thomas Proudlock (abt 1852 Elgin – 1899 Wallsend) 1877 Morpeth Durham

f. William m. Ann

Ship: Strathleven 1879

  1. (f) Ann S Proudlock b. 1879 at Sea (Andrew Meikle 1901)
  2. (m) Charles Lewis Proudlock b. 1882 Woonona
  3. (f) Margaret J Proudlock b. 1885 Woonona (John A B Mathieson 1908)


The death occurred at Wallsend this morning of Mrs. Isabella Proudlock widow of the late Thomas Proudlock who was one of the old-time champion quoit players in the Newcastle district. Mrs. Proudlock, who was 83 years of age was born in Wybrow (Durham). She came to Australia 58 years ago.

She is survived by three children Mesdames A. Meikle. J. Mathleson (daughters) and Charles Proudlock (son). The funeral will leave her late residence, Devon-street, Wallsend, tomorrow afternoon at 3.30 for the Methodist portion of Wallsend Cemetery The Newcastle Sun (NSW : 1918 - 1954) Monday 14 February 1938 p 5

Provest Louise (Daley then Howlison)

d. 5/9/1946 Waitara

m. Archibald Howlison (- 1899 Sydney Son of Alexander Howlison & Annie) 1881 Sydney

m. Harry Charles Provest (abt 1877- 22/4/1929 Hornsby Son of John W Provest & Maria) 20/9/1899 Hornsby

f. James Daley m. Lucy

  1. (f) Alice M Howlison b. 1883 Wollongong 21110/1883 (John W Foster 1915)
  2. (f) Laura Annie Howlison b. 1886 Woollahra d. 1902 St Leonards
  3. (m) Archibald James Howlison b. 1888 Woollahra d. 14/11/1916 France
  4. (f) Maggie Howlison b. 1882 Wollongong 19590/1882 d. 1923 (Arthur Deagan 1904)
  5. (f) Ruth Provest b. 1900 St Leonards( Arthur Abbott 1920)

The marriage of Mr Harry Provest and Mrs Howilson, late residents of Marsden Park, was celebrated at the residence of the bridegroom's father, Mr W Provest, of Norwood, Wahroonga.

The ceremony, which took place at 4 p.m. on Wednesday Sept. 20, was conducted by Rev. Holliday, Wesleyan Minister at Hornsby. The bride was attired in white satin, and was attended by her bridesmaids, Miss A Provest and Miss A Howilson, both of whom were attired in white, trimmed with pink silk. The bridegroom was supported by Mr W Cox, in the capacity of best man. After the ceremony, breakfast was partaken of by a large number of friends. An enjoyable evening followed, daring which songs, recitations, &c, were rendered and dancing indulged in. The health of the bride and bridegroom was drunk during the evening, and expressions of good-will were heard on all sides. The presents, which were numerous and beautiful, were on view during the evening, and presented a grand spectacle, Windsor and Richmond Gazette (NSW: 1888 - 1954) Saturday 30 September 1899 p 7

North Sydney.—A warrant has been issued by the North Sydney Bench for the arrest of Harry Charles Provest, charged with disobeying a magisterial order for the support of his wife (£2 and 6s. costs due). He is 43 years of age, 5 feet 7 or 8 inches high, medium build, sallow complexion, brown hair, grey eyes, clean shaved, upper front teeth false; dressed in a navy blue suit, and grey felt hat. Was employed as a tram conductor at North Sydney up to September last, and may endeavour to obtain employment on Newcastle trams. May assume the name of West. New South Wales Police Gazette and Weekly Record of Crime (Sydney : 1860 - 1930) Wednesday 5 February 1919 Page 71

PROVEST.— September 5, 1946 at her residence, 65 Alexander Parade, Waitara, Louisa Provest, dearly beloved mother of Maggie (deceased), Archie (deceased), Ruth (Mrs. R. Abbott). Sleeping peacefully.

PROVEST.—September 5, 1946 at her daughter's residence, 65 Alexander Parade Waitara, Louisa, dear mother and mother-in-law of Alice and Jack Foster, grandmother of Mollie and Allan, Nancy, Minnie and Maisie and great-grandmother of Bruce, John, Jeanette, and Colin. Interred September 6, Waverley Cemetery.

Prycer Mary Ellen

Living Jamberoo in 1903 Electoral Roll –Dress Maker

Pryke Ellen

m. Thomas Pryke

  1. (f) Victoria Pryke b. 9/6/1840 Wollongong

Pryme Catherine/Kathleen (Brown/Brorov)

d. before 1930

m. William Coulson Pryme (1852 Cambridge - before 1930) 1882 Coonamble 5741/1882

  1. (m) Arthur David Pryme b. 1883 Coonamble 25692/1883 d. 1940 Qld (Rebecca Logg 1906)
  2. (f) Violet May Pryme b. 1885 Waterloo 11153/1885 (John Coombs 1908)
  3. (m) Bertie Frederick Pryme b. 1887 Wollongong 24956/1887 d. 1/2/1917 Wiltshire England (Annie Ellen Summers 1910)
  4. (f) Alma Alice Pryme b. 20/9/1889 Wollongong 24514/1889 d. 1968 Qld (Victor George Tickle 1920)
  5. (m) Cyril William Pryme b. 26 /1/1895 Sydney d. 1975 Qld (May Ethel Band 1930)
  6. (f) Kathleen Corris Pryme b. 10/7/1900 Qld d.

Pryor Sarah Ann

Living Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

With a Phillip Charles Pryor (1876 Maitland- 17/8/1951 Wollongong Son of Phillip Pryor & Mary Reeves) a miner.

Puckeridge Caroline

b. 31/5/1877 Shellharbour d. 11/10/1954 Erskinville

f. Edward Puckeridge m. Mary Ann Simpson * T

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (m) James Puckeridge b. 1893 Wollongong
  2. (m) Arthur Puckeridge b. 1896 Kiama

Puckeridge Emma/Emmaline (Allum then Crane)

b. 1864 d. 19/5/1918 Peak Hill

m. John William Crane (1855-1887 Bulli Mine Disaster Son of James Crane & Lydia Pettit *) 1881 Wollongong 4437/1881

m. James William Puckeridge (1870 Redfern- 7/6/1936 South Sydney Son of Joseph Edward Puckeridge & Bridget) 1890 Sydney

f. Thomas Allum m. Sarah Ralph *

Cause of Death: cerebral meningitis

  1. (f) Florence A Crane b. 1882 Woonona 19722/1882 d. 1883 Woonona
  2. (f) Sarah Crane b. 1883 Woonona 21193/1883 d. 1883 Woonona
  3. (m) John William Crane b. 1884 Woonona 23039/1884
  4. (m) Lancelot Arlington Crane b. 1887 Woonona 25240/1887 d. 1947 Newtown (Ruby Pearl Crump)
  5. (f) Elsie Puckeridge b. 1891 Waterloo
  6. (m) Victor J Puckeridge b. 1893 Waterloo
  7. (m) Joseph R Puckeridge b. 1897 Waterloo
  8. (f) Alice D Puckeridge b. 1901 Waterloo

Her first husband was killed in the Bulli Mine Disaster and she was left with 3 children aged from 3 to 9 years.

Peak Hill The death took place on Sunday, the 19th ult., of Mrs. Emmaline Puckeridge, wife of Mr. James William Puckeridge, of Fairview, at the age of 52 years. The deceased lady had been ill 14 days when, despite medical aid and attention, she succumbed, death being due to cerebral meningitis. Western Champion (Parkes, NSW : 1898 - 1934) Thursday 13 June 1918 Page 16

Puckeridge Mary Ann (Simpson)

b. abt 1853 Cof E Wollongong 1198/1853 V18531198 39A d. 28/2/1922 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. Edward Puckeridge ( abt 1843 Botany Bay – 4/8/1940 Port Kembla) 18/11/1874 Jamberoo

f. Charlie Simpson m. Hannah *

  1. (m) John Puckeridge b. 18/10/1873 Dapto d. 4/9/1956 Pt Kembla (Matilda Clout * 1897, Matilda Shepherd 1915)
  2. (m) William Puckeridge b. 18/12/1874 Shellharbour d. 14/3/1875 Shellharbour
  3. (f) Mary Jane Puckeridge b. Shellharbour d. 16/4/1876 Shellharbour
  4. (f) Caroline Puckeridge * b. 31/5/1877 Shellharbour d. 11/10/1954 Erskineville
  5. (m) Edward Charles Puckeridge b. 7/2/1879 d. 25/2/1951 (Mary Hill 1915)
  6. (f) Hannah Puckeridge * b. 1881 Shellharbour d. 19/3/1965 Wollongong ( Sidney Norman about 1898, George Dobing 1929)
  7. (f) Mary Ann Puckeridge * b. 15/12/1883 Shellharbour d. 10/4/1951 Wollongong (John J Murray 1901)
  8. (m) Francis Puckeridge b. 1886 Shellharbour d. 25/8/1957 Sydney
  9. (f) Minnie Ethel Puckeridge b. 29/3/1888 Shellharbour d. 6/10/1959 Liverpool (Thomas Slater 1907)
  10. (m) Joseph Puckeridge b. 10/11/1890 Shellharbour d. 8/4/1951 Wollongong ( Esther May Fishlock 1919)

Living Unanderra or Flinders St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Puckeridge Matilda (Clout)

b. 1868 Wollongong d. 18/9/1902 Wollongong br. Brownsville

m. John Puckeridge (18/10/1873 Dapto- 4/9/1956 Pt Kembla Son of Edward Puckeridge & Mary Ann Simpson *) 27/3/1894 Wollongong

f. William Clout m. Mary Ann Parker *

  1. (f) Violet Clout b. 1891 Wollongong 38377/1891 (Leslie L McNamara 1911)
  2. (m) Alfred John Puckeridge b. 1895 Wollongong d. 21/12/1972 Wollongong
  3. (f) Ivy Irene Puckeridge b. 1898 Wollongong d. 1987 (Alfred Jolliffe 1920)
  4. (m) Edward Powell Puckeridge b. 1900 Wollongong d. 17/4/1956


Mrs. Puckeridge, wife of Mr. John Puckeridge, of Unanderra cokeworks, died in the Wollongong Hospital on Wednesday night after a lingering illness from blood- poisoning. The deceased, who was 30 years of age, leaves behind her four young children. The remains were conveyed to her late home on Thursday, and on Friday were interred in the Dapto C.E. cemetery, Messrs. Osborne and Son conducted the funeral arrangements.  Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Saturday 20 September 1902 p 2

WOLLONGONG, Friday. — A young married woman, the wife of John Puckeridge, an employee at the Unanderra coke works, died in the hospital yesterday from blood poisoning. Some few days ago, whilst at home washing clothes, she received a scratch from a pin in the hand, and, the dye from the clothes getting into the wound, inflammation ensued, and the unfortunate woman quickly succumbed, as stated. Her little daughter also lies in the hospital, in a critical condition, suffering from a serious illness. Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931) Friday 19 September 1902 Page 4

Puckey Grace (Spence)

b. abt 1863 Bega d. 1/8/1957 Redfern cr. Woronora

m. Courtney Puckey (abt 1861 -27/9/1944 Wollongong Son of John Courtney Puckey & Mary Ann) 1897 Sydney

f. John Spence m. Grace Peacock

  1. (f) Dr Mary Courtenay Puckey b. 1898 Wollongong d. 1990
  2. (f) Selena Puckey b. 1899 Wollongong
  3. (f) Amelia Grace Puckey b. 1901 Wollongong (Alan K Walker 1930)

Living Crown St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties Husband a chemist and salt works on Puckey’s Estate.

She was school teacher before she married.

Pugh Alice (Purnell)

b. abt 1882 d. 1943 Bulli

m. Enoch Pugh (1882 Cannock Staffordshire- 1954 Bulli Son of William Pugh & Emma Griffiths *) 1906

f. Matthew Purnell m. Elizabeth Champion *

Living Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Pugh Ann

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (f) Emma Pugh b. 1856 Kiama
  2. (m) Frederick W Pugh b. 1863

Pugh Anne

m. John Pugh

  1. (f) Sarah J Pugh b. 1850 bp. CofE Jamberoo; Kiama ; Shoalhaven

Pugh Ellenor (Pugh)

b. 1833 Worthen Shropshire d. 8/3/1917 br. Bulli

m. Enoch Pugh ( abt 1829 Worthen Shropshire- ) 1855 Montgomery Shropshire

  1. Mary Pugh b. abt 1857 Westbury Shropshire (Turner)
  2. Enoch Pugh b. abt 1860 Westbury Shropshire d. 1896 Helensburgh (Sarah Jane Fenton * 1882)
  3. William Pugh b. abt 1857 Westbury Shropshire d. 1951 Bulli (Emma Griffiths * 1876)
  4. Cornelius Pugh b. abt 1858 Westbury Shropshire d. 1936 Kurri Kurri (Elizabeth A)

Living Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Pugh Emma (Griffiths)

b. 1857 Willenhall Staffordshire d. 1/1/1934 br. Bulli

m. William Pugh (abt 1857 Westbury Shropshire -1951 Bulli Son of Enoch Pugh & Ellenor Pugh *) 1876 Penkridge Staffordshire

f. Edward Griffiths m. Eliza

  1. (f) Ellenor Pugh * b. abt 1878 Cannock Staffordshire d. 1943 Petersham (William J Butchard 1902)
  2. (f) Emma Pugh * b. abt 1880 Cannock Staffordshire d. 11/6/1939 (James Frew 1902)
  3. (m) Enoch Pugh b. 1882 Cannock Staffordshire d. 1954 Bulli (Alice Purnell * 1906)
  4. (f) Maud Pugh b. abt 1884 d. 1960 Bulli (William Crane 1905)
  5. (m) William Pugh b. 1889 d. 16/9/1912
  6. (f) Elsie Vera Pugh b. abt 1894 d. 1939 Wollongong (Thomas Simpson 1914 )
  7. (f) Gertrude May Pugh d. 19/12/1970 Edgecliff
  8. (f) Ethel Pugh d. 24/2/1957 Woonona
  9. (f) Muriel Grace Edna Pugh b. abt 1901 d. 1977 Woonona

Living Crown St Wollongong in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Mrs. Emma Pugh, wife of Mr. William Pugh, died at her home in Stanhope street on January 1st. She was in her 77th. year, and, although not in the best of health for the past two years, her death came as a shock to her many friends. She leaves a husband and family of eight Enoch (Woonona), Mrs. Butchard, (Dulwich Hill) , Mrs. J. Frew (Woonona), Mrs. J. Crane ( Woonona) Mrs. T. Simpson (Unanderra) May (Double Bay), Ethel, and Muriel ; (Woonona), Another son, William died about seven years ago. Mrs. Pugh, with her husband and family had lived in the district for over 30 years, and she was held in the highest esteem by a wide circle of friends. The funeral on Tuesday to the Bulli general cemetery was a very representative one. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 5 January 1934 p 11

Pugh Louisa

m. William Pugh

  1. (f) Eliza Pugh b. 1858 Kiama

Pugh Margaret (Smith)

b. 1875 Newcastle/Lambton d. d. 31/10/1970 Epping

m. Joseph Francis Pugh (3/7/1869 England -19/6/1933 Waverley Son of Isaac Pugh & Ann) 13/1/1896 St Francis Xavier’

f. William Smith m. Elizabeth Jane Donnan*

  1. (f) Elizabeth Anne Pugh b. 16/6/1897 Crown St


A marriage under what may be fitly termed auspicious circumstances took place on Monday evening last at St. Francis Xavier's Church, the contracting parties being both well-known residents of the vicinity, Mr. J. F. Pugh and Miss Maggie Smith, daughter of Mr. William Smith, of Balgownie. The Rev. Father Byrne tied the nuptial knot. Mr. Pugh, with his best man Mr John Ryan arrived at the church first, and shortly afterwards the bride’s party arrived, the usual procession being formed from the church, where the bride groom awaited them at the altar. The bride looked very handsome in grey silk and crepon, and her bridesmaid in heliotrope silk. After the ceremony and succeeding congratulations the party repaired to the house of the bride's parents, where the wedding feast was partaken of amid many heartily expressed wishes for the happiness and prosperity of the newly mated pair. Mr. and Mrs. Pugh left for a short honeymoon by the late train to Sydney. A gay and festive few rendezvoused at the Wollongong railway station at 9 p.m. on rice and old shoe-throwing intent, but they were 'sold,' as their intended victims drove quietly to Para Meadow platform. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Saturday 18 January 1896 p 2

Pugh Rebecca

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (f) Elizabeth Pugh 1860 Kiama

Pugh Sarah Jane see Smith

Pullan Mary Jane (Irvine)

b. 1860 Gerringong 7868/1860 d. 1939 Kiama

m. Thomas Arthur Pullan (abt 1861 -16/10/1933 Kiama Son of Thomas W Pullan & Anna) 1894 Kiama

f. William Irvine m. Isabella Henry * see Johnston

  1. (m) Eric Adopted relative

Living at Kiama in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties. Husband a carter.

Pulley Johanna Vereve (Osborne)

b. 1857 Shoalhaven d. 1887 Sydney br. Rookwood

m. Samuel Pulley (- 18/3/1893 Sydney Son of Samuel Pulley & Mary ) 19/6/1877 Keira Vale

f. John Sowden Osborne m. Sarah Vercoe *

  1. (f) Adeline Alice Pulley b. 1879 Wollongong
  2. (f) Ethel Marion E Pulley b. 1880 Lithgow
  3. (f) Dora C Pulley b. 1886 Sydney

PULLEY — OSBORNE.— June 19th, at the residence of the bride's mother, Keira Vale, by the Rev. J. W. Brown, Samuel Pulley, fourth son of the late Samuel Pulley, of London, England, late of Victoria and Fiji, to Johanna Vereve, youngest daughter of the late John Sowden Osborne, late of Sandhurst, Victoria. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 3 July 1877 p 2

Husband a butcher

Pullin Sarah (Wildgoose then Roebuck)

b. abt 1842 Darnall England d. 15/1/1912 Corrimal br. Wollongong

m. Walter Roebuck (abt 1838 Darnall- 1872 Sheffield ) 1860 Sheffield

m. Charles Henry Pullin (abt 1857 - 11/7/1935 Lithgow) 1876 Sheffield West Yorkshire

f. Alfred Wildgoose m. Charlotte

Ship: abt 1889

  1. (m) Arthur R Roebuck b. abt 1861 Darnall England d. 1940 Wollongong (Annie Maria Wakefield * 1882)
  2. (m) Harry R Roebuck b. abt 1866 Darnall England d. 8/5/1946 Fernhill
  3. (m) Walter R Roebuck b. abt 1873 Darnall England (Ellen Frances Rosetta * 1894)
  4. (m) Frank P R Pullin b. abt 1880 Darnall England d. 15/10/1896 Corrimal pit
  5. (f) Lily Pullin * b. abt 1882 Darnall England d. 15/1/1968 Lithgow (Colin Palfreyman 1906)

Living Corrimal in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

PULLIN.— The Friends of Mr. CHARLES HENRY PULLIN arc kindly invited to attend the Funeral of his late beloved wife, Sarah, to move from his residence, Corrimal, THIS DAY (TUESDAY), 16th inst., at 4 o'clock, for Church of England Cemetery, Wollongong. The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1883 - 1930) Tuesday 16 January 1912 Page 3

Pulling Jessie Ethel (Bright)

b. 1880 Kiama d. 1972 Newtown

m. Frederick Charles Pulling (1879 Macleay River-1951 Sydney Son of William Henry Pulling & Elizabeth) 1902 Wollongong

f. John Bright m. Mary Ann Swan *

  1. (m) Cecil N Pulling b. 1902 Wollongong d. 1902 Wollongong
  2. (f) Mary A M Pulling b. 1904 Wollongong
  3. (m) Gordon C Pulling b. 1905 Dapto

Living Railway St Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a labourer.

Pullman/Pulman/Fulman Margaret (Smith/Smyth)

m. William Fuller Pullman

  1. (f) Catherine Pullman b. 15/4/1845 Shoalhaven V18452610 62/1845
  2. (m) James Thomas Fulman b. 15/1/1848 Shoal Haven V18481977 65/1848
  3. (m) Matthew Pullman b. 7/1/1850 Shoalhaven V18501627 121A/1850
  4. (f) Anne Louisa Pulman b. 9/1/1859 Shoalhaven bp Kiama RC

Husband a settler

Pulsford Anna Boyes (Crossman)

b.1845 d. 13/9/1921 Killara

m. Thomas Wills Pulsford (13/2/1842 Borough Bridge, Yorkshire - 22/7/1921 Killara Son of James Pulsford & Mary Wills) 9/10/1867 Alexandra House, South Head Road Sydney

f. Moses Crossman m. Elizabeth Boyes *

  1. (f) Edith Agnes Pulsford b. 1869 Macleay River
  2. (f) Minnie Crossford Pulsford b. 1871 Macleay River (Walter Dickson 1902)
  3. (m) Sydney Wills Pulsford b. 1873 Bellinger River
  4. (m) Ernest Arnold Pulsford b. 1874 Bellinger River
  5. (m) Aubrey Winter Pulsford b. 1876 Bellinger River (Julia Hughina Kennedy 1902)
  6. (m) Maurice H Pulsford b. 1879 Bellinger River
  7. (f) Mary Wills Pulsford b. 1881 Bellinger River (Christopher Bowes Thistlethwayte 1905)
  8. (m) James Walter Pulsford b. 1883 Waverley

On the 9th instant, at Alexandra House, South Head Road Sydney, by the Rev. Thomas Johnson, THOMAS WILLS PULSFORD, of Great Torrington, Devon, son of James Pulsford, Esq., New York, to ANNA BOYES CROSSMAN, youngest daughter of M. Crossman, Esq., of Wollongong. The Sydney Morning Herald 19 October 1867

Punton Mary (Wood)

b. 1881 d. 13/3/1961 Peakhurst

m. John George (David) Punton (1873 North Melbourne Vic – 1940 Granville Son of John Punton & Mary) 1900 Helensburgh

f. James Wood m. Mary

  1. (m) John Punton b. 1901 Helensburgh
  2. (f) Mary Punton b. 1903 Helensburgh
  3. (m) David Punton b. 1907 Wollongong
  4. (m) Robert Punton b. 1908 Wollongong
  5. (m) Thomas Punton b. 1909 Helensburgh d. 1940 Victoria Pass
  6. (m) William P Punton b. 1911 Helensburgh
  7. (f) Elsie M Punton b. 1913 Redfern
  8. (m) Cedric Charles Punton b. 5/12/1914 Redfern
  9. (m) Edward Punton b. 1917 Redfern
  10. (m) Gordon Punton b. 27/9/1918 Mascot

Living Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a miner.

Husband bankrupt in 1910.

Purcell Amelia Mary Shea (Dennis)

b. abt 1875 Camden d. 24/7/1954 North Sydney br. Northern Suburbs

m. James Purcell (1865 Wollongong - 31/7/1902 Mount Kembla Mine disaster Son of Thomas Purcell & Ann Macklin * ) 3/8/1894 St Francis Xavier’s Wollongong

m. Myer Shea (-1925 Crows Nest) no record of marriage

f. Edward Dennis m. Elizabeth Dowse

Occupation: Nurse

  1. (f) Olive Elizabeth Purcell b. 10/9/1894 Fig Tree
  2. (m) Cyril James Purcell b. 17/9/1897 Mt Kembla d. 23/8/1944
  3. (f) Muriel Amelia Purcell b. 10/6/1900 Mt Kembla
  4. (f) Annie Purcell b. 1902 Wollongong
  5. (m) William John Shea/Purcell/Purcil b. 17/6/1909 Waverley d. 13/12/1965
  6. (f) Mary Purcel b. 1912 Waverley

PURCELL— August 23rd, 1944 at Hospital, James (Cyril) only son of late James Purcell, of Wollongong and Ms. A. Purcell, Nursing Sister, Falcon street, North Sydney. dear brother of Mary (Olive) N.E.S. Ambulance; Amelia and Ann (W.A.A.F.) South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 15 September 1944 p 9

SHEA PURCELL, Amelia Mary (Nurse Ware).-July 24. 1954. dearly beloved mother of Olive. Cyril (deceased). Muriel, Ann, John, and Mena, dear sister of Florrie. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 26 July 1954 p 18

Purcell Anne (Macklin/McNamarra)

b. abt 1829 d. 1/7/1907 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. Thomas Purcell (abt 1823 Clare Ireland – 1914 Mt Kembla Son of Patrick Purcell & ?)

  1. (m) Thomas Purcell b. abt 1859 d. 31/7/1902 Mt Kembla Mine Disaster ()
  2. (f) Ann Purcell * b. 2/2/1861 West Dapto 14285/1861 (Archibald Parsons 1883, Thomas Dunning 1896)
  3. (m) Thomas J T Purcell b. 19/9/1862 Figtree 15144/1862 d. 31/7/1902 Mount Kembla Mine disaster (Nora Looney * 1890)
  4. (m) Patrick Purcell b. 1862 American Creek d. 7/4/1904 Wollongong ( Margaret Moran * 1884)
  5. (m) James Purcell b. 1/1/1865 Bellambi 16835/1865 d. 31/7/1902 Mount Kembla Mine disaster (Amelia Dennis * 1894 )
  6. (u) Purcell b. 10/2/1867 American Creek Wollongong 17927/1867
  7. (m) John Purcell b. 1869 Mt Kembla d. 31/7/1902 Mount Kembla Mine disaster (Ellen Egan * 1895)
  8. (m) William Purcell b. 1869 Mt Kembla d. 1920 Wollongong (Ellen Ramsey * 1895)
  9. (m) Michael Purcell b. 1871 Wollongong 19459/1871 d. 1955 Bulli (Sarah A McManus * )

Mrs. Purcell, a very old resident of Kembla Heights, died on Monday. Her remains were interred in the R.C. portion of the Wollongong cemetery on Wednesday. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 5 July 1907 Page 2

Purcell Bridget

Unmarried or no father listed

  1. (f) Mary Purcell b. 1861 Kiama

Purcell Catherine Katie (Clancy)

b. abt 1869 d. 1918 Burwood br. Rookwood

m. Patrick Purcell (abt 1858 -1937 Burwood ) 1886 Sydney

f. Patrick Clancy m. Catherine

  1. (m) Patrick Purcell b. 1886 Sydney d. 1955 Burwood
  2. (f) Mary A Purcell b. 1889 Burwood (William Abbott 1914)
  3. (m) Thomas Purcell b. 1891 Kiama d. 1950 Auburn
  4. (m) Michael Purcell b. 1893 Ballina d. 1983
  5. (f) Margaret Mary Purcell b. 1896 Fremantle WA (Francis L Berg 1922)
  6. (f) Catherine Purcell b. 1899 Kalgoorlie WA
  7. (m) Daniel Peter Purcell b. 1902 Leonora WA d. 1977

PURCELL.—The Friends of Mr. PATRICK PURCELL and FAMILY are invited to attend the Funeral of his beloved WIFE and their MOTHER, Catherine Purcell; to leave her late residence, Stoneleigh, Burwood-road, Burwood, THIS AFTERNOON, at 1.30 o'clock, for Catholic Cemetery, Rookwood, via Burwood Station. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 9 October 1918 Page 9

Purcell Ellen see Owen Ellen

Purcell Ellen (Ramsey)

b. abt 1875 Mt Kembla d. 11/10/1938 Unanderra br. Wollongong

m. William Purcell (1869-1920 Wollongong ) 23/10/1895 St Clements’s Mt Kembla

f. Henry Ramsey m. Norah Thorne/Foran *

Religion: Catholic

  1. (f) Maria Jane Agnes Purcell b. 30/11/1896 Mount Kembla (Albert Cairns)
  2. (m) William Purcell b. 26/12/1898 Mount Kembla
  3. (m) Henry Purcell b. 1901 Wollongong

Living Kembla Heights or Central Kembla in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

PURCELL — In loving memory of our dear mother, Ellen Purcell, who passed away 11th October, 1938.

We will remember, when others forget.'

Inserted by her sons William and Harry and daughter and son-in-law,

Mary and Albert Cairns and grandchildren.

PURCELL — In loving , .memory of our dear aunt, Ellen, Purcell, departed this life October 11th, 1938.

Always remembered.

Inserted by Mr, and Mrs. Barbee and family, Wollongong. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 13 October 1939 p 13

Purcell Harriet ()

m. Robert Purcell (Limerick -14/2/1845 Wollongong) unmarried?

At Wollongong, on Friday, the 14th instant, at the Residence of Mr. Matthew Ryan, Mr. Robert Purcell, late Sheriff's Officer, formerly of the City of Limerick. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Wednesday 26 February 1845 p 3


This was an action by Patrick M'Cormack, suing in forma papers, against Harriet Purcell, the executrix of Robert Purcell, deceased, to recover a sum of £80, for wages, falling due to him from the said Robert Purcell, during the lifetime of the latter. To this the defendant had pleaded, first, that the said Robert Purcell was never indebted to the plaintiff; secondly, that she had never been administratrix modo di forma ; and, thirdly, that she had administered all Purcell's effects.

Mr. DAUVALL. appeared for the plaintiff, and the Solicitor-General for the defence.

It appeared at the outset that there was an error in the declaration, the defendant being sued as administratix instead of executrix de son tort ; and Mr. DAUVALL, applied for leave to amend. This was opposed by the SOLCITOR GENERAL, upon the ground, that having prepared to rely upon this point, the amendment would be unjust to the defendant His HONOR, however, allowed the amendment applied for, being of opinion that it was not of a nature to prejudice the defendant so far as to prevent the setting up of a meritorious defence.

The evidence for the plaintiff was then proceeded with, and it was proved that he had been engaged by Purcell as a labourer, at the rate of £20 a-year, and rations; and that in August, 1844, a sum of £35 was acknowledged to be due. It was also shown that the defendant had been living with Purcell, as his wife, up to the time of his death, and that the furniture in Purcell's house was removed shortly before his death to various places, under the orders of the defendant ; but it also appeared that at the time this was done some execution or other process was expected to issue from the Court of Requests. It was shown that Purcell had a farm at Wollongong, and possessed some horses and a quantity of wheat, at the time of his death. After Purcell's death, the defendant came to reside at the farm, from which the wheat was removed and sold, a portion of the proceeds being laid out to purchase stores and necessaries for the farm, and the residue paid over as wages to the man who sold it (he being a hired servant employed on the farm.) It was also shown that sundry furniture had been removed by the defendant's order, after Purcell's death, the deceased having sanctioned the removal of the same in his life-time. It was also stated, in cross-examination, that it was currently reported that the deceased had another wife living in Britain.

The plaintiffs case being closed, the SOLCITOR GENERAL moved for a non-suit on the following grounds : first, that the amendment of the declaration had been wrongly ordered by the Court ; second, that no evidence had been adduced to show that the defendant was administratrix ; third, it had not been shown that she was chargeable as an executrix ; fourth, there was nothing to show that she had intermeddled with the effects of the deceased in such a way as to render her liable to pay his debts ; fifth, it had not been proved that the property alleged to have been intermeddled with was that of the deceased at the time of his death.

His HONOR considered that it was a matter to go to the Jury, to ascertain whether the defendant had been married to the deceased, and if not, whether the property intermeddled with belonged to her or the deceased.

The SOLCITOR GENERAL then briefly addressed the Jury for the defence contending that there was no evidence to show that she had intended in any such way as to render her liable

Discussion on inter meddling

I The JURY retired for a few minutes, and found a verdict of debt, £35 Is. 6J. for the plaintiff. Damages. The Sydney Morning Herald Wednesday 20 August 1845

Purcell Margaret

m. Arthur Purcell

  1. (m) Thomas L Purcell b. 1895 Wollongong

Purcell Margaret (Moran)

b. abt 1861 Lake Illawarra d. 7/11/1950 br. Wollongong

m. Patrick Francis Purcell (1862 American Creek -5/4/1904 Wollongong Son of Thomas Purcell & Ann McNamara *) 31/5/1884 St Francis Xavier’s

f. Michael Moran m. Elizabeth O’Rourke *

Religion: Roman Catholic

  1. (m) Francis Matthew Purcell b. 20/9/1883 Figtree d. 23/12/1945 Forest Lodge
  2. (f) Agnes Madelina Purcell b. 15/9/1886 Wollongong
  3. (m) Henry Joseph Purcell b. 18/8/1888 Mount Kembla
  4. (m) Patrick Gabriel Purcell b. 31/7/1890 Mt Kembla
  5. (m) Michael William Alozsius Purcell b. 26/11/1892 Mount Kembla
  6. (f) Maria Angela Purcell b. 194/1897 Mount Kembla
  7. (m) John Placid Purcell b. 17/8/1899 Mt Kembla d. 6/1/1951 Sydney
  8. (m) Thomas Leo Purcell b. 16/2/1895 Mount Kembla

Living Kembla Heights in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband an engine driver.

Husband died from injuries received at the Mt Kembla mine disaster.


At the age of ninety-two years, Mrs. Margaret Purcell, of Mount Kembla, died at her daughter's home in Wollongong on Tuesday morning.

The late Mrs. Purcell, who was widely known throughout the Mount Kembla district, had been in failing health for the past twelve months.

She was the widow of the late Mr. Patrick Purcell, who was killed in the Mount Kembla disaster in 1902, and had lived in Mount Kembla for the greater part of her life.

She is survived by a family of five — Henry, William, May (Mrs. Son Frost, of Harbour St., Wollongong), Thomas and Placid.

Two sons and one daughter predeceased her.

The funeral yesterday afternoon left St. Francis Xavier's Church, Wollongong, for the Wollongong Catholic Cemetery. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Thursday 9 November 1950 p 22

Purcell Nora (Looney)

b. abt 1864 Wollongong d. 29/9/1938 Sydney br. Wollongong

m. Thomas J T Purcell ( 1863-31/7/1902 Mount Kembla Mine Son of Thomas Purcell & Ann Macklin *) 18/2/1890 St Francis Xavier’s

f. Jeremiah Looney m. Catherine Carrick *

  1. (f) Agnes Ruby Purcell b. 18/2/1891 Mt Pleasant
  2. (f) Dorothy Catherine Purcell b. 11/8/1892 Mount Kembla
  3. (f) Florence Gladys Purcell b. 11/101/1893 Mount Kembla
  4. (m) Thomas Patrick Purcell b. 17/3/1895 Mount Kembla
  5. (f) Norah Purcell b. 11/5/1896 Mount Kembla
  6. (m) Laurie Purcell
  7. (f) Catherine Purcell b. 1901 Wollongong

Living Kembla Heights in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

PURCELL.-September 29, 1938, at Sydney, Nora Purcell, of 13 Salisbury Road, Waverley, widow of the late Thomas Purcell, late of Wollongong, beloved mother of Ruby, Dorothy, Gladys, Thomas, Laurie, and Kathleen. R.I.P. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Friday 30 September 1938 p 10

PURCELL.-September 29, Nora Purcell, of 13 Salisbury Street, Waverley, beloved mother of Ruby (Mrs. S. Staton), Dorothy (Mrs. J. O'Sullivan), Gladys (Mrs. Howard), Tom, Laurie, Catherine (Mrs. Broadhead). Interred Wollongong. The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Saturday 8 October 1938 p 10

Purcell Sarah Ann (McManus)

d. 29/4/1920 Wollongong br. Wollongong

m. Michael Francis Purcell (1871 Wollongong - 1955 Bulli Son of Thomas Purcell & Ann McNamara *) 1900 Gerringong

f. Terrance McManus m. Bridget

  1. (f) Bridget Alma Purcell b. 1901 Wollongong
  2. (m) Michael F Purcell b. 1905 Wollongong d. 1905 Wollongong
  3. (f) Ann I Purcell b. 1908 Wollongong d. 1908 Wollongong

Living Kembla Heights in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties. Husband a miner.

FUNERAL NOTICE. PURCELL—The friends of Mr. Michael Purcell and daughter Alma are kindly invited to attend the funeral of his late beloved wife and her mother, Sarah Ann, to leave their residence, 'Mount Hope,' Thirroul, to-morrow (Saturday), at 12 o'clock, noon, for the R.C. Cemetery, Wollongong. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 30 April 1920 p 9

Purdie Elizabeth (Young)

. 31/3/1839 Dapto d. 9 /11/1927 Nowra br. Yalwal

m. William Purdie (abt 1847 -29/3/1905 Yalwal) 26/3/1873 Jamberoo

f. Robert Young m. Elizabeth Howard *

Religion: CofE

  1. Elizabeth Jane Purdie b. 1874 Shoalhaven
  2. Francis Priscilla Purdie b. 1876 Shoalhaven
  3. Florence Hamilton Purdie b. 1878 Shoalhaven
  4. Maude H Purdie b. 1879 Shoalhaven
  5. John Hamilton Purdie b. 1881 Shoalhaven
  6. Ada M Purdie b. 1885 Shoalhaven

ON the 26th March, in the Church of the Resurrection, Jamberoo, by the Rev. P. R. S. Dailey, MR. WILLIAM CURDIE, of Broughton Creek, to ELIZABETH, third daughter of Mr. Young, of Jamberoo. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 17 April 1873 p 2

On Wednesday an old identity of the Shoalhaven passed away in the person of Elizabeth Purdie, at the ripe age of 88 years. For about 30 years she resided in Yalwal, but owing to an injury to her hip several years ago, was removed to Berry Hospital. She had been an invalid ever since and on leaving hospital resided with her youngest daughter, Mrs. George Fletcher. Her husband predeceased' her 22 years ago. She was highly esteemed by all who knew her. Many beautiful wreaths were sent; also a number of friends paid their respects to deceased. The surviving children are Mrs. Morschell, of Meroo; Mrs. Robert Fletcher, of Cessnock; Mrs. Henry Fletcher, of Yalwal; and Mrs. George Fletcher, of Nowra. The remains, per motor funeral, were interred in the Church of England portion of the Yalwal cemetery The Shoalhaven Telegraph (NSW : 1881 - 1937) Wednesday 16 November 1927 p 8

Purkis/Purkiss Ellen (Dore/Door)

b. abt 1833 Kildorrery Cork Ireland d. 1912 Ryde br. Rookwood

m. Frederick George Purkis (abt 1818- 27/9/1888 Alexandria Son of James Purkis & Louisa) 1854 CofE Oakville Whittingham Wollombi

Ship: Empire 1853

Religion: RC

  1. (m) James Purkiss b. 1856 RC Wollongong Illawarra d. 2/3/1872 Waterloo
  2. (m) John Purkiss b. 30/8/1857 Wollongong
  3. (f) Margaret Purkis b. 1859 Wollongong 14253/1859

Husband a clerk, later at the General Post Office Sydney.

Purkiss Sophia (Vidler)

b. 2/1/1839 Dapto d. 16/11/1867 Jamberoo br. Jamberoo Uniting

m. Charles Purkiss (1835 Saffron Waldon Essex- 26/5/1903 Auburn) 8/9/1859 Jamberoo

f. Edwin Vidler m. Mary Buss *

Cause of death: inflammation of the lungs

  1. (m) male Purkiss b. 1860 Jamberoo d. 1860 Jamberoo
  2. (f) Elizabeth Ann Purkiss * b. 25/2/ 1862 Jamberoo d. 26/10/ 1884 ( Melanethon Wingrove 1883)
  3. (m) William H Purkiss b. 1864 Bowral d. 1864 Berrima
  4. (f) Velene Caroline Purkiss b. 1/4/1865 Bowral d. 11/8/1939 in Brighton-le-sands (Denis T Kerin 1885)
  5. (m) Edwin Charles Purkiss b. 11/11 1867 Jamberoo d. 11/1/1868 Kiama

At the residence of the bride's father, Jamberoo, by the Rev Hans Mack, on the 8th September, 1859, Mr Charles Purkis, from Ashdon, near Saffan, Walden, Essex, England, to Sophia, eldest daughter of Mr Edwin Vidler. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Monday 19 September 1859 p 3

ON Saturday, 16th instant, about 9 a.m., at the residence of her father, Jamberoo, SOPHIA, eldest daughter of Mr. E. Vidler, and wife of Mr. C. PURKISS, late of Bowral, Wingecarribee. Age of deceased about 29 years. Death produced by inflammation of the lungs. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Thursday 21 November 1867 p 2

Purnell Elizabeth (Champion)

b. 1839 Clutton Somerset d. 22/8/1911 Woonona br. Bulli

m. Matthew Purnell (1839 Clutton Somerset - 12/9/1922 Woonona Son of George Purnell & Harriet Gover) 1858 Bristol

f. Robert Champion m. Elizabeth

Religion: Presbyterian

  1. (f) Rose Purnell b. abt 1859 Clutton Somerset
  2. (m) Alfred Purnell b. 1864 Somerset
  3. (m) George Purnell b. 1867 Wales
  4. (m) Albert Purnell b. 1869 Wales d. 16/2/1933 Bulli ( Martha Taylor * 1892 div, Esther Jane Reeve * 1907 )
  5. (m) Benjamin Purnell b. abt 1871 Wales d. 1938 Bulli (Martha Elizabeth Mott * 1908)
  6. (m) Eli Purnell b. abt 1875 Wales d. 1964 Bulli
  7. (f) Mary Purnell b. 1879 Wales
  8. (f) Alice Purnell * b. abt 1882 d. 1943 Bulli (Enoch Pugh 1906)

Living Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Had a cottage built in 1909 on Hales Estate

PURNELL. — The Friends of Mr. Matthew Purnell are kindly invited to attend the funeral of his late loved Wife, Elizabeth, to leave his Residence. Hale Street, Woonona, on THURSDAY AFTER NOON, at 3 p.m., for the Presbyterian (General) Cemetery, Bulli

PURNELL— The friends of Messrs Albert, Benjamin, Eli, and Mrs. Alice Pugh, are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their late affectionate Mother, Elizabeth Purnell, to leave her late Residence, Hale Street, Woonona. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Tuesday 22 August 1911 p 3

Purnell Elizabeth (Keevers)

b. 4/2/1835 Dapto bp. 15/2/1835 Church of England, Dapto d. 20/11/1891 Jamberoo

m. William Purnell (1816 Wiltshire, England – 25/11/1891 Kiama) 11/6/1850 Presbyterian Wollongong V18504478 74B

f. William Keevers m. Sarah Jane Slack *

Cause of Death: influenza

Convict permission to Marry Index 1850 Wollongong

  1. (f) Sarah Jane Purnell * b. 1851 Kiama d. 1912 Kiama (James Irvine 1878)
  2. (m) William Purnell b. 1854 Jamberoo d. 16/2/1928 Brunswick Heads (Elizabeth Watson * 1877)
  3. (m) John Henry Purnell b. 1858 Jamberoo d. 19/4/1924 Lismore (Hannah Elizabeth Keevers 1893)
  4. (f) Elizabeth Purnell * b. 1861 Jamberoo d. 16/11/1939 Jamberoo (James Bowler Higgs 1883)
  5. (f) Grace A. Purnell b. 1864 in Kiama d. 1868 Kiama
  6. (m) Robert J. Purnell b. 1867 Kiama d. 1868 Kiama
  7. (f) Louisa Purnell b. 1874 Kiama d. 1874 Kiama
  8. (m) Isaac Albert Purnell b. 1875 in Kiama d. 5/3/ 1956 Lismore (Frances Caroline Middleton 1908)
  9. (m) Abraham Purnell b. 1877 (Ethel White 1899 )

Husband William Purnell convicted aged 16 for burglary at Trowbridge sentenced to transportation for life.

We are sorry to have to record the death of two old and respected residents in the persons of Mr. William Purnell and

his wife, both of whom died a few weeks ago from the effects of influenza which has been in our district of late. Mr. Purnell was a native of Wiltshire, England, and some forty years ago came to our district where he has resided until the time of his death which occurred at the age of 75 years.

Mrs, Purnell was a native of our district, being born at Dapto. She was a daughter of the late Mr. William Keevers, a survivor of Waterloo. Mrs. Purnell, at the age of 57 years, died on Friday the 22nd November, and on the following Monday Mr. Purnell also died. Their remains were followed to their resting place in Jamberoo by a large cortege of friends. The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser (NSW : 1863 - 1947) Tuesday 15 December 1891 Page 2

Purnell Elizabeth (Watson)

b. 1855 Jamberoo d. 30/1/1940 Brunswick Heads

m. William Purnell (1854 Jamberoo -16/2/1928 Brunswick Heads Son of William Purnell & Elizabeth Keevers *) 1877 Kiama

f. John Watson m. Sarah Ann Turner *

  1. (m) Abraham Purnell b. 1877 Kiama
  2. (f) Grace Amelia Purnell b. 1878 Kiama (Robert Sutherland 1896)
  3. (m) Ernest Purnell b. 1881 Bega
  4. (f) Florence Purnell b. 1883 Eden (Joseph Reid 1909)
  5. (m) David L Purnell b. 1885 Eden
  6. (m) Herbert C Purnell b. 1888 Bega
  7. (m) Victor L Purnell b. 1890 Bega
  8. (f) Eleanor M Purnell b. 1893 Bega (Percival Sawtell 1912)
  9. (m) Arthur J Purnell b. 1895 Moruya


Mrs. Elizabeth Purnell, aged 84 years, widow of the late Mr. P. Purnell, died on January 30, after a short illness. The late Mrs. Purnell was born at Jamberoo, South Coast, and came to the Richmond River about 30 years ago, and settled in the Lismore district. She later went to the Brunswick Heads where she lived until her death. She leaves a grown up family of three daughters and five sons. The daughters are Mrs. R. Sutherland (Cobargo, South Coast), Mrs. J. Reid (Kerrong), Mrs. P. Sawtell (Currumbin, Q.); the sons are Messrs. E. Purnell (Mooball), V. Purnell (Mooball), A. Purnell (Brunswick Heads), L. Purnell (Cobargo) and H. Purnell (Cobargo). There are also 45 grandchildren, and 31 great grandchildren. Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954) Friday 2 February 1940 p 10

Purnell Esther Jane (Reeve)

b. 1878 Wollongong 24803/1878 d. 26/6/1945 Bulli

m. Albert Purnell (1869 Wales-16/2/1933 Bulli Son of Matthew Purnell & Elizabeth Champion *) 1907 Woonona

f. John Reeve m. Grace Johnson *

  1. (f) Lily Purnell b. 1908 Woonona
  2. (f) Violet Purnell b. 1910 Woonona
  3. (m) Harry Purnell b. 1912 Woonona
  4. (m) Albert E Purnell b. 1915 Bulli

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll – Domestic Duties.


A resident of Woonona over a very long period, Mrs. Esther Jane Purnell, of Stanhope st, Woonona, passed away in the Bulli Hospital on Tuesday at the age of 67 years. She is survived by a grown up family. Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Friday 29 June 1945 p 7

Purnell Hannah Elizabeth (Keevers)

b. 1866 Kiama d. 29/9/1942 Tullera br. Lismore

m. John Henry Purnell (1858 Jamberoo- 19/4/1924 Lismore Son of William Purnell & Elizabeth Keevers) 1893 Wollongong

f. Richard Keevers m. Sarah Hunt

  1. (m) Ernest H Purnell b. 1894 Kiama
  2. (m) Leonard R Purnell b. 1898 Kiama

Living Jerrara in 1903 Electoral Roll –domestic duties

Couple were first cousins.

Mrs. Hannah Eliza Purnell, a well known resident of Tullera, who died suddenly at her home early on Tuesday morning, was buried yesterday afternoon beside the remains of her husband, the late John Henry Purnell, who died in 1924 in the Church of England portion of the Lismore cemetery. The remains were conveyed to St. Andrew's Church of England, Lismore, where the Rev. J.V. Carr, of Dunoon, conducted the service.

There was a large attendance of Tullera residents at the funeral. Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 - 1954) Thursday 1 October 1942 p 4

Purnell Martha (Taylor)

m. Albert Purnell (1869 Wales-16/2/1933 Bulli Son of Matthew Purnell & Elizabeth Champion * ) 1892 Bulli div

  1. (f) Alice Lavinia Purnell b. 1892 Woonona d. 1984 (David W Anderson 1919)
  2. (m) George Albert Purnell b. 1894 Woonona d. 9/8/1971 Russell Vale
  3. (m) David Purnell b. 1896 Woonona d. 27/4/1967 Woonona

Divorce Case.

In the Divorce Court, on Tuesday, Mr. Armstrong (instructed by Mr. Lysaght) appeared for the petitioner, Albert Purnell, who asked for a dissolution of his marriage with Martha Purnell, nee Taylor, on the ground of adultery with Albert Faddy, who had been joined as co-respondent. The marriage took place in January, 1892, at Bulli according to the rites of the Church of England. A decree nisi was granted, returnable in three months. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Saturday 31 August 1901 p 11

Purnell Martha Elizabeth (Mott then Davies)

b. 1873 Sydney 212/1873 d. 1946 Bulli

m. Robert Davies (-22/12/1906 South Bulli Son of Thomas Davies & Susannah) 1892 Woonona

m. Benjamin Purnell (abt 1871 Wales -2/2/1938 Son of Matthew Purnell & Elizabeth Champion *) 1908 Sydney

f. Richard James Mott m. Susan Burkenshaw *

  1. (m) Thomas R Davies b. 1896 Woonona
  2. (f) Eliza J Davies b. 1902 Woonona
  3. (f) Grace Davies b. 1904 Woonona
  4. (f) Susan A Davies b. 1900 Woonona
  5. (f) Sarah R Purnell b. 1909 Woonona
  6. (m) Frederick G Purnell b. 1911 Woonona
  7. (f) Alice Maude Purnell b. 1912 Woonona
  8. (f) Helen K Purnell b. 1915 Bulli

Living at Woonona in 1903 Electoral Roll Domestic Duties

The below grand daughter was the child of Eliza J and was born in 1920 Sydney.

Offence on Imbecile Girl


At Bulli Court last Friday* Thomas J. Davis (19) was charged with a serious offence against a girl, knowing her to be an imbecile.

He was committed for trial by Mr. J. A. S. Balmain, S.M. Det. Const. Debney, of Wollongong, stated on March 16th he saw the defendant at his home in Mountain Avenue, Woonona. Witness asked 'Do you know a girl called Joyce Adelaide Davies, who lives with her grandmother, Mrs. Purnell, in Pope's Lane?' Davis replied 'I know her as Joyce Purnell.' Witness asked 'Do you know that she gave birth to a male child on March 4th.' Witness replied 'Yes.' Witness said 'It is alleged you are the father of that child and I am going to question you.'

Witness then asked 'Do you know that this girl is not of normal mentality?' and he replied 'I know she can't talk but she seems ail right apart from that.' Davis added he had known the girl all his life, but he had never known her to speak. Asked if he had ever had improper relations withi her, he replied once, about June last year. It was at her home while her grandmother was away at a funeral. 'No one else was home with her that day,' he added. Asked if he believed he was the father of the child, Davis replied 'I do, and I have paid all expenses.'

Davis was then taken to Bulli Police Station where he was asked if he was prepared to make a written statement. Davis dictated the statement Which was written by witness.

In this alleged statement, Davis said the only thing that appeared wrong with the girl was that she could not speak. On that day in June when he went to the house, Mrs. Purnell who was going to a funeral, asked him to mind the house. After the old lady had gone they went into the bedroom and here it was that the incident occurred Witness said when Davis was charged he made no reply. Dr. C. f. Palmer, of Bulli, said he knew the girl Joyce Davies About three years ago he issued a certificate certifying that she was an imbecile. On the morning of the court he again saw the girL at his surgery and she was still an imbecile. Her appearance was abnormal and her condition would undoubtedly be apparent to persons other than the medical profession.

To Mr. Mclnerney, who appeared for the defendant, witness said the examination three years ago, was made in connection with an invalid pension. During the whole time he had known her she had lived with her grandmother. Her condition had always been abnormal.

Apart from words, she can signify assent or dissent? — I think she could at times.

To a child of what age would you compare her mentality, or isn't itcomparable? — I think it would compare with a child of not more than 10. In fact I think a normal child of 10 would have far more sense.

Dr. R. A. Cook, of Bulli, said he had known the girl for about seven months, during which time he had visited her professionally about every fortnight to a month. He attended her during the confinement.

She was of very low mentally, being an imbecile, almost an idiot. Her mentality should have been apparent to any intelligent persons and her actions were those of an imbecile. He had never heard her speak She only made signs.

In answer to Mr. Mclnerney, witness said as far as could be ascertained the baby was normal. At present it was in a children's home.

The mother was very ill following the birth and nearly died and her, physical condition since was not good. Her mentality was that of a child, 6 to 8 years.

Mrs. Martha Elizabeth Purnell, 69 years-old widow, residing at Pope's Lane, Woonona, said Joyce Davies,her grand-daughter, had always resided with her. When the child was 2 years of age she suffered from meningitis and since then had been unable to speak.

The girl was able to understand anything witness told her and if she was told not to do anything, she would not do it. The only words she could say were 'Ta ' Ta.'

Witness said she knew Thomas Davis.. He lived not far from her place.

At this .stage the S.M. remarked to Mr. Mclnerney 'I think it would be advisable if you told your client it would be much better if he did not chew or smile during the hearing. It is a serious case.'

Continuing witness said her husband died in Feb., 1938 and both before and after his death, Davis was a regular visitor.

'He was very good and kind to us,' said witness.

One Saturday in June last Davis came over to the house. She told him she was going to a funeral and asked him to keep an eye on the house. He was sitting on the door' step at the time and her grand daughter was asleep on the front verandah. Witness then left for the funeral returning ihome about 5 o'clock. The girl was on the bed and Davis was sitting at the fire in the kitchen. He had made up the fire and had the kettle boiling and stayed for tea. He then left, saying he was going to the pictures.

It was about November that she told him she thought Joyce was in trouble. He seemed dumb-founded and when she remarked she did not know how she would get on with all the expense, he said 'I'll help you through.' She told him it would cost a lot of money, and Davis had now paid her pretty well all of the …which it cost.

Witness said the girl's mother was still alive, but witness did not know where she was now. She had taken the child when she was born and had kept her ever since. The girl was 19 years of age and had never attended school.

The S.M. : Does she ever play I with other children? — Sometimes with the other little grandchildren,

Witness, in answer to Mr. Mclnerney said she and the grand-daughter lived alone in the house since the death of her husband. The girl was never left in ; the house alone except when she was asleep. On these occasions witness used to padlock the door, but she was never away for very long.

She knew when you made mis takes in knitting and pointed these out? — Yes.

Davis, who reserved his defence, was committed for trial at Wollongong Quarter Sessions on May 8th. ' Bail was fixed at self and surety of £100. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954) Friday 21 April 1939 Page 8

Pursehouse Louisa Margaret (Harvey)

b. 1881 Wollongong 18960/1881 d. 26/10/1953 Gosford

m. William Edwin Pursehouse (abt 1883 Goulburn- -31/3/1953 Gosford Son of Joseph Pursehouse & Emma) 1908 Murrumburra

f. George Harvey m. Sarah Jane Atkinson *

  1. (m) Geoffrey Edwin Pursehouse b. 1910 Gosford
  2. (f) Elsie M Pursehouse b. 1911 Gosford d. 1911 Gosford
  3. (f) Margurite Adele Pursehouse b. 1914 Gosford (Edwin Dick 1946)

Living at South Coast Rd Dapto in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Pybus Louisa (Tanner)

b. 1864 Kyneton Vic d. 22/10/1950 Randwick br. Rookwood

m. George Pybus (-18/9/1921 Dulwich Hill Son of Ellen) 6/6/1888 Wollongong

f. Charles Tanner m. Elizabeth Seaton

Her husband a Captain on the inland shipping paddle steamers on the Darling and Murray Rivers.

PYBUS — TANNER — June 6th, at the residence of Mr. Lewis Harris, Wollongong, by the Rev. R. H. Waugh, M.A., George Pybus, of Adelaide, to Louisa Tanner, of Kyneton (Victoria.) Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Saturday 9 June 1888 p 2

PYBUS, Louisa -October 22 1950 at a private hospital Randwick Louisa Pybus late of Dulwich Hill and Bourke relict of the late George Pybus and loving aunt of William Pearsall Leslie Brebner Arthur Brenner and Violet Holdom. aged 86 years The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Tuesday 24 October 1950 p 22

Pye Elizabeth (Arnold)

b. 1856 Kiama 5161/1856 d. 11/8/1938 Bondi cr. Eastern Suburbs

m. Henry Davidson Pye (abt 1853-20/7/1938 Waverley Son of George Pye & Margaret ) 1889 Kiama

f. Moses Arnold m. Ann Atkin *

  1. (m) Alexander A Pye b. 1890 Kiama 17824/1890 
  2. (m) Charles Henry Pye b. 1893 Kiama 18646/1893 
  3. (f) Grace A Pye b. 1904 Newtown 5525/1902 

Pye Wilhelmina (Gosland)

b. abt 1873 d. 15/10/1952 Coledale cr. Woronora

m. Jacob Pye (abt 1868-24/4/1947 Helensburgh Son of Jacob Pye & Mary) 1893 Katoomba

f. Henry Gosland m. Susan

Living at Helensburgh in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Important Compensation Decision Recalled

The death last month of Mrs. Wilhelmina Pye, widow of the late Jacob Pye, of Old Farm Road, Helensburgh, recalls the important Privy Council decision on “dust” claims by miners.

Mrs. Pye, who was in her 80th year, died at the Coledale Hospital.

Her husband, the late Jacob Pye, who by an unusual co-incidence was also in his 80th year when he died on April 24th, 1947 was the applicant in the case which made legal history.

It lasted only a few weeks short of four years. Pye, a miner at the Metropolitan Colliery, ceased work on April 26th, 1932 through incapacity and then in November that year a Medical Board examination reported him fit for light work but not in a mine.

They found that Mr. Pye was suffering from a partially incapacitating pulmonary fibrosis, which could have been due to coal dust.

He applied to the Workers Compensation Commission and on May 12th, 1933 he was awarded 35/- weekly from April 26th. 1932.

At that hearing the respondents raised the point that Pye was not entitled to compensattion if his incapacity was due to silica dust.

They contended the onus of disproving this rested on the apiplicant and that he, having failed to establish that it was not a disease due to silica dust, therefore must fail to his Claim.

For the applicant it was argued that Pye had been incapacitated by an “employment injury” and that if the employer wished to rely on the fact that it was a silica dust disease, the employer must prove it.

This raised a major question as it was almost impossible for either side to prove or disprove whether silica dust was the cause.

Judge Perdriau upheld the applicant's submission and awarded compensation.

On appeal to the Full Court, the respondent company was successful, by a majority of 2-1, Mr. Justice Halse Rogers and Mr. Justice James giving a decision for the company and Mr. Justice Harvey for Pye.

However, the Miners Federation decided to take the matter further, as at that time incidence of dust was beginning to become very apparent and it was realised that this point must be settled.

The High Court, by a majority decision, upheld the Federation contention that it was for the company to prove that incapacity was due to silica dust.

Justices Evatt (now leader of the Labour party in Federal Government) Rich and McTiernan gave judgments in favour of Pye and the late Chief Justice Gavin Duffy and Justice Starke presented a minority judgment.

The Company then obtained special leave to apply to the Privy Council and it came before that Tribunal on March 27th, 1936, almost four years later.

The Privy Council dismissed the company's appeal and confirmed the order made by Judge Perdriau. South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954)Thursday 6 November 1952 - Page 6

PYE Wilhelmina -October 15 1952 at Illawarra Cottage Hospital Coledale late of Old Farm Road Helensburgh relict of the late Jacob Pye aged 79 years The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Thursday 16 October 1952 Page 16

Pyle Catherine

Living at Otford in 1903 Electoral Roll- Domestic Duties

Note: A Mrs Pyle gave a wedding present in 1905 at Woonona. Mrs Catherine Pyle died in 1909 in Newtown, she was a friend of Mr William Burk and no other person was listed.

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